Aguirre resigns from Mexico post


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Javier Aguirre resigned as Mexico national team head coach on Wednesday following El Tri's elimination from the World Cup.

Aguirre took responsibility for the 3-1 loss to Argentina, a loss that marked the fifth consecutive World Cup that Mexico was unable to win a game in the second round of the World Cup.

Aguirre replaced Sven-Goran Eriksson for his second stint as Mexico coach in April 2009 after the Mexicans struggled in the opening rounds of World Cup qualifying. Aguirre led Mexico to a second-place finish in CONCACAF and in Group A at the World Cup.

What do you think of Aguirre resigning? How would you rate his latest stint with El Tri? Who do you think will be the next Mexico head coach?

Share your thoughts below.

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97 Responses to Aguirre resigns from Mexico post

  1. Marvin says:

    Mexico needs more than new coach.

  2. I thought he really turned them around from the debacle of Erikson. And not sure anyone will beat Argentina this year…save for Brazil.

  3. BetaMale says:

    I hear Sven is looking for a job. Seems like a match made in heaven if you ask me…

  4. Gary says:

    Messi and Tevez get credit for Mexico’s loss, not this guy. He’ll cone riding back in a few years to prep them for 2014.

  5. Doug says:

    I agree with you. In fact, I thought they were really taking it to Argentina early in that match and were unlucky not to have scored. That could have been a totally different match if that happened.

  6. aaronblok says:

    Mexico has the type English syndrome, they think there allot better then they really are. Aguirre should take some of the blame but the deeper issue lies with the players.

  7. BetaMale says:

    But to be serious, I like this approach.

    He turned the team around, did all he could do, got the team as far as they ever were going to get, and he graciously stepped down.

    RoboBob should take a page from Aquirre’s book. He got us out of our group, took the team as far as they were ever going to go, and now should step down so the USSF can use every day of the next 4 years taking this team to the next level.

    Why do we have to wait 6 months until Sunil shows him the door anyways? Just make this process alot easier…

  8. Tony in Quakleand says:

    He did a great job picking up the wreakage left my Erriccsson…which is why I’m glad he’s leaving!

    Actually, I think the chip on his shoulder approach leads to Mexico’s tendecy to unravel under pressure.

  9. Brad says:

    This surprises me. I don’t know who they expect to find that would be better. Obviously the players feel more comfortable with a Mexican coach after running out Sven.

  10. Danny says:

    Bring back Hugo Sanchez! We [The United States] need all the help we can get.

  11. wilyboy says:

    What a scandal. Losing to Lionel Messi, Carlos Tevez, and Gonzalo Higuain when you never had the defensive personnel. I have to give Mexico credit for trying to play them instead of bunkering, but not sure they can. Is there any coach on earth that can make the players not turn into blood-thirsty berserkers when the chips are down? (Before you disagree, bear in mind Mexico’s former exploits in world cups).

  12. Metro-211-7 says:

    Aguirre is leaving because he believes he can get a big contract from an European team now that we are in the offseason and many teams are still looking for a coach.

    This is about money/opportunity for Aguirre. He is a good manager of his career, believe me. It is about money.

  13. ELAC says:

    Aguirre to the US?

    Ok, but seriously Mexico has bigger issues than us. Their revolving door policy of coaches spins again.

    That said, the USA has to win in the Azteca

  14. mike says:

    Aguirre to Chivas USA?

  15. Alexi Lalas says:

    Look. It’s. Not. That. Complicated. Me. I should coach Mexico.

  16. Mason says:

    He saved them from failing to qualify.

  17. Randy says:

    I like Aguirre, he did a heck of a good job in a short time with what he ad. Of course it’s about the money but if he exceeded expectations he would have probably have stayed. Mexican fans felt a quarterfinal appearance was the standard he should have achieved. Real US fans are no different as such Bob should recognize winning another match was achievable and the team under his leadership failed. Time for him to move on.

  18. Second City says:

    I will certainly miss him kicking opposing players and his classic ” THIS IS SPARTA ” screaming face.

    Oh well, I hear Sven is available again.

  19. montana matt says:

    Agreed. He’s at least a viable candidate for the job. I’d prefer, Jurgen, but I definitely have respect for Aguirre.

  20. You have to score to win says:

    They were very good on the ball early on against Argentina but they have the same problem the US do and that is finishing. That could change with the development of Hernandez but they need more finishers.

  21. Brooklyn Dave says:

    Aguirre got this squad playing at a very high level, I am skeptical that the next guy will do better.

  22. RK says:

    SGE was fine. The fans and media overreacted after Mexico had played more games on the road than the other teams.

  23. RK says:

    That’s all there is to it.

  24. RK says:

    Whoever “the next guy” is, I’m sure he’ll only have about 6 months on the job before he is fired.

  25. Brad says:

    Cuauhtemoc Blanco will be the next player/coach! (joke)

  26. Goalscorer24 says:

    He did a good job of turning Mexico around. The Mexican team is very talented, but they have mental problems. You could see it after Argentina scored on them via the missed offsides call. They unraveled and gave Argentina a sitter after that to go down 2-0.

  27. Amalinze(the cat) says:

    When does Bob Bradley?

  28. Wispy says:

    Not sure … when does anyone Bradley?

  29. udging Jamy says:

    Bob Bradley to Mexico!

  30. Findley is the American BOFO says:

    I don’t think Aguirre did a good job. The first curious decision he made was excluding Jonathon Dos Santos. Yes, he’s young, doesn’t play regularly (if at all) for Barcelona, and was very unlikely to see action in the World Cup, but sometimes you bite the bullet – particularly when he seems to have the skills to lead the team at the next few cups. According to his father, he may never play for Mexico again. Second, he picked Oscar Perez to start over Guillermo Ochoa. Granted, Perez did a rather serviceable job, but Ochoa played most of qualifying, and could have gained the World Cup experience that may play dividends down the road (as he, Vela, Gio Dos Santos, Berrera, Guardado, etc. carry the team into 2014). Finally, he made some very odd lineup choices during the tournament – not starting Andres Guardado during the group stage, and worst of all, starting BOFO against Argentina. He certainly did a great job salvaging the mess Erikson created, but I don’t think his choices took advantage of Mexico’s strength – when you don’t have a great defense, play your best offensive stars (and certainly don’t start your worst). Like Randy pointed out, it’s a bit like the US – probably reached a pre-tournament goal, but fans were left disappointed because the team seemed to be poised to make the next step. The new coach can now start cultivating the next Mexico team into a juggernaut for 2014. Is anyone else excited for qualifying to start?

  31. SeattleStan says:

    I think that’s a little strong, I mean one goal was clearly offside, another a gift from the Mexican defense. Taking those into account, I hardly think they’re in the “nobody but Brazil can beat them” category.

  32. Aquaman says:

    Almost as good as Arena to Mexico.

  33. RK says:

    There’s another Dos Santos — I had no idea. But I can’t see why you would take a player with you that has no chance to see the field.

  34. Dubs says:

    Bob step down? ha. think he doesnt want to coach his kid in 2014?

  35. A.S. says:

    There’s no shame in losing to Argentina – especially given that one of the goals should have been disallowed.

    The problem for Mexico was the loss to Uruguay (and, somewhat relatedly, the tie against SA). A win against Uruguay and they would have won the group — and avoided Argentina in the Round of 16.

    I think Aguirre is a good coach, but the entirety of Mexico’s World Cup experience was mediocre.

  36. war says:

    If only Bob could do the same

  37. northzax says:

    the very fact that Dos Santos’ FATHER speaks for him, and says things like he may never play for Mexico again because of the ‘snub’ of a player who rides the pine (albiet at perhaps the deepest club in the world) is a very good reason NOT to pick him.

  38. Second City says:

    By most Mexican Supporters accounts: Ochoa was out of form. And from my perspective he’s incredibly overrated.

    The term World Class and Ochoa was thrown around quite often. I think that’s both premature as it is extremely presumptuous.

  39. I DMan says:

    What the hell are you talking about? Sven-Goran Eriksson is 100 times better than Aguirre. Aguirre sucks and the Mexican side sucks

  40. brassboots says:

    Agree with the sentiment that Mexican fans have a completely dillusional sense of self (aka the brits). El tri isn’t a top 20 team in the world and they made it to the knockout. Enjoy. What were you expecting…. the Cup?

  41. Jimbo, Brooklyn says:

    Totally agree. Fully epect him to land squarely on his feet in Spain.

  42. Felix says:

    Mexico doesn’t have a coaching problem – Javier Aguirre is a good coach and shouldn’t take the blame for Mexico’s loss. They ran up against a better team – that’s all. Mexico has good players, but not great players, and you need great players to reach the level of success that Mexican fans want their national team to achieve.

  43. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Just because a guy is a good coach, it doesn;t mean he’s right for every situation. By any measure it is hard to call his time there a success. He was pretty clealy out of step with the team, had won only once in seven matches when he was fired, and had put Mexico’s qualifying in jeapordy (even accounting to the Federations overreactions). By contrast, Mexcio was playing very well going into the Cup and could have made the semis with a better draw.

  44. NewCoach2014 says:

    Rag on Mexico’s players or Aguirre but if they had gotten the opportunity to play Ghana they would most likely be in the quarterfinals now. Maybe it is the US that has the English syndrome. Your analysis doubly applies to our side this cup.

  45. locoamericano says:

    How bout the US mentality allowing a goal in the first 10 minutes on a regular basis? Mental issues? Of course not! Lets not be so naive as Landon suggested. The mental game is a Mexican issue.

  46. Andy Zilis says:

    I don’t think Mexico ever believes they have much of a chance to win the World Cup, which is pretty unlike England.

    I thought they dominated the Argentina game until the offside goal, at which point they melted down. There were clearly some psychological issues at play here, but thinking they’re better than they are wasn’t one of them.

  47. patrick says:

    bob will step down once his affairs are in order and he’s secured another coaching job abroad. Hes not dumb, he’s been around long enough to know that this gig, 99% of the time, is a 4 year deal. As soon as he finds a team in europe (think scandinavia) that will hand over the reins, he’ll step down.

  48. Denial says:

    Trust me they would have beaten Mexico… everybody underestimates Ghana. They are the most discipline african team from this cup. Most african teams look good at the beggining of the game, until their back line gets dismantled, but these guys have both the organization mixed with a natural technical flair. In addition, they are physical, they have speed, and have high endurance (as shown against a highly fit US team). Mexico has had decades to have gotten to a final at the Worl Cup stage, whereas the US, just started taking this sport serious for the last 20 yrs. The problem with Mexico is, that there bureaucratical federation has always been plagued with favortisms, nepotisms, and corruption….wow…kind of how that country is ran. The problem has never been the coach, but your primadona players (who are warming benches in Europe) that are treated like gods in Mexico. There has to be consistency for a team to develope, so far, Mexico has had 4 coaches in the last 4 yrs. IMO…Aguirre was the answer to take Mexico to the next level.

  49. art37 says:

    Mexico didn’t qualify because Aguirre choked. He never had the same 11 players on the field. Anyone that know anything about futbol or soccer knows that with so many inconsistencies in your starting line up including changing your captain every game, putting star players on the bench (guardado), playing center forwards that are not scoring (franco) etc puts more pressure on whoever ends up playing and creates an environment where you don’t trust your coach. Too much strategy and not enough common sense is what brought Mexico to a poor performance in the World Cup. He choked despite having players like hernandez, dos santos, guardado, barrera, jaurez, etc. The expectations were high because the quality of the players that finally came together had a lot of potential. If this team is managed correctly next time around CONCACAF teams are fighting for only 2 spots as Mexico will qualify without breaking a sweat. The depth is there. Will it be managed correctly? I think so because Aguirre is gone.

  50. Robert says:

    I say Bielsa gets the job….although I’d like for him to coach USA

  51. Frank says:

    Great Post. People here know nothing about Mexican soccer. Aguirre saved Mexico’s world cup qualifying but screwed up big time in the world cup. Why start Perez after Ochoa had been starting all qualifying? Why bring slow overweight Bofo instead of Jonathan Dos Santos? Why not start Guardado every game? Why switch formations two games before the world cup. Why not start Moreno ahead of Osorio against Argentina. And lastly whey the fck not start Hernandez over injured Franco? All us Mexican fans are excited to see him leave. In Mexican polls only 10% wanted him to stay. Mexico had the talent to go far in South Africa. Aguirre had a bad gameplan against Uruguay that caused us to finish second and face Argentina. And Ochoa is the best goalkeeper in Mexico period. Aguirre Out!

  52. Frank says:

    And the US is? I would rather lose to Argentina than Ghana any day. Unbelievable.

  53. Frank says:

    Nice post. Totally agree. Mexico will be the class of CONCACAF starting with next years Gold Cup. I am willing to bet my house on it.

  54. Mig22 says:

    If I get a vote, I’d say that soccer fans should never be allowed a vote. At least not one that counts. It’s just noise obscuring a signal. Nobody, including a randomly typing monkey, is less qualified to pick a team coach as one of that team’s fan(atic)s.

  55. art37 says:

    Bielsa is brilliant. I think he is best suited to coach the USMNT. The US players have the right level of discipline to apply a Bielsa strategy flawlessly in every single game. He would do a great job with USMNT. Problem is the leadership needs to have the balls to get rid of Bradley and bigger balls to go after the right coach. Ain’t going to happen. USMNT will continue to be mediocre but its not thier fault. The leadership is not there.

  56. Ron says:

    Bielsa works for Mexico.. his tactics are perfectly aligned with the way mexicans like there team.. fast, attacking and fast.

    I’m not sure he would be a good fit for us.

  57. Ron says:


  58. bill says:

    Lets hope Bradley follows his lead

  59. Keith says:

    Aguirre did a great job preparing Mexico for this WC. They played a lot of tough friendlies in Europe before going to South Africa. I like this current Mexican team a lot more than the ones they fielded the past few years. More professional, and with much more international experience. They looked very dangerous against Argentina until that first goal, and could have easily led or tied in the first half. If the Mexican national team continues to play with that much class and confidence in the future, they’ll be my second favorite CONCACAF team. Most of all, I’d like to see the US – Mexico rivalry turn into one of mutual respect than mutual hatred.

  60. GO USA says:

    Wow sorry to hear you are losing your house. Tough break man.

  61. art37 says:

    Have to agree with Frank on the quality of the Mexican team. The players I mentioned are all under 23 add those that went to the World Cup but didn’t play (Ochoa, magallon, vela, etc) are also under 23. The team has time to mature and will be unbeatable. Although, I have to admit its a shame that they were so mismanaged by Aguirre who bet on the veterans instead of youth.

  62. JM says:

    Frankly, I think this generation of Mexicans is much better than their performances would suggest.

    If they find a top coach, and someone to play in goal, they are going to be very tough over this next cycle.

  63. JustSayin says:

    The only team that will beat Argentina in this WC is FC Maradona.

    Hopefully Holland will hand Brazil their butts, given that their midfield starters are mostly injured. There may never be a better chance for the Brilliant Orange to reach the potential everyone has talked about since WC ’74.

  64. JustSayin says:

    Only when I’m drinking.

  65. De Maria says:

    You obviously NEVER saw his performance in Copa America especially vs. Brasil, and you obviously NEVER heard Marcelo Bielsa calling him precisely that, ‘a World Class goalkeeper’ after Mexicos friendly vs. Chile at Azteca no more than a month ago. Is it possible Bielsa knows a little more about World Class than you?

  66. Maitor says:

    Javier Aguirre is the kind of guy you’d love to sit down and have a beer with! Stories all around, the ability to change his vernacular depending on who he’s with and the kind of repartee that allows him to be friends with the President of Mexico or an up and coming player. He’s also extremely hard headed, loyal to his interests and married to his convictions.
    I think that he became too enamored of his prowess as a great tactician and sacrificed the collective good of the team. I think he played into Maradona hands by his bizarre decisions in that final game. Marquez should have never gone back to CB, Bofo should have never played, and Blanco should have gone in as a sub because that’s what he’d been doing, and for reasons I can’t explain it just worked for Mexico!
    People can criticise after the fact, but Javier Aguirre qualified Mexico two times when ALL was lost. Let’s hope we don’t need him in four years time to throw the life vest once again, because I have a feeling that this time he won’t oblige.

  67. Jammer says:

    The point isn’t that US is better, the point is that American fans and media are happier with the results i.e. more realistic. But I disagree that Mexico isn’t a top 20 team.

  68. Eurosnob says:

    Mexico could not even beat South Africa, let alone Ghana. And to have an easier draw in the elimination round, you have to win your group, which Mexico failed to do. It’s that simple.

  69. Oranje Mike says:

    I could care less who Mexico hires as coach. As long as they lose I am happy.

  70. Eurosnob says:

    I agree. Their exit is not Aguirre’s fault. To the contrary, Aguirre is the primary reason why they made it to the world cup in the first place.

  71. Second City says:

    You obviously NEVER coached a national team.

    Seeing as Aguirre has (twice), I’ll side with his opinion. Remind me again how many starts/minutes this World Class keeper attained in South Africa?

    Is it possible Aguirre knows a lot more about World Class than you?

    Answer: Yes

    Seriously, the manager preferred Oscar Perez above him. [insert laughter]

  72. Eurosnob says:

    Art, you have a very short memory. Mexico was in total disarray before Aguirre took over. He is a good coach, possibly the best Mexican coach available. Before he took over the team, the players you mentioned lost to US 2-0, Honduras 3-1 and to El Salvador 2-1 and would have been out of the world cup if he did not turn the team around. I am not a fan of Mexican team, but I will give the credit where it is due – Aguirre is good coach.

  73. UhOk says:

    Ugh where have you been Frank? Under a rock?

    Mexican fans think they’re a super power in “futbol”. You didnt get that memo?

    They’re as delusional as England but at least England has a legitimate argument to win a World Cup in their only national sport.

  74. UhOk says:

    They’ve had about a hundred year head start on the States and that lead has all but vanished already in our 5th national sport.

    Good luck living out of a cardboard box.

    3.The Rest

  75. joejoe says:

    Aguirre failed.

    He picked Bofo Bautista, and did not even considered Pavel Pardo or Antonio Naelson.

    He left Guardado on the bench for long periods of time.

    He failed to recognize and exploit Javier Hernández abilities. Javier only started on the last game. He ended having two goals. Franco started on three games and was totally ineffective.

    He started Blanco in the game against Uruguay and Bautista in the one against Argentina. Both were too slow and worthless on the pitch.

    Mexico has a good core of players. They can beat any team out there. But they need a new a new coach that can recognize his players’ strengths and weaknesses.

  76. wildchild says:

    joe, joe, totally agree, except for the part about Blando.

    Mexico are good, good enough to take it all. anyone who says otherwise is retarded, blind, both or a racist.

    sitting Guardado shows that Aguirre wasn’t in the loop.

    kinda like Bradley sitting Buddle and Gomez.

  77. wildchild says:

    jeje Blando… whoops… accident.

  78. sir coble says:

    barcelona dos santos, the giovanni we all know and fear is currently loaned out by tottenahm. We need some 1/2 brazilian brothers on our team!

  79. Daniel says:

    You should check the foundation date for the Mexican and the American soccer federation. You will be surprised…

  80. DC Josh says:

    Mexico has a serious chance of leapfrogging USA this world cup cycle. They have an amazing group of youngsters. All they need is a good coach to lead them. I thought they peaked at the right time and were playing fantastic football. They should have been up 2-0 in the first 20 minutes against Argentina. I still hate their guts but this World Cup cycle will be a brawl. I can’t wait.

  81. DC Josh says:

    Agree about his personnel choices. El Chicharito scored 2 goals in 60 minutes. He should have been starting. And benching Guardardo, arguably their Landon Donovan, is beyond me.

  82. Carlos says:

    Mexico didn’t just play South Africa, it was the opening match of the WC against the host nation! Don’t try to excuse the fact that the US was in the easiest of all groups, and barely made it out, just to be sent home by Ghana!…Ghana vs. Agentina? Not even close!!!

  83. BooThisMan says:

    In the fourth round, sure, there’s no shame in losing to US and Honduras on the road. But you’re forgetting that in the third round, Mexico finished second to Honduras, and barely scraped by Jamaica on goal differential. In contrast, the US finished 10 points clear of third-place Guatemala in their group. Mexico was clearly underachieving under SGE.

  84. Jose says:

    Aguirre did a good job considering that Mexico was looking like they might not even qualify for the WC. So to go from not qualifying to losing to Argentina in the WC, I say that wasn’t too bad. But I bet Aguirre is leaving since he probably doesn’t want to deal with some of the players antics like Dos Santos and his dad, Nery Castillo, etc.

  85. Soccerdad says:

    If Aguirre is hired to replace Bradley I will not be upset.

  86. Juancho says:

    LMAO time to wake up.

    Delusional Spazzo

    Can’t wait for the Gold Cup again.

  87. Ja Ja James says:

    This has always been the issue for Mexico. This may sound sacrilege, but I feel that Mexico is highly more technical and their first touch much better than the U.S. team. In order to beat them, all you need to do is frustrate them and good things will happen. The Argentine game once again showed this. No doubt that the opening goal should not have counted, but leaders of the team (hmm..Marquez?) needed to get then team refocused, but as you mentioned, they remained mental and gave up an easy goal. At the end of half, rather than go into the locker room with purpose, the Mexicans mixed it up with the Argentines and who was in the middle of the fray? Blanco. Game over!

  88. JMO says:

    …and Bradley for Mexico!

    link to

  89. Yej says:


    Run along.

  90. UhOk says:

    Yep, you won’t be facing our C team next time around.

    See ya here when the Cup rolls around, Hauncho.

  91. UhOk says:

    Grown men don’t call other grown men ” Chicarito ”

    *Man-Card revoked*

  92. Robert Palacios says:

    And Mexico will not be sending out what at that point was essentially their B team, which later became their A team! Honestly dude, the dos a cero fun is in the past, and the US will probably have to wait another 50 years to get such an easy draw in a WC!

  93. Does anyone care? RATONES VERDE SUCK! He is a fraud! He lived in Miami while coaching the Green Rats! But the kicker is that he was doing commercials promoting that Mexico is getting safer and a great place to be! All the while, he has stated he wants to go back to Europe for safety concerns and lived in Miami! Some Mexican Pride!!!! The writing was on the wall when they lost to Uruguay and some players did not speak to the media after that loss!

  94. Ratones Verdes they are!!!!

  95. Jose Luis Rubio says:

    You’re full of crap. The commercials he did has nothing to do with Mexico being safe or a great place to be, it has to do with th fact that every 100 years something of major proportions changes our country in tangible ways. So he lives part-time in in Miami…SO WHAT? I live in Miami and am Mexican, you got a problem with it? And it’s neither Ratones Verde, nor Green Rats, it’s Ratones VERDES or Green MICE! A Mexican newspaper columnist Manuel Seyde came up with the nickname during the ’66WC, and sometimes we use it when we criticize our team because we feel like it, got a problem with it?
    Mexico plays beautiful attacking soccer and is a pleasure to watch, and as you can see more than 90 people opined about Aguirres departure, so your question ‘does anyone care’ is sophomoric!
    I can’t believe I’m answering to someone who hides behind the stupidest moniker of all…Wienerfry!!!