Italy cuts Giuseppe Rossi

GiuseppeRossi (

New Jersey-born striker Giuseppe Rossi passed on the chance to play for the U.S. national team more than two years ago, and the 2010 World Cup looked like it would be his chance to show the world why he made the decision to play for Italy.

Rossi will have to wait a while longer.

The Villarreal striker was cut from the Italian national team, falling short in the quest to appear in his first World Cup. Fabio Quagliarella beat out Rossi and Marco Borriello for the final forward spot on Marcelo Lippi's roster.

Rossi is still young and, at 23, he should still figure into the Italian national team picture, but the fact remains he won't be playing in this summer's World Cup (unless he is brought in as an injury replacement before the tournament begins). That will bring some satisfaction to U.S. fans who have never forgiven his decision to play for Italy (or his goal-scoring celebration against the United States during last summer's Confederations Cup).

The harsh reality is that if Rossi had chosen to play for the United States he would be a certain starter. Now, he will start his vacation early (though he'll likely gain some comfort from the fact that many of Europe's top teams are looking to acquire him this summer).

What do you think of this news? Surprised? Feeling a little Schaudenfraude? Think the ESPN Magazine cover doomed Rossi?

Share your thoughts below.

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378 Responses to Italy cuts Giuseppe Rossi

  1. EDB says:

    Rossi paid the price for not playing in italy.

  2. AdamTheRed says:


  3. Oog says:

    That’s too bad. Shoulda played for us. I bet he is thinking that in hindsight.

  4. RAW (AO + ESC) says:

    Greatest. Week. Ever!

  5. GOYA-GOY says:

    Pay back is a *#$@!

  6. Aaron says:

    Hilarious. Punk.

  7. matt dillon says:


  8. tedhill says:

    Good. He can stay home and watch the World Cup on his couch with the cast of Jersey Shore.

  9. TomM says:

    Isn’t Lippi fielding a side for the senior (geriatric) world cup?

  10. Adonis says:

    Maybe he can land a spot on Jersey Shore.

  11. Josh D says:

    Very surprised by this – he has had a very good year. Showed himself well in the Confed Cup as well.

    I think he’ll take it in strides. He still has at least two more tries at getting in the squad and the simple fact of the matter is, whereas our success is getting out of the group, Italy’s is winning the cup so he won’t feel upset for long. He knows he has the talent to get it done later.

    Saying that – seeing him and Jozy together would be sublime!!

    No hard feelings – it’s been his dream to play for Italy.

  12. Dave from charlotte says:

    Schaudenfraude. Completely. It isn’t a rational feeling for me, but it’s the way it is…so annoyed as he would’ve been a transformational player for the U.S.

    He’ll still see a work cup I imagine in 2014…

  13. Scott says:

    serves ESPN right for making him the cover story of The Mag with the title “the American’s best hope at the World Cup”

  14. TraiterousBastard says:

    The only appropriate reaction: HA HA!

  15. Jorge says:

    Payback is a bi***…

  16. Schaudenfraude – I admit that was my first thought (shame on me).

  17. Josh D says:

    Why? He’d happily trade a World Cup for a crack at the medal. Let’s be honest, our guys are playing to get out of the group whereas Italy will always compete for the Cup. Our team just isn’t there yet and may not be in 10 years when he retires in which case he’ll think in hindsight, at least I played for a team who competed.

    We’ll get there but come on, he’s living his dream, no need for hard feelings.

  18. John Walker Lindh says:

    Since he feels so American “off the field,” maybe now he can spend the summer trying to pick up Snooki at the Jersey Shore

  19. crazysteve says:

    I bet espn the magazine feels a little silly now. Probably should have put Jozy on the cover.

  20. Jorge says:

    I saw that too and made me angry. I felt it was very disrespectful to US fans and the National Team.

  21. Al_OC says:


  22. Dj voter says:

    Lol wow

  23. Tim F. says:

    I am usually not happy at another person’s misfortune but I have to admit in this case I am. I hope Giuseppe never plays a national team game again for Italy. He made the wrong choice not to play for the USMNT.

  24. Aaron in StL says:

    Well don’t like to hate on him, but he obviously made a bad decision. He’ll be in the unenviable position next time around of being rather ‘old’ for not having any WC experience. By then I’d expect some other young Italians, especially those plying their trade in Serie A, to move in front of him as well.

  25. mike says:

    lol. ives, we sure have some thin-skinned fanboys.


  26. wyofan says:

    simply awesome – serves him right (my wife is from Clifton, NJ)

    the US has always been the biggest losers in this scenario. now, he is also.

  27. Chris says:

    What was his celebration during the Confed Cup?

    Oh, and, screw him. ๐Ÿ˜€

  28. i accept his decision to play for italy. now he has to accept that US fans love that he has missed out on the 2010 world cup and want to gloat.

  29. JonJones says:

    ehh. As much as I’m upset about his decision, he still was an American player, who could have represented American soccer (albeit not for us) on the biggest stage. I’m not as happy as I though I would have been.

  30. Gacm32 says:


  31. AltiCooper says:


  32. BetaMale says:

    a small victory for the USA. So how is feeling “italian on the field” working out for you now? Just imagine how many goals he could have had with the USA if he would have just ended up playing for his actual country, USA.

  33. John Walker Lindh says:

    if MTV also rejects him, he will always fit in at the Guantanamo beach house.

  34. Sergio of SF says:


  35. Alex G says:

    Maybe he can land a spot on Jersey Shore.

    That was hillarious, lol, freaking awesome, go home traitor, im happy cause i dont like traitors

  36. wally says:

    Bittersweet. It’s a lose/lose for us and Rossi. I’m sure he’s wishing he could go back in time now.

  37. Scott says:

    check his Wiki page under the “International Career” section:

    link to

    whoever did that is AWESOME

  38. Warren says:

    As a Jersey guy myself, I always rooted for him whichever national team he was on.

    Though yeah imagine a USMNT with Rossi up top…sigh.

    But let’s be honest, even with Rossi US would still be a longshot to win the Cup.

    And Italy no matter the coach or the players is always even money to make it to the later stages.

  39. john godfrey says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha i just love it!

  40. scott chang says:

    I would have loved to have had this kid on our team as much as anyone. But, his dream was to play for Italy pure and simple. I don’t think he would have chosen the U.S. over Italy even had he known that he would miss out on 2010. And, as Josh D points out, he’ll still be MUCH more likely to win a World Cup with Italy in 4 and/or 8 years than he ever would have with the U.S., so let’s go easy with the “suck it” type comments….

  41. sread says:

    Yeah, considering it’s Italy we’re talking about. Rossi will get his first WC caps when he’s 34

  42. brad says:

    all I have to say is ..HAHA!!

    Love it.. Rossi can visit me in NJ and watch the games on TV..

  43. Mike says:

    I don’t really get why people hate on him so much. When did we become so intolerant of people chasing their dreams. Exactly how does this “serve him right?” U.S. soccer had absolutely no role in grooming him, and can make no claims to him whatsoever. I feel for him, it must be devastating. Give the kid his credit, he’s worked his butt off to be a great player.

  44. south says:

    Quit looking into your crystal ball.

    Understand that any player would love to represent THEIR country, he’s American, he grew up in America went to an American school with American friends who could be rooting for him in the World Cup, he could have a whole country behind him.

    Now he’s a small fish in a big pond, and Italians know that he is an American. I say Balotelli sees the field in a World Cup before he does.

    He’s a Benedict and I’m glad he didn’t make the cut.

  45. Bob Bradley says:

    Rossi and Subotic would have given us a legitimate shot at the Cup. What could have been.

    Guiseppe, Si dovrebbe avere giocato per gli USA

    Ha, Ha,

    he really seems like a nice guy, but he made a really bad decision and has to live with the consequences

  46. Rooney says:

    Stupid question but Ives referred to a rule change back in Nov 09 regarding Castillo. Is it possible that he can change?

  47. FrancoS says:

    Bad decision he made, first on 2006 and then later, no to play for the US, where he would have been worshiped for his skills nd for being a Jersey’s boy.
    But not, he preferred the big boys. He told ESPN Mag ht feels Italian from a soccer point of view. Unfortunately in Italy he’s pretty unknown. In fact, except fort the short stints in Parma, nobody ha ever seen him playing. And then another bad decision: going to Villareal. Ok, it was the only club who wanted to pay the money wanted by Man Utd, but he could have said “No” and find another team.
    Sorry Giuseppe, too many bad decisions.
    And when the new coach Prandelli will be in charge he’ll prefer Balotelli and Cassano. Te risk will be not see him in Azzurro anymore.

    Talking about rules, could he still go back to the USMNT?

  48. OLD Dirty Haggas says:

    His 2 goals against us will be his only mark on any international competition and that will be his curse.

  49. lassidawg says:

    In a country like Italy there is no guarantee he will make the team in 4 years. Unlike this country they are constantly pumping out high level talent.

    I can’t really hate on him, he took a shot at making one of the top teams in the world, instead of taking the easy way out to the US team.

  50. Idaho Brian says:

    I’m amazed by all of the bitterness. Rossi always knew he had no guarantee of making the Italy 2010 WC squad. He made his decision to represent Italy and I would be shocked if he has once second guessed himself. He has moved on since his decision, and so should we…

  51. los_del_Djemba says:

    ahahahahaha traditore cazzo!

    Forza l’Usa!

  52. KenC says:

    Wow, I’m sure he has no regrets, now.

  53. jpc says:

    he’s actually a decent kid, but I just can’t get over the fact that he decided to not represent his country, in order to advance his career (not my spin, he stated playing for Italy was a chance for him to play at a higher level)… So I’m a bit torn on how to feel about anything he does.

    BUT, at the end of the day playing for your country shouldn’t be about advancing a players career, it should be about the team and the countries supporters. That’s not to say that a player shouldn’t be excited about the exposure that playing for a national team will do for his career, But the benefits to a players career are just an added bonus that comes w/ the territory. I just hope that he regrets his decision at this point.

  54. Rooney says:

    Never mind answered my own question. Player can’t have played at the “A” level for a country.

  55. Idaho Brian says:

    Because he has been capped in offical competition, (as opposed to friendlies)…i.e. the Confederations Cup, I don’t believe he can ever change his national team colors…

  56. adiamas says:

    Guys like me edit that stuff out quick. I had to check the history for the comments quick.

  57. Razorback says:

    Glad to see people have moved on ;-). Wish him the best of luck. Sounds like he has had a tough run of it lately. Enjoy your summer home Rossi and go buy the #17 to support your buddy Jozy, GO USA!!!

  58. .... says:

    in your FACE!

  59. Second City says:

    On one hand: the nationalistic sporting fan in me chuckles with joy & revenge

    …while on the other: the sincere thought is it’s been a really tough year for this young man in losing his father.

  60. John from Philadelphia says:

    Sad. Sad for everyone.

  61. josip says:

    The funny thing is Italy and all his new compatrioti aren’t shedding a tear…they could care less about him. He flat doesn’t have a country now. Mwahahahaha

  62. BrooklynFC says:

    ROSSI DESERVES A GIANT SUCK IT, He was banking on playing in this world cup when he turned Bruce Arena down back in ’06. Rossi could have played in 4 world cups for the USMNT ( 06,10, 14, 18) but instead will have to settle for Maybe 2 with Italy if he ever gets selected

    The USMNT in 2014 is gonna be legit and Rossi would have def made them more legit.


  63. Illmatic74 says:

    It really sucks for him. Him and Subotic are players I will always root for even though they will never play for US.

  64. Goalscorer24 says:

    I was thinking about this, and ouch it happened. He can say what he wants, but it has to suck to not be playing in the World Cup when he could have been (for the US).

  65. ike says:

    I’ll hold my laughter until Joey misses the 2012 and 2014 cuts as well. At that point, he’ll be past his prime and that may serve as a lesson to the future Rossi/Subotic/ Hoyos of the world

  66. john godfrey says:

    Did Giuseppe “Joe Ross” Rossi follow his dream all the way to Italy? Or did he follow his father’s dream? I don’t know a lot of 13-year-old kids in New Jersey who decide to leave their friends and family behind to go play soccer in a foreign country. I wasn’t there, but it’s hard to imagine little Joe driving that bus. But I can definitely see a domineering father prompting an impressionable young kid to chase dad’s unfulfilled dream.

    I don’t know if that’s what happened here. But I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if it was.

  67. DCFAN says:

    Yankee go home! Oh wait, I forgot, he does not have a home anymore in the states.

    He can always go back to Italy and cultivate Olives.


  68. agnigrin says:

    Karma is a b*tch isn’t it Rossi?

  69. Jonathan S. says:

    Am I a jerk?? When I read this headline I said “Yes!” to myself. oh well.

  70. Jacob says:

    You know, this whole time I was hoping for him to get cut from the roster. But now that it has happened, I feel bad for him and lots of sympathy. Although I don’t agree with it, I understand why he chose to play with Italy and it must be tough to be cut right at the cusp of realizing your dream. He’s no Benedict, no traitor…he has dual citizenship and that’s the team he chose. Poor guy.

  71. timbull00 says:

    Awesome! I am glad we avoided having him on our team!!

  72. Andy in Altanta says:

    To the person that said American soccer had nothing to do with him…. UMMM wrong… his father was the coach @ Clifton high… he was watching that team all his early childhood… he played club soccer in Jersey… sorry but the US had plenty to do with his soccer growth… yes he played at Parma academy etc… but he was born here and raised here for 2/3 of his life… immigrants always want to talk about not losing culture which I agree with that 100% but if you are American… be American too… heritage and nationality are two very different things…

    Same reason that I don’t want Jermaine Jones…

    Anyways he is only 23…he will be a force for Italy in 14 if healthy

  73. GSScasual says:

    HAHAHA…. Thats what you get, you greasy traitor. The US gave your parents soo much and gave you soo much and what do you do???…. Spit in our face… WE DONT WANT YOU, AND NOW ITALY DOSENT WANT YOU

  74. Illmatic74 says:

    Also, before Sebastian Lletget makes his decision in a few years he should think of what happened with Rossi.

  75. RooneyFan says:

    Ok so he played a total of 2.3 games for Italy and scored in two of them. Not that I feel bad for him but how does Lippy explain that he is taking Quagliarella who has played a total of 18 games for his national side and only scored 3 goals???? I hope Itally can’t find the net!!!

  76. Vik says:

    *Source needed

    LOL, it actually kinda bothers me how happy I felt reading this. He’s a good player and I think he brings a unique look to the Italian attack. USA sure could have used him though, it’s kind of like a lose-lose situation.

    Subotic looks like he’ll start for Serbia though.

  77. Neruda says:

    The irony is too much. First of all the fact that Rossi is going from the US to a European country instead of a player with roots in the third world (ie players with african backgrounds playing for France, players from Surinam playing for Holland and latinos/Caribbeans/Africans etc for US) going to an industrial nation. And now a few years after realizing he’s more Italian than American, Rossi is snubbed from the Azzuri national team. Too funny.

  78. BetaMale says:

    So I see you know absolutely nothing of the situation.

  79. EDB says:

    As an Italian American I would have done the same thing if I had the talent. Its as much about culture as it is the challenge for me. You grow up and Euros, and the WC are the big things. Your Idols are from Italian national team. Much like People wanted to be MJ , he probably wanted to be Baggio, or some other star striker.

  80. yankiboy says:

    Disrpectful? Wow.

    Why? Because he chose not to play for the US?

    I only want guys playing for the US that really WANT to play for the US. If you don’t WANT to wear the shirt then I don’t want to see you in the shirt.

    Jersey boy made good. There ares still more chapters for him to write. Maybe he will come back an even better player.

  81. bottlcaps says:

    Buddle, Findley and Gomez are all having a good chuckle now!

  82. Dutchie says:

    Play for Italy? Fine if that’s what your heart desires. I’m a naturalized U.S. citizen (originally from Holland) myself. But if you score against your old “country” for god’s sake tone down your celebration. I respect Miroslav Klose’s decision to tone down his celebration when he scored against Poland (for Germany).

  83. Deano says:

    Sadly he probably is the 2nd or 3rd best striker in Italy. He just had a bad spell with the death of his father

  84. yankiboy says:

    I agree with your take Mike. Everyone has to follow his dreams. Sometimes they work out and sometimes they don’t. The guy is still young.

  85. Slamtorch says:

    That’s not the point. World cup is about playing for your country and National pride. Not about who you think has the best chance to win. Just because I’m a quarter German I should go play with them rather than the US cause they have a better chance? Come On, where is your loyalty?

  86. Jeramiah says:

    I’ll save you a stool right next to me Mr. Rossi.
    Maybe we can cheer the US in together while we watch the
    WC on TELEVISION!!!!

  87. agnigrin says:

    If he didn’t celebrate like he saw the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ after he scored his 1st goal vs the USA last summer, I would maybe agree with you.

  88. boludo says:

    Ok, lets be fair here. He was 12 or 13 when he moved to Italy. It’s not like he had been brought up through the US youth system or played through High School and College. It’s not too different from Holden, who moved here when he was 10 and now plays for us.

  89. Neruda says:

    Good point. If only Rossi could have played for Mexico. Most of their team is composed of forwards. Traditionally the Italians don’t worry about offensive explosively but concentrate on defense and sitting on a lead.

  90. Brad says:

    for those who are curious his parents are from Argentina…

  91. BrooklynFC says:

    I’ve been checking all day just for this reason

  92. MattinMemphis says:

    Rossi is just another sad and pathetic American walking around trying to be Italian. Italians laugh at those people.

  93. Kosh says:

    I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that there is a side of me that enjoys this comuppance, but man, to celebrate it and say some of the things that are being said here? I cannot bring myself to that.

    Tough, tough year for the kid. Especially after losing his Dad. That in itself puts a whole lot in perspective. So the capacity to sympathize and connect with another human – a fellow American at that – surpasses the joy that this news brings to the darker part of me.

    I have to be better than this. I wish the kid the best and hope we meet in 14. I would like for him to regret his decision on the field – not like this. Not like this.

  94. yankiboy says:

    John, please help me out. How is it “sad” for “everyone”? Losing your dad is tragic. No doubt. But making a professional decision that hasn’t exactly worked out the way that you had hoped? He rolled the dice. It looked like it was going to work out for him. At this particular moment, it’s not looking so good.

    It’s not sad for me. He chose not to play for the US. He made his call.

    He’s alive making a great living. US soccer will survive. People make decisions. This isn’t exactly what I would call some sort classic tradgedy or anything.

  95. Illmatic74 says:

    Exactly you could also say that about Adu.

  96. boludo says:

    adu was 7, thats a bit different.

  97. yankiboy says:

    No. I wouldn’t say that you are a “jerk”,at all. A lot of us had the same first reaction. We felt “slighted”. it’s kinda like seeing the girl who dumped you being dumped by a “better” looking guy.

  98. Mason says:

    “I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen;”

    Live it, punk. (Rossi that is. Or more aptly, his father.)

  99. Giuseppe Rossi says:

    Hey guys and fellow countrymen!

    So, um, I was thinking…hah, it’s really quite a funny story.

    This whole time I was playing within Italy’s national side, I was really just gathering information as a covert-op to help our nation prosper in the event we face Italy in a knock-out stage.

    So, yea, basically…I’m back! My mission has been completed!

    By the way, any chance you guys will help me petition to bypass the FIFA rule and let me play for the greatest nation on Earth, again?

    Love, Joe Ross

  100. Joseph says:

    He has played and started in qualifiers, friendlies, and the confed cup, pretty sure he has no shot at switching sides now

  101. Mason says:

    That only mattered for players that had not been cap-tied at the senior level. Rossi is.

  102. jaywhite96 says:

    I’m so glad the traitor didn’t benefit from his refusal to play for the USA.

    As they say :Karma is a b—h!

  103. emanuel says:

    I think he means its disrespectful to put Rossi on the cover and labeling him America’s best hope. And now its ironic

  104. BrooklynFC says:

    This sickens me

    I was completely disgusted when A-Rod wanted to play for the Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic, an American should have some pride

  105. Peterk says:

    can’t stop laughing, karma is a b*tch

  106. BetaMale says:

    I’m excited to watch an Italy game and not hear the ESPN or ABC announcer say “The American born Rossi” and then go through the whole story again. Sick of that.

  107. Illmatic74 says:

    How many of them actually lived and worked in Italy like Rossi did?

  108. Aiden says:

    why do people hate this so much?

    he NEVER played for a US team…ever. not like subotic, who left after representing the stars and stripes u-20 and below.

    rossi did nothing wrong.

    he’s a great player and deserved to make the cup.

  109. All you haters are crazy. He’s been playing for Italy since he was what, 14? That’s been his dream. Of course I would love to have him start for USA, but I don’t hate him for respecting his heritage. I wish him luck and know that early in his youth career he developed in NJ.

  110. DAVER says:

    I feel bad for him…not

  111. BrooklynFC says:

    Word….. these dudes should try and be part of the change in our Soccer Culture instead of holding it back

  112. wilyboy says:

    I don’t know who is more stupid, Rossi or Italy for not taking him. He has fantastic pace and finishing ability, most of Italy’s strikers are past their prime.

    But what he doesn’t have is a ticket. We can all talk about how he couldn’t have known, but who doesn’t know that Italy is an agist country who values 30 somethings like their feet are made of gold, and has a predictable habit of choosing Serie A players? Well, guess he didn’t.

    By the next World Cup, Italy will have lost most of their experienced foundation, and will have to start from scratch. Just like Juventus and AC Milan.

  113. Josh says:

    Reading the comments in this thread is just depressing. Too many, I think, get their jollies solely off resentment of others who’re more successful. Textbook definition of “hating,” I suppose.

    I feel bad for Rossi, but he’s young and will have at least two more WC cycles in which he should be in the mix. He’ll be back.

  114. Illmatic74 says:

    Really I didn’t know that I said that because I remember reading he is eligible to play for Italy.

  115. Mason says:

    Too much Italian.
    Not enough American.

  116. Dominick says:

    I’m sure someone wrote this…apologies for not checking out the comments. He didn’t want to play for us–so, I wrote him off. I don’t care how long this takes–we don’t need to beg people to play. Putting on that shirt (how horrible designed it is every four years) should mean something. This is not college recruiting– you should play for the anthem that moves you when you are standing there.

    The 23 I’m cheering for are in SA….even Bornstein!

  117. Lindsay says:

    Lick it Rossi! Lick it!

  118. WhiteHart says:

    He is an Italian-AMERICAN, not an Italian. The first part tells his heritage, the second his nationality. He should be playing for his country, not the team he looks up to.

    I love Pele and Kaka but I’m not about to play for the Brazilian national-team.

  119. yankiboy says:

    Rossi will survive. US Soccer will survive. Once the kid snubbed us and then scored in the Confederations Cup I stewed.

    Then it grew to apathy.

    I got to the point where I didn’t care enough to despise him anymore. Give me a guy who feels called to wear my jersey over one who feels called to go in a different direction (no matter how noble he feels the calling to decline my jersey).

    I only want guys who are going to choke up with pride when the wear the jersey. I don’t want a guy to wear it while he really wishes that he could have gone with his “first” option.

    I’m not crying that he passed on us (never did) and I don’t wish him any harm. But seeing the current irony? I’m not going to shed any tears.

  120. RB says:

    So, you wouldn’t want Jermaine Jones because if he came to play for the US, he’d be doing the same thing to Germany that Rossi did to the US, and you’d then feel bad for Germany? Or you’d fel he was personally a traitor? Or…?

  121. BrooklynFC says:

    That celebration irks me to this day…. Dude has no class, Eff him and ESPN for that Cover Story

  122. Isaac says:

    I have a tough time hating Rossi at all, as a player or as a person, but that’s just me. I understand the hate as a player, but as a person? I mean, every football player’s dream is to play at the highest level. Rossi saw a pathway there and took it. Can you really blame him for that? If every player took national pride into consideration I have a bit of a feeling world football would look very different.

    I feel a little bit of Schaudenfraude and a lot of sympathy for the kid.

  123. Illmatic74 says:

    If you were good enough to play for them you would.

  124. WhiteHart says:

    I don’t hate because he plays for Italy, I hate because of the way he celebrated scoring against the USA.

    Just as someone earlier said, have a little class, be like Klose when he scored against Poland.

  125. yankiboy says:

    Thanks for the assist. Bro. No matter how you look at it, it’s definitely ironic.

  126. I may contradict myself here, but it’s weird that he associates himself so closely to the US and then chooses Italy. Check out his twitter bio and posts:

    Bio Player for Villarreal F.C….. Been around the world… Hometown is always NJ….

    a long and honest thought goes out to all of our fallen soldiers who fought for our freedom and protection. thank you. #MemorialDay

  127. Dan says:

    hope he enjoyed his Confederations cup goals, cuz that’s all he’s gonna get!!

  128. Mason says:

    Adu’s family won the visa lottery and emigrated to the US. That’s entirely different.

  129. Illmatic74 says:

    Guys if Mikkel Diskerud is on the US national team for the Olympics and the next World Cup we need to stop being so angry with Rossi. Diskerud has been in Norway for most of his life yet he is going to play for US.

  130. BrooklynFC says:

    But I bet Adu is regretting not choosing Ghana right about now….. he would have gone in 06 and probably be starting for Ghana in this World Cup…. two world cups wasted for the Both of them what a shame

  131. Illmatic74 says:

    Because choose a National Team to play for is part business decision.

  132. yankiboy says:

    Maximum respect, Dutchie! Very well stated.

  133. Dan says:

    He’s from New Jersey for God’s sake. One of the the thirteen original colonies and home of Bruce Springsteen. Do you think Washington was trying to save Italy when he crossed the Delaware on Christmas Eve? NO. Do you think the Boss (half Italian) was really singing about Italian Americans when he wrote “Jersey Girl”? NO. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? NO. Basically, you gotta dance with the one who brung ya. I am laughing out of spite at this clown and it’s fun doing it.

  134. yankiboy says:

    I’m feeling you. My sentiments exactly.

  135. WhiteHart says:

    I wouldn’t. I’m American, just because I revere players who play for the country of my heritage doesn’t mean that I would play for them, whether they are super good or not. Have some pride.

  136. NARF says:


  137. mwc says:

    While many of the negative comments are funny, I don’t hate on Rossi. He made the decision a long time ago to play for Italy. I was disappointed that he did not choose the U.S. I would have liked him to have been a part of the continuing development of soccer here in the U.S. I would have liked him to be one of those guys who we looked back on and said, “He helped take the USMNT to the next level.” However, because he has always been for Italy, he has been irrelevant to me.

  138. WhiteHart says:

    That’s what sickens me, that playing for national teams has become a business decision.

    The new FIFA rules (on changing national teams) simply re-affirm this to me.

  139. WK says:

    Seems like good final words to me

  140. Isaac says:

    As far as this celebration thing goes, I’d say there wasn’t much class there, but considering he’s a young player coming off the bench that just scored an important goal that was quite stunning, he’s allowed some excitement. Still not very classy though.

  141. yankiboy says:

    A lot of us aren’t “so angry with Rossi”. A lot of us don’t care about him.

    He made his move. It was his call. When Rossi decided to go go to Italy, he became as afterthought. A very distant one. I’m only discussing him now because if this recent news.

    I understand why he did what he did. I might not agree with it but hey–we all got to live our lives. It’s a personal decision made very public. So of course, people are going to comment on it. Some of them are going to be angry.

    And some of us are just musing about how ironic it is.

  142. Pete says:

    Can he still switch nations? and if so, would the US fans accept him as one of their own?

  143. OLD DIRTY HAGGAS says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head , this sounds like a soccer dad/coach who might have had his own agenda.

  144. wilyboy says:

    Or loving the country that gave you life. Here’s much to do with hate, but more with love.

  145. Jorge says:

    Thank you. That’s what I meant.

  146. S.C. says:

    Good luck being the towel boy Rossi. Some people are saying that Rossi could hypothetically play on the our team in the 2014 World Cup, but even if he chose the US how can a spot for him be guaranteed. The depth of our squad has improved so much over the past 4 years, who knows what we will have to look forward to beyond our current base. Holden, Beasley, Spector, Findley, Torres (possible starter), etc. coming off the bench in 2010 and a recovering CD9. The USMNT future is bright…

  147. Jorge says:

    He can’t switch nations now. He’s been capped by Italy. And for the US fans, hard to say.

  148. Rocco says:

    Agreed. We should also note that he’ll be cheering with us for the Yanks.

  149. yankiboy says:

    Not juts “no” but “Hell to the no!”

    He can’t switch and this is one guy who doesn’t want him. I wish anything bad on him but I wouldn’t want him playing for the USA National Beach Soccer team.

  150. Alexandria says:

    Are you serious? Italy is a team in decline, by the next world cup they will have27 and 30 year olds without world cup experience. Our entire team minus two people will be returning, I’d take our odds over there’s..

  151. Hugh says:


  152. Rocco says:

    It’s sad because he’s still a good guy, and also an American who will be cheering with us for the Yanks to do well. Even though he’s not playing for the USMNT, he’s still an American product and can help trail blaze for our future players.

  153. Mason says:

    Does it count?

    *Judges shake their heads*

  154. Mason says:

    Does this one count?

    *Judges nod emphatically*


  155. Rocco says:

    If you want to translate his name it would be “Joe Red”

  156. Hugh says:

    Watch out Neven…Karma’s got you in his sights now.

  157. madmax says:

    Italy chose 5 strikers before Rossi. Not a very good chance to make it as a sub later at 6 or 7 position. Sorry but Rossi may have lost his first and last chance for WC.

  158. Illmatic74 says:

    He still has a chance to make the team for the Euros in two years.

  159. Austin says:

    hate to say he deserves it… other news though

    Giancarlo Maldonado is close to agreeing terms with Chivas USA according to Twitter. First DP signing of summer?

  160. Super Chivo says:

    That cover really pissed me off too. I don’t dislike the guy because he’s Italian and so he plays for Italy. But to have him on the cover with that ball and that headline was a horrible decision by him and his people and tasteless by ESPN.

  161. Jorge says:

    Form Rossi’s twitter…

    didnt make it, but i have no regrets…worked hard and showed what i could do..i gues the coach had other plans. good luck Italy..

  162. David K. says:

    I still think he can suck it. He would have been great for the USA he will be a footnote in the Azzuri’s long history.

  163. Tom says:

    I feel so bad for him, NOT!!! It’s called Karma a$$ hole and it just came around and hit you square in the face!!!

  164. Rocco says:

    How many times is this bigoted comment going to reappear in some form? Just because he’s an Italian from New Jersey doesn’t mean he belongs with the cast of Jersey Shore.

  165. notsweet81 says:

    As U.S. fans we should get used to it because it will happen again (both in our favor and against us). Tons of players end up representing a country other than the country of their birth. Over the years the U.S. has had several of these players, and if health allowed we likely would have had Jermaine Jones on the WC team. Even “big” soccer nations like Portugal (Deco, Nani) and France (Evra) have had key players born abroad.

  166. madmax says:

    I saw Ghana in 2006, and in 2010. I don’t believe Adu would’ve made either squad, not even the bench.

  167. sandtrout says:

    I never got what was so bad about his Confed Cup celebrations against the U.S. By that point he had made his choice, so why not celebrate? It looked then like he was sealing his future as an Italy star.

  168. J says:

    Giuseppe rossi hasn’t played as well as last year hardly a suprise.

  169. Brad says:

    well Argentina has a ton of Italian immigrants, so maybe they are italian by way of argentina, who knows…

  170. jim b says:

    I’m imagining Nelson from the Simpson’s voice here

  171. JavaLavaJoe says:

    If we can get to the Quarters at this World Cup then the defections will end. Rossi/Subotic made a toss up choice based on where we are in our development as a soccer nation. We are growing. Once we are an established contender there is no reason to go elsewhere.

  172. Rocco says:

    That’s a pretty cold thing to say re: his father considering he passed away.

  173. Alexandria says:

    Diskerud is half American, he can choose either one, the anger towards Rossi, is because he’s exactly the player this squad is missing.

  174. Isaac says:

    It’s always been a business decision. That doesn’t mean you can’t take pride and all of that into consideration. In fact, most players do.

  175. WhiteHart says:

    It’s his right to celebrate, and my right to dislike him because of it.

    Klose scored in a World Cup and had the class to not celebrate wildly, Rossi could’ve done the same.

    Having said that, he chose not to, and as a result he will have lots of Americans that dislike him, hence the “celebrations” over his misfortune.

  176. brentmcd says:

    hahahahahaha! f*ck you, traitor!

  177. PGS says:


  178. Drew says:

    It’s not bitterness. It’s amusement. He tried to big time the USMT and FAILED like the Hindenburg. He put in a lot of work for Italy only to get blown off for the WC. LMAO!

  179. Isaac says:

    I would also like to ask how Rossi is any different from Torres? I mean, most of Torres’ actual development to become a professional was done in Mexico, the same as how most of Rossi’s was in Italy. I don’t hear anyone on these boards casting away Torres, at least not because of his roots. Maybe the Mexican version of SBI is cussing him out the same way we do Rossi…

  180. Mike says:

    Wow! Don’t make any broad assumptions there BetaMale! Or even take into account that two different people can come to different conclusions. And for your information I know plenty about the situation and have followed his career for quite some time. I would feel much different if he had at some point donned a U.S. jersey, but he never has. He has always held onto his dream of playing for Italy and has stated that he identified with them as a child. And so what if he was born in America? He has spent close to half his life in Europe.

    The kid scored a beautiful goal in the confederations cup and was clearly excited about it. So what? I’d like to see all the stupid crap you’ve done at a young age just to throw it back in your face. He’s young, give the kid a break.

    And Mason, when was the last time you said those words to a government official? At your birth? Or in elementary school? More likely never.

    Also, if you moved to another country, would you stop supporting the U.S. national team? Probably not. Probably, you would raise your kids to support them. So yeah, his dad must be a total d**k for feeling a connection to the country of his birth. How dare he!

    And tell me again exactly why I should spend any of my time being mad at a player who has never represented us? I won’t, instead I’ll concentrate on giving my support to the players we do have.

  181. Ted Decker says:

    no reason to feel ashamed.

  182. Jamie Z. says:

    I doubt they could care less. I know what you’re getting at, but I still doubt any of them have given it a second (or first) thought.

  183. Ted Decker says:

    He will be crowned king of the guidos.

  184. Tim says:

    sorry josh, but this Italy team is not competing to win it. They are competing not to embarrass themselves.

  185. Paul Thomas says:

    I don’t understand this comment. There are at least nine guys on the roster (not counting Howard, but counting Hahnemann, who’s ancient) who a. will be past 30 in the next WC cycle, meaning they’ll likely be declining, and b. aren’t so good now that their decline phase is still international quality. Hahnemann (41 at next WC), Cherundolo (35), Bocanegra (35), and DeMerit (34), are surely playing in their last World Cup. Likely the same for Goodson (32), Clark (31), Beasley (31), Buddle (33), and Gomez (32). I’d be very surprised if more than one of those gents is on the 2014 WC roster.

  186. Abraham Lincoln says:

    I smiled when I read this headline!! Suck it b*tch!!!

  187. Tim says:

    Take a chill pill. It is a joke. No one actually thinks these people should be on the Jersey Shore.

  188. sandtrout says:

    I work around several futbol fans from Mexico, and they’re not angry at Torres — mostly interested and perhaps even impressed at his progress.

  189. ga-gone says:


  190. Mason says:

    I didn’t know he was dead when I posted, but I stand by it. He imbued his son with allegiance and fidelity to a foreign state which was expressed in one of the most universal methods. He failed in his oath.

  191. Nicole says:

    Hahahahaha….enjoy watching the USA from your place in New Jersey.

  192. sandtrout says:

    You’re right — it’s your right. I guess to me it’s a waste of energy, like nurturing a hatred of an ex-girlfriend. Life’s too short.

  193. YaBoy says:

    Torres was born in Texas. Rossi was born in Jersey.

    Torres is playing for his home country.

    Rossi is not. (and at this point he isn’t playing for anybody haha!!)

  194. Mike says:

    First off, Clifton High is not U.S. Soccer. Club soccer is not U.S. soccer. His dad, an Italian immigrant, showed tape of the Italy national team to his son and players. How is that U.S. soccer?
    People, it’s soccer….and he made this decision a long time ago. Get over yourselves.

  195. BrooklynFC says:

    As did I, but back before 06 Ghana called Adu up before he played for us and he turned them down they wanted to take him to the world cup and had he gone to the world cup with them he would gotten more burn in europe for sure cause he would not have had the AMERICAN player stigma…. And we would have def started this world cup
    Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

  196. john godfrey says:

    Jose Francisco Torres was born and raised in Longview, Texas. He tried out for the USA World Cup team. He made it.

    Joe Ross was born and raised in Clifton, New Jersey. He tried out for the Italian World Cup team. He got cut.

    Does this answer your question?

  197. Mark says:

    I have mixed feelings about it. As a USMNT super fan I was disappointed that he chose Italy, so from that perspective I guess I feel like some sort of cosmic payback has occurred and it feels good. On the other hand, this is old news so I’m sort of over it, so I would have liked to have seen him play and represent Italy in the World Cup.

    Either way, and I say this without malice, it sucks to be him right now.

    What may hurt worse, and this is a very real possibility, is when the US faces Serbia in the 2nd round and Subotic plays the game of his life and eliminates us from the World Cup and rips off his jersey wearing an I hate Thomas Rongen t-shirt. That will sting…

  198. Mike says:

    No matter how you try to apply this logic, a country can not give you life. Especially considering that the country we live in is predicated on you making your own life. Hence the American dream…..

  199. sandtrout says:

    My neighbor just told me that the fans in Mexico realize the situation is different. El Tri could have had Torres but never called him, so people understand.

  200. Brian says:

    I think you’re referring to Podolski when he scored 2 goals against Poland in Euro 2008.

  201. Uncle Sam says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Hope you’re reading this Rossi! Now enjoy the show on ESPN like the rest of us!

  202. primoone says:

    Say what you want about his dad, however, world cup or no world cup, he is going to be a highly desired target for big clubs in the off-season. I think the foundation laid down by his father is at the very core of his young professional career. Do I like it personally? Hell no, however, I feel that he will eventually play in a world cup as well as have a great footballing career.

    Having said that…

    F U ROSSI….Thats what you GET!

  203. chicagofire says:

    Well look like he has plenty of time for some GTL.

  204. Tom says:

    100% agree!!!

  205. RB says:

    I’m continually surprised at how hard a time people seem to have — or at least Americans seem to have — conceiving of someone having multiple nationalities, and the multiple loyalties and interests and opportunities that can result from it. It is particularly ironic given the multi-ethnic history and character of the US, and the egalitarian emphasis of the country. You’d think people like Torres or Jermaine Jones or others were half alien beings or something…

  206. chicagofire says:

    What’s more dated already that cover or Ronaldinho staring in Nike’s write the future ad?

  207. phil says:

    i poop on his grave.

  208. QuakerOtis says:

    Kinda satisfied with him not going but, re. the “classless” celebration:

    1. It was an incredible strike.

    2. Are you telling me YOU wouldn’t have celebrated in similar fashion if you put one like that past Tim Howard just minutes after entering the match?!

    3. It was his second or third goal for the Azzuri in a FIFA tournament less than a year from the WC.

    4. Again, see number 1.

    Please explain to me the problem with his celebration…

  209. phil says:

    Look, this guy’s time will come and when it does he will be a force to be reckoned with. But let’s be honest, if Rossi were only so-so do you think we’d be spending half the time we do hatin’ on him?

    Okay maybe a little.

  210. phil says:

    Yes but Rongen will still have a job somewhere in the Development Machine and we’ll still be out that prospect in US Soccer. Who is the real loser?

  211. rastafari says:

    oh… Gotta get a screen grab of that while it’s up .

  212. bford says:

    I don’t think going and playing for another country is the type of trailblazing we want……

  213. Mig22 says:

    Time for a rehash, slightly modified, of the greatest soccer headline ever (by Ives, of course):

    23 Americans go to the World Cup, 1 Goes Home

    Yeah, it’s a crappy attitude to take but I’m pretty happy about it. The pimpy celebration which lacked class given the history was what tore it for me.

    And I suppose the headline could read 24 considering Subotic.


  214. chicagofire says:

    Why would Adu be starting for Ghana? Didn’t Ghana beat the US in the 06WC?

  215. scott47a says:

    Don’t worry, 2014 will be great led by Howard, Donovan, Dempsey, Altidore, Davies, Holden, Torres, Bradley, Edu, Bedoya, Spector, with Geoff Cameron, Omar Gonzalez, Chad Marshall, Kevin Alston, Ike Opara, Sean Franklin — plus a bunch of Yanks abroad.

    Lots too choose from even when Dolo and Boca and Beasley and such step away.

    Only continues to get better for the U.S.

  216. Canarsie FC says:

    So everyone loses:

    USA could have had a legitimate top flight striker.

    Rossi gets no World Cup and in 2014 he’ll be 27 having to fight off probably lots of young new hot shots.

    Nothing for anyone here to celebrate. The Jersey kid has a lot of balls though and I hope he makes Italy’s Euro 2012 squad.

    Something that no one is mentioning is the nice thing for the kid is Italy is in a 2 year cycle ( World Cup, European championships ) and you can argue that the European Championships are a much tougher tournament. He may yet get a medal there.

  217. madmax says:

    Yes they did. Adu wouldn’t be starting, and probably not on either team.

  218. BK says:

    I’ll be honest, if I find myself living abroad someday, I don’t care where my son is born…he’s going to play for America. Can you really blame the Rossi family? I can’t.

  219. John from Philadelphia says:

    That’s what’s sad for everybody. People make mistakes and people chase dreams. When you don’t achieve your dreams and/or make mistakes, it’s sad. When our dream as a soccer loving bunch of Americans is to have a great team, and we miss on a great player, it’s sad. Have fun with this but I think everyone loses, US fans included. I am in shock for this guy. Greek tragedy tragic indeed.

  220. LEONARDO says:

    while i could care less about Rossi, i think this brings up an more important point – on *patriotism* and *loyalty* – in the USA it is a new definition that most other countries don’t experience.

    every italian-american i know is rooting for Italy first, USA 2nd.
    every portuguese-american i know is rooting for Portugal first, USA 2nd.
    (almost) every mexicano-american i know is rooting for Mexico first, USA 2nd. 1st/2nd/3rd/8th generation has nuthin to do with it. it’s all the same.
    it’s 99% motherland.

    not for me! im colombiano-american, and i root USA first, Colombia 2nd. GO USA!!

    makes for greatly diverse sports bar scenes !!!

  221. madmax says:

    The USA is the loser because Rongen is still evaluating youth, many with dual nationalities.

  222. pete says:

    HAHAHA. FU Rossi. You are from Clifton, New Jersey, not Italy. I hope this hurts for a long time.

  223. LittleMaradona says:

    Suck it Rossi, keep on sucking.
    Seriously though, you gotta think Rossi is conflicted right now about his decision. On the one hand he could make the 2014/18 world cups and be spectacular (like his defenders argue). On the other hand he could tear an ACL before the next WC and then get passed in 2018 for other players.
    I can relate in a way. I made my high school varsity team my freshman year but chose to play JV with all my friends. Then the next two years I tore Knee and Ankle ligaments respectively. By my senior year I was a bench player behind younger players with more potential and more proven players.
    Rossi is a very confident player who perhaps thought he was better than he actually is. Or maybe this will motivate him to a future glory. Hopefully he won’t look back at this in 8 years and wonder what could have been.

  224. BetaMale says:

    I’m a German-American and root for USA first and for Germany to lose.

  225. Jdavids says:

    I didn’t hate him until he celebrated. He should have had respect.So now I (immaturely) fart in his general direction.

  226. FulhamPete says:

    Perhaps not “two guys” but for every Buddle Beasley and Demerit, we’re looking at:

    Howard & Hamid; Altidore & Davies; Holden, Torres, Dempsey, Bradley, Edu, (even Donovan will still be quality in 4 years).

    Our defensive pool, is where we’ll need the 4 year cycle to run it’s course with really only Onyewu still looking good to stay around (hopefully Spector & Bornstein can get their act together). But there’s guys like A.J. DeLaGarza, Omar Gonzales, Nyassi (sp?), Tim Ream, Lichaj, and I’m sure others I’m jus tnot up on.

    I’ll take USA 2014 over Italy 2014.

    But let’s enjoy THIS WC before we get all worked up over the next one.


  227. Gene says:

    I thought they were media reports that Rossi’s Italian parents came to the States to teach the Italian language, he always considered himself an Italian and wanted to play for Italy. I don’t see anything wrong with that. If a good player, who had American parents, but was born overseas, I bet some of the same people getting on Rossi’s case would consider that player traitor if he had not played for the U.S.

    If anything, you have to admire the guy for not picking an easier path, just so he could play in the World Cup.

    As a USMNT fan, I would have liked to see a talented player like that to decide to play here. But I cannot begrudge him the decision to play for the country he considers home.

  228. The Bayonne Bleeder says:

    Rossi will be just fine.

    Everyone is forgetting that Italy plays in the European Championship (or Euro 2012). Americans have to wait 4 years between world Cups. European teams get a shot at glory every 2 years, World Cup, then the Euros. I’m sure Rossi is upset but not for long. He’ll have to get ready for the Euro qualifiers this year.

    Quite a few people believe the Euro’s are a much tougher tournament. This is one reason why Rossi chose Italy, tougher and more frequent competitions.

  229. dhines says:

    actually yes i can . . . being born abroad is one thing, but raising your kid abroad is a totally different thing. i would NEVER raise my kids anywhere other than the USA. my wife is a mexican born woman, but my kids are americans.

    btw, you forget that only the father is from italy, ‘joes’ mom is from the USA.

  230. inkedAG says:

    Excellent comeback!

  231. inkedAG says:

    Rossi can go cry in his spaghetti! Har Har

  232. inkedAG says:

    Actually, in a video he said that off the field he considers himself an American.

  233. 59th St. Bridge says:

    Who told you that about Ghana calling up Adu? I’ll bet it came from Twitter Freddy. You really believe Mr. Legend in his own mind?

    I want a signed and notarized deposition before I believe that crap ( no reflection on you unless you sent your post while driving on the fricking BQE ).

  234. CA says:

    This makes me day!

  235. My GERD is back! says:

    “He imbued his son”

    Up to the “i”s in your dictionary, I see.

  236. CA says:

    This makes MY day!

  237. Claudio Cannigia says:

    Diego! Stop using other people’s names!

  238. Paul says:

    Hope he enjoys the time off. Maybe read a biography of Aldo Donelli or something.

  239. YankeeDollar says:

    Tell you what, if he could switch nations, every single last one of you would get down on your knees and kiss his butt. He is exactly, what the USMNT needs.

  240. irishapple21 says:

    Rossi got exactly what was coming to him. Now he can watch the World Cup from home. I hope he enjoys the decisions he has made, because he could have been a legend but now he’s a nobody.

  241. Claudio Reyna says:

    Roselle Park,N.J.

  242. fooooooo says:

    You would NEVER raise your kids outside the U.S.?
    That’s a strange point of view to have, but to each his own.

    Raising your kids outside the U.S. wouldn’t make them any less American, and might even give them the chance to have a better education and benefit from better health care.

    I certainly don’t consider myself any less American even thought I was born and raised abroad by American parents.

  243. Arkie says:

    Quite a few Europeans feel that way, then they remember Argentina and Brazil (along with the rest of the world) exists. I’m just sick of Europeans skeeting all over themselves about how great their team/league/whatever is. if you look at confederations CONMEBOL has just as much claim as UEFA with them sharing the same amount of WC titles. Plus Europe has played on their home continent twice as often as CONMEBOL and tend to do bad elsewhere. In fact, if a European team wins this year it will be the first team to win away from the continent. They couldn’t even make it to a final in the confed cup this year despite 2 entrants, and strong ones at that. Europeans have more money and better leagues, not necessarily better footballers. And I will bet its not a European team winning this year

  244. Gene says:

    That may be. But he may still have enough cultural attachment to Italy that it would be sacrielege for him to play for any other country.

  245. Smith says:

    Ha ha. Hope he never plays in a world cup & ends up working at a pizzeria in Harrison (after a sub-par playing career in Europe) where he can see Red Bull Arena in the distance while making pie after after pie.

  246. chupacabra says:

    Rossi won’t get a spot on Jersey Shore because:

    A) he’s actually of Italian descent
    B) he’s actually from Jersey

    Now if he was from Long Island or Staten Island, fuggedaboutit!

  247. bottlcaps says:

    True, but if you look at in context of last years Confederation Cup. Rossi had a standout game against the US, and had a good tournament, although Italy crashed and burned. His 2009-10 season was not great but neither was Villareal’s. So, Rossi was clearly on the radar of Lippi, and was odds-on to win a WC spot!
    The U.S. Strikers? Discounting Dempsey who should be placed as a winger, you had Altidore, teammate of Rossi, who despite Villareals weakened condition of their striker corps. thought so little of Altidore, they chose to offload him to Hull, who were desperate for ANY affordable striker.

    Then we have Gomez, Buddle and even Findley, who were so off the radar they were just hoping to have even a job with their club teams for 2010 season.

    If I were an American striker in SA right now. I would be as happy as anybody to be a US citizen and afforded this marvelous chance given to me. I would be also very happy if a person who could have easily taken my position, turned it down.

    Rossi, an American citizen, chose to snub a US opportunity for a sure spot on it’s WC team, a team that has little chance of reaching the final, but may go far and deep into the tournament and make history. He chose instead to risk getting a position on a far stronger team with the possibility of winning it all.

    He chose, He lost. And the US players should all smile.

  248. Scott from Texas says:

    Cutting the only player under 40 was a questionable choice. Italy will crash out in the group stage.

  249. chupacabra says:

    Apparently Ronaldinho wrote the future and it replied, “You’re not in it!”

  250. JonJon says:

    Being the son of immigrants who are so proud of their heritage i STILL don’t feel for the guy. I am American, i love my family’s roots and am proud of them, but America is where I was born, raised and affords me the life and liberty I enjoy everyday. Rossi says other than football he is American, sounds like he just wanted the trophy and has no pride in his country. The same kind of person who doesn’t appreciate the soldiers who give up their lives everyday for a war most don’t believe in. The World Cup is not JUST about football, but national pride. It’s not club teams playing but countries… i digress.

  251. John1 says:

    I wonder who he will pull for this World Cup.

  252. BCC says:

    Please explain how this comment exemplifies “bigotry.”

  253. Isaac says:

    John Godfrey and YaBoy you both know EXACTLY what I mean and are just avoiding it.

    Torres is the exact same situation as Rossi, they both just picked different countries. Torres saw that his best chance to get to a high level was with USA, especially considering that Mexico neglected to call him up. Rossi saw that he had an opportunity to play with one of the best teams in the world, a very high level, and he took it. He was incredibly close to making it and is probably the going to make it next time around. How are they any different? The fact that Torres was born in the USA, lived there, and played for it and Rossi did the exact same thing, except that he played for Italy? Torres did what he felt would advance his career the most, nobody is on his nuts, but when Rossi does it, everybody is chasing after him with knives.

  254. jcl says:

    I was born in Belgium to a Greek household and spent about half my life there. I’m Rossi’s age and have moved to the US. Wouldn’t think twice about representing anybody else. This is the country that gave me my opportunities, and similar for him.

    Still sorry for his loss, and it’s going to be the continuation of a tough period for him, but as a US soccer fan, how can you not see the karmaic irony in this!!

  255. Kenny_B says:

    Only European’s would argue that.

  256. Kenny_B says:

    Why don’t you go ahead and write the same comment four more times or so? We all get that you don’t like or respect the States squad. I heard there was a Football by Guido site that you could join.

  257. Dalton says:

    i wouldn’t even want him back to be honest. mr “im too big for US soccer” can have fun watching this world cup and the 2014 world cup on his couch. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  258. Wayne says:

    he went from being a big fish in a little pond(the US), to a little fish in a big pond (italy). and i kind of feel bad for him, but not really at all. i honestly hope he cried when he found out the news

  259. Kenny_B says:

    Oh I’m certain you can get much better odds than that this time around. Seems like a waste of money to me though.

  260. Mike says:

    Gotta play in Serie A if you want to go to the World Cup, Giuseppe. They’ve invited, what, a grand total of 3 guys playing outside Italy in the last 4 WC?

    As for him playing for Italy, meh…. that decision has long passed. I’m more annoyed at the ESPN Mag article because I seriously couldn’t give a flying-f*ck about Rossi anymore. I nothing Rossi. I really don’t know why ESPN Mag featured him, when most of us couldn’t care less about him either. If you’re going to put a soccef star on the cover, make it a US player or make it a superstar, but don’t make it Rossi. I mean, who cares about him?

  261. JR says:

    The sad thing is Rossi went for Italy for a better chance to win the World Cup. But, if Rossi was on the U.S. right now I think we would be favored to win Group C over England, and a legitimate bet to make the semis. This is already the best team we’ve ever taken to the World Cup, and Rossi would have helped us.

  262. Dan says:

    F* him, he lost his US privileges last summer and as far as i’m concerned, he isn’t welcome in New Jersey let alone US soccer. You turn your back on the RED, White, and Blue and your dead to me.

  263. Red Card says:

    Funny, funny, funny. It will be even funnier when we hoist the Cup! Go USA!

  264. SeattleStan says:

    For real, I’m pretty sure Gigi Buffon is their youngest guy on the roster now.

  265. Kenny_B says:

    That sounds like a pretty good theory.

  266. Alex says:

    Thanks Mr.Lippi taught a traitor with a value lesson.He forgot to thanks his mom for her long 9 months by wanting to play for Italy. God just purnished him for his act

  267. chg says:

    Better health care? Are they being raised in the Gumdrop Mountains? There’s a reason people come from all over the world to have major surgeries performed in American hospitals.

  268. Dan says:

    another Guido from Jersey?

  269. chg says:

    Josh D, I doubt his dream included getting cut from the WC. I don’t see Italy being a favorite in 2014, and Rossi may be deemed too old for their squad in 2018. For that matter, he my be injured in 2014.

    All we know now is to this point in his career, Rossi would have had a much better shot at World Cup glory with the US than with Italy. I hope Italy misses qualifying in 2014 and he never enjoys a World Cup.

    It would bring a smile to my face to think that the decision haunts him long after his playing career is over.

  270. Kenny_B says:

    I don’t know that it’s a tragedy any more than any other player not making their squad.

  271. Dan says:

    cuz they buy their way into the easiest group the last WC and take advantage of replay which isn’t allowed, in case you don’t remember no official saw the Zadan head-butt until it was replayed on the jumbotron.

  272. Kenny_B says:

    Club soccer is not U.S. soccer? That is a bizzare comment. Of course it’s not playing for the national team. I forgot about the U-8 World Cup.

  273. Jordan says:

    I don’t see what’s so different about Rossi’s case and Stuart Holden’s situation (as a pre-emptive strike against a joke reply, besides Holden actually getting to play in SA 2010).

  274. daggius says:

    get dumped on.

  275. chg says:

    It’s not sad for me, and I’d be willing to bet it’s not sad for US Soccer officials. They’ll never say so publicly, but the next time a situation like this comes up, they can say, “Look at Rossi.”

    This is essentially recruiting. In football recruiting, I never ever want a player that spurns the home state schools to have success out of state. I don’t want to see them get injured, and I wish them happiness off the field, but the more success they have for their other home, the easier it is for the next kid to choose the same path.

    Thus, I want Rossi’s international career to be filled with disappointment to the point that, long after he is retired from the game, he sometimes lies awake at night and wonders “What if?” It is better for US Soccer if it turns out this way, and, as he continues to remind us, he is not an American on the pitch.

  276. Chris in Belfast says:

    Gold Cup?

    No, you’re right. It isn’t the same.

  277. John B. says:

    Sweet!!! Hope he never gets to the WC.

  278. Giorgio Chinaglia says:

    This Rossi..he doesn’t appreciate the good life here in the US of A. Let me tell you, my friends..I played for Italy and I played for the Cosmos and I wish I could have played for the US. The 1974 World Cup was a disaster.

    Giorgio has few regrets in life. Why should I? I scored more goals than anyone in the North American Soccer League and I dated Super Models and I partied at Studio 54..but, if there’s one thing I regret, I wish I could have played for the US.

    Let me tell you, If I were 30 years old and on this team, we’d win the World Cup. Trust me.

    This kid, Rossi. He’s not worth his weight in calamari.


  279. Rocco says:

    Gee BCC, let me put my finger on it…how about because the comment implies that because he’s an Italian American from New Jersey then he belongs on Jersey Shore. Even though he acts nothing like the clowns on that show, nor do most Italian Americans for that matter. So please explain how this comment does NOT exemplify bigotry.

  280. chg says:

    They are both completely different. Adu’s and Holden’s families chose to move here for reasons unrelated to soccer. They were attracted by something this country offered that their homeland did not. Their sons grew up in their new country and adopted it whole heartedly.

    Rossi’s father moved here for those opportunities as well. He married an American woman, and they had an American son. When his son proved to be a soccer prodigy, only then did he think of spurning his new country for his old.

    The stories are nothing alike.

  281. Rocco says:

    Obviously you’re a mature and intelligent individual so that response makes perfect sense.

    Mason, don’t conflate the foreign state with a soccer team.

  282. SoccerJohn says:

    Ask yourself this question: if you could choose to have Rossi playing for the US right now, would you?

  283. martha_c says:

    hahahhahahahahhahhah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM doing the same celebrating he did when he scored on his native country and was so happy

    Thats Karma!!!!! heres hoping Benedict arnold NEVER plays in a World Cup!!!

    Irony is hed probably been a star lining up for the US.

    Cant wait to see what Karma has lined up for Subotic

  284. martha_c says:

    Ask yourself would George Washington have taken back Benedict Arnold?

  285. chg says:

    I wish FIFA (and FIBA and everyone else) would just come up with universal rules for how a country can lay claim to a player.

    I suspect Rossi was born a citizen of Italy, which is a little different, but it is a joke that a grandfather or great-grandfather of Italian birth qualifies one for Italian citizenship. You should have to live in a country for a set period of years before applying for citizenship. There are other countries where the rules are just as ridiculous – like France allowing anyone born in a former French colony to claim citizenship.

  286. chg says:

    I wouldn’t get down on my knees for any man on Earth. We have a little more pride than you down here.

  287. martha_c says:

    Those mixed-Americans who root for their homeland over the US can suck the big one and go back home.

  288. TimN says:

    I wouldn’t have thought a whole lot about this had it not been for his overblown celebration after scoring against the U.S. last year in the Confederations Cup. He could have shown A LOT more restraint and class than he did. Enjoy watching the WC at home Giuseppe…karma sucks doesn’t it??

  289. papa bear says:

    I’m not shocked at all. I’ve been saying for years that this would happen. Italy has a deep talent pool and they ALWAYS prefer ‘real’ Italians. It’s the same reason you aren’t likely to ever see Mario Balotelli play for Italy. Like it or not that’s just how Italy operates culturally.

  290. Chris says:

    bwahahaha, suck it. I hope he never plays for Italy in the World Cup.

  291. Look at the ages of Englands team, then re think what you just wrote about those guys. The only ones who won’t be there isCherundolo and Bocanegra, Demerit will be older but he started playing later in life so he doesn’t have as much wear and tear.

  292. Seriously? says:

    Really chg? Do you not understand the difference between facilities, doctors, and a health care system? The people who come from all over the world aren’t average Joe’s making average money. Or did you not see the specials about things like Americans who move to Mexico to take advantage of the health care there. It’s not about the facilities, it’s about the care that’s available to average people.

  293. Zack says:

    Hey Paisano! Arivaderchi Roma!!!!

  294. Chetter says:

    Just think โ€“ would you rather have a good chance to play a significant role for an emerging soccer nation in 3-4 world cups, possibly play a world cup in your home country in 2018 (or maybe 2022), possibly in a stadium sitting a stones throw from where you grew up, with 82k+ US supporters? Or for a country you’ve barely lived in, who’s already been to the top, who may not even take you. Over 10-15 years he potentially could have been a leader on a team that emerges into the top 10, makes a run at a cup played on US turf, (and don’t dare doubt that the US will be in the top five teams favored to win a 2018 or 2022 cup on US turf) and goes down in history as a/the leader who helped the US make a permanent breakthrough to the top. Seems to be travelling down a routine paved road rather than taking an opportunity to be a true pioneer?

    At this point he has a chance at playing a significant role in maybe two more cups, if he can make the team, and if he can get himself on the field. That’s going to be a big challenge considering he didn’t make a team that basically didn’t consider Balotelli and Cassano, (two players of probably greater talent and judgment โ€“ ouch) much less living legends like Del Piero or Totti, etc. As long as he’s not playing in Italy he’s also probably hurt his chances and he’s probably going to be seen as an outsider being US born and spending such little time in the country. This guys twitter says “Hometown is always NJ….” for pete’s sake. He might have had a better chance winning a cup with the US than he does Italy!

    And what if he does it with Italy and wins a cup? Then he might just be somewhat of a unknown guy on a team winning number 5. Heck, he’s almost a guy that no country knows very well. Most will remember and cherish cup #1 more so and longer than cup #5.

    Maybe if the serious questions about what country to suit up for had occurred a few years later in life he might have made a different decision. 18yrs old is a tough time to make a permanent decision. I can respect a guy who maybe wanted to pay respect to his family’s heritage, play for a top soccer playing nation, and go with his gut feeling and dreams, but does it outweigh the opportunities (this is the land of) that were passed up in his home country which he purports to love? Did he underestimate them? The comment today that he has no regrets comes quick and its extremely revealing imho.

    I wonder what country he’d rather win a WC for….

  295. Dominghosa says:

    What a waste.

  296. Chris says:

    I just wanted to point out that Italian National Team midfielder Mauro Camoranesi is even less Italian than Rossi. Camoranesi was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Camoranesi even played in the Mexican league (like so many South Americans do) for Santos and Cruz Azul before finally being “discovered” by Verona in Serie A.

  297. rbenjamin says:

    This is a good point.. not that I think he really considered it.. He traded the fame in Italy playing for the azzurri for the trail blazing always remembered legend in the USA. People have scoffed at me previously but I think Joe Red woulda have really broken through into the mainstream USA conscious had he been red white blue

  298. Chris says:

    I also believe Camoranesi is third or fourth generation Italian-Argentine, whereas Rossi’s parents are Italian born.

  299. scott says:

    only thing better would have been if he made the squad and blew out his knee in the final practice

  300. casadelqueso says:

    Hey, what’s ‘schadenfreude’ in Italian?

  301. john godfrey says:

    Is there a record for most comments on an SBI item? Is this post threatening the top mark?

  302. one_tow says:

    Uh, hate to break it to you, but the odds of your offspring playing for anyone are infinitesimally small. In fact, if you’re the kind of guy who’s posting on Ives, I’d say the odds are zero.

  303. john cena says:

    what did it sayy?? im so sad its not up

  304. SaintJude says:

    Never raise your kid other than the US? I was raised for much of my youth overseas. My Dad was a fighter pilot, Vietnam veteran, and served in the Air Force for over 20 years. We were stationed at a different base every three years. Living abroad for a portion of my life allowed me to experience many cultures and locations such as the Swiss alps, the Sistine chapel, and ancient German castles, which being a kid, were really, really cool. Most things in life shouldn’t be spoken of in certainties, because there are almost always exceptions to any case.

    As for Rossi, I agree about it being a lose/lose. It is hard for me to blame him if that is where he felt his heart was, but I also admit to ashamedly being happy he was cut.

  305. BCC says:

    You don’t understand the term.

  306. DingDong says:

    Hey – spelling error in the post. It’s Schadenfreude

  307. SaintJude says:

    Come on now, I’m not the only one here who had to look up Schaudenfraude am I?

  308. K.J. says:

    Exactly. If he plays for Italy’s national team, he should celebrate their holidays. I’m tired of mercenaries in international soccer.

  309. DingDong says:

    BK said:
    “I’ll be honest, if I find myself living abroad someday, I don’t care where my son is born…he’s going to play for America. Can you really blame the Rossi family? I can’t.”

    So I don’t really know what the story is with Rossi – but don’t you find it a little controlling that you expect to tell your son what he would do with his life? If this was in fact Rossi’s situation (dad forced him into it) then I would feel quite a bit of sympathy with the guy.

  310. K.J. says:

    Rossi was NOT born in Italy. Apples and oranges.

  311. SaintJude says:

    Ah, but think of the silver lining… Rossi gets cut, but he is American (whether he knows it or not) ๐Ÿ˜‰ so he fights on determined to win a spot with the Azzurri. He knows to get noticed he needs to move to an Italian team so he forces a transfer. This leaves a perfectly empty hole for Altidore to fill on his return to Villareal from his loan to Hull. Snap, everyone wins. In all seriousness, I thought I had already heard about Rossi wanting to move to an Italian team so this could play out even more favorably for the US. And for Rossi, for those who still wish him well.

  312. madmax says:

    freddy’s agent planted the story i bet

  313. sucram89 says:

    pardon my ignorance but, who is Joe Red?

  314. Rocco says:

    I absolutely understand the term. Since you disagree kindly explain why rather than simply saying “Me BCC, you wrong because BCC say so”

  315. Rocco says:

    1) n. bigot: A bigot is someone who holds predefined negative views about a class of people. Examples include anti-semites, homophobics, racists, religious extremists of any religion.
    2) adj. bigoted: A bigoted person is one who is a bigot. Can also be used to describe an opinion.

  316. SwerveZ says:

    How much time did he actually spend growing up in Italy after he was born? I just read his mother is American…Maybe it’s just me but if I’m raised in a country that I love and gives me opportunities, I’m going to play for them, I don’t care where it is. If I live here, I’m part of the family here; I play for “here”.
    But I’m not really sure how much of his life was spent in the U.S.

  317. mike ruze says:

    Italy only lucks into wining the cup every 20 years or so. Brazil was better in 82 and many teams were better the last time.

    Jonathan Dos Santos and Rossi are on the phine crying to each other right now

  318. BCC says:

    I do not see how suggesting that an Italian-American from New Jersey appear on a television show about a group of people, some of whom are Italian-Americans from New Jersey, is “bigoted.” You could say it is in bad taste or crude but I do not see a component of racial hatred, prejudice, or bias implied.

    I think terms lose their efficacy when they are overused or misused, and I have seen the word “bigot” tossed around indiscriminately.

    All of that said, Rossi raises many interesting issues and I think that none of them have anything to do with his ethnicity or nationality. He wanted to play for a team that contends for the World Cup every four years, but he seems to have miscalculated his own talents.

    I think he is going to have the last laugh, though, so I am not going to insult the guy. I don’t want to have to eat my words if he tears us to shreds again in a major tournament.

  319. TimN says:

    The other thing that irks me about this guy is that he was developed in OUR SYSTEM, then he goes turncoat to play for a country that he wasn’t even born in.

    Don’t fool yourselves folks, this ALL ALONG was ALL ABOUT Rossi thinking the U.S. was an inferior program, so he bolted to Italy with the talents WE taught him. As others have pointed out, he could have been a sure member of the MNT, a likely starter, and a pioneer on a rapidly improving national team. In Italy, he’s just another horse in the stable, and evidently an expendable one.

  320. matt says:

    He is still a prick for celebrating like he did against in the Con-Fed Cup…. He also never competed for a WC, he competed for a spot on a WC team… He lost… link to

  321. matt says:

    He never played for a team competing for a WC. He tried out for a team and got cut. He is far from living his dreams. I also think he Rossi will retire overseas. He won’t be welcome in the US Soccer community.

  322. Mansters says:

    This just made my day, brought a smile to my face. He deserves it and more importantly ESPN does too. That cover made me angry when I saw it and I hoped he wouldn’t make the cut. I don’t know how ESPN ran that story. Glad I don’t buy that crap.

  323. Brennan says:

    You can think that all you want. In the end he chose glory over pride, and i am very happy that he is suffering the consequences.

  324. rick says:

    $%^&#! the traitor!

  325. Hush says:

    Health care? Education? C’mon man! You can get both in the States if not better if you show promising skills. Enought of this socialist healthcare overseas crap already. If someone wants to wait for a clerk to tell you which doctor you can only visit or for the Goverment to take a trip to your home wondering why your needing medical attention every 2 weeks is up to you. Don’t get me started on how long the wait is either over in the U.K.

    I’m glad you made it overseas. But don’t get offended if someone says that they prefer the most powerful nation as their residence. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  326. Hush says:

    YEAAAHH!! Damn, I suck for being selfish, but Rossi had it .. damn, I feel good.

    And the Born in the USA songs plays in the background!:)

  327. Hush says:

    LOL You are a true prophet.

    You forgot about him selling U.S gear outside the stadiums during qualifying time.

  328. K says:

    The only thing I can say about Rossi is good riddance. I fully understand that he has a lot of talent (apparently not enough to make it on Italy’s squad though), but he doesn’t even deserve the kind of energy that the USMNT fans have put into bashing him. And the players that did decide to play for the US when they had options to play for other countries, which is actually quite a few of them considering the guidelines for transferring allegiance that a lot of them meet, don’t deserve to be undermined by him, even if it is to call him every cursed name in the book.

  329. Hush says:

    I’m Spanish/Guatemalan-American. I only root for the U.S of A, son!! I go to Guatemalan & USA games and I let the players and fans know wuz up!lol Spain NT & Betis/Madristas can suck it!!

    I will live and die American. I’m the proudest American you will ever know!;)

    Your 99% is way off. I have friends who are Mexican,Argentinina,Colom,Para,Salvador,etc..Americans that all root U.S first. It’s who you hang out with.

  330. Leonardo says:

    good to hear! cuz whenever i go out in Northern California it sure doesnt look like it! british pubs are more US-friendly that’s fo sho!

  331. Jeff M in CHI says:

    The comment about Rongen and Subotic is what is at the heart of Giuseppe Rossi/Jersey Joe Red’s decision – that good players are not embraced, positively developed, and integrated into the youth Nat teams all the way to Senior Cap/Appearance.

    Player development here is a crapshoot, still too much “pay to play” for the youth teams that have connections to the US youth Nats and Oly teams.

    Rossi made a decision very early to go for a hi-quality professional development program, period. And once he was in the system and could get citizenship legitimately via Pops. the ITA Nat teams embraced him…it was only natural for them to do so. Result – US lost him but we never had him.

    Losing Subotic is the criminal act that the US Nats need to have NEVER happen again (yeah what).

    How do we lose a guy who’s been in the US youth setup at U17 and U20 and played college ball (1 year) Hell, he was even considering Germany/asked by them over us …only because that is where is went at 19 (??) to sign as pro with BoDo (??).

    Yes, he’s complicated (refugee of the YUGO civil war) when it comes to where he’s lived…but he’s NOT UNUSUAL…we will always have plenty of immigrant kids (or born here of immigrant parents) …. there will ALWAYS be the pull….it is up to US Nat player development setup (now overseen by Claudio Reyna) to not lose the obvious good ones….he’s been a good defender in Bundesliga since 19, he’s 21 now – that’s damn near prodigal…who missed the talent to get him into 07 Gold Cup and/or Copa America. It ain’t just Bob…it is the system…..because plenty of other youngsters got blooded that summer (Benny F, Jr Bradley, etc)..yet the younger Backs for 2 tourneys included Simek, Spector, Bornstein, Parkhurst, Wynne, Boswell, Califf, Moor…

    That is the question…How can a system have a quality guy in the ranks at age 17 and lose him by 18???? with a spot for a Senior tournament to entice him….

    and FYI, some of our forwards, wingers, Off Mids that we used were Twellman, Mapp, Ralston, nguyen…though Rossi was gone, is the pool good enuff if this is who we cap?

    Seriously, player development and integration needs to change if we’re gonna be a perennial 1/4 finalist – the mark of power.

  332. Bob says:

    I’m American and live in the UK and I don’t feel any less free here than I do in the US. I’ve never had to wait longer than a few hours to see my GP and my wife only had to wait 20min at A&E last week and was out with an x-ray and crutches in less than an hour. The main difference between Americans and other free countries is other countries are willing to help others and don’t have to tell everyone that they are free.

  333. Brennan says:

    Maybe i dont quite understand what your saying Bob (nor do I have any idea what you are talking about) but you cannto be serious when you say “other countries are willing to help others.” The past several wars the United States have fought in were to help other people (WWII, Korean War, Vietnam, Wars in Iraq) and the United States is always the first to arrive with aid in a situation of disaster. Learn your facts or just keep your mouth shut.

  334. Jeff M in CHI says:

    What?? Nothing deeper than parochial chest-thumping and a reliance on your thin understanding of “the facts” …. Seriously, read more and more widely, and think for yourself. And, yes, I love my country as do you.

    Mark Twain – “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.”

  335. Kathleen Turner Overdrive says:

    As long as there are Italian-Italians available in Serie A Rossi will be on the outside looking in.

  336. Fred says:

    I wonder if he regrets choosing Italy now?

  337. roysterer says:

    Italians aren’t from New Jersey, they’re from Italy….

  338. MattinMemphis says:


  339. william says:

    GOOD NEWS. When the USA came calling, he turned his back and wanted to be Italian. How’s that working out? No sympathy what so ever. Could have started for us. Go be an Italian and while you’re at it, turn in your passport

  340. william says:

    Not any more. Dont come home

  341. Isaac says:

    Glory and pride, both are irrational reasons to choose by, but you gotta take one. It’s a matter of what compels you more. He felt Glory compeled him more than pride, so he went with it.

    It’s kind of a reverse of Landon Donovan’s situation. He could be playing overseas, but he’s stationed himself in MLS. He loves LA, even though he could probably be doing wonderfully in England or some other league.

  342. Paul says:

    In my mind, Rossi compounded his troubles with American fans by insisting all along that while he wanted to poay for Italy, off the pitch he always felt more American. Americans may be able to understand ambition, but they really resent that sort of two-faced insincerity. It’s like telling your buddy that he’s your best friend in most contexts, but not when he hangs out with rich folks.

  343. Elmer says:

    I was so happy when I saw this. Serves him right. The ESPN the Magazine article just made me hate him more; so I am definitely feeling some schadenfreude!

  344. NC Jeff says:

    Too bad the guy couldn’t spell off (spelled it of) … then again, with internet shorthand, everyone misspells to (instead of too), of (instead of off), and there (instead of they’re).

  345. BK says:

    No, my son will be raised as an American and I’m sure he will want nothing more than to play for his country. And I guarantee you that the Rossi’s feel the same way about Italy. You people need to quit acting like you are so hurt by his decision. He is proud of his heritage and obviously wants to represent Italy. I would feel the same way.

  346. NC Jeff says:

    Hey, if the guy couldn’t even make Italy’s roster (let alone start), consider how patronizing we are as fans to conclude he definitely would have been a difference maker for the US. What’s the Gene Hackman line from Hoosiers: “I would appreciate it if you would honor who we are, instead of who we are not. These young men have worked their tails off the last several weeks to prepare themselves to represent you. They have earned your respect.”

    The kid said he enjoyed watching Italy on TV while growing up back in NJ … well, at least now he gets to do so again.

  347. war says:

    Jozy will tell him all about the World Cup back at Villareal.

  348. starspangledcannon says:

    Yes I can, and I do haha. But seriously..

  349. starspangledcannon says:

    guiseppi rossi is “joe red” when (roughly) translated in into English.

  350. HAHA Rossi!!! says:

    as a United supporter and US fan, I was disappointed in his decision to play for the I-ties… he is a great talent and the US could really use him. He could of been the face of US soccer and he threw it all away. He says that NJ will always be his home, and that comment is bullsh*t because he would be playing for the US if that was true. I guess growing up as a Guido in Jersey fist pumping all day gave him a hard on for Italy. I am just happy that he didnt make the squad and hopefully he doesnt ever get a start for Italy in the WC

  351. starspangledcannon says:

    False. Bigotry – intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself. I don’t have intolerance to morons, just really glad they are all in an area of the country that I can easily avoid.

  352. OC says:

    I would argue that Italy gave him an opportunity that we couldn’t, which is to be part of a national team with one of the richest histories in the world.

    Also, if you read the ESPN article, he went over to Italy to play football and Bradley says something to the effect of ‘he no longer had to convince kids to play his sport, he was surrounded by kids who were obsessed with it’ or something like that. So you can totally see why he owes his soccer heritage to Italy.

    Still sucks for him. But, I guess we have our own 23 yr old forward that didn’t make it this time, so it’ll be nice to see the directions the 2 go in leading up to the next WC cycle.

  353. Joamiq says:

    Karma’s a bitch. Enjoy watching the World Cup on TV at home. And home better be Italy, because you’re not welcome in NJ anymore.

  354. starspangledcannon says:

    no, he wouldn’t have represented us. No one would say he’s a Yank if he did well, just the European bias. Besides, he chose to NOT represent us, so imo he can go do one.

  355. starspangledcannon says:

    Word man, it definitely hurt the first time I saw it too, but look at it this way: the cover shot may have been instrumental in making sure Italy didn’t take Rossi to the WC. Italy would never suffer the “insult” at having a Yank lead their lines. I’m sure being labelled America’s best hope didn’t exactly please too many Italians. Just something to think about.

    In other news, go f#ck yourself rossi

  356. starspangledcannon says:

    He’s no kid, he’s a professional athlete and as such responsibility and respect are demanded of him. All the classy players understand this, and thus would never celebrate a goal like that, not to mention his comments after the game about dedicating his goals. But why am I talking about a guido and class in the same sentence?

  357. BlancDaBody says:


  358. starspangledcannon says:

    I wouldn’t be so fast to put Michael Hoyos in that category if i were you. Not yet at least haha, cheers.

  359. CoryC _on_fire says:

    LOL +1

  360. CoryC_on_fire says:

    Wow, completely agree.

  361. starspangledcannon says:

    ESPN did actually, it was a big thing bc he stayed true to the country that gave him and his family everything.

  362. starspangledcannon says:

    boom, headshot.

    excellent post

  363. starspangledcannon says:

    It matters not how long he’s been on the pitch or how incredible the strike was. A lot of US soccer fans who were disappointed at his decision of turning us down (me included) we outraged at his response on the field, and that is where most of the resentment comes from I think. It is classless. In soccer there is an unwritten rule that you don’t celebrate against former teams or other complex nationality situations like this. Podolski scored against Poland to send them out of the WC, however he had the decency to realize the gravity of the situation and refused to celebrate. That is respect. That is having class. Rossi knew what he should have done, but chose to give insult to injury.

  364. starspangledcannon says:

    I don’t think I’m just speaking for myself in saying that I wouldn’t. Yeah, he’s a good player but we have player’s who have the potential to shine as well and I’m going to be immensely proud of them when they step onto the field.

  365. dhines says:

    reason being, i am an american, and i want my kids to be the same. other places are fine to travel, but i would never want my kids to think they are anything but an american.

    there is a reason people are willing to fight and die for this country, just as there is a reason people risk life and limb to get here . . . this is the home of freedom and equality.

    to each’s own, but my kids will never be put in a position where they will in any way question where their loyality lies.

  366. dhines says:

    you couldn’t be more wrong in what you are saying . . . as a persons opinion (as to what i was addressing, my opinion and my kids) can be spoken in certainties. i am glad you enjoyed your upbringing, and have the utmost respect for individuals that dedicate their life to protecting our freedom. me personally, i would not want my kids raised abroad.

    what others do is their business, but i for one would never allow my kids to be raised anywhere but the good ol’ USofA. quite honestly, aside from the beer and soccer . . there is nothing in europe that even interests me. i find enough culture in the americas and would like my kids to understand where they are from before they seek to mimic other cultures that are not theirs.

  367. dhines says:

    that my friend is where i think you are wrong. point is, people will form to where they are born and raised. thinking that your birth will define the culture of your children is making an assumption. meaning, could it happen, sure . . . but it is not a sure thing. reminds me of my in laws that swear my kids are just as mexican as they are american. i laugh and tell them . . . “the only reason mexicans want to call them mexicans is you guys are hoping they are foolish enough to be loyal to your country and send their money there. they are as american as me, and as mexican as i would be irish . . . because that is where my ancestors came from (200+ years ago). meaning, they aren’t mexican.”

  368. munkyman says:

    he said he feels “American off the field, but Italian on the field.” He has a chance to feel very American this summer.

    thank you thank you, i’ll be here all week.

  369. war says:

    I didn’t know he liked oompa loompas

  370. metrostar 4 life says:


  371. DingDong says:

    If by “you people” you are referring to me, I actually totally understand the decision to play for Italy. I an American but born and raised in Sweden. I totally understand having DUAL commitments and, especially when it comes to soccer, I think it’s ridiculous to call this unpatriotic or treasonous or whatever. Life is complicated. What I was questioning was two things: 1) the assumption that there is a right an answer and that he had either had to play for US or Italy or be doing something wrong and 2) in particular, the position you seemed to be taking in you first post, which was that the father will/should have control over what the son does.

  372. Sean says:

    There IS a God. Rossi can eat horsesh*t. I’ll feed it to him.

  373. David says:

    Well i rememver playing soccer with him when i was younger. He was younger than me and we played in front of school 3 and at the soccer league. He was fast and had great ball technic even at that age. I wondered where he went and i later found out when they played us. I dont hate hime or hold any anger towards him. He wanted to be soccer player and his parents gave him that oppurtunity to home his skils. What better place to learn the sport of soccer. If my kids ever excell at a sport if i can i will take them where they will be able to train and excell at the sport. I would of loved for him to play for the US because we could use him but he made up his mind when he was 13 years old. As a parent i would have maybe pushed him a little bit to play with the US but it would be up to him. I am Bolivian and if i was as good as him in soccer i would play with Bolivai because they are a soccer tean that needs help and they are not rich or have the funding like other countries. I wish him the best and even though he did not make the world cup this time good luck.