MLS to introduce Montreal as 19th MLS Team

Major League Soccer and the Montreal Impact have scheduled press conferences for Friday morning, where they are expected to announce Montreal as the 19th MLS franchise. Montreal will join MLS in 2012.

Montreal will become the third Canadian team in MLS, joining Toronto FC and the Vancouver Whitecaps, which will begin MLS play in 2011.

What do you think of Montreal joining MLS?

Share your thoughts below.

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248 Responses to MLS to introduce Montreal as 19th MLS Team

  1. Bnks says:

    After the U20 World Cup up there and a certain NJB member’s bachelor party, I can’t wait for the road trip.

  2. tnnelson says:

    why are there more canadian teams? thats the last thing we need. they need to get smart and put a team in the Southeast, people down here are dying for a soccer team to follow

  3. Drew says:

    Love it…not only will it create yet another great will give TFC and Vancouver some real rivals. Can’t wait…hope they expand Saputo.

  4. Drew says:

    No to the southeast!!

  5. Murphy says:

    Ives will there be another team with Montreal in 2012?

  6. Joe says:

    Because the southeast worked out so well with the Mutiny

  7. Montreal can draw a crowd, they’ve already had 13,000 this season which is phenomenal for USSF D2 (especially when you consider NSC Minnesota getting 600). I can’t imagine the numbers decreasing at the MLS level.

  8. Ne-Dub says:

    The new flagship of the MLS, mark my words.

  9. DYCSoccer17 says:

    Montreal is one of the most European cities in North America. No one cares about sports not named NASCAR in the Southeast.

  10. Ne-Dub says:

    I think when they get 55k at a Concacaf Champions League game, they are being smart for going there.

  11. nico says:

    Cool, i like Montreal as a city.
    I would like to see a team in Miami…though I realize it would take a great owner with deep pockets to make it succeed. Though the Fusion averaged just above 11k in attendance in Ft. Lauderdale, I think with financial backing and a stadium in Miami proper…they could certainly succeed.
    (Plus I imagine some young South/Central American players would be happy to live/work in Miami.)

  12. Timber Nick says:

    I’m just hoping they have a new logo by then.

  13. Weaver83 says:

    i’m here in the southeast, and i’m dying for a team close by. forget florida & go to atlanta or somewhere in the carolinas or even nashville. you can’t leave out an entire region of the country

  14. OmarVizquel says:

    What are people going to call them for short (eg, Revolution = Revs)? Have we run out of plural nouns in North America?

  15. Petaluman says:

    This will certainly make an impact.

  16. WileyJ says:

    Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! Excellent addition to our league.

  17. WiscFan says:

    Good things. You’d think whichever city Beckham want to settle down in will be the 20th.

  18. tasman says:

    The Imps

    when they aren’t playing well or lots of players are injured they’ll be Gimps, or the Limps…

  19. CACuzcatlan says:

    Really? Doesn’t look like it from here, unless you don’t count Florida as part of the Southeast.

  20. Stpauljosh says:

    And the fusion.

  21. CACuzcatlan says:

    I wouldn’t go that far. They weren’t even willing to pay the full expansion fee at first.

  22. CACuzcatlan says:

    Really? The NHL was better off before they went to the South. Look at how poorly Phoenix, Nashville, Atlanta, Raleigh, Tampa Bay, and Florida do compared to the rest of the league. Why go to places where there’s no demand.

  23. CACuzcatlan says:

    NY, until he realizes how hard it is to build a stadium there.

  24. Drew says:

    I would rather have a team in dallas than in the Southeast.

  25. al says:

    Excellent, strategic move. But 2013 needs to go somewhere in Florida and San Diego. Those need to be the next markets and both have the fan base to justify it. If they can’t get the extension in SD, they need to move those stinkin’ Chivas there and give Galaxy their rightful place as the only true LA team.

  26. Weaver83 says:

    mls is not the nhl though. you have soccer down here already. before the nhl came down, there wasn’t much of a hockey presence anyway. just a bunch of minor leagues. and actually, the predators haven’t done that bad in nashville

  27. Shirtees says:

    I predict 5 more years of LA Galaxy domination!!!

  28. chicagofire says:

    Who dat sayin’ dey gon beat dem Impacts

  29. Gavin says:

    …you must not follow this league.

  30. SeattleStan says:

    I, for one, am excited at the prospect of Poutine being sold at an MLS stadium

  31. Dave says:

    I could see Beckham in Miami with a team. Kill a few birds with one stone. He’d hang at South Beach and owner the team from the beach.

    Better that, than a 2nd team in NYC.

    Even better would be him locating the team in Charlotte …ahh, wishes…

  32. chicagofire says:

    Within the next decade FC Dallas will move to San Antonio. Not coincidentally the team will start to have some success.

  33. 123 says:

    Or whenever LD leaves.

  34. JR says:

    I’m hoping they rebrand as something other than the Impact. Olympique Montreal has a nice sound to it.

  35. topher says:

    Wrong. There are a ton of people here in Atlanta that would turn out for an MLS franchise (Club America vs. Milan was sold out at the GEORGIA DOME).

    Also, NASCAR doesn’t hold a candle to the popularity of college football in the South.

  36. chicagofire says:

    Atlanta is the front runner in the SE…which pretty much says all you need to know about the SE and soccer.

  37. jim says:

    come on guy seriously! I live in Atlanta and there is a pretty high demand here for a soccer team, and there has been for some time. you can’t really compare NHL in the region to MLS. the reason lets say the Thrashers haven’t had that much fanfare is because they suck, plain and simple. if they were any good do you really believe people here would continue ignore them? of course the south won’t be as hockey crazed as the northeast, but there is a demand in Atlanta for NHL that’s why they came, but an actual good team would help. MLS on the other hand is another story people here in the metro area would eat that stuff up, whether the team is is downtown, midtown, Buckhead, Marietta, or any other place in the metro are they would have support. also, by being the only team in the southeast much like the Braves(not saying they were or are the only team in the south) they would draw fans from states without a team.

  38. jim says:

    I hate the names of these old and new mls teams. what a terrible names, it’s so childish…

  39. JJ says:

    So, this summer then?

  40. Lunt says:

    another strong franchise, this will only help MLS and in return help, Canada and USA for future soccer stars

  41. K-Town says:

    Lame post of the year Sir. However, I am lame so I actually laughed. Not quite a haha, but a ha nonetheless.

  42. anti-CACuzcatlan says:

    unequivocally, cheap owners aside (as TFC is familiar with). I think CACuzcatlan’s team is on the verge of folding, so his comment are tinged by envy. Soccer with an atmosphere attracts a tv audience. Its unbearable watching a game from Colorado, Dallas, SJ, NE, where the stadium has 8k fans. As for the SE, everyone knows Corinthians vs Boca would attract 50k in Miami. 2 teams in LA makes no sense, when the 1st team isnt even getting 21k. Chivas usa to Atl, Mia, or Tampa

  43. anti-CACuzcatlan says:

    Calgary Rockies (formerly Colorado Rapids) would also do well in terms of attendance.

  44. BetaMale says:

    So are they keeping this lame team name or what?

  45. Korey Sutton says:

    Atlanta needs a team!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Phil says:

    50K for Milan-Club America means absolutely nothing. When we see Mexico-Ecuador sell out in NJ while a new stadium in Harrison is empty, you’ll understand the rational.

    When USL teams get 50K for a CONCACAF Champions League, that’s reeaaaally something special.

  47. K-Town says:

    Man, I have been posting this for a while now. San Antonio is the spot for MLS. A quick Recap: San Antonio is the second-largest city in the state of Texas and the seventh-largest city in the United States with a population of 1.3 million. It was the fourth-fastest growing large city in the nation from 2000 to 2006[3] and the fifth-fastest-growing from 2007 to 2008. In addition, Hispanics/Latinos made up 61.0% of San Antonio’s population. And the only sports to rival it are the beloved Spurs. I say copy their colors, cuz we know latinos love to rock the black and silver, you know I ain’t lying. There isn’t even College Div I Football here. Hello MLS, WHY AREN’T YOU HERE IN SAN ANTONIO?

  48. hendrix says:

    come up to BMO Field… Poutine is now sold in the north end… once again TFC beats Montreal!

  49. Will Smith says:

    Ok, I think 3 Canadian teams are enough. I’m not hating on Canada or anything but I don’t think the MLS should add anymore Canadian teams until they have some more teams in the southeast and maybe one in St. Luis… and besides there is more of a population down here in the states. There is only like 35 million peeps in Canada. Thats why if they had more peeps they wouldn’t have some many hockey teams in the states thats for sure. Its safe to say the southeast has more than 35 million peeps living down there. I do think its a a good move, but I would have waited and added some American teams first

  50. K-Town says:

    I would rather see Chivas move between Downtown LA and the IE. Move Chivas to East LA or like Riverside or San Bernadino. That would expand the LA area for coverage. I bet they would love to get out of the gals shadow, but with the HDC already there I don’t see someone digging deep in their pockets to build another stadium. In the LA area or in SD.

  51. hendrix says:

    It’s good to see Montreal in… Canadian soccer fans are already subsidizing American markets thanks to TFC. Vancouver and Montreal will do the same, with packed houses and so much revenue being sent back to MLS headquarters to give to the bad markets like Columbus and San Jose.

    Getting those three Canadian teams in also increases the chances of MLS getting television revenue from Canadian TV networks. A game between Toronto and Vancouver on national television from coast to coast could draw a massive audience (relatively speaking).

  52. K-Town says:

    First time I heard that name tossed out, and gotta say I actually like it a lot.

  53. chicagofire says:

    I agree, San Antonio Hotspur, perhaps. The NBA Spurs used to be the Dallas Chaparells, why not raid them again? MLS doesn’t conflict with the NBA scedule. Why not?

  54. Mike says:

    To be fair, Florida, while technically in the southeast, is an entity all its own. They suck at supporting any sport, let alone soccer

  55. Ha ha! That’s brilliant! Montreal has proven to be a great soccer city, and absolutely worthy of a place in MLS.

    And for those of you crying for a team in the southeast: MLS will move to the southeast if and when a city can prove that they are a viable market for soccer with a the right ownership. To go before then would be a bad business move. I have no doubt that one day we may see a team in a city like Atlanta or Miami. But there is nothing in place now.

    Frankly, I think St. Louis needs a team first. That is one of the biggest soccer hot-spots in the country.

  56. irishapple21 says:

    I’m concerned about this because we have many young players on RBNY and the stripper overload of Montreal may be too much for their fragile psyches.

  57. Drew says:

    If they have their own stadium, own brand, history, 10-15k fans at USL!!! games..why wouldn’t you want this to happen. MLS is going to take even greater strides in the next 2-3 years.

  58. Tony says:

    If it’s from Toronto it’s not real Poutine. You can’t just throw cheese and gravy onto fries. Sorry Toronto does not beat Montreal.

  59. irishapple21 says:

    Don’t you think it’s aboot time they sold Kraft dinner at BMO? Eh?

  60. J. says:

    MTL is a great place for an MLS team. Looking at the other US markets, there are some places that COULD be relocated, but Miami and Tampa failed already. St Louis cannot get their act together. I think that MLS is looking at places with USL/NASL teams with an established base. I think a team in Alberta would give Vancouver a needed close by Canadian rival would be good. I think that would help the NW rivalries out in general with Portland and Seattle too.

    Either way, teams in Canada helps grow the market in North America which is what as fans we should be looking at. I dont think having teams that draw in Canada hurts the development of US soccer at all. It grows its exposure in the league in general, which helps the league gain international reputation.

  61. K-Town says:

    I can think of a million why’s and not one why not.

  62. jimoh8002 says:

    hell no to the southeast the market there was so bad that they almost put the MLS out of business… Terrible. Thats why the MLS would rather put a team on foreign soil because there assets not liabilities

  63. CrispyST3 says:

    IF Landon leaves, you know LA will bring in a replacement that will continue to do what LD was doing

  64. jimoh8002 says:

    Who the hell even thought of those names???? That speaks for why they were disbanded

  65. Tony says:

    I hope you’re joking. The population cannot be compared, unless you’re comparing city populations (which are very similar, metro Montreal has about 4 million).

    Why put more teams where they will ultimately fail? I say the more Canadian cities the better. I guess we’ll see what happens/

  66. daggius says:

    didnt u scrubs already have a team called the miami fusion or something??

    screw canada too , time for a team in san diego pls

  67. K-Town says:

    Oh yeah, the two largest cities in Merica without an NFL team…Los Angeles and San Antonio. Granted, San Antonio is a large city that is isolated from other metro areas, but still 1.3 mil and growing and close to Houston. Stadium would HAVE to be downtown though and not in the rich north suburbs.

  68. thedude says:

    They should move Chivas to SD. But no one is willing to fork over the cash for a SSS in SD. Until that happens, no team for you.

  69. thedude says:

    The market was not that terrible. They were screwed over by crap owner/stadium issues.

  70. Weaver83 says:

    exactly…couldn’t have said it better myself. i’m in east tn, and would gladly drive down to atl to see some games in a heartbeat

  71. Andy says:

    I say no more new teams until they take care of some of these teams that can’t draw. New England, Dallas, Colorado all need to move and DC needs a new stadium or they need to move. NE, Dallas and Colorado are lucky if they get 10,000 at a match. Pathetic.

    That being said, a team in Montreal is great. It will at least make money.

  72. thedude says:

    I think there is a demand in the “north” SE for soccer in the ACC powerhouse soccer college areas. However, I don’t know if that translates into enough support for an MLS team. We’ve seen how small USL crowds can translate into huge MLS crowds in Seattle.

  73. thedude says:

    Sounds great. All depends on someone ponying up $ for an SSS and where said SSS is located.

  74. Patrick, Kansas City says:

    If they change the name from Impact to Olympic Montreal and upgrade the stadium in capacity, with a roof then yes they will be a fine addition to the league.

    Now the question is who will be No. 18?

  75. thedude says:

    SJ is not a bad market. It averaged 15-17k per game for years before MLS and AEG conspired to take a craptastic dump on the market by stealing landon donovan and moving the first team to houston.

  76. Will Smith says:

    Ok, so what other Canadian cities do u have in mind then… I can think of only one and thats Ottawa. The southeast has ATL, MIA, Tampa, Nashville, Charlotte… the list could go for awhile. The MLS can work in the southeast…

  77. WiscFan says:

    They should test the waters with a NASL team first.

  78. BetaMale says:

    We’ve tried the whole Miami & Tampa thing. Both immense failures. Lets give another few markets a shot before we rehash that old nightmare.

    San Diego has the most youth players in the country. Its ripe for a professional team. Whoever gets the investor & stadium first wins.

  79. tommy w says:

    Montreal is a well established USL team who did well to stir up some trouble in the 2008-09 CCL. I think they’ll do well as an official MLS franchise in terms of attendance similar to Toronto. I would have wished for a team from the U.S. though, of course. St. Louis for the Anelka connection, or Atlanta would be great – both rich in soccer history. I don’t think that those teams are desireable locations for players, however, because of the balls-hot temperatures during the MLS season.

  80. BetaMale says:

    San Diego: the most youth players in the country and a diverse ethnic population. The state rivalries would be epic.

  81. DC Josh says:

    They have a good fan base. That is the major necessity of any team.

    Garber loves expansion, and so do I. But he needs to look at fixing the problem down in Dallas before adding more teams.

  82. Ferris says:

    The Chivas owner INSISTED on L.A. Not Houston, not San Diego. He paid $10 million to join the league and $15 million directly to AEG to share the L.A. media market and HDC. They aren’t going anywhere.

  83. Josh D. says:

    You mean 20th? I wouldn’t mind seeing St Louis – very authentic and historic soccer community there.

  84. K-Town says:

    the more i hear it the more i like Olympique Montreal.

  85. chicagofire says:

    Lucky for you the Atlanta Silverbacks are rejoining D2 in 2011.

  86. Will Smith says:

    San Diego sounds like a good place… Close to LA… Would be good rivalry wit Chivas and Galaxy!!!

  87. k-town says:

    i would not be opposed to that, I am a season ticket holder of the Austin Aztex. The only problem is that people like to see a good product. As much as I like USSF Div 2, the fact is that it is perceived as 2nd tier. People want to see the highest level they can, and I think San Antonio can support that. I say move FC Pizza Hut down from Dallas if they can’t get turnout.

  88. chicagofire says:

    The NBA’s Spurs are considering it.

  89. Come on you Yanks says:

    Cap off the MLS at twenty. If you want to develop more teams in more locations, develop a second division and include a small amount of relegation and promotion between the two.

  90. k-town says:

    I wish Chivas would have set up there in the first place. But I guess it is all about stadium money.

  91. Brian says:

    Still cracks me up that the Canucks call mac n’cheese, “Kraft Dinner”

  92. Sergio of SF says:

    They need to find investors with deep pockets.

  93. Second City says:

    Great shout.

    The attendance in some cities that have SSS’s is troubling and the issues getting SSS’s for the cities that deserve them are equally troubling.

    Dallas, regretable, should move or follow suit of their neighbors in Houston.

    Dynamo are having a stadium built smack dab in downtown next to Minute Maid Park, from what I hear.

    I sincerely hope owners start to see the value in forking over more cash, to get their stadiums within the actual city for added interest and accessability.

  94. K-Town says:

    even if they dont include relegation and promotion, I think they should cap MLS at 20 for a good 5 years and help build the 2nd division up more. Then after another 5 years or so see which 2nd tier areas are doing well and look at bringing them up like Portland, Van, MTL, SEA, etc. have done recently. I do think that North America is unique in its size geographically and by population compared to other footballing countries. because of this i really do think we could have 40 teams easily spread between DIV I and Div II. 24 perhaps in MLS.

  95. MadKingGeorge says:

    Before expanding anywhere in the South Dallas better get fixed. Dallas is the closest thing to a Southern city in MLS and if you cant draw crowds in Big D, what makes you think any “Real” Southern City will be any different?

  96. hello mrs. lady says:

    what the league needs is investor who will pony up cash. prom. releg. will not happen for a LONG LONG LONG time if ever. I do however have a dream that maybe one day the east will have a 20 team conference, and the west will have a 20 team conference. that could certaintly work if investor see the value. I think that MLS will start becoming a machine with the increase is sss’s and everything, this league has a long way to go but it could end up being one of the best leagues in the world in maybe 50 years.

  97. hello mrs. lady says:


  98. BrooklynFC says:

    The Best the south can hope for has to be Charlotte or Raleigh

    Driving distance from DC

  99. steve healy says:


  100. BrooklynFC says:

    Def would be NY team 2….. or NY team 1 actually cuz red bull ny is really red bull nj

    Alot of people around the country don’t get how much that means around these parts….

    Becks has been quoted in the past as saying that he loves Brooklyn and even named his son Brooklyn

  101. BrooklynFC says:

    San Antonio HotSpurs would be a lovely name….

    Geterdone Spurs

  102. Czo13 says:

    Virginia needs a professional sports franchise.

  103. Adam M. says:

    Huge mistake if the intent is to leave MLS at 20 and a good idea is the intent is to keep growing the number of teams. Europe supports literally hundreds of 1st and 2nd division sides with a similar population and geographic area as U.S.-Canada population centers. If Montreal plus one is it, MLS will be leaving at least a dozen huge American metropolitan markets alone (including metropolitan areas that can support two teams), and large geographic swaths of the country, in favor of the smaller Candadian market in Montreal. I’m fine with Montreal if the league continues a steady growth to 40 teams. But 3 Candadian teams out of 20 in an ostensibly American league doesn’t make economic or practical sense and leaves MLS in danger of being seen as a niche sport in a few cities rather than something that becomes ingrained across the American sports culture.

  104. BrooklynFC says:

    I think MTL needs to really consider playing at the Olympic stadium…. they could draw 40k in MLS for sure, nothing is competing with them in the summer

  105. BrooklynFC says:

    It is the perfect name and if they play in the Olympic stadium instead of Saputo stadium the name would be even more fitting

  106. BrooklynFC says:

    I beg to differ, I think MLS needs to go to 30 teams

    three divisions of 10

    east, central, west

    play everyone in ur division twice everyone else once. that is 38games, top 2 from each division make playoffs and 2 best 3rd place teams

  107. WileyJ says:

    Aye, Second the motion. Along with corresponding our season with Europe, so we don’t lose players on loan throughout our season.

  108. dave says:

    what it’ll give TFC is one team it can beat (mabye)

  109. Warren says:

    Right people forget the Impact have been around for years and playing pretty good tier II ball.

    To be frank USL teams such as Impact often looked better on the field than MLS squads up to a few years ago, the quality gap was small because they weren’t constrained by MLS crazy salary rules, so a certain class of players could make more playing div II than MLS.

  110. GMD says:

    Yeah man…I really like that name, but I remember reading that the Olympic committee has some pretty stingent rules now on the brand…sucks.

  111. George says:

    it was so obvious as both Fusion and Mutiny were retracted. Montreal is a way smarter choice than the Southeast, but they do need a team…where, I don’t know.

  112. GMD says:

    BK – I like your enthusiasm, but have to disagree. The purse strings are going to be way too tight for the next 10 years to do this. We’d have AYSO players on the bench.

    Big ups to Park Slope coming from Portland.

  113. Warren says:

    Metro Montreal’s population is 4m, there’s plenty of soccer fans there.

    With the geography and politics, they’ll be natural rivals to Toronto, Vancouver, New York, and New England, so this will be good for that whole cluster of teams.

  114. BrooklynFC says:

    Word shout to Park Slope all day……… Im from 27th street used to live on 17th street
    Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

  115. GMD says:

    I honestly think that Montreal is going to be a hit. For that matter..all of the Canadian franchises. Cosmopolitan cities = savvy futbol crowds.

    Vancouver, Portland , and Montreal are going to bring some juice to this league. Wait til the I-95 crowds see what the I-5 crowds in the PAC NW are going to do next year. I think it will be a jump-start. Perfect timing after a WC cycle…will be even better if the US gets out of the group.

  116. Alex says:

    YES!!!!! Almost 20

  117. GMD says:

    13th and 7th ave man…I’m there a couple times of year seeing the sis. Love that place and would move there if Portland wasn’t so f’ing awesome.

  118. BrooklynFC says:

    Garber is choosing the perfect Markets for Expansion…..

    Every recent expansion has one of the two following criteria

    Built-in rivalry

    Great Support in lower divisions

    St. Louis will happen once they can get good ownership instant rivalry with KCwiz and Fire

  119. Gitecmo says:

    “most European cities in North America”

    What does that have to do with anything?

    Excellent point DYCS. Maybe we should find an area in North America that’s like Greece . . . oh yeah, we have California.

    What does that have to do with this issue? I mentioned Europe, isn’t that enough?

    – DYCS Poser

  120. yuta says:

    I thought the goal was to cultivate American soccer, so why is MLS putting teams in Canada?

  121. Gregg says:

    Montreal is a great city for MLS because it has an ownership group and is in the process of creating a stadium out of Saputo. If the SE had those two they would have a team. If San Diego had those two they would have a team. Seattle didn’t have either one for a decade of MLS and that’s why they didn’t have a team. Also, USL attendance and/or international friendly attendance don’t seem to have anything to do with MLS attendance. Remember, Seattle floundered in the bottom third of USL/A-League/APSL, etc. attendance for years and years. New York will draw for a friendly but not for the Red Bulls even though they are the second best team in the league right now. Good for Montreal – now lets change the name and logo and we’ll be set.

  122. yuta says:

    When they played within Dallas proper they had good attendance, it’s when they moved out to the stix in Frisco is when people stopped going to watch FCD games.

  123. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    this will be amazing for the league, theyve got great support and better yet will be the derbies with us (especially when we mash them home and away).
    Get over the anti canadian garbage, its a two country league and everyone benefits, especially with growth like this

  124. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    I wouldnt stress any more canadian teams, frankly we cant support em to the level that would do the league justice, as a result we will see more teams in the second division which is fine by me and beneficial for both countries

  125. fischy says:

    More Canadian teams than what? How does it make sense to put teams in a market that is totally disinterested in MLS, versus adding Canadian teams, where the locals are going mad for MLS?

    A wise person once said that you’re entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts. Learn from this.

  126. bigvic says:

    MLS would’ve folded if not for TFC, the added expansion dough from Van, and the two Northwestern cities. Thats a fact! Just look at the measly 8k fans who attend games in Dallas, Colorado, SJ, NE, DC, etc. Hell, the Women’s league couldnt survive off 8k fans.

  127. fischy says:

    “Wrong. There are a ton of people here in Atlanta that would turn out for an MLS franchise”

    Wrong. Prove it. You can’t. Atlanta can’t even support a USL team. Montreal has. Montreal wins.

  128. bigvic says:

    sending the money to SJ and Columbus is throwing money down the drain. Not that those are bad markets, its just that those teams have owners who are not really interested in seriously growing their fanbase.

  129. fischy says:

    Gavin said in reply to Drew…

    …you must not follow this league.

    You must not have a sense of humor — and must not understand that FC Dallas stinks and is not really in Dallas, or particularly near to Dallas.

  130. GMD says:

    well put.

  131. bigvic says:

    thats true about Dallas/Fort Worth too. Does more need to be said about using that criteria for MLS successful.

  132. dcpohl says:

    Not only great for MLS and Canadian football, but for the USMNT and the overall strength of CONCACAF!!

  133. fischy says:

    You make it very hard for a person to resist making fun….

  134. fischy says:

    Ha ha! That’s brilliant! Ha ha!

    Ha ha!

    Oh — also Ha ha!

  135. bigvic says:

    didnt they also have a very strong Mexican presence- Hugo Sanchez, Jorge Campos? More teams need to get fixed- Colorado, New England, maybe DCU, San Jose.

  136. bigvic says:

    oh yeah, the 15k at NYRB the last two games is just the marker MLS HQ needs to say “NY needs a 2nd team”. How about the marker being 30k before a 2nd team can be considered.

  137. bigvic says:

    all the other American leagues are in canada (basketball, baseball, hockey)

  138. Hopper says:

    I have no problem with Montreal coming on board. Along with Seattle, Toronto, Portland and Vancouver, we’ll finally have a good stable of teams that can actually fill stadiums in MLS.

    The rest of MLS needs to get their heads outta their @$$es.

  139. BrooklynFC says:

    Well considering that MTL is just to the north of vermont and new hampshire you are getting a comsopolitan city added to MLS as well the nothern suburbs of NY, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine…… that is pretty cool

  140. BrooklynFC says:

    Exactly….. more canadian teams in MLS means more oppurtunities to grow the game in Canada…. the more good national teams there are in ConCaCaf the better

    Hargreaves maybe would have played for Canada if he could have played in Toronto Montreal or Vancouver to start his career and the same goes for Jonathan DeGuzman….. how good would Canada be if those two were still in their pool

  141. fischy says:


    Let’s test that proposition. The baseball World Series began in 1903. Can we agree that from that time through at least the first half of the 20th Century, baseball was considered America’s national pastime — the preeminent team sport, by far? To use your words: “Ingrained across the American sports culture”? Interestingly, there wasn’t a single team west of the Mississippi River until the Dodgers and Giants moved to California in 1958. Somehow, baseball wasn’t considered a niche sport in few cities.

    MLS doesn’t need to be in every city. The NFL didn’t even have a Florida team until the NFL-AFL merger brought the Dolphins into the league. Atlanta came later. Tennessee came much later. Baseball took even longer to put a team in Florida, and neither team are hugely popular with big fan bases. There wasn’t a Colorado Rockies or an Arizona team until the 1990s — even the NFL didn’t come to Arizona until 1988. Yet, somehow, these leagues managed to be considered national sports leagues.

    Will the MLS expand beyond 20 teams? Possibly. It’s the natural inertia of these things, because the newer owners who’ve invested large sums to join the league (about $40 million in MLS) want to get reimbursed by newer investors. That’s what happened with the NHL and the NBA, as those leagues basically became pyramid schemes. Unfortunately, it means that a number of franchises do not succeed. The NHL almost went under because of over-expansion. MLS might go beyond 20 teams, but that doesn’t mean it would be a smart move.

  142. BCC says:

    Love this decision. We need teams in Ottawa and Calgary, too. And make sure all the stadiums have fake turf and plenty of snow blowers.

    Cannot believe how many people here are saying this is better than having a team in the southeast and then citing the Miami and Tampa teams as evidence. The league was not exactly high quality back then (and it is only slightly better now). Ridiculous. Atlanta or Charlotte or Raleigh-Durham would certainly support a team IF the product on the field is good. People in Durham and Chapel Hill know the sport, so they’re not going to support garbage.

    MLS will enter the national conversation if it offers entertaining, top-level soccer. This is not a charity. Expanding into Canada may be lucrative in the short-term but I do not see any real long-term benefits, especially if MLS is ever going to have a normal international calendar.

  143. fischy says:

    I agree 100%. The name ought to be something French, and it definitely needs to be better than “Impact”. Otherwise, I think it’s just the right move.

  144. BrooklynFC says:

    Speaking of Hargreaves…. he would be a great DP for Vancouver next year presuming he healthy

  145. fischy says:

    Let’s see how Portland fans turn out after 10 straight losing years before you assume that they can fill stadiums while the older teams are just doing something wrong…

  146. Chris says:

    Nothing in this post is correct, that’s a fact.

  147. Illmatic74 says:

    Steve Nash would be conflicted.

  148. P says:

    what ever happened to Barcelona starting a team in Florida??

  149. Illmatic74 says:

    I thought you would want a team in Miami.

  150. GMD says:

    I’d like to take you up on that bet…..I don’t think you’ve seen the crowds here at USL games let alone the TA. Just sayin…

  151. Bob Dobalina says:

    The Impact have been around as long as MLS and are a recognized brand in Quebec and Canadian soccer. The name ain’t changing. By the way, they are named the Impact because the word means and is spelled the same in French and English.

  152. Bob Dobalina says:

    No he wouldn’t. He’s considered a traitor (like your Rossi) by many Canadian soccer fans. That and he has horrible knees and Vancouver are playing on turf in BC Place.

  153. Brian says:

    DC is close enough

  154. JohnRSL says:

    Why not St. Louis?

  155. Bob Dobalina says:

    They don’t have an extremely rich owner. As simple as that. Shame, since they had a nice stadium plan that had the backing of the local government.

  156. Brian says:

    That’d be like bring Traditore Rossi to the Red Bulls in 10 years.

  157. BrooklynFC says:

    i would take that cause rossi is a beast

  158. Andy in Atlanta says:

    I live in Atlanta and you are way off base here… nobody supported the Silverback but of course they never marketed either… Atlanta is a wishy washy sports town… the stadium would have to be in the right part of town… to many snobs wont go to the Remax park in Doraville because they are afraid they might bump into some who does not speak with a southern accent god forbid or maybe even someone who speaks little English.. It is sad.. because I really want an MLS team but it is way off and St Louis will get the 20th spot and they will treat it with pride like Seattle, Toronto and soon to be Montreal.

  159. MiamiAl says:

    I think this is very shortsighted. What is going to happen when we go war with Canada?

  160. MiamiAl says:

    Gone, baby gone!

  161. BCC says:

    I also live in Atlanta. Put something quality on the field and people will show up. I think the Falcons, Hawks, and Braves can attest to that. If the Thrashers did not field a bunch of no-namers and charge $70 for okay seats, people would watch them, too.

    I don’t know why you would cite the Silverbacks. Does a minor league team compare with a top-level club? If a well-funded ownership group came in and built a stadium and bought some quality players, they would find support.

    I will say, however, that the NC locations I mentioned would be better than Atlanta.

  162. BCC says:

    And I should also add that EVERY town is a wishy washy sports town. Teams that suck year after year, with few exceptions (like the Cubs), do not consistently sell tickets.

  163. SeattleStan says:

    I’m there!

  164. scepter bob says:

    I know people are into “nationality” or whatever, but if Vancouver develops a rivalry it should definitely be with someone that isn’t located on the opposite side of the continent. I think the 3 northwestern team have a good thing going.

  165. bb says:

    KC Royals and Chiefs have a loyal fan base

  166. Kevin Smith says:

    While this is somewhat true, there are exceptions. The Toronto Maple Leafs have been crap for the past 5 years, and mediocre for the past 40. But they still have capacity crowds.
    The Montreal Canadiens are similar, except we’ve had a better product on the ice. Of course, hockey is more popular than oxygen in many parts of Canada.

    Short term, this is great for MLS. Long term, still great. If the league doesn’t have success stories off the field like Toronto, they’re never going to improve the on field product.

    Ask any hockey player, and their favourite place to play a road game is Montreal, because of the passion the fans show. That’s the kind of thing that brings good players in.

  167. jig says:

    why st louis??

  168. Neruda says:

    Good suggestion. Impact it may be but it’s a typical name of team from a lower league that is trying too hard to be aggressive. The trend towards classic euro style naming conventions is refreshing but Olympique is very classy sounding. PS The branding (logo etc) of current Impact is garbage. They need to look the part like (hate to say it Montreal) Tortonto FC or even the strength and simplicity of the Candadian soccer associations maple leaf/ball mark. Phily has an incredible looking crest for a team insignia too.

  169. Neruda says:

    Have you been watching Canadian Bacon on VHS again?

  170. Kevin Smith says:

    It’s made by Kraft, and it’s Dinner. Very logical.

    How about this – ever bought milk in a bag?

  171. Kevin Smith says:

    Please don’t refer to the NHL as an American league. There are only 2 reasons there are more teams in the US. 1st, greater population overall (this is why, back when there were 6 teams in the 40s to 60s, 4 were in the US. There were no big markets in Canada other than Toronto and Montreal at that time).
    2nd, the NHL knows that Canadians will watch NHL games, no matter who is playing. Having teams in the US means they make money in the US, whereas they will always make money in Canada, whether the teams are here or not.

  172. Kevin Smith says:

    He’s considered a traitor by most passionate Canadian national team fans, but there are more fans in Canada who don’t really care for our NT – since they prefer Italy, Brazil, Germany, England, etc. So while there would be some 200 hardcore CMNT fans hating the team for bringing in Hargreaves, the rest would love him.

    His knees, however, would definitely not be suitable for MLS.

  173. kevin says:

    please fly down to san jose to watch a game. We might get 8k like the rest of those teams, but we are 80% full and the product hasnt been as good as colorado or NE. Just this year we are starting to win (very ugly but a W is a W).

  174. tbecker says:

    i have to say…. i think a team in Montreal is great…. Ottawa and Calgary too? what are you smoking because I want in on it. MLS has hit the most important Canadian markets. Be happy with what you have.

  175. tbecker says:

    while I think that Montreal in mls will be great i think that the name “Impact” has to go…. I feel that all teams that have adopted a more non american nickname (minus the galaxy) have been thriving more recently…. btw the 20th team should be another team in nyc. all of the “top four” leagues have at least two teams in the nyc market

  176. JFC says:

    are we any closer to a single table and no playoffs now?

  177. Mikemike says:

    How much it matters that the soccer staduim is a 10 minute train ride from WTC? It’s easier to get from Manhattan to Harrison than from Manhattan to many spots in the outer boroughs.

    You don’t go because youre lazy, not because the team is in NJ. If your so into a team in Brooklyn, follow the Italians. Get 9k there for two years and you have your MLS team.

    The reason I like the Impact addition is that it further clarifies “how to get an MLS team in your town.”

  178. Hood Rich says:

    What’s up with the Quebecois saying Tabernak whenever they curse at someone? They say “Tabernak” instead of F*** you?

  179. Andy in Atlanta says:

    The Silverbacks had a new and pretty decent soccer specific facility and still nobody came… Where are they going to build a stadium? There is nowhere inside the perimeter… if you build up in Cobb you alienate the large soccer areas of Rockdale ,Fayette and Henry counties…

    I think Arthur wants a team but he also needs to know that it will only be a struggle for a short time not 10 years…

  180. Andy says:

    I wish they’d have stopped at 18 teams in Division 1. That’s 34 games with a balanced schedule and that’s more then enough. 19 teams means we’ll go to 20 and I doubt if we can fit in 38 games, which’ll mean the schedule won’t be balanced.

    I’d rather they stopped at 18 and then focused on building a solid division 2.

  181. Tres says:

    Those of you who keep citing the Florida teams need to get a reality check. As a born and bred North Carolina boy, I can tell you: Nobody in the actual Southeast thinks of Miami or Tampa as southern. Florida might as well be a foreign country.

    The bottom line is that the fate of MLS teams in Florida is irrelevant to the potential fate of MLS teams in places like Charlotte or Atlanta.

  182. Nik says:

    St. Louis gets no love.

  183. BrooklynFC says:

    Well MikeMike you are making a lot of assumptions in your statement.
    1-People in Manhattan do not care about soccer as much as people in Brooklyn an Queens where majority of NYC soccer reside.
    2-Ive been to 2 games so far
    3-It is actually much easier to get to a game in Queens or Brooklyn because it is one land mass and you can get to any place in a half hour driving. It took me 40 mins to walk to the path train after the fire game and than it took me an hour and 25 mins to get to my house in bensonhurst brooklyn. It cost about 8 dollars on my metrocard to get there cause you have to pay for the nyc train as well as the path train both ways. If I were to drive to the game it would probably take more time plus I will have to pay for all of the gas that I will wait in the slowproccession out of the stadium and then all the traffic the holland tunnel.
    4- I dont have to support the Italians in order to get a team because either Brooklyn or Queens is def gonna get the Beckham owned team because there is no other place that Beckham would rather live. And garber wants a second ny team in ny proper, much like the Sons of Bens got a team for philly the Borough Boys will get a team for NY…….

    With news coming out that Red Bull actually wanted to put a team in NY proper I am pissed cause RBNY would have been RBNY if AEG didnt own the Metrostars…….. But no use in crying over spilled milk……. I support RBNY and will until either Brooklyn or Queens get a team.
    Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

  184. RK says:

    It feel like we have the same discussion over and over. Congrats to Montreal — they have a deep-pocketed owner and a stadium solution, and a seemingly-built-in fan base. Right now, you can’t find that anywhere else. I still want to see teams in Atlanta and St. Louis, but they are riskier.

  185. EdTheRed says:

    Je me souviens, bitchez!

  186. RK says:

    You know that there is no correlation between the two.

  187. RK says:

    You hate the old, you hate the new…you just hate them all?

  188. BlueWhiteLion says:

    i lived in Miami (and loved it). My friend says about it: “the nice thing about Miami is that it’s so close to the United States!”


  189. RK says:

    Where did you get that stat from?

  190. BlueWhiteLion says:

    Montreal was shrewd. MLS will have three great markets (in Canada) and fire-hot rivalrys (TFC-Impact; and the three NW teams–that is, NW of where I live, lol)

    MLS should go to 24 teams with 4 regional divisions (if they can, bump it up to 32). Travel expenses can be less, too.

    Miami will be a bit of a challenge, but not like many who ignorantly post here. There is a base there, the Fusion were increasing in attendance despite location issues. It was the owner who bailed. Get your facts straight.

    St. Louis is next, unless Barca comes through for Miami first.

    What a fantastic things we have: a growing soccer league in North America!!!

  191. Rory says:

    It just proves that the MLS is mostly concerned with making money and developing soccer in the US is not their priority.

    Of course we all knew that to start with anyway.

  192. RK says:

    It’s the economy, stupid. (don’t take offense to that, just quoting)

  193. Rory says:

    I’d say Miami’s failure is a reflection of the fact that a “European City” in North America can’t really cut it for fan support.

    I wonder if the moving of the SuperSonics had anything to do with Seattle’s instant embrace by the larger public that never cared about USL Sounders. Maybe we should be looking for cities like Columbus that only have one other major sporting outfit (and let’s face it, Ohio State Football is as big as any pro team). Maybe a city like Nashville (with a NFL team but no MLB or NBA team) would make a lot of sense.

  194. Rory says:

    My dad was a trucker… he liked Miami because he used to get a lot of jobs hauling frozen chicken into Miami because most truck drivers refused to go to “little Cuba” as they called it.

  195. Rory says:

    To be fair, baseball hasn’t even been succesful at driving in crowds in Florida either and the baseball-loving public down there is as big as the so-called soccer-loving public. MLB was going to retract Florida and Tampa Bay at one point also.

    It’s the same reason San Diego teams struggle when they’re not winning, there’s just too many other things to do in the nice weather (unlike, say, Seattle’s gloomy gray days).

  196. Rory says:

    Oh, and of course Montreal can pull in crowds to their D-2 Soccer team… other then their hockey team, they’re the biggest team in the city…

    there’s no baseball, no football (not even Canadian Football League), and no basketball.

  197. TwoFootTackle says:

    Like the Scandinavian leagues, MLS will never conform to the “common” international calendar. It’s mainly because of the American winter. That, single table, standings leader champion and promotion/relegation WILL NEVER HAPPEN IN THE US. Those of us advocating those changes are wasting time and energy that would be better spent tilting at windmills.

  198. Chicago - Scott says:

    No one can do what LD does!

  199. RK says:

    They give tickets away like mad, too.

  200. Chicago - Scott says:

    Sin City…

  201. John says:

    Is there anyway a soccer team in Brooklyn wouldn’t work? Seems perfect.

  202. Charles says:

    the USL Sounders were supported. Not like the MLS Sounders obviously, but there was regularly in the 5-10k fans.

    And for the US Open Cup games against the MLS many more fans.

  203. John says:

    +10000000 to the San Antonio HotSpurs

  204. Charles says:

    Why is everyone so high on a 2nd team in NY ? Their is barely support for a first team ?

    I am game,

    Second team in Seattle would be the best idea.

  205. Waterlewd says:

    Hargreaves is the Canadian O’Brien. Where is that guy?

  206. Charles says:

    Amen BrooklynFC,

    If they can’t sell that much immediately cover them like in Seattle and get there eventually.

  207. Charles says:

    Bring back the Manic !!!!

  208. troy mclure says:

    Alouette gentille Alouette play hand using football I think.

  209. BrooklynFC says:

    They should put it in sunset park by 36thstreet down by water which is an area in dire need of redevelopment…….. Four trains go there……… The highway has an exit there……… There is a mexican community of over 100,000 right there…….. It makes too much sense to not do it

    Becks, Garber, Jay-z get it done
    Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

  210. troy mclure says:

    Why would they when Portland got it for 33-35million instead of forty. Smack dab in the middle of a recession, thats called sound fiscal management.
    The Saputo familfy might have mob links going back to Bonnano and banned eastern US markets in the 90s but theyre not stupid.

  211. Charles ( Sounder fan ) says:

    Obviously the Timber Army are a bunch of losers and idiots, but…..

    They support their team…in huge numbers too!

    Plus are you saying New England and DC have had 10 straight losing years ?!?!?

  212. troy mclure says:

    hell be there to build the most important thing:
    Brand Beckham.

    Nothing else.

  213. Charles says:

    Sounders is non American ? I wouldn’t have supported the name for 30+ years if I had known that.

    Created by an American,

    picked by Americans,

    revoted on by Americans

    = non American name ?

  214. Charles says:

    No….MLS decided to keep the league exciting instead.

  215. troy mclure says:

    Wow, smack talk from someone whose home field is called Bank Of MONTREAL stadium.
    Just like for Kentucky Fried Chicken, changing logo and name to the initials KFC doesnt change what the name is.

    Imagine Boston Red Sox moving into Bank of New York City Field.

    You guys get pwned every time you walk into your own stadium.

  216. ms says:

    everybody picks on dallas…it’s too easy right now. remember they were one of the first to invest in the league with a stadium. dallas is in a slump, but there is a following, and when the team makes an up swing, the attendance will follow.

  217. ms says:

    I like how Dallas is everybody’s punching bag right now. but they have a following, and Dallas is a good soccer market. The team just needs to win. When they had Kenny Cooper, Juan Toja…they would get good crowds. These were fan favorites, who were stripped from the team. Right now, the team is trying to build back those fan favorites on the field, and hopefully win some games.

  218. GJJ says:

    Dallas should move to St. Louis. The Fire need a regional rival and it just makes sense to move a struggling team to a city with a great soccer pedigree.

  219. JeanGuy Kekette says:

    Been there, done that.

    l`Olympique de Montreal played in the NASL in the early 70`s, Le Manic played in the early 80s (and averaged 25-35,000 with regular 58,000 in playoffs),
    the it was the Montreal Supra and L`Inter de Montreal in late 80s and 90s and finally the well connected Saputo cheese family started L`Impact de Montreal in 1993.

    L`Olympique is used in France and would seem copycat here. FC Montreal is generic and the Impact had made a name for itself and its brand.
    As for the logo, its a fleur de lys,… you know, like they use in Lousiana where once upon a time the people spoke french. In a province where english households are about 10% or less, the fleur de lys will be a major part of any logo as the fact that the team name has to work in two languages.

  220. Don Garber says:

    Great. Now MLS will suck even more.

  221. BrooklynFC says:

    Thank you for the Kudos…… But I wont take the credit for it somebodyelse said it……….. Def makes a lot of sense especially if the San Antonio Spurs are involved in the club
    Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

  222. JeanGuy Kekette says:

    No, it wont help Canada.
    A country of almost 40 million has to have a league of its own.
    Countries like Denmark with populations of 4 million have them, Iceland has 300,000.

    Like in most countries, the best players will always leave for the bigger leagues but the soccer pyramid needs a top league for the 2nd tier of professional player outside of a handful of exceptionals.

  223. JeanGuy Kekette says:

    You have no clue what you are talking about.

    For certain games, like the AC Milan friendly (Fiorentina will be played in the 14,000 stadium), playoff game, CL game, it makes sense.
    Regular season. No.

  224. JeanGuy Kekette says:

    The team just needs to win

    No. THAT is a weak excuse that everyone can use. It means nothing and it statiscally impossible.
    Some teams will lose and some will win.

    Winning is easier to sell than losing but if thats ever an excuse, then it was a failed propositin to start off with.

  225. JeanGuy Kekette says:

    You have to understand swearing in various languages. Luckily, through soccer I have learned italian, greek, lebanese, serbian, spanish, vietnamese and many others through the use of swearing.
    F*** you is not as common you think and nowhere as original and creative.

    The french who are in quebec have totally different swearing tradition than in France or its other colonies. In Quebec, the people were repressed both by their new english masters and by the catholic church which has huge powers over society up until the 60s (and the reason why every town is Saint something) and swearing is generally religion based.
    Hostie and tabarnak-tabarnouche are the host (the bread you eat in church) and a tabernacle.
    Caline is a softer version of the popular Calice!! which is a chalice.
    Ptit crisse is slang for little christ.
    Calvaire is calvary-golgotha.

  226. kvg says:

    Great. Another team that will play barely mediocre soccer in a barely mediocre league. When will MLS realize that it doesn’t even have the talent to support the teams it has?

    I’m glad Montreal has a team; it seems like it has passionate fans who will go to games (which is where MLS gets money, NOT from TV rights). But I wish another team had been relocated to the city, rather than expansion.

    I don’t understand these calls that the Southeast NEEDS a team. No, it doesn’t. Population base isn’t important for American soccer – fans in the seats is what matters. And based on its failed shots at teams, what’s the logic?

  227. BrooklynFC says:

    You know what I may be making assumptions about MTL you are right……. I guess it goes both ways people are always making comments about new york citys potential second team with no knowledge of the situation in NYC. I am truly sorry thanls for the info
    Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

  228. Jeremiah says:

    I like the MLS approach on making this a North American league rather than a US-only league. I’m cautiously optimistic regarding the Montreal fan-base considering their past history in supporting any professional squad outside of hockey.

  229. suckerpunch says:

    Yeah, those 16 other teams mean nothing to US soccer.

  230. It's never Rafa's fault (in his mind) says:

    MLS sure hasn’t learned the lessons from the defunct leagues in America. Expansion at this rate = extinction.

  231. Mike says:

    You put teams where they will succeed, and I have no doubt about Montreal being a success for MLS… so long as they get something to improve their stadium situation.

  232. Brent McD. says:

    MLS should follow the lead of Latin America and go with an Apertura / Clausura format. An added benefit with shortened seasons is that there are potentially two Champions each year.

  233. Brent McD. says:

    Congrats to Montreal. This team will be a huge success and a benefit to MLS and North American soccer in general. Get over it people.

  234. Brent McD. says:

    Fire already have a regional rivalry with the Crew. Dallas has a rival with Dynamo.

  235. steve says:

    Allez Impact! I live in northern Vermont, (a little more than an hour from Montreal) and I can’t tell you how excited I am for the MLS to be coming to Montreal. The city itself is one of the nicest in North America, and despite their reputation, the Quebecois are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. They are unbelievably passionate about their sports–including soccer. I have been to three Impact games, and they all had bigger crowds and a much better atmosphere than what I’ve seen at Revs matches down in Boston (I’ve been to about ten). Although I feel sympathy for those of you in the south, I have no doubt that Montreal will embrace MLS more than any city in south would. This decision both financially intelligent and geared towards a city that craves professional soccer. However, I’m just absolutely excited because now I don’t have to make a five hour drive to see the boring Revs if I want to watch the MLS.

  236. drewcore says:

    second that, granted its not as offensive as others in the league, but vancouver and montreal better go with something timeless and not designed by adrenaline or whatever firm does every minor league baseball “X-TREME” looking graphic. Names are fine tho

  237. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    we do, people are dumb

  238. Myles B says:

    Well in Toronto we refer to them as the “Limp-Act.” Or you could go with Vancouver’s more grand name for them: Canada’s Shame.

  239. Cavan says:

    I guess if 6 hours is driving distance…

    Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York are all much closer.

  240. BCC says:

    Plenty of room between Lawrenceville and Athens, and that would attract people from Duluth and Marietta.

    I guess I still see soccer as a suburban sport in America. Then again, everyone says it’s best to have a downtown arena — never going to happen in Atlanta unless they squeeze something into the Philips Arena/Georgia Dome area.

  241. BCC says:

    I know, but I cannot stand the charity model of sports. Fans should demand more if they are going to pay money to see something, especially when it is often a lot of money.

    I love hockey, but I have been priced out of it. Can’t blow $400 every time I want to take my wife and kids to a game.

  242. BCC says:

    I was being facetious. Calgary already has the Flames and Stampeders — what more do they need?

  243. Tim F. says: