MLS Match Night (Your Running Commentary)


While the U.S. national team took away most of the attention this weekend, now that the victory vs. Turkey is in the bag, American fans can turn their attentions to Major League Soccer.

The MLS schedule tonight features a battle of unbeatens as the Los Angeles Galaxy takes on the Columbus Crew for the title of best team in MLS.

Here is tonight's MLS schedule:

7:30pm- Los Angeles Galaxy at Columbus Crew (Direct Kick)

7:30pm- D.C. United vs. Chivas USA (Direct Kick)

8pm- New England Revolution vs. New York Red Bulls (Galavision)

8:30pm- Houston Dynamo vs. Philadelphia Union (Fox Soccer Channel)

9pm- Colorado Rapids vs. Seattle Sounders (Direct Kick)

9pm- Real Salt Lake vs. Kansas City Wizards (Direct Kick)

If you are watching tonight's MLS action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play on tonight's matches in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.

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24 Responses to MLS Match Night (Your Running Commentary)

  1. hendrix says:

    you forgot TFC vs San Jose, 10pm.

  2. Andrew says:

    Let’s go Quakes!

  3. James says:

    Michael Stephens for ROTY. just got his first goal for LA.

  4. John Abraham Koroma says:

    Why is it that you always late to send your match results

  5. Aristotle says:

    Horrible injury in NE vs NYRB game.

  6. Never First says:

    Crew have dominated possession and scoring chances, but Galaxy just do not give up goals. Arena is one heck of a coach.

  7. Aristotle says:

    No, didn’t you hear? He is one of the all time bums.

  8. Supsam says:

    great attendance at Salt Lake! What a new stadium and a championship does for a team!

  9. Aristotle says:

    The Galaxy should adopt the song “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen as their team song.

    “Another one’s gone, and another ones gone, another one bites the dust! Hey, they’re gonna get you too! Another one bites the dust.”

  10. Aristotle says:


  11. BetaMale says:

    LA is amazing. We’re going undefeated this year

  12. Supsam says:

    higher attendance in colorado than usual too…..wonder why only this week?

  13. Supsam says:

    no im serious. The place looks at least 4/5 packed

  14. shawn says:

    from what i’ve seen attendance looks pretty good in most of the games today

  15. dunbar says:

    Man it doesnt matter who plays forward, LA justs scores goals. No offense to Buddle, but Tristan for World Cup 2010. He scoring at a Buddle esque rate right now. Not that Buddle doesnt deserve it, but his team is showing that he benefited from having one of the best midfields and Landon Donovan. Which hurt Chings chances or Mcbride’s call for country.

  16. casadelqueso says:

    Maybe the beginnings of a world cup bump?

  17. Benred says:

    DC United won against Chivas. Something is going on here…

    Plus, LA is officially MLS’ best. They have been consistent and have showed they don’t need Buddle and Donovan to score goals.

    Plus, MLS referees absolutely suck (i.e. Chivas vs. DC). Please kick them out of the country.

  18. Benred says:

    Umm… are you aware that the US has already picked their squad? Cause’ the 23 man squad is ready and is heading to SA tomorrow.

    I’m really happy for Tristan Bowen and the Galaxy, but I think he needs to play 2 or 3 more years for us to even consider him playing for the nats.

  19. Benred says:


  20. dantheblue says:

    I give the Crew a lot of props. They played very hard. Owned the ball in the middle 65 minutes of the game. Peppered Rickets net. I felt really bad for Carrol when he was removed. I could really feel his frustration. Cudos Crew. You guys played a marvelous game.

    My Galaxy is a very difficult club to break down. Speedy, strong, and smart. Arena has built a solid club. I hope that the old guys can handle the rigorous season and the long, late stretch from July through October…

    9-0-2, far better than I ever dreamed of but I WILL TAKE IT. I’m LA till I die, I’m LA till I die, I am I am, I know I am, I’m LA TILL I DIE!

  21. AQK says:

    it could happen. Bruce is our special one.

  22. Supsam says:

    i believe he means rookie of the year

  23. BetaMale says:

    Last year, the lowest seeded team to get into the playoffs had 40 points.

    The Galaxy already has 29, so basically 4 more wins and they are in.

  24. madmax says:

    Will there be a shakeup in sounder management soon. The tension between players and management can do nothing but ratchet up.

    It appears they will once again push for the greatest number of goose-eggs in MLS.