A look back at the USA World Cup run

LandonCelebrates (ISIphotos.com)

Photo by ISIphotos.com

It's been a month since the World Cup ended for the U.S. men's national team, enough time to let the team's performance and all the ups and downs sink in.

It's also enough time to take another look back at the unforgettable moments of what will be remembered as an exciting World Cup for American fans.

USA fan and soccer video producer Jay Bell put together a great piece detailing the U.S. national team's unforgettable experience at the 2010 World Cup.


The US's run in the World Cup
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What did you think of the video? Do you look back at the World Cup with fond memories, or with disappointment? Counting the days until 2014 in Brazil?

Share your thoughts below.

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107 Responses to A look back at the USA World Cup run

  1. WonsanUnited says:

    I’m not going to watch this because I’ll probably cry.

  2. Disappointment.

    While they dug themselves out of several holes in heroic fashion, it was frustrating to see the missed opportunity they had. They could have made it to the semi-final in the bracket they were in.

    At the time, I chose to support the team. Buddle was scoring before the World Cup, scored in his only real appearance in the warm up against Australia, yet did not make it on the field with any significant minutes. Funny thing, he is still scoring in MLS.

    I hope we get a different manager for the next 4 years.

  3. Neruda says:

    Almost cried, but stayed the tears. We need to “write a script” that features comfortable 2-0 wins next world cup. America’s collective heart was about to burst from the pressure of falling behind, I know mine was.

  4. KBD says:

    Honestly, I started to cry a bit when Donovan scored against Algeria. That moment meant SO much for American soccer, I couldn’t help it.

  5. Mat says:

    This World Cup marked the first time I saw a USA team that was able to control the game and be so dangerous offensively for long stretches of the game.
    I think the future when the US is an established top 10 team in the World (yes it’s bound to happen by the way the sport is taking off here), people will look back at the 2010 WC squad as the true birth of a real US style of play: aggressive, energetic, take a back seat to one, never say die attitude, all values most Americans would recognize as their own. It’s why this team is getting so much media coverage, it’s really our Amercian team.
    I say this as a long time fan and follower of US soccer (been following the US team since the 80’s). 2010 is the culmination of a crazy project to develop soccer in the US, to take the 1990 WC qualification and never look back. Well, I think we can be proud of this team.
    Future US teams are bound to get stronger, each young US crop of soccer players being more talented (more and more top athletes play the game), better guided (scouting and youth programs have vastly improved), more numerous (the number of “yanks abroad” playing in competitive leagues is increasing at a crazy rate), and better seasoned (MLS has made strides and our young talent really has a very good platform to hone their skills and build their game).

    All right I’ll stop ranting, but this 2010 squad for me was in a league of its own (far more impressive than the 2002 quarter finalists), and things will only get better in the future.

    Look at it this way: in one generation we went from regional jokes to serious soccer nation in the world’s eyes. Give it one more generation and the US will be a serious soccer power.

  6. Jacob A. says:

    I want a salad.

  7. Will-yo says:

    I still get tingles…. for the “GO GO USA” call. That was an absolutely awesome moment. The pent up pressure and nerves, then the euphoric ecstasy after that goal went it! Amazing stuff… – great video clip too… –

  8. tedmonds says:

    for me as a father of three young boys, the best thing about this world cup was watching it with them and going crazy when Landon scored. Growing up, I never got to do that since a) the usa never qualified and b) no network (at least that I remember) televised the games.

  9. Nick_C says:


  10. Ben says:

    They were exciting to watch, yes. Heroics, yes.

    However, it was a disappointment. The group lent itself to so much more. Before the cup started, I think most thought we should qualify and qualify without too terribly much of a sweat.

    Well, we qualified with 2 minutes to go. We led for all of 2 minutes the entire cup. I don’t think it was a success. It was average at best. Exciting as it was.

  11. kydetwsoc says:

    it leaves me hungry for 2014 knowing that these players are talented enough to play with any team in the world, knowing that the players like Bradley, Edu, and Altidore have four years to mature, Donovan, Dempsey, and Howard will be there, that young players like Luis Gil, Jack Mac, and Tim Ream could be contributors, abd that the future for US soccer is looking brighter than ever. :)

  12. Sam James says:

    I was in Pretoria at the Algeria match… and every time I watch the Donovan goal I start tearing up. It was an amazing moment that I hope the U.S. can build upon in 2014 in Brazil!

  13. Paul Thomas says:

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: the reason the USA only led for two minutes is that about 80 of the minutes when it ought to have been leading were arbitrarily stripped away by blown refereeing calls.

    The run of play in the USA’s games indicated that we should have lost to England and beaten both Slovakia and Algeria fairly easily, then been in a nailbiting dogfight with Ghana– which (the Ghana rematch aside) is exactly what was predicted ahead of time. The pre-cup “thoughts” were actually spot-on.

  14. Will-yo says:

    Oh Ben… your point is well taken. Going down so early and so often really hurt us.

    But you are missing the fact that one of the hardest things in soccer is to play in the world cup while down a goal or two. The statistics about comebacks will tell you all you need to know. The US did it 2 times in pressure games. This is a sign of a great team. (I am not saying world beaters, but they were a truly great team)

    Two perfectly good goals that are disallowed. Either one of those goes in and the US is more rested for Ghana.

    I have to ask you…Did you ever think the US did not have the Algeria game in control? That goal keeper was amazing. Even at that, you had to feel that the US was going to score. And did they ever…

    So be pessimistic if you want, but having played years of soccer, playing while down a goal takes a great team not to crumble, and the US were up for that task.

  15. afrim says:

    god i still want that jozy toe poke vs Ghana to go in. Had that converted then who knows what have happend vs. Uraguay

  16. patrick says:

    every time i see the reaction shots from around the US, i have to hold back the tears. Even though david tyree’s catch won the giants the superbowl, that donovan goal was by far the most emotional moment in my sporting career both playing and as a fan. Not only was the timing of the goal movie like but to have it fall to Donovan was icing on the cake. I literally didn’t know what to do other than jump up and down and scream. Watching LD superman dive into the corner as the ENTIRE US team is booking it down the sideline gives me chills. We may not have won, and it might have been a disappointing tournament, but we only get one every 4 years if we’re lucky, and lose or not, the memories I have from 02, 10 will probably be stronger than the memories I’ll have when we WIN the world cup

  17. Kosh says:

    * Donovan’s goal against Algeria – still gives me goose bumps. Still inspired by it.

    * Clark’s involvement in Ghana goal 1 – still pisses me off.

    * Boca giving up on the pursuit allowing Ghana gaol 2 – still burns me deep inside as it pisses me off more now than it did then.

    I am still pruod of BB and the guys. You did well and made your country proud. BB for another cycle!!

  18. noffke3000 says:

    entertaining and frustrating

  19. MensreaJim says:

    Thanks for this.

    It would have mattered a great deal to me regardless, but when Landon scored, my 6 yo son was jumping up and down and hugging me, screaming–this was one of the first things we expereinced on the same level and I don’t think he’ll forget it. Terrific.

    Now maybe next time we can have a few more of those moments and my younger ones can get in on it, too.

  20. scott says:

    great video. i love the donovan goal, and still get frustrated at the Ghana game. i was at 2006 when ghana beat us and seeing them do it again really makes me mad.

    but, the future for soccer looks great…

    GO USA!!

  21. Chicago MIke says:

    No one has talked about it but, I think Howard was pretty far from his best this cup. I don’t think he was bad, but I’ve seen him perform much better.

  22. SEB says:

    This is why a few of us wanted Friedel. He is still better than Howard. Howard came up empty when we needed him most.

  23. BooThisMan says:

    I cannot wait four years for another World Cup.

  24. agnigrin says:

    Thanks Patrick… I enjoyed reading your post!

  25. Pcwalsh73 says:

    Well said Patrick. When Donovan scored that goal, I fell to the floor and started crying. I couldn’t bring myself to do anything else. I said to my wife afterwards that moments like that are everything that sports should be.

    As for the Tyree catch, I’m a Pats fan, so I’m going to ignore it.

  26. Pcwalsh73 says:

    So true….huge moment. People I work with who never comment about soccer had so much to say the next day.

  27. Pcwalsh73 says:

    Well put Paul.

  28. agnigrin says:

    What a terrific entry Mat…. Wish people would post stuff like this more often! I have been following the USMNT since the 1970s and agree who with your assessment of the program. It truly is amazing how far the US soccer team has
    developed over the last few decades!

  29. Gacm32 says:

    Couldn’t have said it better. I cried on both Donovan goals in the group stage and MB’s goal against Algeria (cried the hardest on that goal).

  30. Travis says:


    ’nuff said

  31. Dan says:

    Cried when Landon scored against Algeria, cried when I saw this.

  32. agnigrin says:

    I went to see four 1974 World Cup games with my family on big video screens at Madison Square Garden/Felt Forum. Only way to see the games in the USA back then. Saw Uruguay-Holland, Argentina-Holland, Brazil-Holland, Holland-West Germany. I rooted for Holland because the USA program was piss poor at the time and for the next two decades. It got better on the 1980s thanks to Univision/Telemundo.. and eventually on espn.. I do remember the 1966 WC final (England vs. West Germany) was on ABC’s Wide Word of Sports…FYI!

  33. aiden says:

    PROUD to be am American.

    PROUD of our boys.

    PROUD to wear the red, white, and blue.

  34. patrick says:

    false. You want empty? See Mr. Green hailing from the UK, and a couple of others. Timmy kept us in some of those games and, was probably playing through some significant pain/soreness/lack of motion. He wasn’t great but he most certainly did not “come up empty”

  35. Villain-from-Texas says:

    First, the World Cup confirmed this: Landon Donovan is a LEGEND. Dude came to play this World Cup and did it when it mattered most. What American soccer fan — or sports fan — will ever forget his goal against Algeria?

    Second, am I bummed that we failed to go further in the World Cup? Of course. We all are, as are the fans of every team but Spain. But, holy cow, we played an exciting set of matches. It was intense; it was dramatic; it was a whole heck of a lot of fun.

  36. Todd says:

    Altidore ruined our World Cup by wasting a spot on the field that could have been used by anyone else. Heck Brad Guzan has a better first touch.

  37. Todd says:

    Friedel is the man! He is still kicking booty in the EPL.

  38. BCC says:

    Not sure I see why this is something we should revisit. Yeah, we played well but we had a clear road to the semifinals and we blew it.

    I want to see us win the World Cup. I know where we fit into the scheme of things in soccer, but I still want to win. I do not have an easy time with moral victories and vague notions of “progress.”

  39. BooThisMan says:

    You misspelled “Findley”.

  40. Front Row says:

    I truly appreciated the officiating and admired FIFA’s support of Luddism.

  41. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Exciting story. Exotic location. Arch villans. Great Cast.

    Crap ending.

  42. CapeCodFutbol says:

    Interestingly, you’re the first one to use the word “progress” here.

    Great moments, great performances… I enjoyed it so much and wish it had lasted longer.

    Can’t wait for Brazil.

  43. CapeCodFutbol says:

    You misspelled “Clark.”

  44. Ryanm1058123 says:

    F Gyan. He’ll never hit a strike like that again in his life.

  45. joel says:

    great video…

    tears remembering these moments

  46. Isaac says:

    Ben, I think you need to get your eyes of the numbers and start watching the games.

  47. Ben says:

    Well said. For whatever people want to criticize Bob, (but what coach is perfect?), when they choose “bunkering” it really annoys me. This team was easily the most attack minded team I’ve seen, including 2002. People do remember Poland, right? Even South Korea game, except for a moment of Mathis wasn’t that great.

  48. Thor says:

    Oh how close we came to beating England. Lasting thought is what could have been. Wasn’t in the video but Edu on his back at the end with hands over his face.

  49. DC Josh says:

    The highest of highs (Donovan v. Algeria) and the lowest of lows (Gyan’s rocket in extra time). The performance in this World Cup met my expectations. They COULD have gone further, but they didn’t. They simply weren’t a quarterfinal team.

    I cried when Donovan scored against Algeria. The other two times when I’ve cried during a game were Bradley’s first goal against Mexico (my first meaningful US game) and Bornstein’s goal against Costa Rica. I hope to have many more.

    I’ve all ready begun saving money for Brazil 2014. After following the guys in 2009, I felt like a piece of me was missing by not being in South Africa.

  50. phil says:

    disppointement that we’re left with “what might have beens”, but so proud that we have a team and future that make us wonder without feeling like lunatics anymore.

    now, let’s get a new back line going — stat!

  51. Stephen says:

    Yeah, except we didn’t play Slovakia. We played Slovenia.

  52. Since82 says:

    The WC in SA for me was entertaining, exhilirating, and ultimately, a dissapointment. There is no question that the talent is making great strides.

    I had a horrible feeling when CD9 went down and Onyewu’s injury didn’t help either. If they were healthy, I think a semifinal appearance would be all but assured.

  53. Stephen says:


  54. Midwest Bias says:

    Personally, I still get more emotional when I see MBs goal rather than Donovan’s. I cried when MB scored that equalizer. I was watching the Algeria game with more people, so our reaction was just jumping up and down screaming and hugging each other. I am glad we have a defining goal now on video for US Soccer (No video exists of Joe Gaetjens goal), and I love Ian Darke’s commentary on the goal as well… “OH! IT’S INCREDIBLE! GO! GO! USA!”

    There may have been some good goals in 02 or 94, but Donovan’s goal will go down in US Soccer lore, and really epitomizes our national team for the 2010 WC qualifying and the tournament itself.

    I was disappointed when we got knocked out by Ghana. But maybe they are better than we think, plus they seem to have our number now in the WC, maybe it’s best we avoid them (luck of the draw, though, so easier said than done).

    If we had Davies I think we would have beaten Ghana, but not so sure about Uruguay…But anything can happen once you reach the knockout stage.

    Now, we need to try and get to the knockout stage for 2 consecutive WCs.

    Oh, I forgot, I guess we did win something… Group C! So, that’s a start… We need to build on the positives from this WC.

  55. RB says:

    Hard to add much of significance or interest here, really. Glad to see more positive than negative reactions, though of course everyone has some sense of disappointment mixed in with the pride.

    However, I’ll add an off question on a point I haven’t seen addressed: am I the only one that remembers LD’s goal against Slovenia as being more inspiring than the one against Algeria? I mean I know the latter was the game-winner, and in a more obviously crucial moment, guven the way things had gone prior to that. And I know the one against Slovenia didn’t even tie it. But to me, that was the moment, down 2-0 right after the half, that the USA sort of picked itself up, in the form of its most potent leader, and with a most forceful, in your face goal, and said, “Screw this. We are just not going down, here.” It was when the team turned the tide to get to the Bradley tying goal and the meaning in the Algeria match.

    I do ‘t know. Maybe it’s just me…

  56. Isaac says:

    I didn’t jump around as much when I saw that goal, but it was mainly because we weren’t done yet. Otherwise, I agree; that goal wasn’t just a spark in that it got the comeback going, but it was very emphatically taken, as he simply smacked it. It’s a goal with the kind of intensity that starts of comebacks like that, just like Charlie’s goal against Egypt was more about intensity, heart and drive then actual skill, although Donovan showed great technique to put the ball right where he wanted.

  57. Gerard says:

    What a mistake not to play Buddle…Altidore stinx

  58. steve says:

    that was necessary

  59. chris says:

    USA all the way baby lets start this next process good by calling up our best future players. I am very impressed with some new talent in MLS in Kevin Alston of New England Revolution, Dany Cruz of Houston Dynamo, Omar Gonzalez of Los Angeles Galaxy. Hey Adu wake up bro.

  60. seanie blue says:

    A total drag. An international-class coach would not have a) played Onyewu, b) started Clark or Findley, and c) would have given Edu a permanent, full-time place next to Bradley instead of jerking him around and diluting his confidence. Bob Bradley is an amateur, MLS-level manager. Period. Sunil has to go; this lousy finish is on his head. These guys are strictly amateur. Why aren’t we playing in the South American championship? Because we sent a third-rate team and embarrassed ourselves in order to concentrate on other meaningless competitions. We’ve got our priorities wrong. Give JK the control he wants; he’s a thinker and motivator and knows more about the game than Bradley will ever be able to imagine. Time for Team USA to grow up. We lost to a tiny nation whose heart and soul was injured and out, and they beat us fair and square because we were tottering along rather than blazing forward. The lamest possible outcome happened; we got out of the first round and now there are fools talking about giving Bradley another four years. Horrors.

  61. Isaac says:

    I don’t understand why Bradley’s mistakes are capitalized on but his accomplishments are always brushed away. Bradley gave this team an indentity; a style and perspective that they worked with and used on the best teams in the world with great effect. Bradley has made errors, there’s no doubt about that, but he seems to have done about as many good things as he has done bad.

  62. The bums will always lose says:

    In different moments, it was exciting, inspiring, emotional and disappointing. Bradley’s goal against Algeria and LD’s 3 goals brought out more raw emotion from an early morning bar crowd than I could have ever imagined seeing in this country. LD’s goal against Algeria was one of the most incredible and awe-inspiring sports moments I’ve experienced in my 30 years on this planet.
    Incredibly proud of Bob and the boys for finally finding our style. Relentless, attacking, entertaining. We proved that we don’t need to bunker to win. We earned some respect.
    Seeing Bob go 3-4-3 on the fly and truly go for it in the Algeria game made me proud that he was our coach and that he wasn’t content to let our fate be decided by anyone but ourselves. Seeing him start Rico Clark in the Ghana game made me realize he’s still got a long, long way to go.
    The fact that the entire bar let out an audible grown when Rico Clark showed up in the starting 11 for the Ghana match actually made me proud. Not only do people want to see the US succeed, average fans are getting invested in the team to the point that they are starting to become knowledgeable enough to have an opinion on our lineups, formations, substitutions and such.
    Disappointing because we had a legit shot at the semi-finals and we couldn’t get it done.
    In the end, the biggest thing I’ll remember about it is that as disappointed as I was after the Ghana loss, I was and one month later still am more hopeful about the future of US soccer than I have ever been.

  63. The bums will always lose says:

    Edit: Bradley’s goal against Slovenia, not Algeria

  64. ETJ says:

    awesome Mat, that summed up exactly how I feel

  65. ETJ says:


  66. ETJ says:

    We could have gone to the semifinals and you would be posting on here about how our team would have won the world cup if it wasnt for him. F@ck off

  67. DC Josh says:

    The fact that I, and many others, would agree with you; that the US could have easily made the semifinals if Gooch and Davies were healthy, shows just how far we have come.

  68. Aristophanes says:

    I don’t understand the people expressing more disappointment than exhilaration. There are only, what, 3 or 4 teams that can routinely expect to make the quarters? I mean, Argentina has been knocked out in the group stage before, knocked out in the R16, same for Spain…Italy and France didn’t even make it to the R16 this year. These are all supposed soccer powers. The USA is a mid-tier team. It’s preposterous to be disappointed that the US didn’t make the semis. They played 4 competitive games against tough competition. They displayed skill and passion, and won the respect of the world. They won their group and went out in the same round as England, Mexico, and other quality teams. There is absolutely NOTHING to be ashamed of. The only disappointment is that we lost to Ghana – a grossly underestimated team, by the way – instead of a “big” team.

    To me, this was an enormously succesful World Cup, in which the USA proved that it’s a legit soccer team, and that, given a couple of luckier bounces, could make a run to the semis. That is an incredible acheivement for a team, as someone here has already pointed out, that was a laughingstock just two decades ago.

    I honestly don’t know how, in retrospect, people can look back at this WC as anything other than an enormous success. Of course you can say “oh but we should have beat ghana!” Bullshiite. Ghana is a really good team and we played them even for 120 minutes. They just eked out the win. Good for them. It’s not like the USA lost an R16 game to Jamaica.

  69. meadowlandmel says:

    you act like ricardo clark is some kind of clown while in reality he was instrumental in our qualifier, was signed by a bundesliga club, and was an mls all star quitea a few times. don’t tear him completely apart for a mistake. remember reyna in 2006.

    you don’t seem to compehend that feilhaber is not a 90 minute player and has not been either with usmnt or club for over 2 years and fitness tests indicate he is not in the best condition. you can not expext him to go much muore tan 60 minutes.

    edu has not been a full time performer with usmnt or club for more than a year and again don, expext him to give you more than 60-75minutes.

    findley adds speed which we lack and almost scored a goal.

    if we could have gotten 45 minutes in before feilhaber and edu came in we would have been much stronger in the closing minutes. feillhaber and edu were gassed after they played 60 minutes.

    sometimes the best plans don’t work out but there was nothing wrong with the plan.

  70. Hensley says:

    Well said

  71. Adam M. says:

    Agreed. Best call I’ve heard in a long long time from a truly outstanding announcer. Really amazing tv moment all around, including the video. The break out run from Donovan, the lead pass, the cross into Dempsey rebouding back out and the momentary feeling of disaster and finally the happy dagger of Donovan arriving at the right moment and striking home. Had a movie quality about it — a really good movie.

  72. Midwest Bias says:

    Yeah, LDs goal was against Slovenia was calming a bit when I was watching the goal. Frankly, it reminded me of Fabiano’s goal right out of halftime in the Confed Cup final.

  73. Jonathan says:

    We’re disappointed because if if ricardo clark never saw the field, and if altidore and findley had a soccer iq over 10, we would have been in the Semi’s… It’s amazing to me how altidore’s feet are allergic to a bouncing ball, and findley’s are allergic to a ball sitting calmly in the 10 yard box.

  74. Benny says:

    Nice video. By the way, The U.S. should have beaten Ghana. A no look clearance scissor kick that turned into a greatest pass in Ghana soccer history ultimately was the winning goal in this game. That would not happen again if these two teams played 100 times. That’s the way it goes, though. Despite the unfortunate loss, the U.S. has gained much more respect than they did in 2002 and could have easily gone to the semi-finals. Go USA!!!

  75. Benny says:

    Sorry, did not mean hit the reply button.

  76. JP says:

    No wonder Spain won. WHat you described is an European movie plot!! :-)

  77. phil says:

    You know, I can’t help but think on what kind of role the MLS has played in this cycle. Howard, Guzan, Buddle Findley, Dempsey, Holden, Donovan, Altidore, Edu, Gooch, Clark, Beasley, Bornstein and Senior Bradley all have MLS ties, and who knows how many more US prospects are currently getting their start there now.

    It makes me wonder about the growing amount of DP cash being put into play. That money could be going to other priorities (development of youth or retaining rising US stars, rather than quick fixes). The more roster space that is taken up by older stars doing a 2 season victory lap and selling a pile of jerseys, the less roster room there is for our pups to cut their teeth and grow into the next generation of Yanks.

    I know we’ve all been criticial of MLS from time to time, but they’ve played a key (if not sexy) role in where we’ve gotten to and where we’re going as a soccer nation. I can’t help but wonder if our kvetching is pushing the league in a direction that might become very bad for US soccer.

  78. Mike says:

    The US got to about the proper level in this tournament. I don’t agree with who say the US would’ve given Uruguay a hard time in the semis. As brave as the he US backline had been they would’ve struggled against Forlan and Suarez and given the US lack of consistent offensive creativity it would’ve taken a great chance and execution to score against them. I think it would’ve been a convincing 2-0 or 3-0 victory for Uruguay. The US is a solid top 20 team but not a consistent top 10 team yet. The US has made amazing strides in the past 20 years and MLS has grown immensely in the past 15 years. We should celebrate and enjoy this and look forward to the exciting future ahead for US soccer without pretending we’re at a place in the world we don’t yet belong in.

  79. GO USA says:

    The Good – The incredible comeback and injury time goal.

    The Bad – The referees who disallowed two good goals.

    The Ugly – Nobody says it but Howard let up two terrible goals agains Ghana. The guy we pinned our hopes on let us down most in the end.

  80. sean says:

    Does anybody now where I can find the full match video of the US-Turkey friendly?

  81. Ben says:

    No, Paul, the reason the USA led for 2 minutes is due to our giving up goals the first 15 minutes of the game. I know some on here want to keep Bradley, but that has to be coaching. There’s no other excuse. You give up a goal within 15 minutes and then start playing.

    The goal that was taken away from us was in the last minute. We would have led for a total of 3 minutes had the guy allowed that one.

    Yes, the pre-cup thought of exiting the 2nd round were ‘spot on’ – if that’s all you look at. If, before the tourney, someone were to bet you that we’d be disqualified until a last minute goal put us in the second round…well, I bet most on here would have taken the other side of that bet.

    To me, it was an average cup. To call it a success or anything else is misleading. Par. Maybe. Average. Sure. Nothing more.

    And the way it played out for us, Ghana in the 2nd round. We should have taken advantage and done more.

  82. Ben says:

    I don’t think I’m being pessimistic as much as realistic. We did as expected. I’ve said that. But it lent itself to more, the way it played out. We were ‘supposed’ to go out in round 2 because we were thought to be playing Germany. Ghana. We should have done more.

    Did I ever think the US did not have Algeria game in control? You mean other than the pre 15 minute goal that was saved by the grace of the post?! Naaaaah.

    I played football all my life as well, and one thing I can tell you is I don’t think we would have been very thrilled or patted ourselves in the back if the reason we were coming back every single game was due to mental lapses and not being able to start playing at minute 0, but instead minute 15. I did appreciate their heart. I would have simply much more appreciated concentration from the starting whistle…

    I didn’t think the cup was a failure or anything like that. We did average, as expected. Just wish we could have taken advantage of that road we were given: Ghana, Uruguay…that’s as easy as it gets in round 2 / Quarters.

  83. Kyle says:

    My mind is actually boggled by the people who so angry that we didn’t make semi’s. Guys, Argentina and Brazil didn’t even make semi’s.

    You can’t play the what ifs…what if Gooch had been healthy, what if Bob had started other players, etc. etc. etc. It is what it is and when all is said and done the U.S. has a LOT more to be proud of than they do to be disappointed in.

    As a die hard fan, of course I was totally heartbroken that we lost against Ghana. But it wasn’t a shameful loss. Ghana played solidly. Their keeper was outstanding. The ball didn’t bounce our way a few times when it could have. End of story. The U.S. still played well, just as they did the entire tournament, and we should all have our heads up high.

    I love the team. That video was amazing.

  84. beachbum says:

    wonderful video…I cried again, too. thank you.

  85. Phil says:

    Great video, great month long tourney in general. I, for one, am suffering SERIOUS WC withdrawal – what a treat – practically non-stop top quality football for thirty days!!

  86. Stephen says:

    Yeah, but we played against better defenses in the group stage than Uruguay has. With Forlan’s deep striking ability, it could have been a long game if he exploited the space between the MF and the defense.

  87. Jonathan says:

    I’m not mad at you, howard was terrible. While i think he has top 10 goalie talent, he does not have top 10 goalie discipline. He needs Guzan to challenge him during this next cycle to stay focused

  88. Warren says:


  89. Nicole says:

    I’m happy to read that for the most part, everybody’s feelings are the same as mine: incredibly proud of this team, an exhilerating and inspiring performance from our guys with their never-say-die attitude and their attacking style. This World Cup was an absolute success, despite the disappointment of not beating Ghana.

    And as a long-time fan of Landon Donovan, I couldn’t be happier that he absolutely solidified himself as a Legend in US Soccer. Well done!

  90. BetaMale says:

    Average tournament for the US. Time to thank Robobob and move on if we want to progress our team.

  91. asdasdasd says:


  92. Berto says:

    LD is a GOD!
    M. Bradley has a great future!
    Go Go USA!!

    still cry when i watch videos over the USA in the WC.

  93. jb says:

    He was great in the England game, average in the other group games, and quite poor in the Ghana game – 2 shots, 2 goals. You wonder if the injury factored in at all. And if so, should he have said something or the coaches noticed…

  94. B 16 says:

    I had a similar joyful experience celebrating and reveling with my seven year old over Donovan’s finish. Great bonding experience. Overall, an uneven, but enjoyable World Cup. Yes , what if Gooch was 100%, Davies, calls going for us,etc would have been nice,
    but the steps we tool as a nation to forge a soccer identity and respect from the football
    world made this cup a positive experience. Plus, when was the last time we had so many possible future prospects? We could have that type of conversation post Germany 2006.

  95. EB says:

    He retired to concentrate on club play. Move on.

  96. phil says:

    both of you have no idea what you are talking about. yes the first goal could have been handled differently but NO KEEPER ON EARTH would have stopped Gyan’s play.

    You both clearly have no idea what the position is about.

  97. Oog says:

    I agree with you Ben. Anybody remember the SBI survey on how far the U.S. would go? The overwhelming majority guessed at least quarter finals if not the semis. We had a dream draw to go farther than we did. Everybody thought we would go farther, and yet we didn’t. Why? What was so good about our play that made us so dangerous? Going down early in the game? The unnecessary miracle comebacks? I’m sorry, any day I would rather see the U.S. crush its opponents rather than a comeback to barely scrape through. I don’t care how exciting it is. I guess I just have high expectations and at times the U.S. is frustrating to watch.

  98. Rocco says:

    -minus infinite made up points. “At the time, I chose to support the team.” What?

  99. Warren says:

    +1 re playing Buddle more is one of the top woulda coulda shouldas….

  100. Warren says:

    = thanks, a hand shake, and see ya later and good luck

    does not equal 4 more years

  101. GO USA says:

    The first goal as you rightly said was a near post goal, unforgiveable (remember Meola against Romania) same nightmare. The second goal if you watch it carefully and with a mind towards the position you will see that he dives backwards (goalies should come forward) that he makes himself small (goalies should make themselves big) and that the ball goes over his head only because he arched away from the shot backwards and threw up his hands (very bad technique). If you wanted to argue his ribs you might have had an argument but 30 years of training goaltenders tells me he screwed up.

  102. seanie blue says:

    What are you talking about, Dude? We could NOT have gone to the semifinals. Not with Bradley in charge. That’s my point. We barely got out of the group stage. Ricardo Clark was injured, should not have been on the team. Onyewu gives the ball away and was injured; should not have been on the team. Feilhaber should never have been on the team; not enough first-class scocer for three years. If Bradley had chosen the team he should have chosen, and we lost all three games, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. But his choices have been idiotic, and continue to be. Anyone who thinks the USA could have reached the semifinals is nuts, I’ll say that. With the German in charge, the mentality would have been different. And that’s what sports is about; the ability is all the same, they’re all fast and technically gifted. But who apart from Bradley’s son can you really say is snarling to play? Ghana just out-muscled us. Uruguay would have kicked our butts. But go ahead and support the current managament, dude; root for mediocrity. That’s become the American way.

  103. Dave says:

    Donovan’s goal against Slovenia was the best goal the USA scored in the WC. Not as dramatic as his goal vs. Algeria, but much more world class.

    He will be missed in LA, but he needs to take it over to Europe. Bob Bradley, too. Hope Fulham picks them both up!

  104. Joe Fausto says:

    Mike Bradley still sucks big time, that’s my look back and only memory of a wasted world cup.

  105. I am very proud of the US performance! I hope progressing as far as we did will alter the US opinion of soccer overall. It’d be nice to see soccer appreciated more in our country. I also believe the rest of world will begin to see us as a more substancial representative of the sport.

  106. Detroit! says:

    Me too. Watched the game with my pre-teen kids and hundreds of other screaming fans, and we were all drenched in sweat and joyful at the end. This is how a sport really gets built: parents and kids, watching together, so that the sport becomes stitched into the fabric of their lives. It will be a memory we always cherish.