Who should the USA start vs. Australia?

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We stand just eight days away from the most anticipated match in U.S. national team history and the United States will have one more chance to test things out before the World Cup opener vs. England with its friendly on Saturday vs. Australia.

The tinkering should be done by now, with U.S. coach Bob Bradley ready to give his preferred starting XI against England a run-out against the Aussies. Bradley may have to settle for a bit less than his preferred XI since starting striker Jozy Altidore is a question mark due to an ankle sprain.

Will Bradley go with Steve Cherundolo or Jonathan Spector? Maurice Edu or Jose Torres? Stuart Holden or DaMarcus Beasley? So many questions remain unanswered about the U.S. lineup that Saturday's match should shed plenty of light on.

Who do we see starting vs. Australia? Here's a lineup we could see getting the nod:







This lineup would be contingent on Jozy Altidore not passing his fitness test ahead of Saturday's match. We give Herculez Gomez the nod in his place, but Buddle or Robbie Findley are also more than capable of getting the call.

Cherundolo looks to be in better form than Spector and gets the nod, while I can see Edu getting the call over Torres against England. The real toss-up for me is in midfield, where both Beasley and Holden stand a good chance of getting the call. Beasley gets the call at this point because I see his two-way ability being key against England, and Holden being a better potential second-half option.

What lineup would you like to see Bradley trot out against Australia?

Share your thoughts below.

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150 Responses to Who should the USA start vs. Australia?

  1. CharlieD. says:

    Well, with Ferdinand out things get very interesting

  2. JT says:

    The way people are getting hurt in SA, I’d find 11 cabana boys and call it a day!

  3. MelH says:

    with the rash of injuries – sit everyone and have Bob put Chivas USA on the field…

  4. babieca says:

    You know they don’t have to play with 10 men because Ferdinand is out, right?

    I doubt very much that King at CB will cause Bob to change his game plan.

  5. Sam says:

    Looking for a place to watch the game at 6:30 tomorrow morning here in Salt Lake. Anyone watching? sphigby at gmail dot com.

  6. Pete says:

    Gotta think Buddle should get the start if Jozy can’t go–not sure why he’d be on the roster otherwise. I just don’t see Dempsey working without someone to play off of.

    I agree with the Beasley sentiment, but I think Holden should get the nod, with Edu in the holding role and M Bradley playing a bit more conservatively.

    Also think we should consider the 4-2-3-1 against England: http://starsandgripes.wordpress.com.

  7. Dan Fontaine says:

    I would like to see Gomez get a start – see how he looks for 60-90 mins. Want to see Gooch’s progress. Not sure how I feel about DMB here but it wouldn’t be a world ender if he started. We’ll need some speed on the 12th. Wanna see a little JFT and Stuey at some point too. No more friendlies, lets get to the meanies!

  8. RIP says:

    I think Benny needs to get another look. I still think he is one our best players on the ball.

  9. Fred says:

    This lineup looks about right, although I’d prefer Holden to Beasley. Even if Jozy is fit, I imagine he’ll come on as a 2nd half sub and Dempsey will move down to the wing. I’d like to see Torres play the 2nd half and start on June 12 if he has another strong showing.

  10. Eric_the_King says:

    I have to say that I was a supporter of the “push Dempsey up top” idea, but he looked a lot more comfortable in the second half when deployed back towards the winger position and BB should probably keep him there accept for emergency situations in the late stages of a match.


    Bring on Edu for Torres in the second half. Whoever has the better play should probably get the nod for the England match.

  11. Will Smith says:

    this world cup is gonna be bananas… I cant wait

  12. YNWA says:

    i would start torres just to see what he can do. His holding and passing ability more than makes up for his defense. Although if he tackles like he did in the Turkey game we should be ok. Here’s to praying Bob doesn’t get all defensive for the Cup…

  13. Jamie Z. says:

    The U.S. team sure doesn’t have a lot of hair.

  14. Ryan says:

    Came in here to say exactly what JT said! haha!

  15. Dinho says:

    If Jozy is not ready, I’d like to see this:

    ——Herc (Buddle/Find 60′)—-Deuce ——

    LD (Benny 60′)–JFT (Edu-60′)—Jr.—Stu(Beas -46′)

    Boca(Spector 60′)—Gooch—–Demerit——Dolo


  16. EkstraBen says:

    As much as I’ve liked the play of DMB, I think you’re right with this lineup against Australia. Keep Deuce in the midfield to start; he can move to striker in the 2nd half and DMB can play LM.

    I think that’s how we’ll play England too.

  17. Eric_the_King says:

    I think he killed any chance he had in that Turkey game. He looked clueless and always played the simple ball. He provided nothing going forward for the team.

  18. wilyboy says:

    I say we give Spector another half to see if he can break out of the funk he’s in. This isn’t to say that Cherundolo hasn’t earned the starting spot, but it never helps to have your backups be out of form.

    FW- Buddle, Findley (sub Gomez)
    MF- Dempsey, Edu, Bradley, Donovan (sub Beasley, Holden, Torres)
    D- Boca, Gooch, Demerit, Cherundolo (Spector)
    GK- Howard

  19. EkstraBen says:

    Not a bad idea here – like the thought of a final substitution tune-up for some of the fringe starters. Any clue as to how many subs we get vs. Australia?

  20. Eric_the_King says:

    I’m thinking that Deuce really likes playing with Torres (as do most of the squad). Torres provides the skill and vision that Dempsey sees more from being in the EPL and it looked like there was some comfort in the combinations and movement in the midfield.

  21. away goals says:

    How did torres get the reputation of being a defensive liability? Are we all assuming that he can’t possibly be both a skillful distributor AND a defensive presence?

    I only ask because he hasn’t gotten a lot of minutes with the nats, but when he’s played I haven’t noticed him getting exposed.

    Is everybody else seeing something I’m not? Or are we guilty of oversimplifying our center mid choices: rico is defensive, torres is offensive, edu is balanced.

  22. BrooklynFC says:

    Word up to that

  23. BrooklynFC says:


  24. josip says:

    +1 not only did he always play the simple ball, he played some stupid balls that almost got us killed!

  25. john.q says:

    i agree with the posters above. dempsey plays better on the wing but if jozy is out we will be forced to move him up top. in that case id have holden instead of beasley out there. beasley’s speed and experience can be useful as a sub.

  26. Fireball says:

    Just read Pirlo and Michel Bastos now a doubt.

  27. joel says:

    torres has the team covered i think.

  28. sread says:

    “rico is defensive, torres is offensive, edu is balanced.”

    That seems to be the trend in these preWC friendlies….

    Torres’ game is much more well-rounded than a lot of people give him credit for. I think that some people would like him to be bigger and stronger, but that really doesn’t matter as long as he’s well complemented in front and behind him–which he certainly is. Same with LD, he’s much smaller than most people think, but he’s proven over and over that it’s not an issue.

  29. Creige says:

    I think Edu will start to steady the defense and Torres will replace him at half. I like starting with gomez, findley or buddle and later moving dempsey to forward.

  30. Adam R. says:


  31. munkyman says:






    I think we should give Buddle a shot in jozy’s spot. Also, I think Dempsey does better when he’s in the midfield. I also think that ineveitably, one or both of the fowards gets subbed out, with the result being that Dempsey spends a good 20 minutes up top anyways.

  32. DanO says:

    I agree with wily. Gomez is best suited as our supersub energy guy. Findley needs to stretch the field to give Dempsey and Donovan room to do their work.

  33. losquakes says:

    We should only start players who attended FCBarcelonaCamp2010 and learned how to balance a ball on their foreheads.

  34. John says:

    We’ve seen that Torres does well coming off the bench to change the pace of the game. I’d like to see him get a start to see if he can do the same in the early game, where the team is feeling the opponent out and establishing itself. Once the real games start, we’ll probably need to use our subs on the flanks and up top. Whoever Bradley’s partner is will need to be able to play well early and late.

  35. mikeandike says:





    US stuns the world by playing its best attacknig players all at once and actually possesses the ball instead of flinging it upfield hoping for a lumbering forward to knock it in the right direction with his head

  36. Jamie Z. says:

    Yeah, it says something when Paco Torres is the long-haired hippie in the squad.

  37. moosecat says:

    beasley? (facepalm)

  38. jts says:

    I miss the offsetting CougarLife ads

    As a tie in, we could pay the cougars to sneak into the English hotel next Friday night and benefit from the player fatigue the next day

    Or try to get some % of the porfits when Capello compiles his personal tv/camera videos of each player’s room

  39. Ne-Dub says:

    With our issues at forward, I would like to see how we look running a 4-2-3-1.






  40. Mason says:

    Body Doubles. The actual players can watch the match from a suite.

  41. Nick says:

    I am at a loss for why folks are so down on Spector. The goal against Turkey in the first half was not his fault. In fact, I thought it was ridiculous that Spector is tacked at the Turkey 18 and in the counter its Spector going 80 yards to be the first person to Challenge the scorer 12 yards from the US goal. Where the heck was the rest of the team.

    At the youth level your supposed to learn to cover for a teamate that goes up so may concern is around the midfield and the rest of the backline.

    The other point I want to make is that I’m not sold on Beasley on one game. Holden has been in far better form over the last year. His work rate is fantastic and he is familiar with the EPL. I would absolutely be getting Holden into Saturday’s game.

    Up top I don’t understand why Buddle would not be used if Jozy can’t go since isn’t he supposed to provide that type of backup.

    Here is my starting lineup if Jozy can’t make it.





  42. Brian D says:

    This rules on paper, but I worry about trotting it out 8 days before the England game.

  43. war says:

    does the magician score when he starts? I’d probably leave him on the bench. I’d give Findley another go and see if he can perform consecutively. Everything else as ives has.

  44. Vik says:

    There are ways to make a point without insulting ppl.

    I think King matches up better with Altidore physically than Ferdinand or Terry. He’s certainly more athletic.

  45. Brad says:

    holden over beasley
    bring in findley for gomez at half and beasley for holden

  46. Erik says:

    bring in Dinho!!

  47. Rich says:

    Lets leave DMB, and Spector on the bench. I say give Edu a try and if it looks flat like against Turkey, bring on Gringo. Cherundolo is the way to go.






    But I would also like






  48. kevin says:

    pleeease not beasley

  49. Sergio of SF says:

    I think Buddle starts in place of Jozy. We will probably see Edu in the middle, with Torres potentially coming in later in the game. I would like to see Beasley start, I want to see how in form he is.

  50. Eric_the_King says:

    Exactly. Well said John. We’ve seen Edu and Rico start and then Torres come on. I’d like to see the other way around.

  51. Advocate says:

    Buddle and Findley should start the Australia friendly up front–whether Josy is OK or not. Buddle and Donovan play very well together and have formed an effective goal-scoring partnership in a very physical league. With Findley and Dempsey on the field, they should be able to find room to operate. In sharp contrast, Josy has played against English keepers and defendants for the last year and shown no ability to score against them. He’s young and my yet prove to be the best American forward ever. But he isn’t there yet.

  52. bottlcaps says:


  53. 4now says:

    Would love to see Goodson as a target man.

  54. Brokenbil says:

    I agree with Ives’s starting XI, but I’d start Findley instead of Gomez. I’d like to see if Findley can build on his second half performance against Turkey.

  55. TomM says:

    Then we still get Bornstein.

  56. JL says:

    wouldn’t you want beasley on the left?

  57. manonthemoon says:

    I think that the coaching staff need to address three things this game:

    (1) Who should be paired with MB in the central midfield. Australia has a much more physical midfield than turkey, which I believe is more similar to England’s midfield than anyone we have played recently. Edu and Torres should spilt time, I think both of their performances will have a lot to do with who starts on June 12th.

    (2) The US needs to know what they have up top, besides Jozy. We already know what Dempsey is capable of uptop. Why not see if Findley can replicate his good half against Turkey, except this time for a whole game? I think that its okay to experiment a little in this last friendly. In my opinion we need to find out if one of Gomez, Findley and Buddle could go 70 to 90 minutes in a game. I think that Dempsey should be moved up top in the second half and Holden/ Beasley should be tested on the wing then.

    (3) I think that the RB position is still somewhat up for grabs. I think that Dolo has the upper hand, but I still believe that Spector and Dolo should split time in the last friendly to help Bob determine who to start.

    Starting Lineup:


    Dempsey ——— -Torres ————-Bradley ————Donovan

    Bocanegra———Onyewu ————-DeMerit———-Cherundolo




    Holden ————-Edu ————–Bradley ————Donovan

    Bocanegra———Onyewu ————-DeMerit————-Spector


  58. A Guest says:

    Also think we should consider the 4-2-3-1 against England


  59. RDub says:

    I made a list here of who I think should start in tomorrows game. link to lunch.com Let me know what you think!

  60. A Guest says:

    I think that would be a lot of fun to watch and would love to see it. After the cup 😉

  61. Brian says:

    Anyone else getting up at 5:30 to watch this? I sure am.

    –Brian in SLO

  62. Sean says:

    I know I’m doing this backward, but I see it better this way anyway






    I would start Buddle because more than likely, Gomez will be a second half sub in SA so I would want to see how Buddle works as a holding forward with Dempsey kind of free to his own devices. Drop deep and pick up the ball or run off Buddle when we play it long.

  63. Brian says:

    They are roommates if anyone didn’t know

  64. Brian says:

    Dempsey said Torres’ nickname is “Davy Crockett”

  65. S.C. says:




    Forward: Gomez for Dempsey (1), Findley for Buddle (2)
    -Midfield: Holden (RM) for Boca (slide Beasley back to LD) and Donovan over to LM (3), Torres for Bradley (6)
    -Defense: 2nd chance Spector for Dolo (4), Goodson for DeMerit (5)
    -Goal: Marcus H. for Howard at the half (this or Goodson for DeMerit)

    A few reason I want to see this of than conditioning and getting rid of the rust: Buddle gets some time and esp. time with Gomez and has Donovan on the same side for chemistry; the Bradley/Edu combo to see whether or not this can work for England; Torres, Holden and Findley come on as subs to supercharge again; give Spector another chance as 1st sub; try Beasley as an emergency left D to see if that could work; Dempsey plays better on the left up front; take of Boca to be safe with his post op-hernia; it would be good for our number 2 goalie to get a look at the ball as well; most importantly, Bornstein stays on the bench where he belongs (sorry man)

  66. Weston from Murfreesboro says:

    buddle findley

    dempsey bradley torres donovan

    bocanegra onyewu demerit cherundolo


  67. Brian says:

    Screw this 4-5-1 garbage. Bradley, Torres, Clark/Edu all playing in the center of the field will result in a huge clusterf&*k!

  68. Ne-Dub says:

    I agree, and don’t think it will actually happen but it would have been nice to see starting with the Czech game.

  69. SBI Troll says:

    Buddle, findley
    donovan, edu, bradley, dempsey
    boca, demerit, gooch, dolo

    Subs: gomez for findley, beasley for buddle (push dempsey to fwd), torres for edu, spector for dolo, holden for donovan

    Also i’m surprised we haven’t heard a potential Buddle-Donovan strikeship late in the game, even though I’d be reluctant to move Donovan from the flanks.

  70. phil says:

    first half (4-4-2):

    Boca-DeMeri- Goodson-Spector

    subs (45):


    rest Altidore, heck rest LD and Deuce too if you think Holden and DMB can last the full 90.
    Bornstein/Boca (God help us)

  71. Shark says:

    He looked iffy against Japan and said so himself….but when fit, and on his game, he is a tremendous defender…a real crap shoot with him for England because of his knees…and fitness issues…

    So it is a problem for England in the long run and perhaps against the USA…

  72. dbag says:

    He definitely got on the team too easily especially after a poor run in friendlies from January and then after his injury and lack of playing time on a relegated team.

  73. Joamiq says:

    That’s true, it was a tad insulting. But the substance was correct. I’d argue that we’re worse off facing King than Ferdinand.

  74. Joamiq says:

    Unfortunately, I think most people here would celebrate an injury to Bornstein

  75. Joamiq says:

    With who as the 1? Jozy? That’s only even a possibility if we just want to play for the draw for 90 minutes (which will inevitably get us 0 points)

  76. Joamiq says:

    I agree with you. People ignore the fact that his one touch passing really gets things moving in midfield. It’ll be a shame if that half in Turkey kills his chances at playing time. The midfield I’d really like to see now is Donovan, Torres, Bradley, and Feilhaber.

  77. Shark says:

    Time to move away from the Bora mind-set of having two holding midfielders…we are never going to go far playing so conservative….there was a need for it for the longest time, but not anymore…I would swap Torres in for Edu and start Buddle and Findley/Gomez up front with the other subbing out at half….Dempsey is better in the midfield and has shown so time after time both at club and international level….Dempsey over Beasley…

  78. joehill says:

    the other thing to note is that the field the game is on is apparently in terrible shape. Australia is using it as their practice field and is apparently looking into other fields to use for the rest of the WC.

    So I’d give Gooch a run out to get him closer to game shape, but otherwise rest a lot of starters, given the injury bug going around. Definitely would rest Howard.

  79. Joamiq says:

    Hey guys, how about this email about the “exclusive opportunity” to buy ticket “options” for the Brazil game? I personally find this to be infuriating. It’s a 20% markup couched in language that makes it seem like they’re doing us a favor. I fear this is the future version of PSLs for soccer.

  80. Steve says:

    From Front to back. Dempsey and Findley up top. Holden and Donovan on the outsides. Bradley and Torres in the middle. Cherudolo at right back, Goodsen and Demerit at center back and Bocanegra at left back. Howard in Goal of course. Possible subs, Gomez in for Findley, Buddle in for Holden move Dempsey to the outside, and Spector in for Cherudolo. I think Onyewu will hurt us more than help us and Goodsen is our most dangerous threat on set pieces with Boca going forward too. Onyewu cant defend or score on set pieces with his limited athleticism.

  81. BrooklynFC says:

    Nope cause beas is good on either side as is donovan
    Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

  82. SammyD says:

    I concur with the lineup.

  83. Louis Z says:

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that saw that. he had a terrible season, got injured, stayed in the bench for a good portion of games, and now he gets selected and didn’t even had to play the friednly prior to the 23 selected. he got a free pass for sure. I think he got selected by reputation not for what he has been doing lately.

  84. GD10 says:

    I have an idea move dempsey and donovan both up top and fill in the wings with holden and beasley

  85. BSU SC says:

    I think Holden is the better option to start with Beasley a providing his two-way ability running against the tired legs of England later in the game (the same thing Ives said, only opposite).

    I also like Buddle getting the nod over Gomez to start. Hopefully he and Landon can show some of the chemistry they’ve displayed in MLS this season at the World Cup. Gomez was not a starter while at Puebla and has proven that he’s most effective coming off of the bench.

    It’s a toss up between Cherundolo and Spector. I flipped a coin and it came up heads so I’ll go with Dolo.

    LET’S GO YANKS!!!!

  86. Netto says:

    Since this is the last tune-up, I think you have to go with the intended starting line-up against England or the closest approximation if Jozy can’t go. It’s past time for mixing and matching to see what works or trying different formations. That was what the past month was for. It’s almost impossible to say who “deserves” it without observing practice everyday, but just based on the past two matches I’d like to see:

    Boca, DeMerit, Gooch, Dolo
    Donovan, Torres, Bradley, Dempsey
    Findley, Jozy/Buddle

  87. Mingjai says:

    I agree. Georgina Turner at SI suggests the 4-2-3-1 might fit the US well. This would be my lineup (also posted under yesterday’s Altidore topic):






    I think having a midfield of Torres, Holden, Dempsey, and Donovan would do wonders for US possession. Despite the final score, I think the English struggle against the patient passing that Torres could bring to the table.

    Dempsey, Donovan, and Holden would be allowed to switch it up to take advantages of mismatches.

    Practically speaking, I see the 4-2-3-1 and the 4-4-1-1 are fairly similar, except you change the “hole” forward for an attacking mid.

  88. RIP says:

    I agree. I think he has qualities that not even Donovan has. He doesn’t always play well, but I don’t think he gets the time to show his skill. People sure give him a hard time.

  89. Louis Z says:

    I see Edu starting. Torres job in this WC is to bring in what he has to offer as a second half mid. He plays way better when the opponent is a bit tired and he has fresh legs. Buddle should start, after all, he is closer to what Jozy is. Deuce, should remain at midfield, he is better there. I expect to see at half both holden and Beasley get the call.

  90. Mingjai says:

    King of the wild frontier! That is awesome. I assume the whole Alamo irony isn’t lost on two native Texans…

  91. Louis Z says:


  92. timothy says:

    I actually really like this lineup. One thing that must be said: Mexico and England are about even historically. With that said, playing our 2 Mexican league players is a must against England. Although for Australia, I don’t want to see Dempsey and Gomez on the field at the same time. I’d prefer to see a big/small combination. So if Deuce is up top, I’d rather see him paired with Buddle

  93. zizinho says:

    Most people will disagree, but Kljestan as an attacking midfielder not as a defensive midfielder is better right now. Benny needs to get his feet back. With the exception of the Brazil Game, Kljestan has played well when he has a defensive midfielder hold most of the time like Beckerman or Edu. Thats why he played well before bedoya came in and pushed Edu back causing Kljestan to play the defensive midfield role. People hate him because Bob likes him and sees his potential. If he plays his proper natural position like Torres demonstrated against Turkey, they are good players. I still believe that Torres, Kljestan, and Feilhaber dont fit the current US formation. They are good woth the ball at their feet.

  94. Joamiq says:

    Well, now you people are just making stuff up. He started 21 games for Aarhus last season. He has the best touch on the team and is one of the few players who puts an emphasis on making quick decisions and moving off the ball.

  95. JV says:

    When he is in form he is one of our best, but he doesn’t appear to be in form right now.

  96. JV says:

    People still recall the Costa Rica game where Torres didn’t do that great defensively. I think that was more due to lack of effort then lack of defensive skills. I notice that when he is determined to defend he defends well, even before the Turkey game.

  97. Second City says:





    Gomez (goal scoring super-sub), Holden & Edu are my main subs in their respective positions.

    Buddle starts in place of Altidore, if he’s not ready to go.

  98. Second City says:

    I respect the idea. Unfortunately Bob will forever-disagree.

  99. jh says:

    Even prior to this past match vs. turkey, Torres has shown an ability to have a calming influence on the rest of his team with his solid possession. After the Turkey match, this argument should be put to bed. The ability to win tackles defensively does not help too much if you simply give the ball up immediately following winning the ball (Clark). The ability to make the right decisions at the right times is why Torres should be starting in the middle with Bradley.

  100. Brian S says:

    That looks like a good lineup and I wouldn’t be disappointed to see it. I would feel more comfortable with Edu for Torres purely for defensive play. Not a knock on Torres at all. I just think Edu is more sound defensively. I would also rather have Dempsey slide to the middle and move Holden out on right and move Donovan to the left

  101. Matt in SF says:

    If Jozy continues to have fitness issues, at least we have Brian Ching ready to come in and…

    -Oh, wait, Bradley and company are idiots who cut our most experienced striker and post-up man.

    If we fail to score goals I know who I will be blaming, and it won’t be the players.

  102. Brian S says:

    Beasley has stated numerous times that he likes playing on the right better because it allows him to cut in on his favored foot. During his run in December with Rangers, he was consistently played on the right and looked quite good out there

  103. Brian S says:

    I completely agree. I also want to see if Findley can maintain the form he showed last Saturday.

  104. timothy says:

    actually, I think Goodson has shown better form than Demerit lately

  105. Oni says:

    Gomez, Torres and Buddle/Findley to start. Might as well give the strikers some playing time instead of playing Beasley.

  106. Tyler Talk says:

    They should do as Alexi Lalas said “dumb it down with a 4-4-2″, it’s simple, but the US is the most effective with that formation.

    GK: Tim Howard
    DF: Goodson
    DF: Bocanegra
    DF: Cherundolo
    DF: Spector
    MF: Dempsey
    MF: Torres
    MF: Donovan
    MF: Bradley
    FW: Altidore
    FW: Findley

    ——————— Howard ———————
    — Spector — Bocanegra — Goodson — Cherundolo —-
    — Donovan —- Bradley —– Holden ——-Torres—–
    ————- Findley ———– Dempsey ———–

    Since Altidore’s been supposedly hurt, probably should put him in for the second half, then sub Buddle for Findley, Onyewu for Goodson, and Bornstien for Cherundolo in the second.

  107. Tyler Talk says:

    made a mistake when typing the posistions from formation. you can identify them

  108. GJJ says:

    My lineup exactly.

  109. Alex G says:

    Torres opver Edu for sure, he´s just more poised on the ball than Edu, besides we need more possession instead of power midfielders…

  110. Brian says:

    -Dempsey: “We call him Davy Crockett because he has a nice mullet and it looks like he has a raccoon hat on.”

  111. primoone says:

    My gut tells me that you most likely will not see Josy even if he passes his test (Better to err on the side of caution).

    Having said that, one logical move to make would be to give Findley a start. At some point, Bradley will have to start Findley once the start of the WC comes around. Findley has had a couple of ineffective outings as a starter for the USMNST. Save for the final 45 minutes of the Turkey game, I dont remember him being effective in any other outing. One would hope that Bradley would take advantage of this final opportunity to give Findley another 60-70 minutes of action.

    GK: MH
    DF: Dolo-Gooch-JD-Boca
    MF: LD-Stu-Edu-DMB
    FW: Dempsey-Findley

  112. chris says:






  113. phil says:

    TELL. EM.

  114. phil says:

    I personally feel that had his lack of shine in that turkey match a lot to do with Clark looking really lost and Dempsey not comfortable playing the withdrawn striker role. there was no flow and no wodth in teh shape of teh team in that half.

    The problem is he would be best paired well with either Edu or Torres, which would put Bradley on the bench, which I doubt you’ll see–mainly because I think Bradley is a better fit to start.

  115. phil says:

    who’s your right winger? Benny works best in the middle of the park.

  116. Bobeto says:

    I really like that line up but would consider Goodson in place of DeMerit (looked out of sort) and maybe Gomez up front. But, I do like Holden in the middle but don’t really think BB will ever play him there.

  117. phil says:


  118. nuts says:

    so geeked for this world cup. very sad to read about rio/drogba….but lets go usa!

  119. jimoh8002 says:

    I agee. I believe the usa now has enough talent us michael bradley in a defensive mid position and all torres, dempsey and donovan to attack. It would reduce defensive responsibilities for dempsey and donovan and reduce counter

    Dolo……. Demrit………………Onyewu……Boca


    Donovan…………..Torres/Feilhaber………Dempsey/(Holden or Beasley)


  120. Joamiq says:

    I agree, Benny would drift in regardless of where he was placed. There wouldn’t really be a traditional right winger with this lineup. The midfield would emphasize quick passing and movement, like the Riquelme-led Argentine teams. I think all four of these midfielders are capable of playing that style. This is kind of a destitute man’s “total football”.

    The downside is that we lose much of the flank crossing attack that often is an important source of offense for the US. The potential benefits, though, in terms of opening up creative passing attacks in the run of play, might outweigh this. I’d be curious to see it at least.

  121. Stephen says:

    Is the game on TV?

  122. jimoh8002 says:

    That’s exactly what it was feilhaber was playing on the wing and and had to tuck inside to cover for clark.

  123. BrooklynFC says:

    Exactly what i was trying to get at

  124. RNC says:

    “If we fail to score goals I know who I will be blaming, and it won’t be the players.”

    Yep, I’ll blame Obama, too.

  125. RNC says:


  126. CharlieD says:

    No they don’t but you forget that it’s about more than just losing him on the field. In England being a team captain means a great deal more than it does to Americans. Losing Ferdinand,anyway you cut it, makes things tougher on Capello.

    The England team have a long history of being “cursed’ at the World Cup and are pretty mentally fragile about the whole thing. They haven’t had a lot of luck with injuries leading up to this Cup and this is just one more piece of crap to deal with. If you think the US team had pressure on it,it’s nothing compared to what the English have to deal with in terms of expectations.

    King (assuming he doesn’t go down while boarding the team bus )and/or Carragher are fine subs but then that limits Capello’s options elsewhere. Capello loves Dawson so much he didn’t give the guy one minute against Mexico and Japan.

    Capello would also like Carragher as cover for Glen Johnson who is defensively the weak link in the England back four. Barry is phsyically questionable and none of these center backs is particularly fast. England are expected to go 7 games and win the thing and it’s questionable that King can hold up to 7 full games in one month.

    It’s good for the US because they may still be a bit unsettled next week; it’s bad because King will still be reasonably healthy for the first game.

    Capello will certainly earn his money if he can get this team to the final.

  127. Quota System says:

    “Josy has played against English keepers and defendants for the last year and shown no ability to score against them. ”

    I’m not going to bother doing the research but I’m willing to bet most of the keepers were not English. I’m also willing to bet that those guys on trial(” defendants”),most of them weren’t English either.

  128. PGS says:

    start holden, bring on beasley as a supersub.

    other than that, i agree. it would be great to see gomez get significant minutes.

  129. Stephen says:

    Thanks. All I saw was ESPN3. I was just checking.

  130. aristotle says:

    We definitely need to start Hercules Gomez and Jose Torres. Findley should be given another chance as a sub too. If he has an impact again his role on the World Cup should be changed from someone who was probably going to appear extremely little, if at all, to someone who should be used off of the bench. I would also play Onyewu. If he’s going to hurt the team let him do it now.

  131. Drew says:





  132. UPtehTOON says:

    I’d like this line-up.. Hopefully we see somethinlike this.

    The only thing i’d consider changing is Findley for Holden, move to 4-2-2-2. Holden on in the 2nd.

  133. Len says:

    Might see the anticipated starting lineup (for England) against Australia but probably for only 45 – 60 minutes. I wouldn’t mind Edu or Torres and I wouldn’t mind Beasley or Holden (prefer Holden) but I’d still like to see Dempsey up top. I think that allows the best team on the field because it puts someone like Holden into the mix (can track back, defend, cross well and add creativity).Still bummed that Holden was deprived of 6 weeks of PT in the EPL by reckless challenge.

  134. UPtehTOON says:


    I’d like to see how Stu does next to Jr. He’s bit more physical than JFT, and has better technique than Edu.

  135. Len says:

    Dempsey—Buddle/Findley/Gomez (pick one, probably Buddle as insurance for Altidore and sub Findley and/or Gomez because both of them are likely to be subs esp.Findley coming on to run at tired defenders)
    Goodsen subbing in on the back line

  136. Len says:

    Forgot Howard/Hahneman(?sp)

  137. Big Chil says:

    LOL. +1 Send some my way. I’ll be in S.A., too.

  138. DaveW says:

    Thanks for checking, and thanks to RNC for the info. I was looking through listings and ussoccer and couldn’t find it.

    It’s also on Galavisión, so cable only.

  139. Hush says:

    Mexico and England are the same historically?LOL You my friend have been watching a bit to much of TV AZTECA!:) When I see your Mex league be the best league in the world or when the Mex jersey has that shining little star next to the national team emblem (W.C title) than you can make the comparison. Historically, no, your not even close.

  140. Advocate says:

    You are probably correct that in addition to the English keepers and defenders that Josy proved unable to score against during the past year, there were an even greater number of other nationalities that he likewise proved unable to score against.

  141. ThaDeuce says:

    I’d replace beasley with findley…buddle to sub in for gomez, torres for a center mid, and holden or beas for findley.

  142. rbenjamin says:

    I’m all in for this lineup to be tried. Except I switch Torres and Bradley. Torres likes to play deep collecting the ball from the D and Bradley like to push up. Edu as the enforcer and moving up on set pieces that Tores takes.

    Anyone see Slovenia’s guy put two free kicks in? Note to all.. no cheap fouls just. outside the 18

  143. OC says:

    Seriously. I need to sleep for a week straight.

  144. Will Smith says:

    haha for real!!!

  145. Johnny says:

    Agree 100%

  146. Tim F. says:

    The way Australia played New Zealand and the injuries that have been suffered: I would NOT start Altidore, Dempsey, Donovan, Howard, Bradley, Gooch, Bocanegra, Demerit or Torres. Here is my starting 11 and I would pray no one gets hurt:


    Spector Edu Goodson Bornstein

    Holden Clark Feilhaber Beasley

    Buddle Gomez

  147. phil says:

    starting lineup is up:

    buddle findley
    dempsey clark bradley donovan
    boca (c) godson demerit cherundolo

    I’d bet this is our starting XI against England, folks….

    I guess Bradley is trying to give Clark as much time to get up to international speed before they start counting.

    We’ll probably see Onyewu, Torres at the half, plus Gomez at 60+ if we’re up we might even see Holden and Borns.

  148. craig says:

    Why is Michel Bradley one of the glorious 11 with a coveted starting assignment? He’s never showed me much – can’t trap/hold the ball, find open teammates, etc. What am missing?

  149. craig says:

    Why Michel Bradley? What am I missing in his play that makes him one of the starters?