Bradley: Altidore fit, Onyewu can go full 90 against England


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Bob Bradley told reporters Wednesday that both Jozy Altidore and Oguchi Onyewu are fit for Saturday's World Cup opener against England.

Even more, the U.S. coach suggested that Onyewu, who hasn't played 90 minutes in any match since tearing his left patellar tendon last October, would be ready to go the full 90 on Saturday.

"The fitness program that we put our players through to prepare for the World Cup I think has every player in our 23 ready to play 90 minutes if asked," Bradley said to the Associated Press.

What do you think of this development? Hope to see Onyewu out there for the full 90? 

Share your thoughts below.

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149 Responses to Bradley: Altidore fit, Onyewu can go full 90 against England

  1. Raymon says:

    Does the fitness program test the vertical jump? Let’s hope so. Flatfooted Gooch is not summer 2009 Gooch.

  2. scott says:

    i just hope all the players on the team are in shape to help recover from runs deep into the attacking third and then back to the defending third.

  3. Bob Badley says:

    So Bradley says, “Don’t worry I have everything under control!”

  4. Bryan says:

    Do it big boys, for CD9.

  5. JFC says:

    is it saturday yet?

  6. jonk says:

    Hopefully Gooch was just being caution in the previous friendlies and he’s ready to go all out on Saturday. Whether he was being cautious or a bit tentative because he hasn’t played, I imagine/hope a high profile game will light a fire under him.

  7. war says:

    Who starts next to Jozy? Dempsey or Buddle?

    -Herculez, ahem, the magician, is best off the bench.

    -Findley can cause problems, but can’t finish.

  8. Warren says:

    If we had clearly better options we wouldn’t be discussing starting a guy against England that hasn’t gone 90 minutes since last fall.

    But if Gooch + DeMerit in middle keeps Boca at LB instead of he who shall not be named but actually was decent last game, then we’re good.

  9. BK says:

    What do you think of this development? Hope to see Onyewu out there for the full 90?


    NO. He is not ready. Why can’t the media drop this discussion already? An 80% Gooch will get torched at this level. I feel bad for him because he would otherwise be in my starting 11 without question. But this injury took him out of that conversation for the World Cup. Sad and very unfortunate for him and for the US team. But it’s reality. Watch 5 minutes of him on the field and it is obvious that he isn’t 100%.

  10. Ben says:

    Anyone think Bradley pulls out a surprise and start Torres? With the World Cup games called much tighter, might Bradley opt for the Torres, who, I think, is less likely to dive into a red card tackle at the beginning of the game? I can’t wait for this game.

  11. jimoh8002 says:

    As long as the fitness program of the US says he’s good he’s ok then. The US team has best or second best medical team at the tournament

  12. jleppig says:

    This has been the longest week EVER.

  13. BK says:

    Playing world class soccer is not a light switch you can turn on and off. The last time he played this level of competition was many months ago. HE IS NOT READY AND SHOULDN’T EVEN BE CONSIDERED as a starter.

  14. sread says:

    I can’t take it anymore!!

  15. Raymon says:

    I’m with you! I have been on YouTube to get World Cup my fix. I may have to watch France-Uruguay just to tide me over til Saturday!

  16. sread says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised, especially if he was playing his cards close to his chest in the last friendly

  17. jleppig says:

    at least my dempsey jersey, the woman’s jersey, and the baby’s kit came via UPS today.

  18. jimoh8002 says:

    An 80% Gooch seems to be better than a 100% Goodson think about it we need height and strength in the middle against england Gooch had both. Goodson Has Height but no strength and Bocanegra has strength but no height so he’s no suited for the position either not to mention if he moves to the middle that leave bornstien to the left back position

  19. Jon says:

    An 80% Gooch is better than a 100% Goodison

  20. Jon says:

    No, Bradley is going to bunker in this game. We’ll be the aggressors vs Slovenia and Algeria and I think that when you’ll see Torres get a start.

  21. Jon says:

    Man, I really hope Buddle. Dempsey is served best as a midfielder. If we play Dempsey up top, we may as well just call it a 4-5-1. He drops way to far and to often to find the ball.

    PS I just want to clarify this is NOT Dempsey bashing.

  22. PC says:

    Crouch is going to light up Gooch… hate to say it, but watch for it.

  23. Brad says:

    Looks like Gooch will start against England then.

    Does anyone else think the new jersey fits weird? I think I’ll wear the 2006 jersey saturday….

  24. Jon says:

    Crouch probably won’t start

  25. Jon says:

    Yea, it does fit a little weird…..however I gotta go with my new Dempsey jersey.

  26. AME says:

    Great News! The last two games I think gooch has looked fine. H hasn’t played a lot of minutes in those games, but he looked fine.

    I want to see Findley up front with Jozy. Findley opens up holes for Jozy, Landon, and Dempsey. Findley may not be a good finisher, but he creates chances for those that can finish.

  27. Hopper says:

    I honestly haven’t been able to concentrate on work all week. I can’t wait for this World Cup to get started.

    I think the USA is in great shape for the England game. It’s all a matter of playing the game now. I keep thinking back to 2002 when Reyna or Mathis didn’t playing against Portugal and Tony Sanneh was a disaster in the warm-ups up to that point. The team pulled together and beat Portugal against all the odds (and, ahem, Jeff Agoos) and Sanneh absolutely played out of his mind the entire tournament.

    I think they can do it again. USA!

  28. AlexSWill says:

    Seeing Gooch go the full 90 is somewhere near Sarah Palin as president on my list of things I’m hoping for.

    However, I would like him to see go 45 – 60. I think we’ll need Goodson’s legs (as opposed to Gooch’s skill and leadership) if we have a lead to hold in the 2nd half.

  29. Jon says:

    I’m guessing Ives isn’t going a Q&A today? Does anyone know for sure?

  30. kawa says:

    not so sure about this , i think Bob is only saying that to the press but does not actually believe it. The way Gooch looked in his last matches, there is not way he can play a full 90 vs wayne rooney .

  31. Luke says:

    I also hope Buddle gets the start next to Jozy. We need to go into the England game like we did against Portugal in 2002. With Rio and Barry both out for the USA game we need to capitalize. Strike first and then hold on for a result.

  32. Sergio of SF says:

    Gooch! I can’t wait until Saturday! Actually, I can’t wait until Friday.

  33. SBI Troll says:

    It has to be Buddle. But i think Bob will start Findley because he has to play a speedy forward next to Jozy. Findley missed a lot of chances but he did create most of those opportunities. His pressure also led to Buddle’s first goal off the careless turnover.

  34. Kevin in Denver says:

    They feel a lot more like T-shirts than the last cycle’s iteration.

  35. Second City says:

    I find Bradley’s loyalty admirable but when it appears he’s putting 100 % faith into a player that isn’t near 100 % health (Onyewu) and he continuely trotts out Johnny Bornstein…loyalty becomes a liability.

    I’ve been one of the only consistent voices to raise a red flag about Onyewu and I hope I’m wrong but, training staff or not, what I’ve seen isn’t a healthy Gooch.

    The Gooch that we’ve all seen is a smart player that is setting up for a physical domination by a leaping Crouch and a blazing fast/pit bull in Rooney.

    I’m sorry but this isn’t the right scenario to give someone their first 90 minutes in nearly a year. Period.

    Gooch at 80 % may be equal to a 100 % Goodson but I’ll take a 100 % fit/healthy player any day of the week if the quality is on par, which they are – if you watch the film. Neither ” won ” the position and neither looked ahead of the other.

    Those of you that say otherwise, I strongly feel, are going off reputation and not reality.

    Despite the constant negativity from others for expressing my opinion, it seems there is finally a large chorus of people that saw what I have all along.

    That said, if he’s going to start and start against England: By all f’ing sake, I hope he finds that third gear and rips a f’ing hole in the pitch from pure domination and helps the USA get three points.

  36. David says:

    He should. His goals to games ratio for England is better than Rooney’s I think. I honestly don’t know why he can’t hold down the starting spot over Heskey.

  37. Raymon says:

    Is there a “watching party” post by cities? Where is everyone going to be? In Dallas, FCD is hosting a party at Victory Park, for 7000 fans. Other than the usual pubs, what other options are there?

  38. IreneisNotMyGod says:

    Buddle up top with Altidore. This will be the game of their lives. If Altidore scores or plays brillant Villarreal will give him another look/

    if Buddle scores, you can bet he’s heading to Europe.

  39. Jon says:

    I’m just going to say this to everyone that says Gooch can’t go 90:

    The bottom line is that NONE of us are at training everyday. We don’t know anyone, not just Gooch’s, form. There is an obvious agenda when it comes to Gooch. It’s not Bradley’s style to play mind games. If he says gooch is ready, he’s ready.

  40. henriklarssonlivesinme says:

    Top USA scorer this World Cup? Altidore?Gomez?Dempsey?Donovan?

  41. OMG says:

    you guys need to watch Death at a Funeral. Totally hilarious.

  42. Giber says:

    Yeah! I think the boys are ready to go! When it comes to the competing in the World Cup, no matter the small injuries you’ve got. I can imagine that the adreline of being on that stage makes you forget about everything else so you can go and compete at your best.

    So I think they will be ready to go the full 90 minutes if asked by Bob Bradley.

  43. ETJ says:

    ^ fail

  44. Giber says:

    I can’t wait either!

  45. OMG says:

    Gooch should play the 1st half but have Goodson come on for him in the 2nd.

    subs to play each match should be – Gomez, Goodson, Torres, Feilhaber, Holden.

    Holden and his freekicks. that blonde Scotty.

  46. Jon says:

    You’re right, he should, but everything we’ve seen seems to point to Heskey starting and Crouch as a sub. Good news for us if that’s the case.

  47. OMG says:

    better actor of the 00 generation?

    Colin Farrell? Tobey Maguire? Jake Gyllenhaal? Josh Hartnette? Orlando Bloom? Ryan Gosling? Shia LaBoeuf?

  48. Jon says:

    if it’s gomez, I don’t think that’d be a good thing for us

  49. David says:

    Perhaps the logic to start Gooch is more that he and Demerit make the best pairing. he doesn’t want to move Boca to the middle so it comes down to Demerit and Gooch having a better understanding of each other than Goodson and Demerit.

  50. OMG says:

    Dempsey’s ready for war, Altidore is certain to score.

    that’s what we need. to add our lyrics to that english Three Lions song.

  51. Ben W. says:

    I understand the words that are coming out of BB’s mouth, but I don’t believe. Gooch has not showed in the warmups that he is fully capable of going a full 90. Especially against England.

    For god sakes Bob, no Bornstein! I don’t care how good he is at darts or ping-pong in the game room, he will get torched Saturday.

    I hope we see Buddle up front with Jozy to start, then Gomez come in as our supersub!

  52. nato says:

    any new Studio 90 videos?

    hey any new Sports Illustrated or just any P.R. media for the team? It’s so cool to have our guys in the news and getting the spotlight.

  53. caps lock, sweet infallible caps lock.

  54. bottlcaps says:

    The US needs a Onyewu who can go the 90 especially against England. Should Rooney and Hesky start and not have the desired effect, Capello would bring in 6’7″ Peter Crouch. A 6’4″ heavyweight like Onyewu on Crouch would make him less effective, especially in the box. Remember Jan Koller the 6’7″ Czech who led the Czech to a win over the US in 06? It showed that even having a big body on a big striker is not good enough without a TEAM defense.

    This leads to the age old adage….wait for it:



  55. Geoff S. says:

    Maybe this is best left up to BB who sees him in training everyday!

  56. DirtyLeeds says:

    Training is training. He hasn’t played a full 90 in 7 months. Its a bit of a leap of faith to ask him to do that against the #3 ranked team in the world. I think everyone here thats saying that would have Gooch in their XI without a doubt if he were 100%, but he just isnt.

  57. PC says:

    Fine assumption. But even worse if you give it a second of thought. Crouch comes in at 70′ and has a field day with an exhausted Gooch.

  58. sandtrout says:

    I’m calling this a psychological ploy by Bradley. I’m betting Goodson will start. Not that it will fool England or matter to them. much. An out of form Gooch is equivalent to a full-strength Goodson.

  59. RK says:

    Are there FIFA rankings for medical teams?

  60. sjack says:

    Can’t believe you got Gyllenhaal right but missed Hartnett. Sheesh.

  61. RK says:

    Amen. I’m actually stressing about where to watch Saturday’s match. One place is outdoors and free but could have kids and parking problems, another is actually charging at the door but isn’t outdoors…

  62. sandtrout says:

    What about Buddle/Findley? I’m not convinced Jozy will start.

  63. RK says:

    IMO Buddle — and if he isn’t clicking, Demps or LD can move up and we can bring in a different midfielder (depending on flow, matchup).

  64. nato says:

    Gyllenhaal was an indie fave til Day After Tomorrow and than did Jarhead and Brokeback Mountain and several other films.

    He’s a very good indie actor and quite a leading man but not really box office but he’s talented that’s for sure.

    Bloom has PotC and LotR but he can’t open a film on his own and can’t act.

    Farrell can act but hasn’t had a hit film since his breakout year in 03.

  65. nato says:

    I love how we’re learning history as we gear up to play England.

  66. Ben says:

    Yeah, I don’t think anyone really believes Gooch is 100 percent, and Bradley didn’t say that, only that the players can go 90. Anyhow, as Bradley is not letting out a hint of who will start, I think there could be a couple unexpected players in the line-up. Look, we really have no clue who will partner up with Jozy, or start with Demerit, and I don’t think Clark is a forgone conclusion. There is no doubt we will cede some possession and try to counter, but any of our players can do that. I have a feeling Bradley Jr. is going to have a monster game. It is his chance to prove himself against a great midfield and show, at 22, that he can be a bigtime player. I am slightly worried that he will be so intense that he runs onto the pitch, rips out Lampard’s heart Kali-ma style, bathes in the blood, and leaves the audience terrified and astounded.

  67. mwc says:

    I don’t think I would start Torres. If you do start him, who do you bring off the bench to give the team some spark in the second half if we need it? I think Torres is most effective with room to operate and that room might be there in the second half. I’d go with Bradley and Edu in the CM to start with Torres a second half sub.

  68. Raymon says:

    Ives and gang, can we start a thread here about watching options, for those of us who dont want to watch solo in the living room? Where are the USA fans going to be (other than South Africa) for Saturday?

  69. Arkie says:

    I bet I can guess where N. Korea ranks!

  70. mwc says:

    I’d go with Altidore and Buddle. I like their combination of size and speed. Their first touch is not good, but neither is Findley’s. I would not go with Gomez because he has flourished in the sub role so far.

  71. Jesse says:

    I’m pretty sure Gooch said he was tugged off balance on the play. I think it was a one-off mistake. I’m sure he can still jump.

  72. Ben W says:

    As long as Abigail Clancy is at the match in the least amount of clothes possible, its all good.

  73. PC says:

    M Resort in Las Vegas. A few Brits and several Americans getting together if anyone else would like to attend.

  74. Hood Rich says:

    He will definitely have Jozy in there to keep their defenders honest. This forces their defenders to stay back. With Buddle or Findley, they will say whatever and not give US any space in midfield.

  75. Second City says:

    What city will you be in?

  76. TheRyan says:

    They put you to sleep if you pick up an injury in N. Korea.

  77. Raymon says:

    Dallas…biggest crowd might be at Victory Park, outside American Airlines Center, watching party hosted by FCDallas.

  78. bottlcaps says:

    Bid Soccer has a list of viewing parties, being held at pubs,bars and restaurants around the country, for those who want to partake.

  79. 12th player says:

    Agree 1000%.

  80. Hood Rich says:

    Yes I think Torres will start. Unless BB wants us to kick and run down the wings, turnover, chase, ad nauseum for 90 mins.

  81. Arkie says:

    too bad we only have 3 subs…

  82. JL says:

    +10. lmao.

    It’s bizarre to see blanket pronouncements from people who cannot possibly have any better understanding of players’ fitness than the coaches and trainers. First Bradley gets ripped for not bringing in Davies. Now he’s being blasted for saying Gooch is ready. Fine to dispute that based on what you’ve seen, but given that we’ve seen about 1/100th of what the trainers have seen, a little humility might be in order.

  83. Brian S says:

    I think I would rather have Gooch as president with Bornstein as VP and have Palin starting at CB before I would ever want Palin anywhere near the White House

  84. Brian S says:

    I think Dempsey will be. I feel he benefits from our hold up play by our forwards and he has the freedom to make runs from the midfield

  85. Duncan Idaho says:

    “An out of form Gooch is equivalent to a full-strength Goodson.”

    Could you please explain this comment and how you came to that conclusion?

  86. Al_OC says:

    To wet your WC appetite, ESPN Classic is showing US-MEX (02), US-POR (02), and US-COLOMBIA (94) games starting at 11.30AM PST.

    I’m stuck at work, so suck to be me.

  87. QuakerOtis says:

    And if he does start, we need to play a flawless game.

    On top of good form and team shape, that also means *no injuries* and *no cards*. One bad card or even one minor injury messes with the substitution scenario.

    If Bob starts Gooch, Goodson makes an almost definate sub in around 60 – 70 mins, maybe the half.

    That leaves us with two subs, and we know where those will likely be made, wither to shore up the attack or help the mids.

    I say start Goodson, see what he can do (and pray), and maybe save that sub for offense in the later stages … ?

  88. DC Josh says:

    Just because Gooch can play for 90 minutes doesn’t mean he can play well for 90 minutes.

  89. Wispy says:

    OMG, OMG, did you really just put Orlando Bloom on that list? Really?

  90. war says:

    I’m not to sure. Jozy is a good presence that defenders will have to deal with. With WC refs, he’s bound to get Terry carded. Jozy’s build may also give King an issue. Buddle has been impressive when he started, Findley not as much. I’d take Findley and Gomez in the late stages when the CB’s cant’ run anymore. Starting King in an int’l is a risk to begin with(As he hasn’t been impressive, except against the Platinum Stars), leaving him on the pitch in the 70th to deal with Findley is good for us. Terry runs the risk off getting sent off if already carded by Jozy, so he’ll have a harder time dealing with Findley. Odds are we’ll go down early or will be tied so Herc and Findley would be best off the bench to me.

  91. 2008Homij says:

    If you are going to throw around these percentages then you really should explain what you mean by them better.

    They sound like a load of meaningless crap to me. If Gooch at “80%”, whatever the f**k that means, is better than a “100%” Goodson Bradley would play him. The US has already said Gooch is phsyically fit so injury isn’t the issue, rust is.

    Very few players are at 100% of their potential fitness in this World Cup. Many of the players are burnt out or have little injuries. The US is actually very lucky in this respect since we don’t have anyone who plays in the top flight and gets all burnt out and susceptible to injury like Robben, Ballack, Drogba, etc.

  92. daggius says:

    fukc it, bring berhalter back in

  93. BetaMale says:

    So this is pretty much my least favorite argument for any coaching decision made

    “The coach is there, you’re not. The coach MUST be right.”

    Its intended as an argument killer, but to me suggests that every single coach is infallible. Was Sven right on when he was coaching Mexico? Was he not to be criticized for not calling in players like dos Santos because “he’s the coach, he was there.”?

    How about Sampson in ’98? Was his decision in the Harkes/Wynalda saga correct because “the coach knows better than everyone else.”?

    Please. Coaches takes gambles and make mistakes all of the time. In this instance, I think Gooch is a huge liability.

  94. ZionNuclearPlant says:

    “Despite the constant negativity from others for expressing my opinion, it seems there is finally a large chorus of people that saw what I have all along.”

    I see the same thing you do, but I just don’t agree with your interpretation of what you saw.

    Bradley wasn’t looking at this last group of games the way you are, as if they were competitive games that mean something. I believe he saw them as 6 halves of experimental pairings.

    Plus you don’t get to see practice and fitness sessions, which is a very big part of how this lineup will be formed.

    Finally, you still don’t know what Bradley’s decision is. For all we know you’ll see a center back pairing of Spector and Demerit.

    Three more days.

  95. Second City says:

    DVR, my friend!

    I saw that on the listings, too, today. I immediately pulled a finger muscle from attempting to hit record under 0.3 seconds.

  96. BetaMale says:

    yea but Bradley’s the coach, you’re not. That means he’s right and you’re wrong

  97. sandtrout says:

    Well, Gooch is better than Goodson when in form. So, as they’re discussing below in this thread, if Gooch is at 80 percent, that may be about equivalent to Goodson at 100 percent. And I base that simply on watching USMNT games. Goodson has impressed a few times, especially in the air on offense, frankly. But he seems limited defensively. That’s my official opinion.

  98. Second City says:

    Three more days, Zion…three more days.

    Indeed, neither of us were in training, so agree to disagree on this subject.

    The anticipation, on countless fronts, is excruciating!

  99. jason says:

    Watch the play, it’s the old jump first and put your hand on the defender’s shoulder move. So I think it is more about the timing than the physical ability to jump.

  100. Thanks for clarifying.

  101. jason says:

    I’ve been comparing it to a kid around the second week of december. you just want to go to bed and wake up on saturday.

  102. Eric_the_King says:

    effing hysterical… let me add another +10

  103. SoccerInAtl says:

    I think the real question is to put in torres or edu/clark? My prediction is that if they don’t go with torres are possession % will be in the dumps and we will get destroyed. If they put in Clark I can almost guarantee a redcardo. If they go with Edu I can see the other team playing through the wings instead of the middle but the U.S. dying with possession. Our team never has any rhythm except for when Torres is in the game. He did good enough on the d side of life to. Funny thing for me is I’m not nervous about playing England I am nervous about BB taking 2 games to figure out the correct lineup like he did in the Confed Cup.

  104. SoccerInAtl says:

    Also, Demeritt needs to watch it with cards to. If the Australia game wasn’t a friendly I definitely think he would of gotten carded once if not twice. So there is no doubt the depth at the center back spot is going to be tested perhaps before we even get out of group stage. By the time we get to Algeria its going to be a hodge podge back line. This is one big problem with playing England first. We are sure to do some desperate defending ending up in cards of all colors. :-(

  105. BK says:

    Who knows? That may be. Whatever happens, I hope Bradley’s decision works for us. I know what I would do based off of the games we all have seen. No need to see the training sessions based on that.

    Go USA.

  106. BetaMale says:

    Good points. If we go down with card trouble early, which all signs are pointing to, we could have a short tournament. I too would rather have England last, but thems the breaks.

  107. sandtrout says:

    It all comes back to the question of whether you should hold off a good team by deploying stronger defense (i.e. Bradley with Edu or Clark) or by putting out a better possession team (Bradley with Torres). I think B Bradley will opt for the former.

  108. sread says:

    I think he can go 90 minutes. The real question, though, is how effective he will be. Will his body begin to tighten up and lag around the 68 minute mark? A lot of players can give a very unproductive 90, but a full 90 nonetheless. Let’s hope BB doesn’t start Gooch out there just for the sake of having him back out there in the first team. He’ll go 90 minutes if BB asks him to, but at this point it’s up in the air as to how he will perform. For all we know he may crash home a header to put us up 15 1-0 in the first 15 minutes. Then we, and BB, are all thinking “Wow, it’s so good to have Gooch back in there starting”. Seriously, who knows?

  109. EliteWinger7 says:


  110. SoccerInAtl says:

    It would of bee nice to see torres out there vs Australia in the second half to confirm that he indeed is the pacemaker of the team in the second half. We didn’t have anything in the first half in regards to possession yet still found the goal on some interesting altitude varialbes happening with crosses and shots going longer than normal. In my heart I am hoping BB wasn’t playing edu/torres at all to conceal the real starting lineup come Saturday. Knowing how straight forward BB is though I suspect he still thinks Clark and Borenstein are magically going to re-show up in form. I care about the U.S. players. BB cares about the U.S. players but I am expect my coach to not be so blinded by loyalty over in-form players. Such a strange thing. If you care about the players so much BB then you would know the guys working hard and in form have to be pissed when you start someone else that isn’t over them.

  111. sread says:

    Gotta be Donovan. One great goal (like the one vs Brazil last yr) one cheeky deflection off a shot and one PK. Three’s quite enough to steal that award.

  112. Mingjai says:

    Between the World Cup and the NCAA conference expansion soap opera, I’m not getting much work done!

  113. sread says:

    I posted above saying pretty much the same thing before I got to this…so +1

  114. Josh D says:

    1950 all over again!

  115. Mason says:

    It amazes me how many have failed to notice that.

  116. Mason says:

    What is the derivation of you percentages?

  117. Derek says:

    I agree!!!
    I can’t wait. Friday is going to be the worst!

  118. Brett says:

    For the love of God please do not let Gooch on the field Saturday. I can already see him getting caught out of position and lunging at the ball only to draw a red and ruin our chances.

  119. Second City says:

    Couldn’t agree more with your posts within this thread, SoccerinAtl.

  120. Hood Rich says:

    Gooch should NOT be starting. If he makes mistakes and lets Rooney run circles around him and scores, people will make excuses that he not match fit, bs, etc. no more excuses or free passes for this guy. You don’t start him so there won’t be excuses made when he doesn’t play well.

  121. Mason says:

    (rant mode on)

    You’re absolutely right that it is intended to kill the argument, but that is because this argument is played out and dumb. Most of it revolves around fitness, and on that count we truly have no basis for discussion. The friendlies were not a test of fitness. They were a test of pairings and a familiarization excerceise for the entire squad. Gooch might not be fit, but until he plays a game and cramps in the 64th minute, any fan saying he’s not fit is BSing. Conversely, anyone who says he is fit for 90 is as well.

    On the other hand, BB and the US staff are watching these guys every day. They have myriad information on the status of the players. It is not unreasonable to accept their pronouncements as probably true, while reserving a bit of skepticism that they such pronouncements might be calibrated to throw off the opposition. It has nothing to do with the fallability of the coach but rather the vacuum of information available for cross-checking.

    One of three things is true:
    1) Gooch is fit. Outcome: He plays 90.
    2) Gooch is not fully fit, but has fooled Bradley. Outcome: He plays but requires substitution.
    3) Gooch is not fit, and Bradley is lying. Outcome: Gooch doesn’t play.

    On Saturday we’ll find out which one.

  122. blokhin says:

    best case scenario (using a system that takes advantage of our strength in midfield) and assuming everyone is healthy





    worst-case (trying to fit a system onto our talent) and assuming that Gooch, Jozy and Demerit aren’t quite up for it…




  123. Mason says:

    I’d me fine with that so long as he keeps his studs down while doing it.

    Don’t want to get sent off early, you know?

  124. Gacm32 says:

    Ya this week blows. I’ve had finals and the only thing keeping me going is the promise of a great game on saturday haha

  125. madmax says:

    Based on recently friendlies all may be able to play 90 but some (you know who they are) at very low energy levels. Maybe the fitness improve for them since Australia?

  126. Chi-town Mike says:

    Hey Second City – Where are you watching Saturday’s game? I’m thinking Small Bar, but I know it will be jammed.

  127. TimN says:

    Not exactly on topic, but I was over on looking at their WC predictions…what are these guys thinking?? Most are picking England to make the semis, the same England that is now without Rio Ferdinand and Garreth Barry, that will now have to play a historically unsuccessful Gerrard/Lampard central midfield, and that has looked very sub-par in it’s warm-ups. A lot of these guys have Argentina going deep as well…we all know how well they’ve done in qualifying.

    At least most are picking either Spain or Brazil to win…hard to argue with that. However, two teams I would not count out are Holland and Germany. Both are extremely talented, well-coached, technically sound, and experienced. Two other dark horses would be Serbia and Paraguay.

  128. Joamiq says:

    Agree with you guys 100%

  129. Dough says:

    Where did you find a USA Kit for your baby? I tried but could not find one for my 1 year old.

  130. Brian says:

    I think he’s still enroute to Jo’burg

  131. BrooklynFC says:

    In Brooklyn there is going to be a screening every saturday underneath the manhattan bridge and the final as well

  132. BrooklynFC says:

    Gotta pray it is Buddle. And gotta pray that Bradley linesup Donovan on the same side as buddle

  133. BrooklynFC says:


  134. BrooklynFC says:

    Why do you believe that he will bunker….
    I cant stand the term bunker
    If by Bunker you mean keep your shape than I want the USMNT to “Bunker”

  135. BrooklynFC says:

    I pray that Heskey starts cause Crouch would be a definite threat in the air

  136. Neruda says:

    Another question is who comes out alongside Jozy? Demspey stays in the midfield so that means Jozy’s strike partner will probably be Findley due to his speedy runs. Oh BTW on the other side of the defense is Ledley King who’s knees are on the verge of failing again. I prefer Gooch’s chances. Let the games begin already!

  137. BrooklynFC says:

    +50 stars & 13 stripes that one

  138. BrooklynFC says:

    How much money do you think Buddle would command?

    Do you honestly think Bruce Arena would transfer away Donovan and Buddle?

  139. BrooklynFC says:

    #3 ranked where?

  140. teddy says:

    thank you

  141. junior says:

    hey! how long did it take? i ordered my dempsey jersey on the 3rd of this month, and it still hasnt arrived

  142. JMC says:

    Given the problems with the new ball and a suspect keeper for England(whoever they start) I think we need to push the defenders back and take some shots from the top of the box to test them. I agree you need Altidore to do this most effectively.

  143. Bob Bradley says:

    There is no conceivable way Gooch starts against England. You people who actually think he has a chance of playing, let alone stating, are insane. The guy might be “healthy” but he is nowhere near fit, nor is he sharp. How on earth could he be having played fractions of three games in 10 months? Gooch is the best defender in our player pool but he’s not so good that the first full game he plays back from a 10-month layoff is against England in the World Cup. You can’t seriously be so stupid to believe Bradley’s going to play him.

  144. Amy Wynalda says:

    “The coach is there, you’re not. The coach MUST be right.”

    Its intended as an argument killer, but to me suggests that every single coach is infallible. Was Sven right on when he was coaching Mexico? Was he not to be criticized for not calling in players like dos Santos because “he’s the coach, he was there.”?

    How about Sampson in ’98? Was his decision in the Harkes/Wynalda saga correct because “the coach knows better than everyone else.”?


    Actually, I think Sampson was right. The point is not the the coach is always right but that the coach has much beter information than you the fan.

    So he has a better chance to be right.

  145. Second City says:

    For someone that went out of their way to discredit/oppose my opinion, that post screams of concession.

    Suddenly have a change of heart? It wouldn’t appear as if you’re as adamant about your original opinion/view.

    Incredibly disappointing, from a friendly-debate standpoint but great job at listing…every…single…possibility imaginable in the scenario.

    (Bound to get one right, I guess.)

  146. NC Jeff says:

    The caption reminds me of a question I have: Considering the newness and bad press around the World Cup ball, WHY DID THE US NOT USE IT IN THE SEND-OFF GAMES!? The Czechs and Turks didn’t qualify, so I doubt they had a real care either way. So, that leaves … Nike $’s??? Please tell me I’m wrong, but considering the USMNT was forced to wear Nike’s warmup jackets (zipped up, to boot) in at least TWO press appearances in 90+ degree heat, I doubt it. I truly hope and pray that the USMNT is AGAIN sacrificing its players for a pittance of cash.

  147. The End of the World says:

    Well, you are going to need him at some point in the competition and how do you suppose he is going to get better if he doesn’t play at least some minutes?

    If you don’t play him against England then you should not have brought him along at all.

    The England game is the one game where the US is playing with house money. We would all love to win but the Cup isn’t over if we lose.

    If we win then great, if we tie then that’s good and if we lose, so long as there are no cards or injuries and it’s not a blow out, then okay. Chances are England will beat both

    Slovenia and Algeria.

    We still have 6 points left to win and 6 points will probably get you out of the group. The Slovenia/Algeria games are the real must wins and, since you brought him, you want Gooch ready for them.

    Gooch is the single biggest dilemma for the US. Personally,I would have left him at home but we do need what he brings, if he can bring it.

  148. sjack says:

    It’s not any worse than ESPN Mag’s 6 Teams that could win (but won’t) and 6 Teams that won’t win (but could) or some BS like that.

  149. jjraines says:

    Yep, that level of incompetence is just unimaginable. I mean, can you imagine a president with little experience, thinks the US has 57 states, can’t speak coherently without a teleprompter, does not understand and appreciate the Constitution, goes around the world apologizing for the country he represents, and is hellbent on fundamentally transforming the Union?

    Oh wait…