New York Red Bulls v. New England Revolution: Match Night Commentary

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The second-place Red Bulls travel up to Gillette Stadium to take on the New England Revolution (8pm MSG) in their first match-up in the MLS season.

The Revolution are winless in their last seven games (0-5-2), fresh off a 1-0 loss to Toronto last week. Steve Nicol's side will be invigorated by the return of their captain, Shalrie Joseph. With Joseph back in the lineup, the Revs will look to gain some points at home and snap their current slide.

The Red Bulls have struggled recently themselves, losing their last three MLS games and scoring only one goal in that time. They have scored only nine goals in nine MLS games and look to wake up offensively against a Revs team that has given up 15 goals already this season. 

Mike Nastri will be providing the live commentary (after the jump):


Final– 3-2 final in a victory for the Revs. Check back on SBI for much more following a crazy match in New England.


81st Minute– It was an inevitable goal for the Revs especially after the second red card for NYRB.


80th MinuteSCHILAWSKI GOAL!!!!! Joseph plays beautiful chip to the rookie in the box who heads it home for the 3-2 lead!!!


79th Minute– Backe forced to take away an attacker now down a man. Tony Tchani in for Juan Pablo Angel.


75th MinuteROY MILLER GETS SECOND RED CARD FOR NYRB. Roy Miller went up for a header and on his way down his fist caught Boggs in the face. Not sure that was intentional so not deserving of a red. Tough, tough break for the Red Bulls. Hans Backe was pretty upset on the sideline.


73rd Minute– Word becomes reality as Sassano steps on. Sassano will be a defensive minded flank player. Looks as though Backe is playing for the tie down a man.

Attendance: 11,316.


71st Minute– Word is Luke Sassano is coming on for Ubiparipovic.


70th Minute– Hall steps on pitch for Borman.


68th Minute– One timer by Angel saved by Shuttleworth. The Red Bulls trying to put some pressure on Revs, might be open to counter attack with NYRB sending six guys forward.


67th Minute– Hall getting set to come in for Borman. Some fresh legs in the back to help stave off the Revs attack.


64th Minute– The Revs had two great chances in the past few minutes. A deciding goal could come any moment as New England is taking full advantage of the man advantage.


61st Minute– In some non-soccer news…Roy Halladay just pitched a perfecto against the Marlins.

Back to the beautiful game…Boggs in for Nyassi and Jankauskas on for Dube. Nyassi was on the field in tears immediately after the injury to Burpo and hasn't looked the same since.


58th Minute– Announcers on CSN say they heard Burpo has broken tibia and fibia. SBI wishes Burpo all the best.


56th Minute– Well he isn't coming in for Mendes. RED CARD for the Carlos in his first MLS start on the season. Mendes gets his second yellow card on late sliding challenge on Perovic.

It's been a back and forth game so far and that ejection could be the determining factor.


54th Minute– Jeremy Hall warming up for Red Bulls. A couple of different options for him to replace. He could come in for Mendes who hasn't looked the great at outside back or he could sub in for Ubiparipovic who has logged a lot minutes over the past week.


49th Minute– You guys can just call me Nastradamus. Just as I say Angel needs to get involved Angel heads home the Borman cross. Lindpere also gets an assist in his return to the starting XI.


48th MinuteANGEL GOAL!!!! A diving header ties it up for the Red Bulls!!!! 2-2


47th Minute– Mendes cross to Angel but header goes wide. Angel has been a non-factor so far in this game and has to get going for the Red Bulls to get a result.


47th Minute– Burpo was taken to Mass General Hospital via an ambulance with a severe right leg injury is the official word from the Revs.


46th Minute– No subs for either side as the second half is just about to get underway.


Halftime– 2-1 Revs at the half. The game has gone back and forth with the difference maker being the own goal by Tim Ream. Dane Richards has given the Revs defense a lot of trouble with his speed. While Marko Sinovic has been deadly for the Revs scoring a goal.

There was a drop in play after the horrific injury to Preston Burpo, which I can only compare to injury to Henrik Larson when his leg snapped in half while chasing down a ball.

There's still another half of soccer to go, and despite the New England lead, it's anyone's game. Both teams had their fair share of chances and the side that can finish in the second half will get the result.


45th Minute- 6+ minutes of stoppage time after injury to Burpo.


45th Minute– Shuttleworth up to task on first shot from Ubiparipovic as he parries drive out for a corner.


44th Minute– Yellow Card to Mendes as he fouled a streaking Perovic from behind as he broke toward goal.


40th Minute– Shuttleworth officially in for Burpo. Any news on Burpo will relayed as soon as it is available.


36th Minute– Standing ovation from crowd and both teams as Burpo is lifted onto the stretcher. Burpo had been incredible so far and kept the Revs lead on numerous occassions. Pretty speechless. That was a disturbing injury to Burpo. Everyone's thoughts are with Preston Burpo.


35th Minute– It wasn't a dirty play by Richards, both were going for a 50-50 ball that easily could have been a goal if Richards could have gotten there a moment earlier. Bob Shuttleworth is warming up on the sideline. Nyassi is down on the field shaken up from the horrific injury to Burpo.


34th Minute– Bad collision between Burpo and Dane Richards. The medical staff immediately rushes onto the field. Dane Richards was one on one with Burpo at the top of the box on a through ball and Richards cleat collided with Burpos right leg. Gross injury as his leg appeared to snap on contact with Richards.


33rd Minute– ANOTHER DIVING SAVE FROM BURPO as Roy Miller rips a laser from 35 yards out.


31st Minute– The Red Bull defense has not looked organized so far. There have been some sketchy moments of miscommunication between Coundoul the rest of the D. Needs to get fixed if the Red Bulls expect a result out of this game.


28th Minute– RICHARDS dices his way into the six yard box but BURPO MAKES A GREAT ONE on ONE STOP to keep the lead for the Revs.


26th Minute– Sinovic crossed the ball across the box and Ream makes the mistake of trying to head it back to Coundoul. Ream should have tried to head the ball out, costly mistake for the rookie defender.




21st Minute– Seth Stammler looked like he was going to cross it but ends up tying the game. Roy Miller gets the assist.


20th Minute- SETH STAMMLER KNOTS IT AT 1. Stammler finds the right side netting on a rip from the corner of the 18 yard box.


16th Minute– Lindpere with an absolute rip on goal but Burpo makes diving save. Stammler then rips a shot from 30 yards out but another save by Burpo. Lindpere then has another chance but Burpo just gets a piece of it for the RBNY corner.


11th Minute– The Red Bulls continue to be a poor team in the first 10 minutes of each of their matches.  Maybe they need to change their pre-game rituals to get going sooner in matches.


10th Minute– Red Bulls had some poor marking on Perovic who cut straight throught the RB defense. Joseph already showing the home crowd what a difference he makes on this Revs team.


8th MinuteGOAL REVS!! Joseph plays wonderful chip ball to streaking Perovic who nails it past Coundoul…1-0 REVS!!!


7th Minute– Richards uses his speed to get free in the box and rips a shot, but Burpo just able to get a touch on it for a RB corner.


5th Minute– Ball bounces around dangerously in the NE box but Ream and Lindpere shots can't find their way through the shuffle. Both teams have had a chance early on in this I-95 rivalry.


2nd Minute– Shalrie Joseph already stating his presence with a diving header just wide.


1st Minute– We are underway.


PRE-GAME– Just about five minutes away from kick-off and I would estimate around 10K here at the cavernous Gillette stadium. The MLS announced in 2006 that the Revs had the intention of building a soccer specific stadium somewhere in the area. Somerville had been connected to the team but there hasn't been


PRE-GAME– Seth Stammler gets the nod in central midfield. It seems like the Red Bulls have a new central middy to start next to Lindpere almost every game. Carl Robinson's injury hasn't helped things as Backe pegged the Welsh to be the man alongside Lindpere until after the World Cup.


PRE-GAME– Surprising start for Mendes at outside back. He's traditionally a central defender but he has played well of late returning from injury. It will be interesting to see how he matches up against the deadly left foot of Mark Perovic, the Revs Serbian left winger.


PRE-GAME– Chris Albright isn't on the sub list because the training staff didn't believe his surgically repaired knee would hold up well on the Gillette stadium turf.


PRE-GAME– Here's the Revs lineup for tonight.





Bench: Shuttleworth, Mansally, Jankauskas, Boggs, Smith, Videira


PRE-GAME– Good evening everyone. Here's NYRB's lineup for tonight:





Bench: Sutton, Hall, Sassano, Garcia, Chinn, Wolyniec, Tchani


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28 Responses to New York Red Bulls v. New England Revolution: Match Night Commentary

  1. Charlie says:

    Lets go Red bulls!!

  2. agnigrin says:

    Thanks for doing the commentary Mike. Go Bulls!

  3. Boriuano says:

    No comments about attendance?

  4. nam says:

    Move New England!

  5. Boriuano says:

    Dumb goal, we need to cut Stammler. The kid is dumb…. Why isn’t Garcia or Tchani starting…They both should be in… stammler needs to see bench…

  6. Lenny says:

    Do not like this RBNY lineup at all. Richards should be on as a late sub only, not playing up top with JPA. I can only hope Chinn, Garcia, and Tchani get the start at home against Houston Wednesday.

    Oh, and Coundoul SUCKS. Can we please give Sutton a start??

  7. Aristotle says:

    You NYRB fans are a complicated and hard to understand bunch. Condoul sucks?

    Wasn’t that Petke at fault on the goal?

  8. Aristotle says:

    Yeah, get rid of that Stammler.

  9. agnigrin says:

    Ha Ha Ha

  10. wanker says:


  11. Lenny says:

    Nice impression of a statue, Coundoul.

  12. Lenny says:

    To be fair, I doubt he expected Ream to head it to him. Ream may need to take a week off.

  13. Aristotle says:

    Yeah, any superhuman goalkeeper would have saved that.

  14. Boriuano says:

    Ream NEEDS to see the bench! This is just AWFUL, 3 games all his fault. what more do we need to see

  15. Lenny says:

    Wow, that was ugly, an unfortunate accident. All the best to Burpo.

  16. Aristotle says:

    That was horrible. You could see Burpo’s leg flopping around after it was snapped. Why is the New England player crying and Dane Richards seems unconcerned. Did I miss something?

  17. Haig says:

    Burpo’s injury was horrifying– a clear compund fracture. The Galavision announcers are comparing it to Theisman.

    Poor Richards, he was at full sprint and couldn’t jump him. Players for both teams looked like they were going to puke.

    Burpo, good luck. He has always worked hard– best wishes for good health in the future.

  18. Boriuano says:

    Wpw, horrible injury, it wasn’t in purpose but still a horrible injury.

  19. Boriuano says:

    No, it was Seth’s fault, you can’t let Jospeh have the ball that long, or else a great pass like that happens. Seth just watched him with the ball and he played a great pass. Petke did what he could but it was a great run

  20. Boriuano says:

    sorry about typo, i was watching injury and it still grossed me out. It wasn’t Richards fault, he clearly went for ball

  21. Aristotle says:

    That’s really a shame. Burpo worked so hard to get into the league, and then worked hard again to get starting positions. That could have ended his MLS career.

    I’m certainly not blaming Richards but you would think he would at least be able to let up on some of the pressure instead of coming down so hard when he couldn’t avoid landing on Burpo’s leg. That’s easy for me to say, though.

  22. Boriuano says:

    Yes get rid of him. You want to keep him because of a lucky goal and ignore ALL his mistakes ? The kid is garbage and at we have better players to put in right now that deserve the start.

  23. Aristotle says:

    Watching the replay again I see now why he didn’t. He didn’t actually see himself land on Burpo’s leg. He was past Burpo and his leg was trailing.

  24. Boriuano says:

    It looks as if his leg had already broken before it hit the ground, though the injury may have gotten worse because Richards stepped on him

  25. Boriuano says:

    In reply you can notice him hitting the bottom of Richards cleat and see it just wobble a bit, very fricking nasty

  26. Aristotle says:

    I didn’t see anything like that. It looked like Richards broke his leg against the ground and then Burpo rolled and flopped it around in the air. Yikes!

  27. Andrew says:

    I am really glad I missed this injury. That’s awful for Preston Burpo.

  28. Aristotle says:

    Sure, that’s not a foul.