Projecting the preliminary U.S. 30-man World Cup roster

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U.S. men's national team head coach Bob Bradley has some tough decisions to make when he picks his 23-man World Cup roster, but even before he selects that final squad, Bradley will first have to pick 30 players for the U.S. national team's preliminary World Cup roster.

Bradley will name that group of 30 next week and the decisions aren't as easy as you would expect.

Here is my Fox Soccer take on the 30-man group Bradley will call in. The project squad I select has a few surprises, specifically Frankie Hejduk and Freddy Adu. Remember, not all players on the preliminary roster will actually make it to the national team's training camp in Princeton, and there are sure to be at least one or two surprise selections and omissions.

Here are some more thoughts on the 30-man preliminary roster:

Why Frankie Hejduk? Bob Bradley needs to look at fullback options and Hejduk's experience makes him someone Bradley could take a look at. Frank Simek has fallen out of the picture, Marvell Wynne has played well as a centerback but has been awful for the national team and someone like New England fullback Kevin Alston is promising but still too young. I don't see Hejduk making the 23-man roster, but I can see him invited to camp.

Why Freddy Adu? The fact that he is starting for Aris FC in the Greek League playoffs is a significant sign that Aris head coach Hector Cuper likes what he sees in Adu. That coupled with the fact that there aren't many other creative midfield options makes Adu a legitimate candidate. Robbie Rogers is not playing well in MLS play, which also helps Adu's cause.

Why not Robbie Findley? If Findley is finally over the knee injury he was dealing with for a while then he could still be a call-up. If Davies can't make it, then Findley's chances increase significantly. As it stands, Findley hasn't been playing well.

Why not Eddie Johnson? Truth be told, I have a feeling we'll see Johnson, but I couldn't figure out who Bradley would leave out. He's definitely a candidate to replace Davies if Davies can't go, but he could also be brought in over one of the two red-hot forwards, Edson Buddle or Herculez Gomez. Much like Adu, Johnson is playing in the Greek League playoffs, and his two goals in Aris' first playoff games could leave Bradley intrigued enough to bring him in.

Why not Jeff Cunningham? Have you seen him play in MLS lately? All his goals have come via penalty kicks because he's been missing chances in bunches.

Why not Sacha Kljestan? He's shown some good signs the past two weeks, but it may be too little, too late in a pool loaded with central midfield options. He does play on the wing for Chivas USA, but hasn't really been used there with the national team. If Bradley decides Kljestan is a better wing option than an out-of-form Rogers and Adu, Kljestan could head to Princeton.


What do you think of the group? Which of the 30 players do you think won't be making the squad? Who do you think is the most glaring omission from the projected 30-player preliminary roster?

Share your thoughts below.

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259 Responses to Projecting the preliminary U.S. 30-man World Cup roster

  1. bryan says:

    i dont see casey, ching, or hedjuk getting the call. or rimando for that matter. i don’t think we need them either.

  2. Richard says:

    There are a few that I see as being surplus but I don’t mind calling in the full 30 that’s allowed, just in case there are injuries.

  3. Richard says:

    Ives – have you heard anything about Charlie Davies other than that one very unspecific story with no sources saying he won’t be fit for the World Cup?

    (SBI-That story smelled fishy from the door and everything I’m hearing is that there was nothing to it.)

  4. ask says:

    I expect Kljestan to be invited, he probably wont make the world cup roster, but the sacha of old is returning. A little to late it seems.

  5. Ian says:

    No need for Ching or Casey to be called in, and I don’t think they will.

    I could see Freddy Adu getting called in and getting some playing time in the friendlies, and that is something I am open to. Disclaimer: I am NOT saying he should be on the 23 man roster.

  6. DC Josh says:

    The only difference I could see occuring is Kjlestian instead of Adu, which makes me vomit on myself. Otherwise, I get giddy looking at the roster.

    The strength of our midfield plus the weakness of our defense leads me to wonder why Bradley doesn’t sit two defensive midfielders in front of the back four. I know we lack a really good target forward, but defensively we would be very stout.

  7. Mike Caramba says:

    I agree Kljestan won’t make it, but I think he’s always shown better on the wings than in central midfield for us. If he were there, I’d hope he’d be used for some wing depth–not central midfield.

  8. kimo says:


    I heard the same thing with respect to the 26 to 28 names. If that is correct, “hey dude” will not make the cut. Even if the # is 30, he shouldn’t be on the list.

    I would take EJ over Findley and JC in a heart beat.

    In reality, the only “important” debate is over the striker spots. Again, I’d take Jozy, CD if healthy, EJ, Buddle and Gomez into camp. BB always has the option of sliding Demps or Landon forward at the WC. Both Ching and Casey are marginal holdup players on a WC level anyway. Jozy, EJ or Buddle could play that role and add athletic prowess at the same time.

  9. Charles says:

    Frankie Hejduk was abused this weekend by Zakuani. He looks too slow.

    Maybe he gets a call because of his past, but I would rather see a youngster get the experience of being given a shot.

  10. billybob says:

    “Why not Eddie Johnson? Truth be told, I have a feeling we’ll see Johnson, but I couldn’t figure out who Bradley would leave out.”

    …umm, he would clearly leave out Freddy Adu who has no place on this roster. Ives, you’ve written yourself that he’s a CAM, not a winger, and BBradley doesn’t use a CAM. And there are so many better midfield options. So if you want to bring EJ to help at fwd (where we really need help), then drop Freddy. It’s really a moot point anyway b/c neither of them will see the pitch in South Africa, even if by some miracle they made the plane. I bet you’re gonna get some riled up commenters (and extra page-views?), though!

    (SBI-First off, I never use the video game term CAM so I doubt I write that Adu was one, but Adu has played exclusively on the left wing for Aris so he has to be considered a possibility there. Secondly, the group I list has six forwards, I can’t see Bradley having more than that, which leaves Johnson out whether Adu is in or not. If I had to guess I would say Johnson goes if Bradley passes on Gomez or Buddle. Adu isn’t exactly a lock to make the 30-man roster, but his recent playing time and play in big matches has him in the mix.)

  11. einar says:

    Kljestan should not go at all. and i agree with all the picks ives has in his article.

  12. Big Chil says:

    Ching will be called in and will probably make the final roster as long as his hamstring is healthy

    Gomez and Buddle are hot right now, and I expect one of them to make the final 23, which they’ll have to earn in camp.

    Keep in mind, Bob Bradley is going to be using these friendlies as preparation for the World Cup, which means the main lineup will be playing together most of the time.

    There’s little time and room for experimentation at this point. The forward situation dictates that another forward or two will get a look, but that’s about it. Freddy Adu, for example, will most likely not get a single minute, even if he’s called up for camp. There are too many other mid-fielders ahead of him.

  13. BSU SC says:

    20 of 23 spots are secure.

    Goal: Howard, Hahnemann, Guzan

    Def: Onyewu, Bocanegra, DeMerit, Spector, Cherundolo, Goodson

    Mid: Donovan, Dempsey, Bradley, Holden, Clark, Bedoya, Edu, Torres, Feilhaber

    Fwd: Altidore, Ching

    Herculez Gomez, Edson Buddle, Charlie Davies, Jonathan Bornstein, and Heath Pearce will be competing for the final 3 spots. Expect 2 forwards and 1 defender to be selected. I’m betting on Gomez, Buddle, and Bornstein

  14. helmet says:

    Where is John O’Brien

  15. wilyboy says:

    There’s a reason Hedjuk is surprising, it’s just plain dumb.

    We’ve got two solid options at that position, Dolo can readily step in for Spector. Furthermore, Hedjuk has clearly lost a step, and was badly abused by Castillo in qualifying, a player who is proving utterly useless in MLS. He’s a nostalgia vote.

  16. DC Josh says:

    I could see Bradley running his “starters” for the first half. Then sub a couple out at halftime, then a couple more around 60 minutes. (Are there 4 subs in these friendlies, or 3?)

    He will get the players on the field that are on the fence. There is no substitute for game speed.

  17. B&S says:

    How is Ching secure a spot he just came off an injury everyone else seems correct on your list besides Ching

  18. BSU SC says:

    …DMB and Eddie Johnson might make the camp, but I wouldn’t bet on them being in the final 23.

  19. hawkman says:

    If only we had real depth at forward. I would bring jack mac along for the experience. The kid knows exactly where to be on the field. If you watch his game, at 17 it very impressive.

  20. BSU SC says:

    Bradley will take either Ching or Casey for sure. Ching is the better option and he’s back to full training with Houston again. He’s a shoe-in for BB (although I’m personally not sold on him).

  21. Franky says:

    Why bring in Ching or Casey when Altidore has clearly shown he can play the holding forward? The argument for Ching and Casey has always been that we “need” a big, target forward to hold the ball. Well Altidore can do that, so these two old guys who only score against CONCACAF teams should be left aside

  22. Will says:

    So Ives, in your foxsoccer article you say that Edu, Clark, Torres and Feilhaber may be vying for 3 spots (imo essentially a battle between Feilhaber and Torres for one spot). Does this mean you think there’s a chance both Bedoya and Beasley are going? That would be consistent with the 7 defender mindset.

    Also, do you think up top we will go with 4 strikers from your list? Or 3 plus Dempsey? Thanks

  23. Ed says:

    Ives didn’t include Ching in his story, but I’m willing to bet he’ll get a call up (hopefully in place of Casey).

    (SBI-Ching’s on the list, so is Casey.)

  24. sread says:

    Too much talent in central midfield to include Kljestan. He’d never see the field.

    Findley is far from WC form, he shouldn’t be in the discussion after losing his starting job to Saborio weeks ago.

    jeff Cunningham can only seem to make the scoring sheet these days by taking FCD’s PKs. And he’s a little too concerned with showing everyone his abs, so he’s out.

    Eddie Johnson the “grown a** man” still needs to show more consistency–no matter how many goals he scored at Arrowhead Stadium. He’s not grown up enough to make this WC squad.

    Fredy Adu is the player probably closest call on this list. He is a young player who can really bring a different element to games as a second half sub. If LD is playing on the wing or even up top, Adu could actually be a serious threat coming in as a CAM.

    Hejduk will always be a USMNT favorite and has put in some masterful performances. He’s a very likeable guy and a hard worker…but no one will care about those things when Aaron Lennon is leaving him in the dust.

  25. Joe says:

    My 30:

    (One change from Ives, Robbie Rogers in for Conor Casey. Also, Hejduk goes because of his personality and locker-room talks.

    “Hejduk once wrestled a giraffe to the ground with his bare hands.”– Name the movie?

    1. Tim Howard

    2. Marcus Hahnemann

    3. Oguchi Onyewu

    4. Jay Demerit

    5. Jonathan Spector

    6. Jonathan Bornstein

    7. Heath Pearce

    8. Clarence Goodson

    9. Michael Bradley

    10. Benny Feilhaber

    11. Landon Donovan

    12. Clint Dempsey

    13. Maurice Edu

    14. Ricardo Clark

    15. Jose Francisco Torres

    16. Demarcus Beasley

    17. Alejandro Bedoya

    18. Stuart Holden

    19. Charlie Davies

    20. Josmer Altidore

    21. Brian Ching

    22. Herculez Gomez

    23. Edson Buddle

    24. Steve Cherundolo

    25. Carlos Bocanegra

    26. Freddy Adu

    27. Eddie Johnson

    28. Frankie Hejduk

    29. Brad Guzan

    30. Robbie Rogers

  26. Sergio of SF says:

    Well we do need a backup for Jozy. He can’t start in every game. Not to mention, he could get hurt, or headbutt someone and get a red. Bring Ching. He is the best target forward option with the most experience. If anything his leadership alone is enough for his ticket. And given the chance, Ching will score in the World Cup. He must be itching for it, especially since he was in Germany in 2006 and didn’t get any minutes.

  27. BSU SC says:

    Because injuries happen. Having only one person who can play a certain position is not thinking clearly. That’s like saying why bring Guzan and Hahnemann when we have Tim Howard.

  28. Jeremy says:

    Amazing how things change in 11 months- the following players played 38 minutes or more in the US-Costa Rica match on 6/3/09: Mastroeni, Wynne, Kljestan, Adu, and Beasley.

  29. David says:

    I like the idea of bringing in Adu. I think he could be an impact sub in the right situation.

  30. BSU SC says:

    …and that game was the nail in the coffin for most of them.

  31. bryan says:

    from the article:

    “Jozy Altidore, Charlie Davies, Brian Ching, Conor Casey, Edson Buddle, Herculez Gomez”

    he did mention him now that he is back. and i bet he gets called in to the camp as well. and i do agree i would rather it be him than casey.

  32. William the Terror says:

    in his garage, looking for his shin guards and waiting for the phone to ring. oh, Johnny, we hardly knew ye!

  33. Josh D says:

    CASEY!?! Why would you ever bring that Bulldozer? He’s done nothing but make appearances in a year and hasn’t done anything of note in MLS this season. The reign of MLS players was last season, this season, Buddle aside, no one has steppd up.

    I’d rather bring one more of our quality midfielders over Casey. I don’t see why we don’t play to our advantage (midfield) and rely on bringing striker who are not good enough or out of form just to get a 4-4-2.

    On top of that Dempsey will be starting alongside Altidore come June so that leaves another midfield slot available.

    Adu>Casey, EJ>Casey.

    (SBI-He’s done nothing but score two goals in the game that clinched the USA’s World Cup berth. Not saying he makes my 23, but you can’t just pretend the guy has never done a thing.)

  34. billybob says:

    Fair enough, and sorry to put words in your mouth, I must be confused. I see what you mean about 6 vs 7 forwards, which is why I anticipate Bob taking fewer than the allotted 30 to this camp, leaving both Johnson and Adu to enjoy the beaches of Santorini.

  35. bryan says:

    i think the best thing to do is take one less defender, knowing Edu can fill in if needed, and just assume dempsey is going to be a striker. then add two more midfielders.

    if the report about davies being ruled out is true, then we have to assume EJ is going. we know jozy is. and if dempsey is counted as a striker, we have one last spot. Gomez, Buddle or Ching? I’d go with Gomez…but would also be okay with Buddle.

    or what if Bob decides to count LD as the speedy striker? then EJ is out and maybe both Gomez and Buddle go. i dont see this happening though. i think Bob will want LD on the wing.

  36. Jeff says:

    If Buddle doesnt go, Bradley has head up you know where.

  37. Ian says:

    Totally agree with you on the strikers that should go into camp, but EJ still leaves me feeling uneasy. It will be very interesting to see which strikers end up getting the call-up to camp and who gets some playing time.

    People talk about chemistry as far as bringing in Buddle and Gomez and whether or not they can perform on the big stage (even if it is a friendly). There is only one way to see and they deserve getting that chance, ESPECIALLY if Findley and Cunningham got that chance (and did nothing with it).

  38. Josh D says:

    Agree – I’d play to our strength 4-5-1 because of our midfield and lack of strikers. Sadly, Bradley didn’t plan for Plan B so we’re stuck in a 4-4-2.


  39. DC Josh says:

    While I agree Casey isn’t the answer, he does deserve credit for scoring a brace in Honduras last October that clinched our World Cup berth.

  40. BrooklynFC says:

    Adu over Torres……

  41. Sean says:

    Annnnnd the Freddy Adu nut riding begins.

    But seriously, he deserves a look now that he’s getting actual play time. If he can fit into that super sub role as a creator, then he can be a help.

  42. Josh D says:

    Friendlies are generally 6 subs – wouldn’t see a reason this would be different.

  43. Ian says:

    There isn’t a sub limit in friendlies, so we will probably be seeing a lot of changes which is cool with me.

  44. JP says:

    Thats a great line-up assuming Davies and Onyewu are still hurt.

  45. Jimmy Geiger says:

    Won’t make a difference who we bring if Bradley doesn’t GO FOR GOAL!

  46. Josh D says:

    I imagine we bring all four. Feilhaber can and has been used as a winger and with Torres playing the way he has been lately, Bradley will need him to mix up the pot with 20 minutes remaining.

    The only problem I see is Bradley’s coaching is very direct (Casey, Clark) and doesn’t allow for more creatives (Torres, Feilhaber).

    Not sure where this love fest of Bedoya comes from. He’s played what 2 games? None as a starter and has played well but not lit up a league on par with MLS. Sure he ran at the Dutch and he had some decent touches elsewhere but why the love affair? He’s on the team for experience looking toward the future but I’d take a fit Beasley off the bench or Holden over him.

  47. B&S says:

    I think once BB get’s to see Gomez and Buddle in camp up front he will tell Ching, Gomez, Cunnigham, Findley, Cooper, and Johnson to get the F*** out of my camp!

    It’s all about Altidore, Davies, Gomez, Buddle

    NO ONE ELSE!!!

  48. FredMacMurray says:

    it would be nice if Bob’s decision was so difficult because he has so much talent he cant decide who not to take. Unfortunately it is difficult because people we thought would be in are looking so poor it has opened the door for others. I am really looking forward to these next two friendly’s to see how we look. Outside of Clint and Landon, we have not seen too much to to convince us we have a deep pool of international quality talent around the field lately and i am begining to get pessimistic.

  49. B&S says:

    *I mean Casey not Gomez lol

  50. Josh D says:

    The movie?!

  51. Felix says:

    I can see Freddy Adu getting in if Stu Holden isn’t ready to go. Other than that, I don’t see much of a chance for Freddy.

  52. Dave says:

    Always a good water cooler question.

    do I pick three people who play the same way, or one who has a completely different style?

    does the last guy on the bench get picked for ability or intangibles?

    do I make my pick based on winning this year, or do I throw a bone to 2014?

  53. B&S says:

    MY 23:

    Howard, Hahnemann, Guzan

    Spector, DeMerit, Onyewu, Bocanegra, Cherundolo, Goodson

    Donovan, Dempsey, Bradley, Holden, Edu, Torres, Feilhaber, Clark, Bedoya, Beasley

    Altidore, Davies, Gomez, Buddle

  54. DC Lyfe says:

    I very much agree with this view.

    A slightly different way to set up would be with Edu sitting alone in front of the back four.

    It is hard to imagine Mikey Bradley really playing as a true holding midfielder in the near term. Almost inevitably he will be getting up the field and pushing into the attack at times.

    That said, this 11 (above) also allows for some fluidity.

    We know Torres is not an orthodox winger. But if Dempsey pushes up top, Donovan could switch to the right flank, and Torres could slide out to play a slightly tucked in left midfield.

    Here’s hoping Donovan does Cashley Cole!

  55. Justin says:

    Agree with Ives for the most part. Two differences:

    I think Marshall will be on the 30 man roster instead of Hejduk. Reason is simple – he needs a 4th true centerback in case Onyewu can’t go. If Onyewu can’t go, you have Bocanegra, DeMerit, and Goodson. I guess you can convert Spector to a central back, start Bornstein/Pearce, and then put Hejduk on the wing, but is that a better option than starting Spector on the wing, and bringing in Marshall and Goodson to back up the central backs (and allowing Spector to slide over as necessary to right back, bringing in Bocanegra or Pearce/Bornstein to replace him at left back, putting in Marshall or Goodson if the former?)

    I also think Johnson gets the look. If it were me, I’d do it in favor of Casey – Casey is a byproduct of a lack of options, and now that we have had 3 forwards who have blossomed, he’s irrelevant. But Bradley loves the target forward and I think he’s never really fell in love with Adu, so I think Adu is the odd man out.

    (SBI-Onyewu is healthy and training, in fact, he’s probably healthier than Marshall, who has had his own knee issues to deal with. it should also be noted that Marshall’s in the second half of 2009 was well below his top standard so I’m not so sure he would get the call anyway. The fact that Jonathan Spector and Jonathan Bornstein have seen time at centerback, AND Bradley mentioned Maurice Edu as a potential centerback option if needed, tells me we won’t be seeing any other centerbacks in the mix beyond Onyewu, Bocanegra, DeMerit and Goodson.

    As for Adu, if Bradley took Adu to the Confederations Cup when he hadn’t been playing for his club, why would it be impossible to believe Bradley wouldn’t have Adu in a 30-man preliminary roster when he’s actually playing important games now?)

  56. Andrew H. says:


    I agree with everyone on your list except for Conor Casey. I think Bradley will bring in Eddie Johnson instead, especially if he brings in Freddy Adu like he should (Adu by the way is a million times better than Robbie Rogers). Besides, Brian Ching already takes up the old, slow, “valuable” hold-up forward position for the team.

    (SBI-It’s the 30-man preliminary roster, not the World Cup roster. I think he brings both, especially considering Ching’s injury status. If Bradley believes it’s Ching or Casey as his target forward bench option, and he leaves Casey off, and Ching gets hurt, then what? Casey will not have been training with the team.

    I personally would prefer Eddie Johnson get the look because I haven’t been impressed with Casey this MLS season, but if we’re trying to project what Bradley will do, I can see him bringing in both Ching and Casey.)

  57. JohnC says:

    BSU- I agree with most of your selections. I think Bornstein’s spot is secured, yes he was dismal in Netherlands, but he has been our starting left back 70% of the time over the last year and a half and therefore he will be on the plane. I still think Boca or Spector will start over him but he goes for his experience with the team at LB and ability to cover CB which is a much more realistic possibility than Maurice Edu- come on guys really- he will only cover CB if we go down a man and have no subs but at full strength Bornstein, Spector, Goodson, DeMerit can all cover for Boca and Gooch- I know it is fun to say he can play that spot and I know he did in the Olympics but this is the World Cup and he has never played CB with this backline.

    Ching has a ticket, the guy is a proven national team player who when healthy has paired well with Jozy. He does the dirty work and is a guy I want on my side during tough times. I’m not sure he starts but he is a BB guy and has a ticket.

    I agree with Ives that it is possible one of the Edu, Clark and Torres group could be left off but if it is simply for experience from Frankie Hejduk than that is a terrible decision. Hejduk was awful his last call up and is losing a step exemplified by Zakuani last week.

    (SBI-Including Hejduk on the 30-man preliminary roster is FAR from saying Hejduk will make the 23.)

  58. Joe says:

    Bedoya was on no ones radar 6 months ago, besides Bob Bradley of course. I am very excited to see him in the upcoming World Cup, I think his stock is peaking at the right time. If timing is everything, then he is getting on the plane to South Africa.

    I am nearly as excited to see him play as Davies and Gomez.

  59. JohnC says:

    Except for him being very confused by the offsides trap- Mwanga and him were called about 10 times in the first half vs the Red Bulls in the open cup game. However, I don’t hate his awareness of what to do when the ball comes to him and to make himself open are above his age level. The major question is how much growth does he have, he is not a physical specimen and lacks blazing speed so it seems his potential is pretty limited.

  60. Fat Pat says:

    You guys are nuts omitting Conor Casey from your roster. This guy has the strength and size + more speed than Ching as a hold-up forward. He’s one of the most underrated players in the US National Team fold. Haters.

  61. Andrew H. says:

    My 23:

    Tim Howard, Marcus Hahnemann, Brad Guzan

    Oguchi Onyewu, Carlos Bocanegra, Jay DeMerit, Steve Cherundolo, Jonathan Spector, Clarence Goodson, Jonathan Bornstein

    Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley, Stuart Holden, Ricardo Clark, Maurice Edu, Jose Francisco Torres, Alejandro Bedoya, DaMarcus Beasley

    Jozy Altidore, Charlie Davies, Edson Buddle, Herculez Gomez

    Biggest snub: Benny Feilhaber

  62. Adam says:


    Just seeing it now in that picture… but is it me or has Michael Bradley gotten a lot bigger?

    Looks about 6-2, 6-3 now.

  63. Casey you suck says:

    I bet this is really Conor Casey

  64. sread says:

    If we struggle to score goals like 2006, he will be called out and probably let go no matter who he ended up choosing. It is a close call but whichever FW gets that chance better freaking take it when it’s time to go.

  65. Matt C in Tampa says:

    Frankie goes…if for no other reason that to entertain the players, fire them up and drive the bus. He needs to be there. Ultimate Team player. Team mascot: player #24.

    ps. While looking for beer before the US/Ghana match in Germany we ran into none other than Heydude…doing the same thing we were doing….looking for beer and having a good with fans.

  66. Josh D says:

    Exactly! The modern aged teams that win do so by continually evolving their playing style. Defensively we’re 4-5-1, but offensively we’re 4-3-3 with Dempsey and Donovan pushing upwards, Torres waiting around the 18 to distribute, Edu sitting back and Bradley playing alongside Torres.

    But that’s not the way Bradley coaches.

  67. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Further to Ives commentary… Adu has not just played but played well for a team in the hunt for a Champions League spot… He was directly responsible for creating several goal scoring chances against Olympiakos and was one of the few who performed well in a terrible game against PAOK on Sunday… Adu offers something that perhaps only Dempsey can which is why I am pretty sure he will be given a look… I am a big fan of Robbie Rogers but he has done nothing thus far to show he deserves it any more than Freddy…

    As for EJ… he has learned quite a bit in Europe and while many ignorant fans will say he has been a bust in Europe… I point to a slower learning curve… he has picked up all sorts of things while with Fulham, Cardiff and Aris… the main one being that he has to work hard on the pitch all the time and even if he feels he is not involved in a play or section of the game he has to look like he is involved… even if chasing down a lost cause or two… little things like that get noticed and he needs match time.. if hustling a little more and timing runs a little better gets him more pitch time… and he has learned that it does… we all know he is streaky… if Bob sees a streak in him just before June.. he is not such a risk as I realistically do not see Charlie making it back with the same pace.

  68. away goals says:

    Gooch was injured two days after davies and neither have featured since. Holden hasn’t made a roster in two months. Ching has a hamstring issue.

    Tough to call any of these guys locks. Soccer injuries are unpredicatble and setbacks or secondary knocks are common.

    It’s unlikely that all four of these guys will return exactly as planned. We need to plan for the worst, hope for the best.

  69. juanG says:

    As for the last question, are you asking if we should give older guys who are in form (BuDdle) a spot or younger guys (Adu, Bedoya) with less PT a spot?

    It’s a fair question as I understood it. I would go with younger guys and set the table for the 2014 squad returnees. But BB is looking out for his hide, so he’ll probably go the other direction.

  70. rob says:

    Casey is a solid contributor who always works hard, gets in the right positions and makes unselfish plays. But that isn’t good enough for the WC.

  71. Betinho says:

    Great article and thanks for ellucidating on the why’s and why nots….

    All I have to say is i’m so ready for this thing to kick off that it almost hurts.

  72. Josh D says:

    Ives – I’d say to that, it was very telling that Adu not only road the bench the whole tournament, even when we needed his creativity, and then he went on to only play a tiny part of the Gold Cup and we haven’t seen him for the US since…

    I’m with you, Adu needs to go. Just don’t see merit to the Gold Cup comparison.

    (SBI- Why was it “very telling”? He’s still just 20 so why should it be assumed that if he’s not starting or playing then he’s on the outs? Same goes for Torres. Bradley sees something in them to bring them along. I didn’t mention the Gold Cup, I mentioned the Confederations Cup, which was an important tournament.

    I’m not one of these people who thinks Adu is a major impact player waiting to happen, but you can’t just ignore the fact that he has played more for Aris than any club since leaving MLS and now he’s playing in tough playoff matches. That doesn’t mean he makes the World Cup team, but it can definitely mean a 30-man roster inclusion.)

  73. BSU SC says:

    Lol…more speed than Ching?!?!? Casey couldn’t beat my 80 year old grandmother in a foot race. He’s big and strong, but he might be the slowest soccer player I’ve ever seen.

  74. Andy says:

    I think EJ gets called in over Casey. Yes, Casey scored two important goals, but that was after a half so bad that everyone was surprised he returned to the pitch in the 2nd half. I’m not saying EJ is a lock by any means, but he’s shown more ability and potential than Casey and against opponents likely to see sub Strikers (those in the knockout rounds, after injuries and suspensions), Casey hasn’t shown any ability to beat defenders at that level while EJ at least has shown he can do it “sometimes.”

  75. Waterlewd says:

    Bob Bradley is not that complicated to figure out. Casey and Ching are competing for the same spot — the target forward. The one chosen will replace Altidore in the 65-72 minute if the US is up on any oppenent by 2-0. He will come on in the 80-84th minute if the US is up 1-0 or 2-1. My guess is that Ching will be dressed and in the 18 for this purpose only because he has the hussle in him. His job will be to force the ball back and hold up play.

    I don’t understand why you’re comparing Casey to Adu and EJ. This isn’t about chosing your 23 best players overall, it’s about filling a squad of players to carry out individual tasks that make the team work tactically. If a player is not part of that core group, he better bring some specialized skill that can help your team when called.

  76. paul lorinczi says:

    I liked the final point made in the Hercules Gomez article. He plays at 7000 feet elevation in pollution.

    That could help us, as far as fitness in an oxygen deficient environment.

    (SBI-While that is true, Gomez is going to spend a month in the United States before the World Cup so I wonder how much his altitude conditioning will still be a factor by then.)

  77. Dave says:

    I don’t see Casey on the plane if Ching can go.

    I do see BB taking 3 natural forwards + Dempsey in order to bring an additional MF. Altidore, Davies, Buddle / Gomez or the other. If Davies can’t go, I could see him bringing both.

    He’ll need more MF options if he has plans to play Dempsey and / or Donovan up top. Otherwise, I actually think Clark / Feilhaber may be vulnerable.

    I see him bringing both Bornstein and Pearce.

    ‘keepers: 3 – we know who they are

    ‘Backs: 8 – Spector, DeMerit, Onyewu, Bocanegra, Cherundolo, Goodson, Bornstein, Pearce*

    MF: 8 – Donovan, Bradley, Holden, Edu, Torres, Feilhaber*, Clark, Bedoya*, Beasley*

    F: 4 – Dempsey, Altidore, Davies*, Ching*, Gomez*, Buddle*

    Like Ives said, Casey, Johnson, Adu…will all get a look in camp I believe..which would bring the total to 29 players…but I only put 26 names in my breakdown who I believe have played their way onto the squad and will need to continue to do that in camp.

    Pearce could be a bubble guy if BB thinks Spector can back up Bornstein / Bocanegra on the left and Edu can truly be a serviceable center back option, allowing him to take another MF or F.

    * = ya got work to do.

  78. sread says:

    Can’t disagree with that at this point.

  79. dman says:

    Anyone else think it would be a double standard to bring gooch but not charlie?

  80. BrianK says:

    Andrew H,

    Two thoughts on your 23:

    I cannot see Feilhaber getting the snub. He showed his worth duing the Confederations Cup. Barring injuries,…Bedoya will not be on the plain to SA.

    I don’t think Gomez is going to make the team. Bradley inferred that while Gomez is on a roll,…he is not up to the international standard. Ching, if healthy, is going to SA.

  81. Andrew H. says:

    Last reply to my own post: I think Dempsey will be played at forward alongside Jozy most of the time.

  82. MadKingGeorge says:

    Frankie brings a lot more than just experience. He brings a type of leadership that can energize the whole team. Just take a look at the El Salvador game away during WCQ. The whole team responds to his never say die attitude.

    I think the Chemistry on the team will be a lot better with Frankie on it. And this team needs someone to fire them up. BB is too cerebral to do a effective job at that. BB’s forte is not the pep speech.

    Even if Frankie is the last man (the 23rd man) the team will benefit more by having him on the roster than a young player with nothing to bring but untested potential.

  83. DC Josh says:

    I’d take out Torres, move Bradley up in his spot, then have Edu sit back along with Clark. Torres is a very good player, but I don’t think he is orchestrator of our national team.

  84. ga-gone says:

    Surprised at those who don’t think Ching is going. I will be STUNNED if he doesn’t make the 23 man roster.

  85. DC Josh says:

    Agree 100%.

  86. Andrew H. says:

    Ives, fair enough: Replace Hejduk with Casey. Old veterans are overrated when you already have enough guys with decent international experience. Besides, I think I saw a stat that no team has won a World Cup with an average team age over 28. How many times have teams relied on old former stars only for those players ending up being the weakest link? It is actually the safe pick to take older players, but it is also more times than not what prevents you from excelling. As for my 23 man roster, we already know that Ching was not goood enough four years ago on a team that was not good enough–he has not gotten better since then.

  87. JDavids says:

    I like the idea of Gomez coming in as a super sub. Think about it, I think he’d score a sneaky goal in the 80th. I don’t see much use in Adu and Johnson. I like brave Americans who are LIKELY to change a game. Not float around. Hopefully Ching is ok so we don’t have to argue about Casey.

  88. Hokie_Futbol says:

    I think there is a very real chance that Goodson is left off the plane in favor of attacking players. Think about it. Centerback is another deep position like central midfield. We have gooch, demerit, and boca as quality starters. Camp will decide if Spector and Edu can play better or complement a guy like Gooch, Demerit or Boca better than Goodson. I think we have enough quality CB coverage for suspensions/injuries without Goodson.

    If it comes down to taking Goodson over a guy like Bedoya, Davies, Buddle, or Gomez, I will take the attacker every time. What does the US struggle at? Scoring in the run of play. We need red hot goal scorers and wingers, whether it’s off the bench or starting to set up/score goals.

    Maybe I’m delusional but that’s my rant for the day.

  89. Will says:

    Agree – I think Beasley should make the team over Bedoya.

  90. Mathieu says:

    Here’s the 30 I hope he takes to the camp:

    Tim Howard, Marcus Hahnemann, Brad Guzan

    Oguchi Onyewu, Carlos Bocanegra, Jay DeMerit, Steve Cherundolo, Jonathan Spector, Clarence Goodson, Heath Pearce, Michael Parkhurst

    Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley, Stuart Holden, Ricardo Clark, Maurice Edu, Jose Francisco Torres, Benny Feilhaber, Alejandro Bedoya, DaMarcus Beasley, Freddy Adu, Mikkel Diskerud

    FORWARDS (7)
    Jozy Altidore, Charlie Davies, Brian Ching, Eddie Johnson, Edson Buddle, Herculez Gomez, Chris Rolfe

  91. Gabola71 says:

    Yeah, he has been playing really well of late with CUSA and its a shame that its a little too late. I still have him on better chances than Beasley and if bring 3 forwards and 9 mids than I think Sacha will be going to SA.

  92. A Guest says:

    No, you inferred that Bradley implied that Gomez is not up to snuff.

  93. Dave says:

    You know they say talking to yourself is the 1st sign of senility…

    Here’s why I think Ching may be vulnerable – outside of his fitness. This whole target forward stuff is a bit overblown IMHO.

    the definitions i’ve read of a target forward are: someone who plays with his back to the goal and as a man that heads the ball on goal, and wins the air game.

    Ching, Altidore, Buddle are all 6′ 1″…

    Note BB’s recent comments about how he likes the way Buddle is scoring different goals. Both Altidore and Buddle can be target forward options – with Buddle offering a lot more speed and varying scoring capabilities than Ching. Davies will still be the speed option if he is fit,…I just think BB has got to bring Gomez for his off the bench magic.

    I think BB has to think long and hard about not bringing both Gomez and Buddle. From my list that would push Dempsey back down to inclusion with the MF and most likely leave Beasley off the plane.

  94. billybob says:

    To be fair, “in the hunt” disguises the fact that Aris is in a 4-team race, starting as the lowest seed, in order to get a Champion’s league play-in slot. But yes, they are “in the hunt”.

    I wanted to watch some of those games but couldn’t find a way — how where you able to see them?

  95. green says:

    And here I am having a laugh at those who want to bring 7 defenders.

  96. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    Agree with most of it Ives. I don’t think Hedjuk deserves to be there, nor does Casey. I’m excited to see if Buddle and Gomez get into the upcoming send off series of games to see how they do. And Adu has earned his way to camp over the last few months, but I doubt he’s earned si way to SA.

  97. Mathieu says:

    And my WC starting 11 vs. England

    Spector, Boca, Gooch, Dolo
    Bradley, Edu,
    Donnovan, Dempsey
    Altidore, Buddle

  98. BlueWhiteLion says:

    Castillo–what’s the latest with him? I kind of lost track of his progress (whatever it is).

    Who are defenders who might miss this WC, but stand a good chance to be rock solid for Brazil?

  99. Dave N'Seattle says:

    Hedjuk was awful last Saturday, Zakuani roasted him and if it was a WC game with overly stringent referees he would have two yellows even before he wrestled Montero to the ground in the penalty box late in the game. Hedjuk had a great career but he is done as a top flight player.

  100. John says:

    Heydude would be torched by every single attacking player at the World Cup. Why would we want him?

  101. Dougs says:

    Bradley said pretty unequivocally that he was only calling 26-28 to camp. Why are we having a discussion about 30?

    I will be surprised if Adu makes it. He still seems to not have the mental discipline for the international game.

  102. Big Chil says:

    There will probably be 6 subs. Expect Bradley to play the “starters” together for 60-65 minimum. The one exception may be Gomez, Buddle, or EJ earning a start, rather than being a sub.

    The first subs will be those most likely to come off the bench in an actual WC game, such as Holden, Feilhaber, Ching, etc.

    There are only 3 games before the big dance, so we’ll be maximizing Best XI time together for the WC. Tryouts are essentially over. It’ll all be a matter of fitness evaluation in camp, and addressing the forward situation.

  103. BSU SC says:

    Ching, Holden and Gooch are back to full training schedules with their clubs. Hopefully all get to feature in a game or 2 before US camp. I’ll signs indicate that they’ll be fit for South Africa.

    Although Davies is back in camp, and he has had an incredible story, I just can’t imagine that he’ll be fit to play in the World Cup. Staying out as long as he has, and over coming such severe injuries from a car accident, I think he needs more time to get back to normal (if ever) than the 8 months he’s had so far.

  104. Sean says:

    If buddle goes, i will shoot myself in the face. The guy is on a hot streak. In MLS. How does this translate to the international game? It does not. If we play him in SA we will be laughed off the field. But in all honesty, I hope if he does go and plays, he does well.

  105. AngelUSAfan says:

    Hey is anyone here is happy that G. Rossi did not get a call from Lippi for the 30 spot of the Italy National Team. Well I don’t blame him for choosing Italy but he had better chances on going to the world Cup with USA. Now he is going to watch the World Cup on TV. and see the USA make History… I guess karma is a bitch…

  106. Sean says:

    Agreed. Both are in full training. Why take one if he doesn’t play this season, and leave the other?

  107. Sean says:

    Villareal play a match today. Why would he get called in?

  108. Mingjai says:

    I like this lineup too. I wish we had the skill, acumen, and guts to play it like this:






  109. Come on you Yanks says:

    The 23 man squad is too small to allow cheerleaders onto the bench. Bradley will take the best player available.

  110. Murphy says:

    Ives I think you have this one exactly right. Now who Bob chooses out of these 30 will be tough to determine. I think you’re right and Johnson will only be called in if Davies can’t do it. Even though Johnson scored 2 goals recently I would rather have Gomez or Buddle with all of their flaws/questions than have the same old Eddie Johnson in there. For the national team Johnson often looks like he’s scared of the goal; at least Gomez and Buddle will attack the net and try to score.

  111. away goals says:

    Hope you’re right about gooch, holden and ching. Hope you’re wrong about davies.

    The senior bradley did make a point of saying that davies didn’t need to be _fully_ recovered to get called to camp.

    Something like: if he needs to be at step 85 out of a 100 by camp, then that’s how we’ll evaluate him.

    So I remain cautiously optimistic.

  112. Mwing09 says:

    As good as this lineup looks on paper, I think people underestimate how hard it is to play up top by yourself as a lone striker. Dempsey and Donavan will run up the wings, but I think Jozy still needs some more support like Charlie or Dempsey playing up top with him. I think hes a great player, but going up against the likes of Terry, Ferdinand, etc. even temporarily by himself… say save the lone striker idea for 2014.

  113. El Chupacabra says:

    Great stuff as usual Ives. Two thoughts:

    1) I really think all four of Edu, Torres, Feilhaber, and Clark are going.

    2) If BB only takes 26-28 to Princeton, will only those 26-28 be on the list?

  114. tnnelson says:

    o yay he scored a brace once!!! we should definitely assume he can do it again, even though he sucks! yea, he had a good game against honduras, who our B team beat. to be honest, both of his goals in that game were mediocre at best, and he has yet to do anything of note since, and he can’t even prove his worth in MLS, where all of the other US hopefuls are dominating. if he even makes the 30 man roster, i will lose all hope in bob bradley

  115. Come on you Yanks says:

    Torres over Adu…

  116. bryan says:

    bedoya has just as much PT as Buddle! Do not mention Bedoya and Adu in the same sentence when talking about playing time. Bedoya starts every week and is in great form.

  117. bryan says:

    “I can see him bringing in both Ching and Casey.”

    that sentence scared the crap out of me.

    (SBI-Into the camp, not to the World Cup. Only one of them will go to the World Cup, if either goes.)

  118. bryan says:


  119. Come on you Yanks says:

    I disagree. I think both may be lacking in form, but we have no idea if Davies has regained his pre-accident pace. Without it, he is probably not our second best attacking option.

    An out of form Onyewu is still one of our best options at centerback.

  120. Fire BB says:

    “SBI-He’s done nothing but score two goals in the game that clinched the USA’s World Cup berth. Not saying he makes my 23, but you can’t just pretend the guy has never done a thing.”

    yes, he scored against scrub concacaf opposition. whoopity-doo. casey is awful. ching is awful. neither should make the 30 man roster (much less the final team).

    (SBI-Right, Casey scored two in Honduras against a World Cup-bound team that hadn’t dropped a point at home up to that point and a team that smoked Mexico, 4-0, on that same field.

    Please make better arguments because your not really supporting your argument at all. “They shouldn’t go because they suck” is grade school stuff my friend. I’m not saying I think Casey is someone who needs to be on the 23, but to say Ching and Casey don’t merit even being on the 30-man list is just flat-out foolish. You’re entitled to your opinion, but you’ve done nothing to support that opinion.)

  121. baquito alyeska says:

    Not I. Two different players, two different positions, two different injuries.

  122. AngelUSAfan says:

    I see Bob Bradley focusing more on the Midfield that way he can used Dempsey or Donovan at top with Altidore, even tho he will call at least 4-5 Foward to the camp just to see who he can take as a forward on the 23 final roster I only see three striker and that will be Altidore, Buddle & Gomez *(Davis) if he is healthy and ready but I don’t see any other. But I do see Bob Bradly getting more midfield so they can help on defend and attack.

  123. baquito alyeska says:

    It’s a good shout.

  124. Second City says:

    I actually think it’d be a double standard of sorts if he brought Beasley and not Davies.

    In 2010, Beasley has played **** ONE **** game more for Club than Davies.

    ONE GAME more, even given Davies’ circumstances this year.

    If that isn’t troubling enough on a number of levels, I don’t know what is.

  125. madmax says:

    Ives, on your ‘why nots’, you have a better case for Why?

    30 maybe, 23 please don’t.

  126. bryan says:

    Jozy is faster than him and as big as him.

    i dont hate casey, but i dont think he is cut out for the world cup level. and certainly hasnt shown that he is in this MLS season.

  127. Come on you Yanks says:

    Kevin_Amold knows I have ripped on Goodson before, but I think we need him in South Africa. Besides his quality play at the back, he has great height and a great ability to get goals off corners. Depending on the circumstances, we may need someone to mark a Peter Crouch or to poke in a late corner as a sub, while providing cover in the back.

    I say take him, he has a unique set of defender skills.

  128. madmax says:

    The case and necessity for a ‘target forward’ has exceeded its sell by date.

  129. Second City says:


    Nothing groundbreaking but that’s my starting 11.

  130. bryan says:

    like your line up, but couldnt disagree more about Bedoya. If Clark is going, then how is Bedoya not going? Clark plays a position that we are stacked in while bedoya is a natural winger. Bedoya plays every week and is good form. Clark just finally got 2 games in a row. IMO, Bedoya is a lock. we have so little options for wingers.

  131. madmax says:

    My only regret is that 12 of the 30 can’t be discarded.

  132. Come on you Yanks says:

    Scrub opposition that also qualified for the World Cup.

    That said, I’m leaving Casey off my 23.

  133. AngelUSAfan says:

    (SBI-This A) had zero to do with the post and B) was covered in one of our posts yesterday.)

  134. bryan says:

    love the Disekrud call up for the 30. as for stating XI, i think i would move Dempsey up top and start Holden or Bedoya on the wing.

    other than that, im in agreement.

  135. AngelUSAfan says:

    I would like to see Donovan playing the Right against England cause he can kill Ashley Cole like he did when Everton played against Chelsea. And maybe have Torres or just in Case Beasley if he call in for the 23 roster.

  136. bryan says:

    every damn player plays in Italy. hahaha

  137. Andrew H. says:

    Totally agree.

  138. bryan says:

    honduras are scrubs?!?!

  139. bryan says:

    Algeria Preliminary Roster by Position

    GOALKEEPERS (4): Fawzi Chaouchi (ES Setif), Lounes Gaouaoui (ASO Chlef), M’bohi Rais Ouhed (Slava Sofia), Mohamed Liamine Zemamouche (MC Alger)

    DEFENDERS (8): Habib Belaid (Boulogne), Nadir Belhadj (Portsmouth), Madjid Bougherra (Glasgow Rangers), Rafik Halliche (Nacional Madeira), Abdelkader Laifaoui (ES Setif), Carl Medjani (AC Ajaccio), Djamel Mesbah (Lecce) Anther Yahia (Bochum)

    MIDFIELDERS (10): Djamel Abdoun (Nantes), Riad Boudebouz (Sochaux), Adlane Guedioura (Wolverhampton Wanderers), Fouad Kadir (Valenciennes), Medhi Lacen (Racing Santander), Yazid Mansouri (Lorient), Karim Matmour (Borussia Mönchengladbach), Mourad Meghni (Lazio), Hassen Yebda (Portsmouth), Karim Ziani (Wolfsburg)

    FORWARDS (3): Rafik Djebbour (AEK Athens), Abdelkader Ghezzal (Siena), Rafik Saifi (Istres)

  140. B1879 says:

    “There are only 3 games before the big dance, so we’ll be maximizing Best XI time together for the WC. Tryouts are essentially over.”

    Right on.

  141. Andrew H. says:

    I meant I totally agree with Second City’s starting 11, along with adding Tim Howard.

  142. Dave says:

    assuming the 20-23 spots will never play unless there is a rash of injuries, you can take the best available player or a specialist player. (Buddle vs. Ching)

    Hedjuk fits questions 2 and 3. The last defender has 99% chance of sitting. Do I base the pick on the 1%, do I take someone who might (notice the waffle word here) make other players better by his presence on the bench or do I take someone just to rub the shiny off for 2014.

  143. madmax says:

    Correction its only 7 of the 30 that Ives projected I want cut. I added some ‘why nots’ by mistake.The seven,


    All were selected because of limited minutes or poor play.

  144. bryan says:

    no. way. this is the world cup, spots for cheerleaders are not given.

    especially knowing that bob may choose to cut back on one defender knowing edu can fill in.

    there is just no way he goes to SA taking up a roster spot. now, with all that said, i really do hope he can find a way to go with the team. he is such an awesome guy and having him in the locker room would absolutely be a positive influence.

    i just dont see him going as a player.

  145. AngelUSAfan says:

    Here is my list what I think should Bradley call in. Well that is my Opinion

    Goal Keepers: Howard,Hahnemann & Guzan – 3

    Defenders: Spector, DeMerit, Onyewu*, Bocanegra,
    Cherundolo, Goodson, Bornstein, Pearce – 8

    Midfields: Dempsey, Bradley, Donovan, Feilhaber,
    Edu, Torres, Holden*, Bedoya, Clark,- 9

    Fowards: Altidore, Buddle, Gomez,

    Additions: Johnson, Ching*, Davies*, Beasley*, Adu,
    Jermaine Jones*, Castillo – 7

    Total of 30 players going to be call in on May 11 from there June 1st. we will get the roster of 23 players. * it mean this player are injured and maybe won’t make it to the world cup

  146. B1879 says:

    Based on winning this year.

    There’s plenty of time to get guys ready for 2014. Should we call Convey in because he got experience as a young guy in 2006?

  147. bryan says:

    haha ohhh ok. well that makes sense. thanks for the clarification. need to remember to assume this is strictly 30 man roster chat.

  148. john.q says:

    i see bradley taking only 3 pure strikers in altidore, davies, gomez/buddle with dempsey starting alongside jozy. that should leave enough spots at midfield to bring along bedoya, edu, clark, torres, and feilhaber.
    personally i’d try to get both buddle and gomez on that plane! gotta play the hot hand. sadly though that depends on wether davies will be fit enough.

  149. john.q says:

    btw bravo ives on adu! as much as i love making fun of freddy i too feel like he is good enough to deserve a call up and maybe a back-up spot (whatever that spot for when a 23 selected playr becomes injured before the WC)

  150. Josh D says:

    Scoring in one game out of 19 does not merit a spot for the World Cup. By that account, Adu has played in less games and scored the same so he out does Casey for a striker position?

    Give a kid enough games out there and he’d grab one too. Casey had one game where he scored and the rest he has done absolutely nothing.

    (SBI-Josh, are you really having that tough a time grasping the difference between the 30-player preliminary roster and the actual 23-man World Cup roster? You can hate Casey all you want, but it seems pretty unrealistic to think he won’t be on the 30-player preliminary roster when he’s been such a regular part of the team for a while now.)

  151. Josh D says:

    That’s what he’s done for 75% of his time with Hull and has finally learned how to draw the foul. I’d rather play as a closed down shop in the middle and rely on Jozy up top than playing two strikers and leaving ourselves exposed to England dominate midfield.

    It is hard and we’ve never properly organized ourselves in this way so we’re stuck with 4-4-2, I just wish Bradley learned to play to our strengths instead of playing to a set formation that he prefers.

  152. Josh D says:

    I’m all for Adu, just under different merits than you. And I was showing the Confed Cup in it’s context, i.e. he didn’t play and didn’t play much in the following tournament which you would think he would seeing as it was with our B team and then hasn’t played since.

    I agree, getting time with Aris is fantastic but he was taken out in the 60th minute when times were getting tough and goals needed to happen – doesn’t show much confidence when he’s your man that you take out. I know it was strategy but you’re painting a love story after two games, when a month ago he wasn’t getting any time.

    We’re desperate if we think Adu has turned it around after playing 90 one game and 68 in another…

    (SBI-Who’s “painting a love story? Don’t act like Adu never played before these two games. He’s gotten games and had some good games. I’m all for being realistic about Adu, but not at the cost of trying to minimize or negate what he has actually accomplished. Hector Cuper is a very well respected manager and he saw enough in Adu to start him in the most important matches of the club’s season. That would seem to suggest Adu has progressed enough to merit that time.

    As for the Gold Cup, he started two games then left the team, so it’s not like he was sitting around on the bench like the Confed Cup. Granted, he was awful vs. Honduras, but he wasn’t a bench-warmer for the Gold Cup.

    Aren’t there any people out there who want to be realistic about Adu’s accomplishments? It seems like all we get are people who either A) completely overstate his accomplishments and ability or B) downplay anything he does and tries to find faults in everything about his career. What’s funny is that anybody who reads SBI regularly will know that I’m hardly a Freddy Adu apologist, but it does get a bit absurd at times seeing people distort and discredit the kid when he’s actually doing something.)

  153. Josh D says:

    Why three goalkeepers? I have never gotten that and was reading today on BBC that Germany will probably bring just 2. When was the last time a team went through both keepers and had to bring a third? Seems a rather big waste…

  154. Second City says:

    Ah yes, I did forget to add Howard.


    I agree, Donovan played extremely well on the right side for Everton this summer and good shot going against Cole.

    I do think, however, we’re a stronger side utilizing Donovan’s slashing/creative ability and Holden’s crossing prowess, in the example I gave.

  155. Dave says:

    Is the 30 in camp a FIFA rule, in that the 23 must come from the 30?

    I hear the number, but I really have no clue about this

    (SBI-Teams must submit a 30-player preliminary World Cup roster next week. On June 1st, teams must submit their 23-man rosters and that 23 must come from the 30.)

  156. Brad says:

    Man, I’m tired of talking about this! I want to see Bradley’s list already! 38 days until the World Cup! Come on!

    There is no way that Bradley excludes Torres, Feilhaber, Edu, or Clark. Clark can replace Edu or Bradley if one gets hurt or carded (knock on wood). And Torres and Feilhaber are our super-subs when we need better passing or to maintain possession.

    And I’m okay with Casey making the 23 as the lone target forward if Ching can’t go. I think Bob is smart enough to know that starting Dempsey up top with Altidore is the best option so if we have to play Casey we are in trouble anyway.

  157. MadKingGeorge says:

    If BB takes only the best available players, he will be removed after the WC since the team will not be successful in Sud Africa. Team Chemistry make a huge difference it the success and failure of a team.

    Just look at the USMNT for the WC in France in 1998. All the top players were there and the team fell flat on their faces- finish dead last. That team had the best talent the USA had and just horrible team chemistry and so the team was not very good.

    If a player who is not a starter can bring intangibles such as leadership and adds to team focus and drive, that could be the difference between finishing dead last and making the Quarter Finals in the WC.

  158. war says:

    I don’t see why we need a target man to hold the ball up. It doesn’t always work and not every team uses that setup. Instead of trying to make Fat Bast- Casey or Ching our target man, we should stick with our forwards who can actually score goals and see how they do in camp. If they score some and do well, would BB honestly say no and bring in one of these two? Maybe but we should stick with what we’re good at and target man isn’t it.

  159. fubar says:

    Ives – What do you think about Bobby Convey? Word has it that his form is back, coming from playing left mid almost all of the time now. Convey instead of Rogers or DMB?

  160. BSU SC says:

    I really hope that I’m wrong about Davies too. My brother was in a car accident 15 years ago and suffered similar injuries. He has recovered as well as can be expected, but has never quite been the same guy that he was pre-accident. Then again, my brother was not a world class athlete like CD9. No one is rooting for him more than I am, I just don’t see it happening for him.

  161. JamesC says:

    The reason I’m not too excited about Gomez is that he did a lot of his scoring coming on as a sub for a team that finished 5 pts above last place. My questions are why did he not play the full 90 min more often and can he retain his top form now that his season has ended.

  162. Dave says:

    I loke Bedoya a lot for his creativity…he definitely showed well against the Dutch, but BB will want 1 solid defensively minded midfield option behind bradley and edu – and that’s clark.

    In other comments I’ve made I’ve thought Feilhaber might be vulnerable…clark/feilhaber/torres might be chasing 2 spots giving holden / bedoya more likelihood of going to SA as the backups to donovan / dempsey.

  163. Thorpinski says:

    Don’t be suprised if BB gives Edu a run at CB.

  164. EA says:

    A few points to consider. The group of 23 MUST come from the group of 30. IF someone in that 23 gets hurt, he can be replaced by ANYONE (doesn’t have to be in the 30) before the WC starts.

    That said, there may be a place for players who have been involved in the team this cycle that could still play a part for the World Cup.

    Take Eddie Johnson. He’s a known commodity, and with a (reasonably) healthy Davies and a good pre-Cup performance from Buddle or Gomez, there’s no place for Eddie. But, if (say) Davies can’t go, and Buddle gets selected, and then hurt, he could still play.

    If I’m not mistaken, this is how Jimmy Conrad made the ’06 team, and Pablo Mastroeni made the ’02 team.

    Ives, do you know if players from outside the 30 man roster can (or will) be invited to the camp?

  165. Joe says:

    what do you guys think of this vs. England:


    Dolo-Demerit- Gooch- Boca

    Clark- Edu- Bradley



    3 defensive mids?

  166. Thorpinski says:

    Torres replaces Edu and Edu replaces Gooch

  167. bryan says:

    good point. i can see bob absolutely wanting that extra defensive midfielder. i’ll agree that with bedoya in the mix now, it hurts Feilhaber/Torres’s chance. i hope we can get them all by moving Dempsey up top and axing one defender.

  168. ThaDeuce says:

    I generally agree with Ives. I can’t wait to see what Bob does at the end of this month.

  169. EA says:

    And for those that are bashing Frankie, I don’t think he’ll make the final roster, but I’d be willing to bet my last dollar that:

    A: Frankie is in the pre-WC camp.
    B: Frankie smokes EVERYONE in the fitness tests.

  170. Brian says:

    Why not Beasley…he didn’t make the bench vs. Celtic today.

  171. andrew in tampa says:

    This is great stuff a week before the squad is named for the camp. My big issue is having both Buddle and Gomez on the 23. I don’t see Bradley taking both of them. Neither has shown the ability to play and score at the international level. I think we are putting way too much emphasis on their recent hot streaks. The example of Finley and Cunningham has shown that league form does not automatically translate to international success. Any player, no matter how good, needs games to get used to the speed and intensity of the international game. And we all know that the World Cup is played at a whole different speed entirely. I expect both to be called into camp but I will not be surprised if neither goes to SA. Look at the careers, guys. There is a reason why neither Buddle nor Gomez has been part of the MNT. Having said all that, I want to see them in the friendlies. If they show a spark then I will reconsider my position. Until then, I remain skeptical. And for Casey and Ching. One. definitely not both.
    here are my on the plane predictions at the forward spot: Altidore, Davies, Gomez, Johnson(this is a sentimental choice- he has international game experience. he can show he belongs.)

  172. madmax says:

    Bradley implied in recent interview, no Beasley unless there’s a good reason why he’s not playing.

  173. ThaDeuce says:

    Can anyone tell me if I should sit in a supporters section, in a club seat, or on a corner front row for the games in philly and east hartford? I’ve never made it go a game before, want to have the best experience possible.

  174. WiscFan says:

    I want to know the name of that movie!

  175. bryan says:

    Beasley not even dressing for the Celtic game. Edu starting. 1-0 Celtic already. What the hell beasley?!?!

  176. bryan says:

    good luck finding any supporter section tickets for the Philly game. but if you can, go that route.

  177. ThaDeuce says:

    which one, outlaws or sam’s army? Will they be mad I’m a noob and don’t know the songs, etc.

  178. FulhamPete says:


  179. Lost In Space says:

    Personally would hope that Benny Feilhaber makes the squad over DaMarcus Beasley. Beasley has been injured, and when he last came off an injury to play internationally he got SCHOOLED in the Confederations Cup due to rust. for that reason I’d bring Bedoya….who’s playing well and consistently, as well as Benny.

    Otherwise I think this is the best (Healthy) 23 squad we could hope to field.

  180. Josh D says:

    Ives – You don’t bring a player to the camp knowing he won’t be there, hence Bob claiming there’ll only be something like 26-27 invited, hence Casey not being included. Why waste the time?

    The difference between the 23 and 30 are based on skill. The difference between the 30 and the rest of the entire US player pool is the possibility of them being in the 23. If there aren’t enough good players to justify 30, Bradley has stated he won’t bring 30.

    Because he’s been such a regular, he’s appeared for the US A team how many times this year? He played against the Dutch in a game where our A team players were there when? A regular last year during a time when we had injuries to a lot of strikers and while others were playing well below their norm. A regular for the A team he isn’t this year when it counts.

  181. Brad says:

    don’t you need a code word to buy fan section tickets?

  182. Kenny_B says:

    Spot on Waterlewd!

    Ching holds the ball better than Casey and if he is healthy he goes. We are not capable of playing possession football against the best countries in the world. We counter attack and that means we need two target forwards. One is Jozy and the other is… bet is a healthy (assuming he is)Ching.

  183. Sergio of SF says:


  184. Josh D says:

    I’ve stated, much to the critique of my fellow posters here, that I want Adu in that 23, I’m not belittling anything.

    Playing the first two games, sitting the next four, getting a few minutes here and there and finishing strong is having a strong season.

    He started last game and they got blown out of the water and he was subbed in the 60-something minute. His coach has openly criticized him for not knowing the basics.

    I’ve been a proponent of his even during the dark times of last year and although not the next Pele, he’s something special in skills compared to what everyone else on our team can do. That’s, for me, why he goes.

    I think still think the image being painted is one of solitude when he still has a long way to go to be a starter on a consistent basis.

    But as we’re both arguing for the same thing – he goes, but struggling about his position in club football and whether the last two games hint at a shift, let’s shake hands! Trying to support your stance that this isn’t a forum but a comments section so there’s no room for banter.

  185. ThaDeuce says:

    yes but they give it out online, i just don’t know about either one of the organizations….
    Ives, help?

  186. Josh D says:

    Too late for Convey, he was a dream 4 years ago but the reality now is due to injuries he never peaked when we needed him to. Hopefully he’s in for the next tournament go around in two years.

  187. Josh D says:

    Like your thought of added power in the midfield middle because that’s where we’ll get exposed, however Clark and Bradley don’t have the positional sense or disciple to play in a three man defensive midfield wall.

  188. fubar says:

    This line up makes no sense unless you want to play on one side of the pitch all game.

  189. bryan says:

    i have one. if you are signed up for the thing, they sent it out. Either way, I think that really mattered for “pre-sale”. but as far as i know, it is sold out. i think for sams army you have to go through their website.

  190. ThaDeuce says:

    here is another aspect, we really want to see the game, my wife is 5 foot, will we both be able to watch in a supporters section?
    But we also want to yell and scream too.
    Ahh decisions decisions.

  191. Paul says:

    Sadly, Hejduk’s days as a national teamer are past. There’s only so much that energy and enthusiasm can do for you. Casey would be a monumental mistake. With so many other midfield options, Beasley is just not important enough (compare Davies and Onyewu) for Bradley to look past his lack of playing time. Spector’s poor form is starting to worry me.

  192. Dennis says:

    Both Bornstein and Edu can play either midfield or back, Edu centrally, Bornstein on the left. Both are probably better as midfielders than backs, but in a pitch… That makes Pearce’s shot tougher.

    Holden, has yet to play after breaking his leg, Feilhaber returned from yet another injury not long ago, Clark has finally gotten into a couple games, I’m not sure what role Torres will play in a defend and counter team so I would say none of them are safely in if Beasley or Adu are in camp and do well though Clark is not threatened by either of those two as much and Adu posing a challenge suffers from the same issue as Torres with regards to style of play.

    Forwards, nothing is settled except Altidore. Then either Casey or Ching. After that, the USA needs some magic, I’m not sure who can supply it!

  193. jerome says:

    So people who watched these games are saying that this Adu could easily crack the USA 23, and you were doubting without watching the games?

    watch the games!!!

  194. bf says:

    I know a lot of people dog Ching (me included at times), but the guy works hard and has experience. In our last friendly he did a lot to create chances. Depending on the team the US plays, we might need a good target man. He’s not a starter, but like the above have said, a solid sub for Altidore or for where we want more offensive pressure.

  195. Brad says:

    hopefully Spector will get his mojo back when he moves back to the right for the usmnt…

  196. jerome says:

    Adu over Torres

  197. Dennis says:

    Well, for starters, his streak is better than the other forwards in MLS (and maybe Gomez who did not fare so well in MLS). Recently he is scoring at a higher rate than Adu and EJ when they were in MLS (well EJ might have had a good streak, but not Adu). Most other forwards in the USA pool aren’t scoring or even getting playing time.

    So yeah, MLS does not equate to the WC, but who you gonna conjure up? He likely goes.

  198. Jerome says:

    Well Ching is injured, Ching is probally going to get hurt in the camp if he goes to hard, but its his last hes just gonna do it anyway. If we need a hold-up player we have these guys who can hold the ball up and are more well-rounded than Casey= Altidore,Dempsey,Buddle,EJ

    With those 4 above specifically the first 3 it defeats the purpose of having either Ching or Casey too.

    Ohh and im going to say Adu….does so well in the the Camp that he forces his way on the roster…..he was slicing his way past Olympiakos players 2 weeks ag and this past weekend he was looked upon by the PAOK fans as Aris best( most dangerous) player, because he continued to beat (“considered”) the best defender in Greece down the flank.

  199. Matt C in tampa says:

    Bryan, agree, that’s why i wrote “player #24″

  200. ThaDeuce says:

    well, i think we are going with sams army as of now. We don’t see any section for american outlaws anyway. Sam’s army section is not sold out. At least, ticketmaster has tickets for general admission prices for them….
    However, American Outlaws has before and after parties…so we’ll party with Outlaws and fight with the Army!

  201. William the Terror says:

    Algeria just named it’s 25-man squad. The list is on US Soccer’s web site. I’m sure Ives will have it up shortly.

  202. bf says:

    about Spector… yeah, I saw that against Fulham. Not sure where his head was… but still I think he is better than other options. I think we are really short on solid defenders these days. At least Spector is playing against some of the best forwards in the world week in and week out.

  203. Joe says:

    Sub out “Hejduk” for “I”.

    The movie is “Stepbrothers”. John C. Reiley at his best.

    Great movie.

  204. ThaDeuce says:

    the code word for sam’s army is STAND

  205. base09 says:

    This team needs someone who can come off the bench and provide world cup experience. OMG guys, this teams needs Brian McBride!!

  206. jb says:

    Sorry, no way does Bob take Sacha over Beasley. Beasley is a world cup vet and has proven he can contribute at the top level. He has not played for rangers recently but against the netherlands Beasley was our most dangerous player on the pitch. Sacha has been inconsistent against weaker concacaf teams. If he improves, we consider him for 2014.

  207. bryan says:

    bahhhh, im dumb. reading comprehension fail. haha

  208. bryan says:

    not sure if i gave the impression i think casey or ching is better option than dempsey, jozy, buddle, gomez or EJ. if i did, i apologize. i can see ching and casey in the camp, but i dont see either going, personally.

  209. bryan says:

    i also posted it about 10 posts above.

  210. William the Terror says:

    thanks, bryan. sorry i missed it!

  211. Sean says:

    By your statement, Onyewu out of form is one of our best CBs. Would the same not be true of Davies? Buddle is garbage, I don’t care how many goals he’s scored in MLS. Gomez may be good in a substitute role.

  212. Sean says:

    Exactly. It is a training roster. Not their final 30.

  213. Thedude says:

    Castillo is injured I believe.

  214. beachbum says:

    isn’t that what we do? that is, stick 2 defensive mids in front of the back 4? or are you just making a joke? yes, MB gets forward, but the D posture is 2 defensive mids above the back line

  215. beachbum says:

    JoshD, exactly how does Bradley not coach the team to the players’ strengths? he does the opposite, frankly, thus the tactics and style so many posters like to hate on…but it’s to our strengths…rugged D, hyper fitness in mid-field and around the 18, counter-attacking with players who can, hold up players to corral the inevitable long balls out of the back because we are not adept at playing controlled out of the back…I could go on.

    but I’m interested to hear your explanation.

  216. TooStrongJones says:

    Torres over Adu. Torres is a stud for Pachucha and I could see him making an impact this year. Even if he rides the pine, in 2014 Torres will be big for the US. Adu over Torres, get out of here.

  217. bryan says:

    haha no worries…this thread has been blowing up all day.

  218. nd says:

    Adu (10) has played more games than Bedoya (9). Just a little entree of fact to go with that side of hate.

    It is also true that Bedoya has likely played more minutes since he has started each of his 9 games.

    (No minutes log was available)

    Regarding Buddle (9) and Bedoya (9) you are spot on.

  219. Howard says:

    Maybe an open goal is exactly the kind of attack minded thinking we need. Hey, it seriously might work against Mexico. Did you see Carlos Vela’s miss in front of the net yesterday?

  220. Come on you Yanks says:

    I completely agree. I’m tired of speculating.

  221. ND says:

    Maybe I’m just being stupid, but why do we need to have 7 defenders. I could easily justify having just 6 based on the players versatility.

    CB/LB: Boca

    CB/LB: Bornstein

    CB : Onyewu

    CB : Demerit

    CB/RB: Spector

    RB : Dolo

    I totally like Goodson! But is he neccesary? There is quite a bit of versatility on that back line. I can really only think of a few games/circumstance where he will really play. With that said, I would like to see he and Gooch together against a team that needs a late goal by crossing into the box.

    “Not gonna happen.”

    He is like Gooch in most aspects of his game. Danger in the box. Cross killer. Big body. But equally prone to be beat my quick combo play. I don’t think he is as good an athlete or as confident on the ball as Gooch. Just saying.

  222. Kenny_B says:

    I’m not discounting that Spector played poorly last weekend. However, he is starting week in and week out. Yes he made a bad blunder and yes he did not hold his line and kept Dempsey onsides. But all defenders have bad games now and then and he hasn’t had played so poorly as to take himself out of the starting lineup.

  223. ga-gone says:

    You have to have 3. Germany will have 3. Trust me.

  224. CJ from OC says:

    “But that’s not the way Bradley coaches”

    how unfortunate :(

    but your idea would get me really excited. I think that may make for some really fluid football.

    I just wonder if we would get caught with too many upfield.

  225. CJ from OC says:

    amen to that

  226. Eric says:


  227. Eric says:

    My favorite thing about Gomez is that he scored a goal on Ochoa. It was more an awful attemped save from Ochoa than a good free kick from Gomez. Either way a goal is a goal.

  228. Eric says:

    I agree its gonna be






    Write that down because that is who will be starting against England. Even though Boca at LB at the international level that is where he has been playing all year for Rennes so i dont see him moving. Dolo starts for Spector for Algeria or Slovenia though.

  229. Gatsby says:

    When did Honduras smoke Mexico 4-0, I’d pay money to see that. After looking at Fifa’s head to head stats, I couldn’t find anything. Must have been a meaningless friendly.

    (SBI-I got the score wrong, confused Mexico w/Costa Rica. Honduras smoked Mexico, 3-1, in Honduras in the Hexagonal (it was 3-0 when Mexico got a late penalty).)

  230. Eric says:

    Hey we have the same starting line up^^^. Im liking the more holding striker for Dempsey.

  231. DaveW says:

    I would feel much better seeing Maurice Edu as a central defender than I would seeing Bornstein as a central defender.

  232. DaveW says:

    Castillo had a knee sprain and didn’t play the last few games with Tigres. It may well be healed by now. They decided not to keep him on and sent him back to Club América, who had sent him out on loan.

    He has suffered a bit from a bad situation at Tigres; I hope he lands in a better situation where a)they’ll teach him to defend a bit better, even if he goes to left mid, and

    b)the team plays with some cohesion so his confidence goes up.

  233. DaveW says:

    Honduras at home beat Mexico 3-1 and Costa Rica 4-0, I’m guessing SBI got a little confused by the topsy-turvy world of the hexagonal.

    Honduras were also the only team in the hex to get all 6 points from El Salvador.

  234. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Big Soccer Yanks Abroad gameday forums always have a link or two… funny thing is the Greek feeds are usually pretty decent.. The Olympiakos feed was perfect and Adu played very well after the first 20 mins.

  235. roger says:

    Does the US have the weakest defense heading to the WorldCup.. we need massive help

  236. Northzax says:

    Here’s why you bring three (even if the rules didn’t mandate it) imagine you’re bob Bradley. Timmy gets hurt. Bad. Blows a knee, etc. (god forbid) now you have either Marcus or Brad. Big loss, but whatever. So it’s the second half, a 1-1 game against England. Rooney’s on the breakaway. Marcus is at the 19…do you want him to tackle Wayne? Or use his hands to prevent a goal? Or let him score, knowing that without a keeper you will lose the next game? Going up against a goalie without a backup is like playing a center with four fouls. It’s easy pickins.

  237. phil says:

    tell em, though I’d say feilhaber and adu will give torres a run for that spot as a starter

  238. phil says:

    i just threw up a little. bornstein = blech. we’re done for!

  239. phil says:

    tell em

  240. Micah King says:

    I agree with Josh. Casey is not good. Casey is only good for Concacaf teams only. That is all he can score on. He can not score on class teams. He is a odd player like his form will appear like once them diminish the next like twenty games then will come back. He only has done two goals and a assist in the MLS allstars game that is it. He does not deserve a place. In Tampa he did nothing against El Salvador and that was sad. :(

  241. Gino says:

    Joining this party late…I don’t see the need for a 4th GK. Better to use that extra spot to look at another wide middie like Rogers. Clint likely ends up starting up top so that leaves RM a little thin, especially with Holden recovering from a broken leg. Plus, how sharp is DMB from sitting out most of this year at Rangers? Rogers is quicker, can also play either side and is at least match fit despite his recent dip in form.

    I’m not sold on the idea of Adu. Feilhaber and Torres are likely fighting over one spot on the WC roster. Adding Freddy seems to just congest the rotation on the practice field.

  242. smokeminside says:

    Arena said he wished he’d played Ching, so I’m not sure I agree with your logic.

  243. smokeminside says:

    to anyone really: aren’t there injury rules where if someone goes down the coach can pick ANYONE to replace them, and not just from the 30, or is the coach limited to the 30 he picks for the camp?

  244. smokeminside says:

    oops…saw the post below that reiterates my thoughts….

  245. Andrew H. says:

    I can’t let this stand. I keep hearing how Rogers is good, yet I almost never see it–most of the time I see him playing badly. Yeah, he had a good shot off the post in a friendly awhile back, but the rest of the game he was terrible, turning the ball over left and right. And to say that he is quicker than DMB (who I am not a huge fan of) is ludicrous. Also, Adu is way more talented than Rogers. Although Adu has not gotten a lot of playing time in Europe, the few times I have seen him play, he has looked pretty good. That is a lot more than I can say for Rogers. In the end, this discussion is probably moot, but I am just amazed at the love Rogers gets on this board.

  246. Brent McD. says:

    please no Casey. please

  247. Goalscorer24 says:

    I hope Adu gets a chance to come into camp, but I don’t see why you think that will happen Ives. Bradley has not called Adu into any of the recent friendly games, but he did call EJ in for the game against Holland. That leads me to believe he has no interest in Adu.

  248. CD Josh says:

    The US has some midfielders who seem to labeled “defensive midfielders” i.e Clark, , Edu and, to some extent Bradley but none of them are up to the international standard at that role.

    That is why Bradley kept holding out hope for Jones who was advertised as international standard ( or was before he got hurt. The US center back tandem, whoever they are ar enot very moible or that good on the ball so JOnes would have been a huge help. Now, w/o him Bradley is going to have to improvise something.

  249. Josh C says:

    “I’d play to our strength 4-5-1 because of our midfield and lack of strikers.”

    Since when has then been a strength recently? When the US played it in earlier 2009 they did poorly. That’s why the US wound up playing 4-4-2 with Davies and Altidore up front.

    Altidore is better now, but he’s still not yet an international grade line leader.

    We have a lot of midfielders but only two, Donovan and Dempsey, are above average. The rest , at the World Cup level, are unproven and mediocre. They don’t frighten anyone.

  250. Louis the Sane says:

    You may have a valid point but no one here is in a position to evaluate the ultimate in house team “thing”.

    I love Frankie but just because you and I think he’d be a great guy to have around doesn’t mean the players and coaches agree with you. I’ve cheerfully accepted working alongside useless, self centered morons who would have been more productive dead than alive. I accepted carry the loda for their sorry butts because that was what the boss told me to do. I suspect the USMNT players are no different.

    By the way in his last interview Bradley quoted Marcelo Lippi on the cliche about “it’s not the 11 best players but the 11 who play TOGETHER the best “. Bob isn’t quite the moron everyone thinks he is.

  251. SC BSU says:

    I think an in form, healthy Ching would be a lock for the US. But that guy hasn’t been seen since the early part of 2009.

    He keeps getting hurt and then having to play himself back into shape and then getting hurt. Now he’s just coming back from what has been described as a major hammy tear. The World Cup is physically very demanding and just don’t see how anyone can trust that Ching, who is older, will hold up under the strain. And an unfit forward would be terrible.

  252. Naes says:

    While you’re at it shoot yourself in the face over Donovan going. The majority of his success is in the MLS. “How does this translate to the international game?”

  253. Josh C says:

    “But as we’re both arguing for the same thing – he goes, but struggling about his position in club football and whether the last two games hint at a shift, let’s shake hands! ”


    You are not reading what Ives is writing . or at least you aren’t being really specific with your reply.

    By saying “he goes”, do you mean Adu goes to SA or Adu goes to the 30- man camp?

    Ives wrote:

    “That doesn’t mean he makes the World Cup team, but it can definitely mean a 30-man roster inclusion.)”

    He’s saying it’s possible Bradley might bring Adu into the 30 – man camp. That doesn’t mean Adu goes to SA. Nothing more , nothing less.

  254. Martin says:

    Easy. You may only ever get one shot at the World Cup. You bring the guys who can help you get as far as you can NOW.

  255. Joamiq says:

    You don’t know that he won’t be there. If Ching is not healthy, Casey is our next best target striker and he goes.

  256. Joamiq says:

    Jozy cannot play alone up top.

  257. Joamiq says:

    Bedoya is certainly not secure. One of Clark, Edu, Torres, and Feilhaber is likely to be left out. Ching is not secure.

  258. Joamiq says:

    How on earth has Altidore clearly shown he can play holding forward? It’s the exact opposite: he’s shown that he CANNOT play holding forward.