Afternoon Ticker: Odense BK eyeing Goodson, Gold Cup Final venue selected and more


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Clarence Goodson may become the next American Abroad to find a new club this summer, and Denmark could be his destination.

Goodson is currently being targeted by Odense BK, which is reportedly in negotiations with his current club, IK Start. Odense is looking at Goodson as a replacement for departed defender Jonas Troest.

Playing in the last year of his contract, Goodson has returned from the World Cup to score a goal in each of IK Start's last two games.

Here are more stories to help get you through the day:

Rose Bowl selected host of 2011 Gold Cup final

The 2011 Gold Cup final will be played at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA, CONCACAF announced

Next summer's CONCACAF championship tournament, which is scheduled to run from June 5-25, will mark the return of the Gold Cup to the Rose Bowl, which has not hosted a Gold Cup match since the 2002 final.

The winner of the 12-nation competition will qualify for the 2013 Confederations Cup in Brazil

FIFA announces no World Cup All-Star team

Soccer fans around the globe waiting for the official World Cup All-Star team to be announced need not wait anymore – because it won't be coming.

FIFA announced that it will not name an All-Star team for this summer's tournament and no reason was given. 

In previous editions of the tournament, MasterCard sponsored the All-Star team's announcement, but the company was dropped by FIFA in 2007 after settling a lawsuit.

Eduardo leaves Arsenal for Shakhtar Donetsk

Croatian forward Eduardo has transferred from Arsenal to Ukrainian club Shakhtar Donetsk for a reported £6 million. Eduardo agreed to a four-year deal with Shakhtar.

Having returned this past season from a broken leg and dislocated ankle suffered in 2008, Eduardo struggled to find his top form.


What do you think of Goodson possibly transferring to Odense? Happy to see the Gold Cup final return to the West Coast? Why do you think FIFA won't announce a World Cup All-Star team? How do you see Eduardo faring with Shakhtar?

Share your thoughts below.

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80 Responses to Afternoon Ticker: Odense BK eyeing Goodson, Gold Cup Final venue selected and more

  1. Tielor2d says:

    Fifa is just being annoying now … it’s not devastating news that they wont name an All-Star Team, but it’s an honor that the players should be given. How hard would it be to gather a couple officials and select 11 players.

  2. babieca says:

    They won’t do it for free and FIFA probably didn’t find a sponsor who was willing to pay what they wanted to name the thing.

  3. sread says:

    Is the Danish league better than the Norwegian Tippeligaen?

  4. ZacIndy says:

    Bring a couple of Gold Cup games to Indy. As a finalist city in the upcoming WC bid it’d be nice to see how it goes a The Luke.

  5. malaka says:

    FIFA sucks, seriously, they suck

    what if every country just left FIFA and started IFFA or something like that and had THE SUPER WORLD CUP?

  6. malaka says:

    i want to see Indy, Dallas, Miami, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Philly

  7. jordan says:

    Great, so if we get to the gold cup final and play against mexico. It will be 95 percent mexican fans.

  8. Brad says:

    Based on UEFA coefficients at the end of the 2009/10 season, Denmark was ranked 15th and Norway was ranked 22nd.

  9. B1879 says:

    Yep, but 100% filled is what CONCACAF cares about.

  10. grubbsbl says:

    Exactly, and CONCACAF will rake in the money. It is not about getting US a home event but making money. I am cool with it because I like to watch games with a rocking stadia.

  11. Myles B says:

    Canada needs to hold the Gold Cup. It’s not like we don’t have the capacity!

  12. B1879 says:

    I was hoping Canada would get this one. Maybe it could still be a joint USA/Canada Gold Cup?

  13. ga-gone says:

    same as last year on the east coast.

  14. joe k says:

    or usa/canada/mexico?

    usa is so big that adding canadian cities hardly increases travel time, and mexico city really isn’t all that much farther from new york than LA is.

  15. I <3 MLS says:

    Fifa never ceases to amaze me..

  16. war says:

    Finally, now Arsenal just need to get rid of Almunia and Flubbianski.

  17. ERic says:

    I’m looking forward to the time when another country hosts the Gold Cup. While I completely understand that we’re the 4000 lb gorilla, and continuing to hold it here guarantees lots of money for CONCACAF, it just looks bad.

  18. Dj voter says:

    Will espn take notice of the gold cup?

  19. BetaMale says:

    hell yes to the Gold Cup finals near where I live. I look forward to being outnumbered by mexicans 1:100

  20. Christopher Davis says:


  21. nolan says:

    Clarence Goodson rocks! He is really solid in the back and he has the ability to score with his head on set pieces!

  22. Jake says:

    I’m all for that!

  23. Hood Rich says:

    Is it even a question ? :-)

    Laudrup brothers
    Ebbe Sand

    The only world class player I know coming
    from Norway is Tore Andre Flo.

  24. Hood Rich says:

    What’s the news with Guzan? Can’t believe the guy is content sitting behind Friedel.

  25. Stephen says:

    Does it cost money to name an all-star team?

  26. dino1er says:

    yes yes yes AO LA wet dream come true we all know no matter where its held mexicans will be the majority.

    f it ill take the piss bombs for my country.

  27. green says:

    FIFA: F***ing Ignorant Football Association

  28. MC Pharoah says:

    It would be alot like moving from MLS to FMF, but Denmark is a bit better than Norway, where as Mexico and MLS arent as far apart in quality

  29. sread says:

    Ok, those are some famous Danish plyers, but I was honestly asking about the leagues. I really haven’t followed either one.

  30. BSU SC says:

    I completely agree. Lucas Oil Stadium is a world class facility. With the retractable roof that should make it an even more attractive veunue to host soccer.

    …on a slightly different note, can’t we get another country to host the Gold Cup? It’s nice having it here in the U.S. but I’d also love to visit Mexico, Canada or somewhere else every once in awhile.

  31. Missoula says:

    I think Manchester City has taken over SBI!

  32. RK says:

    And that’s different from any other day in southern California?

  33. Brad says:

    Fox Soccer Channel and Univision have the rights to the Gold Cup right now. If the US and Mexico play in the finals, I believe that it would be shown on FSN. It’s on a Saturday afternoon with not much happening in sports at the end of June

  34. 123 says:

    If you want to hold the Gold Cup, you have to win the Gold Cup! I don’t think Mexico is going to let Canada borrow it.

  35. Micah King says:

    GO Goodson I hope he goes to Denmark and gets a starting spot easily.

  36. Barry U says:

    FIFA is all about the MONEY$$$$$! Nobody paying to sponsor the team them no team! Did you see that they got a deal to pay 0 taxes to South Africa for the money earned from the WC? Sepp does not take a dump if he does not make some coin on it.

  37. Moose McDowell says:

    Still, I have a hard time believing that Goodson had a move to the Dutch league in mind when he went to Start. You have to think that even if there’s a bit lower quality in the US compared to Norway (which isn’t true btw), spending the last 2 years tearing up MLS would have been far better for his value. The guy is good enough to play in England or Germany.

  38. Ryan says:

    If Goodson is transferred to Odense BK he will get the opportunity to play in the Europa League. Odense BK is slotted in the 3rd qualifying round awaiting their opponent which looks like it will be a Bosnian-Herzogvinian team named HSK Zrinjski (they are 4-1 up on aggregate going into tomorrow). More opportunities for our national team players to play across Europe vs stronger opponents!!!

  39. Kevin says:

    Haha, it’s not quite that large a ratio. I hope you weren’t completely serious.

  40. euroman says:

    Goodson isn’t being brought in to replace anyone, he’s viewed as huge upgrade. OB is a top 3 team every year in their league but can’t seems to pass Coppenhagen for a Champion’s League spot. Interestingly Coppenhagen had a very strong interest in Goodson last winter but couldn’t come up with enough money for the big transfer fee IK Start was demanding. Stay tuned.

  41. Kevin says:

    ^ this guy rules

  42. BCC says:

    ESPN reporting that Mancini and Man City are after LD.

  43. 45245245246423 says:

    Anyone know what’s going on with Sal Zizzo? I really want to know where he’s headed!!

  44. torporindy says:

    LD, please don’t go to Cit-eh! Join a club that has more integrity or just go back to Everton! (Sorry to speak ill of your sponsors, Ives)

  45. 45245245246423 says:

    Would be a terrible situation for Donovan

  46. Myles B says:

    We have won it in the past, we’re the only team besides USA/MEX to win it. Check out the 2000 Gold Cup for proof!

  47. CJ in OC says:

    when is the lotto again?

  48. Myles B says:

    Check back in a half hour.

  49. away goals says:

    His value to MLS makes him more expensive than his actual worth in the european market, and city are probably the only club willing to pay the inflated price.

    If donovan goes back to europe, it will almost certainly include a stint with city.

    If he doesn’t beat out silva or adam johnson for minutes though, a return to everton could be a real possibility.

  50. Smirking Kitten says:

    Exactly what I was thinking. It looks like City might be the only team capable of (and willing) to match Garber’s price for Donovan. If it’s between fighting for a place on a good team in the EPL and languishing in LA, I would support a move to Manchester City.

  51. Jose says:

    I think having another country hosting the world cup would be cool and would be a real test for US to see if they can win it outside of the states. But saying that, winning this upcoming gold cup is huge for USMNT. It will give us some games in Brazil a year out from the world cup and can help narrow down the roster, etc. Winning it will also help erase the bad memories of the last Gold Cup!

  52. RK says:


  53. RK says:

    I’m never completely serious…

  54. RK says:

    5:00. I’m sure mlsoccersoccer will crash.

  55. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Why? the USA makes a lot more sense than any other country. Any other country you have a big home field advantage for the hosts, as soccer culture is more ingrained elsewhere.

    Here, we have a huge group of immigrants from most CONCACAF nations that make most games a good match up. Yes, Mexico will have more fans than any other country, but even the Islands have deep followings on the East Coast.

    Any other country with perhaps the exception of Canada it would be difficult to have the same ‘parity of fans’ available.

  56. Biebs says:

    In regards to the Sal Zizzo thing, I saw this on

    “MLS clubs can opt out of the lottery and if a team wins the lottery, it will not be eligible to participate in any other lotteries for the rest of the season. In the scenario that all MLS teams join the process, the percentage chances for winning rights to Zizzo are listed below based on each team’s record over their last 30 games:”

    Why would any team opt out of this lottery? Isn’t he a big enough talent that any team would take him?

  57. Nathanael Greene says:

    And Sepp won’t be able to come.

  58. MensreaJim says:

    Well, two reasons come to mind: 1. Cost. 2. Need.

    1. I believe MLS has already signed a deal with Sal, if not, he still would demand a realtively hefty salary. For a team near the cap–or just cheap–this would be a concern.

    2. For an attacking midfielder, this is unlikely. But if a middling GK with some NT experience came in (since Perkins is in the league, this is unlikely, but still), it is unlikely that, say, Seattle or LAG would want to enter the lottery and risk losing the chance at another player later on or be stuck paying a lot to a guy they don’t need.

  59. phil says:

    I’ll join… but only if we can call it the “super duper world cup”. And the US hosts. And wins.

    -Sunil G.

    tee hee.

  60. phil says:

    FRANCE. Brutha should go to FRANCE.

  61. phil says:

    WORD UP!

  62. phil says:

    second. the beaches are gorgeous and the women speak french.

  63. phil says:

    aren’t you already?

  64. phil says:

    i KNEW some knucklehead moneybags club will show MLS the money, LD will go and fizzle instead of sizzle and we’ll all get the knives out just like his bundesliga escapades

  65. Stephen says:

    He’s not moving to the Dutch league.

  66. Bob says:

    Zizzo to Chivas USA

  67. BostonTim says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Go to Everton!

    link to

  68. Lost in Space says:

    Was hoping he’d land in DC. :-(

  69. BooThisMan says:

    As it turns out, Fire, Revs, Crew and TFC all opted out.

  70. Stephen says:

    Maybe Arsenal can afford one of our boys now that they Got that $6M payday.

  71. NUFCin208 says:

    CONCACAF should bring a gold cup game to Portland. Also, Goodsen moving from Norway to Denmark would be pointless.

  72. Paul Thomas says:

    Well, to be fair to FIFA, “robbing South Africans blind” is kind of a cottage industry among the international business community…

    I mean, just look up their banking system if you REALLY want a howler.

  73. Martha says:

    I think Concacaf prefers having it in a country whose team actually has a chance of being in the final.

  74. Brian says:

    If the US is in the final I’ll be there

  75. Zach says:

    Sooo it will be like every home US qualifier? :)

  76. DC Josh says:

    Why is the Gold Cup held every two years? It doesn’t make any sense to me, aside from more money. I just caught on to this BTW. College grad shmollege grad…

  77. DC Josh says:

    Just one more year. Be patient. If Villa loan him out, they’ll never get him back.

  78. NC Jeff says:

    I think CONCACAF awarded the Gold Cup Final to the USA to avoid the question by FIFA members “If they aren’t even being chosen by CONCACAF to host the next Gold Cup Final, where a birth to the Confed. Cup will be on the line, why are we thinking of having them host a World Cup?”

    Also, CONCACAF is having the USA host because a majority of its members said they’d rather come here than Mexico. And can you blame ’em … they do want to get back home … safely, and without having to pay a hostage ransom.

  79. josh says:

    you are an idiot.