Where will you be watching USA-Slovenia?


Photo by Steve Bardens/ISIphotos.com

The most hyped game of the United States' World Cup run is in the books, but arguably the most important match is on the horizon.

The United States meets Slovenia at 10 a.m. (EDT) on Friday in a match that may very well determine whether the Yanks advance out of Group C, meaning that it's a good time to create a three-day weekend for yourself.

If you know of the best places in your area to watch the crucial match, here's the place to share them and round up all the USMNT fans around you.

Where will you be watching USA-Slovenia?

Share your plans below.

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148 Responses to Where will you be watching USA-Slovenia?

  1. k.j. choi says:

    With ten other die hard MNT fans on my HD TV while we get shwasted at 830 in the mownin…Duh.

  2. Andy in Altanta says:

    Brewhouse in the ATL. Just the approval of the boss to miss the first half of work…now the challenge is staying sober enough to drive and work…

  3. Alec says:

    I’m randomly going to be in Colorado Springs…any ideas????

  4. Ri Ra in the Old Port, Portland, Maine.

  5. Drew says:

    In Columbia, SC Delaney’s Irish pub in five points is the de facto place to watch since the cock-n-bull soccer pub is not quite re-opened.

  6. Mike says:

    Wolff’s Biergarten in Albany, NY

    This is from Saturday
    link to youtube.com

    link to youtube.com

  7. sandtrout says:

    Just was chastised by my co-worker for announcing I wouldn’t be able to make an 8 a.m. appt (pacific time) due to the game. So then I said I felt a 24 hour flu coming on.

  8. k.j. choi says:

    That is AWESOME…. unbelievable to think thats here in the States, just wish it was a little closer to home.

  9. maddog36 says:

    Either Dempsey’s or Nevada Smith’s in NYC. I haven’t decided yet.

  10. Brit says:

    Espn3 at work…

  11. Frank Berrodin says:

    Dead Dog Saloon in Sea Isle City, NJ. Maybe Giuseppe Rossi will be there so I can laugh in his face.

  12. Yusef says:

    Ellis Park Stadium in Jo’Burg! Go Yanks!!!

  13. Barry U says:

    Hooligan’s Pub – Uptown Charlotte North Carolina. I’ve set the morning as out of office on my work calendar so nobody can give me any grief. If they do they can take it out of my paycheck!

  14. Felix says:

    at work :(

  15. Red says:

    Jack Demsey’s Pub and Restaurant, Midtown Manhattan, NYC

    With the American Outlaws…

  16. Vik says:

    Danny Coyle’s in SF
    Downtown Brittania Arms in San Jose

  17. Soulshadow says:

    At my friend’s place, watching it and England-Slovenia in the afternoon, then off to the Pawtucket Red Sox game that night. And recovering from my hangover on Saturday morning. 😉

  18. Red says:

    What’s the scene there? I love Portland ME and frequent there during the summers. I’m always looking for a place in Old Port that has soccer-preference.

  19. Mike says:

    I bartend there and it was awesome. Over 3000 people turned up. We had a block party outside the bar with a giant TV tent out on the street. It was amazing. We are doing the block party again for the Round of 16 and for the Final.

    Best atmosphere I’ve ever seen for a USA Soccer Bar.

  20. Ne-Dub says:

    The Irish Bank, downtown San Francisco.

    If there are any other SF downtowners that want to have some pints before work, let me know! I’ll be sporting my Jay DeMerit jersey.

  21. Duck says:

    Me too. Gonna watch as much of the game as I can before a 9 a.m. meeting. Just glad we haven’t had any USA games at 4 a.m. Pacific yet.

  22. Gacm32 says:

    That nearly made me cry..I wish I could find something like that here in cali.

  23. scott says:

    at 5pm on dvr. going internet dark at 10am, and putting ipod on

  24. Sam's Fan says:

    Hawk’s Bar and Grill on State Street in Madison, Wisconsin – or the Memorial Union Rathskeller on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. CAN’T WAIT!

  25. Tom in OH moved to KY says:

    On my mom’s couch with my brothers…good times…

  26. a says:

    American Outlaws DC chapter is hosting at Molly Malone’s on Barracks Row

  27. scott says:

    who am i kidding, on my computer at work

  28. I JiK I RED BULLZ says:

    I’ll be watching the game at home with my Dad and Brother. I has to take summer courses but I took online classes instead so I wouldn’t miss any games of the World Cup especially any USA games.

    My Predection USA 2-0 Solvenia

  29. TJPierce says:

    Small Bar in Chicago, IL with Section 8!

  30. Idaho Brian says:

    I’m taking the day off tomorrow so that I can enjoy the game at home.

  31. GO USA says:

    WOW that was amazing, wish I could have been there.

  32. suckerpunch says:

    Mercury lounge, San Francisco:
    link to sfworldcup2010.com


  33. RLW2020 says:

    get out of Springs and come up to Denver.

  34. sloanbp@gmail.com says:

    The Fan Park in Cape Town!! CALLING ALL AMERICANS IN CAPE TOWN: Flock to the Fan Fest the atmosphere is electric. Many English in town for the Algeria match tomorrow, we must thwart them!!!

  35. TJPierce says:

    Those videos were SICK!!!

  36. Ne-Dub says:

    Gacm32, if you come to SF you can find that here. Maybe not with 3,000 people but you can definitely find packed bars with screaming fans all chanting USA, USA, USA!!

  37. Dane96 says:

    Caffe Paradiso in the N. End of Boston with all the other footie junkies. Place should be jammed…

  38. Well, it was standing room only for US/England, but for US/Turkey it was damn near morose.

    I think it gets an acceptable crowd for EPL matches and there was good attendance for the UEFA final.

    I haven’t explored much else although I’ve heard DiMillo’s sports bar gets a ManU crowd. Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine Lobster Roll in Old Port got the official US Soccer Bar status for some reason, which is kinda lols if you ask me but I shouldn’t knock before I try. And I’ve never met a lobster roll I didn’t like.

  39. alex says:

    that was pretty sweet. wish i could have been there. I went somewhere like that for the honduras qualifying game that sent us to south africa.

  40. phil says:

    tell your co-worker to sod off….

  41. Goalscorer24 says:

    Busby’s Santa Monica. Go USA!

  42. phil says:

    yup yup

  43. phil says:

    seriously, does it make me a drunk if i drink during the match at 10:30 in the morning?
    at work?
    did I mention I work with children?
    and sharp objects?

  44. trickhog says:

    Barney’s Beanery in Burbank, CA with a bunch of co-workers.

    Go USA!

  45. RLW2020 says:

    here are the locations in Colorado.. have not picked which one yet.. there is one in Springs too – the Back East Bar and Grill.

    link to coloradorapids.com

  46. montana matt says:

    Taking the morning off and watching the match at Lucky Bar in Washington DC.

  47. CACuzcatlan says:

    You’ll be at 2 places 50 miles away at the same time? Amazing!

  48. Eleazar says:

    At Kearny Scots Club with NY/NJ Sams Army.

  49. mexicanbluefish says:

    Shoveling down tacos de cazuela in a garage-turned-cafe here in Oaxaca Oaxaca beaaaaches!!!

    LD will have the biggest game of his career.

  50. LB says:

    Be in Salt Lake City watching the game at Fiddlers Elbow. Opens at 6:30 a.m. to start the pre-game.

  51. CACuzcatlan says:

    Kezar Pub in San Francisco. Gonna get to work at 10am so no drinking, but maybe I’ll have an Irish breakfast.

  52. JAuch12 says:

    Ives, when are you going to put up your Starting XI for the Slovenia game? We need to start practicing our Bob curses for when he starts Ricardo over Torres.

  53. TheRyan says:

    American Outlaws STL will be at the Amsterdam Tavern on Morganford in St. Louis. Please join us.

  54. ThaDeuce says:

    Go to Hey Joes if you happen to be in Mississippi.

  55. Petaluman says:

    Might hit up TAPs in Petaluma, California as they are opening up at 6:30am just for the match. If that doesn’t happen then I will catch it home. Work will have to wait they already know I will be in late. GO USA!

  56. See you there! It’s going to be rockin

  57. James says:

    Fado in Chicago. I’ll be the drunk guy.

  58. Last WC, I timed a job switch to accomplish a two week vacation at Lucky Bar during the World Cup. Good scene.

  59. Josh Marcinik says:

    Since it’s not on ABC, I’ll be glued to my computer screen for a few hours. ESPN3!

  60. csimp says:

    Perfect Pint on the west side of Manhattan…around the corner from work in case I have to run back into the office and act like I was there the whole time…

  61. hank f says:

    Where’s hawks bar? Is it new? Last been to Madison in 2007…

  62. hank f says:

    Egan & Sons, Montclair NJ

  63. chefwilly says:

    Woodwork in Brooklyn NY

  64. Mason says:


  65. Mason says:

    I did that too! It was fortunate!

  66. KZ says:

    Cuatro’s in Austin, TX.

  67. Biebs says:

    Just got this notice from one of the managers at my startup company:

    As some of you may know, the US team will be playing Slovenia in a World Cup match tomorrow at 10am. We’ll have the game going on live in the main conference room if anyone would like to come on in and watch the event.

    Bagels, along with coffee and orange juice will be provided. Hope to see you there. Go USA!

    So… work.

  68. bottlcaps says:

    No bars open at 7am here in SE Arizona (50 miles east of Tucson) SO I’ll be at home.

    But im stepping out the door as we speak and heading out to a bar in Naco, Sonora Mexico, with some friends to watch the Mexico-France Game. I’ll be wearing my “Les Blues: Jersey so it might be interesting!

  69. werner says:

    KC Branaghans in Long Beach, CA!!! or in redlands, depending if my friend comes to long beach or if i go to over there in redlands!

  70. Petaluman says:

    Now that’s what I call a good management style!

  71. jim b says:

    Power and Light district in KC with thousands of USA supporters!

  72. Kurt-O says:

    I was one of the thousands that was there, and it was truly amazing. I was in Kaiserslautern in 2006 for the game against Italy and seeing the wall of red-clad American fans as I walked into the stadium was truly special…best soccer memory of my life. But seeing a few thousand folks jammed into tents and into a bar and standing in the rain, chanting and singing, on a down town street in Albany NY…it’s right up there. I still can’t believe how loud that crowd was. My ears were still ringing on Sunday!

  73. haha, sweet! i was the guy that started the day talking to you about half-baked soccer opinions and ended the afternoon scream-mumbling about teams that didn’t even qualify and how ferris wheels aren’t “all that”.

  74. Luke says:

    Ok that narrows it down. :)

  75. Luke says:

    Brit’s Pub in downtown Minneapolis. For the USA vs. England game their were over 2000 people there in a steady rain with most being outside. I watched the game at the Local Irish Pub a few blocks away and their were at least 1000 people packed in, standing room only.

  76. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Hmmm an idea, think I’ll float that idea up the ladder and see…if not…

    ESPN ZONE Anaheim, taking a couple of hours off…

  77. Trex says:

    Providence, RI
    Spats Restaurant and Bar
    182 Angell Street

    …with a bunch of AOs.

  78. Incognito says:

    Will be watching while hiding underneath my desk. GO USA!

  79. bryan says:

    1st Half: ESPN3 at my desk

    2nd Half: Early lunch at Chicks’N’Wings

  80. bryan says:

    that is awesome dude

  81. Red says:

    Thanks man…I’ll take that in mind when I’m in ME and there’s a game I want to catch.

  82. bryan says:

    i’ve done that before. confeds cup against spain. i wore earphones all day, put post it notes over the part of my screen my google tool bar is, turned off my phone. never went to my igoogle page. it was tough.

  83. dino1er says:

    AO LA dillonsirishpub in hollywood over 30 beers on tap 3$ pints all day everyday…

  84. njndirish says:

    Found this awesome place near where I live on the Jersey Shore. It’s a Tavern in Bradley Beach named D’Arcy’s that has $3 Yeungling pints on USA match days. They were turning people away 15 minutes before the match. I plan on eating breakfast there tomorrow and then hopefully watching a win.

  85. BSS says:

    See you there. How was the crowd there Saturday?

  86. bryan says:

    great videos! if you haven’t seen the videos from Dupont Circle in DC:

    link to youtube.com

    link to youtube.com

  87. Sam's Fan says:

    Search for it on google maps, Hank. It should come up. It’s next to the Yellow Jersey on State Street. Serving breakfast and mimosas for the early games!

  88. Fcphillyboy says:

    Tir na nog, Philadelphia Pa

  89. bryan says:

    Public Bar in DC had $3 24oz. BudHeavy for the England game…probably have it again.

  90. CORBINATOR says:

    With the faithful fraternity at Ellis Park. C’mon you Yanks!

  91. Tyler says:

    Sam’s Sports Bar and Grill, Nashville TN.

  92. JL says:

    Conor O’Neill’s, Ann Arbor Michigan

  93. montana matt says:

    I’ve been in DC for less than two years, but Lucky Bar is a soccer god send.

  94. Todd says:

    I’m taking that advice and taking tomorrow off. Planning to get to Chicago’s Globe Pub early and enjoying all of the days action.

  95. J.B. says:

    Zurich, Switzerland. I’m getting in to work at 7am and then leaving by 3:30pm to get ready for the game. Will be hitting a bar with a huge HD projector rocking our send off jersey from 2006 (the red one).

  96. erik733 says:

    Cladagh Irish Pub, downtown Indy. although when I watched the US vs the Czechs at a bar in 2006….well you know how that story went. hopefully the Cladagh has better mojo than the fox-n-hound.

  97. Brian says:

    Chatham Tap Pub – Indianapolis, one of only a handful of places to show the US vs. Honduras qualifier.

    Anyone in the area should come and hang, its a great atmosphere and they have 2 locations either downtown Indy or on the northside in Fishers.

    Go USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Brian says:

    The Cladagh is an awesome place to catch a game as well!

  99. IdahosaDAnigerianamerican says:

    im watchin it at ESPN Zone LA live….same place i watched the usa-england game and it was super fun so im going there yuup

  100. Patrick says:

    The Dray in Seattle, which I actually heard about from comments on this website. Awesome place!

  101. Nordy says:

    Tobacco Road in Raleigh NC

  102. Levent says:

    Will watch from work. Streaming via home PC.

  103. Scott in San Diego says:

    My peeps and I will be watching the game at 7am at Seau’s Sports Pub in San Diego. Come down and join us!

  104. Doug says:

    I am going to be watching it at home in the comforts of my basement bar. Is it wrong to start drinking at 9:30 AM? I wish we had someplace where US fans go to watch this game on Long Island.

  105. Mario says:

    Will be there again singing in full force

  106. qax says:

    Saggio’s in Albuquerque, New Mexico

  107. Delilah says:

    anyone going to the montalban theater to watch it? hows the process to get in? will i have to get there early to avoid getting left out or what

  108. Aaron in StL says:

    Going to try if I can get out of trabajo…

  109. Chris says:

    In France, watching it on Canal +, which has supposedly eliminated the vuvuzela background noise.

  110. Chi-town Mike says:

    Sorry, but that will also be me. I’m just getting over my hang-over from Saturday.

  111. Roy says:

    In my house in VA, alone, with 2 parakeets and an HD tv.

  112. Herm says:

    Jack Quinn’s could be another option in the downtown area.

  113. m00kie says:

    I’m heading out to the irish pub in mannheim right after work. i hope the amtosphere is as good as the last game!

  114. Justin says:

    Brit’s is the best place to watch the WC in the Twin Cities, I was there all day on Saturday and got rained on for a good 4 hours. You should also check out The Sweetwater in St. Paul, that’s where I’ll be tomorrow.

  115. RoryD says:

    Boom, me too! Saturday was amazing, almost brought tears to my eyes!

  116. Stuart Holden says:

    Watching from class….where I giving a final.

  117. Eric says:

    Berry Park, Brooklyn NY

  118. Smirking Kitten says:

    In lovely Bucksport, ME!

  119. Riot Squad says:

    Upland, CA at Black Watch Pub!

  120. TR says:

    All Nations Soccer Bar & Restaurant in Seattle. Best place in town to catch a game and get a 7am cocktail.

  121. Paul says:

    Any suggestions for Newark, NJ? How’s MMM Bello’s for a match like this?

  122. Lundberg says:

    It’s a good strategy to keep people in the office, and sober. If you have Wifi at work, then maybe you can get some ppts done while you’re cheering on the Yanks. Is it also Hawaiian Shirt Day? Cause, you know, it’s Friday.

  123. Danny says:

    On my couch with my bro…GO USA!!!

  124. Doug says:

    CERN cafeteria, the physics lab with the accelerator that will create a black hole and destroy the Earth. It’s in Geneva, so yesterday I went downtown and watched Switzerland beat Spain. Tonight I crossed the border into France, and watched France lose to Mexico. In Geneva it was pandemonium, while in France the expression on the faces of the locals was priceless. If there are any Slovenian physicists at CERN, I will find out tomorrow…

  125. smokeminside says:

    Here in Hawaii the next two games are at 4am, and I’m actually happy about it….can watch the match in the quiet of my living room, let the family sleep, and still get to work on time (the latter I guess sounds kind of crazy,–wanting to get to work–but at least I don’t have to make any excuses for missing work). Cannot wait for this match tomorrow….

  126. smokeminside says:

    now that sounds like a great day!

  127. smokeminside says:

    Just stay up all night.

  128. Lot15C says:

    it’s so comforting to know i’m not the only one who does the post it notes on the computer screen haha.

  129. Dominghosa says:

    16th St. Bar in Phoenix with the American Outlaws.

  130. giaco says:

    In Chicago at SmallBar on Fullerton Ave. with Nats fans at a charity event for Urban Initiatives, a 501(3)(c) NFP that is a health and education soccer program for underprivaliged children. Hosted by Section 8 Chicago. If you’re in town, and need a place, we have the mezzanine reserved, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this event will fill up the rest of the bar! Come out and support a great cause and the USMNT!

  131. Craig says:

    Someone needs to get these videos into Bob Bradley’s hands to get our players in the right frame of mind for tomorrow. Seeing these videos gave me chills not only as an American but as a long time fan, since our ’98 loss to Iran :( My have times changed. GO USA!!!

  132. Craig says:

    Will be watching from home in the comfort of my living room, but will hopefully share in the celebrations of the many people spread out across this great land and the world. Just spoke with my brother on an American Warship. He said they are getting their satellite fixed and will be able to watch game in the middle of the Pacific! Gooooooooooooooo USA USA USA!!!

  133. Fred Garvin says:

    Me too

  134. Obama says:

    Trali Irish Pub in Raleigh NC. Place was so crazy for the England game that people were pissin on the baaaa.. My throat still hurts from all the yelling!! Go US!!

  135. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:

    Buffalo Wild Wings (Hwy 377) in Keller, TX. Opening early just for the Nats. How wonderful?

  136. Erek says:

    Penny Lane in Richmond VA, bangers and beer in the AM.

  137. Jonathan says:

    sam’s sports bar in nashville. it was standing room only for the match on saturday.

  138. Rip-air-ey says:

    Ugh. I work about 2 blocks away from here and would love to sneak away for an early pint. I’ll listen for your cheers while at my lonely desk, fixated on ESPN3 while I frighten my co-workers with animal noises.

  139. Jason says:

    Where are all my Dallas/Ft Worth peeps? Group of us will be watching at the Pour-House in Ft Worth (7th St Area). Go US!

  140. Scott A says:

    D’Arcy’s at the Shore!

  141. Sean says:

    Conor O’Neill’s in Ann Arbor, MI :)

  142. Kratzel says:

    I shall be watching the game in O’Neills in the Merchant City area of Glasgow…will be showing the colors…anyone in the vicinity come and seek me out….

  143. Brian says:


  144. Brian says:

    I’ll be rolling out of bed and watching it on the couch

  145. Doug says:

    CERN cafeteria, the physics lab with the accelerator that will create a black hole and destroy the Earth. It’s in Geneva, so I went downtown and watched Switzerland beat Spain. The next day, I crossed the border into France, and watched France lose to Mexico. In Geneva it was pandemonium, while in France the expression on the faces of the locals was priceless. If there are any Slovenian physicists at CERN, I will find out today…

  146. Matt B. says:

    On my Big Screen HDTV with 20 or so fans chanting throughout the game..gunna be fun

  147. The Gaffer says:

    I’ll be watching the game at Wowies Sports Grill in Boca Raton, FL.