Henry likely to debut against Tottenham, Red Bulls close to adding third DP

Thierry Henry (ISIphotos.com)

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French star Thierry Henry is set to be introduced by the Red Bulls at Red Bull Arena on Thursday July 15th at 1:15pm, and while the club still isn't naming him due to unsigned contracts, Henry's first match should be against Tottenham on Thursday, July 22nd.

Red Bulls general manager Erik Soler would still not refer to Henry by name when he spoke to the media before Saturday's Red Bulls-D.C. United match because the contract has not been officially signed. Soler told the media that "most of it" has been signed but "not all of it".

Soler revealed that the Tottenham match could be Henry's debut. He was also adamant that Henry would not play in the MLS match two days later against the Crew in Columbus.

"We want the player to be able to fit in and have some training sessions. We don't want to throw him out in an away game against Columbus totally unprepared. That would be unfair to him and unfair to the team. And I think it's better to wait and get him into the squad."

However, the real news came with Soler telling the media a 3rd DP could join the team soon after Henry.

"There's one player coming first, but I said before the World Cup that I think it's going to be two."

The negotiations are going along well with this mysterious 3rd DP. 

"I think it's more than a 50-50 chance. We have gone far into the negotiations. We are more or less ready to sign."

There isn't a ton known about the identity of this additional DP. But, he is a midfielder and Soler said he can "play various positions." Soler also added that the player is still in a contract with his current team. Therefore he will have to negotiate out of his current deal to play with the Red Bulls, just as Henry did about a month ago.

This midfielder could join Henry very soon after the former Arsenal star is introduced in New York. The Red Bulls are hoping this third DP could even make his NYRB debut agains Tottenham.

"We hope the first one will play against Tottenham, I'm quite sure of that," Soler said. "The second one I wouldn't rule it out but I'm not for sure yet."

Soler had "no comments" on various other inquiries on the identity of this midfielder from whether he has played with Henry before or if he has ever played under Hans Backe.


What do you think of the Henry debuting against Tottenham? Who could this midfielder be? Think that's the position NYRB needed to fill? Shocked at how quickly the 3rd DP would join the team?

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95 Responses to Henry likely to debut against Tottenham, Red Bulls close to adding third DP

  1. AndyinSeattle says:

    If I was Henry I wouldn’t want to play the Crew either.

  2. Beandog says:

    That was a lame attempt at a joke.

  3. yo momma says:

    As a Galaxy fan, I am excited for New York. This will only add more credibility to the league. I hope they get the 3rd DP as well so that they could compete with the Galaxy in the near future.

  4. Warren says:

    Maybe just maybe Red Bulls will turn a corner finally; with a solid midfielder to feed Henry and Juan Pablo, they could have a first rate attack.

  5. Oogie says:

    Nothing like the league trying to setup NY to finally have a good team.

  6. aiden says:

    god i hate rafa

  7. ernj says:

    Agreed. Dirty player.

  8. Beandog says:


  9. Tim says:

    It can’t be Pires because he is a free agent, and Soler said that the player is still in contract with another team.

  10. Tim says:


  11. canchon says:

    Rafa would help to fill up RBA – if he is announced, attendance will immediately go up by at least 5K, most of them in green shirts.

  12. SoccerInAtl says:

    Do the mls players still have. To fly coach on airlines like airtran? How awesome would it be to randomly get seated next to Henry?

  13. D-Philly says:

    I think this is a bad thing for MLS…

    maybe. I know it’s not a booming business, but it is growing slowly. I think fans want to see their homegrown talent more than buying an aging french dude…True fans. As a Union supporter, it sucks for us because even an old Henry will burn Califf, but I still would rather cheer our young bucks and watch them grow.

    Like Barcalona, the Phillies, the Steelers…homegrown

  14. eric says:

    I’m a Galaxy fan through and through, But I’m celebrator of the MLS as a whole and I for one am excited for Henry to come. It going to be fun to watch him up close. Good on New York for going all in on 2 maybe 3 dp’s. I don’t think each team needs them, but I do wish a few more teams would use them and use them wisely.

  15. Never First says:

    I’m excited for MLS even though I worry the Crew will be the second best team in the conference. This league could quickly become New York, LA and everyone else. It will be difficult for other teams to compete if it becomes a race for a handful of international stars.

  16. Never First says:

    The problem with that is we’re sending most of our young talent abroad. There isn’t enough talent in this country to have 60-70 players in other countries and still have a high quality league without bringing in foreigners.

  17. war says:

    Is it Ludovic Guily?

  18. Mo says:

    Then we would be like Europe, I think thats where its headed as most players will want to go to NY or LA.

  19. patrick says:

    it shouldn’t be that hard. Chivas USA has some deep pockets and also shares LA, a place where a lot of people want to live. Seattle has fantastic fans and owners that are willing to spend, toronto, if they ever get their act together will be attractive to a lot of people as will vancouver. The teams i mentioned can go after big, henry like players. That doesn’t have to be the only way to use a DP. Schelotto might be the bet example of a DP in the league and i wouldn’t say hes a big name, same with JPA too. If and when DC gets a stadium, and a clue, they’d also be a very attractive destination with some $$ to back it up. I will admit RSL, Colorado, philly houston dallas might have some troubles

  20. JesseMT says:

    Ljungberg will not play tomorrow due to a “minor ankle sprain” apparently suffered in practice. Reporters talking to him after Thursday didn’t notice anything. Possible Ljungberg/Henry reunion? Ljungberg and Backe have a good history.

  21. Mo says:

    Or Seattle

  22. Ski Fast! says:

    Philly would only be in DP race “trouble” due to a lack of willingness on the part of the ownership group to spend the money. They have the facilities and fan support to be an attractive destination–and being a big town does not hurt either.

  23. JoeW says:

    Interesting. Adding DPs (especially players like Thierry Henry) is great to bring in casual fans and Euro-snobs, get media coverage, and gradually increase the fan base. So that’s a good thing.

    Adding a third DP? It will be interesting to see the cap implications. I think it’s worth noting that the teams who’ve spent big money on DPs haven’t ended up being the most successful MLS teams. That’s usually b/c by signing 2-3 DPs, you don’t end up with a lot of the MLS vets who make $70k-$120k on your roster: you end up with a couple of rich players and a lot of rookies and cheap/USL talents for the most part. But hey–maybe they have enough allocation money to buy down the cap hit–that could make a third DP workable without having to sacrifice veteran players.

  24. Jamez says:

    Guys its a CM so rule out Pires who is a winger and Guily who is a Winger slash foward. its Sounds alot like Marquez. he’s still in contract with Barca and I read on goal that he is negotiating his way out of it like henry did. he does play multiple positions so he fits the bill perfectly . He’s a CM a CB and he played wingback also under Frank Rijkaard.

  25. Nick says:

    Veron? Riquelme?

  26. Lee says:

    Its Rafael Marquez he was Henry’s teammate at Barcelona and he played for Backe when he was an assistant on the Mexican National Team

  27. Kevin Smith says:

    Hardcore fans do prefer to see homegrown players on their teams, but I think the casual fan is a lot more likely to go when there’s a name like Henry playing.

    And since hardcore fans will be there no matter what, you need to focus on drawing in the casual supporters, then you turn them into hardcore fans, and your main fanbase grows.

  28. kenny says:

    3rd dp is definitely Adu

  29. SeattleStan says:

    With that sweet crossover dribble, Henry is going to dominate the NBA…err, MLS

  30. Jamez says:

    These guys do no play multiple positions . SMH can some you read ? honestly lol.

  31. enar says:

    ronaldihno is joining LA for sure now. it has been anounced

  32. salim says:

    MLS is becoming a serious league finally. This is very healthy. I hope to see even more dramatic moves from MLS. Perhaps increase the DP to 4 or 5 players. We need this kind of growth for the MLS to reach the next level.

  33. Nathanael Greene says:

    Can some you write?

  34. Stephen says:

    Could Adu be a DP? He’s already American. If it’s Adu, it could be Beasley as well.

  35. Jamez says:

    Honestly I’m not the best at writing, I fail to proofread on occasions. What i do know how to do is read and understand. Is that ok with you ?

  36. Stephen says:

    It will only be a serious league when its not the place where stars go to die (retire). Henry, Ronaldihno, Schelotto, all on their last legs and getting close to official retirement. Same with David Beckham. Until they can get someone like Rooney or Schweinsteiger or Messi or Schneijder to sign RIGHT NOW there it is not becoming a serious league.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think it is slowly but surely getting better but I don’t think it is a “serious” league yet. It will be, I think/hope, but not quite yet.

  37. patrick says:

    its not about getting a messi or rooney to join right now, it’s about getting these DP’s and starting to grow the MLS network in Europe. The guys like ljunberg, henry, and if true marquez, are signficantly younger than the other “big” names we’ve seen come through the MLS before, and I think that’s because the level of play in MLS is getting more and more respect. This is the first time the MLS has real recognition coming off a world cup year and its important to pick off some guys who still have legs but are coming off the world cup high. Henry Marquez both fit that

  38. Anynomous says:

    The 3rd DP is Rafa Marques…100% guarantee it.

  39. PhillyMLS says:

    Funny. I guess the Turkish, Greek, and other European leagues that don’t get players like Henry in their prime aren’t serious leagues either. I better turn off the TV until those 5 serious leagues (EPL, La liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, and Serie A) start. Rest of the leagues in the world be damned.

  40. Anynomous says:

    Got a source…wouldn’t say so otherwise.

  41. john.q says:

    a tiny bug in the back of my brain tells me its freddy adu. coming back to the states like donovan did would help him get back on his feet.

  42. Stephen says:

    That’s true and a valid point. My point though is that those guys careers were all but over in Europe. Henry was out of favor at Barca. Europe takes our best players, but it doesn’t work both ways. So, it’s good for the league to get those players. I will agree. But until we can take Europes best players we will be nothing more than the place where older European one-time-stars come to finish out their careers.

    Not disagreeing with you that the MLS needs all the help it can get. And that these players coming over is awesome for the league. I was excited when I heard Henry and Ronaldihno were possibly coming.

  43. jcr says:

    Henry’s career is hardly over. There were still quite a few teams interested. I am sure Barcelona would still love to have Henry if only to ride the bench because they do get injuries and having Henry to step up would still be good value. Barcelona also happens to be one of the top 3 teams in the world and a team of their bench players would be easily the best in MLS. I am sure Henry just pressured them because of his dissatisfaction of sitting on the bench. There were still many teams in top leagues interested in him.

  44. Columbus Who? says:

    F**k the crew. And their cocky a** fans.

  45. Stephen says:


  46. Manning says:

    Don’t ever compare Barca to the phillies and the steelers .. Barca shits on them. Literally different levels

  47. Stephen says:

    All I’m saying is, we’re in a good place. But, we’ve got a ways to go. I bet the Greeks and Turks thing think the same thing. But they’ve been around a lot longer. We’re still in our infancy compared to most European leagues. It’s kind of like the Arena Football League (differences in rules and game play aside). The AFL sends players, be it very few to the NFL. Once a player is there, they don’t go back too much, there are exceptions of course. MLS–>Europe, Europe–>MLS/Turkey/Greece/Saudi League when they feel retirement is imminent.

    I’m not arguing that we don’t need Henry and Ronaldinho.

  48. gstommylee says:

    Ives, question wouldn’t seattle just trade him now if NY was the team to get him?

    Better odds that Seattle is selling him and waiting for the summer transfer window to open.

  49. Lee says:

    Baby steps Baby steps it will get their

  50. Neruda says:

    I here people saying that hardcore fans of the beautiful game would rather see home grown talent than aging veterans that still have something to prove. Maybe I’m not hardcore enough but I’d love to see Henri play. He’s still explosive even though he’s not in his prime. That’s like saying that hardcore fans back in the day of the NY Cosmos didn’t care to see Pele or that Beckham wasn’t entertaining when he entered the league.

    MLS and the US in particular are the last great wild frontier left to be conquered in the world of soccer and after making most of their cash in Europe these stars see MLS as a great challenge. Nothing wrong with that.

  51. Justin O says:

    Only 3-4 leagues in the world are serious leagues? Even in England, Germany, Spain, and Italy, the vast majority of clubs are not playing in the top level. These clubs aren’t playing in serious leagues?

    Also, what is wrong with having a few players in their 30s? The only leagues leagues I can think of that are stocked exclusively with players in their 20s are US minor league sports. Is that what MLS should aspire to?

  52. JustinV says:

    For the “hardcore” fans who would rather see homegrown talent than slightly past their prime superstars like Henry and Beckham, one question:

    Who do you think the homegrown talent would rather play with, a few more homegrown players or a few players that have been true world class players?

    One more question:

    Who will help the homegrown talent raise their game more?

    Not every MLS player will get the chance to play abroad, but having a few of the top players from abroad play here can give the boys at home a taste of what the yanks abroad experience.

    This is unequivocally good for the league, especially when down under the salary structure the league has in place to avoid an NASL like implosion.

  53. JustinV says:

    *done under

  54. Supsam says:

    Has to be Freddy Adu. Americans know of him and he plays many positions: central mid, left side benchwarmer, middle benchwarmer, and right side benchwarmer

  55. ga-gone says:

    Rafa Marquez is one of my most hated players.

    But I would welcome him to the Red Bulls.

  56. Boriuano 143 USA & Red Bulls says:


  57. Brian says:

    Wow…if this 3rd DP is Rafa Marquez, the Red Bulls will officially become my most hated team, and I will be in LA on September 24th to boo that Mexican c*cksucker. I hate that guy!

  58. sadf says:

    shut up, your so ignorant, barca shits on no one, philies and stellers fans are just as passionate and have just as sucessfull front offices as barcalona, theres no comparison made here, yes barca is a wonderful soccer franchise, but the steelers are just as wonderful as a franchise in the most important sport in america

  59. OmarVizquel says:

    Cool. Is the 3rd DP named New Uniforms?

  60. gerald says:

    The cap hit is only 50% since they are joining on/after the 15th. Next season could be interesting so expect a couple of moves in the off season. In addition I’m pretty sure the Red Bulls do have some allocation money handy

  61. JerseyJim says:

    Since you are in Seattle you would never see him play against the Sonics…err…

  62. I dislike Mexico says:

    It s blanco- take that to the bank

  63. Czo13 says:

    Cocky??? This coming from a Clownders fan

  64. Hood Rich says:

    Is it Seedorf?

  65. Chosun says:

    Agreed. Henry is still an incredible player, and will hopefully inspire and raise the level of play for NY and the MLS as a whole. I think this is a great move and am really looking forward to seeing him on the field for NY.

  66. Smirking Kitten says:

    Why do you exist?

  67. tommy w says:

    F.C. Barcelona isn’t a franchise. It’s a club. MLS teams are franchised from the league itself. DIFFERENCE

  68. Manny F says:

    As a Real Madrid fan, you can’t compare Throwball franchises or Basketball franchises. with a team like Barca. To start off, they grow their players to fit their system of play and they are owned by their people. Its a “club” with members.

    Nobody cares about the Throwball teams outside of the US. Barcelona is cared for by many.

  69. tommy w says:

    Henry was out of favor at Barcelona for the same reason he was out of favor at Arsenal. He doesn’t sprint like he used to. When Wenger sold Henry to Barcelona, the majority of their fans protested it, because he was so important – but Wenger knew that he couldn’t make those darting runs from deep anymore. When Barcelona signed him it was almost a celebrity signing, in that Barcelona needed a wide left midfield player to fill the hole party-boy Ronaldinho left. At the beginning of 07/08 Henry was met with huge reception because the fans knew that he was well behaved, and well liked on the team. There were a few players competing for the wide position, but Henry won his spot because of his class. It wasn’t the best season for him, but the following season he showed how good a player he is. But by the 09/10 season, Guardiola had really started pushing the youth through, and they were simply faster than Henry. They are able to keep up the high paced pass and move style that Barcelona demands out of their players. If Backe can manage to create some sort of tactic that allows Henry to get the ball facing goal just outside the 18 yard box the goals will come. He is simply too naturally talented as a player.

  70. Stephen says:

    I never said anything about 3-4 leagues.

  71. Stephen says:

    That’s what I’m saying.

  72. This Guy says:

    Blanco is in talks with Chicago again

  73. of 105 support says:

    The Mexican Beckham would help RBNY a lot as well.

    I think the MLS would be taken more seriously elsewhere if they took the academy system to the next level.

  74. JR says:

    Patrick Vieira or Seedorf seem more likely. Marquez still starts for Barcelona, I just don’t see it happening.

    I’m still hoping that some MLS club will rescue Nery Castillo from the Ukraine.

  75. MC Pharoah says:

    Multiple positions, midfield, and still under contract…..ljungberg and Marquez are the consensus thought, but it seems as if it’s some one abroad so i don’t know about Freddy. Marquez on the other hand can play midfielder, but is a defender by trade so I don’t think it’s him personally. Those 2 players are ofcourse possible, but here are some other possibilities……adu, ronaldinho, riquelme, deco, seedorf, nery Castillo and elano. They all fit the description…

  76. Checko says:

    no seedorf is coming to philly.

  77. BlancDaBody says:

    Can’t be Deco he’s going to Brazil. I heard Ronaldinho is gonna re-sign with Milan. Riquelme is without a club, so it can’t be him (Soler says that he’s in contract).

    Seedorf would be a good pickup. I like Adu, but I wouldn’t DP him. If we don’t DP him to bring him in, we won’t get him because he would have to come through the allocation lottery or whatever.

  78. plug713 says:

    Another over-priced has been comes to MLS. Big deal!

  79. Keith G. says:

    Wow things are getting crazy in the Red Bulls camp. Just bringing in Henry is a huge boost for the team, now if they are to bring in a player like Ronaldinho or Seedorf, you would deffently be seeing the team in the Final with the Galaxy. I deffently dont see Ljundberg leaving Seatle unless they got a DP in the deal. I am deffently supper exctied for the rest of the season, and am deffently getting tickets to the Red Bulls v Man City game.

  80. Lu says:

    successful front offices? the phillies have been around since the 1880’s and they only have TWO world series championships…..lmao @ the stupidity if that comment….

  81. Lu says:

    Dinho still has some years left. he’s not on the verge of retirement like beckham, henry, etc.

  82. GSScasual says:

    LOL this is Union’s first season.. HAHAH home grown is not a thing for union… everyone is new… and true fans? you cant be a true fan of a team that is barely a year old. Being a true fan is not something that comes all of a sudden… pfft philthy fans, they just dont get it

  83. Happy Camper says:

    I wonder if RACISM is the real reason behind the “home-grown” mantra of many messages below. As if football was beer and you can go to the garage and develop your home-grown brew anytime you pleased. If you only want to watch home-grown talent, then go to your local park to watch elementary school games. Otherwise, please STOP it!
    Professional football should welcome talent regardless of the nationality.
    Henry and Marquez will make the Bulls better.
    The Bulls, in turn, will make the MLS better and by the definition the so called home-grown talent will improve.
    If you want an ALL-US born league, then stick to the NFL. Not even the NBA nor the MLB have it.
    Finally, if you watched the World Cup, you would had noticed that the plead was to stop RACISM.


  84. Happy Camper says:

    See message above by Happy Camper. Your post is total non-sense. And you maybe a closeted racist. Almost a billion people watched the World Cup final today. Football is an INTERNATIONAL sport. If you only feel comfortable watching and following US-Born athletes, then stick to the NFL-Only by all means.


  85. Matt says:


  86. Eurosnob says:

    Even if MLS could offer similar money to the European clubs, it would still take a long time before Europe’s best players start coming here. Why would they forgo playing in the UEFA Champions league for an opportunity to play in the CONCACAF Champions league against the likes of Metapan or Toluca?

  87. F Manny says:

    What is throwball?

  88. Derrick says:

    i haven’t read all of what you’re responding to but to point out something. If people want homegrown that would mean American born and American born is not a race so it wouldn’t be racism. It would be nationalism.

    I can say people want “homegrown” players because they can play for the u.s national team and that’s mostly the only thing americans care about. And bringing in old vets doesn’t help them.

    by the way i am a person of color and an american and the product of the Alabama civil rights movement and a flaming Obama supporting liberal. I know racism. I’m quite sure the issue isn’t race its player development.

    now if you want to really talk about racism in american soccer, i suggest you make a post on why U.S. soccer does nothing more then hold occasional clinics in majority black neighborhoods and innercity, doesn’t build fields or 5 a side pitches in them, and generally has a system set up to develop white, upperclass, and uppermiddle class, wealthy youth by way of a pay to play traveling club system that has the effect, racial or not (it possibly isn’t) of excluding large swaths of black and brown and white lower income players.

  89. paul says:

    Nah, sounds like he’s going to Flamengo.

  90. salim says:

    It appears we may be a lot closer to a serious league than many may want to admit.

    Alex Ferguson, manager of Manchester United stated, “American soccer is starting to make an impact and it is so improved, ” he said. He also indicated, “Sir Alex Ferguson believes football is finally beginning to take hold in the United States.”

    I think we are a lot closer than we believe. We still have a lot of room to grow, sure. But we’re not some joke of a league, like once before.

  91. Niels says:

    I am yet to determine whether NFL should be renamed to throw-ball or handball…or just 3 and a half hours of commercials and 11 minutes of playing time…ugh…

  92. Randall says:

    So, they’re like the Packers then?

  93. Dominghosa says:

    I’m just glad/relieved this is finally/actually happening …

  94. curious says:

    Wait, I’m confused…didn’t the French born Henry (who is spurning this conversation) just recently play for the “homegrown” Barcalona?

  95. Red Card says:

    Not only is Henry not ready to play in 2 days, but if I were the RB I would never do anything to give the crew (or the revs) a sell-out, except if it was playoff game. Let their fans be disappointed.