United States falls to Czech Republic, 4-2

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The United States men's national team got off to a strong start in its send-off series opener against the Czech Republic, but three second-half goals were the home team's undoing as the Czech Republic won, 4-2, at Rentschler Field in East Hartford, CT on Tuesday night.

Maurice Edu opened the scoring with his first international goal in the 17th minute after Stuart Holden curled in a free kick that Peter Cech failed to punch clear. Edson Buddle got a touch on the ball and Edu reacted to knock the ball in from close range.

"It was a crucial sign for us because I thought we were putting a lot of pressure on them," said Edu, who played all 90 minutes. "To get that goal kind of put us in a good position at that point in time.

Edu celebrated the finish with the stanky leg dance, a tribute to Charlie Davies, who was not called into the pre-World Cup roster.

"That's my boy, and unfortunately he's not here with us right now, but that was just a way of showing that we're all thinking of him and he's still a part of this team," said Edu.

The Czech Republic equalized just before halftime on a set piece of its own. Oguchi Onyewu, playing in his first match since Oct. 14, misjudged a cross from Jaroslav Plasil and allowed defender Tomas Sivok to jump over him and head the ball to the back post.

"The ball was played back, he got up before me and used the momentum with his forearm to push me down when I'm jumping up," said Onyewu. "Aside from that, the only thing I could think of doing differently is jumping earlier."

The visitors went on to take the lead in the second half as substitute Heath Pearce allowed midfielder Jan Polak to beat him with a well-timed run in the 58th minute. Forward David Lafata played a low cross from the left flank, and Pearce failed to react quick enough to prevent Polak from getting on the end of it.

The United States responded off another set piece when forward Herculez Gomez headed home in the 65th minute. Holden whipped in a corner that Clarence Goodson headed across the goalmouth, allowing Gomez to finish with authority from close range.

"That goal was 10 percetn me and 90 percent Clarence," said Gomez of his first international goal. "I'm definitely thankful that I was at the right place at the right time."

The Czech Republic reclaimed the lead in the 78th as Pearce was beaten down the left flank, with the ensuing cross getting blasted home off the crossbar by forward Martin Fenin.

The Czechs would add a fourth in the 92nd, as Tomas Necid got by Edu, who had dropped to centerback, before easily slotting the ball to the near post past a helpless Brad Guzan.

"At times we created some things going forward, didn't always do well enough on the final side," said head coach Bob Bradley. "Also in the process of trying to put so much into it, at times we left ourselves wide open. 

Bradley will cut down his 30-man roster and select his 23 for the World Cup on Wednesday at 1pm. The United States has one more friendly to play on U.S. soil when it takes on Turkey on Saturday at Lincoln Financial Field.


What do you think of the game? How do you feel Onyewu did? Is Gomez a lock to make the team now? What players do you think helped their causes? Who disappointed?

Share your thoughts below.

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352 Responses to United States falls to Czech Republic, 4-2

  1. foolball says:

    Clearly the hallmark of a BB selection: they can only score on set pieces & no sign of an attacking midfield.

  2. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Ok….so totally apart from the players on the field… anyone else seem to notice whenever we have home friendlies that that nike ball we always play with seems to float way up in the air on everything? Do we have that thing pumped up with helium? Maybe it is just me but even on Peter Chech’s kick outs it seems like the ball just hangs and goes directly up off the foot…Stuarts free kicks all looked like lofty hangers and he usually hits a nice drive ball… I think we need to ditch that thing and get accustomed to the World Cup ball for this Summer..

  3. Grant says:

    Obviously the USA is not very deep.
    Onyewu looked like he was at about 70% tonight.

  4. reverb says:

    Man, these guys really needed to step up more than that! The drop in quality from the first team to these guys is truly frightening. Torres, Goodson, Edu, Holden and Gomez stood out. The others, eh not so much.

  5. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Well…it was missing our 3 most important MFs and the one guy I would consider a starter maybe was Edu and he was fine in the MF…

  6. Andy in Atlanta says:

    I feel bad for Buddle he took a smack in the lip from the GK…wonder how many stitches it was…

  7. dena says:

    Our defense is a disgrace.

  8. aiden says:

    goodson, gomez confirmed for SA.

    OUT: EJ, buddle, sascha, pearce

  9. BCC says:

    Can probably include Klejstan, EJ, Pearce, and Bedoya among those who get cut.

  10. aiden says:

    holden was great.

    holder and donovan on the wings with dempsey up top seems like a good option for england.

    also, i like ching playing up top with jozy and dropping CD8 back.

  11. foolball says:

    No, not completely. Dolo and Goodson did good work.

  12. Willardo DuPont says:

    Yeah. It really sucks to get stitches and not even make the team.

  13. hartman says:

    The scary thing is, bocanegra is our ONLY option at LB. Bornstein got torched twice (one should’ve been a sitter) and pearce single handedly gave up two goals. getting nervous about our D.

  14. scott says:

    i thought edu, holden, beasley, goodson, torres, and gomez looked good.

    kleijstan, and pearce were bad

    onyewu, cherundolo, bedoya, ching, buddle and johnson were so-so,

    why can we only score on set pieces, that to me was the most disturbing part of the whole match

  15. TooStrong says:


    With Clark not playing, does that mean he’s our starter?

  16. Betinho says:

    This game served it purpose. We saw Ching, Gomez and Buddle all make strong claims on roster spots. I think their play warrants bringing 4 “true” strikers.

    On the other hand the defense…yikes. I’m not a Bornstein hater but dang! I really am not comfortable with him out there. And Pearce wasn’t any better. I think this brings the Boca on the left scenario into play again. I guess we bring JB as an emergency cover guy. We have to see Spector and Boca out there against Turkey/Aus to see who’s better.

    I’m very comfortable with Holden, and Torres coming off the bench. Both looked good to me.

    My 7 = Marshall, Pearce, Findley, EJ, Rogers, Sasha, Bedoya.

    Rogers and Bedoya both played with a lot of heart but the strikers showed enough for Deuce to stay on the wing (at least until late in the game).

  17. John says:

    Ching should have silenced some haters with terrific passing and solid presence on the ball. Gomez earned a ticket to South Africa and Edu solidified his case for a starting role in central midfield. Beasley looked better than Bedoya. Pearce lost out. Right?

  18. k says:

    Forwards: Jozy, Gomez, Ching

    I think that’s who BB will take with Dempsey as an extra attacking option if need be.


  19. dena says:

    What about the other half?

  20. k says:

    Agreed. He played well, shining moment was that beautiful back heel to gomez for a blast from the top of the box.

  21. ko'd says:

    I think many of you are going to be sorely disappointed tomorrow. Count the defenders–with the way Gooch looked, Bradley won’t take just seven. I think it is very likely that Pearce comes along.

    Don’t shoot the messenger. I’m just sayin’.

  22. Betinho says:

    I think with the options we have at other positions we might as well bring Buddle too.

    How many wingers do we need? Sorry Bedoya. And do we need Pearce or Marshall? The rest of the cuts are obvious IMHO

  23. Andy Smith says:

    not if edu or beasly play in the back

  24. Aristotle says:


    Onyewu should NOT be going to the World Cup. I think Charlie Davis must be wondering why he wasn’t given a chance considering how far away Onyewu is from being back at a top level.

    Hercules Gomez definitely needs to be on the World Cup team. Yes, it would be nice to have enough time for more evaluation, but there isn’t any, and there’s no way we have two strikers that are a better choice than him right now. (I consider Donovan midfield.)

    It should be a future goal for the U.S. to play the Czech Republic and not get outclassed.

    Bob Bradley is out of his mind if he rests any more starting players before the World Cup.


    U.S. loses to England.
    U.S. ties or loses to Slovenia.
    U.S. ties, loses, or wins against Algeria.
    U.S. likely to be eliminated in the first round.

  25. Dima says:

    I was disgusted with the defense of Bornstein. Maybe it is just confirmation bias but he should have been the best defender today but I think our best defender was Goodson. Holden looked really good considering he barely got playing time in Bolton. Buddle was ok but Gomez got the goal. Klestjan didn’t do s***. Considering all that were missing, I was satisfied with the result (except for that last goal)

  26. k says:

    Ugh, I sure hope not.

    I hope by playing Edu as a CB late, he was testing the possibility of playing him back there.

    Pearce looked horrid. I’d rather have Beas playing LB in a pinch than Pearce.

  27. Betinho says:

    I did notice Beas and JB switching quite a bit…

  28. Kosh says:

    Bornstein and Pearce are scary, scary options in the WC. If either of these idiots start you MUST place Donovan in front of them, which is sad because that limits what Donovan can do to help up top.

    Klestjan sucked, Bronstein sucked. Pearce sucked, EJ sucked, Buddle sucked, Guzan kind’a sucked…man some of these guys may not have helped themselves tonight. But if BB has already picked his 23 then perhaps sucking tonight does not matter.

    I liked Torres, Edu (as a MF), Holden, Gomez, Beas and definitely Goodson.

    The stats suck but if they help our oppenents underestimate us in June, then maybe this was worth something. I hope it was worth helping BB cut the cusk. We’ll see.

  29. OmarVizquel says:

    Yay! Bradley bashing in the first post!

    What a fun group.

  30. Andy in Atlanta says:

    I really think he will take 4 outright strikers…

    Bedoya was not given enough time for me… Rogers was interesting for 10-15 mins then petered out… Gomez wanted a spot and it showed…

    LB is just not good for us… JBo makes us all nervous but he may very well be the starter…

    Still worried about Gooch.. he did limp whether he wants to admit it…

  31. jts says:

    I thought Boca and Spector played well

    This was a cut game, as in, play guys who are on the bubble and see who to cut.

    On the last 2 goals Pierce and Edu were beat…really think either is playing on our back line in the WC?

  32. south says:

    What I took from this match:

    Gooch is hurt.
    Edu is a good defensive midfielder.
    Torres is going to be a really good player.
    Herculez is going to the World Cup.
    Pearce did not do well.
    Holden is 100%.

    That is all, see you Saturday.

  33. Jank says:

    Don’t see why you wouldn’t put Holden as a starter if Dempsey moves up front??

  34. Betinho says:

    You know..many of the real Aristotles theories ended up being proven wrong…just sayin…

  35. Kyle says:

    Gone= Pearce, sasha, EJ, bedoya, marshall, findley, rogers. Rogers actually played really well, but I think too little too late. Goodson played well enough to deserve a look at a starting role next to demerit as CBs, especially as boca is sorely needed at LB.

  36. tim says:

    Seriously, how can anyone argue Buddle over Ching now? Buddle and Johnson were terrible. Ching was able to create chances for the rest of team (which he needed to because our central MF was awful) and Buddle in the same role did nothing at all.

  37. ko'd says:

    Have you seen Beasley play in the back? That ship sailed long ago. And Edu logged 25 minutes in the back–and made a huge mistake on the last fifty-fifty ball in his positioning and the risk he took.

  38. OmarVizquel says:

    Good, because i thought that was a great performance from peace.

  39. Dave from Charlotte says:

    yikes…gooch looked really ordinary. On that header they scored on, I’m not sure his feet left the ground.

    back line: dolo/spector—Goodson—Demerit—Boca/spector

    Mids: holden—–bradley—–clark/edu—-Donovan

    Forwards: Dempsey—Altidore

    Supersub: Gomez

    Bedoya, Pearce, Sacha, EJ all failed to impress. I think Marshall and Findley will be back in MLS this weekend too. Buddle was solid, but I’m not sure it is enough to punch his ticket.

  40. OmarVizquel says:

    Yeah, we might as well not go.

  41. foolball says:

    God bless Gooch, but I just don’t think he’s ready now, nor will be in a few weeks time. He was only having a so-so game before the lapse that led to the first Czech goal.

    It’s a hard choice, but I’d let him go tomorrow. He just doesn’t look that convincing.

  42. Dima says:

    I agree with the Charlie Davies comment. I think he has a huge upside. Gooch didn’t look good so I am scared to not have him being aggressive in the air. I think they might make it in to the next round but they definitely need to tighten up defensively which is my biggest concern

  43. kfly says:

    You’re kidding, right? Because neither Boca nor Spector played…

  44. Betinho says:

    I only saw Gooch limp while having an huge bag of ice wrapped to his knee hindering use of it.

  45. Andy in Atlanta says:

    All that based on the performance of 2-4 starters tonight at most? Ching Holden MAYBE…

    Guys… Gooch needed work and Beasley was fine…

    Donovan, Dempsey, Boca, Altidore, Howard, Bradley… I don’t know but that is kinda like out team in a nutshell..hard to be so bold when none of these guys saw minutes…

  46. Cleveland says:

    As long as he does not play. I am not worried about the D since that was not our starters. We at least go 6 deep at defenders and then it drops off.

  47. ko'd says:

    As you are aware, Aristotle is well-known for his doom and gloom on this blog. Do what most of the rest of us do: ignore him.

  48. jim says:

    Gooch just needs time to get his confidence and fitness back. knee injuries play on your confidence big time, he is going through a mental battle right now, that’s it. I have been saying for some time that Goodson needs to get a better look, imaging if Gooch was 100 % and Goodson, those are to tall guys who are good in the air. we then could put dolo at right and let an experienced while not as quick boca cover left for borni when no need for speed. demerit sub for gooch brings toughness and you can still slide boca back in the middle.

    My team would include: Beasley, torres, holden, goodson, onyewu, dolo, gomez, buddle, ching, edu, (Bedoya- Rogers) that’s up to BOB.

    starter for england.


    Subs: Gomez, demerit/Beasley, Benny,

    What do you guys think?

  49. foolball says:

    Yeah, Genius, let me know if anything I posted was inaccurate, or if god forbid, you might have something insightful to add.

    I doubt it on both counts.

  50. Al_OC says:

    Can you hold the BB’s bashing until after the Turkey game when the WC squad plays?

  51. Betinho says:

    Buddle was terrible? I disagree. He was active. Checking back, making nice passes and holding the ball up. I don’t think he should go instead of Ching. he should go with Ching and Gomez. If Ching pulls up lame…hey Mr. Buddle…

  52. Aristotle says:

    Goodson was crap. He was in good part responsible for at least one goal.

  53. ko'd says:

    As I mentioned earlier today. Take one injury and one card accumulation…and oh boy, start praying in that third game.

  54. alexandria says:

    I can’t see Pearce coming I just can’t, he let a guy jog past him to score a goal. My seven out are Marshall, Findley, Pearce, Bedoya, Johnson, Buddle, Kljestian. I think rogers goes he’s a true winger, besides we need speed up top not another bruser like buddle, but I bet this is the hardest decision for BB, all the other guys made it so eeasy for him.

  55. Kyle says:

    Replace ching/buddle with Dempsey, and fill holden in at RM…Dempsey is in a different class than those two up front, while Stu does not give up much compared to Dempesy. I really like that CM of Edu and Bradley, two workhorses in there

  56. Keno says:

    Of our four options at LB none are good, especially seeing England’s strength on the right side yesterday. I think Bocanegra has to be the least bad option though. Could we see Goodson and Demerit as center backs on Saturday just for kicks? Especially if Gooch can’t still go 90. Speaking of that, can you pick a center back that can’t go 90? I love Gooch but thinking about subbing a center back at the WC makes me ill. Can we risk it?

    Ives says Beasley could START at the WC. I liked his game tonight, but for whom? Can of worms man.

  57. Betinho says:

    “Gooch just needs time to get his confidence and fitness back.”

    I agree. Let’s hope 2 more friendlies and training will do it! They need to get him jumping.

  58. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Buddle and Johnson were nowhere near terrible… while I agree both wont make it… that is stupid statement… EJ lost the ball twice out of 16 balls to him… (yup I counted because I knew you idiots would be out). Buddle made only a few mistakes and had nice touches here and there… neither made bad runs and EJ was 1 foot away from a breakaway that was called offside…very close if you went back and replayed it…

  59. dena says:

    Spector — Goodson — DeMerit — Bornstein
    Edu — Bradley
    Dempsey —– Donovan
    Altidore — Ching

    That’s what I’d go with for Turkey, we hammer out the rest vs. Australia.

  60. jim says:

    Oh… I forgot Holden! He would either start if Bob wants to put Clint up top or would be a sub in place of the Beasley. so rather a decision between Demerit/Beasley it would be Demerit/Holden or Benny/Holden. now what do you guys think?

  61. south says:

    I think Johnson makes it, he looked the best of the speedsters ( Findley, Buddle, Johnson )

    I think your FW goes:


  62. Aristotle says:

    You’re a funny guy. I thought Donovan was the best player in the game for the U.S. Dempsey was a close second.

  63. kpugs says:

    The world cup is my lent, and for it I’ve given up negativity. So, here goes.

    A couple of guys I didn’t want anywhere near this team actually looked…decent!

  64. Hush says:

    Very dissapointed. I wish we could of atleast come out with a draw.

    Onyewu: Not worried at all. He will be fine. It takes a while to get back in groove. He will be 80% come Saturday, and 100% come June 12. Relax people.

    Players who continue to stink in my opinion. Borns,Sasha,Buddle,EJ,Pearce.

    EJ & Buddle combo sucked. The Ching & Gomez combo was much more effective.

    Pleyers who should get a ticket. Beasley,Gomez,Goodson,Ching. Rogers had a great game for 20+ minutes. He should be considered but not quit sold on him.

    Also, Guzan had a bad game, he should of atleast kept one of those goals out.

    Where is the Bedoya fan club now?haha

    Adu was definitely robbed from a spot. I would have enjoyed watching him tonight trying to make things happend.

  65. south says:


    The other 23 go.

  66. Manny says:

    Complain after you actually see the starters play. It’s pointless to bitch about the coach in a match that was mostly made up of 2nd teamers.

  67. Jank says:

    You have to blame Klestjan before Edu on that goal. Klestjan really left the rest of the team hanging by losing the ball.

  68. kpugs says:

    Luckily our wingers have great pace and can help out. I think Bocanegra at left back will be fine against England with some help from the midfield. And by think, I mean hope.

  69. foolball says:

    I’d say you’re missing the point. These were the top 30 guys BB thinks can help the US be successful in SA.

    That wasn’t the Czech’s first team on the field tonight either.

    Couple that with the fact that the US should have had more motivation to show well, it’s a disappointing performance by any standard.

  70. jts says:

    sentence 1=sarcastic reply

    setting up sentence 2 = serious

    followed by sentence 3 = sarcasm/rhetorical question

  71. south says:

    I’m not Ives, but I view Edu as an improved version of Clark and would like to see Edu sitting deep and giving Bradley a little more creative freedom to start, bringing in Clark to protect a lead, and Feilhaber to get a goal.

    My .02 cents.

  72. Jank says:

    Completely agree with this!!!

  73. Richard says:

    My insightful 2 cents is that you clearly can’t see what the purpose of this game was for. When the coach holds out clear starters and plays only players that are on the bubble, criticizing the selection because they don’t perform to your standards just shows your ignorance. It’s like criticizing the lineup that a manager puts out there in a spring training game.

  74. ko'd says:

    And yes, foolball, he is not ready. He can’t wait for Peter Crouch or Wayne Rooney to start regaining his confidence.

    To be honest, I was stunned at the timidity with which Gooch played. I started feeling bad for him.

  75. Brian says:

    Johnson has no chance.

    Altidore, Gomez, and Ching are for sure in.

    I hope my boy Buddle gets in, but he’s battling against Bedoya for that last spot.

  76. chris says:

    What game was everyone watching? I thought Dolo was below average. No service to the box, minimal defensive effort. Look turned around on numerous occasions.

    We need the real defense to step up next game. That was terrible. And Guzan did not impress me at all tonight. Part of the organization in the back must be the keepers responsbility. He looked a little lost.

  77. Ethan says:

    Gomez and Buddle will both go….
    I will have serious nightmares if Pearce and Bornstein go to Africa
    Goodson will be the Conrad of this WC
    Cuts are really easy in my mind: Pearce, Bornstein, Kljestan, Findley, Marshall, EJ (wasn’t terrible), Rogers (very selfish).

  78. Andy in Chicago says:

    Amazing that all 4 goals the Czechs scored were monumental ****ups by the USA defense.

    The 2 that Pearce caused were atrocious

    Gooch should have actually jumped and gotten a head on the one

    And Kljestan inexplicably gave the ball away in the midfield leading to the last goal

    Wonderful stuff

    Thankfully I don’t think Pearce or Kljestan will be going to SA

    That all being said, Stuart Holden was the best player on the field.

  79. CeyHey10 says:

    Gone: Buddle, Findley, Sasha, Rogers, Pearce, Marshall, EJ. Keeping Gooch for now a no-brainer — it was his first time at full game speed in months. If he continues to struggle, you can still drop him as an injury cut.

  80. jts says:

    agree, proximate cause of the goal was Sacha throwing up on himself allowing a other player to play a 50-50 ball (maybe 40-60) that Edu needed to keep in front of him

  81. BlueWhiteLion says:

    Buddle looked good to me, i don’t care what some of you more astute observers say.

  82. Eric_the_King says:

    I expected more from Dolo. He’s supposed to be a veteran and help lead this team, but I don’t see those qualities. He got beat quite a few times in the second half and his decision-making with the ball when in the defensive half is lacking. I will say though, that he was involved in a couple good attacking plays in the final third. We as a team lacked a good final ball.

  83. nolan says:

    I agree with you, but what will happen with Ching?

    Also, EJ must return to MLS. He can be successful there, but not at the international level.

  84. south says:

    Holden is one of the best players we have.

    If Donovan can drop a little ego and let Holden have most of our set pieces I think we would be a more dangerous team.

    Every ball he served was perfect except the one in the 87th, which I attribute to fitness, with 2 more games to go I can see him giving great service for a full 120.

  85. Brian says:

    My 23:

    GK: Howard, Hahnemann, Guzan
    DEF: Bocanegra, Onyewu, Cherundolo, Spector, Bornstein, Goodson, DeMerit
    MF: Donovan, Dempsey, Bradley, Edu, Clark, Torres, Feilhaber, Holden, Beasley
    FW: Altidore, Ching, Gomez

    Last spot: toss up between Bedoya and Buddle. I can’t decide.

  86. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    I didn’t think Buddle played bad, yes Ching made some nice touches but you guys make it seem Ching was the player of the game. I still think it is between Buddle and Ching. This is stupid how all these players only get to play one game to prove if they should go to the WC or not. Pearce and Bornstein were horrible but if we take 8 defenders than both of them are coming. Bedoya is out but he is young enough to make it to Brazil in 2014. Goodson looked great. Holden was the man but he got tired in the end. Gomez where have you been my whole life nice goal what a way to get into SA.

  87. Brian says:

    Yeah he did. Certainly better than EJ. IMO, it comes down to Buddle and Bedoya for the last spot

  88. Keno says:

    Would Sasha have a spot for any other coach? I am no Adu fan, but Sasha hasn’t shown anything for years. Bornstein either. Why are the two consistently bad players on the field former Bradley-Chivas guys. Have they tuned him out, or is he just being loyal/i.e. biased?

  89. Aristotle says:

    You’re absolutely right, and I really hope your right this time too!

  90. ko'd says:

    First, Gooch wasn’t rusty. He was timid. I wouldn’t be shocked if he gets left off the roster. Not saying he will, but I just wouldn’t be shocked.

    And yes, I am still a member of the Bedoya fan club. What was so funny? You clearly missed the last 25 minutes of the game.

    I also wouldn’t put much weight on your analysis. You seem to have forgotten that Bradley has been evaluating these players for several days. 45 minutes isn’t going to be earning or losing people tickets.

  91. foolball says:

    First, it ain’t bashing if it’s fact.

    Second, all those offering up these weak excuses that “…it was the second team and fringe guys out there….”

    Guess what people, that WAS the Czech second team and fringe players out there on the field tonight.

  92. Adam in Cali says:

    Other than a few good performances by Edu in MF, Gomez, Ching, and Goodson… I was really impressed with Dolo and Holden playing together on the right side. They seemed to read each other exceptionally well and had some fantastic combinations, especially in the first half. And Dolo did very well coming forward in the second half as well. If Dempsey plays up top, those two on the right side will be a lot of fun to watch in South Africa…

  93. jts says:

    I think that is probably it- Buddle versus Bedoya

  94. Lil' Zeke says:

    (making gum-flapping gesture with one hand)

  95. Ben says:

    Let us not bash players who will not make it or who will not see the field if they do. Instead, I want to commence the panic about our left back, because, as someone pointed out, after Boca, we have nobody! NOBODY! And Boca is slow! Also, hopefully Gooch can get up to 90 percent by the World Cup. But, wow, no left backs!

  96. Betinho says:

    I totally agree with you Kpugs (what?). This is why Deuce will start on the left – not Holden (or Beasley) like people are suggesting. Deuce is a very good 2 way player and he knows the opposition. now, for games 2 and 3…

  97. Deano says:

    I just hope Edu stops his Michael Bradley esque thuggish tackles in the beginning of the game. He will get carded. Did he not see Rico straight red.

  98. Bill Mill says:

    He lost the ball twice! They only made him pay the second time though. He was awful.

  99. south says:

    And to add,
    Rogers is not good enough, but he did put in a surprisingly good performance tonight.
    I think out of all our domestic players, he is the one that would be best served to head overseas as quickly as possible.

  100. jimoh8002 says:

    Our main Problem Tonight Was once again Left back and Sacha Kljesten. Pearce truly has no Chance in h*ll and Edu Can Come As A Defender and A mid I hope the don’t let sacha watch the next game…..forget encouragement this dude is horrible he only shines against cocacaf minnows just like Kerry Zavagnin and EJ. but dont worry about the attacking mid option with donovan and dempsey back will be good

  101. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:


    I agree he hustle for the ball, he lost minutes because of that cut he was on the sideline for more than 5 mins. Ching had some nice touches but he looked tired in the end, Buddle has more enrgy.

  102. Betinho says:

    (Betinho looks out the window to see if the sky is falling)

  103. gary says:

    Grammer check:

    ” a set piece of their own” not “there own”.

    I want the best for you, Franco — this hurts me more than it hurts you 😉

  104. lefty12 says:

    bornstein is terrible and better finally be cut…. Holden better be starting in WC or something is seriously screwed up with usmnt decision making abilities.

  105. Ben says:

    I like Bedoya for the last spot. In the few touches he got, he looked good.

  106. Betinho says:

    He’s doing quite well at Aris.

  107. Scott says:

    I was surprised how weak Onyewu appeared on challenges and especially in the air (seemed scared to elevate at all). He certainly did not appear ready to play at WC level. Bornstein and Pearce both were scary at left back. Sasha also looked poor and was lazy on the Czech goal. Ching had a few rough touches, but he clearly can hold up the ball better than anyone other than Altidore. Johnson did nothing to stand out. I like a potential combo of and Bradley and Edu in the middle with Donovan and Holden wide and Dempsey/Altidore up front.

  108. Jank says:

    Goodson crap?!? Were you watching the same game. That goal he was way off balance and had little chance to clear it. That should have been blamed almost 90% on Pearce. Pearce should never challenge like that. He needs to hold his ground!!

    I’d have to disagree with Ching. He played good, but the midfield so dysfunctional in the 2nd half that Gomez and Ching had to create more on their own, which they did better than Buddle and EJ.

  109. Andy in Atlanta says:

    I have always been a big Dolo guy but he was not good at making smart simple passes in our own half…he gave Stu a couple balls that nearly left him in hatches… I expected better as well…

  110. Eric_the_King says:

    Is it sarcasm that Pearce gets axed twice on your list or a minor error? Because based on tonight, he should be axed for good. Him and Sacha might as well hang up the USMNT boots.

  111. Super Chivo says:

    Aiden has it right, no EJ

  112. alexandria says:

    I agree Guzan needs to get away from villa its going to kill his career, Dolo wasn’t good, everyone is complaining about borenstein getting beat but no one is talking about dolo, he is a sub at best, but I think our best lineup has to be spector-demerit-gooch-boca… if gooch can’t go then goodson, I think he could out mark Crouch he is more athletic then stick man. I am not worried about the d really they had two soft goals, from one bad defender.

  113. USAfan says:

    I unfortunately agree. Bornstein and especially Pearce looked completely out of their depth tonight. Goodson looked okay (spectacular header to set up the goal) and Gooch scares me. I’m sure he thinks he’s ready to play but 10 months ago he clears that ball easily and doesn’t complain about getting pushed from behind. He just looked hesitant and scared out there.

  114. Andy in Atlanta says:

    In the first half when jogging after the ball for a throw on the bottom of the screen he clearly has a favor for the knee… also they were sure quick to get that ice on it which makes me think he has been swelling a bit… they need to get to SA and let him rest for 3-4 days as that plane ride could swell that thing up… he did not look comfortable on it if you ask me.. maybe he needs a neoprene brace or something to just ease his mind…

  115. Eric_the_King says:

    I’m down with those 7. Put the rest on that plane and let’s get moving.

  116. TimN says:

    A few thoughts:

    Gomez goes. He clearly showed tonight that he belongs. He could have had a brace if not for an impressive stop by Czech.

    I’m liking Clarence Goodson more and more. He plays well on defense, particularly on clearing high, long balls, and also comes forward and contributes nicely on offense.

    Ching looked pretty good, and I have a hard time not seeing him get the nod.

    Definitely not going:

    Heath Pearce…he got burned twice BADLY, both situations directly leading to a goal.

  117. south says:

    It was intentional, but I forgot about Kljestan, he was the one I couldn’t remember, which makes sense based on tonight’s game.

    Replace 1 Pearce for Kljestan, and there is my 23.

  118. trentonhymas says:

    maybe the reason why Findley didn’t play is because he already has a spot on the team…

  119. tim says:

    If Buddle “looked good” tonight, what has Brian Ching been doing for the last 4 years? Buddle may still go, but theres no way he gets on the field ahead of Ching.

  120. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    that will be scary

  121. Aristotle says:

    Thank you. It is nice to be recognized.

    I’m sorry that my honesty and or realism distresses you so much, and that you consider being honest and saying what you really believe as being “doom and gloom”. I like to say what I believe and be realistic.

    I always root for the U.S. to win and I am a long time die hard fan. I always hope that I am wrong when I make such predictions. However, I can’t subscribe to the fanboy mentality that is all the rage. Listening to people like you, you would think that the U.S. was Brazil on a bad luck streak.

  122. Richard says:

    Sorry, can’t relax about Gooch. Right now, he can’t jump, and I doubt a few more matches and a few more weeks will be enough when it takes months to physically recover from knee surgery and months of games for athletes in other sports (like American football) to get back to the form they were in before blowing out a knee (if they ever come back).

    I saw a post here that was bemoaning our weakness upfront before the match, but really, I’m much more scared about our defense. We have no good options at LB except Bocanegra, who’s slow and recovering from surgery. However, we’ll need Boca at CB because our only other options at CB are Demerit (who’s also slow and recovering from injuries), Gooch (who can’t jump, can’t be fast now, and is out of game shape), and Goodson (who would be torched by strikers superior to those he faced today in the WC).

    Oh, and the dreamers who saw how Gooch performed and believe Davies can contribute much be high. Gooch just blew out his knee; CD wrecked his entire body. There’s no way Davies now is close to the Davies that we saw last summer.

  123. Brian says:

    I agree. Maybe we try Cherundolo or Spector at LB against the Turks a little bit? Not likely, but I’d like to see it.

  124. Hush says:

    Buddle & EJ didn’t create enough chances in the box. Their job is simple, create & shoot. Those two bums couldn’t do neither. Don’t give me this theory on how they passed and kept the ball well. Anyone at a professional level should already know how to do these simple tactics with their eyes closed. The fact is, Ching & Gomez showed, tactically and mentally, how to go forward. They did all the simple things and added more to the element.

    Don’t make excuses for EJ & Buddle, aka the BUMS!:)

  125. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    People made it seem Buddle played bad he did well he hustle for the ball most of his time there

  126. Jank says:

    Yup, thank you!! I’m sick of the Ching haters, he does this almost every time out there. Whether it is holding the ball, linking up, or the back heel passes he had tonight.

    He has been up and down with injuries the past year.

    I think Edu solidifies his ticket simply because he can play 2 positions confidently. That last goal was mostly Klestjans fault, it left Edu hanging, he played it badly but still.

  127. Brian says:

    I’m not understanding all the love for Goodson. Yes he is awesome for set pieces but he looked average at best, and crappy at worst on defense. No way he starts over Boca, Onyewu and DeMerit

  128. Ethan says:

    Ching will be subbed if we take a lead late in the game.
    Buddle will get the least playing time but i think its worth not having Pearce and Bornstein

  129. Al_OC says:

    Ok. Let’s see the fact:
    – Last 3 games (excluding tonight), the US scored 4 goals: 2 from set pieces, 2 from running play.
    – In Confed Cup, US scored 8 goals: 1 penalty, 7 running play, 0 set piece.

    Hallmark? Don’t think so.

  130. Aristotle says:

    Thanks for an honest intelligent response. The defense is a show stopper.

  131. unternehmen says:

    Injuries and players coming off of them is problem #1. Lack of depth is problem #2. We probably escape our group, but we’re weak after fielding our top XI.

    As some posters have pointed out, our game against Turkey, assuming regulars are in the game, will be a much truer assessment of where we are. And Turkey will be a tougher opponent than the Czechs.

  132. Betinho says:

    You know I was reading an on line chat with Boca and he said something about how dangerous Findley had been. Can you imagine the frenzy that would cause on “the blogs”?

  133. McP says:

    What did we learn from tonight? Beas, Gomez, Goodson, Bedoya will get their passports stamped next week. Who cares about the result. Do we have depth? Not so much. We have some but not as much as the powerhouses. Gooch is rusty, but he’s still got a couple weeks to get in gear. For the most part we got out of these guys what you would expect.

    Bottom line, our “A” squad can hang with anyone. If we get shut out 5-0 on Saturday. Start worrying.

    See you in South Africa.

  134. Aristotle says:

    That’s a silly thing to say, not to mention sore sportsmanship. But if they do go with a defense like that they won’t be winning too many games.

  135. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:




    This is our starting 11 just face it stop with the Onyewu will not start. BB will start him, stop with the Bocanegra is going to play CB, after tonight game Boca only position is LB. DeMerit also starts in CB stop with the Goodson starting CB crap and yes Spector gets the RB over Cherundolo, even though I like Steve game he will probably be subbed in. And stop with this Ching starting with Altidore crap, no way in hell that happens we need Dempsey to play striker for us he plays better there.

  136. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Sasha is just awful… I recall the days when I thought he might turn into something for us.. the guy has bad touch for a CM playmaker…is lazy and reads the game like a 9 yr old… oh and can’t tackle without fouling..

  137. kawa says:

    same crap again, when i called for Freddy people wana kill me , but its now clear these guys have no creativity . Do Santos is not a star but mexico is taking him, because he provides that extra skill and individual talent to make a difference why cant we work with freddy.

  138. Brian says:

    True. But I feel like the argument now is bringing a 4th striker or an extra midfielder. Pearce was terrible and Marshall didn’t play so that kinda rules out an 8th defender.

    It’s between Buddle and Bedoya.

  139. south says:

    I’m just looking at the perspective of a 4th/5th forward.

    Buddle is probably a better player, but isn’t really pacey.

    I just feel that EJ gives you more in the last 10 minutes of a match than Buddle does, I think Buddle is a 90 minute guy, where Johnson can capitalize on a tired defense in the final 10-15 minutes of a match also taking into consideration his familiarity with the group.

  140. Jank says:

    We have not seen Davies play in a game, so in no way can your argument have any backing.

    Whereas Gooch did so-so tonight. He could have done better on that goal but it seemed like the Czech player actually jumped up and put his arm on Gooch’s shoulder. But I only saw the replay from one angle so I can’t confirm this.

  141. jimoh8002 says:

    i Agree. Sacha brought nothing but dis-function to the game. To be honest this game answered alot of questions
    1) Pearce is No Good (2 of the Goals were his fault)
    2)Sacha is no good for the Nats. Hes a good player in his on regards and for chivas but when it comes to the nats he plays his one game and doesn’t gel with everyone else and he cant get away with that when were playing European quality opponents .. it only works against weak concacaf opponents
    3)were ready for the world cup..we just need to get the 23 and a couple days training and the game against turkey to finish it up

  142. Brian says:

    Word. Donovan on the left. Holden on the right. Dempsey up top.

    Bring in Gomez for whoever is getting tired at the end of the game (probably Jozy).

    Use Ching if we have a significant physical advantage over a team, and if we’re up and need someone to hold the ball and play a little defense.

    I hope Buddle makes it, but I don’t see him getting any playing time.

  143. Eric_the_King says:

    I like what you have to say chris. I made a mention up top about Dolo and I think your comments are spot on. And yes, Guzan looked strangely shaky out there. Slow, timid and just not commanding. Really disappointed in both of their performances.

  144. SKing says:

    That is somewhat the MO for Cherundolo in games I’ve watched. Easily our most creative defender when attacking but prone to mental blunders in the back.

  145. Aristotle says:


    I did NOT make my comments based on tonight’s game. My position was the same before this game.

    I understand what you are saying, but it’s just hard to imagine accomplishing too much with a weak offense and an even worse defense. The midfield will not be able to win the games by themselves. Sadly, defense has become the most important factor in winning most games, so the U.S. has a real problem with significant injuries to an already unimpressive defense.

    The good thing is anything is possible game by game. We will have to play above our normal level to have success.

  146. Matt says:

    Any props for Beasley? He was all over the field tonight. Playing like a forward one minute, breaking up passes in defense the next.

  147. Hush says:

    So the Gooch wasn’t rusty??HHHMMMM.. not playing for 6 months makes you timid, not rusty, right guy?lol Get out of here. You don’t know what you are talking about. He was ok besides that stupid mistake which, by the way, was held back when he was trying to make that jump. Sorry dude, but we have no Lucio waiting for us on the bench. He will be ok. And he will definitely make the roster. We have no other options.

    Bedoya??HAHAHAH Yeaaahhh.. I didn’t watch the last 25 minutes. Damn, I wish I could have watched him hit that header into the stands the last few minutes. He didn’t contribute enough not to suck.

    Buy my analysis, I sell them for a good price. 😉

  148. ko'd says:

    There is a difference between realism and pessimism, sport. And I have no doubt that you are, indeed, an attention-seeker who enjoys being “recognized.” That’s all you’ll get from me. I hope I never have to sit next to you at a MNT game (assuming that you would ever even pony up the dough to attend a game).

  149. Brian says:

    I noticed this too. Dolo never crosses it. He always tries to cut inside and ends up losing it. Spector should probably still be the starter

  150. McP says:

    They’re bringing 4 strikers….Jozy, Buddle, Gomez, Ching. Is it really that hard to figure out who’s going to get cut? Sasha, Rogers, EJ, Pearce (although it should be Bornstein, Findley, Torres, Marshall.


  151. SKing says:

    Yeah, I feel like he really took it to War in the second half.

  152. D says:

    Everyone’s loving on Gomez…but really Goodson made that goal. If he did something else to score, then YEA! But he did very little. Buddle did more and offered more than being in the right place at the right time.

    I’m a Bornstein hater. But he’s not as bad as people are making out. He’s just like Shane Victorino. Fast. Good athlete. Not smart. Drop Pearce and count on Bornstein, Spectre, or Boca and Pray. I think Dolo has to start on the right.

  153. Felix says:

    I thought Torres, Holden, Edu (in MF), Goodson and Gomez had good games. I thought Ching and Beasley were solid, but unspectacular as well as ‘Dolo, who did well working the flanks and getting back.
    I don’t remember Guzan making one actual save besides getting his hands on a couple of crosses.
    I’m a Pearce fan, but he wasn’t very good. It’s hard to justify bringing him along now to SA. Kljestan didn’t offer much, I was surprised by how quiet Bedoya was as well.
    Onyewu did not look fit, I’m worried about our CBs now.
    Buddle was decent I felt, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he his dropped. Johnson wasn’t good again, never pressured the Czech CBs or Cech.

  154. JD says:

    I think it’s difficult to evaluate the forwards when they aren’t linking creatively with the midfield. The combinations looked better in the second half when it seemed like the midfield was pushing things up a little more. There’s no telling how the EJ-Buddle combo would look if they were combined with a little more dangerous midfield (MB-LD-Demps).

    Much of a player’s effectiveness stems from the support they receive from their nearby teammates. Without an attacking midfield or overlapping wing threat, the forwards are on an island that works better with a target man.

    I thought Goodson and Dolo looked pretty solid. Torres, Holden and Edu looked poised in the midfield, but not threatening enough. What do the World Cup giants have, a few aggressive interior midfielders who can get upfield fast and open space. I’d like to see Torres and Holden be a little more agressive in the transition from the midfield to the attacking third. On the flip side was anyone worried by the space that kept opening up in front of Dolo as he covered toward the inside. Which mid-fielder wasn’t covering?

    I think Gomez showed heart, and he bagged one, but IMO he also missed a gimme 1 on 1 with Cech. If you look at the replay he had plenty of space towards the post. A lot of guys wouldn’t make that shot, but when you get to the level of the WC that’s a must have.

    Overall, not too worried, not overly optimistic :)

  155. Gene says:

    I think that Johnson and Findley are out. Ching, I suspect, is in (he’s a veteran, he looks to be recovered from injury, and he gave that nice backheel to Gomez in the 2nd half). Buddle probably makes it over Rogers.

    The remaining cuts should be Rogers, Klejstan, Pearce, Pearce, and Beasley. It is too bad about Rogers, since, IMHO, he’s the only one in the cut group with glimpses of good play. He just seems a bit too raw, still. But I think he’ll be in the national picture if he continues to improve.

  156. NK says:

    Exactly…when you’re only starting 4 (maybe) out of the likely starters for the World Cup (and that’s assuming that Holden, Edu, and Cherundolo start), it seems a little hard to extrapolate. I’m not sure how Aristotle can make a prediction like that out of this game when that much of the starting lineup was out. It was not encouraging to be sure, but I think we’ll get a clearer picture of where we are on Saturday. I thought England looked pretty good on Monday, so I would not be surprised at all if we get killed by them…the other two…I’m pretty hopeful-I think people are taking Slovania in particular a little too seriously.

  157. NK says:


  158. Brian says:

    Bornstein won’t get cut though. Pearce will. Our best hope is Bornstein doesn’t play

  159. Andrew H. says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, our starting LB has to be Jonathan Spector. He is the only one with any speed who can play the position. And we need Bocanegra in his better position of CB, because Gooch has to be a reserve now. My starting 11 would be the following:

    Altidore Dempsey

    Donovan Edu Bradley Holden

    Spector Boca Demerit Cherundolo


    My 23:

    G: Howard, Guzan, Hahneman

    D: Spector, Boca, Demerit, Cherundolo, Gooch, Goodson, Bornstein (truly terrible tonight)

    M: Donovan, Bradley, Edu, Clark, Torres, Holden, Beasley, Bedoya

    F: Altidore, Dempsey, Ching, Gomez, Findley

    Left out from best to worst: Feilhaber (may be injured/not in form), Buddle, Marshall, Johnson, Rogers, Kljestan, Pearce

  160. Joamiq says:

    More like the hallmark of an American team.

  161. Erik says:

    Totally agree – the Bornstein bashing can be intense at times, but he’s 2nd rate when it comes to the National Team. He was horribly out of position a couple of times, usually when running up the field for no reason leaving his position for Beas to scrape up.

    I think Bornstein goes, but I feel for Pierce who I think is better than JB. It’s hard coming into a game at half time when the opposition is warm and has been playing for 45.

  162. Aristotle says:

    You talk about me being “doom and gloom”, you must be on some kind of hallucinogenic drug if you think Onyewu should be going to the world cup! He is nowhere near that level right now. Soccer players do not make that kind of recovery after long term injuries. If he goes it will just confirm that we are desperate.

  163. Joamiq says:

    He was very good in the first half

  164. David K. says:

    Buddle did hold the ball up an draw some fouls on the edge of the box, including the one that set up the first goal and got the touch on that goal that sent the ball to Mo. If I had to take A 4TH striker i’d rather it be him. That being said my Galaxy sure could use him if BB doesnt want him.

  165. GregSage says:

    is it too late to import a left back?

  166. ETJ says:

    Ok fool(ball), your point was not about their quality in general, in which case mentioning the fact that it was the Czech 2nd team is a good point. Your point was about the US reliance on set piecesand lack of attacking midfield, which drastically change when we play our starters… we call what you just did a straw man argument

  167. Andrew H. says:

    Actually, Kljestan should be listed last–way last. I included Findley because I think we need a speed option. Buddle played well though.

  168. BetaMale says:

    So people are ignoring how Gooch let that goal in and walked off limping. I hope he doesn’t start.

  169. Berto says:

    As many would like for USA to win because we’re Americans…the game was not meant for that.

    Many goods came out of the game…such as Edu Torres and mainly the strikers.
    Though Buddle and johnson didnt score they held the ball well and took their chances well…Gomez and ching was probably the best partnership.

    the main problem was the defensive lapse and sasha not playing up to his potential. defensive so great on the run of play and the missed header by gooch…things will be better against Turkey
    P.S. stop blaming Bradley every time USA loses. He did everything right.

  170. Joamiq says:

    If he plays like he did tonight, we might need him to start

  171. Hush says:

    Thank you. You should of read my post earlier. I kept saying the same thing all year. Adu would have given us some late flashes with his tactics and way to open up spaces to go forward. We lack of that tactical element. But I guess BB likes to be a comedian from time to time.

    Adu in the Mexican team would be a starter no questions asked.lol He probably would have his own statue outside Azteca by now.haha

    Can wait to see more of Sasha,Borns,Pearce,Buddle,Finley,EJ,etc..2014!:)

  172. nebraskacoog says:

    These are the 23 I would take as of right now, and then i willlilst who I think should start and sub regularly.

    GK: Howard, Guzan, Hahnemann

    D: Dolo, Spector, Goodson, Gooch, Boca, DeMerit, Bornstein

    MF: Clark, Holden, Edu, Mandon, Clint, Feilhaber, Beas, Torres, Bradley

    F: Jozy, Ching, Gomez, Buddle

    Starting against England, ie when it matters. Gooch will be good for a sub when needed, but he is still hurting, and there isnt time to let him get his game back. We are out of time…


    Dolo Boca DeMerit Spector

    Dempsey Clark Bradley Donovan

    Jozy Ching

    Subs: Gooch Goodson Holden Feilhaber Gomez

    Those are the only guys to see the field come game time.

  173. killer instinct says:

    If you thought the midfield was dysfunctional in the second, you missed the first half…there was absolutely no service to both buddle or EJ, and in their defense they were set for failure having trashstein who cant cross/distribute and beasley who has a horrible touch and could not seem to spread the Czech deffense. Not to mention, Edu was lost the first half. It seemed that the midfield Ching had, was better..I wonder if it was done on purpose to make him look better. With that being said…Ching did well and Gomez did what Altidore lacks….tenacity/hustle

  174. micah says:

    i watched the 2002 Germany game last night and the game tonight and thought that holden looked a little like reyna in the second half when we moved him into the middle. he’s not there yet, but i do like where this is going for 2014…not to get a head of myself…

  175. Grant says:

    Feilhaber isn’t getting left out.. you’re nuts man.
    Do you guys make your predictions pretending you’re the coach? Be realistic.
    And Goodson is NOT good.

  176. jimoh8002 says:

    Especially Pearce. I mean I understand he sucks in all but come on the dudes family has got to be watching at least play good enough for them not to change the channel or leave the stadium(if they were there)

  177. dbag says:

    Kljestan played out of position. He did nto play well, but he is not the worst player out of the bunch.

  178. Rocco says:

    It’s too bad for Buddle because most of his time on the pitch was spent getting his lip glued together.

  179. dbag says:

    I hope feilhaber proved himself. He hast been that good lately. Barely playing for his relegated club. Not having strong US performances in Jan. Coming off an injury.

  180. Richard says:

    In no way, unless you think the USMNT coaching staff is a worse judge of readiness, after seeing players train, than you are after not being able to see players train. They were willing to bring on Gooch in this condition but were not willing to bring in CD.

    Oh, and pro club medical and coaching staffs as well. Sochaux’s people were not willing to give CD a medical release; AC Milan is OK with Gooch playing.

    Oh, and simple common sense. We see how Gooch is doing after blowing out one body part. Somehow, against all common sense, you seem to think that Davies would be more ready despte wrecking many more body parts.

    And I didn’t see a hand on the shoulder; the man can’t jump right now. Just accept it.

  181. foolball says:

    Help me out, dude. Where was the attacking midfield?

    Oh wait, there was Stuart Holden’s service….on set pieces.

    Next to nothing was created during the run-of -play.

    Why can a team of second tier and fringe level players like the Czechs score 4, count ’em, 4 goals during the run-of-play, while the US can barely manage a few SOG?

    Answer me that,

  182. RNG says:

    A Good Night for: Goodson, Ching, Gomez, Torres, Cherundolo, Buddle, Beasley

    A Bad Night for: Pearce, EJ, Sascha, Bornstein

    A “5” for: Rogers, Bedoya, Onyewu, Guzan, Holden, Edu (got one, gave up one)

    No Show: Findley, Marshall

    CUTS FOR THE 23: Marshall, Pearce, Findley, EJ, Sasha, Rogers (played OK but…), Bedoya. Could swap Bedoya for Buddle, but won’t happen…

    THE 23: Howard, Guzan, Hanneman, Cherundolo, Spector, Onyewu, Goodson, Bornstein, Bocanegra, Demerit, Edu, Clark, Bradley, Holden, Torres, Feilhaber, Donovan, Dempsey, Beasley, Buddle, Gomez, Ching, Altidore

  183. DaveW says:

    That was just Beasley covering when Bornstein got caught up the field. That might get Beasley to South Africa, but his head doesn’t seem to be totally in it.

    Except for Klejstan, the midfielders all brought something. Bedoya maybe not so much, but he didn’t really have much of a chance.

  184. Waterlewd says:

    Ummm…So you have Sasha going? But Pearce gets cut twice. How much have you been drinking?

  185. Joamiq says:

    Yep. I’d say JB and Pearce dropped themselves behind both Boca AND Spector on the LB depth chart tonight.

    Here’s how I see the defensive depth chart after tonight:

    LB: Boca, Spector, JB, Pearce
    CB: Boca, Onyewu, DeMerit, Goodson, Spector, Edu, Marshall
    RB: Spector, Dolo

  186. Jjank11 says:

    That is if Buddle makes the final 23, Gomez and Ching played better than him. Gomez has some electricity to him!!

    If BB brings 4 pure forwards then Buddle is #4, IMO.

    I hope BB uses Dempsey up front with Jozy (or Ching/Gomez) for at least 30 mins against turkey.

  187. jimoh8002 says:

    Gooch is going to be fine. Picture this with M.bradley back and a host of other guys the work load is off gooch a little and it isnt a baptism of fire as it was tonight thats why the Turkey and Australia friendly will help

  188. Joamiq says:

    He wasn’t stellar, but he wasn’t crap. He could have stopped that goal, but he was also largely responsible for Gomez’s goal. What he can contribute on offense can’t be forgotten.

  189. Aristotle says:

    The whole defense was crap. I suppose you can make a case for Goodson if you just compare him with the other U.S. defenders in the game who played bad, but you are wrong about the goal. I don’t know how or why you would say Goodson was off balance or not responsible for a goal. He was just standing there waiting for the cross to come in and inexplicably let it go right by him. He could have, and should have easily cut that ball out. You can’t watch a ball pass in front of you when you are about two or three yards from the near post of your goal.

  190. Rocco says:

    I know I’ll get ripped for this but Ching was a great addition IMO.

  191. r.benjamin says:

    Good post. I’ll add:

    Bornstein is always shaky but you know Bradley will take him.

    Goodson is going to SA

    Boca or Spector will play LB

    Ching showed his worth (and I’m usually a Ching critic)

    Sascha should not go.
    Rogers probably goes as a super sub role.
    Bedoya probably goes by a sliver.. I like him better than Rogers but BB gave the mins to Rogers and probably played better.

  192. dbag says:

    24 man roster?

  193. Shark says:

    Dude you have no clue…just sayin’….

  194. adikus says:

    sorry but i have to say it, Ching’s first touch wasn’t what it should be. He killed out momentum like three times in the game today. I agree he did have a sick backheel but one or two good plays don’t earn a starting position especially when we can move dempsey up top and slide Holden into his spot.

  195. Aristotle says:

    Fair enough. I just don’t think you can claim a good performance after being responsible for a goal unless the rest of your game was really outstanding, and it clearly was not.

  196. Joamiq says:

    I agree – it’s tough to cut Rogers and Bedoya (Rogers has really had a number of good performances for the nats), but at this point it seems pretty clear that Donovan, Dempsey, Holden, and Beasley are just better.

  197. Jjank11 says:

    Holden was definitely above a 5. I think he did just as good as Beasley and Torres (actually to Edit this, he was not as good as Torres). He did show some rust in the 2nd half.

    If we had Ching and Gomez in the first half with our 1st half midfield. I think we would have shown much better than 1 goal.

  198. Joamiq says:

    Give peace a chance!

  199. Jamie Z. says:

    Agreed. Let’s give Peace a chance.

  200. eric says:

    Trade Onyewu for Goodson, and I’ll take it. The collective masses are anxious about Gooch’s knee, but it is the rust we need to worry about. On the goal, he misjudged the header and jostled back too late to beat his mark. It wasn’t his knee or confidence. He’s rusty. Oh, and trade Clark for Edu. There’s no dropoff between those two, so I say give Clark a run.

  201. Joamiq says:

    I think there’s a chance he takes 8, but I think he gave Edu time at CB because he’s considering taking 7.

  202. FireBB says:

    Michael Bradley? What has he ever done? The only reason he’s on this team is because daddy is the coach.


  203. Brando says:

    It’s not a matter of giving fringe players a chance at this point. It is one thing for someone like Gomez to get a chance, as he’s been out of the picture for a while….but sacha hasn’t done anything in forever…shouldn’t have even been on the field.

  204. BetaMale says:

    Gooch has to be cut. He’s too out of shape and hurt to be playing. Couldn’t jump on that first goal, favoring his hurt knee. Went off limping. Why chance it?

  205. r.benjamin says:

    Agreed. The lineup I want to see attempted v Turkey is:

    Spector. Demerit. Gooch. Boca
    Bradley. Edu.
    Dempsey. Holden or Torres. Donovan

  206. JoeW says:

    First, while we know who we’d LIKE to start (in an ideal) world on defense, the reality is that, right now, we don’t have 4 defenders who are healthy, sharp and in-form. We EXPECT Bocanegra to regain fitness and be sharp. We EXPECT Onyeweu to regain form. We EXPECT Cherundolo to get sharper. But right now, we have a hard time finding 4 defenders who are healthy, in-form and sharp. There is a significant chance we carry 8 defenders not because Pierce or Marshall have shown themselves worthy but b/c it’s foolish to expect Bocanegra, Cherundolo, Onyeweu, DeMerit to all be fit, in-form and available to play in 3 matches in the WC. In fact, it wouldn’t be wildly unrealistic for each of these players to either miss at least 1 game (due to cards, fitness or form) each. We have a very unsettled defense–and that is very unsettling.

    Second, I think we’re probably talking just 3 pure forwards (with one being Altidore, and the second being Ching if he doesn’t pull a hamstring again). Not b/c Gomez, Buddle, etc. are unlikely to contribute but we’ll need defensive coverage so we probably are counting on Dempsey and then Donovan being our 4th forward. I liked what Gomez showed this match. And it was probably irrelevant (unless you have him starting over Altidore). I think what BB is probably looking for at the 3rd forward is someone who can stretch the defense as a late game sub and the 3 best options there are Findley, EJ and then Gomez (in order of speed). I hate the idea of Findley and even EJ on the team but there you have it. Unless Altidore gets carded and Ching gets hurt, the next forward is likely to be Dempsey so a debate about Gomez over EJ over Buddle is probably foolish. Our last true forward is a role player and the most likely role is one that Cobi Jones played on the “94 team–late game speedster.

  207. jts says:

    28 min

  208. BooThisMan says:

    The Czech reserves beat our reserves. That would be a real problem if our reserves were starting in the World Cup!

  209. Aristotle says:

    You’re obviously an a*s, sport. As are a lot of other people who refer to others as sport.

    You couldn’t be more wrong. I couldn’t care less about attention. Your comment: “assuming that you would ever even pony up the dough to attend a game” is particularly revealing. It makes no sense at all. Are you calling me cheap? I was at the 1994 U.S. World Cup and have attended USMNT games even though they involved a lot of travel.

    Why don’t you go scr*w yourself?

  210. jennings_d@yahoo.com says:

    I’m going to skip the negatives (already well covered here) and just talk about two things I really liked from tonight’s game: (1) Beasley and (2) the Ching/Gomez combo.

    First and most important, Beasley is back. For a long time, I have felt that the US is just not very threatening without Beasley on the field. Without him, teams can just focus on Landon and be pretty sure that no one else is going to consistently create chances. Beasley is so dangerously fast, and (funk-period aside) he also makes good decisions and good passes — a rich man’s Theo Walcott. So when you have Beasley making things happen and then working in combo with Landon on the right side and Dempsey up top to finish, it is our best bet to be a dangerous team. It has been a scary several months with it seeming like Beasley was out of it, but he was great tonight, and the reports from players all week was that he has been on fire at camp. I’m very, very encouraged.

    Second, after being mildly pleased with Buddle and Johnson (who, unfortunately for them, got fouled so much that they didn’t have much chance to create much), I loved the play of Ching and Gomez together. Ching was especially good, and it was nice to see that he seemed fully healthy. And I think it is the first time in a while that I’ve seen a pair of US forwards who have an “understanding” with each other (which is bizarre since this is the first time they’ve ever played together). I see Dempsey and Jozy up top, but I don’t mind a Ching/Gomez line as a back-up plan. (Note: I am interested in what Jozy brings on Saturday. I love the guy, but I do not quite think he is an “automatic started” as most seem to. He’s good, and he’s a tough mark for any defender, but it’s not like he’s Wayne Rooney out there or anything.)

  211. Big Chil says:

    Buddle and EJ didn’t do anything for their cases for South Africa. Gomez certainly helped his case tonight. I’d say it’s sealed. The look of joy and relief on his face when he headed that goal in was awesome.

    It wasn’t just the goal. He was involved on every play in the attacking third, and had that other shot on goal, although it was a bit rushed and weak, unfortunately.

    If we only bring three strikers, (Altidore, Ching, Gomez) and Ching’s hamstring pops, or someone gets a suspension, we’re pretty thin.

    Still, I’d rather bring those three, and count Dempsey as a striker than bring Buddle or EJ.

  212. Big Chil says:

    If they want a 10-15 minute speed option and extra coverage at striker, I say EJ.

  213. Andrew H. says:

    I want to repeat that Spector has to be our starting left back. He is our only fast left back who can play the position at even a mediocre level–Boca is too slow and needed in the middle with Gooch not being ready, and while Bornstein is fast, he sucks, and Pearce also sucks. Defense is our biggest problem.

    Spector Boca Demerit Cherundolo

  214. Rocco says:

    Bums? Seriously, this sort of vitriol is useless particularly when directed at guys playing as best they can for our team who at their worst are better at what they do than anything I’m sure you can do, Hush. Get off their back. The only person whose opinion that matters on their performance is Bob Bradley.

  215. BetaMale says:

    except Buddle set up our first goal. Other than that, he did nothing. Right?

  216. Aristotle says:

    You shouldn’t be truthful like that or you’re not a real fan, just a pessimist.:)

  217. word says:


    Spector Jay Demerit Boca Dolo

    M. Edu

    CLint Dempsey Holden/Beas/Tores

    M. Bradley



  218. Joamiq says:

    People are making way, way too much of ONE misjudged ball in the air by Gooch. If one was to place as much emphasis on the ball he won in the air before that, one would have to decide he was dominant in the air.

  219. Joamiq says:

    Jozy can’t play alone up top.

  220. jts says:

    Goal scorers somehow score. People say they are lucky, cherry pick, etc. But they score. To me that is what Gomez seems to do.

    And, its kid of hard. Not that many people score many goals.

  221. JAuch says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t think we can pencil in Gooch for anything right yet… obviously, we see how he does against Turkey, but at this point I’ll take DeMerit and Goodson before a 70% Gooch.

  222. Rocco says:

    Exactly. Get off the guy’s back. He’ll jump better, pun intended.

  223. Jjank11 says:

    Watched the replay of Czechs 1st goal and the Czech player definitely was on the back of Gooch and DEFINITELY without question had his arm/elbow on the shoulder of Gooch, thus leading to Gooch not being able to get much of a chance.

    He was a bit tenative and maybe could have been a bit more physical but

  224. phil says:

    tell em… though i’d like to trade JB for Bedoya

  225. Joamiq says:

    Spector, Onyewu, DeMerit, Boca
    Beasley, Bradley, Edu/Torres (depending on matchup), Donovan
    Jozy, Dempsey

  226. Andrew H. says:

    It wasn’t just that. He was slow and out of shape.

  227. BetaMale says:

    you clearly didn’t watch the game right? Gooch was slow, hobbling, and favoring one leg. Not to mention the limp off the field and huge bag of ice.

    He’s done bro, just put the ‘Borghetti Stare Down’ out of your head and move on.

  228. dalton says:

    bornstein doesnt deserve to wear the usa shirt after tonight. he continuasly got burned every time they came down his flank. we need bocanegra at left back and demerit at CB alongside gooch and cherundolo at RB

    rogers and holden both looked good along with gomez. beasley also looked tough, passionate, and assertive

  229. Joamiq says:

    He looks a bit rusty/tentative, but I don’t think he’s hurting. I think he’ll be fine two weeks from now. If not, you’re right. Then you probably have to start Spector, Boca, DeMerit, and Dolo.

  230. dalton says:

    perfect. with gomez and stuart comin off the bench

  231. Big Chil says:

    Good point on the number of fouls Buddle and EJ received. I may have downgraded them too much, though at the same time they have to work with what they have, which Herc Gomez certainly did.

  232. Aristotle says:

    Once again, I did not make my prediction based on this game. If that were the case you would be right.

    I guess Russia took Slovenia a little too seriously too?

    As football said, this was our top 30 players and the Czech Republic was not at full strength either, they were playing away from home, and to them it was just a friendly that they had no reason to take too seriously since they won’t be in the world cup. Yet they clobbered us. The score could have easily been 5-1 when you consider the sitter they missed and the gift from Petr Cech.

    I find it interesting that so many people have been talking about how deep we are, but are now excusing this game because it wasn’t our top eleven, just our top 30. I guess the people trying to make the World Cup weren’t playing too hard either.

  233. r.benjamin says:

    Duece is good. but is def not a two way player. he’s got the fed mentality.

  234. jts says:

    correction: 21 min

  235. Rocco says:

    I count 23 there d. What or who am I not counting?

  236. Big Chil says:

    I just replied a few comments up that I may have unfairly downgraded Buddle too much.

  237. Sam says:

    I just got in from the game, and my seat was on the side of the pitch Beasley spent the first half. He looked really good demonstrating quickness, good passing, and assisted nicely on defense. He caused problems for the opponents. If he continues to play like this, don’t be surprised if he gets some starts in the tournament.

  238. Nubs says:

    Gooch is a waste of a pick at this point. I don’t mind bringing him since it’s not like EJ, Rogers or Pearce is going to be a difference maker as the 23rd guy, but if GOoch is in the starting lineup against England the US is going to get worked over. Oh, and Goodson is legit. I know his performance wasn’t flawless but you can just tell the kid has a bright future. I think you’ve gotta go L: Boca, C: GOodson/DeMerit, R: Spector across the back with Dolo as the odd man out.

  239. south says:

    LOL, I corrected several posts down, I’m sorry you didn’t notice.

    But on the drinking, yes quite a bit!

  240. tom v says:

    2 quick thoughts.

    1 – i thought torres looked great for us. was moving the ball around, had tons of little touches – exactly what you want from a possession midfielder. i think he’d look even better when he can work in combination with dempsey and donovan. i honestly think he should start, but of course BB will go with 2 defensive midfielders and we’ll struggle for possession.

    2 – our defense does look weak. don’t think gooch looked that bad, got outjumped on one play, but i honestly dont think we’ll be that much better at full strength (we’ll have a few new starters, but most likely both of those – demerit and boca – will be coming off injuries…).

    feel like this just proves my point more that that hold and counter strategy will fail because our defense wont be able to sustain pressure…let alone that we no longer have a speed option up front without davies which is essential for counter attacking. dont get me wrong, gomez looked good and i actually think he should start, but neither him or jozy would have been able to set landon up for the goal against brazil.

    3 – we really need to try spector at LB. yes he’s not perfect, but our speed options in bornstein and pearce are simply not good enough, and the prospect of boca going up against lennon or walcott (with only slow gooch and demerit to cover) is terrifying. much more terrifying than boca against iniesta (not a speed player…) from the confed cup. spector provides consistency, and he has much better pace than boca

    4 – i’m not going to get too pessimistic yet, but i remember the same “this wasnt our top lineup..” argument in the tune up matches last year.

  241. Joamiq says:

    Slow? When was Gooch ever not slow? I personally think he was rusty and that the ice was precautionary (getting iced down after a game isn’t limited to injured players). I’m not saying it’s not possible that he’s still hurt, but nothing that I saw made me think he was anything but lacking in sharpness, which I think he can recapture in the next two weeks. I really think people are overreacting to the goal more than anything.

    And hey, if they decide he can’t go, I have confidence in the foursome of Spector, Boca, DeMerit, and Dolo.

  242. kickerplayer says:

    It’s hard to admit but I agree with Aristotle. Though, to clarify, I feel the USA have a strong team and on a good day they can compete with any1 in the world. The only problem is that BB is predictable which makes the USA predictable. I think that they will not get out played, but out coached. If I was coaching against the USA and reviewed tapes of the last 10-15 games. It’s not hard to see a pattern. Knowing BB, this pattern will remain intact into the WC.

  243. Aristotle says:

    It’s hard to argue with a well thought out response like that….just sayin’.

    Was I the victim of a shark attack?

  244. afd says:

    I know, the US relies a lot on counter attacks and set pieces. It’s one or the the other. People might not like it but its effective.( Barcelona vs Inter)

  245. Joamiq says:

    And Benny off the bench too, if we need possession/some tight slick midfield passing.

    And hey, if Gooch is revealed to be in worse shape than I think, then it’s Dolo, DeMerit, Boca, and Spector. That’s still a starting XI with the likes of Holden, Benny, and Goodson off the bench, that should advance to the Round of 16.

  246. Joamiq says:

    He looked really bad… but we need FB cover.

  247. Rocco says:

    Completely disagree Beta. Bradley specifically mentioned him in the first post game as one of the players he was pleased with. He’s going bro, pull bag of ice out of your head and realize that you’re not the man with the roster.

  248. Big Chil says:

    I think Bornstein has to go, though, as cover at left back.

    The back line is only Bocanegra, DeMerit, Gooch (who doesn’t look fully fit), Goodson (who looked great), Dolo, and Spector.

    We’re gonna need Bornstein so we can move people around, especially if Gooch isn’t 90′ fit.

    I expect Gooch to make the roster. He still has a few weeks.

  249. r.benjamin says:

    btw it was saschas guy that he didn’t follow who recieved the give and go who beat the hapless pearce to the goal line. Then it was him again Sascha didn’t hussle to who scored

  250. yup says:

    Finally, some sense!! Right on Grant

  251. Big Chil says:

    We might have to take 8 defenders in the back line, at the expense of a midfielder. That might mean that Marshall goes just as insurance.

  252. AllDayEveryDay says:

    Gooch looked 80% and Pearce did afoul… but goodsen was money on the couple set pieces!!
    i am very worried about the game against England, they have so many options on the attack and we lack defending abilities right now!!!

  253. Jjank11 says:

    Rogers wasn’t as good as Holden, yet he also didn’t play as much. So he didn’t have the time to show better or worse.
    Rogers is such an inconsistent player

  254. BetaMale says:

    sucks for us…

  255. Big Chil says:

    Torres did look good.

  256. gabe says:

    “First, it ain’t bashing if it’s fact.

    Second, all those offering up these weak excuses that “…it was the second team and fringe guys out there….”

    Guess what people, that WAS the Czech second team and fringe players out there on the field tonight.”

    You don’t know anything about football, lad.

    my player ratings:

    Edson Buddle: 5- In the mix early, but waned as match went on. Scrappy, decent hold up (not great), and more active than Johnson.

    Eddie Johnson 4- Invisible. Lacked service, but good players find a way to get involved. Same old story with Eddie, showed nothing new, and did himself no favors tonight.

    Jose Torres 6- Tidy distribution, more actively defensively than he’s been in the past. Gave the ball away in own half a few times.

    Maurice Edu 5- Barring the CB mistake that led to the goal, a decent performance. Composed and active in the MF.

    Stuart Holden 5- Seemed a bit too tired at the end, no doubt due to the injury. Cemented place behind Dempsey at RM.

    Demarcus Beasley 5- Surprising display, active on defense, and made good runs.

    Sasha Klejstan 3- A giveaway machine. Vanishing like he does at the CM spot is hard for anyone, but he always finds a way. Horrible turnover left Edu and the defense out to dry for the last goal.

    Clarence Goodson 6- Great play all the way up to a misclearance that led to a Czech goal. Dangerous on set pieces.

    Oguchi Onyewu 4- Needs to recover his confidence in his ariel ability, which comes with playing more. Should be on the field for the next two friendlies.

    Jonathan Bornstein 4- Gives away fouls in bad areas stupidly (jersey tugs), poor on the ball, and generally a step slow. Will be in the 23 man squad, but will probably sit behind Bocanegra or Spector at LB.

    Steve Cherundolo 7- Classy defending, showing good recovery speed and willingness to get forward, which will e key against England in the WC opener.

    Heath Pearce 2- Nightmare.

    Robbie Rogers 5- Every good play made seems followed by a rookie-like mistake. He’s not a rookie anymore. Needs to mature. Linked well at times with Ching and Gomez.

    Herculez Gomez 8- Did what was needed to earn a place in the squad. Scrappy goal, followed by a spirited display. Showed decent pace as well.

    Alejandro Bedoya 4- Got involved in the attack in the limited time he had on the pitch.

    Brad Guzan 4- Left hanging numerous times, but should have done better on the set piece goal.

  257. Aristotle says:

    Sorry Betinho, that response was meant for ko’d.

  258. Shaggie96 says:

    If you get ripped it’s by people who don’t know jack about the sport. Ching was involved in several dangerous plays and looked like about the only guy on the field with any creativity. He worked his tail off all night long, including winning the corner the second goal was scored on.

  259. primoone says:

    I hate you for not including Sasha in that list…

    May your eyebrows fall off during your sleep.

  260. Betinho says:

    If he brings his Fulham game…which i fully expect him to…he’s 2 way all day.

  261. phil says:

    well, the defense was in fact a wreck tonight, and the fact that most of the gaffs happened in the latter stages of the match speaks to fitness. With luck this will be a good learning experience.

    Torres Holden and Edu each made a case to not only make the cut, but also start depending on the lineup. you could put Dempsey and Donovan and Holden up front with Torres Bradely and Edu in the mid for a 4-3-3.

    Felt bad for Buddle, that knock had to upset his rhythm….

    Gooch indeed looked stiff and rusty, but he’s been off for 7 months. the questions is doeas Senior take a chance on that against England or start Boca and Demerite with Spector and Cherundolo on the wings.

  262. SBI Troll says:

    Could we see a backline of:


    if Gooch isn’t healthy.

  263. phil says:

    actually let me amend that. Ching deserves to be in that lineup….

  264. booger says:

    Surely your comment was worth more than two hundredths of a cent. Don’t sell yourself short!

  265. Brian says:

    He looked like he had lost some speed, he was favoring one leg-almost a limp, and his jumping height appeared diminished. I am concerned.

  266. jayrig5 says:

    Bornstein was awful. He made a ton of bad passes, and Torres saved him a few times by running down passes that were hit 5 yards off target. He was torched at least twice, and as was said above, the Czechs squandered their chances there.

    And, I’ll say this, I didn’t really think Guzan played well at all. The defending was bad, yes, but he had a few chances to make reaction saves, and didn’t come close on any of the goals. The last one, where he was beaten near post, was a particularly poor display.

    I actually thought Buddle played well, he had some nice touches and some nice passing. Gomez played well. Ching didn’t look bad, he’s a solid passer, I guess. And Holden ran a ton and made some plays. Bedoya put himself in good places, and Rogers actually made an impression for the first time I can remember (too little too late, but he’s young, it’d be nice if he kept getting better.)

    And, finally, this is off topic, but is anyone else concerned that the dropoff in defending after this generation of players (Boca, Demerit, Dolo) is done with the USMNT? It doesn’t seem like there’s a very large group waiting in the wings. It feels like we’re actually developing a fairly diverse group of young attacking talent, and the other side of the field is lacking. (I know Omar Gonzalez, and some others, are mentioned frequently, but they’re still very young, it seems like US Soccer skipped a generation with regards to quality defenders.)

  267. Eugene says:

    Did you see the huge ice pack the trainers used to wrap Gooch’s left knee? I had recollections of Cory Gibbs’ knee(s) swelling up right before the 2006 WC

  268. Betinho says:

    Switch Beas and LD and I’ll go with you against Slovenia and Algeria. For England I want Dempsey on the wing. The England players know him and have to respect him. Bring Ching in to partner with Jozy for his work rate and extra defending.

  269. Scott says:

    I don’t call Petr Czech a reserve but ya it is not a significant game.

  270. Pope Eddie says:

    7 left behind
    Findley – DNP so its obvious where he stands
    Marshall – DNP so its obvious where he stands too
    Bedoya – inexperience vs Beasley
    Pearce – did nothing to help
    EJ – Too little too late
    Rogers – Too MLSy, though he looked good tonight
    Klesjtan – no touch, back to the flow of play, give aways, bad bad bad

  271. Sergio of SF says:

    Brian Ching! I hope he silenced some Haters. As I stated on previous posts, he is a lock. As for the other spot, I think Gomez won his ticket. If I have to choose between EJ and Buddle, I’ll take Buddle. What really worries me is the left back spot. Neither Bornstein or Pearce looked good. And we are still unsure about Bocanegra. I hope we see a strong lineup on Saturday against the Turks. Other things I noticed, Torres was very composed and rarely gave a bad pass. Goodson is a freak of nature and great on set pieces. Dolo played well, as did Holden. And I think Beasly looked sharp, but had no assistance…you can’t put Bornstein behind him and expect Beasly to get any good service on that flank.

  272. Joamiq says:

    Why does ice pack = injury? You’re never seen an athlete sit in a bathtub of ice after a game?

  273. Joamiq says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Bease and LD tried switching back and forth a couple of times if we lined up like that. Both seem to do pretty well cutting in and shooting from the “wrong” wing. Landy played on the left for the Confed Cup of course, and Beas had some amazing moments for Rangers on the right in December. But obviously both are stronger crossing from their “correct” wings, so there’s probably no real right answer.

    I’d actually totally buy your lineup for the England game. That makes a lot of sense.

  274. JJJ says:

    Two things

    1. Gringo Torres is the shyt
    2. I believe Clark will get the start next to Bradley,I believe Bob rates him higher than EDU, I also think Bob would play Benny over Edu.

  275. Pope Eddie says:

    I’ll confess, I have HATED Brian Ching and his blaaaahness.
    Tonight, he looked like he was on a whole new level. He can board my plane to SA…

  276. chris says:

    i would really like to see jozy and hercules play up top Saturday i feel like they would link really well together

  277. wilyboy says:

    Off the plane surely: Marshall, Pearce, Findley, Johnson, Kljestan

    Torres and Edu worked very well together. I also wish that both Buddle and Gomez could make the plane, but don’t think it will happen.

    There’s still a slim chance of an extra midfield spot for Bedoya or Rogers if Dempsey is counted among the forwards. Holden played well, Goodson is great on set pieces.

    But we still need Gooch, Boca, and Demerit fully locked and loaded, or none of it will matter.

  278. Frank in Boston says:

    After watching tonights game I see a few things.

    I’d like to see a back four of Spector, Goodson, Demerit, Bocanegra

    Our midfield looks set with Donovan, and Dempsey out wide Bradley and Edu/Torres in the middle.

    Up top I love Gomez off the bench and a starting partnership of Altidore and Buddle. Buddle works his tail off. Just like Davies did.

    I see potential, but Gooch is way off and Bornstien and Pearce show me nothing. Cherundolo has the leadership and shows quality at times.

  279. CT says:

    Goodson was solid on the back line tonight. If Gooch can’t jump and Crouch is starting for England Goodson should get the nod. He matches up well in the air against a player like Crouch. We’ll need a guy that can dominate in the air against England. Gooch at 100% could do that but if he is worried about his knee when jumping it would be wise to sit him.

  280. Antonio Castro says:

    Although the USA had a rough game, things could be worse. At least the USA did not do a Portugal andtie the 117th team in the world.

  281. Jcrw117 says:

    Cuts…Pearce, Bornstein, Findley, Marshall, Buddle, Klestjan, and Bedoya/Rogers! Left back should be locked down by Bocanegra if Onyewu is healthy…if not, Spector is at left back, with Cherundolo on the right with Demerit and Bocanegra in the middle!

  282. phil says:

    I would not be surprised to learn that Gooch doesn’t go based on fitness. It will alll depend on his runout tomorrow.

  283. Jjank11 says:

    Gomez and Ching both worked their tails off more than Buddle but probably due to the fact that the US midfield was so sloppy in the 2nd half.

  284. Jjank11 says:

    WOW…..this was exactly my thoughts about Goodson. We need his height for set peices (offensively and defensively). Especially if Crouch is on the pitch.
    Gooch seems to always cover the back on set peices in the box and right now his fitness is not good enough for this reason. Goodson would be better because he just seems to be amazing in the air.

  285. r.benjamin says:

    Pretty close to where I’d rate most of them. My changes:

    Edu = 6. Got a hussle goal and close up gaps well at MF. Showed possible potential as emergency CM good distribution but a couple poor positioning / rookie fouls and positioning.

    Holden = Tempted to push to a 6 but did get tired and showed rust in spots.

    Stevie C = 5 played ok but didn’t really show that much.

    Gomez= 6 goal scorers goal. Good energy but still needed to find a little more to be rated higher. A good outing.

  286. Tetsuo54 says:

    I really think you should wait until the Turkey game to decide if the U.S. can go through or get stomped on because thats when we will play are best team

  287. Jjank11 says:

    Well, unless he can’t move his knee at all then it will be a big deal but I think BB needs to give him the May 29th game and then figure out if it will be doable.

  288. KungFuSoccer says:

    Just watched the tivo.

    Saw most of the game but forwarded through some of the 2d half.

    Gooch was tentative the whole game. He is one of my favorite players. At times maybe my favorite. He looked 60-70% before the gooch goal. If I was coach I would question bringing him at all. But what choices do we have?

    Holden looked great. The more I watch the more I like.

    I’m an LA Galaxy fan. Could not complain about buddle. I say keep him.

    I don’t have any idea who Goodson/Goodsen is. We need to bring him.

    Edu. All over the place. In a good way.

    Klesjtan. maybe next time.

    Beasley. Nice to see you back on the squad.

  289. Jjank11 says:

    Well, this is a good point, but I hope what BB does it try out a few lineups with his 23.

    What he needs to do in the first half is put his most offensively powered lineup in.
    This would be putting Torres and Holden starting and Deuce up front with Altidore. As well as possibly starting Goodson for his set peice ability.

    Then for the other half go with his most defensive lineup and figure out which style is more successful with the group we have.

    Turkey should be a harder adversary than the Czechs so this should be a better bar to gauge against.

    BB then needs to go with his best lineup and style against Australia for the full 90.

  290. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:

    Herc should have put that first shot toward the corner. Czech would not have gotten to it. Could gave had a brace!

  291. Jjank11 says:

    I forgot to record it but not to let Gooch off the hook but it did seem the attacking player jumped on Gooch and used his arm on his shoulder, thus stopping any opportunity from Gooch.
    If this play was in the midfield, that is called a foul.
    What do you think?
    As for Buddle, Gomez played better than him. But I don’t think either got a fair chance b/c they played with different midfields.

  292. Aaron says:

    I thought Ching did well and showed why his ticket was always secured, pending his health.

  293. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:

    Hush, brother, you go to far. Adu would have the same number of statues as Gio. A big fat whopping GOOSE EGG!

    Adu brings something sorely needed to the table. CREATIVITY. But tactically he is naive and so are your comments if you think he offers “late flashes with his tactics”.

    ADU SHOULD HAVE BEEN HERE. But only when we need to unlock a stingy defense in the last 30. That’s about all he can offer internationally at this time.

  294. Stephen says:

    I actually thought the midfield attacked pretty well. Robbie Rogers had a rocket of a shot and Stuart Holden had two or three shots on goal. Were they consistent? No. But we have to take what we can get. Beasley also looked quick and dangerous. Especially since, LD, Demps, and Bradley weren’t in the midfield.

  295. shebangbang says:

    “alll we are sayingggggg..
    is give peace a chance!!”

  296. Stephen says:

    Bornstein a cut? Doubt it. Don’t like it, but doubt it. Also, it could be Bocanegra on the left with Spector and Demerit, or with Goodson and Demerit.

  297. Stephen says:

    I think he has good pace and he played hard, don’t know if that will get him on the team, but he did show for the ball quite a bit and play with some confidence.

  298. Stephen says:

    Dolo below Spector? He played well tonight, as always. We always get solid performances from him.

  299. Stephen says:

    I wouldn’t say single handedly. Nobody on D cleared the ball properly.

  300. Stephen says:

    Well I agree with you, so let the ribbing begin.

  301. Goalscorer24 says:

    Ok I am a lot more nervous now. Our left back situation looks dismal. All the US oponents will attack that side.

  302. John1 says:

    The Czechs had two star players missing in Rosicky and Baros and that was it. Four starters in total were absent, I beleive. The U.S. did not have Donovan or Dempsey on the pitch. They had guys that will never even see the field. Kljestan, Rogers, Pearce, Johnson and Bornstein. Bornstein better not see the field. The second half changes with guys like Pearce did not help but BB had to see how he and other bubble players could contribute. Turkey is a better team than the Czech Republic. I think the U.S. will defeat Turkey. This friendly was pure evaluation and that was it.

  303. John1 says:

    I meant: believe.

  304. jpc says:

    – Marshall
    – Findley
    – Bornstein- he was getting beat all over the place, and cannot complete a simple pass
    – Pearce- responsible for 2 goals, but was still better than Bornstein somehow. HES HERE B/C HE SHOULD BE CUT, BUT THERE IS TOO MUCH OF A NEED FOR ANOTHER FULLBACK, I THINK HE’S IN
    – Kljestan- as creative as he is, he just isn’t technically sound internationally, and makes a ton of unforced turnovers
    – Alejandro Bedoya- just didn’t make an impact, he’ll be there in 2014 though. just a tuneup for him
    – Eddie Johnson- I would prefer him over Ching, but Ching outplayed him by far and probably deserves it more
    – Rogers- actually played really well, but too little too late I think

    Howard (guzan, hahnemann)
    Dolo/Demerrit/Boca/Spector (Goodson, Oneywu, Pearce)
    Donovan/Clark/Bradley/Dempsey (Edu, BF, DMB, JFT)
    Holden (Gomez, Buddle)
    Altidore (Ching)

  305. BlueWhiteLion says:

    Jay–I am not exactly sure what generation you are thinking of, but on the Galaxy alone (you have mentioned Gonzales) there are also DelaGarza and Franklin–to young, speedy, good defenders. Chad Marshall is only 25, Tim Ream, 22 looks promising, there are probably more, but those are some that are on the top of my mind.

  306. chill says:

    I always get frustrated watching EJ play. I think that if Ching and Gomez (or Ching and Buddle) were playing in the first half, we’d have gotten at least 2 goals out of it because of Ching’s and Gomez’s work rate. (with Buddle, he looked great on the ball, and was consistently causing problems for the Czechs). The drop-off in mid was gaping in the second half after Beasley and Torres were taken off. Because we had no possession (contrast Torres consistently showing for the ball and distributing vs. Kljestjan hiding from the play on both sides) in the 2nd half, it didn’t matter who we were playing down back (of course Pearce didn’t help by the way he played…)

  307. chill says:

    glad you were joking.

  308. chill says:

    i don’t understand this. i mean, every time i’ve watched ej play, i’ve never seen him put any pressure on the defense, despite his speed. he just doesn’t work hard enough on defense. (because i always watch on tv, can’t comment on his off-the-ball movement).

    contrast his effort to ching’s, gomez’s, or even buddle’s effort and impact on the game last night.

  309. chill says:

    i agree totally. with some combination of bradley/clark/edu in front of him, he’ll be alright

  310. Josh D says:

    Based on this EJ, Findley, Rogers, Sascha, Marshal, Bedoya, and Pearce get cut for me.

  311. Fus says:

    Torres impressed me tonight with the way he was able to control the middle of the park and make smart passes. Huge drop off in the second half once Sasha came in. Ching’s work rate was fantastic.

  312. matt t says:

    Yea unfortuntaly I agree with those seven cause I would love to see Bedoya stay. I liked the way Bedoya played last night and against Holland. I would love to have him stick around but there may not be any room for him and there is no chance of him not taking Beasleys two world cup experience

  313. BlueWhiteLion says:

    If Gooch can’t make it (verdict still out), that starts to limit out back line–who fills in the left if (hopefully!) Pearce and Bornstein don’t go? Will it be Boca? Then who are our rocks on center? Goodson/DeMerit?

  314. Limo says:

    duuuude.. ur diggin yourself a deep hole. for one thing, the czechs did not score “4, count ’em, 4 goals during the run of play”. Remember the set piece that led to their first goal?

    Also dude, while not much was created during the run of play, you really do have to put it in context. most of the guys on the field were our scrubs, even those who end up making the 23 will struggle to make substitute appearances.

    And, foolball, set pieces are a part of the game, and they win matches. If the USA won the World Cup solely offa goals created from dead balls, i’m sure you’d stop complaining. AL_OC had a good point too, in our confed cup run, we scored a penalty and 7 goals from open play. stop putting that czech game under a magnifying glass so bad, it was meant to give a few players a last shot at solidifying or just making the team.

  315. dan says:

    I think he keeps rogers/ bedoya and cuts sasha

  316. ndcsjp says:

    Attended the gme. Result was irrelevant – it was a tryout.

    MOTM: Edu. A full 90 minutes at MF and CF.


    Beasley: A strong half

    Holden: A solid 90 on the wing & center

    Goodson: A good 90 on defense & assist

    Gomez: Hustled for 45, deserved a goal

    Ching: Created space & chances

    Torres: Played well, deserved better strikers to

    link with

    Bedoya: For a rookie, acquitted himself well


    Johnson: Lethargic, ineffective

    Pearce: Outplayed on D, bad distribution

    Feilhaber: Didn’t play – he’s a lock?


    Beasley goes over Sacha, Bedoya

    Johnson can take the summer off

    Holden can play the wing, pushing Dempsey up top

    Bocanegra & Spector can take a shot at LB.

  317. Worst stadium selection ever… They had no idea how to handle traffic. Got off the exit for the stadium at 7 but didnt get into my seat until 8:45 missing the entire first half. Same for leaving, unless you left during the last 15 minutes of the game you were stuck in traffic for at least 1 – 1 1/2 hours to get out of the parking lot.

  318. BK says:

    He’s not ready. It’s unfortunate because we really need him 100%. Fact is that it was obvious that he isn’t even close and will be exposed at this level.

    The question is do we bring him anyway for leadership and inspiration? Maybe we do. But if so, I hope he doesn’t see the field. He’s just not ready.

  319. AnalogToDigitialTakiwara says:

    Hoping to see Bornstein & Pearce cut. They just don’t seem to have what it takes to perform at anything near a high level. On the other hand, Goodson looked like the new Gooch, & Stu Holden is a player who just won me over. He’s got vision, composure, & a shot when he finds it. What I liked most about him are his passion & desire to take the game into his own hands. Like the best players in the world, you could see it in his eyes. He wanted this game, bad. Last, Gomez looks good. The two times he & Ching, & maybe Rogers, linked up down the left flank were just outstanding. Sharp, 1-touch attacking play that has often been rare. Signs of good things to come.

  320. Joe says:


    What evidence is there to support your statement, “I just feel that EJ gives you more in the last 10 minutes of a match than Buddle does, I think Buddle is a 90 minute guy, where Johnson can capitalize on a tired defense in the final 10-15 minutes of a match also taking into consideration his familiarity with the group.”

    When is the last time Eddie Johnson scored a meaningful goal in a USMNT match? You probably have to backtrack significantly, if you looked at all of his goals ever scored for the USMNT, I serioulsy doubt that you would find the lion’s share of his goals scored in the final 10-15 minutes. This is purely unfounded speculation. I realize you stated it as “I just feel that…” but c’mon where does this alleged “feeling” come from? Makes no sense to me whatsoever.

  321. ajaya says:


    only caught up with the last 30 minutes of the game, but i have to disagree with you on holden and the set pieces. I only saw one good service, in the dying moments. Everything else was served either too high and comfortably picked up by the goalie, or it was too low.

    Maybe he had good deliveries in the first half
    Or maybe you are being sarcastic

    But I was left screaming in frustration as he wasted every one of the set pieces I saw with ridiculous deliveries.

  322. NC Jeff says:

    This was a “prove it” game … prove it that you deserve a plane ticket … or prove it that you don’t. The final score wasn’t relevant, unless someone scored/assisted on a winning/tying goal, or prevented such. I really liked the effort I saw in Gomez and Ching, they both proved they want a ticket. Ching’s backheel pass was just sick … right between the defender’s legs. Just wish Gomez would’ve had the faith to try to place it in 1 of the corners. My Southern and ACC boy, Goodson, had a beautiful assist, but I fear he left some ?’s with his defense.

    I think the 7 men out (NOT what I would do, just my best guess as to what BB will do): Bedoya, Buddle, Findley, Johnson, Marshall, Pearce, and Rogers.

    U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A!

  323. BSU SC says:

    Everything you posted is inaccurate because you clearly missed what the point of this game was.

  324. JL says:

    Watching our LBs struggle, I kept thinking about England’s friendly with Mexico, and Lennon and Walcott’s incredible speed down that flank.


  325. toby says:

    Pearce got burned so many times!!!

  326. chupacabra says:

    Pearce should have been axed a long time ago due to his part in the 5-0 smackdown handed to the US by Mexico in the Gold Cup. Anyone who played on that team did not deserve a second chance, and that includes Ching, Holden, Goodson and Rogers – they make a very poor C team that gell about as well as boiling Jell-o. Bornstein and Kljestan still aren’t ready, and I’m not so sure about Guzan. Those guys still have the Chivas USA barnyard stink on them. Johnson doesn’t inspire much confidence. Findley? Meh. Our lack of depth is disastrous, and our future is dismal.

  327. bryan says:

    Lots of stuff came from this game. First and foremost, I thought Ching played really well. I’ve been saying all week I thought it was bull that he was considered a lock and therefore wasn’t going to play tonight. Well, I got my wish and he played AND he proved he deserves to go. He looked good.

    Bornstein and Pearce are both terrible. I honestly hope neither go. But you would have to say JB played better than Pearce last night. But I think our left backs should be Boca and Spector.

    I thought the energy Gomez and Bedoya brought was great off the bench. I think we could really use that off the bench in South Africa. For me, Gomez also booked his ticket.

    Buddle, I’ve been pulling for you, but he does not make my 23. Neither does Sasha, Findley, Pearce, JB, EJ or Rogers.

    Gooch, pretty good game other than the goal. Hopefully he can sort that out. Good to see him back though.

    Guzan, rough game but this may open the door for MH. Either way, I’m comfortable with either backing up Howard.

    I thought Edu, Goodson, Bedoya, Torres and Gomez played well. Holden and Beasley played exceptionally well. Specifically Holden.

    My 23:

    G: Howard, MH, Guzan

    D: Goodson, Boca, Gooch, Dolo, Spector, DeMerit

    M: LD, Holden, Beasley, Torres, Edu, Clark, Benny, Bedoya

    F: Dempsey, Jozy, Gomez, Ching

    Now, I know this probably won’t happen, but I would like it to. haha

  328. bryan says:

    one more thing, the amount of fouls we gave right outside the box was insane. so careless.

  329. Mathieu says:

    Guys relax. Once the lineup was up on the TV screen I knew we were gonna get whacked. I’m surprised we didn’t lose 4-0 with those scrubs on the pitch.
    I mean think about how was playing for a second. It was basically a glorified Gold Cup team.
    In fact I have to hand it to BB for being brave and accepting a butt kicking for the chance to really evaluate fringe players. Pretty brave.
    From that game who’s gone?
    In the back, Bornstein and Pearce are way out of their league. 3 of 4 goals are for them. I think Pearce is gone for sure, and I’d kick out Bornstein as well (BB will probably take him though, he has a man crush on him or something). Goodson was impressive I thought, and if Gooch isn’t 100% don’t be surprised if he ends up starting at the WC. Dolo was our best player on the pitch. Gooch was rusty for sure, though in fairness he’s probably fouled on the goal. Still he is a concern, but he’s on the plane unless his injury is not fully healed.
    In the middle, I like what Torres did, and I think he earned his spot on the 23 last night. Sasha was utterly useless and he’s gone. Holden did well, he’s in. Rogers aside from a shot was not relevant, he’s gone. Beasley is in, he seemed in form. I like Bedoya, but at the end of the day, he didn’t have much impact last night, so he might be out in favor of Torres who’s more versatile, though Bedoya remains a pure winger, something we lack a bit in our pool. Tough call there. Edu was good in the midfield, and OK in the back save his lazy error on the last goal. As a midfielder though he’s a beast.
    Up front, I think EJ is gone. For Buddle tough to say, he didn’t have a horrible game considering the lack of service. He seemed decent when he had the ball. Gomez has to get a spot or I’d be pissed. Ching is also on the plane, he wasn’t too bad overall and made some smart decisions. His experience will be useful.
    My 23 then?
    I’m going on the basis that those I pick are fit enough, so just 6 defenders are in.
    GK(3): the 3 in camp no surprises there
    D(6): Dolo, Boca, Gooch, DeMerit, Spector, Goodson
    M(10): Donnovan, Dempsey, Edu, Bradley, Benny, Holden, Torres, Beasley, Clark, Bedoya
    F(4): Altidore, Buddle, Gomez, Ching

    And my starting 11 in the WC
    Dolo, Gooch, Boca, Spector
    Edu, Bradley
    Donnovan, Dempsey
    Gomez, Altidore

  330. Joe says:

    Also, if he does have energy left in the final 10-15 minutes its because he was on the pitch but not running for the initial 75-80 minutes.

  331. bryan says:

    well, apparently i cannot count. that is only 23. add in Bradley and I guess move Dempsey back to midfield and also add in Buddle.

  332. bryan says:


  333. bryan says:

    i would have the same 23. my difference in your 11 would be holden starting over gomez with dempsey up top.

  334. jmac says:

    I think the state of the defense is the real concern from the match. One of our starters, Onyewu, definitely didn’t look 100% (outjumped on a cross!?!?) and Goodson, who considering our injury prone CBs may likely get some serious PT in SA, did not look sharp at all (save for the goal, of course). Neither did Bornstein or Pearce on the left.

  335. DC Josh says:

    The cream always rises to the top. I was pleased with Beasley, Torres, Edu, Holden and Goodson. I was displeased with Gooch, Pearce and Bornstein. Ching played very well for being out injured as well. His backheel to Gomez was brilliant. Bedoya was sort of a no-show, didn’t get a lot of touches on the ball. Can’t wait to see the real deal in action Saturday against Turkey. We’ll get a better feel for how we’ll look in South Africa.

  336. Chicago - Scott says:

    I’m a Dolo HATER but I thought he did surprisingly good. He seemed to hold on to the ball fairly well, and even beat Czechs outside mid/forward a few times with some skill. I am less upset that he will be with us in South Africa.

  337. Chicago - Scott says:

    Scary. Lets hope Boca is playing there and 100%

  338. Chicago - Scott says:

    Buddle played much better than Johnson..

  339. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    I’ll second Jay’s analysis of the game and players. Ching, Buddle played well. Torres, Gomez had impacts. JB was horrible, Guzan rusty.

    I had thought Pearce would win a job with this game, clearly he is not up to it at this point.

    LB will be a frightening sight. Boca will not fill the hole, neither will Spector. So we are stuck with needing the LMF covering for the LB.

  340. Jeff says:

    no ripping here. Ching was a bright spot for the US tonight. Props to Beasley as well. They both looked like they belong on the field in SA.

  341. pancholama says:

    I was there – saw every minute live from good vantage.

    You are smoking chronic – deluded.

    There were plenty of moments of beautiful, attacking football orchestrated by, Holden, Beasley, Edu, Torres, Gomez, Cherundolo overlapping up the R wing, ……..swift one touch, give and goes, and through balls – really pretty attcking soccer football that gives all team members things to look at and build on.

    At 1:30 – there will only be 23 left – and we can get to work on gelling – improving groups of three attacking synergy, improving first touch settling, and one touch passing team cohesion.

    I said it YEARS ago, I will say it again – by the time we get to Johannesburg, we will be knocking the ball around so well, you will be so jazzed you won’t be able to sleep.

    Good things, good things, good things are coming.

  342. SwerveZ says:

    There’s no reason to bash Bradley here. He was testing out fringe players and got his answers. Question is: Why didn’t Clark play?????

  343. SwerveZ says:

    Why didn’t Clark play???

  344. SwerveZ says:

    Sorry, didn’t go through the first time.
    I was at this game and our backs were the only concern for me, realizing that this was not our starting midfield or goalie. Bornstein was making horrendous plays, then Pearce comes in and BAM, gets beat left and right. Gooch was limping the entire time!!! WTF?? He’s not fit at all. Dolo was good, but got beat once or twice pretty badly by pace. I think Spector’s def. going to have to play on the wing somewhere at some point. Let’s hope Bocanegra is healthy, cause we’ll need him badly. Goodson was very good IMO; got beat once, but nothing came of it. Won every header that came to him and he cut off plays with by reading the pass well. Made good passes up front and assisted on the goal. I liked him in the center and we’ll need him too.
    Torres played fine but didn’t seem to have much to work with up top. Holden was good. Didn’t really see enough of Buddle and Johnson to really judge them.
    Overall, I think that with Donovan, Deuce, and Bradley in the attack, we would have scored 3-5 goals and I’m not being biased at all. Sasha gave away a bad ball in the middle that they scored on and so did Buddle. Wouldn’t have happened with a stacked middle of our starters.

  345. BK says:

    Forget about him getting beat on that cross. You could see in how he moved, how he walked, how he ran, that he is favoring his good leg.

    I played college level and I also blew my knee out and I know that even if you are cleared to play by doctors, you are not mentally 100% for a period even longer than your physical rehab. If he’s thinking about his knee and not the match, even subconciously, he’s not ready. Not to mention the guy hadn’t played a competitive match in 7 months.

    As much as I like Gooch, this injury cost him the World Cup. He shouldn’t play.

  346. Austin says:

    rosicky and baros are injured….those are the only ones of their A team left home

  347. Yeah that 's right says:

    I thought DeMerit and Bocanegra looked really good. Donovan and Dempsey not so much.

  348. JW says:

    Bornstein , Pearce , Kljestan are not ready for the WC. I also do not care for Rogers , Torres (no pace ), and Ching (who all will most likely make the squad) The starters for the most part looked good. It was encouraging going into South Africa to see how well they played in the 1st half (with many of the strongest players sitting out Donavan, Dempsey, Howard- No not Jozy, lacks intuition aggression and plays slower than he is). EJ, Buddle combined well with each other and the MF. Edu, Beasley (reborn?) were great in the 1st half. Goodson, Cherundolo looked good as well in the back. Gooch did look like he was 100% (70% or so), but on the 1st goal he was fouled by Tomas Sivok on the header. Bad no call. Exciting to see a us side with some pace. Of course when the WC starts Bradley will most likely go 100% with his old guard. I would love to see Buddle & Gomez (and EJ) get a bunch of minutes at top. With Landon & Dempsey setting the table for the FWD’s, and Beasley & Edu in the mf, and M. Bradley as a reserve. Anything other than an escape from group play will be a big disappointment. At the end of the day it is Bradley’s side, so live or die he needs to take the 23 HE feels best with. I’m just afraid that the USNT old guard and familiar faces keeps (potentially) better and more dynamic players excluded. Go team!

  349. Simple Jack says:

    Bradley still sucks. I said 3-1 Czech I was off but the goal differential was the same. We will not advance out of our group in the WC. Bonus time, Saturdays game final score. Turkey 2 USA 2. Bookmark it!

  350. Eric B says:

    Thank you, pancholama! Right on Bro! There’s a song in there somewhere.. good things, good things, good things are coming… ;^)

    Go USA, can’t wait until June 12th