Galaxy humiliated in 4-1 Champions League defeat to Islanders


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"It was embarrassing."

Those were the words of Edson Buddle after the Los Angeles Galaxy suffered a stunning 4-1 defeat at the hands of the Puerto Rico Islanders in the first leg of the CONCACAF Champions League Preliminary Round Series. Islanders forward Nicolas Addlery added a pair in a comprehensive victory for Puerto Rico. The US Division 2 club struck often, handing the Galaxy its worst loss since September of 2009.

"It was one of those games, I give a lot of credit to them, but our result wasn't good enough," said Defender Gregg Berhalter. "It was one of those games where you just you keep knocking your head against the wall, waiting to get a break, but then you give up some good goals. It was a nightmare."

Los Angeles dominated possession throughout the match against the second division club, but the final touch was lacking, which kept the Galaxy from putting shots on frame.

The Galaxy's inability to capitalize  was punished in the 26th minute when forward David Foley capitalized on a Sean Franklin clearance to put the Islanders up 1-0. Puerto Rico struck again just seconds before halftime after a cross by Scott Jones was easily buried by Addlery past Saunders.  

Down early with the Galaxy pressing, Islanders Goalkeeper Bill Gaudette made a number of vital saves to keep the Division 2 club ahead.

The rout was officially on in just 15 minutes into the second half when former Galaxy midfielder Josh Hansen fired a wonderful shot that went off Goalkeeper Josh Saunders' post and in for a third goal. Addlery would add his second of the goal and put the Islanders up by four with a weak shot that Saunders was unable to save.  With the clock ticking and a four goal lead in their hands, the Islanders provided a goal for Los Angeles when a Buddle shot went off the leg of defender Richard Martinez. 

"I think how we were incredibly naive with how we went about things after we went a goal down," said Landon Donovan. "Certainly our defending was not good and we need to be better in front of goal because we had 23 shots all night and we only managed an own goal which was just not good enough."

Success in the Champions League is not a new phenomenon for the Islanders, who have tallied eight victories over three years in the competition, MLS teams on a whole have 11 goals during the same period of time. Although the Islanders brought a roster made up of players with only fringe MLS experience, Puerto Rico was vastly more familiar with the Champions League play than the Galaxy who had not appeared in a Champions League match since 2006.

"We knew we needed a bit of luck against a good team and we knew to take our chances, they had a lot of good players that we needed to contain and we managed to do so," said Puerto Rico Islanders Head Coach Colin Clark. "The return leg is going to be a tough game, they won't take this laying down and will want to show they can win, it's going to be a difficult night."

Los Angeles will now need to win by a four goal differential in Puerto Rico to qualify for the group stages of the Champions League. Such a victory seems like a tall order for a club that has given up a total of 11 goals in six games in all competitions, after posting 14 shut outs in their first 17 matches in 2010. 

Although the defeat will likely sound the death kneel for the club's hopes in the Champions League, the loss may have come at the right time for a club that has appeared lethargic since the end of the World Cup Break.  Since the return of Donovan and Buddle from World Cup duty, the club has gone 2-3-1 in all competitions. 

The Galaxy now turns its focus to a Sunday game against Chicago before the return leg in Puerto Rico on August 4th, ahead of a match with Real Madrid just three days later. As the league heads into the second half of the season, Donovan admits that results are valuable for a club in a mid-season slump. 

"Its difficult going through the summer, but we're as healthy as we've been all season, but guys should know that if they don't play well then they're not going to play" said Donovan. "I think we learned a lot about our team tonight and we have to get a lot better."

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88 Responses to Galaxy humiliated in 4-1 Champions League defeat to Islanders

  1. Rob says:

    Heyat least we can take away a little positive….. The fans are showing passion for MLS, even when a certain manager and team show very little. The Galaxy players should be embarrassed to show their face at the all-star game tonight, they have lost a ton of respect. I am a NYRB fan, and I wanted to throw my remote through my TV last night….

  2. Pete says:

    That’s just disgraceful.

  3. SpellchexStrikesagain says:

    I like how Landon felt they were “incredibaly native” in their reaction to the pressure from PRI. What could that mean?

  4. playaplaya says:

    we need to take this tournament seriously, only so we can get into the Club World Cup

    the CCL has it’s issues (mainly the schedule is not conducive to MLS teams), but we gotta start taking it seriously

  5. waka waka time for EPL says:

    its funny that MLS coaches try so hard to finish in the top of the league considering 8 teams make the playoffs

    LA could have definitely put their best team out there considering they are running away with the Shield

  6. Vincent says:

    Did they use a first team lineup last night?

  7. SpellchexStrikesagain says:

    Lol, I spelled “incredibly” wrong. Karma’s a b*tch.

  8. JSmiley says:

    I think the writer meant “naive” not “native”.

  9. Trent says:

    Go Crew! The only MLS team who can actually beat the PRI.

  10. JohnC says:

    did you watch the game- Gordon and Buddle up top, Donovan on the left, Juniho and Birchell in the middle, Berhalter, Aj, Eddie Lewis and Leornordo- who was missing: Ricketts, Gonzalez and Stephens- I would say this was pretty close to a first team. Any team with Buddle and Donovan in the lineup cannot lose to PR Islanders.

  11. Jim says:

    This is getting ridiculous. Regardless of the CCL’s faults, THIS is where you show how good your league is. Meaningless friendlies against European clubs during their preseason garner us no respect. You have to show up when the matches against clubs from other leagues actually MATTER. I’m sick of this kind of performance.

  12. CSD says:

    That’s cute Landon Donovan has a new favorite word “naive” he said the same thing after the loss to Ghana in the World Cup.

    The misspelling in the article of “native” sounds cool though. They went all native. The performance was like so LA and stuff which could mean many different things. You could go crazy Mel Gibson style or really laid back surfer style.

  13. Knowles says:

    They need to get Dempsey on loan to score the golazo in a 4-0 win in PR like he did against Juve

  14. CSD says:

    “we need to take this tournament seriously,…”

    I don’t know what that means and I am little tired of hearing that every year. Last year the Red Bulls stated and it was reported here that the CCL was very important to them and it could make their season a success. They lost to a Caribbean team. TFC wanted to win last year and they played starters in both legs and they lost.

  15. Erik says:

    Funny how a d2 team can have jersey adverts…

  16. JP says:

    If we (MLS) are to prove our growth and maturity, we will need to transition from being happy about “upsetting” bigger teams to consistently winning when we play smaller ones.

    We’re all too comfortable as underdogs but seem to struggle when playing as favorites. It’s a tough maturity/development step to climb…

  17. ELAC says:

    Where’s Dantheblue?

  18. RLW2020 says:

    does anyone have a real explanation of why a very good full strength Galaxy team got destroyed at home by a USSF DII team??? it seams like every year MLS get knocked out and we say lets take this seriously next year. If it was some team from Mexico or a Costa Rican league some could argue that those leagues show up better for international comp but PR is from the same league that MLS reserves end up beating in USOC.. i really don’t get it..

  19. DC Josh says:


  20. Juan Carlos Ossorio says:

    Using RBNY’s 2009 season as anything other than an example of what an underachieving team that does nothing but lose is pointless.

  21. Chicago MIke says:

    I think they took it seriously and they lost, it happens.

  22. sread says:

    Having watched LAG vs SJ not too long ago, the way the Gals played was completely different. I don’t know how to explain it either but what a piss poor performance by supposedly our top franchise at the moment. I think the overall mindset was completely off. The players didnt show any fire. The Bruce put out a competitive squad–almost identical to that of the one that came back twice on SJ at home. Maybe the lack of crowd support? Maybe the All Star game looming ahead? No idea. That match was very uninspiring and all I hope for is that MLS teams don’t lay eggs like that across the board in the CCL.

  23. That was very disappointing. I don’t know if the Galaxy went in too confidant, or if Arena didn’t have a good game plan…but that was just ridiculous. Props to the Islanders though, they had a game plan, capitalized on their chances, and then defended well. Unless the Galaxy can really turn it on in Puerto Rico, I think you can count them out. We’ll see how they respond…

  24. SpellchexStrikesagain says:

    Yeah… I caught that part. I would be sarcastic about you missing my sarcasm, but since I f’ed up my original joke…

  25. Jonathan says:

    I love it when people talk up the MLS then this happens… Nothing short of embarassing. This isn’t an abberation it’s a pattern, MLS teams just suck. How can MLS reasonably expect to have a decent league paying people 40K a year?? In essence it’s a pub league some good players

  26. MensreaJim says:

    It is an odd experience being let down by a team you don’t even like. At least PR is American.

  27. Marcus says:

    Sounds eerily familiar to the national team…

  28. tsingletonvt says:

    The Galaxy needs to win by four goals. But a 4 – 1 win would get them overtime, correct? Would they win outright with a 5 – 2 result (6-6 agg, 5-4 ag) on the road?

  29. tsingletonvt says:

    That is, the Galaxy need to win by four goals? I do not think that is true?

  30. dantheblue says:

    Ha! ELAC, if you knew the sort of day that I had yesterday… massage in Pasadena, six hours at the beach in Hermosa waiting for the Galaxy game, dinner at HDC… (I live in Banning you know)… That’s a LOT of driving and waiting and anticipation growing…

    Hmmm, once inside HDC we’re treated to a PA voice that is dull and uninspired obviously going through the motions. NO National Anthems, and then that GARBAGE that was on the field…There was NO energy, no effort, and no passion from my boys. PRI beat us to every KEY passing/shooting lane, out hustled us to every loose ball and out muscled us on every physical challenge. Am I supposed to believe that most of those players from the Islanders are quicker than the Galaxy players?

    Whatever happened to professional pride and respect? Whatever happened to play to WIN EVERYTHING you compete in? I guarentee the Lakers would NEVER lose to a CBA team… The Yankees (god I hate the F*ing Yankees) would never lose to the Rancho CUcamonga Quakes (they WILL lose to the Angels however), and any self-respected varsity HS squad would never lose to a JV squad.

    Last night was F*ing pathetic. There is an acid-reflux aftertaste in my mouth this morning ELAC, that my body is taking its ol sweet time flushing out. Think about that 97 mile ride home I had last night… The massage was ok but the overcast day on the beach left me cold and pissed off because I didn’t bring my hoodie. Then it was very cool inside HDC and because I was already chilled from the beach it was even worse. And then the poor quality of play was the icing on the crappycake. Topping it all off was my wife mocking me all evening cuz I was cold (she was getting even with me)!

    Hijole de la CHING***A… What a lousy day it was.

    Hope you are enjoying my rant ELAC…

    See you at the HDC Sunday October 3!

  31. buff111 says:

    How do you spell overrated? LA Galaxy, maybe, no doubt about it. LA was outplayed all over the field last night.

  32. yankiboy says:

    True but it’s schedule is not conducive to the second division clubs like Puerto Rico or Montreal when they made their run.

    Those teams play an even more congested fixture and they have proven that a good run is possible even with much less resources.

  33. QuakerOtis says:

    Until we get a relegation system, or find some way of forcing more competitive spirit in a playoff system, MLS teams will routinely underperform in these tournaments. Simply put, during MLS regular season, teams (especially those like LA which are now essentially guaranteed a playoff berth) just don’t have the killer mentality to win EVERY game.

    I think what JP said above is also part of this. MLS teams have to prove their worth on all levels, but they apparently don’t value CONCACAF.

    Guess what Lando: you’re not at Everton anymore, and I’ve yet to hear of a serious offer that can pull you away from LA. If you really care about developing the league, stop competing against the European Shadow and make some shade of your own, make a comprehensive league in your own back yard. THEN worry about what Europe thinks, maybe, if you really want to.

    Of course, we have to give credit to the PRI players. They played pretty well, and a 4-1 victory typically isn’t a fluke.

    But part of LA’s problem in this game was clearly their own mentality. They had possession, but they were lazy with it. Their one dimensional attack was found out and smothered, while at the same time, their own defense gave acres of space to PRI. Again, some good shots and finishing from PRI, but they wouldn’t have had so much space if the Galaxy were really taking this tournament seriously.

  34. yankiboy says:

    Without them Islanders would travelling by bus after they made it to the mainland. Our front office does a good job getting sponsors. We couldn’t survive.

  35. BCC says:

    It’s one game. This does not set American soccer back 20 years and no one’s dog died.

  36. Jeremy says:

    Can’t be decent paying people 40K a year, I’d imagine most leagues in the region, outside of Mexico, don’t average $40K per player. The problem is this isn’t about being a decent league when compared to Europe or South America. Its about being “decent” in CONCACAF. MLS isn’t at the level of the Mexican League, that is inarguable, but it should be the second-best league in the region and this is where that should be proven.

    LA’s performance made me frustrated and angry, and I’m not a Galaxy fan.

  37. Clayton says:

    Yes, that would put them through.

  38. yankiboy says:

    I am still buzzing about the win last night. General Clarke had the boys ready to play. They executed the game plan brilliantly and made the most of their chances.

    Another great result against a club with superior talend and vastly superior resources.

    I couldn’t be prouder.

    Vamos Tropa Naranja!

  39. buff111 says:

    Lalas addressed relegation and the MLS one night on Fox Football Fone In, it isn’t going to happen here. The buy into the league is too expensive for an owner to put up that much money with the prospect of not being in the MLS and being relegated to a lesser league.

    If the MLS teams don’t value this trophy, why compete?

  40. BCC says:

    I am tired of people claiming that this tournament, or this one game, is somehow a reflection of the overall quality of MLS. Ridiculous. Portsmouth was awful last year — does that mean the EPL is an embarrassment?

  41. SoccerInATL says:

    Well it was naive. LA Galaxy played this game like there was just 1 game in a series of 2 instead of 2 games. Very few MLS teams play well as the dominant attacking side. LA Galaxy plays counter attacking soccer by leaning on their defense to get take aways and then break out fast yet last night they tried to play a different style as a dominant attacking side and they found out they aren’t nearly good enough at it. Why switch styles? There are very few teams that can play more than one style at a high enough level. Reminded me of Manu vs Barca ccl final where manu all the sudden thought they were going to win by play counter attacking against barca instead of just playing the normal balanced offense and barca just played like barca and destroyed them. Landon is great at counter attacking soccer but just ok at possession soccer. LA Galaxy mirrors that and so does the national team. Perhaps this is a reason why MLS needs a dominant side so guys can get used to playing against a boxed in defense.

  42. yankiboy says:

    Winning at the JRL in Bayamon is tough. Especially during the rainy season. Just look at the list of teams who haven’t been have either lost or drawn there:

    Cruz Azul, Santos Laguna, Alajuelense, TFC…

    I’m not saying it is impossible–it is just a tough assignment given the goal differential.

  43. dantheblue says:

    In the earliest posts on this topic someone commented about MLS fans getting passionate about the game and I did see that last night from the seven or eight thousand people that were in the HDC. I gotta hand it to Angel City Brigade. I could actually hear their chants last night in that LARS was unusually small and quiet. What I liked was they sang and chanted and partied the entire game like they were winning which I take to mean they stayed positive and upbeat about it all… Either that or they have no clue that their team got its asses kicked. Anyways, on our side of the stadium there was collective anger at the garbage the Galaxy put on the field. I don’t always make it a habit to scream at the team from the top of my lungs but when there was a quiet moment or two I let them know in NO uncertain terms how pissed off I was about what I was watching. LARS was right there too letting them have it. At halftime, the Galaxy goalie coach was right there taking his camera and tripod down and he acknowledged me with a nod when I suggested (Ok, SCREAMED) that he go into the locker room and let the team have it GOOD and after the game Bergoffer was CLEARLY embarassed when he came over and showed his appreciation to our presence when he tilted his head and shrugged his shoulders to mean, “I know, I don’t get it either.”

    All this being said. To the “overrated” people, and the others who can’t understand how an “almost” full strength squad can play so uninspired footie…Don’t underestimate the mental side of any sport. When you don’t respect your opponent you will pay the price. I can only think of Tyson v Douglas right now as an example but I’m sure there are a lot of others too that demonstrate that ANY time you compete, you better have your A game or you will get beat.

    I blame Arena for the entire thing last night. The ambiance of the stadium, the lack of passion from the team to the PA guy. A 1st class organization put on a 2nd rate show for me last night. That begins and ends with the GM and head coach of the organization.

  44. yankiboy says:

    Bro, check our record. Seriously. We don’t do too well on the road in this competition but we handle business at home.

    Puerto Rico Islanders FC shines its brightest in this sort of competition.

    Then we struggle in our division. But maybe this is the turning point for us.

    I hope so.

  45. QuakerOtis says:

    And just to add to what Rob said in the first comment:

    I agree. Even though I’m a Quakes fan, I was pulling for LA last night. Why? They’re our leagues best team, they have a former national team coach, two former, and two current US internationals.

    The lack of effort really is almost like a slap in the face to the fans (again, excepting that I’m a Quakes fan, so seeing LA get humiliated is also quite pleasurable).

    But seriously, when are these @holes going to realize they need to respect the fan base and play with everything they’ve got in order to fill stadiums? I’ve been a supporter for a while and defend the league routinely. Efforts like this make it difficult.

    It’s not just about “results”; effort is what sells at least as much in American sports.

  46. BSU SC says:

    I’m a huge MLS fan, but I gotta say that I don’t mind seeing USL/NASL teams upset their 1st division countparts. I think it would be pretty sweet to see the Islanders or one of the 2nd division teams win it all.

  47. QuakerOtis says:

    I here ya, and I know it’s basically impossible for the next fifty years or so.

  48. BSU SC says:

    The difference is that Portsmouth wasn’t in the Champions League. These are supposed to be the best teams in MLS participating in this tournament and as such they are carrying the banner of the league, much the same way Manchester United and Chelsea do for the Premier League. Not Portsmouth.

  49. Clayton says:

    Damn, wow. Didn’t see that one coming. That wans’t a bad team LA put on the field last night. I watched the full 90 – couldn’t stop watching. They REALLY missed Gonzo in the back. Saunders sucked it up. And Gordon doesn’t do anything for me – I’d go with Bowen every time.

    I don’t believe any of this ‘naive’ or ‘teams don’t take it seriously’ business. LA got beat by a better team on THAT day. LA could win 4-0 and take the series in PR.

    USSF-2 is vastly UNDERRATED. Almost all of those guys on PR had MLS experience. But a team with Donovan and Buddle – to show like that – pretty embarassing. Good luck next week LA.

  50. BCC says:

    Very difficult to transition to a possession style system. After the World Cup, everyone wants to play like Spain without recognizing that it has taken decades to train the players to work well in that system. MLS is stocked with athletes.

  51. Questions in LA? says:

    The gap between Ricketts and Saunders is huge and it showed. The defense shows more poise with him tending the net and it probably didn’t help that LA started Sean Franklin in the midfield instead of in defense, a senseless gamble imo. Arena realized that and had to waste a sub early in the game to remove De La Garza and put Stephens on the flank so Franklin could return to the back line.

    Berhalter was exposed once again, he cannot be effective without Omar helping him out in the middle. The subs that are supposed to be used as depth are showing their age. Lewis, Berhalter, Kirovski, and Klein are a little past the fall of their careers and I think you will see it more now that LA’s schedule is busier than ever over the next few weeks.

  52. Clayton says:

    Props to Angel City Brigade – Agreed. They were very passionate and having a good time it seemed on FSC.

  53. BSU SC says:

    You’re just trying to get people upset by posting such an asinine comment. You’re either not a real fan or soccer or you’re just a eurosnob jerk.

  54. yankiboy says:

    There are guys on Islanders making $2k a month…

  55. yankiboy says:

    Actually only about 7 of them had MLS experience and for most of them, they barely had a cup of coffee in MLS. If you take away the MLS reserve matches you are talking about Guadette and Velez having seen significant MLS action. That’s about it.

  56. nam says:

    Be quiet before I lay a death kneel on you.

  57. nam says:

    Shhh, don’t post facts that go against what he said.

  58. Kevin_Amold says:

    Agreed. This same thing happened to Real Madrid in the Alcorconazo this past year. While no one is confusing Real Madrid with the Galaxy, I believe the loss helped right the ship in the end with Real and I was surprised at how well they challenged Barca during most of the season.

  59. reverb says:

    Five and a half hour flight from LA to Miami, 500 dollars one-way economy. Two and three quarter hours flight from Miami to San Juan, 300 dollars one-way economy. Traveling 3,400 miles to get spanked at the Juan Ramon Loubriel Stadium knowing you’re already eliminated…, priceless.

  60. Tyler Talk says:

    Well said.

    @Rob. There’s going to be flukes and upsets from time to time, it’s a part of the game. Even the top clubs all over the world have their off-days.

  61. Goalscorer24 says:

    I knew the Galaxy were going to lose. In the article yesterday Arena said “Our objective is to get through this game comfortably.”

    Whenever you assume you are going to beat a team, that is the kiss of death.

  62. Tyler Talk says:

    Sadly, MLS is only caring about what brings the profits in. The meaningless friendlies against European giants gather a lot of money in for the clubs and the league, because it attracts the casual sports fan.

    Only the diehard fans or the ones that follow the league are aware of the CONCACAF Champions League itself, and how important it is.

    Ironic as well that the team that is caring is a USSF D2 club.

  63. nick says:

    This is so bad that heads need to roll. The defending was terrible and the shooting worse.

  64. josh says:

    I cannot believe some people are now calling the galaxy overrated. It is one game, I do not think the galaxy are going to be able to pull it off, but I sure hope that this lights a fire underneath them and they go all out in the return leg.

    I would like to see this line up.


  65. Rob says:

    Wow the apologists are out in full force today. First off Real lost in what is equivalent to the US cup with few first teamers in the lineup (and what happened to that coach of theirs?). Second, if this happened in UEFA Champions League it would be like Real Madrid loosing to a Swedish side 4-1, not happening. Do you guys forget that PRI is in the second division USL? Going down 4-0 is not just a bad day, sorry it shows no heart. As for the off comment about it hurting US Soccer, PRI play in a US league….. It just hurts the Galaxy and maybe the MLS in terms of quality foreign players wanting to make the leap. No wonder FIFA ranks the MLS as the 88th league in the world. I am still hoping Seattle and Columbus win, and Toronto can hold their lead.

  66. josh says:

    Line up screwed up. Whatever. Buddle up top, Donovan as a withdrawn striker with more freedom. Bowen and stephans on the wing. Juninho at attacking midfielder and Birchall at defensive midfielder. Duniviant at leftback, franklin at right back, and both berhalter and gonzalez at centerback.

  67. fivefouls says:

    The Galaxy offense in the second half (missed first) reminded me of my up-by-three offense on FIFA. That is, just firing up 20+ yard shots and killing possession after possession looking for a highlight goal.

  68. BrooklynFC says:

    Actually this is more like Real Madrid losing to Celtic or Rangers….. the difference between MLS and USSF D2 is not that drastic

  69. Actually, it is not. It is just more of the same from MLS in the Champions League. You don’t get respect, unless you start winning International matches that matter.

    I agree with Rob. It pisses me off to see them play like Amateurs in the Champions League and look like world beaters in Euro friendlies.

  70. Kevin_Amold says:

    The following players played for Real against Alcorcon: Arbeloa, Metzelder, Albiol, Drenthe, Diarra, Guti Haz, Van Der Vaart, Benzema, Raul, Van Nistelrooy. I don’t care if they weren’t “first teamers” that is a lineup of international stars.

    Rob, you can split hairs all you want. The fact is, sometimes big bad teams lose to smaller sides. Sometimes they get blown away. The competition it happens in, to me, isn’t so relevant.

  71. Rob says:

    That Real team lost its coach at the end of the year did they not? They didn’t care about the equivalent of the US and FA cup (neither do most EPL/MLS teams), however Champions league is almost more important then the La Liga title, you are kidding yourself if you think otherwise. The event matters. Maybe the MLS isn’t that good, if so then go ahead and say 4-1 drubbings are a normal part of the game. I would hope to think people on this forum would think that the MLS is miles ahead of USL D2.

    And if Real lost to Celtic/Rangers 4-1 (in Champions League), I am willing to put massive amounts of money on the fact that not only the coach would be gone, but so would half of the players.

    And to put this another way, this is like the Yankees loosing to a double A farm team….. even if it were a triple A team there would be a huge backlash.

  72. Eurosnob says:

    ManUtd v Barca is a really bad analogy. It was a match up of two elite teams, while Galaxy played against an inferior opponent. And by the way, it was not the case of ManUtd getting their tactics wrong. They came out swinging and looked like a better side for the first 10-15 minutes, until Barca took control of the game. ManUtd could not play attacking style because Barca was much better in controlling possession.

  73. Denver Omelette says:

    Look, LA was just trying to get back to what matters…the regular season. You know, the one where you can lose the majority of your games and win the Cup. What a joke.

  74. Zach says:

    I understand why prospective owners would not pump money into a team that could be relegated out of MLS, but I think a relegation/promotion system could open the door for new markets to get teams (such as the Southeast) at much lower prices. For example, an ownership group in say, Raleigh or Atlanta or wherever, could fund a USSL-2 team. Not a huge ownership group that would be needed to fund an MLS team, a smaller one to form a smaller club. That club develops and grows and eventually can push its way up the tables to MLS. I know promotion/relegation will never happen, but it IS possible (imo of course). IMO people look at it from a “top-to-bottom” point of view, when really a P/R system would have to start from the bottom and work up

  75. Zach says:

    just to clarify my point a little, a new club being formed in the lowest tier would overtime acquire a bigger/better fanbase/facilities in a grass roots type of movement. So the club’s growth would be proportionate to the club’s success. Obviously if a club doesn’t succeed, it will dwell in the lower tiers. No one is going to cry over poor attendance at a USSL-2 game. But yes, this is all me just being hopeful :) i know it will never happen

  76. Kevin_Amold says:

    Rob, you ignore that Real hadn’t won ANY silverware in a while and were obviously trying to win that fixture. If the competition didn’t matter, why was it such a big deal in the press? “EL ALCORCONAZO!”

    They didn’t trot out the kids from the Academy like Wenger loves to do. They played quality players and SUBBED on Van Nistelrooy to try to make something happen. Sounds like a team trying to win the game/taking the competition seriously. People wanted Pellegrini out after the game, but Real at least waited until the end of the season to unceremoniously dump him.

    I don’t even know what we are arguing about anymore. The Galaxy loss is a bad one, but not unprecedented in terms of big sides losing to smaller sides. Hardly the apocalypse it is made out to be.

  77. AnalogToDigitialTakiwara says:

    I didn’t see the game, only read various match reports. I do plan on finding some highlights if possible too (if anyone can help me out, thanks). Upsets do happen, but I think upsets are usually closer affairs. In this case, it reads as though the Galaxy were not just upset, but manhandled, schooled, humiliated, embarrassed, etc.

    I do agree that the gap between the teams’ respective leagues is not insignificant, that PR had a plan & executed well (in every sense of the word), that LA excels on the counter, & that it was just one game.

    My post is specifically aimed at Landon Donovan, & Buddle to a lesser extent. I had assumed that LD wasn’t on the field before reading into the match. But he was. They both were. Definitely disappointed that neither of the two were able to make things happen, or figure out what quickly what was not working & make the proper changes. This is what the world’s best do against all opponents. Even an ugly win in a high scoring match, given LA’s poor backline. Someone talk to me about the performances lf LA’s 2010 stars, LD & Edson.

  78. atl says:

    saunders and berhalter should retire…is it me or does saunders look strung out or loaded every time he takes the field…arena’s strategy sucked as well… there has to be some ebb and flow to the game… not just full throttle…atleast 2 of their goals were unstoppable once they left the attacker’s foot… galaxy was not able to put enough pressure before the shot……besides having 4 goals scored on them i thought they looked good at times… go galaxy…:)

  79. atl says:

    puerto Rico played same strategy as us and Swiss vs Spain to win…great defense with super finishes… galaxy dominated possession and otherwise…

  80. atl says:

    saunders and berhalter were more than awful…the strategy was poor as well…thought la didn’t play that bad …except for lapses on defence…

  81. Neuwerld says:

    Nice job Puerto Rico. Great to see the Galaxy humiliated.

  82. ChiTownFire says:

    Berhalter shouldn’t see the field for any team in MLS ever again. In fact, he should retire. Everytime I watch him he looks atrocious.

  83. bozodono says:

    Fortunate bounces, lucky strikes, and bad give aways at the back give the 4-1 scoreline. The strike to make it 3-0 was good, but that player is nowhere near the quality of the strike he produced.

  84. bozodono says:

    Respect is overrated.

  85. bozodono says:

    I frankly don’t care all that much about the CCL. I’d much rather see a competition between MLS, J-League, Mexican, and A-League sides. What ever happened to that Pan-Pacific tournament?

  86. Brian says:

    Question: I thought CCL didn’t do away goals rule?

  87. GALACTICO says:

    WHere in the crap was Klein???

  88. Bob Dobalina says:

    Here are the highlights from CNN International…

    link to