United States battles back, tops Turkey 2-1

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PHILADELPHIA- If the U.S. men's national team was looking for a challenge in its send-off series finale against Turkey, it got just that as it had to rattle off a shaky start to post a 2-1 victory at Lincoln Financial Field.

Jozy Altidore and Clint Dempsey scored second-half goals off Landon Donovan assists, erasing a 1-0 deficit after Arda Turan netted on a counterattack in the 27th minute.

"In terms of what you want out of a send-off game, I think today was very good," said head coach Bob Bradley. "There's a lot of things on the field to build on. A real good push when we got behind. And at the end, a good hard fought win against a good team. In that regard, it accomplished a lot today."

The United States started the match slowly and found itself on its heels for much of the first half. Turkey did not enjoy much of the possession, but combined creative passing with quick counters to create its chances.

After missing several opportunities to score, Turkey took a deserved lead just before the half hour mark. Jonathan Spector lost possession near the Turks' penalty area, which allowed the visitors to attack on a quick counterattack. With no one covering for Spector, Colin Kazim-Richards played a ball to Turan on the left flank. Turan raced towards goal and slotted his shot past Tim Howard for the lead.

"When we were trying to attack certain spots and the ball turned over, they were quick to take advantage of it," said Bradley. "Counters come two ways. They come when you think there is an advantage and you're trying to press it forward, which is an important part of the game. And it comes when the reactions after the ball turns over aren't what they need to be."

The Americans did not muster a shot on goal in the first half, but the sluggish attack received a boost at halftime when Robbie Findley and Jose Torres were subbed in. Both players allowed the United States to become more dynamic on offense, and the result was a Jozy Altidore equalizer in the 58th minute.

Altidore scored when Findley played a beautifully-floated ball to Donovan, who took a deft first touch to round goalkeeper Volkan Demirel before playing the ball across the middle. Altidore got on the end of the pass and tapped in easily from close range.

"I think (Donovan) could have put the ball in himself, but he was aware that Jozy was in there and it was an easy tap in," said Findley.

The United States took the lead 14 minutes from time, as Dempsey received a Donovan pass, muscled off a defender and finished from close range with a shot that went between Demirel's legs. The goal was Dempsey's 18th for the national team.

"I got a little bit lucky," said Dempsey. "I knew it was going to be a 50-50 challenge with the defender so I didn't want to go in too hard because I didn't want to kick the ball away from me or let the goalie pick up, so I tried to absorb the hit and I was able to get a good bounce."

The United States almost built on its lead, but shots from Torres and Dempsey banged off the right post. The 2-1 lead would hold regardless, and the Americans will now look to carry over the momentum from the win to South Africa.


What did you think of the United States' 2-1 win? Who impressed you? Who are you concerned by?

Share your thoughts below.

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379 Responses to United States battles back, tops Turkey 2-1

  1. south says:

    Great 2nd half performance.

    Torres was fantastic.
    Findley surprised me, compared to his Holland game.

    Fun game to watch, I have more confidence heading to the Cup than I did before I watched it, I’m glad we’re showing more composure in front of goal.

    USA 2010 SA, BELIEVE!

  2. Reece says:

    Torres looks great! Need to see a lot of his creativity in SA. Umm Jonathan B. can go back and sit on the bench. Gooch is back, and we need to have clint and LD in the mid NOT up top.

  3. Oog says:

    Great game. Findley deserves more praise than the announcers were giving him. A little shaky on a couple of possessions, but overall I thought he did great and I can see now why Bradley wants him on the team.

    Bornstein should just stay home and watch the games on tv. Maybe he could invite Spectre over. Terrible play by those two.

    Very exciting football though!

  4. kackac says:

    Still clueless as to who will be our tandem up top. Good to see the team fight back though. I thought Torres did extremely well in spreading the ball in the second half. Not so impressed with Spector or Demerit.

  5. Chris says:

    Torres looked good, but Bornstein made me face palm. Again.

  6. Gage says:

    Rico Clark really looked lost out there. It seems like Dempsey needs to be in the midfield to get more touches.

    Otherwise, I know it’s just a friendly, but I was cheering out loud at those goals. Turkey was no slouch today.

  7. Topher says:

    Findley looked good. Bornstein did not.

    Need Edu to start with Bradley.

  8. kackac says:

    somehow even though Bornstein played for 15 minutes, he managed to be our worst player. He shouldn’t come close to the pitch in SA…

  9. Oog says:

    Agreed, we need LD and clint in the mid. And we need to have two forwards playing up top. The first half we just didn’t have enough people forward. Clint playing a dropped back forward just wasn’t working. And I was VERY happy to see us put some hustle into defending the 2nd half. BB lit a fire under their butts the 2nd half and it was very fun to watch.

  10. butt says:

    Feilhaber, Gomes, Findley are best as subs. At least we have depth

  11. kackac says:

    Agreed on Edu…I didn’t think Clark did himself any favors today.

  12. john.q says:

    jozy – findley
    dempsey – bradley – torres – donovan
    boca – gooch – demerit – dolo


  13. Hokierama says:

    First half…we could not string the passes and maintain possession and we were lucky to only be down 1-0

    Second half…we possess the ball, stretch the field and dominate

    Paco Torres is the key to maintain possession. Watch a Mexican League game and you can see how he understands the angles and how to react quickly.

  14. wilyboy says:

    So many questions were answered.

    I have faith that Demerit, Boca, and Onyewu will only get stronger in the coming days.

    Torres just through down the gauntlet, especially with his comparison with Clark in the first half. He makes for a refreshing change. Can we please close the lid on the Clark being our best partner for Bradley? The world is in fact round.

    And Findley, you proved me wrong in this match. Now please, prove that you can do it again.

  15. Creige says:

    How do can we keep Holden and Torres on the field at the same time? Both equally deserving of a start

  16. Second City says:

    5 Positives

    – – – –

    1) TORA TORA TORRES: Man of the Match

    -Torres should have won him the spot next to Bradley

    2)FINDING Findley: Proved to us, what Bob saw in him

    -Findley may have won him the spot next to Jozy


    -Cherundolo, in my eyes earned the RB position


    -Philly, bravo brother and sisters. Great crowd!


    -No better way to send off our boys to SA.

  17. Kevin_Amold says:

    Findley needs some credit from a lot of people in this forum. I’m not sure how many times I read “Findley is garbage” on these boards. I thought Ching should go over him too, but Findley showed something today. It’s only one game, but he was quite good.

  18. Dakota says:

    Definitely. Torres should have solidified a start in at least one of our group games, and to me this is probably our starting line up, unless you through Buddle or Gomez up top.

  19. I wouldn’t mind seeing Torres start with Bradley in the center. Dolo needs to start at RB. Dempsey needs to play on the right side. But I’m still not sure if Findley should start up top with Jozy. Good half from Findley though.

  20. avaheli says:

    I think this game proves that Bornstien and Spector are not where they need to be. It also proved that JFT and Holden need to play, they can’t sit. I’m pretty surprised Maurice Edu hasn’t seen the field, but with MB playing every minute he will probably not see the pitch.

    Jozy – ???

    Dempsey – MB (no choice) – JFT – Donovan

    Boca – Gooch – DeMerit – ‘dolo

    – HOWARD –

  21. Austin says:

    just some thoughts after that game…

    this is funny, but im almost dissapointed because Clark was the best player in the first half in my opinion and Torres(his sub) was the best of the game….i know it wont happen but i would like to see Rico and Torres start in the centre against Australia just to see how it goes or have them in the game together at some point. Cherundolo should no doubt be our right back, 3 times spector was burnt and Bornstein was awful. if cherundolo starts that means if Boca needs a sub we can just bring spector on as a leftback. last but not least, i think we found the replacement for CD9, Robbie Findley. Onyewu looks near fine now too with demerit being a very good leader as well on the back line

  22. kawa says:

    Torres, is the effing man , our own Xavi, but we know coaches like bob bradley too well, they have not imagination and they take zero chances. he will go right back to the hard nose no creativity pair of Bradley and clarke vs England . will be a punk and not play Findley , same static altidore Dempsey pairing up top . Mark my words. thats just how some coaches are Hans Backe is the same way, they take a coward’s approach to games , instead of taking chances and using the creative players in the middle of the park even tho it always produces results.

  23. Second City says:

    (My Starting 11 vs Australia)








    (Bornstein should sit in the stands-Upper Row)

    (Bench-Main Subs)






  24. Jay says:

    I’ve seen a lot of Findley on RSL and if he can get over the jitters, I believe he can be the answer up top. he’s a smart player, technical and has great speed.
    Come on Fin!!

  25. Brent McD. says:


    supersubs = dempsey, benny, edu

  26. unternehmen says:

    Agree with much of what’s been said so far. Bornstein haters relax: he’s there for cover. He won’t start any games once the WC starts.

    The US secret weapon: superior fitness. Turkey was out of gas by the 60th minute. We’ll need it against the Germans in the Round of 16.

    See ya in SA!

  27. ELAC says:

    Paco? Jose Francisco or “El Gringo”.

  28. victory says:

    bornstein looked so lost. he got past around a lot of times. torres did a awesome job.

  29. Hush says:

    Where are those whinny folks claming the Gooch was “TIMID” and not RUSTY??:) 7 months of not being on the field will make you slow mentally & physically!! PURE FACT!!! Timid has nothing to do with it. The Hush man is always right! 😉

    Bornstink?? I just don’t get it. We should of called Eric Lichaj in, anything is better than Borns. Where are you Castillo???lol

    Spector: I see his days in Europe coming to an end. I expect so much from him, and he always let’s me down. Maybe is just me wanting too much from him. I still have hope for him.

    Torres: Where are the guys who dawg my boy Torres all the time??:) Torres clearly changed the temple. You need possesion in this game, you can’t rely on playing kick ball on the field and think you we can one day become a powerhouse. Our play is similar to that of England,Holland,Germany,Italy. The difference is, these team can control possesion at anytime if they need to change the pace. We need this ELEMENT in our game, it will make us much more dangerous as a unit. ADU 2014!!:) Thank you TORRES!

    Finley: He surprised the hell out of me. His distribution needs work though. Too many chances he let get away. Experience hopefully will make him a solid player. The U.S looked great overall.

  30. Not Ives says:

    Great second half. Torres was awesome. Fndley surprised. Boca is integral and Must go a full 90 in the WC. Dolo is ahead of Spector for sure. Hopefully Spector is now the first sub at right or left back. Bornstein can not touch the field. Goodson and Spector must back up 4 positions. Clark is a capable backup. Torres or Edu beside bradley. Looks promising. Lots of optiions between a 4-5-1 or 4-4-2

  31. south says:

    I think you’ll see a more defensive side against England, but for the other group games I think this is a solid line-up to bring out the offense and really go for the 6 points.

    I want a place for Holden but he is great coming off the bench and can cover any midfield spot in case of an injury.

    Otherwords, things are looking solid!

  32. Patrick says:

    torres can be 2002 john o’brien, I’d still like to see what altidore-dempsey up top with a stronger midfield but findley really surprised. against england I would mind seeing:


    then change edu for findley (gomez 60′)and move torres in the middle and dempsey out wide for the other two games

  33. Mario in QT says:

    Edu is a good palyer but TORRES must start. Might be better with Bradley than Edu. Anyone who saw that second half had to be inpressed with Torres.

  34. Nathanael Greene says:

    Agreed. He showed us exactly why Bob selected him. Maybe that is why Bradley is manager and none of us are…

  35. RB says:

    Yes, Ericksson and other Torres doubters should be taking note of this. He creates the same reassurance that Holden does, when he’s in: confidence, calm, control, no mistakes (and even a great set piece showing today, to boot).

    But I’m with Creige: with both Donovan and Dempsey back and Altidore with Findley/Gomez/Buddle up top, how do we keep both Torres and Holden in the line-up?

  36. Mario in QT says:

    as they say…word!

  37. ELAC says:

    Torres > Clark.
    However, I still doubt Bob plays much of him in the World Cup. Why? Bob is defensive and would rather not take any chances.
    Games like this serve to demonstrate to the American soccer public that more players like Torres are needed along with coaches who know what to do with them.

    I do hope Torres plays significantly in South Africa.

  38. south says:

    Other than running the ball across the byline those few times he did great!

    I’m excited to (hopefully) see him start in the World Cup and force defenses to respect his pace, really opens up space when we’re attacking.

    Agree w/ your sentiments not only about Findley, but people need to stop trashing our players without offering anything analytical to the conversation.

  39. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    OMG Bornstein go away they past by him like if he’s air. Spector made a huge mistake you never leave out your position like that run up and pass don’t do it yourself you’re a defender. Clark seemed lost, it must be because he hasn’t played in a while. And Fielhaber was no where to be found, it was like he wasn’t at the game. Findley did what he had to do with speed and he prove it when he chase down for the ball and his chip lead up to the 1st goal. Torres was amazing I wish the freak kick would have went in that would have been nasty. Altidore, Dempsey, Donovan, and Bradley all show up and need to perform like that against England. Cherundolo needs to start RB enough said! Gooch seemed better from last game and it seems like DeMerit plays better with Gooch next to him we should call they the Bash Brothers lol. Black Mouth was decent still coming back from his surgery. Overall great comeback win 2-1. Donovan man of the match oh yeah GO USA!!!

  40. Ronnie T says:

    In my mind Torres made a case to be a starter come June 1th and Findley, oh findley was a pleasant surprise! Landon was effecient and the catalyst as he always is, Jozy had a helluva second half and clint showed he’s more dangerous through the midfield! Spector and ofcourse Bornstein stank it up, Gooch acquitted himself from the czech game! We looked very good in the second half and if we can come out of the gates like that against england then we have a serious chance to serve up a spoiler! Yeah USA!

  41. Rich says:

    I was not happy to see Clark, Feilhaber, and Spector and I was right. They did not play well. In particular Spector. Feilhaber did not do much and because of that LD was nowhere to be found in the first half. Boy what a difference when he started showing up in the second.

    I always like Griongo Torres but until I see the Edu/Bradley combo I will not say 1 good half is enough to get him the start v England.

    Great pass by Findley to set up the first goal. He and Altidore were definately better than Altidore and Dempsey. However he did not do that much after the first goal because he was dribbling the ball too much.

    I would bet we see Altidore and Findley against Australia, but what is Buddle Altidore like. Gomez is still the sub when you need a goal.

    Boy we need Gooch to be able to go versus England. I was rooting for Goodsen, but we were not as good with him in.

  42. Ben says:

    In the words a great tennis play: “you cannot be serious.” Clark lost the ball a bunch and had some atrocious touches. Torres was smooth and composed all day.

  43. Sprocket89 says:

    I hoped on to say the same thing. I’ve been a supporter for Findley since CD went down, and glad he was able to get some time to shine today.

    Where are all the Findley haters today? :)

  44. Feilhaber looked lost. Given Torres’ solid play, Bob should have taken Bedoya instead of an out of form Benny.

    Other than that, I’m very pleased with Findley. He looks like CD9 lite out there.

  45. AG says:

    Torres’ control of the game minimized Demerit’s poor offensive play. Now I don’t mind as much if he’s back there.

  46. MarcusVick says:

    Funny, but Demspey credited Findley with stretching the defense. Your bias is showing.

  47. Big Phil says:

    Torres and Gomez bring some hair style to this team….You noticed how Torres hair never changed even though he played the entire second half (thanks to copious amounts of hair gel)…Now that’s a true Mexican….

  48. Deano says:

    Feilhaber should not have made this team so easily. He hasnt played well in a long time. If heath pearce didnt feel like his job was on the line he would have played better and Heath Pearce MLS> Bornstein MLS, especially after today.

  49. Taco Hell says:

    Torres may be more effective coming in later to give the US a lift.

  50. avaheli says:

    changed the “temple” of the game? Awesome.

  51. awak says:

    Really? Who brought Torres into the USMNT in the first place?

  52. SeattleStan says:

    Whatever happens, I just hope Clark doesn’t sniff the pitch

  53. ShaggyReAL says:

    I’m a Finldey fan for sure but he might serve us best coming off the bench in the seconds half as a super sub. He won’t have to limit his work rate that way. Start Buddle or Gomez up top. The players that I would like to see on the pitch all at once are Torres,Dempsey,Holden, Donovan and Findely. Towards the end of the match they had Findley and Donovan up top. That’s the only way you could get all those players on the pitch at once. They are some of our most creative players and pretty much all of them can hold the ball for the most part.

  54. STL Soccer Fan says:

    Findley came on and simply showed fire when on the ball. He went at defenders and created chances. Even when he made mistakes, he pushed the tempo of the U.S. team. I’d like to see him start against Australia and see how he does before I picture him starting against England. Torres is in that same boat in my mind.

  55. Mike Z says:

    Boca at left back was HUGE upgrade to Bornstein. He even looked good in the attack. I have to say that Dolo has the better form right now than Spector and should get the start against England. Torres could have been man of the match, that was his best game in the Red White and Blue. I still think Edu will get the start against England, but look for him to start a few games is SA.

  56. south says:

    I feel Pearce is better than Bornstein in every aspect of his game except running fast.

    I wish he would have put in a better performance against Czech and really forced Bob to make a decision, but we have to get behind these 23.

    Only positive I get out of it is FCD doesn’t lose him for 2 weeks :)

  57. SeattleStan says:

    Temple of Doom?

  58. Hincha Tim says:


    You obviously have NOT seen a lot of Findley at RSL if you call him a technical player. For all his good points, that is something he is not. Although his touch has gotten better (and it looked better this game than I have seen in a while) it is still something he struggles with. And operating in close spaces always gives him problems.

    Findley always plays better coming in as a second half sub and can really stretch the defense. He is also very underappreciated for his aerial abilities. He can really sky, especially for his size.

  59. Lester says:

    I think Dempsey is more than just a supersub. He is one of our best players, he needs to start.

  60. Idaho Brian says:

    Starting XI against England

    Altidore Dempsey

    Beasley Edu Bradley Donovan

    Boca Gooch Demerit Dolo


    subs: Findley, Gomez, Torres, Holden, Spector, Goodson, Hahneman

    Findley had a great game today, but I believe he will be most effective bringing his speed as a second half sub. I love Torres to start a group game or two, but I don’t see it happening against England. Most will call it being too conservative, but I see Bradley and Edu being better suited for the EPL style game on June 12th.

    I’m looking forward to next week’s game against Australia!

  61. deep_tongue says:

    Why are ppl saying that Bradley has no imagination and can’t adapt to JFT emerging? Bradly had the nards to invite Gomez and Buddle didn’t he? That showed some courage and imagination, to me at least. I think Bradley is showing he’s gonna play whoever his best players are right now. Like, he left CCasey home, right? He left CDavies. If you guys think you saw the USMNT improve with JFT, believe me, Bradley & his crew saw it too. In fact, I saw Bradley walk right up to JFT on the field after the game. Wonder what that was about? I think Bradley will roll the dice. Why the hell not? I just wonder how much it’ll cost a European team to get that guy away from Pachuca.

  62. Hawaiinate says:

    Anybody else notice how well Torres played defensively? I know that Bradley prefers defensive mids to go along with Michael, but I saw Torres being in good positions and making tough tackles like the ones we expect from Clark or Edu.

  63. OC says:

    Absolutely no disrespect for you, but ‘there for cover’ would imply that he is at least suitable TO cover in case someone gets hurt.

    In his 15 minutes he managed to look worse than anyone on the pitch. He got beat SEVERAL times. He also didn’t make an OBVIOUS run when we were coming back on O (I believe Landon played the ball wide?), but I am okay eith it since we were in defensive mode.

    Still, it’s not a matter of “its okay because he won’t start”; if this guy SEES THE FIELD, even if it’s for the last 5 minutes of a game because Boca is tired or something, BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN. I HOPE he never has to ‘cover’ for anyone because he is NOT a suitable covering option.

  64. SBI Troll says:

    1) Findley did well on the first goal. I like him running at the defense but there were times he could have dropped the ball to a wide open Donovan. However, this was the best I’d ever seen of him so good progress.

    2) Torres was brilliant. Still not sure if he should start vs England over Edu, but if we want keep possession versus any team he MUST play. While he is not as physical as Bradley or athletic as Clark, he can still play good defense.

    3) I’ve been saying this for a while, but Feilhaber must come off the bench and needs to play centrally. I just don’t like him starting over Torres, Edu, or Clark. But he provides good creativity when the defense is worn out.

    4)Dolo won the starting job over Spector today. Once again, Bornstein got schooled today. Bocanegra looks olid at left back. He probably shouldn’t push up too far up field, because he lacks the speed to recover when defending the counter attack.

    5) Gooch looked much better today in relief of Goodson. He ran over a Turkish midfielder like a linebacker and had good elevation when he jumped. Against England, I hope his physicallity wears a little bit on Rooney.

    First Choice lineup:






  65. Jim says:

    Hey! Gringo Torres is a Texan! Remember that!

  66. SBI Troll says:

    I saw that as well. Torres, although small, can also win the ball in the midfield.

  67. Aaron says:

    I will admit to being torn. I think that Donovan and Holden form a great partnership on the right hand side, however I think we really play better with the 4-4-2 and Dempsey and Donovan are better playing behind two strikers (meaning they have to occupy two of the midfield spots and Bradley/Torres the other two).

    I think that Altidore with Dempsey and Donovan behind and then Torres/Bradley/Holden as a 4-5-1 would be an intriguing combination but I don’t think there’s enough time for that.

    If there was a top 10 for worst players to be on the rosters for the World Cup, Bornstein surely is on that list. Good golly he was terrible. I would take Torres or Beasley as left backs, or even Edu or something. He has had poor positional sense and understanding of the game flow for so long, why does Bradley Sr expect something different to happen when he’s on the field?

  68. ShaggyReAL says:

    We can’t have Dempsey up top. He’s much better when he can come from the side or behind. I would also start Dolo,Demerit,Onywei & Boca on the back. Dempsey torres bradley donovan in the mid. Altidore and Buddle up top. I think we need Torres ball handling verus England. Clark and bradley just arent quick enough when getting rid of the ball.

    With Findley,Holden and either Edu/clark or feilhaber coming in for the subs. But that realy all depends onhow the match is going versus England.

    2 more weeks….2 more weeks…get here already.

  69. OC says:

    or a month….. :)

  70. k.j. choi says:

    i agree with everything you said outside of the part about clark. you truly cannot be serious, clark didnt play good at all, he doesn’t look comfortable on the ball whatsoever and has very little pace. IMO i want to see bradley and torres start in the middle. El Gringo was awesome today, truly awesome. The knock on him before was that he provided no defensive help and he showed today that he has that ability while also being a huge asset on offense and in possession. I was also pleased with findley and want to see him start because he stretches the defense and allows our creative midfield generals to do work. However we looked pretty shaky on defense and a clinical english team will tear us up if we are as unorganized as we were at times today against turkey.

  71. OC says:

    I can’t wait til he has a solid WC and he starts getting offers from clubs everywhere. I am almost certain he’ll be in Europe next year!

  72. BrianVT says:

    Torres > Edu > Clark

  73. Oog says:

    I like him as a super sub too. If he plays one half he can go all out with his speed and run around tired defenders.

  74. Texar says:

    Paco is short for Francisco. I’ve heard many Spanish speaking commentators call him Paco.

  75. Rob says:

    Demerit’s offensive play? Yeah a central defender should have outstanding offense……

  76. micah says:

    o man jonny b. there’s no way he can play against england (or spector for that matter). it should/will be


  77. Oog says:

    I like that lineup with Torres and Findley coming off the bench in the 2nd half.

  78. Brent McD. says:

    you’re probably right, but where do you play him? he doesn’t have speed to stretch the defense like findley. and i’m not sure he’s our best option on the wing. do you start dempsey up top, and bring jozy off the bench???

  79. Texar says:

    Altidore – Dempsey
    Holden – Torres – Bradley – Donovan
    Boca – Onyewu (or goodson) – Demerit – Cherundolo

  80. Brent McD. says:

    lost me at “the Hush man is always right”

  81. Forward Option says:

    It’s good to know that everyone agrees that Bornstein does not deserve to play…did you guys see how all of sudden Turkey started attacking that side…trust me all of these teams in SA have done there homework and one thing Bornstein is consistent on is, how unreliable he is. He could very well cost us the First round if he gets to play. At least Boca, pearce, or spector could play very well in one game and not look so hot on the other. With that being said, I think Jozy plays waaayyy to casual, absolutely no hustle/intensity in trying to cause an error on the oppsing defense. I think that the Findley/Gomez or Findley/Buddle would have been a better forward option in this game. Don’t understand why BB brought 4 Forwards to SA, just to end up starting Dempsey up top. The goal Dempsey made, was from his natural midfield position as he does at Fullham, with that being said….don’t fix what’s not broken, keep him in midfield where he can create.

  82. BrianVT says:

    Not only that, but in an interview last week, Bocanegra singled out Findley specifically when commenting on how well our forwards were doing in camp.

    When you’ve got your captain vouching for you….

  83. Fireball says:

    Paco is short for Francisco

  84. Brent McD. says:

    correct on all counts

  85. k.j. choi says:

    Great post. I agree with this fully. However I think even with his weaknesses Findley is our best option tactically. We saw today what we saw with charlie at the confed cup last year. That we need a speedster up top if only for the space he allows other players on the field. Although i think charlie was quite a bit better technically than Fin and also probably more explosive, I still feel findley will be an asset in SA for his finishing and speed. I was also pleased to see his confidence is wayyy up and he can run at players

  86. jimoh8002 says:

    Agreed. Clark represents the old usa playing long balls and being naive with the ball and playing into the opponents hands. Now Torres is the future good hustle composure and vision. He simply diced them up in the middle.findley also looked good he educated me on how speed changes the dame and forces defenders to play tight but bornstein only 15 mins and we almost lost based on his presence alone wow.

  87. Trex says:

    Ok, I am not a Findley hater, and I thought he did well, which was a nice surprise. However, I’d like to point out that you could definitely tell that he lacked PT with his teammates. There were a handful of times where he and Donovan were not on the same page… and you could tell that it was more the fault of Findley. The chemistry just wasn’t there. Also, how many times did he run into the endline??

    Look, I’m not trying to knock on him too much, I liked the pace he brought, but his inexperience showed. I’d like to Gomez start up top against Austrailia and bring Findley off the bench.

    Everyone else has already summed up the rest of my thoughts. Especially about Torres. He needs to start w/ Bradley, period.

  88. Deano says:

    I think Clark played better than Edu did in the last game. Everyone loves Edu for his athleticism, but tactically Clark played a decent game without rash challenges. His yellow card was a smart foul. Edu might have gotten two yellows the way he played the last game.

  89. k.j. choi says:

    Bornstein provides no cover whatsoever. I would say that spector should be our cover for either wing defender, with beasley as an emergency option at left back, an emergency option that i still feel is a far better one than bornstein. Who almost cost us the game today “providing cover”

  90. Big Phil says:

    What Ray Hudson is to Lionel Messi, John Harkes is to Torres….

  91. BCC says:

    The choice between Edu and Torres is tactical. Bradley may want to use Edu in the England game for his athleticism and defensive abilities. I could see Torres starting the other two games, however, because of his ability to distribute.

    Rooney, Lampard, and Gerrard are going to require a lot of defensive midfield help.

    Thought it was interesting that Donovan moved from the right to the left during the first half. The Healey/Harkes braintrust didn’t mention it. Things opened up a bit — I don’t think Donovan can play ahead of Spector.

  92. k.j. choi says:

    great post.

  93. jcd says:

    I’m sorry, but Clark and Spector are looking like that great athlete who plays football and is put at wide receiver because he’s such a great athlete even though he’s not that great at catching the ball. Torres and Holden, on the other hand, aren’t as physically gifted but are the guys who see and read the game naturally and have developed skills you can depend on consistently. Consistently is the key here. They get it. They need to see the field. Natural players are a hard to come by commodity for us.

    Benny, Clark and Spector have reached their top. Holden and Torres are at the same level, but still progressing to their capacity. Must. See. The. Field.

  94. afrim says:

    with Bradley and (Clark , Edu) we get pinned back too much. Torres offers something totally different that no other US central mid has. Vision and the ability to pass and move. He had some tackles today too which impressed me.

    Bornstein has been given dozens of chances to shine for the USMNT and has has bad games 90% of the time. What good is his speed if he’s caught out of position many times and is forced to use his hands and commit fouls? A few months back against the Slovaks he was burned and commited a PK foul on Weiss…the same exact play happend in Holland with Snejder

    I really hope Bob is experimenting in practice with Beasley at LB or Spector at LB just incase Boca goes down or has to sit b/c of cards. i rather gamble with those guys b/c Bornstein is a lost cause at the elite level…..he may be ok vs. Costa Rica or Guatemala but thats about it

  95. Jose S. says:

    I think the fact that he plays as a defensive midfielder for Pachuca might have something to do with that.

  96. Joe Williams says:

    I tend to agree with those who think Findley would be better served coming off the bench like he did today. He’d be a jolt of energy and fatigue really wouldn’t be an issue. The problem is who starts up top if that’s the case? Dempsey certainly looked better back in midfield, but if he’s there then it means Holden, Beasley, and possibly Torres start on the bench (if Edu or Clark partners Bradley) and we start a lesser player up front with Jozy. I might be inclined to play Clint up front with Beasley out left vs. England since DeMarcus can track back and also should be useful on the counter in space. Then bring Findley on for Beasley and move Clint back.

    Clark definitely doesn’t look like the choice to partner with Bradley. Torres may have earned the spot with his play today, but maybe Edu is the choice vs. England due to his style fitting the English game so well.

    As far as the defense goes, Spector was lousy for the entire half. He should’ve had help on the goal but he was beaten and turned around by passes time and time again. It’s a little unfair to say Cherundolo was a drastic improvement since we had so much more of the ball and did less defending in the second half but whatever. Same goes for Gooch, he didn’t seem to have that much to do in that half. Bornstein was a wreck, I guess Boca is going to have to play the full 90 at left back in every match. God forbid he gets injured or suspended.

  97. emanuel says:

    Yea I agree Edu and Torres bring different qualities. Wouldnt say one is better than the other. They played well together against the Czech and obviously Torres played well today. Wish we could have seen Edu play with Bradley in the first half

  98. Ethan says:

    except for Bornstein

  99. Trex says:

    I think I agree with you about Edu. I am really sold on Torres, but I could see Edu being a good fit against England. And then Torres starting against Slovenia and Algeria.

    I’d put Demps on the left and one of our forwards up top though and bring Beasley on later moving Demps up. The late move up for Demps worked well in the Confed. Cup.

  100. Forward Option says:

    why are people creating thier line up with Donovan on the right??? he was lost their…he makes more of an impact on the left…besides he himself has stated that he feels more comfortable on that side

  101. AG says:

    Referring to his composure, first touch, vision (haha), decisions, and distribution. Definitely the least skilled center back but makes up with his fierce defending and leadership.

  102. Ethan says:

    Dempsey needs time on the pitch, he’s not a supersub
    use beasley as the supersub for findley when dempsey goes up top. Beasley like against the dutch can be a supersub

  103. Ethan says:

    It was Torres and it was a great ball if jonny ran

  104. Ted says:

    START JOSE FRANCISCO ‘GRINGO’ TORRES. He is what we need in the CM of a 4-4-2, someone who can hold the ball, has good touch, and distributes nicely.

  105. Ethan says:

    Torres did pretty well defensively today…he has become someone i am really pulling for…even on free kicks he is our most dangerous according to Ives and that free kick was almost nasty today.

  106. Mike Z says:

    What about a 4-2-3-1 against England?





    This allows for either Holden or Torres to be in an advanced playmaker roll and link up the midfield with the attack. It also allows for Bradley to keep two midfielders in the defensive postion that he clearly perfers. Also it allows the US to keep Donovan and Dempsey in the midfield.

  107. ETJ says:

    in 15 minutes

  108. Second City says:

    Why are people? I can’t answer for other people but since you decided to respond to me, I’ll educate you.

    1) If we’re going on what players have stated: Dempsey has A LOT more comfort on the left side

    2)He’s our best crossing midfielder on the pitch (when Holden isn’t)

    3)Assuming you watched the game, you’re aware of how our goal came about, right? Donovan making a streaking run that Findley found.

    If you watched any of his games at Everton or his general style of play…the right side is much more suited for his strengths of running/crossing & sliding in passes in the box after attracting the defenders.

    Why are people not putting him on the right side after those, very basic, reasons is beyond me.

    Love to hear why you think so, though. Otherwise, you’ve given no one a solid reason other than just disagreeing.

  109. JSmiley says:

    From the Department of Heinous Ideas:

    Has anyone ever mentioned Torres at left back?

  110. slim saha says:

    good writeip,,do you guys do player ratings

    There are some here .. link to usa10kit.com but I don’t agree with them so much

    Bradley a 4.5? Torres the best player? I’d rather here from Ives and Franco

  111. Nathanael Greene says:

    So why did those players even come on in the second half? Did you make those substitutions behind Bob’s back? Give him some credit.

  112. Yusef says:

    The big difference between the two players is that CD is fearless regardless of the competition. Turkey has great players, but do not carry the tradition of Holland (where Fin lacked confidence) and upcoming England. That being said, I’m sure he looked at the tape of the Holland game and realized that he had nothing to fear against Holland and he had opportunities to use his speed to go at them. Bob’s call on whether he is ready for England or if he needs to sit game 1.

  113. kackac says:

    If anything, I think Torres showed us today that it is important to have a bit of creativity in the center midfield. To me, it is a real shame that Holden likely won’t hold a starting spot. He has proven to be one of our best players, but with Lando and Clint out wide, I doubt he will start.

    Findley played well for sure, but he still was making some mistakes that could cost us in SA. Jozy didn’t add too much, but he will start every match.

  114. Yusef says:


  115. bearusky says:

    ok i’m confused… didn’t “El Gringo” go in for FAILhabber? Where are all the haters that didn’t want Torres to play? I hate to say I told you so! I’ve been saying it all along…just give the kid a chance!

  116. Nathanael Greene says:

    Posting comments from the back nine, Mr. Choi?

  117. r.benjamin says:

    I think Rico dropped to #3 today. Torres showed what a lot of us have been saying. He gives an immediate solid option for the D and he strings together that extra pass which is crucial in transition. And he played good D. Torres / Edu / Clark.

    Spector lost his starting spot. Bornstein lost his backup spot.
    Dempsey lost his forward spot gained a mid spot.
    Gooch is back. Findley earned another chance. Would have liked to see Herculez for Altidore late. But like Holden off the bench.

    Will Beaz play now?

  118. unternehmen says:

    We’re thin in the defending department. Who would you have there in place of him? Don’t you think if Bradley had more options he would have used them?

    Related topic: BB is gambling on Onyewu coming off of injury. Why is he taking the chance? Because we got nuthin’ else after him.

    No disrespect to you either, my friend.

  119. Yusef says:

    I feel you on Spector. Maybe he played too much this long season. His defense (first priority) just isn’t there now, which is a shame because I can’t help picture those great crosses to Dempsey during the Confederations Cup.

  120. Nathanael Greene says:

    Yes. The best thing Torres could have done for himself was track back and make quality tackles. He did that today and hopefully that will show Bob that he can contribute to the defense AND show creativity on the attack. Torres over Clark in my mind.

  121. Arkie says:

    I agree, as long as Beas remains on form. Dempsey looked ineffective today at striker but when we moved him up at confed cup he was golden. Holden or Beas should come in for that spark, and when Beas is on** he can be a real threat.

    **This part is key, otherwise he’s shite.

  122. Nathanael Greene says:

    He did look lost. I feel that a lot of it was his position. He really shouldn’t be out on the wing. But with the great performance from Torres and Bob’s preference for Clark, I think Benny is getting less and less playing time in SA.

  123. k.j. choi says:

    very good point…and thats why i loved charlie, dunno why i forgot to mention that good call

  124. r.benjamin says:

    agreed. however.. Torres also got stuck in today. And that extra pass right after gaining possession that JFT gives changes everything going forward.

    We better see Bradley / Edu for 45 and Bradley / Torres for 45 next Saturday.

  125. unternehmen says:

    See my comment above. BB is doing the best with what he has. Your solution–shuffling players around in their positions–shows how little BB has in the way of options in the back.

  126. maxq says:

    Edu played 90 vs. the Czechs

  127. hudson says:

    With Spector and Bornstein struggling so much, I think Beasley is the answer as the backup for Bocanegra at left back. He’s certainly a better option than Bornstein at this point, and there’s enough depth in midfield with Holden, Dempsey, Torres etc. to allow Beasley to sub for Bocanegra if necessary.

  128. Forward Option says:

    I like how you number your reasons…lol…but anyway, Dempsey IS NOT our best crossing midfielder…that would be Donovan running into open space and crossing or Cherondolo (besides Holden), which is why they take the corner kicks/freekicks. And the USMNT is not Everton, the midfield cast of Pinnaar, Arteta,Fellaini took pressure off Donovan. Whereas here, he is the focus of attention. Historically Donovan has done better on the right FOR THE USMNT and since he is a clutch a player, I would think that it is in the best intrest of the USMNT that he plays where he feels that he can make more of an impact, despite the assists he had today.

  129. JAuch says:

    Seriously…Torres was awesome. I don’t see how you don’t start him after that performance. Smart play, excellent skill, strong tackles, and helped us keep our shape. The supposedly conservative defensive pairing of Clark and Bradley was so much less effective defensively, not to mention the offense. Our center mid hasn’t looked that great in a long, long time.

  130. Onoda says:

    Well i’m not 100% convinced we’re looking at the whole picture. Feilhaber and Clark were both playing. If both Holden and Torres had been playing in those respective spots we might have a different game on our hands. Completely agree about Bornstein, but I think most of us knew this about him. I’m more worried about Spector, can he get it together?

  131. Forward Option says:

    I meant….Historically, Donovan has done better on the LEFT FOR THE USMNT….my bad…lol

  132. RB says:


    There sudenly don’t seem to BE any Torres critics…

  133. JAuch says:

    True, but our distribution from the back to start the offense usually is pretty crappy. Torres gives them someone to pass to who will actually keep possession. I’d love to see the statistics on how many less ineffective long balls we played from the back in the 2nd half.

  134. Onoda says:

    (I’m referring your the notion of taking dempsey out of the forward option, which I think still needs to be proven otherwise with the right people behind him.)

  135. reverb says:

    Torres and Bradley are both 22yrs old! Our midfield is very young but if they track back on defense as well as they did in the 2nd half today, I think their distribution to the wingers will result in plenty of chances created for the forwards and we’ll have a very good tournament. …Keeping fingers crossed that Bob Bradley see’s it that way too.

  136. FulhamPete says:

    Bradley’s a shoo-in for starter vs. ENG, so let’s give Edu/Torres a run. There’s a non-zero chance that Bradley misses a match for us. So ET might need some minutes.

  137. OC says:

    When Beasley messed up in Confed Cup, we took him out, sat him down, and put someone else in his place.

    Bornstein has messed up. Over, and over, and over again. Beasley’s was glaring because it was on the big stage and he’s a bigger player, but alas, if you are going to follow the ‘screw up and sit’ philosophy with your stars, then follow it with your back-ups as well.

    I agree, we don’t have much more of a choice, but at this point, we could conceivably start Dolo, Gooch, Jay, and Boca, having Spector as that cover guy. After that, give Beasley (who has been experimenting there this training camp) another shot there, because there’s no way he can get beat more than Bornstein, as Bornstein gets beat virtually 100% of the time.

    As far as Gooch, Gooch has proven he can play. I’ll gamble with a guy who in the past 2 friendlies (namely this one) has shown he can play. I won’t gamble with a guy who is CLEARLY sub-par. You can call him out for not winning that header, but I don’t blame the guy because it’s tough to jump as high as someone running AT a ball when you are backpedaling towards it. It’s physics.

    I know Beasley screwed up there once, but it wasn’t any worse of a screw up than Johnny B’s have been. So we’ve got at least 2 ‘levels’ of cover that should be employed well before Bornstein has to come in (Spector, then DMB).

    If he gets on the field anywhere past Australia in SA, I am telling you, world, BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN.

  138. DannyK says:

    he may not have wanted to dis Clark (who was replaced by Torres). Findley took Demps position so he could give findley credit without stepping on anyone’s toes.

    not saying this is definitely what happened, but its plausible

  139. DannyK says:

    What gives — there were HUNDREDS of posts the other day expressing shock if not outrage that Findley had been selected over Ching. Now people seem to be pretty much convinced that Findley brings some value. Let it be lesson not to make hasty judgment.

  140. Dave from Charlotte says:

    The Findley love-in I just don’t get. He had a pretty good game, but too many times he ran the ball out of bounds for a Turkey goal kick or throw in. I didn’t see him blow by ANYONE. The chip that set up the goal was good, but not complicated and could’ve been done by many players. He played well, but is not all of a sudden the answer in the “who to pair with altidore” sweepstakes.

    Give me some twin towers in the back as DeMerit had a bit of a shakey outing.

    my revisted line up:





  141. Shark says:

    Helps to have an A side surrounding you unlike Robbie had in Holland…he got great service today…makes a huge difference…saw him week in and week out at RSL (before moving back to CA) and he is the real deal…so happy for him…:)

    Paco Torres is the “man”…our new Reyna…boy can we use his creativity…happy for him too…:)

  142. reverb says:

    Anybody else notice that when Cherundolo came on in the 2nd half there immediately was no more attack from Turkey down their left? What difference that made!

  143. DannyK says:

    My interpretation was that it was not inexperience, but a feeling like that’s what he was “supposed” to do — like BB had him on the team to take guys on 1v1. I thought he took that role too seriously on a couple of occasions when he could have played a drop to LD. But overall I liked his game a lot.

  144. avaheli says:

    Yes, looking back on my commentary I felt like today provided a more accurate picture of what our best XI for SA would be, but now it seems like the Feilhaber/Goodson/Dempsey up top formation was equally experimental.

    I suppose I was expecting Edu to see more time based on the strength of his performance vs CZE.

    I’ll be curious to see who starts vs Australia. I wouldn’t mind seeing Edu & Torres but we all know that’s not gonna happen.

  145. Mingjai says:

    Maybe the answer to fielding our best players is to switch to a 4-2-3-1:






    Give Dempsey, Donovan, and Holden the freedom to switch positions and try to create mismatches in the midfield.

  146. DannyK says:

    What I liked about Findley’s chip was that he was composed, settled the ball, turned around, and picked his head up to make the pass. When it was happening I was thinking “please just stay calm and composed here”, and I was really impressed that he did. I know it sounds like a simple thing, but I honestly think it’s something that not all strikers – particularly US strikers — bring to the table.

    Plus he only ran the ball out of bounds twice…not great plays but I’ll forgive him for now.

  147. avaheli says:

    I agree – DeMerit & Gooch in the middle with Goodson subbing and ‘dolo & Boca on the flanks with Spector as cover. Spector’s strength is versatility & as bad as his lapse was in the first half, he should have had cover from Clark/Bradley/Donovan/Goodson – without the ability to get forward and create from our wing backs we have all the tactical threat of a high school team.

  148. Second City says:

    Did you really ” laugh out loud ” when you saw they were numbered?

    I suppose I should have entered the name Donovan when I said ” he ” on reason #2 but you went ahead and accurately reflected that very point I made and why he is on the pitch, on the right side. Thanks =)

    Regarding ” and this is the USMNT, not Everton ” comment: Are you saying his Club form while at Everton wouldn’t translate to the National Team?

    Again, did you watch his runs, linking with Cherundolo and teasing passes into the box? That’s exactly what he did while in Liverpool.

    Also, if you’re going to dismiss recent form & success than you certainly can’t recall anything ” historic “. That is simply ignoring a fact in an attempt to prove a point.

    I respect that you prefer Donovan on the left side but I’ll side with Bob Bradley and the success we witnessed on the pitch today.

    Dempsey on the left and Donovan on the right, is what you’ll likely see versus Australia and possibly England.

  149. I think Bob has done a great job bringing Torres along slowly and never loosing faith in him, he looks leaps and bounds better than he did in his first few internationals. Now we have good depth in midfield, I think he has definetly passed Benny as the first center mid off the bench. Edu has Passed clark in my mind, I’m not worried about the d because when we made the subs you didn’t see the mistakes we saw in the first half. And we didn’t see the space in the middle like we did the first half. Can’t wait to see the game on Saturday vs the Aussies.

  150. avaheli says:

    In my opinion Clark didn’t provide any of the midfield bite requisite to his position, didn’t get in the passing lanes or take any space away from a Turkish midfield that had far too much time & space in the first half and generally didn’t do anything creative or calming with the ball. I though Edu exhibited much better form and composure with the ball without allowing the CZE midfield to run rampant.

  151. Toby says:

    Torres! Torres! Torres! Give him the #9 or 11 jersey for SA. Awesome game. Man of the match.

  152. jacko says:

    Two thoughts:

    1) Bradley’s #1 lineup was a bust again. How he comes up with these bad lineups is beyond me. I don’t know why he doesn’t seem to like Torres but the kid saved his butt today. The whole team was lifted up and started playing once the lineup changed. Torres even makes baby bob look good. He must start and is just like a young Claudio Reyna

    2) Will BB learn anything from this? Granted he made the correct and necessary changes that turned the game around but what will he do the next time out? One would think he would make a note on what worked and go with that but I’m not so sure he’ll do it

  153. jig says:


  154. Ian says:

    NO. 4-4-2. US is no good in BS formations.

  155. Roger says:

    In addition to everything else he brings, Torres gives us a left-footed free-kick taker, to stand over the ball along with Donovan and keep the defense guessing a little.

  156. Beckster says:

    Spector is not playing with confidence. He played well all year for the Hammers until the last three games which were critical with respect to staying up and keeping the manager (whom I think he had a very good relationship with) and he totally tanked in those three games. Now, that the stakes are again very high, he almost seems as if he is trying too hard…it just isn’t good…This isn’t the Spector that we saw last summer – I’m thinking maybe he can’t handle the pressure. It is troubling.

  157. Beckster says:

    The only good winger for Spector is Holden. Neither Donovan nor Dempsey has helped him defensively in the games I have seen. He and Holden seem to cover each other much better.

  158. Austin says:

    You are making things up here…..Clark never lost the ball and he played simple which is what a holding mid is supposed to do. If you watched that first half over again you would notice that he was the only player to not lose the ball. Granted he didnt do anything actually productive, it doesnt matter he played simple and was the only player to not make a gastly mistake in that half. I believe you guys are blinded because he got subbed out and Torres played so well. You are comparing them it seems, you absolutely cannot do that. If you know anything about tactics you see that these to players niches on the field are completely different. Rico’s job is what i like to call the “De Jong WorkHorse” who slides into tackles, but thinks, makes short passes, closes off passing lanes, and holds position right in between a bradley and CB pairing, while he also SHOULD get a yellow at some point in the match if a counter is breaking and the CB’s cannot step. Torres is the “Central Catalyst” who varies his passes in short and long with excellent presicion, he can also get in and on tackles and make life hard for the opposing mids, this player slows play down, makes the game his while adding some flair as well. Get it now? Im glad. Anyways, i like Bradley but i think he is a bit stupid and careless with the ball at times and lost it a billion times this game. Other times, he is the quinticential German Centre Mid. One more thing, i think you might of misunderstood me a bit with my opinion on my starting CM’s. That was an assumption on that match and the players’ form.

  159. jig says:

    interesting how all the bradley haters say he cant make in game adjustments, then he throws on Torres who absolutely BOSSES the match, and Findley–a guy no one thought was good enough–who creates the equalizer.

    you all have such wonderful soccer minds.

  160. scott says:

    our defense looked porous without gooch and lacked aggression. He needs to start in order to anchor the D, his presence alone effects the temp of the match.

    I dont see any stating lineups in the cup that do not include him.

  161. JohnRSL says:

    Torres should start against Algeria and Slovenia.

    Against England start Edu.

  162. joelz says:


  163. Ethan says:

    I also like Beasley because he is the most willing to back up the left back and that is kind of important as a sub when in a tight game

  164. Justin says:

    AG, I thought Demerit was the best passer of our CBs. If I’m not mistaken, he’s the one that initiated the sequence of passes that led to the Josy goal, and I don’t recall him giving away anything. Jay is definately a starter in SA.

  165. JohnRSL says:

    As long as Spector and Bornstein don’t play.

  166. jig says:

    also interesting to see how much credit the players get in this performance from this crowd. I have a feeling that if the result had been reversed, the anti bradley militia would be out in full force.

  167. Beckster says:

    Clearly the subs brought in at halftime made a big difference but so did Bradley going to the traditional 4-4-2. I don’t know what he was thinking in the first half changing the formation. The midfield was lost. For once, I have to agree with Lalas on that one – stick to the simple plan where players know what their role is.

    It would have been very interesting to see Gomez or Buddle up front with Altidore in the 4-4-2. I think, in part, Findley got benefit of the better formation. I’m not completely sold on him. Leave Donovan and Dempsey in the midfield and play with two pure strikers.

  168. Fan Futbol says:

    Mike Bradley did not have a particularly good game; what was his end of the season form at Borussia Mönchengladbach like? Bradley and Clark really weren’t getting the job done in midfield in the first half. You give that much space and time to Lampard and Gerrard and we’ll get smoked.

    Torres really looked sharp – our whole attack cohered when he was in the game. I actually think Edu-Torres would be a interesting pairing to see, FWIW.


  169. Austin says:

    please chill out with the Spector hype….hes a young defender that never belonged starting ahead of Cherundolo anyways. Let him develop and we will see him flourish into the American Gary Neville by 2014…i think a move to a league like Serie A might help him develop a bit more though

  170. jon says:

    Plus Torres looked very good defensively. Clark was only decent today, defensively. I couldn’t believe some of the tackles Torres had. When he provides that defensive cover along with the beautiful distribution play he had today, there isn’t a better option for that position. Awesome play from Torres today

  171. Second City says:

    I’d love to see that too, Scott.

    Assuming he’s 100 % by then, there’s no reason he shouldn’t. However, I think it’s fairly evident he’s not 100 % yet, otherwise he would have started today.

    I was pleasantly surprised that I saw little to no favoring of the injured knee but I was concerned with a few plays.


    62nd min* failed to outjump Kazim who is about 5 inches his junior

    77th min* loses his mark after a high lob pass is played over him that was met with Howard coming out of the box to head, of which he was unable to make any effort to catch up with the play.

    There’s no doubt he is leaps and bounds ahead of where he was Tuesday but to announce he’s 100 % or ready to face England is still premature.

    Still two weeks to go, though and at this rate, he’ll prove me wrong after I watched the Czech match.

    England could very well win the World Cup this summer. We need Gooch and no less than 100 % to have a chance at a point, let alone three and if anyone says he’s ready to face Rooney’s speed or Crouch’s aerial ability is simply lying.

    Until I see that 100 %, I’m not assuming anything is set in stone.

  172. bob says:

    Torres the new Captain America? I like that, but lets let him earn it.

  173. Erik says:

    Bornstein just got Health Pearce’d. Put into a game cold against quality opposition that was clicking and was exposed. Pearce should be on the plane way ahead of that clown and if we get another patronizing “Bornstein is better than people think he is” type of article I will vomit.

    He is a total liability and it’s a shocker he is on this team. He should ride the pine the entire tourney and Spector should be the back up for both left and right back off the bench. Dolo is such a better option.

  174. kfly says:

    So at this point, my favorite lineup is:


    And then maybe Findley is replaced by Gomez/Buddle in the second half, and if Jozy has to come off too, Dempsey can move up top and Beasley can come play on the left. Dolo was infinitely better than Specs. It’s a shame, because he looked to have the position locked up last summer, but I suppose he’s still very young and has time to rebound. Dolo’s getting older anyway, so he’ll have to reach his potential eventually. DeMerit/Gooch looks like a solid tandem again. I wasn’t unimpressed by Goodson, but the chemistry between him and Jay definitely wasn’t there. I thought he looked better next to Gooch on Tuesday. However, defending remains a huge concern. We were able to shut down their threats most of the time, but the fact remains that we are giving opposing teams wayyyy too much to work with. The Czechs exposed us on Tuesday, and lucky for us Turkey wasn’t able to finish, but we gave them some great chances (in addition to the goal).

  175. phil says:

    I had the pleasure to see the match at the Linc today in person. What a fantastic atmosphere and match!

    First off, all props to Turkey, what a fantastic match and what a great squad. With Hiddink at the helm, folks better watch out, they are on the rise.

    4-5-1 didn’t really do all that much for the US, the fact that they didn’t play wide enough didn’t help. the 4-4-2 really seemed to liven things up, as did Torres at midfield. While he didn’t get on the stat sheet, he was the man of the match in my opinion. Holden getting on made thing even better! JB scared the jeepers outta me — again.

    I know folks worry about his size, but I watched him stand up several player considerably bigger than him today. I say start him.

    The thing I’m most optimistic about was the fact that both goals came from the run of play.

  176. Gene says:

    I feel a bit better about our prospects, but still have a lot of concerns that US may not get out of the group. The win reaffirms that US does have enough to get out of this group, at least in the runner-up position. But if we are going to start out in SA like we did in the 1st half today, there is no coming back from that, Turkey wasted at least 2 golden chances (1 by Tuncay and 1 by Altintop). We had 1 good chance in the 1st half, and that was only due to a great individual move by Altidore.

    US has got to start closing people down early, rather than wait until they get the ball in the attacking third and bring it up with speed. And the communication between the defenders has to be better, so when a defender goes forward, like Spector did on the play that led to the 1st Turkey goal, US does not get burned on the counter-attack.

  177. Gene says:

    I don’t agree, I think Bradley had a decent game. IN the 1st half, he was effective in coming back and helping the defense get the ball. IN the 2nd half, he made a couple of good runs forward, and was almost rewarded with an assist on the play where Clint hit the outside of the right post.

  178. k.j. choi says:

    making things up? haha i watched the first half and i am in no way biased for any player in the pool, clark is simply not the best option and didn’t appear to be at any time in today’s game. I get what you’re saying is that he was the best of the worst out there in the first half in that our team sucked for the first 45 but he wasn’t even that. He truly looks uncomfortable on the ball and he sure as hell didn’t clog many of the passing lanes in the first half and evidence of that is in the massive portion of possession turkey had. What you’re saying is that it is his job to be in good position and break up offensive plays. But it is any central mids job to put himself in good position, and for a player whos “specialty” is defense rico sure didn’t appear to be that effective in that respect. Mix that with his ineptitude on offense and you have a player that ruins our flow by combining slow movement with slow passing and an inability to create in small spaces ( a must for a central mid). it’s obvious to me that the US needs a player that can work the field effectively and get our best attackers in good position with precision passing as opposed to just getting us possession and not being able to do anything with it.

  179. Kenny_B says:

    It was a loaded question and Dempsey handled it tactfully.

  180. Please tell me that was Borstinky’s swan song. He truly was terrible. Jonathan, if you read this, please feign illness for the sake of your country. Allow Bob to put someone else in. Anyone else. Only you could have single handedly played bad in the good half for team USA. Don’t go away mad, just go!

  181. Kenny_B says:

    I was so pissed on that play, I thought it was Torres that played the ball forward for him and Bornstein looked like he wanted nothing to do with the ball as it rolled out of bounds. That was shortly after he got worked on the endline for a very dangerous ball right across the box.

  182. madmax says:

    I agree. No change on my opinion about Findley.

    Turkey didn’t know that Findley runs the ball out of bounds and wasted players marking him, England won’t do that.

    If we need to watch someone run the ball over the end-line let it be England’s Walcott.

  183. Kenny_B says:

    Regardind Spector’s foray foward – Sorry but that was not Spector’s fault at all. The midfielder should have rotated back to cover his spot.

    The fact that Spector was one of the first defenders back to try and stop Turkey’s goal was a real disappointment to see in terms of team defense. I was astonished to see that at this level.

  184. madmax says:

    I think they, Edu JFT, played together in the first half of the Czech game. They did well, but Bradley had Torres behind Edu most of the time. I like it the other way as JFT is the better passer.

  185. El gringo says:

    To get the most out of Donovan and the Nats need to get the most out of Donovan, you need a speedster to run with him. Holden is outstanding and should start, but there is nowhere to put him if you start findley unless:


    Dolo Jay Gooch Boca

    Paco Bradley

    Holden Donovan



  186. Dan Fontaine says:

    I dig this formation. Anything to get our best 11 out there. I like Holden starting but if Findley can play this way consistently he might replace Stu for me.

    Looking forward to Australia. It’ll be another strong test.

  187. alex says:

    overall this game was quite a positive step. i liked findley’s work ethic. we saw altidore do some fancy dribbling and score a goal later on. donovan got two assists. dempsey nets another goal. torres looked good. cherundolo was solid. the u.s. came from behind to beat a stingy, tough, and well organized team.

    if the u.s. can get its defense in synch, it shouldn’t be a problem to get into the 2nd round.

  188. AQK says:

    could not agree more with you.
    I will throw in another reason, Deuce is greedier and takes more shots thus is more effective on the left than the right and Landon is more of a two footed player. The counter-argument is that Deuce is incapable defensively of shutting down Lennon Walcott or Joe Cole, whereas I think Landon has shown he can handle Ashley Cole just fine.

  189. Dan Fontaine says:

    Bob needs a little credit too. He’s the guy who saw something and made the selection. Bob or Ching’s hamstring. That’s who deserves credit :]

  190. jts says:

    I realize I am about to commit USMNT blasphemy, but I don’t think Altidore gives the US the best chances to score. Not that I have much evidence that others could do better, because Altodire does not come off.

    He is not a traditional target man, as his first touch off of the passes to him are not great and he is marginal at holding the ball up. He seems to be best going at a guy 1v1, like his foundation and almost goal (should have shot rather than pass into a double team, but I digress).

    So, the US pairs him with another forward expecting Altidore to hold the ball up and that does not really happen. It would be interesting to see a Gomez/Findlay or a Gomez/Demspey or a Gomez/Buddle. Gomez just seems to be scoring now in all competitions, which is why I suggest him,

    As it turns out, we seem to be in the midst of some sort of transition from the big ball up to a target man to a more ball control team.

  191. AQK says:

    Except he didnt do any of those defensive-midfielder things. They ran and passed right around him. How many times did he win the ball? I lost count at 1. How many times did he give the ball away with hurried low-percentage passes? I lost count at 3.

    I know it’s not going to happen, btw, but I think a midfield of

    Dempsey-Bradley-Torres-Edu-Donovan, with JFT in a CAM position would be interesting to see behind Altidore. Doubt it would happen but it just might work.

  192. McQ says:

    I agree about using Edu against England for his physicality and bringing in Torres if we have to chase the game. While the announcers made a good point about top quality midfielders who are slight in stature, I believe England will come out and try to physically and mentally bully us early. I know that will not affect Edu I don’t know about Torres. I also thought that the ref let a lot of physical play go today with Turkey who is known to be a physical (some say dirty) side. I liked the response by the team.

    I am not totally sold on Gooch yet but he has two more weeks and one more game to shake off the rust. But I definitely feel much better after the second half today. I think we answered most of our remaining questions.

  193. McQ says:

    I think that’s it. our best 11 with possibly Edu depending on matchup and Gomez if we need a spark. this squad should play all three games (until Bradely accumulates too many cards again)

  194. DaveW says:

    And yet he’s not primarily a ball winner for Pachuca, he helps funnel the play down one side or the other and then links defense to offense when others win the ball. His good tackles were a pleasant surprise to me today. Also, he put some pressure on outside shots, tracked back to help the D line when ball was lost(who was supposed to cover for Spector on that turnover?)and played well positionally. He didn’t overcommit and was still around when the ball was switched.

    Since I’ve maligned his D before, props to him today.

    Maybe he’s a little less nervous with a couple high level games under his belt?

  195. jjraines says:

    Amazing how people change their tune so quickly. One minute we’re the worst team in the world, the next we’re awesome:

    I just read through the game thread and it’s non-stop BB and usmnt-bashing, like a rusty first 45 minutes means 0 points and humiliation in SA.

    Let’s face it: Bob Bradly is making ALL OF YOU eat crow. He (and the team) did it last year at the Confed Cup, and they’re doing it again now.

    If they weren’t still tweaking and testing things out, we would have missed out on Torres and Findley, and be stuck with the old guard that’s been passed up (Clark, Feilhaber, Edu, Beasley).

    Are there still defensive concerns? Yes, but I think they will be worked out and they will be on the same page come June 12. Timmy will make sure of it.

    But I for one am more confident than ever about this team. During the second half, I was watching an ELITE team, capable of WINNING the World Cup. We were destroying one of the top 20, in form, teams in the world (and certainly superior to both Slovenia and Algeria).

    If I was England, I’d be very concerned. Because if we get our defense together it will be THEM that start with their backs against the wall.

    This team is the strongest we’ve EVER fielded. And I am 100% certain Donovan, Dempsey, and the rest will prove it to the world in a couple of weeks. Can’t wait.

  196. Stephen says:

    I think that’s a tad harsh. he had one (ok, two) shaky play(s) where he over committed a little but he wasn’t dreadful. He definitely was better than Spector. Spector played like absolute poo.

  197. McQ says:

    Dempsey is arguably our best or second best player on the international stage. Not to take anything from Landon because I was rooting for him this year and he changed a lot of minds this year(including me) but if there is one player we have who is a “big game player” it is Dempsey. Anyone who watches him knows he is fearless and scores big goals in big spots. Add in that of our players he is the most familiar with and least intimidated by the players on the England team. Think back to his brace against Chelsea last year, his goal against Liverpool three years ago, I believe he may have broken Terry’s nose on a 50/50 ball because he doesn’t play scared. Beleive me, I know a lot of English people and they fully believe if we pull off a “fluke” win against them it will be because one of two American players have a standout game – Landon or Dempsey. If we are going to have success, they both need to go the full 90.

  198. Stephen says:

    Well, I agree. Torres must start. I must admit I was majorly impressed with his defensive work ethic and his ability to step in a challenge for the ball despite his size.

  199. Stephen says:

    I don’t think Spector lost his starting spot (because I don’t think he was going to start). I think Bradley was giving Cherundolo some rest after going 90 last time. Dolo was our most solid defender on Tuesday. I think Dolo’s a lock, his veteran leadership is needed.

    Who would you rather back up @ LB? Spector? With the way he played today?

  200. BCC says:

    Edu also has the upper hand in that he has experience with British-style football. Torres will be more effective against technical sides. It’s easy to watch today’s game and declare Torres the best thing since sliced bread but he’s not the kind of player who is going to thrive against every team.

    Gooch will be ready come June 12. I just hope we don’t have any injuries between now and then because we have zero depth in the back four.

  201. DaveW says:

    There were also other adjustments that helped the midfield D. Also, JFT tracked back to help on counters, something lacking in the first half. However, I do like Dolo better at right back. In fact I like Holden and Dolo together on the right side because they work better together both ways, bit I understand that LD and Dempsey need to be on the field.

  202. Stephen says:

    The Dempsey-Boca left side scares me a little. I think they both played well today and I think that Boca is a solid LB and probably will/should start there, but Dempsey is known for his defensive lapses.

    Beasley/Holden over there, Donovan on the right, and Dempsey up top (still not ready to give that up, especially if Torres starts).

  203. Rocco says:

    Best comment in weeks. I’d also like to ask, wasn’t Findley playing slightly injured for the Holland match? That might explain why the folks in charge didn’t lose faith in him while the folks in the arm chairs were sobbing at the sight of him in the final 23.

  204. Rocco says:

    More than a tad harsh but what do you expect from internet blow harsh. Bornstein will always be a hero to me after seeing that goal at RFK.

  205. chill says:

    except for the Edu being part of the old guard…

  206. pancholama says:

    Who are you? Sir!!


    That’s exactly it.

    That’s my blood singing.

    Ummmmm, huhhhhhhhhh!

    And put this in your decision algorithm and general gestalt of the overall situation:

    Torres plays for Pachuca.

    Pachuca is the largest city (not that big) in the state of Hidalgo, along the Eastern Sierra Madres Mts. Hidalgo is the poorest state in Mexico. The hillbilly, stick shack, gob smacking poverty you see in Hidalgo is stunning.

    Pachuca is a silver mine town – since before the conquest. A hill with many secrets.

    The English mine owners in the late 19th and early 20th century brought Welsh, Scotts and Irish miners to work the silver lodes beneath Pachuca.


    And the shine that radiates through that young man (Panchito Torres)- of light, of straight pure blue-white light, searching and removing all the meanings of the color sunshine.

    Some day, learn his second last name.

    Good things brothers, good things, good things are coming.

    And some day if you have the time, all y’all – go visit our little town – the sleepy college burgh we grew up in, in central NJ, in Mercer County, where Washington put his foot down and gave notice to the Red Coats – this OUR HOME!

    Where Italian, Welsh (Cymru) and Scotts stone masons built one of the most beautiful university campuses IN THE WORLD.

    And if you find the time, and the inclination, please, please, please – go visit the state of Hidalgo – there is a 16th century trail of Augustinian monasteries and missions along the Eastern Sierra Madre mountain chain – they were abandoned by the Catholic Church – because the Augustinians were sharing the profits with the Indians and teaching them, to sing, to read and write and develop cottage industry with European and Native craft and art…..

    ……………there are hand painted frescoes from the freakin’ 16th century, well preserved – and the local Mexicans still go and pray in the chapel(s) and churches and monasteries – every day,……waiting and waiting for the Augustinian friars to return.

    USA, USA, USA, AAAaaaaahhhhhhh – freeeeeeee – caaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

    Freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom…….

  207. dibo says:

    Can Edu play out wide on defense? Bocanegra does, why not Edu on the other side of the back four?

  208. BrianK says:

    Commando Lando,…when I read your post,…all I could think of was Jeff Agoos faking a calf injury to get out of his nightmare of a World Cup in 2002! Thank goodness he did!

  209. mincho says:

    yes….finaly somebody gets it….

    altidore is a bit suspect..changes game to game…if he is lackluster…bring in gomez, findley, buddle….off the bench…

    bornstein was drafted by bb. back in the mls, hence the special treatment despite his poor play…

    spector subs for outside backs…goodson for cb. edu subs for midfeild…. thats the best team we have…..

  210. Rocco says:

    Climate could be a factor but what this shows is a good problem- a bit of depth in the center.

  211. dibo says:

    I’m surprised that no-one is considering Edu for right back.

  212. stever says:

    I too am a major Altidore fan but must agree his form and todays game wud suggest that perhaps he is not the right player to lead the attack in SA. Gomez and Findley maybe a combination worth considering. Sorry to say, but I dont see what Jozey adds at this time.

    I thought Torres was the best player he has earnt his place.

    We still have a few players who I think they cud leave at the airport.

  213. MarcusVick says:

    Now that’s really reaching. Just because something is plausible does not mean it’s true. I hope you are not a supreme court judge.

  214. kenneth says:

    something interesting: a good friend of mine who’s Turkish and who was at the game told me before the game that most Turks think their back line is shakey (though their midfield is strong). Did it look to you all like the Turkish back was at all shakey?

  215. MarcusVick says:

    “loaded”? What’s so loaded about asking someone why you played better in the second half? That’s about as routine as it gets.

    You guys just don’t want to give Bradley any credit for picking Findley or making the changes that changed the game for the better. You want to give it all to Torres so you can talk about how Bradley is an idiot for not playing him more when it is clear that Torres has been acclimating and improving over time with the USMNT at the pace set by Bradley. Gringo said so himself. Go look it up.

  216. Adam says:


  217. Adam says:

    I like this lineup. Allows us to put our best players on the field.

  218. Adam says:

    Yes! Perfect

  219. Adam says:

    False. You clearly didn’t watch everton

  220. Adam says:

    Where is the logic behind this. Silly. You have no evidence that this boost is purely the cause of coming in late in the game. Why should we not assume he could provide it all game. Certainly couldn’t be worse than Clark.

  221. Adam says:

    Why Can’t Edu Play CB?

  222. Rocco says:

    Not sure what you’re talking about re: Onyewu in the 62nd minute. A.) Kazim was subbed out in the 61st. B.) In that very minute was Onyewu’s great body sacrificing sliding save. Maybe you have the wrong guys or the wrong time?

  223. Big Boy says:

    I’m sure Gooch is not 100%. But those examples you cited for proof, well, I’ve seen Gooch make those errors when he was 100% physically.

    Also even at 100% or whatever number you choose, the US has no one player who is ready to face Rooney. Shutting him down will be a team effort. And Crouch is an awkward proposition for any defender. He is tall and he is long and he does hold and shield the ball well but he’s not particularly strong in the air. Ask any English football critic. Or better yet just watch him for a while.

    I’m sick of these % figures. The only US defenders who 100% are Dolo, Goodson and JB. So if you want all our defenders to be 100% we’ll have to play 3-5-2.

    The World Cup is always full of players who are less than 100% but it’s like the playoffs, you just have to deal with it.

  224. KQA says:

    None of what you said makes much sense.

  225. Fan Futbol says:

    Madmax — you’re totally right about Edu-Torres in the Czech game. I was wondering how Edu-Torres would look as part of the first XI; I should have been clearer.

    Gene — usually Bradley gets his foot on a lot more balls and applies tighter pressure to opposing mids than he did today. He didn’t have a lot of disruptive (to them) or creative (for us) touches today. He has to play smart and avoid cards, obviously, but his play today was softer and flatter than usual.


  226. Louis Z. says:

    You hit the nail in the head, I also think Edu is better suited for the England game. we will be bending but not breaking for that one. I just think the game is going to be more physical for Torres to handle. Torees should get the start for the other 2.

  227. Taco Hell says:

    What evidence do you have that Torres can provide this lift for the entire game? He’s never done it.

    Torres is everyone’s golden boy and Findley is one of BB’s “boys” so you all hate to give Bradley credit but the fact is Torres

    didn’t do it alone, It’s a team game.

    Findley’s insertion stretched the field, lessening the pressure on the midfielders like Torres; this is the much sought after “Charlie” effect.

    Dolo and Gooch steadied the defense, especially up the right side which also helped lessen the pressure on the midfield.

    Turkey were more noticeably worn down than the US towards the end of the game. Two possible reasons for this, they haven’t been staying in shape for the World Cup and the US is renowned for it’s fitness and conditioning.

    Torres is coming along just fine but the US will need 14 players on game day not just one guy.

  228. Louis Z says:

    I think Buddle is more layed back than Jozie, jozie impressed me in the second half with him coming back to get the ball and helping out on defense.

  229. BCC says:

    Don’t mean climate — Edu is used to physical, knee-cracking football. I am not questioning Torres’s toughness but I don’t think he would play as well against England.

  230. Louis Z says:

    Thank you City, you saved me from having to write a response.

  231. Frank Lebouef says:

    “But it is any central mids job to put himself in good position, and for a player whos “specialty” is defense rico sure didn’t appear to be that effective in that respect.”

    No offense k.j. but I am sick of people posting who think they know exactly what Bob told Rico to do today.

    What you really mean is you think Rico didn’t do the job you would have asked him to do, never mind what HIS coach told him to do. There was a guy named Claude Makelele who made a great career out of playing like Rico did today and if you talk to the europeans (Chelsea, Real Madrid, France,) they think of Makalele as a prototypical defensive midfielder of the late 90’s.

    Watching him was about as exciting as watching a bus driver but he always got the job done and won a lot of games.

  232. Louis Z says:

    Agreed, Gooch looked much better than than the Czech but let’s not kid ourselfs, the center backs had less to do because of the changes at RB and midfield. Gooch is improving, but I don’t think he is ready for the England game. Don’t agree? see Cities comments above.

  233. Charlie Davies says:

    They did it on their own don’t you know?

    Anything good, it’s the players deciding to do it.

    Anything bad, it’s Bob’s fault.

  234. Micah King says:

    Okay, Findley did impress me. I was one of the Findley haters I will admit. He proved me wrong and I hope he keeps it up. The first half was not good, but the second half was great.

  235. Kenny Cooper says:

    Charlie had an awful first touch. And he may have just lost his job with the US if Findley keeps it going. Or, Jozy could flame out,leavingf an opening for his good friend.

  236. Polish Wonder says:

    Bornstein had a shaky play almost every time Turkey went his way! Spector was bad, but Bornstein choked again. I’m not a Bornstein hater, just really disappointed with his play of late. The US better find two good LB’s after this World Cup, because Boca is aging.

  237. louis z says:

    I saw that too. good call.

  238. Gabe says:

    My thoughts on the game are similar to many of yours. Torres looked CLASS today, and if he goes on tackling and spraying the ball like that, he wont be at Pachuca long, but may end up in Spain. Clark looked well off the pace, along with Spector (although it is the fault of the covering mid to get back ahem Benny). Feilhaber is a nice choice off the bench, but I think the attack is more lethal and the defense more solid with a Torres, Bradley, Donovan, Dempsey midfield. Onyewu looked good, as did Demerit. I think Clarence Goodson is a decent option, but he doesn’t communicate as vocally as the others and seems tentative at times. JB played poorly. Findley impressed.




    I want to see how Gomez plays in a starting role, but would rather see him as a super sub. If a player goes down in CM, Edu is a nice box to box player capable of filling in well. The real danger is on the flanks if Carlos Bocanegra or Cherundolo go down with an injury. Not stoked about JB or Spector at the minute.

  239. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:

    Not harsh at all. Bornstein was being bent over. The 79th and 80th minute almost undid the game for the yanks. Guess who was marking (NOT) the danger man?


  240. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:

    I think Donovan was in front of Spector because he tracks back so well to help cover on D. (Except the Arda Turan breakaway). Having Donovan in front on the wing encourages the Outside back to overlap. Since Boca was never going to be high up the field for extended periods, the switch was only natural.

    Now, had Arda been playing the right wing Lando would have been on the left to help cover against the “Dangerous Turk”.

  241. Primo Two says:

    “Feilhaber should not have made this team so easily.”

    When Bob announced his 23 I don’t recall him assigning the players numbers so that you knew how “easily”, they made the list. Maybe it wasn’t like “All players below 70 get cut and Benny had a 90.”

    If the last few weeks have taught you nothing else they should have taught you that no one outside Bob’s inner circle knows how secure or immune a player is. Remember how Ching was one of Bob’s “boys”? How about Sacha?

    Maybe Benny just barely made the cut. I would have left him off the list and taken Robbie Rodgers to replace JB at left back.

    The fact is the evidence indicates that Bob has a pretty good idea of what he is doing. It’s just that he isn’t explaining his reasons to any outsiders and the gossip girls among you all can’t take it.

  242. Fire BB & primoone says:

    You fool! Don’t you know the players engineered all this?

    Anything good= players

    Anything bad = BOB

    BB is responsible for the Gulf Oil spill disaster, the economic crisis and engineered the North Korean tensions to take attention away from his bad management at the World Cup. He also convinced Arizona to pass that law because he hates latinos.

  243. unternehmen says:

    Let’s take it from this angle: You have seven defenders on the roster. Even with your plan to have Beasley drop back, you need another player. We had eight defenders and we used them all in 2002 through the Q’final game. We were stretched thin. (Injuries, suspensions, exhaustion.)

    This is a marathon and it’s taxing on the players.

    So given this, hoping the team goes deep in the tournament, knowing you need another player after you drop Bornstein, whom do you bring?

    Looking forward to your answer.

  244. go usa says:

    I’ll give credit to Gooch. He was better than I feared, but the real reason our defense looked better in the 2nd half was that our offense was much better.

    We controlled the ball more and consistently threatened their goal, so Turkey could not send numbers forward like they did in the 1st half.

    Also, defense starts with the forwards. Jozy was disappointingly lazy in the first half. I bet he got an earful at halftime. Findley immediately demonstrated what it means to play team defense as a forward.

  245. Wacko says:

    Since you think BB is clueless about Torres read this:

    From Grant Wahl

    “Torres is making plenty of defensive improvements, though. He told me after the game that he has spent time watching the way Bradley moves in the midfield to win balls and make tackles. Torres also admitted that while every player has to adjust when moving from his club to the national team, he has to adapt more than most to Bradley’s preferred style when he leaves Pachuca, his Mexican League team.

    “The pace of the game is always quicker, faster,” Torres said. “So when I come in, in two or three days I’ve got to be right on target. I have to be fast on the ball, get the ball moving and make tackles. But I’m starting to get the rhythm of the game. Today Bob told me I did great on closing gaps and moving the ball.”

    Torres is just 22 and needed time to develop. BB saw that.

  246. phil says:

    Stephen, Spector is having a brief run of poor form in what has otherwise been a successful international career. Jonathan Bornstein has yet to show that he is capable of playing outside of CONCACAF with any kind of competence.

    If you speak that naively again I’ll ask Ives to put you in a time out.

  247. phil says:

    DeMerit was a monster… what are you talking about?

  248. jpc says:

    the second half was good. Torres, Holden and Cherundolo were all dynamic additions to the game. If I’m the coach Cherundolo is the starter at right back, w/out a doubt. Holden needs to be on the field somehow, playing either in the playmaker role or out on the wing if Dempsey goes up top. But he needs to play. Same w/ Torres, who is not as dangerous as Feilhaber is when Feilhaber is going well. But he’s better defensively, and he is so consistent. if I’m basing it on this game, he’s my starter at defensive center midfield, unless the team is extremely athletic, then Rico must be in there.

    Bornstein simply can’t compete at this level. I feel bad for him, b/c he plays really hard and he’s a good player, but he just doesn’t belong at this level and it shows.

    I was just as surprised as everyone else by Robbie Findley’s inclusion, but everyone’s gotta hand it to Bradley, Good Choice. he’s fast as hell, and doesn’t allow the defense to creep up and pressure our guys. And he’s a lot better than I thought. he’s been good from what i’ve seen in MLS, but I guess the games he’s played for the US recently just really turned me off to him

  249. phil says:

    England isn’t technical?

  250. BCC says:

    I disagree. I am a huge fan of LD, but I have noticed a couple things about him over the years:

    1) He is not a “great” defensive player. Average, at best. But my guess is that most coaches tell him to concentrate on his offense. It is best to have a defensive mid support him or have a defensive-minded back on his side.

    2) He will win headers about 5% of the time (and that’s probably generous).

  251. phil says:

    where is the smack button?

  252. Goalscorer24 says:

    The 2nd half US team was much better then the first half. Torres was awesome. Findley was suprisingly decent as well. Bornstein at Left back is a nightmare. I have nwever seen someone slip and fall so much, and get completely faked out of his shoes. Please Bocanegra be completely healthy! I would rather see Spector at left back than Bornstein!

  253. Tony Meola says:

    Who makes the most passes from back there? Howard that’s who!!

    He could be a lot better about it.

  254. The Birchman says:

    Did you see him with Everton? He was praised for his ability to track back and win balls in support of Neville. His work-rate and box-to-box mentality is what won over fans in England.

  255. The Birchman says:

    His exact quote — “not saying this is definitely what happened, but it’s plausible.”

    You, in your infinite wisdom, respond, “just because it’s plausible, doesn’t mean it’s true.” Which is damn near plagiarism.

    And Torres made the difference, point blank. Findley’s speed cause problems and he was most definitely the most confident he’s been on the ball, but Dempsey was most certainly praising Findley so as not to say something that could be considered a backhanded/disrespectful comment towards Rico Clark.

  256. Warren says:

    good point, we don’t know how Dempsey up top works with decent possession.

    We just know that Clark and MB shouldn;t be playing together, just as some of us have been saying for oh a year now.

    BB isn’t the brightest bulb on the block in spite of the Princeton pedigree, at least when it comes to recognizing the glaringly obvious.

    Like Torres starting CM. Duh.

  257. Warren says:

    what he said

  258. Warren says:

    Tad harsh? no way was bornstein better than spector, in 15 minutes he didn;t just embarrass himself, he’s an embarrassment to the sport.

    You got beat, badly, by your own goal – so what do you do?

    pout? stop running? (Bornsetin’s answer today)

    Or run as hard as you can and hope to somehow disrupt the shooter? (Dolo, Boca, Spector and day)

  259. Warren says:

    Clark’s fine as an MB back-up.

    Torres is literally in another league and different position than those 2.

    Edu’ a little in between, solid d with a touch more passing skill than MB or Clark.

  260. Ken says:

    I think our biggest question now is whether to start Spector or Cherundolo at right back. Spector didn’t have a good game today, but I feel like he has more to bring to the team. And after these last two friendlies, I could actually imagine us playing two natural forwards. Bob Bradley’s done a good job picking the team. I think I’d still start Dempsey up top though to allow Stuart Holden to get on the field.

  261. Warren says:


    Spector’s the back-up to Boca at LB.

    After that it’s the end of the world.

  262. Warren says:

    Edu should get minutes in place of MB against Australia.

    Ie start Torres-MB at CM, then bring on Edu for MB and see how he combines with Torres.

    In case of injury to MB that’s our center pairing.

  263. Warren says:


    Bradley – Torres for 45

    then it should be

    Edu-Torres for 45

  264. Warren says:

    umm, yes he is

    You still don;t believe in sliced bread?

  265. marc says:

    i really hope bornstein and spector don’t see playing time in s.a. they were TERRIBLE. findley for ching…who’s ching and who wants to play ‘holding ball’. f that. findley was the right pick. second half team starts against england and they have a chance. and play landicakes on the wing.

  266. sandtrout says:

    Dempsey drove me crazy in the first half. Touch was terrible. What he was good at was getting knocked down. He improved with the team in the second half — and he got knocked down over and over again. I wish the ref had called one or two of them. I mean, Dempsey knows how to dive, but he was getting run over.

  267. tnnelson says:

    that second half performance has me feeling better than I ever have about US soccer. we looked elite today. i think we should not be looking to settle for a draw against England, if we can keep up the momentum from that performance today, we should be looking to win our group. i have never seen us possess the ball(thanks almost entirely to Torres) and create so many dangerous chances as we did today. if Torres doesn’t start in SA i will be supremely disappointed. i re-watched the game, and i counted it, he only lost the ball twice, out of about 20. and he has improved monumentally defensively. incredible

  268. tnnelson says:

    yea i like that. i thought dempsey would have done much better at forward with the way we possessed in the second half. he really just didn’t get the ball much in the first half since we didn’t possess it at all. i like this cause i just want to see holden on the field, he is class. findley would be a good sub with that lighting speed. he changed my mind about him today. i’m not suprised about torres though, i thought bradley should have put his trust in him ages ago. once we get our back line fully healthy and all working together, we are going to be a force to be reckoned with in SA

  269. Bphs says:

    What he said x2. We can’t look back at this point. Nonetheless, Pearce brought a phsyicality and forward presence that Johnny doesn’t have. While neither would likely see the field, insurance, as we’ve seen in the markets, goes a long way to calm fears.

  270. The bums will always lose says:

    Probably agreeing with the rest of you, but here are my thoughts after just watching the game (thank God for DVR).
    — Bob deserves props. Seriously. He brought in Findley and everyone thought he was crazy. Not saying Findley dominated today, but he did look better than anyone could have expected based on his MLS form recently. And the 2nd half subs (other than Bornstein), were great choices.
    — Speaking of Findley, his chip to Lando was excellent. Now he’s just gotta realize where the touch-line is and we’ll be getting somewhere.
    — Rico looked out of his element. Played ok, but not what he’s capable of. With everyone else stepping their game up (Holden, JFT, Edu), not a good time to be figuring things out.
    — Jozy played well, his finish was confident and his move to beat the defender and slide the ball across the six yard box was class. The only thing I wasn’t impressed with was how much he fell down. He’s a big dude, throw it around a little bit.
    — Somehow, in 15 minutes Bornstein managed to get torched on D, and NOT chase down a great ball from Torres on the wing going forward. He is #23 out of 23.
    — Finally, Jose Torres FTW! That was what we’ve all been waiting for. It’s still a little early to say he should be permanently starting (still think Edu would be better vs. England), or calling him the next Reyna/Xavi/etc. But damn, dude looked GOOD. It was awesome to see the US squad play controlled, composed soccer. That said, John Harkes definitely loves him some Jose Torres. It’s bordering on a man-crush.

  271. DannyK says:

    Thank you Birchman.

    And Marcus, you’ve made a lot of assumptions about my comment. I do not want to withhold credit from BB on the decisions he made — I do give him credit for bringing in Findley. Findley did well no doubt. Torres did also. I’m happy with both of them. I don’t think anyone’s out to deny Findley his just due, though.

  272. Mason says:

    Oh please….

    “62nd min* failed to outjump Kazim who is about 5 inches his junior”

    61:25 – He leaps up in clear space and puts a strong header up the field to Altidore. Altidore loses the ball
    61:44 – He slides to block a shot.

    Perhaps you were thinking of the corner at 60:13?

    “77th min* loses his mark after a high lob pass is played over him that was met with Howard coming out of the box to head, of which he was unable to make any effort to catch up with the play.”

    77:40? First, they were playing a high trap. Second, that man came through DeMerrit’s zone. Third, Gooch was hanging back to clear the ball had it popped forward. As it was, Howard headed it wide, where it was collected by a Turk. That Turk had Gooch in front of him.

    You’re really grasping at straws here, but that’s you’re prerogative.

  273. Kenny_B says:

    Wow, not sure how you jumped to that conclusion from my response. I think Jeremy Schapp’s (spelling?) question was a baiting type question to see if Dempsey might criticize one of the players that had been substituted. I am a little more cynical when it comes to the likes of Schapp. Not sure what my response has to do with Findlay.

    Torres did change the game for the better. Findley’s ball over the top to Donovan was sublime. On the other hand, and up to this point I hadn’t criticized Findley, he did have several touches that took the ball out of play. Including when he could have made a very simple play back to Donovan.

    I have been one of the biggest Bob Bradley’s supporter’s on here and I defy you to find posts where that hasn’t been the case.

    Did you not have enough balls to come out and support MichaelVick and didn’t want to go full retard with your name?

  274. Chuckie56 says:

    The second half Starting team is the one we should have on the field on 6/12. Bornstein SHOULD NEVER BE PLACED ON THE FIELD. He demonstrated AGAIN that he doen’t belong to a WC team and Bradley AGAIN couldn’t resist with putting his Adopted/second son on the field because he had to for some REASON. When is he going to learn? I hope Bornstein’s 2 let downs on the left in his only 15 minutes of play was good enough. We shall see but I won’t put money on it knowing Bradley and his mysterious connection with Bornstein!?

  275. Brian says:

    Did you watch the Czech game? Pearce had a wide open opportunity to go to South Africa and take Johnny B’s spot, but he blew it. He was worse than Bornstein.

  276. mrf says:

    Torres is a gangster with the ball at his feet. He has silky smooth skill, confidence, and cleverness that is sorely lacking in our offense.

    Findley really impressed. He showed clever dribbling in taking on his defender.

    That 2nd half offensive shoot start vs England. They downed an in form Turkey in 45 minutes.

    Most of all, Donovan shines when the US plays fast, and having both MB and RC at midfield and non-speedster Dempsey up top results in slow, play that leaves Landon getting the ball at a standstill and marked instead of on the break.

  277. KMac says:

    + 1 Very well said.

  278. EndangeredMD says:

    We did learn a few things going into the next game…

    Bornstein gets burned more than an albino at the beach…

    Spector is at best a back up to Dolo…

    Clark may be our weakest defensive midfielder… (I think he was the real cause of the break away goal – did nothing to cover Spector)

    Gooch MAY be recovering…

    Feilhaber was lost even when found…

    Torres is better than all of us thought…

    Dempsey is better when withdrawn…

    Donovan may be our best field player…

    Jozy got better when Findley came on to open up the field…

    Speed does matter – Findley did a great job even when he retreated…

    Shockingly our defense is our weakest part.

    I still think we may not make it out of the first round.

  279. TimN says:

    I like this team. They showed composure and resolve yesterday to come back against a strong Turkish side. It’s a good sign that we can make halftime adjustments and come out looking stronger. Yesterday it was Clark looking shaky in the midfield, and Torres came in and helped lift the team. However, it may be Torres who stumbles in form in a future match, and Clark that comes in to add a spark…point being, it’s nice that we can show some depth when the mix on the field is right.

    I was also pleasantly suprised by Findlay, especially given some of his recent MNT performances. However, I think the thing we all lose sight of sometimes is that when the MNT comes out with a predominantly 2nd team, as in some of our recent matches, sometimes guys can look less talented than they are because they don’t have the necessary talent surrounding them. Findlay looked much better yesterday playing with a stronger mix of guys on the field. As I’ve heard said in the past, sometimes the best “team” isn’t the most talented 11 players…

  280. ArizonaGov says:

    They are all the same to people like Big Phil. He doesn’t know the difference.

    By the way those two are Americans.

  281. Obid says:

    You would be.

  282. Fire BB2 says:

    Like Dave W said, being a DM for Pachuca is not the same as being a DM for the USMNT. If you don’t believe me, read what JFT himself said to Grant Wahl:

    The player who benefited the most from this game was Torres, the 22-year-old Texan who came on at halftime for a struggling Ricardo Clark and made a major impact, not just by connecting on his passes (we knew he could do that) but also by showing some bite in the tackle.

    “Jose found a very good way when we were trying to push the game of finding spots and getting the ball moving,” said U.S. coach Bob Bradley. “When you’re behind, we’re pushing Michael [Bradley] to be more active and more mobile, and the understanding between the two was good. I thought Jose really played well. He was sharp, found the right people and covered all the holes very well.’

    Whether Torres earned a starting spot in the central midfield in this game remains to be seen. He might have moved ahead of Clark in the pecking order after Clark had problems completing passes and keeping up with a marauding Turkish attack in the first half. Yet I still think Maurice Edu probably has the inside track to starting next to Bradley against England, not least because he’s a stronger defender than Torres.

    Torres is making plenty of defensive improvements, though. He told me after the game that he has spent time watching the way Bradley moves in the midfield to win balls and make tackles. Torres also admitted that while every player has to adjust when moving from his club to the national team, he has to adapt more than most to Bradley’s preferred style when he leaves Pachuca, his Mexican League team.

    “The pace of the game is always quicker, faster,” Torres said. “So when I come in, in two or three days I’ve got to be right on target. I have to be fast on the ball, get the ball moving and make tackles. But I’m starting to get the rhythm of the game. Today Bob told me I did great on closing gaps and moving the ball.”

    If Torres is now angling for a starting spot, the biggest surprise of this game was Findley, the 24-year-old Real Salt Lake forward who was an unexpected choice by Bradley to make the final 23-man roster on Wednesday. Although Findley hasn’t been as good in MLS this season as he was in his breakthrough 2009, he showed a confidence on Saturday that was missing in his last U.S. game at the Netherlands on March 3.

    Findley made Bradley look smart after coming on as a second-half sub. Not only did he produce some darting runs to create space in the attacking third, but Findley also pulled off a stunning pass that keyed the first U.S. goal. Receiving a long ball out of the back from defender Jay DeMerit, Findley could have just tried to run through or past his defender toward the Turkish goal. But sometimes the key to success at the international level is knowing when to pause for a breath, and Findley did just that, stopping on a dime to loft a delicate chip that found the foot of Donovan.

    Donovan would go on to finish the lovely attacking movement by laying off to Jozy Altidore for the goal, but it was Findley’s vision that stood out the most. Even Donovan acknowledged that he hadn’t seen anything like it before from Findley in MLS. “Not really, but he’s clearly capable of it,” Donovan said of Findley. “He’s a smart player, and he understands the game. His strengths are running at people and in front of the goal, but if he can do that, that’s going to help us a lot.”

    As for Donovan, he played almost the entire game on the right side of midfield, a switch from his usual left-sided position for the U.S. but very much in line with the role he had on the right flank for Everton in the spring. Perhaps the biggest highlight of Donovan’s 10-week stint at Everton was the day he outplayed England left back Ashley Cole in a victory over Chelsea, and now that match-up seems like a possibility again with Donovan moving to the right.

    “When he’s on the right, I speak to him now in terms of Everton,” said U.S. (and Everton) goalkeeper Tim Howard. “Like today we walked out, I said, ‘Remember how we do it at Everton. Track the runner, or go heavy inside and let Jonathan [Spector] take the runner.’ Today his touches were really good. He skinned a few guys down the right side. He was running at people making them backpedal, and it was really fun to watch.”

    Not that it was a perfect day for Donovan. He had a more prominent role in the second half, assisting on both U.S. goals, but his first half was tougher, including his role in the team defensive breakdown that led to Arda Turan’s counter-attack goal for Turkey.

    In that case, right back Jonathan Spector made a run upfield, only to lose the ball with nobody from the U.S. covering the empty space he had left behind. Donovan and Clark should have done more to provide cover but didn’t get back in time to keep with the streaking Arda.

    “Jonathan had made the run, the ball came loose, it got played up and we actually put a little bit of initial pressure on,” said Bob Bradley. “[Center back Clarence] Goodson pushed pretty high to try to shut things down. But the next level of reactions weren’t that good, and they were able to play the ball down the left side and create that opening.”

    “It’s about a team reaction when the ball turns over. You want the initial pressure to give everybody else an idea of what they need to do. In some cases the next guy can join in and maybe it can be taken care of right there. In other cases, it’s a regrouping behind the ball. I just think in that particular case that we were sort of caught half-and-half and didn’t do a good enough job.”

    It was hardly the only time Spector ran into trouble on the defensive end on a day when Arda beat him several times. You can be sure that England coach Fabio Capello will take note of this game when he considers how to deploy his speedy wingers Theo Walcott and Aaron Lennon. In fact, Spector’s struggles may have opened the door for a potential switch to right back Steve Cherundolo, who had a solid second half.

    Still, the U.S. showed some grit in a second-half comeback that was in some ways the opposite of what often happened in 2009, when the Yanks fell apart in the second halves and lost leads (and games) against Brazil, Italy and Mexico. This Turkey team was a tough opponent, and the lessons of the U.S.’s final domestic game before the World Cup were readily apparent.

    “When you go into a tournament like this, the urgency is very apparent,” said Donovan. “Every game, every goal, every minute is magnified and very important. And so at the end of all this, to know we can be down against a good team and have the ability in a really intelligent way to push the game and make it faster and be more aggressive without giving up things at the back was really good for us.”

  283. FireBB2 says:

    Agreeing with Lalas severely impacts your credibility on anything related to soccer.

    This was, after all, an exhibition game and allowed Bradley to experiment. After the first half he could see what needed to be done and did it.

    As for Findley benefiting from a better formation isn’t that what you are supposed to do? Put players in formations that give them a chance to succeed? You would prefer to play him in a formation that does not suit him? Are you nuts?

    The USMNT can only play a limited number of formations because of the talent avaiable and the limited amount of time they have together. Bob isn’t playing fantasy football here, he’s trying to win games.

  284. heron says:

    blah blah blah….blah blah blah….don’t i write good…..blah blah.

  285. Warren says:



  286. Warren says:

    Dempsey is known as a best 11 EPL middie; the lapses are in your and John Harkes imagination.

  287. Nerraw says:

    Dear Genius,

    It has taken some time for Torres to adapt to the US style.

    Here’s what he says about it:

    “Torres is making plenty of defensive improvements, though. He told me after the game that he has spent time watching the way Bradley moves in the midfield to win balls and make tackles. Torres also admitted that while every player has to adjust when moving from his club to the national team, he has to adapt more than most to Bradley’s preferred style when he leaves Pachuca, his Mexican League team.

    “The pace of the game is always quicker, faster,” Torres said. “So when I come in, in two or three days I’ve got to be right on target. I have to be fast on the ball, get the ball moving and make tackles. But I’m starting to get the rhythm of the game. Today Bob told me I did great on closing gaps and moving the ball.”

    Clark and for that matter most of the team are rusty.

  288. Toby says:

    Number changes for SA please!….Jozy#9, Torres #11, Holden #7, Demerit #2, Gomez #14

  289. EricW says:

    Harkes covets Dempsey’s wife

  290. phil says:

    I’ll do you one better:

    ———-torres (edu)——-
    boca onyewu demerit cherundolo

    subs (gomez for jozy, findley for torres/edu)

  291. Steve says:

    The attacking options look great. Right now I would start Findley up top with Altidore, keep Dempsey on the left and move him up when you sub Findley in the 2nd half. Our defense looks shakey, Cherundolo should definitely start on the right. Spector looks confused and has shown zero passion or emotion. Why is Bornstein on this team? If he plays we will surely lose.

    link to facebook.com

    Copy and paste the link to join the Cut Jonathan Bornstein from the US Soccer team club.

  292. Dennis says:

    The midfield is still not determined. Torres for the first time with the USA (including against Costa Rica) played like he was comfortable with his teammates and adapted to the style that was expected of him. He is able to make great passes and he is never dispossessed, now he is doing some of the tough work by tackling well and positioning that compliments his teammates. Those last 2 things are important mental issues and if that continues, he will start. Edu, Clark, Feilhaver and Holden are great players, but they may have a hard time unless Dempsey starts up top, something Findley made less likely.

  293. Spearhead says:


    I like you lineup to use against England with a few changers. Move Dempsey into the center and give him a little freedom to roam and put either Holden or Benny F on he left side. Move Edu into Torres’ spot. The reason being that Torres is WAY more effective when the game gets stretched out. Edu, while I am not sold on him, can plug the necessary gaps that we need until the game opens up, if it ever does. Torres should enter the game at halftime as he did yesterday.

  294. Ted Decker says:

    haha, so that’s why.

  295. SigiFreud says:

    I don’t think JB belongs on the World Cup roster.

    However, treating DMB and treating JB the same way seems foolish to me.

    They are completely different players who are at completely different points in their careers. DMB is a much decorated vet who pretty much knows what he is and what he has to do to get where he wants to go. JB is still a work in progress and probably has nowhere near DMB’s confidence.

    I realize you are a fan and fans have that coliseum mentality where player mistakes should be treated by being fed to the lions but good managers, and Bradley appears to be a good one, make their living trying to get the best out of people. And throwing them immediately to the wolves or lions is not productive. It may be satisfying to you but it’s not productive.

    I don’t know what the particulars are with JB, why Bradley persists with him, but I have to believe he has powerful reasons for doing so. Bradley seems like a nice enough guy but, given how many of his “boys” were cut from the team, it’s clear to me he won’t let emotions or sentiment get in the way of doing his job. People run down his resume but you don’t get to where he is without being ruthless.

    I’m almost positive that if he thought he had a better alternative to JB that guy would be on a plane to SA right now and JB would be back with Chivas.

  296. SochauxPrez says:

    It would almost be worth it to have Charlie on the roster just to see what kind of post you would have put up when he played.

  297. Caesar Augustus says:

    A much more positive display from Gooch. He looked aggressive and confident challenging for balls. Clearly, our defense was better with him in the lineup. He proved last night that he deserves to be in the starting lineup against England.

  298. jimoh8002 says:

    That’s where you wrong we can’t go into a game looking to adjust to the other team or play there game. If torres is the best option to start then let him start as the game progesses that’s when you make the nessary adjustments. Plus england are terrible at handling player with good technical ability without foul and getting in trouble. There game against mexico proved to me that torres can be out ace in that game.

  299. Joseph n. says:

    We just need one def mid in front of the backs. Edu would be good but bradley would do better. He needs to concentrate on def and distributing the ball to others which he is pretty good at. Cherrundalo is too small to play at the back for the U.S. Maybe slot him in between the mids and backs, but not too shure.

    Joe in houston

    p.s. I told u so about ching not making the cut.

  300. Stephen says:

    I don’t think that Demps is a bad defender, I just don’t think he tracks back as well as he may need to against England. We all know that Boca is a solid defender, but not the fastest and Demps is a top-level Middie, but he is not necessarily the most defensive minded. Just think we might need someone a little quicker. (Beasley…maybe as a second half-sub if the Left side is getting blasted.)

  301. Stephen says:

    He also ran down a player from behind because of his speed.

  302. Big Chil says:

    Yeah, I loved the way they looked in the 2nd half, minus Bornstein, of course.

  303. Stephen says:

    On a lighter/another note…the German team is falling apart. No Ballack, no Westermann, 3 others.

  304. fifawitz1313 says:

    +1 I Totally Agree.

  305. Warren says:

    Yeah right, we need to play Beasley instead of Dempsey.

    1 sits on the bench in Scotland for whatever reason, one stars in England. In midfield.

    Great idea, I’m sure BB will take your advice.

  306. Micah King says:

    Torres did do good in the game and is good. In my opinion, he is not better than Michael Bradley.

  307. Micah King says:


  308. Bobeto says:

    I would have liked to see Gomez start this match. Josy played the first half like he did early with Hull unlike toward the end of his EPL season he started using his body to sheild the ball and was a lot more dangerous. Bornstein has not had a good match for over a year. Only BB hasn’t noticed. The backline were ball watching when Spector attacked forward and we paid the price. Defensive mistakes like that cannot happen at that level.

  309. Micah King says:

    Spector is 100 % Phisically. Form wise he is not 100 %

  310. Bobeto says:

    Nerves were obvious factor in the first half. Torres help calm down things with short passes. Clark was looking for that long pass and we don’t have the strikers that can fight off defenders and win those long passes. Other then Bornstein’s play, I liked how skilled we were the second half.

  311. Micah King says:

    Bornstink. 😀

  312. Daniel says:

    Spector needs to learn that simply doing his job is enough. He is trying to do too much.

  313. Micah King says:

    I cannot wait for the game against the socceroos either. 😀

  314. Micah King says:

    Okay, both of you guys are wrong just because Jozy did not score a lot at Hull does not mean he should sit on the bench and be a sub. In my opinion Jozy was like by himself at Hull up top. Did you see when Jozy did those simple step overs to throw the defenders off and flew by them. That was good. Jozy adds skill, technique, drawing fouls, athleticism, and he ADDS GOALS AT THIS TIME. That is what he adds at this time and what the U.S.A. need.

  315. Dennis says:

    Agree IF the Australia match bears that out. Still need to look at who comes if Bradley/Dempsey/Donavon/Altidore is out due to injury or cards.

  316. Warren says:

    +1 for Edu and Torres for the start, MB as second half sub for Edu, Torres the full 90 to see if he can keep up that quality of play for a full game against a WC-caliber oppponent.

  317. Warren says:

    wrong, Torres should start every game.

    Question to be answered is whether MB comes off for Edu at the half.

    And Clark stays on the bench in case either MB or Edu is hurt/gets cards.

  318. Warren says:

    Totally agree re Dempsey left and Donovan right, why BB had them reversed for much of the past year was always a mystery to me.

  319. Warren says:

    Yeah he has, all season long for Pachuca where he often goes 90.

    The only question is why BB didm’t integrate Torres into the 1st 11 much sooner.

    It’s over re Torres or someone else, it’s only Torres now.

    Edu (and Rico) are back-ups to MB. Edu should come in at 45 minutes against Australia so Dempsey – Torres- Edu – Donovan can be tested.

    Feilhaber just became Torres’ backup, and doesn;t get on the field in SA unless Torres is hurting.

  320. Warren says:


  321. Warren says:


    your 2 best field players are Dempsey and Donovan, then there’s everybody else.

    Beasley is along for the ride as a tourist/senior citizen for this Cup, get used to it.

  322. Warren says:

    what he said

  323. Warren says:


  324. Warren says:

    You don’t get it, it’s no longer a question of who is in CM with MB.

    The question now is who is in CM with El Gringo.

    We know who Daddy likes; for me I’m fine with Edu, MB or Rico alongside Torres.

    So I’d like the MB-Torres and Edu-Torres combos to get try-outs against Australia, though odds are it is MB & Torres at the Cup, with Edu as 1st CM sub off ht bench.

    I guess Torre subs are Holden and Feilhaber.

  325. Warren says:

    You forgot Torres.

    And Holden’s ahead of DMB on the depth chart now.

  326. Warren says:

    Torres I expect draws interest from Italian Spanish, and French clubs after the cup.

    I’m not sure we USMNT fans want Torres absorbing clumsy leg-breaking EPL tackles.

  327. Warren says:

    Hey give him a break on the oil spill, BB and BP can be mixed up easily ; )

    But yeah BB (or BP?) better do a better job solving global warming then he did handling Torres through qualifying, or I won;t be impressed.

  328. Warren says:

    ya think??

  329. Warren says:

    Exactly re needing Torres ball handling vs England, without him on the field I don’ know when we will ever touch the ball against that line-up.

    no more redundant tackle-making but limited distribution skills. Pick 1 of MB, Edu, or Clark.

    Holden honsetly is probably best used as a second half sub for Torres or Dempsey’s wide mid spot, when he gets pushed up top late in the game if we need goal.

  330. Warren says:

    I like Findley too, but Gomez should be in the mix for sure.

  331. Warren says:


  332. Warren says:

    Edu and Clark are no longer MB partners, they’re this backup.

    Torres owns the other CM spot; Holden and Feilhaber can be his back-up.

  333. bottlcaps says:

    It was great to see Findley fulfilling the roll he was given; to stretch out the defense to allow Dempsey and Donovan more space to create. This worked at the Confed Cup with Davies and now Findley. I would like to see Buddle and Donovan interact as they do for the Galaxy and of course Gomez should be excellent when put with the “A” team, which he hasn’t experienced yet!.

    Spector was off his game. He did well in the Confed Cup with his long penetrating passed from the backline. Why he chose to make runs towards the box (and caught out once) I’m not sure. “Dolo proved, being one of the most experienced defenders on the pitch, that he deserves the right back spot.

    I do not thing Dempsey should be thrown up top, as shown in the Europa Cup, when put there, he is must less effective than on the wing.He is not the best crosser, BUT he and Donovan frequently switch side AND he is better making runs into the box.

    I’m still not totally convince that Altidore should be the default starting forward. True he is a handful, but he gave the ball away an awful lot. It may be just the cobwebs. His score was a gift (Donovan makes everyone look good)

    I almost PUKED when Bradly put Boo-Boo Bornstein in. WHY-OH_WHY does he torment us so. He is given that guy way more time than others more deserving. Look at the ratings from everybody and BBB is at the bottom…again. We are in serious trouble if Bradley has to use him against a good team.

    Turkey is a good team and Guus Hiddick is a great coach, so it’s a well taken win.

  334. Warren says:

    exactly waht i’ve been saying since last summer whil otehrs always claimed ‘but coach knows best’

    My favorite excuse to keep Torres off the field – repeated multiple times on these boards just days ago – ‘but Torres is too skilled for USMNT.’

    Right, we’re better off playing worse players. makes sense. Check that, complete nonsense, as Torres play the other day showed.

  335. Warren says:

    no question Torres was the best player, and no question this was not MB’s best game. Maybe he deserved a 5.

  336. Andy says:

    Torres’ creativity and skill, along with his solid D, was a refreshing site to the midfield after Clark looks lost game after game. I was surprised by Findley’s skill, I haven’t seen him much. As he matures and distributes the ball to the box sooner, he will wreak havoc on defenses.
    The defense has me a bit concerned, but after we start the starting 4 against Australia I’m sure it’ll be buttoned down. Bornstein is a mess and I hope they go with Demerit and Gooch in the middle, Carlos and Steve on the wings. That will really help with the counter attacks, having that skill on the wings can only help landon and clint find open space.

  337. BCC says:

    No, I would not describe them that way. Do you think they play like Barca? Even remotely?

  338. wildchild says:

    attention Yank supporters: lose the red coats and shirts. We wear blue.

  339. Toby says:



    Donovan Torres Bradley Holden

    Boca Demerit Gooch Cherundolo


  340. Warren says:

    Dear Nerraw,

    Thanks for the compliment.

    I suspect Torres would have adjusted a lot faster to playing with the USMNT if Bob had actually let Torres on the field for more than limited action here and there; and didn;t pull him every time someone else like his son screwed up eg the famous Costa Rica goal last summer.

    But anyway, now that you and Bob have got with the program, I need say no more.

  341. Warren says:

    Like I said they play different (CM) positions and roles.

    1 has skill on the ball, can break up plays with tackles, and thread passes.

    MB…is the other guy. In the other CM position which could be rotated among MB, Edu and clark without a big dropoff in team performance, I suspect. As long as Torres is in the other CM slot.

    So yeah, Torres is obviously a more gifted player than MB. Grit and hustle is great; grit, hustle and skill is even better.

  342. Warren says:

    Is too.

    Watch the second half of yestedray’s game again and tell me who made more tackles in cm, who connected more passes, who blocked more shots even – answer is not MB.

    Nice kid, hard worker, but not as skilled as Torres, obviously.

  343. Warren says:


    See Micah sometimes we agree : )

  344. Warren says:

    It felt like an eternity watching the Turks’ pass after one of the moves past Bornstein roll through the box…you sure it was only 15 minutes of torture?

  345. Warren says:

    Not playing Torres is clearly the higher risk option for USMNT.

    I give BB credit for finally getting it, and expect he will go with what works – and finally abandon what doesn’t work.

    Meaning 2 similar players side by side, whether MB and Clark or MB and Edu. RIP

  346. Warren says:

    Since his foot injury last winter Benny hasn’t been quite the same player, whether in the Danish league or for USMNT.

    Too bad, I like the guy, but don;t want him on the field at the Cup.

  347. Warren says:

    Torres made fine tackles in other appearances for USMNT – was it in the tie in El Salvador where he chased a guy to (our) corner, stole the ball from him, moved it upfield, which then led to a shot that tied the game lat sec?

    That was important for helping USMNT qualify first in the group.

    But definitely yesterday was a break-out performance for Torres, no question.

  348. Reallynot Ives says:

    Spector looks as likely as JB to give up a crap goal.

    LB depth chart should be Boca, DMB, Edu,Benny,Clark,

  349. Scooby says:

    Realshaggy and goo,

    Isn’t that what Findley did? Come in at the second half and spark the team? What are you two bitching about?

  350. bear lee says:

    Dolo – Spector

    Gooch – Clarence

    Findley – Benny ( Duece drops back to MF)

    Torres – Clark

  351. Stephen says:

    I never said play him in place of Dempsey. I just said play him on the left.

  352. Warren says:

    Right, gringo wasn’t good enough to get off the bench for usmnt even though he clearly has better technical skills than anyone else in the pool.

    Learning to play with MB was key, so good for us they were on same page in 2nd half.

  353. Warren says:

    I’m not a hater, I just get frustrated with the slow learning.

    Great, he’s learned Torres is a difference-maker, and bravo to him on Findley’s good half.

    Only took a year to get Torres on the field – maybe it’s Paco growing up, and maybe he should have had more opportunities to get used to USMNT play.

    Was same story last summer with Charlie Davies, who only got on the field when Ching was injured; while it was obvious even a year ago that Ching wasn’t up to the challenge of facing Brazil, Italy and Spain.

    Anyway, better late than never; and if BB is learning new tricks for in-game adjustments great.

    Now if BB’d only learn there’s never a place for Bornstein on the field we’d all be happy.

  354. Warren says:

    I agree MB and Rico conceded the central midfield to Turkey in the 1st half, were way off the ball and chasing the play much of the time.

  355. Warren says:

    that’s not a big question, Dolo’s won the rb job back.

    And Spector’s won a seat on the bench to get his head straight – hopefully before he gets called into action.

  356. Warren says:

    ok, my bad. please accept my apologies.

    But for me I’m still not convinced, Holden over DMB these days I’d say.

  357. Post says:

    Any decent coach can see playing two defensive midfielders at the same time doesn’t work. It may have worked in confederations cup for some mystical reason( mind you it didn’t pay off in the end), but the key to a strong defense is a strong offense than can possess the ball. Torres brings a level of possesion and creativity that Clark and Bradley lack. In fact, Bradley and Clark arn’t even the 2 best defensive midfielders. Edu is a very strong defensive mid and has proven he can score as well. But you will never see Edu and Torres on the field at the same time during the world cup and that is a crime. Bradley should care more about the team and who they represent than his bald headed freak of a son what he thinks he brings to this team.

    Findley was solid and i’m glad to see him take his game to the level i think he can play at. His speed was a huge factor in the second half.

    Two observations: Why is ricardo clark on the squad again when he brings nothing to the table and the U.S. 2nd half team remined me of how they played when the speed of Davies was present.

  358. Post says:

    This lineup does not utilize the strength of certain players.

    I like Altidore up top, but not with Dempsey. You have basically two target guys here and no speed to stretch the defense as we saw in the first half of the turkey game. Move Dempsey to his normal spot at left mid and put donovan at right. Then start findley up top with altidore. Now you have a target man and speed guy. This is a combination you see time and time again with success all throughout the world. Dempsey playes much better in the normal role he plays at Fulham.

    I do like the back line though.

  359. Post says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more. Dempsey does most of his damage at outside mid. He is very comfortable there and moves well off the ball from that position.

    He and Altidore are just not fast enough and do not work well with each other up top.

    Altidore did not have the greatest game. Except for the move he had in the box that sent a cross just past a sliding Dempsey he was reletively quiet all the while showing some poor touch on the ball.

    I would be interested in seeing Buddle up top with Findley. Buddle has the advantage of a good repore with Donovan and therefore and advantage in my book. Findley is a MUST start for me. His speed is far to valuable to bring him off the bench.

    I really liked the 2nd half team minus of course Bornstein and would like to see what Beasley can do with his speed. 2 speedy outside mids cause a lot of trouble for defenses, couple that with a speedy forward and you can wear a defense out in a half.

    I am very encouraged by the 2nd half team, and if Bob Bradley is worth anything, the starting squad against england will mirror that of the 2nd half turkey game rather than the first.

    Send ricardo clark home, Torres is the real deal that is why he is successful in the mexican first divisions best team Pachuca.(by the way they qualified for the fifa club world cup).

  360. Post says:

    I’m curious why you think that Bradley is better than Edu? I would summize that the mere fact that one plays for the Rangers and the other a low level german squad, Edu is the more talented back. You can always tell the caliber of a player by where they play their club ball. It is like that even in youth soccer.

    Bradley is the typical american soccer player: lots of heart and hustle, but doesn’t understand the “whole” game. Just replay that match and watch him chase the ball from player to player like a dog chasing cars on a two way street. He passes to the first open player he sees and doesn’t think two passes ahead. Remember this is a guy that wasn’t good enough to make the world cup squad 4 years ago but when his dad took over he became a starter?

    Edu is more physical, more athletic and has better vision. He is a true defensive midfielder.

    Also curious why you think cherrundolo is too small for right back. Have you heard of Philip Lahm for Germany. Their stud right fulback? He’s 5’7 and crosses the heck out of the ball. Dolo is 5’6. Dude he’s not too small. He’s what you call a wing back.

  361. Post says:

    Are you kidding me? Do you know anyting about soccer? Why would you put your holding midfielder(bradley) in an attacking postion and you attacking and better possesing midfielder(Torres) in a defensive mid role? You have them playing in essense a 4-5-1. This is the same formation Bruce Arena played in the 06 world cup and scored 1 goal. You must not know much about formations or positions. European teams use the 4-5-1 on away games in por conditions to try and eek out a tie.

  362. Post says:

    more like dave from outer space because this lineup is way way out there man.

    Goodson isn’t ready for center back in the world cup, he has no experience there and showed that against turkey.

    You will never see Altidore and Buddle start next to each other because they are both target forwards. You can’t play with two target forwards because you have no one who can move off the ball to receive it and you can’t stretch the defense.

    The back line minus Goodson and add Demerrit looks solid, and I couldn’t agree with you more on the midfield although i would like to see what Edu can do in place of bradley if anything maybe his head won’t cast a glare and blind me while i’m watching the game like Bradley’s ugly bald head does.

  363. I feel vindicated by all these comments. I have been screaming for Torres inclusion into the team for the past year.

    The US will benefit from his experience this past year with Pachuca. We should be asking, who is going to partner Torres in the midfield? He is the midfield quarterback we have been longing.

  364. bf says:

    he he… “surprisingly decent” … well put. Glad to see he was playing in form. That’s forwards for you. They’re all streaky. (unless named McBride)

  365. bf says:

    you said that before

  366. bf says:

    btw… Dempsey regularly subbed in as a FORWARD for Fulham… Especially in the Europa league (Think the goal against Juve). That being said he is a great passer and has a level head on the ball. Either way Dempsey seems to have a knack for getting in there and getting shots on frame. He’s the game changer.

  367. bf says:

    I agree, but partially. I say bring in Edu once we are up 2-0. Then park the bus. Why start a game with a defensive mentality when we have the players capable of an early goal?

    The only way I’d start Edu (or Clark) with MB is if we no we are out classed and are playing for a tie. If we try that against England, though, we will get beaten.

    Torres gives us possession and composure in the middle that have been lacking for years (i.e. since Reyna)

  368. bf says:

    right here… Findley looked awful against the Dutch. He has played terrible, save his last game this season. Why would anybody who just watches games think anything better.

    But… We’re going to the WC now… We’ve got our team. I will root for whoever’s on the field but will crucify them if they screw up. Hey that’s the beauty of being a fan :)

  369. Joe says:

    Findley did play well, but I think you’re giving him to much of a cop out for the Netherlands game. Simply put, he’s been awful for the USA before this game. Glad he showed that he actually belonged.

  370. Joe says:

    I saw the thread too, but you have to understand that the first half was absolutely dreadful, of course the blame is going to fall on Bob Bradley. Also, this win doesn’t mean that Bob is a great coach or whatever. It means the USA pulled together this game and got the win. But make no mistake, we come out with a half like that against England, and they will eat us alive, and then you’ll really see some Bradley head hunters. Also, I was one of these people who was livid at the sight of Findley on the roster. And just because he played well saturday, doesn’t mean that everyone like me was wrong. The pick of Findley was unjustified, seeing as he’d shown nothing this calendar year that would indicate he’s ready for the international level. In fact there were signs that he wasn’t ready even during his “good game” of saturday, evident by the times in which he simply ran out of bounds, showing that he still has yet to harness his speed. All in all, im so pleased with the match, but just as the first half doesn’t give the license for people to say that Bob Bradley is a terrible coach, the second half doesn’t give fans license to say he’s been vindicated either, as there are still glaring issues with the team. Good win

  371. Jackson says:

    I love your post.

    Almost every other sentence contradicts what was said just before it.

    Childish and innocently stupid. God love you! Thanks for the entertainment! Keep it up!

  372. Nerraw says:

    Mr. Genius,

    You’re wrong.

    Pachuca also brought Torres along slowly. It’s only recently that Torres has really blossomed there and it’s still a cultural change for him every time he plays for the US. You forget how overwhelmed he was during his recent 45 minutes against Holland and they are much more like England than Turkey was. BB picked the right pace for Torres. Maybe you noticed he is going to South Africa as confident as he has ever been? Maybe you forgot who brought Torres to the USMNT in the first place, took him to South Africa and didn’t throw him to the wolves before he was ready? But maybe you think that is all a coincidence, eh compadre? If so, I’ve got some great houses in Miami to sell you.

  373. ScottL says:

    Yes, but Bornstein will review his actions, and make a change. As someone noted above, jumping in to a quick game is tough enough. Having to defend the fastest players warm, as Bornstein did is a note to the coach, and how he needs to prepare the team in these situations.

  374. ScottL says:

    Good points. However, entering a game like the way Turkey was playing was difficult for anyone, espeically at defense. It is a sign for the coach to prepare all players when entering to be prepared at that face pace. Turkey was moving well. Do you not agree?

  375. ScottL says:

    It is difficult for anyone to jump into a race and pick up the pace in an instant. The coach needs to prepare all subs to be better prepared. JB was exposed more than anyone, and I am sure that he, and the coaching staff will make the appropriate adjustments (for all). This exposed a team weakness, and this should be helpful on June 12.

  376. ScottL says:

    You have to wonder why the outside backs have a challenging time? Perhaps jumping into an already fast pace game is hard enough, or that the fastest players are coming at you with two or three others pushing on your side when you are down a goal? I am sure the coaching staff is smart enough to have taken something away and make an adjustment when they put in a sub.

  377. James says:

    To those that still want to put Dempsey up top to start – yes, we know how that will work out. It won’t. Dempsey doesn’t want to be up there and therefore will be ineffectual. put him on the wing where there is less clutter and allows him to make diagonal runs against the d.


  378. James says:

    Holden doesn’t “deserve” to start. he’s better suited to coming off the bench at this point in his career.

    Torres, who should be in match shape, deserves a start. but if he can’t go 90, who will be in for the sub? Feilhaber? all other central mids are defensive. well, truth be told, I don’t know where Edu fits into that. sort of a midway between Clark and Torres.