Forlan wins Golden Ball as awards are handed out


Diego Forlan may not have won a medal at the World Cup, but that doesn't mean he's going home empty handed.

Forlan was awarded the Golden Ball for being the World Cup's best player as voted on by accredited media. Forlan helped lead Uruguay to a fourth-place finish, its best World Cup since 1970.

Germany's Thomas Muller won two awards. Muller claimed both the Young Player Award and the Golden Boot with five goals scored. David Villa, Wesley Sneijder and Forlan each scored five goals as well, but Muller won the award due to his three assists.

The Golden Glove award, given to the tournament's top goalkeeper, was won by Iker Casillas.

Think Forlan deserved the Golden Ball award? Should somebody else have won? Agree with Casillas getting the Golden Glove award? Surprised that Thomas Muller claimed both the Young Player Award and the Golden Boot?

Share your thoughts below. 

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87 Responses to Forlan wins Golden Ball as awards are handed out

  1. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Diego Forlan is to me the image of htis world cup. He was the epitomy of a hard nosed but clean, clreative player who rose to the occassion on the big stage. He is absoultely…THE MOST INTERESTING MAN IN THE WORLD

  2. Dubs says:

    Forlan had a monster tournament – watching him link with Suarez was entertaining soccer. His attacking mindset and good teamwork was a nice contrast to the players who ruined their chances by playing selfisihly (looking at you C. Ronaldo. putting EVERY free kick on net regardless of distance is a waste of set-piece and possession) or played so nervous/cautious that they never really found their form

  3. patrick says:

    not really directed at anyone but i was thinking about Forlans near mis at the end of the germany game, and other than the Japan goal, did anyone score directly from a free kick? I can’t think of any others. I’d be interested to see 2010 vs 2002 and 2006.

  4. Mason says:

    Just in case someone wants to argue the Golden Glove:
    Casillas kept his team in the final and posted how many clean sheets?

    That’s what I thought.

  5. Kaiser says:

    Muller was a beast! I know the Spanish fans will disagree with me, but that would have been a different semifinal if he had been in there. The guy just plays the game with no fear or heistation, and Germany needed that mentality against Spain. He’s not a ball boy anymore!

    The rest of the awards are all well deserved.

  6. buff111 says:

    Forlan plays the game the way it’s supposed to be played; it’s too bad more players won’t play the way he does. There is far too much diving and mindless games in the game and too little effort. He, and a few other players, really showed how to play the game well, and he deserves any and all accolades that he receives.

  7. Brandinho says:

    Japan had a goal directly from a free kick, Im pretty sure

  8. Scoobert says:

    Can’t argue with any of these awards.

    New Zealand should get a special award for being the only unbeaten team!! What were the odds of that happening…

  9. Micah King says:

    Good Job Forlan.

  10. Brett says:

    He absolutely deserved it. Granted, I didn’t see every minute of every game, but Forlan was exceptional and represented the game very well.

    Mueller (if you don’t put the umlaut over the ‘u’ then you need an ‘e’ to preserve the correct pronunciation) was deserving too, but also had the better supporting cast.

    No complaints about the other awards.

    The balon d’merde goes to France of course, 😉

  11. Al17 says:

    Seriously what is your issue with France and Ballon d’Or? Beyond unnecessary

    Hell yeah Forlan deserved the Golden Ball.

  12. Brent McD. says:

    Forlan = well-deserved Golden Ball winner.

    North Korea should win Fair Play award. They played with class, and seeing Jong Tae-Se’s emotion during the anthem before the Brazil game was one of the best images in this tournament.

  13. Pablo Best says:

    I liked how Schweinsteiger played too. Someone said he played like Tostao in that game against Argentina lol. Muller did a great job also. But yeah Forlan was everywhere during the World Cup. It reminded me of Davor Suker in 1998 for some reason, probably because he was the leader of his team. When his team needed him he was there unlike many others. And Snijder did a good job as well but not to the level some (cough, cough) thought.

  14. John says:

    Patrick, Forlan scored on a deadball against Ghana.

  15. gmonsoon43 says:

    I think its really hard to guess if Germany wins versus Spain(this coming from a German fan) but Germany would have looked a little different. It sucked that he missed the game because such a bad call.

    Can’t argue with Forlan winning the golden ball.

  16. Roy says:

    This was the easiest choice ever.

  17. Vince Clortho says:

    Correct. He had no problems with Jabulani. Kudos to all the winners.

  18. Scott says:

    it was two from Japan

  19. simms21 says:

    Muller was a monster this tournament. He has a very bright future.

  20. RNG says:

    Hey Mr. Grammar Police:
    That would be Ballon de Merde.
    Which is what you get for your French.

  21. Never First says:

    I can’t argue with any of the awards.

  22. Adriano says:

    Forlan was a treat to watch. He was also a treat for my fantasy team.

  23. Kevin H. says:

    Stekelenburg kept Netherlands in through the lead up to the final.

  24. RS says:

    Justice is served.
    Whoever said that Forlan was the face of this tournament is spot on. He delivered a performance for the ages…maybe the best since Maradona in ’86. Zidane had a great final in ’98 and a few good games in ’06, Ronaldo came up big in the ’02 final, Romario likewise in the semi-final against Sweden in ’94…but Forlan showed up in every game, seemed to have a hand in just about every goal, and carried Uruguay when needed. I doubt Uruguay would have progressed this far without their talisman. Great goals, great vision, great heart.

  25. Eurosnob says:

    Forlan is a decent choice, but there were other worthy choices like Villa or Schneider. Would Spain have won the world cup without Villa, who accounted for more than 50% of Spain’s scoring? Would the Dutch be in the final without Schneider? His two goals sent Brazil home. Germany, the highest scoring team, also has several players could could also be in contention.

  26. Brian S. says:

    Forlan had one against Ghana. It was a rocket

  27. soccerjohn says:

    Holy crap, I was going to write about how great I thought Forlan was, but I can’t do better than this. Bravo.

  28. Blake says:

    When does the all-tournament team get announced?

  29. JK says:

    Spain actually won the Fair Play Award.

  30. SeattleStan says:

    Plus I don’t know how Mueller would have helped them counter Iniesta’sshin-exploding-then-fast-recovery-to-cause-opposing-teams-to-get-cards-ability.

  31. WHERE'StheSOCCER? says:

    Golden ball thoughts…

    Forlan scores for his good, underdog team…but has a terror in Suarez creating space for him.

    Snejder scores luckily for his very good team…but has Kuyt and Van Persie drawing defenders’ attention away from him.

    Muller scores and runs for his very good and efficient team…but has Schweini and Ozul behind & in front of him.

    And Xavi controls the game for his excellent footballing machine of a team that Won the World Cup…and could do the same with anyone in front of him.

    A playmaker such as Xavi deserves the award as he is Spain’s heartbeat- perhaps a 10x version of Schweini (who is excellent as well) who dictates play from all parts of the field-the backline and the front. I suggest catching a repeat viewing of Spain’s games and see how dominant the guy is.

    Forlan would be my second choice.

  32. afrim says:

    to use a cheeseball american sports cliche….”he put the team on his back” In soccer thats probably the hardest thing to do but he did it. I wanna shake the dude’s hand and say thank you

  33. Paul Thomas says:

    Is FIFA still doing the “Most Entertaining Team” award? I would honestly and objectively vote the USA for that one, although I could see an argument for Germany.

  34. Oog says:

    Amen brother. I’m a huge Forlan fan now after watching him in the world cup. No flopping, just hard work with beautiful technique. Thank goodness he didn’t have any of the drama of some of the other big players of this tournament.

  35. golfstrom says:

    Dude you dock Forlan for having Suarez, yet no mention of Xavi having Iniesta, David Villa, Torres/Fab/Pedro/Navas?

    p.s. Forlan was as much of a playmaker for Uruguay as he was a goal scorer.

  36. Brett says:

    Curse my incorrect French grammar and the ill attempt at humor that spawned it!

    The guy had a hell of a tournament, he deserves to have his name pronounced correctly.

  37. Gene says:

    To me, Forlan is by far the best choice for the Golden Ball award. I am happy for him, as at least Uruguay has something to celebrate.

    Wesley Scneijder had a good tournament, but even if the Dutch had won today, Forlan made more of an impact on his team’s game (and scored beautiful goals, too).

    Good for Thomas Muller, too, since he (and Ozil) were the two young revelations of this tournament.

  38. B MORAN says:

    The assist that Forlan dished out to Suarez was one of the best assists of the tournament. I think it was the Mexico game.

  39. ClasslessJerk says:

    How good is Forlan? I’d take him over Rooney or Ronaldo any day. And seriously, how stupid are the ManU brain trust to bench him? I’m so glad he left that hellhole.

  40. SJDrew says:

    Park Chu-Young of South Korea scored one against Nigeria

  41. RK says:

    Glad to see Forlan get the credit he deserves. After a disastrous stint at ManU, he carried Villarreal to the Champions League, and has continued his goal-scoring at Atletico.

  42. Forlan… all the way! He deserved it. Very happy to hear this news. He was the heart of that surprising South American team. Amazing tournament for him and Uruguay. Felicidades a España tambien!

  43. Ureally are a says:

    If it meant having their success, a lot of teams in the world would like to have a brain trust as stupid as Man U’s.

    When he was at Man U., Forlan wasn’t the player he is today.

  44. WonsanUnited says:

    Diego Forlan has become my favorite player. Sadly, because he’s from Uruguay he won’t get the same recognition as Pele, Maradona, or Zidane.

  45. Ricky B. Free says:

    Lol Xavi really? He is good but even I can pass to an open team mate thats 3 feet from me every time. Xavi had Iniesta, Villa, Xavi ALonso, etc. need I say more? Forlan played attacking midfielder lonely striker left midfielder, what more do you want from the Guy?

  46. Mason says:

    He should have stopped Forlan’s shot in the semis.

    Also… In the final: two breakaways stonedwalled to one.

  47. Justin O says:

    I thought Forlan deserved the award based on all the games I saw. Having said that, I was complaining before the match last night that they would never give Forlan the award since Uruguay did not make it to the final. Glad to see I was proved wrong!


    Would any team be in the World Cup without their players?

    Every player is in contention for the award, but only one wins it. Sorry brother.


    Xavi is good because of the way the team plays around him. Forlan could have his entire team stand still and he would still create, I cannot say the same about Xavi.

  50. Lolos Rueben Guadariva says:

    FIFA knocked down the towers.

  51. Lolos Rueben Guadariva says:

    He didn’t score for like 20+ games man, you can’t keep bouncing a flat ball.

  52. SBI Troll says:

    Forlan played more like C. Ronaldo, than Ronaldo did himself. He carried his team deep in the knockout stages, recieved the ball in the midfield to create, and was a master of the Jabulani (scoring on free kicks and outside the 18 consistantly).

    He deserved the Golden Ball no questions asked.

  53. RB says:

    Just to echo what just about everybody has said, great to hear this news. He really is the one very clear choice, he does pull his whole team forward, amazingly, and he does play with real class, as well. Hell, he even handles the Jabulani! A pleasure to watch him play and to see him duly recognized and rewarded for it.

  54. SBI Troll says:

    World Cup Best XI







  55. Pedro in DC says:

    Congrats to Diego Forlan, aka “he who breaks Englands hearts again”. As a lifelong fan of the proud Atletico de Madrid I’m extremely happy that our star forward has received such accolades. Where are the limeys with their mediocre game, overrated press hype, and syphilistic women?

  56. Chase says:

    Wow, I would call it one of the worst moments of the tournament. Jong’s emotion was incredibly contrived. The man has only been to North Korea for WC qualifiers and has never actually experienced the terrible nature of day-to-day life in the North.

  57. Chase says:

    Isn’t winning the Golden Ball at the World Cup pretty substantial global recognition of his footballing talents?

  58. Seth says:

    Fully deserving by Forlan, fantastic performance.

    But….deserves mention that there’s no way he gets the Golden Ball if Uruguay loses in the QF round. Suarez handball, Gyan pen miss, etc, were all a big part of making this possible. Again, fully deserving, but amazing to think how narrow the margins are for who makes it to each stage

    And I like the recognition for Nelsen above, led NZ from out of nowhere to be the only undefeated team in the World Cup.

  59. Warren says:

    Yeah Chase, totally agree that whole ‘how wonderful to see patriotic sentiments supporting a dictatorship’ is just too…by anyway we’re supposed to be talking about the award winners, who are all well-deserved.

    Though I would have loved it if Forlan had managed to knock that shot IN off the cross bar and earn himself the Golden Boot to go with his Ball.

  60. Warren says:


  61. Warren says:

    Hey Pedro, leave the women out of it, they have their own Cup another year.

  62. Elmer says:

    I can’t really argue with any of the awards. I think Forlan was the MVP of the tournament. Without him Uruguay would have lost in the group stage. You can’t argue with Casillas winning best GK either. He was clutch.

  63. S says:

    Diego Forlan was an amazing player this world cup and he deserved an award for it. Muller was astounding so his awards are good enough for him this tournament and same with Iker even though some other goalkeepers stood out. Forlan is definitely one of the top players to remembered. I’m happy he won the golden ball.

  64. dbag says:

    Forlan and Nelson proved how much one player makes a difference and makes the team better. They didnt seek headlines or criticize referees, they just played (injured as well)and set an example for how the game should be played.

  65. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Awards are fine but until FIFA fixes the problems in the game I am going to have to say the World Cup will not be a success in the US… yesterdays game was appalling…the sniper syndrome was rampant… it is one thing to get fouled.. I played the game at a high enough level to understand that shin kicks and cleat stomps on the feet hurt but the writhing around on the ground is laughable, truly disgusting and until FIFA takes a hard line then it will always get worse… take a few pages from other sports… if a guy gets a yellow then he should have to run around the pitch once before entering again… if a player is injured and carried off he should have to wait 5 mins before entering…

    FIFA fix the game… goal line technology is a must, carding divers all the time is a must, faking injury is a yellow…

  66. A Guest says:

    Well that’s pretty good by me.

  67. Joe in Aurora says:

    Well said Tony! I barely knew who Diego Forlan was before the tournament started and now I’m a huge fan of his. He’s well deserved of the award. Congrats Diego!

  68. K Bone says:

    By that logic, which doesn’t make sense considering the ridiculous amount of talent Spain has, the award should go to a player who has awful teammates…

  69. K Bone says:

    Ha, I think it’s fair to say Rooney and Ronaldo contributed vastly more than Forlan did when he was at United. As mentioned, unfortunately Forlan did not work out at United, and was not even close to the player he is now. And yes, good thing he left the hellhole before he had the chance to win all those league titles and CL title. He really dodged a bullet there…

  70. Brent McD. says:

    contrived? did you even see the footage? for whatever reason, it meant alot for him to represent the country he chose to play for. how can you possibly know what was going through his mind? and have you actually been to north korea to make such a statement about their day-to-day life?

    but i agree this thread shouldn’t be about politics. i just thought n.korea showed much class and respect for the game when they were on the field. 3 games, 2 yellow cards. no diving. no cynicism. played brazil toe-to-toe. got thrashed by portugal yet still played open, attacking soccer. kudos to the players and coaches.

  71. Raymon says:

    I think I tasted an umlaut once, and it was bitter. Or was that a kumquat?

  72. Eurosnob says:

    Of course, only one player wins the award. The question is whether it should be the best player from the fourth best team in the tournament? I have no problem with Forlan winning the award, but he was not a clear cut choice like Garrincha in 1962 or Maradona in 1986. This was a pretty average world cup in term of the quality of play and no single player clearly separated himself from the pack.

  73. Andrew says:

    The best goaly in the tournament was knocked out in the first round.

    Nigeria’s Vincent Enyeama kept every single game they played close, and if you watched those games, if not for his amazing saves the Nigerian’s would have lost 7-0 in every game. He single handedly kept the Eagles in most of those games and it’s a shame his field players couldn’t repay the favor.

  74. Eurosnob says:

    Dude, your picks on offense are solid, but I am not sure about your defense picks. Not a single defender from Portugal on your list? Didn’t they surrender only one goal the whole tournament after playing the likes of Brazil, Spain and Ivory Coast? Nelsen and Alcaraz over Lucio? Maicon and Lahm are good choices though.

  75. NO ONE CARES says:

    “Awards are fine but until FIFA fixes the problems in the game I am going to have to say the World Cup will not be a success in the US”

    im sorry andy but the rest of the WORLD love and watch soccer. we already know they are anti-american and that sentiment wont change anytime soon. im sure they can CARELESS about the sport catching on here and long as the rest of the world is Loving it. I mean seriously man. Ppl act like since we dont like it, the world cares lol. please, aside from the world cup we dont participate in any other tourney that a VAST amount of ppl care about.

  76. NO ONE CARES says:

    vast amount of ppl outside of US and CONCACAF for that matter

  77. chupacabra says:

    Jong Tae-Se was not crying because of his love for his country – it was because he knew his entire team was going to be executed after North Korea lost to Brazil.

  78. Stephen says:

    New Zealand wasn’t the only unbeaten team.

  79. Scoobert says:

    Technically, they were. 3 ties, no losses, but they didn’t qualify for the knockout round.

    Every other team lost at least once, including Spain.

  80. Bob says:

    Yes, they were. Re-read the tables.

  81. Andrew says:

    actually, fewer then you think care.

    If you look at world population, soccer is the third, sometimes forth sport in many countries outside the U.S. and Canada, like India (where racket sports rule) and China (where they care more for pingpong and olympic sports) and Pakistan. Those three countries alone, when combined with the U.S. and Canada make up half the worlds population.

    Furthermore, let’s not forget that in many countries that ‘care’ about soccer, it isn’t the first sport (Japan has baseball, S. Africa and Australia are rugby, S. Korea is Starcraft…and no, I’m not kidding). This response also neglects to include the middle east.

    In reality, Soccer’s fan base is highly concentrated in Europe and S. America, with pieces of Africa, Asia, and North/Central America caring as well. Part of Fifa’s problem in years to come is going to be figuring out a way to get a non-European/S. American team to win to create more interest elsewhere.

  82. Andy in Atlanta says:

    I love and watch soccer nearly every day… AND… I personally played in Europe as well… my reason for comment and concern is when I finally get all my mates from my tennis team to come over and watch matches and half the time players are falling down claiming bloody murder is sure does nothing to win fans over…

    Imagine how beautiful the game would be without all the hacking and tripping and then the embellishments after fouls… not to mention guys acting like the are hit or punched to win a card….

    Would the game not be that much better and would their not be more of the game to enjoy and love?

  83. Andy in Atlanta says:

    +1.. outside of 1 miss step on a free South Korean free kick he was near flawless and made some spectacular saves.

  84. fooofoooo says:

    nah, Ballon d’Merde works.
    It’s not technically correct grammar, but it’s an acceptable way to write how one would pronounce it in common French (kinda like writing “kinda” instead of “kind of”).

    and yes, Les Bleus were thoroughly deserving of such an award. They were truly the most embarrassing squad in a long, long time. Pathetic display by a bunch of no-class fools.

  85. Carol R. says:

    I’m a US football fan [not hand egg ball]. Forlan was marvelous. No cards, no egregious fouls, just good solid football. His ball sense is fantastic.

    I couldn’t help but think, as I watched both Villa and Robbin fail to finish over and over again, that they both lacked the teamwork that Forlan demonstrated so often. Same for CR of Portugal. What makes a great player is the ability to capitalize on the other teams errors – and to know when to pass the ball off to a team mate in a better position.

    As for Suarez’s handball, what should he have done? let the winning goal score? He fouled and paid the penalty, Ghana should have made the penalty shot, rather than blaming Suarez for the loss [jmho].

  86. says:

    well i think he did crap it should have been that german guy cause he got as same amounts as goals andddd more assists