USA uniform numbers revealed

USAvsTurkey (JohnToddISI) 

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The U.S. World Cup squad has been known for almost a week now, but now we finally have word on what numbers the 23 players will be wearing when the team begins its tournament on June 12th vs. England.

Here are the jersey number assignents for the United States:

1- Tim Howard
2- Jonathan Spector
3- Carlos Bocanegra
4- Michael Bradley
5- Oguchi Onyewu
6- Steve Cherundolo
7- DaMarcus Beasley
8- Clint Dempsey
9- Herculez Gomez
10- Landon Donovan
11- Stuart Holden
12- Jonathan Bornstein
13- Ricardo Clark
14- Edson Buddle
15- Jay DeMerit
16- Jose Torres
17- Jozy Altidore
18- Brad Guzan
19- Maurice Edu
20- Robbie Findley
21- Clarence Goodson
22- Benny Feilhaber
23- Marcus Hahnemann

Surprised by any of the assignments? Which jersey are you planning to buy (or have you already bought yours)?

Share your thoughts below.

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108 Responses to USA uniform numbers revealed

  1. arghhh Pirates says:

    anyone saw the commercial for the number 10? Pretty good, they showed Donovan

  2. William the Terror says:

    HG9? doesn’t have the same ring to it. that being said, tear it up Hercules!

  3. NATO says:

    any chance every member of the NT will get some play in the group stage?

  4. blokhin says:


    how can BB start Dempsey at forward again after the Turkey game? he is clearly much better on the wing…

    does he try Donovan up top, or is it Gomez/Findley up there with Altidore?

  5. jcl says:

    Rocked my away CD8 in Philly this weekend baby!

  6. HG9 says:

    Gomez will score in the WC. Same as the mighty Clint Mathis. Super-sub material baby.

  7. mikeandike says:

    who’s #8?

  8. Cameron says:

    Just picked up my jersey for the WC yesterday. Found a 2002 USA World Cup white jersey on ebay, so I had to buy. Now, I only wish I could find a place that has print letters similar to those used for the 2002 cup so I could get Donovan 21 on it haha.

  9. William the Terror says:

    second observation. after looking at the picture and bearing in mind the games they both had over the weekend, looks like BB used the jersey numbers to show that Torres got promoted and Benny got demoted.

  10. HG9 says:

    Bigsoccer said that Jake Gyllenhaal-guy from Brokeback Mountain, Prince of Persia was a closeted USMNT fan.

  11. ELAC says:

    #16 or #9,

  12. Mr.Sparkle says:

    does Client still go by Deuce, even though he wears #8?

  13. William the Terror says:

    CD8 = Clint Dempsey

  14. australia says:

    any good sites for the jerseys? I’d like to pay $60-$70 maximum

  15. Dylan says:

    Picked up my away #8 Dempsey about a month ago, I’ve worn it practically everyday since then.

  16. vic says:

    btw, does he play a slave in Prince of Persia? just wondering

  17. STKohls says:

    How are the numbers assigned? Do the players with the most caps get first choice, or do the best players/starters get first choice?

  18. australia says:

    no 8 is for supporting striker or am I wrong? no10 is the playmaker.

    what is no11 usually indicative of?

  19. Hm says:

    I’m unsure. Trailers seemed to show him as a poor kid who learns martial arts or so and is destined as a prince. I had no idea it was based on a video game.

  20. SP says:

    a lot of people have criticized BB for the last couple years, but let’s all agree on one thing: thank god he’s not causing the drama that fabio is in england by waiting until the last minute.

  21. DCDeacon says:

    as did I. Saw quite a few of those.

  22. Wispy says:

    I doubt BB picks the numbers. Benny always wears 22 when 5 is not available (he also wore 22 with Derby County). And Torres probably picked 16 because it’s close to his club nuumber (18).

  23. Gilby says:

    Love the fact that the US Soccer store has been selling #12 Bradley jerseys for over a month even though he’s been wearing #4 with the national team since last year.

  24. Jamie Z. says:

    Beat me to it. Well played.

  25. FulhamPete says:

    Well, if you’re a nerd like me, it should be Hg-200.

    But…I’m a nerd. And for the humorless, I know it must be from 1-23.

  26. blip says:

    who cares. lets get on with it. whats next? listing of player waist sizes?

    J. Bornstein: 28

    Tim Howard: 42

    Carlos Boc…..

  27. brad says:

    I thought Felhaber would be #16. I am so shocked he is #22.

  28. Bill Mill says:

    The team was clearly better with him on the wing, it’s a shame that means Holden and Beasley are sitting on the bench while we have to put one of our inexperienced strikers on the field.

    It also worries me that he provides less defensive coverage for our weak left side than do the other wings. Is it possible that he won’t get the start against England? Or is it worth it to start him up top just to keep him on the field?

  29. Fireball says:

    I might still get Ching 24

  30. babieca says:

    Lets hope not, because that would mean we were mathematically eliminated before the third group game.

  31. jcbata says:

    I am awaiting my #17 Altidore that is on its way.

  32. Chicago - Scott says:

    Just ordered my Dempsey jersey! hopefully it gets here by game day!!

  33. RB says:

    Still think the training jerseys look better than the game jerseys. (Do they actually use the blue ones, though? I can only remember seeing the red…)

  34. AK48 says:

    Landon is #10, which coincidentally is the number of times he gave the ball away in the first half against Turkey…

  35. Roy says:

    Spector should wear zero.

  36. Jennifer says:

    That was my first thought too. Why wouldn’t of Torres wore 16 these last few games if he was going to get it.

  37. Sav says:

    Too bad I got a Torres jersey a month ago with his number from qualifying on it.
    Oh well, as long as the crest on the front still says “U.S.”

  38. Mo says:

    Or we’ve clinched 1st in the group after the 1st two games (very unlikely, but possible)

  39. Mingjai says:

    The tradition English numbering is:





    In a diamond midfield, 4 is holding mid and 8 is attacking mid. I got this all from Wikipedia, so take it for what it’s worth.

    The US generally follows the system, at least at a high level–e.g., 2, 3, 5, 6 are all defenders; 4, 7, 8, 11 are mids; and 9 is an attacker. At lot of also probably depends on seniority with the team.

  40. Lost in Space says:

    As long as #12 doesnt see any PT I’m good with everything. :-)

  41. freddie footballer says:

    oh, I thought he was a fan of Iran’s team, he looks soooo Persian.

  42. Socalwyr says:

    I wore my brand-new home #10 Donovan jersey to USA – Turkey on Saturday.

  43. war says:

    JB12. It’s perfect. He can be the 12th man cheering the players on from the team hotel.

  44. bryan says:

    wore my Copa America dempsey #8 jersey at the game as well

  45. EA says:

    Because Kljestan wears 16, and has more caps.

  46. Jerome says:

    Well you know i happen to see that Findley dude was a force in the second half…kind of looked like Charlie Davies right before Charlie exploded last year. Also the sweet Assist by Findley, should make Bob’s decision easier.

  47. Dan says:

    What’s with this? I thought that our whole team was #1?

  48. SoccerKowboy says:

    Since you asked, I’ll pick nits:
    -Holden is a RM, so he should get the 7.
    -Beasley is a LM, so he should get the 11.
    -I believe that in traditional numbering, 6 is actually the DMid, but Bradley seems to like the 4 shirt.
    -Based on NT experience, Jozy should get the 9.

    Otherwise no major quibbles.

  49. William the Terror says:

    well, Benny is wearing 16 in the picture, which is from right before the Turkey game on Saturday. Further, he has way more caps than Torres, so your logic is flawed. If you use the number of caps, Benny should be keeping the #16 he wore Saturday.

  50. Matt says:

    Who wears #10 is always the most interesting numerological question for any national team. No surprises at this stage of the team with Donovan sporting it. Who succeeds Donovan at #10 will be interesting to see in the future.

    And also: grown men should never, ever, wear a jersey with another man’s name on it, unless it’s his son’s name. Many of the rules of manhood have been cast aside with the feminization of society, but let’s bring this one back.

  51. Chris says:

    Dempsey signed my #8 jersey in Philly this past weekend, he’s a cool guy, came right over.

  52. Hm says:

    what are you talking about Matt?

  53. Hm says:

    where did you guys get your jerseys from and how much were they?

  54. Chris says:

    Anyone know where I could pick up the 2006 World Cup jersey?

  55. avaheli says:

    Jozy probably passed on #9. I think he’s got some branding with the number 17 somewhere on the web. Maybe his twitter page? Since Guzan isn’t going to see a minute of time he should’ve given #18 up to JFT. Field players should have first choice.

  56. JFC says:

    24- Charlie Davies

  57. Pat says:

    The team looked better in the second half, I don’t know that it had much to do with Dempsey at MF instead of Dempsey at striker. If Feilhaber and Donovan had tucked into the center of midfield like Donovan and Dempsey did in the second, the entire team would have looked better.

  58. mwc says:

    I consider myself to be a very rationale person and not prone to believe hocus pocus, but I think the numbers are VERY significant. If you add up all the jersey numbers for the likely starters, it equals 102. If you multiply this total by Freddy Adu’s age on his pro debut, you get 1428. If you multiply those numbers by each other and then multiply that total by the jersey number Charlie Davis would have worn (#9), you get 576. If you add that total to the 1428 we got earlier, you get 2004 — that’s right — the very year we all thought Eddie Johnson was going to be the answer to the USMNT’s problems at forward. If you take 2004 and then subtract the combined number of DaMarcus Beasely and John O’Brien’s career injuries (54), you get 1950 — that’s right, the year the US upset England in the World Cup. Place your bets, gentlemen.

  59. sread says:

    Most important thing right now is making sure MB is paired with Torres in the middle. Dempsey may still start up top, but that creativity and spark provided by those two in the second half is what will win or keep us in matches.

  60. Hm says:

    wow MWC. You are like Monk aren’t you. with a little einstein in you

  61. froboy says:

    haha, you put quite a bit of thought into that

  62. obxfly says:

    Stuart Holden signed my son’s jersey before the game Saturday. He saw him wearing the #22 and came right over. It’s ok he won’t be wearing that number in SA because that jersey is going on his wall along with a great picture of him signing it. That is something neither of us will ever forget.

  63. sread says:

    Exactly. He is unworthy of that number, let alone the jersey and plane ticket in the first place.

  64. suckerpunch says:


  65. jts says:

    1 hr

    49 min

  66. Brent McD. says:

    anyone else notice that Timmy is always standing on his tip-toes in these pre-game photos? guess he doesn’t want to look shorter than his defenders…?

  67. suckerpunch says:

    Haha, nice.


  68. suckerpunch says:

    Okay, silly question perhaps… but how is it determined who wears their 1st choice jerseys in the matches?
    Of course if teams have contrasting colors, they can both wear their 1st choice. But I noticed that all of the teams in our group generally sport a white shirt as their 1st choice.
    Anyone know how it gets decided who wears what?


  69. ETJ says:

    short memory?

  70. OC says:

    Would also mean that JB sees the field, and if he sees even 1 minute of the field at SA I will cry

  71. OC says:

    Typepad is stellar on this office computer. This was a reply to the post about all our guys seeing time in the group stages.

  72. Jennifer says:

    Thank you William. Benny wore 16 for the send-off series while Torres had 26 and Klejstan had 14. You would think Benny would keep 16 and Torres would get 14 or 22.

  73. wilyboy says:

    I just wish there was a way to make Bornstein number 24.

  74. cfig says:

    But Benny was originally #22 and has worn that since I think his first callups. Probably a matter of convenience that Stu wore #22 on Saturday then when the roster was official Benny got first choice.

  75. cfig says:

    Well played :)

  76. OC says:

    Hm… Not all too sure I agree with the fact that jerseys with player names are feminine lol. Jerseys with blank backs are just silly, and a jersey with your own name on the back shows that you have an unrealistic dream or that you support… yourself.

  77. Dinho says:

    Predicted starting lineup for England against the US on June 12th, you ask? Don’t mind if I do.

    ———- Green ————-

    Johnson—Rio—Terry—-A. Cole

    Lennon–Lamps—Stevie G.— Milner

    —–Rooney —- Crouch

    In the words of Astro Jetson… ruh roh!

    (also posted in another thread, sorry about that)

  78. Dinho says:

    The team listed first is the home team. The home team wears their home jersey.

  79. OC says:

    dude that is BADASS, but this math:

    If you multiply those numbers by each other and then multiply that total by the jersey number Charlie Davis would have worn (#9), you get 576.

    102×1428 = 576? I think I missed a step? No trying to insult you, just confused!

  80. mwc says:

    At least. haha

  81. Rass says:

    Switch Milner for Stevie G.

  82. mwc says:

    It is confusing. Multiply 1x4x2x8 = 64. Multiply that by CD #9 = 576.

  83. mwc says:

    I make all of my major life decisions using numerology.

  84. suckerpunch says:


  85. SaintJude says:

    If you want to look on the bright side of things, think of it this way. You have Dempsey, who is a proven force in midfield, and and an inexperienced, but in form and hungry striker up front with Jozy. Around the 60 min mark or so, you can sub out the inexperienced striker, push Dempsey up top where he doesn’t have to run as much late in the game, but can still finish, and bring in the fresh legs of a Beasley, Holden, or Torres. I’m saying that is what we should do every game, but it has worked before…

  86. SaintJude says:

    *edit “I’m NOT saying that is what we should do every game, but it has worked before…”

  87. James ITALL says:

    Look for a 4-5-1 against SA. Look for it…

  88. Second City says:

    That was a brilliant post. Loved it.

    Though, you should change your username to: Rain Man

  89. BlackEyeOrangeBlood says:

    As a 49ers fan, I couldn’t imagine a more appropriate #16 on this team than Jose Torres. Not that the analogy goes far, but if you have the talent out wide in Landon and Clint, just hit them in stride and let them make the plays.

  90. matt says:

    Actually, a blank jersey is acceptable. A jersey with a player’s name on it is also acceptable if you’re not an adult. But to look like a grown man idolizing another grown man? No dice.

    To clarify the exception: it’s allowable only if you’re a child or if you’re, say, Clint Dempsey’s dad and you want to show your support. Family rules over-ride the Man Law here. Sorry if you disagree, but that’s the Law.

  91. mwc says:

    That’s a good one.

  92. mwc says:

    I think it would be a risky move to start Torres in the first game of the World Cup at center mid against England, but his passes against Turkey make the prospect exciting. One thing we have lacked since the best days of Claudio Reyna is creativity, vision and composure on the ball in central midfield. I actually think that has been a bigger problem for the USMNT than the strikers. I just wish that this thing would get started already!

  93. BlackEyeOrangeBlood says:

    I hear you. I would not have suggested it before, but the engine ran well when he was in. Possession is good defense. In fact, it is the best defense. Not only do you cut down the chances of the other, but you tire them. One good pass can open the whole field, and in this open field, even if all you do from there is make the defense adjust and react, much good has come of it. 20 seconds of offense means 20 seconds less of running on defense.

  94. BlackEyeOrangeBlood says:

    Rather be facing this #1 seed and either of the above proposed lineups than about six other #1 seeds and their lineups. I wonder if England can say the same about the WC’s other #2 or #3 seeds

  95. Bobeto says:

    Bornstein has no business wearing the #12….He should be in #24 and staying in LA.where he belongs…Can someone tell me the last time we were impressed with his play? If he steps on the pitch in SA…were in trouble.

  96. Kevin says:

    You know I’m getting that DeMerit #15 shirt.

  97. kfly says:

    I won’t, because we are not playing South Africa.

  98. WeatherManNX01 says:

    Heh. Nice.

  99. WeatherManNX01 says:

    I’d have been terribly upset had numbers changed, since I bought a Dempsey 8 away jersey last week.

  100. John says: is the only one who can get you one before the 12th

  101. Leonardo says:

    #1 “TIMMY”
    #8 “THA DEUCE”
    #10 “LAND-O”
    #5 “GOOCH”
    #9 “HERCULEZ”
    #11 “STU”
    #17 “JOZY”

    all the above i’d get, and none are their original names, so i’d have to customize the jersey. the only original name i’d consider buying is

    ***#16 TORRES***

    that name has power + finesse !!!

  102. JL says:

    Joe Gaetjens, the Hatitian who scored the winning goal for the US vs. England in 1950 is alleged to have worn 17 by teammates. Jozy is of Hatitian decent. Some stories used to say Gatjens wore 9. No branding . . just history.

  103. duh says:

    Uh, he plays a PRINCE. The Prince of Persia.

  104. Maurino says:

    Feilhaber is still garbage

  105. ThaDeuce says:

    why not give thadeuce, deuce!!

  106. Gary says:

    Does anyone know which shirt the USMNT will wear on June 12th? I’ve read differing opinions but haven’t seen any definitive answer?