Mid-Day Ticker: Ching nears return, Hull officially relegated and more

Brian Ching (ISIphotos.com) 

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The Houston Dynamo's thorough beating of the Kansas City Wizards this weekend was a sign of good things to come for Dom Kinnear's squad. Now, there's even better news on the horizon.

Brian Ching is set to return to action this week, most likely in Saturday's match against Chivas USA, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Ching, who injured his left hamstring in the Dynamo's 2-1 victory over Real Salt Lake back on April 1, is reportedly resuming training Monday and Tuesday with the possibility of being available for Wednesday's Texas derby against FC Dallas.

A healthy, if not strong, showing from Ching this week could also be enough to re-insert himself in the national team discussion with Bob Bradley's roster selection just days away.

Here are a few more soccer stories from around the world:


After a two-year stay in England's top league, Hull City has officially been relegated.

Steve Gohouri's goal in stoppage time brought Wigan Athletic level with the Tigers, and the two played to a 2-2 draw at DW Stadium, mathematically eliminating Hull from remaining in the Premier League.

Playing without Jozy Altidore, whose red card last week effectively suspended him for the rest of the season, Hull managed to battle back from a 1-0 deficit on goals from Will Atkinson and Mark Cullen.

Gohouri's equalizer was merely sealed the formality in Hull's relegation. Even if the Tigers had come away with three points, they'd still be trailing 17th-place West Ham by three points, and the Hammers would have had a better goal differential by 21. Hull will accompany drop-zone mates Burnley and Portsmouth in the League Championship next season.


Blackburn defended its home turf Monday by defeating Arsenal, 2-1, with Christopher Samba's 68th-minute goal providing the difference.

Robin van Persie opened the scoring in the 13th minute, but David Dunn equalized two minutes before halftime and Samba scored the winner, sending the Gunners to their third loss in four matches.


Despite scoring 18 goals in the Bundesliga this season, Schalke's Kevin Kuranyi will not be included on the German national team roster for this summer's World Cup.

Kuranyi, who was kicked off the national team in October, 2008, after leaving a qualifying game for which he wasn't selected at halftime, has not fallen back into the good graces of manager Joachim Loew enough to warrant a selection on the roster.


Bordeaux manager Laurent Blanc has reportedly been offered the French national team coaching job, a position that will become vacant after the World Cup.

Raymond Domenech is on the outs regardless of how the French finish this summer, and French publication L'Equipe reported that the French Football Federation president has already made an offer to Blanc.

Blanc guided Bordeaux to the quarterfinals of the Champions League before falling to Ligue 1 rival Olympique Lyon.


Excited to see Ching return? Does he deserve a spot on the USMNT roster this summer? What do you think Altidore's next move should be? Do you think Germany has enough firepower to leave Kuranyi at home? Who is best-suited to guide the French?

Share your thoughts below.

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128 Responses to Mid-Day Ticker: Ching nears return, Hull officially relegated and more

  1. Isaac says:

    Great to have Ching back – provides some cover at target striker.

  2. Elano says:

    Ching is garbage.. move on.

  3. ben says:

    ching is so accident prone and i’m not hating saying that. that’s the worst having to endure that many injuries. dude’s body is not going to be kind to him as he gets older.

  4. BetaMale says:

    Raymond Domenech for USA gig after the Cup?

  5. USMNT says:

    Jose Mourinho for USMNT Manager after Bob Bradley accepts a European managerial position!

  6. Toumba says:

    We simply can not take all of the injured or recently recovered players. We can not limp into the tourney and risk having half of them come up lame in practice the day before or play in one game and be done. You need healthy strong bodies for a tournament of this magnitude. I understand taking a chance on 1 or 2. Xavi for Spain and Rooney plus Ferdinand for England are no-brainers, but a coach can not bring a roster full of half ready, just cleared, comeback kids.

    If Bob does the right thing then some hearts will be broken and some fans will get their feathers ruffled, but that is the nature of the beast.

    Consider yourself warned. Some of the faves will not feature this summer. And if they do, then God help us, cuz our luck will have to totally change on the injury front for us to see some success. I am keeping my fingers crossed and my expectations low.

  7. ZacIndy says:

    yes. i have said this for a year now. lets start a committee.

  8. Aaron in StL says:

    Saw an article mentioning Jozy as a possible candidate to join Stoke, which would be all rumors at this point.

    Might not be a bad place for him to land. A much more competent side, and with a better midfield (although could use an upgrade or two)…I kind of like the idea. I’m not sure Jozy’s ready for a side with too much competition just yet. But more time to acclimate and actually get minutes would be good. Pulis seems like a fairly level-headed manager, which would be a great change from the ridiculous managerial work at Hull.

  9. Charles says:

    I dont know, they scored 33 goals this year. 9 on the road. Stoke sounds like Hull part II.

    You can look at it as he can save them


    you can look at it as being on a forward for a team that doesn’t score

  10. Aaron in StL says:

    By no means do I think he’ll be a 20 goal a year guy at Stoke. But maybe more like 10. They really don’t have any imposing strikers and Tuncay is more of an attacking mid than forward.

    I just think if that were a worst-case, it’d be better than the current. My dream for Jozy is still Aston Villa though.

  11. saywha? says:

    Since I cannot stomach the MLS(I have tried, it’s just not very good), the only time I have seen Ching is with the National Team. Based on that, I don’t understand how this guy even warrants discussion. His next good play, will be his first. Please tell me we have better options.

  12. golfstrom says:

    if you think BB plays a defensive style (not saying he does or doesn’t), wait til you see Mourinho. The complaining on the tubes would be epic.

  13. patrick says:

    why would you want that? he was a handball away from NOT EVEN QUALIFYING for the world cup, and virtually all of the senior players dislike him. He’d be an awful fit for the US.

  14. CACuzcatlan says:

    Are you a Mexico fan?

  15. Josh D says:

    Ching > Buddle on the international level.

  16. Josh D says:

    Mourinho is a winner. Our performances aren’t defensive more than a kick about on the field by 5 year olds with clearly no strategy.

    Jose is a strategy master.

  17. patrick says:

    Pulis dislikes his forwards very much right now and has basically said they wont be back next year. Stoke would certainly be a possibility for him next year, and one that I actually think would be a nice fit for both parties

  18. BSU SC says:

    I’m sold on Edson Buddle and Herculez Gomez on the World Cup roster. Buddle can fill in for Ching (who probably would see as much time as he did in 2006, which was none) and Gomez is our best option to replace Charlie Davies (who I’m doubting will be fit in time for the World Cup). We’ll hopefully be fine up top as long as Conor Casey doesn’t step on the field.

    Jozy to Aris F.C. in Greece.

  19. David says:

    If he is fit I think Ching should be on the plane. I am amazed at how strongly some people feel about him not being on the Nats. It is likely the only role he will play in SA is as a sub to hold up the ball to maintain a win. He wouldn’t be coming to start against England or anything like that. He would be a roll player who has a great attitude and work ethic. I honestly don’t think there is much downside to his inclusion.

  20. patrick says:

    the BIG difference between hull and stoke? Hull is relegated and stoke is 12th in the table. Stoke has conceded around 40 goals, while hull conceded about 75. It’s not all about how many you score.

  21. Austin says:

    lol, and you base that on the fact that Buddle has played a billion USMNT matches right?

    i really hope you were being fisicious

  22. jonathan says:

    The downside in his inclusion, is that we will unlikely to be in very many situations to “hold up the ball to maintain a win” are you cray? Algeria will score on us fact… if not one likely 2… That means we will need to score 3-2 goals to get full points from them. Slovenia, we’ll have to pray for 1-0. Basically if we want to get out of our group we have to score goals… not hold up the ball to maintain a win. I mean the chicken before the egg homie

  23. Isaac says:

    It’s not just Ching’s ability to kill time that helps. It’s his ability to keep possession, especially in the attacking third, meaning more chances for the team to take. He does a superb job of bring players into the game, and with guys like Jozy, Clint and Landon running off of him, that’s a skill that, if utilized, will definitely help this team.

  24. madmax says:

    I disagree with those on other sites who claim Jozy messed up his opportunity with Hull,in particular his last coach who claimed nearly everyone on the team trained harder than Jozy. Although Jozy didn’t have an outstanding season, more often than not he was Hull’s best player on the pitch. So if he was a laggard and still played better than most what does that say about the side and the manager. It’s a blessing in disguise that Jozy is leaving Hull behind.

  25. Reid says:

    we have options, but at this point we really don’t know if they are better.

    For a pure striker we have Jozy who is better.

    For different reasons there are a group that are not clearly “better” then Ching (Gomez, Buddle, Davies, cunningham etc).

    p.s. i’m probably forgetting a few others

  26. Isaac says:

    I would honestly take Brian Ching over Buddle, Gomez, and Casey if he were to get back from injury on time for a spot on the roster. I understand that Ching hasn’t scored a lot for the USA, but he wasn’t exacly paired with a great striker to help him, or any striker at all for that matter. When Bradley played Donovan and Dempsey next to Ching it was actually making Ching a lone striker, when he’s a target striker, and, yes, there is a difference. A target man, normally, holds the ball up, wins aerial challenges, draws fouls, does most of the dirty work, latches onto crosses, gets the attention of the centerbacks, creates chances for others, provides the second striker with a shield to pass to and run off of. A lone striker combines the qualities of a second forward and a target man, which does not describe Ching. The question was this: If Ching was taking lumps and doing all the dirty work, and Donovan was running the USA’s midfield, who was going to actually score the goals? The USA provided temporary answers to this question with things like set piece ability, long balls, and it’s home crowd, but once it’s competition began to become tougher in the final round of Qualifying, it became pretty clear that the USA needed someone who would strictly score goals, while fitting the teams style. Lo and behold, as soon as said goalscorer Jozy Altidore comes off the bench and onto the field in San Salvador, Brian Ching is involved in his goal, bringing down a knockdown header from Dempsey and getting the ball wide to Frankie Hejduk, who played the ball across to Altidore for a goal. Ching and Altidore then combined again, with Jozy laying off a pass for Ching that he couldn’t quite direct home, as he was on his left foot. The next game, Ching and Donovan were again involved in another one of the young striker’s goals, with Brian flicking on a Carlos Bocanegra longball into the path of a streaking Landon Donovan, who volleyed a pass across to a free Jozy Altidore. The fact that the USA managed to score more goals(5) consecutively in those matches without getting scored on than they had that entire round surely says something for what an Altidore-Ching combination could have led to if Brian had been healthy. People talk about Ching’s lack of goals for club and country, but when he was paired with Dwayne DeRosario, one of the best goalscoring players in the league in 2008, he was among the top scorers. The point is that even if Ching wasn’t a goalscoring machine, he either wasn’t next to somebody who could help him, or he wasn’t next to anyone at all.

    Share all thoughts.

  27. patrick says:

    lets hear some names. Certainly davies is a ?? but from what ive read holden and ching will probably feature this week. THat means ching will have a couple games before camp. Coyle came out and said he’s not risking holden so if he plays, I’m not worried about him coming up lame at a WC practice, same with gooch, they’re both very obsessed with their fitness. So now we’re down to davies whom I think everyone is cautious about. So who isnt going to come?

  28. patrick says:

    I”m not sure how many times we’re going to discuss brian ching. He has experience playing with everyone that could possible be on this roster with the exception of i believe davies and gomez/buddle. He fully understands his role in the team and in the game. He collects balls that we ping up to him and can draw fouls or distribute. He’s not going to play like a jozy or davies but he’s VITAL to the US when we need to release pressure. He’s collected, smart and knows the system. If you operate under the assumption that we’re going to play a “bigger” forward and a “smaller” forward, our big forwards are casey ching altidore. 2 of those are coming, so you let me know who is in front of brian ching.

  29. Second City says:

    So many IF’s and MAYBE’s, regarding their health, from our regulars and veteran NT-members that minimizing the questionable variables would be ideal, was his sentiment of the post.

    At least that’s what I gathered from his words (for example)…

    Ching MAY feature this week, if recovered.
    Holden MAY feature this week, if recovered.
    Davies MAY be match fit and recovered fully.
    Beasley MAY be match fit and find form.
    Gooch MAY be back 100 %, despite no matches.

    etc, etc.

  30. RyanSumner says:

    Let’s hope Ching shows strong & returns to old form.

  31. David says:

    You make it sound like if he’s on the roster he is going to be starting or counted on to be scoring the goals you are talking about. He is a back up, a sub, a stop gap, a roll player, aka should never sniff the starting 11 unless there is a major injury crisis.

    And honestly do you want to send Ching to SA with his 44 caps and 11 goals or Buddle and Gomez with there combine 3 caps and 0 goals.

  32. William the Terror says:

    that being said, assume the following fats for hypothetical purposes only:

    1. Hull wins 2-1 today, thus not being technically relegated and still having the 21-goal differntial to make up next week.

    2. West Ham loses by a goal or two next week, thus leaving Hull with a chance to stay up if then can score 20 goals or more.

    3. Liverpool (Hull’s opponent next week) rests ALL of their starters, plays reserves and academy players and sets up a buffet table on the sideline at which their on field players spend most of the 90 minutes eating.

    Under that set of facts, playing 11 on 0 most of the game, Hull still only manages to pop in about 15 goals and they probably also score an own goal or two for Liverpool.

    That’s how bad Hull was this season. That being said, they could still have thrashed Derby County’s premier league side.

  33. patrick says:

    thanks isaac, I was looking for those video clips on youtube for the last 15 or 20 minutes. Brian ching is a forward, NOT a striker. He’ll collect, distribute and get everyone involved, but he’s not going to light the league on fire. Furthermore, ching is virtually unstoppable in the air, something we’re going to need to capitalize on set pieces and crosses.

  34. Second City says:

    Reminds me a lot of the responsibility/job Emile Heskey plays for England and how much grief he get’s from their fan base.

    The dirty work a true target man does rarely ever garners the praise it sincerely deserves, in most cases.

  35. MadKingGeorge says:

    The next USMNT Coach has to be one who can get the most out of the players the US has. Also, he needs to be able to find Diamonds in the rough and develope them into quality players. And third, we need a more advanced style of play than what we are doing now. The coach has to be able move us to the next stage in our developement.

    We have come a long ways since 1986. Lets see if the USA can do the next stages of progression twice as fast so we can be a LEGIT contender for the WC title by 2022. It is a tall order.

  36. BetaMale says:

    haha. Lets see if he takes his team to another world cup final before we condemn him as the worst coach ever

  37. Toumba says:

    If I had to guess it would be Ching and Davies. Plus Onyewu and Holden must prove themselves fit when called to the US camp as well. Not to mention that we don’t really just want guys who are “cleared”…but we are supposed to be choosing from a group that is performing well. Case in point the debate about Buddle and Gomez. Both of whom are fit and playing well prior to the tournament.

    The whole point is that you can’t risk 5-6 spots on a 23 man roster with guys who are racing just to get minutes in the final games of the season. There has to be some level of proven fitness plus performance. This is not like carrying an injured player during a portion of your season. This is a month long tournament in which you have no room for error. The US does not have the luxury of being able to hold a few spots for the later rounds when the later rounds are no guarantee. You must understand that taking injured players at every level of the field (Forwards, Midfield and Defense) is a huge gamble, don’t you?

  38. Andy in Altanta says:

    So… you people are not worried at all that Jozy sounds an awful lot like Freddy Adu… Adu is just starting to figure out what is expected of him @ Aris and I think that is all down to Cuper’s coaching… Jozy really seems like he needs a good kick in the pants… we all know his talent and strength but he if gets a tag that he is lazy… coaches will not bother taking him on… nobody likes a lazy prima donna who in actuality has done nothing BIG in his young career…

  39. rob says:

    Buddle scoring goals, Gomez scoring goals, Dempsey scoring goals, Davies coming back, Altidore fit. why do we need Ching? Go to SA with 23 not 22 + the Invisible One. Ching is always absent, he can’t hold up the ball against good teams, much less run to it, and won’t turn to face a defender. Jozy has progressed in these areas at Hull, yet not perfectly, but would do it if asked.

    We don’t need him. One spot for him is taking out a spot for a real striker.

    Bob Bradley: This is not the striker you’re looking for, move along, move along.

  40. ko'd says:

    I try not to nitpick, but I gather you meant “facetious”?

    And I think it is the fact that Buddle hasn’t played a billion USMNT matches (or any since 2003) that is most telling.

  41. Adam M. says:

    Some good news: the USMNT offense has passed Ching in ability. Alidore-Daives-Dempsey was on the field uptop for 7 goals against the African, European, and South American champions last summer, and Ching clearly isn’t at their level. Daives proved the lie to Ching’s alleged holdup ability as the supposed spring to the offense — improved speed and technical/tactical ability unleashed the offense against the world’s best and perhaps most importantly, the fact that the U.S. didn’t use much speculative “holdup” play up top meant fewer turnovers and better quality possession. But the real problem with Ching is that he falls into a group of subs that include current, hot, goalscorers like Buddle and Gomez. If Bradley employs a striker sub (assuming it isn’t Daives or a pushed-up Dempsey), one would hope that he’d want a goalscorer, particulary one who plays with Donovan all of the time or one who scores regularly in a tough foreign league. If he wanted more defense, he’d pick a defensive mid or a defender, not a holdup striker. That leaves Ching off the field and without much of an excuse to bring him.

  42. Second City says:

    The man selects squads based on their birth-month because of his strong astrology beliefs.

    That alone is enough justification to dismiss any sentence that has Raymond Domenech and USMNT, together.

    I mean, sincerely….you WERE joking with the original post, right?

  43. Adam M. says:

    Boca, Gooch, and Dempsey (and Bornstein) are all at least as good options as the allegedly unstoppable Ching on headers. No requirement that your striker scores on headers, particularly if he is extremely limited in other areas.

  44. Toumba says:

    The only thing I disagree with is your point that the NT coach must develop players. Player development is not the job of the national team coach. He is just not around the group enough. When they are together he must use his time on tactics and player roles. It is kind of like expecting the NT coach to develop the players fitness as well. No dice. The players have to have the goods and be fit when called. Player development is the job of the clubs and youth team coaches. If we are relying on the national team coach for that then we are in a world of pain. Now, can he help? Sure. But, this is not and should not be his responsibility. But that is just my opinion.

  45. Second City says:

    I’m a big fan of Dom Kinnear for the first two characteristics you’ve stated in your post.

    Some either may agree or some may disagree but I sincerely hope he’s up for strong consideration during the process.

  46. Second City says:

    I do recall him having issues seeing the pitch while on loan in 2nd-division Xerez. Though, I never heard any specific reason stated as to why he wasn’t played regularly.

    Is it an issue when a young player, who still is proving himself on the Club level, may garner a reputation as being lazy? Absolutely.

    However, I’d refrain from throwing Jozy anywhere remotely close to Adu at this point in his career.

    While they’re both still extremely young, I would rate Jozy’s overall demeanor and attitude much higher than that exhibited by Adu.

  47. Isaac says:

    As others have said, Ching probably isn’t going to be starting if Davies is healthy and even then, Dempsey could play next to Altidore and Holden go out wide. Ching is a good substitute to bring off the bench and hold the ball under pressure while keeping possession up top. He brings a physical presence that the other team will likely be too tired to deal with. What do you mean if he wanted more defense? Ching does bring a solid work rate and tracks back defensively, but the whole point of my post is that if he gets a striker partner commited to actually being his strike partner he’s quite good. Not starter material, not anymore anyways, but definitely a great option off the bench. Also, a hold up/target striker doesn’t automatically mean no goals, it just means someone who brings a more physical presence to the attack and can take the lumps from the other team, that is, if they have enough energy to deal with him.

  48. Isaac says:

    Ching hasn’t played a good team in a while, so how would you know?

    If he plays with the USA while their in the kind of form their in, he definitely helps them a lot. Not as good as Davies, but enough to warrant a spot in my book.

  49. john.q says:

    why is ching even in consideration anymore? he’s near returning from injury and is out of form. plus he’s getting up there in age. meanwhile gomez and buddle are in spectacular form and scoring goals in bunches. they probably have not yet hit their ceilings.
    and yes i know… other players are also returning from injury but they are also younger and bring much more to the table than the aging ching. jozy can collect and hold the ball. no disrespect to ching but internationally he’s done.

  50. Warren says:


  51. Reid says:

    patrick, i didnt mean to sound as a Ching hater. I actually like the guy and think he should be going to SA. Its just with his fitness its a toss up to who is exactly better, and we are more then a month away, so that might or might not be a factor.

    I was trying to say we have proven guys that are injured (ching/davies) that have different roles. And we have healthy untested guys (buddle/gomez/cunningham/etc) that I wouldnt bet the farm on.

    This is why Bob is paid the big $ and we all sit on message boards and like to think we know what we are talking about. I think bob was the only person in the world with confidence in CC in Honduras, so at this point in Bob I Trust.

  52. Eric says:

    Jozy had a toe problem with Xerez. As minimal as it sounds he had to get surgery or something and that kept him out of the side for a while. Thats all i know about the Xerez saga.

  53. Warren says:

    Youth/form over…age (Ching) and infirmity (Davies).

    Ching helped USMNT qualify, thanks very much.

    Davies was great, now he’s…recuperating. Probably not great, just yet, though we can hope for a few more days.

    So it’s time for others to step up.

    Buddle and Gomez make it onto the bus with decent showings in camp, Ching gets a gold watch. And Davies sets a target on Brazil in 2014.

  54. Eric says:

    He’s a nice guy to have come on in the 90th minute to go down to the corner and keep the ball from the defenders. That is about the only thing that he can do on the National stage.

  55. Hokie_Futbol says:

    You guys are delusional! No offense meant, but why on earth would Morinho want this job? Bradley makes 400k. Mourinho makes much more than that and gets to coach Inter.

    With that said, I hope I eat my words when Bradley decides to move on and Mourinho comes in. I believe Bradley can stay for the next cycle if he wants to though.

  56. Chris in Belfast says:

    I hadn’t seen these reports from a coach about his laziness in training. Source?

  57. patrick says:

    except boca gooch wont be there on crosses, only set pieces. Furthermore, while clint is pretty good in the air, he is no ching. I’m not saying that accomplishment alone should get him a spot, just another talent he brings to the table, along with collecting, distributing and drawing fouls. Read the entire post rather than cherrypicking one sentence to nit pick on

  58. Bud says:

    ching also has 3 years on the guy. At least Buddle wouldnt be wobbly like Ching.

  59. Elano says:

    You guys can write all the paragraphs you want about how great Ching is at playing as a target striker against San Salvador and Trinidad and Tobago, but that’s not impressing anyone. Ching would get destroyed trying to play like that against England or Slovenia. He’s currently rehabbing an injury that could possibly flare up again in SA and has no form going into this upcoming camp.

    Explain to me again why he deserves a spot on the plane?

  60. Aaron in StL says:

    Agreed. Would be a mutually beneficial relationship in the short term and allow Josmer to establish himself (hopefully)

  61. bud says:

    you do know that one’s energy at certain times of the year is related to astrological signs? He just wants the most energy

  62. Aaron in StL says:

    I think he meant being “fish-like” or “of or resembling the characteristics of a fish, e.g. scales, gills, and the like.”

  63. bud says:

    …he could also just dish out some powerbars before game time.

  64. Aaron in StL says:

    You may be about to have a jihad put on you for that one

  65. bud says:

    with 7 or 8 of those being on PKs.

  66. sread says:

    Everybody wants/expects a Messi up top, and don’t face the reality that manufacturing goals takes hard and dirty work sometimes.

  67. war says:


    You forgot his only brace for the US against Barbados.

  68. Bob Bradley sucks says:

    Why do I have a feeling that BB is going to select Ching, Casey and Johnson over Davies, Gomez, and Buddle.

  69. patrick says:

    oh, and Bornstein has 2 goals for the US team in 29 appearances, one with his head. Let’s stop with the ridiculous names being dropped.

  70. saywha? says:

    Ching doesn’t hold up the ball well, he holds us up from scoring. He brings NOTHING to the game. He is slow, and his distribution contributes nothing to our offense. He may be special in the MLS, but let’s face it, we all could be. The U.S. needs to start attacking. We need to prove we belong. We need to stop being satisfied with a guy who can hold the ball up. Jozy gets in great position and tries to make plays. He can distribute or turn on his man and make a move. Ching is garbage. Watch some soccer outside the MLS and learn a few things.

  71. war says:

    There may be a good reason why Ching hasn’t played a good team in a while.

    Injury prone+Garbage=Waste of space on the roster sheet.

    Last major game-Mexico away, supposed to be our target man. I beleive he started ahead of Jozy. Result, single digit touches on the ball, nowhere to be seen, subbed at half.

  72. Isaac says:

    Why don’t we put him against good competition with a good strike partner and see how he does instead of purely speculating?

  73. john.q says:

    in fact i would bring along freddy adu before ching.

    YEA I SAID IT! freddy adu!

  74. patrick says:

    youre thought are simple and fueled by the lack of an understanding of the way the US plays. When brian ching was out, why do you think conor casey got all those call ups to play alongside jozy? certainly not becasue he’s our best forward, but because HE FITS THE BILL. The reason we need brian ching is the same reason why real madrid’s galacticos never worked out The “best”, most skilled 11 isnt always the best team. Hopefully you’ll understand that someday.

  75. Isaac says:

    I’ll give you the Mexico game and I don’t think he should be starting either but it’s not like there were brilliant performances all around that game.

    The main reason he hasn’t played great competition is because his only opportunity was really in the Confederations Cup and he was injured then.

  76. Sergio of SF says:

    I want Ching in South Africa. He is the best target striker in the pool. Why there is so much hate towards him I will never understand.

  77. Second City says:

    Learn something new everyday.

    I still find it hilarious, though.

  78. saywha? says:

    And what BILL is that? Mediocrity? Just because that’s what we have been doing, doesn’t mean it’s right. Where has it gotten us? Please tell me what Ching has done against a real opponent? I’m not talking about the Chicago Fire. He comes back to the ball and either falls, looking for a foul, or he sends it back where it came from. He is useless. If you tell me this is what our offense is supposed to look like, then I am not even going to watch. What is all the hard work for, if you just show up in SA, and hold the ball up. It’s BS. I want to see us actually score this time around. Ching sucks.

  79. Illmatic74 says:

    Well I don’t see Altidore becoming like Adu. Everyone likes to use some psychological angle on Adu’s struggles I think it is simply because he is not quick and not strong. He doesn’t have the quickness to go by people and he is not strong enough to take the pressure from big defenders. Altidore is just an athletic specimen. He has the ability to be a force he just needs to improve his skill level.

  80. saywha? says:

    I’ll never understand the love. Seriously, I have not seen where the hype comes from. Please someone elaborate. I don’t want to hear about his hold up skills. I am pretty sure we can find 10-20 guys who can do that.

  81. Illmatic74 says:

    He had a toenail injury that needed a month of recovery.

  82. B&S says:

    Because all Brian Ching ever did was play in the MLS. He’s 31 now and he has never adapted to play outside of the US because he’s not good enough. Lets face it the MLS is not a good league to be in right now this is why I am very proud to see players like Holden and Clark leaving MLS to play in Europe so they can get better in their games. Staying in MLS just keeps your game at the same level, look at Ching he is the same player now then he was 5 years ago nothing has change he’s not impressive. Gomez left MLS to play in Mexico and look at him now he’s the scoring champ and his game got a lot better. Same with Buddle he’s in a scoring streak with goals and I heard rumors that European teams like Blackburn in the EPL are intrested in him. Ching isn’t a good asset at all for the USMNT. That is why picking Buddle and Gomez is the right choice for the USA!

  83. bryan says:

    i dont think his international experience against COCACAF opposition is enough to put him over buddle. personally, i hope ching is left home unless he makes some miraculous run and scores nonstop from here on out.

  84. bryan says:

    one game against barca with a man down does not mean he is a defensive minded coach!

    beside, he’ll be at Inter or Madrid after the World Cup. He’s not taking the US gig.

  85. Elano says:

    What part of Ching has no form did you Ching lovers miss out on? The guy is coming off an injury and yet you’d still like him playing at 75% in SA as a target man?

    I want some of what you boys are smokin’

  86. Sergio of SF says:

    Just because a player has only played in MLS does not mean he is not good enough. The 2002 US World Cup team was mostly MLS players. Donovan has played in the MLS his whole career, with a few stints in Europe. Would you say he is not good enough for Europe? And for you to say that the MLS is not a good league, what do you base that on? This league is better than a lot of other leagues. And the teams have proven that they can compete with Europe’s best. The friendly’s played here against teams like AC Milan, Inter Milan, Barcelona, etc… They have not been blow outs, but competitive matches.

    As for Gomez, he battled injuries while here in MLS. And where have you heard these rumors about Buttle? I have read nothing about European teams being interested. Ching is a veteran, his leadership and time with the team alone make him a good asset.

  87. hernandez says:

    My vote is for Trapattoni….Ireland was one of the best drilled teams in qualifiers. I think he would be great for the US. Just a thought….

  88. green says:

    Well. Said.

  89. Isaac says:

    Guys, I’ll admit, maybe Buddle and Gomez are better, but they way we are, it’s not about that. It’s about the logistics of this team and it’s roster. Brian Ching is going because he is a target man and he can fill in just in case Jozy Altidore gets injured. Gomez and Buddle are not as good at being the target, taking the lumps, holding the ball, and keeping it under physical pressure from the other team, I think we can admit that. If Jozy goes down, who is the target? Not Charlie, he just got off an injury and he’s sure to take lumps from physical defenders like Ferdinand and Terry. Slovenia and Algeria aren’t going to give him an easy time either, especially not the way Bougherra(sp) has been playing for Rangers. Buddle and Gomez are more out and out strikers, based on playing off of a bigger striker.

    What I COULD see happening is that Bedoya be left off the roster for Gomez or Buddle, but that’s unlikely.

    Are Gomez and Buddle better goalscorers? Maybe so, but if they don’t fit into what this team needs they don’t go.

  90. B&S says:

    Donovan: Besides Donovan, he’s the only MLS player that can probably dominate in Europe, if it wasn’t for the Galaxy Donovan would be in Everton right now which means he will not be in MLS.

    I’m not saying MLS is a horrible league i’m just saying it’s not a top league at this moment many leagues in Europe and South America are way better than the MLS it is impossible to say that this statement is false. As for the European clubs playing against MLS teams, first of all those games are just friendlies so the players aren’t going to play in 100% mode and they still beat MLS teams. Imagine if one MLS team played Chelsea in a real BPL Season game do you think those MLS team will get blow out I think so since Chelsea blowout teams with their own League Team opponets imagine a MLS team.

    Yes, Gomez battle with injuries but before that MLS coaches were playing him at the wrong positions. When he went to Puebla they put him as a striker and look at him now with 10 goals.

    And for the Buddle situation I said rumors I never said that this was a true statement I found a site that stated that he was getting looked at European teams but I never said it was true. These links can be false but here’s the links: link to imscouting.com and link to en.wikipedia.org

    As for Brian Ching, I understand you like his game but he just doesn’t fit with the groups of players the USMNT have plus he is getting older hasn’t really develop much then just playing in the MLS

  91. B&S says:

    So scoring goals doesn’t fit a team needs nut just holding the ball does I am very confuse I thought the purpose of the game was to score goals not just to hold the ball

  92. Isaac says:

    How does Ching not fit with the group of players? He and Landon have an excellent chemistry. Jozy himself said that his favorite striker to play alongside was Brian Ching, although that was before he played beside Davies. He’s a physical guy who works hard and has some good quality on the ball like a lot of the national team. What does Gomez being played out of position have ANYTHING to do with injuries?

  93. BetaMale says:

    haha, I never said I wanted him to be coach. I figured someone had to say it, so why not ask it?

  94. Isaac says:

    The USA WONT be able to score any goals if they can’t deal with the physical presence of the opposition and hold possession in an advanced position, which is what Ching specializes at.

  95. patrick says:

    yes, it is a gamble, but unless you can give me names of players youd be happy to replace those injured, I’m sticking with those guys even if they are on the “comeback trail”. As we’ve seen in the gold cup there is a HUGE drop off after our first 11-13 players. Give me a fit but working back into form holden, davies or ching over kljestan robbie rogers, robbie findley and conor casey. It’s all relative! If we had mo edu Jermaine jones m bradley and rico clark in the pool but say edu was in holden’s position I’d pass, but we DONT have the option to replace these guys. Do you understand/agree with that?

  96. Louis Z says:

    at this point I would take the x factor, after all, what has Ching done lately. and besides, Altidore can now hold on to the ball, he has played the lone forward position the whole season to know what to do with it. Ching, was known as Mr. Target man, because that is the only thing he did well and was the only that could do it, I think the current roster is better adapt at doing that role, i.e. Altidore and Dempsy, and if Buddle goes, he does it too for the Galaxy.

  97. Adam M. says:

    Ching is “vitrually unstoppable in the air?” Against which good international side has he proven that ability? He has scored 11 interntional goals since 2004, three of which were in friendlies, and none against Mexico or Costa Rica, none outside of CONCACAF (and it goes without saying, also none in non-MLS club competition. Ching is a marginal player you use as a body when you don’t have the technical ability to possess the ball up front and hope to rely on a once-a-game defensive blunder or lucky bounce, but he has never proven that he can do more against a good team. He’s not a bad player per se, its just that the U.S. international game has passed him.

  98. louis z says:

    i concur.

  99. patrick says:

    it’s the bill THAT BOB BRADLEY HAS THE TEAM PLAYING UNDER. This isn’t a pick up game, each team comes in with a plan, an idea of how to play. Much of that for the US, is to have a physical large forward that can draw fouls to advance the ball, hold balls to relieve pressure and distribute to keep possession.

    Everyone keeps talking about us playing sexy soccer, WE’RE NOT THERE YET. The goal of the world cup isn’t to be the prettiest, or score the most goals, it is to win the world cup trophy, however possible.

  100. patrick says:

    can we? really? 10-20 guys? wow you must have QUITE the network of scouts, becasue bob bradley could only find 2 with american passports, ching and casey. Who are these other hold up forwards you speak of? kenny cooper? the getting older every day brian mcbride? eric wynalda, cobi jones?

  101. patrick says:

    its simple, the role that brian ching would play, would be to make goals happen, not score them. Kinda like, how, ya know, point guards distribute, hold the ball up when their outnumbered and facilitate scoring

  102. Louis Z says:

    When the big teams came to the US for last summer friendlys, they only played with half a starting roster, that was a curtesy gesture to the host team.

  103. Jigga says:

    I effing hate the Revs, but Nichol seems to be able to make something out of nothing pretty much every year with only one particularly good player (Joseph) on his roster. If we’re thinking about MLS coaches he might merit consideration.

  104. Adam M. says:

    We beat European Champion Spain and African Champion Egypt, had South American Champion Brazil down 2-0, and played our best against World Cup holders Italy playing the exact opposite of hold up Brian Ching style soccer. We are not “there yet,” but we are thankfully past what Brian Ching does.

  105. Adam M. says:

    I’m sorry, but which good national or club team in the world plays “hold up” or devotes a player to that lone task? Every good team I know has strikers that can dribble, move with the ball, pass, and perhaps most importantly, shoot. Ching can’t do any of those things reaonably well and he doesn’t take corners or free kicks or do anything else with proven ability. When you have good mids and strikers with any kind of technical ability, as we do now, Ching-type players are no longer needed to bounce the ball off of. The notion of Ching as a point guard is ludicrious on its face. But what you don’t seem to get is that Bradely has moved past the hold up game.

  106. patrick says:

    95% of the time, jozy played with another forward, they were just awful

  107. Diego4ever says:

    For you Bradley haters:

    How about Ericksson then? He’s a foreign coach with a pedigree. Or how about Maradona? He speaks Spanish and knows all about top level pressure as a player?

  108. patrick says:

    Ching has a 1 in 4 strike rate wearing the stars and stripes, not bad if you ask me. I don’t think ching should start, but those people saying that ching brings nothing to the table are living in the video game world. As we saw in amsterdam our midfield is not talented enough to keep the ball on the ground and pass it around. Therefore, there will be many occasions where it’s booted forward, and SOMEONE up top needs to hold it so that bradley, donovan, dempsey etc can make their runs. If you can’t see the value in that, especially given the way the US plays then i don’t know what to tell you.

  109. patrick says:

    I’m not sure why you keep assuming I’m talking about bring ching logging 270 minutes in the WC. If you can’t see ching’s value on the US team I don’t need to continue discussing this with you. NO ONE has said, or implied that ching should start. Were discussing the skills he brings to the table for the US IN 2010. You may WANT us to play in the ground but we’re NOT GOING TO. SO face the facts, we need ching’s skill set, otherwise you’re gonna get conor casey’s.
    If it were up to you I’m sure we’d take gomez buddle davies chris rolfe and jozy. Something tells me you also fall into the camp of people who think M bradley isn’t good.

  110. ER says:

    I agree the USMNT talent pool is paper thin but it does you no good to bring a large percentage of half fit players (see England 2006). Remember that the guys you are talking about aren’t stars even when fully fit.

    Ching has a recent history of breaking down and he is older so he’s too much of a risk.

    It would be a major accomplishment for Davies to be fit for the first game but even then there are 3 games at least to be played and the man is not in game shape. What are the odds he would be good for the second and third games? He should not go.

    I would rather take both Buddle and Gomez over these two. At least I know they will probably get through 90 minutes ( in Gomez’s case, he actually has been great at the late sub scoring the goal bit, something the US has NEVER had and sorely needs).

    Holden seems to be less of a risk from an injury stand point but he hasn’t proven a thing yet at the international level. He was

    great at he Gold cup but has been largely anonymous for the US since so I see him as 50/50.

    Benny seems recovered which is too bad as he has proven pretty mediocre overall. A good late sub, a latter day version of Ben Olsen.

    If DMB is actually healthy and is being held out of the Rangers games to develop the younger guys then I say bring him along. He should have enough experience to get through.

  111. patrick says:

    you’re operating under the assumption that we’re a good, or great national team. We are not. Who are these good strikers you speak of? Jozy (still young but looking good and performing for the US) and the still questionable Charlie davies? you’re content and confident that they’re going to log 270 successful minutes?

    In amsterdam, a big complaint of demerit was his booting the ball. That’s going to happen in the world cup, wouldnt it be nice if we had someone, maybe from hawaii, to grab those balls and wait for troops to come up?

  112. ER says:

    Dear patrick and Isaac,

    Ching has many good qualities but at the end of the day ( a Bradleyism) he needs to be in top shape if he is to be useful in SA. There is every reason to believe he won’t be in that conditon by the time the SA rolls around.

    Furthermore, he has been injured numerous times on and off is since the early part of 2009 and we haven’t seen the best of him since then.

    Ther is every reason to assume he won’t make it trhoughthe CUp.

  113. Second City says:

    Great suggestion, too. Let’s not forgot Sigi Schmid as well.

    All things being equal, I still favor Kinnear in that three horse race but sincerely all I’m asking is the Federation give strong consideration to Dom during the process, including all candidates world-wide.

  114. JR says:

    If I had to pick the 23 right now I think the forwards would be Dempsey, Altidore, Ching and Buddle. I’m just not sold on Gomez. Mexican league defending is notoriously soft. I think Dempsey goes as a forward, and Bedoya takes the last roster spot.

  115. RLW2020 says:

    Trapattoni is a much better candidate but i believe he is staying with Ireland for a few more years. Not only would Mourinho never take the US job based on playing style, prestige, wages, player quality, etc. he has said that he is not a national team coach.. he prefers the every day training aspect of running a club.

  116. RLW2020 says:

    entire USMNT to Aris F.C.!


  117. sucram89 says:

    agreed as along as bob includes the regulars bedoya and either buddle or gomez, maybe even both i’m fine.

  118. SeattleStan says:

    Kuranyi is the Guevara/Cunningham of Germany. A great player, but unless he’s getting exactly what he wants, he’s a problem in the locker room. Not that die Mannschaft couldn’t use someone with a nose for goal right now (Gomez hasn’t been cutting it and Poldi has imploded at Koeln)

  119. madmax says:

    Fox Soccer ‘Jozy a Dozy in training”
    30/04/2010 13:18 +0100
    Hull manager Iain Dowie has told departing striker Jozy Altidore he must improve his attitude to training if he is to fulfil his potential.

  120. Jerome says:

    How did we know you were gonna say this Issac? I wonder if Ives called you to make sure you were the first poster so you can set the tone on a positve note for Ching….hehe.

  121. Jerome says:

    Yea, i just cant believe Ching has never really faced any Great opposition. Its amazing to consider all the applause he gets for his things that he does does well in a US shirt, but when you look at the opposition, its like Who?

  122. Jeter says:

    Have you seen how many times he’s fouled but never gets the call? It’s ridiculous. Ching’s a warrior plain & simple. Sure, I’d like for him to score a zillion goals everytime but who wouldn’t? It’s all about the little things. Bradley knows this, that’s why he likes Ching. It’s all the little things that Ching does with and off the ball. He’s also the type of forward that comes back to help defend when necessary. Usually because of some lazy midfielder like Clint Dempsey.

  123. Jeter says:

    Ching is the shizznit!

  124. Jeter says:

    Go Dynamo!

  125. Jeter says:

    Ching can dribble, move the ball, pass and shoot. And forwards don’t take corner or free kicks, that’s for midfielders. Adam, do you even know how to play soccer?

  126. Jeter says:

    Bring Ching’s goals for USMNT

    link to youtube.com

  127. madmax says:

    It was very easy to find.

  128. Sergio of SF says:

    Ching makes players around him better. I have read these statements time and time again from other players. If fit, he goes. Bradley obviously likes what he sees in him or else he wouldn’t keep bringing him along.