Argentina vs. Germany: Match Day Commentary

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Two of the best and most entertaining teams in the World Cup square off today in Cape Town as high-flying Argentina takes on young and dangerous Germany for a place in the World Cup semifinals.

Lionel Messi and Mezut Oezil will square off to see which of them can create the most magic, while Miroslav Klose and Gonzalo Higuain battle to see who can challenge for the tournament Golden Boot.

Here is my preview of today's match for Fox Soccer.

I am in Cape Town today for this high-profile tilt and will be providing commentary throughout the day. Please feel free to follow along here, and as always, you are welcome to share your own thoughts and opinions on the match in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Commentary is after the jump):


FINAL– That's all for me. Please feel free to share your post-match thoughts in the comments section below. Thanks for following along and enjoy the rest of your day (and be sure to take part in the commentary on Spain-Paraguay, here on SBI.


FINAL– The Germans showed what can be done when a team is committed to movement, passing, disciplined defending and giving every bit of energy to the cause. They're World Cup favorites now. No doubt about it.


FINAL– Germany 4, Argentina 0. And the young and dynamic Germans put on a clinic, destroying Maradona's Argentina.


90th Minute– Thoroughly beautiful stuff from Germany. Sad and pitiful stuff from Argentina.


86th Minute– GOAL GERMANY!!!!! And it's Klose AGAIN. What a demolition job by Germany. Told you they'd pour numbers and go for the jugular.

Germany 4, Argentina 0. WOWWWW


85th Minute– Messi shot right at Neuer. At this point it looks as though Messi will finish the tournament without a goal.


82nd Minute– Mueller comes off to loud applause. He's the Man of the Match today. No question about it. Shame that he'll miss the semifinal on a questionable yellow card.


81st Minute– Bad turnover by Messi, who has clearly checked out of this match mentally.


80th Minute– Looking ahead to the semifinal. You have to think a Spain-Germany semifinal would be a dream to watch. Not to sleep on Paraguay, but they'll be heavy underdogs tonight.


77th Minute– Mascherano yellow. Professional foul there. Poor guy. He deserved better from his teammates today.


76th Minute– Toni Kroos comes in for Khedira. Another young prospect for Germany.


75th Minute– Sergio Aguero is in the match now. A little late, don't you think Diego?


74th Minute- GOAL GERMANY!!! And it's Arne Friedrich with the finish off a nice move by Schweinsteiger, dribbles past Argentina's defense to set up the veteran defender.

Germany 3, Argentina 0.WOW.


73rd Minute– German fans with their own version of Ole as they pass it around. Argentina looks deflated.


71st Minute– It might sound counter-intuitive but look for Germany to start taking more chances now and pushing numbers into the attack.

Marcell Jansen comes in for Boateng, who had a solid day today.


70th Minute– What a pass by Mueller on the Klose goal, delivers the incisive pass from the ground. Great game for the youngster.


69th Minute– Javier Pastore comes on for Otamendi. Too little, too late. And where on earth is Milito or Aguero?


68th Minute- GOAL GERMANY!!! And it's Klose, who finishes off an easy set-up to make it 2-0. Germany rips ARgentina apart yet again with its passing as Podolski delivers the final one to set up Klose. WOW.


66th Minute– It's a crime that Javier Zanetti isn't on this Argentina team.


65th Minute– Argentina keeps settling for shots from outside the box. Neuer isn't giving up any soft goals today so they need to stop settling.

Otamendi with ANOTHER foul and another free kick in a good spot. He's been atrocious.


63rd Minute– Argentina corner off a nice move by Messi. They're feeling it, but still no goal.


61st Minute– Tevez takes a wasteful shot from distance. Was he hoping for a Robert Green moment? Neuer is slightly better than Green.

And he showed it again with the stop on Higuain.


60th Minute– Argentina with a counter that falls one pass short. Better half from the South Americans.

Germany with a free kick about 30 yards from goal. Otamendi again. He's been bad today.


58th Minute– While you're at it, you can tell Miroslav Klose he can stop hiding. Haven't seen him since that miss in the first half.


57th Minute– Anybody seen Maxi Rodriguez? I could have sworn he was in this game.


56th Minute– Close call on that Offside call. Argentina is getting closer.


54th Minute– Argentina is stepping it up and you wonder what's up with Germany now.

By the way, ARgentina needs to give up on taking crossed corners. Take them short because you aren't winning balls in the air and Germany's counter is deadly off corners.


52nd Minute– Germany hasn't had much of the ball yet this half. Argentina has stepped up the defensive effort. Now if only they could get the offside situation figured out they might be able to build something.


50th Minute– Mascherano has been everywhere for Argentina. He's really kept them in this with his work in the middle.


49th Minute– DiMaria goes WIDE!!! He was close on that one. Better from Argentina.


47th Minute– Argentina with some possession now. They look a bit more energized. Messi is starting to find the ball.


46th Minute– We're back.


HALFTIME– No changes for either side. I wonder what Maradona's first move will be in the second half. His coaching ability will be tested now.


HALFTIME– Germany 1, Argentina 0. The score could be much more in Germany's favor right now and Argentina can count itself lucky.


45th Minute– One minute of stoppage time.

Messi wiggles free, but his shot from 30 yards out goes high. That shows you the lack of activity and lost confidence when Messi is settling for a shot like that.


44th Minute– More good passing from Germany, but Mueller tries to squeeze one through the opponent's legs, earning a corner. Romero punches away the corner.

Maradona with a touch on the sidelines. I bet he'd make some off the ball runs if he was out there.


41st Minute– Yes, I'm aware of the irony of South American teams being frustrated by diving.


40th Minute– Argentina draws a second corner, too bad they don't do much with these.


39th Minute– Podolski goes close with a blast, but it Jabulanis the wrong way.


38th Minute– For the second straight day we're seeing South American frustrations at what they consider diving by Europeans.


37th Minute– Argentine goal waived off for offside. The whole team was offside so they can't complain.


36th Minute– Mueller handball and gets a card. He'll miss the semi if Germany wins. That's big.

Dangerous free kick for Argentina.


35th Minute– SAVE NEUER! Higuain with a nice turn and near-post attempt, but Neuer is on it.


32nd Minute– Better from ARgentina as DiMaria races down the right to collect a pass before hitting a weak shot. Argentina can create chances, they just need to move. Odd to have to say that about an Argentina team.


31st Minute– Celeb sighting. Leo DiCaprio is in the house.


30th Minute– Messi's shot goes well over. He couldn't get the Jabulani to, well, Jabulani.


29th Minute– Tevez earns a dangerous free kick for Argentina. Can Messi hit this well?


26th Minute– Messi beats three defenders but his cross goes out. His teammates need to run off the ball. It's even more glaring how little running off the ball Argentina is doing when compared to Germany.


25th Minute– Germany is keeping close tabs on Messi,w ith Schweinsteiger doing a good job of shadowing him.


23rd Minute– Klose MISSES!!! What a chance in front of goal set up by Mueller, but Klose's shot from near the penalty area goes over. Argentina lucks out there.


19th Minute– Argentina's fans are singing, trying to urge their team on. Not helping yet.


17th Minute– Argentina earns a corner. Their passing looks pedestrian by comparison, but you have to hope Germany's play inspires Argentina to kick it up a notch.

Corner headed clear.


16th Minute– Pass-Run, Pass-Run, Pass-Run. The German movement in possession is just a joy to watch.


13th Minute– The way Germany is playing right now you'd favor them against anybody. We'll see what Messi can do about that. He can't do it alone though.


12th Minute– Otamendi gets a deserved yellow. He is struggling today. Will we see Jonas Gutierrez before long?


11th Minute– Not sure about Maradona's lineup today. He went with an attack-minded lineup, but Mascherano is the only midfielder with good defensive qualities. It's showing.


10th Minute– Messi sparked a nice counter, but the long pass to Higuain was too long, killing the possibilities. Argentina will have chances today. The question is can they slow down Germany.


9th Minute– Germany corner after another smooth build-up. Argentina doesn't have an answer for Germany's dynamic runs in midfield.


7th Minute– Argentina's fans are trying to urge their team on, but Germany is bossing the game right now.


5th Minute– Germany is knocking it around at will, making great runs off the ball and leaving ARgentina scrambling. Wow, good stuff from them early.


3rd Minute– GOAL GERMANY!!!!! And the set piece is headed home by Mueller. He was kept onside at the near-post by Otamendi.


3rd Minute– Germany with good movement, switching the field and finding Podolski on Otamendi, who commits a foul, setting up a good free kick.


2nd Minute– Germany with the first good passing sequence. They're not wasting time.


1st Minute– And we're off.


PRE-GAME– My pick before this match was Argentina, but I'm feeling a little less confident about that pick with Samuel out.


PRE-GAME– It's a sunny day in Cape Town, but the field is covered by the shade of the overhang here, so heat and glare won't be an issue.


PRE-GAME– Not a lot of love between these teams. There were no pre-game hugs and acknowledgements in the tunnel.

Captains are giving a speech about racism. Mascherano is in full Argentine accent (not Liverpudlian) and Phillip Lahm followed up by calling Argentine's crybabies (okay, he didn't, but he's talked enough trash leading up to this match).


PRE-GAME– No Walter Samuel today for Argentina. He must still not be fully recovered from his hamstring injury. That's a big blow for Argentina as they try to slow down Klose.

Germany's lineup is unchanged. 


PRE-GAME– Here are today's lineups:













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129 Responses to Argentina vs. Germany: Match Day Commentary

  1. Andrew H. says:

    I can’t wait for this game. I picked Argentina to win the whole thing before the World Cup started, but Germany looks like a strong number 2. I just wish Maradona would have included Zanetti.

  2. Toumba says:

    Am I the only one not impressed by DiMaria? Am I missing something with him?

  3. Andrew H. says:

    I can’t take this Hyundai commercial with the lady grieving over her dead husband while her son translates. The part where she says that her husband was “molto educato” and the son says this means he was very committed instead of educated is particularly annoying. I just had to get that off my chest.

  4. ec says:

    He’s been solid, but I haven’t been blown away by him either. But he doesn’t look out of his league in that attacking line up, like that donkey Rodriguez on the other wing.

  5. Toumba says:

    I will freely admit that I have not seen him play (or maybe I just did not notice) before the world cup. But I have to believe that Argentina has a better player than him.

    I will try to pay close attention to him today and see if I can figure out the value that Maradona puts on him.

  6. Gus Keri says:

    Good omen and bad omen:

    Brazil exited the cup yesterday after the wrong commercial was put in the newspapers.

    Octopus Paul predicted Germany again but after a long struggle.

  7. war says:

    Say no to Racism? Then why are your two teams on opposite sides of each other? I sense a brawl. The Uruguay and Ghana players alternated.

  8. Gus Keri says:

    Great start. It’s going to be an open game

  9. GBH says:

    and argentina shows what all of southamerica knows.

    they cant defend set pieces.

  10. Andrew H. says:


  11. ec says:

    Not a good start by DiMaria.

    The German attack is on fire though!

  12. ec says:

    You think they couldn’t use another defensive midfielder right now that also excels at possession? Nah, nevermind.

  13. ec says:

    I do want to thank Argentina for letting the US off the hook by giving up the earliest goal in the World Cup this year.

  14. Andrew H. says:

    I have a feeling Maradona is going to pull a Bob Bradley and yank Otamendi early a la Ricardo Clark. The only problem is that Gutierrez is the backup, not Zanetti. Gutierrez has looked even worse.

  15. andrew in tampa says:

    Germany scores a second goal before half time. Argentina defense is very ordinary. Today we see just how average Higuain is. All of his goals were Messi gimmes

  16. ec says:

    Eh, maybe he doesn’t create, but you can’t underestimate the ability to finish, it’s in his DNA. What would USA fans give for a guy who “all he does is score”?

  17. ec says:

    Was Mick “Angel of Death” Jagger hanging out with Leo DiCaprio? Who is Jagger supporting? And if it’s Germany who has the stronger mojo, him of the psychic octopus?

  18. Gus Keri says:

    The referee saw the ball touching Mueler’s arm but he didn’t see it touching Messi’s hand just a second before.

  19. Second City says:

    Ozil has looked tired since the first minute, for Germany.
    Otamendi has been garbage for most of the first half, for Argentina.

  20. Andrew H. says:

    Oezil is very skilled…at diving.

  21. Starla says:

    He didn’t reach out for it or have his arm in an unnatural position. The ball found the arm. Shouldn’t even been a free kick.

  22. Paul says:

    Messi needs a big second-half. Cometh the hour, cometh the man. If you’re the best, Leo (and I think you are), now’s the time to show it.

  23. Jorge says:

    I agree with you but you can tell he’s not feeling well…

  24. canchon says:

    She says “ele era muito dedicado” which can be translated into “he was very dedicated.” It’s an ok translation.

    Sorry to burst your bubble.

  25. Ricky B. Free says:

    This game is so good, its like watching a mls game between the revolution and dc united.

  26. Andrew H. says:

    Ok, thanks for the clarification. I still can’t stand the commercial.

  27. Paul says:

    He’s fine. Argentina just can’t find space to exploit. Germany is a complete team, excellent in defense and pace and skill on the break. I can’t believe no one tipped them for this tournament. Admittedly, I hadn’t been following them before this tournament, but they can’t have gotten so good overnight. So-called experts just seem to tout the teams with the major stars. Germany has no ‘big name’ stars, but as a team they’re awesome.

  28. Scoobert says:

    I could understand the free kick, but a yellow? Bizarre. There was nothing notable about the play. It seemed almost like a makeup call…but for what, i don’t know.

  29. canchon says:

    I agree, it’s a pretty weak commercial. What does loyalty to your football team have to do with buying a Hyundai?

  30. Jorge says:

    No, Paul, he’s not fine– not 100% He’s been struggling with the flu for some days now.

  31. Paul says:

    I didn’t know that. I’m watching on BBC and they haven’t mentioned it.

  32. ec says:

    Klose has done a good job winning the ball back on a few occasions.

    Also, nice analysis along with the play by play today, Ives.

  33. ec says:

    I was going to ignore your comment, but there is no denying that the 2nd half has been filled with bad turnovers…

  34. Andrew H. says:

    Otamendi needs to get the hook before he does it for himself.

  35. Paul says:

    It’s over.

  36. Brent McD. says:

    looked offside to me. argies are done

  37. ec says:

    They sort of did come from nowhere, as much as Germany can. Mueller has only been capped ~10 times, Oezil I think is on cap 14 today, and Boetang and Khedira are both around 10 as well. A lot of production from the newcomers.

  38. Gus Keri says:

    Klose is so smart. He stopped his run so he won’t be offside. 13 lucky for him. One goal behind his countryman Gerd Muller and 2 behind Ronaldo.

  39. Paul says:

    Why no Aguero? I thought we’d see more of him in this World Cup. He had a terrific cameo against S. Korea.

  40. Brent McD. says:

    Champions League hero Milito still on the bench….

  41. ec says:

    Milito or Aguero? But they have to try one of them while there is still time to influence the game.

  42. Andrew H. says:

    Does Maradona not like Europeanized Argentines like Zanetti and Cambiasso? He seems to favor the more rugged “genuine” Argentines reminiscent of him such as Tevez and Mascherano (who are also great players).

  43. ec says:

    Diego apparently doesn’t give credit to success in Champ’s League.

  44. Turgid Jacobian says:

    Germany’s team play is just so outstanding.

  45. Starla says:

    Great news for soccer that slow and dirty brazil and argentina are out and the european teams with great movement and pace are going to finish 1 to 3.

  46. Brent McD. says:

    sheesh, put ’em both on. there is no tomorrow

  47. Gus Keri says:

    Can any team stop Germany from winning the cup?

  48. Scoobert says:

    Well well. Germany looks damn good. Mueller’s lame yellow card is going to hurt, though.

  49. ec says:

    Germany are giving me everything I ever wanted out of Dutch soccer. Gotta root for it.

    And now that it looks pretty secure, what a bunch of BS it is that Mueller is suspended for the next game, which I pray is Germany – Spain, for 2 YC’s in 5 games and today’s very petty.

  50. Gus Keri says:

    If Spain beat Paraguay later today, this would mean that the only South American team left is Uruguay which finished 5th in SA and needed a playoff against Costa Ricca to get here. Unbelievable.

  51. Brent McD. says:

    German composure when attacking into the final third is remarkable

  52. Paul says:

    Only Spain. They’re an all-round better unit than Argentina and have a more inventive striker in Villa.

  53. ec says:

    Just a few short days ago this was South America’s World Cup. How quickly things change.

  54. Citronomics says:

    Interesting comment by the announcer that Germany would not be as quick to break on the counter if Ballack were playing. Their fitness so far in the tournament looks great.

  55. Paul says:

    I hope this doesn’t send Diego back to the drugs 😉

  56. Toumba says:

    Germans always seem to be able to make goals look like they come straight from the training field. A very scrimmage like bing, bang, boom…and goal.

  57. canchon says:

    World Cup 2010: The Curse of Mick Jagger.
    He’s 4 for 4.

  58. Gus Keri says:

    Credit to Alexi Lalas and Andy Gray. They predicted the demise of Brazil and Argentina in the semifinals

  59. Thorpinski says:

    If the WC has shown anything it’s that when players like Rooney and Messi, when on a more even playing field, are not nearly as good as when they are playing for their alstar club teams. Zero goals so far between them

  60. Paul says:

    Yeah, I’ve heard other pundits make that point. Ballack was supposed to be their key man and they’re arguably a more dynamic side without him.

  61. Brent McD. says:

    The lucky number 13 shirt has worked out quite well for Müller… and Germany

  62. Andrew H. says:

    Also, it seems that every World Cup analysts worry about how young certain squads are and how they need more experience. But, it seems by and large younger teams do much better than older ones. Both Germany and Ghana have done very well this World Cup with young squads. I think Italy in 2006 is the only team to have won the World Cup with a squad averaging 28+ years. Cannavaro was probably their worst starter this time around.

  63. Andrew H. says:


  64. Citronomics says:

    You know much as I don’t like or want to admit, Lalas’ analysis I think has been pretty spot on during the WC.

  65. ec says:

    Credit to (gulp) Harkes, who called Uruguay to the semi’s

  66. Paul says:

    Holy Deutschland!!

  67. Gus Keri says:

    It’s a massacre

  68. art37 says:

    I always thought Argentina was overrated… but never thought they were this bad… they really suck

  69. Gus Keri says:

    Maybe England shouldn’t fell bad now

  70. ec says:

    Poor Messi. He struggles being both the playmaker and the finisher. I wonder how many times today he has wished he had Xavi out there.

  71. ec says:

    Ha ha! I enjoyed that.

  72. Andrew H. says:

    So, by the law of association, Mexico is only 5-6 goals worse than Germany.

  73. frankie boy says:

    I put the blame on this loss right on the back of the idiot Maradona-his team was not prepared to play and looked utterly lifeless….

  74. frankie boy says:

    watching this game I couldn’t help think that at least the USA would have shown up to play…

  75. Citronomics says:

    And how fitting is it that Messi shoots right at the goalie right before the final whistle?

  76. Jamez says:

    Messi is overrated ha ha , where are all the idiots who were saying he was the greatest of all time a few weeks ago. pssh fools He’s only that good when in a system of superstars who allow him the time on the ball to do is antics. Ronaldinho is great even with average teams like milan. Ronaldinho for life f**K messi vive Barca

  77. Starla says:

    Netherlands – Germany would be the ideal final.

  78. ec says:

    I would say his faults were team selection (leaving out his Inter MF’s and choosing Veron over Riquelme), and not making early subs when it was clear his team needed more juice.

  79. ec says:

    It would be a bizarro game, Germany is playing the best Total Football and the Dutch are grinding out wins.

    Just PLEASE let us see Spain – Germany in the semi’s!

  80. phil says:

    Boy if this isn’t an indictment on the affect of a good coach I don’t know what is.

    Also another round on the ageless battle of cliches: “The best defense is a good offense” lost resoundingly to “defense wins championchips” today. However, Brazil proved the opposite of that yesterday though, so….

  81. Carlos M. says:

    Not really, last time Mexico played Germany in a WC we lost 2-1! NOT 4-0! And yes maybe Mexico would have lost 6-0 or 7-0, just like the USA my friend! But you don’t have to endure the barrage of insults and putdowns we had to endure from these most arrogant of people after our game!
    Hey after what the ref did to Mexico I’m happy!
    Why didn’t SBI delete all the ‘y a chuparla’ comments after the Mexico game but they delete mine? Weird!

  82. canchon says:

    When everyone was gushing earlier this year about “messi messi messi” some sportswriters started making this same point. Would Messi be the same without Xavi and Iniesta?

    Looks like we’re finding out the answer.

  83. Ricky B. Free says:

    Messi overated because of playing on a 2 team La Liga. Never shows up for Argentina not even in qualifying round.

  84. Brent McD. says:

    one thing that always kinda bugs me about Univision is how after Mexico goes out, they claim every other Latin American team — “uno de nuestros” etc. a bit ridiculous really

  85. phil says:

    Jamez, we try to speak a little more measuredly here.

    Soccer is a team sport. A single player cannot do it all. You would have a hard time disputing that Messi is one of the greatest players of his generation who happens to be very talented but imperfect and poorly managed national team. if he were playing for Liverpool instead of Barca I think that would still be apparent. If you’re gonna dismissively trash talk anyone perhaps you should look at Maradonna. Argentina got this far in spite of their manager, whereas Germany has gotten this far on their talent and the merits of their manager.

    There’s no arguing that the better team won today, but that takes nothing away from Messi, any more than Ronaldinho being left home or Ronaldo going home is a judgement on their individual contributions to the game.

  86. phil says:

    yuk nyuk nyuk

  87. Thorpinski says:

    You just know off camera Lalas must be have out of his mind thinking about what could have been for the US. He knew we could be England and win our group and once the draw opened up a free ride to the semi’s …I feel his pain

  88. phil says:

    I dunno, I could see Spain getting nervy and giving up a quick one to Paraguay…

  89. phil says:

    it’s the pre-match beer.

  90. mcjoness says:

    Probably because his supporting cast is mostly rubbish. Hard to be the best when you have to come back to your defense to receive the ball….

  91. GBH says:

    Riquelme won’t ply for Argentina until DIego leaves the team.

  92. Erik says:

    Totally agree Ricky – Messi is a great player for Barcelona because they are a GREAT team. However, La Liga is a joke of a league in terms of competition and he has 18 teams to play against who are vastly inferior.

  93. Erik says:

    Where are all the german haters now?

    I told you they would go far…

  94. Dominic says:

    At least England scored two goals against the Germans.

  95. USA soccerboy says:

    I want Klinsmann now!!

  96. Jose S. says:

    Univision does that from the beginning.

    They refer to Mexico,USA,Spain and the rest of the American teams as “one of their own”.

    Univision is not a Mexican network it is a Latin American network.

  97. Jack ). says:

    Ridiculous how? Univision isn’t even a Mexican network. I wonder if some people come here just to make us Americans look like idiots.

  98. Jack ). says:

    Man I’m never going to take Ives picks into consideration ever again. I remember him saying that Germany did not scare him at all and the US would beat them if they met, yeah right. With this and his Honduras and Serbia as darkhorses….

    (SBI-I’m sure your World Cup picks were outstanding and perfect.)

  99. Jack ). says:

    Many people have state before me, SBI is anti-Mexico, but I think its just for the page hits though. Whenever they post some Mexico related content, the classiness from the US starts to show. Though I wouldn’t say SBI hates Mexico they just like try to act as trolls to bring in the page hits, its all business.

  100. Smirking Kitten says:

    One must tip their cap to Germany, but Argentina was awful. It seemed like their star forwards and wings tried to take on the entire German defense alone on nearly every occasion. A terrible display for a team filled with such talent and most definitely a reflection of Maradona’s inability to manage a team.

    I have always hated Germany and will continue to hate them. ¡Vámanos, España! Slaughter the Germans.

  101. JS says:

    you should consider that the german FA spends 20mio € per year for youth programms and the clubs in the 3 german pro leagues another 120mio € for their youth academys.. so there is coming some serious talend up the pipeline but it is not for the cheap

    that makes the trainer job a little easier and i don’t really think klinsmann would have done a better job then bradley (löw was 2006 the brain behind klinsmann look how klinsmann crashed and burned at bayern munich)

  102. buff111 says:

    Paul the octopus was right again.

  103. Fernando says:

    Sometimes your ignorance is just TOO MUCH! The main guy who appears on screen at halftime and after games is Fernando Fiore who’s ARGENTINIAN! The two guys who narrated the game one is Mexican and the other is “special guest” Jose Luis Chilavert of Paraguay! Anyway if you don’t know who Chilavert is, ypu probably shouldn’t be giving opinions in this forum!!!

  104. Jamez says:

    Ives is a Journalist that does not make him any smarter than us about the game of soccer. thats the problem with some of us we see guys writing on the net and think the know more than us when they really dont. they have better grammar but not better knowledge of the game.

    (SBI-So if I don’t really know anything then why are you on this site? You should spend your time sharing your vast soccer knowledge with the masses. Start a website. If you know half as much as you think you do it just might be a success.)

  105. Carlos M. says:


  106. Vince Clortho says:

    Innovative, creative, efficient, accurate, well-coached, disciplined, composed…Must I go on?

    The Ger-Eng and Ger-Arg games have been really fun to watch, beautiful stuff by the Germans.

  107. Jamez says:

    ha ha good post some of us are stupid not all Americans , i hate the stupids who makes us look bad.

  108. ShaggyReAL says:


    Nice to see both Argentina & Brazil out of the Fifa World Cup ^tm^

    Go Uruguay!

  109. Erik says:

    Ives and the rest of the Journos…

    What about all the talk of African teams doing well just because the World Cup was in Africa?

    Germany – Netherlands is the final.

  110. Front Row says:

    Germany hands it to Maradonna!

  111. SeattleStan says:

    Where we watching the same match? I think every single one of Argentina’s players dove more than Özil.

  112. Jack ) says:

    I was teasing, he’s still my homie.

  113. Dave in Chicago says:

    Hell yes, I want Spain, The Germans will get their revenge for the Euro 08 final.

  114. Scoobert says:

    Dutch vs Deutsch.

    Donny Deutsch can do color commentary.

    …and men and women will watch the game at the pub, and split the bill evenly.


  115. Brent McD. says:

    Yeah, I remember Chilavert — yet another knucklehead Latin American keeper who wanted to be a forward. Always loved it when those guys got burned (see Jorge Campos, Rene Higuita).

    Didn’t realize Univision considered itself a network for all Latinoamerica. Still wondering how you think Spain can be considered an American team though.

    Whatever. Peace

  116. unternehmen says:

    What a game. Is there any way it won’t be Netherlands v Germany in the final? Germany looks unstoppable.

    Can we extrapolate and say that the Bundesliga (where all of them play, I believe: mostly München, Bremen and Hamburg) is a hugely underrated league? Or is the right conclusion to say that German tactics and coaching are underrated? Both? Curious about what y’all think.

  117. unternehmen says:

    Has Paul made a decision about Spain?

  118. unternehmen says:

    I’m not a journo, but I cop to buying into the “African teams will do well because it’s Africa hype.” My bad!

  119. jjraines says:

    Beautiful! Could not have asked for a more enjoyable, schadenfreude-esque thrashing then Germany exposing the Argentine frauds. Germany is as good as Argentina is overrated.

    And to move on from the losers, who thank God lost to spare of 100 more shots of that dumbf&ck Maradona on the sidelines…how unbelievably good is Germany? Impenetrable defense, lethal counterattack and offense that finishes. Where did this team come from? I almost pulled the trigger on like 20/1 for Germany to score the most goals as a team, which they are a virtual lock to do. And they were 16/1 to win before it all started. Far and away, they have been the best team in the tournament — and I wouldn’t be particularly surprised if they gave Spain a nice thrashing. Uruguay-Germany final ftw!

  120. jjraines says:

    It has. And did I hear it wrong or did the ESPN talking heads really say Germany’s style “isn’t the most pretty thing to watch”? Are you serious?! No team has come remotely close to their quality and the joy of watching it.

  121. TimN says:

    I told people going into this tourney that Holland and Germany were my favorites, despite all of the discussion centering around Spain and Brazil. Holland and Germany are two exceedingly disciplined sides that are very skilled on the ball. Sadly, though they are exciting to watch, it makes you realize just how far behind the U.S. lags in depth and talent before we will ever be true WC contenders…we have a few bright spots, but as a team, we’re probably 2-3 WC cycles away.

  122. unternehmen says:

    Tim, I keep saying to people, if you watched as far back as 1990 or earlier we were truly awful. We struggled to not lose by boatloads of goals to Mexico. Our progress, particularly since 1998, has been stunning. Slow going at times, but now we’re not happy with simply getting out of the group phase. That’s progress!

  123. unternehmen says:

    Wild if true. Germany looks as though it’s the Brazil we’ve come to expect, but in German uniforms. Been watching for ages and don’t remember this joyous creativity in their game. Truly the revelation of the tournament.

  124. TimN says:

    Oh I agree, the U.S. team has made HUGE amounts of progress. Despite a few “stumbles” along the way in this WCQ cycle, we still own CONCACAF. In the early 90’s, that was not the case. However, overall, CONCACAF is a relatively weak region. It lags behind Europe and CONMEBOL, and probably is on par with Africa.

    The bright spots I refer to now are Dempsey, Bradley, Donovan, and Howard. These are probably our four true world class players. More troubling, we have NO world class defenders, maybe Oneywu with more recovery and training. Other guys are good, but not as good, and wouldn’t come anywhere near the pitch for the likes of Germany or Holland. When the day comes that we have a field full of Dempsey’s and Donovan’s, then we’ll be there as legitimate contenders. Again, 2-3 WC cycles.

  125. unternehmen says:

    Agreed, Tim, on the defender issue.

    We’ve come close to having some decent defenders. While the arc between guys like John Doyle to present day players like Boca and Cherundolo is there, more improvement has to come if we are to hold our own consistently.

  126. Manny F says:

    If anything this proves how useless Messi is without a Barca player around him. Higuain showed all tournament how to put goals away when given something to work with. Messi is supposed to be the playmaker and didn’t do any of it. I don’t count deflected shots as assists. Tevez and Higuain should be the starting forwards with Messi as a “winger.”

    Further proof that Messi isn’t what everyone wants him to be. A number 10.

  127. Manny F says:

    I loved how Ives tried to school me on why Messi was so great.

    Its different when you have a whole team supply you for goals and its different when you are told to supply them. Messi did neither on this really bad selected team.

    (SBI-Sorry Manny but if you think Messi is “useless” then I can’t help but thinking you’re an idiot blinded by your Real Madrid love. Doesn’t matter how great a player you are, if you’re on a bad or poorly-constructed team, or your facing a very good and well coached team you can struggle. No player can overcome that. Not Messi. Not Ronaldo. Nobody.)

  128. Manny F says:

    No its a Mexican network owned by a Mexican owner. Which is why they have all these Televisa productions on the network. Univision is straight up Mexican. And the two main commentators are Mexican the second group is Mexican and Chilavert. The last one were the Argentinians.

  129. Erik says:

    It doesn’t mean it wasn’t a bad pick… I just don’t think South Africa is truly indicative of Africa as a whole. It’s still a lot of travel and different climate conditions.