Davies returns to action for FC Sochaux


Photo by ISIphotos.com

It's been a long road back for Charlie Davies, but the FC Sochaux striker took another step towards a full return on Wednesday.

Davies saw his first competitive minutes since last October's World Cup qualifier in Honduras, starting in the first game of a mini-tournament against Swiss side Neuchâtel Xamax this afternoon. Sochaux is currently in the midst of its pre-season camp, taking part in a three-team tournament in Switzerland with Xamax and Costa Rican side Deportivo Saprissa. Souchaux dropped the result against Xamax on penalties, a 0-0 draw after 45 minutes.

Sochaux's regular season is scheduled to begin on August 7 against AC Arles-Avignon, giving Davies the entire month of July to prove that he is ready to return to first team action. Six more friendlies throughout the month will give him that chance.

What do you think about the news of Davies return? Will be be fit in time? Could he play against Brazil in August?

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130 Responses to Davies returns to action for FC Sochaux

  1. EA says:


  2. Aubie4Prez says:

    Starts!!! Not a sub…Who thinks he was ready to play 2 weeks ago??? I do… That would have been USA vs Algeria!!!

    Another great Blunder by Bradley. Oh…and for all the ones that will say he looked rusty…did you see Findley play? This is why he should have been on the roster.

  3. Aristophanes says:

    great news for Davies. I hope he’s able to complete his recovery and have a productive season.

  4. Eric says:

    Two weeks is a lot of time to regain fitness. Just because he can start a preseason match against a swiss team doesn’t mean he was ready to go out and compete at the international level for the US two weeks ago. I think it’s stupid to say not bringing Davies was a huge blunder by Bradley. My guess is that Charlie simply wasn’t in a position to help the US the way he needed to when it was time to name the US roster.

  5. Scott says:

    I’m always amazed how some people can put such a negative spin on a positive event

  6. Petaluman says:

    Good for Charlie. 2014 baby!

  7. Mark says:

    Good luck Charlie. Looking forward to seeing you get some playing time for Sochaux and continuing to develop into an impact player at the club level and hopefully for the US.

  8. WTF Bradley says:

    I would of taken Charlie of crutches over Findley.

  9. john.q says:

    Welcome to the SBI comments section

  10. Fred says:

    Any word on how well he played?

  11. Brian says:

    I’m a little concerned that he looks like Fat Ronaldo

  12. Mat says:

    When you consider the fact BB took Gooch who has really not 100%, I really thing Davies was nowhere near close to being fit for WC action. Trust me, if Charlie was even remotely fit enough to be included in the pre-world cup camp, I’m certain he would have been there. Truth is he wasn’t.
    It’s all in the past anyway, so speculating fit / unfit is not productive anyhow.
    Let’s just be happy he seems to be on the right path, and hope he can find his pre-crash form within the next few years to be a solid contributor for our Gold Cup (and maybe confed cup) and WC runs.

  13. Francois says:


  14. Aaron in StL says:

    I imagine that would be a compliment to most who broke a femur and tibia as well as having to have their face reconstructed…

    Give the guy a break. It’s miraculous that he’s even walking at this point.

  15. Sergio of SF says:

    I hope can gets called into camp in August.

  16. BSU SC says:

    Are you honestly comparing playing in a pre-season game against an unknown team from the Swiss league to the World Cup? I really hope you’re joking because that’s the most ridiculous comment I’ve ever heard.

    Bob Bradley can’t be blamed for not taking him. Charlie was in a serious car accident and the team doctors determined that he wouldn’t be fit enough to play. End of story.

  17. MikeyG says:

    For the last time, it wasn’t up to Bob Bradley, really.

    Sochaux handcuffed him by not medically clearing CD9 to play in the World Cup.

  18. Brian says:

    I’m just saying man. I’m not just talking about his face. I’m talking about his body.

    Did anyone watch this game on a stream? How’d he look? L’Equipe gave him a rating of 4

  19. Stephen says:

    That’s what I thought too.

  20. Brian says:

    I’m referring to this for anyone that is wondering

    link to fcsochaux.fr

  21. Erich says:

    Plus the fact that HE WASN’T MEDICALLY CLEARED to be released to the national team.

  22. BetaMale says:

    for the last time, that was just an excuse that robobob used to not select Davies. The club has no authority over whether or not a national coach will select a player for the WORLD CUP

  23. agnigrin says:

    Bien fait Charlie! Allez! Translation: Well done Charlie… Go for it!

  24. Patrick says:

    Haters don’t need facts, only internet access.

  25. CSD says:

    Look at the pictures of him in training above that Brian posted and then tell us what you think. Charlie looks like he is about 50 pounds heavier than he was last time we saw him.

  26. Big Chil says:

    You seriously think Bob Bradley was looking for an excuse NOT to select Davies? I think they were looking for every excuse to SELECT him.

    It’s good that he got a start, but keep in mind, this is more of a reserve-type game.

    I would imagine, if fit, they’ll call him in August to give him a better workout game than he may be getting in Sochaux’s pre-season reserve games.

  27. Since 82 says:

    I think it is a bit ambitious to think CD9 will be called up for the Brasil friendly.

  28. CSD says:

    Charlie in training with team (click through):

    link to fcsochaux.fr


    link to external.cache.el-mundo.net

  29. Missoula says:

    For all who are saying this is an indication that Davies should have gone to the WC: Stop it. He played a half against some small Swiss team. This is not an indication he could have played at the World Cup. We should be happy for Chuck D and the progress he has made, not dwelling on a tired argument. Get over it already.

  30. SwerveZ says:


  31. SwerveZ says:

    We won’t know squat about CD9 for another month or so.

  32. jig says:

    why would bradley not want to select davies?

  33. Brian says:

    He played a half in a preseason exhibition match against a Swiss side. I’m a huge a fan of Charlie as everyone else, but to sit here and say “Whoah Charlie played today, he could have been ready a month ago or even 2 weeks ago” is ridiculous. It’s probably wishful thinking to think that he’ll even play in the friendly against Brazil.

  34. malkin says:

    0-0? Are you serious? CD9 is done forever.

  35. malkin says:

    “CharlieDavies9: Played my 1st 45 min in 9 months. Feeling good after. Took a huge step forward although a couple more steps to take. Thank You all! Bless!”

    key phrase = “although a couple more steps to take”

    But, but, but, waaaaaaaahhhh!!! Charlie Davies would have let us WC glory, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bob Bradley is an idiot, waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

  36. malkin says:

    wow, I think i’m drunk. That’s “lead us to WC glory”

  37. Mo Salama says:


  38. Mo Salama says:


  39. fischy says:

    would have or would’ve

  40. Mason says:

    I would have taken Buddle over either.

  41. TO says:

    a 50% Charlie Davis is better than a 110% Rob Finley

  42. Army of Dad says:

    I hope he tears it up and forces a transfer in the winter period. F Sochaux

  43. BetaMale says:

    I meant as an excuse to make his decision easier. I’m not doubting that Davies fitness was not quite there, but the whole “Sochaux won’t release him” was a convenient excuse to deflect any blame that Bradley may have received.

  44. KMac says:

    + 1 Gazillion
    Way to go Chuck D! Your boy in Delaware

  45. baquito alyeska says:

    Aubie posts a lot on the ESPN soccer articles, at least he did back when I was reading them. His ideas were always outspoken and consistently unintriguing.

  46. jayrig5 says:

    At this point, I couldn’t care less about whether he should have played at the World Cup or not. Or whether he’s not in peak shape.

    The guy’s original prognosis included him not even beginning to rehab yet, if I recall. Wasn’t it something like 12 months recovery? Followed by rehab? This is such great news, and it’s a really good sign that he could be back playing this season.

    If any of you had been told that in October, it would have been the best received news ever.

    Let’s have some perspective.

  47. al says:

    so how did he do with the minutes he had on the pitch today, anyone know?

  48. Stephen says:

    They never said they wouldn’t release him, they didn’t medically clear him. There is a difference.

  49. Timmy says:

    Why that attitude? Sochaux has treated CD incredibly well.

  50. RSL JJJ says:

    Davies was and still is no where close to being fit for a WC match.

  51. Sunilji says:

    the real question is not whether CD9 is better than Findley but whether he was as good at the moment as Asamoah Gyan and the other strikers who scored for teams that went further in the tournament.

  52. Aaron in StL says:

    Still, I would give him some time to get back in shape. He was never a skinny kid, but I imagine he’ll get back to the shape he plays well at.

  53. Michel says:

    unknown? now THATS pretty sad. You’ve never heard of Neuchâtel Xamax? Sheesh, fans these days.

  54. MikeyG says:

    Man, he does look heavy.

  55. tsingletonvt says:

    Looking at the training images he does look like he gained a little weight, but who cares? With a little training that will go away.

    What I am more interested in is that there is an image of him from the side where his right lower leg looks much thinner than his right. I think it will take him a significant amount of time to regain muscle symmetry, if ever. I wonder what his injured thigh looks like compared to his uninjured thigh?

    It reminded me of an image of McBride’s leg when he came back from injury with Fulham and what Gooch’s leg looked like when he walked on to the field against England last month. I would assume everything was alright in all three cases, but visually you cannot help but notice.

    Also, L’equipe rated hom a 4. Does anybody know if this is a 1-6 ot 1-10 scale? Thanks.

    Finally, I think people should be very patient in judging Charlie’s recovery. Unless he is right back to normal, I would say you need to be careful to take in quite a few appearances and look for trends over the course of a half season to a season.

  56. ga-gone says:

    I’m sure he would have dropped those extra 25 lbs if he was called up to the WC squad.

    Looking quite doughy!

  57. ga-gone says:

    Look at the pics? Dude looks like Poppin’ Fresh. NOT IN GAME SHAPE. not by miles

  58. John F says:

    You’re still drunk. That’s “led us to WC glory”.

  59. Jk3 says:

    are you as dumb as you sound…try a little research.

    he was not released by his clubs doctors to the national team.

  60. Chris says:

    crutches would make you awesome on set pieces.

  61. Never First says:

    Sochaux could not have been any better to Davies. It was Bob Bradley’s choice, and his alone, to not call Davies to camp. It was the right choice, but blaming Sochaux is very stupid.

  62. MC Pharoah says:

    These were mini games in a mini tournament, but you are saying he would have been good to start for the US IN THE WORLD CUP? That sounds pretty STUPID to me, r u dumb?

  63. MC Pharoah says:

    I would have taken your mom, oh wait….

  64. Eric says:

    Alright i have a question. Sochaux scored the last amount of goals in Ligue 1 this year. With a healthy Charlie Davies does anyone know how high they can get on the table?

  65. Eric says:

    typo-they scored the least amount of goals****

  66. attenborough says:

    Has anyone heard anything further about the actual investigation for the car crash, or did that all dissipate into thin air?

  67. patrick says:

    I think its the combination of 1) facial swelling that still hasn’t gone down, 2) a haircut we’ve never seen and 3) perhaps a little preseason weight. I really wouldnt be concerned, he has WEEKS before the season starts. I can’t imagine that throughout his rehab and fight to get back he gained that much weight. Perhaps a bit after the 23man selection, but nothing to worry me until we hear quotes about fitness

  68. patrick says:

    its been bogged down in the courts for a while, and i think a lot has to do with the physical car itself

  69. Clayton says:

    Nicely done Davies. Can’t wait to see the stanky leg again.

  70. MensreaJim says:

    Also, this kind of case takes a long long time to get going. And they rarely go to trial.

    To answer the q, I would prefer for him to stay in France and get work in with his club. But of course I would love to see him next month.

  71. Jim in Atlanta says:

    He hasn’t gained weight It’s just he face is still either swollen or the shape is permanently different. look at pics of him on his twitter, dude looks to be the same size or smaller.

  72. PGS says:

    GET SOME Chuck D!

  73. notsweet81 says:

    Congrats to Davies on getting back on the field. I hope he is able to get back into the starting 11 and score some goals.

  74. Eric says:

    Hey the important thing that i see from all these pictures is his position in the line. He’s not slacking. I think we all know from playing is that when your in the front your working hard and trying to prove something to the team.

  75. Dan Fontaine says:

    I agree. Going immediately to the negative is never the way to go.

  76. SD says:

    where did you see the ranking…couldn’t find it…normally they wouldn’t give rankings for preseason….particularly since both ‘games’ were 45 minnutes each…

  77. Aubie4Prez says:

    First…to all you saying I’m dumb because his club wouldn’t release him…unfortunately you are wrong. FIFA mandates any player called up for national team duties on fixture dates must be released…their clubs cannot hold them back. While a club can say a player is not fit IF the federation wants them they must be released. BB used this as his get out of Jail Free card. The rules are on FIFA’s website…And thanks for playing.

    I’m glad Davies is back playing. What he’s done to rehab from such a devastating accident is purely inspirational and I only wish the best for his future.

    Was anyone happy with Findley? Can anyone say an 85% Davies is worse than a 100% Findley? Did anyone notice that our team (forwards particular) seemed to lack a certain confidence to score goals? I’m not saying CD9 should have started but I don’t think BB played his cards correctly.

    But why did BB screw this up? First, CD9 had a scheduled fitness test with his club about 2 weeks ago. This was the test to clear him to play. A club doesn’t do this if a player isn’t at least 85-90% ready to play. He follows it up by playing 45 minutes in a mini-tournament. Again…you don’t play if you aren’t close. No name team or not…being able to play (don’t think this was a nice let’s jog around and kick the ball a little game…players are fighting for spots) says something. And again…IMO…30 minutes of Davies at 85% is better than 100% Findley.

    Second Davies is and was an inspiration to the team. He brought confidence and swagger. Anyone who has played sports at any level understands what having someone like that on the team means. And who exactly brought this with the 23 picked???

    Third…Davies reaction to not being picked tells me a lot. He felt he was ready. I know players sometimes feel they are ready when they are not…but with the above facts stated I am leaning more towards Davies than BB.

    Hate the comment from me but just like we found out about Harkes reason for being kicked off in 98 I feel more of the story will surface on why BB didn’t call him…perhaps as punishment for sneaking out????? How many of you will be happy if that is the reason and not because of his fitness?????

  78. Aubie4Prez says:

    But you know who I am…

  79. alexandria says:

    Don’t know what happened to my comment but, If Bob didn’t pick charlie to teach him a lesson then good for him, I had a lead part in a play in 4th grade but I forgot to turn in my homework, all I wanted was this part but my teacher said I couldn’t go because I didn’t turn in my homework, I remeber this like it was yesterday still pisses me off now, but the point was well learned. You have responsibilities, you either meet them or you don’t but its nobodies fault but your own.

    Charlie hopefully will learn this lesson and it will make him a better person,player whatever, but if you think this is Bob’s fault your deliusional, Charlie snuck out, he got in that car, he didn’t care at the time about the team, about the world cup, his motives were selfish, he deserved to sit this one out, ready or not.

  80. EA says:

    And Prednisone or something similar. I can see some folks here have never taken a steroid to recover from injury/surgery.

  81. Turgid Jacobian says:

    L’Equipe ratings are 1 to 6 I am pretty sure.

  82. asdasdasd says:

    to be fair, i would have taken his mom as well


  83. FIRE BB says:


  84. shantz says:

    hopefully has the skill also

  85. Steve C says:

    baquito — I’ve noticed him posting on a lot of ESPN articles… and this was fairly recently… during the World Cup. It was the same rhetoric he’s giving here.

    EVERYTHING that went wrong for the US was BB’s fault. He’s to blame for cancer, aids, everything.

    It gets old really fast.

    Anywho… good job Charlie. Keep on fightin’ man. Hopefully we’ll see you sooner rather than later.

  86. ThaDeuce says:

    agreed. donovan started and scored in lots of preseason games for bayern, only to not be deemed fit for real minutes.

    preseason games are completely meaningless..no way to tell from my couch if he is ready.

    I hope he is.

    Bob Bradley did good.

  87. tsingletonvt says:


  88. Kosh says:

    I am often amused when fans do the percentage of fitness comparisons. X% of dude A is better than 100% of dude B. Easy stuff to write as all one has to do is just write it. No thought process required or logic needed.

    Is Davies a better player than Findley right now? Yes. But even Davies had to get his start with the team, he just got lucky that he was able to get a few runs with the senior team well before the world cup. But if I recall correctly, Davies brought the same qualities that Bradley was looking for in Findley – speed. Davies was all speed until he got comfortable and an understanding with the senior squad when he started scoring – and it’s not like he was lighting it up either. Findley had a baptism by fire. He could have done better but so could a few others on the team.

    Here we have a Bob Bradley who wants to hold on to his job, a guy who likes his job. Yet your logic states that a guy who wanted to succeed somehow sabotaged his own success, personal goals and dreams just so that he could keep Davies out on purpose? This makes no sense whatsoever. Don’t you think if Davies was ready BB would not have taken a chance with him like he did with Gooch? (We all saw how the Gooch chance ended up, and he came back from lesser injuries than Davies).

    BB haters are going to hate, there’s not much we can do about that. But please think the conspiracy theories through so that you can at least post something better than percentage of fitness math.

  89. Nick says:

    I can’t believe what some people on here are saying. I mean the guy literally almost died! It’s a miracle that he’s alive and has a chance to play soccer again! It’s exteremly unrealistic to think that CD9 would be available and fit to play in a WC only 9 months after his accident.

  90. WTF USA says:

    i cant believe how content some people are with our country’s performance let alone bobo. really should we be so proud of being mediocre? no, they played with heart yes and i love that but we are no longer a weak team that needs to play with the counter attack and bob is that guy that is stuck with that bs. look no american coach who was born in the 50’s is going to have that edge we need. we need a jason kreis, curt onalfo or even peter novak even though his not really a USA citizen, to mature because they see things different. bobo could have called charlie and brought him in just in case he could have gotten a good 20-15 competitive minutes in a made a difference. look at buddle or spector, goodson, people who never saw the field we could have used a 75 fit charlie. we need an overhaul of the ussf system fast and bobo has to go we havent played to our potential that we have and its sad.

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  92. Brian says:

    link to lequipe.fr

    Match Rating of 4

  93. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Sorry but you are 100% WRONG…If the club declared him not medically fit they can refuse to release him even in face of the FIFA rule…they did not release him medically…

  94. scrholic01 says:

    It wasn’t Bradley’s decision to keep him off of the world cup 30 man roster, he wasn’t medically cleared by Souchaux on the day the roster was declared. Bradley took a pretty good group for the cup, and you definitely can’t criticize him for something out of his control.

  95. moosecat says:

    erich, whether he was or wasn’t medically cleared by his club is irrelevant

  96. moosecat says:

    no club can keep a player from playing in the world cup for their national team

  97. RNG says:

    Clearly that’s not right.
    They at least go up to 7 at least–players in the game got a 7.
    It seems as if everyone ranked between 4 and 7.
    Charlie wasn’t alone on 4, but he certainly wasn’t at the high end.
    The question is– did anyone here actually see footage from the game, and how did he look?

  98. war says:

    and Robbie Findley was in a position to help the US?

  99. war says:

    Cooper is done forever. CD9 is getting used to his cybernetics

  100. EA says:

    Curt Onalfo.


    Oh, wait.

    You’re serious.

  101. Rngoldberg@aol.com says:

    Here’s the only comment I’ve found from someone who saw Charlie play in this match, on the Planete Sochaux board:

    ” Davies… Je suis vraiment triste pour lui, mais le chemin semble encore long. En 2011 peut-être, mais j’y crois vraiment pas.”

    Translation: Davies–I am truly sorry for him, but the road [back] still seems long. In 2011 maybe, but I don’t really believe it.

    Not the best news– but it’s only one person, and only one very pre-season match.

  102. Hood Rich says:

    Did you actually see him play? You are making a big assumption that he could’ve have helped the US team by not even seeing him play and impact yesterday.

  103. malkin says:


  104. USA Soccer says:

    Not sure if this was posted, but BB didn’t have a choice on Davies. Sochaux would not medically release Davies for National team play, BB had his hands tied.

  105. GW says:

    Your BB hatred is warping you. Gooch was a lot closer to ready than Davies was and you saw how that turned out.


    Did anyone say how Davies looked?

  106. BBB says:

    just went to that site and watched the video the players and staff put together for CD9, wishing him luck and a quick recovery. Hadn’t seen it before. Pretty cool.

  107. GW says:

    I’m a little tired of you guys who think that Davies was the best player on the planet before he got hurt. Torres and Rooney were both injured shortly before the Cup and even though they were pronounced “healthy” it’s pretty clear that 80% of them or whatever was not good enough and that they will need some time to get back into it.

    I’ll make you a bet. I bet Davies doesn’t have a good season for Sochaux at least not at first. There is no proof that Davies will ever be as good as he was.

    As for cutting Charlie for disciplinary reasons, that is wishful thinking, Bradley is a pragmatist; he doesn’t always play by the book. He took Gooch because it was clear his alternatives were not good. He took Findley for the same reason. Thos ewere not by the book reasons, they were forced on him by necessity.

    To suggest otherwise is to suggest BB is suicidal and he certainly doesn’t give that impression.

  108. AlphaMale says:

    Technically you are correct, but it would have meant not putting someone else on the squad and it would have meant that CD9 would not have been in the camp until near the very end, maybe not a good idea with a guy who hasn’t played in almost a year.

    Rooney,Gareth Barry, Torres and Fabregas, all players a couple of notches above Davies, were injured in the months leading up to the World Cup.

    All were medically “cleared” to play by whoever is supposed to do this stuff so I have to assume they were all better off than Davies. I wathced all of them and they looked like shells of themselves.

    It’s not a perfect comparison but those guys are talented players while Charlie made his name off of aggressive attitude and physicality. It’s hard to imagine he would have been very useful.

  109. Aubie4Prez says:

    And who do you blame? I thought the team played with great heart and the players were the reason for the success we did have.

    It was BB who picked the starters, the strategy and the subs. When Findley was doing nothing yet still starting do you blame Findley? It’s not like he is going to step up and say no…I don’t want to play. Same with Clark when Edu looked so much better.

    When the team gives up a goal in 3 of the 4 games (with the 4th game having a shot bounce off the cross bar) do you blame the players? If it was once yes…but it’s been a constant since before the WC. That is the coach.

    So yes…I do blame BB…he did what was expected in a very cardiac manor.

  110. FUWTFUSA says:

    Get your facts straight.

    Buddle played in the second half of the England and Algeria games. He should have scored against Algeria.

    What the US should really be proud of is going so far with a such a mediocre bunch of players. BB got almost everything he couldout of this mediocre bunch.

    I don’t know what his status is but Peter Nowak is either a US citizen or he isn’t.

    There is no “not really a US citizen”.

  111. FReddie4prez says:

    Better not let Aubie4prez see that. He’ll suspect one of BB’s friends planted it.

  112. kimo says:

    From an injury standpoint, 2011 seems like a legitimate time frame for when CD should be producing for Sochaux…probably still not at his optimal, but producing none the less. Rule of thumb (give or take)…9 months of rehab followed by 9 months of increased playing = 18 months until back to full health. The fact that he’s even suiting up at this point is remarkable!

  113. john says:

    Aubie get your facts straight, he was not cleared medically to play by Sochaux. It had nothing to do with BB

  114. reverb says:

    I always ardently hoped that Charlie would be able to recover from the accident in time to participate in the WC, however it still amazes me how so many people expected CD was going to bounce right back to full health and match fitness just a few months removed from an accident that severely damaged his body and very nearly killed him. It’s becoming pretty clear now that despite CD’s very positive attitude, his body has been very much compromised and in my opinion he will never again be able to perform at the levels he did before the crash. I would hope that he’s able to improve to the point where he can make a successful career out of football and that if the *real* chance of being able to play with the US team presents itself again, he’s able to take advantage of it. But, that’s not something I personally count on.

  115. TJPierce says:

    I had right knee surgery 7 years ago that involved a side entrance to repair my meniscus and left only about a 1.5″ scar. My right quad has never regained the shape that it had previously shared with my left quad, even though both legs have been equally strong for years.

    Nerve, muscle, or tissue damage from either the accident or the surgeries could very well prevent CD9’s legs from ever looking the same again.

    Not a big deal, unless Charlie had planned to enter a body-building contest at some point, which would place some importance on muscular symmetry.

  116. RAW says:

    Okay, you don’t like Findley name someone better to put on the 23 man squad.

  117. RAW says:

    We also know who Jon Gosselin, Octomom , and Heidi Montag and Snooki from Jersey Shore are.

    That doesn’t give them, or you, any credibility.

  118. war says:

    Bedoya as mid, list Deuce as Forward.

  119. SD says:

    sorry man but that rating was for a match against lille in september 2009, beginning of last season….this was not a rating for the preseason match…

  120. SD says:

    those rankings were not from the preseason game…they were from a match in last season…

  121. phil says:

    Congrats Davies. All you Senior haters sound dumber by the day. My advice is go to England where you’ll fit right in.

  122. Randall says:

    As for him playing against Brazil? I’d say no. Not because I don’t want him there because I’d love to see him in the US jersey again as soon as possible. Right now though he needs to spend as much time with his club as possible getting fit and back on the field with them.

  123. Gilmoy says:

    I thought Xamax was what you take to /get/ medically cleared …

  124. RAW says:

    Okay, now there’s a solution I like.

    What’s Alejandro up to now anyway?

  125. Blame Game says:

    I blame the fact that the US could only go so far on their talent alone.

    US players may be nearly as talented as players on other World Cup teams but they can’t compare with them when it comes to the mental aspect.

    Look at the final 8 teams. Those teams had plenty of players playing with top level clubs or top flight national teams on a regular basis. Many of them faced intense competition on a regular basis whether it was at their clubs, in the Champions league, the Euros, or the African Cup of Nations, Copa America or during World Cup Qualifying.

    Contrast that with the American player pool who had a couple of guys from the 2006 World Cup, a relatively comfortable WC qualifying run and and no players playing at the top flight. It’s a miracle the USMNT can compete with anyone when it comes to the mental side of things. Donovan and Dempsey, who certainly understand what I’m talking about need more help. Tim Howard, who was supposed to be the third top flight US performer was a bust aginst Ghana, letting his teammates down big time.

    A manager can only do so much with that and Bradley deserves a medal for taking this bunch and getting them to play as tough as they did.

    The single biggest need for the USMNT is getting more competition for its players.

  126. NC Jeff says:

    Guys, his CLUB TEAM couldn’t even clear him to participate in our pre-WC camp (and they wanted their star F to play in the WC). BB was forced to either name CD9 to the final 23 without ever seeing him participate in a single full and live practice, or leave him behind. WC teams are the best of the best, and he decided a healthy Buddle, Gomez, and Findley (or adding a MF and moving Dempsey to F) was better than a still-hurting and likely out-of-form CD9. How can you truly argue the logic – the US won its group and lost in the knockout stage in OT on a lucky, bouncing, left-footed shot to a team from the host continent?

  127. SCColumbia says:

    Aubie4prex will find a way to argue it because for him it’s not about logic, it’s about a near messiac cult featuring CD9 as the savior and BB as the godless antichrist.

    Ain’t no reasoning with such vain fanatics. They would sacrifice Charlie’s health and career just to prove themselves right. It’s all about them.

    Davies needs such fans like he needs another car accident.

  128. Tony says:

    There is no reason to play him against Brazil.

    Right now the US needs to think about who will be ready for 2014 and until (and if) he shows he’s back to where he was then you can think about letting him play for the US again. There is absolutely no need to rush the man back. Guys like Bedoya, Gomez, Buddle, Pontius, and even the dreaded Findley are in line before Charlie.