World Cup: Argentina vs. Mexico (MatchDay Commentary)

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They're at it again. It's the round of 16 so it must mean, Mexico and Argentina.

The Argentines come into the match firing on all cylinders after earning three straight victories in Group play. The success of the Albiceleste has been enough to turn the jeers to cheers for Maradona's men who were once heavily criticized in their home nation. For Mexico, El Tri enters the match against one of their rivals on a bit of a low point after a poor performance in a loss to their final group opponent Uruguay. Expect Javier Aguirre to make several changes from the side that did not impress against the South Americans.

This is Adam Serrano and I will be providing the commentary of this Round of 16 match. Be sure to leave your thoughts, analysis, and feelings in the comments section below. Enjoy the match!

FINAL – A very suspect call put Argentina up in the first half and from there it was all Argentina as Mexico unraveled mentally. The big story in Mexico — as in England — will be the call of the referee, but Argentina's quality shined through in their convincing defeat of their North American rivals. Chicharito was the star for Mexico and the young striker clearly showed why he was signed by Manchester United. The South Americans now earn a date with Germany in the Quarter finals in what is sure to be one of the matches of the tournament. The two nations are coming off of very convincing victories so expect fireworks in the Quarterfinals.

This has been Adam Serrano and thank you for following along this afternoon. Look for more coverage of today's games tonight and be sure to make Soccer By Ives your one stop shop for all of your World Cup coverage. Buenas Tardes. 


FINAL – Mexico going over to the Rosetti and refusing to exchange shirts with the Argentines. Serious case of bad blood here and the World Cup ends in the exact same way for CONCACAF's best nations in South Africa. A loss to Ghana and a Loss to Argentina. 


93rd Minute – THE WHISTLE IS BLOWN! ARGENTINA 3 MEXICO 1 is the FINAL. Maradona's men are through to the Quarterfinals!


92nd Minute – Messi FIRES a great shot but Perez comes up big and Messi still has not scored in this tournament.


91st Minute – Argentina just killing time now and it looks like Argentina vs. Germany is a certainty. Who do you think will go through to the semis? 


89th Minute – 3 minutes of stoppage time.


88th Minute – Mexico not really testing Romero's net. They seem content to just fire shots from 40 yards. Poor decision making by Mexico right now.


86th Minute – ARGENTINA SUB: Javier Pastore on for Maxi Rodriguez


84th Minute – Mexico with a corner, but Marquez fouls Heinze again and there's nothing from it. Only minutes until Argentina locks in their spot in the Quarterfinals


81st Minute – Mexico with a dangerous free kick, but once again Heinze comes up big and heads the ball out before appearing to get elbowed by Rafa Marquez. No foul there. 


79th Minute – ARGENTINA SUB: Jonas Gutierrez about to come on for Argentina for Angel di Maria. I'd also expect Blanco to come on soon for Mexico. 


76th Minute – The score may be 3-1, but great credit goes to Mexican captain Rafa Marquez who has stifled Messi throughout the match. Great job shutting down his Barcelona teammate. 


75th Minute – Mexico getting a fair amount of possession in the Argentina end. A goal here would make the last 15 minutes very interesting.


73rd Minute – Fantastic turn off a defender and a wonderful shot by Chicharito Hernandez. Poor goalkeeping by Romero however who looked a step out of position. Can Mexico make a game of this?




69th Minute – HENIZE CLEARS IT OFF THE LINE! Mexico can't get anything going at all. 


69th Minute – ARGENTINA SUB: Juan Sebastian Veron comes in for Carlos Tevez. Fantastic game by Tevez who is unhappy to be coming off the field without his hattrick.


67th Minute – Maradona about to bring in Juan Sebastian Veron to close this match out. Mexico trying to push for a goal to claw their way back into this match. 


63rd Minute – Mexico resigned to just fire shots from distance. No luck at all as they are off distance. 


62nd Minute – MEXICO SUB: FRANCO for Guardado 


59th Minute – Aguirre about to bring on Franco, perhaps for the ineffective Dos Santos who has done little for Mexico today. 


58th Minute – Mexico just looks completely flat now. I wouldn't be surprised if the South Americans could put at least one more on them now. Argentina continuing to push forward. 


56th Minute – For all the criticism that Maradona has gotten before the tournament, one can not doubt the chemistry that he has created in the Argentina camp. This is a team that clearly wants to play for their coach. 


53rd Minute – Tevez gets a great deal of space and he just fires it into the top right corner of Perez's net. Argentina is not looking to let off now and they're pushing for a fourth goal.




50th Minute – Barrera with an immediate impact. A very nice cross into the box, but Hernandez and Dos Santos make the same run near post and it goes out for a goal kick. 


48th Minute – Mexico fans seem to know what USA fans felt yesterday. Aguirre puts Barrera in for Bofo. Surely a move that should have been made at the start of the game rather than the start at the half. 


45th Minute – Only 45 minutes for the last team from CONCACAF to save their tournament. We're underway!


HALFTIME – Pablo Barrera comes in for Bofo Bautista for Mexico. 


HALFTIME- If you didn't know it already, these two teams don't like one another. A bit of a brawl breaks out in the tunnel as the two nations head into the locker room. Aguirre will need to have a serious conversation with his men now. 


HALFTIME – The word of the half was "questionable." A Questionable offsides call gives Tevez a goal and puts Mexico down and then a questionable decision by Osorio gifts Higuain a goal to put Argentina up 2-0. Aguirre will need to go to his bench immediately at the half if El Tri is going to have any chance to come back to make this match competitive. Expect Blanco and Vela to give Mexico a bit more offensive pop and to stabilize a team that is clearly shaken right now.

For Maradona's men, the Argentines will need another goal to put this one away for good because El Tri is sure to come out buzzing in the second half.


46th Minute – FANTASTIC CHANCE BY CHICHARITO BUT ROMERO MAKES THE SAVE!! Good diagonal ball by Salcido, but Romero is there on Hernandez's chance. 


45th Minute – Two minutes of stoppage.


42nd Minute – SHOULD HAVE BEEN THREE! Higuain is unmarked and he gets an open header, but he can't convert. Osorio again misses his marker and it is painfully clear that he will have to come out soon. The defender's confidence is just shot.


40th Minute – Aguirre is pleading with his men to show some kind of composure on the field right now. It looks like he may have to go to his subs bench soon.


37th Minute – Osorio is unraveling right now as Argentina is looking to put them down for good. The Mexican defense is giving the ball away in their own half and creating all kinds of chances for the South Americans.


36th Minute – Osorio passes the ball to the left and Higuain was right there. FANTASTIC play under pressure as Osorio tries to bring the Argentine down,  but he coolly puts it into the back of the net. It's dos a cero now in Soccer City.




30th Minute – Marquez is going after Argentines now as he cuts down Tevez.  Shades of the Round of 16 for all of the United States fans there. 


28th Minute – YELLOW CARD – Rafael Marquez slides hard on Messi and earns a yellow. Mexico has to keep it together right now or else they risk falling apart mentally. 


27th Minute – WOW! Messi plays the ball back to Tevez who was deep in an offside position. The Mexican team is going over to the referees to plead for the goal to be disallowed, but it looks like it will stand. 




24th Minute – Mexico is all over Messi tonight. Their defenders are closing down on the superstar every time that he gets the ball. I wouldn't be surprised if a Mexican defender will follow him into the locker room at the Half.


21st Minute – Argentina has succeeded in killing the momentum that Mexico had in the first 15 minutes. The game has died off considerably. 


16th Minute – Argentina trying to slow this game down. El Tri have the momentum and are buzzing around the ball. A lot of defensive pressure 


15th Minute – MISS! Dos Santos dishes it to Hernandez who gets a poor touch on it. A dangerous chance there from Chicharito.


13th Minute – Higuain earns a corner, but Argentina can't convert and Perez will have a goal kick. 


12th Minute – Mexico is asking some questions of Argentina, but Maradona's men are resorting to the counter. Back and forth game so far!


9th Minute – NEAR MISS! Guardado just misses the net on a shot from just outside the box. Mexico putting a lot of pressure on the suspect Argentina back line. 


8th Minute – OFF THE POST!! Romero loses the ball and Salcido's shot goes right off the post!! Horrible goalkeeping!


7th Minute – Little bit of a streamer problem early. The Argentina fans behind Perez pelt the goalkeeper with paper and it causes a brief delay in the match.


2nd Minute – Mexico with the first journey into the Argentina end, but Dos Santos can't control the ball and it goes out for a goal kick. 


1st Minute – Here we go! We're off!


PRE-GAME: Chicharito (Javier Hernandez) will need to have a big game if they are going to get a victory today against Argentina.  Pressure also on the youthful Di Maria for Argentina. Games like this make young players so which will step up? 


PRE-GAME: Mexico looking intense in the anthem. Adding the cross arm over chest salute. Chicharito smiling, it looks like he's ready for this one to start. 


PRE-GAME: Here are the anthems.  Argentina first and then Mexico. 


PRE-GAME: So who do you support in this match? Are you a US Fan supporting a fellow CONCACAF nation or will you hope that Lionel Messi finally puts one in the back of the net and carries Argentina to the Quarter finals.


PRE-GAME: Aguirre will get a great deal of flak for starting "Bofo" Bautista today. He was considered by many to be the 23rd player on the Mexican roster going into the tournament and will need to preform today in the biggest game of the tournament for El Tri. 


PRE-GAME: Here are the Line Ups:



————-Di Maria——-Mascherano—Rodriguez————




———Chicharito——-Bautista——G. Dos Santos———-


–Salcido———"Maza" Rodriguez——Osario——–Juarez——


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137 Responses to World Cup: Argentina vs. Mexico (MatchDay Commentary)

  1. Jamez says:

    Wow we are in for a treat those are some very attack minded line ups especially Mexico .

  2. Simple Jack says:

    God I hate Mexico and Argentina. So I guess it is go Argentina!

  3. ShaggyReAL says:

    I’m rooting for Mexico but expecting an Argentina win.


  4. Aquaman says:

    I don’t claim to be an expert on the Mexican team or league, but if you’re a Mexican fan wouldn’t you rather see Ochoa in there instead of Perez? Has he really fallen off that much?

  5. Simple Jack says:

    Why would you root for our archenemies? Unless your from there?

  6. R says:

    Go Mexico!!

  7. Simple Jack says:

    It is sad that they can’t both lose.

  8. Brent McD. says:

    good to see mexico doing their gay little semi-fascist-looking salute during the anthem again LOL

  9. Brent McD. says:

    Bofo Bautista? really??!?

  10. Never First says:

    Why would any American not cheer for a fellow CONCACAF team?

  11. LittleMaradona says:

    Hey Mexico, suck it and keep on sucking.

  12. LittleMaradona says:

    3-1 I think

  13. Aquaman says:

    I would cheer for a fellow CONCACAF team if Honduras was still in it

  14. ec says:

    Because they are the only other decent team in our federation and it will be hard for the US to improve if we don’t have a worthy opponent.

  15. CJ in OC says:

    Mexico looks dangerous

  16. Brent McD. says:

    ask Cobi Jones

  17. Second City says:

    Should be a fun game to watch.

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend, ergo: Cmon’ Argentina!

  18. Adriano says:

    Am I the only one that feels that John Harkes is trying to prove to the world that he knows something about soccer.

    Listening to him makes me feel like he believes all the listeners are stupid.

  19. ShaggyReAL says:

    Cuz I’m not racist! ๐Ÿ˜›
    Why would I root for Argentina?
    And I’m full American!

  20. Second City says:

    Seriously? Why wouldn’t they?

    How many times are we going to discuss this before it makes sense to your side of the debate?

  21. ShaggyReAL says:

    Maybe…just maybe…he’s trying to explain stuff to NON SOCCER fans. Ya think? Probably not if you had ask.

    Have a nice day!

  22. ShaggyReAL says:

    It’s called freedom. :)

  23. Brent McD. says:

    mexico… que sigan chupando

  24. Second City says:

    Sorry, I’m not putting together what your response implies to anything I said.

  25. ShaggyReAL says:

    Offsides!!! I guess harkes is an idiot for point that out eh?

  26. Adriano says:

    He was SO far outside.

  27. Adriano says:

    What’s your problem?

    Get off me kid.

  28. Brent McD. says:

    oh, here we go…. mexican players harassing the linesman and the referee…. some things never change

  29. ShaggyReAL says:

    Dude, why ya pointing out the obvious to me? Are you trying to prove to me you know something about soccer??

  30. Adriano says:

    Did you see how far offside Tevez was?

    He almost 3 yards offside.

  31. Paul says:

    Wow, two MAJOR arguments in favor of goal-line technology in one day. Could this World Cup finally be the turning point in the debate?

  32. Brent McD. says:

    that might work, except harkesey doesn’t explain things very well

    univision mucho mejor ๐Ÿ˜‰

  33. Adriano says:

    You are unbelievably immature.

  34. Petaluman says:

    Wow…lots of missed or bad calls by Refs. Mexico gets the shaft.

  35. Brent McD. says:


  36. ShaggyReAL says:

    Two big clubs still thought, people will be talking about his for years. So No. FIFA is getting exactly what it wants.

  37. Gus Keri says:

    I have never seen so many controvercial calls in one world cup. Ever.

  38. ShaggyReAL says:

    go through & This

  39. Never First says:

    Absolutely disgraceful officiating. Any officials here? Is it really that difficult? I just don’t understand why it seems almost every match has been marred by a horrible decision.

  40. Dom K. says:


  41. ShaggyReAL says:


  42. Dom K. says:

    Hey Shaggy, it’s 1-0.

    Just letting ya know.

  43. ShaggyReAL says:

    lol Nations. I totally fubar’d that post eh.

  44. Dom K. says:

    Hey Shaggy, it’s 2-0 now.

    Just letting ya know.

  45. Petaluman says:

    The implosion begins now. This could get ugly…

  46. Brent McD. says:

    the camera just popped Heinze in the face. and he popped it back

  47. Second City says:

    Any idea if Argentina knows they’re playing a self-proclaimed super power within the world of football?

    Surely, the scoreline isn’t correct.

  48. LittleMaradona says:

    Why do they even play the games if the refs are going to let Argentina have a free goal or let Luis Fabiano score after two handballs?

  49. Paul says:

    Argentina could win this World Cup without Messi getting a single goal!

  50. Brent McD. says:

    I see a red card in Rafa’s future ๐Ÿ˜‰

  51. Never First says:

    OK. I’m confused. I guess this was sarcasm, but I’ve never discussed this topic before. I was just asking a question. I think it helps the reputation of all CONCACAF teams when one does well, but that’s fine if you disagree. I like to think we have a friendly rivalry with Mexico, but obviously not everyone agrees.

  52. Second City says:

    I’m a bit curious as to what happened as well?

    I can distinctly recall Mexican supporters claiming he was one of the best GK’s in the world and certainly the best within CONCACAF.

  53. Second City says:

    Fair enough but it wasn’t sarcasm. This discussion has taken place ad nauseum on this board and many others.

  54. Pappajohn says:

    At times I seem to be the resident soccer fan/expert in my office, neighborhood, social group, whatever. Everyone sees these obvious bad calls and says: “See, that’s why I don’t like soccer.” What am I going to tell them tomorrow when they ask about the obvious offsides goal by Argentina. Seconds after the “goal” the whole world (and probably everyone at the stadium)saw that it was obviously offsides. Why couldn’t the ref change the original decision. He knew it was wrong and the match was not yet resumed. Something must be done about this. The amazing, almost instantaneous digital replay technology is changing the way we see plays. It’s not hard to make the correct decision while the match is stopped.

  55. Paul says:

    Oh hell yeah! A fight!

  56. ShaggyReAL says:

    Thanks man. I’m dumb deaf and blind so I need all the help I can get.

    :) haha

  57. Slyboy says:

    It sure takes the fun of it away doesn’t. The calls have been horrible

  58. ShaggyReAL says:

    Allstate fubar’d that AD. Has Ochoa even played in the cup yet? ouch!

  59. This Guy says:

    What does racism have to do with anything?
    Dumbest comment ever on here

    I don’t root for Mexico because they act just like they did when they just walked into the tunnel. Thugs.

  60. Thorpinski says:

    I ref HS and Travel league play and being a ref is very difficult. Most offsides calls are simply missed because the AR is not even with the second to last defender. and the speed of the game is too fast for most 40+ year old refs to keep up with.

    As for the English goal that was not counted it’s very difficult for the AR or Center to make the call because niether are in position to make it.

    I think they should allow teams to have 2 challenges on goals scored and allow technology to be used.

  61. Paul says:

    I’ve never seen so many contentious calls in a major tournament, and there may be more to come. It could be that this is the moment when Fifa is forced to reconsider its policy on replay technology. It’s up to the teams involved – and other teams, coaches, national bodies – to put pressure on Fifa. The majority of players, coaches and fans are already in favor of technology. Hopefully this World Cup marks a turning point.

  62. Brent McD. says:

    what is this? a brawl between the teams behind the benches on the way into the tunnel for halftime? why does this kind of thing always happen with mexico?

  63. This Guy says:

    Why you making fun of Helen Keller?
    That’s racist

  64. This Guy says:

    You’re right. The World should stop playing football.

  65. Mason says:

    In order:
    1) Yes.
    2) Yes.
    3) The game at this level is faster than three officials can manage. Even at lower levels, all the way down to kids in the park ARs calling offside are required by the nature of the Laws of the Game to be looking at (at least) two things: ball and second to last defender. In a mixer/pinball situation like the first goal, determining who the second to last defender is becomes challenging.

    As for your unasked question: Because Sepp Blatter and the Football Committee are fools.

  66. ShaggyReAL says:

    No such thing as racism against white people. I read that on the internet.

  67. Slyboy says:

    I would be beyond agitated with a call like that

  68. ShaggyReAL says:

    any reports of urine filled balloons being thrown yet?

  69. Chris says:

    Mexico will fold like a cheap sombrero in the 2nd half, much like England

  70. Brent McD. says:

    Has arguing with a FIFA official or the other team ever resulted in an overturned call?

  71. Paul says:

    Mexico and England have many of the same problems actually. Too many foreign players in their domestic league, serious drought of young talent, deluded fans and media…

  72. Benny says:

    Have those Mexican supporter ever heard of the name Howard?

  73. Adriano says:

    Chicarito and Dos Santos are studs.

  74. Gus Keri says:

    Tevez just scored the goal of the tournament

  75. Mason says:


    (Did I do that right?)

  76. Brent McD. says:

    … que sigan chipango….

  77. Brent McD. says:

    er… chupando

  78. Fred Garvin says:

    Mexico has been shut out of this match.. Regardless of the first goal.. Wow

    Mexico is sad.

  79. Paul says:

    I’d say that they don’t produce enough young talent for a nation of their size and love for soccer. Neither does England.

  80. Adriano says:

    Forget discipline.

    The Mexican players had every right to be absolutely fuming. What’s the point of having Laws of the Game if they are selectively enforced.

  81. CSD says:

    I think it was pretty clear Argentina got the ball over the goal line, not sure what you have used goal line technology for on an off sides call.

  82. Gus Keri says:

    In 1982, after France scored against Kuwait, the Prince of Kuwait came down to the pitch and threatened the referee to cancel the goal or he will pull his team out. The referee cancelled the goal and France went to win 4-1

  83. not europe says:

    How many goals does DosSantos have in the WC? He’s a forward, right so shouldn’t he be scoring?

  84. CSD says:

    After the second horrible call of the day I have moved on and haven’t decided when I will watch anymore of the World Cup. I was tempted to keep the game on and see how many Mexican players got red cards but I decided it was worth my time.

  85. not europe says:

    Osorio’s give away on the second goal was Ricardo Clark-esque!

  86. Gus Keri says:

    John Harkes keep saying that Maicon’s goal was a cross and not a shot.

    He should go and review the archieves. Maicon scored exactly similar goal 2 years ago against Portugal in a friendly. He is known to score these types of goal.

  87. frank from sf says:

    are you secretly a mexican?! what about goals 2&3???. every game has questionable calls, it’s how you rise above them(usa?!). plus mexico should have expected for argentina to score atleast 1 or 2 goals, what have they done?

  88. Starla says:

    Only losers blame the refs for their own shortcomings. The ref is the law. Deal with it.

  89. Benny says:

    Mexico just unraveled like a candy wrapper. Once they face adversity, they fall apart; start fouling, start fights at half time, etc. Even though USA should be in the quarter finals, they will be one up on Mexico. They will always be one up on Mexico. Right now Mexico is in 16th place and the U.S. no less than 14h place. Mexico should take a page from the U.S. and learn how to play when there is adversity and not fall apart. Play with soome dignity, Mexico.

  90. Paul says:

    Anyone think Chicarito will be a success in the EPL? I don’t think he’ll see a lot of time because of the way Man U set up with Rooney. He’ll have to do something special with what little time he gets.

  91. Benny says:

    I meant “some”

  92. Brent McD. says:

    Feilhaber should have tried it yesterday

  93. Illmatic74 says:

    I like him as a player but i don’t think he is the level of player to be succesful at an elite club like Manchester United. I would think he would be more succesful inmid level La Liga team or a top team in a league like Holland.

  94. Paul says:

    Something like that!

  95. ShaggyReAL says:

    2-1 Argentina

  96. Illmatic74 says:

    And as soon as I say that he scores but still doesn’t change my opinion.

  97. ShaggyReAL says:

    Mexico, get 1 more goal….lol that’s all I ask

  98. Brent McD. says:

    i’ve never seen so many near-post goals than in this tournament. what ever happened to keepers protecting the near post? credit where is credit is due though — great turn and goal from el chicharito

  99. A.S. says:

    Is Chicharito a leftie? That was a hell of a left foot.

  100. Brent McD. says:

    1986 was the first world cup i really followed, so was not aware of that decision. remarkable!

  101. Gus Keri says:

    The Jabulani ball makes any left foot look like the right one. (pun intended)

  102. frank from sf says:

    straight up, thanks for playing. next.

  103. Mason says:

    Tim Howard also said that Maicon tried that on him during Confed Cup.

  104. Adicts says:

    should be in the quarters….why?

  105. Stephen says:

    Mexico can’t even lose with class. Complaining to the ref…granted a legitimate complaint, but still didn’t matter in the long run.

  106. JR says:

    This mentality is why we will never win the cup, should have? No, we just don’t have the players to be at the elite level.

    Keep think mediocrity is success

  107. Stephen says:

    Probably also has something to do with the fact that Heinze got literally thrown out of bounds by Chicharito right before the half.

  108. Freddy H. says:

    It’s very classless of you to say que la sigan chupando dude back off! Because if thet’s the case then siganla chupando los Americanos also! So what’s your point? The Argentinians cheated to win the ’78 WC Cheated to win the’86 WC and cheated to win vs Mexico four years ago when a red card was not given to them by a tackle on Kikin! And they CHEATED again today. The US was cheated of two legitimate goals and England of one. Now you cannot compare the opponents Mexico faced than the ones the US faced. Right or wrong?

  109. JR says:

    I agree, this is why Landycakes will always be a loser, keep blaming the refs landycakes(Slovenia).

  110. Porfirio Diaz says:

    Oh yeah I forget that the US is known around the world because of it’s classiness! That is when you’re not invading countries or toppling governments…or both!

  111. JR says:

    Look, we need to get rid of this loser mentality, the US has never been robbed only losers blame the ref. 2002 we were not cheated against Germany, 2006 we were not cheated against Italia, 2010 we were not cheated against Slovenia.

    Don’t be a Landycakes.

  112. Mike says:

    Why would you bring politics into this, mexicanito?

    Worry about your drug-cartel plagued country then, muppet.

  113. JR says:

    Same with the US, we have a population of 350 million people and yet to produced a good player. Maybe we need to naturalize some french players like Argentina(Higuain)

  114. junior says:

    hey im mexican
    is it wrong for me to HATE mexico
    and go for usa??

  115. Bruce Arena says:

    What does US Imperialism have to do with your loss?

  116. Illmatic74 says:

    We won’t win the World Cup soon because we don’t have the players simply that.

  117. JR says:

    Nope, thats normal for a Mexicant, you are what the Aztecs called malinche, I think. We are a country that accepts the leftovers of other countrys. You are now a winner, leave you loser culture at the door.

  118. JR says:

    Stay classy my friend, no need to sink to their level. Though you might have already.

  119. Second City says:

    It doesn’t but that’s the internet for ya.

  120. Porfirio Diaz says:

    The War against drugs is an AMERICAN WAR Mexico is unfortunately fighting. STOP inhaling and snorting so that Mexico may have peace! . Getting back to soccer thaere is not a single paper from Spain to Chile that doesn’t say that that first “goal” destroyed the game!

  121. Slyboy says:

    Loser culture? …. wow…wow and wow, have this comment deleted

  122. JR says:

    Or a winning mentality, lets face it, soccer gets the rejects of our other sports.

  123. JR says:

    I don’t think he will, how many goals has this overrated kid scored, 1 lucky goal? Rooney on the other hand(Man Utd star) has… oh wait…maybe his tired…

  124. JM says:

    I am Mexican and I comment in this forum once in a while, the reason I do is precisely because I find Ives to be not only an excellent moderator but tolerant of 99% of opinions and in no way shape or form a “hater” of Mexico. I’m sure he does not appreciate people like YOU putting words in his mouth and using his name in vain!

  125. Illmatic74 says:

    Well I root for Mexico when they play except when they play US.

  126. JR says:

    I’m assuming this is towards me, maybe it wasn’t Ives but the hatred has been insinuated. I’ve always thought it was friendly.

  127. ChrisD says:

    Mexico has a lot of young talent: dos Santos (21), Hernandez (22), Guarardo (23), and Barrera (23) all played well in this match. They won the U17 World Cup in 2005 (where Vela and dos Santos got the gold and silver boots) and just need these guys playing more regularly at the better Euro clubs.

    In contrast, Argentina fielded a team of topflight international players (only Otamendi plays domestically) surrounding three all-stars (Messi, Tevez, and Higuain). Their GK seems to be the sole weak spot.

    Mexico gave a good account of itself. They didn’t fold like a cheap sombrero or foul cynically, and pressed to the end against an unquestionably stronger team.

    With the exception of GK, Mexico seems in pretty good shape for Brazil 2014 with this group of young players. We have MB (22), Jozy (20), Edu (24), Holden (24), Torres (22), and Davies (23) if he recovers. But who are the current 16- to 19-year-old kids who might make the USMNT four years down the road?

  128. Brent McD. says:

    How can it be wrong when it feels so right?

  129. Brent McD. says:

    I agree Ives is usually very fair and even-handed. Good luck to Mexico in the future. Tough call today with the offside goal. Sorry I clown your team so much — it’s just too easy and fun, especially given the history.
    Saludos a los Mexicanos!

  130. Brent McD. says:

    I was just quoting Maradona’s response to his country’s press corps. Did you really think I was somehow referring to Mexico?

  131. reverb says:

    Feel bad for Guardado and Salcido who are 2 VERY classy, even tempered players. The rest of them no so much. And hey, Goodbye Cuautehmoc you stinkin turd!!

  132. joejoe says:

    Mistakes killed Mexico. Too bad because it could have been a better game. But FIFA needs to deal with these blatant errors. One per game is too much. FIFA advocates fair play, how about fair officiating. I was watching TV Azteca interview with Aguirre post game. He mentioned that the officials admitted their mistake, the line judge felt bad, but they felt there was no way they could reverse once the call was made even though they could see the mistake shown in the video screen.

  133. Mason says:

    Hmm… It seems like they may have seen it on the video screen, but that’s fruit of the poisonous tree, as far as FIFA is concerned. I wonder: Absent a replay in the stadium, If they’d been given a minute to chat, would they have figured it out?

  134. Soccernst says:

    For an example of his slippage, see the goal Hercules Gomez put past, or rather through, Ochoa en route to his golden boot.

  135. John1 says:

    Watch the game again, and you will see.

  136. Brian says:

    Tristan Bowen

  137. Jose says:

    I don’t understand why they had Perez instead of Ochoa. The Ochoa kid is taller, and more able to get some of these long balls. I think Guardado is a very underrated player for Mexico.