Adu trialing with Swiss club Sion

Freddy Adu 4 (Reuters)  

If Freddy Adu is to find consistent playing time in Europe next season, it likely won't be with Aris Salonika.

While Aris departed for a Europa League qualifier on Tuesday, Adu was busy trialing for Swiss club FC Sion. The club, which finished seventh in the 10-team Swiss League last season, is looking to land Adu on loan for the entire upcoming season.

Having been deemed surplus to requirements by Aris manager Hector Cuper earlier this summer, Adu would join his fifth European club since moving across the pond in 2007 should he sign with Sion. 

The American international scored once last season in five league appearances for Aris. 

What do you think of Adu possibly joining FC Sion? Worried that he is being loaned out again? How would you rate his time with Aris?

Share your thoughts below.

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130 Responses to Adu trialing with Swiss club Sion

  1. Red says:

    Well I guess the “Freddy Adu”ers can now post on-topic for a change. If someone can successfully blame Bob Bradley in relation to this article, then that would be true entertainment.

  2. B 16 says:

    He got more time at Aris than at his other loans previous. If he can use the limited
    success he had at Aris as a springboard to build from, than why not make this move to Switzerland?

  3. Pete says:

    Even though he is really young, this is getting worrisome he can’t seem to latch on to a team.

    Lack of work ethic, or is he just not that good? At what point does he just come back to MLS?

  4. Adam in Cali says:

    If this doesn’t work out, then it’s time to swallow your pride and return to MLS for consistent playing time. The league is constantly improving, and is a much better league than when he left a few years ago. Quality play in the MLS may finally land him back on the national team…

  5. Erik says:

    He’s actually 28 years old and can’t grow as a player anymore.

    I’m not joking when I say this, but there are soccer fans in my office who don’t really follow the sport at a high level who have mentioned this theory to me.

  6. Dominghosa says:

    Man, what a tough career this is turning out to be for the kid. No idea if this is even a good move. Was hoping for a little bit better league like Denmark or Norway or even Holland.
    Surprised he didn’t latch on with Aris. It always seems like, when he does play, he does well. But then he gets left on the bench. Really weird.
    Well, now here’s another chance, maybe better than any other chance he’s gotten in Europe, to stay with one team and set a league on fire.

  7. Goalscorer24 says:

    If he plays continually it would be good! That is the question, will he play?

  8. Bill Bucky says:

    Earth to Adu – there’s a message here. Nobody that gets to know you wants you. Five teams can’t all be wrong. If you can’t make it on a Swiss team that was 7 of 10 in it’s league, it might be time to come home. I’m sure MLS is better than this Swiss team and based on showings against Euro teams… not too bad at all

  9. DC Josh says:

    Why can’t he just go back to Benfica and train with their reserve team until he proves himself worthy of 1st team football?

    I don’t understand why him and Jozy HAVE to be starting every game. Why can’t they just develop in the cellar of their respective club’s system? They are so young and it doesn’t surprise me that they are both having maturity issues.

    I ask this honestly. I just don’t get why Adu and Jozy don’t stick with their clubs. Do the clubs not want them there? Are they lazy? What realistic reason is there?

  10. Pete says:

    I think its laziness and also those players might think they are better than what they really are.

  11. Toumba says:

    The rumors about Cooper being unhappy with Freddy started shortly after he arrived in Greece. It was all over the football radio programs. The things I heard were that it was his attitude and that he thinks he is better than he really is.
    I guess all the Pele commercials and twitter followers have gone to his head. Now teams are just looking to dump his contract on to the next sucker. Yesterday I read that if it does not work with the Swiss team then Aris will just eat the contract and Freddy will not train or play with the 1st team unless they have a major emergency. I saw the same type of situation at PAOK with a player named Veron. Despite starting most of the previous season, last year he made just one cup appearance and did not train or travel with the team the rest of the year. All over a contract dispute. If that happens to Freddy, then he really has hit rock bottom.

  12. Betinho says:

    C’mon it’s not BB’s fault…it’s Rongen’s. Everyone knows that….

  13. Toumba says:

    Two things….Benfica told Aris that they do not want him back. (Reported yesterday in Greece)

    2nd, No club spends that much money on a player and wants them to play with the reserves for the majority of their contract. I think Villareal spent $10 million and Benfica $5 million (not sure on my numbers) It is not like those clubs have unlimited funds.

  14. bondo says:

    If he were to come back home, let’s be honest, I doubt anyone in MLS would want him.

  15. Jacobi says:

    The only thing more ridiculous than Freddy’s inability to stay with the team are the fanboys who think he deserves a call-up to the national team.

  16. tnnelson says:

    i don’t understand why he doesn’t just come back to MLS for a year or two and try to impress some scouts in Europe rather than bounce around to every mid-level European league there is

  17. inkedAG says:

    Oh, cool, so more updates on him not playing or not even dressing for a Euro team!!!

  18. grubbsbl says:

    I would say right about now. Heck, regular MLS time might improve his chances of being called up to the USMNT (chances that have to be about as good as Brandon Menzonelli getting called up at this point).

  19. BSU SC says:

    The reason that they keep getting loaned out is b/c it relieves the clubs that they’re signed with from paying their full wages.

    I don’t think it’s fair to compare Jozy to Freddy. Villareal have a ton of fire power and just don’t have room for Jozy. There are plenty of teams who would like to add him to the roster.

    Freddy on the other hand just can’t seem to find anyone who thinks he’s worth the money that he makes. This is the kid who after being loaned out to Aris said he could have gone to play in La Liga or the Premier League. His ego is much bigger than his talent.

  20. David says:

    I am suprised Benfica just won’t buy him out and send him on his way. He has been there 3 years now and has no chance of latching on. How long is his deal that they are still trying to loan him out to not pay his wages?

  21. yankabroad says:

    At least Freddy will be multilingual when he comes back to the US. And MLS would be better than a mid or lower table Swiss team.

  22. Clayton says:

    Good luck Freddy!

  23. DaMarcus Beasley says:

    Hey Freddy,

    Let me know if they have a spot for me too!

  24. Marcool says:

    If he can’t make an impression in five different teams, why would he succeed in MLS? He didn’t live up to the hype either when he played in the US, granted he was a lot younger.

  25. kimo says:

    The truth…

    1) Adu was late to an Aris team flight during the playoffs and it held up the team by a considerable amount of time. This was the final straw in a series of unprofessional acts by Adu. Cuper wanted to throw him off of the team right there.

    2) Adu’s agent via some fluff PR pieces leaked to the media has been saying how Aris has been trying to renegotiate the terms of Benefica’s loan agreement. In truth, Cuper wants no part of Adu and, instead, has facilitated other trials since Aris is on the hook for paying his wages. Look, if they really wanted him, they’d pay him after already agreeing to Benefica’s original terms.

    3) Benefica doesn’t want Adu. In Portugal, there is NOT an official reserve league so getting games outside of the 1st team is tough.

    4) Folks, Adu is NOT a professional. Every place that he’s gone he’s failed due to his attitude and work ethic. Those are the facts.

  26. Freddy's Mom says:

    WTF !! He’s gifted these coaches are 2 stupid 2 no better. Freddy love soccer and works hard so shut your face

  27. dman says:

    Yeah Ask Buddle!

  28. William the Terror says:

    Freddy A-who?

  29. dman says:

    USSF 2 would have something to say about that cough LA Galaxy

  30. Adu has disappointed everywhere outside of the US. I know he is young, but if he doesn’t find a team and starts getting consistent playing time in the next year or two…maybe he should come back to MLS.

  31. dman says:

    Also I could totally see Freddy asking for DP status in the MLS.

  32. waka waka time for EPL says:

    and you are….

  33. kimo says:

    an informed source on this particular topic

  34. mwc says:

    While it is getting harder to defend, I still hold out hope for Adu. Maybe if he can get a season to play every day, he can get it back.

  35. MensreaJim says:

    This has been laid out a lot, but plenty of people seem to not quite grasp the motivations Aris, Benefica, and Adu have. I’m not trying to bash on Freddy, I wish him the best and would love another good player in the pool, but this is where we are and why it plays out so awkwardly:

    Freddy could come back to MLS or whatever if he was wanted (I’m sure someone here would want him), but it would require that team agreeing to pay his substantial salary (or a portion, depending on what they work out with Aris/Benefica). Aris is on the hook for his salary for (I think) all of this coming season and they are trying desperately to get someone to take it off their hands. Benefica is in a similar situation for the longer term.

    Of course, Freddy and Benefica could just agree to tear up the contract and give everyone a fresh start. People on here and other boards often say this is what he should do. However, Freddy frankly will probably never get another big payday. Tearing up this contract would be moronic.

    Barring a buyout, this contract will play out, and he will catch on somewhere, or he won’t. The amount of money he’s owed–and his completely rational refusal to walk away from the contract–will make it very difficult to find the perfect situation for him.

  36. ga-gone says:

    Come home for like 300K Freddy. Europe is not working

  37. Kaiser says:

    Best thing for him would be to come back to MLS and play for one of the better coaches who could help him rebuild his attitude and career. Best case would be Houston where could play under Kinnear. If Dom can’t help the kid rebuild his career its officially over.

  38. Supsam says:

    Come home Freddy. Suck it up and come home

  39. Knowles says:


  40. bryan says:

    his coaches have said that it comes down to game-time soccer IQ. they always state that he has the skills to change the game and become an impact player, he just lacks the soccer IQ. i’ve also read his attitude can be pretty bad too. in other words, it sounds like he just hasnt fully committed to bettering himself as a professional.

  41. RK says:

    He wasn’t deemed surplus to requirements, he was deemed too expensive for requirements.

  42. Katatonia says:

    i love watching this kid fail

  43. Felix says:

    I’m surprised that Aris Salonika doesn’t want him, they signed him to a 2 yr loan deal and Adu seemed to do well in the time he did play.

    There must really be some things about Freddy we don’t know about that EVERY manager seems to not like him.

  44. cj says:

    I actually totally agree that he is a lot older than he says he is. This is why he has not developed like a lot of people thought he would.

    He better get as much mileage as he can out of his contract because I truly believe he will not latch on to another top team in Europe. I think he would even have a hard time being a starter in MLS.

  45. AlexSWill says:

    I would love to see him come home. Unfortunately, I think he’ll meander around Europe for a few more years before he does.

  46. cj says:

    Kinnear would not take a chance of a “cancer” in the locker room. One of his #1 criterias he looks for in a player.

  47. kpugs says:

    I think I’ll keep defending Freddy because he is still so young, but I can’t find a positive spin in this.

    He is now trialing at European clubs, in European leagues, that are worse than MLS clubs (and MLS as a league). That is just plain and simply not good at all, because now it seems much more about money than improving his game.

  48. TommyOC says:

    Seattle could use another complainer-of-questionable-work-ethic in their midfield.

  49. marden08 says:

    is there a message in the picture whcih shows a green like laser dot pointed at his head? i wish him well whatever and wherever he doies it.

  50. SP says:

    at what point do we stop following this kid’s every move? i mean he’s clearly not likely to be the future now so let’s just treat him like every other american player that goes overseas instead of like the next big star. all the currently established major american players in europe, with the exception of maybe dempsey and howard, went to europe with relatively little media attention and caught our attention after they were there.

  51. By the looks of this picture, he better make a move fast before Predator gets him.

  52. Sean says:

    With all due respect to Gary Coleman, I hope Gary Coleman II finds a nice, quiet life at a small club somewhere and we never have to hear about him again. He simply is not as good as everyone thought, did not have the spirit or passion to be as good as he could be, or everyone at every club that signed him must have something against him.

    Since it’s not the latter, that leaves just the first two. And, based on his Tweets, it’s clear he’s trying. So, that just leaves the first option. He’s just not that good.

    He doesn’t have the speed, strength, sense of team and community, and passion to succeed at a high level.

  53. Josh D says:

    Adu may have underachieved significantly since moving abroad but there’s no way with his skill set that he should be riding the bench this time around.

    Hope he gets his head screwed on tight and we see him in a couple seasons fully refreshed. Otherwise, he’ll be lucky to get accepted back into MLS.

    Better than riding the pine.

  54. TommyOC says:

    Neither do I. Adu has been groomed to think that Europe is the ultimate destination of a soccer star… that going anywhere else is an embarrassment and a disgrace.

    Adu should talk to another American phenom who was in this same situation half a decade ago. That kid made the right choice, though, coming back to MLS, taking the thump to his pride, and is now on the wishlist of many top-tier teams in across Europe.

    Freddy… give Landon Donovan a call just as soon as you can. The guy might have some good advice for ya.

  55. DC Fan says:

    Come back to DC United, Freddy!

  56. DC Fan says:

    Assuming DC wins the allocation lottery with MLS…

  57. Terrapin says:

    I highly doubt this. I’m sure at this point he’s good enough to start or at least get solid minutes on a fair number of teams in MLS, and on top of that, he’s easily one of the most known names in US soccer. Even though he’s not 14 anymore, he’s going to sell some tickets.

  58. TommyOC says:

    That’s not a fair comparison, considering both the Galaxy and the Euro squads were playing with B+ sides, at best.

    (And in the Galaxy’s case, having to play four games (plus an all-star for some) in a little over a week’s time. PRI didn’t seem to have that scheduling consideration when they took the field…)

  59. Sean says:

    What the hell do you have against DC United???

  60. DJ says:

    Freddy Adu in Europe = EPIC FAIL.

    A good reason a lot of younger players (not all, but most) should season themselves in MLS early in their careers. They will have more opportunity to develop and get minutes here rather than pine away on a bench on a European club.

    Of course, there are exceptions, just depends on the player. Freddy, IMO, went too early.

  61. Freddy's Feet says:

    Freddy’s Feet say: we are freakishly small.

  62. Freddy's Feet says:

    It is time to real about this. There IS INDEED something problematic and it is me (Freddy’s Feet)… Even though we are freakishly small, we still can kick and pass and run. The problem, apparently, is somewhere else (perhaps between the ears) because none of his managers have taken a liking to him…

    Maybe Freddy will be honest with himself this time….

  63. Twitter/com/fieldhousenyc says:

    This really blows. I’ve defended Adu all this time. But it looks like there is just something he doesn’t get. Maybe he doesn’t train well. We’ve seen him at his best, and when he is playing like that, he’s great. Yes, I said great. But, for yet another coach to find him a surplus, it just doesn’t add up. Man up Freddy. Beg Norwalk for a spot at Philly. Shut up. Train hard. And earn in through MLS first.

  64. Smirking Kitten says:

    I agree completely. At this point, Adu should look to be loaned back to the MLS for a season or two in order to resurrect his career.

  65. wyofan says:

    I love the Adu birther movement conspirators. I guess he and Obama have something in common…

  66. JoeW says:

    1. I can’t believe the fools who insist the reason this has played out the way it has is b/c Adu is actually older (28 or whatever). If Adu was OLDER he’d have had more success. His biggest issues are mental as a player, his ability to keep his head in the game and think.

    2. Research done with U-17 teams shows that the vast majority of U-17 WC players don’t go one to become good, let alone star professionals. Maybe Adu is one of those cases. He’s still young but…signs aren’t promising.

    3. Those people who insist that all he needs is playing time are naive. Here’s the deal with Adu:
    –yes, he’s rusty and probably not in game-shape and that comes from not playing. But…
    –he’s always been a player who has trouble moving off the ball, showing for the ball, reading the game, supporting defensively (I don’t mean tackling or winning balls, I just mean “being a teammate who at least reads the attack and tracks back or follows a runner on a corner kick, filling space to discourage a pass), having any kind of workrate. The two positions in the pro game he has a reasonable chance of playing due to his height and lack of real speed and other game issues are A-mid and withdrawn forward. Both of those positions (especially A-mid) require someone who can move off the ball, show for the ball, read the game and know when to be aggressive pushing forward and when to hold the ball or play it back–in short they’re about quick decisions that dictate how the team plays and how balls are distributed and to whom. Adu has always had a beautiful touch on the ball and is actually quite unselfish. But his ability to succeed at those two positions is weak right now in a serious pro league. So yes, he needs to start getting minutes–that will build up his confidence, build up his conditioning and get him sharper skill-wise. But that doesn’t automatically build his other skills and fix those other holes in his game. And that doesn’t automatically happen by playing in games. So just getting PT won’t cut it.

    3. For those who say it’s time to come back to MLS, well, I’ll say this: I’m not sure which MLS teams he’d start for. Again, he’s got tremendous technical ability in some areas. But he’s got gaping holes in other parts of his game that limit your ability to put him on the field as a wingback or outside mid or as part of a 433 with an outside attacker role.

    PS: where are all those posters who used to say that Nowak was just jealous of Adu (when he was at DCU) which is why he didn’t start all the time or would be benched now and then, or that Adu wasn’t impressing in MLS bc the skill level was so low–and when he moved overseas (and was surrounded by better technical ability) we’d seem his flourish?

  67. brant says:

    Let’s start calling him “Freddy A-don’t”

  68. r.benjamin says:

    This is a sound and reasonable post. Add the post above regarding supposed problems due to unprofessional acts and it adds up.

    Add that it entirely possible (without any malice) that he is really 1 or 2 years older than listed.

    Adu is still young and clearly talented. USMNT or not. He should be a solid contributor to some team by now. Maybe he’ll ‘mature’ as Donovan references in the next few years.

    But I’m really beginning to think that once his current contract is over it will be sink or swim time and this saga can really move to the next step. In the meantime, Freddy is getting paid, still believes his own hype and isn’t motivated to prove otherwise. Likewise teams are motivated to move him along if it doesnt work out.

  69. macheath says:

    Adu could easily start for several MLS teams, including dear old (and now horrible) DC United. And that’s what he should do–come back here. He’d get playing time and some support. This Europe adventure is really spiraling down for him, and he’s not getting any better, apparently.

  70. r.benjamin says:

    Freddy seems to play well in tournament environments or one off friendlies. The U20 WCs, V Spain a few years back, 08 Olympics.

    My impression is that he doesn’t have the mental stamina and strength yet to show it in a Club season. He’s still immature and not yet the real professional he needs to be.

  71. JoeW says:

    Adu would get some minutes for DCU now but he wouldn’t start–it would actually be a terrible situation for him.
    1. Onalfo is playing a system with 2 central mids who are expected to defend. That’s not Adu–can’t come close to playing that role. Plus, the team’s DP Branko Boskovic is a central midfielder. So unless you’re saying that Adu is going to play left outside midfield and track back on defense and run all match, it doesn’t look like he’d start in midfield for DCU.

    2. He might beat out Pablo Hernandez (the Argentine who plays in Uruguay who’s on loan)–that’s the primary competition at withdrawn forward. And then that assumes that he’s going to be ahead of Jaime Moreno as the withdrawn forward on the bench. Moreno may be old, slow and in his last season but Adu isn’t exactly better in the air, significantly faster, in better shape and definitely doesn’t have the feel for the match that Moreno has. Trust me, I’m not arguing that DCU’s forwards are so impressive, only that Adu just doesn’t have a lot of positional options. And especially in a physical league like MLS in the summer heat, your outside mids need to be able to defend and need to be able to run. So he’s really only looking at 2 positions: withdrawn forward and A-mid. And on a team like DCU that doesn’t play with an A-mid (unless your example of an A-mid is Michael Bradley), that basically means a guy (Adu) with a couple of years of rust is going to come in and play ahead of guys who are in mid-season and in some cases have better stats than him.

    For those who figure that he’d come into MLS and automatically start, here’s a small (though not perfect litmus test): he didn’t get an invite to the USNT, wasn’t even really a consideration the last couple of months. But guys who were NOT starting for their clubs (Gomez, Findley) got invites and made the team (I’m leaving off Guzan and some of the guys who play overseas–unique situations). Adu not only isn’t in the top 3 Euro leagues and not starting, b/c some of those leagues don’t have reserves, he’s not even getting much in the way of practice games.

    Again, not trying to bash Adu–he’s young and got mad skills in some areas. But this isn’t a case of he couldn’t cut it at Real Madrid so he’s coming home to get minutes at any one of the 5 or 6 positions on the field he can play. He needs to go to a team with a strong coach, a good support system and a system that’s already in-place, a strong supporting cast, that plays a pure A-mid (ideally a 5-man midfield) or needs a withdrawn forward. Unless you figure he’s coming to MLS to be on the bench and be someone’s 12th or 13th or 14th player for the near future, there aren’t a lot of good options.

  72. DC Josh says:

    2 words: e-go

  73. Ja Ja James says:

    Very well said.

  74. Lost in Space says:

    Another reason for loaning players out is to help them develop. Nothing is better for the development of a player than getting consistent game time experiance.

  75. dman says:

    I love the Galaxy but 4-1 is 4-1

  76. EA says:

    Justin Mapp is (at least) a part time starter in MLS. Freddy HAS to be better than that.

  77. EA says:

    I’ll try to cover all the talking points here:

    – Freddy’s still young
    – Freddy’s too old
    – Swiss league is still a step up from MLS
    – The Swiss league? What next?
    – He just needs to play
    – 300K Twitter followers can’t be wrong
    – Freddy should have started in the World Cup
    – Freddy shouldn’t be near the national team

    What am I missing?

  78. Jdavids says:

    The most I can remember him doing is some nice moves in drawing a PK versus Juventus a few years ago. He has never done….anything really. Until he does something he’s not in my MNT convo’s. Unless he’s the best player in the Swiss league…..not in my MNT convo. Simple.

  79. José says:

    Freddy make me rember one player from my country (chile) he looks very good when he was young 2002-2003 but diciplinare problems make him to lost the way, untill 2009 when he played notable in serie b and now he will play in seria a.

    you can read all the story here link to

    but i think that the problem is not where he plays (mls or europe) i think is in his head. (sry for the english)

  80. Smith says:

    Now starting for the Long Island Rough Riders..Freddy Adu!

  81. bozodono says:

    He’s almost 31, he should retire.

  82. Jamie Z. says:

    Kenny Cooper is unhappy with Freddy Adu?

  83. BCC says:

    Haha, Freddy Adu “birthers.”

  84. BCC says:

    20 years old, wealthy, and earning money playing soccer in Switzerland. I know some of you are disappointed with him, critical, but read that first sentence again. Pretty fantastic life if you think about it objectively.

  85. Hood Rich says:

    Is this the last year on the Benfica contract? That means he would be a free agent next summer. So he should just collect $$$ for 1 more season. No hurry as the next world cup is 4 years away. My advice: collect the money. Nobody should tear up a $$$ contract with just a year to go.

  86. Isaac says:

    So their recent record counts for nothing?

  87. mikeandike says:

    can someone compare the number of Tweets posted by Freddy to minutes played in professional soccer? I’m guessing he tweets 5x for every minute played…

    seriously, I am glad to see all the Freddy defndrs finally capitulating. You can recycle the coach hates him, this is a fresh start, this team/league sucks so he should get minutes excuses only so many times…

    The Swiss league? I am calling it now… Tashkent is the next stop on Freddy Adu’s soccer journey, unless China, like Stephon Marbury. Maybe Freddy can be league MVP in China, though again he may ride the pine and get loaned out to a Vietnamese team….

  88. steveo says:

    and how many times have you said the same thing over the years?

    RSL, Benfica, Monaco, Belensenses, Aris and now Sion

    the best thing for Freddy is for fans to give up on him… let the expectations reset, stop the worship of a nobody and let him actually earn the adulation

  89. Isaac says:


  90. The bums will always lose says:

    2 more important words: Money and feasibility.

    As to the feasibility part: I don’t pretend to be an expert on loan deals, but I’m pretty sure Aris agreed to pay the bulk of Adu’s wages for the upcoming season. Now they want no part of him and are trying to dump as much of his salary on someone else as they can. If he were to be loaned to an MLS side, I don’t see anyway around them having to use a DP slot on Freddy since he’s making significantly more than $300K right now. Is that really feasible for most MLS squads? Is there a team out there willing to use a DP slot on a guy who hasn’t consistently played in 3 years, has some serious limitations to his game and comes with more baggage than a Southwest flight?

    In terms of money, unless something huge changes in this kid over the next few years, he’s looking at the tail end of what is realistically his last big contract. No way does he tear that up so he can come play in MLS this year and make $200, $300K. He’d be leaving hundreds of thousands, if not more, on the table to come back to MLS right now.

    All that said, if he doesn’t catch on by the end of his deal, MLS is absolutely the right, and potentially only move for him.

  91. Neruda says:

    Don’t say Freddy, Freddy, Freddy in the mirror. Urban legend has it that the ghost of Freddy’s junior WC past will come out of the mirror and give you a chilena (bicycle kick) to the head.

  92. waka says:

    the best thing for Adu would be to come to MLS for two seasons.

    he needs to get some confidence and playing time. if i was him i would take a pay cut and try to go to a team like NY. Imagine playing behind Angel and Henry? just imagine the number of assists and goals. his stats would be inflated. Not only will euro teams be interested in him but he will be back in the mix for team USA.

  93. A-Lott says:

    Yes, neither have lived up to the unrealistic expectations created by epic media hype.

  94. ben says:

    I don’t understand the calls for Adu to come back to MLS for playing time. Who would he play for? If you don’t recall, he was consistently terrible in MLS (I’m an RSL fan, I saw it first hand) and that was much closer to his (so far) peak as a player. Yeah, he’d probably get a contract based on name recognition, but I don’t think he’d start for anyone right now, short of possibly DCU.

  95. Smith says:

    You forgot:

    Freddy shouldn’t listen to his handlers

    Freddy is lazy

    Freddy is neither a forward nor a mid

    Cheese gives Freddy gas

  96. chris says:

    Hope he does well because we need creative midfielders on the U.S. National Team. Lets face it without Donovan we aint nothing. Also very interested in Andy Najar coming to the USMNT.

  97. W. Buffett says:

    Yeah, great,

    But what happens when his Benfica contract runs out and he has to pay off his agents and hangers on. And no one is lining up to give him another max contract.

    If he has been smart( right) One would assume he has been saving for a rainy day for the last 6 years. If not then, look out.

    How do you think being, what, 23-24 and washed up with no marketable skills must be like?

    Can you say Vietnam league?

  98. Odon says:

    The US would be wise to spend more effort in luring Najar than investing any time in Adu, yesterday’s news.

  99. Sacha says:

    “we need creative midfielders on the U.S. National Team”

    Yes we do. But Freddy ain’t it. He has skill and talent but a real creative midfielder is above all else intelligent with the ball and makes his teammates better.

    For lack of a better way to put it, for the most part Adu is stupid with the ball and makes a lot of dumb decisions. And with his constant clashing with the coaches, he ain’t gonna get better in that department.

    The US can do better. Time to move on.

  100. Bedoya says:

    “I think I’ll keep defending Freddy because he is still so young, but I can’t find a positive spin in this”

    Why is it an asset for a player to be young?

    Because they still have time to learn their craft and develop their body and their abilities.

    None of this seems to apply to Freddy.

    He ain’t getting any taller and he doesn’t seem interested in working out and getting ripped. He’s still puny and slow.

    He has been a first team pro for 6 years and most of his playing time came in the early part of his career.

    That sounds like a veteran in decline.

    He has been with many clubs and many coaches, some of them excellent,like Nowak, Cuper and Bradley ( you may think Bradley is a pinhead coach but many respected people don’t ) and has failed to impress all of them in spite of his undeniable skill.

    That sounds like an inability to learn and get better.

    Finally, Adu isn’t the only talented 20 year old out there. I’ll bet most of them are cheaper and have smaller heads.

    You don’t get unlimited chances in this game; once that ill-advised Befica contract is up Adu’s goose in Europe isporbably cooked, if he doesn’t suddenly have an extreme makeover. And in a year or two (whenever that contract is up) the MLS will be alot more compeititve and I wouldn’t be so sure Freddy can get a club back home. Especially for his salary bracket.

  101. papa bear says:

    Adu needs an ego reset. Everything negative I’ve heard about him in reports is that he is all about the glamor and not about the game. He needs to realize that with no game comes no lasting glamor.

    This is literally his last shot to make good in Europe. There really is not much lower than this save maybe the Eastern European leagues in Bulgaria etc where he will get MURDERED because they are as physical as it gets.

    He needs to tell himself: “If I don’t play well here, I won’t even play in a World Cup. I have to work 5 times harder than I have ever worked every day to even earn consideration for the bench on the USMNT at the World Cup in 2014″ and maybe he’ll right the ship.

    He has the skills he just doesn’t have the heart or mindset yet.

  102. Don’t agree with you at all.

    Most players do not reach their full potential, until they are in their mid-20s. He is young is a valid statement. The soccer IQ piece is what he needs to develop. He has 2 years left to reach the potential. If at 25, he has not improved, we can call him a veteran in decline.

    One thing is for sure, Peter Nowak was right about him when he was at DC. He was doing the right things for him too. Teenagers can’t see the opportunity when everyone is calling him the next Pele.

    I am not giving up on him yet, but his time is running out. Maybe he needs to spend more time watching game tapes rather than movies.

  103. sef-one says:

    this might be the comment of the day.

  104. steve r says:

    Speaking of which, what is latest on Altidore move?

  105. Wm. says:

    *cough* paging Steve Snow…paging Steve Snow…

  106. Wm. says:

    Plus, Freddy used to say to the media, complaining about how he wasn’t put in often enough at DC United, “I can’t help the team if I’m not on the field.”

    Turns out he can’t help the team even if he IS on the field.

  107. John says:

    Benfica doesn’t have a reserve team. They have a youth system that stops at the U19 team. After that, they make you a professional or let you go. Freddy has some skills, but he’s also got some significant holes. European soccer coaches are always a few bad games away from getting fired, and nobody wants to go to battle with Adu. If he was Portuguese, he’s be loaned out to a second division team right now, considering his age and deficiencies. His problem is that he always gets loaned to a side that can’t afford to play him. He’s got talent, but he’s a second division player at the moment. That’s OK for a 21 year old kid. Benfica may be loaning him to higher level teams that can afford to pay some of his salary, but he’s just not good enough yet to get PT for clubs of that dimension. He’s kind of trapped.

  108. Uomo says:

    Was very young first time around…Could help an MLS club with his experience.

    Freddy, Come BacK!

  109. sucram89 says:

    Freddy it’s time you come back to the MLS. Take the pay cut and come. Atleast there will be a better chance of getting consistent playing time.

  110. sucram89 says:

    I think he could come back to the MLS and make $300,000 easily. It’s not millions but that’s still a lot for a 21 yr old. I think he should come back to the MLS and play for a team like Houston or Dallas. Or maybe even wait for Portland and Vancouver to enter the leauge and get drafted to one of them.

  111. sucram89 says:


  112. KevDC says:

    He won’t get $300K in MLS now, based on his showing in Europe. I could see sometime tossing him $125K on a one year deal.

  113. KevDC says:

    I don’t love watching anyone fail…especially someone so young.

    The fact that you do speaks volume about you.

  114. KevDC says:

    $300K “easily”? There are not 20 players making that much in MLS (sad but true, but that’s a different conversation).

    Do you think Freddy would “easily” be one of the 20 best in MLS?

    I don’t.

  115. Matt says:

    At this rate he’ll be playing for RSL trying to get his career back on track by next season har har har.

  116. James Nanakornpanom says:

    ADU should have went to Manchester when tehy wanted him when he ws 14 like most of the stars do, they grow up in the big clubs but no he didnt so he wasted his time inUSA and now is nothing going around to joke clubs around europe.

  117. jmadsen says:

    He reminds me of a sadder case, unfortunately….clint mathis

  118. Wm. says:

    Is someone pointing a laser pointer at his head? Look at the pic. Weird.

  119. Bedoya says:

    “Most players do not reach their full potential, until they are in their mid-20s. He is young is a valid statement. The soccer IQ piece is what he needs to develop. He has 2 years left to reach the potential. If at 25, he has not improved, we can call him a veteran in decline.”

    I’ll assume you are an American and if we were talking about things in an American sporting context you’d be accurate. But we’re not. We’re evaluating Adu in a European context.

    C, Ronaldo is 25, Messi is 23. There are actually a fair number of people in Europe who think both those guys have already peaked.

    And you are assuming Adu has time to get better. Well in order to do that he has to play more and what I’m saying is a European coach will probably have less problematical, cheaper, younger alternatives to Adu.

    It may not seem like it but the soccer world is a small place and the word is out on this kid. And Adu won’t drop his price, so he is in a bad spot. Overpaid and underproductive.

    With an attitude.

    If you want to bet on him go ahead, I wouldn’t.

  120. Kaiser says:

    He took a chance on that tub of lard Landin. Think Dom would welcome the chance and the challenge…and I think he could turn Adu’s career around.

  121. W. Buffett says:

    If it was you or me we were talking about, then okay, 300K would be fine.

    But we’re talking about taking a guy who clearly has champagne taste and putting him on a beer budget.

  122. thedude says:

    Except it actually makes sense b/c it happens in sports all the time… players from third world countries fudge their birth certificates to make themselves look like hot prospects…

    See Danny Almonte, Miguel Tejada, Santiago Casilla, Esmailyn Gonzalez…

    “One of the unexpected consequences of the increased diligence of national security agencies in the wake of the 9/11 attacks was the large number of baseball players whose visa documents were found to be fraudulent. Latin American players, it turned out, had been falsifying their ages, claiming that they were younger than was actually the case. More than 300 major and minor league players were fingered as frauds.”

  123. . says:

    From Portugal a Benfica supporter:

    I endorse your line of thinking.

  124. seanie blue says:

    Why is this a surprise to anyone? It’s not even news. 7th in the Swiss League — all you guys who were writing two years ago that he should be starting for Monaco, there is only this to say: HA HA HA HA HAHAHAHAHAHA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!! He’ll be plagying in front of less people than the University of Maryland does. End of the road. Adieu!

  125. seanie blue says:

    Well said. The only players who gave up the ball on turnovers more than Adu on the USMNT two years ago were Onyewu and Feilhaber. He will never be a crucial player on a good team and his skills are the same as any ordinary player in a high professional league. He has never been anything special, except young. I wonder what he thinks as he sits on a bus and travels two hours to a little alpine town to play in front of one thousand people? Where does he think it all went wrong? I’d love to make a movie about him with his headphones on, tweeting, thinking, looking out the train window at the snow. Beats showing up at an office for a job. But soon he will be making less than $50K, and in five years, nothing. Does he think about that future?

  126. seanie blue says:

    Adu is not a creative midfielder. He is an andrenaline junkie who cannot make the fundamental decision in hot moments. He gives away the ball. He relies on speed and deception to make his moves, rather than intelligence and instinct. Why do you think he is “creative”? Because this is how the media described him when they wanted to sell you a story? Give me a break. He will play podunk villages in Switzerland because he is not creative ENOUGH.

  127. seanie blue says:

    Dude. You’re dreaming. Maybe $80K, tops. Closer to $45K. He has to prove himself before he ever gets better than apprentice wages again, in MLS or anywhere else.

  128. Darth Vader says:

    And Sion has now passed on Freddy…

    link to

  129. Cali in Adam says:

    “The league is constantly improving, and is a much better league than when he left a few years ago. ”

    It’s one thing to take in a has been from abroad with the resume of a Beckham, Henry, Schellotto Angel, Castillo, Blanco, Lundberg,,etc, etc.

    It’s another thing to take in a never-was or better yet a has-been Under-20 star like Adu.

  130. Nova99 says:

    This is my opinion: the absolute worst move he can make right now is to come back to MLS. There are too many off the field distractions because he is still Freddy Adu and will be the talk of the town wherever he ends up. Pressure and expectation will balloon more than at Aris or Sion or wherever he ends up in Europe. Adu will also likely to demand a high salary, which limits the teams that can afford him, teams usually sign a DP to help the other guys on the squad get better not the other way around.

    I think he is better off finding out first what his absolute weakness is from the various coaches and then really spend time to work on it. If the rumors are true and the european coaches feel he has limited tactical sense then he can take time to adjust that area of his game. Tactical limitations are a hell of a lot easier to improve on than technical limitations. If he sits for a year but puts his head down and learn the game he is better off then simply running around on the field for some mls team whose coach cannot sit him because he is a DP and he is Freddy Adu….