My Fox Soccer take on Jozy Altidore

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For those of you haven't seen it yet, here is my piece on Jozy Altidore. The column started out as another take on the "What next for Jozy Altidore" theme, but ultimately turned into a piece on the current unsettled state of his career and what he can (and should) do to improve his position.

No, nobody's saying Altidore's future is in jeopardy or anything, but rather that he could be doing more to propel his career and become the top-flight player he has shown flashes of being.

Give the piece a read and feel free to share your own thoughts on Altidore and where he is four years into his professional career.

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119 Responses to My Fox Soccer take on Jozy Altidore

  1. Charles says:

    Loan to Seattle please.

  2. Dan says:

    I am worried that, between him and Dempsey, we have two underacheivers who fall asleep during games, often at the worst times. Both have amazing talent, but we need more up top if we want to live up to the expectation of advancing from the group stage. That’s the real reason to miss Charlie D., I would have to imagine that it was hard to be on the field with him and not try your best.

  3. Philly Freedom says:

    It seems like he could hardly have anymore motivation going into the Cup. Maybe that’s a good thing for the US.

  4. mwc says:

    Jozy is tough to handle when he puts in maximum intensity like he did against Costa Rica and Man City. Jozy’s game has improved, but I think he has been in professional soccer too long to still be thought of as “raw.” He needs a better first touch and better tactical awareness in order to take his game to the next level. If Jozy were to improve these areas, I think his next level is very high. Of course, if he does not have good training habits, he will never reach his best. I suggest he go live in McBride’s basement until the next season starts.

  5. Stephen says:

    Seems to me that if training and attitude are the problem Jozy won’t end up at a big club, he’ll spend his career bouncing around small Euro clubs, unless he can take that next step.

    I’d love to see him have a big WC and then get on with a team that can coach him up and give him solid examples to follow like a Rooney (not that ManU is an option).

  6. dbex says:

    Nice article, Ives. Here’s my feeling on Jozy.

    What he has:

    – all the physical tools he needs to be devastating

    – a decent understanding of the games and the proven ability to learn

    What he needs:

    – work ethic

    – mean streak

    No big mysteries there.

  7. ahm says:

    if he doesn’t want it, he doesn’t want it, that can’t be taught. the next few months will go a long way in figuring that out

  8. Bill Mill says:

    More of this please, Mr. Altidore: link to

  9. David says:

    Yeah, you really need to worry about the only player to score for the US in the last World Cup who is about to be the first American to play in European Cup final. Yeah, real underachiever…

  10. Carlo says:

    Good article Ives. I’m just wondering why you smash Jozy for only having one goal, and not mentioning he didn’t have the right support from a horrible mid field that Hull had this year, like you have wrote in past articles about him. I think its the mentality that American players have about soccer. Its just a weekend game to us. A lot of players must realize its a seven day a week game. You have to be prepared physically and mentally. We just don’t breathe soccer, like the Latinos and Europeans do. Once we do this, I believe we can be a great team,and have a great league a once we learn how to respect the game.

    (SBI-I didn’t “smash” Altidore for having one goal. I pointed it out, while also pointing out all the other things he did for Hull. I suppose I could have gone into how bad Hull was this year, but that wasn’t really what I was looking to get into. I’ve given him more credit for his contributions at Hull than most so I’m not sure how simply pointing out his goal total can be considered “smashing” him.

  11. kimo says:

    This is precisely why our really young talent needs to filter into some of the top European youth systems. It’s about professionalism (learning how to train as a professional and being challenged tactically at a young age).

    Both Adu and Jozy were never pushed in training and were able to rely on their natural talent to excel. That doesn’t cut it at the professional level. They brought bad habits to the professional ranks. Luckily, that can be corrected with time, but the work needs to be put in.

  12. Charles says:

    I think you agree with me, the get on an EPL team at any cost has a cost.

    IF your team doesn’t score neither do you.

    Watching the defenders give up goals, while your team has a -41 goal differential doesn’t lead to a lot of opportunities to get better.

  13. Supsam says:

    i dunno, Dempsey did score our only goal in ’06 and was a one of the best players rated by FIFA in the confed cup

  14. mrt says:

    Dempsey an underachiever? You can’t be serious.

  15. Goalscorer24 says:

    Ives, do you think the lack of hustle during training is an offshoot of being brought up through the US soccer system? As it seems that the same issue has been expressed with Freddy Adu.

  16. Carlo says:

    Yeah, I didn’t really mean to use the word smash! Sorry about that. Honestly I think your the smartest journalist we have here in this country! I do believe Jozy has great things on the horizon. I hope he stays in England, but goes to a better team that supports him better. Maybe Sunderland or Bolton. Everton would be really awesome!

  17. HoboMike says:

    Look at yourself and the mirror and seriously say that Dempsey’s performance for the Nats equals that of his performances for Fulham.

    I think any realistic fan can see that he is much less motivated for the Nats. Maybe it’s the knowledge that he had to work his a$$ off to secure a place at Fulham, and he’s basically penned in as a starter for the US – I don’t know. But the same people who are singing his praises now are the ones who crucified him for his terrible play in the WCQ against Honduras and Costa Rica, and the first 2 Confed Cup games. It’s troubling.

  18. jonk says:

    Great video. I hadn’t seen that one and I had forgotten about how many chances we had before Jozy scored the first goal.

  19. Pico says:

    Or the other way around. Bring in serious trainers from established soccer programs abroad into the US system. And I am not talking UK coaches. I mean Dutch, French, Spaniards, Germans. Not big name coaches but the ones used to working with the kids.

    There is a lot that we can learn from those programs. And get rid of the pay-to-play system.


  20. Polish Wonder says:

    Even with poor midfield support, he should have scored a few more goals. Bottom-feeders Plymouth has a LB who has scored more goals than Altidore!

  21. Felix says:

    There are plenty of European, African, and South American players in European academies who have all the talent in the world but don’t have the matching drive/fire. Jozy isn’t rare, and a good academy isn’t going to give you that. It’ll teach you other attributes, but not that drive. So I will disagree with you on that assertion.

    You either have the fire or you don’t. Perhaps he will develop it later. Not everyone develops the consistent drive at a early age. Drogba was a later bloomer who didn’t really begin to catch on until his mid 20s.

  22. R. says:

    Dempsey has performed better on the big stage that any other player on the projected 23 man roster. He’s scored goals and made critical plays in every major competition he has been part of, both for the national team and with his club. The guy is clutch and shows up what in matters.

    The reason why so many fans think he seems unmotivated when he plays for the US is that he gets frustrated by the less than stellar service he regularly receives. I think he is accustomed to a certain quality/style of play with Fulham and gets flustered when he isn’t surrounded by similar quality in the US line up.

  23. Paul says:

    I wish people would stop referring to Altidore as an “amazing” talent. He’s a promising young striker with great physical assets and has shown signs of becoming a very GOOD player. As with Adu, if he’s so damn awesome, opportunities will come knocking. If they don’t, perhaps he’s already found his level.

  24. Nicole says:

    Pardon my French, R, but that’s bullsh**.

  25. mrt says:

    Ok, maybe he hasn’t performed as well for the US as for Fulham, but I certainly wouldn’t call him an underachiever. That’s just silly.

  26. ko'd says:

    No. It is an offshoot of being lazy and feeling entitled.

  27. B1879 says:

    Altidore 25′
    Dempsey 73′

  28. Gary says:

    Jozy lacks dedicationa and focus, it’s been a pattern. He needs to shake out of it for thw WC or we’re screwed.

  29. TJ says:

    I hate to think this way, but I honestly think he wanted his Hull spell to be over. I’m not saying he planned on getting sent off, but had the season gone a little different (or a lot different) he wouldn’t have been so reckless. Frustration had been boiling his blood for a long time, until he just wanted it to be over. I don’t know what’s really in Jozy’s head, this is just my view of it.

  30. HoboMike says:

    Agreed. Being a superstar means not getting frustrated by the lack of talent around you; rather, it’s using your own talent to better those around you.

    Aaaaand I’m pretty sure Howard has performed better than anyone on the projected roster, but that’s just me.

  31. HoboMike says:

    Costly 5′

    (where Dempsey played with himself before giving the ball away in the middle of the field)

  32. mrt says:

    Howard? That is just you.

  33. R. says:

    Explain to the rest of us why it’s BS? Outside of possibly Tim Howard or Donovan, name a single national team player who has had more impact on BOTH the success of the national team and their club over the past 5 years. Name another projected WC player who has scored in the World Cup, Gold Cup, WCQ and Confederations Cup in the past several years. Name a player who’s goals/play have kept their club out of relegation (in the best Euro league nonetheless) or advanced them against one of the best club’s in the world in European competition. Deuce has done it time and time again.

    As for the quality of service, I encourage you to go back and watch the WCQ’s and Confed matches and rate the service that Dempsey was given. Most of the time he’s chasing down off the mark long balls. I’m not knocking our guys, I’m just pointing out that with his club he is used to better service that compliments his game.

  34. Andy AP says:

    The comparisons between Altidore and Dempsey are off-base. Dempsey’s form as of late, for club and country, suggests he has matured tremendously.

    Ives is dead on about Altidore’s inconsistency. His performance during the Costa Rica WCQ finale really attested to his hidden talent. Obviously Davies was on his mind, but it would be fantastic if Altidore could channel that motivation on a regular basis.

    Perhaps his experience at Hull was humbling and will mold him into a proper professional.

  35. Al_OC says:

    Nice article, Ives!

    IMHO, it’s just part of the maturing process, which hopefully will happen sooner than later.

    Off topic – Look at how many under 30 guys we have for WC 2014 (these are just the ones I can think off the top of my head):


    charlie (28)

    jozy (25)

    jack mac (21)


    torres (27)

    bradley (27)

    edu (28)

    adu (25)

    bedoya (27)

    benny (29)

    holden (29)

    rogers (27)


    castillo (28)

    orozco (28)

    omar gonzalez (26)

    spector (28)

    tim ream (26)

  36. WiscFan says:

    Like the Dayton Dutch Lions FC of the PDL? This team seems to have an emphasis on training and developing more than the few games per week.

  37. zizoufan says:

    Your article called to mind discussions my spouse and I have had after observing that we frequently watch our teenage son dominate a game one day and disappear the next. The lack of consistency is maddening. Like some posters, my spouse believes it is a maturity issue. I hope so, but as someone else suggested, I’m not sure that drive and desire can be taught.

  38. elseth7 says:

    the majority of soccer players are under 30.

  39. YO says:

    I hope Jozy reads this article and the article where the Hull coach addressed Jozy’s shortfall. If Jozy can give 80% of what we saw at RFK after Charlie’s accident, I will not complaint, even if he never scores again, because really, that what it takes to score –just look at Tevez.

  40. elseth7 says:

    I really hope that jozy gets loaned out to a mid level english, spanish, german or italian team. If villareal sells him then it’ll make people think that they’ve given up on him. if they just loan him out he will get playing time and still have the connection to villareal

  41. whb says:

    The lesson I got from this article is that we need more disasters before major games.

  42. elseth7 says:

    tevez has more than 20 goals this season. he definitely scores.

  43. Brian S says:

    You left off Guzan (28) and EJ (29). That’s a solid squad as long as everyone keeps progressing

  44. Brett says:

    I don’t see him as being less motivated, and if he is, it probably falls on the coaching staff more than the player.

    The simple fact is that when he plays at Fulham he is surrounded by better players, better coaches, has more continuity in training, and generally feels the pressure that comes with being in a top flight division/league. At the national level, he is constantly having to deal with crappy selections from his coach, shorter training stints that don’t help continuity, and generally feels no pressure as he is one of the few players we have who can even sniff the moniker “world class”.

  45. Adam M. says:

    The “he is only 20″ argument has merit even with better players. Pato is going through an ugly divorce after a short marriage and had trouble cracking the starting lineup after he looked like a surefire star. Bojan hasn’t quite gotten off of his bench even with Barca’s changing lineup up front. Gio Dos Santos has been wildly inconsistent. We all know about Adu and a bunch of others who haven’t quite reached their potential so young. And the number of 20 year old starting strikers in a top flight European league is pretty small anyway. I’d bet that Jozy would have scored quite a few more goals for a better team than Hull, but it sounds like he’ll need to work harder to get his chance to prove that. My predicition: He will be the first American striker superstar by the time he is 23.

  46. Brett says:

    Jozy, at his age, is doing just fine. Would I like to see him play with the fire that he showed in the match after Charlie’s accident all of the time? Of course. I think he is a very exciting player in a difficult situation. Teams see his strength and size and automatically peg him as a target forward, when his real strength is his ability to work in tight spaces, get by defenders, and rip powerful, quality shots on goal without warning. Add to that the fact that he spent this loan period with a team that never settled on a true best eleven and constantly had all of their quality players in flux. It’s no surprise that this club is now relegated.

    In a few years, when Jozy finally figures out how to go balls-out in training, we will see him starting at a first-rate club on a regular basis.

  47. Derek says:

    Oh, yeah, Clint looked real terrible in the Confederations Cup. He NEVER scores big goals.
    You people are ridiculous.

  48. Josh D says:

    Couldn’t agree more! Dempsey has been lazy for awhile but I’m hoping he shows up this tournament but you do feel he feels entitled to be there.

    Jozy is also one of the laziest strikers I have seen in the EPL but I can see a Villa go after him.

  49. Josh D says:

    He shows up for 5 minutes a game and does something magical. Imagine if the lazy one would show up for 90!

    Donovan puts his heart on the line every time and I expect that from all 23 of them.

  50. Josh D says:


  51. Josh D says:

    You can’t teach the fire to win. Rooney was a winner the day he stepped on the pitch for Everton. Keane was a winner back with Forest. Tevez has always had drive. Donovan always seemed to try that extra bit.

    Jozy just came across as sulking this season and never ran off the ball, something a striker really needs to learn. I’m concerned and don’t buy the whole “he’s only 20″ argument. At 20, playing in the best league in the world, getting ready for the World Cup, and knowing my skill is earning me millions all the while coming from immigrant parents who worked hard to get me to where I am, would be enough to fire me up every time.

    I just don’t think he’s having fun and from that, he can’t be bothered.

  52. Fireball says:

    If you’re calling Dempsey an underachiever you’re either ignoring his contributions to the USMNT or you have expectations of superstardom that his defenders don’t necessarily have.

    Who would you have subbed in for Clint after the first 2 Confed Cup games? Someone with less ability but tries really hard’? Let’s just put Heydude in then. Taking him out would have been a mistake..he scored meaningful goals and got the bronze ball.

    Dan et al can worry about him being ‘penned in’ as a starter if they want, but I won’t. He’s the best we got and if we get to the second round it’ll be because he helped us.

  53. mwc says:

    “The simple fact is that when he plays at Fulham he is surrounded by better players, better coaches, has more continuity in training . . .” Agreed.

    Dempsey does more dribbling, tricks and gets caught in possession much more with the USMNT than with Fulham. I think this is directly related to Hodgson not allowing it and Fulham having guys available for one touch passing when Dempsey receives the ball. The lack of this positioning on the USMNT requires Dempsey (and others) to keep possession much more than with Fulham. I also think Fulham has a defined style of play and shape and Dempsey knows his role in that. I do not see a defined style of play or shape in the USMNT under Bradley and this leads to inconsistent play.

  54. Fireball says:

    Agreed but even Donovan gets accused of disappearing.

  55. obxfly says:

    Getting someone to work hard day in and day out can be taught almost every time. You just have to know what motivates them. Hopefully will end up with a coach that inspires him to be the best he can be.

    Any thoughts on who that might be in Europe?

  56. Levent says:

    I agree Josh, Jozy has to have that fire. It seemed at times that he lumbers on the field. aka Casey. Jozy has potential but so do so many in Europe, just ask Adu. The 20 argument is “hogwash”.
    This WC will be big for Jozy.

  57. HoboMike says:

    You’re basing your entire argument on 5 games, 2 of which he looked terrible in! Who’s being ridiculous?

  58. Fireball says:

    I agree but let me nitpick. Dempsey does plenty of “dribblin, tricks, and possession loss” with Fulham. Hodgson will let him do it in the attacking third but not the middle of the field where he can get ‘caught out’ (see Costly 5′ v Honduras which everyone loves to point out). On the USMNT, with less one-touch service in the middle, Dempsey is counted on to create out of midfield more for himself, which is why I agree with R’s comments below. And, I think, why when he was moved up top in the Confed Cup, he became more dangerous.

    Anyway, I really meant to agree: differences in shape, role, type of service on on his club and country have a lot to do with it.

  59. BooThisMan says:

    And Movsisyan (26), assuming his citizenship comes through.

  60. Fireball says:

    I don’t think we are basing our whole argument on 5 games. But what the hell, sure, give me the clutch tournament player who produces in big games for my team.

  61. Robinswood says:

    Wow, talk about beating a dead horse……. and I thought this thread was about Jozy?!? Rule #1…. never argue with an ill-informed idiot.

    The only uncertainty around Altidore is which European club he will be playing for next and how long will it take before he’s on one of the best teams in the world. The answer to the second one is…… as soon as he really wants it. The answer to the second comes right after the WC.

    Oh, and Ives…… he played for one of the worst clubs, top to bottom, to have ever disgraced the EPL. Don’t you think that many of his “issues” might revolve around poor coaching, poor management, and poor morale. Just sayin’.

    Yes, he needs to grow up–what 20 y.o. doesn’t?

  62. away goals says:

    “You people”? What’s that supposed to mean derek?

    I kid. I don’t care if you’re a racist so long as you got dempsey’s back. Also, I don’t actually think you’re a racist.

  63. HoboMike says:


    for the record, I think dempsey is our most technically gifted player, by far. I just want to say “Boy, he gave it his all” after every game, ala Donovan/Davies/Bradley.

  64. Dan says:

    totally serious, are you?

    There have been national team games where ou could hardly hear the man’s name called. Considering his skill level, he is an underacheiver.

  65. Dan says:

    But he played that way for the Nats long before Fulham, so you saying his Fulham accustomization leads to his USMNT discontent is a little out of order.

  66. Dan says:

    He made Ramos look stupid, but it was not a game winner (although that one v. Juve was sweeet)

    As I said, he’s got talent. But his disapearing acts are notable.

  67. Thorpinski says:

    Granted he probably doesn’t have the work effort of Davies, LD or Mikey but that does not mean he doesn’t work hard. I get the impression that he works to the level of his team. He probably realized that he was the best option at Hull and trained accordingly.

    keep in mind that there are countless examples in sports where players developed stronger work habits at a later time or under a different coach or team.

    A move to a Mid EPL team where he has to fight to get PT might be a good starting point. At a team like Everton for example, he would be in a more stable enviroment, playing for a proven coach and on a team with strong veteran leadership.

  68. Al_OC says:

    Exactly! And yet, this year, we’ll bring players that are 30 or older: Bocanegra, Dolo, and possibly Ching.

    Don’t get wrong, these 30 something guys deserve to go. I’m just pointing out how many young guys we have and if they continue to develop, then in 2014 most of them will be at that prime “soccer age”.

  69. Thorpinski says:

    Jimmy Johnson with the D Cowboys. He was relentless on his players and their work outs. There was no slacking off and we was there almost everyday pushing the players. Larry Brown in the NBA is another one.

    If Jozy were a complete headcase then I would be worried, but because he appears to be fairly level headed I think he can and will reach his potential.

  70. Patrick says:

    His goal beat Spain! He has scored in La Liga and the Premier League by the age of 20.

    Any other Americans ever do that?

    Didn’t think so.

  71. JR says:

    Given the state of their finances Altidore is going to have a chance to earn a starting job with Villareal next season. Rossi is almost certainly getting sold to pay down debt. Nilmar will be a transfer target for bigger clubs too. Altidore got considerably better as the year went on despite being on a team with zero midfield service. He developed into a support striker on a team that needed a goal poacher. But, whether with Villareal or another team his next destination is going to have a position for him more tailored to that team’s needs. Comments I’ve seen by scouts before suggests that top half Eredivisie teams like Feyenoord and AZ are still quite high on him as a transfer target.

  72. madmax says:

    I can see Jozy staying at Villarreal and playing, because they may lose two to three strikers and not qualify for any Europe competitions. Surely another year at Hull would be a waste.

  73. madmax says:

    I think the red card end was a blessing.

  74. ThaDeuce says:

    WHO says that about Donovan every game?!?

  75. BlueWhiteLion says:

    word. he’s been floatin’ in MLS action a lot this time around.

  76. mwc says:

    Okay, Fireball, I see your nitpick and I raise you one hair split. I will amend my statement to say that Dempsey does a lot less tricks, dribbling and getting caught in possession now than he did when he first arrived at Fulham. He is much better at picking his spots for that now. That said, I believe we agree.

  77. Micah King says:

    Are you intoxicated ? Altidore going back to MLS, LOL. You are not for real.

  78. inkedAG says:

    To quote Zombieland “Nut up or shut up.”

    And Jozy needs to do the former and not the latter.

  79. ThaDeuce says:


    he got the Bronze Ball in the confederations cup for his performance, the only american to get an award in it, and I think castrol was the company that did the performance index. in it they catlogue the people who cover the most ground. out of the whole tournament, i belive Dempsey, playing for the NATS, was one of the, if not the, top ground covering players. Just because the camera doesn’t always follow him around, or just because you are unable to evaluate a player’s effectiveness, doesn’t mean it is true what you are saying.

  80. ThaDeuce says:

    dempsey does more dribbling and tricks…

    well, maybe because the nats need him to create, and he is trying to answer the call by being creative. Not always does it look pretty, but when you try things that are creative you run that risk. I’d rather him keep playing his game, it is very effective.

    Now, if any player seems to play better for his club team than for his national team, I chalk that up to team chemistry more than anything else. They spend the vast majority of their time with their club teams. It is hard to build chemistry in the small amount of games national teams play, that the games are usually vastly spread out, and the fact that the personnel often change due to form, injuries, and the what not.

    Dempsey plays hard for the red white and blue.


    (coined by Dempsey, no worn by evey nat via the official jersey, get real)

  81. ThaDeuce says:

    awful comment

    don’t tread

  82. ThaDeuce says:

    word up!

  83. nam says:

    Longest reply thread evar.

  84. ThaDeuce says:

    Also, people have forgotten how much of a headcase Ronoldo was when he was that young. He was a little spoiled brat jerk who was regularly subbed off at half time for being lazy and throwing tantrums. Even Ives in his piece said that Ronaldo was always a hard worker and talented…From what I saw, that was just not true. He matured, and probably hopes people have forgotten, and most of us have. Not this guy.

    Don’t Tread.

  85. ThaDeuce says:

    Oh, and Adu is our most technically gifted player. Its his tactical awareness and work ethic that keep him off the field. Dempsey has no such problems, all of you, don’t tread!

  86. royce says:

    exactly what i was thinking [about donovan]. and to me, i’m with the folks on the board who can’t believe they heard “dempsey” and “underachiever” in the same sentence. maybe they meant to put “altidore” there.

    there are only a few players on the national team whom i truly think underachieve. unfortunately for us, they’re all strikers (adu, ej, altidore). to me, altidore is by far the most frustrating player to watch and read about on the national team. when he’s playing for the nats, it’s clear he’s not fit. at least now we know that he doesn’t train hard, so we know why he’s not as sharp as the players around him. he’d better get his act right in training, or else he will quickly be back in mls.

  87. Warren says:

    I am worried about fans like Dan.

    Dempsey’s 1 of 2 guys England will be worried about; he’s their problem not ours.

    Here’s a hint Dan: the other one is the guy who played for Everton, not Hull.

  88. Warren says:

    I look fine in the mirror, thanks for asking.

    Let me see…the guy whose play for USMNT won him the bronze boot at Confed Cup, whose diving header against Egypt started the run to the confed cup final? That guy has played just fine for USMNT when it counted.

    And oh yeah his play for Fulham is not bad either.

  89. Warren says:

    Donovan and Dempsey are the stars of the team, but even stars have bad days.

  90. Warren says:

    The thing is they’re so ridiculous they don’t realize they’re ridiculous, best not to feed them facts, they get in the way of their firm convictions.

  91. jig says:

    i just think people need to relax. We can all name 30 players jozy’s age or younger out there that are better than him. he’s not a once in a generation talent by world standards. What sucks is that he is one by american standards.

  92. Warren says:

    Ives, I would have slammed Jozy harder – so what if the team was bad, Jozy played a ton of minutes up top and he should have been able to score more goals.

  93. Warren says:

    If his EPL coach Dowie is saying Jozy has poor training habits – we shouldn’t relax until Jozy stops damaging his own reputation.

    Of course if Jozy plays well at the cup all will be forgiven.

  94. Lil' Zeke says:

    So his US achieving us under his Fulham achieving. So where’s the silly?

  95. John1 says:

    That might be very true but none of those 30 can ever say that they scored the winning goal against Spain in a major tournament.Jozy has the tools but time will tell.

  96. Hush says:

    Dos santos? This kid can be on the bench serving Gatorade in Europe and he will still be a starter for the Mexican national Same goes for, Vela,Osorio,Franco,”The new Marquez”,Maza, and joining them soon, EL chichapito!lol

  97. Lil' Zeke says:

    Solid summation. But if he happens to have superstardom in him, I say whip it on out at this time.

  98. Hush says:

    I can’t wait for the day that Altidore & Adu bash Practice! I can just see it now. It’s not like it was a season or CL match or something, it was PRACTIICCE!

  99. I am also concerned about Dan.

  100. Lil' Zeke says:

    If you have to point months and years back to call “scoreboard” it kind of loses its oomph

  101. Fireball says:

    and ever.

  102. patrick says:

    the same system that produced landon donovan michael bradley oguchi onyewu damarcus beasley stu holden maurice edu and so on and so on is to blame? Isn’t it FAR more likely that it’s an individual thing? I think Jozy needs a situation where he isn’t an easy option. Let him go to a team where he can fight for minutes. With hull he didnt have to give 100% because of the lack of options and his talent. Let him learn to fight for his spot and he’ll be fine.

  103. madmax says:

    Bradley uses, or misuses Dempsey. He plays him as a winger who must defend back to the 6 yard box, same with Landon. Bad choice from Bradley, it kills these guys offensively.

  104. ThaDeuce says:

    I’d take Jozy’s “attitude problem” over this guy’s any day.

    link to

    Is Balotelli playing for Italy this time around? He got in a spat with Totti and I can’t imagine him getting along with any other striker, like Rossi, for that matter.

  105. ThaDeuce says:

    Well, besides a goal for Mexico or something, the Confederations cup was the last true bragging rights goals. Yes it was months away, but the NATS don’t play that kind of competition every month or even every three! When we do, he scores.

    don’t tread

  106. ThaDeuce says:

    braggin rights goal opportunity.

  107. ThaDeuce says:

    I agree. I mean, Phil Brown doesn’t exactly build a team’s togetherness or work ethic. A Xerez team that wants to prove they don’t need him was a bad loan too. I wish Villareal would get him someplace with an administration and coach that is worthwhile. Of course having your most recent coach call you out for bad training habits does not make better managers ala moyes want you…..aye ya ya

  108. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:

    If he had taken one of the six (6) penalties he won, he would have doubled his goal tally. If he had taken half he would have had at least 4 goals to his credit. But we all know Jimmy “the weird faced lion” Bullard would have none of that.

  109. ThaDeuce says:

    true, and didn’t he end up having more of a work ethic than geovanni as well?

  110. ThaDeuce says:

    wonderful point nic

  111. Polish Wonder says:

    I don’t see Nowak being soft on Adu during their DC days. I think this is precisely the reason Adu didn’t want to play for Nowak–he didn’t like being treated as an everyday pro.

  112. Greg says:

    In Dan’s defense, have you seen Dempsey’s club form vs. his international form? Might want to take a look at some national team matches before opening your talk hole.

    Guy brings it for Fulham and is a fraction of the player with the Nats.

  113. TimN says:

    I think Ives is correct in saying that a lot rides on this WC. A good showing, and I think you see Villareal possibly bringing him back in, or another good club buying his contract. A mediocre or poor showing, and Altidore’s options could be limited.

    I just don’t get these guys sometimes…I mean you’re over in England living the “Life of Riley,” and you have a hard time getting motivated to work hard??? There are so many good players out there that would give almost anything to play in the EPL, but simply aren’t good enough. Jozy needs to do some introspection…

  114. Warren says:

    Agreed Jozy earned the team penalties; but 1 goal from the run of play just doesn’t cut it, be honest.

    Yeah he’s only 20 blah blah, but still.

  115. ThaDeuce says:


    bronze boot.

    don’t tread


    don’t say that was too long ago, that was the last major tourney we were in as nats, which is still valid. very much valid. who else on the nats got the bronze boot? eat me.

  116. ThaDeuce says:

    this gets props

  117. Quakes fan says:

    Jozy should come do some training under Yallop before the World Cup. Or on some other team where it is all about the work ethic. Coddling talent never helps the player.

    The Quakes have let some great talent go to the great consternation of the fans. Not sure if work ethic was a reason, but having a team working their hardest makes a big difference. And not the least of the reasons is because the individual players reach their highest level under such demands