SBI’s 23 for 2010 (May 2010 Edition)

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We are now less than a month away from knowing the 23-man roster for the U.S. World Cup team and there are still a bunch of unanswered questions and extremely tough decisions for Bob Bradley to make.

Does he bring Edson Buddle or Herculez Gomez? Does he ignore DaMarcus Beasley's lack of playing time and bring him anyway? Will Charlie Davies be able to make it all the way back? Does he find a place for Brian Ching?

A lot of the questions that still remain will be answered in the coming weeks as the U.S. team's pre-World Cup training camp kicks off, and friendlies against the Czech Republic and Turkey help paint a clearer picture of who should be on the roster.

Here is our final edition of SBI 23 for 2010, with the 23-man roster we see Bradley taking to South Africa (as well as the starting lineup we see facing England on June 12):

SBI 23 for 2010 (May 2010 edition)

GOALKEEPERS– Tim Howard, Marcus Hahnemann, Brad Guzan

DEFENDERS– Carlos Bocanegra, Oguchi Onyewu, Jonathan Spector, Steve Cherundolo, Jonathan Bornstein, Jay DeMerit, Clarence Goodson

MIDFIELDERS– Landon Donovan, Michael Bradley, Ricardo Clark, Stuart Holden, DaMarcus Beasley, Benny Feilhaber, Jose Francisco Torres, Maurice Edu, Alejandro Bedoya

FORWARDS- Clint Dempsey, Jozy Altidore, Charlie Davies, Edson Buddle

Left off last team– Conor Casey

New additions– Edson Buddle

Thoughts on this month's selections:

Choosing between Buddle, Gomez and Brian Ching wasn't easy at all, but Ching's injury status makes him a risky pick and while expect Bob Bradley to take either Ching or Conor Casey, it seems so tough to leave either Buddle or Gomez behind.

I would have a hard time leaving Gomez behind given his recent form, but Bradley's comments about Buddle and Gomez would seem to suggest that he prefers Buddle, and it's unlikely both forwards would make the team. If Davies can't go, that could pave the way for Gomez to make the squad, though Bradley might be more inclined to include Ching.

Beasley almost didn't make this squad but I really can't imagine Bradley leaving Beasley off even give his lack of playing time. Beasley showed in the friendly vs. the Netherlands that he can still bring some good qualities to the table and he's the most experienced winger in the pool.

Once again, our squad has one less defender and one more midfielder than most teams take. This seems like an even more likely scenario after hearing Bradley talk about the versatility of his defenders and how that will impact the positional breakdown of the roster.

So what will the USA starting lineup look like against England? Here is our projected starting lineup for the June 12th World Cup opener:








What do you think of the squad? who isn't on the team that you feel should be? What do you think of the projected starting lineup vs. England?

Share your thoughts below.

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336 Responses to SBI’s 23 for 2010 (May 2010 Edition)

  1. McHead says:

    I would like to see Boca and Onyewu in the middle with Spector and Cherundolo on the outsides. I’m concerned about Boca’s lack of pace at left back.

  2. John says:

    Ives, could you post a link back to your first 23 for 2010? It might make for a fun and interesting comparison.

  3. dena says:

    I like the proposed line-up vs. England, pace at the wings is the biggest concern though. Hopefully Bradley finds a way to make England narrow, but even then…

  4. Emanuel says:

    Spector isnt very quick either…

  5. the rick says:

    I still am finding it hard to believe that Davies will be ready to go. I don’t think it is going to happen. Thus, add Chinger. Drop DMB and Pearce as flank runner/defender.

  6. jp992751 says:

    I agree that Boca scares out on the left with his lack of pace, but I just can’t get around not playing DeMerit. DeMerit was a beast at the Confed Cup and merits the playing time over Boca in the middle (at least in my opinion). So that leaves either Boca on the bench (something BB would NEVER CONSIDER) or out at left where I think he would be better than any option other than Spector who lets be honest is a better option at RB over Cherundolo.

  7. GMD says:

    Nice squad Ives, but I really think BB is going to take a forward who can hold the ball up. AKA…Casey if Chingy is not fit. Sorry Buddle.

    (SBI-That’s fair, and while I would have agreed all the way up to now, I’d say Ching’s injury issues and Casey’s so-so form in MLS have me believing Bradley could scrap the reserve holding forward thing.)

  8. the rick says:

    sorry….should say “add Pearce as flank runner/defender”.

  9. Wondolowski says:

    Freddy over Beasley. freddy brings an attacking flare that beasley hasnt had for years. both cant defend anyway, and freddy would be a dangerous sub to bring on.
    why bring rico? we’ll already have five other middies that can play in the middle.
    free up another spot for an in form striker like myself.

  10. Come on you Yanks says:

    That is exactly who i would predict to start against England, assuming every one is healthy. I do worry about Bocanegra handling Walcott or Lennon on that side though, but what can you do.

  11. Jrenz says:

    i totally agree with the starting lineup. Boca’s pace is a concern but he’s much better defensively than any of the other options. He’s going to have to stay back against England anyway. Edu playing defensive mid should provide some cover.

    I’d go with Gomez over Buddle on the roster.

  12. Ian says:

    “Drop DMB and Pearce as flank runner/defender.”

    No way that will happen.

  13. Kenny_B says:

    Ive’s is your question “Do you also believe this will be Bob Bradley’s starting lineup?”? Yes is my answer to that question. I think you are spot on with who will start.

    If you question is what do you think of this lineup in terms of preference? I like it but I am more of a gambler than Bob Bradley. I would roll the dice a bit more and start Torres over Edu in hopes of having a little more possession early in the game.

  14. freddie footballer says:

    all of this flux in the roster and possible permutations has me feeling quesy.

  15. 808 says:

    Amazing about the England lineup how many of our players (8 out of 11) have been playing over there.

  16. jb says:

    Seems like a good bet for both the roster and starting lineup. It feels a bit unfair to see Gomez excluded given his recent accomplishments. I hope Gomez, Buddle, and Davies are given fair and ample opportunity to prove on the field who deserves to go. If Davies isn’t absolutely 100%, I feel he shouldnt be on the player roster. (I know I’ll get killed for that, and his story has absolutely inspired me, but it would be unfair to Gomez and Buddle, assuming they show well in the next month.)

  17. Luke says:

    I don’t get how everyone can honestly believe that Holden will be fit enough to start, but Davies won’t be. I realize that Davies’ injuries were much more serious, but his recovery rate has been alarmingly incredible and I think he has a better shot at being match ready by the England game.

    As for the defender situation, I think we need Boca on the left and Gooch and Demerit in the middle. They played EXCELLENT against Spain in the Confed Cup, and hopefully they can do it again! Boca may lack pace, but he’s smart and will figure out a way to deal with the quicker wingers such as Walcott or Lennon.

  18. MensreaJim says:

    All things considered, I can roll with that starting XI.

    Quite the year for Stu.

  19. Ben says:

    I can live with that lineup, except for the right and left backs. Why can’t we produce quality outside backs? After Spector’s recent play in England, he can’t have much confidence left, and I don’t have much in him. Boca is, obviously, a solid player, but not really international quality at outside back. Dolo is perhaps our only legit back, but getting up there in age.

  20. Goalscorer24 says:

    I could live with that lineup against England. Yeah Boca is a bit slow at left back, but our options are limited there. I too can’t imagine Bradley not taking one of his “holding” forwards (Ching or Casey). I guess it would depend on how Buddle does in camp. (Watching Buddle play last night, he needs to learn to shoot from distance and not try and walk the ball into the goal, especially at the international level.)

  21. Fire BB says:

    “Choosing between Buddle, Gomez and Brian Ching wasn’t easy at all…

    if you didn’t include ching in that sentence i would agree with your entire piece. again, ching is awful and should be nowhere near the usmnt. ditto casey. the true dilemma is picking between buddle and gomez.

  22. jimoh8002 says:

    Altidore can hold the ball up very well,thats one of the skills he developed while he was in the EPL and he at least possesses average pace, Casey and Ching are obsolete(whats the point of hold up the ball only to lose it or make a dumb pass or win the ball in the air and not put it on target?) in the national team. The only thing BB might need Casey for is penalties

  23. Andrew H. says:

    This looks right to me.

  24. Jeff says:

    I am in 100% agreement with your starting lineup. Hopefully everyone is healthy and ready to go!

  25. Murphy says:

    right on ives. the only question is whether bob chooses ching/casey or buddle.

  26. ernj says:

    When will the Adu lovefest end?

  27. John says:

    I’m pretty sure Holden is more or less match fit right now.

  28. DC Josh says:

    Nice squad. As opposed to other posts, I don’t think Bocanegra at LB is a liability. You need a certain amount of speed to contend with wingers, but positioning is the most important aspect of playing as a fullback (I’ve played one all my life). Bocanegea is smart enough and experienced enough to deal with any winger in our group. Lennon will be a handful for any of our fullbacks, and I think Bocanegra is our best fullback.

    Also, I don’t see any way how Edu does not start over Clark. Edu has had a great season with Rangers. And although he missed out on the WC Qualifiers, he played with Bradley in the Olympics, so there is a history there between the two. Also, Edu is better than Clark when going forward.

  29. DC Josh says:

    Holden has been in full training for a couple weeks.

  30. rob says:

    Is Dempsey really only going to be a forward throughout the entire tournament? I’d imagine him as a pure MF (no room for Bedoya), which frees up a forward spot for Ching (we need a target forward). Dempsey can just move up top whenever the game calls for it.

  31. Dumpus says:

    Shows you how far behind we are as a soccer nation to call up a player that has not played at all in a competitive match in about 10 months. US will not advance out of its group

  32. jimoh8002 says:

    My point exactly instead of rico, we should focus more on hybrid plays like EDU (Centerback and Ceter Mid) Holden (Center Mid & Winger) Adu (Attacking Mid, Winger & Second/Support Striker) ..This is the Way forward.

  33. DC Josh says:

    Ives, does Bradley adjust his starting XI against England depending on who they start? Just wondering what kind of lineup we could see them run and how that would affect Bradley’s lineup.

  34. brandon says:

    I’ve watched buddle 5 or 6 times this year, including once in person vs kc, and I just don’t think his game will translate to the international game. His hold up play and his first touch is not up to international standards. So many times i’m scratching my head because his touch is just awful. Yeah he has a lot of goals this year and is finding a way to get a lot of shots off, but I just don’t think he can do it at the world cup because the defenses will be better. Call it the Taylor twellman syndrome, great in mls, poor in a nats jersey. I’d bring another defender before I brought buddle.

  35. GMD says:

    True on Altidore and not disputing that, but BB likes holding forwards as subs as well. Example Spain Confed Cup. My thoughts..

  36. BurlingtonChelsea says:

    When do provisional squads have to be announce? How about the final roster?

  37. Andrew H. says:

    I think Dempsey is a far better forward for the USMNT than a midfielder. Why would you want to free up a spot for an old, slow, injured, not-good-enough player?

  38. primoone says:

    Holden is a really good player, however, he is not a starter on this team. It takes him too long to figure out how his opponents are playing him. His inability to read and react offensively on the US “A” team is a bit suspect. With that said, he is great at tracking back and winning 50/50s as well as efficient being efficient on corner sets. Holden 60-90th minute player.

    Insert Beasley on the left or right side. Move the versatile LD accordingly.

  39. Jamie Z. says:

    Beasley can’t defend?

    I’d say he has excellent defensive sensibilities for a midfielder, hence the left back experiment. While he may not be our answer at that position, I’d say his style of play fits what Bradley looks for in a winger.

    I’m not against Freddy getting a call into the May camp, but I would be surprised to see him in the final 23.

  40. Andrew says:

    Bradley is the only one in that lineup who hasn’t played for a team in Great Britain. Insane.

  41. Bill Mill says:

    link to

    Edgar Castillo, Casey *and* Findley (blech!), and Robbie Rogers.

  42. Sergio of SF says:

    I would take Buddle over Gomez. Simply because of his chemistry with Landon Donovan. I would take Gomez though, if Davies can’t make the trip. Ching if healthy goes.

  43. Dinho says:

    Thanks for the pep talk, Debbie Downer.

  44. fischy says:

    I’m guessing this will be the starting lineup, but I wish we didn’t have to rely so heavily on guys who haven’t played in a while.

  45. Dinho says:

    Agreed, Sergio.

  46. MT. Soccer says:

    Instead of being negative, I think our striking duo of Altidore and Dempsey could be incredibly productive. Dempsey has proven time and time again he can score in big games at crutial times. Jozy is going to come to camp with a renewed purpose of proving that the little hiccup at the end of the season was not the norm. Donovan has proved he belongs on the biggest stage and is showing everyone what a great set-up man he is. I think we will score some awesome goals in SA.

  47. Jeremy says:

    Here’s one from last August – link to

    Perkins, Marshall, Hejduk, & Ching out; Hahneman, Bornstein, Bedoya, & Buddle in (who would have guessed Bedoya & Buddle back then)

  48. I’m sorry, but let’s music to the talking come training camp….I think Gomez has a heads up and is my preference if Chuckie D can’t make it. Findley.Cunningham. Casey, all MLS players who were scoring well, but that did not transfer over to the international level.

  49. Josh D says:

    Agree with everything but Buddle who has neither the physique nor the prowls to make any impact at the WC. The last striker seat on the plane will go to someone who is only going to see time off the bench and there is only one player in our whole pool who has been known for the last 5 months to have the skill set to come off the bench and with only a couple touches, make something happen.

    Buddle like Findley, is built far far too small to compete against a bruising team and none of our group are anything but bruising teams.

    I’d take E.J. over Buddle, for his experience and physical play. With a but more confidence, I like what I’m seeing

    It takes something special to score off the bench (Ole and now Owen come to mind) but very few can. Gomez, for whatever reason, has found his specialty and I know if we’re down by 1 who I’m calling up to the line.

    Still not sold on Bedoya and the lovefest he has here. Two games off the bench for the US, a decent year in a league on part with MLS and he’s now the biggest thing since O’Iminjuredagain’Brian?? I’d take Adu over Bedoya.

  50. fischy says:

    As for the roster — I’d leave Torres home. Probably bring another forward — either both Gomez and Buddle, or Ching in for one or the other…based on what happens in camp/friendlies.

  51. ted s says:

    I would prefer Gomez to Ching, Conner … I wonder if Davies is ready… Buddle and Gomez are at the top of my list to include with Gomez slightly edging Buddle…Gomez has proven himself with his remarkable comeback from obscurity …. I question Altidore as well with his recent form/outburst…I also pray every day that dempsey doesn’t look too slow as he did in some of the qualifiers… I hope donovan will show up… and let go… let it flow…seemed he was complaining every time someone bumped him last night… Either way I wish whoever is chosen to give it their all…believe in yourself…have fun!….i believe in u and support u…play with confidence… similar to our confederations cup efforts minus brazil comeback… go team US and US fans…

  52. Sergio of SF says:

    I disagree. I think Holden starts. Especially if Bob has to use Dempsey up top.

  53. jos mke says:

    Here are SBI’s 23 for 2010 (August 2009 edition). Much has remained the same…

    GOALKEEPERS- Tim Howard, Brad Guzan, Troy Perkins

    DEFENDERS- Carlos Bocanegra, Oguchi Onyewu, Jay DeMerit, Jonathan Spector, Steve Cherundolo, Chad Marshall, Clarence Goodson, Frankie Hejduk

    MIDFIELDERS- Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley, Ricardo Clark, Benny Feilhaber, Maurice Edu, Jose Francisco Torres, Stuart Holden, DaMarcus Beasley

    FORWARDS- Landon Donovan, Jozy Altidore, Charlie Davies, Brian Ching,

  54. Yeah, so we only have ONE creative central midfielder (Benny) and we take an MLS striker who hasn’t proven he can compete on the international level. Jose can be thrown into a game and actually hold the ball and start up the offense when need be as a sub….

  55. fubar says:

    If everyone was healthy, Davies would be starting up top and Dempsey would be out on the right.

  56. Josh D says:

    And almost forgot! Bornstein is off my final 23 as well. Based on Bradley’s talk, he’s still considering Pearce so he’s in the initial equation and I just don’t Bornstein stepping up his game enough.

    However, Bob’s statement that he prefers versatile players indicates Bornstein is going – because, you know, it makes sense to bring a player who just does alright at CB and LB over a specialist in a position. Thank God we’re back to the day when there was only one sub so you needed versatility…

  57. John says:

    more like debbie dummy. We may have a lack of forward depth, for sure, but even if we had more depth at that position I’d bet CD9 would be on the team if he were able. He’s already “on the team”. It’s not some random call up. it’s just a question if he can be healthy enough to go back to his old spot.

  58. Justin O says:

    He’s still got a few fans, like the poster above, but the “Adu lovefest” ended years ago.

  59. Big Chil says:

    I still think BB will bring Brian Ching, if healthy, meaning that the forwards will be Ching, Altidore, Davies and Gomez/Buddle, with Dempsey listed as a midfielder, bumping perhaps Bedoya.

    This gives BB the choice to play Ching and Davies as subs or 60′ starters, along with two fully 90-minute match fit forwards, and the ability to slot Dempsey up top as well.

  60. Andy in Atlanta says:

    When he is 32 and not playing anymore… 12 years from now…

    Cut the guy some slack…he has been learning and improving steadily since January under Cuper @ Aris… he still has skills and can add something…he may just miss out on the final 23 but it would not be by much… I think it is a very real possibility that he gets a spot if Charlie can’t make it all the way back in time… that way he has 3 midfielders that can also play in the hole behind Jozy…especially against Slovenia.. It was not that long ago that Freddy was a bit of a spark against Spain and England in the friendlies back in 08.. He just needs to be on the pitch until the end of Aris’s playoff run and he could certainly add something.

  61. Lost in Space says:

    The only questions/concerns I have from Ives 23 is the inclusion of Beasley, and the possibility of Davies. If Davies is actually healthy enough (90%) than I’m fine with it. He could be a great asset to bring off the bench in the last 15-20 minutes to run at tired defenders.

    Beasley is a bit of a tricky selection. He’s got experiance, but has shown when rusty or out of form that these a liability. Unfortuantely don’t see may options for wingers…would have said Adu, but to me he’s still not ready IMHO. Just can’t think of any options……..

    The Starting XI however I feel is spot on.

  62. Sergio of SF says:

    Buddle is not a small guy, if you haven’t noticed.

  63. fischy says:

    Well…I could be persuaded to favor Torres over Feilhaber, since Benny hasn’t played much lately and didn’t look much better than Torres in his last few games in a USA kit. Neither are incredibly creative, consistent, effective, or any good at defense. So, they don’t add a huge amount to the attack, and that’s not really our game anyway. On the other hand, we do need guys who can put the biscuit in the basket. With Davies and Ching being question marks as to health — Possibly Dempsey, too (how well is his PCL healed — is it an injury, perhaps a complete tear, waiting to happen?), I don’t think we can bring too much depth at the position.

  64. MadKingGeorge says:

    Why Does the US Produce good Midfielders and Keepers but cant produce good Defenders and Strikers? What gives?

    I would be like out chances a lot more if we had a steller back line. We could do what italy does and still do well even though we dont have a deadly attack. Defense wins championships. Please develope some great defenders please!!!

  65. Kenny_B says:

    “Buddle who has neither the physique nor the prowls” Do you mean prowess?

    Bedoya plays in a league on “par” not “part” with MLS.

    It’s really hard to focus on the content of your writing.

    I agree with you that Gomez does seem to be able to bring a spark to the game that seems to be lacking from our strikers at times. But Gomez hasn’t proved it at the international level either.

  66. Sergio of SF says:

    Anyone else excited to see the new home kits in action this month? I just hope there are no more injuries in the coming weeks before camp. Did anyone notice Landon Donovan get kicked in the elbow last night? He seemed to be in some serious pain, and then it seemed as though he singled the bench that he needed to come out. I almost chocked on the food I was eating. But then he followed that up with a free kick that led to Gordon’s goal. Finished the match, so I guess he is fine.

  67. John Skeptikal says:

    Ives we know you broke the story that he might be back, but realistically it’s time to give up on the probability that Davies will make this team.

    I know everyone hates to hear that, but if you want to choose the most likely 23 right now Davies can’t be in it. That doesn’t mean he can’t make it, just that he’s not in 23 until he plays, there’s too much doubt. Naming his is just blind hope and emotion, fans suffer from it, clearly, but you too?

    (SBI-John, he’s training with Sochaux and everything I hear is that he’s continuing to progress. It would be one thing if he weren’t even training, but if he’s in full training, I don’t see how it’s completely out of line to list him on a potential 23-man squad. If he has a setback, or winds up not being able to reach his old level then obviously he won’t be there, but as it stands he’s continuing to make progress.)

  68. Isaac says:

    I agree with most everything except for one tiny thing:






    Donovan and Feilhaber are normally the first two guys on the field to get used to the amount of spaces and speed of play. They can keep possession, calm the game down, and take pressure off the defense with sharp passes, which can come in handy when England get their offense going. They each have the skill and creativity to crack the defense, create chances for themselves and others, and provide service for Dempsey and Altidore. Moreover, they each, seemingly, have a higher work than Dempsey. Feilhaber seems to have some bite and a pretty good grasp of defensive skills, while Donovan seems to have acquired a taste for pinching in defensively, i.e., the Spain game. Donovan seems to have taken it upon himself to be the man who supplies the attack with good service. My thought is that he needs somebody to help him, and while Dempsey can be that guy, I think his ability to find the net agains the best teams in the world is a bit more important to this team. Aside from Donovan, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Altidore and Dempsey have the best noses for goal on the team. When it comes to skill, creativity, touch, poise, composure, and attacking ingenuity, It probably goes Donovan, Dempsey, Feilhaber, Torres, then Holden. So, we should stick the guys with that kind of ability in the midfield in an advanced position. That ends us up with Donovan and Feilhaber. Holden’s crossing is excellent, but he hasn’t been getting consistent minutes like Benny, he’s recovering from an injury(although that’s not much of a factor), and he tends to have trouble with the speed of play at times. His ability as a substitute is unquestioned though.

    I think what’s most important is that the team still retains the mentality that you stick together, do things as a unit, and remember that defending is a team thing. Meaning we should apply pressure from all directions and stay organized.

  69. MadKingGeorge says:

    would like “OUR CHANCES” a lot more…….

  70. I don’t see it as a given at all that Spector is a better option than Dolo, even though I think that Bradley will likely play Spector. I watched probably ten of West Ham’s games this year and it was about as difficult as watching Jozy play for Hull. IMO Spector has really serious issues with his marking. I love the USMNT and pull for all the guys, but watching Spector was tough. His crossing is great, but I don’t think it makes up for what he lacks defensively at right or left back. I feel much more comfortable with Dolo at right back.

  71. Isaac says:

    Why don’t we wait to see/hear how he does in camp before we make conclusions? He hasn’t suffered any setbacks that we’ve heard of. Onyewu isn’t playing, but he’s going. Beasley isn’t playing, but he’s going. So, lets just wait. I know that seems weird after 6 months of waiting for Charlie, not to mention this World Cup, but I don’t think it’s asking too much.

  72. Dave says:

    It crushes me to say it, but I don’t think Davies makes it back. I think Gomez will go along with Buddle and Altidore.

    I can see a scenario where Ching (if fit) gets a ticket. In this scenario I include Dempsey in the Midfield pool bumping Beasley or Feilhaber / Torres.

  73. werner says:

    I love holden, but don’t know how he is doing right now… Would this be crazy?

    —–JoseTorres(or Benny)—–


    and then have holden come in as a substitute while Dempsey moves up top?

  74. assocfoot says:

    Sadly, I think Davies stays home as of today, replaced by, I hope, Gomez. Completely agree with Buddle over Ching and Casey and hope BB will as well. If Davies is really a border line call, bring him and Gomez and leave DMB home. If Clint is less needed at forward, he can slide back to outside mid at least part time. 100% on starting line up versus England. Spector has had some sketchy moments recently, but I am still very comfortable with him at RB.

  75. Brian S says:

    This may be the Cinco De Mayo hangover talking but I think Freddy might have an outside shot at this lineup over Bedoya. After watching his games over the past few weeks, I have to say that he brings that little something extra that is just very rare in American players. I think we could use his confidence and vision late in a game when we need it. It’s a shame that Aris’ game was canceled today. I feel he needs at lest one or two more games to really catch Bob’s eye for camp.

  76. Warren says:

    Me too but Bradley won’t use Torres except as a sub I am guessing. And to be fair Edu’s doing well of late.

    Maybe against Slovenia or Algeria Bob will get bold – ok I’m dreaming.

  77. Andy says:

    Even if the right side of midfield is potentially England’s least solidified position, it does worry me that everyone in contention (Young, Walcott, Lennon, Johnson, Wright-Phillips) has great speed, and we’re likely to put Bocanegra out at Left full back. I don’t think I can think of a better alternative though… trying to play Beasley there certainly never worked out at all.

  78. cfig says:

    I was gonna say…he’s 6-1 185.

  79. Warren says:

    I’m also in the Gomez over Ching, definitely Casey, and likely over Davies if he’s can’t go full tilt May 15.

    Take the hot goal scorers now – Buddle and Gomez – and throw them into the fire.

  80. Warren says:

    Holden is expected to play this weekend.

  81. ted s says:

    gomez mvp won league title and us open cup with donovan 2005… i think donovan and gomez can work together…

  82. Warren says:

    Holden’s found his level with Bolton.

    Used appropriately with USMNT he should get comfortable in the friendlies – and should be starting.

  83. knowledge says:

    We will have a 2-0 win in a friendly, Gomez will have the second goal

  84. Warren says:

    Buddle and Gomez should go, Ching who plans to retire from USMNT after Cup – shouldn’t wait.

    Ching has been a solid CONACAF player for USMNT, give him a gold watch and let’s see what the current crop of hot strikers can do.

  85. EA says:

    The thing to consider with Beasley is that he still has top class wheels. He’s not as fast as he used to be, but if you NEED a goal in the last 10 minutes, and you’re getting a lot of pressure from your opponent, you can defend with 7, boom a long ball to Altidore or Dempsey, flick on to Donovan and/or Beasley on the wings, and they’re GONE.

    He’s also VERY under rated with his service and free kick abilities.

    I don’t like him for a full 90, but needing a goal with little time left, I’d take a fresh Beasley, running at tired full backs, over 95% of the US player pool.

  86. ab says:

    the person i worry about most in this proposed line up is onyewu. you can’t overlook the fact that he hasn’t played in, you know, forever. if he does well in the friendlies, that would be awesome, but if you’re making a roster today, it seems that guaranteeing him a spot in starting lineup is a bit reckless.

  87. cfig says:

    Am I the only one not really on board with Edu as a sub at centerback? Sure, he could do it if absolutely necessary, but that would mean we’d lost at least 3 centerbacks (please God don’t let us lose any 3 players to injury, much less 3 defenders) and I’d probably play Spector there before Edu. He’s played there a couple times as I understand, he’d be maybe 5th on the depth chart. You lose 3 players at the same position and you’re doing some serious position adjusting anyway, any sort of plan is out the window at that point.

  88. Fireball says:

    You should be concerned with Spector’s abilities at LB. He’s not that good there.

    I also want to see who lines up against Algeria, where their wingers are the strength of the team.

  89. EA says:

    A fast winger like an Aaron Lennon or Shaun Wright Phillips would eat the Feilhaber/Bocanegra tandem alive. Luckily, we’re not playing anyone like that.

    Oh, wait….

  90. John says:

    Cherundolo brings nothing to the fight. Spector played the majority of this season for West Ham out of position at left back. At right back, he is capable (if not spectacular) defensively and he brings a lot to the attack. Go back and re-watch the first goal from the Confed Cup final.

  91. Fireball says:

    When Wondoloski stops posting.

  92. montana matt says:

    I agree. I’m worried that if Boca starts at LB against England he’ll just get torched by Walcott.

  93. Are you kidding me? Both are very creative if given an opportunity and hold the ball fairly well. Look at Benny during the set up of the second goal in the Spain game. Torres in the home Costa Rica game and in the Dutch game after he settled down…..Clark and Bradley are great defensively, but can’t hold or pass, its all LONGBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Torres also can crack a mean left footed shot…Fate was a punk disguised as a goalpost during that Dutch game!!!

  94. Warren says:

    Yeah the last thing we need is a creative player who can move the ball from the back to the forwards or side to side – oops, actually that’s the glaring weakness typically of BB squads.

    Torres deserves a shot at the least at sub minutes.

  95. gerald says:

    DMB is way better in defending than Freddy but I won’t disagree on the attacking flair but DMB is the better player right now

  96. EA says:

    Remember that Spector, Bornstein, and Bocanegra have all played CB in this cycle, and probably for that reason.

    That’s why altough the internet ‘tards screeched that Bornstein was playing CB in those two friendlies at the beginning of the year…. it’s for a reason.

    While we don’t WANT him back there for an extended period, he’s at least seen the game from that perspective at the international level. Same with Spector. Honestly, I’d be shocked if Edu sniffed central defense this cycle, if ever.

  97. Orale guey!!!!!!!!!!

  98. soccer lou says:

    i would include sasha over clark in the mf
    clark is barely playing in europe and sasha
    even if he’s not having a great season with his team
    so far at leas he’s playing and looking better every
    week Davies it’s only training has not seen any kind
    of real game action no rythim at all mean while Edson
    and Herculez are playing not just good how about very
    damn good i would say

  99. Paul says:

    I agree with Ives’s roster for the most part. I tend to think taking 7-9-4 in terms of defense, mids, and forwards is best, although now I am having second thoughts. Given the lack of depth at left back, do we really want to potentially overplay some of our regulars instead of having Pearce as a backup? We are strong enough in midfield that we might be able to just keep 8 and make sure we have a full complement at the back. If we ask which position might be give us the most trouble, it is in the back: Gooch is coming back, DeMerit and Spector haven’t had the best of seasons. Pearce is not my ideal replacement–I think this is a position where Bob hasn’t done enough rotation, unlike in the midfield (but similiarily at striker)–but he seems to be the best we have at the moment. (This question will probably come back up in a future Q-A session.)

  100. John says:

    To add further to the fullback debate, if I were BB I would also bring Pearce for more depth. I would drop Jose Torres to make room. Now, I personally love Torres. However, Bradley has no intention of playing the open, possession-style game that Torres excels at. We saw against Holland how poorly Torres fits into BB’s ‘bunker and counter’ game. I doubt seriously he ever sees the field in SA.

  101. Isaac says:

    So the pace of Jonathan Bornstein is going to completely shut down Lennon right? Bocanegra has a great positional sense and smart marking ability that helps him overcome his lack of pace in a lot of situations. Feilhaber also isn’t slow. He normally gets from A to B in required time, not record time. If Bocanegra IS too slow to deal with pace, then he could always go to center back with someone like Bornstein or even Beasley taking over, but all of our speedier wingbacks aren’t as good defensively as Bocanegra.

  102. Warren says:

    Agreed except Beasley shouldn’t be on the squad.

    Always loved the guy, but…no.

    Time’s up on Beasley, Ching, Casey, Cunningham, Casey, Hejduk,Conrad, etc. Not to mention Sacha and Findley.

  103. Warren says:

    time’s doubly up on Casey ; )

  104. Goalscorer24 says:

    Brandon you could be correct, but he would not be a starter. He might work as a sub.

  105. golfstrom says:

    Cherundolo brings nothing to the fight??? Huh? The guy is a deputy captain for Hannover and has been playing in the Bundesliga for 7 years. He’s very good w/ the ball at his feet and is a decent crosser himself. I like Spector, too, but I feel like he’s been living off those two crosses in the Confed Cup for the last year.

  106. Yasha says:

    Hopefully after the friendlies we’re swapping Beasley for Gomez. Other than that I like the list.

  107. Stevem says:

    I haven’t seen great ness our of Michael Bradley. he seems a lock over players with much better midfield resumes. If BB wasn’t the coach, I think he would definitely be a bubble player.

  108. Warren says:

    I like it but…Bob wouldn’t.

  109. Felix says:

    I agree with you, I do like Spector as a player, but he hasn’t had a good season, but he gets a complete free pass with USMNT fans. Spector doesn’t start in my lineups.

  110. EA says:

    “let’s see what the current crop of hot strikers can do.”

    The World Cup is not the place to “throw s*** to the wall and see what sticks.”

    Is Ching limited? Yes. But he shouldn’t be overwhelmed by the atmosphere, probably has a BIG chip on his shoulder from his last “big stage” match with the US (Gold Cup ’09), and you can gameplan for his weaknesses.

    “Better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t.”

    IF Davies AND Ching are 100% fit, I’m okay bringing both and leaving Buddle and Gomez behind.

  111. Waterlewd says:

    I can understand what you’re saying and I think it can work, but Bradley won’t do that against England. Benny has a tendancy to drift inside onto his favored right foot, and any loss of possession would leave the LB uncovered and vulnerable on the wing. That would mean Bradley has to shift over to cover hopefully before a cross gets accurately launched right to the head of Peter Crouch. For that reason alone, it’s not gonna happen. England has width and the defensive shape needs to match that width.

    I can see a more adventurous lineup for the other group games for sure, and hopefully Bradley will realize when it’s time to go for it. But against England? Uhhh…he’s not gonna do it. I can see the training camp right now. There will be a sign hanging over the entrance to the field that says, “Play like 2 lines of 4 today.” And against England, that’s how they will play. And they will wait for the counter-attack to take advantage of the slowness of foot of England down the center.

  112. sread says:

    Boca has shown he needs to be on the field. He pairs well with his fellow defensemen and is a threat every single time there’s a set piece. He finds ways to score game changers. That’s huge.

  113. johnnycougar says:

    Here’s a totally stupid question: do we have to have a 3rd keeper? Is there some requirement?

    If there’s no requirement, what are the chances that the 3rd keeper will have more influence on the team than another midfielder or striker? Especially in this case, when Charlie might not be 100% by the beginning of next month but could play in the tournament. I’d rather take a chance on him as player 23 than having another keeper who, barring essentially “acts of God,” won’t see the field.

  114. Warren says:

    Clark’s going 90 minutes a game for a quality Bundesliga squad…and Sacha is playing mediocre in MLS. As you said.

    And you also take Sacha over Clark.

    Right, makes sense.

  115. corey says:

    I don’t have a problem with having one less defender than most teams. Edu can play in defense if the team is in a bind.

  116. EA says:

    Not what I’m saying at all. But if you’re going to play Bocanegra against a speedier winger, you better have Donovan there to support him.

    This is why Dempsey magically played better last summer with Cherundolo behind him instead of Spector.

    No gaps.

    Any coach worth his salt would make the adjustment immediately to attack Feilhaber and Bocanegra.

  117. golfstrom says:

    “It takes him too long to figure out how his opponents are playing him. His inability to read and react offensively on the US “A” team is a bit suspect.”

    What does this even mean. Anyway, Stu for starter gets my vote. Good player.

  118. josip says:

    You bring Rico because he’s our freaking starter as long as he’s fit!

  119. Warren says:


    I think you’ve nailed the starting 11 assuming no (more) injuries.

    For the full 23, if it was me I’d take Gomez over Buddle assuming Davies can go; if he can’t take both.

  120. JL says:

    I dunno. I don’t see THAT much flux. I’ve been fretting too–what else is there to do but think about the WC these days?–but looking at this lineup I think: That’s a pretty good team we got there. Not the world’s best obviously, but a lot of good players who’ve played a lot of games together and some promising young guys…not to mention several key guys who we thought might not play because of injuries. I’m pretty excited to watch these guys go.

  121. Josh D says:

    Still find Buddle not to be a physical striker and has a hard time against a physical centerback.

    Ok, a few mistakes on a post I didn’t go back to edit. If you get my points, I’m satisfied :)

    And if both are untested on the international level, it again, comes down to who can provide the biggest firepower off the bench. For me, Gomez does because of what he has proven in the last 5 months and we haven’t had a goal scoring threat off the bench in awhile.

    “Hey Rio, look! They’re bringing on Casey, hahahahahaha.”

  122. Ian says:

    We do not need a target forward, it will not cut it in the World Cup. For proof see: Confederations Cup after Davies became a starter.

    This whole “target forward” debate is stupid and Altidore will be able to serve that role, if needed, just fine.

  123. dwitty says:

    Yeah, DMB is so good that the Rangers aren’t extending his contract. He’s so good that he’s said he’d accept a pay cut to stay on the Rangers bench. Geez…DMB sucks. Even he knows it.

    Mark my words, if he gets into a WC 2010 game, he will cause a goal that will keep the US from progressing.

  124. Waterlewd says:

    We are playing Slovenia and Algeria too. We will probably have to bring the game to them. I see the main strategy of Algeria and Slovenia as basically the same. And it goes thusly: 1. Try to pinch a point off the USA with a tie (0-0 will do), 2. Beat the other non-favored team (Algeria/Slovenia) 3. Slip into the Round of 16 on goal differential with 4 points.

  125. Ian says:

    Ten months? Who are you talking about? And who’s getting called in, did Bob release the prelim roster already? Do you have a connection in BB’s office?

    Davies and Gooch were injured in October, making it seven months. Counting fail.

    We are definitely extremely far behind as a soccer nation, beating Egypt and Spain before taking it to Brazil last summer in a major tournament.

    Do you even watch soccer?

  126. sread says:

    Other than the Aussies, were the only other team that could match a Premiership side against ENG. Can’t wait…

  127. El Torito says:

    Bob (the I don’t know what you are trying to accomplish) Bradly is not into an attacking squad, but of a holding the ball in the back and providing a hell marry pass (with your foot) down the wing; to hopefully find an open wingers to score. Kind of squad. Concacaf has us figured out. Most other countries don’t. Until his cycle ends and we find a offensive strategist type of coach; we will continue to see this again and again.
    I get mad everytime I see great offensive US talent not being used properly and effectively.
    Unfortunately our defense being hurting. Come on defense pull it together.
    USA all the way.

  128. Adam M. says:

    Worst case scenario. Keeper One gets hurt. Keeper Two get a red card (or gets a yellow in an early match). Or visa versa. If you don’t have a third keeper, you are pretty much screwed. You carry Three because the magnitude of the harm outweighs the unlikeness of the happening.

  129. BetaMale says:

    I like Dempsey up top, even if Davies is fit. Dempsey is hit or miss for us in the midfield, yet always seems to be a thorn in Fulham’s opponents sides up top. In a perfect world, a fully fit and in form Davies paired up with Dempsey up top, with Altidore on the bench.

  130. rp says:

    Here’s Ives from July 2006

    link to

  131. bryan says:

    no way dude. Dempsey is a forward at heart. he hates have defensive responsibilities and it shows when he plays in the middle. No room for Bedoya, one of our only NATURAL wingers playing consistently?!?! that doesnt make sense.

    as for ching…some people want him, some people dont. both make valid points. IMO, he stays home though.

  132. EA says:

    FIFA required.

  133. bryan says:

    you’ll take Adu over Bedoya?! Sitting on the bench in Greece is better than playing 90 every week in Sweden? And playing well. Adu has been good and I like the kid, but Bedoya has surpassed him based on form.

  134. sread says:

    We’ll have a better idea of al of this after May 17th

  135. Brad says:

    This is my preferred starting 11 for June 12th too.

    And I hope that BB sees the light and doesn’t feel the need to bring Casey or Ching over Gomez or Buddle.

    But one thing I’m afraid of is that the USA won’t be able to get out of its half due to Spector and Bocanegra keeping back to compensate for their relative lack of pace compared to the English players. Dempsey, Donovan, and Jozy are going to have to hold up with the ball well until the team moves up.

  136. bryan says:

    benny has been playing every week since he recovered from injury. torres and benny both have to go.

  137. Warren says:

    The friendlies before the World Cup and before final roster ARE the place to put out best possible teams and see how they perform.

    Fresh young blood – too cocky to realize they should be intimidated – is exactly what US needs in the cup games.

    Rational elders would assume England will blow US away. Rewind the clock and ask Charlie Davies what he was thinking before going out against Spain.

  138. arakpo says:

    Imagine if Injuries did not occur and better opportunities were provided. It could be Spector at Man U, Simek at Arsenal, and Whitbread at Liverpool. I know it didt work out, but just a thought. Imagine that with our current pool. Or if Neven Subotic had not defected.

  139. TimN says:

    My take:





    I know Dempsey has played up top at Fulham, but Fulham is a different scheme with a different player skill set and talent pool. Dempsey sometimes “disappears” up top in international play. As well, the Clark-Bradley tandem in central midfield is a proven quantity in international play against top competition. Why mess with that? I think Edu comes off the bench.

    I think it’s absolute lunacy to leave Gomez out. I mean c’mon, they guy’s leading the Mexican Primera in goals. Yes, Buddle is scoring, but I think the talent level against which Gomez is playing is superior to MLS…sorry. I also don’t like the idea of bringing an out-of-form Charlie Davies. Ives, how do you justify leaving off Ching because of injury, and then take Davies???

  140. JL says:

    This is so silly from start to finish it barely warrants a response. But here you go: this is so weird and off base that it makes you seem like you’re still upset about losing playing time to the coach’s son back in 5th grade.

  141. Hammer says:

    He’ll deserve a lot more than that if we don’t get off to a good start with Bradley and Edu starting the first couple matches. Give him a start if all we have is a point going into the Algeria match. I say shake things up and see what he brings with a start.

  142. El Torito says:

    Ives I just posted a coment. Was it deleted?

  143. Jamie Z. says:

    Polar opinions are usually wrong, but for some reason it’s all you people seem to have to offer.

    Anyone who has ever followed DMB and seen him play knows he has a big upside, but can also get stuck in a rut. When he’s hot, he deserves to be in the team, and when he’s not, he can be a liability. I trust Bob Bradley is in a better position to judge his current form than either of us.

  144. Ryan says:

    Walcott? I won’t be surprised if he doesn’t see the field for England.

  145. Warren says:

    Spector spends his year – playing against USMNT members, who are all in EPL.

    He’s been off his game but I wouldn’t worry aboout Jonathan.

    Likewise Boca’s been playing regularly against quality and speedy competition in France; honestly those 2 are not the guys to worry about.

    Onyewu hasn’t played a game since last fall, and Demerit’s had a miserable year due to cascading injuries.

    If those 2 are solid I like our chances to get out of the 1st round, if they’re not we’re toast.

  146. FulhamPete says:

    Poopy Van Poopersaar strikes again!

  147. Warren says:

    sorry – I meant Spector plays weekly against England squad members, when not up against his fellow USMNTers in England.

  148. away goals says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see benny get the start either, but only because holden has been out for so long.

    Don’t sleep on holden’s ability to possess. Watch the dutch game again. As a team, we didn’t connect on a single pass for the first three minutes. Stu was the first guy to try to settle things down.

    He’s right up there with benny and torres, possession-wise.

  149. chill says:

    I actually would like to see Goodson over DeMerit in the middle. He offers another interesting scoring threat on set pieces, and I’m not sure how much we lose playing him over DeMerit. What are your thoughts?

  150. anon says:

    i’d also take Adu over Bedoya or Torres for that matter. Don’t think either brings very much to the table.

  151. srfinger says:

    Nat Borchers is an above average MLS defender and a monster.

    Buddle abused him.

  152. Elano says:

    Are you blind? Buddle small? He’s taller than Jozy you clown. Why don’t you actually do a little more research before making a stupid statement like that!

  153. chill says:

    To be honest, even with Davies healthy, I’d prefer starting Holden on the right, Dempsey up top, and Davies off the bench. For me, Holden is another big question mark because he was looking awesome until he broke his leg in that friendly. Plus, I think Dempsey is a better striker option than a healthy Davies. Wonder what you all think…

  154. sread says:

    I think we produce decent Midfielders, awesome keepers and underachieving defenders. Our defenders usually look the part–theyre big, strong, athletic but never seem to sharpen their technical game enough to make it to that next level. In the next 10 years our midfielders will be playing all over the world. Our keepers will always be world class.

  155. Elano says:

    Ching shouldn’t go. He’s awful and won’t be at 100%. Davies won’t be fit enough. Take both Gomez/Buddle.

  156. bryan says:

    why? how is playing every week with your club team not bringing anything to the table? what has Adu shown that is so much better than these two. Who do you get your weed from? can i have his number? 😉

  157. leedsfan says:

    I haven’t read all the posts yet so my apologies if this was mentioned.

    Ives, I think your analysis of Beasleyis a little skewed. It seemed to me that he played well in Amsterdam because he was back at his old stomping grounds and the crowd there was actually cheering him on, not to mention his familiarity with many of the Dutch players. I’m not convinced he’s the right choice but am willing to give him the benefit of any doubt. We’ll all find out soon enough.

  158. Jamie Z. says:

    That’s funny, I think we’re starting to settle into something pretty firm and stable. I mean, there’s some wiggle room, and there should be, but for the most part, we know who is going to be on the pitch June 12. If Ives can post a lineup and pretty much everybody agrees with him (I tend to, as well), I’s say we’re in pretty good shape.

  159. Yusef says:

    Good point. I love a healthy Davies, but if he is not ready to start, is he ready to play at all?

  160. Austin says:

    hate to say it but….

    Herculez > DMB in my 23

  161. GJJ says:

    I support Fulham and think Dempsey is great. I am concerned though that Altidore needs someone quick up top with him to draw the defense away and make space. Dempsey is a lot of things, but quick isn’t one of them. Having said that, he has a nose for goal so it’s not that bad. What does everyone think of the chances of Davies making it back in the starting lineup and Dempsey heading back to the midfield?

  162. Idaho Brian says:

    great lineup Ives, I think you have most of the selections spot on.

    I do have one prediction however; I’m afraid it will become apparent in the warmup camp that the comeback story of Charlie Davies will not have the storybook ending we are hoping for. I think there is a strong possibility that CD9 will be left off the team at the benefit of Eddie Johnson or Herculez Gomez…

  163. jr5 says:

    Demerit’s easily faster than Goodson, and has played well next to both Onyewu (Confed Cup) and Boca (Netherlands friendly). It’s really not a contest there. And if you go back and look at what Bradley said after the Netherlands friendly, you’ll see that there’s very little chance Demerit isn’t starting.

  164. GJJ says:

    Is anyone else concerned that we are playing a very physical side, the Aussies, a week prior to England? I am worried about an injury.

  165. Sergio of SF says:

    I’m sure they can, but you can’t overlook the assists Donovan is having on Buddle’s goals this season. And playing with him day in and day out really makes a difference.

    As for Ching, he has great chemistry with Donovan. And knows Bob’s system.

  166. away goals says:

    So long as you didn’t mean that spector plays weakly against them.

    I’ll show myself out.

  167. ga-gone says:

    If Davies goes and Ching doesn’t, I will lose my mind.

  168. kawa says:

    How far has Freddy Adu Fallen, that Players who get not playing time in England and are coming off Injury are projected to start while he who is playing well in grace starting and making an impact cant even make the 23 SMH

  169. away goals says:

    In the last several qualifiers, dempsey did the exact opposite of what you said. He was invisible, if not a complete liability on the outside, then made an impact once he moved up top.

    Dempsey should be playing forward even when our entire squad is healthy.

  170. john.q says:

    Hey Ives, do you think Donovan has any influence over the squad selections especially at the froward position? He was vouching for his teammate earlier in the year and maybe he has more of Bradley’s ear than I’m imagining.

  171. UPtehTOON says:

    I don’t get why people are so certain Bob will bring Ching. I bet he’d take Casey over him.

    That said, Buddle and Gomez are better options than both.

  172. carlos says:

    link to


    pls bob give herc a chance dont downplay his accomplishments this guy will work his tail off if he puts on a usa shirt

  173. Rastafari- SBI herbsman says:

    I see nothing in my WC dream but Ching on a stretcher with his hand over his face being carted off and BB getting that freaked out googly Paul Newman look.

    forget Ching

  174. Athan says:

    I can’t believe people are questioning Buddle’s touch and turning a blind eye to Altidore’s STONE-like touch! You can question Buddle at the international level, but he has miles better touch on the ball than Altidore.

  175. Adam says:

    I like the lineup. I’d be tempted to try out Torres in the starting middle rather than Edu but that’d be about it. I think putting Dempsey up top makes sense, he had a nose for goals during the confed cup.

  176. Derrick says:

    how many minutes has Alejandro Bedoya played for the U.S.?

    Seems to me he’s the in thing based on very little playing. That and i don’t know of many people that seem him play for Örebro.

    he may be great some day but now i just haven’t seen him enough.

  177. A Guest says:


  178. Nextgen says:

    Either MLS play counts or it does not.

    Buddle would arguably be league MVP were the vote taken today, if we take any domestic field players he should be on the top of the list.

    Adu, reality matters. He’s not sitting on a bench in Greece instead he’s started 4 of their last 6 games played and played in 5 of 6. It’s fair to argue his performance in those appearances but they do actually exist :)

  179. Jamie Z. says:

    I think you’ll see differently over the coming months.

  180. Derrick says:

    U.S. national team fans are like fox news, “not fair and balanced.”

    there are good and bad in all players but often certain players get one standard while others get another. I thought it was interesting. i watched the U.S. Argentina game where And Donovan, who didn’t play bad or anything, gave the ball away several times. i mean like 10 or 12. But nobody said a thing. Adu, who had a very good game though, i read, gave the ball away too much. In reality he only gave it away twice i think.

    i’m no ching fan but i’ve seen people question his international scoring, yet he’s got more goals then Altidore since the Confed cup. But Altidore get’s a pass. And i like altidore’s potential. But i question his form now.

    And for claims that fielhaber isn’t as good defensively the Michael bradley is not remotely clinical in possession or passing. Personally i’d rather just not give the ball away and have it the whole game. so your standard may vary depending on what you want. I’m sure if you’re Wigan you probably like Bradley cause he’s stays where he’s put defensively and he’s decent breaking up play and can get into the box for a late runs and goals. I think if you’re an Barcelona you’d rather have a Fielhaber cause you’re offense is built on central midfielders that are tight in possession and can play a cutting ball.

  181. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    I’m inclined to agree that Pearce will be on the squad. What Spector brings to the right side, Pearce brings to the left….as he has found a club he can play for his skills have steadied…Pearce is the fastest of all the backs, (other than perhaps Castillo) and it will be difficult to leave him off the squad knowing you’ve got Algeria in the must win match.

    I’ve got Pearce in my final 23 in place of Goodson; with Boca, Demerrit and Gooch manning the middle as Spector and perhaps Edu play 4th CB in a pinch.

  182. Tom says:

    Match fit doesn’t mean, “fit for a match.” It means the kind of fitness you only achieve by playing a series of real matches.

  183. Kenny_B says:

    Altidore did play the “target foward” role in the confederations cup.

  184. Brett says:

    Good lord, Bornstein? That guy hasn’t played his way out of a spot yet? He is very clearly not cut out for the international level. I’d almost rather take Hejduk.

  185. The Dog Has Papers says:

    I agree with your projection of the 23 assuming Davies is back to 98% form. I just hope that Gomez or Adu get the call if Davies is not included in the 23. Ching and Casey are great players for qualifying, but I think we need more agility and scoring threat for the WC and both are a bit lacking in those qualities.

  186. I was high on Spector too after the Confed Cup and I won’t be so asinine as to say Spector brings nothing to the fight. He has some tools, his best being that whipped cross. If I wouldn’t have seen a lot of his games after the Cup, then I’d probably be trumpeting him as a no-brainer to pencil in at right back for the next 8 years, but I did watch games and he struggled mightily. He did play most at LB which is not his preferred side, but I thought he was one of the weaker players on an altogether weak team, and I wanted and expected to see otherwise. That being said, he got wonderful (albeit difficult) experience at West Ham, and I hope he looks more comfortable with the USMNT. I do expect him to start at RB and I hope he plays well.

  187. Nextgen says:

    I don’t think Bedoya, Davies or DMB make the final 23.

    I beleive Bob’s final 10% comment speaks to where his head is on Charlie. I don’t think he will *give* a spot to the non playing DMB and while I love Bedoya, I think the new guy spots go to Gomez and Buddle.

  188. Dinho says:

    I’m not a big fan of Clark, but Sacha? Really? Where have you been? I hope you’re kidding. I REALLY hope you’re kidding (or a die-hard Chivas fan)

  189. Sergio of SF says:

    I agree, we need a veteran like Ching on the squad.

  190. Kenny_B says:

    It’s easier to switch from out wide to CB than the other way around, IMO. I’m not saying it’s easy, I’m saying it’s easier.

    All four defenders have to know what the other defenders responsibilites are. They have to trust the rest of the defense to do their job. So when Bocanegra or whomever gets beat by Lennon, Walcott or Wright-Philips it isn’t automatically a goal. IMO, it’s far better to pull a player from the defensive pool than to try and slot in Edu.

  191. Kenny_B says:

    Ok Lou….or should I say Mr. Klejstan.

  192. The Dog Has Papers says:

    Bedoya better be on the squad. The dude is a spark plug. If we go down a goal, he is a guy I want comming in.

  193. Kenny_B says:

    But I was better than the coach’s son…I was I was!

  194. Kenny_B says:

    That was my understanding too.

  195. Kenny_B says:

    His last name is Bradley.

    It’s a Hail Mary.

    We finished first in Concacaf…not sure we’ve been figured out.

  196. Kenny_B says:

    The Aussies are wanting to play WC Football too, I think that game may be the real definition of a friendly.

  197. KMac says:

    I think we all agree that Jozy should be the starting “holding forward”. What about, GOD forbid, yellow/red cards,or worse injuries? You need a back up to play our system, right?

    It becomes tough when your two qualifying target guys are hurt or out of form (or not so consistently effective) when in form at club level (not International level). Substitute Findley’s and Cunningham’s names for Buddle and Gomez – we all have hope they will do better than the first pair. Let’s call our 26-28 (per Bob B). Kick the tires in training and the friendlies, and make our best choice with all the information we will have at that point?

  198. roger says:

    DaMarcus… really.

    Do we need someone that cannot pass and cannot defend. Gomez for Beasley in a second. Let him dop to the flank and rotate with Dempsey.

  199. Kenny_B says:

    He does give everything he has on the pitch.

  200. KMac says:

    May 11

  201. alf says:

    Your squad is pretty close overall, but either Ching or Casey goes for sure. At the very least, you have to have a big body to throw into the box late in a game if you desperately need a goal and are looking for some mayhem. Especially against a smaller team with weaker center backs in the air like Algeria. If Bradley sees “saving” Ching for that type of duty, Ching’s health should be good enough? Davies and Bedoya and Beasley are probably in the bubble, maybe Torres. I have always liked Beasley’s game, but after reading his Tweets, his head is just not on the game of soccer anymore – he’s a nice guy but you’ve got a want it, and I don’t think he does anymore … Shame, because he’s as classy a player as we have when he’s on his game. I think Hejduk has an outside chance to be the eighth defender because Bradley has no idea how he will line them up and Hejduk gives him the most flexibility being able to cover right and left in a pinch. I also suspect that Bradley would take Klestjan over Bedoya if it came down to that choice.

  202. primoone says:

    What that means is he is a lot like dempsey. He disappears from games or takes him too long to contribute.

    Having said that, where dempsey and holden differs is that Dempsey will deliver a Freaking jewel on a turn of a dime in big games. We have yet to see that from Holden, hence, experience over youth and potential.

    He should start contingent on Dempsey being moved up top?

    That’s not very convincing.

    Don’t get me wrong…i think if Bradley was not on the US team, then holden would fit that particular bill. I just think there are more efficient, creative and more experienced options at that wing position.

    Holden has a total of how many games with the Senior team at the wing? And of those, how many of those performances were memorable?

    At this particular stage, experience beats out potential. In addition to that, Holden is not match fit. I can see playing gooch and davies out of shape taking into consideration they are the best options at that position. Im not so sure that an out of shape holden is our best option taking into consideration the log-jam of mid fielders that are in shape and playing for club.

    Holden had a couple of games where he played effectively for Bolton. He found a team where he fits in well. However, how much of that has to do with a season 3/4 complete filled with tired players on a team fighting to keep from being relegated. Holden was fresh from the off-season. He was sharper more fresh without knocks, aches and pains. Any player can shine on a team that he fits well with. Im still waiting to see him shine for the U.S.A the way others have that are competing for the same wing position.

  203. Freddie Footballer says:

    I agree we know who the starters are but after that there are a bunch of questions. Gooch’s health, Boca’s ability to play on the left effectively, Bornstein, Spectors form, Holdens health,DMB and last and most importantly the forward situation. If Charlie can’t make it I don’t yet feel confident with Buddle or Gomez yet. Ching is hurt and Casey ain’t it right now. So yes there’s a lot to worry about and lots of unresolved issues one month from our first group match.

  204. war says:

    in other news, what would’ve happened to Spector if West Ham went down has happend to Frank Simek, as he was released by Sheffield Wednesday yesterday.

  205. Jayrod says:

    This just goes to show us all the the USMNT has to try to develop a top LB for the future…Our starter is either going to be a natural CB moving to the left or a natural RB converted over to LB…Castillo seems to be out, Bornstien is terrible and Heath Pearce is only a little better than Borstien…Where are you left footed full back????…Step up and be heard!!!!

  206. Micah King says:

    Taylor Twellman was not a complete fail for the nats. He did score for the nats and he did get that cool hat trick against Norway.

  207. Birdman says:

    We cannot have Bornstein on this roster. He is a huge liability against the better team. I’ll give him credit for his goal against Costa Rica but he is not a top defender. Also, replace Beasley with Gomez. We have to go with the guy who is in form.

  208. hello mrs. lady says:

    we have 3 players in the entire lineup who have not played in the epl at some point…edu, bradley, and demerit. I like it we are countering england by making them play themselves. perfect

    am i the only one who thinks demerit could definetly hold his own in the epl?

  209. Isaac says:

    Yes, really. Beasley’s defensive qualities have always shone through, even when he was in poor form. Beasley’s passing was fine against Holland, and if he gets time in camp and the friendlies we’ll see how he does.

  210. Eric Lichaj says:

    Give me a little while. I’ll be ready soon!

  211. BrooklynFC says:

    Everyone on this site needs to read this comment and give it a +1

    Golfstrom I could not agree with you more

  212. Waterlewd says:

    Demerit has played in Premiership. He headed in the winning goal that sent Watford up in 2006. They lasted one season.

  213. cfig says:

    Beat me to it, but bingo. He’s been far more effective playing at striker than in midfield and that also gives us Holden’s excellent service from the wing.

  214. BrooklynFC says:

    Wow, that was a crazy lineup…..

  215. Scott A says:

    I’m already starting to feel butterflies. God help me during the game

  216. war says:

    maybe we can go short on one defender (bornstein- if you can even call what he does at times “defending”) and bring Gomez and Buddle. Dreaming, just dreaming.

  217. BrooklynFC says:

    Word…. Jozy def improved his hold up play and with people around that actually know how to play his hold up play will florish

  218. BrooklynFC says:

    The Adu lovefest will never end…. any time a story is posted about Adu there is a comment frenzy

  219. BrooklynFC says:

    Freddy being called in to the camp will get him into the 23 simply because Adu is better than a lot of people and is playing with confidence

  220. BrooklynFC says:

    Def not….. Edu is better all around than Rico

    Edu can get forward better than Clark ever can

    Edu will def be starting….

  221. 57tele says:

    I think these people don’t make it for the projected reasons in parens (with no factual basis other than it is what I think):

    1. Onyewu (not fit)

    2. Davies (not fit)

    3. Beasley (only makes it if Holden not fit)

    Makes it:

    1. Pearce

    2. Gomez

    3. Whoever is playing best right back in MLS

    Projected Lineup Against England (I think he goes to a 3-5-2 due to lack of speed at outside fullback):


    Cherundolo DeMerit Bocenegra

    Clark Edu

    Bedoya Bradley Donovan

    Altidore Dempsey

    I like most of the posters here, am more concerning with fullbacks than attackers. Donovan, Dempsey, and Altidore all have individual skills to create counter attack goals or goals against the run of play.

  222. BrooklynFC says:

    Buddle should get the nod because of his current chemistry with Donovan

  223. Alex G says:

    Ill take Gomez over Buddle any day, Gomez is fearless and has a great first touch, Buddle simple can’t pass the ball, people just don’t watch soccer…

  224. Isaac says:

    Of course he’s not a top defender but do you want to point out a left back who is any better than him defensively? None. Pearce showed well against El Salvador, but that’s his offensive performance. His defensive performance has been questioned before. I say we wait because they’re awfully close.

  225. I think you’re spot on with the 23 and the starting lineup. That’s exactly what I expect Bob Bradley to do.

  226. phil says:

    why Holden instead of Beasley?

    It’s strange to me that Holden is assumed to be on the roster while Davies is being quietly written off… does Ives know something we don’t? Other than that I think this starting lineup is right one.

  227. soccer lou says:

    i would put on that list Sasha
    and would also add Herculez
    Sasha is playing much better every games as well as his team
    little by little he’s feeling more confortable with he’s team
    new style and only getting better, and more impotant he’s playing he’s got rythim something that Clark has been lacking in europe.
    Herculez just won the scoring title in mexico whether some people like it or not it does matter Davies it’s only training not really any kind of real playing time.
    Sasha over Clark
    Herculez over Davies

  228. phil says:

    Regardless of who starts on the left, I would be just fine with that player never even making it past midfield and simply staying HOME and defending first.

  229. phil says:

    tell em….

  230. phil says:

    yeah, but DeMerit gets hurt a lot, and with Onyewu still getting back in shape we’ll need a plan b that envisions an option in the center other than Boca

  231. leedsfan says:

    I know you meant to say 2nd to Landon at least…if not, than thats absurd to think that.

  232. Carlos says:

    Herculez gomez was just on espn radio on Spanish, he has stated that no one from ussf, has contacted him in the pas few months that the reason why he’s with chivas USA is on his own and got that opportunity through his own means, I think Bradley is undervalueing herculez, the kid talks like he wants the chance and wants to play n will
    give it his all I hope Bradley gives him a shot, I find it funny that bob said gomez’s goal came when he would latch onto a loose ball when most of his goals came through the run of play….bob ur an idiot

  233. Kenny_B says:

    But they didn’t go down.

  234. leedsfan says:

    His own teammate in LA Donovan would top that list I’m afraid.

  235. soccer lou says:

    The reason why i pick Sasha over Clark
    it’s this: How many dmf do you need?
    dont they all play the same position?
    Sasha would bring some touch in the left flank
    and someone who can break the defense or feed
    the forward on top

  236. bobiskool says:

    The US is in a lot of trouble if they are relying on Altidore at the World Cup.

  237. Isaac says:

    I’m sorry what? Dempsey only played in front of Cherundolo once, and that was a 2-1 loss to Mexico in which Cherundolo and Dempsey were both quite poor.

    You could be right, Bocanegra and Feilhaber would probably receive somewhat of an onslaught, but with Bradley and Edu in the center, they’ll get a lot of help. The USA played Dempsey in front of Spector against Brazil, but he shirked on a lot of his defensive responsibilities. Even Donovan neglected Bocanegra on the flank, although he hasn’t done so since, or before then for that matter. The idea is to have a midfield that has players who can win possession, keep possession, work hard, defend well and provide service for the attack, and create chances. This midfield does that.

  238. Johnbo says:

    I think that’s what camp is for. BB will be able to assess which DMB is showing himself right now. I thought he was great against The Netherlands, he seemed hungry for a chance to redeem himself and provided the pace we need.

  239. Mike Gleason says:

    really like the squad this is pretty much consistant with the 23 i have had. i heard rumors bradley is still trying to give jermaine jones a chance which would likely bump beasley or maybe even clark given the amount of central midfielders we have. since i got to see edson buddle first hand against my uinon the other day its hard not to like what hes doing given he looked like man among boys in that game. id defiantly like to keep casey and ching off the team, just because i feel like they dont provide a lot offensivly. ill be interested to see how buddle and gomez play in the exhibitions in a couple weeks. couldnt agree more with your starting line up against england even though landon was a non factor on the flank midfield against the dutch. idealy it would be nice to get jermaine jones in there with davies edu torres and felhaber providing weapons off the bench.

  240. Isaac says:

    Well, Donovan has a tendency to cut into the center from his left to his right. We run that risk no matter which player we put there really. Also, the USA did a pretty good job of retaining shape against Spain and that didn’t change when Feilhaber came into the match. Offensively, we’ll have different little tendencies, and that’s okay, so long as they lead to goals. Davies was out wide on the first goal against Spain, floating out to the left side and bringing down a lofted Michael Bradley pass for Clint Dempsey before Dempsey knocked it back to Davies and then Davies played it back for Dempsey, who cut it through for Altidore who, of course, scored. Davies made several little runs down that flank, mainly because Sergio Ramos was charging forward and there was space on that side to operate.

    Defensively speaking, Bob Bradley must have made it very clear that shape, organization and composure is very important to defending against Spain. It was like that for 90 minutes, 21 of which Benny Feilhaber played, and the USA came out on top. At the same time, they have to be able to cover for eachother, which is something Bradley and Edu seem to be able to do.

  241. Byron Franks says:

    Th is only one thing that comes to mind after seeing the US projected line up… WE ARE FUCKED!

  242. Kenny_B says:

    Based on what? That’s like me saying you are stupid without substantiating it.

    However, I am willing to one up you by offering your sentence as proof of your stupidity.

  243. Isaac says:

    Listen, what space do you see in the USA’s lineup for the offensive talent you’re talking about? Donovan, Dempsey, Altidore Davies or Donovan, Altidore, Dempsey, Holden depending on who is healthy, and that’s all the attacking spots taken. Feilhaber could play in Holden’s spot, but that depends on who is healthy. You want to put one of them next to Bradley and risk not having enough defensive support? Maybe an attacking wingback who is only good at attack and doesn’t do anything defensively or isn’t as good as Bocanegra defensively?

    Bob Bradley is a great coach because he doesn’t need to make a substition in order to make a change in the match. Look at the Mexico match; he made ONE substitution, and it was a straight defensive one, pulling Pablo Mastroeni for Ricardo Clark, making you wonder: how the hell does that sort of substitution lead to two goals? It’s not the offensive or defensive change, it’s a change in MENTALITY. While Ricardo Clark’s athleticism definitely led to a better defensive performance from him as opposed to Mastroeni, he brought an energy and confidence that helped the team through a time in which it clearly needed it. Benny Feilhaber also had a complete change from the first half. From skewed passes and heavy touches, to slide-rule through balls and confidence on the ball. That, I would imagine would be due to Bob Bradley’s ability to change his team’s mentality. Look at the Egypt game; the USA was lacking confidence, swagger, bravery, and chemistry before that game, and ONE change made all that happen, Charlie Davies moving next to Jozy Altidore. Bob Bradley doesn’t win matches because he puts good players out there. The USA didn’t win because Davies was just THAT GOOD, although he’s clearly incredibly talented. He wins because he knows how to make mentality changes to the team that help them win.

  244. SBI Troll says:

    Call me crazy, Demerit is easily a starting centerback on July 12th. He brings nastiness and shows no fear in the air. I’m really interested in seeing a healthy Gooch and Demerit physically battle vs Rooney and Crouch. That will be fun too watch!

  245. Dinho says:

    None of that makes sense. Except maybe Davies not being fit.

    Gooch is back to full training.

    Bob will NEVER play a 3-5-2.

    No way in hell that Bedoya starts.

  246. B&S says:

    I don’t like Bornstein in the 23 he makes too many mistakes he will hurt our team. I am shock that Ives left off Gomez off the team I like all of his pick except the Borstein one. I feel he should put in Gomez as the 4th striker move Dempsey as Midfielder and also we have Edu who can play defense if he has too. Therefore if you remove Bornstein and put in Gomez I believe that will be a strong 23 for the USMNT.

    GOALKEEPERS- Tim Howard, Marcus Hahnemann, Brad Guzan

    DEFENDERS- Carlos Bocanegra, Oguchi Onyewu, Jonathan Spector, Steve Cherundolo, Jay DeMerit, Clarence Goodson

    MIDFIELDERS- Landon Donovan, Michael Bradley, Ricardo Clark, Stuart Holden, DaMarcus Beasley, Benny Feilhaber, Jose Francisco Torres, Maurice Edu, Alejandro Bedoya

    FORWARDS- Jozy Altidore, Charlie Davies, Edson Buddle, Herculez Gomez

  247. B&S says:

    GOALKEEPERS- Tim Howard, Marcus Hahnemann, Brad Guzan

    DEFENDERS- Carlos Bocanegra, Oguchi Onyewu, Jonathan Spector, Steve Cherundolo, Jay DeMerit, Clarence Goodson

    MIDFIELDERS- Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley, Ricardo Clark, Stuart Holden, DaMarcus Beasley, Benny Feilhaber, Jose Francisco Torres, Maurice Edu, Alejandro Bedoya

    FORWARDS- Jozy Altidore, Charlie Davies, Edson Buddle, Herculez Gomez

  248. Eric says:

    I havent seen an Edu red card for the national team. Clark is more inclined to red cards. That in my opinion is why he starts over Edu.

  249. Eric says:

    As much as i like Gomez I’d have to go with BrooklynFC on this one. Although the next time we play Mexico Gomez will be included because he had a goal against Ochoa.

  250. Eric says:

    That guy is a joke.

  251. war says:

    wednesday did go down. Ham stayed up, keeping Spector in the prem, with his club. Simek, has no club, who has been getting no time, and may have a hard time securing a move because of that and his injuries in the past.

  252. Micah King says:

    When has Feilhaber ever played winger ?

  253. Eric says:

    BELIEVE…Call me naive but i just can not give up on Charlie yet.

  254. 57Tele says:

    As I said, I’m basing this solely on my opinion as far as Onyewu not being fit, but just because someone is training doesn’t mean they are fit, and I don’t think he will get any game time for AC Milan before the cup (I have no idea if he is training with them or not, but I believe you that he is; I’ve tried to find updates but I haven’t been successful). Not so sure “none of it makes sense” because I’m pretty sure even you think Donovan, Dempsey, Altidore, Bradley, and Howard are going to be playing. If you lack speed at fullback, playing a 3-5-2 helps because you are essentially playing with 3 centerbacks that don’t get isolated one on one against quick, speedy outside halfbacks. That was Arena did in ’02 against Mexico and it worked great. Do you not agree that outside fullback is the biggest weakness on the team?

  255. stever says:

    I am concerned about US ability to score goals against WC opponents. Josey has really failed to impress at Hull – OK he can hold the ball up, so what, he has barely scored a goal.

    Bradley should look to form and Gomez wud seem to fit the bill – he has proven scoring record.

    The mere mention of Beasely scares me to death. We need to be realistic.

    I think US team need the best possible squad that can produce if we are to progress in SA. Bradley needs to think beyond his normal narrow play book. This is big league stuff.

    to me has always kept to a narrow band width. set play list

  256. 57Tele says:

    I think realistically you need to be at least 3 deep at every spot becuause of cards and injuries. I don’t think you have enough depth on the outside backs because I think the only left backs you have are Boca and Spector (mabye Edu, I don’t know), but both of them could be starting at other positions. That is why I think both Bornstein and Pearce will make the roster. I think the fullbacks will be the toughest decisions for Bradley, but will unfortunately impact the midfielder pool which is stronger.

  257. Brian says:

    Eric, I believe you are a right back too.

  258. Mwing09 says:

    Why is everyone so worried about who we would prefer on the outsides based on their “lack of pace” or “crossing ability”. We need our defenders to defend before we worry about their offensive capabilities. Like another poster has already said, Id be fine if Boca plays LB and doesnt step past midfield. Lando can take care of the left side himself. Also, I worry much more about Boca playing in the center than I do about a winger blowing by him. At times he almost seems scared to step up in the middle and challenge the ball, but he definately needs to be on the field somewhere (LB it is!). I also like Dolo on the other side, I think Spector is a good player but have watched too many EPL games where he makes simple but idiotic mistakes leading to anopponent’s break.

  259. Brian says:

    Sacha? Hahaha. Are you kidding me?

  260. Isaac says:

    Benny’s not playing as a winger. He’s more like an attacking midfielder with the freedom to float from the left to the center. The same can be said of Donovan. This spreads their influence around the attacking third.

    And for the record, Feilhaber played as a winger against Switzerland, in the USA’s first win on European soil in five games. Feilhaber also played there in their 1-0 victory in South Africa.

  261. Isaac says:

    He also played well on the left flank against Denmark in that 3-1 loss, delivering some very good passes, and a solid effort.

  262. Isaac says:

    I’d actually kind of like to change the lineup a bit:






    Spector is prone to mistakes and inconsistency, even on his trademark crosses, while Cherundolo has always been a steadier defender who plays to the best of his abilities consistently and normally is one of the calmest guys out there. His marking is excellent and he gets forward extremely well.

  263. Isaac says:







  264. Blowbye says:

    Just curious but who in the US player pool is a better, more experienced all around defender than Boca?

    If he is your best all around defender, which he seems to be, then why all this endless nitpicking?

    Boca doesn’t have Usain Bolt speed but I have news for you, not all good defensive left backs are burners. Speed is nice but overall knowledge and technical understanding of how to defend is equally important. Need I point out how fast Bornstein is?

    US fans are so extreme, they assume that because a given winger is faster than a given fullback that there is no way that fullback can defend the faster winger. Clearly, you’ve never been taught how to play defense.

  265. Blowbye says:

    Sorry my original post was meant for Montana Matt

  266. Jerome says:

    I actually think this squad is perfect except i hoping for Adu over Bedoya. Adu looks to be gaining form for the first time since 2008, and we all seen what an in-form Adu can do with the USA and Benfica.

    Go get um Freddy in camp!

  267. Jack says:

    I think Ching or Casey will be one of the forwards and I don’t think Davies will make it instead it will probably be Buddle. Furthermore I believe Dempsey will start at the midfield spot not at forward.

    Click on my name for a office pool bracket calculator

  268. TimN says:

    I simply don’t see how anybody can consider Davies a good option…not a single competitive match since October of 2009, and a large portion of that time not even being able to train. Look, I like Davies. He’s a great player, but as fate would have it 2010 is not his time. Let’s bring guys that are game fit…that means Altidore, Gomez, and Buddle.

    It also looks as though we may need to play Dempsey up top, and play Holden in the midfield, as Ching is also a question mark. I know, I said earlier I have some reservations about Dempsey being up top, but, the more I think about it, I just don’t see any other good options.

  269. Staten Island United says:

    “Edu can get forward better than Clark ever can

    Edu will def be starting….”

    Bradley, Dempsey and Donovan all go forward, Holden, Benny and Torres all like to go forward. Bedoya and DMB like to go forward. Edu likes to go forward.

    The whole farging midfield likes to attack. Someone needs to stay home and if Rico can do that well, he’s no Jermaine Jones but at least he ‘s willing to defend and TRY to protect out immobile center backs.

    Try Edu at left back if you want to see him so much. He might surprise you.

  270. Brian says:

    Just a question about Jay Demerit. I’ve been a huge fan of his for years, and think he is a lock for starting on 6/11. No one will win an air ball off of him in SA.

    I also think he would be a lock to start for an EPL team, as well — but, he stays with Watford. I’m wondering if the reason is because of loyalty to the team that gave him his break — essentially gave him a chance as a virtual walk-on. If it truly is that kind of loyalty, then I’ll have a huge amount of respect for him. Does anyone know the story?

  271. Ruben de La RedCard says:

    One reason you haven’t seen a red card for Edu is he hasn’t played all that much for the USMNT ( 12 caps) in high pressure games. Clark has played 26 USMNT games some of them pretty high pressure ones.

    Give Edu some time, he’ll get some.

  272. BrooklynFC says:

    Lol Staten Island maybe u r right……. Clarks stay at home mentality probably would work best in serving as protection for the back four. But I would argue having a player that stays home would apply less pressure on our opponents defense……. Edu is a Box to Box mid who can get forward as well as stay home. He is the type player that comes in late and gets a tap in off of a scramble in the box…………. We wouldnt need a d-mid if boca played left back because he will stay home and wont get caught upfield……. D-mids usually are used when a teams full backs push up to much and get caught out of position
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  273. phil says:


  274. Ted Decker says:

    I like stu, but i’d like to see torres starting ahead of him. also take out onyewu, move boca to the center and put cherundolo in at right back moving spector to left.

  275. Ted Decker says:

    I’m also a fan of edu starting.

  276. Style over substance says:

    Holden was great in the Gold Cup, had a nice cross against Mexico at Azteca in the qualifier but has looked pretty average for the US since.

    As far as I can tell the reason people like Holden is because he seems to be willing to run around a lot and try to tackle people more than Dempsey does. However, Dempsey scares other teams while I don’t think Holden does.

    Holden is a nice player and may someday actually be productive instead of mostly stylish but he isn’t quite there yet.

    And that was before he broke his leg.

  277. andrew says:

    i agree 100%. when fielding a wc roster, past the starting 11, the rest of the players need to be able to be versatile. especially on a team like the usa that doesnt have the same talent level as some of the big boys. if jermaine jones is at all healthy add him to the squad he brings quality to the CDM. drop rico and add jones. rico has no technical skill whatsoever.

  278. Style over substance says:

    Holden isn’t really a winger in the classic sense. If you watch him carefully with the US, he keeps drifting inside.

    Overall, I agree with your take on him. I wouldn’t be averse to leaving him behind if his injury hasn’t completely cleared up. More room for Bedoya, who looks far more dangerous as far as I’m concerned. The US already has too many recently recovering players to risk carrying another medical case.

    Just because Charlie appears to be some kind of medical marvel it doesn’t mean everyone is.

  279. madmax says:

    Beasley does not make my 23. I think he’ll do poorly in the camp and or friendlies. To bring in a player to play 5-10 minutes is a mistake, unless you’re planning on a 3 and out.

  280. Robert says:

    No Way on Beasley, and Casey hasn’t impressed me, and Davies won’t be back all the way to compete. Other than that, I think you have the team.

    So with 3 roster spots, I think Gomez AND Buddle should be in our stable of Forwards. Gomez would be a Schillaci type off the bench, plus can play wide mid, and Buddle gives cover for Altidore if not beside him. Not to mention… both have a rapport playing with Donovan.

    So, for me, that just leaves 1 roster spot in the air. Castillo? Orozco? Haven’t seen enough of them to form any opinion.

  281. blimm says:

    Backing up…Based on form I would take Cherundulo over Spector. But even more important is finding the best left back for that first game: who do we have that could contend with the speed of Walcott or Lennon? Who times the fastest in the 50? I can’t think of any of our left sided options that can match their pace. But I still would go with Bocanegra. Demerit and Gooch in the center. Cherundulo on the right.

  282. AE says:

    Which is why the US will only go far in this Cup if they play TEAM defense, something they haven’t done for a long time.

    It’s boring and a cliche but the USMNT when it does well, is much better than the sum of it’s parts.

  283. Jack and Diane says:

    It’s required by FIFA. Next topic please.

  284. phil says:

    I would take Adu over Clark, but that’s because I don’t see many legitimate AM options on the roster other than Feilhaber, though that’s never really bugged Senior in the past…

  285. Vico says:

    And getting his butt handed to him. Not my idea of good experience.

  286. phil says:

    No one can outrun those cats, but Frankie or Carlos might be able to outsmart them, though

  287. phil says:

    down wit JB

  288. Micah King says:


  289. phil says:

    Even a ‘tard can spot a horrifically underqualified player….

  290. Micah King says:

    Is Eddie Johnson still off the list ? I hope that Onyewu does better for us. He was horrible in 2006 and was nervous in the Czech game. He was great in the Italy game, and was a disaster in the Ghana game. I don’t know if I would take Onyewu, I am scared and undecided. (God please let something happen so our players can heal and be ready mentally and physically).

  291. Micah King says:

    LOL. K I do see him on the left before thanks for answering. I thought Donovan preferred the left cause he like to cross it with his left foot ? I just think something is going to happen to shock us all in a good way. I dunno my conscience keeps on telling me and I get a feeling. That players we thought are unfit and out of form are going to show and do well.

  292. Chris says:

    your wild

  293. joejoe says:

    I don’t think Davies should be selected. He’s not even close to being ready. Can he play 90+ minutes? Answer: No way dude.

    Adu has done what he was told: Find a team where you can play. He’s playing well. He should go.

    I agree with picking DaMarcus Beasley.

    Gomez should go as well. Not sure about Buddle. Let’s face it, the MLS is not a top league. Buddle would not even make the bench in all of Europe, Bazil, or Angentina, and barely get time in Mexico.

  294. jig says:

    and the strikers will always suck

  295. B&S says:

    The Lineup that could of happen with out all of these injuries:






    The Lineup that would probably happen in SA:






  296. Steve says:

    +1, can you imagine Bocanegra trying to cover Walcott?

  297. Lil' Zeke says:

    I actually quite enjoyed Beaz’s DEFENSIVE takeaway against Ghana, and perfectly weighted PASS to Dempsey for our one and only offensive goal of the last tournament. But heck, replace ’em both with newbies if that’s your schtick

  298. Mexico Sucks says:

    I know this is random but this would have been my lineup against Mexico in the 2009 Gold Cup:







  299. Mexico Sucks says:







  300. Lil' Zeke says:

    You’re the one who’s lost your edge. Imagine, sitting around all day reading tweets

  301. Lil' Zeke says:

    Nice assist from Buddle last Sat. I can’t remember if it was a pass though

  302. Hush says:

    The roster seems about right, but in my opinion I would take out 2 or 3 from that roster.

    I take Adu over Bedoya for many reasons. The 2010 highlights so far have been better with Adu than Bedoya. Pure fact.

    I hope DMB gets on that plane. So far every game he has been in this year he has performed well.

    Drop clown Buddle, I don’t care if this kid is the Messi of MLS, he has shown he can’t hang in a USMNT jersey. Bring Gomez in, he plays in a much superior league.

    Bornstein? I can’t believe this guy plays like crap in important games for us, yet he still get’s called in to the roster without anyone questioning it. I just don’t get it. We have a few players in the pool that can play his position, so why waste a W.C roster spot… o well

  303. jimoh8002 says:

    Finally A Thinker Like Me. Sometimes I think People Are Lost in Translation About Adu Forget What You Heard The kid Has Ball Skill Every Coach He Has Played For Cn Co-Sign That Now Its Up To BB To Bring The best Out OF Him,Other Coaches Did It on the youth level, plus i cant stress this enough but if donovan goes down hurt honestly adu is the only one with as much one on one, player to player confidence as him to take his place help the kid he’s 20 don’t bring him now … were killing our own team like that.

  304. r.benjamin says:

    Against England i’d go with:

    Spector. Demerit Gooch Boca
    Bradley. Edu
    Dempsey. Holden. Landon

    Jozy 60 min sub for Gomez
    Bedoya 70 min sub for Dempsey

  305. smokeminside says:

    too bad Demerit will miss the England game, then.

  306. Micah King says:

    Also, Benny seems invisible when he on the left side wing.

  307. No Davies says:

    I don’t see how anyone can even think to bring Davies to the tournament. He’s been out of the game for over nine months, and though a great “feel good” story, how much can he actually bring to the table. His pace was his best asset and will most likely be an issue coming off his injury. Bring someone, anyone else that could play and contribute other than starring in a ESPN puff piece by Erin Andrews.

  308. Ian says:

    Bedoya goes the full 90 again and gets an assist, again.

  309. Ian says:

    Why would you sub Dempsey out in the 70th? He’s one of our best impact players and scores a lot of (important) goals towards the end of matches.

    Starting Gomez against England? That is beyond the realm of possibility.

  310. madmax says:

    Apparently Low has bigger go..s than those here who promote Hejduk, Ching, and Beasley,

    “Low opted to go with youth as he called up the likes of Bayern Munich duo Thomas Muller and Holger Badstuber and also found room for Bayer Leverkusen’s Toni Kroos and the coach has no regrets over his choices”

    “We deliberately chose younger players,” Low said. ”They may be short on experience but they have a lot of qualities.”

  311. madmax says:

    Who would be the equivalent English picks?

    For Ching they could choose Hesky
    For Hejduk there is G. Neville
    For Beasley why not Bullard?

    Most English WC opponents would applaud these nostalgia picks.

    Go to any top side and choose 3 players from the past for a great laugh. I applaud Low, sport is the ultimate, ‘but what are you doing now’ profession.

  312. Staten Island United says:

    “But I would argue having a player that stays home would apply less pressure on our opponents defense……. Edu is a Box to Box mid who can get forward as well as stay home. He is the type player that comes in late and gets a tap in off of a scramble in the box…………. We wouldnt need a d-mid if boca played left back because he will stay home and wont get caught upfield……. D-mids usually are used when a teams full backs push up to much and get caught out of position”

    I like your philosophy on how to play but you know who plays the way you describe? Brazil.

    They do that because they have the guys who can play that way. We just don’t, at least not for as long as they can or at the same level.

    I love Edu, probably because I want to see as many Terps ( Edu, Gonzalez, Goodson, Seitz) on the USMNT as possible, but he’s still a little tactically naive and I think Rico is just a bit more bloody minded. The USMNT will need someone with that Roy Keane mentality and Rico is closer to that than is Mo. In fact, I wanted to play Boca in front of the center backs with Spector,Pearce,JB or Edu at left back. Edu not a LB you say? He’s a good,smart, athletic player and I think he would surprise people there.

    I wouldn’t have a big problem with Edu starting but I prefer Rico for the World Cup.

  313. A&E says:

    “IF Davies AND Ching are 100% fit, I’m okay bringing both and leaving Buddle and Gomez behind.”

    Well EA, that’s one way to hedge your bets. It’s almost impossible that these two will be 100%.

    I’m assuming you mean 100% by the time camp rolls around but, even that miraculously happens, the real issue is how would these two hold up for the tournament. I don’t believe either one will be healthy enough to play three full games in the World Cup. This isn’t some summer exhibition tournament you know? It’s about as intense as it gets.

    So why would you, if you are the manager, want to handicap the team by bringing players who are probably not going to be able to go the whole distance? If they were Pele,Cruyff, Maradona or Messi at their peak that would be one thing but these guys are not that kind of player. Both are replaceable.

  314. Dan says:

    I’m more concerned with our starters getting a few days at the beginning of camp !!!!
    That’s a concern we should all have. It’s been a long season for a lot of these guys and they can use a few days off.

    Did you hear that Mr. Bradley ??????

  315. Dave says:

    The Unthinkable – neither Davies nor Onyewu make it due to incomplete recoveries and fitness. Versatility of Edu allows BB to bring only 7 defenders with Edu being an emergency CB replacement if needed. DMB is Mr. Outside Looking In @ #24 and could slide in replacing Ching or Torres / Feilhaber, which would move Dempsey back up into the forward pool.

    Final 23 becomes:

    GOALKEEPERS (3)- Tim Howard, Marcus Hahnemann, Brad Guzan

    DEFENDERS (7)- Carlos Bocanegra, Jonathan Spector, Steve Cherundolo, Jonathan Bornstein, Jay DeMerit, Clarence Goodson, Heath Pearce

    MIDFIELDERS (9)- Landon Donovan, Michael Bradley, Ricardo Clark, Stuart Holden, Benny Feilhaber, Jose Francisco Torres, Maurice Edu, Alejandro Bedoya, Clint Dempsey

    FORWARDS (4)- Herc Gomez, Jozy Altidore, Brian Ching, Edson Buddle

  316. beachbum says:

    Benny is best suited for 30 hard minutes off the bench; unless his fitness has improved dramatically, which I doubt since he was out for so long, then he conserves too much when he’s the starter for the USMNT…not what is needed from that position for this team

    Stuart conserves nothing, so let him go on the right with Benny the energizer sub (probably centrally tho) and/or Alejandro, or whoever, once Stuart drains the tank. Landon is on the left.

  317. beachbum says:

    Benny is best suited for 30 hard minutes off the bench; unless his fitness has improved dramatically, which I doubt since he was out for so long, then he conserves too much when he’s the starter for the USMNT…not what is needed from that position for this team

    Stuart conserves nothing, so let him go on the right with Benny the energizer sub maybe (but probably centrally tho) and/or Alejandro, or whoever, once Stuart drains the tank. Landon is on the left.

  318. beachbum says:

    Excellent post, man.

  319. beachbum says:

    ridiculous comment; what are you watching?

  320. ThaDeuce says:

    I like it a lot Ives. I think you nail it, especially in choosing between Buddle and Gomez.

    Bradley likes Buddle because he does “all the little things off the ball” that makes him a team player. Buddle also has been playing entire games, and he has chemistry with Donovan. Though Gomez scores in a tougher league, Bradley hasn’t said the same things about his work ethic, and he hasn’t been Donovan’s favorite target lately.


    Buddle only goes if Ching is injured, which currently he isn’t, OR if Davies does not make it, which at this point we just don’t know.

    BUT, if one of them are injured then Buddle will have to duke it out with Casey for that final spot.

    Other than that, you got it, and those are iffy anyways. I like Pearce, but I like that you left him off and added Beasley, I think that should happen. Maybe Pearce beats out Bornstein in camp, but that will be an uphill battle. Maybe he takes Pierce over Torres. I like Torres, but he hasn’t looked comfortable starting in center yet. He needs time, and I’m not sure he has got it (yes, all those games wasted on Kljestan and Torres hasn’t built up a comfort level…)

  321. ThaDeuce says:

    What is the American equivalent to Rooney, Thomas Muller, and Holger Badstuber????

    Our best forwards besides Dempsey, Davies, Donovan, and Altidore ARE Ching, Buddle, Gomez, and Casey. Scoff all you want, but where are America’s Rooneys in MLS tearing it up at 18 and ready to actually play in a World Cup! I’ll take the guys who are our best right now, not hopeful inexperience.

  322. ThaDeuce says:

    I will allow, however, Bedoya over Beasley. But if Beasley is just a reserve anyway, I sure would rather have him on the bench than Rogers’ youth ANY DAY.

  323. ThaDeuce says:

    this hurts my brain

  324. ThaDeuce says:


    I get so tired of rehashing and rehashing the Bornstein is the problem left back dilemna.

    Its over. He has shown better leadership as a back up left back than Pearce or Castillo. Yes, he pretty much sucks, but damnit, that is the state of American effin soccer.


    support the team you have in South Africa, not the team you imagine we have

  325. Fire BB says:

    ching is nothing more than a concacaf bench warmer, let’s not forget that. does he have experience? if by experience you mean someone who traveled to the last cup and contributed nothing, yes. just because he traveled to the last cup does that mean he deserves to be picked over someone who’s relatively young and untested at the highest of levels? umm, no. remember how dmb and landycakes played in their first cup when they were relatively inexperienced? rather than suffer from their lack of experience they used their naivety to their advantage. they didn’t play scared, they attacked people and, it’s pretty easy to argue, they both had their best cup to date. sometimes the young kids playing with swagger are what an otherwise veteran team needs to spice things up a bit.

  326. Fire BB says:

    ching is nothing more than a concacaf bench warmer, let’s not forget that. does he have experience? if by experience you mean someone who traveled to the last cup and contributed nothing, yes. just because he traveled to the last cup does that mean he deserves to be picked over someone who’s relatively young and untested at the highest of levels? umm, no. remember how dmb and landycakes played in their first cup when they were relatively inexperienced? rather than suffer from their lack of experience they used their naivety to their advantage. they didn’t play scared, they attacked people and, it’s pretty easy to argue, they both had their best cup to date. sometimes the young kids playing with swagger are what an otherwise veteran team needs to spice things up a bit.

  327. alf says:

    Good point,that. Still, guys like Holden, Klestjan, Davies, Altidore, and Adu all show some hunger and interest in their tweets (and no, I don’t read them all day). I hope I’m wrong about Beasley …

  328. Chemistry set says:

    Well, you saw how badly it affected Donovan at Everton because he had never played with any of those Everton outfield players before.

    Maybe if Buddle had gone to Everton with him, he would have done better. It’s a shame really.

  329. Edsonisawimp says:

    “Buddle like Findley, is built far far too small to compete against a bruising team and none of our group are anything but bruising teams”

    Too bad we don’t have a bruising forward like Messi to play for us. You need to have that kind of size and power to get anyhwere in a World Cup.

  330. John says:

    I would MUCH rather have Heath Pearce on the squad than Bornstein. I thought Pearce was among the strongest players in the Netherlands match — I’ll admit that I haven’t watched as much as I’d like. But Bornstein’s been horrible lately, and prior to this spell, he was never that good. I’d like to see Cherundolo or Pearce on the outside, unless we get more creative by using a defensive mid there.

    I agree that Bocanegra’s better in the middle than on the outside. But DeMerit has looked so solid that it’s hard not to have him in the game. I even like Goodson in the middle. Seems we have a glut up the middle and okay/poor options outside. I know this is sacrelige, but I don’t think that Guch is automatic. Right now, I might go with Boca and DeMerit.

    But what really holds the U.S. back from being top flight, is the lack of a class distributor and ball handler in the middle. I love Bradley and Edu, but to me, they are defensive central midfielders. I’ve really wanted Torres to be that offensive mid/distributor (to me, he is the best w/ ball at his feet) but I’ve never seen him put it all together for a full match with USMNT. He’s not ready. In a perfect world, Torres (or someone else) would be that attacking central midfielder with Bradley supporting and Edu at marking back (or vice versa). Too late for that now probably, but a man can dream about having the best 11 on the field.

  331. ThaDeuce says:

    “ching is nothing more than a concacaf bench warmer”

    I had to stop there.

    Ching scores many goals in Concacaf on the nats, as well as in Houston. He has been a solid performer for the nats, chalking up many assists of assists and penalties. Rarely does he make a poor pass or lose possession in the final third, which leads to goals. That is also a breath of fresh air from the likes of EJ who started last world Cup!!!

    You are nothing more than a blind soccer fan.

  332. endangeredMD says:

    Our defense may be our weakest point. Gooch will prob not be fit. There is little speed. You need a calendar to measure Boca’s speed. He is best at center back. Dolo has experience, and is still the man to beat at right back. Beasley may be an interesting option on the left. Having a back 3 ‘stay at home’ may be the best way to go, with 2 defensive midfielders in front of them. Everyone deserves a look but regular experience with players in the team pool is important (ie the recent form of Buddle and Gomez may be a fluke). Altidore has a lot to prove with his classic screw up. He may be MLS bound if he does not prove himself. We may be better off with a midfield of withdrawn forwards (Donovan and Dempsey) and the above mentioned defensive midfielders. I still think we are in major trouble.

  333. Steel says:

    Sure, Walcott is not the sharpest blade in the drawer.

  334. Whatareyoutalking about? says:

    “I get mad everytime I see great offensive US talent not being used properly and effectively. ”

    You know El, I have yet to see great offensive US talent in the current cycle.

    Here’s hoping Gomez and Buddle work out.