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Whether it's a fringe player looking to cement a spot on the final 23-man roster, or a starter looking to silence his critics, the U.S. men's national team's friendly against the Czech Republic (8pm, ESPN) should provide answers for head coach Bob Bradley.

With Bradley selecting his World Cup team on Wednesday, the match at Rentschler Field will prove pivotal for bubble players such a Alejandro Bedoya, Edson Buddle and Herculez Gomez. A solid performance against the Czechs could go a long way in helping a player book his ticket to South Africa.

"This past week we've had training to see how we were on our running," said Jose Francisco Torres. "Everybody has enjoyed seeing each other again, but now we have an important game. Everyone is focused on that."

While everyone is in World Cup mode, it is likely that some regulars will be rested in order to make room for the numerous players fighting for the final six or seven spots up for grabs.

One regular who won't be rested is Oguchi Onyewu, who has not played in a match since injuring his patellar tendon on Oct. 14. Onyewu stated during the pre-World Cup camp in Princeton, NJ that he's fully fit and healthy, but questions remain about how his form is after the lengthy layoff.

"I'm up to par and up to game fitness right now," said Onyewu. "All that's left to see is game situations and hopefully within the next couple of friendlies I'll be able to get the cobwebs off and put to rest all uneasiness that everybody might have."

Centerbacks Carlos Bocanegra and Jay DeMerit are also coming off recent injuries, but both might be given the night off due to their status with the team. Tim Howard might also be rested as he was healing a thigh strain during training camp.

If Howard does not dress, Brad Guzan and Marcus Hahnemann will likely split time against Czech Republic. Just exactly who is Howard's backup is uncertain, but the answer could come with a strong showing.

Of all the positions, forward is the one with the most question marks. Jozy Altidore and Brian Ching, if healthy, are locks to travel to South Africa, leaving Gomez, Buddle, Robbie Findley and Eddie Johnson to battle it out for the final one to two spots.

Gomez and Buddle are the more in form strikers out of that group, with both enjoying stellar seasons before joining the national team. Word around the team is that Gomez has enjoyed a solid camp, while Buddle has struggled a bit, especially with fitness. Buddle, however, feels up to the challenge if his number is called.

"If I get my chance, I'm just going to run with it and play hard and walk off the field knowing I gave it my all," said Buddle.

For Buddle and other hopefuls, the Czech Republic match is likely to make or break their World Cup spots. That pressure might not come close to what they will feel in South Africa if they make it, but it might be as close as one could get in a friendly.


What do you think of tonight's game? What are you keeping an eye on? Do you see Onyewu performing well? How will Buddle and Gomez do?

Share your thoughts below.

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109 Responses to USMNT looking for answers against Czech Republic

  1. BetaMale says:

    my question is, does anyone’s performance actually change Robobob’s roster selection for tomorrow? I bet he already knows who he’s going with, and only a 3 goal performance by a striker could change anything

  2. Brad says:

    It’s also important to see who’s fit. We’ve got a bunch of injuries and we have to see if the players are able to play and move at game-speed…

  3. franky says:

    How the eff is Chung a lock? Jozy can easily play the target role.

  4. Dave from Charlotte says:

    Ouch regarding Buddle and fitness. He better show up tonight and shine. Otherwise, hello 3 forwards and 9 midfielders…

  5. RNG says:

    Please fix the typos guys

  6. sread says:

    Good question. I’d love to get into another discussion about Ching’s ineptitude, but that’s been covered thoroughly in the last thread. “A lock to travel to South Africa?” According to who?

  7. bryan says:

    “Of all the positions, forward is the one with the most question marks. Jozy Altidore and Brian Ching, if healthy, are locks to travel to South Africa”

    i seriously get worked up reading that.

  8. Derek says:

    FYI, my channel guide shows tonight’s game on ESPN, not the Deuce.

    Hope Gooch plays well tonight.

  9. John says:

    According to a tweet by Ives yesterday(I believe) Bob told him 17-19 spots have been locked up

  10. Matt D says:

    I’ll second Derek’s concern about ESPN or ESPN2 – I believe (and so does US I think) that the game is on ESPN…Ives, any idea on which one it is? I’m going to have to DVR the game tonight.

  11. LUIS says:

    Please unlock Ching. He needs to be competing with Johnson, Gómez, Findley, and Buddle, Does struggling with fitness means he is hurt? Or is he out of shape? Please clarify.
    It is nice to know that we even have a discussion on so many players for roster spots. Last World Cup there was maybe one controversy with Twellman, this time there can be a case made for more players being left off. I love the growth.

  12. Mike - Chicago says:

    I’ve never been more psyched to watch a match knowing that many starters will be sitting. I want to see someone step it up tonight and make a statement. Show us all that you deserve to play against the best in the world.

    There is no tomorrow! There is no tomorrow!

  13. Ian says:

    Ives or any media member reading this, please ask Bradley why Ching is a lock at the next media session. It’s a perfectly valid question and maybe, just maybe, Bob will rethink that awful decision to make him an automatic lock.

    The sad reality is that it’s probably too late. God help us all.

  14. Dave from Charlotte says:

    shows up as being on ESPN/ESPNHD for me…HD sweet!

  15. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    WTF Ching is a lock?

  16. Luke CBus says:

    From USSoccer:

    U.S. Men

    vs. Czech Republic

    Rentschler Field; East Hartford, Conn.

    May 25, 2010 @ 8 p.m. ET

    Live on ESPN and Galavision

    My cable guide has coverage starting at 7:30 on ESPN. Turkey game on Saturday is on ESPN2.

  17. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    3 & 1/2 more hours guys

  18. Rory says:

    My prediction: Czech 3, USA 1. Nobody up front can hold the ball up and nobody can create anything on their own. Our Forward pool will looke even more thin tommorow then it does today.

  19. gss casual says:

    if they do not win, i do not think anyone vying for a spot should be called up… its do or die. time to take us soccer to the next level, no more losing bullshyit, we are here to dominate… no prisoners

  20. away goals says:

    Without seeing the guys in training everyday, it’s hard for us to tell how tight the position battles really are.

    But if they’re still close, I don’t doubt that tonight’s performances could definitely swing things one way or another.

    If findley and eddie look as out of sorts as they did against nederlandes, it would be hard to justify their inclusion no matter how well they’ve been training.

  21. WhiteHart says:

    I agree with the comments that Ching shouldn’t necessarily be “a lock,” but I’ll take Ives’ word, especially given Bradley’s track record.

    I do hope that Bedoya gets a good look tonight and plays well. I really think he is a player poised to break-out ala DeMarc or Landon back in 2002

  22. james says:

    I don’t know why everyone is so worked up about Ching being included. He has always been solid for the national team. He may not have the sex appeal of other forwards, but he’s smart on the ball, draws fouls and makes everyone around him better. Is he going to beat 3 defenders at once? No, but who on this roster can? Plus he has more caps (experience) than all the other forwards combined. It’s time for all the Ching haters to give it a rest and look at it realistically.

  23. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    Czech aren’t bringing their stars either so USA can win this game

  24. Dan says:

    Ching a lock? Hurl.

    Why isn’t Bornstink on the bubble as the first to get axed on defense? I pray that he handballs one tonight so that Bob Bradley finally ends their domestic partnership.

    I am waiting for Bedoya to do more than show promise.

    I think DMB gets one more chance and will probably end up making it.

  25. WhiteHart says:

    I may be mistaken, but I thought I read earlier this week here that the Czechs had brought a relatively weak/experimental squad.

    I know we are going to be playing some fringe players fighting for a spot on the 23, but I just don’t see the scoreline going that way.

  26. confused says:

    Is kick-off 8 or 8:30.


  27. WhiteHart says:

    Do more than show promise.. the kid has 2 caps.

  28. Scott says:

    Why is Gooch wearing sweatpants when everyone else is wearing the red training shorts?

  29. confused says:

    Cause if Jozy gets hurt who’s your target?

  30. MikeyG says:


  31. confused says:

    You have to bring your big men, if you’re going to continue playing the type of counter attack that the USA has seen success with.

  32. confused says:

    Seriously, makes me sick watching fellow yanks put down our most experienced target forward.

    He’s big, smart, and solid. Exactly the forward you would want to sub in towards the end of the game hanging on to a lead, or chasing a win.

    Jozy always seems to get tired towards the end of USMNT matches too.

  33. Joseph says:

    From what Ive read, this is not an overly strong Czech team we’re facing. If so, a good outing doesn’t prove much. I also think the heat will play a factor. Its 91 deg out right now at 4:46 PM Even if it drops to 80 it will be difficult for the Czech team to cope. They don’t play play in this heat and it will wear them out.

    On the other hand, a weak outing will not be a good sign of things to come. I’m just hoping that if we do win, people don’t read too much into it

  34. Klinsi says:

    Ching isn’t pretty but he does all the little things. I love Jozy, and he’s the superior player, but he has does not play the TARGET (win ball, keep ball, pass ball effectively or draw foul) as well as Ching. Every team needs one, for the same reason England always calls up Heskey. Also, if you look closely he plays very well with Donovan, those two are tight from their San Jose days.

  35. maka says:

    anyone other than ching…

    hell i would put gooch up there like milan did during american tour 2009

  36. Dan says:

    like I said…he needs to do more than show promise. His alternative is to continue “showing promise” and have Bob put him on the first bus leaving the New York Port Authority terminal.

  37. burner says:

    He just doesn’t score goals. That’s not a very good trait for a forward.

  38. josh says:

    Not necessarily a Ching hater, but did the guy get off the bench 4 years ago? Is he better now? Why do we need to bring a guy who is older and less likely to play than during the last WC, where he didn’t play?

  39. south says:

    I agree. Ching is solid and will provide great cover and/or a solid 20-30 minutes.

    Hoping that Jozy will bring more intelligence to his game after his time w/ Hull. There were glimpses of the season where I saw his hold-up play increased 100% from where it was at before he went over there.

    Jozy seems to turn it up a notch in the big matches too, 20 years old in a World Cup, I’m imagining him playing w/ a lot of passion, ie. incident #9 game.

  40. Adam M. says:

    For all of the concern about Ching’s supposed “lock” (a concern I share), note that Ching will almost certainly never see the pitch during any relevant moment in any game, if at all. He obviously won’t start. If the US hopes for goals by adding a sub, he isn’t a goal scorer or creative mid, and he’s got to be behind Gomez for the “spark off the bench” factor. If the US needs defense by adding a sub, he isn’t a defender. Ching would be on the field under 3 circumstances: 1) Mop up time in a blowout either way, (2) third group stage game if its totally meaningless, or (3) late game sub when there is an injury to another sub striker combined with a tired starter. I really don’t see him playing. Assuming Altidore-Dempsey, then Gomez is the most natural spark off the bench of the remaining strikers. If its Altidore-Gomez/Buddle, then you’d push Dempsey up late as in the Confed Cup. So Ching is really not much of a concern.

  41. Dan says:

    It’s fair to say that we have to fight with the army we’ve got, but that doesn’t mean that we have to settle. Ching has a role to play and role players are important, but he’s starting to get injured a lot, and they’be been the nagging type of injuries. With this club, we need more than just worn-out role players, we need people that can put their head down and move the ball forward. Ching doesn’t do that. IMO, he’s more of a liability and a wasted roster spot. I don’t look forward to seeing him in SA, but the good news is that he can only exceed my expectations.

  42. Johnny says:

    Don’t know why BB is in love with Ching or Bornstein. AJ DeLaGarza outplays Bornstein at the Home Depot Center every time (not that AJ should be on the roster). Buddle, Gómez and Bedoya need to be locks with Donovan and Torres as the most in-form attacking players.

  43. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    tell that to Bob Bradley he’ll probably start Ching for all we know

  44. SBI Troll says:

    Here’s my crack at tonights lineup:







    *Subs in parenthesis

  45. south says:

    He creates space for your other players to score goals. He’s a target forward, ideally the majority of goals will be w/ his head off corners and set pieces.

    You look to a guy like Ching to draw fouls, or bring up a centerback to create space behind for your wingers / second forward to exploit. He does all the jobs of a target forward perfectly.

    I disagree with what you’re saying and point to Heskey as an example, but even taking that, he’s got 11 goals in 44 appearances, 1 goal in 4 games, for his traits and job within the team, that’s an adequate return.

  46. BooThisMan says:

    Only if you fix yours first.

  47. micah says:

    I would hope he already knows who he is going to take. One game against an average European opponent won’t tell us too much. If BB is waiting to make decisions based on one game that would be a problem. Some other countries only selected 23 or have already whittled it down to 23. I think he knows who he will take now, and is just waiting to see if anyone looks like a deer in headlights during an international game. Barring that, its go time.

  48. Sergio of SF says:

    For those of you asking how Ching is a lock, I ask you how isn’t he? He is the most experienced forward in camp, has the most caps, has the most goals, etc…

    I seriously don’t understand everyone’s hate towards him. Sure he doesn’t score a ton of goals, but he definitely sets up a bunch of them. Did any of you even watch any qualifiers? When he started up top with Jozy, they were very dangerous together, and produced. He has the highest work-rate of any forward in the pool.

  49. Adam M. says:

    I’m not aware of a good team — club or country — that devotes a starting or first choice striker sub position to someone who doesn’t score goals. This notion of a “target” striker only really works if the target is good in the air or can control the ball, turn on a defender, and put the ball on net. Ching has never done any of those things well at the international level. His skill set, frankly, is a vestige of the time when the US wasn’t as good as it is now.

  50. Sergio of SF says:

    Why wouldn’t Ching start is my question to you?

  51. Warren says:

    Give me Gomez any day, and I’ll take Buddle on Sundays, over Ching.

    A year ago, 3 years ago, the answer would be different, but seriously Ching has not been sharp or that physically healthy for a year.

    For WC, we can’t afford that, give me someone healthier with better odds of scoring. You don’t score, you don’t win, that simple. Forwards who can’t score at WC level should not be in the game period.

  52. south says:

    Nobody said he’s your starter or your first choice sub.
    He’s the guy you’re going to look to if Jozy gets hurt, or you need to kill some clock at the end of a game.

    Emile Heskey.

    Perspective: His goal ratio for the USMNT is better than Charlie Davies’.

  53. Warren says:


  54. south says:

    Agree with what you’re saying, other than starting. CONCACAF qualifiers are not the World Cup, the defenses we’ll be facing will be taller, stronger, and faster than our qualifying.

    That said,
    Altidore Dempsey will be your forward tandem, Gomez if you need a spark, Ching to kill some clock.

    All solid options and enough to get out of the group stages, which after than anything can happen. So people need to stop freaking out about Ching because he does have MORE goals, MORE caps, and MORE experience than every other forward, and that DOES matter.

  55. Dan says:

    Well that Settles it: USA/Ching gets a pat on the back for a good “work rate” and England wins 2-0.

    Forwards must be able to turn defenders and score with their feet. Otherwise, they become tactically irrelevant apart from set pieces (which can, admittedly, be significant). But Ching can’t do this and his magical “holding” power and 50 cents will get us a cup of coffee.

  56. Erich says:

    One camp update from someone had him lagging significantly behind the group during the after practice fitness regimen… the thought is he won’t be able to handle the increased fitness demands of the international game.

  57. Warren says:

    How isn’t he???

    Brian’s been getting slower and injured more often – it happens to older soccer players. Ching looked good in 2008 for usmnt in early qualifying; it’s been downhill for Brian since then.

    2 years downhill for a guy who didn;t get off bench in 2006 = please don’t put him on the plane, younger and healthier is what is needed.

  58. Never First says:

    I would love it if we had better options than Ching, but we simply don’t. Gomez has had a couple of great months after years of mediocrity with almost no national team experience. Buddle is 29 with no national team experience. He’s always been able to score goals in MLS but hasn’t had a chance with the national team because he is known around the league as being lazy.

  59. Mike-Chicago says:


  60. south says:

    If you paid attention to the USMNT for more than this qualifying cycle, talking history, you will see that set pieces are the most important part of this team doing well at a World Cup.

    We have always lived and died by set pieces, and the ability to be strong in the air and smash a ball in the back of the net is a real talent.

    Give me Boca, Gooch, DeMerit, and Ching in the box on corners and set pieces, there will be goals.

  61. Erich says:

    Frankly though, I think that’s a little bit ridiculous… he’s got another few weeks to kick it in gear. He’s shooting the lights out… even in the games where he hasn’t scored, he’s put several really good shots on frame in them and if it wasn’t for some awesome saves would have even more goals to his tally.

    Brian Ching is a known quantity… and that quantity is not the lightning in a bottle that Buddle COULD be. I’d personally rather have Buddle back up Jozy … who knows if Ching will go down with another injury before the Cup… (though I guess Buddle could be his replacement in that event anyway)

  62. Jooseppi says:

    That Edon Buddle is a near-mythical talent.

  63. Tyrone says:

    “How the eff is Chung a lock?”

    That doesn’t even deserve an intelligent response.

  64. Aaron in StL says:

    Agreed. But as Beta said, if somebody comes out and tears it up that may may a difference for the 23rd spot. But for the most part it should just be a confirmation of what he expects.

  65. Judging Amy says:

    You bring up a good point about Ching’s questionable fitness. I am one of the seemingly few who is okay with him going to the WC but his fitness and form as you mentioned are iffy.

    The only point I’d make is that while Gomez and Edson have looked good domestically they are still unproven on the big stage, let alone the biggest stage. Since Ching really isn’t out there just to provide an offensive threat, its not as much a concern with him if he can’t crack defenses.

  66. Aaron in StL says:

    Yes, because it’s very confusing seeing ‘Edon Buddle’…who else could that be confused for? Maybe ‘Egon’ from Ghostbusters?

    I believe the integrity of the article is still intact.

  67. Adam M. says:

    Because the style of play he represents simply isn’t effective against good defenses, he isn’t especially good at that style, and the US doesn’t need to rely on a less advanced style of offense now because it has better technical players than it once did in the midfield and up front. Ching has never scored an international goal against a good team and hasn’t scored any club goal outside of MLS. He almost never scores anyway, he doesn’t run well, with the ball or without, he doesn’t beat defenders, and he isn’t particularly good in the air. I’m not sure how good Davies is, really, but I think we all know how much better the US looked when we had speed plus better technical ability in the number 2 striker spot. Dempsey would start over him of course. And Gomez, who led the rather good Mexican league in goals, appears to bring more ability to the table. But in the end, I can’t think of any good international or club team that devotes a starting striker of first sub position to someone with Ching’s skill set because no one good really tries to play football that way.

  68. AG says:

    The tragedy of Kljestan included over Torres is still a very real possibility, one understandably disregarded or denied by some. Kljestan has a better chance than Bedoya, I think we all can see that. I hope I’m wrong.

  69. nolan says:

    Bryan, I can’t agree more with you! What have Jozy or Ching done?? Ummm, hardly anything spectacular. Have either of them led MLS in scoring? Jozy has made one lucky goal against Spain and he’s a lock??

    I prefer Kenny Cooper as a target player over Jozy! He is sooooo OVERRATED!!

  70. CA says:

    A prominent soccer blogger/writer at a prominent newspaper in our nation’s capital writes “the very early — and very unconfirmed, unofficial — buzz is that several regulars will remain in street clothes. The names I hear are Jozy Altidore, Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley and Carlos Bocanegra.”

    Ives doesn’t like it when you link to others here.

  71. Aaron in StL says:

    Because he hopes that somebody out there will read into it as a major concern. Congrats, you win.

  72. Adam M. says:

    How many goals has Ching scored off of set pieces in his entire 6 year national team career? How many were on headers? How many were against good teams?

  73. Sergio of SF says:

    I still think we need at least one experienced forward out there.

    I can see the Ching haters will not stop hating until Ching proves himself out there. So I’ll stop debating. Let’s just see how things go on the field.

  74. nolan says:

    I totally agree!

    Also, why is Jozy a lock?? What has he done?

  75. BetaMale says:

    To answer my own question, I’d say that he’s already got it all locked in and only a magical performance could change anything.

  76. Aaron in StL says:

    He definitely better get 45 min. a game in these friendlies if he is going to SA. Need to see if he’s even healthy enough to hold up. Stress test him now before potentially wasting a spot on him.

  77. Aaron in StL says:

    Makes sense. Some need some rest anyways. He definitely needs to push the guys that are playing.

  78. nolan says:

    That’s because Jozy is super lazy! He never even fights for 50/50 balls! Apart from being lazy he is a wuss. He looks seriously scared to go into a hard challenge.

  79. Mwing09 says:

    Anyone think it is time to start Jozy and Dempsey up top together. Most people, including Ives, think thats what we will see come the 12th, isnt it time to practice with it in an actual game???

  80. KutamaObama says:

    Hmmm…….scored a goal against Spain, the number 1 team without an assist, the youngest American to score a hat trick in an international game, top goal scorer for US in our qualifying group…..shld I continue? What has he done, what kinda question is that?

  81. south says:

    link to

    There’s every goal he has scored for the nats, most off crosses, either taps from being a smart forward, or smashing it in with his head.

  82. the grammar nazi says:

    Do you know what a cobb web is? I think it’s when you get a spider in your salad, but I’m not really sure.

  83. K.J. says:

    Imitating Bob.

  84. Dinho says:

    Dempsey, Donovan and Bradley won’t play. You heard it here first.

  85. Dinho says:

    Based on the photos I saw on US Soccer, I don’t think Dempsey, Donovan or Bradley will play. They looked like they were doing fitness yesterday (or the day before). Doesn’t bode well for them playing in a game today.

  86. bryan says:

    big man?!?! Ching is 6’1″. So are Dempsey, Buddle, Jozy and EJ. Dempsey said he would prefer to play a target role if he plays up top. Jozy obviously does pretty well as a target guy. And Buddle can do as much as Ching can, in my opinion.

  87. bryan says:

    i actually disagree with you on Jozy. Jozy has done a lot to earn his spot. Cooper has hardly played since going to Europe. he started off well in Germany but has had like 20 minutes in his entire time in England. He doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near the 23…or the 30 for that matter. I like Cooper, but he has a lot of work to do.

  88. Isaac says:

    You know, Kljestan is my favorite player on the national team, but this whole thing of saying Bradley plays favorites just needs to stop. I don’t really think Kljestan or Bornstein are getting on this roster just because Bob was their former manager. Why are they still being used? Because there really isn’t anybody else. Pearce had been out of form until the El Salvador game, DeMerit and Onyewu were out so there needed to be cover at center back, which is why Bocanegra played there and Spector hasn’t played well at left back for West Ham and his crossing ability might just be the best we have. As far as Kljestan goes, Bob Bradley hasn’t used him seriously since the Confederations Cup, and the only reason he was being used there was because Feilhaber was better off the bench, Torres was tired, and Adu was out of form.

  89. TimN says:

    Since this is a friendly, how many subs are allowed? If subs are not limited, then we could see a few different looks. If it is the standard three, then what we see will greatly depend on how training has gone. I agree with Ives that we’ll probably see either Hahnemann or Guzan in goal, and Howard get rested. I also agree that Bocanegra and DeMerit are locks to go, so they may be rested in favor of getting looks at guys like Goodson and Bornstein. It will be interesting…

  90. Sonicdeathmonkey says:

    I guess getting regular playing time in the EPL = nothing. Sigh………

  91. SBI Troll says:

    I think at least one of those players will get some time today. Boca and Demerit look to get some rest too.

    As for Dempsey playing up top, if Gomez shows well today we might see Dempsey move to forward at the 65 minute mark like the confed cup. Bradley might also not want to show where his players line up and keep Capello guessing.

  92. chris says:

    6 subs

  93. chris says:

    Makes sense. Keep out the sure bets for SA. Can only dress 23.

  94. Sergio of SF says:

    What are you smoking? Cooper? Seriously? Does that guy even have a team anymore? And since when do you have to lead the MLS in scoring to be on the national team?

  95. chris says:

    Oops. Didn’t see “makes sense” above. Don’t think the page loaded fully.

  96. Deano says:

    Its good to see some people who dont bash Kljestan and Bornstein like its their profession

  97. JR says:

    I don’t think Beasley vs. Bedoya is decided yet, nor is Pearce vs. a 4th striker.

  98. Jennifer says:

    Kick off is 8. Coverage starts at 7:30 on ESPN.

  99. patrick says:

    maybe they wouldn’t have gotten bounced had they been able to relieve pressure and hold the ball aka, what ching brings to the table. Saying that he didn’t play on an embarassing team isn’t exactly an indictment of his skill.

  100. SBI Troll says:

    Lineup v. CZE: Guzan; Cherundolo (c), Goodson, Onyewu, Bornstein; Holden, Edu, Torres, Beasley; Buddle, Johnson

  101. jb says:

    You must be a newbie to our national team. Like him or not, Ching has the most experience of any of our strikers. He HAS scored goals for the USMNT, IS quite effective in the air, and makes the players around him better. No, he’s not going to blow past defenders or dazzle with 1v1 moves, but what striker for us is? The situation is this: Our only legitimate dangerous striker is a 20 yr old who scored only a single goal in his first EPL season. I love Jozy’s potential and am praying for him to break out this summer, but so far he has been inconsistant.

  102. madmax says:

    From the amount of Beasley is brilliant stories floating about, Bedoya is already toast.

    The best non-news from camp is that Ching is great, and Kljestan is god stories have not been circulated.

  103. Warren says:

    Brian did make some nice passes tonight, but if it comes down to Gomez or Ching, it’s got to be Gomez.

    Between buddle, ching and johnson it’s closer, for myself I’d lean to buddle, though on clicking with teammates Ching had slight edge tonight.

  104. Warren says:

    you were close, 4-2

  105. Warren says:

    wrong. as Gomez showed with his spin move and shot – saved by cech – or his headed goal.

    If it’s down to gomez or ching getting on the plane, the other guy punched his ticket tonight

  106. Warren says:

    you mean years of being played out of position on mediocre teams by clearly mediocre coaches.

    after winning mls cup as a striker – just brilliant to move the guy to the wing.

    When playing back in his spot for a top mexican side, well the result is 1st ever U citizen topping a foreign league in scoring. and you think he should stay home?

  107. Warren says:

    Still in the game tonight Bornie was embarrassing himself and whil Kljestan made a few nice passes. he was also late coming back to help on the 2nd, 3rd and probably 4th goal too.

  108. madmax says:

    They may be looking for answers but they created more questions. Where are some good FBs? Gooch is a long way off.

  109. Rory says:

    Thank you. I just wish I’d made the prediction in the other thread. Someone there said 3-1 and was brutally ripped. I wonder what that guy is thinking today!