Henry to leave Barcelona


In a move that makes his arrival to MLS even more likely, French striker Thierry Henry has reached an agreement with his current club Barcelona that allows him to part ways with the Spanish side.

According to Sky Sports, the 32-year-old has agreed part ways with the club he joined from Arsenal in 2007. Henry had fallen out of favor with Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola earlier this year, not to mention the club adding David Villa already this summer.

This development is one of the last obstacles to fall to make Henry's long-rumored move to the New York Red Bulls a reality, as he can move without compensation. Henry is coming off France's miserable World Cup performance, making two substitute appearances as Les Bleus crashed out in the group stages without winning a game.

What do you think of this news? Think it's only a matter of time before the announcement is official?

Share your thoughts below.

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66 Responses to Henry to leave Barcelona

  1. Second City says:

    1: Henry to NY
    2: Ronaldinho to LA?

    Any other speculative commentary on names we could see make the jump?

  2. Dj voter says:

    The Henry to the mls

  3. Smorebs says:

    Welcome Thierry, Welcome to at TEAM. Listen to JPA, he will tell you how to make the transition well. Also, MLS Refs are even more blind than European ones so feel free to make another attempt at a Maridona Moment

  4. soccerroo says:

    I think it would be great for MLS but not holding my breath.

  5. steveo says:

    Marquez to Chicago?

    Heinze to Columbus?

    Shane Smeltz to Galaxy?

    Klose to Milwaukee?

    Jong-Tae-Tse to Chivas?

    Jon Dahl Tomasson to Seattle?

    Cannavaro to Red Bulls?

  6. Richard says:

    Henry to The Crew!

  7. Steve_NYRB says:

    Thierry is coming to NY Red Bulls where he will be adored by the fans. Also, there’s a lot of Arsenal fans in the city that will come out to games to see him. I’m really looking forward to the summer of Henry! I’m sure he’ll be happy to be away from France.

  8. Smorebs says:

    Who wouldn’t be right now?

  9. Neruda says:

    Move over Beckham. I’d rather see Henry or Lil Ronald over you and posh. BTW does Beckham ever play again in mls?

  10. RK says:

    Henry will have to take the entire month of August off, though.

  11. Rekro says:

    One team’s trash is another team’s best player… Huh.
    Well hopefully this will get some fans to red bull arena.

  12. Keith says:

    I’d have to think he’d love to get out of Europe now, if only to escape the French, Irish, and Spanish fans that soured on him.

  13. noname says:

    I hope so… especially if I get to see him next year in Portland.

  14. JFC says:

    is that an insult to the league or the team?

  15. Scott says:

    Any decent striker to NE

  16. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Why? The schmuck in charge of France played him for about 39 seconds…He’s rested.

  17. PC says:

    Great for the league, even better for NY’s lackluster ticket sales.

  18. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Niether. It’s an acknowledgement that Barca is better than most national teams. Outside of at most the dozen top clubs (Barca, Real Madrid, Arsenal, Man U, Chelsea and a few others) Henry would be at least a major player and most likely the center of the attack. Henry will be the best player in the league, full stop.

  19. Coach Chris says:

    This will be a quality move for both Henry and MLS. Unlike Beckham, Henry will bring with him the ability to score goals and give defenses fits (which Americans will enjoy). Better to finish in the soccer star starved MLS than be a bench warmer anywhere in Europe.

    Now if only DC United could pull some strings and land a end-of-career-ex-star of their own to score a few goals and sell some tickets.

  20. Aaron in StL says:

    Not to mention he was barely used at all during the Barca season. I’m sure he’ll want his vacation still…but a whole month is a bit much.

  21. jessie says:

    A cheater to boo, nothing more.

  22. RK says:

    That’s what the French do — go on holiday all of August.

  23. montana matt says:

    beckman is finished. i suspect after rehabbing from his injury, he’ll make one or two more half-hearted appearances, get hurt again, and retire for good.

  24. Al17 says:

    Ummm…. the French fans don’t have issues with him, where are you getting that crap from?

  25. Ballackuass says:

    The bigger story here is that M. Ballack turned down a lucrative offer from the NY Red Bulls to sign with Bayer.

  26. RedLine55 says:

    LeBron to Chi-City!

  27. GSO Dynamo says:

    Henry’s move to the Red Bulls was a done deal pre-World Cup meltdown…he is just a professional and would not have made an announcement while France is still in the tourney, he may insist nothing be announced until after the whole tourney. That is the kind of guy he is, never about him, all about the game.

  28. mikeandike@yahoo.com says:

    amen… the Knicks can share Henry’s hand-dribbling skills with the red bulls

  29. tommy w says:

    Something tells me that he is going to have a lot more people cheering for him, than people booing.

  30. RW says:

    heh. i actually get that joke.

  31. True Becks Fan says:

    ugh ppl come on, enough becks bashing…Becks came to MLS because hes at the END of his career(or so he thought at the time) becks has a had a long and Great career(not stellar but Great) lots of ups and downs like any player. plenty of trophys won. he came here to help open the world eyes to the MLS/Soccer in the US period, and thus he has. ugh this becks bashing is REDICULOUS!!!!he wanted to make the ENGLAND team so he went to Italy to play MUCH BETTER competition(not a fan of seria A but vs. mls..no brainer) sucks he got injured because i waas really hoping to see him play his final World Cup, but i digress. Point is, look at Beckhams younger years and his prime and anytime BEFORE he came to mls(granted a few of the later years at Real werent his best but again the latter end of his prime)But he has HAD his career, let him chill and finish how he wants. MLS were the idiots to pay soo damn much for a player over 30 anyway. i mean geez, ppl act like he started playing soccer once he got to MLS lmao. do some research ppl. and yes becks is my favorite player to ever play the game. not saying he is the best ever to play at all, but im just saying i was a becks fan in his MANU days(also my fave team haha) and have followed him his whole career. i was a fan before MLS.

    rant over

  32. RW says:

    kind of like english defenders at the world cup

  33. war says:

    Team N.Korea to D.C united

  34. rob says:

    Henry to any MLS team in a city with a low Irish population

  35. war says:

    what, snubbing 300K a year for 80K a week?

  36. Andy says:

    Can’t wait till he comes to PPL Park. The micks here are going to have a blast w/ that!

  37. northzax says:

    right, which is why he sat there, as the elder statesman, as his team burned on the world stage. all about the game. and when he refused to play against Arsenal in the Champions League? that wasn’t about him at all, was it?

    Henri will be a locker room cancer in Harrison. He’s not coming here to play, he’s coming here to live in New York. Can he score? sure. will he share with Angel? will he handle a locker room with guys making a tenth or less of what he’s making? will he play with a knock, or go clubbing? in the past season, he’s been benched by a team that dropped thirty million euros on him (and now released him for peanuts) and been on a team that humiliated itself at the World Cup;

    one thing we’ve learned about DPs in MLS is that it’s all about Character. Angel has it, he comes to play every night, even when it’s not working. by all accounts his teammates like and respect him, as do his opponents. Scheletto has it. Blanco had it. Ljundberg doesn’t seem to. Beckham hasn’t shown it, sadly. Does Henri have it? will he get up to play a mid-august match in front of 9,000 people in Kansas City?

  38. K-TOWN says:

    I wonder the same thing every time a DP comes over here to play. Henry has been one of my fav forwards for a decade, and I know he loves America, especially NY, BUT he better bring it it he comes. I hope the execs at MLS ( Garber, I’m pointing at you) make it abundantly clear to these guys that it isn’t a retirement home here full of free handouts because you put in a good career somewhere else. Big ups to Schelotto, Blanco, and JPA for doing just that. For the money they get I expect to see them involved in the community, playing hard, and taking responsibility, not partying and free-loading.

  39. THE BIZ says:

    Kobe to the Galaxy… Nash to the Whitecaps… Ocho Cinco to the Crew… Robbie Keane to the Revs… Justin Timberlake to Real Salt Lake…Jim Rome to coach DC United.

  40. K-Town says:

    I meant big ups for playing hard and being a good example, it reads awkward like i meant JPA and Co were slackers. My bad. It is people like Denilson that we need no part of. Further more, I am not opposed to really good players we can’t afford without paying DP money coming over even if they are not household names we all know. If they elevate the level of play, they will make a name for themselves. I don’t want a name coming over that doesn’t play.

  41. John in FL says:

    Becks came here to make money..the hell with MLS he said, LA were the only schmucks that would pay him anything at the point they got him…And he’s laughing all the way to the freaking bank

  42. Mike In Long Island says:

    I just read Bill Clinton is in talks to coach DC United… and Mick Jagger is in talks also to stand next to him wearing a snappy looking scarf.

  43. True Becks Fan says:

    1. that cant be proven

    2. words he said his motive was to better the league and US soccer(are u disagreeing that he helped alot?????)

    3. its not his fault galaxy are idiots.

    4. he never said “..the hell with MLS…” =]

    5. as long as youre not denying he WAS(as in past) a great player..were cool

  44. HoBo says:

    Kobe to the galaxy wouldn’t be a bad thing…… he grew up in Italy (dad played b-ball there) playing soccer as well as basketball. He may have been a great player with his athleticism if he continued playing soccer

  45. True Becks Fan says:

    6. actually there were teams that still wanting his services after real. i believe tottenham were inquiring among other, lower tier teams. but galaxy were spending more(and i dont think he would have went anywhere else but MANU), so he did go for the money. as would ANYBODY at that point in their career. MLS is a resting place for the stars of yesteryear. nothing less, nothing more, until the US starting truly developing the youth here(as everyone has stated). not bashing MLS at all. FC DALLAS supporter and season ticket holder through and through. just a realist.

  46. Ricky B. Free says:

    Henry will have a blast with Philadelphia´s “defense”. And he is not a locker room cancer, He hasnt had trouble at Bracelona and he didnt start trouble in the French camp.

  47. True Becks Fan says:

    “(and i dont think he would have went anywhere else but MANU)”

    by that i mean MANU or any other top 4 team in the EPL at that team. which they obviousl were gonna spend the $$$

  48. Ture Becks Fan says:

    at that time*

  49. True Becks Fan says:

    omg… obviously werent*

  50. Colin says:

    As a Kiwi and Galaxy fan, Smeltz to the Galaxy would be awesome. Follow in the footsteps of Elliott.

  51. tommy w says:

    I love (sarcasm) the “he better get up for it” debate. Every time a team signs a player it’s only natural to say “he better get up for it”. The bottom line to me is: if he’s on the field helping our team getting positive results, and hopefully bringing us some silverware, then I’m a happy fan.

  52. Joamiq says:

    I’m confused. You are suggesting that he is at fault for not playing much in the World Cup. Was he supposed to place himself in the game? Are you familiar with Raymond Domenech?

    Also, his name is Henry. And he doesn’t really need to get up to play a mid-August match in front of 9,000 people in Kansas City. He could score a brace sitting down.

  53. Rastafari- SBI herbsman says:

    If SSFC can unload Ljunberg to the Timbers I might just go up top the Condo and yell SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Sonicdeathmonkey says:

    I’m not sure I would categorize a 50% increase in attendance over last year as “lackluster”. They rank sixth in the league. What the hell else do you want? Considering all the awful years the Metrostars/RedBulls have produced on the field, I think averaging well over 16k with half the season to go is outstanding.

  55. Sonicdeathmonkey says:

    Who is this Henri person you keep refering to? 😉

  56. AQK says:

    He turned down West Ham to come to NYRB.
    No one can say it is for any reason but the money.

  57. Ceez says:

    Sir steveo…

    Cannavaro just recently signed with Al-Ahli Dubai.

  58. jmcmd says:

    As a NYRB season ticket holder, I’m wxcited to see this happen. Anything that raises the level of play on the field and the visibility of MLS should be embraced. One of the big hurdles MLS has to overcome if it wants to be taken seriously in an international context is to be able to win club games away from the US. Getting players of this caliber in the league with UEFA CL experience will help achieve this. With all resect to Angel, Henry would finally be the star that NY has needed to fill the stands.

  59. jonathan says:

    He better bring it if he comes??? Puhleeeeease we’re lucky if he comes just for a vacation. MLS needs Henry, Henry don’t need MLS capish??? haha, I love it, american fans making demands to one of the best footballers of this generation… Hilarious!!

  60. Aguinaga says:

    As a RB supporter, I’d rather have Dinho.

  61. Keith G. says:

    Henry to the Red Bulls will be amazing and he will help the club finally win the MLS Cup. I do wish that Michael Ballack would have come to the Red Bulls, that would have made the team the best in the league. Now that Ballack is going to Bayer Leverkusen, I would have to say that I would like to see the team go out and get another world class midfielder that can distribute the ball and also score.

  62. DECO says:


  63. Dan says:

    True Rekro,but if you follow NYRB as I have, he (Henry) won’t be the best player on the team, with Lindpere and/or Ubiparipovic go so go NYRB. A player can have skill and finish, but if he doesn’t get the ball it isn’t worth a dime.

  64. Dan says:

    My real knock is why did NYRB signs Ibrahim to such a big contract if they new the potential in the market, with their super draft picks and the possibility of henry?