SBI’s 23 for 2014 (and other players to watch)

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U.S. national team fans shed tears and let out screams after the USA's loss to Ghana last weekend, but for some, the thoughts turned quickly to 2014 and what they might have to look forward too.

So what might the U.S. national team look like in 2014? It should be a stronger attacking side than in 2010, with many of the key players expected to return. There are major question marks in defense, and there continues to be uncertainty about the forward position, but there is no denying that the American talent pool is deeper than it has ever been, and the number of young prospects emerging seems to grow by the day.

Here is the 23-man squad I can see the United States taking to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, along with a look at all the positions in question, with players to watch for:

SBI's Projected USA World Cup Roster for 2014

GOALKEEPER– Tim Howard, Brad Guzan, Chris Seitz

DEFENDERS– Oguchi Onyewu, Jonathan Spector, Jonathan Bornstein, Tim Ream, Omar Gonzalez, Ike Opara, Kevin Alston, Kofi Sarkodie

MIDFIELDERS– Landon Donovan, Michael Bradley, Stuart Holden, Maurice Edu, Benny Feilhaber, Jose Francisco Torres, Alejandro Bedoya, Sacha Kljestan

FORWARDS– Jozy Altidore, Clint Dempsey, Charlie Davies, Yura Movsisyan

Some thoughts on some of the picks:

There are a total of 10 players on this squad who weren't on the 2010 team. That might not seem like enough turnover, but the 2010 was a young team, especially in midfield.

Here are some player thoughts:

Seitz- Okay, the memories of his awful start to the season are still fresh, but he's now starting to show the qualities that made him a "Goalkeeper of the Future" label wearer since he came into MLS. The pipeline for goalkeeping prospects has dried up and Seitz is young and playing games.

Sarkodie- He's an exciting fullback who can overlap well and deliver dangerous crosses. He'll be in MLS by 2011 and is one of the most exciting college prospects around. Yes, he's our long-shot young player on the squad.

Ream/Opara/Gonzalez- All three are quality prospects, and while Gonzalez is arguably the best pro right now, both Ream and Opara have more upside for the international game. Ream's technical skills are unmatched in the pool and Opara is a freak athlete who should have no trouble adjusting to the challenges of the international game.

Kljestan- He's skillful and desperately needed a move away from Chivas USA to maximize his ability. Anderlecht is a respected European club where Kljestan's skills can be honed.

Movsisyan- Much like Herculez Gomez, Movsisyan went from top goal-scorer, to ice cold, to out of MLS, to succeeding in a foreign league. He's young and should only get better with time. He's not an American citizen yet, but he's in the process of securing citizenship.


Here is a closer look at the positions in the pool:


Tim Howard will be the starter. Don't buy the retirement talk. He will be there in Brazil in 2014.

Don't forget about– Dominic Cervi. He's been on the bench in Europe for two years, but if he could get some steady playing time over the next four years, he could push his way into the conversation.

Long-Term Prospect– Bill Hamid. He might be too young, but there's no denying he's the best young goalkeeping prospect in the league.


Will Oguchi Onyewu still be around in 2014? My money is on him being around. If not, it will be interesting to see who the United States turns to for some veteran leadership at centerback. Clarence Goodson could still be in the mix, and has really improved, but it's tough to picture him not being slower in four years when he really didn't have a step to lose. Chad Marshall is someone who can't be forgotten, but he needs to stay healthy and show he can dominate the way he did in 2008 before he's considered a strong option for 2014.

Don't forget about– Geoff Cameron. No, Dom Kinnear is probably not going to play Cameron at centerback in 2011, but there's no denying Cameron looked great there in 2010. If Cameron can move to Europe and play central defense, he could definitely be in the mix for the national team.

Long-Term Prospect– Gale Agbossoumonde. Currently at Portuguese power Sporting Braga, Agbossoumonde is likely a long-shot for 2014, but it's exciting to consider a centerback with his physical tools moving to an established European club at age 18.


Left back remains an area where depth isn't a luxury. There are several quality right back prospects, which makes you wonder whether Spector will make a permanent move to left back on the national team (assuming he's not moved to central defense). If someone like Alston could make the move to left back, things would clear up quite a bit. And no, I didn't forget about Edgar Castillo. He's a glorified winger playing fullback who rivals Freddy Adu for club instability. Once he settles down, matures, and shows he can defend, he'll definitely be on the radar.

Don't forget about– Sean Franklin. The Los Angeles Galaxy fullback is fast and has shown improved technical ability. Playing for Bruce Arena can only help him and he should push Kevin Alston for best young American fullback honors (if Kofi Sarkodie doesn't steal the crown).

Long-Term Prospect– Eric Lichaj. He's just 21, is paying his dues in England and very well could play his way onto the 2014 roster. Sarkodie fits in this category, but he made our 23.


The top of the pool is pretty strong with Donovan and Dempsey likely to be around and Bedoya and Holden also in the mix. Robbie Rogers is another popular name, but he needs to work on his game to be seriously considered for this squad.

Don't forget about– Bobby Convey. Remember him? The guy who played a role in 2006 at age 23? He'll be 31 in 2014 and is enjoying a standout season for the San Jose Earthquakes. If he can stay healthy and continue playing well, he'd give the national team pool one of its few natural wing options.

Long-Term Prospect– Brek Shea. Whether he develops into a forward, or continues to be a marauding winger, Shea has loads of talent and potential. He's still just 20, but is starting to really blossom with FC Dallas.


There is no Mesut Ozil on the horizon, at least not one that we've seen emerge yet, but there are plenty of talented young players with upside. Will any unseat veterans like Bradley and Edu? That's tough to project at this point. The chances of that happening in 2018 seem more likely.

Don't forget about– Freddy Adu. He's just 21, and is still one of the most skilled players in the American pool, but his club situation remains unsettled as he looks to be on the way out at Greek club Aris FC. Seems crazy to think we could "forget" about a 21-year-old, but at this point it's tough to project him onto the 2014 team until he settles at a club and establishes some longevity and success.

Long-Term Prospect– Charlie Renken. The prodigal playmaker fell off the radar after being sidelined by knee surgery, but there has been raving about Renken for some time. If he can stay healthy, and find some playing time sooner rather than later, he just might be able to crack the roster. Luis Gil and Sebastian Lletget are others in this category, as is Mikkel Diskerud. One intriguing player is Tony Tchani, who could develop into a difference-maker. He still needs to secure his citizenship though, assuming he wants to play for the United States.


Charlie Davies needs to come back and be the old Davies for this position to look much better than it does right now. There are a lot of question marks here. Can Marcus Tracy stay healthy? Will Mike Grella continue to develop? Will Yura Movsisyan get his citizenship and keep scoring goals in Europe? It's tough to envision Dempsey not making a permanent move to forward by 2014.

Don't forget about– Chris Pontius. The D.C. United striker hasn't had the best sophomore campaign, but the tools are there for him to develop into a quality striker. Marcus Tracy is also a player to consider as long as he can overcome his lingering knee injuries.

Long-Term Prospect– Tristan Bowen. The Los Angeles Galaxy striker is just beginning his pro career, but he's already showing some impressive characteristics and could be part of the youth movement in 2014. He isn't alone though, with Juan Agudelo, Jack McInerney and Joseph Gyau also on the radar as potential stars of the future.


What do you think about the above 23-man roster? Which player do you like seeing on the team? Which player do you think was the most glaring omission?

Share your thoughts below.

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302 Responses to SBI’s 23 for 2014 (and other players to watch)

  1. Bob says:

    Jermaine Jones?

  2. Lee says:

    Um, Chad Marshall?

  3. Kevin in Denver says:

    Let the mudslinging commence on the inclusion of Freddy Adu, even on the “Don’t Forget About” section.

  4. kop of the pops says:

    Where is Andy Najar?

  5. Bennett says:

    Dempsey will still be playing with gray hair

  6. PetePereira says:

    What about Edgar Castillo? I’m surprised that he didn’t get even a shout out.

  7. What about Castillo on defense, wasn’t he in his early 20’s?

  8. Wispy says:

    Ives — any thoughts on Stefan Jerome? Tony Taylor?

    (SBI-Here’s a thought. 2018.)

  9. war says:

    Clarence Goodson? I am liking the no Rogers/Marshall

  10. Dinho says:

    Irving Garcia!!

    And, our back-line looks VERY thin.

  11. Marc says:

    Clarence Goodson?

  12. Stephen says:

    Tony Taylor? Marlon Duran?

  13. CTMo85 says:

    Haha, tough crowd, huh Ives? I’m about to get in on the action though:

    Mikkel Diskerud?!?!

  14. DynamoDano says:

    I am so glad someone finally mentioned Geoff Cameron as a CB. This is where he belongs

  15. montana matt says:

    Will Najar get US citizenship?

  16. Charles says:

    In Honduras.

  17. FulhamPete says:

    Why no mention on any futures discussion of AJ DeLaGarza? Is he not American? He’s quick, smart, and plays with heart.

    (SBI-I like him as an MLS player, but I don’t really see him as a national team player, at least not beyond the Gold Cup level. Can he give you enough getting forward as a fullback? He obviously can’t be a centerback. So where?)

  18. Rekro says:

    Hopefully Adu can get his shizit together and make it to 2014. Also be on the look out of Michael Stephens- LA Galaxy Midfielder, he’s only 21 but this kid’s got a bright future ahead of him.

  19. Rekro says:


  20. Charles says:

    Alston is naturally left-footed and often drifted out to the left side of the field when he was at IU. Also, perhaps was broken again, but one day it showed him playing at left wing for the Revs. So I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he made the switch to left back.

  21. Andy in Chicago says:

    All I can say here is that Stuart Holden and Jose Torres really deserve to see more time than they currently do. I think those two will be a huge part of our future, and are two of our most gifted midfielders. They each for sure have a better touch than Bradley and maybe even Edu. Not so much the size and physicality, though. Just my opinion.

  22. sread says:

    Lichaj will go and I see Brek Shea going to a second-tier league like Kljestan real soon, then its a matter of time till he gets capped and fights for a spot and makes the final 23 in a similar role as Dempsey’s. I like the Yura pick though as a dark horse.

  23. Goalscorer24 says:

    Some players like Dempsey and Donovan, may be too old, at least as starters. Maybe they could work as subs, but it is so hard to say where things will be at in 4 years.

  24. baquito alyeska says:

    I’m not sold on Alston. He’s fast and has good to great positional sense, but man, some of his distribution is hella not good.

    (SBI-One of the best head coaches in MLS (not Nicol) said Alston was the best fullback in MLS as a rookie. He’s still young and learning, but he’s got great upside.)

  25. UY says:

    Uncapped, actually.

  26. john.q says:

    although i personally love making fun of kljestan, especially after his poor performances in the past year, i think he will develop into a great midfielder. 4 years should give him enough time to reach his ceiling.

  27. UY says:

    He has equal potential as a holding midfielder as he does a center back.

  28. jared says:

    if tim ream makes it i will shoot myself

    (SBI-Hope you have health insurance.)

  29. trey says:

    Why would Dempsey be better suited at forward than midfield?

    (SBI-On a team loaded in midfield, he’ll be a better fit up top. Actually, you could argue he was at his best at forward during this World Cup.)

  30. a says:

    why would he? he is very much Honduran. “Najar’s goal is to play in Europe for his favorite club, Real Madrid, and for the Honduran national team. He already has been in contact with the Honduran U-20 team. ” from and interview done with him as reported in the WaPo: link to

  31. Mike says:

    Jack MacInerney. Only 17, but is going to be a beast in a few years under Nowak if he gets to play. Kid has a nose for goal and straight hustles.

    (SBI-Not sold on him being able to be an international striker at 21. If you’re going to be a national team striker at that age you need to either be seriously fast or a big specimen. ‘Nose for goal’ guys generally develop a bit later on the international level. He’s definitely a 2018 player, just don’t think he’ll be ready for 2014.)

  32. J says:

    He’ll be older, and a forward has to cover less ground than a midfielder.

  33. BSU SC says:

    Michael Hoyos? Chris Rolfe? Michael Orozco? Michael Parkhurst? Dax McCarty? Jeremiah White?

    (SBI- A- Hasn’t given any indication of plans to play for the USA, B-I considered him, he’ll be 30 and battling a tough field on the wing, where he’s playing now, C- Seriously?, D-Seriously?, E-Okay, seriously?, F-He’ll be 32 in 2014. If he wasn’t good enough now, why would he then?)

  34. KungFuSoccer says:

    Ditto. Don’t know why there isn’t more love for him. Great, fast defender, very few errors. Is it his size that keeps him off the list?

  35. Second City says:

    Ream and Opara intrigue the hell out of me, especially if we get a manager that values possession.

    I would hope someone blossoms before 2014 to give us more legitimate options at LB but that naturally is a tough spot to fill, for any nation.

    Jack Mac and potentially Danny Mwanga would be two prospects with loads of talent and upside. Time will tell if Mwanga secures citizenship/wants to cap with the US. Those two are a lot of fun to watch, especially Jack Mac who has that ” it ” factor…ala Dempsey, imo.

    All in all, it would appear as if we’ll have some sincere competition for spots/positions and that can do nothing but bode well for development.

    Ives, any speculation on when we could see this “first-wave” of fresh blood within the national team ranks getting capped?

  36. LARS says:

    Defenders established as of now- Spector, Gooch, Goodson, Bornstein. That guy Gonzalez should be starting after the Gold Cup when DeMerit and Boca start to give up their places.

  37. Second City says:

    Rolfe is already 27 going on 28 unfortunately. I love Chris and agree he possesses some amazing skill but the ship *may* have sailed, already.

  38. Mike says:

    Yikes. We are really looking bad.

    What we had this year looks like our “golden generation” and the lack of a quality coach probably just cost us a spot in the semi-finals.

    Good job, Clark.

  39. peterjh says:

    To add to what Ives wrote, I think you would be hard pressed to find a fullback in MLS who can jockey and tackle as well as Alston. Of all the games I saw Seattle play last season, Alston was the one opponent who really made me go “Wow!” He completely ate Zakuani up, which is no easy feat.

  40. Brad says:

    he’s in there, read the whole thing…

  41. DirtyLeeds says:

    This is pathetic Ives — damn near all of your selections are milque toast — you need to step out on a limb with some of the players you mention in the “don’t forget about” or “long term prospects” lists.

    Eric Lichaj > Sarkodie. He’s been a pro for all the time Sarkodies been in college and he drew some great reviews on loan this year. By 2014 he will be our RB IMO.

    PS – if Bornstein is still on the roster in 2014 we might as well fold up the USSF.

    (SBI- Do your list your way, I’ll do my list my way. As for Lichaj/Sarkodie, “All the time Sarkodie’s been in college” is one year. I’ll take a bet on those two and where they are in four years if you want to make one. I like Lichaj but Sarkodie has more upside and is a more dynamic player.)

  42. Brad says:

    Is Danny Mwanga an USA citizen? Thought he was Congo or somewhere…

  43. Austin says:

    Chris Rolfe, Hunter Freeman, Chris Wondolowski, and the possibilities of Fabian Johnson and Dan Williams joining USsoccer. I dont think Movsisyan should be on the list already. I think he is is still officially a armenian and Robbie Rogers + Adu are other ones i forgot.

  44. Chris says:

    I’ll second the Michael Stephens suggestion. I’m surprised he’s not brought up more as a prospect. He seems to be a really smart player that consistently puts the ball into dangerous positions. Has six assists so far this season to show for it.

  45. hugo says:

    michael hoyos is already in SA with the argentine u20 team, and training with the senior squad as their opposition for scrimmages we can say good bye to him.

    why no to orozco though?

  46. Lost in Space says:

    What about Players Like Daniel Williams, Mikkel Diskerug, or Michael Hoyos? None have chosen a country yet so are still Fair game for the USMNT. Additionally haven’t heard much about Sal Zizzo since his knee injury…but 4 years potentially opens the door for him to make it back into the picture.

  47. Dan says:

    Union sent him down on loan to get more playing time. What are the chances of getting Mwanga US citizenship? He’s a star in the making.

  48. DirtyLeeds says:

    To SBI- Tony Taylor will be in his prime at 24/25 around then. Did Ghana teach us nothing about youth talent in the team?

    I think its more likely we’ll have a host of young players then some of the players that made the 23 in 2010.

    (SBI-Just because you want to throw a bunch of young kids on your wish list doesn’t make it any more realistic a list. How much have you seen of Tony Taylor exactly, and what about that extensive time seeing him makes you think he’ll definitely be a 2014 player? I’d put Mike Grella on the team before Taylor at this point. I want to see you disagree with that one. LOL)

  49. PC says:

    If Sean Franklin keeps on the same track he’s been rolling on, he’s going to be a great addition in 4 years. DeLaGarza is going to have a tough time making the next team as long as him and Franklin are on the same squad (club and country).

  50. BSU SC says:

    Lol @ Ives

    A- Just curious

    B- Thought I’d throw his name out there

    C- Not serious, just wanted a reaction from you

    D- He’s getting playing time so I thought I’d throw his name out there.

    E- Not serious, just wanted a reaction from you

    F- I think we could have used him this year and with no clear up and comers on the horizon I wouldn’t count him out.

    (SBI-I was intrigued by White too, but there were serious questions about his work rate and it fitting in on the international level.)

  51. David says:

    I know we have a young and talented midfield but it is hard for me to believe that our entire midfield in 2014 will be made up of players who were in camp for 2010. That would mean we have no one even on the radar at the moment that is projected to have a better future than the midfileders we have right now.

  52. Brad says:

    we aren’t allowed to talk about him as a USMNT player until he at least appears on a field again, then we can get serious once he gets capped…

  53. alex says:

    dempsey is younger than donovan

  54. BSU SC says:

    I see your point, but I think his best days might still be ahead of him if he stays healthy.

  55. micah says:

    Ives, please keep this like you did this year for 2014. Can’t wait to see the good picks and the bad ones. I’m guessing you get 17 of the 23 right.

  56. Drew says:

    Lichaj had a wasted year and is on a downward path. League One? Come on, he has yet to break out and show any sign of international caliber.

    College didn’t hurt Edu much did it?

  57. micah says:

    I’ll buy you a drink in Brazil if you get more than 20 right.

  58. fischy says:

    I gotta believe Lichaj is way ahead of Sarkodie right now. 4 years is a long time, but it’s had to imagine Kofi is already on the cusp of the national team. Not convinced Ream is at that level, either. He’s on this list because Backe keeps talking about it. That’s a snow job. I think Franklin is already at the level. He should get some looks. I’d expect him to get some starts in the Gold Cup.

    Midfield — Diskerrud, Jeffries and Lletget. All very young, though. Rogers isn’t that far off. If he could move to a Euro league, he might get the polishing he needs.

    Tweeners – Pontius has the raw potential. If he can become more accurate around the goal, we’d really have something. Shea has a lot of potential…if only he’d focus less on his hair.

    Forwards — I’m glad you have Yura on the list. He scores. That’s a pretty good quality. One guy missing from this list is Justin Braun. He’s really starting to come into his own. With a better team, you’d hear more about him.

    Goalie — I’ll have to watch Seitz again. It’s been a month since I’ve seen him, and apparently he’s developed real quality in the meantime. Either that, or you’re out of your mind. Bill Hamid? I’m a DCU fan. I like Hamid. The truth is, though, he wasn’t even the best goalie coming out of the DCU Academy last year. Samir Badr was. If he can get some paying time a Porto in the next couple of years, he might make the trip to Brazil. Otherwise, I’d be on Cervi for #3.

  59. jig says:

    hmmm. quick, smart, and plays with heart. kinda like frankie hejduk? no thanks.

  60. Dong says:

    Maybe 2 years ago.

  61. UY says:

    Link that he was sent out on loan?

  62. fubar says:

    +1 on Daniel Williams. I know he has a choice to make but for a guy playing regularly in the Bundesliga, you have to like his chances.

    Especially, if Klinnsmann becomes coach.

  63. BSU SC says:

    Jermaine Jones was getting called into camp in Germany but that never panned out. I’m not giving up on Hoyos until he’s officially no longer eligible to play for the US of A.

    Orozco has completely dropped off of the radar. Not saying that he can’t revitalize his career, but he needs to recapture his 2008 form.

  64. jig says:

    has anyone actually seen lichaj play besides the meaningless friendlies in the Peace Cup last summer? seems like a lot of irrational love for a guy whos gonna be 22 soon and his club keeps loaning him out. Ives, any insight?

  65. UY says:

    Justin Braun, are you serious?

    [applying your response to Chris Seitz to that comment]

  66. fischy says:

    I neglected to mention Opara and Cameron. Ike can score. If he can learn to defend, he’d e a formidable package. Cameron is too good a talent not to be on the team, at either defense or midfield.

  67. Vik says:

    he’s honduran, dunno if he has plans to get US citizenship.

  68. tmurph says:


    Abdus Ibrahim- kids 18 years old has 20 appearences for toronto already. i think he could be special one day

  69. fischy says:

    I’v eliked what I’ve seen of Braun this year — admittedly it was only 2 games.

  70. JohnC says:

    I like our future- the best “American” prospects in the MLS right now are at the backline which is the US’ weakest spot. The best group of established, young players we have in Europe are at Midfield and should continue to grow. Goalkeeper isn’t really up for discussion. The only worry I have is at forward, but considering Jozy was the youngest starting forward in the World Cup and Clint is a dynamic player who over the next four years will have a chance to really learn the striker position my worries are very small. I hope and prey Davies is able to come back but I also like the prospect of Tracy and considering striker is usually a spot for mid-twenty and above players in the World Cup I have faith a player will emerge over the next four years just like Davies did this last two years. If I had to make a bet on Agudelo, Jack Mac or Bowen I would put my money on Bowen. I think this guy has a shot to be great. I am a Union fan but am not completely sold on Jack Mac because I see his upside so limited, he prob. will never grow anymore nor get faster, he is pretty small dude already- I think he is more Taylor Twellman than David Villa. But boy do I hope I am wrong!

  71. RevsFan says:

    Since he’s left footed he’s better off on the right side. That way he can drift in and take strikes on goal with his stronger foot.

  72. DirtyLeeds says:

    I’ve seen both of them play and I’ll take that bet.

    I should have said he’s been in school the whole time Lichaj’s been a pro (since 2007.)

    In terms of my milque toast comment — I only say that when looking at the 2006 projections from 2010. Most were rehashes of the 2006 squad and a lot of them werent even being invited to camps by 2010. If you’re going to make projections they might as well be bold IMO.

    admittedly its very hard to do but heres my shout:

    GK: Howard, Guzan, Hamid

    DF: Ream, Gonzalez, Opara, Lichaj, Boss, Williams*, Castillo, Garza*

    MF: Landycakes, Bradley, Edu, Holden, Bedoya, Diskerud, Okugo, Shea

    FW: Altidore, Davies, Dempsey, Taylor

    * – shots in the dark

    (SBI-So you’d rather throw up 12 long shots so you can have one or two you can look back on and be proud about? How is that a reasonable approach? I’m trying to offer up the most practical squad based on what we know now. These aren’t shots in the dark. Anybody can throw darts at a board.)

  73. clint dempsey says:

    Why didn’t bob play me and landon as full time forwards in 2010?

  74. DadRyan says:

    The kid has been in the states 3 years and can barely speak English. He’s a Catracho. Let’s please not turn this into another Subtotic or Rossi longing fest.

  75. fischy says:

    I like our future very much — especially for the ’18 Cup. I’m a little more concerned about the ’14 Cup. There seems to be a good-sized gap between the Donovan/Dempse/Boca/Gooch bunch who will be on the downside of good careers, and all the young players like Opara, Jack Mac, Gil, Lletget, Bowen, etc. There are a couple of standout talents in there, like Holden — but I’m not sure if there are enough.

  76. Sir Knox says:

    Ream is on the list because he deserves to be there. Backe isn’t talking him up that much. He always said he was playing well ( which he has been) Backe always followed up by saying he’s a rookie and we are going to see rookie mistakes. ( which we have seen )
    the kid is quality but he’s still raw.

  77. timF says:

    Mike Grella sucks. I’d put anyone on the field ahead of him, even Tony Taylor aka Findley 2.0.

  78. jig says:

    you should never pick a centerback for his offensive qualities. if hes not good enough defending, he shouldnt go no matter what. that said, i think he will be good enough.

  79. Covert says:

    Hunter Freeman should be on this list, as should Darius Barnes. Last season Barnes played like every game for New England as rookie. Freeman has been as good as Goodsen at IK Start. Both deserve a look.

    Diskerud and Najar may warrant looks as well in the midfield.

    I would think that if Rolfe is playing well at Aalborg he’ll see some minutes for that nats as either a mid or forward.

    Luis Robles could contend for a keeping spot as well.

    I’d keep an eye on Tim Ward, Brek Shea, Jack McInerney, Dax McCarty, and Tim Ream as well.

  80. Frank Borghi says:

    Sal Zizzo.

  81. jig says:

    how do you figure lichaj will go? not hating, just curious.

  82. jb says:

    Because we need him there. Desperately.

  83. Mat says:

    The 2014 squad will be even stronger that the 2010 one in my opinion. Indeed, barring injuries, all of our current young stars from the 2010 roster (Edu, Bradley, Altidore, Spector, Holden, etc…) should logically be even better with 4 more years of European 1st division experience and the fact they’ll be at an ideal age in mid-late twenties.
    Also, guys like Landon and Dempsey should still be kickin and fit 31/32 is in no way over the hill for those guys (I have no worries they’ll still be in their prime), and their added WC experience will be invaluable. Add to that all the new faces we will see burst upon the scene, and we will have in 2014 the strongest midfield in US soccer history, in terms of overall physical impact, skill and experience. Not to mention that if Jermaine Jones can regain his pre-injury form (a longshot), our depth will be formidable in midfield.
    Strikers, I’m convinced Jozy will be a star. I don’t care what people say, he had a great WC. He’s a big reason why we beat Algeria and came back vs Slovenia. He’ll continue to progress. He’s so young. The enigma is Davies really: will he come back as strong as before? I don’t see why not, considering his injuries were mostly bone damage and that no tendons or muscles were too severely affected. The depth at striker should continue to be a bit of an issue, though overall, the US should still be a strong offensive team, with lots of pace, skill and physical impact.
    The defense is the big problem, but I like to say that our 2010 was really one of the worst I’ve seen in US WC history. Basically, I’m confident any new 4 guys we throw out there in 2014 will do a better job than Boca, DeMerit, Bornstein, Dolo overall. Dolo was good during the WC, but Boca and DeMerit were just average. I think in 2014 we’ll have a couple big and strong central defenders with nice ball skills, something totally new for a USMNT, though the issue will be the high level experience they have. This said, I’m confident that our 2014 defense will be bigger, stronger and more technical than the one we threw out in 2010, though they might be a bit green.
    Finally, for keeper, I think Howard is past his prime and that he also had a quite average WC aside from the England game. At the same time, he won’t be over the hill in 2014 and his experience is a difficult asset to bypass. This said the US always produced great goalies, so that position is the least of my concerns.
    To sum up in 2014 we’ll be a much deeper and skillful side than in 2010, and the 1/4 final will be a realistic goal. Our player pool is growing in terms of skill and quantity of skill and athletic potential, so there’s no reason a well coached USMNT can’t be a world power in 2014.

  84. DirtyLeeds says:

    Wasted year? You’re clueless, its standard practice for young premier league players to go out on loan to Championship/League One clubs. By all accounts he is highly thought of by Martin O’Neills staff.

    He also had two loan spells (its hard to break the Aston Villa first team) and did very well at each. He displaced the team captain at Leyton Orient and by all accounts was one of their best players, and was clearly playing at a league below his level.

    When injuries begin to strike, I think he’ll end up going on a short term loan or two again, this time to the Championship.

    Yes college wasn’t bad for Edu but at the same time can’t I say that turning pro didn’t turn out too badly for Landon Donovan did it?

  85. Carlos Lopez says:

    Sean Franklin

  86. gilby says:

    My dark Horse a 30 year old Sebastian Le Toux. He gets his green card this year and should be a citizen by 2014. He’s got 6 already in MLS play and is looking better and better every year. He covers a ton of ground and would be a great off the bench option for a U.S team.

  87. Skinn says:

    Feeling a little defensive, Ives?

  88. timothy says:

    How about Alex Zahavi? Portugal’s U-17 captain who said he wants to play for the US

  89. DirtyLeeds says:

    First of all where the f*** did I mention Mike Grella? I’m guessing your bitterness stems from the fact he rejected MLS.

    Second, I’ve seen Mike play countless times and (no hyperbole) he has better touch then anyone on the 2010 WC squad except maybe Donovan. His passing and creativity is beyond what you typically see from Americans. I’m not sure he’s a forward though since he hasn’t really displayed a killer eye for goal, I believe he could be very good as an attacking midfielder/with-drawn forward.

    Third, Tony Taylor is a legit prospect for us. He kept his Portugese club up at the end of the year thanks to some great play and we’ll see what he has this year when you give him a full year to play.

  90. SBI Troll says:

    No Spector, Torres, or Feilhaber? There is no WC experience on defense on that list.

  91. Joamiq says:

    Will be 32 and hasn’t played for the US yet. Would be awesome if he could give us something, though.

  92. Foriegn National says:

    Gunther Armadeus?

  93. Joamiq says:

    Yes and yes

  94. Scott says:

    because he’s much smarter than you

  95. mixmaster flash says:

    jermaine jones

  96. DirtyLeeds says:

    We’ll see how Spector recovers but I’m not liking his long term prospects at the moment.

    If giving up early goals is what we experienced his past round then we could use some new ideas.

    I could easily see Torres and Feilhaber being crowded out by some of the young talent. Admittedly the midfield is among the hardest to pick and I’m not necessarily in love with all my choices there but I could see one or both of those two not being in the squad in 2014.

  97. Joe B. NYC says:

    What happened to 2007 U20 fullbacks Beltran & Wallace?
    Just would like to know…

  98. Joe says:

    Sal Zizzo?

  99. Joamiq says:

    I don’t think his suicide will be covered, not even with the new health care regulatory bill

  100. Justin says:

    JOHN O’BRIEN!!??!!!, but seriously, where is Danny Szetela these days?

  101. B16 says:

    Think about this conversation looking ahead to 2010 right after the 2006
    debacle. Who would we have been talking about-all we could have done is licked
    our wounds and hoped to be better. It is encouraging that there is such a breadth
    of names/options being bandied about for 2014. With the right coach beating the
    bushes for new talent-think about all the unknowns no one has mentioned who aren’t
    even on the SBI collective radar yet. (see Gomez, Goodson, etc this year.
    Mr. Klinsmann are you ready to sign on with US Soccer yet?

  102. steponhens says:

    Corben Bone

  103. BlueWhiteLion says:

    I like his quickness–and he crosses better than Hejduk. He seemed to fair all right against AC Milan (yeah yeah, just a friendly, but still). I’d say he is a potential prospect. And he has every reason to succeed with Arena and the system at LA

  104. Tstaub says:

    He is from DRC, but who knows where his loyalties lie. I looked at the DRCNT and they have some strong clubs represented on the squad, but there are players that Danny could beat out.

  105. Drew says:

    Teal Bunbury at forward.

  106. BlueWhiteLion says:

    he seems to have mental toughness and display some creativity in his passing.

  107. DirtyLeeds says:

    SBI – Fair comment on Taylor. I’m just going on a limb with him based on my gut (and admittedly for personal reasons since I have connections to his HS in Jacksonville) and that he should be playing regularly in Europe by 2014 being that he really stepped up for Estoril this year. I think he’s futures bright from the few times I’ve seen him play.

    Grella I think could easily be in the picture by 2014. I stand by my comments below about his touch and creativity. Its sublime compared to the majority of the 2010 squad. He’s got to learn how to put them to better use however but its not out of the question. I’ll be interested to see how he does on loan this year.

  108. MiamiAl says:

    Hamid is a stud! He’ll be the #3 in Brasil…And What about Luis Robles? He needs to find a club right?

  109. Thorpinski says:

    same for Mwanga ? All indications are that he wants to play for the US

    I would like to see more new blood than what is on the list. 4 years is a long time so I think guys like LLetget, and Gale , Lichaj all have a better chance of making the 23 than where Ives has them.

    Ives can we get a real update on Renken? Is he training? has he recovered from his injuries?

    biggest omission Dillion Powers

  110. Joamiq says:

    Prediction: Benny’s going to turn into John O’Brien Jr. (hopefully minus the injuries)

  111. DirtyLeeds says:

    Yes I’ve seen him play and followed his loan moves closely. His club is Aston Villa, not exactly an easy squad for a 21 year old to crack is it? Getting sent on loans is standard protocol for promising young players, just look at all the Arsenal youth.

    Martin O’Neill is said to think highly of him as well and Leyton Orient fans will tell you how well he did for them this past year.

    (SBI-Listen, I like Lichaj, and I saw him play in Villa’s pre-season tournament against the likes of Juve and thought he was solid. I think he is solid, but I also think Kofi Sarkodie is a more dynamic player with more upset. Sure, Lichaj will have the jump on him having started his pro career two years sooner, but I’ll be on Sarkodie’s upside. Lichaj is the safer pick, but what will he be at his best? A stay-at-home fullback who can defend decently but can’t bring much going forward? Maybe for the lower levels of England that’s acceptable, but for the international game, where having fullbacks who can attack is a key element of the best teams, you need someone who can give you more going forward.)

  112. Ken says:

    Throwback time. This was Ives’ predicted roster for 2010 written for

    IVES GALARCEP projects the 2010 USMNT roster

    Goalkeepers (3)

    (Tim Howard, Quentin Westberg, Kasey Keller)

    Defenders (8)

    (Oguchi Onyewu, Carlos Bocanegra, Cory Gibbs, Chad Marshall, Frank Simek, Steve Cherundolo, Jonathan Spector, Marvelle Wynne)

    Midfielders (8)

    (Landon Donovan, Bobby Convey, Clint Dempsey, DaMarcus Beasley, Freddy Adu, Ricardo Clark, Benny Feilhaber, Michael Bradley)

    Forwards (4)

    (Eddie Johnson, Lee Nguyen, Kenny Cooper, Preston Zimmerman)

  113. Barksdale says:

    Wouldn’t surprise me if Dempsey is retired from international play before 2014.

    Sucks to think about, but it came from a decent source.

  114. 42542542542534 says:

    Zack Schilawski – the next Brian McBride, he’ll be at his prime in 2014. If he was getting decent service on the Revs he’d have more goals than Buddle

  115. BlueWhiteLion says:

    Gabriel Ferrari

  116. 42542542542534 says:

    Not bad until you get to the forwards, but then again who could have predicted any of them?

  117. Jack McInerney dressed for the Union game this past Sunday. What makes you think they sent him out on loan?

  118. DirtyLeeds says:

    well done Ives. The forwards were impossible to predict. A 16 year old Altidore was hardly on anyones radar at the time.

    I think though that the standard of our up-and-coming players is higher then it was back then. In 2014 I imagine we will see less of the old guard and more new blood.

  119. Hard to imagine Teal Bunbury choosing to play for the United States. He’s still eligible but he seems pretty committed to Canada. Especially considering his father’s international history …

  120. JC says:

    Freddy Adu is unsettled at Aris FC, Ives?

    If he’s leaving Aris, exactly where is he gonna go next? He might as return to US at this point.

  121. Villain-from-Texas says:

    Aside from the Peace Cup, no, I haven’t seen him play. But I follow all of the reports on Villa’s reserve games — and Villa fans are really high on him. He bombs forward pretty well but is also strong defensively. Also, 21 years old is still pretty young for a right back.

  122. Villain-from-Texas says:

    Lee Nguyen was going to be awesome. Too bad he never worked out.

  123. Comparing Zack Schilawski to Brian McBride is INCREDIBLY disrespectful to Brian McBride. Three good months in the MLS does NOT come anywhere near the terrific career of one of the best United States forwards ever. Be serious.

  124. Jamez says:

    you mean we will be going back with the same dam players haha goodluck with that second round exit again. untill we find some players with that xfactor like all the big sides do then we will be stuck where we are at. Find some Freddy Adu’s who can perform at the international level. Notice Gio Dos Santos plays better for Mexico than he does for his Club? We need players like those or we will continue to be an average team. Forget Donovan he’s a good player but he’ll never take us across that pond . in 2014 he’ll be loosing his legs not making noise.

  125. DirtyLeeds says:

    Agree completely about the bombing forward. He scored a brilliant goal from 20+yds out for Leyton Orient doing just that this past year.

    (As a member of a Football League club you can view the videos of the other FL clubs)

    I’m excited to see more from Lichaj.

    PS- he’s eligible to play for Poland iirc so cap him now! 😛

    (SBI-Do me a favor and stop linking to the site you keep linking to.)

  126. Usain Bolt says:

    Marvell Wynne? Eddie Johnson? We need speed dammit!

  127. Adam M. says:

    As today, the players are all good enough for 2014 that the right manager can wring a quarterfinals out of them if the draw is right, no key players are hurt, and no one screws up. The key to 2014, which Brazil will win at home, is: (1) Manager finds the best formation and starts the best players at that formation, which Coach Bob failed to do (2) Altidore loses his remaining awkwardness and develops into Ruud Van Nistelroy with more speed, or a reasonable approximation thereof, (3) someone, possibly Torres, develops into Xavi or a reasonable approximation thereof, and (4) someone figures out how to play left back. I think getting to the Quarters in 2014 is the definition of a successful tournament and anything less is failure. Can’t put pressure on early enough.

  128. Paul Thomas says:

    You’re committing a fundamental logical fallacy here. (No offense, just saying.) The fact that any single projection is somewhat unlikely to hit is not an unlimited license to throw things at the wall just to see what sticks.

    If, say, Feilhaber is the most likely out of some pool of players to make the 2014 roster, then one should project him to make the 2014 roster– regardless of whether his odds of making it are 50%, 25%, 5%, or 1% in a vacuum.

    Frankly, I have a real hard time seeing how any of the players on the current roster who aren’t old are not the most likely guys to make it at their position again in 2014, apart from Findley, who seemed like a desperation include that went disastrously wrong.

  129. kanu says:

    so deep in midfield, but so thin in the back. can we send robbie rogers back to holland to learn how to be an attacking left back? he’s so technical, it’d be great to get him on the field.

    same with geoff cameron, can we send him to europe to play centerback already? the ACL is a bad injury for his international prospects, any more won’t happen for another 2 years or so now.

  130. jasonfray says:

    Stefan Jerome for up top? Also, definitely expect to see Sebastien Lleget get a look, especially if we get a European coach in here. Lleget is going to be getting first team minutes more than likely with West Ham. He was said to be the best prospect ever at the club, and that has included Lampard and Joe Cole.

  131. Juan from L.A. says:

    Excellent posts Ives…please continue doing this if you at a minimum at semi-annual basis. It would be great if it was on a monthly basis. Great post! Thanks!

  132. Paul Thomas says:

    That’s probably true.

    Projecting player growth is a serious problem in any sport. The statistics on it are better in baseball, so forgive the detour into another sport, but– at any given time in minor league baseball, out of literally thousands of players, there are only about 5-10 who project to, if they hit their 50th percentile performance, be worth as much as even an average major leaguer is.

    There are tons of guys with CEILINGS that are higher than that, but that’s a different question entirely. Actually betting on a prospect to grow so much that he beats out someone who’s already pretty good is a sucker’s gamble.

  133. EA says:

    Prediction – Heath Pearce will be this cycle’s Steve Cherundolo… the consistent veteran that more often than not, gets it done, but isn’t flashy.


  134. Illmatic74 says:

    There were only 7 guys on the 2010 team who were on the 2006 team. So I doubt 13 guys from this year will make 2014. There are going to be plenty of players people are not even thinking about who will be on the team and guys people consider locks won’t even be in the discussion in 4 years.

    (SBI- You do realize that the number varies right? You do realize the 2006 team was widely-regarded as an old team, so there was always going to be heavy turnover. The 2010 is widely-regarded as a young team so there will be less turnover. Will it definitely 13 players back? Perhaps not, but if you think only seven players from 2010 will be back in 2014 you’re crazy.)

  135. DirtyLeeds says:

    Its also a fallacy in my eyes to say that the best players now will be the best players in 4 years time. 4 years is an eternity in a players career.

    Eyes are opening to the talent in the USA and I believe without question our 2014 player pool will be far deeper then it was in 2010, with significantly more players in Europe (which was one of the biggest keys to getting picked.)

    If Bob Bradley comes back I think your point makes more sense but with a new (and possibly foreign) manager things will be up in the air and current form will matter far more then the fact they made the 2010 squad.

    (SBI-Not buying this one at all. So basically you’re saying it’ll take a new manager to make the right picks (and see things your way). That’s pretty hilarious. Many of your picks are hail mary’s, based on the sparsest of tangible evidence. They’re just names of young prospects you’ve read about or caught a glimpse of here and there. You know what, you can do that, you can throw darts at a board blind-folded if you want, but to suggest that those of us who base our picks on logic and educated estimations rather than blind hope are somehow wrong, I just can’t agree with that.)

  136. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Ives, you’re ducking the big question. Who is going to caoch these guys?

    (SBI-Who’s ducking a question. I wrote a post about the squad in 2014. I’ve already written about the coaching situation, and will offer a more detailed look for Fox next week. At this point anything is possible, including Bradley coming back.)

  137. Paul Thomas says:

    This is about the first time I’ve heard someone argue that bone damage is LESS bad than muscle damage. About the only thing that’s harder to fully recover from than a major fracture is something like a SLAP tear or severing a major ligament.

    Davies’ right leg was completely messed up in that accident. I’ll believe he’s back to something approaching “health” when I see it.

  138. Illmatic74 says:

    Yeah I don’t want Bunbury to ever play for US. Canada loses all of their top players to other National teams. we will get better if we have tougher competition in our region. And Canada is the only county in our region that has the resources to challenge US and Mexico consistenty. But, that has to start by them keeping their best players.

  139. Illmatic74 says:

    Yeah I never want to see Burnbury playing for us. Canada always lose their best players to other countries. For US to get better we need better competiton in the region. Canada is the only counrty in our region that have the resources to compete with US and Mexico consistently. But, for that to start happening they need to be able to keep their best players.

  140. EliteWinger7 says:

    it 7/1/2010…plenty can change with our defense in 2years when qualification starts, even more in 4 when the actual tourney starts..lets kinda let put this world cup to bed before worrying haha

  141. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Just poking at you…anxious to get your take.

    As for your list, I like it, but I suspect more than one dark horse will make the squad. I also think that we’re going to be much stronger in the back next cycle.

  142. DirtyLeeds says:

    SBI – so you’re saying Sarkodie can get forward at an int’l level based on what he’s done in college and with the US u20s?

    I’ve seen Sarkodie against the Mexican u20s and he was turned inside and out by Saul Villalobos (who looked brilliant to be fair) and had to be bailed out repeatedly by Okugo, who moved to CB after a red card.

    Say what you will about the English lower leagues but its substantially higher standard (and better prep for international play) then the NCAA. And thats not even mentioning his time practicing at Aston Villa.

    I think you’re selling Lichaj short saying he doesn’t get forward well; from what I’ve seen/read in match reports, attacking is a strength of his game.

  143. Illmatic74 says:

    I know it wouldn’t make any sense for his club team right now. But, I think Shea can turn into a decent LB.

  144. Carlo says:

    Lay of Najar. He is Honduran, and he is a hope for the Catrachos! What’s Adu’s situation with Aris. Why is he almost out the door. He has another year on his loan deal. I think he has done rather well for them.

  145. Illmatic74 says:

    Well he has to start looking at possibly playing here since he didn’t get any looks for Germany’s u-17 or u-20 team.

  146. Paul Thomas says:

    Not to sound like a broken record, but… the goal is not to pick the quantity of players from the current squad who will be there in 2014, it’s to pick the 23 guys who are most likely to be on that 2014 squad. And saying that 13 of the current 23 are among the top 23 prospects for 2014 is a completely different matter than saying “there will be 13 holdovers, full stop.”

    It’s actually almost a mathematical certainty that the number of holdovers will be less than the number of players who individually project at this time to be holdovers. Counterintuitive, but true.

    One could, I suppose, take your last sentence seriously and decree that this conversation not take place, but personally, as someone who knows relatively little about the younger prospects, I find it instructive, so…

    [FWIW, if I WAS guessing about the number of holdovers, I’d say ten, with the most likely distribution being 2 keepers, 2 defenders, 5 midfielders, and 1 forward.]

  147. jmadsen says:

    Wow! Bobby Convey is only 27?

    For some reason I thought he was closer to 37.

  148. reverb says:

    Ives, I wouldn’t be surprised if Onyewu, Howard and Dempsey are retired from International play in 4 years time. It’s very difficult to get back to 100% from a knee injury and stay that way for 4 years in Gooch’s case. Playing another 4 years in the Prem will take it’s toll on Howard and Dempsey so I personally wouldn’t count on them being there.

  149. DirtyLeeds says:

    SBI- in a way yes :)

    I genuinely believe our defense will be turned over almost entirely in 2014 and we have a host of youth players who can potentially fill those roles.

    I dont hold much hope for the 3 defenders from 2010 you listed (a 32 year old Onyewu, or Bornstein or Spector whose careers seem to be on a downward trend.) Its not as though our defensive record was so outstanding that they’re all locks to come back, especially considering the uncertainty of all their careers. Will Onyewu get any games at Milan? Will he go on loan? Will he fully recover from his knee? Will Spector ever find his confidence again? Dont even need to say anything about Bornstein.

    Besides defensively my other predictions aren’t too unreasonable IMO. I might have had Yura instead of Taylor but his immigration status gave me pause.

  150. DirtyLeeds says:

    (SBI-Do me a favor and stop linking to the site you keep linking to.)
    ok sorry, just saw your message now, had it in there as a lark a while ago and forgot it was saved as the form feed. Its gone now.

  151. ryan says:

    do you read any of the comments? not to try to sound rude but i’m pretty sure every mention of Mwanga on here has followed with “if he secures citizenship.”

  152. aightdad says:

    At the end of each Cup, you have a core for the next one. But the players who make a difference in the next Cup are still in high school at the time. 1998 had Reyna, Pope, McBride, Friedel. 2002 had those plus Donavan, Beasley, O’Brian. 2010 has Altidore, Bradley, Torres. We don’t know yet who the current high school kids are for 2014.

  153. Paul Thomas says:

    You’re still not getting what I’m saying here. The question when doing a prediction is not “will Benny Feilhaber be the best in four years’ time?” It’s “is Benny Feilhaber the MOST LIKELY of the contending players to be the best in four years’ time?”

    Projecting someone to make the roster who is not the most likely person to make the roster decreases the average number of guesses that you will hit on. Assuming that Ives wants this list to look good in four years, and that seems like a reasonable assumption, he’s doing it right.

    It’s like picking mostly “chalk” in a March Madness contest with no bonus points for picking upsets. Is it boring? Sure, but it’s generally the correct strategy (except when the pool of entrants is enormous).

  154. jcr says:

    I am a Red Bulls fan, but I just saw Mwanga play this past weekend for the 1st time since the beginning of the season. He looks quite good. If he gets his U.S. citizenship, he has great potential. He is from Congo, but I somehow don’t see him looking to play for that country considering what is going on there and what I think is his good feelings here. What about Zakuani? He was born in London, but he is 22. Can he somehow play for us?

  155. Mitch says:

    thanks for not having rico clark on the list! or robbie findley. they both suck.

  156. beckster says:


    Really liked your “Don’t forget” – I think Convey, Adu and Pontius can all be in the mix for this. I’d love to see them play well, stay injury free and grab a place.

    It will be interesting to see what Grant does with Spector. I’m increasingly thinking he is a better center back option due to his lack of pace.

  157. BooThisMan says:

    He said in a recent interview that he plans to play for Honduras.

  158. Scott says:

    As someone who played sports competivly and had a SLAP tear I second your opinion

  159. Andy says:


    Curious if you did this same list 4 years ago…who was on it?

  160. Jank says:

    I worry more about Dempsey because he usually gets beat up alot or plays very physical in a physical league.
    As for Donovan, He should be fine, depending on if he stays in MLS or goes abroad.
    Donovan doesn’t play as physical a game as well.
    Holden, Edu and Bradley and even Altidore should all be much better come 2014 and that only bodes well for Dempsey and Donovan.

  161. DirtyLeeds says:

    (SBI-Not buying this one at all. So basically you’re saying it’ll take a new manager to make the right picks (and see things your way). That’s pretty hilarious. Many of your picks are hail mary’s, based on the sparsest of tangible evidence. They’re just names of young prospects you’ve read about or caught a glimpse of here and there. You know what, you can do that, you can throw darts at a board blind-folded if you want, but to suggest that those of us who base our picks on logic and educated estimations rather than blind hope are somehow wrong, I just can’t agree with that.)

    We share 13 of 23. Of the others I admit some are stabs in the dark I think the majority are based on logic and educated estimations, which I’ll share.

    Hamid – potentially the best prospect by 2014, bring him as the 3rd keeper for the WC experience.

    Lichaj – I rate him as a 3 year pro over a college kid. Completely logical.

    Williams – complete stab in the dark, never seen him. I was torn between Alston and him but being that he’s already seen playing time in Europe hes ahead of the curve (since only 3 players out of our 23 came from MLS.)

    Castillo & Garza – I’ve never seen Garza but someone needs to play LB. Castillo is capped and Garza is currently with the u20s. Not entirely illogical that they could be our LBs in 4 years. Garza is admittedly my biggest leap of faith.

    Diskerud – young talented attack minded midfielder whose playing regularly in Europe and was a bright spot in the last u20 tournament where we were bereft of them. Projecting forward 4 years he will have moved on from Norway onto a bigger league IMO, maybe Germany.

    Okugo – was very impressed with him against the Mexican u20s. Versatile, can play CB/CM, much like Edu can cover the spot if necessary. Putting him in there from what I saw with my own eyes.

    Shea – my fav player on FCD and one of our most talent youngsters IMO. He’s played a host of positions already in his career, is left-footed and that only benefits him to make our roster. I see him in Europe in a by 2011 or 2012.

    Taylor – personal preference (as I said above) but I also love Yura. Just dont know if he will be able to get his citizenship (while Williams can apply whenever.)

  162. TheSoccerSage says:

    I think we should start a campaign to get former professional players w/ American wives (Andriy Shevchenko, Jurgen Klinsmann, etc) to reproduce some American-citizen offspring! Adidas should pay Becks to have a boy, name him “Adidas” (or “Predator) just so they can get some USMNT ad space…

  163. Rich says:

    What about Wallace who played lleft back in the olympics(?) or was that left back when Freddie and Josy were in the U20 WC?

    What about the left back who played in the U17 WC? He looked good.

    Are they more likely for 2018?

  164. skinnyj says:

    I’m Yura’s biggest fan, he was so much better than Findley, and just as fast- not quite as quick. But with more touch and physical. Don’t know what the holdup is on the citizenship, do we need to get a Senator involved?

    Also, saw Torres in person at the World Cup, doing pre-game warmups. He played nervously against Slovenia- but he is amazing on the ball. His on-ball skills were far superior to anyone else on the team- not sure how to translate that to games other than more experience…

  165. Carson says:

    I missed the post where Ives showed who he predicted 4 years ago. And am having trouble digging it up. Link? Thanks.

  166. Carson says:

    Nevermind. Saw it further down.

  167. B1879 says:

    Plenty of keepers (e.g. Friedel, van der Saar and Hahnemann) have done fine in the Prem in their upper 30’s. I would bank in Howard @ the 2014 WC.

  168. JimBob says:

    After their performance in SA maybe he will reconsider

  169. Mike says:

    Fair enough Ives, maybe he is too young, but we are the same country who gave Robbie Findley two starts in a World Cup.

    I guess I see where Davies is at, and I would say that he is comparable in size and hustle at his age, but maybe not speed. He just seems fast tracked to be in a good league more sooner than later if he does well in the U20s and so on. I mean, it’s not like the forward position is the most abundant for us.

    He just looks like a typical USA player. Good team player and wildly passionate about his position.

  170. DL says:

    Any chance Mike Chabala gets a look? Not sure if he is fast enough but why not bring him in for a camp or even gold cup and see what he can do on the left.

  171. Tony in Quakeland says:

    You clearly based that on how he played last year

  172. Seisco says:

    The bottom line is 4 years is an eternity in international soccer, and there’s no way of knowing who will develop by 2014, or who will be hot at that time. Four years ago, did any of us envision Buddle or Gomez on the WC squad? Did anyone predict Jay DeMerit, Michael Bradley, or even Jozy would start every game in the next WC? This time four years ago Jozy hadn’t even started an MLS game yet. So let’s not get all worked up on these lineups or take them too seriously, because at the end of the day they are *purely* speculation.

  173. Ty says:

    Rodney Wallace

  174. RangerSG says:

    Amused by the number of people saying Howard will be over-the-hill/past his prime in 2014. 35 is not old for a keeper. After all, Brad Friedel is still starting for Aston Villa week-in/week-out. And Edwin’s position as Man Utd#1.

    The real issue with Timmy is how serious you take his retirement talk. I think he’ll take time off until the qualifiers, then reappear.

  175. MikeG says:

    Marvell Wynne needs to be considered for his raw mongol speed.

  176. JimBob says:

    Chet Stedman

  177. Aquaman says:

    I am still not willing to give up on Quentin Westberg. I know the argument is going to be that he played in the third tier French league last year, but he did post 12 shutouts in helping the team back to League 2. I know they just brought in competition to make his job a little more difficult too. Also, What do you think of the U20 and U18 keeper prospects (most notably Brian Perk, Samir Badr, and Earl Edwards). I know Edwards will be REALLY young, but he is physically impressive and most likely for 2018, but I really haven’t seen the others play.

  178. DirtyLeeds says:

    yep agree completely, I’m only having a bit of fun with it, not trying to get all scientific/statisical. When I do my march madness brackets I like to pick the upsets too, its more fun that way.

  179. Matt says:

    Movsisyan will get called to Azerbijan (sp?) before the USA figures it out haha.

  180. Paul says:

    When I read about Dempsey being most effective at forward, and remember how well the team played in South Africa when he was up top and Feilhaber was in the midfield — and then remember how Coach Bradley failed to use that combination until it was practically forced upon him — well, my head starts to hurt again.

  181. Adriano says:

    Two words:

    Luis Gil.

  182. Jorge says:

    Three words:

    Mexican National Team.

  183. mike says:

    Jozy Altidore sucked big soccer balls in the World Cup! Bench that guy right next to Bryan Ching and Eddie Johnson and all the rest of Bob Bradley’s failed experiments.

  184. Adriano says:

    The kid has said that he wants to play for the United States.

  185. nolan says:

    don’t forget about Preston Zimmerman.

    Also, what about Clarence Goodson as a defender. He is really good and still developing.

  186. EA says:

    John O’Brien

  187. GalaxyGooner says:

    I have been really impressed with Michael Stephens in the Galaxy midfield, good mind and read of the game and great workrate, stepped right in as a starter a few games into the season because of those qualities. We’ll see if he continues to mature and improve under Arena. Potential to be right in the pool soon

  188. Aquaman says:

    He also continues to get call ups for the US team and accepting them….even for tournaments like the “Lisbon International Tournament”

  189. Rich says:

    What ever happened to Chris Agorsor or Charles Renken?

  190. GalaxyGooner says:

    Oh, and what about Omar Gonzalez? If Gonzo continues to develop (already called into camp once) what an imposing duo of centerbacks Gooch and Gonzo would be, especially with a some speedy fullbacks flanking.

  191. St. Addi says:

    Freddy Adu is not ONE of the most skilled players in the pool, he is THE most skilled player in the pool. The fact that he wasn’t even called into the camp was a joke and had more to do with Bradley than with Adu. Some of the moves that he has pulled at Aris that have led to chances are sicker than anything anyone else in the pool could even dream of pulling. We will get a new coach, who appreciates skill, and Adu’s skill will shine through. Adu really only lacked physicality and hustle in the past, which is much easier to learn than skill on the ball, vision, passing and finishing. No he is not as fast as Donovan, but he is certainly fast enough. He has had to learn humility the hard way and being left out of the camp probably contributed positively to that as well. This is the first comment I’ve ever posted about Adu, so no need for the fanboy comments.

  192. Matt says:

    Ives has a strange love affair with Chad Marshall.

  193. GO USA says:


  194. Tim says:

    lmao. You are officially an adu fanboy if you believe half of what you just said.

  195. ShaggyReAL says:

    No Jack Bauer? He can do so much more than any human can. He needs to be on the 2014 team.

    tick tick tick

  196. MC Pharoah says:

    Here is my 23 for the Brazil game….

    leave Dempsey and Donovan out just to see what we can do without them

    Gk – Howard, Guzan, Cervi

    DF – Onyewu, Boca, Goodson, Spector, Bornstein, Freeman, Fabian Johnson (if he doesnt want to play for us, then call in Ryan Miller of Halmstads)

    MF – Adu, Torres, Bradley, Feilhaber, Holden, Jones(its a stretch, if not Clark), Edu

    FWD – Altidore, Findley, Davies(if not Pontius), Findley, Johnson, Movsisyan(if he doesnt want to play for us, then call up Chris Wondolowski)

  197. nebraskacoog says:

    I think Dom Kinnear is goin to move him back to CB next year for the Dynamo and let Davis play attacking mid.

    Cruz would be another prospect that is an up-and-comer.

  198. MC Pharoah says:

    idk why nobody mentions Chinese Food, Chinese Food is quinticential for any team’s success. This player is full of energy most likely fueled by MSG and artificial flavors vital for any player’s ball control.

  199. Katatonia says:

    i love watching adu fail all the time. he is shiet.

  200. Derrick says:

    i do think there is merit to the perspective that coaches and systems can effect a players success though and Bradley plays a system that fits some players and not others.

    Adu isnt really a winger. That’s just the place he’s been put at since he became a pro. But to the point about coaches and systems i think you can look to the differences between messi at barca and messi at argentina before Maradona took over. Before maradona messi was not the same as he was at barca. different system, no xavi or iniesta supplying balls, no alves overlapping. He’s playing central now where all he does is playmake. but he’s also got few defensive roles too at argentina. So i think many players would benefit from a change of system and philosophy. i mean i think it’s obvious like Brian Ching may work under bob bradley but not under Arsene Wenger or Pep Guardiola as they don’t play long ball or high crosses and neither really asks their wingers to just stay wide and cross balls.

  201. Chris says:

    There are probably guys not even on the radar now that will be a factor.

    Nobody knew Charlie Davies this time two years ago.

    It will be funny though, the first bad game Charlie Davies has everyone will be destroying him.

  202. Beandog says:

    Freddy Adu?

  203. Turgid Jacobian says:

    Dear SBI journos, you all know anythng about proposed changes to CONCACAF World Cup qualifying?

  204. Turgid Jacobian says:

    Dear SBI journos, you all know anythng about proposed changes to CONCACAF World Cup qualifying?

  205. Second City says:

    Thank you for actually reading my entire post, ryan.

  206. Second City says:

    Who’s Landycakes? Seriously…drop that bullshit.

    We don’t need retarded nicknames like “Chipsanddiprito” for our players, let alone expired demeaning ones.

  207. Second City says:

    Jozy compared to Johnson.

    Troll on, troll hard!

  208. 'Sota Soccer says:

    Just wanna say thanks for this, Ives. I’m happy to see that I’m not the only one whose mind turned to 2014 as soon as the pain of Saturday’s defeat began to numb. I’m already irrationally excited to see how the next few months and years go for US Soccer.

  209. Judging Amy says:

    Yeah but would Davies have started for the Nats at age 21? Secondly, they might have been the same height at that age but Charlie was a college wrestler and built like a tank. Jack Mac for 2018 tho for sure.

  210. D says:

    There are a lot of skilled players all over the world. It’s about understanding the game and tactics and it is WELL WELL WELL documented by many coaches that Freddy Adu was never developed and does not understand tactics. Even Ronaldinho didn’t make his national squad and has tons of talent.

    Freddy is still young, but he needs to act like he was never anything and totally start over in terms of relearning the game.

  211. Second City says:

    Presumably, Bob could very well still be employed by the USSF but let’s assume he’s moved on and we’ve replaced him with another manager.

    Why within either scenario would any manager leave off Dempsey or Donovan “to see what we can do without them”, against Brazil no less?

  212. tmurph says:

    fuad ibrahim- just got an assist tonight- also hes 18 and has over 20 appearnces for toronto. he has alot of room to become better

  213. dycsoccer17 says:

    he needs to grow a pair. until he does, he will be with the WNT.

  214. Stephen says:

    Yeah he’s my age. He’ll be about 30, maybe 31 by the next world cup.

  215. Stephen says:

    Is he dead?

  216. Ted Decker says:

    Steve Lenhart, Lee Nguyen, Justin Mapp, Santino Quaranta, Mike Grella, Michael Parkhurst, . All worth considering.

  217. Louis Z. says:

    re: M.Hoyos, I don’t think he has committed to Arg. either. people say that he is not good enough for estudiantes because he doesn’t start, Veron is in front of him, I think that speaks for itself.

  218. john.q says:

    conan o’brien

  219. Stephen says:

    Yeah any kind of torn ligament/sprain/joint injury is the only thing that is worse than a break. Joint injuries almost never heal completely.

  220. Josh D. says:

    Grella is a fantastic prospect for 2014 and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in a few friends this year. This will be his breakout season for Leeds.

    He plays more as a shadow striker/linking forward than a pure striker but we need to see what he can do with the nats – same with Brek.

  221. Stephen says:

    Which is?

  222. Josh D. says:

    He’s played fantastic for Lincoln and the fans of Villa really rate him. I think after another loan season, you’ll see him getting real time at Villa. O’Neil likes his young players.

    From the little I’ve seen of him recently, I’d rate him as a given in 4 years.

  223. Josh D. says:

    Sorry but Michael Owen was playing at 17 and a world beater at 18 with a smaller size. Although stockier you have to look at Rooney to see another. List goes on and on with young, speedy strikers with a nose to goal being better suited to do better at a younger age than your bigger ones.

    I think it really comes down to: Do we get a European coach? If it’s yes, we see a lot more youth in our system.

  224. Stephen says:

    Can you call in Movsisyan? He’s not a citizen yet.

  225. phil says:

    what about Luis Robles? He’s a 25 year old GK who got a call up to NATS a few moths back. I think he plays for Kaiserslautern?

  226. phil says:

    yeah but Brad Frielde set a precedent in retiring from international play to make room for Keller and Keller did the same for those coning up behind him. Plus he’s got the relationship with his home club to consider. Personally I want to see Howard in the net until he’s 100, but that’s his call…

  227. phil says:

    um, he’ll win more hardware….

  228. phil says:

    that man with a walker will still be schoolin the pups….

  229. Sean says:

    One thought of encouragement for Seitz’s 2014 chances – Guzan has just as tough a start to his MLS career. Probably more so. But the experience helped him develop quickly

  230. Stephen says:

    haha. Nice.

  231. Stephen says:

    Grow a pair? Have you seen him play?

  232. Stephen says:

    He didn’t say he would kill himself, just shoot himself. But yeah, health insurance doesn’t cover suicide…unless you can make it look like an accident. 😉

  233. Thorpinski says:

    I tend to agree with DL, especially with his picks on defense. We definately need more infusion of younger players into the NT. I believe Arena was big on this in 2002 but not 2006.

    Ultimately a lot is going to depend on who the next coach is. If it’s BB then we will not see as much turnover but if we gat a new coach i would expect a few more changes. I am a BB fan but I don’t like seeing a 2 term coach, so I am hoping for a new coach and i am sure that Bob will have success elsewhere.

  234. chad says:

    Brian Ownby

  235. Stephen says:

    Not anymore.

  236. Soyouthinkyoucandance says:

    Forgive my ignorance here. My watching of like 4 MLS games forces me to ask what is the word on Tristan Bowen and Chris Pontius.

  237. Chris H says:

    Geoff Cameron should be in that mix.

  238. chad says:

    Brian Ownby

  239. fischy says:


  240. fischy says:

    Speed? Have you ever seen Wynne play — or run? Great speed is his lone redeeming quality.

  241. fischy says:

    No comparison. Cherundolo has been a fixture in German football for a decade. Eddie Pope, who didn’t want to go to Europe, and Bocanegra are probably our two best centerbacks ever, but Cherundolo might be the best American outside defender to date.

    In contrast, Pearce is in Dallas, after failing in Europe.

  242. fischy says:

    Anthony Wallace isn’t that good.

    Tyler Polak is that good, but he’s a kid, and he’s not even in pro ball now. He’s had a couple of looks in Germany, but he’s a long way from making a WC side. 2018 for young Mr. Polak.

  243. fischy says:

    …stinks. If Costa Rica is interested, they can have him.

  244. yurch says:

    Has anybody who has written a sports blog ever been more defensive/sensitive than Ives?

    Man, I love the site and check it most days, but get some thicker skin!!

    Don’t know too much about any of these younger guys, but hopefully one or two will progress to the point where they are getting time on what will be the best US team in history in 2014.

  245. fischy says:

    I like Edwards. Never saw Badr play, but Porto saw something there. If he gets playing time there, he’s a shoo-in fr the USMNT.

  246. fischy says:

    Not totally ridiculous. Good addition to this discussion.

  247. ... says:

    dilly duka

  248. j says:

    Am I the only one who thinks we give up 4 less goals this WC with
    AJ DLG — Omar Gonzalez – Sean Franklin – Jonathan Bornstein

    The Galaxy backline has been nearly unstoppable this year, including a game against AC milan.

    This back line is better in the Air with Gonzalez and Franklin and AJ and Omar have been teammates since college and cover for each other REALLY well.

    what might have been. Omar and Sean would not have let either of the goals against Ghana in.

  249. Tom says:

    Speaking of Zakuani…he’ll never get a sniff with England playing in MLS. Any chance he goes Jermaine Jones and plays for the US at some point?

  250. Ken says:

    Hopefully for the sake of the future of the USMNT you are the only one who thinks that.

  251. Dan says:

    47 months from the next WC, this list is the best around.

  252. Dan says:

    Ives, do you think Luis Gil’s realistic outlook is the 2018 Cup? Goes nearly without saying that he has a long way to go, but that the tools are there.

  253. EB says:

    He can do whatever he wants, it’s his blog ya know. Compared to a lot of sports blogs, he’s more than patient with the lot of you thsn I would be.

  254. yurch says:

    It is his blog and he can do what he wants, that is true, but he reacts to any criticism or strongly worded point by childish put downs and sarcastic, caustic remarks.

    Clearly some people here try to cause trouble, but most of us are here for serious soccer talk. Just take it easy.

  255. Ski Fast! says:

    Inevitably there will be names on the roster in 4 years we never foresaw, even if we are familiar with the names now.

  256. red boolean logic says:

    sal to the zizzo

    no love at all yet in the comments? i’d put him on top of the diamond (or maybe trapezoid) in midfield, especially if dempsey stays out wide.

  257. Tim F. says:

    As you saw Charlie, we missed you. Get better soon!

  258. John says:

    teams use the inside out wingers, but I haven’t heard of too many using inside out backs.

  259. Joey Santi says:

    You are sleeping on Mike Parkhurst…when have you really seen him play poorly?? He will make the next World Cup team is a starter

  260. If we played a 4-4-2 diamond, Adu would do well in that system. At the U20s, he shined in the withdrawn forward spot directing traffic in the midfield. You could use Michael Bradley or Gringo Torres in the D-mid spot.

    But alas, we don’t play that style of 4-4-2 because we still have a Euro-centric view of the game. Bradley has said in numerous interviews that he admired Italian tactics of defense first, offense 2nd.

    It worked well for us.

  261. sread says:

    If Spector is our best hope at that spot for 2014, then Lichaj will have every reason to make the final 23, if not start.

  262. MC Pharoah says:

    our defense is fine, if you really look at all the talent that will be available in 2 years, we are good….btw, Bocanegra will still be used alot this cycle, much like Hejduk this last

  263. Austin says:

    He is a possibility but to say he is very likely to be in the mix for 2014 is just a little much yet. What I meant was that he should be in the watch list and not on the 23. Should have clarified that.

  264. MC Pharoah says:

    I wish that were the case for Fabian Johnson, but maybe he is a future Jermaine Jones, maybe he wont make the decision right away

  265. MC Pharoah says:

    Bowen is a carbon copy Buddle and Pontius is an excellent striker of the ball

  266. dk says:

    I’m a big fan of Edu and Bradley, but in the end they are both defensive midfielders. It’s true that one of them may develop over the next four years into a player that can better control possession and lead the attack, but as it stands, we need a playmaker in the middle. This time around are D was so shaky that we needed two defensive mids in at the same time, but to progress further, we need a more dynamic midfield duo than Bradley and Edu. If no better striking options emerges, the team should start exploring ways to play five across the middle and capitalize on our strength.

  267. MC Pharoah says:

    31? I highly doubt that.

  268. karlomabo says:

    I think one player that is going to be there fiting for a position is Da Luz… he is good.. unfortunately he has been out injured..

  269. White Kix says:


    Also, I believe Adu’s loan with Aris was for a year and half, keeping him there for the entire 2010/2011 season. that’s why there was some delay in the official announcement of the deal.

    Ives, has there been a change to that agreement?

  270. Chris says:

    Isn’t it awesome that some of these guys are in the MLS. We wouldn’t even have some of these guys without the MLS. Props to the MLS for grooming potential USMNT players.

  271. Kyle says:

    Marvell Wynne?

  272. DC Josh says:

    Gonzalez will be IN the Gold Cup. Hopefully…

  273. DC Josh says:

    More thoughts: Clearly our best player in 2014 will undoubtedly be Michael Bradley. He was the most consistent player in South Africa and is only 22. We need to build our midfield around him. We desperately need a hard-working defensive midfielder like Jermaine Jones minus 4 years and a busted leg.

  274. DC Josh says:

    Surely you must be a 200 pound chimpanzee who learned to type.

  275. Jason H says:

    What about prospect of Yevgeni Starikov, who has been playing for Zenit St. Petersburg, and Vincenzo Bernardo, who was signed on with Napoli?

  276. B says:

    Does anyone else think that the best position for Cameron and Shea is CB and that they would be a great pair in 2014 if their clubs move them this season? Am I crazy?

  277. Geico says:

    Great rates available on life insurance

  278. jose mourinho says:

    A better CB because his lack of pace? speed kills and GYAN tore us up because we couldnt match his speed and strength

  279. Franklin says:

    I think Edu moves to central defense by 2014 for the National team.

    Just my opinion.

  280. RSL Fan says:

    What? Did you ever watch Yura play? Findley is twice the striker Yura is (who pulled RSL through the playoffs last year? Hint: it wasn’t Yura). Yura’s finishing is terrible, he has the aim of a blind man. In addition, he has ONE move. It tends to work against lesser opponents, but against world class defenders (and even oftentimes against good MLS defenders!) it doesn’t. And saying he’s as fast as Robbie, that doesn’t even merit a true response. RSL is better off without him and unless he gets a “Pele implant” while in Europe, the USMNT is better off without him as well.

  281. Xander Crews says:

    The kid hustles and works hard, but in terms of sheer ability? He’s not a bone-crunching tackler, nor is he a playmaker. Let’s not kid ourselves: Bradley is an average player who works hard. There’s no shame in that, but he’s hardly the type of player you build a midfield around.

    If Michael Bradley’s our most talented player four years from now, we’re in trouble.

  282. Eurosnob says:

    Bradley is not the reason Adu did not make the cut. Adu did not get any playing time with his teams in Portugal (2 teams) and France (1 team) and did not look sharp when called to the national team. He played sporadically with Aris and is on the way out of their. He has skills, but he also has some flaws in his game. The best thing he could do now is to start getting regular time in a second or third tier league in Europe and start building his confidence. He has plenty of talent, but the only way he can improve is by getting regular playing time for his club team.

  283. Justin says:

    What about Andy Najar? he’ll be 21 by the time ’14 rolls around…

  284. Paulgcrowell says:

    link to

    Union has loaned players to Harrisburg all year, just don’t hear about it because we don’t a good Union beat reporter

  285. Benjamin says:

    I think that you have to add a player like Chad Barret to the mix… he is strong has some pace and could have a break out year. He was suffering from injury early on this season and is looking like he is finding his step… look at him to make a strong finish to this season and continue that into next season.

    Amobi Okugo should be on this list as well… at just 18 years old he is strong fast and has loads of skill. He is from my home town and I have played against this kid, crazy good.

    Danny Cruz with the Dynamo needs to be in the conversation as well. He has lightening pace and good skill. He is scoring goals and pushing defenders already and he is only 20.

    With the MLS competition getting noticeably better each year, the US player pool looks like it will be the deepest pool yet. It is an exciting time to be a US fan.

  286. RangerSG says:

    Friedel and Keller both retired @ 35+ though. That is when any player needs to limit number of matches. Howard isn’t at that age. There’s no reason at all he can’t play another WC other than his own wishes. And though managers don’t want players sent out for meaningless matches, Moyes is not going to complain about the US#1 playing in qualifiers in 2 years.

  287. Lazy says:

    I love the World cup but I hate the feeling afterwards because I gotta wait another four years for excitement.

    Relive it.
    link to

  288. Jesse says:

    I know Findley is a popular scapegoat, but I really don’t think you can write him off for 2014. He is young and still has TONS of potential plus lots of pace.

  289. Dominghosa says:

    Would love to see renken, lleget, diskerud all vie for 2014 spots. i think in the next three-four years one of these three will develop and be a better option then edu.
    hopefully adu gets it together. and davies gets back to his old form before developing even more.
    very intriguing prospects at midfield and forward.
    defenders, not so much, hopefully lichaj becomes something.

  290. nepa says:

    Great stuff, Ives. Can we do this every week?

  291. Dan Roudebush says:

    You have too many guys from 2010.

    Where are Rongen’s picks for the under twenties? He has something like 10 players from pro club teams (most from Mexico)

    Most will be in the 23-24 year old age bracket by 2014. some should make it.

  292. Turgid Jacobian says:

    Would be nice to get some more speed in the back, and Mo is pretty fast, though not blazing.

  293. Marissa MIller says:

    Is that picture really of Ives? He looks like he’s about 58 years old.

  294. Dale says:

    Stefan Jerome and Joseph Gyau. Are these two too young and more suited for 2018? After watching Ghana I’m thinking youth is a good thing as long as some vets like Landon, Clint, Michael and Tim are mixed in. Germany is young, too. I like Ives’ roster but I feel it’s just a bit too MLS caliber, meaning not quite what it takes to compete at a World Cup semis level. I mean, Findlay? Gomez? Eddie Johnson? That’s like putting in Arena Football players against the Indianapolis Colts. And Sarkodie is like 5’9″ 160#. He’d be knocked around like a pinball against most good teams. I like Sacha, Alejandro, Ike and it is imperative for Jozy to improve and Charlie to heal 100%. Mix Youth with Experience. Aim high. Swing for the fences. MLS is currently too low, imo. Jurgen Klinsmann changed soccer in Germany. Perhaps he can do that for USA. Perhaps not. Who knows? I’m okay with Bob Bradley. But the talent is there. Young guys like Gabe will be ready in four years. Whoever the coach is, he needs to bring in new blood and give them a chance. Defenders who would knock over Gyan before letting him go free. Etc.

  295. tim.m says:

    cruz sucks on the ball. no where near as technically gifted technically as his teamates Davis, Mullan or even ashe for that matter.

  296. BPM says:

    Sooooooooooooooooooo Wrong. your are off base mate. He is a midget of a talent.

  297. lexmania says:

    no buddle? he’s too old?

  298. The Grover says:

    if Yura Movsisyan is an eligable American, and B Bradley didn’t use him over the scoreless/useless Altidore, then it is really time for Brad to go away.

    I thought Movs was Russian or Ukranian or something… Leaving Beckerman and Movsisyan of the team and starting Clarke… Bye Bye Bob. We’ll keep your son though, good work there mate. Why not start Dempsey and Movs up front with Donovan playing linker off center? With Bradley, Beckerman (or Edu) and Specktor in the mid? Come on Brad, you are supposed to be smart mate! You lost this world cup on your own. Live with that…Time to pay the piper!

    IT’s Time for the Jorgen Klinsmen era to shine. Gonzales and Alliston will be key to our new D. Hope Gooch can be there and fit. Oh, why didn’t brad use Goodson in C-Deffence? WTF???

  299. Hennsley says:

    You’re crazy, Ream’s technical abilities are something that U.S. center backs have been lacking for a long time. He has some height and can win head balls, not to mention driving 60 yard balls onto teammates feet. He is only going to improve over the next four years

  300. J says:





    We’ll see how torres, feilhaber,holden, and edu develop and if dempsey and donovan can still perform.

    Spector should be better and hopefully in form next time but we’ll need him on the left because were weak there. Hopefully davies can reach a high level again. Overall, we wont be among the elite quite yet but we’ll be a good teams that is expected to advance no matter which group were in barring we aren’t put in the group of death.

  301. southernsoccer says:

    Two more players to keep an eye on:

    Defender: Zach Lloyd, rookie at Dallas (outside back). Watched him play at UNC both as a center back and at Mid. Tough as nails and sees the game very well.

    Forward: Cody Aroux, Great at Wake Forrest – left early and got a contract at Everton. What he lacks in speed he makes up for with grit and an eye for the goal.