SBI’s 23 for 2010: The Final Pre-World Cup Edition

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In just about 24 hours we could find out the final 23-man roster for the U.S. World Cup team. There are plenty of unanswered questions heading into tonight's friendly vs. the Czech Republic. Answers U.S. coach Bob Bradley is hoping will be found tonight.

While plenty could change with some strong (or weak) performances tonight, I offer up my final projection for the World Cup roster. Here is the final version of SBI's 23 for 2010:

SBI Projected USA World Cup squad

GOALKEEPERS– Tim Howard, Marcus Hahnemann, Brad Guzan

DEFENDERS– Oguchi Onyewu, Carlos Bocanegra, Jay DeMerit, Steve Cherundolo, Jonathan Spector, Clarence Goodson, Jonathan Bornstein, Heath Pearce

MIDFIELDERS– Landon Donovan, Michael Bradley, Ricardo Clark, Maurice Edu, Stuart Holden, DaMarcus Beasley, Jose Torres, Benny Feilhaber.

FORWARDS– Clint Dempsey, Jozy Altidore, Brian Ching, Herculez Gomez


Some quick thoughts:

The last cut was Alejandro Bedoya, who was edged out by Heath Pearce. Why? The injury concerns surrounding the defender pool makes it tough to imagine Bob Bradley bringing just seven defenders to South Africa. If he has confidence in his defenders being healthy, then he could definitely bring Bedoya.

Another possibility for Bedoya's inclusion would be if Bradley decides to leave behind one of his many central midfielders. As it stands, this roster has five central midfielders, which Bradley could decide is one too many.

Edson Buddle gets edged out by Gomez, who has had a good camp and is better suited for a super sub role. Tonight's performances by the forwards could definitely shake up the forward selections.


What do you think of this group? Which selections do you disagree with? Whose name do you like seeing on the roster?

Share your thoughts below.

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220 Responses to SBI’s 23 for 2010: The Final Pre-World Cup Edition

  1. KevNYC says:

    Bornstein can come but he no play!

  2. Ferris says:

    Instead of swapping Bedoya for a central midfielder (presumably Feilhaber), what about bringing along a supplemental attacking option (Budson/Findley?)

  3. RS says:

    Can’t complain too much here Ives with your list.
    My question to you: does your list have the options we need on the outside midfield? Are three pure wingers enough to put Dempsey up top and send Buddle home?

  4. ahm says:

    on a more balanced player pool that wouldn’t be a bad thought but this roster reflects our glut of talented midfielders and thin-ness of quality strikers. i’d rather have an extra midfielder than striker just based on the talent of the player

  5. Brooklyn Dave says:

    It just makes no sense to bring both Bornstein and Pearce. Bocanegra and Spector can both play left back. Seven defenders is enough, especially since we can use Edu in a pinch. You never make tactical mid-game substitutions using defenders – its always midfielders or forwards. Therefore that is where you need the most flexibility and differentiated skills. Bedoya has much more value in that regard than a third string left back. I will be disappointed if Bradley uses a precious roster spot for a guy (Bornstein or Pearce) who very likely won’t see the field.

  6. Joe says:

    You used the adjective attacking and Budson and Findley in the same sentence. Your logic is flawed. :)

    J/K, Budson brings more of an “attack” I guess but they are both forwards. I picture an attacking player as a CAM. In this role, I would prefer a Freddy Adu over a Robbie Findley any day of the week.

  7. Chicago - Scott says:

    I agree with this 100%

  8. Mathieu says:

    I’d say replace Torres by Bedoya, drop Pearce or Bornstein and add Buddle.
    No need for defensive backup. Edu can be an emergency CM if it comes to that.

  9. Kevin says:

    With Edu being able to drop into the central defense in an emergency situation, I would prefer having a skillful player like Bedoya that has some qualities that are unique instead of Bornstein or Pearce.

  10. Paul says:

    It oud be interesting to compare this list (or anyone’s current list) to the ones we all had in mind at the end of qualifying. Given the relative severities of the Onyewu and Davies injuries, I think we all would have had Gooch on the squad and Davies staying home, and the rest of the squad pretty much as you see it here.

  11. al says:

    Ching over Buddle is a bad mistake. Ching has proven nothing but disappointment. Buddle however is on fire right now, in his early prime and hungry. Let the kid play soccer, it’s clear with his MLS leading goals he’s the sub you want. Ching is done.

  12. kpugs says:

    I want to apologize if a million identical posts show up at some point from me. It doesn’t appear that any of my comments are actually showing up on the page at all. So if it’s just delayed, I apologize in advance for the repeat posts. Sorry fellas.

  13. Billy says:

    I agree with what you’re saying and yet I think BB will bring both Bornstein and Pierce. Neither one has shown any reason to even be here tonight.

    Doesn’t really matter which ones he brings, we’re gonna get smoked no matter who he dresses

  14. Vik says:

    Well, Beasley, Donovan, and Holden all bring pace to the wing. Feilhaber and Torres can also both play there (especially on the left), but coming a little more centrally more often. It’s a good way to pack the central area, and if you have a fast fullback like pearce or bornstein behind, they can provide width.
    Between those five, there are enough wide options.

  15. tnnelson says:

    yea i agree about bedoya. i don’t think he should start, but he is a work horse and has a broad set of skills that would really be handy as a second half sub. i would hate to leave someone like that off the roster just to bring a decent defender that will only see the field in a worst-case scenario situation. also, i am really interested to see the battle between buddle and gomez, because i think they are neck and neck right now, i really don’t have a favorite

  16. Kate J. says:

    I tend to think with the issues surrounding the defense he would keep someone like Rogers who can play the wings and double up as a back. He seems to be the best suited of the wings to play defense as he is proving with the Crew this year (and he did against Nigeria at the Olympics)

    You are right, it does not make sense to have 5 CMs.

    Holden, I know he is the darling in the media circles these days but what exactly has he done in any National team appearnces?

  17. mexicanbluefish says:

    No Buddle is hard to imagine at this point, but that magic trick has to put Herculez much more in the mix.

  18. war says:

    We could just list Edu as D but play him mid, leaving out JB/Pearce (depending on who plays worse), bringing in Bedoya (presumming he does well today). It could work out. Clint was listed as mid in the provisional but he’ll probably end up as a forward. Our teams versatility(but not depth) allows us to move people around and make room for more types of players in a specific position.

  19. obxfly says:

    I wonder if all the guys on the bubble will get playing time tonight.

  20. Betinho says:

    “Neither one has shown any reason to even be here tonight.”

    Were you able to get into camp at Princeton? I would have loved to be there – jealous! I would love to have the inside knowledge you gained from being there to enable you to make statements like this.

  21. Richard says:

    A little bit of confusion… is tonight’s match on ESPN or ESPN2? seems to be a bit confused about it even.

  22. LIUnited says:

    Everyone needs to realize that even thought they might not like Borestein he is most likely the starter at left back, Especially against speedy wingers. Onweyu, Demerit, and Bocanegra are all coming off injuries so I doubt all three will start every game. That means Borestein will definately see the field in SA.

  23. Tj says:

    Remember that rocket shot in stoppage time to prevent an embarrassing loss last summer? Or even his solid performances in the latter part of qualifying. His crossing is what we will desperately need come June.

  24. Matt says:

    I think you have to make a choice between Feilhaber and Torres. They’re both attack-minded midfielders who can play out wide. Chances are, only one of them will see the field as a substitute. Bring Bedoya in place of one of those guys as a wing option since you can move Dempsey and Donovan forward. And you have to take Pearce with all of the injury concerns. If one or two guys go down/get suspended in SA, Pearce provides cover.

  25. Aaron in StL says:

    Excited to see tonight’s game. The only thing it will really change is if someone plays out of this world or completely tanks.

    I don’t care who plays left back as long as they don’t blow it. Just boot it from the back I could really care less, just don’t get torn up or let up penalties.

  26. Matt in Tampa says:

    Would rather not see Pearce take Beydoya’s spot either. However, Bob’s thinking may be that Pearce can also play left midfield as well. So Heath acts as an understudy for the left side.

  27. Luke CBus says:


  28. LIUnited says:

    Everyone needs to realize that even thought they might not like Borestein he is most likely the starter at left back, Especially against speedy wingers. Onweyu, Demerit, and Bocanegra are all coming off injuries so I doubt all three will start every game. That means Borestein will definately see the field in SA.

    Everyone says that Spector can play there, but he has never been LB for the Nats so it is unlikey that he will play there and more likely we see Borestein.

  29. boludo says:

    altidore is not pleased

  30. Benny Dargle says:

    Actually, considering that Dempsey is also available for a wing midfielder, and Pearce and Bornstein can and have played left mid, there are actually a decent number of outside mid options. In fact, the reason Pearce and Bornstein could both make the team is precisely because of that versatility (plus Bornstein could play center fullback in a desparate situation).

  31. patrick says:

    i dont think we’ll see EJ, hes been nursing the hammy and hasnt been able to work much

  32. RoryD says:

    I was thinking along these lines as well. If Bob is really desperate for defensive cover, what would be the possibility of bringing another CB instead of a LB? Considering our biggest injury concerns involve two CBs and Boca can play LB, I could see Bob bringing Marshall instead of Pearce. I’m not advocating this selection, and I would prefer he bring Bedoya, but it could be a possibility.

  33. MG says:

    +1, there is some kind of irrational love for Ching here. He has no ball control whatsoever, which for the kind of role he’s supposed to play (target player, a la McBride) is a crucial skill to possess.

  34. JavaLavaJoe says:

    I think Bob takes Buddle and Gomez, leaving a midfielder behind.

  35. sread says:

    I’m not sure what Ching can bring to the table these days…his most effective run with the NATS was in the qualifying round leading up to Germany 2006. The guy just doesn’t have it anymore. I think BB must see some matchup vs England that Ching could provide coming on as a late sub or something. I just don’t see it.

  36. john.q says:

    how much is ching bribing bradley? bringing ching over buddle/bedoya is a huge mistake. buddle’s youth and hunger should push him ahead of ching, especially in a compressed tourney like the world cup.

  37. BlueWhiteLion says:

    scored. including an injury time goal to avoid defeat against Haiti in the Gold Cup.

  38. BlueWhiteLion says:

    Buddle of 2010 over Ching. Hands down.

  39. Al_OC says:

    Swap Bornstein/Pearce for Bedoya and it’s all good.

  40. maka says:

    BB does seem to have some strange thing for a 5’11 target man in his thirties who can’t trap, pass, or win the ball

  41. sandtrout says:

    Your selections are perfect. Bedoya is a tough cut, but if Beasley is playing better, it must be done.

  42. Felix says:

    I’d drop Torres in favor of Bedoya, we need to have more wingers, this roster only has one true winger. Other than that, I don’t have a problem with Ives’ roster.

  43. Tizzle says:

    Have we thought about attitude hear. I always got the impression Pearce thought he was the best left back and made that clear to the media (admittedly all hearsay). If Bornstein is the clear starter when Bocanegra plays centrally (which he is based on his ownership of left back during qualifying), why bring along a guy that’s a risk to team chemistry? At this point, Pearce is a third choice left back. I’d rather bring BOTH Beasley and Bedoya, knowing that Beasley can play left back in a pinch. The combination of those two players is much stronger and diverse in skill set than bringing both left backs and just one of Beasley and Bedoya.

  44. jpc says:


    Why in your opinion does ching get the nod over Buddle? has he had a better camp, or is it just a comfort factor w/ bradley b/c he has a lot of national team experience.

    Also, why would Bradley bring essentially 4 possible left backs w/ Boca, Spector, Pearce, and Bornstein? I would’ve expected either Bornstein or Pearce to make the cut.

    Finally, if it were between Buddle and Gomez, I would take Buddle. To me he is a much more versatile player both athletically and skillwise, as he is fast and strong enough to play facing to or away from the goal respectively, and his goals this year at least have come from a variety of places, whereas Gomez’s goals aside from the free kick he scored on have come generally in the six. He has also contributed in assists, which I don’t remember if Gomez did.

    can you tell I want Buddle on this team?

  45. bottlcaps says:

    What is this infatuation with “Boo-Boo Bornstein”? The guy is a turd on defense! He’s a turd on Chivas and he’ll be a turd on The USMNT. The two scores by the Dutch in the US friendly were both due to Boo-Boo’s bad defending.

    Buddle over Ching, Buddle brings everything Ching could ever have brought,Buddle scores at a record pace and Ching has yet to score. Even before Ching was injured, he showed very little, now, coming back from injury, he is not much better. A World Cup team spot? C’Mon!!!!This is a clear “pedigree over performance” choice by SBI.

  46. Hoss says:

    Apparently either ‘Dolo or Boca said in an ESPN interview yesterday that they’re hoping Findley will be a breakout player in the tournament, meaning they may have the inside scoop on Bradley’s intentions for the striker spots up for grabs. If Findley performs at least serviceably tonight and shows no signs of the bum knee that plagued his last performance, I could see Sweatpants taking him solely for his speed. We all know Bradley is obsessed with his own notion of tactics over all else, including actual skill or talent. So it would make sense he would be intent on taking a striker with speed to compliment the “hold up” play of Altidore or Ching. Of course, that brings us to another topic entirely – e.g., whether Ching has any value as a “holding” striker or whether he’s simply holding up the team’s ability to score. Discuss.

  47. Jamoked says:

    Why are people saying Edson Buddle is young? He’s 29, making him one of the oldest camp invitees. Brad Guzan, Oguchi Onyewu, Jonathan Spector, Clarence Goodson, Jonathan Bornstein, Heath Pearce, Landon Donovan, Michael Bradley, Ricardo Clark, Maurice Edu, Stuart Holden, DaMarcus Beasley, Jose Torres, Benny Feilhaber, Clint Dempsey, Jozy Altidore, Herculez Gomez, & EJ are younger than Buddle, people.

  48. Lost in Space says:

    As I see it tonights match needs to answer the following questions:

    1) Ching Vs. Buddle – Health and current performance Vs. loyalty and possible contribution?

    2) Bedoya Vs Beasley Vs. Pearce – One will be left home. Which one will it be?

    3) Gooch – Can he be a starter or is he a back-up? If a starter we can push Boca to the left, if not then Bornstein/Pearce are our LB options.

    Otherwise I think Ives is dead on with his picks.

  49. jim b says:

    I understand why people are clamoring for Buddle and Bedoya, however, top international experience (or the lack thereof) cannot be overstated. This is the biggest sporting event in the world. Our boys will be going head-to-head with the best players in the world. If Beasley is even slightly on form he gets the nod over Bedoya based on his experience. Buddle and Gomez have never faced defenders like they’ll see in the cup, so for better or for worse, Ching gets the nod here. It’s likely that neither sees the pitch, but if we’re in a pinch I’d rather turn to the guy thats ‘been there’ rather than an unknown commodity that may seize up under the immense pressure

  50. Kevin_Amold says:

    Guys, I like Bedoya and all, and he’s got a great future, but he’s been capped exactly twice. He played decently both times, but he hasn’t shown anything that indicates that he MUST be brought along. Our supply of wingers is decent even without him, with Donovan (who, barring catastrophe, will play every minute), Dempsey (Same), Holden, and Beasley. Another one would be nice, but at the expense of shoring up a banged up defense? I’m not sure that’s wise.

    PERHAPS at the expense of Ching, would I be all right with bringing Bedoya. He just looks to be #24 on a list of 23.

  51. timmy says:

    I agree. We are not going to win the world cup by bringing an extra defender. We need offense. Therefore, Bedoya comes and Pearce is out.

  52. Murphy says:

    the only thing ching is good at is drawing fouls. especially if you play him the ball with his back to goal around 25-35 yards out. he does a great job of falling down and drawing free kicks. other than that, i’d rather have an aging mcbride.

  53. Dude Abides says:

    I have two changes to Ives’ list. Bedoya and Buddle instead of Pearce and Ching. We need offensive substitutes. One question for Ives: I assume that this is who list is who you think Bob will bring. What would be your list 23 if you were Bob?

  54. rob says:

    I wonder how many people will back up JB when he concedes a 3rd penalty vs european teams. The “but he’s a world class winger/forward/defender that’s burning him. How many can contain him?” excuse has to stop. This is the world cup. Making that kind of an excuse at a World Cup will be stupid. Yes they may be better, but we’re not like N.Korea or New Zealand going to have a good time. We can progress, and we need defenders who can defend and forwards who can score. JB and Ching out.

  55. Beau says:

    it can’t be perfect. somehow freaking brian ching is a lock at striker. something must be wrong in either Bradley’s or Ives’s head…or both.

  56. mratfink says:

    Ives had the same 23 as Grant Wahl does at SI. I wonder if they know more than they are letting on? (or is it really just that obvious at this point?)

  57. DILLON says:

    Can anyone remember a USMNT game where Pearce performed really well when something was on the line? The last time I saw him look good was in the Gold Cup where the opposition was iffy or a few recent games where he came in after everything was decided.

    Is he really the guy you think will come up big against England?

  58. Sergio of SF says:

    Goalkeepers: This is obvious as there are only 3.

    Defenders: I would have to agree with these picks. I’m really hoping Pearce makes the list as he has impressed me in the past, and recently with Dallas. He brings much more attacking on that left flank than Bornstein does, he’s got some wheels too.

    Midfielders: It is tough not seeing Bedoya on your list Ives, but these are the ones I would bring. Everyone of those players have more caps than Bedoya. Assuming they are all in form, they would have the edge over him. Good thing for him, is that he is young and will be around in the future.

    Forwards: I know a lot of people want to see Buddle get a seat on that flight to SA, but I these were my picks from the start of camp. Well, I actually thought Eddie could have made the trip, but his injury has been a concern. I would imagine a Ching and Altidore tandem come game time in June. Assuming Dempsey plays on the wing.

  59. StevenF says:

    yeah but as long as he’s younger, better, fitter, better, scoring more, and better than Ching, what do the ages of the other guys matter, reall???

  60. Jamie Z. says:

    Who eez thees Budson?

  61. green says:

    What happened to taking 7 defenders? : )
    Must be that reality thing setting in finally.

  62. RS says:

    Would that have left off Donovan, Beasley, Mastroeni, O’Brien, Mathis and Wolff in 2002?

    Not in all cases, but sometimes NOT knowing what you’re facing can help you. The bigger question is what is a player’s mentality? Gomez seems full of confidence right now, an attitude of “what have I got to lose?” Other players may be letting their nerves get to them right now, fearful of going home. If they are afraid now, in camp, what’s it going to be when the pressure really hits. In 2002, I saw a few young kids that weren’t afraid of Portugal and took it to them. If any of these “inexperienced at the international level” players have the right mentality, I’m not so worried about how many caps they’ve had.

  63. rob says:

    been there and done nothing vs never been and eager?

    I’d rather take the latter to face the best than internationally experienced players (i.e. ching) who were getting caps when we had no better options. This experience resulting in goals against the samoas of concacaf-barbados, Cuba,etc.

    Experience is useful when a player take take advantage of it. Ching isn’t a has been, but a never has been when it comes to tough games against top opponents. Tonight we’ll all see.

  64. Hood Rich says:

    If Bornstein starts, he’s going to get torched by guys like Lennon, Glen Johnson, and Defoe.
    If I were England, I would exploit the weakness that is Bornstein. Even Spector would not be better there as he is not athletic as an outside back to deal with England’s wingers.

  65. Sergio of SF says:

    There are no other CB’s in camp. Marshall has been injured, so I’m sure he will not be going anywhere.

  66. Jamoked says:

    Noting the other player’s ages gives perspective. I wasn’t comparing Buddle to Ching, I was just trying to point out that I think a lot of people think Buddle is a lot younger than he actually is because he was off the USMNT radar for so long. Nothing more, nothing less.

  67. Sergio of SF says:

    How could you replace Torres with Bedoya? Bedoya has like two caps. Torres has been with the team much longer.

  68. Connor Walsh says:

    Actually, in the 2007 England friendly Pearce was one of our best players…theres a video on youtube of pearce, alot of highlights are from that game

  69. Warren says:

    BB needs to realize that is a 3 and out plan.

  70. dbex says:

    Jeez, once again, Bradley looks like the tallest (and biggest) guy on the team in that picture. Wonder if he’s still growing.

    Hate to lose Bedoya, but I can see the logic in bringing Pearce, even if I don’t agree with it ….and even if he makes me cringe anytime an opponent runs at him. :-\

  71. Robert says:

    I don’t see Bedoya being left behind. He gets the nod ahead of Pearce.

  72. Bean Jim says:

    “but if we’re in a pinch I’d rather turn to the guy thats ‘been there’ rather than an unknown commodity that may seize up under the immense pressure ”

    I like Ching but he did not get any significant PT ( if he even got any at all) in the 2006 World Cup. Plus there is a real question as to whether he will hold up over the course of the tournament. But we’ll know soon enough.

  73. Warren says:

    If we’re that desperate…wow the talent pool is thin.

  74. Ferris says:

    I guess I just worry what happens if Jozy or Dempsey accumulate cards or go down with an injury – I guess the same can be said for the defensive 7 as well. Midfield is really the only place the U.S. is pretty set – even with injury dempsey could move back down.

  75. Sergio of SF says:

    “Ching has proven nothing but disappointment.”

    What has Buddle done for the national team? NOTHING! So he scored 9 goals in MLS…great! Ching has 10+ goals for the national team last time I checked. He has been a consistent player in the pool when healthy. His work rate is just ridiculous, especially considering his age. Buddle has yet to prove himself on the international level. Today will be big for him, assuming he makes tonight’s 23. Either way, Ching goes.

  76. Andy in Atlanta says:

    I love how we all try to piss on JBo and say he will get torched when in reality he is about the only defender we have with pace enough to even stay with the guys you mentioned… face it guys he is our starting LB…wanna talk about getting torched…Boca would get smoked because he is very slow… Also if anyone watched Spector at LB for WH towards the end of the season it should all but solidify in your head that while not an amazing player… JBo will be our man..

  77. Warren says:


  78. Sergio of SF says:

    Yes, I remember being very impressed by him that game. And disappointed when he got hurt before the Confederations Cup.

  79. Warren says:

    BB needs to realize that is a bad ideas, he’d be way better off playing dolo right, Goodson center, and spector left, with whomever is healthy of boca, gooch and demerit paired with goodson.

    No need for Bornstein to ever see the field so he canblow the game like he did every time he played against speedy euro-quality competition.

  80. GJJ says:

    One less Beasley and one more Buddle. I think LD to Buddle could be a good combo for the US. They obviously have each other figured out and we need someone up front who can draw defenders away from Altidore by providing another legitimate threat for our opponents to defend.

  81. Warren says:


  82. Warren says:


  83. bryan says:

    i’d be surprised to see pearce go. bornstein won’t play CB, which is the only reason i can think bob would bring pearce.

    i still am not on this ching thing. unless he has a stellar game tonight, he should be on the plane back to houston.

    (SBI-Bornstein may not play centerback, but Jonathan Spector could definitely play centerback at the World Cup.)

  84. KC says:

    My only complaint is Ching, I just don’t understand how that guy gets so much playing time with the National team. He is not a good international. I’d much rather have Buddle coming off the bench than Ching–I don’t care if they are different types of players, what good is a target player if they are not much of a threat when they have the ball?

  85. johnnycougar says:

    Bornstein is fast but he gets “torched” because he is often out of position or caught ball-watching instead of marking. Boca is obviously slower but takes better position and has better defending instincts. If necessary I’d prefer Spector to Bornstein because while he does have some of the same problems he is also better in attack, especially crossing.

  86. Brooklyn Dave says:

    The only players on Ives roster that ONLY play central mid are Bradley, Clark and Edu, and Edu is actually quite versatile, having played central defense at the Olympics and occasionally on the right side at the club level. Otherwise the guys that are being lumped in as central mids, ie, Feilhaber and Torres, frequently play on the flank (right and left side, respectively). So we’re not taking five CMs with that roster, we’re taking a bunch of flexible players who can be used in tactical matchups and configurations. I’d much rather take a bunch of very talented midfielders and find a way to use them than take an extra defender or forward who is clearly sub-international level in terms of talent.

  87. Ian says:

    I don’t see bringing both Bornstein and Pearce and leaving Bedoya at home.

    I also don’t agree with the forwards. I think Buddle should get the nod over Ching, who sucks, and if you think otherwise, you are stupid.

  88. Warren says:

    I like that, Edu is better than the stiff supposedly locked in at lb.

  89. Anon says:

    With Gooch, Demerit, Boca, and Marshall all nursing injuries, I think it’s fair to say our center fullback position among the 30 could put us in a desparate situation. You could easily see Edu sliding back or Bornstein/Spector sliding over during a game if one of our CBs goes down with an injury and we are out of subs. I’m worried that Boca is worse than they are letting on, leaving him unavailable for either CB or LB.

  90. Brooklyn Dave says:

    Good observation and question! We may have a leak here… perhaps an assistant coach is talking off the record to his favorite journalists.

  91. Warren says:

    Oh so you don;t want Heath to hurt poor JB’s feelings? Just tell him to stay off the boards.

  92. bryan says:

    yeah that is true. i just keep assuming Edu is the back up CB in a worse case scenario.

  93. Benny Dargle says:

    Re the picture: The absence of Gooch makes Bradley look taller. What it really demonstrates is how small Demerit and Boca are for central defenders. Neither probably cracks 6 feet in reality, regardless of what they are listed.

  94. Warren says:

    Gomez has been playing at a higher level – and yes the Mexican league is at a higher level than MLS, since salaries are better south of the border.

    If you need a goal in 15 minutes I have way more confidence Gomez the poacher will find a way.

  95. Dave from Charlotte says:

    I could see Torres left out and Bedoya included based on the 1 too many CM players. Or, Torres and Bedoya out, Dempsey counted as midfielder and Buddle added up top. I just think he can fuifill the target forward option BB so desperately seems to want in Ching while offering better pace and goal scoring potential.

    Beasley scares me…not enough minutes for Rangers, gaffes during Confed Cup. I don’t care about his form. Unfortunately, Unless he screws up he’s going though based on reports.

    Couldn’t agree more about Gomez…goals off the bench capability MUST go to WC.

  96. jjraines says:

    As much progress we’ve made, the dearth in depth and quality is alarming.

    And as much as I believe this team can (and has) beat anyone on any given day, methinks we’ll need some of that Confed Cup magic to make an impact in SA.

    That we are saying Jonathan Bornstein is our best (only?!) option at LB is depressing.

  97. Matt says:

    Pearce won’t have to come up big against England, I hope he doesn’t play a minute in South Africa. But, he have have to play against Algeria. Let’s say a combination of injuries and suspensions crop up in the first two group games ruling out Spector, Cherundolo, and hopefully Borenstein. Who plays fullback? He won’t be starting in the first game against England. You just need an insurance policy for the tournament.

  98. jb says:

    I do not get the Ching hatred here. How can you say Ching has proven “nothing but disappointment”. He is one of only two strikers who has real experience with our national team. If you havent seen a clip of his assist in last years qualifier against Costa Rica, then youtube it. He brought down a fifty yard long ball, then played a perfect pass in two quick touches. If you think he won’t be fit by June 12 or even if Buddle’s MLS form is strong enough to bump him, then fine. Just remember that Buddle has not even played a single meaningful minute for this national team.

  99. Stephen says:

    Because, we have 5 center mids and only 3 wingers. Bedoya provides cover on the wings. Torres can play on the wing, but the question is how effective can he be there?

  100. Warren says:

    Exactly. Experience vs skills and youth/speed?

    We need more skills and less experience thank you.

    I’m ok with Beasley squeezing in if he’s shown well in camp, but Ching’s day has come and gone. Gomez is the guy I’m most confident in. but if Buddle has shown well in camp i’m ok giving him a chance.

  101. Mathieu says:

    From what I’ve seen from Torres in his USMNT appearances, I have never been impressed. We have enough better def mids than him in Edu, Clark, Bradley that he will be playing on the left side. Considering a healthy Beasley will be above him in the pecking order, Torres’ spot will be disputed between him, Rogers, Bedoya and Klejtan.
    Of the 4 I have been much more impressed with the little I have seen from Bedoya than what I’ve seen from Torres. I think overall he brings more to the table as that bench player that can give us an offensive spark.
    But that’s just my opinion.

  102. Warren says:


  103. Brad says:

    well we never have been and will never be confused with Brazil or Argentina. The USMNT engine needs to be finely tuned and working on all cylinders for the team to have any shot at beating the big boys. I can live with Bornstein being the weakest link as long as Gooch and Bocanegra are healthy and fit…

  104. Brooklyn Dave says:

    Ultimately, I’m not a Ching fan, but having said that, I think you have to acknowledge that he is a decent quality target forward – strong in the air, good at holding the ball up, a solid passer up front, and a real hustler.

    Post-McBride, the US really doesn’t have any guys who can perform those functions at a high level. Altidore has taken steps in that direction this year at Hull, where he basically played target forward all season out of necessity. But right now Ching is, unfortunately, by far the best true target forward in the pool. Bradley knows there is a chance that we might be forced, at some point in the tourney, to play long ball, and when that happens, Ching will be useful.

    For me the frustrating things about Ching are a) he’s just not a good finisher, and target guys need to be opportunistic finishers, b) he’s neither fast nor big, so he’s just too easy for a lumbering CB to mark one on one, c) he never really seems to have any magical, inspired moments where he creates his own space and scores, all of his goals are plain vanilla off the effort of somebody else.

  105. If anyone’s interested yesterday’s mailbag includes predictions on who’ll get cut after tonight’s game:

    link to

  106. mwc says:

    I don’t know why, but that got me laughing.

  107. Dun Dun Duuuuuuuuun! says:

    ….or maybe, they’re the same person!!111!!1111111!!!

    (not really)

  108. Warren says:

    agreed with sbi

  109. jig says:

    1. Buddle is not in his early prime. He’s 29 years old.

    2. He’s hungry? What do you think Ching is? Full? You think Buddle is gonna try harder than Ching or something? Where do you get that from? What could you POSSIBLY be basing that on?

    Idiots. Everywhere.

  110. BooThisMan says:

    Assist against Costa Rica last year? I think you’re mistaken. We scored three goals against CR last year, two were unassisted (Donovan penalty, Bradley rebound), and Bornstein’s goal was assisted by Rogers off a corner.

  111. kwall says:

    “… JBo will be our man.”

    And give up penalties as he has in 2 of the last 3 national team games. If he is sooo fast he should use his feet and not his hands to take care of wingers!!!! Lets be real being a good defender is about more than speed! “JBo” is not one of our top 6 let alone top four defenders!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. Hi there! says:

    ” What good is a target player if they are not much of a threat when they have the ball? ”

    Sincerely not trying to be rude, but please read up on what a ” target player ” does and the role he plays, along with the impact he has on the players around him.

    Ching isn’t world class, this much is true, but his purpose (along with most target forwards) isn’t purely to score goals.

  113. Warren says:

    ‘forced to play long ball’??? kickball is BB’s favorite pastime.

    It’s more like forcing BB to take the skilled players who don’t need or want to play kickball over the assorted stiffs BB historically prefers..

    Here’s hoping there’s less deadwood than usual on a BB squad.

  114. CG says:

    Are all of you that are upset about the prospect of BB bring an aging veteran with a limited but potentially important skill set also dumbfounded that David Beckham most likely would have made England’s roster before his injury? Will you be upset if it happens to be Ching that draws a foul 25 yards out that Donovan fires past whatever suspect keeper wins rock-paper-scissors for England (please let it be James)?

    Ching has appeared in over 40 USMNT games (under two different managers, not just BB). According to he scored four goals in 10 qualifying matches for this World Cup (third on the team). I have no idea how many of Donovan’s or others’ goals came from build-up that included Ching, but I’d guess it’s not insignificant. I’d love to hear your definition of sucks. He’s limited, no doubt, but so are all of the other players being mentioned as replacements.

    I really would like to know how many of you who hate Ching actually watch him play? I’m serious, and by watch I mean with and without the ball.

  115. Woonderman says:

    Would rather see us bring alejandro or any other player in the 30 than Ching

  116. Wannascribble? No, actually...I don't. says:

    Please rethink your name before proceeding with a career in blogs.

    That is all.

  117. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    Edu can play defense (CB) if we need him to play that role. So the USMNT can cut either Pearce or Bornstein. I still think Beodya can get in the team if we plan to use Edu at CB IF we need to. I still think it will be between Bedoya and Beasley. I see Gomez making the team but I am having such a hard time sending Ching to SA and letting Buddle stay here. Buddle plays well with Donovan and Buddle is quicker and can finsih goals better than Ching. I think Bradley needs to realize that Buddle is best suit than Ching.




    Buddle (1st Half)

    Gomez (2nd Half)

  118. Stephen says:

    Also, I like Torres. I think he’s a great player. This could be his breakout WC but where would Landon Donovan and Clint Dempsey be if they hadn’t been given a chance on the world stage with little to no experience? I guess that goes for both Torres and Bedoya.

  119. Jeff says:

    By this logic our only hope at LB is Beasley.

  120. ThaDeuce says:

    I have guessed previously Bedoya over Torres, Buddle over Gomez. Everything else the same.

    Just landed in Hartford!

    SBI~ Where is your typical day of where will you be watching post???? The first game I make, and none of the world-wide chatter I can brag on.

  121. Juan from L.A. says:

    Bornstein AND Pearce? Really!!! C’mon now!!! NOOOOO!!! And no Bedoya. I would take both Buddle and Gomez.

  122. mwc says:

    What concerns me overall is the injury potential and fitness. Many guys have either had a recent injury or are injury-prone: Demerit, Onyewu, Cherundolo, Clark, Edu, Holden, Beasley, Feilhaber and Dempsey. Not that there is much that can be done about it, but it concerns me how banged up we have been.

  123. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    Why won’t the USMNT take a 3-7-9-4? Why does it have to be a 3-8-8-4?

    GOALKEEPERS- Tim Howard, Marcus Hahnemann, Brad Guzan

    DEFENDERS- Oguchi Onyewu, Carlos Bocanegra, Jay DeMerit, Steve Cherundolo, Jonathan Spector, Clarence Goodson, Heath Pearce

    MIDFIELDERS- Landon Donovan, Michael Bradley, Ricardo Clark, Maurice Edu, Stuart Holden, DaMarcus Beasley, Jose Torres, Benny Feilhaber, Alejandro Bedoya

    FORWARDS- Clint Dempsey, Jozy Altidore, Edson Buddle, Herculez Gomez

    This would be my 23 we take Bornstein and add Bedoya. We take out Ching and add Buddle.

  124. I guess I’ll have to remove you from the list of potential readers. Disappointing, but hopefully some of the other 6 billion people on the planet may check it out

  125. dcpohl says:

    Unfortunately I think the inclusion of Pearce and Bornstein is two men taking up one spot. Obviously, Bob isn’t confident enough in one of them locking down the LB role. This way he can switch them in and out depending on form or confidence. It’s just too bad someone like Bedoya is going to miss out. If the back line hadn’t been ravaged by injuries, Onyewu, Boca, and DeMerit I could definitely see us leaving Pearce off under the logic that Boca could move to the left and Jay could fill in at CB. But he only has 80% vision in one of his eyes.

  126. ko'd says:

    Regarding the argument that it doesn’t make sense to bring Bornstein and Pearce. At first I really agreed. After some thought, I think this argument actually misses the mark.

    Perhaps we can all agree that it is quite unlikely that we’ll see Marshall. That leaves Bocanegra, Bornstein, Cherundolo, DeMerit , Onyewu , Spector , Pearce, and Goodson. I think Bradley takes all 8. It’s not about having the manpower to fill the left-back slot with all other positions on the back-line static. The real question is what happens when another defender goes down. We have two right backs: Spector and Cherundolo. If one of them goes down, then what? Also, all THREE of our most important central defenders are recovering from serious or semi-serious injuries (Onyewu, Bocanegra, and DeMerit). I think if a right back goes down, we thin out dramatically.

    Let’s pretend that Cherundolo/Spector go down or end up with card accumulation in the group stages and that one of the key central defenders is unable to go due to preexisting issues or fitness reasons. If Bradley only brings 7 defenders (minus Bornstein or Pearce), that would leave the team with 5 pure defenders. And no, Edu doesn’t count. When was the last time he played central defense at this level?

    I won’t go through all the iterations, but I think this is dangerous and Bradley–the practical guy that he is–won’t play with fire. I say he goes with 8 defenders.

    Side note: Bradley brought 8 defenders to the 2009 Confederations Cup, 7 defenders to the 2009 Gold Cup, 8 defenders to the 2007 Copa America, and 8 defenders to the 2007 Gold Cup.

  127. WiscFan says:

    Ives made the Daily on the MLS website!

  128. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    I don’t know why people would want Torres out and add Bedoya. I agree we will have alot of CM but Torres is a good player, he’s probably one of the best Mids the US have. It is between Bedoya or Beasley one will go the other will stay. For the LB it is between Pearce and Bornstein. Bornstein has the advantage because that is one of Bradley’s boy. I would pick Pearce over Bornstein. Than for the forward position it is between Buddle and Gomez again Ching is Bradley’s boy so he will bring him. I would bring both Gomez and Buddle over Ching any time. PLEASE GOD LET BUDDLE AND GOMEZ SCORE A GOAL TONIGHT SO THEY CAN GO TO SOUTH AFTER AND CHING CAN STAY HOME PLEASE!!!

  129. angela says:

    Ives- you already have three mediocre options at LB, why add a fourth at the expense of a decent attacking player. If BB wants depth in defense, he needs it at CB, he’d add Marshall rather than the loser of Heath Pearce v. no one.

  130. Joe says:

    I appreciate it as well. Even if the laughs are at my expense. Well played my friend…well played.

  131. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    Good point I’m not too crazy of brining both Bornstein and Pearce but I just really want Bedoya to make the team cuz the kid can play. I will be cool with 8 defenders but I won’t be cool if they cut out Torres or Bedoya. The team said that Beasley has been the best player in camp which will leave out Bedoya. But good point of the Defense situation

  132. peterjh says:

    I would think Ching’s health is a key concern here.

  133. ko'd says:

    I hear ya. I like Bedoya. He really looks like the most dangerous player on the field when he plays for his club team (for whatever that is worth).

    BTW–I am not sure anyone should consider Feilhaber a lock. With the glut of center midfield options, along with his injury and rough form for the national team (and club), I think assuming that he will be on the roster assumes too much. And that might give Bedoya a spot on the roster, right? Plus, as little as he plays, we all know that Bradley likes to bring Paco Torres along for the ride.

  134. Isaac says:

    I understand that Ching hasn’t scored a lot for the USA, but he wasn’t exacly paired with a great striker to help him, or any striker at all for that matter. When Bradley played Donovan and Dempsey next to Ching it was actually making Ching a lone striker, when he’s a target striker, and, yes, there is a difference. A target man, normally, holds the ball up, wins aerial challenges, draws fouls, does most of the dirty work, latches onto crosses, gets the attention of the centerbacks, creates chances for others, provides the second striker with a shield to pass to and run off of. A lone striker combines the qualities of a second forward and a target man, which does not describe Ching. The question was this: If Ching was taking lumps and doing all the dirty work, and Donovan was running the USA’s midfield, who was going to actually score the goals? The USA provided temporary answers to this question with things like set piece ability, long balls, and it’s home crowd, but once it’s competition began to become tougher in the final round of Qualifying, it became pretty clear that the USA needed someone who would strictly score goals, while fitting the teams style. Lo and behold, as soon as said goalscorer Jozy Altidore comes off the bench and onto the field in San Salvador, Brian Ching is involved in his goal, bringing down a knockdown header from Dempsey and getting the ball wide to Frankie Hejduk, who played the ball across to Altidore for a goal. Ching and Altidore then combined again, with Jozy laying off a pass for Ching that he couldn’t quite direct home, as he was on his left foot. The next game, Ching and Donovan were again involved in another one of the young striker’s goals, with Brian flicking on a Carlos Bocanegra longball into the path of a streaking Landon Donovan, who volleyed a pass across to a free Jozy Altidore. The fact that the USA managed to score more goals(5) consecutively in those matches without getting scored on than they had that entire round surely says something for what an Altidore-Ching combination could have led to if Brian had been healthy. People talk about Ching’s lack of goals for club and country, but when he was paired with Dwayne DeRosario, one of the best attacking players in the league in 2008, he was among the top scorers. The point is that even if Ching wasn’t a goalscoring machine, he either wasn’t next to somebody who could help him, or he wasn’t next to anyone at all.

    It’s easy to say,” He’s scoring, bring him in”, but what about other things they bring to the game. What if they’re against a team that they’ll have trouble scoring against? Altidore, Davies and Ching all have value past being good strikers and goalscorers. They provide pressure from the front, work hard, and have all the intangibles that make them fit into this team and are vital to this team.

  135. dbag says:

    I hope its not to late to bring McBride. If Buddle is going to be a supersub, I would rather have Mcbride.If Mexico brought back Blanco, The US can bring back Mcbride. No offense to Buddle or Ives, but the way the Galaxy are playing, any forward in mls could score with their midfield production.

    Hopefully its not too late, but then again it probably is

  136. EA says:

    “What has Buddle done for the national team?”

    1/2 as much as Bedoya and 2/3 as much as Kenny Cooper.

  137. jb says:

    I’m sure youre right and I’ve mistaken which game that was (think sasha scored the goal). Sorry Boo, too busy right now to check. Point is that Ching has ‘proven’ much more than Buddle at the international level. Ching also would bring some experience and leadership to a young team. I would love for any striker (including Buddle) to step up tonight and render the debate moot.

  138. BetaMale says:

    Please no ‘JBo’

  139. EA says:

    Argentina friendly.

  140. Isaac says:

    I absolutely HATE it when people say,” what has this person done to get on the national team?” because none of us have the ability to remember whole matches, much less MULTIPLE whole matches so it’s easy to say that and people stand there and think”…what HAVE they done”.

    Come on, be a bit more creative. Holden has may not be lighting up the score board or helping some one else do so every game, but he’s managed to hold up and keep from making too many stupid errors on or off the ball against tough competition. Why don’t you tell us what he HASN’T done to get on this national team? Show us proof that he’s less worthy of a spot than Rogers. What’s that? You can’t recall whole games? Welcome to the club buddy.

  141. Sergio of SF says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I’m hoping for Altidore and Ching to start together against Turkey.

  142. BrianVT says:

    It’s a safe bet that BB’s 23 are already chosen, and that no one will be able to play their way *ON* to the plane tonight, but will only be able to play their way *OFF* of the plane.


    Best Father/Son road-trip ****EVER***!!! :-)

  143. Isaac says:

    Pearce completely shut down Sergio Aguero in the Argentina friendly, and was great in advanced positions as well. His lack of playing time just caught up to him, and if he can do that without playing time, well, I’d take him while he’s going week in week out for a team arguably not too far behind Hansa Rostock.

  144. EA says:

    He’s not young, he’s “new.”

    Remember, on the internet, anyone who plays in the Norwegian fourth division and hasn’t been capped is automatically better than everyone except Gooch and Freddy Adu.

  145. The American Outlaws says:

    Hey SBI, Tailgate party from 4-kick off at lot 9. See you there?

  146. BetaMale says:

    I’d be disappointed to not see Buddle in the lineup, as he is proving that he is one of the few US players to score for their club on a regular basis, plus he links up perfectly with Donovan. Do not over look this fact

  147. Isaac says:

    Ching is a FORWARD, who helps other players SCORE, what more do you want?

  148. Neruda says:

    Let’s hope that the final forward spots are based on pure merit earned by performance from last week and tonights game. Let’s hope the newcomers show something and the old guard (Ching) is the same ole’ guard. If so that will put the Ching question to bed.

  149. A little bird told me... says:

    Bedoya is going to S. Africa.

  150. saywha? says:

    I live for the World Cup. I have taken a week off of work to do nothing but watch games all day. If I see Ching on the field for even one second, I will cease watching the U.S. team until Bradley is gone. I don’t care if we’re up 10-0. Watching Ching play makes me want to jab things in my eyes.

  151. wilyboy says:

    I would take Bedoya over Beasley. I won’t bother responding if anyone starts citing Beasley’s history and experience, because I know very well that they are looking at the highlight reel. When he feels settled, it goes to his head, and he had not put together a complete season since PSV. Bedoya is very solid now, is in good form, and is our future starter on the left hand side.

    In my mind, his talent and his temperament deserve it far more.

  152. The Gentleman Masher says:

    Any reason we aren’t giving the 30 guys 2 games in the US and then deciding who to take?

  153. saywha? says:

    Hey, where’s Cobi Jones? I don’t see him on this list.

  154. manonthemoon says:

    Never been impressed with Torres? What about the tackle at the end of the Costa Rica game which won back posession and help lead to the game tying goal. Or the blast off the crossbar versus Holland.

  155. Alex G says:

    Ives, drop Ching, Pearce and bring Edson and Bedoya, Bedoya is a very talented player we could exploit in this WC, he needs some improvement and that improvement can come from playin at the International stage.

  156. Andy says:

    I would drop Torres for Bedoya (more of an attacking option) and Pearce for Buddle or Johnson (depending on how tonight goes). With Edu and Beasley, we have defensive cover – it’s attacking where we’re going to want more options.

  157. manonthemoon says:

    I feel you taking just as much as risk with either of them. Beasley has been inconsitent as of late, however, when in form he can be quite an assest on the wing. Bedoya, has a relatively small amount of caps, but still in that limited time we have glimpses of what he can bring to a team. I think it comes down to their performances in camp and in tonights freindly. From what I’ve been hearing Beasley has had a great camp, therefore I would have to be in favor of having him in the final 23. However, I wouldn’t mind having Bedoya along too in place of the eighth defender.

  158. Jason says:

    I don’t understand the insistance of a holding forward style in the first place. Yes, we’ve used it in the past but with different personnel. Altidore will draw enough fouls on his own. The key is to have an athletic player paired with him to stretch the field. In my mind, that is Gomez / Buddle and definitely not Ching.

    My biggest hope though is that Davies is sitting in Hartford right now ready to join the team in case of an injury.

  159. fenel1 says:

    holy crap man! you didn’t have to write a book.

  160. rp says:


  161. war says:

    maybe you should check the teams that Ching has scored on. His most recent (WC qualifying to present)-2 vs Bardados at home in a 8-0 win. 1 vs Cuba at home in a 6-1 win. 2 vs Trinidad and Tobago at home. 1 against El Salvador and Honduras at home. 1) the world cup is not at home and we are playing far better teams.

    2)Harry Redknapp’s missus could score against Barbados

  162. Scott says:

    Let’s start by noting that his last name is Bornstein. Secondly, the other defenders have been hurt, or have not played well. Spector has been playing left D but has done poorly.

  163. Scott says:

    I have been watching a significant amount of soccer overseas and the similar mistakes that Bornstein has made is similar to the ones the top players in the world make too. You just do not see it.

  164. Scott says:

    If you watch some of the championship games over the past month, you will see that in every game a player will take action that ends up in a penalty/foul. The issue is that these players are taught to act/fake falls, etc. It is that part of the game I dislike. Also, if you go back and watch the game where JB fouled, you will see that Donavan was not helping out at all, and JB was recovering. Still he will learn to not do that.

  165. DILLON says:

    Sorry but those games weren’t big ones. JB did a great job on Messi of all people in Copa America and I don’t see anyone saying that means anything.

  166. AndrewBoyensWillBeAtTheWC says:

    Reading some of these posts gives me the same warm feeling I got when Lalas was signed by that Italian team. Gee, there’s somebody who knows even less about soccer than I do!

    If you think player X is “not good enough at the international level,” you have to suggest a different (US) player. Just because a player stinks doesn’t mean you don’t have somebody worse to replace him.

  167. war says:

    After watching England, I saw:

    1) They cant defend a long ball, which is USA soccer’s philosophy. England’s can build up 10 minutes of possesion, only to have a pass intercepted, and an opposing forward one on one with the gk in seconds.

    2) Rooney is tired and had little influence aside from when he was unmarked and provided for Crouch’s offisde handball.

    3)Defoe brought nothing to the game.

    4)Set piece defending is absent, which is good for the USA.

    5) England had difficulties when Mexico got physical.

  168. bryan says:

    you are missing the point. Ching is injured and has had a bad year. It has nothing to do with what he HAS done (as to why people don’t want him), but rather, what he CAN do. Right now, I don’t think he can really give anything to us that the other forward options couldn’t. And I think pretty much all of them give something that Ching doesn’t.

    Also, Beckham and Ching is a terrible comparison. Beckham brings 3 World Cups worth of experience, a wealth of Euro experience and a right foot that not many have. Ching doesn’t bring the same thing whatsoever. This is actually why I support Onyewu being included while saying Ching does not deserve it. Gooch is irreplaceable in the center for the USMNT. Again, it’s not that he is an aging veteran, it’s just that he doesn’t bring much to the table anymore, in my opinion. at least not for a world cup.

    And yes, I know I absolutely watch him play. that’s why I think it is a load of crap that he may not play tonight. He needs to prove he has overcome his injury and isn’t going to be as bad as he has been in MLS this year.

  169. The fact that the announcement will be made tomorrow at 1 pm ET shows that Bob pretty much has his mind made minus a couple spots. The first hint will be tonight when he announces his 23 man roster for the game. Any fringe players not on that list are as good as gone.

  170. Ian says:

    Don’t compare Ching and the USMNT with Beckham and England, that is a horrible way to respond to my statement.

    Of course I’d be upset if Ching draws a foul, because that means he’s in the game.

    Ching’s lack of skills have been documented many times on the comments on this site. Yes he has experience, yes he is a good player, and he plays in MLS for a reason, or at least he did.

    I have watched him over the years and especially during qualifying. He brings certain things to the table but all of which Altidore can do better in the target forward role. He is old, injured, and everything he did was against CONCACAF opponents.

    “According to he scored four goals in 10 qualifying matches for this World Cup (third on the team). I have no idea how many of Donovan’s or others’ goals came from build-up that included Ching, but I’d guess it’s not insignificant.”

    Sounds like you didn’t do enough watching yourself there boss.

  171. Rich says:

    Pretty much agree with Ives list.

    I understand why Beasley is on the list rather than Bedoya, but I would rather see Bedoya there. He has been playing and doing well. Beas has a good stretch in December and January and tha is it.

    Regardless, BB will take Beas, he will get in the game and miss a sitter from six yards out.

  172. Dennis says:

    J.B. has the tools to be a very good L.B., if he can avoid mental lapses. Bocanegra is more a pure defender and he is generally smart enough not to get himself in spots where his lack of speed is exposed. I think Bradley will go with the experience when games that count happen. For the Czechs and Turks, J.B. and Peirce will share time to sort out which will get the nod should Boca not be able to go or if he is needed in the middle.
    A Good game by J.B might mean Pearce does not go to S.A. and opens up a spot for Bedoya or Buddle.

  173. Dave says:

    I hope Findley didn’t kill his chances of going to the world cup by screwing up 2 breakaways vs Houston before camp started. He would be ideal for the US to bring on as a sub in a game where they needed a goal in the last few minutes of a game. He starts a lot for Salt Lake now, but he was always very well suited for a substitute role. He can change a game when he comes in for just a few minutes. He’d probably beat anyone in the World Cup in a 1v1 foot race. Speed kills, so we’d be good bringing speed to the World Cup.

  174. srfinger says:

    Because it gives the 23 more time to work with each other. Mindset will change after the cutdown.

    A lot of countries (Us included in past years) never bring all 30 to camp. They just concentrate on getting a smaller group as ready as possible.

    The staff has been following these guys for months and they have been training for 8 days. At some point you gotta make a decision and get on with it.

  175. AC says:

    It only goes to show someone really, really, really screwed up in MLS to think that Gomez was a midfielder. The guy is a striker by all equations. So he’s not the “traditional” big target forward. I’m tired of that stereotype being what some coaches think is the only type of striker. It shouldn’t matter your size. If you can score goals in that position, you’re a forward. I hope Gomez gets the nod!

  176. max says:

    This board is getting hilarious. People are saying that support Ching by saying he has 10+ int’l goals, but yet they don’t have the courage to list the teams he’s scored against and they’re all at home. They say he hustles, which may be true. But he doesn’t do so in away games, or against A-team squads from any region. He becomes invisible. The world cup is away from home. Then, these people who say experience matters most dismiss Pearce who has played in more games, for more years, and given better performances than Bornstein. They say Borstein is fast and is the best option at LB, when he has no positional sense. 2 penalties out of 3 of his last games against Europeans. Boca doesn’t have speed, but can position himself to prevent the opposition from getting through.

  177. Dennis says:

    I did get to watch a training session in Princeton. (Only one!) On that day Gomez looked best among the forwards wh are looking to get in, Buddle and Johnson seemed about equal while Ching and Findley briought up the rear. But there was little difference among the last 4 and a different set of eyes might have seen something different. On that single session, there was not much basis to make a choice.
    Oh yeah, one more note: M. Bradley, Dempsey and Edu were the players who I thought pushed the games along Donavon sort of drifted wide and out. Torres and Feilhaber both made some nifty passes.

  178. Benny Dargle says:

    For all of those pushing Buddle because he is in such a hot streak of form, you should remember that he didn’t score his last three games with the Galaxy and missed a couple in the scoreless tie with Toronto in the last game. He did a lot other things in those games, including serving in the target role, but I suspect that he may have been cooling off a bit, especially as the marking of him improved. This would be the pattern over his career, with hat tricks mixed in with dry spells. I hate to say that as a Galaxy fan, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the pressure started to catch up with him and it showed during TC.

  179. Ian says:

    Does anyone know where I can watch the game in Montreal? I am on vacation so any help would be appreciated !

  180. I JIK I RED BULZ says:



    I don’t understand why everyone wants Ching to be in the roster and what scares me is that some people even want him to start. I guess those USA fans want the USA team to lose.

    Dempsey, Altidore, Gomez, Buddle should be our 4 Forwards!

  181. Dan says:

    JBo gets the train station on time, but somehow doesn’t catch the train. Watch all his games, but pay attention to the Ruiz goal in the Costa Rica qualifier where JBo lost on a simple give and go. A nothing play turned into a disaster. JBo speed and all the kings horses couldn’t get him back into position to cover his mistake. I could go on all day about how bad he is. He’s only on the team because BB is trying to recreate Michael’s u-17 squad.

  182. Dennis says:

    One thing is I have not seen Bedoya play enough minutes to see if he has mental lapses. At midfield for the US, you need to be able to defend a bit and do so every time it is called for. Failure to maintain that concentration will permit opponents to overload the defense which will mean bad things for the USA.
    Bornstein has shown skills, goal-scoring and 1v1 defending that are all solid. The thing he is missing is concentration for 90+ minutes.
    Let’s not pretend J.B. is a weak player, he is really quite solid, but he is not a natural defender, I believe he played forward in college, and Chivas is using him at midfield some of the time now. The USA probably needs a L.B. who will not fall asleep (the only ones with that ability seem to be Boca and Pearce, even though I think neither has the attacking potential of J.B. or Spector in the run of play).

  183. Neil says:

    Let’s not kid ourselves. Defending is not our biggest problem. Our squads have typically been very solid defensively. It’s actually our overly defensive mindset that is our Achilles. We simply don’t have the creativity in the offensive third, the dangerous attack minded players, or the offensive freedom in our overly structured style of play to compete at the highest level in these international tournaments.

  184. Dinho says:

    Size doesn’t matter, it’s how you use it, right AC?

  185. Warren says:

    Edu is experienced enough at CB and skilled enough with the ball at his feet that i would not be worried under the scenario of Edu filling in at CB.

    Likewise, while Spector was shaky at LB at the end of the Premier League season for West Ham, at least he has lots of practice dealing with speedy guys like Aaron Lennon or Theo Walcott.

    I’ll take that experience over Bornstein any day – JB’s Netherlands display was just pathetic, you began to feel sorry for JB being so outclassed.

  186. Warren says:


  187. Warren says:

    yes but if in every game it is the same defender giving up the goals/conceding dumb fouls in dangers spots/giving up penalties – that player is benched.

  188. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    Plus Bob Bradley coach him in Chivas USA the only reason why he likes him. Favoritism shouldn’t be happening especially for the FIFA WORLD CUP!

  189. rob says:

    Or maybe those two actually know something about the sport that you don’t.

  190. nolan says:


    Bryan “Take a Dive” Ching and Eddie “Bling Bling” Johnson.

    they are just no good!

  191. Benny Dargle says:

    I haven’t gone through the entire comments, but has anyone noted Grant Wahl’s tweet from earlier today?

    In Hartford for USA-Czech. Keep hearing DaMarcus Beasley looks good in camp, though he did turn an ankle in practice yesterday.

    about 7 hours ago via web

    Wonder how bad his ankle is turned?

  192. Dinho says:

    Anyone seeing Paraguay is getting housed by Ireland? 2-0 at the half. Ireland would have done well in the cup… oh, Henry, you dirty player, you!!!

  193. Dennis says:

    If that were true, I’m a little fuzzy on the timing, but wouldn’t Adu, Robby Rogers, Ed Gaven and Dan Szetela be there if that were the case?

  194. Danny C.... says:

    I think that while we wished we had a better LB, we dont and although Bornstein at times makes us cringe, he is our best option he is, has regular playing time, and although he had one of the worse games ever versus Netherlands, he is going to be the guy, remember when BB experimented with M Wynn and Beasley back there…. also i agree with Gomez over Buddle

  195. Erik says:

    That’s because JB has done so much wrong since then…

  196. rob says:

    Jesus Christ, have some of you people ever watched a game? Played some soccer in your life? Coached? Anything?

    There’s a reason why these players who posters keep picking on are professionals, why professional coaches keep picking them, and why professional journalists keep tipping them to get picked – and no, it’s not because there’s a giant conspiracy in US Soccer, or that US Soccer wants the USMNT to crash and burn, or that they have the knowledge of a U-12 youth club, or that they’re all secretly “biased,” whatever the hell that means. It means they just might be right, and a bunch of fools on a message board aren’t.

  197. Erik says:

    It’s a shame they are not in the finals. While the handball cost them the chance, there is no proof they still would have made it though. There was still extra time or penalties.

    I just hate seeing France go – running around with underage prostitutes, cheating to win – just what the world cup needs.

    The prostitute thing reminds me of that movie “Taken.” That’s what they were involved in…

  198. sread says:

    “Of course I’d be upset if Ching draws a foul, because that means he’s in the game.”

    That statement made my day. Seriously funny.

    But anyway..


    Get it together man. Ching’s days as an international are OVER. Yes, there will always be those who want to pay tribute to him because of the silly caps he earned vs CONCACAF minnows, but that isn’t the correct resume to present when dealing with this WC. He really has nothing to bring to this WC, because experience all of a sudden becomes useless when you can even play at a high level anymore. He may have had something to prove going into the 2006 WC and he was in his prime back then, having won tons of games and scored dozens of goals for Houston.

    Truth is, he just isn’t that same player. He can’t help us anymore than the other players that are being considered. And I do watch his games regularly on MLS MatchdayLive. I watch just about all of Houston’s games, though certainly not for him. He was good for finishing off a Brad Davis cross here and there or slotting home a rebound that Scott Garlick let go, but what he did back then doesn’t mean he can be a lock to make the squad now. Take that autographed Brian Ching poster off your wall and put it in the garage. Matter of fact, roll it up and stick it in the attic.

  199. rob says:

    who are you?

  200. war says:

    N.Korea 2-2 vs Greece.

  201. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    Just put Bocanegra at LB they will all be ready on June 12th

  202. jayrig5 says:

    I know it’s going to happen, but I don’t understand why Ching will be on the team. Is he going to start? Probably not, most everyone agrees Dempsey or Donovan will be up top. Is he a scoring threat off the bench? No, most everyone agrees he’s not really capable of scoring goals at the international level. Is he on form? Not really, I wouldn’t say. So what role is he playing? The “hold-up man”? Why do we need that? If we’re behind, we want to bring in a forward that doesn’t score? If we’re ahead, our tactical move is to swap a forward for a forward? I just don’t get it, really. It’s not like he shows up in big moments…His 11 international goals came against El Salvador, Cuba, Barbados, Trinidad/Tobago, Jamaica, Honduras, Guatemala, and Venezuela. He’s the poster boy for “helps in CONCACAF, struggles against everyone else.”

  203. Scott says:

    Hopefully, he has learned from these mistakes. We shall see tonight? With several of the locks not playing, we will see folks like JB playing for a spot.

  204. GSScasual says:

    if they do not win, i do not think anyone vying for a spot should be called up… its do or die. time to take us soccer to the next level, no more losing bullshyit, we are here to dominate… no prisoners

  205. Micah King says:


  206. Gacm32 says:

    You want both Ching and Altidore to start together? Thats a recipe for disaster. Two target forwards starting together is not what our national team needs. At this point in Chings’ career all he can do is attempt to hold the ball up. He doesn’t have good enough dribbling skills to turn and create a pass for Jozy. I would want to see Deuce/Jozy or Jozy/Herc.

  207. Micah King says:


  208. CG says:

    Hmmm… I’ll keep this brief as the apparently self-anointed Ching jockey.

    1) I’m not suggesting Ching is a superstar, has been a superstar, or ever will be a superstar. I just happen to think that his skill set (limited though it may be) has a place on the team. I won’t rehash the post of Brooklyn Dave a few down from this one since he did a good job of summarizing why I think Ching has a spot here.

    2) Obviously if he’s not healthy, #1 is moot. I’m OK with people thinking I’m stupid, but I’m not.

    3) If you won’t root for whatever team BB puts on the field, please don’t question my intelligence, fandom or patriotism. And don’t reply with the fantasy-world response of rooting for team success, but hoping x player doesn’t do well in the process.

    4) Ching’s lack of skills being documented on this site means nothing to me. No offense, but I like to draw my own conclusions.

    5) I wasn’t comparing Beckham to Ching as much as I was an aging veteran with a particular skill (say what you want about drawing fouls, but I’ll take every single one we get that’s close to the goal). On the subject of Beckham, check out some of the English boards or rags and see what they are saying (more like said since it’s old news) about Beckham’s caps recently and whether they were deserved or were the charity work of a coach who seems to like him. Again, don’t stress. I’m not making a comparison between Beckham and Ching in terms of which player is better or worse.

    6) If we had a better target forward in our pool, I would take him in a nanosecond. In my opinion, we don’t. He goes. Altidore and Dempsey start up top. Ching gets used situationally, if needed.

    Again, I don’t necessarily like or dislike Ching. This was a discussion started by Ives about the 23 spots. If healthy, I think Ching is definitely in that 23. I wrote several months ago about why taking Ching and either Buddle or Gomez, who each offer essentially the same thing as subs, was better than Buddle and Gomez. Altidore is not on the level of Ching as a target man (AS A TARGET MAN… I’m well aware of the fact that Altidore is a better overall striker). I’m also not concerned with MLS or CONCACAF “minnows” since the players he’s being measured against for the spot also play or have played (poorly) in MLS and against CONCACAF “minnows”.

  209. jts says:

    4 hr

    21 min

  210. jpc says:

    I’m not concerned really about who is playing at a higher level. Neither MLS nor the Mexican league are at the level where you can say success will translate.

    Nobody really can tell whether or not Buddle’s OR Gomez’ games will translate to success internationally, and that’s what I was getting at.

    Gomez seems to me to be a poacher, but if that skill doesn’t translate internationally, he’s got nothing to provide as far as I know (admittedly all I’ve seen of him this year have been highlights, but the majority of his goals and attempts were of that kind).

    Buddle’s game on the other hand is multifaceted, and if he is unsuccessful internationally as an out and out goal scorer, at least he can maybe provide assists, or hold up play, or can turn and take on defenders and draw some penalties like he does in MLS.

    That’s really my point on the two, Buddle has more pro’s that may translate, while Gomez may be a one trick pony, and if that one trick doesn’t translate, then its a wasted slot.

  211. beachbum says:

    darling in the media circles? poo poo

    he’s a darling at Bolton, and a darling in USMNT circles, because he’s damn good

  212. beachbum says:

    look at all of these posts….YES!

    GO USA!!!

  213. madmax says:

    What was the argument for the lock on Ching? How was his camp? Is he a walk-over noncompetitive selection?

    I guess I like to be beat up with his story.

  214. Joamiq says:

    After tonight’s game, Ives, I agree with everything you’ve got here except I think Bedoya gets that last spot over Pearce. I think BB is going to think of Edu like an 8th defender (even though he wasn’t very good in that role tonight). And I think JB and Pearce were both SO bad that taking them both is like taking two dead weight LBs, which is a waste. JB is a better team chemistry guy, so I think he goes over Pearce.

  215. Steve says:

    Amen. The two worst players on the field tonight were Pearce and Bornstein, bringing both would be asinine.

  216. ThaDeuce says:

    why can’t i post.

  217. Matthew Yu says:

    I find it confusing why everyone’s final 23 prediction includes Brian Ching. He was a no show last night in the final 45, and barely held onto the ball. He does not have the same speed as Buddle, and Buddle is much more of a hard worker on the field who can strike a ball better than Ching from what I have seen. Yeah, experience goes to Ching, but from what I’ve seen, Buddle can be a bigger contributor for the World Cup. Oh, and if Onyewu and Bocanegra are just coming back from injuries and have a chance to prove themselves (Onyewu), why couldn’t Charlie Davies be given the chance? I bet he can prove to be better over Eddie Johnson, he never deserves another chance.