World Cup Daily Recap: Refs questioned as Mexico and England knocked out

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Questionable referee decisions will make the headlines, but the real story of Day 17 of the World Cup was the continued dominance of a pair of traditional soccer powers who will now meet for a date in the semifinals on the line.

Much like their CONCACAF brethren north of the border, Mexico's World Cup hopes were ended for a second consecutive tournament the same nation as Argentina defeated El Tri, 3-1 thanks to a pair of goals by Carlos Tevez. 

Argentina opened the scoring in the 26th Minute when after a goal scramble, Lionel Messi played a ball into Tevez who looked three yards offside. Behind the defense, El Apache was able to place the ball into the back of the net. The Mexican team angrily approached referee Roberto Rossetti who conferred with his assistants, but eventually decided that the goal would stand. With the Argentines taking the lead in a suspect manner, Mexico seemed to unravel and it was down hill from there for El Tri.

Argentina would be able to pick up on the mental break down of the Mexicans and quickly added a second goal in the 31st minute when Gonzalo Higuain capitalized on a Ricardo Osorio error. Osorio fired a weak pass that Argentine cut off and easily placed it in the back of Oscar Perez's net. The South Americans put the game away for good when Carlos Tevez fired an absolutely marvelous shot from 25 yards out into the top corner of the Mexican net to make the score 3-0.

Chicharito Hernandez would score his second goal of the tournament in the 70th minute, but it wasn't enough for El Tri as Argentina advanced to the Quarterfinals.

Here are the highlights:

Muller stars as Germany defeats England 4-1 amid ref controversy

A referee's decision will be talked about for years in England, but it was the play of young Thomas Muller that helped give Germany a convincing 4-1 victory over England and a spot in the Quarterfinals.

The 20-year-old forward scored a pair of goals in the second half to go with a goals by Miroslav Klose and Lukas Podolski. The Germans dominated the match, but for a 59 second span their was hope for England. 

A Matthew Upson header off a Steven Gerrard free kick in the 37th minute gave the English hope after spotting Germany a pair of goals to begin the match. Only a few seconds later, the English appeared to equalize when Frank Lampard fired in a shot that appeared to bounce inside the net of German Goalkeeper Manuel Neuer. The German 'keeper quickly played the ball down field and referee Jorge Larrionda signaled play on. 

With Lampard's goal disallowed, boos from scores of England fans rained down on the field at the half. England came out of the locker room lethargic while the Germans pressured a flat English defense. With the English rattled, it was Muller's time to shine as the young striker would quickly put the game away. 

Off an errant English free kick, the Germans led a counter down the length of the field with Muller being the recipient of the goal. It was a moment of brilliance for the fourth goal when Mesut Ozil marched down the field and played it across the goal mouth to Muller who smashed in his second goal of the match. 

The loss was England's worst in World Cup competition. 

Here are the highlights:

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101 Responses to World Cup Daily Recap: Refs questioned as Mexico and England knocked out

  1. slr says:

    Every World Cup I hear about how this is England’s year, they’re one of the favorites, etc. And in every World Cup for the last 40+ years, this is what happens. The same will happen to Spain, just like every other World Cup. Its only a matter of time.

  2. Dustin says:

    Karma sucks sometimes.

  3. CILIIblog says:

    What does the lose of Mexico and England mean to the USA?
    Both Mexico and England have better domestic league and better players but have not made it any farther than the USA.
    But how is that Germany, Argentina, Brazil always makes it farther than most?
    How do the USA improve? I”m so confused.

  4. aristotle says:

    FIFA should change their name to FARCE. That’s what I’m calling them from now on.

    The refereeing just gets worse and worse, and then when you think it can’t get any worse, it does.

    Teams play two years of qualifying and then play through this massive tournament just so they can have referees determine the outcomes of the games?

    Then to add insult to injury, FARCE just thinks it’s funny and tells everyone to shut up because they WILL NOT allow any changes to help fix the problem. They are ruining the World Cup.

  5. dj voter says:

    Chicharito Hernandez looks like pee wee hermon

  6. Martha says:

    England and Mexico are the two teams most overated by their fans in the world. To quote Lalas “they’re just not that good”.

    In fact Mexico sucks and were only able to beat the worst team in the World Cup in France.

    100 yrs of soccer and Mexico can’t progress outside the round of 16 outside of “the babys crib” Azteca

  7. wanker says:

    Wow Martha! You are one tough MF! Easy girl…

  8. Martha says:

    Funny to see Mexico so classless on the world stage fighting and refusing to shake hands o exchange jerseys after the game. Rafa giving an example to Dos Santos on how to be classless at the end of a game so he can carry on the tradition.

  9. Dustin says:

    Stop watching and shut up about it.

  10. slr says:

    Harsh, but true. Refusing to exchange jerseys is very classless.

  11. aristotle says:

    The U.S. will not get any better until:

    1. Large numbers of kids start playing at a very early age because they love the game and are going to stick with it. Not to just play it until high school because people don’t think it’s a real sport.

    2. These young players have to be given regular access to QUALITY coaching and competition.

    3. U.S. Soccer and or MLS has to face up to the fact that they need to change the emphasis enough from teaching young players to focus on athleticism, hard work, teamwork, defense, and tactics, to allow a lot more development in the areas of ball skills, passing, and offensive skills. We need a “beautiful” game too!

    The U.S. lost at least two one on one opportunities in the game against Ghana because players like Jozy Altidore and Clint Dempsey did not even have enough fundamental ball control skills to touch the ball ahead of them without completely losing control of it. Sad.

  12. aristotle says:

    Isn’t that FARCE’s official comment on the matter too?

    It would appear Sepp Blatter is posting under the name Dustin.

  13. Jim Garcia says:

    And funny how some posters come out of from under the rug “Martha”! First of all I did not see a single Argentinian wanting to exchange jerseys and shake hands with the Mexican players either. Why is that the job of the Mexico players? Second of all the cheating Argentinians are only well behaved when they win, if not ask Germany what happened after the WC ’06 when they lost against them.
    I think Mexico play beautiful soccer in general, certainly not today, and two mistakes ruined the game, one by the Italian ref (coincidence most Argies incuding Maradona are of Italian descent), and the other the giftwrap by Osorio to Higuain. By then Mexico had hit the crossbar and the left post. Things happen, that is that, we move on!

  14. Jamez says:

    yall need to shut it, if i was robbed of a goal that in the end threw off the rhythm of my team and cost us the game i would not change no dam jerseys. The argies got away with one and showed no respect to the mexicans. no one owes them any dam Jersey they should go online like we do a buy one if they want it so bad.
    Mexico was better than the Argies IMO . That stupid goal threw them off a bit and cost them the game . Teves’s goals was class tho i cant say anything about that.

  15. Rob says:

    I think a lot of people would disagree with you regarding Dempsey and Altidore. Although a agree some what regarding Altidore in the Ghana match, Dempsey was probably our best player on the field in every match.

    I also think you missed the point of the post you replied to. I think that he was being sarcastic, but I could be wrong.

  16. slr says:

    Jim makes a good point in that Argentina were not rushing to exchange jerseys either. These two teams really don’t like each other.

  17. slr says:

    Its not like Mexican players wanted to exchange jerseys with the refs. Unfortunately for Mexico, its not Argentina’s fault the refs got the call wrong.

  18. Rob says:

    I completely agree. I want to cheer for Mexico when they are not playing the US, but the way they act so unprofessional with the prolonged arguing, starting fights, and refusing to exchange jerseys makes it very difficult to cheer for them.

  19. PetedeLA says:

    Weird watching Poldi score with his right foot on the reverse camera footage.

  20. aristotle says:


    I’m a pretty sarcastic person myself, so I’m usually pretty good at detecting it. If that’s a sarcastic post, they really need practice at being sarcastic! Even if it is, it brought up a good point at a good time.

    Speaking of missing points, though, it seems like you may have missed the point. I don’t see what Dempsey being the best player on the field every match has to do with my post.

    I was referring to their ball control skills and not their overall quality as a player. You see U.S. players lose opportunities all of the time because they cannot even trap the ball properly. In the case of Altidore, all he had to do was just not let the ball get ten to fifteen yards in front of him after his first touch and he would have been one on one with the goalkeeper.

    If Dempsey was our best player in every game that would help explain why we didn’t go much further. Dempsey missed a LOT of chances.

  21. Erik says:

    I will reply because the other two were off topic.

    Germany plays a distinct style that no matter who you have on the team can fit into the scheme. I have known many Germans in my life and every 2 years the German team was “one of the worst they had” yet they always seem to be in it at the end. Add to the fact that Bayern Munich is a German National Team factory and you have the goods to always go deep. It’s in their mindset to go far and no doubt they came into todays game with ZERO fear of England.

    Think about this – Bayern Munich has/had these German players on their squad the past couple of years. Klose, Gomez, Podolski, Schwienstieger, Lahm, Badstuber, Muller… If you play day in and day out together, it will show for the National Team.

    Argentina and Brazil are just blessed with an abundant amount of talent who play at the highest levels of just about every league. Again, for Brazil they live and breathe the sport and produce little else but soccer players. None of these countries compete with other sports the way the US does.

    We get better with a better league and better coaching. Obviously there is more to it than that, but go to a park on any given day and watch how our youth trains. Run, run and more running… no free flowing one touch or two touch passing drills. We need 70 percent technique training and what we have now is 70 percent fitness.

    Just my two cents.

  22. losquakes says:

    Sepp Blatter up for re-election June 2011.

    Time for Ireland, Mexico, USA, and England to play some political hardball.

    I would think Italy would want video replay too after the Totti red card in 2002.

  23. CSD says:

    I did stop watching today. After the off sides no call I didn’t really care anymore because it seemed a bit of a joke with the those two calls. I will watch a game or two more but I mostly lost interest after today’s officiating.

    Honestly I do not ever remember a player being that far off side and it not getting called and I don’t remember the ball being that far in the goal and no goal being given. I am very sympathetic to referees making errors but that was outrageous today.

  24. Walther Santiago says:

    Argentinians are classy? Starting with Maradona…classy really? Yeah last time I saw him I thought he was Errol Flynn!

  25. joejoe says:

    I don’t see why there can’t be a referee up on a boot reviewing video. If something is wrong call down and make it right. It wont take much time. Blatant errors really do affect games in a negative way. In a country where soccer/football is trying to gain popularity bad officiating only hurts the cause.

  26. Christian says:

    The easiest possible draw the US has ever had and all you’ve to show for it is a late win against Algeria?

    geeez Martha…..get a little perspective.

    We’re all sorry El Salvador didn’t make it to the WC but you guys will get another shot in four years.

    Or maybe not.

  27. What?!?!?!? says:

    You must be high, el tri was outplayed from the get go. Its one thing to love your country/team/players but its another to have blind faith in a team/league/directivos who aren’t very good.

    Concacaf is a joke, mexico is the tallest midget, beating guatemala, el salvador, panama doesn’t mean anything at a world cup.

    To go even further, you yourself know that at least 3 or 4 of those players didn’t belong on that team. AND Rafa marquez is the biggest joke of a player since that farce wayne rooney. Those two haven’t done s h i t at the world cup stage, Rafa doesn’t even play at barca, at least rooney lights it up at Man U.

    Your best hope is for el chicharito to get some playing time at man u or be loaned out, because that is your star player, not Rafa that piece of trash.

  28. Christian says:

    Didn’t Bradley and a couple of players harrass the ref after he called off the goal against Slovenia??

    So it’s OK for American players to lose their cool in the heat of the moment but if it’s anyone else they’re “unprofessional”?

    After the Azteca game, the US players walked off the field without shaking hands or exchanging jerseys… is this any different?

  29. DC Josh says:

    Obviously it wasn’t enough to change FIFA’s mind after Henry’s handball. I don’t know what it will take to get the necessary changes, but as long as Blatter is Pres, there won’t be any changes. UEFA is using officials behind the goals for the upcoming Champions League season. This seems like the most likely route that FIFA will take. Regardless, Germany and Argentina were the better teams by far today and deserve to go through.

    Stat of the day that blew my mind: Germany has made it to the quarters every World Cup since I believe ’58.

  30. Christian says:

    ummm Marquez shut down Messi today.

    What are you smoking? I want some.

  31. John says:

    The no call on the England goal is not really the ref’s fault. The ref was positioned where he is supposed to positioned during the course of that particular play and just doesn’t have the depth perception to catch that call. The linesman was also in the right place aligned with the defense to call the offside. It was just one of those plays that defy the laws of the game and call on technology to correct it. Goal line technology is a must and would only take the fourth official a couple of seconds to tell the ref if it was a goal or not. Its not like we are asking for timeouts or anything. Lets just hope old man Blatter isn’t against technology when they have to hook him up to a dialysis machine.

  32. Johnny P. says:

    I’m sad for Mexico and I’m sad for the US! Teams that bring exciting soccer to the WC, never gave up and in all honesty have really bad luck. Having said that, this talk about the Argies being “Mother Teresa” is laughable. When they feel their a$$ is on fire they can be butchers too, as best represented by the Mexico vs. Argentina of the Confederations Cup ’05 where by the way, ANOTHER Ricardo Osorio mistake (in this case a missed penalty) killed Mexico!

  33. What?!?!?!? says:

    yes and they still lost, thats pathetic. it doesn’t make Rafa a good player, messi had an off day.

  34. Johnny P. says:

    Oops…forgot the evidence:

    link to

  35. Thick Mick says:

    For the first time in my 25 years following the USMNT, I began to root for Mexico today. They were simply hosed on that first Tevez goal, glaringly offsides.

    I’m no fan of Rafa. I still remember how he assaulted Cobi Jones in the round of 16 in ’02. Nonetheless, I don’t blame El Tri for being bitter, and not particularly good sports today.

    With this new generation of Mexicans, the only sentiment they inspire in me is awe and astonishment at their considerable talent. I don’t hate them now; I love to watch them play. They’re much more talented and entertaining to watch than the US these days.

    If there’s an upside for Mexico, they’re going to be very good for several more years.

  36. CILIIblog says:

    Then why is England so bad at the world cup and Germany is always good?
    They both have great talents and thy both that great domestic league.
    To me the only difference I see is the mind set.
    And I think as the USA a moves forward not only our technical skill and ball control must get better, but also our mind set should always be better than the other team. Our team should never be afraid of the challenge or think they have better players so will have to work harder. It should be that we have better players and we are a better team, not just say it, but show it.

  37. Illmatic74 says:

    England has not made it to the semi finals since 1990 and have played in the finals since 1966. They didn’t qualify for the World Cup in 94 and didn’t qualify for the Euros in 08. So can people stop referring to them as a “powerhouse” and calling them a leading contender in World Cup competitions.

  38. Jamez says:

    ask him good, what an idiot Marquez owned Messi all dam day. he’s a better CM than he is a CB he should go to another club in spain where he’ll be sure to start . Barca the best players in the world and Marquez is great but not in that class.

  39. JP says:

    England was once again disappointing. USA and Mexico have found their limitations at the round of 16. Can Spain break through?

    I’m impressed by how Germany has changed their style of play to look more like Brazil while Brazil has changed their style of play to look more like Germany.

    For the US to advance further in future world cups, we desperately need forwards that can score. We create plenty of chances but our finishing is not at the top 8 level.

  40. JP says:

    Mexico is a better team than Argentina. Argentina players are better. If Argentina players had not scored 3 goals, Mexico could have won.

  41. Second City says:

    How dare you talk about Chipsanddipito like that.

  42. Coke-a-Coolio says:

    2nd place in CONCACAF with your national sport to our 5th national sport.

    Maybe on our next planet, you’ll be number one again.

    Or maybe not.

  43. Yellow Submarine says:

    I agree Christian.

    Both acts are classless. The problem is, Mexican National teams are more well known for this type of disgrace.

    Sorry, but you know it’s true.

  44. Jose says:

    I mean how long can FIFA keep this up without having another referee up in the booth watching the some of the questionable plays. I don’t think it is necessary for every game but for WC, Euro, Copa America and Gold Cup that should be implemented. Who knows the outcome of the games if USA won against Slovenia and did not have to use the full 90+ to go to the next round. How about England game if they tied and then possibly turn the game around. How about the Mexico game, after all they were attacking. Isn’t one of the slogans “A goal changes everything!”, so wouldn’t one goal in the game whether be allowed or disallowed possibly change the course of the game.

  45. Yellow Submarine says:

    If Mexico didn’t score one goal, they would have lost to South Africa.

    If Germany hadn’t scored 4 goals they would have lost to England 1-0.

    I love playing this game, it’s as amusing as it is irrelevant.

  46. Illmatic74 says:

    I think he was joking.

  47. Eurosnob says:

    The loss of England does not mean much for the US fans, but many US fans cheered for Argentina and were glad to see Mexico out of the World Cup. While normally US fans would root for another team from CONCACAF to do well, Mexico is a bitter rival and many still have a memory of Mexico’s fans pelting Landon Donovan with various objects while he was trying to take a corner kick, during the last game in Mexico City.
    There is no doubt that England has a much better domestic league than US or Mexico, but much of its strength is foreign players. As for Mexico having better players than the US, didn’t Mexican team finish behind the US in qualifying? And they did not win, their group as the US did. With all its flaws England is probably a stronger team than Uruguay that finished ahead of Mexico.

    Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Italy usually do well because they have both plenty of talent and great soccer tradition. Kids start playing at an early age and get good coaching so technical elements of the game are developed early. They watch soccer on TV soak it in learning from the likes of Messi, Ronaldo, Kaka who to do a particular move or how to move in space. They grow up dreaming about wearing the national team’s jersey and don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to be on a travel team. When they get a bit older the best kids are invited to train with a professional team academy, where they get even better coaching.
    The US will improve by emulating the best practices from those countries and by bringing in good coaches to run their youth system (and not just guys who speak with a British accent). The youth system has improved significantly and I expect a lot more raw talent coming out of the pipeline. US Soccer Federation is doing the right thing by asking teams to have at least 3-1 practice to game ratio so that the kids would be learning skills rather than travelling from a tournament to a tournament. Most MLS teams have their academies, although they start developing youth at a later age then most of academies in Europe. But these are good steps and the quality of US soccer will continue to improve. Not that recently the US team was just happy to make it to the World Cup, but now after the team won its group at the World Cup and lost a close game in an overtime for the right to be in a quarter final, many believe that this team underachieved. Things have improved and will continue to improve, but I would not expect them to win the world cup in 2014 or 2018. It took Brazil a while to win their first World Cup and they were not always a soccer superpower, ditto for Germany.

  48. huricano says:

    Too bad for Mexico. I think they showed a good level of play before today, and its too bad nobody from CONCACAF will go to the eight eight. In Hernandez they have a young striking talent that the US must be envious, even-though Altidore had some good displays for the Nats. As for England, I think they are victims of Premier League culture. Liked both of these sides (Argentina too), but I think the more talented sides won.

  49. Manuel says:

    I’m Mexican. Now that our teams are out of the WC, I like to seeing toward the future. Amongst all this doomsday talk there is a very real and bright spot for Mexican soccer. Now that Marquez, Cuauthemoc, Torrado, Osorio, Franco etc. will ALL be gone, there is hope towards the future. I honestly think Ochoa, Moreno, Juarez, Guardado, Jonathan and Giovani, Vela, “Chicharo”, Barrera plus all the others like Torres Nilo, Araujo, Bermudez, and many that did not receive a call up have the potential of becoming the best of all generations to play for Mexico. Who is up and coming on the American side? I know how great players like Donovan and Tim Howard are, but how about bright lights amongst the younger generation? Who can we look forward to seeing vs Mexico et al in the future?

  50. perplexed says:

    In other news, Findley starts every game he’s available and Buddle gets sub minutes in 1 game. Buddle, much older in a pro sense, is reportably moving abroad, while Findley will be staying home. At least some people can see class, right BB?

    link to

  51. Felipe McGregor says:

    I would just like to add that Argentina first real test came today. And for all the talk about how they’re going to be Champions of the World, same as every four years since 1986, El Clarin which is the most important Argentinian newspaper, and the Sports bible for them, clearly staes that apart from Tevez golazo, the other two were gifts, and that Mexico dominated long stretches of the match which should serve as notice for Maradona to tighten the screws. So even the king of Argentinian newspapers DID NOT think that Argentina was superb and that Mexico was crap as some here would like to think!

    link to

  52. Charles says:

    I will probably get flamed for mentioning American football, but for the same amount of players on the smaller field for the NFL ( best run league in all of sports in my opinion ) they have 6 or 7 refs.

    Even the NBA ( worst run league ) has 3 refs for 5 players on a team.

    Why does FIFA keep up with this rediculousness ? FIFA is deminishing the greatest game by them running it. They should have at a minimum 5 refs on the field. This article doesn’t even mention the dives that have influenced/decided games, which cannot possibly be called correct by one ref.

  53. Mason says:

    US players need to get off the pitch at Azteca to avoid being pelted with piss-missiles.

    You’re boys got hosed today. Absolutely hosed. Please don’t make me regret having felt sympathetic for them.

  54. chill says:

    i haven’t yet read the responses to this comment, but this is foolishness.

    first, we already have the most players playing this game, and many of us, including most of us on this blog, played the game for the love from a young age. the main difference between us and our european peers is that we played as amateurs from a young age, while our european peers are playing in professional academies. your comment on athleticism is misplaced as we already have that in abundance. our system is just set up differently because we do not have the same caliber of professional soccer infrastructure.

    second, i think this team showed that we have improved greatly as far as offense is concerned. altidore made several dangerous runs at england, slovenia, and algeria (including the cross that led to donovan’s goal), and dempsey repeatedly challenges defenders (including the nutmeg and run leading to the pk against ghana).

    it’s one thing to say we’re not on the world’s level yet… it’s another altogether to not understand or ascertain the tremendous changes that are taking place in us soccer.

  55. joejoe says:

    I think individual leagues can implement video replay or goal technology ahead of FIFA. In Mexico I liked when they started marking lines during set plays. Most arguments stopped and all those guy shuffling forward stopped too. Also players not cough taking a dive during a game would eventually get a call with a fine and suspension. What happened? On average goals on set plays went up. Dives stopped. Bottom line is that individual leagues can help FIFA adopt rules and practices to enhance fair play and fair officiating.

  56. noname says:

    Yay for Mexico being out… Once my team is out all I care about is Mexico and Brazil losing.

  57. chill says:

    the officiating was pretty bad today. if the US were playing in any of those games, i’d have been furious. the english goal especially was not even near close enough to be controversial, and can’t understand how that would not have been given. they could have looked at how the goalkeeper responded and just given the goal based on that.

    the argentina goal, i can see a little more how the linesman could have made a mistake, but that was pretty poor as well, as he was off by what looked like 2 yards. goal-line technology is a must… not sure how you’d handle offsides, though.

  58. Tim says:

    Julio Grondona:

    President of the Argentine Football Association

    Senior Vice-President of FIFA!!!

    Enough said!

  59. lol says:

    Oh WOW! Your life must be sooooo cool! When is the trip back to the padded room???

  60. chill says:

    US were in the quarters in 2002.

    i’ll overlook this oversight if you were born after 1992.

  61. chill says:

    but this is the cruel sport of soccer. you only score when the other team makes mistakes (with some rare exceptions). i absolutely cannot stand argentina but maradona has these guys playing well, capitalizing on almost every opportunity, and overcoming the fact that messi has done nothing for 4 matches.

    germany and argentina (and yesterday, ghana) finish chances and for the most part haven’t made mistakes. US, england, and mexico have. we’re out, they’re through because of this frustrating nature of soccer

  62. Scott says:

    Is it possible that Argentina and Mexico could have both lost this game? Despite being undoubtedly good, I can’t stand either team. Also, can’t stand Uruguay, bunch of cheap shot and con artists. Take a stopwatch and keep track of the amount of time wasting employed by both Uruguay and Ghana in their next game. The ball might actually be in play less than 60 min out of 90 while both teams roll on the floor.

  63. Yossarian says:

    Larrionda? Again? How many games does this nitwit get to blow? FIFA’s policy: the more incompetent and corrupt you are, the more games you get to officiate.

  64. chupacabra says:

    Maradona and the Argentina coaching staff looked really slick in those fancy suits, but I still wouldn’t buy a used car from any of them.

  65. chupacabra says:

    But neither team can defend. Zee Germans vill crush the Argies like the girlie men they are.

  66. killer instinct says:

    I agree with alot of your post, but in addition to foreign coaches, this sport needs to be introduced to the inner city youth. So far it is considered a suburb-middle class sport where kids join a league to learn the sport. In basketball or american football, for example, most basketball players come from a lower income society. It is a sport played in the streets. Their goal is to become a professional. Street Soccer is played around the world just for fun and introduce their street knowledge on the pitch if playing in academies in a more refined polished manner…in other word you either have the gift or you don’t. Here kids play soccer to get a scholarship, not to get out of the barrios or hoods.

  67. tom v says:

    i would argue that the problem with US soccer is not at the youth stages. my what i know, americans do very well when they go on european tours/play european teams at big tournaments in america up until the age of about 14 maybe.

    therefore to me, the problem isnt the youth training, its the next level training, starting at age 16 and up. there we dont have a quality structure, quality coaches, and incentive for players to stick with soccer and not go on to other sports. several of the best soccer players in VA when i was playing went on to play basketball and football in college even with big D1 offers for soccer waiting.

  68. joejoe says:

    I argue that Aguirre did a bad job. Worst than Capello. Why have Blanco, Franco, and Bautista play on this team?
    Javier Chicharito Hernandez scored two gols in less than 60 minutes of playing time. He should have started in every game. Bautista didn’t belong on that team. Why leave Guardado on the bench for long stretches of time? Mexico clearly has good players that keep under achieving. The USMNT has mediocre players that keep over achieving. Mexico should hire Bob Bradley.

  69. wildchild says:

    “Mexico’s World Cup hopes were ended for a second consecutive tournament the same nation as Argentina defeated El Tri”

    between this and the previous headline, I’m thinkin that Ives is outsourcing his work to people who can’t write proper English…

    “the English appeared to equalize when Frank Lampard fired in a shot that appeared to bounce inside the net of German Goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.”

    APPEARED… are you fecking serious??? either your just as blind or corrupt as the ref… or a total idiot…

  70. aristotle says:


    Get a clue, will you?

    First, read the post again. Every soccer fan in the world knows we rely heavily on athleticism. I said we need to change our focus so we don’t rely so much on things like athleticism, not have more!

    Second, my comment has nothing to do with us needing MORE young people playing soccer. We have plenty. EVERYONE knows that too. The problem is that the vast majority of them switch to other sports as they get to high school because of peer pressure and other reasons. A lot don’t love the sport and will not stick with it if they are going to be ridiculed.

    Third, needing the “same caliber of professional soccer infrastructure” is covered by my comment about needing access to quality coaching and competition. Isn’t that what an academy provides?

    Finally, strikers need to score. They can play well and that’s great, but they are strikers and need to score. This crap about Jozy and Clint are great so they don’t need to score is ridiculous. If Jozy isn’t going to score, make him a midfielder. The single biggest reason we are not still playing in the world cup is because we have strikers who do other things, but they don’t score. It’s the world cup. You need to do both!

  71. jimoh8002 says:

    Germany is better because the league isnt filled with foreign players. Take a good look at the EPL there best players and highest paid are the foreign one’s and that going to be englands problem in 2014 also. The USA will continue to improve because the quality keeps getting better and the superdraft has more depth every year

  72. martha says:

    OK I can see if you want to say they have a heated rivalry Argentina didnt approach them blah blah…

    1. But they also have this policy with the US, Uruguay, Guatamala, El Salvador Costa Rica etc.

    2.The losers are suppossed to go offer their hand first or else the winners would be gloating. Hence Mexico always shakes hads when they beat the US never when they lose.

    The fact is you would think that being a superpower everyone in the region would hate the USMNT.This isnt the case, Mexico is not a superpower politically or in futbol yet these countries despise Mex more than the US….

    But im sure all those coutries are wrong and Mex is right.

  73. martha says:

    The US exchanged jersey with Slovakia after they were robbed of a goal. An your argument shows the Mexican teams mentality and is the proof that it is classless

  74. Illmatic74 says:

    Well the thing is that other countries aren’t sending all there best youth players to these tournaments we are.

  75. Illmatic74 says:

    The “THEY TOOK OUR JOBS” argument.

  76. Jdavids says:

    you either say the obvious or nonsense, aristotle. OR you get into a griping match with someone and make me embarrassed to read this blog.

  77. Illmatic74 says:

    I live in New York and when you go to Brooklyn or Queens you will see hundreds of kids dribbling the ball in the streets or at the courts. Most of those kids won’t play basketball competitively after high school. If we got a few of those kids you know the athletic PG types who lack the height to go far in basketball have a ball at their feet all in cities across the country look out.

  78. Benny says:

    FIFA is corrupt and Blatter is a big part of it. It starts from the refs all the way to Blatter.

  79. aristotle says:

    With people like you here it can’t help but be embarrassing. Now, why don’t you change your name for the 100th time and post another brilliant response? Might I suggest Anita Brain?

  80. Illmatic74 says:

    When did we play Slovakia?

  81. Erik says:

    Thank you jim,

    You hit the nail on the head. I’ve posted this on other threads, but the EPL is full of foreign stars who help prop up the leading English players. Is Lampard really that good without Drogba or the players around him? Obviously not when you see him play for England.

    The best young English talent rides the pine or doesn’t get invited to the big show.

  82. Erik says:


    Please read what I wrote here and you have your answer.

    We get better with a better league and better coaching. Obviously there is more to it than that, but go to a park on any given day and watch how our youth trains. Run, run and more running… no free flowing one touch or two touch passing drills. We need 70 percent technique training and what we have now is 70 percent fitness.

    Just my two cents.

  83. Josh says:

    Except Spain won Euro ’08, a tournament for which England failed to qualify.

    The real difference is that Spain has a legitimate chance this year, provided they find a way to unlock compact defenses like Switzerland’s. England just wasn’t that good. Barry wasn’t fit, and the backline was poor (Upson was third-choice at his position after Ferdinand and King, and he was to blame for Germany’s first goal), and Capello was overrated.

  84. frank from sf says:

    we have a winner. isn’t arsenal that @ times they don’t even field ANY english players in certain games?. it makes a huge difference.

  85. frank from sf says:

    it’s ok chupacabra….segui chupando.

  86. frank from sf says:

    hahahah…man, do you sound dumb.

  87. Daniel says:

    Martha you are clearly the most anti-Mexico around here. Funny thing is Mexico is all you write about. You must have some serious problems.

  88. Daniel says:

    Why are some people obsessed here with how “classy” a team is? The USNT is without any doubt one of the teams with most class, but in general American society isn’t. All you have to do is look at all the other most popular sports. Didn’t Donovan pee in some Mexican stadium. How classy is that?

  89. Daniel says:

    FIFA doesnt care about any of these teams.

  90. Mason says:

    England is on IFAB. That matters more than anything. They can probably convince the other two of the other three FAs to just freeze that body until FIFA does something about the technical assistance issue.

  91. Mason says:

    Jalisco. During training. In a corner by a bush. The restrooms/lockers were locked (with good reason, probably). It’s not like he took a leak on a the dedication plaque.

  92. Daniel says:

    I just believe that what people brag about is what they usually lack the most.

  93. Daniel says:

    you are probably right. I missed England when i read your post. My point is Ireland, Mexico and the USA aren’t worthy enough for FIFA.

  94. Mason says:

    Take a look in the mirror.

  95. AdamFromMich says:

    I thought it was funny how similar the 1st German goal was (against England) to the second Ghana goal (against the US). After the USA-Ghana game I was thinking “now we know why Boca and Demerit aren’t playing for top-level teams”. Then Terry and Upson make almost the same mistake.

  96. smokeminside says:

    I haven’t read all the other posts re: replay and refs mistakes, so forgive me if someone brought this up already. I seem to remember than when Zidane head butted the Italian in the last World Cup final, the assistant referee and the referee conferred about it while the replay was being shown on the screen at the stadium, they watched the replay, and THEN they carded Zidane. If that’s accurate, then it’s just another load of crap that FIFA won’t use technology to help the refs with close or mistaken calls,, and an even bigger pile of crap that they will no longer allow replays on the big screen in stadiums. Stupid is as stupid does.

  97. Hush says:

    Well, the overated mexican team lost, no surprise there. The problem with some of the Mexican media and fans is that they really think that they are a powerhouse with world class players. Any true futbol fan knows that is not the case. Bad refs and bad calls don’t mean squad when you are lossing 3-0 at the very end. Get over it and move on. Why aren’t the media talking about what chocking bench warming OSORIO’s did to allow that second goal. TV AZTECA,Home Depot,Allstate,etc.. do a great job in manipulating the mex fans.:)

    Medeocre players like the Mexican ones is why they fail. Bench warming Gio,Juarez,Hernandez,salcido, are the only players to really stick out in this cup. Although Gio dissapeared in the Argentina game.

  98. Eurosnob says:

    Killer instinct, I agree with you. We somehow managed to make soccer unaffordable to many kids from poor neighborhoods/families. I think Klinsmann recently spoke along the same lines.

  99. Eurosnob says:

    Manuel, don’t you think that Aguirre picked the players that gave Mexico the best chance to win? I agree that young players could become the golden generation for Mexican soccer, but Mexico will also miss some of its older players, when they retire. As for the US, they have a plenty of the young talent. Altidore is 20, Bradley is 22, Torres, who is a starter for Pachuca, is 22, Holden and Edu are 24, Guzan is 25. With exception of Guzan (a goalkeeper), they all played in this WC and will be in their prime for the next WC or two. There is also a host of players who did not make this team, but have talent: Bedoya is 23, Rogers is 23, Agbossoumonde is 19, Agudelo is 17, Bill Hamid, who has been described as a future successor to Howard, is 19, Opara is 21. I probably missed a dozen more. Teams do not win simply by having the best young talent, but they win by having a good mixture of youth, talent and experience. Italy, for example, won the last world cup with an older, more experienced squad.

  100. Alex g says:

    mexico is classless, they always end up with the same bad attitude towards the winning team, in this case argentina, they are not even close to be a powerhouse, they are more like a joke, im happy they are out of the tournament,

  101. Erik says:

    So the poor kids growing up in Brazil can’t afford it yet they still learn how to play…