Memorial Day Ticker: USA arrives in South Africa, Mourinho unveiled in Madrid and more

USAArrives (Reuters)

Happy Memorial Day folks.

It's a long weekend to enjoy some vacation time and take advantage of some great weather, but for those of you still needing your soccer news fix, here are some tidbits:

The U.S. men's national team has arrived in South Africa today, two days after its promising 2-1 win vs. Turkey. In cased you missed it, here is my piece on the match.

Jose Mourinho was unveiled as Real Madrid's new manager on Monday. He's already playing coy about the club's summer transfer targets, but long-time Mourinho targets Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard remain at the top of his projected shopping list.

Speaking of Gerrard, he shrugged off talk of an injury issue after hurting his knee in England's recent friendly vs. Japan.

Barcelona midfielder Jonathan Dos Santos was one of the players cut from Mexico's World Cup squad after Javier Aguirre trimmed his squad to 23 players. Veteran Adolfo Bautista did make the cut.


Feel free to share your thoughts on these stories, and any other stories from the weekend, in the comments section below (and enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day).

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151 Responses to Memorial Day Ticker: USA arrives in South Africa, Mourinho unveiled in Madrid and more

  1. Never First says:

    Interesting how many domestic-based players Mexico is taking compard to US. I wonder if this is a sign how far superior the Mexican league is to MLS, or is it the reason why the Mexican national team has not been improving while the US national team is? I think it’s maybe a little of both.

  2. jig says:

    I would probably agree. One thing to note is that they are also exporting players at a greater rate lately than in the past.

  3. JSmiley says:

    Maybe it means that Mexico doesn’t have as many players good enough to play Europe as the US does.

    And how is it that a team carries THREE midfielders, total, on the squad? A little light in the midfield, are we? Obviously some of the others are forwards in name only.

  4. jig says:

    how do you think Mexico will do in the world cup?

  5. jig says:

    whoops, for JSmiley.

  6. Mark says:

    I hear from people who took the trip to Dulles that the team tricked the fans and went through the arrival door instead of departures and bypassed straight through security to avoid the fans. I support the US 100%, but does anyone else think this is a bit of a sh**ty move by ussoccer? For as much as they ask for our support, they could at least show a little appreciation.

  7. JSmiley says:

    I think they have about a 50-50 chance to get out of their group, finish 2nd at best, and lose to Argy in the round of 16.

  8. notsweet81 says:

    I think the higher wages in Mexico makes staying at home more attractive for Mexican players. Few U.S. players can get paid at a comparable rate to European leagues (LD would be the biggest exception), so they head abroad.

    Also since soccer is the dominant sport in Mexico, stars in Mexican league get to play in front of full stadiums, be on tv, earn sponsorships, etc. MLS is a second tier sport in the U.S.

    If wages and popularity grow I think we will see more top American players stay in the MLS.

  9. munkyman says:

    Completely agree. Unless we’re missing something here, was sort of a a-hole move to the fans who likely waited for hours to glimpse their heroes.

  10. emanuel says:

    Anyone else notice the players that made our roster using twitter less and are more scripted?

  11. Never First says:

    Yes, I agree on all points. I guess the question is if we want all our best players staying at home. Mexico has been good, but never elite, for decades. Would it be better for them to send some of their young players abroad? What kind of message does it send when a reserve for Barcelona isn’t on the World Cup squad?

  12. Never First says:

    That does seem bad, but I wonder if they were required to because of security.

    From the AP: “Like the other teams who have arrived in South Africa, the Americans were greeted by armed task force members who surrounded the plane on the tarmac in a display of heavy security at the airport.”

    Everyone should know that South African authorities will be paranoid about security, and I mean paranoid in a good way.

  13. jig says:

    it means barcelona is really good, and it means that like for Barcelona, that 19 year old reserve isnt quite ready for world class competition.

  14. Jorge says:

    Shouldn’t Real Madrid be reinforcing the back line?

  15. Ethan says:

    I thought the same exact thing earlier today. But, it’s probably from their hectic schedule. They had a game, traveled to DC, and rode a plane for hour. I’m hoping for some good SA tweets in the next few days though.

  16. Deano says:

    Not to knock any of our players, but they have players who play at Arsenal, Barcelona, and probably Manchester United.

  17. jig says:

    i really dont care. the amount of access US fans have to national team players is at such a higher level than it is for fans of more prominent national teams. we should be grateful for what we get anyway.

    And what has US Soccer ever asked of you?

  18. Ted Decker says:

    If i were bradley i would restrict all twitter, and social networking tools. Just create an environment where everybody is focused on the task at hand.

  19. Brent McD. says:

    Too bad ESPN didn’t show any of the post-game farewell celebration with the national team at the stadium in Philly. I would have enjoyed seeing that.

  20. jig says:

    exactly. When Man U come to MLS with millions for one of our young strikers (Justin Braun?), I will start to hold our talent pool in higher regard relative to theirs. Until then, I still believe they have a much more skillful side.

  21. FulhamPete says:

    I think that the team was trying to protect Bornstein from taking any luggage that was packed by a stranger.

  22. Tony in Quakeland says:

    An interesting thought for the future is that as MLS grows, it seems like a far more likely desitnation for mid-career or rising players than Mexico. No offense meant to Mexico, by the way. It’s simply that playing in New York, LA, Chicago, etc is a lot more attractive for most Suropean players. While the Mexico league may be stronger now, it is as strong as it will ever get while MLS is going to get stronger

  23. Alex says:

    looks like Germany lost another player for the WC; Westermann

  24. JSmiley says:

    Would prefer to reply to the discussion above, but computer is acting strangely and won’t let me open a comment box…

    Just because Hernandez signed with ManU is not an indication that Mexico has better players. Hell, Kenny Cooper spent some time at ManU. Our Euro-based players – Dempsey, Bradley, Bocanegra, Donovan when he was there, Gooch and Davies when they were healthy, not to mention all the keepers – have more impact at their clubs than the Mexican players in Europe.

  25. Christian says:

    LOL what?

    Sure, Mexico could send a bunch of kids to Scandinavia to rot away or they could play in the Mexican league, which is considered one of the top three leagues in the continent.

  26. RB says:

    Wow… If we can take that 2nd spot behind England, we may very well end up facing Serbia rather than Germany. The Germans can’t buy a bit of luck right now on the injury front…

  27. Christian says:

    hmmm….Man U had been scouting Hernandez for five years and they paid a good amount of money for him, more than Villarreal paid for Altidore.

    Ignorance is bliss.

  28. Sam O. says:

    What basis do you have for this assumption? Mexico hasn’t attracted European players in sometime now. Also, if the league attracts less foreign players that wouldn’t a bad thing. Just look at the Brazilian and Argentinean leagues.

  29. Aquaman says:

    Mexico’s I’m starting to think Mexico’s chances are getting slimmer by the day. Their roster has 3 listed mids (though I know some of the forwards will be moved back into the middle) and they don’t seem like they’re doing too well in their friendlies (they did ok against England, and then destroyed Gambia…though to be fair I didn’t watch that game so I don’t actually know how they looked).

  30. ireneisnotmygod says:

    Good point. Mexican players all have a shot to be superstars in their local cities. They will never have to compete with the local football or basketball or baseball team for the city’s support. Plus they all know playing at home may get greater chances for a spot on the national team and that is such a high prize.

    Mexico is arguably the best league outside Europe but in 10years I’m sure MLS may be a close rival to that label. Either way MLS and FMF are tied in so many ways.

  31. legolastt2002 says:

    MLS is destined to be one of the top soccer leagues in the world within the next 20years. The thing is are we that patient?

  32. Sam O. says:

    Have you seen the results of their opponents in group A? To me this group is the most difficult to predict, all the them (with the exception of S.A.) had trouble qualifying and have been playing rather poorly(though Uruguay has improved but their WC preparation has been rather weak).

  33. hmm now there's an idea says:

    anyone saw The Game of Our Lives. basically low budget film of the 1950 victory against England. Gerard Butler from 300 is in it and so is Gwen Stefani’s husband. Decent film.

    when will Hollywood do a film on the victory against Spain and who would be in?

    Matt Damon as Donovan? Gyllenhaal as Dempsey? Ali G as Howard?

  34. Red,White,Blue says:

    When we beat England we will have just showed again how we struck deep inside the mother country. We beat them in the Revolutionary War, War of 1812. We aided them in both world wars. We basically ended their empire with our mass exportation of pop culture. The English are pissed at us because of what we have done to their role in history.

    we may be obese but they have bad teeth.

  35. Sam O. says:

    “in 10years I’m sure MLS may be a close rival to that label.”

    I remember when the league started off, many kept saying this, now its 14 years later and we are not even close.

  36. email me now says:

    so what are the cliques inside the group?

    I know Altidore is very tight with Edu and Holden (obviously with Davies and Adu). Apparently Bocanegra is really great friends with Cherundolo.

  37. J says:

    Dos santos is the mexican adu.

  38. Sam O. says:

    Didn’t we lose the War of 1812? I know we were taught in high school that we tied but the death count says different and we also failed to concur Canada.

  39. Christian says:

    Unlike the US, most of Mexico’s players are able to play in more than one position. There are only two natural CMs on the roster but Juarez, Marquez and Guardado have all played in the center over the past six games.

    To say that Mexico’s chances are getting slimmer based on the results of friendly matches would be ridiculous.

    After all, the US has looked poor since the El Salvador game a few months ago. A win over a tired Turkey team doesn’t erase all the bad performances.

  40. Sam O. says:

    Which of the two dos Santos brothers?

  41. Christian says:

    Except for the fact that he has actually shown sigs that the hype had substance.

  42. Christian says:


  43. jig says:

    youre hurting your credibility here, big guy.

    Manchester United didnt pay a dime for Cooper’s services, and he never even came close to making a first team appearance. hundreds, even thousands of players out there today have at some point been affiliated with Man U. Its a whole different matter when Man U goes out and pays a transfer fee for you.

    We could go player for player but the bottom line is that their squad is at least as talented as ours, with their european based players (Salcido, Rodriguez, Osorio, Marquez, Guardado, dos Santos, Franco) all contribute just as much as their American counterparts.

  44. Wasn’t Westermann a reserve LB, though?

  45. Ron says:

    well.. we won the battle of new orleans!

    hooray Andy Jackson!


  46. Ron says:

    jona dos santos. Giovani has actually grown since the 5th grade.

  47. Alex says:

    he was a versatile player that more than likely was going to start.

  48. BetaMale says:

    What are you talking about? So has Adu, that’s why he has hype in the first place.

    He’s doing quite well at Aris now.

  49. Christian says:

    There is a reason why dos Santos is highly regarded around Europe, in comparison with Adu.

    They’re both lefties, Gio is faster, stronger and more skilled.

    It’s pretty obvious.

  50. rastafari says:

    Yeah,… but hey secretly conquered us over the past century with a cunning fish & chips campaign

  51. Ron says:

    I have a better comparison

    bofo bautista= jonny bornstein..

    both will not see much playing time in SA

  52. Never First says:

    I’m all for hyping the big game, but on Memorial Day of all days, can we not compare winning a soccer match to winning wars? Americans, Canadians and British all mostly get along these days, so we all ended winners in the long run. Most wars do not end with a clear winner/loser.

  53. r.benjamin says:

    Guus H. said that England has nothing to worry about with the US. England is a class above.

    In this quote and in an article I read, references kept point out first half speed issues along the back four..

    Seems like most people abroad are taking the first half performance and line up as what to expect from the team and BB..

  54. ShaggyReAL says:

    What’s your take on Mexico bringing an old fat guy to the World Cup? Desperation? Just Curious.

  55. Ron says:

    OT but… how many calls will go south africa’s way, this summer?

    I would say o/u starts at 5 a game.

  56. Christian says:

    What’s your take on the US bringing in a guy like Jonathan Bornstein to the World Cup? Desperation? Just Curious.

  57. DaveW says:

    That an old Zinha could have done better than an ancient Cuau and a young Bofo put together. If Aguirre/Carrillo can get away with taking a naturalized Guille Franco an aging Brazi-Mex who is a better player than any of those 3 ought to be accepted too.

  58. BCC says:

    Sure, but what have those players accomplished for those teams? Zero. Vela has done nothing, Dos Santos has done nothing, Marquez is a has-been . . . Mexico are legends in their own mind.

  59. BCC says:

    Purely a security issue. I would not read anything into that.

  60. BCC says:

    My bet is that the back line is Mourinho’s top priority. A healthy Pepe will help next year.

  61. Second City says:

    So, you don’t think the league is vastly improved from 14 years ago and you’d decline in saying that 10 years from now, more steps of progression won’t take place?

    I don’t think you’ll find one person saying we’ve met that goal but I also don’t think you’d find one person that won’t agree we’re heading in the right direction.

    No one can accurately state one way or another on projections.

  62. Second City says:

    Some of us will be dead. Does that count?

  63. Warren says:


  64. Second City says:

    Any idea of Hanhnemann will see action against Australia?

    For someone that’s been deemed by most to be our #2 keeper, I can’t recall the last time he’s actually played with an A or B squad.

    Obviously Howard going down is improbable and I’m not trying to jinx him but anyone else wondering if it should/will happen?

  65. Warren says:


    Not quite ready for prime time if he’s on a reserve squad.

    He’ll have 2 more chances at age 24 and 29, so I’m not crying for Jonathan.

  66. unternehmen says:

    >>We aided them in both world wars. We basically ended their empire with our mass exportation of pop culture.<< Our mass exportation of pop culture ended the British empire? Really?

  67. Louis Z. says:

    You made valid points. in my opinion MLS has better connection with european teams than Mexico, meaning, a raw MLS physically gifted player with potential will have a better chance to get an audition than a comparable Mexican player. American players tend to be more physically tailer made for the english/european game, (except for spain), although there is a number of Mexican players playing in Germany.

  68. Sam O. says:

    “have more impact at their clubs than the Mexican players in Europe.”

    You’re kidding right, just off the top of my head I can think of 6 European based Mexican players that won their domestic league with the clubs as starters.

    I can only think of one American who has won silverware in the past 4 years.

    You are staring to resemble a Mexican and English fan.

  69. Deception says:

    More like…Mexico so called “European Squad” is mostly composed of bench players, some are loaned out and not even getting playing time there neither. I like to refer to it (to my disliking) as the ADU Phenomenon. A young player has an exceptional tournament under thier youth system, then get very hyped by the local media and then have to live up to that hype in Europe, where you have to compete at a much higher level. Then the young player comes to the realization that they are not that good, becomes demoralized and end up at a second division team some where in BFE.

  70. jts says:

    1 hr
    28 min

  71. Brian S says:

    Manchester actually paid Cooper 300k annually. Much more than he made in MLS. He was also coming up through the ranks quite well until he got homesick. Spector also made a handsome living with United. We have had our share of players at big name clubs as well but I would rather our guys be at mid-level teams and contributing

  72. Brian S says:

    Villarreal paid $10m for Jozy. Manchester paid just under $9m for Hernandez. How does that add up to Hernandez being bought for more? Just asking

  73. I’ve gone through the scenarios and the one I would love oh so much to happen is, the US finishing first in the group, Mexico finishing first in their group That means if both teams win their round of 16 game, then we will play mexico in the quarterfinals on July 3rd, that would be absolutely fantastic!!!

  74. jig says:

    right. Kenny Cooper was destined for a serious role with Utd until he got homesick. knee slapper.

  75. jig says:

    “who would you rather have?” is the only question that really matters.

  76. jig says:

    vela’s done more than altidore. easily.

  77. email me now says:


    Our pop culture had a part for sure 😛 the British are just as addicted as anyone to our musicians and films and even our crap.

    but another poster is right. Canucks, Brits, French, Aussies, Germans, Dutch, Danes, Poles. We’re all allies and that is what matters. Peace and football.

  78. email me now says:

    I would hope Hahnemann gets quality time in the 2nd half match of Australia. Dude has to be seriously annoyed that he hasn’t got a match in quite a while.

  79. Mason says:

    JB is there because cones don’t make for very lively defenders in training sessions.

  80. thedude says:

    The Mexico squad cannot be right… 3 midfielders and 8 strikers? They must be mis-labeling their positions.

  81. Lester says:

    Slightly off topic here, but is anyone else worried about the British Airways strike?

  82. Der_Amerikanische_Kaiser says:

    Smiley – Was thinking the exact same thing.

  83. Der_Amerikanische_Kaiser says:

    Hey Ives – Can you help put a little pressure on the White House and Pentagon to get the World Cup broadcast on Armed Forces Network to allow service members to watch the Big Show.

  84. DaveW says:

    RB Juárez also right and central mid.CD Márquez also d-mid. RB Aguilar right mid. F Barrera is more of a right or left mid than a forward. F Medina also either left or right mid as much as a forward. Bofo and Cuau are more CAM’s than forwards.
    Mexico plays more of a 4-3-3 lately, and their players switch positions a lot. In one game I noticed Osorio coming up from a central defender position to deliver crosses from the right with other players covering back.
    This kind of stategy is either going to be brilliant or kill them.

  85. Jjank11 says:

    LOL, An old fat flopper. I was watching the Gambia match with a friend and when Blanco came in I was surprised, he seemed to be more fit.
    I said….”Oh hey, look they are brining in the old fat man but wow, he looks to have been working out”

    Only like 5 minutes in the game he goes and does his patented flop and act.

    He is gifted on the ball but his flopping just takes so much cred away from him.

  86. Jorge says:

    It should be. I don’t think that RM needs more midfielders. It is already crowded in there.

  87. Bryan says:

    Looked like Dempsey and Torres are fairly good
    friends, if you saw his goal. They did some handshake.

  88. Jjank11 says:

    I just read an article that mentioned Guus’ comments.

    In a way, the article touched on some very important things for the USA to remember and had a good comment by Dempsey

    The 1st and 2nd half teams played completely different ways.

    I always hate when articles say “Such and Such a team could have been up by three”. Seriously, every soccer match is like this. The majority of chances in soccer matches will go unfinished.

    Also, I find it kind of funny when everyone is all over England about their “experimental” squad against Japan as some excuse, GET OVER IT!!
    You could argue the same for USA’s first half lineup and since we don’t have Davies you could argue everything up front is an experiment and everytime we put in JB, is an experiment.

    British media and fans they will be but I welcome England to come in and play USA all cocky and think they can win on talent alone.
    All I got to say to that is….Dos a Cero!!!

  89. drake says:

    Mark lets think a little bit through the US arrival at SA is a diversion, and I dont blame them you think theyll appear just like that in public, They had terrorist threats for gods sake, They deserve to be lowkey, you might hear something but take in consideration that theyre probably being watched and secured by THE GOVERNMENT im preety sure 100 % sure

  90. Lil' Zeke says:

    My step dad uses Arrivals for rush hour departure every time. It’s faster. And maybe the thought crosses one or two minds that “what if some of our fans show up?” eliciting gutteral belly laughs from the players who’ve done this before.

  91. Lil' Zeke says:

    I heard they weren’t going to do this, so moot point I’m afraid

  92. J says:

    I know this early but for the next world cup I can see this

    Howard, Guzan, Cervi

    Gooch, Spector, Gonzalez, Alston, Bornstein, Goodson, Lichaj,

    Dempsey,Donovan,Jones,Bradley, Edu, Feilhaber, Holden, Torres, Bedoya

    Altidore, Schilawski, Findley, Adu,

    Cervi is a gk at celtic who’s made their bench a number of times one to watch. Bornstein im picking out of lack of left back prospects and the asumption he will be a better defender in four years. Lichaj yound defender at villa is one to watch. Jones im guessing wont be injured. Schilawski’s been impressive his rookie year in MLS I think he has poteintal and despite his issues I think adu will finally make the squad next world cup.

  93. Lil' Zeke says:

    The obesity thing was the nail in the coffin

  94. BooThisMan says:

    Who does Mexico have in Germany? I can only think of Osario, who spend most of the last two seasons on the bench, and is now out of contract.

  95. Lil' Zeke says:

    Freddy or Fro?

  96. Christian says:

    Man U paid 8 million pounds for Hernandez.

    You do the math.

  97. J says:

    Oh forgot about davies switch him with findley.

  98. Jjank11 says:

    I’m not sure about FMF and MLS being tied in so many ways. FMF is a step or two above MLS. I’m not sure how you want to rate them but in terms of attendance and talent FMF is better.

    The MLS is going to have a long uphill battle. But in 10 to 20 years the MLS will be much improved in terms of talent and attendance.

    Soccer is gaining more and more mainstream media attention in the USA.

  99. Lil' Zeke says:

    Whatever they’ve done it’s pretty well-informed, what with the 27 pre-Cup friendlies

  100. BooThisMan says:

    Probably Altidore, although I haven’t seen enough of either to say definitively. I have seen enough to know that El Chicharito is far more skilled at whiffing at sitters in front of an empty net, though.

  101. email me now says:

    Charlie Davies will return with a vengeance against Brazil.

    I expect him to be among the top scorers in France next season. Sochaux is a mid-table club at best. Relegation fodder at worse. I see him 10-12goals next season.

  102. RLW2020 says:

    after 15 years MLS still has a very long way to go. the fact that some of the first academy players are just starting to make an impact shows how undeveloped our league is..

  103. Al_OC says:

    I haven’t seen Italy’s 23 yet? Did I miss it? Just curious if Rossi makes the team or not.

  104. BCC says:

    Who said anything about Altidore?

    Besides, Jozy would have scored ten goals starting for Arsenal last year, easily. Vela et al waste chance after chance with quality teams.

  105. JR says:

    To be more correct, except for Rafa they have players who practice at Arsenal, Barcelona and Manchester United. Jovan Kirovski can make that claim too.

  106. RLW2020 says:

    Ives, important question… should we expect every fan in the games to be blowing one of those horns again like the Confed Cup? The stadiums sounded like a Bee Hive! can’t imagine how def everyone is going to be afterwords..

  107. RLW2020 says:

    way to early! but yes our team will be sick then

  108. RLW2020 says:

    best 4th of july weekend ever!

  109. Reality says:

    “or they could play in the Mexican league, which is considered one of the top three leagues in the continent.”

    That ain’t saying much, guey…

  110. Jdavids says:


  111. jig says:

    why do you say altidore?

  112. jig says:

    aaaand im pretty sure if vela played for Hull he’d score more than ONCE.

  113. Ixy45 says:

    Damon would have to be Demerit, right?

  114. Second City says:

    I’m not so sure Sochaux is going to ” medically clear ” him for that friendly date, to be honest.

    I’d love to see him there, though.

  115. Chase says:

    Really? He’s had a couple of good performances in the Carling Cup, but has done very little outside of that….

  116. Chase says:

    So I assume Mexican teams are consistently dominating the Copa Libertadores, being the best league outside of Europe right? Oh wait that isn’t the case at all…

  117. OC says:

    This brings up an interesting question, and most of you probably understand this better than I do:

    Exactly how does the MLS academy system work (I assume that’s what you are referring to)? Does it have to compete with kids wanting to go play D1 college soccer? I know that Youth club teams, at least in South Florida where I am from, are HUGELY popular; does an MLS team just come and displace these kids from their youth teams and bring them into this Academy system?

  118. OC says:

    Yeah, too soon.

  119. Erik says:

    Don’t you guys realize that buying a Mexican player for Man U is just a PR move? They are trying to crack North and South America and buying Howard was a part of that step as well.

    Hernandez will see almost zero time for quite a few years. With the amount of talent in that team and in the youth ranks, he may NEZVER see time.

  120. Erik says:

    Mexico is a very small team which is why they never win anything. International soccer is a game of big men. Think Germany who has been in nearly every final or final 4 for the past 40 years it seems.

    The US teams we’ve been watching haven’t been our typical US team. JUst tryout after tryout. I could have told Bradley just to leave home Bornstein, but obviously he wouldn’t have listened.

  121. Erik says:

    Blanco is super experienced and better at holding the ball and distributing than anyone else on the Mexican team. At his age, he is truly a class player and good for a late game sub to change the dynamics of a game.

    I have always disdained him from a US fan perspective but he is still a hell of a player. This part of the thread is pretty disrespectful.

  122. Erik says:

    It will be almost 100%. Same with the top teams and the top players. Soccer is like basketball that way.

  123. Rocco says:

    This was not meant to avoid fans, in fact they ran into many and signed autographs. They were using the exits to bypass TSA and expedite their boarding. Purely a security move.

  124. jig says:

    this upcoming season is make or break for lichaj. I used to be quite high on him, but it doesnt say much about you when your club keeps on loaning you out. it aint like theyre loaning him to Blackpool either. Lincoln City? League two? Ick.

    it sounds crazy to say but Lichaj is getting to old to keep getting loaned to the clubs hes been sent to. I would not be surprised if he moves on sometime soon.

    That said, I will play the game also. Let’s see what people think of this…

    Howard, Guzan, Hamid

    Spector, Opara, Gonzalez, Agbossomounde, Alston, Harrington, (centerback to be named later)

    Donovan, Torres, Bradley, Jeffery, Edu, Holden, Bedoya, Cameron

    Altidore, Davies, Braun, Tracy, Bowen

    Strange feeling that Dempsey wont be there. Maybe not because of form.

  125. Chris Whyte says:

    Why hasn’t anyone mentioned that our guys are holding purses in the above picture?

  126. jig says:

    be honest, how many goals would vela have scored this year had he played for hull?

  127. jig says:

    it will take him time to bed in, but looking at their squad, unless they buy others this summer, i would bet that he plays this year.

    Berbatov, Owen, Rooney, Welbeck, Macheda and possibly Obertan.

    He will ever in a million years supplant Rooney. But youre telling me he cant mix it up with the rest of those guys?

  128. Paul Thomas says:

    Not to speak for him, but I suspect what he meant was “hemisphere,” as Mexico is pretty self-evidently the best league in North America.

  129. BCC says:

    Really? With that midfield? I’m not sure Wayne Rooney could have made double-digits in front of that group.

  130. Warren says:

    Can we do a trade?

    Bornstein for Bofo and Jonathan?

    Pretty please? ; )

  131. Micah King says:

    Hahnemann is holding a purse, LOL :D. One thing about Mexico roster is how come they called up a 5″7/5″8 goalkeeper (Oscar Perez). He is to short. Is Oswaldo Sanchez injured ? I was shocked Pavel Pardo was not on the roster, and Nery Castillo I know he was a little out of form, but he is way better than Johnatahn Dos Santos and some of the other players who made the team. Also, Omar Bravo is missing. Why did Augirre leave off these four key players ?

  132. M.Verde says:

    Obviously no one can really know the answer, even though you probably heard by now that Jonathan Dos Santos was left out of El Tri creating a tempest in a a teacup wit the dos Santos dad.

    He called Oscar Perez because he was the keeper in Aguirre’s ’02 WC squad and thinks that his experience will help the other two. I personally would have liked Oswaldo, Moises Munoz and Ochoa.

    More than Pavel who had a drop in form after his departure from l Stuttgart, I think Zinha would have been a brilliant choice in this particular squad, and I definately had called Nery Castillo, don’t care what anybody says. But the man literally played zero minutes with his team this year. Teh one I was most dissapointed to see cut from the final list was Braulio Luna. He shuould’ve definately been in that plane to SA.

    Omar Bravo is so hard to predict but I agree that he’s having a much better moment now than four years ago when he was called to the final squad. Some have commented on how Mexico is not taking enough midfielders, my worry is that they are not taking enough forwards!

    At the end of the day, this ain’t your fathers Javier Aguirre, It’s the older, Atletico de Madrid experienced Javier Aguirre. and with all do respect to the Bob Bradleys of the world, Bob has never coached the likes of Forlan, Simao, Aguero and other players of that stature.

    So I do think Aguirre knows what he’s doing and I trust him with his decisions.

  133. Missoula says:

    They’re not purses, they’re satchels

  134. Eric says:

    Indiana Jones has one.

  135. Illmatic74 says:

    Off the top of my head Howard, Spector, Friedel, Thorrington, Kirovski, Cooper, Simek and Whitbread were on teams in the big four.

  136. jig says:

    and not a single one stuck…whats your point?

  137. Jank says:

    Yea, I gave him his respect as a gifted player on the ball. But it is just as disrespectful to the game of soccer with all his histrionics and it has been undeniably documented that he is one of the biggest of this. Many of my Mexican friends think he is a fool for this as well because it shows badly on the rest of the mexican players because he is one of the most experienced players. This is what they tell me.

    I’ve been saying for years that FIFA and all governing soccer bodies should fine players for histrionics because it deeply changes the outcome of soccer matches. FIFA is sadly way behind the 8-ball and they’ve had many chances. Sepp Blatter and his minions are fools. They embrace new technology in soccer balls which the majority of soccer players have spoken up against but can’t add replays or extra refs. I can’t stand acting in sports. Save it for the movies.

  138. Erik says:

    I also can’t stand acting in sports, but to be fair it’s in most sports nowadays. Portuguese football is the poster child of what’s wrong with play acting in the game, but we can’t just ban Portugal…

    The Celtic – Porto UEFA Cup Final was the most disgraceful game I have ever seen and most of those players went on to even more riches.

    I still think Blanco has proved his worth over the years – but I do agree with your opinion.

  139. Illmatic74 says:

    And Dos Santos hasn’t stuck at Tottenham and Barcelona. Vela is not an everyday player for Arsenal so you can’t assume they will stick either.

  140. OC says:

    +1 for Tracy

  141. Torporindy says:

    From the Telegraph “Donovan and Dempsey can be a handful up front if given encouragement. Behind them, America is a land of opportunity for England.”

  142. Jjank11 says:

    Yea but that in no way should make it acceptable on any level.

    I agree with your statement towards Portugal. I would add the Netherlands to that list as well, they are poster childs as well, especially Robben, but that doesn’t imply they aren’t great players.

    FIFA needs to crack down on this crap and I don’t mean in any trivial way. I think it should be similar to how PED’s are enforced. Fines that increase for continued occurences and then like 1 or 2 game suspensions after so many. I’m serious about it.
    FIFA tries to take a very hard stance on many issues like racism but yet does next to nothing towards cheaters.

  143. jimoh8002 says:


  144. jimoh8002 says:

    Im not sure about there chances. south Africa is looking pretty good at home and Mexico lack of true mids and experienced international forward might not favor them at all plus. Its cold in South Africa now…. Mexico plays terrible in the cold and a squad of majority Mexican league players doesn’t look good for there chances.

  145. Chopper says:

    They are on their way to obese as well, my friend. Our teeth however, are staying fresh and clean!

  146. RooneyFan_05 says:

    Totally agree. There not on vacation. They should not be spending any mental energy on “whats twitter saying”. They want to share an experience, then they should talk amoungst themselfs and allow the to do the sharing for them.

    BTW – Ives, I think your assessment of Spector was a bit harsh. He did struggle a bit but that counter atack was not all his fault. If you look at the cover at that time you see Landon stepped way up on the right when he switched sides, and both Goodson and his partner were way left and no one thought to cover for Spector when he made his run. He should have made a better pass to finish his run but I can’t fault him for that counter, he at least made a great recovery run back to his own 18 to try and help out.

  147. Fireball says:

    Hell yeah they switch positions. So much that to me it didn’t look like a 4-3-3 but a 3-5-3 on offense and a 5-2-3 on defense. The thing to really notice is that they play super wide to create space.

    Brilliant or idiocy is right. They create so much space they’re vulnerable against counter attack. But they might score goals if they can finish.

  148. Pkang says:

    They called Oscar Perez because they needed a third overweight player to balance the squad (joke). They didn’t take Bravo or Sanchez because Aguirre doesn’t want babies on his side, and he has his team playing strong, tough soccer like grown men (not a joke). And despite what has been said above, I think Nery Castillo is the rightful Adu of Mexico (opinion).

  149. Aristophanes says:

    Beasley & Edu at Rangers – SPL and Cups
    Onyewu at Standard Liege – League winners & Supercup
    Brad Friedel at Rovers – League Cup

    There’s four

  150. Micah King says:

    Thanks Pkang and M. Verde for answering some of my questions. I see now. I do agree that Nervy is like in the same position as Freddy is.

  151. South Africa is putting on such a great show, but so many things are happening at once. Their team does poorly and Mandela’s recent loss near the anniversary of the soweto uprising. Was this the day Mandela was released in 1976? Anyway, I was hoping RSA would do better, most people were. If USA goes out I will be pulling for the Ivory Coast.