Monday International Friendlies: Your Running Commentary



Two of the United States' chief rivals will do battle at Wembley Stadium, as England and Mexico meet in an international friendly (3 p.m., Fox Soccer Channel) that Fabio Capello scheduled in order to get a better look at CONCACAF competition. 

The match is part of a nice slate of international action, as nine of the 32 teams that have qualified for the World Cup take part in friendlies.

One of the other appealing matches takes place in Bueons Aires, as Argentina hosts Canada (3:30 p.m., in a World Cup tune-up for Diego Maradona's side. 

If you will be watching any or all of Monday's games on television of live Internet feed, please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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237 Responses to Monday International Friendlies: Your Running Commentary

  1. Paul says:


  2. Colin says:

    Let’s hope there’s 11 injured players at the end of this game. Knowing Wembley’s shotty pitch and lack of class from Mexico, it could happen…

  3. Paul says:

    No Chelsea players in the England line-up because of the FA Cup final. Baines, King, Carrick and Milner all start. Rooney and Crouch up top.

  4. mikeandike says:

    hopefully Blanco and Rooney get into a fistfight and get a 5 game FIFA suspension…

  5. Paul says:

    Highly likely. You wouldn’t want to meet either of those guys in a dark alley!

  6. Judging Amy says:

    ESPN 3 not showing Eng-Mex?

  7. SG says:

    F England they’ll look great in friendlies and choke when all the chips are in

  8. John from Philadelphia says:

    beat it nerd.

  9. OmarVizquel says:

    Mexican fans respecting another country’s national anthem. Fascinating stuff.

  10. Rory says:

    IVES– if North Korea and South Korea go to war in the next few weeks, what impact would that have on the World Cup? Increased security around those teams maybe? Any chance North Korea would pull out? (I bet the Irish are hoping for that).

  11. Paul says:

    They’re hugely outnumbered.

  12. mikeandike says:

    somehow I don’t see how Ireland gets a spot. maybe another Asian team, like fellow Axis of Evil, Iran….

  13. A-Lott says:

    Turnout for the England-Mexico match looks low. Maybe 18k…. Worrying for the future of international friendlies at Wembley. How can the Brits expect to host the 2018 World Cup if they can’t get fans to come out for a major tune-up?

  14. OmarVizquel says:

    I think if war breaks out and those countries are involved, the World Cup will be the LEAST of our worries.

  15. mcjoness says:

    what game are you watching?

  16. NATO says:

    There is a good chance of intense dealings between the two Koreas. I believe we the USA endorsed the South K’s in cutting off aid and trade to the country.

    Sooner or later the North Koreans will rise against their tyrant ruler and be free.

  17. NATO says:

    Interesting how a year ago top PL scorer with 19goals and this season i believe 5 players with more than 20 goals.

  18. Spanxter says:

    Watching England-Mexico on Telemundo…

  19. Josh Marcinik says:

    Wouldn’t it be like Euro ’92? The runner-up in the qualification group takes their place in SA?

  20. kev says:

    Not that I’m rooting for England but I’m a big Liverpool fan so I hope Gerrard does well and scores a goal or 2.

  21. Andrew says:

    Wow, thats a fast paced game, and Mexico are pressing hard.

  22. Matt Snyder says:

    Ahhhh doubtful. Not very likely…..but wishful thinking is always good.

    More than likely the country will continue to spiral down all while doing even more desperate things such as torpedoing other ships.

    Similar situation was Saddam H. —90% of his army were conrscipt/slaves……did HE give up?? Nope.

  23. Al17 says:

    Pains me to say this but it’s lesser of two evils

    Come on Mexico!!!!

    If England loses, what excuse will they use?

    If Mexico loses, what excuse will they use?

  24. Tony in Quakeland says:

    As a US fan, I hope England wins by five or six. that is NOT anti-Mexico feeling. Rather, that result will encourage England to take us too lightly

  25. Ray says:

    Do teams have to excuse friendly losses? They are inconsequential, and each team can blame the “2nd team” or inexperience of the fielded squad.

  26. DC Josh says:


  27. bryan says:

    there are 90,000 people there….

  28. Toumba says:

    IMHO, Mexico would be a much better team if they would let go of this belief that they are a football power. If they had a more realistic outlook they could build on good results and shake off the poorer ones. But they think they are with Brazil and Germany and can’t figure out why they don’t win every game. They spin downward for months after a bad loss. Their expectations do not coincide with their talent level or teams actual competitiveness.

    Strangely enough, England has the same sort of problem.

  29. Mason says:

    Mexico’s excuse:

    Peter Crouch is too tall. FIFA should the shins of all players taller than Rafa Marquez.

  30. AllNats says:

    Crouch makes England so dangerous on set pieces, 1-0.

  31. Jon says:

    Anyone else think England looks extremely sloppy coming out of the back? Very good sign for the US.

  32. Jason B says:

    Anybody else notice Portugal and Cape Verde Islands tied 0-0 at halftime?

  33. adiamas says:

    Stream on veetle for those that want it:

    link to

  34. Jeremy says:

    Ledley King starting on the 12th would be a very good sign for the US

  35. Mason says:

    *should REMOVE the shins…

  36. jts says:

    First game together- that’s why they have 2 more games and 2 more weeks to work on it.

    Same as we will look, probably.

    Mexico looks aggressive so far.

  37. Jon says:

    I think that the US forwards can give England back a problem no matter what. Even if Terry is in there, at this point in his career Terry is an overrated player IMO.

  38. Paul says:

    But you get to laugh at Mexico too, right? ūüėČ

  39. Mingjai says:

    Comment on the S. Korea-Japan game–

    Korea continued its strong run of play as late winning in Japan 2-0. The Koreans looked poised on the ball, with the squad cohesiveness that expect from them. With recent wins over Ivory Coast, Ecuador, and Japan, they should be confident going to South Africa.

    Japan, on the other hand, looks in shambles–their attack was poorly organized and the defense was chasing all night. Based on what I saw this morning, I would be surprise to see them last in their group.

    But then I can draw as much from this match as I can draw from NFL regular season games when analyzing playoff games–i.e., not much other than some general correlation.

  40. Paul says:

    Where the hell are the Cape Verde Islands? Or maybe that’s your point!

  41. war says:

    come on. That should’ve been a goal.

  42. john.q says:

    is there any way we can turn this into an argument over red bull arena/attendance? that would be fantastic.

  43. bama1235 says:

    Mexico is looking pretty strong so far… the goal for England has been their only real chance. They took advantage, but Mexico has been taking the game to them

  44. AllNats says:

    Wow, Mexico should have scored there. England’s Defense definitely looks slow.

  45. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Wow. England should be down 2 -1

  46. Toumba says:

    S Korea does look like a nice pick in that group going against a Greek team that is just happy to be there, a Nigeria team that looked lost in the African Cup of Nations and Argentina, who has a crazy man at the helm.

  47. madmax says:

    Mexico looks good, constantly in England goal area. Vela should have scored. Hard to tell England is playing at home.

  48. bama1235 says:

    hopefully England’s luck runs out before june 12.. they’ve had a ton of it today. Mexico is dominating

  49. AllNats says:

    …And Mexico off the post and out. England looking shaky at the moment.

  50. Mingjai says:

    It’s feeling like a US-Mexico match, isn’t it? Mexico leading on possession, but the other team leading on the big board.

  51. madmax says:

    Got here late, is England a man down?

  52. KungFuSoccer says:

    England looking very vulernable.

  53. Rory says:

    So, Behrain who lost the play-in match with New Zealand?

  54. kev says:

    Look for Defoe to come in the 2nd half. Bent is supposedly injured so who knows if he recovers in a week to make WC roster. If he doesn’t make it expect perhaps Carlton Cole to make it.

  55. Andrew says:

    Is that because Terry and Ferdinand are resting? They should be sloppy without their two high profile backs.

  56. KungFuSoccer says:

    Ok, so who do put on stilts to cover Crouch?

  57. Tony in Quakleand says:

    Pure gravy, my friend

  58. AllNats says:

    Set piece goal involving Peter Crouch #2

  59. dbag says:

    Is most of Mexico’s team from the Guadalajara region because so many players on the team were involved with Atlas or Chivas either in their youth career or early professional.

  60. war says:

    Loving Ferdinand’s defending.

  61. Aristophanes says:

    wow Vela has to finish one of those chances at least, right?

  62. AllNats says:

    Vela can’t finish today…

  63. madmax says:

    Rooney with nice header and super Crouch bodies it home, exciting game.

  64. Gene says:

    Mexico is playing better than the 2:0 score line would indicate. But they are just getting killed in the air and the marking in the box is more than a bit lax.

  65. Tony in Quakeland says:

    This is perfect so far…England playing like crap but winning, helping them remain overconfident and dismissive of the US. Meanwhile, Maxico gets sucidally despondent…

  66. Rashid says:

    Is Capello’s defensive strategy call the Brokeback Mountian? They keep letting Mexico get behind them.

  67. Rory says:

    Right… they’re just waiting for the right moment. Any decade now…

    Unless some faction of their military goes rogue there’s no way the people will overcome that. When one side has all the weapons the other side is pretty screwed.

  68. dm says:

    Stated by Capello…..They’re not concerned with this game.

  69. Toumba says:

    Note to all teams in Mexico’s group: Work on Corners and set pieces.

    Mexico is getting exposed in a game they could be winning.

  70. Rory says:

    Off the northwest coast of Africa. Not too far from the Isle of Lesbos (insert joke here). I think there’s a lot of Portugal roots there.

  71. madmax says:

    If he also said he’s not concerned with how they play, why show up?

  72. R. says:

    This is a strange match. Mexico is absolutely shredding England’s defense, but don’t have any goals to show for it. On the other hand the height of Peter Crouch is causing them nightmares. I’m rather hopeful, and confident, that Gooch’s combination of height and strength will render Crouch useless. I just don’t see him being able to deal with a guy almost as tall as he is but with a good 50-60 more pounds of muscle.

  73. Jason B says:

    Argentina with Messi, Higuain, and Tevez starting up front against Canada. This could get ugly real quick.

  74. Rory says:

    Bornstein is going to play the entire game on Marshall’s shoulders. They will be wearing a trench coat to hide that they are in fact, two different players so we can have 12 on the field at once.

  75. Rashid says:

    Dos Santos is looking really dangerous.

  76. Rory says:

    Gotta pay off Wembley.

  77. SCORE says:

    Note to everyone who bitches about the US not being good at keeping possession:

    Mexico looks real smooth and slick and are keeping possession but are LOSING 2-0 and in real danger of getting blown out.

    So do you want to look good or would you rather win?

  78. Rory says:

    Thank God Canada has DeGuzman to shut down that midfield, right? Right?

  79. Andy in Atlanta says:

    1. Crouch was offside… as the ball coming off the post on the shot he was in an offside position..2. it went off his arm…

    3. England are getting owned in every phase of the game but set-pieces…

    Mexico is going to score goals.. eventually…

  80. madmax says:

    Crouch has good ball skills also so they can play him wide of Gooch off the FB’s. He’s going to be a handful for anyone.

  81. Deano says:

    Walcott running on the left against Borstein/Boca is giving me nightmares. Then I see Rooney is on the other wing against Spector.

  82. Andy in Atlanta says:

    and there it is…

  83. AllNats says:

    and England concedes one on a set piece

  84. Rashid says:

    Mexico with a goal! They deserve it!

  85. OmarVizquel says:

    Bob Bradley’s scribbling ferociously in his notebook something about “set pieces” and “English goalkeeping”….

  86. Gene says:

    Mexico just scored.

    What’s with the bandage on Gerrard’s head?

  87. Aristophanes says:

    psh. Walcott has speed but can’t shoot, can’t pass, and can’t cross. He’ll run past Bornstein…straight out of bounds.

  88. Andy in Atlanta says:

    You guys all forget the Bornstein is very very fast… I think he will be fine against Theo… I worry more about a smarter player who can hold the ball up as JBo gets lost sometimes when having to mark, mark, mark…

  89. Aristophanes says:

    Neither of these teams look very good! Mexico’s dominating possession at Wembley but they can’t defend.

  90. Benred says:

    Argentina: 1 – Canada: 0

  91. Andy in Atlanta says:

    He got a good thump on a head to head clash that split his head open a bit.

  92. Benred says:

    Maxi Rodríguez with the nice free kick.

  93. Paul says:

    English and Mexican fans in the stands having fierce arguments about who hates the USA most…

  94. Rashid Green says:

    He probably got into another pub brawl.

  95. CA says:

    Despite the score, Mexico looks the better side right now. England hasn’t had much possession, and their defense has been quite shaky.

  96. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Portugal in typical fashion controlling game but just cant finish a chance… still 0-0 vs Cape Verde in the 65th minute and it was a strong Portugal side…

  97. kev says:

    why has Argentina chosen to play Canada and why is Portugal playing Cape Verde? I mean seriously. Is this for money?

  98. madmax says:

    Mexico could easily be ahead 4-2. Capello ‘don’t worry be happy’ my tookus.

    The British press will rip him a new one, if they don’t improve the second half, Viva Mexico.

    Bradley, see what your Gringos could do to these guys.

  99. jk says:

    If Ching and Buddle do well in the WC and say get an assist or a goal a piece, any chance they make the jump abroad to say Scandinavia or Bundesliga? I’m sure Buddle could have a shot in Europe.

  100. war says:

    JB may be fast, but that doesn’t make him a good defender. You may be able to run alongside a player, but if you have no positional sense and can’t contain an opposing player, speed is worthless. I’d rather have Boca who has most likely benefited playing LB all season. If Bornstein’s speed makes him the best option at LB, we might as well bring in Marvell Wynne to start at RB.

  101. Andy in Atlanta says:

    1. Cape Verde is a former Portuguese colony
    2. They are not that bad
    3. They provide some “African” style since they will play Ivory Coast

    1. Canada was willing to travel..
    2. They are not that bad
    3. They play a similar style to the Greeks..

  102. Andy in Atlanta says:

    No because we have GOOD options @ RB… JBo is likely the best option…Boca is way too slow… I also think Dolo should play ahead of Spector… Spector was aq disaster the last 5-6 games for Wet Spam…

    Also I think Marvell Wynn will be our starting RB someday… He has played very well this year and really gets a lot of flack for the Costa Rica game when the whole team was CRAP

  103. Paul says:

    Disappointed with my England team tonight. Thank God the US isn’t as good as Mexico!

  104. Jamie Z. says:

    Nope, not gonna bite.

  105. Benred says:

    Tevez with a near miss after schooling 3 defenders. Onstad trying to make friends with him.

  106. John1 says:

    England does not have to do much against Mexico to win- just get those set pieces in. The U.S. will have to be immaculate on set pieces against England. Mexico’s defense is pitiful against set pieces and the counter.

  107. Kevin_Amold says:

    Look at the Hex standings….

  108. Supsam says:

    well at least Bornstein can cross wayyyyy better than Wynne. Let me rephrase that: at least Bornstein can cross in the area. Wynne cannot even keep the ball inbounds with his crosses. I really dont know how a USA national player can get caps but has virtually no technique with the ball. I may be wrong but i believe some people in this forum can cross better than Wynne

  109. AllNats says:

    Now THAT was a hell of a goal

  110. Jason B says:

    I feel like Ching is definitely too old to do that, and Buddle is 28 or 29 so he may also be past the point of going to Europe. The increase in pay just might not be worth it to him.

  111. Jonathan S. says:

    there it is

  112. Kevin_Amold says:

    Wow, what a run and finish by Johnson!

  113. rob says:

    I know. We all know that Mexico’s forwards who hardly see the pitch for their clubs are much more dangerous than our forwards.

  114. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Minus the fact that we know how to mark on set-pieces… Crouch is tall but so is Gooch and our keepers catch shots that go right over their heads… and you wont get second headers in the 6 yard box ever…

    also the US can finish on fewer chances…

    But yeah…better is a good word for a team that finished behind the US in the qualifiers..

  115. Benred says:

    Maxi Rodríguez scores on a break-away run.

    Argentina: 2 – Canada: 0

  116. Supsam says:

    which would explain why USA finished ahead of Mexico in world cup qualifying??? Are English fans really that thick skulled?

  117. Jon says:

    Wynne has looked good this year at CB. He just doesn’t have the technical skills to succeed at an international level.

  118. Tony in Quakeland says:

    He also goes down faster than a drunken sorority girl.

    If England wants to attack down the wingsw and cross into the hieght or our defense, I say great. Let them. Much happier with that then trying to contain Gerrad and Lampard.

  119. Paul says:

    I dangled a carrot… and you all bit!

  120. Supsam says:

    Its funny to a great degree how the English fans and players belittle us

  121. AllNats says:

    England looking much better all-around so far this half.

  122. ETJ says:

    exactly… if I can’t have a lackluster depressing 0-0 game where both teams leave fealing pessimistic, than an undeserved England win that frustrates both teams is 2nd best

  123. CA says:

    Starting to open up for England now.

  124. RLW2020 says:

    hey i got a joke.. how many mexicans does it take to stop glen johnson from making a shot from outside the box

    … more than 6 .. terrible defending..

  125. Benred says:

    Jon√°s Guti√©rrez is playing like an animal right now. He’s rocking that right mid.

  126. kev says:

    Well with Cape Verde I was refering to the size, i mean similar to when Span play Leichenstein in a few days. Just odd I mean.

    now with Canada, I guess Argentina want a match that they can show they are excellent in or at least get it together before the Cup begins.

  127. Benred says:

    √ɬĀngel di Mar√≠a with a beautiful chip over Onstad.

    Argentina: 3 – Canada: 0

  128. Benred says:

    Gonzalo Higua√≠n works around two defenders and hits the side netting. He’s had his moments…

  129. madmax says:

    Five goals should win this match, but will either side be happy?

    No one wanted to mark Johnson, something he said?

  130. Jason B says:

    No Messi in the lineup after all, Yahoo Europsort lied to me.

  131. dbag says:

    Is Giovanni Dos Santos Freddy Adu in disguise. I mean he has only got playing time with a coach that like him. Gio hasnt shown up at the club level, but plays better in international matches.

  132. blokhin says:

    to Mexico’s credit they have beaten Brazil a bunch of times this past decade, thus they have more wins over top 10 countries than we do-hence their claim to be among the “powers”… until our win vs Spain, we hadn’t had a “signature victory” for ~15 yrs over any of the top 5-10 teams, except of course, against Mexico, which is what makes this rivalry so much fun for US fans…

  133. Benred says:

    Mike Klukowski (D, Canada) looking extremely shaky today…

  134. crazysteve says:

    does wayne rooney have a tramp stamp? thought I saw one.

  135. Bob says:

    Wait, Does Rooney have a tramp stamp??

  136. Bob says:

    I just saw that too!

  137. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Well Cape Verde got a 0-0 away result… obviously not that much between them… the football world elite continues to shrink everyday… what for Suriname to actually hold on to their own players and not farm them out to the Dutch..

  138. Benred says:

    Halftime at El Monumental stadium. Argentina with 3 fabulous goals and probably 90% of possession. Expect Canada to bring in 4 more defenders in the game.

  139. Tony in Quakeland says:

    And capping off the gmae, a shot of casually racist ENglish fans dressed up as what they imagine Mexicans look like!

  140. OmarVizquel says:

    Hahaha….just said the same thing.


  141. madmax says:

    ESPN is showing Mexico 18-5 over England in shots. Didn’t Vela miss 6?

  142. madmax says:

    SA, if Gio is in the wall he’ll turn an give up the space.

  143. andrew in tampa says:

    Rooney has not had much impact on the game. A couple of good passes but nothing dangerous.

  144. madmax says:

    I believe his header hit the cross-bar then Crouch bodied in the rebound.

  145. Andy in Atlanta says:

    We complain about LB but Baines has been getting pwned all night… Donovan will have fun against Cashley and Baines is no answer…

  146. dinomitedan says:

    England doesnt hate us. If we beat them on june 12, then they would hate us. they dont hate us right now. and mexico hate us more, because the US is a powerhouse in CONCAF where they used to be.

  147. Spectra says:

    What Blanco falling down? Dive maybe? Nah

  148. Spectra says:

    What good is Blanco if he doesn’t take free kicks

  149. madmax says:

    USA coaches and players should compliment both sides, play it cool.

  150. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Which was off his arm… not body…

  151. mikeandike says:

    it’s hilarious to read the GameCast commentary as the ENglish get a perspective on Miexoc’s stly of play:

    “Gerrard slides in to win the ball off Blanco but is penalised by the referee. The Mexico players want a card; laughable.”

    “Milner is fouled by Guardado. Mexico are getting a bit niggly now.”

  152. jts says:

    Hmmm. Does it count?


    1 hour, 41 minutes.

  153. Benred says:

    Start of the 2nd half in Buenos Aires.

  154. ricecloudnine says:

    >> Re: #1 & #2

    So you’re saying the refs are in top form for the World Cup… :)

  155. madmax says:

    Mexico could have 30 shots before game is over. Not sure what that says about either side, very entertaining game.

  156. patriot71 says:

    Mexico is falling back into their old, “We’re not winning so let’s foul the crap of them” mode.

  157. da says:

    dang Lenonn is fasttttt

  158. phil says:

    let’s hope so….

  159. phil says:

    they might actually get kicked out of the country if they piss anyone off….

  160. CA says:

    A better second half from England, but they still didnt look the part of a team going deep in S. Africa. The Italys, Spains, and Brazils would have more goals to show for the amount of possession the Mexicans inflicted on England today. If I were an England fan I’d be a little worried right now.

  161. Kenny_B says:

    It because all the extra time they gain not brushing their teeth and going to the dentist is spent belittling.

  162. phil says:

    it’s hard to fight when you’re starving

  163. Benred says:

    Gonzalo Higua√≠n can’t seem to finish the ball today.

  164. dhines says:

    exclude victories in mexico city, and has mexico beaten anyone? hell, when bolivia plays teams in their home stadium . . they win too. does that mean bolivia is a great squad?

    bottom line, mexico needs to win big games outside of mexico city before they can be considered a power. keep in mind, aside from world cups in mexico city, el tri has NEVER WON A WORLD CUP ELIMINATION GAME.

    hardly a power if you ask me.

  165. Paul says:

    Conclusions: England dangerous, but too reliant on speed, power and aerial presence. They will win the group in SA and keep going until they meet a side that can match them physically but also has the technique to play through them.

  166. phil says:

    i was about to say that until they win a WC they have no right to consider themselves a world power, but then again that would include spain and holland then, wouldn’t it?

  167. kar says:

    I seem to recall Kasey Keller repeatedly robbing Ramario and Preki sealing a pretty sweet 1-0 win over Brazil . . .

  168. phil says:

    Nigeria and Arentina will go on. Korea will influence the 1 2…

  169. phil says:

    So do we blame Borns for the lack of coverage?

  170. phil says:

    bwa hah hah…

  171. phil says:

    yes but her will run right PAST Borns….

  172. phil says:

    i worry about anyone when he’s on the field… heck the waterboy could outfox him.

  173. phil says:

    nah, they’ll stay stateside and bask in teh glory they’ll richly deserve if they do well, but short of an offer from the EPL, I don’t see the payoff…

  174. Benred says:

    Sergio Ag√ľero scores after being subed in the game. His first touch of the game was a spectacular finish.

    Argentina: 4 – Canada: 0

  175. Benred says:

    Dwayne De Rosario with his first shot of the game (and probably Canada’s, too). Shot high.

  176. blokhin says:

    yeah and Mexico beat Brazil at least 3 times since then… twice in mexico city during 2003 Gold Cup and once in Venezuela in Copa America 2007, also beat Argentina in Peru for Copa 2004….

    I don’t see the need to belittle someone else’s victories – give credit where it’s due. I’d take wins of that caliber any day, over close losses to Brazil or 0-0 ties with Argentina

  177. John says:

    You mean 5-0

  178. blokhin says:

    and Portugal… Mexico is not a Top 10 team, but I could why they think they are… every fan base has selective memory bias

  179. Brad says:

    I don’t think England was that impressive but then I don’t think they were playing at 100% effort like they will in June…

    USA has to be very careful on England set pieces, that’s for sure…

  180. BetaMale says:

    Mexico is definitely more skilled than the USA, and they took it to England pretty much all game, yet still managed to lose easily. This worries me for the USA, Walcott will have his way with us.

    I’m definitely not confident going into this match

  181. JT says:

    This England team disappointed me. I can’t see them beating the elite teams of the world. That being said, we win 2-0.

  182. Benred says:

    Oops. Forgot a goal.

    Tevez gets one in first. Then Ag√ľero.

    Argentina: 5 – Canada: 0

  183. KungFuSoccer says:

    England looked sloppy, clumsy, beatable on defense, and that’s all I could ask for. My assumption has been that a loss in the first game is a given, but now It looks like we have a decent chance for a tie or perhaps a win. Of course, subject to what we see tomorrow. I am also fearful about the current state of our defense. We’ll see.

  184. CA says:

    I dont think Baines makes the England final squad. The announcers even suggested it.

  185. Benred says:

    The ref blows the whistle. Canada was humiliated today.
    End result…

    Argentina: 5 – Canada: 0

  186. Benred says:

    Maximiliano Rodriguez (16)
    Maximiliano Rodriguez (32)
    Angel Di Maria (37)
    Carlos Tevez (63)
    Sergio Aguero (71)

  187. Obvious Observational Obit says:

    Speaking of Dos Santos and ” looks “. Good thing he’s attempting to grow out that teenage beard of his…

    Though, he still looks like a teenage girl.

  188. D says:

    90,000, 18,000 isn’t that about the same number?

  189. Martha C says:

    Mexico shoulda started their camp a month earlier. Obviously the two months they had before everyone else hasn’t helped them when their not playing Belize and New Zealand.Manu must have cut back on their scouting department or are desperate to sell jerseys too Mexicans Chiiqiqiqiqiiq Hermandez is nothing special. I hope Man U kept the receipt so they can return him to Chicas.

  190. Get Up, No Foul says:

    They were jumping on the English players back from the first whistle.

    (see Gerrard & Crouch getting tackled and splitting Gerrad’s head open)

    What I found amusing is they weren’t getting the typical calls they would in CONCACAF, ie the diving and getting away with careless tackling.

    Reckless would describe their defensive aggression all game.

  191. Apples and Oranges says:

    Two different styles & Two different player types.

    I think the comparison of any kind is a stretch.

  192. JohnRSL says:

    Speed of Beasley and Donovan on the wings would do well against England. They struggled against speedy Dos Santos.

  193. Javier Aguirre says:

    I like your suggestion on starting even earlier.

  194. D says:

    Bornstien is very fast, which MIGHT not make him, such a liability agianst the speedy English wingers.

  195. Brian says:

    Wynne as a RB is crap!! Just because the guy can run the 100 yd dash faster than any soccer player doesn’t make him a national team prospect

  196. D says:

    West Spam as you call it, was awful all year, hard to put that all on Spector.

  197. Marco says:

    What are you like five years old?

    Mexico is taking chances by exposing themselves vs. soccer superpowers before the WC and I think that that’s commendable.

    Mexico or more specifically Vela missed two clear chances to score and Salcido hit the post. Three goals right there. Peter Crouch was offside when he scored!!!

    I don’t know who you go for and I don’t care, but playing Wembley Stadium vs. England fifteen days before the WC is not an easy task for anyone.

    With some adjustments I think this Mexican team have a very good chance of advancing from their group stage.

  198. Isaac says:

    Wouldn’t be the first time…

  199. Isaac says:

    Basically. I mean, it’s only 5 times less so…

  200. Isaac says:

    Do you mean Gringos as in the whole team or Gringos as in Torres, Feilhaber, or anyone else with a Hispanic-American heritage? Because I’m pretty sure Gringos means white people if I’m not mistaken

  201. Isaac says:

    Oh mah gawrd….Kenny spit the dump on y’all Brits….

  202. Isaac says:

    Lol. Jts, ur 2 funnie bruh…

  203. JT says:

    Funny, but for someone who hates Mexico so much, you sure do know a lot about them. Closet El Tri fan maybe?

  204. Isaac says:

    link to

    Nice little highlight video of Freddy in Greece. I’d still take him over Rogers, but I imagine Bob doesn’t want to mess with his playing time.

  205. mixmaster flash says:

    lol at the starting lineups of the canada/argy game…they had some hot broad in a dress singing oh canada and all the stadium director showed was her!

  206. A-Lott says:

    I guess I should have used a sarcasm tag.

  207. beachbum says:

    would say the USA has exposed Mexico’s issues with set pieces for a decade at least, and thanks for making the point about possession SCORE…and I’d rather win whatever it looks like :)

  208. madmax says:

    Torres on Mexican TV is called Gringo Torres to distinguish him from the other Torres on squad. I guess Gomez, and Bedoya playing in Mexico could also be called Gringos. So that’s the three I’m talking about.

    Isaac, “Because I’m pretty sure Gringos means white people if I’m not mistaken…”

    Not the way I interpret the usage. It appears that Telemundo and Univision etal are using Gringo to mean North American.

  209. madmax says:

    There aggression could come from playing 8 straight home games, what country does that?

  210. madmax says:

    I hope Bradley and the players are publicly complimentary to the England performance.

  211. AnalogToDigitialTakiwara says:

    Who would have thought England would concede on a corner to Mexico. Brits better watch out for the teams who actually have some height.

  212. BrianK says:


    This was typical Mexico. Beautiful soccer,…nice little passes,..nice little dancing in the mifield,…BUT 1) they are small and weak; 2) their GK is crap; and they have trouble beating a quality GK, the caliber of which they don’t see in the Mexican league.

  213. BrianK says:


    This was typical Mexico. Beautiful soccer,…nice little passes,..nice little dancing in the mifield,…BUT 1) they are small and weak; 2) their GK is crap; and they have trouble beating a quality GK, the caliber of which they don’t see in the Mexican league.

  214. BrianK says:


    This was typical Mexico. Beautiful soccer,…nice little passes,..nice little dancing in the mifield,…BUT 1) they are small and weak; 2) their GK is crap; and they have trouble beating a quality GK, the caliber of which they don’t see in the Mexican league.

  215. JM says:

    Yeah Ok we get it-

    Your comment is not so incisive that it deserves two posts OK?

    1) “Maza” Rodriguez is 6’4 and about 190 pounds, Rafa Marquez is close to six feet and neither Franco, Torrado, Hernandez, Salcido, Moreno or Juarez are in any way shape or form “weak”.

    2) That will not be the GK in SA, and he is far from being crap.

    3) Eleven of these players DO NOT play against keepers in the Mexican League because they DON”T play in Mexico!!!

    4) You are annoying!

  216. Brad says:

    Vela shouldn’t start for the tri, put in Chicharrito or Herrera for him instead…

  217. This Guy says:

    I could just kick Blanco in the shin. He falls down, rolls around for an hour. Fight over!

  218. r.benjamin says:

    just watching it now.. I see now why vela doesn’t get playing time at arsenal..

  219. r.benjamin says:

    I bet crouch doesn’t play v US. We’ll happily let him play wide. His feet sent that good. Gooch has trouble against pace and through balls. We’ll see someone with wheels up top.

  220. DaveW says:

    You do remember Mexico is part of North America, right?

    “”Gringo” is a pejorative term usually used to refer to white U.S. citizens, though it can also be used in good humor.

  221. DaveW says:

    Better finishing by Mexico and this game gets interesting, but it is true that all of Mexico’s keepers have some problems and that the team gets killed in the air.

    Vela, Gio, Ju√°rez, Aguilar and Barrera are all pretty young, so if Mexico fills a few holes they’ll be interesting in 2014. Maybe even this time, who knows.

  222. JT says:

    The US created Latin America to kick Mexico out of North America, so they’re no longer part of North America according to the US government. Also Gringo means someone from the US, it has nothing to do with race. I’ve only notice Anglos-Americans claiming it relates to someones race.

  223. Hush says:

    HAHA Calm down man. Mexico has only beaten a Brazil team that consist of sub 20 players. That confede win in 99 in the Azteca was against a Sub-20 Brazil team. C’mon! When has Brazil ever taken a full squad to copa America, guy? Hardly ever. Pure fact! Toumba is right on the money regarding Mexico’s ego. When they start to respect other teams and admit that they are not Brazil or Argentina, maybe then they will see a bit more success.

  224. Hush says:

    Well, the same story repeats itself for Mexico. They dance around the ball for 90 minutes trying to make their game and hair look pretty, but can’t execute. They are the Brian Ching’s of soccer!lol I’ve always said it doesn’t matter how much possesion you have, it’s the goals that count. Just ask Inter or Toluca on why possesion is overated.

    Vela, Gio, Franco, looked to damn rusty. Yet, Aguirre starts bench warmers over players who have had rythem through out the whole year. I think the only Mexican’s that get this is the boys over on ESPN DEPORTES, EL PICANTE. They continue to ask why do both Vela & Gio get the notch over players who are in full form. Too bad for freddy Adu that he is not Mexican, otherwise he would have his own statue in the Azteca since he gets more minutes than both of those little girl bums put together.:)

    The U.S vs England will be a great match. Both of these teams play the same style of futbol. It will be a chess match I tell you! I’m not worried.


  225. sread says:

    EEEEEEEEEERRRR -Wrong!! Gringos are any northerners not speaking any Spanish. In some countries it stems back to the presence of US soldiers in Latin America, many of which weren’t white.

  226. josip says:

    Bloody fantastic…Bobs your uncle, mate….3 LIONS!…(What else do you guys say??)

  227. sread says:

    I saw that and on Telemundo the commentators were saying that the fans were proabably “making an association with Mexican fiestas”. Sure. Jolly good, chaps, the English.

  228. Short people says:

    Everyone makes this mistake about Crouch. He is only average in the air especially when you consider his height. However he has deceptivlly good ball skills.

    Rather than talking about how TALL he is you need to think about his LENGTH. Long arms and legs. It means, for example, that he can shield a ball on the ground really well. I’m 5’9″ and used to play against tall, long guys like him and if they have any ball skills, that’s a lot of arms and legs to go through to get to the ball. At certain times in the penalty area, then, it gives them an extra second or two to get their shot off.

    This is what they mean when they talk about Crouch being an awkward situation for defenders.

  229. sread says:

    Don’t buy into it. Walcott is a threat, but then again Lennon is even more of a threat. I like to think that USA won’t concede goals like those in the WC. We’ll find a way to shut down Crouch and Tim Howard would have saved that last goal. If they score three on us, at least 2 will have to come from golazos like Rossi’s last summer. Mexico totally played into England’s gameplan, just like Inter beat Barca and then Bayern.

  230. Fidel says:

    Get off it. England slapped the Mexicans around with their second team. Mexico tries to schedule as many friendlies as they can in too narrow a timeframe and you’ll see that it won’t end up building any confidence. They play Holland on freaking Wednesday!! How does all of this help them before the WC? Fitness, getting your team to gell? Getting your fan base excited, buying jerseys? Yeah, all of those can be done with 2, maybe 3 home friendlies before You take off for SA. The Mexicans are famous for doing their world tours, trying to get results against big teams who could care less.

    Nobody is going to buy into Mexico over in Europe just because they had great possession vs Eng and took a bunch of shots against their second and third keepers. Sure they have a good chance of leaving the group. That’s because as it stands the best team in that group is Uruguay! That said, I’ll continue to enjoy their preWC friendlies. Viva Mejico…or something

  231. Mr. Geography says:

    Technically, the North American Continent includes any country north of the Panama-Colombia border. This includes the countries in the Caribbean.

    The tecnical definiton of Central America, a subset of North America runs from South of the Mexican Border to the aforementioned Panama- Colombia border.

    These definitions are largely informal. In many parts of Europe the Americas are considered as one entity.

    Also regarding Gringo here is the best definition I could find:

    “Gringo is a slang Spanish and Portuguese word used in Spanish-speaking and Portuguese countries, principally in Latin America, to denote foreigners, often from the United States or the United Kingdom. The term can be applied to someone who is actually a foreigner, or it can denote a strong association or assimilation into foreign (particularly US) society and culture. The term is often encountered by people from the US traveling abroad to Spanish-speaking countries.[citation needed] The American Heritage Dictionary classifies gringo as “offensive slang,” “usually disparaging,” and “often disparaging.”[1] However, the term can also be used to simply identify a foreigner and does not always carry a negative connotation.[citation needed]

    The word was used in Spain long before it crossed the Atlantic to denote foreign, non-native speakers of Spanish.[2] Although it has various anecdotal etymologies, and various connotative or interpretive meanings, its ultimate source appears to be “griego”, the Spanish word for “a Greek person” that serves, in some countries, as a colloquial shorthand for any foreign (non-Spanish) person .”

    There is enough ignorance and stupidity on this site. No need to add to it. But feel free to continue waging what is basically a semantics war.

  232. Bacon says:

    He played a lot of bad defense for them didn’t he?

    He’s the guy who made bad clearances leading to opposition goals wasn’t he?

    Who else do you blame?

    If you guys are going to say Bradley deserves no credit for the good play of the US in the Confederations Cup run cause it was all about the players, why do you not blame the players when West Ham has a crap season?

    If the team doesn’t do well it’s mostly because the players aren’t playing well. It’s not all their fault but Spector didn’t exactly cover himself with glory. If he were English you wouldn’t be defending him so much.

  233. Gene says:

    see, I was thinking that same thing – when did he find the time to find a pub that close to the field?:)

  234. Gene says:

    I think the scoreline flattered England a bit. They played better in the 2nd half, and that beautiful Glen Johnson goal kind of took the wind out of Mexico’s sails. But overall, Mexico looks like a pretty decent team.

  235. BrianK says:


    I will repeat just for you,…Mexico are small and weak but I will concede that their looks nice when they jump around the field. (Paul Gardner really enjoys watching them play.) Their GK is crap and they have difficulty beating good GKs.

    Enjoy the WC Jose.

  236. JM says:

    Brian K-

    You are an idiot!

    Just because you were handed the easiest group in the WC does not make you or the USMNT a soccer powerhouse. It will be utterly embarassing if you don’t make it out of the group stage.

    And as you probably know much less than you think about this game, there is no way you would have noticed that Mexico played (once again) with a lineup that had NEVER played together before, including Rafa Marquez as midfielder, and that those goals are not typically scored vs. Mexico. The first was just idiotic, the second had been a fantastic save by our “crap” goalkeeper that was scored by Crouch in a crystal clear offside. The only one with merit is the third.

    As for Hush-

    It’s obvious that you are a Mexico hater and that you can’t put things into perspective. It’s also obvious that you must be like thirteen years old and are getting a testosterone rush.

    If you watched the game there is no way that the three you mentioned would be your pick for “rusty”. But my guess is you did not!

    ESPN’s futbol picante…NO MAMES! Check any BBC blog or any Blog on the MARCA or AS papers from Spain and you’ll find that most readers agree that Mexico outplayed England, and with minor adjustements will be a dangerous team.

    Your comparison with the Toluca game is sophomoric. Santos lost because they missed a penalty NOT because they had more ball possesion!!!

    Having said that, I am enjoying the USMT evolution as a team, curious about what they learned from their last Czech encounter and supporting them as a CONCACAF team in South Africa!

  237. BrianK says:


    Hardly! Show a little class and refrain from personal attacks. I am beginning to think that I hit a nerve.