Tuesday Kickoff: World Cup rosters to be set


Today is the day aspiring World Cup players have been waiting for, and in some cases dreading.

Today is the day the final 23-man rosters for all 32 World Cup teams are finalized, and while the U.S. national team took away the suspense for American fans by naming its team last Wednesday, there is still plenty of intrigue around the world.

Here are some tidbits to already have surfaced regarding rosters:

South Africa has dropped all-time scoring leader Benni McCarthy.

Giovani Dos Santos is reportedly considering quitting after his brother Jonathan was left off Mexico's World Cup squad.

Sunderland striker Darren Bent is reportedly set to be one of the players cut by England manager Fabio Capello. Rumors are also surfacing this morning that Theo Walcott is also being cut.

Argentine-born striker Lucas Barrios made Paraguay's 23-man squad, and is seen as the likely replacement for Salvador Cabanas.

The roster status of American-born striker Giuseppe Rossi with Italy has yet to be announced, but reports out of Italy suggest Rossi should be one of the final players to make the cut. Serbian defender and former U.S. Under-17 player Neven Subotic is expected to make Serbia's final roster.

We will post a link to the full rosters when they become available so stay tuned.

For now, feel free to share your thoughts on these stories in the comments section below.

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72 Responses to Tuesday Kickoff: World Cup rosters to be set

  1. chupacabra says:

    According to chatter on the BBC, the following players have been cut from the England squad:


  2. bob says:

    It would be awesome if Giovani quit and his replacement was his brother.

  3. JL says:


  4. Firstcule says:

    G. Rossi seems like a decent person. I admire that he followed his dream of playing for Italy, but it would absolutely make my day if Italy cut him.

  5. email me now says:

    Shame for Bent. Scores all those goals for a mid table club and yet not even brought to SA to warm the bench.

  6. Erik says:

    None of those names are surprising. Walcott has Robbie Rogers syndrome. Do everything right up until delivering the final ball.

    I would have taken Bent over Heskey though as Heskey has never done anything.

  7. email me now says:

    hey OT but are the Canucks still pissed at Hargreaves representing England?

    also on FB on DTOT group, someone reported hearing a rumor a friendly with Mexico in feb. can Ives confirm this?

  8. Erik says:

    I hope he doesn’t make it either. I also hope we play Serbia and knock out Subotic. No matter what the story, he wouldn’t have a career if it wasn’t for the US.

  9. A Guest says:

    Wow, I have to say I’d like to be in the position to leave those guys off our roster. Gotta get more peeps playing, all. Go forth and multiply. We’re gonna need some pinnies, too.

  10. OptimusUnPrime says:

    any good betting sites for the world cup? I wanna lay like $20 on our group stages and $50 for SPAIN to win it all

  11. sread says:

    Can’t believe McCarthy was cut by SA, I was looking forward to a brace from him against Mexico in the opener. I have heard that the writing was on the wall fro some time, very bad attitude. I hope Gio does quit Mexico, there’nothing like a good Tuesday morning telenovela to follow…

  12. JCC says:

    I just don’t understand why the Dos Santos family believes Jonathan should be on Mexico’s World Cup squad. The kid is only a reserve at Barcelona, he has done absolutely nothing to merit a place at the World Cup. It’s almost like they think because he’s with Barcelona he should automatically get a spot no questions asked.

  13. Fus says:

    I find it unbelievable that Giovani would even consider quitting the national team just because he brother was cut from the team, it is the world cup! It bothers me the lack of character / resolve professional athletes have these days. Take Jonathan for example who says he will not play for Mexico again because he was cut. That would make me play / train harder to make sure you are never left off the team again. As for their father this isn’t intramural soccer stay out of it.

  14. japan says:

    Warnock over Baines is really confusing.

  15. Judging Amy says:

    We’ll see if J Dos Santos is still singing the same tune when 2014 rolls around. Also who knows how much of this is angry nonsense talk from a bitter dad.

    I agree with you though, complete childishness if this is really the Dos Santos’ attitude.

  16. OptimusUnPrime says:

    Sucks for Mexico. Those brothers added some more quality to them. Hope they enjoying eating our dust.

  17. KCB says:

    I hope Italy and Serbia go out in the group stage.

  18. australia says:

    So is Fernando Llorente the tallest striker at the upcoming WC? He’s 6’5 which is a giant in Spain. wait another striker who plays for Serbia and some club in Spain is 6’7 or 6’8

  19. Joel says:

    Heh that’s exactly the way I feel…every aspect of that comment. Clearly I’m a jerk.

  20. Kev says:

    I either feel England wioll go to the semi-finals or they won’t get out of the group stage.

  21. Kev says:

    btw Law and Order SVU marathon on USA network. I just love this show. also new episodes of Burn Notice thursday and what did you guys think of the Lost series finale?

  22. arghhh Pirates says:

    You know if England had qualified for Euro 2008 both Ashley Young and Gabby Aghbonlahor would have been in their roster. Sucks though that SWP made it and not Young. He’s way better and years younger.

  23. Hood Rich says:

    I’ve seen the younger Dos Santos play, and he is nothing special. He is a very stationary midfielder who doles out simple 5 yd passes. He is less effective at taking on players and making something out of nothing than Giovani. It makes sense why he was cut when looking at more experienced players who can do the same thing.

  24. Erik says:

    Never bet on Spain… they always choke. So they won the Euro’s – whoooopeee, they then lost to the US in the Confederations Cup. They are not winning – it’s either Brazil or Germany this year.

  25. Erik says:

    Zigic – who now plays for Birmingham.

  26. Dan Fontaine says:

    As a US supporter, I’d much rather have Warnock on the field than Baines. The Walcott decision is a little surprising too, with all the “speed of Lennon/Walcott” gushing I’d been hearing. I want to see these names confirmed though.

  27. jim b says:

    Gotta love the level of maturity on display from the Dos Santos family. Good God fellas, grow a pair and be a man

  28. Josh D says:

    Giovani comes across as quite a prick and unprofessional: my younger brother who doesn’t get much playing time didn’t make the Mexican World Cup team so I’m going to quit? When the boy does something worth getting into the squad about veterans or true young talent then they can be upset – as it is, grow up.

    His father was quoted as saying that he didn’t care as he doesn’t want them playing for Mexico anyway. No loyalty to your country.

  29. Josh D says:

    Germany are far too volatile in the middle – they’ll lose out. I’d have England or Holland.

  30. Josh D says:

    McCarthy is overweight and injured, plus they hate him there for retiring twice and caring more about his club than country.

  31. Jamie Z. says:

    I’m surprised Walcott missed out on the England squad. It just goes to show you what kind of depth they’re working with over there. Heck, players like Ashley Young didn’t even make the 30-man squad. I’m sure we’d welcome any of their rejects with open arms.

    I just keep telling myself over and over, “The best players don’t always make the best teams.”

  32. DCFAN says:

    Aren’t they Brazilian anyway?

  33. arghhh Pirates says:

    @Jamie. Good point.

    A coach must look and see whether the best player from England or Italy is essentially the best player on the pitch for Estonia you know? Must be such a tough decision especially with the media breathing down your back.

  34. arghhh Pirates says:

    hey we need a discussion on Dempsey.

    Say he has a good tournament and scores 2 or 3 goals. Do you think he should transfer to a bigger club like Tottenham or Aston Villa or Everton? He could definitely start for the last 2.

    or should he stay with Fulham to create something special? They have the chance to continue to finish top10 for years to come.

  35. FulhamPete says:

    I think he’s the missing piece for Citeh. Champions League Baby!

  36. Tony T says:

    It would be very sad if there’s any truth to this story, but more than anything I think its the father Zizinho that’s twisting the Mexican National Teams arm by threatening to pull out his son Giovani for not adding Jonathan to the roster. If anything for the most part Giovani showed a lot of composure and patience for not getting any playing time at Tottenham I doubt he is the real problem in the situation. For that matter I think this story is BOGUS to begin with, let the MEDIA RUMORS BEGIN.

  37. FulhamPete says:

    England are more established choke artists than even Spain. I’ll give you Nederland, but England? Nope.

    Brasil, Nederland, España, USA!

  38. Illmatic74 says:

    Stay at Fulham he is in a great situation there.

  39. Lil' Zeke says:

    Bloggity blog blog

  40. JM says:

    Giovani’s not going anywhere. And truth be told his real soccer brother is Carlos Vela with whom he won the U-17 WC with. The one whose been crying in his beer about this is the Dos Santos dad, whose probably not that well off economically and wanted a double whammy for his sons from the huge ‘primas’ MNT players get from playing in a WC.
    Mexico has given their Brazilian father EVERYTHING! Incuding a team to play in (Club America) when nobody wanted him in Brazil. And Mexico gave his kids a Mother, a birthplace and all the facilities to pursue their dreams.
    If Bojan Krkic wasn’t called to the Spanish squad having done ten times more than Jonathan, why would Aguirre feel obligated to take this kid? Obviously he saw that he wasn’t ready yet. So suck it up Dos Santos!

  41. jamesey says:

    He wouldn’t have been in the USA if it wasn’t for a war. I’m cool with him playing for Serbia.

    Rossi is just a glory hunter.

  42. Chris_B says:

    Hello, my name is Giovani Dos Santos. You cut my brother. Prepare to die.

  43. Sean M says:

    LOL +1 Chris B

    Surprised about Warnock over Baines

  44. mikeandike says:

    more like, prepare to flop on a phantom foul

  45. Erik says:

    Every year the pundits say that Germany is too weak, or doesn’t have the best squad… never count them out.

    World Cup History for Germany
    3 Championships
    4 2nd Place
    3 3rd place
    3 Quarterfinal’s

    13 times they have made at least the last 8. 10 times (40 years worth) they have at least played through til the end.

    I am not a Germany fan, but if you are betting Money – your best money is on Germany or Brazil. Not Spain…

  46. madmax says:

    If Gio leaves, El Tri will have a difficult time advancing. Boffo and Blanco cant replicate his speed with the ball. Dos Santos’ dad seems to have a great influence on the brothers, much like the Williams sisters dad had in their careers.

  47. Arkie says:

    Argentina is my prediction boys and I’m sticking to it. Or Holland.

  48. blokhin says:

    it’s funny how US fans are ripping on Johnny Two Saints, but if we had a midfielder who was an understudy to Xavi at Barcelona, fans would be SCREAMING for Bradley to include him in the 23

  49. arghhh Pirates says:

    Come on you Yanks

  50. BSkillz says:

    Jonathan holds citizenship in Brazil, Mexico, and Spain. His dad said that he is done with the Mexican National Team and would instead, accept callups from Brazil or Spain….. Good luck!

  51. JohnC says:

    Completely agree- Subotic is Serbian, if I were in his shoes then I would feel a real passion for my true home. Rossi on the other hand is a loser, could have been a god in USA but instead traded it in to be a fringe player in Italy who they all look at as an American- wow what a mistake.

  52. Ryan says:

    His dad thinks his kids are as good as he was. Sad.

  53. Spectra says:

    Why? what has Argentina showed you this cycle that was any good. You do know they came in fourth in south america; one point above fifth place? This team is really small and Messi doesn’t have iniesta or Xavi. Bet on the big physical teams like Germany.

  54. Ryan says:

    Subotic wanted to play for Germany, no?

  55. Erik says:

    Exactly… he did want to play for Germany and couldn’t, so he opted for Serbia over the US who found him kicking balls at a park and gave him a chance.

  56. Erik says:

    I like your point about Argentina being a small team. Small teams don’t win the World Cup. England dominated Mexico in the air because they had a good half a foot on each of them.

    Big teams win big tourney’s.

  57. Josh says:

    Well, at least he comes by it honestly. His father’s tantrum seemed appropriate for a 12-year-old, but for a grown man, not so much. It seems that he’s taught his sons to have similar tantrums when they don’t get their way.

    The ridiculous thing is that Jonathan’s got his whole career ahead of him. If I were his father or his brother, I’d tell him to work his butt off to make it impossible for the coach to cut him four years from now. Use the snub as motivation–that’s what adults do.

  58. Mingjai says:

    Is there now an ESPN the Magazine cover curse? I distinctly remembers seeing Rossi on the cover of the mag a few weeks ago…

  59. jonk says:

    It would be even better if we could knock out Serbia in the round of 16 and Italy in the Semis in our very own “Suck It!” world tour…but as that is unlikely, I’d settle for at least Italy going out in group.

  60. rob says:

    GO New Zealand. They beat Serbia, they’ll do it against Italy, draw paraguay and slovakia. Finish with 5 points, 2nd in group. Calling it.

  61. Rastafari- SBI herbsman says:

    Holland is out before the Semi’s
    USA goes through to the 16
    Injury problems will take down England
    Bornstein gets laid

  62. pux90mex says:

    Gio is not going anywhere. He is cap-tied to Mexico and deserting the team 10 days prior to the World Cup would be grounds for banning him for life. I’m sure he doesn’t want to retire from international play at the tender age of 20.

  63. KevNYC says:

    Subotic makes Serbia’s roster

    BELGRADE, Serbia — Defender Neven Subotic, who grew up in Salt Lake City and played for a U.S. youth national team, has made Serbia’s World Cup roster.

  64. CrispyST3 says:

    Yah, but i gaurantee you that a Yank wouldn’t talk about quitting the team after that, or never wanting to suit up again.

  65. KevNYC says:

    Oops, my bad. I see my last post was already a news item above.

  66. BooThisMan says:

    It’s a Portuguese surname, not Spanish, and actually translates as “Of The Saints”.

  67. BetaMale says:

    Word is circulating that Rossi got cut. Nothing confirmed yet, but here’s an Italian link

    link to calciomercato.com

  68. TomM says:

    Here’s confirmation: link to yanks-abroad.com

  69. madmax says:


  70. brentmcd says:

    As I recall, there was much discussion during last year’s Gold Cup about the composition of Mexico’s squad versus the U.S. team, especially after the 5-0 thrashing in the Final (yes, I was trying to forget also). Anyway, in light of recent World Cup roster announcements, here is the final tally….

    * 2 of the 11 US starters from the Gold Cup Final are going to South Africa (Goodson, Holden). None of our bench players from that team are going.

    * 7 of the 11 Mexico starters are going to S.Africa (Ochoa, Magallon, Juarez, Torrado, I.Castro, Medina, Dos Santos) plus Franco and Vela who were reserves that day.

    So, I think we can now definitively say that Mexico’s “A” team beat the U.S. “B” or even “C” team that ugly day in East Rutherford. This fact doesn’t necessarily make the loss any less painful, but it is interesting to know….

  71. DaveW says:

    Don’t know about the rumor, but Univisión got the rights to Mexican National Team again, so the impediment to US-Mexico friendlies has been removed. (Univisión has the Spanish language rights in the US for both sides now).

  72. Micah King says:

    If Johnathan cannot make Mexico final roster what makes his dad think he will make Brazil or Spain. This is so dumb, Johnathan has not done anything special actually when I watched him he was quite boring. He did nothing special. Also, why is everyone having big mouth’s during the world cup time. Roger Miller called out Eto now Ziznho calling out Augirre. Good grief -__-