United States to play Brazil in August

U.S. Crest
The U.S. men's national team will play Brazil on August 10 in its first match following the World Cup.

The match will be played at the new Meadowlands Stadium in northern New Jersey, with kickoff scheduled for 8pm (ESPN2). It falls on a FIFA-sanctioned fixture, meaning clubs will be required to release players called up.

The match will mark the fourth time the two nations will have met since 2007. The last time these two teams played was in the Confederations Cup final in 2009, when Brazil came from behind to win 3-2.

What do you think of another United States-Brazil match? Hoping to see the likes of Robinho and Kaka? Think the U.S. will bring its top team?

Share your thoughts below.

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91 Responses to United States to play Brazil in August

  1. Second City says:

    Playing the 2010 World Cup Champion’s is always a nice way to open up that new stadium to World Football.

    RE: (to future posts) Yes, I’m psychic & my girlfriend, Jennifer Love Hewitt, can see ghosts.

    Life is good.

  2. Adam R. says:

    It’s nice that our national team won’t disappear for 6 months after the world cup like last time around.

  3. Mathieu says:

    Wonder who’ll be coaching for the US on that one.

  4. James says:

    It will be cool for the US to play the 2010 World Cup champs… but no Kaka, I put my money on him going into ministry

  5. Mingjai says:

    I can’t think of a better way to welcome back the boys after a strong showing in the World Cup than to have them take on a team that might be the champs. Here’s to hoping both teams have full squads.

  6. John says:

    Klinsy’s first game at the helm? Maybe? Maybe? Anyone?

  7. Mark says:

    I’ll be there. Be interesting to see who’s included in the squads on both sides.

  8. Brad says:

    I would prefer Hiddink.

  9. ga-gone says:

    World Cup Final rematch

  10. ga-gone says:

    already has a job bro. He starts with Turkey in August. He was at the game the other day at RBA to see them in action.

  11. otergod says:

    that would be my guess. I dont see them continuing with BB… BB did well in his tenure, but we cant go stagnant with tactics by having a 2nd cycle in a row

  12. otergod says:

    couldnt afford him even if he was available

  13. Brandinho says:

    I’ll be there most definitely. Bradley i assume will still be the coach for this game. Ill be paying close attention for tix to go on sale for this.

  14. D says:

    Yes, I think he will be the new USMNT coach, after the Cup!!!

  15. Clint Mathis wants to play for MNT again, pretty please Bob says:

    Watch the return of Charlie Davies in this match.

  16. Clint Mathis wants to play for MNT again, pretty please Bob says:

    Spain is gonna win the world cup

    and do you guys remember my volley in the World Cup?

  17. Second City says:

    Awesome to think about but in reality, it’ll still be too early (if his Club has anything to say about it…which we know they will).

  18. primoone says:

    Im excited to learn who the new coach will be and how he integrates Jermaine Jones into the squad.

    The Germans are coming!

  19. Clint Mathis wants to play for MNT again, pretty please Bob says:

    well i’m sure he will rest and train through the summer. Surely this match can re-integrate him into the NT.

  20. Clint Mathis wants to play for MNT again, pretty please Bob says:

    I’m praying Davies starts the season scoring left and right.

  21. NATO says:

    If we went for a Mourinho or Hiddick we’d have to give them supremo control and the PR they desire. basically they’d be on Letterman and the View and be making $8million a year and will say a lot of negative crap for the first few months.

  22. wondersshallnevercease says:

    Altidore/Davies up top. Our strike combo for years to come.

  23. Colin says:

    I wonder how angry Brazil is going to be, what with the United States stomping them 9-0 in the World Cup 2010 final…

  24. Andy says:

    Cool! I went to the Argentina game at Giants Stadium. This one will also be an awesome trip from Baltimore.

  25. CACuzcatlan says:

    Not if the US crashes out the WC. I seriously doubt that’ll happen, but if it does, BB will almost certainly be fired.

  26. NATO says:


    Hiddink and Mourinho love to talk to the press and love to be in the public eye so to speak. They want and deserve the big dollars but they don’t wanna be seen as managers for an average team. They know it’d be quite an investment by coaching our team and they know they could possibly get us to perform like we have never before. But with that comes a lot of things they would require and I imagine they want to feel wanted you know.

  27. kev says:

    I love this. Thank you USSF. I can’t wait for the Gold Cup next year. please tell me they’ll play more games in Texas or just anywhere in the South.

    Us Louisiana boys never get any love.

  28. Angelo says:

    Ill be wearing my American flag proudly around my back unlike the mass of posers with ronaldinho shirts that are gonna be there.

  29. kev says:

    If i were to go I’d wear my Torres Liverpool jersey hahaha but also with a USA bandana

  30. Angelo says:

    plus…am i the only guy proud we have a decent but American coach in the squad ? do you think Alberto Perreira the brazilian coach commanding South Africa really gives a crap if they win or lose ? i thought so…

  31. larry says:

    its so corny when ppl wear club shirts to a NT game..especially when the player on the club jersey isnt even on either NT. Torres? really dude?

  32. Landbro Donovan says:

    Yes, it will be a good test for Brazil, playing the World Champs on their home soil.

  33. golfstrom says:

    man you beat me to it

  34. D says:

    Yeah, I would think so too. It’s too close after the WC to have hired a new coach.

  35. micah says:

    great question. unlike a lot of people, i like BB, but i hope we do change coaches. i think its good for the team to have some change.

    my predictions are:
    1) Klinsman
    2) Sir Alex (have you read how much this guy loves our team)*
    3) Novak

    *yes i realize this would never happen, but this is our future coach, why not dream a little

  36. micah says:

    ummm… pretty sure he’s not Brazilian, or on the USMNT

  37. Jerome says:

    Home soil? You mean Plastic Home soil?

  38. Jerome says:

    I like it

    American Host/Hostest: Whats your favorite baseball team?

    Mourinho: whats Baseball?

    Host/hostest: Its our national pastime

    Mourinho: meh, whack.

    Host/hostest: Why did you just say that?

    Mourinho: Im the Special one.

  39. jim says:

    Could there be a Jermaine Jones sighting?

  40. Jerome says:

    Word son. Mad American-born spectators wearing a Brazil Jersey, when they are as Brazilian as Pizza Hut.

  41. Gerald says:

    Totally agree with you there

  42. Jerome says:

    Here is a great song to sing,

    Plastics here, plastics there, plastics everywhere—Ohh what fun is to be in a stadium full of Plastics, hay!!!!

  43. SBI Troll says:

    Doubt it. But best case scenario here’s my full squad lineup just for kicks:







    Holden, Torres, Feilhaber, Dolo, Edu, Beasley, Goodson

  44. SBI Troll says:

    I’d love the Special One to coach internationally but I doubt he’d ever do that, especially the US.

  45. Nathanael Greene says:

    I completely agree. This will hopefully keep new World Cup fans interested.

  46. Nathanael Greene says:

    I’d be ok with Sir Alex. I know it will never happen, but it could be a good way for him to transition out of the demanding club managerial position into retirement.

  47. Nathanael Greene says:

    Yeah, they settled for Bob Bradley in the first place. I think he has done a tremendous job with our team and I’m very grateful for what he has done, but I think it would take a REALLY strong showing for Sunil to sign him up for another cycle.

  48. Nathanael Greene says:

    The Torres Jersey joke was lost on me.

  49. Nathanael Greene says:

    Yeah, I’d give a pass to someone sporting a Dempsey Fulham shirt or something.

    Protect the USMNT shield people!

  50. JJ says:

    Bring USA vs Spain / Germany / Netherlands / England / Argentina, etc, to Seattle! USA USA USA!!!

  51. Kevin_Amold says:

    It is rampant amongst supporters of our national team. In the “Over There” commercial, as Donovan celebrates a goal, you can see a guy in a Chelsea jersey. Tools like this make our supporters look amateur..

  52. Benjamin says:

    I am waiting for another game to come to Birmingham or Nashville.

  53. Stiggity says:

    FYI: Ireland 3 – Algeria 0

  54. Anthony says:

    Algeria looked horrible!

  55. Mason says:

    Here’s a test: If they’re wearing a Brazilian shirt, ask them who flew the first airplane. If they don’t say Alberto Santos Dumont, you’ve got a poser on your hands. Dispose of them as you wish.

  56. Mason says:

    So did we on Tuesday. What’s their explanation?

  57. Joseph says:

    hopefully ya got some teeth

  58. hawaiinate says:

    I have to agree enthusiastically. I feel that a coach like Hiddink, Klinsman (sic), etc. would be hard for me to support. I mean I love the players and the team, but why foreign coaches?

  59. Anthony says:

    Well we went into the half tied 1-1 and that was without any starters. Our problems came after the substitutions. Algeria could barely muster an attack today and the were playing with some of there projected starters.

  60. Riki says:

    Who will be the coach? Does Bradley really think that by booking something in August, it will save his hide after going 3 and out? I really hope not. Also.. think about it. Who will play? Will he go back to players clubs for yet another game after having people for about a month during the summer? I think not, This will be another expensive JV scrimmage like the one in Conn

  61. Warren says:

    Klinsman yes is possible, your next 2 ain’t happening.

    And yeah BB has shown some capacity to learn over time, but after the WGC it will be time for a change.

  62. Warren says:


  63. bsrumorz says:

    yes, Bradley has done such a horrible job, he clearly doesn’t deserve another chance, with amazing world-class, technical and creative players at his disposal it’s a wonder he still has a job… beating #1 ranked Spain? Who cares. Tying #1 Argentina, must’ve been a fluke.
    Gold Cup champs, eh… #1 in CONCACAF, no big deal. Playing European team in Europe and actually winning some games, old news…

    Give Bradley a friggin break already! Give him some credit. Our outfield line up consists of two slightly above average EPL midfielders and two slighly above average Bundesliga midfielders and the rest are mediocre to fringe players on relegation-threatened teams…

    If US gets out of the group and loses to Germany/Serbia in a tough game, that’s about as good as we can expect from ANY coach with this group of players…

    when Jozy leads Premiership in scoring, dempsey plays on thw wing for Man U and Donovan is the best player on Chelsea we can ask for quarterfinals and semifinal appearances, until the shut up.
    /rant over

  64. Warren says:

    because…they may, like Klinsmann, have played the game at the highest level, hence know what it takes to win at that level, plus they have diverse coaching experience Americans never ever get – and wouldn’t be as afraid as American coaches to mix up the tactics.

    Because if you can’t see what a coach like Mourinho – who has coached and won in Portugal, UK, and Italy – so far – could bring, then there’s no point discussing.

  65. John1 says:


  66. Michael F. says:

    Klinsmann. Guaranteed.

  67. chupacabra says:

    Sorry, the stadium’s football flower was already defiled by Mexico and Ecuador is a dismal 0-0 draw.

  68. Michael F. says:

    I agree. But I don’t think BB wants to continue. I read somewhere he wants to see if he can get a gig in Europe. I hope he does and clears the way for other American coaches across the pond.

  69. Warren says:

    The Brazilian JV is pretty amazing, that’s a good game.

    Our JV…isn’t like Brazil’s.

    But we do have more depth in some positions than we ever had before.

    If you take it for what it is, a money-making/stadium-opening friendly, that’s a great way to open the stadium.

    And I guarantee you thousands of (real) Brazilians & Brazilian-Americans will be there. Plus the wannabes.

  70. KChad says:

    Is nobody going to mention Dom Kinnear? Klinnsman seems like the sexy pick though.

  71. Isaac says:

    Doesn’t Sunil do the scheduling of these things?

    Also, show some optimism. Bradley’s a good coach, he’ll get the USA through the Group Stage and put up an admirable performance in the Round of 16. After that, who knows…

  72. Isaac says:

    Charlie Davies’ revenge.

  73. jon says:

    ya, I wonder what Dom would do at this level. He sure knows what he’s doin in the MLS

  74. Gene says:

    I was recently thinking that Sir Alex might consider it an interesting challenge in his career to coach the US team. He has limited national team coaching experience (Scotland, for 10 games in mid-1980s), and US has a lot of young players with upside.

    I am not so sure about Klinsmann. Back in 06, I was one of the people demanding he’d be hired. But he has not done well at Bayern. I have heard at least 2 different versions, if not more, regarding why he did not take the US job in 06. So, it is a question mark for me.

    Novak? Isn’t that guy having enough trouble with the Philadelphia Union?

  75. GunneRR says:

    I hear you, bro!

  76. Mason says:

    Sounds good to me.

  77. ThaDeuce says:

    What better way to get an early start preparing for Brazil in 2014!

  78. DaveW says:

    It’s the first friendly of a new cycle. You can bet both teams will be trying out at least a few young prospects.

  79. shantz says:

    Freddy adu’s return to prominence

  80. JP says:

    It may be the first call up for Neymar and Ganso on the Brazilian national team…

  81. Andrew says:

    To me there is nothing past the world cup. That’s only as far as I can think.

  82. Omar says:

    I would love an American coach but there is no one out there who can take this team to the next level in America. We lack experience and expertise in tactics so we have to import it. If we were a more experienced national team with a trademark style there would be no need to look elsewhere but we are still looking for ourselves. Do you want to win or learn the hard way and possibly take an extra 5-10 years wasting resources or bring in a coach who can get the ball rolling quickly? I root for the players not the coach.

  83. Joseph nanez says:

    Bet that the next coach will be Italiano’. We need help wit tactics and ‘d’. None of this kick and run crap like the English. Thats why they havent won crap since

  84. Danny says:

    Time to get our revenge from the 2009 Confederations Cup Final!…Also why did the match have to fall on a Tuesday…If it was during the weekend then I would definitely go…Anyways GO USA!!!

  85. GSO Dynamo 4 Life says:

    If we do well in the World Cup and the USA is “excited” about soccer…we will bring a strong team to the event…if not–MLS fodder.

  86. Zach says:

    HILARIOUS! SO FUNNY. Oh wait no it wasn’t. Gotta love Yankees needlessly bashing the South.

  87. Zach says:

    2 words: Fabio Capello.

    Enough said.

  88. Charles says:

    Read that the US team played World Cup qualifying teams 16 times preparing for this. England – 0 as is zero.

    US is smart to keep playing the high level of competition. Not bad for the fans too.

  89. dealer2 says:

    A match like this less than a month after the World Cup? Unless something happens in the Cup to make this a story, I’m not interested. Just a ticket grab.