Philadelphia Union vs. FC Dallas: Your Running Commentary


The Philadelphia Union returns home after a rough road trip hoping to add some points to the win column. Those points will have to come against an opponent on a bit of a hot streak of its own.

The Union take on FC Dallas today at Lincoln Financial Field (4pm, Telefutura) in the final home game before the Union moves into brand new PPL Park next month. Philadelphia will look to stop an FC Dallas side that has suffered just one loss this season and is on a two-game winning streak.

The Union will need the tandem of Sebastien LeToux and Alejandro Moreno to test an FC Dallas defense that has posted consecutive shutouts, but that is still susceptible to quality forwards. Dallas will look to get 2009 MLS scoring leader Jeff Cunningham going after he scored his first non-penalty kick goal of the season last week. I see the Union stepping up today and delivering a victory (My prediction: Union 2, FC Dallas 1) for the more than 25,000 fans expected to attend.

One of those fans will be SBI reader Joshua Tuscan, who won the SBI Philadelphia Union Ticket Contest. He received two club seat tickets for today's match.

If you will be watching today's match, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.

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38 Responses to Philadelphia Union vs. FC Dallas: Your Running Commentary

  1. Josh Marcinik says:

    Great crowd, beautiful day, let’s just hope they don’t make any foolish mistakes.


  2. bob says:

    Brek Shea GOAL GOAL GOAL

  3. neil says:

    brek shea!!!!

  4. ericJ says:

    YES! Go dallas!

  5. Andy says:

    Hey, hey, Brek Shea — how many goals you gonna score today?

    It’s about time for the Brekker. Here’s hoping the floodgates are now open.

  6. Jim says:

    Shea abused Arrieta on that goal. Great footwork by the Dallas player.

  7. ericJ says:

    Dallas looking dangerous when they switch the field or cross it in.

  8. Brian S says:

    Philly should have two now

  9. ericJ says:

    El Gato is coming up huge again for FCD.

  10. ericJ says:

    So should Dallas. IT has been a great game to watch so far as far as attacking potential is concerned.

  11. Brian S says:

    Hopefully Shea will continue to progress because I think he could have a great future with the USMNT

  12. Brian S says:

    Very true! I only wish I was able to watch it in English but the play has been solid back and forth

  13. ericJ says:

    I think the ATDHE link at least used to be an English one if you are interested. But I am watching it in Spanish so I can hear the crowd better ha.

  14. Brian S says:

    Make that three

  15. Kevin says:

    Why is SHEA trying to look like F.TOrres??? What the hell is up with that???

  16. ericJ says:

    They called dax the “GINGER NINJA”… YES! hahaha.

  17. ericJ says:

    Good role model if you ask me.

  18. frank from sf says:

    hahaha….yea i just heard that also, classic!

  19. BSkillz says:

    Anyone know of an online feed?

  20. Bueler says:

    Shea looks better than the mop he was carrying earlier this year,

  21. ericJ says:

    Is this your first time using the internet?

  22. ericJ says:

    Great pass from Shea to Dax to start that break.

  23. Brian S says:

    what happened to Califf? He used to be good but this year he is averaging about 2 to 3 bad mistakes a game

  24. SteveforPresident says:

    Califf is pissed he had to come back from Denmark and now knows he can’t even make the squad for the Gold Cup much less the roster for the world cup

  25. bueler says:

    that is why Califf is back in the MLS instead of Europe

  26. bobiskool says:

    Be nice, be nice.

  27. bobiskool says:

    the stadium is kinda emfty

  28. ericJ says:

    Lo siento.

  29. Timothy Marroquin says:

    ya know ives, not to sound ungrateful for the great articles and posts you put out on your blog, but i really don’t feel like the texas teams are givin’ their props, besides the dynamo. the pdl system here is huge! we have our own conference for christ sake.

    i know about a thousand people in san antonio who are dying for a 2nd division team, at the very least, not to say their isn’t more, its just a matter of making the idea publicity and getting the already fans more organized then making a formal proposition for a team (i think the nba spurs would be interested in investing)

    and the austin aztex are have been quite a suprise, one worth an article of their own in my opinion even though were only a few games into the season. which im sure is shared by other texans.

    and then finally, fc dalls, well, i can’t really justify any sort of points with that team being how they’ve played so far to this point. but considering which players the team has (and have had),like such notable names as heath pierce, cunningham, brek shea, zach loyd, george john, kyle davies, bryan leyva, anthony wallace, dax maccarty, david ferriera and arguably a couple of other guys for one reason or another, you would think the team would be profiled more!

    I know your looking for a beat writer for the texas area, and i imagine your a busy man and all, but i really do hope you find someone who actually lives the texas soccer scene. Im from “the valley” (south texas), where soccer is important to so many people here, young and old. the population is like 80% hispanic so the love for the game is practically embedded in our genes! so yeah, good luck with finding somebody. I’d apply myself, but i really think i lack the credentials to really be considered. But, the best of luck to you! untill then though, buzz at 3rd degree is the man who represents :D.

    GO RIO GRANDE BRAVOS and the LAREDO HEAT! oh and btw, if you have any word on Felix Garcia and whats up him, please let me know! kid is an idol for the youngsters down here man. even the adults!

  30. SP The Ghost says:

    HAH! How does if feel Dallas?

    Love, Seattle.

  31. Josh Marcinik says:

    Chalk it down to persistance and good work with the ball.

    No red cards, and a great goal from Mawaga; maybe the top pick is coming to something after all.

    That was fun to watch.

  32. DALLASNUKA says:

    Feels like one loss this season.
    Don’t get beat 4-0 again!

    Sincerely, Dallas.

  33. texas says:

    this was too long to read,

    but I agree with every world.

  34. Doop says:

    What a great game. Way to pull it out Mawanga. And to the SOB who tossed the water bottle in the air I know it was tossed and not thrown directly at a FCD player don’t start that ish. I read on another site that Dallas was going to beat us 6-1. Sorry FCD but your not that good…

  35. Dan says:

    Great game Union and Mwanga!! And over 25,000 watching– not bad at all!

  36. Danny says:

    Doop – anyone who said Dallas was going to beat Philly 6-1 needs to note that Dallas hasn’t scored more than two goals in a game yet this season (granted, all against better teams than Philly – other than DC that is).

    But don’t muddle that with knowing which was the better team – Philly should be proud they found a way to tie the game.

  37. Clayton says:

    Hyndman subs Chavez in midway through the half, and then subs him out 20 or so minutes later … this guy has to go. Please get rid of this guy. He sucks!

    He did the same thing with Avila against NY earlier this season. Can someone please tell me another coach who has done that?

    Schellas Hyndman: king of the 1 point

  38. Timothy Marroquin says:

    lol @ the sounders aka “the pretenders”