World Cup: France vs. Mexico (Match Day Commentary)

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The World Cup has lacked many marquee match ups so far, but today Mexico and France face a must-win situation as they meet at the Peter Mokaba Stadium in Polokwane (2:30pm EDT , ESPN2/

Both nations come into the match after disappointing draws in their opening match ups and will need a victory to help their case for the knock out stages. France's vaunted talent failed to show up against Uruguay in a disappointing match up and will need a result heading into their final match against a South African side that will be immensely motivated.

Mexico is in a very similar situation to the United States, a tie would keep them in the hunt for the round of 16 while a loss would spell the end of El Tri's South African Adventure. A win would help state their case for the top spot in Group A which would allow either nation to avoid an in-form Argentina side that dismantled South Korea 4-1 earlier today.

This is Adam Serrano and I'll providing commentary throughout the match. As always please share your thoughts, feelings and analysis in the comments section below. Enjoy the match!

FINAL -  It was a very tight first half, but Mexico came out impassioned in the second half and the inclusions of Chicharito and Blanco allowed El Tri to finally convert on their countless chances. Mexico will need a victory over Uruguay to win Group A and avoid a match up against arch-rival Argentina. For France, the French fans will call for blood tomorrow after Domenech's side could not convert any of their chances from dead ball opportunities. Fans of Les Bleus will also ask why prolific strikers Cisse and Henry were left on the bench when the result was still within reach.

That's all for me tonight. I'm Adam Serrano and Gracias a todos for following along with me this afternoon. Remember to check back on SoccerByIves.Net for all of your World Cup news. Adios!


FINAL – And the Whistle is blown! MEXICO 2 France 0


93rd Minute – A victory that will break a number of streaks for both sides. With the loss, France will lose their first match to Mexico and their first match to a CONCACAF side ever. While Mexico's victory is their first against European opposition since 1994 and their first over a World Cup champion during World Cup play.


90th Minute – 3 Minutes of stoppage time.


89th Minute – The inclusion of Chicharito and Blanco have done wonders for Mexico tonight. They have been very impressive, but I would expect Blanco to remain on the bench and remain the impact sub for El Tri.


87th Minute – Many are expecting a poor game from Mexico's match against Uruguay, but I would expect both to go for the win to avoid playing a powerful Argentine side that is finally clicking.


85th Minute – Aguirre has completely outcoached Domenech today. The French Coach left his most experienced attackers Cisse and Henry on the bench and it will now be too late as Mexican fans celebrate.


83rd Minute – Another poor free kick by Ribery. The French have an enormous amount of chances during dead ball situations, but the efforts have been poor from Les Bleus.


81st Minute – That is the third time that Blanco has scored in a World Cup Final. A goal in 98, 02 and 2010.


79th Minute – Two generations of Mexico attackers are about to give Mexico their first victory over France since the Battle of Puebla in 1862.


78th Minute – BLANCO WITH THE GOAL!!!! MEXICO UP 2-0!!!!!!!




76th Minute – Mexico earns the corner. 


73rd Minute – Gignac fires a shot way over the bar. No luck for France as Henry finally gets up.


70th Minute – Dos Santos nearly puts Mexico up two, but the chance goes across the goal mouth.


69th Minute – FRANCE SUB: Still no Henry for France as Mathieu Valbuena comes on for Govou


67th Minute – Poor free kick right there by Ribery goes straight to Perez, but France will maintain possession in the Mexican zone.


66th Minute – France will need to turn up the heat here. That "Ching Ching" sound you hear are thousands of Chicharito Manchester United jerseys being sold at this very moment.


64th Minute – Lovely ball by Marquez as Chicharito barely stays onside. All alone with Lloris, Chicharito keeps up the family tradition of scoring on France. Mexico with a 1-0 lead now.


63rd Minute – CHICHARITO WITH THE GOAL!!!!!!!! MEXICO TAKES A 1-0 LEAD!!!!!!!


62nd Minute – Aguirre will turn to the veteran Blanco over the speed of Guardado. Not very surprising as Mexico is getting chances with this group of players. Blanco could be the stabilizing force for El Tri here.


62nd Minute – MEXICO SUB: Cuauhtemoc Blanco comes in for Franco


61st Minute – Gallas with a foul on Franco and the chance for France is wasted.


60th Minute – France earns a corner, its seventh of the night.


59th Minute – Poor free kick by Gio Dos Santos. The ball goes way over the bar.


58th Minute – Mexico with a free kick after Dos Santos is fouled


57th Minute – Interesting tidbit of trivia. Chicharito's Grandfather Tomas Balcazar scored for Mexico against France in the 1954 World Cup. Can history repeat itself?


56th Minute – Diaby welcomes Chicharito with a harsh foul. Mexico with a free kick in their own zone.


54th Minute – MEXICO SUB: CHICHARITO comes on for Efrain Juarez




53rd Minute – The match is slowing down as Chicharito prepares to come on for Mexico


51st Minute – Interesting little play by Marquez, but the Mexican chance once again ends up over the bar of Lloris.


50th Minute – Mexico gets a dangerous free kick in the French third of the field.


49th Minute – ANOTHER YELLOW CARD for Hector Moreno off a clumsy challenge.


47th Minute – YELLOW CARD Juarez picks up a silly booking and will miss the final group match against Uruguay


45th Minute – One sub for France as the disappointing Nicolas Anelka will give way for Andre-Pierre Gignac.


45th Minute – And We're Back!


HALFTIME – As we wait for the start of the second half, lets hear your predictions of how this match will end. Also let me hear your predictions of the United States match against Slovenia tomorrow.


HALFTIME- Once again the story for both sides is a number of missed opportunities. Mexico has wasted at least four or five good scoring chances while France has had a great deal of possession in the Mexican zone, only to lose the ball to a tough Mexican defense. Expect Henry to come into the match soon to add some more attacking flair.


HALFTIME – Fairly even half from both sides. Each have had their chances with France dominating the early part of the first half while Mexico has really come on in the last 20 minutes to earn a great deal of chances. We will likely see the inclusion of Guardado and Chicharito in the second half for El Tri as they will press for the win that they need to state their case for a spot in the second round.


45+1 – YELLOW CARD for Toualan who will now miss the next match.


45th Minute – Weak shot by Anelka is easily saved by Perez as we approach the end of the half.


44th Minute -  France looking for one last chance before the half. The French are controlling possession right now, but are being immensely pressured by the Mexican defense.


39th Minute – Dos Santos with the off balance shot that goes just wide. More wayward shots by El Tri.


38th Minute – Fairly even half as we approach the end. Mexico has weathered the French storm and has looked the most dangerous of the two teams so far.


37th Minute – Malouda goes down as Marquez gives up a free kick near the box.


34th Minute – France putting a great deal of pressure on the Mexican defense but Salcido and Marquez are coming up big today to keep this score tied at 0-0.


33rd Minute – Barrera nearly comes in to strike that one but once again "Saint" Lloris comes up big to deflect that ball away.


31st Minute – MEXICO SUB: PABLO BARRERA FOR VELA. The Pumas man comes on as France wastes a corner.


29th Minute – Vela goes down once again. It doesn't look like he'll be able to continue. It looks like he strained his hamstring after that battle with Toulalan


28th Minute – 46 degrees with 5-10 Mph winds. Now that is chilly!


27th Minute – LLORIS WITH THE SAVE! SALCIDO has a great chance, but the French keeper comes up big!


26th Minute – The chants of "Ole! Ole!" go up from the mostly Pro Mexico crowd as Mexico spreads the ball across the field.


23rd Minute – France earns a corner. Malouda earning that one.


22nd Minute – Moment of danger for El Tri right there. Malouda with a dangerous run, finds Ribery but the Mexicans clear.


21st Minute – The free kick hits the wall but Mexico still threatening with the ball in the French third.


19th Minute – Evra and Juarez battle and it leads to a dangerous Mexico Free kick.


18th Minute – Salcido with a shot in all kinds of space, but it goes just wide of the target. Mexico can't seem to hit on target at the moment.


16th Minute – Malouda flubs a decent chance and it will go out for a Conejo goal kick.


14th Minute – Mexico pushing up field but Sagna stops the run as France retains the possession.


12th Minute – OVER THE POST! Franco with a great chance, but once again a Mexico forward fires it over the post. Wasteful.


11th Minute – Malouda with a great little run, but the ball goes out for a goal kick. France really turning on the heat on El Tri right now. 


10th Minute – France Corner after Ribery picks Marquez's pocket


8th Minute – HORRIBLE SHOT by Vela. Great ball by Marquez to Vela, but the youngster fires the shot way over the bar.


6th Minute – Ball goes straight to Perez, but Mexico once again gives up possession as France continue the pressure in the Mexican third of the field.


5th Minute – Testy few minutes as Juarez fouls Diaby. Free kick for France.


4th Minute – YELLOW CARD for FRANCO – It looks like we're going to see a few yellows for this match. Free kick for the French on the card goes just wide.


3rd Minute – Clear offside right there by Gio Dos Santos. Great build up for Mexico there.


2nd Minute – France with an early free kick, but Mexico does enough to clear the ball out of danger. Goal kick for Conejo Perez.


1st Minute : Here We Go!


PRE-GAME: Here come a pair of my favorite anthems (behind the Star Spangled Banner of course). La Marseillaise and Himno Nacional Mexicano.


PRE-GAME: As announced yesterday, Rafa Marquez will get the captains armband today for El Tri. Aguirre has stated that he would rotate between his three captains Torrado, Marquez and Blanco should the need arise.


PRE-GAME: Are USMNT fans supporting Mexico out of CONCACAF solidarity or will you be pulling for France to beat Mexico?


PRE-GAME: No Changes for Vasco Aguirre and his side that drew against South Africa. Fans will have to be shocked that Andres Guardado and Chicharito Hernandez will be absent from the starting line up. There is one change for Raymond Domenech's side as Yoann Gourcuff will make way for Florent Malouda. A move that will slide Franck Ribery into the center of the park with Malouda lining up on the left side.


PRE-GAME: Here are the line ups.









———Franco——–Dos Santos——-




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217 Responses to World Cup: France vs. Mexico (Match Day Commentary)

  1. Danny says:

    Go France! Down with Mexico!

  2. Brandon says:

    No matter what, I just can’t get myself to pull for Mexico. Viva la France!

  3. Ted in MN says:

    I really can’t tell who I want to lose more.

  4. DJ says:

    While I can’t stand the Mexican national team (sorry, Ives), I will be rooting for them in this match.

    There is this predominate belief in Europe (trust me, I’ve lived there) that the North American game is utterly weak. A notion that quite frankly doesn’t hold water.

    While the US is a counter-attack minded side, and very effective at it, Mexico do very well in the possession game. I find their brand of football fairly boring to some degree, but beautiful in other regards. The speed of the game tends to be a challenge for both our national sides at the highest level, but we should be beyond ridicule at this point.

    So, I’ll be rooting for El-Tri this time around. Let’s show the French what our game on this continent is all about.

  5. Brad says:

    I can’t believe Aguirre is going with Vela up top and w/o Guardado in the line-up. Mexico fans are going to flip out if they lose.

  6. Danny says:

    I want to see France win just because they’ll go down for sure early in the knockout round. I don’t want Mexico to make it out of the group stage.

  7. Brad says:

    Perhaps the factor that will effect Mexico the most is the cold, we all know how much they enjoy playing in near freezing temps…

  8. Brent McD. says:

    wow, seeing a tear running down evra’s face — just amazing. love the players walking out of the tunnel and the anthems.

    the image of the north korea player trying to hold his emotions in check before the brazil match was unforgettable stuff

  9. Brad says:

    I’m obviously a USMNT, but I’m supporting Mexico, at least until they meat the USA. Did anyone else see the Univision commercials before the USA-England game about supporting the USMNT? I was impressed that a Spanish language station would run those.

  10. Petaluman says:

    Come on Mexico win one for Ireland!

  11. Paul says:

    VAMOS MEXICO!! I don’t have a drop of Mexican blood but I lived there for three years and I can’t stand the hate from US fans

  12. Brent McD. says:

    Malouda starting, so maybe Domenech’s not a complete idiot? Cannot understand starting Conejo Perez in goal — the guy is not an international quality keeper.

  13. ManicMessiah says:

    I can’t believe that Govou is starting again… except I can, because Domenech is a terrible coach. Frankly, I don’t think they need both Toulalan and Diaby (and certainly didn’t in their first match as defensive as Uruguay was) but everyone is using two players so I can’t get on him about that.

    This is what crashed them out of Euro 2008.

  14. Ted in MN says:

    I’m really hoping that they draw 0-0. Then Uruguay and South Africa win in their 3rd matches.

  15. Brent McD. says:

    Come on, have you never seen a USA/Mexico game? Love the country, hate the team and their low-class antics.

  16. William the Terror says:

    certainly hoping that they never “meat” the USA. that might be painful if you’re not used to that sort of thing.

  17. Aden says:

    I love that Mexico starts the match out by leveling two French players, one being Ribery.

  18. Sheldon says:

    Can’t bring myself to root for Mexico and don’t really care for the French club. I’m praying for a draw and for South Africa to find a way to advance with Uruguay from this group.

  19. William the Terror says:

    well, who to root for in this game seems to be the common dilemma. we all hate the Mexicans for their arrogance in CONCACAF. but, we all hate the French for the handball and the child prostitutes. so, i guess the best we can hope for is a scoreless draw that somehow ends mercifully when an alien death ray vaporizes both squads.

  20. Aden says:

    This official cannot be serious!

  21. Soulshadow says:

    Cheering for Mexico out of CONCACAF solidarity? Are you serious? That’s like me, a Boston native, cheering for the Yankees out of American League East solidarity. Ain’t ever gonna happen.

  22. wilyboy says:

    Root for cardage. Yes, I just violated the English language, but a draw and vital suspensions are the only way I see South Africa surviving.

  23. Aristophanes says:

    hahaha Vela…what an IDIOT!

  24. Aden says:

    It is painfully obvious why Vela does not even play for Arsenal.

    Seriously, learn how to shoot.

  25. Aristophanes says:


  26. Brad says:

    Never rely noticed before, but what’s with the chicken on the French Federation logo?

  27. Max says:

    Like many Americans with family from other countries, I support multiple teams.
    1. Team USA
    2. Mexico & Germany

    (the 2002 WC was a tough one in my family!)

  28. Aden says:

    How does Henry not start?

  29. Aristophanes says:

    it’s a cock

  30. Aden says:

    I could hit the net more than these guys, this is ridiculous.

    Put the shot on net.

  31. Hokie_Futbol says:

    muck fexico

  32. Brent McD. says:

    le coq sportif

  33. Paul says:

    He barely started all season for Barcelona and he’s definitely lost some pace, but he’s still a great player and I’d have him in. Especially ahead of dross like Govou.

  34. Brad says:

    I see. I thought they just had it on there for no reason. I could have made a couple of bad jokes about it but nevermind.

  35. jjank says:

    seriously, two other open teammates in the middle!!!

  36. Paul says:

    I love it when French girls talk dirty!

  37. jjank says:

    yea really, France has no real leader and I think Henry could be that person!!!

  38. Aden says:

    Considering who he is sitting behind, that isn’t saying much.

    I think he is much better than Anelka.

  39. jjank says:

    I’ve been saying to my friends that if France can get their crap together and get organized, i think they can surprise people.

  40. Aden says:

    Is anyone else really disturbed by the fact that so many of these “professional” players cannot hit the broad side of a barn with a shot?

  41. Simple Jack says:

    I can never bring myself to root for Mexico. So far, both teams looks very beatable.

  42. Simple Jack says:

    I feel the same about VA Tech.

  43. Hokie_Futbol says:

    …prolly why they call you simple jack. Don’t go full retard.

  44. Andy in Chicago says:

    Torres in, USA wins.

    Book it.

  45. Paul says:

    Nice, fun open game. Tournament has gotten better for sure. Shame about the wayward shooting

  46. Simple Jack says:

    You have our trophy, I can’t help myself.

  47. Aden says:

    Wayward shooting… that’s an understatement.

  48. Paul says:

    Domenech looks a little like Peter Sellers. Not sure who is the greater comedian 😉

  49. Aden says:

    Ironic that the first shot on goal is a toe ball…

  50. Brent McD. says:

    fantastic, open game so far. both teams really going for it. nice to see

  51. Paul says:

    Too many players have commented on the ball for it not to be a factor.

  52. Brad says:

    haha, got me on a typo, good job…

  53. Aden says:

    Some of it is the ball, and some of it is players not knowing how to shoot.

  54. Brad says:

    Now Vela is off with an apparent hamstring injury. Why even bother with this guy anymore?

  55. Hokie_Futbol says:

    which trophy is that?

  56. Aden says:

    Malouda with a HUGE dive.

  57. Aden says:

    Put me on the pitch, I can at least put a shot on the net.

  58. Alf says:

    Can Mexico please get a shot on goal? I didn’t think I’d end up seeing the strikers more nervous than the goalie.

    Good thing France can’t connect with a cross to save its life.

  59. Paul says:

    Paging Zinedine Zidane… Grab a jersey and get on the field

  60. Aden says:

    Ribery with a huge embellishment to earn another illegitimate free kick for France.

  61. Brad says:

    France definitely misses Zidane, they seem incapable of producing any sort of sustained possession.

  62. Aden says:

    I don’t even expect players to score when they shoot anymore. Heck, I don’t even expect the ball to come close to the net.

  63. Danny says:

    I wish I could rep you William the Terror.

  64. Aden says:

    This game is like the Lions playing the Raiders. A battle of offensive incompetency.

  65. JSmiley says:

    An American TV station should encourage Americans to support the American team.

  66. KungFuSoccer says:

    Finally a very entertaining match! I don’t know if today is “Opposite Day”, I’m sick or what, but Go Mexico.

  67. JM says:

    Platini the puppetmaster…

    al Ghamdi: the puppet!!!

  68. Aden says:

    I wanted to comment earlier that I thought this official hated Mexico, but I held back.

  69. Ricky B. Free says:

    I was waiting for the second games in the group stages, because the teams have to go all out for the win. The world cup has began.

  70. Slyboy says:

    Yeah Sorry, but i know a lot of latinos ( i am one but support USA before anyone) who give respect to US, especially Donovan. And Univision and other stations definitely respect our team, in fact half the time the run the game when american stations wont. I for one want Mexico want to CRUSH France, i am sick and tired of seeing the same teams in the quarter finals and later on…sick of it.

  71. andrew in tampa says:

    Anelka. Calling Nicolas Anelka. Please report to the bench. You are not international quality.
    The world cup is the best time for players to show whether they are as good as they look play club soccer. It’s easier to look good when you are surrounded by a great team e.g. Frank Lampard. Anelka looks lifeless, slow, ponderous and bereft of ideas and inspiration.

  72. Simple Jack says:

    Black Diamond

  73. ericJ says:

    As much as I disdain the Mexican National Team, I must give their fans credit for creating an actual atmosphere through singing and chanting rather than just strictly blowing a horn all game long.

  74. Aden says:

    Anelka off and the player on is NOT Henry.

    Does Domenech hate France?

  75. ManicMessiah says:

    He’s just a poor manager.

  76. Aden says:

    This official is out of control.

    Molouda does not get a card for blasting the ball at a player on the ground, but the Mexican player gets a card for pushing him.

  77. kawa says:

    Ref is a freaking sell out fraud, they are doing everything for France , if they win I”ll boycott Henry at when he comes to town .

  78. Aden says:

    The official has started both halves with at least one card for Mexico.

    This guy is on the take.

  79. kawa says:

    Salcida should be in a top club he’s a class player.

  80. Paul says:

    Clever free kick there from Mexico. But like most of their more beautiful plays, ended in nothing.

  81. Creige says:

    I can’t tell you why and believe me I want to stab my eyes out for it but I’m rooting for Mexico to not only win but go far. They’re a good team and although arrogant, petty, diving and generally foul, I will take them over a European team any day of the week. Go Mexico!

  82. Alf says:

    This Mexican team needs a striker who can finish a play. Chicharito anyone?

    Blanco???? At least to feed someone a nice ball every now and then.

  83. Unibrow Vision says:

    Mexican’s getting frustrated with an opposition diving…

    [insert laughter]

  84. Paul says:

    Aqui viene El Chicariiiiito! Javier Hernandez of Man U “fame”.

  85. Aden says:

    I can barely watch this official right now… but I am not at all surprised that France is being handed the officiating.

  86. Hokie_Futbol says:

    ohhhhhhhh haha. idk why they got rid of that game. it was wicked lucrative and usually a good game.

  87. kawa says:

    Freaking Paki ref, they dont even have teams where are they reffing games what the hell.

  88. kawa says:

    where is the card ? somebody needs to boycott these refs handing the games to European teams. I like fair games be it against Mexico or not.

  89. Alf says:

    Salcido is definitely doing work right now. And I’ll say that I’ve been pleasantly surprised so far to have Oscar Perez looking better than against South Africa. Doesn’t seem as nervous. This Mexican defense is solid right now.

  90. Aden says:

    God the ref is ruining the game.

  91. J.C. says:

    Blanco looked like he was out of gas last game and was about 1 step slower than everyone else. Bringing on Javier H. was a good move by Mexico. I’m not one to support Mexico but I cannot stand the frogs esp. after the handball on the Irish and all of this diving today. Oh well, go Mexico.

  92. Aristophanes says:

    it’s funny enough as it is. i mean, it’s a french cock, right?

  93. Aden says:

    This referee is pissing me off, and that anger is bleeding over to the damn ball.

    There is something wrong with the ball, this is ridiculous.

  94. Unibrow Vision says:

    Mexico is like taking a hot nun out on a date:

    She’s pretty to look at but in the end, you know you’re not going to score.

  95. Simple Jack says:

    I know, i wish we were in the same league. Maybe one of these days.

  96. Aden says:


  97. Brent McD. says:


  98. kawa says:

    goooooooooooooooooal , Aguire is an idiot start the Kid already , why is Franco on the dam Field for God sakes he’s a waste.

  99. Aden says:

    That has to be one of the most perfect offside-trap beating runs I’ve ever seen.

    Onside, running at full speed, by inches.

  100. Jonathan says:


  101. Brent McD. says:

    ref has clearly favored France. and it’s not even close.

  102. nam says:

    Nuns are naughtier than you think. 😉

  103. Aden says:

    Haha, the commentators don’t even believe the official anymore when he calls fouls on Mexico.

  104. Petaluman says:

    Awesome. There is an Irish pub in San francisco that will buy the house a round if France gives up a goal. Drink up people!

  105. kawa says:

    ha ha ha , as you spoke it lol.

  106. Unibrow Vision says:


  107. Unibrow Vision says:

    Easy to score when you’re offside, my friend.

  108. kawa says:

    FIFA aka UEFA paid off the ref and France still cant buy a goal lol.

  109. Gus Keri says:

    For all those who bashed the refereeing, rejoice

  110. SammyD says:

    Ives, if you go to Vegas you will starve to death.You’re a joke. Your predictions stink.Yeah, sure, Serbia is going to win their group;Germany will come in second; Honduras is going to surprise…HAAAAAAAA!!!!And the most crazy one is that you actually think Mexico is good while playing a French side that sucks!!!!!!!!! Even if Mexico beats France. There will most likey be 4 teams with 4 points and Mexico missing out, because France will beat South Africa. Man, you just kill me. HAAAAAAAAAA!

  111. Brent McD. says:

    I don’t really like the guy, but Rafa Marquez has played very well so far. Stroke of genius from Aguirre to play him as a CDM

  112. kawa says:

    it was not offside and even if it was its about time the mexicans get a call their way.

  113. kawa says:

    Domenec is a fool keeping Henry on the bench, He’s gut size and speed that could prove to be a problem for the Mexicans , but who am i but a guy with a laptop .

  114. Aden says:

    15 fouls committed by France, and 0 cards?

    They have 1 card from a professional foul, but that is not the same as tackles.

  115. Unibrow Vision says:

    Yea, true on Mexican’s getting a call. However, he was offsides but a goal is a goal.

  116. kawa says:

    Mexico will beat Uruguay , dont underestimate then i agree w with IVes on this one.

  117. Gus Keri says:

    France will suffer from the “Hand of Gaul”‘s curse this cup

  118. Unibrow Vision says:

    Word from some insiders within the France bench:

    France is going to bring on Henry in the 89th minute. After which, Ribery will pick the ball up and hand it off to Henry (American Football style) who will proceed to run the ball into the back of the net, unless Perez is able to tackle him (American Football style).

    You heard it here first.

  119. kawa says:

    not genius at all, he played their in the last world cup when needed and he does play their for Barclena when needed. He’s not slouch with the ball at his feet. just that with a midfield Like Barca he has no choice but to play CB.

  120. Aden says:

    Dos Santos is the real deal.

  121. Unibrow Vision says:

    On the international stage, no doubt. Why isn’t he able to perform this way for Club?

  122. kawa says:

    their & There i always mess that up , good thing no one is grading my English .

  123. kawa says:

    Penal penal penal Penalty ,

  124. Unibrow Vision says:

    Blanco to take the kick?

  125. ManicMessiah says:

    Valbuena’s horoscope from

    “You’ve got to assume a leadership role today — people expect it and need it from you. Even if it’s not totally comfortable for you, you know that when the situation demands it, you can step up.”

    So it’s no wonder he’s in, obviously…

    Seriously, Henry needs to commit a Varsity Blues style mutiny before their next match.

  126. kawa says:

    Blanco lets go old man

  127. Aden says:

    Not sure what the commentator is talking about, but there was a ton of contact.

  128. Brent McD. says:

    ok, i know the rules and it’s a penalty, but that was definitely a flop.

  129. Jonathan says:

    France has imploded

  130. Aden says:

    Perfect penalty kick, perfect.

  131. Pancho V. says:

    OK, the officials tipped the scale. Frikkin FIFA bias for Europe! I [intensely dislike] France more than Mexico. Vamos a ganar Mexico!

  132. Unibrow Vision says:

    Dos a Cero!

    It’s nice to be on the opposite side of that phrase, now!

  133. el tri!!!! says:

    I’m a USA supporter, but I also love Mexico… for all you haters…..s*ck it! Mexico plays with spirit and with poise on the ball that sadly our US team lacks(the control,not the spirit). I just hate to read all the people on this board that always look for the first opportunity to hate on the Mexicans… Personally, I root against Mexico when playing the USA, but I respect their skill. Take a trip to Mexico one day and you might open your eyes to the beauty of the people and their love of the game. Blaaaaaaancoooooooo:) ha, ha!!!

  134. SammyD says:

    Thid whole group sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!What a joke!!!!!!!!

  135. Unibrow Vision says:

    The people of the country and the national team are two entirely different subjects.

    You fusing them together has nothing to do with other people’s animosity towards the rivalry.

    USA supporter with the name ” El Tri!!! “….right.

  136. Gus Keri says:

    I see uruguay and Mexico conspiring to get a tie next meeting and both will qualify. Like what Germany and Austria did in 1982

  137. J.C. says:

    …(Henry) “let’s be heroes,” wait we’re French…

  138. ericJ says:

    You can hate the NT but like the People/country…grow up.

  139. Will says:


  140. Aden says:

    That would be excellent.

  141. ericJ says:

    As much as I dislike the Mexican National Team and, even, as much as I wanted them to lose this match I find myself feeling happy for their win today.

  142. Unibrow Vision says:

    That was exactly my point. Please re-read.

  143. Aden says:

    If I was Henry, I would not even bother showing up to the third game.

  144. SammyD says:

    Does this mean free tacos at Taco Bell?

  145. Unibrow Vision says:

    You dislike Mexicans?

  146. Stephen says:

    2 things:

    If the keeper got a red yesterday for his tackle, shouldn’t that tackle Abidal committed be a red?

    Also, lights our for France.

  147. Unibrow Vision says:

    free tacos with french fries.

  148. Paul says:

    He had several impressive showings at Barcelona, but drew trouble for his “party” lifestyle

  149. Aden says:


  150. kawa says:

    +100 I’m with my USA too but i never bet against our neighbors when they play other people.

  151. Gus Keri says:

    Mexico performed the perfect plan for this game

  152. ericJ says:

    Read my post again, that is clearly not at all what I said. (I am half Hispanic/Mexican as it were)

  153. ericJ says:

    My mistake, I meant to reply to the original post.

  154. kawa says:

    i was th8inking the same thing , how can you have that fire power on the bench and keeping subing in unknowns . makes not sense. even Cisse could have had an impact.

  155. Unibrow Vision says:

    They have plenty of Terot Cards already from Domenech.

    Why would they need more?

  156. Brent McD. says:

    valbuena’s shot = valMala

  157. Aden says:

    Haha, thank you for that.

  158. kawa says:

    i guess the italians dont feel so bad now , France got it too.

  159. Unibrow Vision says:

    I was giving you a hard time for the post above, just forgot sarcasm doesn’t really make itself evident.

    my bad =P

  160. no to mexico says:

    I’m sorry, but did everyone forget about Mexican fans chanting Osama during a qualifier? Now that’s class.

  161. Aden says:

    Here we go!

  162. Brent McD. says:

    hats off to the mexican fans in the stadium. the crowd support at this game has been outstanding. you could actually hear the cheers and chants over the vuvuzelas

  163. Unibrow Vision says:

    Well, good luck to Mexico.

    I obviously dislike Mexico and wanted to see them knocked out of the group but if that isn’t going to happen….might as well go win the group.

    Beat Uruguay, that is all.

  164. ericJ says:

    I understand that now, but my previous post was (I thought) obviously in response to the original post. Once again the internet wins :)

  165. Paul says:

    France was lame. The US would have also beaten them tonight.

  166. kawa says:

    Henry might be on the next Plane to NY , I”d be surprised to see him on the bench for the next game.

  167. Roy says:

    Now if only Italy would crash out. It would be a perfect world.

  168. FulhamPete says:

    I have numerous French friends. One of them is a diehard Bleu fan, and when they won in 1998 the first thing he sent to me was [at last we can put] “une etoile sur le coq de France”. It means a star on their cock.

    I had a nose-spew with my drink when I read that.

    Go Yanks!
    Viva Mexico!

  169. Unibrow Vision says:

    Ah, yes now I remember that.

  170. SBI Troll says:

    Wow France hasn’t scored a goal in three matches or 270 minutes (China!, Uruguay, & Mexico). They should fire Crazy Ray before the postgame presser.

  171. Aden says:

    What a performance.

  172. Brent McD. says:

    Univision actually stays with the game after the final whistle, showing the players and fans enjoying the victory. ESPN/ABC should do the same whenever the US plays.

  173. jjank says:

    France was completely inept in 2 straight games. Did they even practice in the final third? Seems like they are afraid of it. Horrible display of soccer by France. I don’t even think Domenech cared, just riding this out till the WC is over.
    On the other hand, Mexico did good but I don’t think they have a chance against a team that actually plays well, connects up and has creativity.
    This was the worst ref of the WC so far!

  174. dbag says:

    Thats what happens when you have an old and senile coach. If only New Zealand were strong enough to do this to Italy.

  175. samiam says:

    And those bags of urin e that Landon has to duck every time he takes a corner at Azteca! Oh, and those bottles thrown at the players, requiring riot police shields to protect the boys on throw ins and corners. The Mex fans make John Terry look like Miss Manners.

  176. FulhamPete says:

    Aren’t you really referring to the priests?

  177. Aden says:

    Even more impressive is that Mexico had to out play the official as well.

    Real winners win no matter what.

  178. Dylan says:

    Where are the Ireland fans? Partying in Dublin? For poetic justice, Mexico even wore green for you guys today.

  179. Gus Keri says:

    Group A:

    1- Uruguay: 4 points (goals: 3-0)

    2- Mexico: 4 (3-1)

    3- France: 1 (0-2)

    4- South Africa; 1 (1-4)

    Next games:

    Mexico vs. Uruguay

    France vs. South Africa

    Although a tie will take both Mexico and Uruguay to the next round, I think Mexico will play for the win to avoid Argentina

  180. fooooooo says:

    4 teams with 4 points? That’s an impossible scenario in this group.

  181. Oranje Mike says:

    The one time I want France to win and the crumble. Oh well. With the way they have been playing as of late this isn’t much of a shock.

    I wonder how many El Tri supporters in South Africa are actually from Mexico?

  182. Oranje Mike says:

    Uruguay will play for the win too. C’mon Uruguay!!!

  183. Mingjai says:

    That’s a weird comment… as if the US is worse than Mexico.

    If Mexico can beat France 2-0, wouldn’t that mean the US would have won 4-0?

  184. Douglas says:

    That goal by by Shitarito should’ve been disallowed, Mexico always play classes that is why I will never respect them pushing down other teams players for nothing.

  185. john says:

    Dear France

    Ain’t karma a bitch?



  186. SammyD says:

    The Mexicans paid Italian actors who look Mexican to cheer for the Mexican side.

  187. SammyD says:

    I meant 3 teams.

  188. JR says:

    Too bad they play cowards so they can get away with it, one day the US will grow some and push back.

  189. Kyle says:

    I just don’t like Mexicp at all after this game

  190. Stephen says:


  191. Mauricio says:

    Or maybe they should have a zero tolerance rule and prevent Mexicans from attending Matches held in the U.S. and using their internet eating their food and talking alot of crap.

  192. Mark Walton says:

    It’s call respect for the other team and for people, that’s called curteosy maybe Mexico should GROW UP some.

  193. JR says:

    I agreed, but if some guy pushed you down, are you just going to tell him, “grow up, dude”.

  194. JoMa says:

    There are 120,000,000 Mexicans, and yes when 110,000 go into the Azteca we want Mexico to win and the USMNT to lose. But to say all Mexicans hate the USA is ignorant and fuels the goose step attitude that becomes ugly quickly!
    I absolutely respect and love most things about the US, the bellicose attitude is not one of them.
    As for the USMNT always root for them in every WC and think that Tim Howard and Landon Donovan are world class players.

  195. Steven K says:

    I’m still hoping Mexico gets annihilated by somebody this World Cup.. pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase!

  196. Jason Martinez says:

    I wonder how many are in the U.S.? ILLEGALLY?

  197. Oranje Mike says:

    Funny. Sadly, though, I bet most of the El Tri supporters in the stands were born in America.

  198. JR says:

    This France team has been terrible, I’m willing to wager we beat them 3-0 walking. The Mexicans just go lucky the ref was on their side(offisides goal, clear dive).

  199. Giorgi says:

    Dang our Government hasn’t gotten to their homes yet?

  200. Mario says:

    I know it was like they gave a free taco bell discount to the refs, then again the French played very very ugly.

  201. Stephen says:

    I love the USA but I pull for CONCACAF opponents because it silences all those damn Eurosnobs. Granted, I don’t think that France was actually predicted to do extremely well this time around, they surely weren’t predicted to look absolutely inept and be held scoreless in 2+ games. The only European team that looked somewhat decent is Germany, who played a pretty terrible team. So, yeah, I am all for the Mexican-US rivalry but I pull for CONCACAF competition. Also, it may help the US’s chances in the World Cup bid.

  202. Roy says:

    The goal was onside. Even with the D is on. No excuses for the Frenchies.

  203. Stephen says:

    Little to late for that now…

  204. Francis says:

    Not me not after all those bags of URINE THEY THREW AT US!!

  205. Julius says:

    Your right give the refs the best tacos they’ve ever tasted(not knowing they stuffed them with ring worms) and laugh it off hahahahahah!!

  206. sal says:

    The goal was onside and the penalty was clear as day. Haters gonna hate.

  207. Norris says:

    Bitches gonna talk.

  208. jake says:

    deux a zero
    Love it!

  209. JR says:

    Of course they were born in America, Mexico is part of the Americas.

  210. JR says:

    Whiners ganna whine

  211. America says:

    True..given that America is a continent and
    not a country. Now, are you talking about North America, South America, or Central America.

  212. Rick says:

    Central America not North America making them Central Americans, don’t make it seem like they have the right to come to the U.S.

  213. Jamez says:

    I think Freddy is the same he plays better when he’s in these types of competitions compared to club football.

  214. America says:

    The play you are talking about when the juarez shoved the french player, it was retaliation. After being fouled and knocked down another france player kicked the ball hard towards him while he was on the ground.

    Do you think it is right to kick the ball at someone you just fouled and is on the ground?

    Plus, juarez did not get away with it. He received a yellow card and will miss the next game.

    So, relax and enjoy the games JR.

  215. America says:

    The US national team out of pure luck came out with a draw againts England….and now your saying they would beat France walking?

    Regarding the first goal. All comentators and sports casts had to see the play in slow motion to decide if the player was offsides. As you saw yourself, it was a tight play. Now, FIFA tells the refs that in a close call if there is any doubt to let the play go on.

    The penalty….really did not figure into the final outcome. France never came close to scoring. By the way it was a penalty. Barrera blew by the defender, out of las resort the defender slid and hit barrera. Notice, the defender never touched the ball, thus it should have been a penalty plus a red card for the defender given that he was the last man.

  216. Ordi says:

    Where the **** was Henry? Domemench stay out of know nothing