Gomez sets his sights on Pachuca success

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The past two months have been a roller coaster ride for Herculez Gomez, but now its finally time to get back to work with his new club, Pachuca. 

The U.S. International and his new club are currently competing in Superliga as they prepare for their opening Clasura match this weekend against America. Before then, the club will take part in their final Superliga group game against Chivas USA on Wednesday. Although the forward earned the Campeon Goleador with Puebla scoring ten goals for the club, he admits that there is plenty to work on in this his first season with Pachuca.

"Last season with Puebla, I burst on the scene and earned an individual award, but I didn't have the impact that I would like on my team," said Gomez. "I'd like to win team trophies in the Mexican first division, I know its not an easy league to play in and I know that this year I'm going to have a target on my back."

Gomez is joined at Pachuca by Americans Marco Vidal and his fellow World Cup teammate, Jose Torres. The presence of three Americans has offered Gomez a familiar aspect as he looks to transition to a club like Pachuca. With several Americans on the team, the Tuzos have seen their profile grow in the American market. To the forward, this can only help the American soccer development. 

"Them being American and having them grow in the same way that I grow up makes the transition a lot easier," said Gomez. "I think that Americans look at Pachuca in the same way that they look at Fulham, they're adopting us as their second team. We're not only opening doors for players to go abroad but for Americans to open their hearts to a Mexican team. "

The 28-year-old striker had a few words of encouragement for his fellow member of the United States World Cup team, Jonathan Bornstein who recently signed a pre-contract deal with Tigres UANL. Bornstein is part of a growing list of players with American backgrounds to join the Mexican league. 

"Mexico is all about making the most of your opportunities and Jonny has a great opportunity because (Tigres) is a huge club in Mexico in terms of stature and in terms of tradition," said Gomez. "He's got a great opportunity not only to represent not only the United States, but also the Chicano soccer player.

Bornstein is part of a list of high profile American players that are beginning to be accepted as viable options for the Mexican first division. However, the list is greater of young Latinos like Torres who bypass American youth clubs to join Mexican Academies. Gomez feels that catching players at this nexus is vital as the U.S. team looks forward to future World Cups. 

"Guys like Jose and myself have slipped through the cracks and they don't want to risk losing them," said Gomez."Latino families see the logos of Pachuca and Chivas and that's what they trust so that's where they go and I believe that MLS is realizing this so that's why they are developing youth academies.

We need teams to start taking chances on players much like Curt Onfalo has on (Andy) Najar, clubs around the world take million dollar chances on players and we need to start taking those chances."

With the focus beginning to turn to the start of the Mexican league, Gomez is focused on this stage of his career and his time with Pachuca.

"Being frank, I turned down an offer to go to Europe to come to Pachuca because Pachuca is a team that embodies what it means to be a champion," said Gomez. "They're a World Class team and everyday I try to learn and get better and Pachuca is a team where I can learn and grow as a player and a person."

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34 Responses to Gomez sets his sights on Pachuca success

  1. arkie says:

    wonder where the offers from Europe came from?

  2. SurfGuyI says:

    Boy, I hope all three do well!
    And Jonny B as well when he arrives.

  3. jonk says:

    Very interesting to hear how aware he is that a lot of US fans have adopted Fulham in the past few years. And I look forward to following Pachuca closer this upcoming season. Hopefully it’ll be easier to keep up on them with multiple Americans there.

  4. +1

    I don’t doubt that there were offers, I’m just wondering if it was from one of the big four leagues.

  5. Joamiq says:

    Herc seems like a good dude. Pretty sharp, too.

  6. MC Pharoah says:

    Off topic, but is it true that NY is eager to get Zizzo on Ives twitter? i would think that if Backe was really not pleased with Richards he would have given Irving Garcia a chance by now

  7. dantheblue says:

    Best wishes Herc… And Gringo… and M.V. Lets go Pachuc”america” and make all us norteamericanos proud… I, for one, have been looking for a reason for a few years to justify my allegiances from Guadalajara to Pachuca and now, with 3 guys from USA on the team, I’ve found it! I’m gonna be purchasing my Tuzco jersey soon. I’m considering the name to look like this:


    Ok, maybe not but its an idea!

    Anyways, I loved you when you were a Galaxian, Gomez, and am very happy with how your career is starting to blossum. Keep it up!

    Those of you that aren’t aware, the Mexican League is a very strong league with a very diverse style of play and a very determined approach to NOT losing to US teams… Those critical of JB for going to Tigres for the lack of quality are ill-informed. If you think it is a offense oriented league you are also ill-informed. It is a very techinical league with high quality skill and creative players but solid defense. There are a very specific six or seven teams that are solid every year and then there are a very specific set of teams that move up and down that ladder. Pachuca is among the first. They play to win, every game, and they LOVE going and winning tournaments.

  8. Tony in Quakeland says:

    I hate it when people are snarky, but the following jumped out at me:

    “Bornstein is part of a growing list of players with American backgrounds to join the Mexican league.”

    Bornstein, Torres and Gomez do not have “American backgrouds”. They ARE Americans.

    Fair enough to say that they are Americans with Mexican backgrounds (or better, heritage).

    Anyway, I will actively seek out Mexican league game with American players involved and I wish them all luck. I think it’s great that US Nats get time in Mexico. In the end, the US style is going to be a fusion of styles and this kind of development can only help.

  9. TuzoDC says:

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  10. thedude says:

    I have definitely become a Pachucamerica fan via Torres and Herc.

    Herc seems like a great guy.

  11. Erik says:

    The one part that stands out (And I hope it’s not misquoted):

    “We need teams to start taking chances on players much like Curt Onfalo has on (Andy) Najar, clubs around the world take million dollar chances on players and we need to start taking those chances.”

    I LOVE how he says “we.” That’s a man with the interest of the USMNT and MLS in his mind, even with his recent success in Mexico.

  12. Bravo says:

    Herc is well spoken. He had some good analysis and has a great understanding of how things are. I know I’m starting to root for Pachuca, though I have never gotten too into FMF before.

  13. Betinho says:

    Everytime he speaks I’m impressed. Go Pachuca (the Fulham of Mexico – LOL)

  14. Betinho says:

    Great post. I caught that too. I thought to myself….this guy has a future with US Soccer.

  15. primoone says:

    Im certain that with the greater following of Pachuca, Torres will open up quite a bit of eyes. This kid doesn’t mess around in the midfield. He is a distribution machine.

    Torres Haters…you have been put on notice.

  16. wildchild says:

    gonna order my Pachuca jersey like yesterday! I was coincidentally living in Puebla last year, so got to watch him play. too bad Puebla sucked, so it’s not hard for me to make the switch to Pachuca. Go Tuzos! go gringos!

  17. Ben says:

    Herc has become a favorite of mine for his tweets alone. Did you see the one about Shakira during the World Cup? Great Wayne’s World reference.

  18. Andy says:

    The Latino Obama is on the rise!!!

  19. Idaho Brian says:

    I am planning on watching as many Pachuca games as I can this season!

  20. MensreaJim says:

    This was my thinking when they acquired the other 2 guys. Kudos to Puchaca, they have my support as Fulham del sur.

  21. Tim M. says:

    hopefully that was just an oversight on Adam Serrano’s oppinion, being that he’s obviously of hispanic decent and not a matter of personal opinion.

    I believe it really differ’s with every person with mexican heritage. Some mexican’s or mexican american’s will never be american in their minds, as others such as myself don’t even speak spanish, but still identify with the hispanic culture through other means.

    case in point, edgar castillo. of course before when he chose to play for mexico, mexican announcers would overlook his american heritage and not so commonly use the term “gringo” to address him. but now that he’s switched alliances, (most certainly a career move, but underlines the more important point that some mexican-amerians would rather identify themselves as mexicans first and foremost) they refer to his as “gringo castillo”, like vidal, gomez and torres.

    another interesting case would be jesus padilla, who tried to hide the fact that he was born in california for his whole career, going as far as to state something along the lines of “being insulted” when called up to the us-23’s, with hopes of being on the mexican national team one day. when it became to public though chivas ousted him and now what? i wouldn’t doubt if ever asked again by the us national team for a call up he’d think twice.

    Also i have to state the US NEEDS AN INVITE TO THE 2011 EDITION COPA AMERICA! our pool is constantly expanding, and it would be a great place to get playing time in for those americans with different skill sets and technical ability. like a marcos vidal and edgar castillo.

  22. MensreaJim says:

    I have thought that a few times since his reemergence.

    I wonder if his lack of college would be held against him if he tries to move up the ranks when his playing career ends.

  23. Modibo says:

    I guess this makes Pachuca the anti-Chivas…

  24. reverb says:


  25. CJ in OC says:

    I’m not really going to disagree with anything you said dantheblue, but i wouldn’t say that the league is all that strong in defense. But as you say, i’m not very well informed. I usually catch one FMF game every couple of weeks when they are in season, and the one thing i notice consistently is that teams will give each other acres of space in the midfield. I might be wrong, but that’s what I’ve noticed.

  26. dycsoccer17 says:

    Bob Bradley to Pachuca????

  27. dycsoccer17 says:

    Bob Bradley to Pachuca????

  28. DC Josh says:

    This season, for the first time ever, I will follow the Mexican league.

  29. Herc has become a favorite of mine for his tweets alone. Did you see the one about Shakira during the World Cup? Great Wayne’s World reference.

  30. Will says:

    Pachuca has been one of my favorite FMF teams due to their history with the Dynamo. Their last SuperLiga match was probably the best game I have seen the Dynamo play at home this year. Now having seen Pachuca play twice (vs Dynamo, vs Puebla) They look very disorganized at the moment and Torres was particularly ineffective. Apparently the owner came into the locker room after the 3-1 loss to Puebla and dressed down the team for getting knocked out of the SuperLiga. I guess somebody takes these games seriously.

  31. daniel says:

    Pachuca might be the adopted team (much like Fulham), but definitely not in Houston !
    Rivalry is good!

  32. Tony T says:

    Isn’t the Club World Cup coming up soon, and Pachuca , Inter Milan and other champions league winners playing each other to determine the BEST CLUB in the WORLD? Cant wait to see Gomez and Torres play against Inter Milan.

  33. montana matt says:


  34. Brian says:

    Why? So we can just send a B team again like we did in 2007?

    We need to focus on the the Gold Cup. And CONCACAF needs to make it every 4 years. The Gold Cup last summer was pretty much pointless. Only positive that came out of that was Stuart Holden