Marquez released by Barcelona

Rafael Marquez 1 (Getty Images)

Thierry Henry might not be the only former Barcelona player on the New York Red Bulls this season.

Rafael Marquez was released by Barcelona on Saturday, a move that could pave the way for Marquez to join Major League Soccer and the New York Red Bulls as a Designated Player.

MLS Commissioner Don Garber told earlier this week that the Red Bulls had been in deep discussions with the Mexico national team captain, and that he was very hopeful of the move being completed.

If the 31-year-old Marquez does sign with the Red Bulls, he would join Henry and Juan Pablo Angel as the team's designated players. Marquez would fill the Red Bulls' third and final DP slot.

Excited at the thought of Marquez joining MLS and Red Bulls? Think he is worth a DP spot? How do you see him faring with the Red Bulls should he sign? Will New York be the favorites if Marquez joins?

Share your thoughts below?

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59 Responses to Marquez released by Barcelona

  1. patrick says:

    It will help the red bulls for sure, but I dont’ think it’s a great signing. I’m not sure where he’s going to play, and if he can really have a DP type impact on the team/games. Hopefully I’m wrong but I’m not overly excited

  2. MASSIVE says:

    You’ve got to go thru Columbus if you want to win it all. We all know what happened the last time Rafa was in Columbus Crew Stadium. 2-0 and a red card. Expect a repeat performance in the Eastern Conference final.

  3. nonya says:

    “Will New York be the favorites if Marquez joins?”

    If RedBulls can play like they did in the first two friendlies with Henry, then they should be favorites even without Marquez.

  4. chris says:

    i hope he breaks his leg and his career ends right there. marquez is basically mexican joey barton, he will be scum of the league.

  5. TheUltra says:

    Clash of the two styles. Solid core group of team players vs Cosmos 2.0

    New York maybe big, but Columbus is Massive!

  6. Thomas says:

    It’s amazing how the Red Bulls got me to actually throw some good will their way by signing Henry and then threw it all away with this. At least this gives me someone to hate in the league more than Dema Kovalenko. At least MLS is continuing its tradition of brining the most hated Mexican players to the league (Hernandez, Blanco, Marquez). Maybe they can get Javier Aguerre to come and coach as well. Bastards.

  7. patrick says:

    not an encouraging article from Grant Wahl on Charlie Davies and Sochaux. It also makes it CRYSTL CLEAR why bob made the right choice.

  8. Sochaux says:

    The article was not by Wahl , it was some guy named Ben Lyttleton.

    The I-know-more-than-BB-crowd who believe that everything wrong was Bradley’s fault and everything right was either an accident or done by the players will blame BB for not posting an armed guard on Charlie that night to stop him from breaking curfew.

    They will blame his current lack of form on the depression BB put Charlie into by not selecting him for the World Cup.

    Just ask Aubie4prez.

  9. gored says:

    go marquez. first blanco took over the league and now it will be you and thierry bringing a new level of play to the mls.

  10. jmadsen says:


  11. patrick says:

    blanco certainly didn’t “take over the league”

  12. dena says:

    Great signing for us, I’d take him at CB but Backe seems to want someone who will play at the back end of a diamond, and I guess he prefers Rafa to Tchani.

  13. BetaMale says:

    Ricardo Clark & Robbie Findley out by halftime. I know more than Robobob.

  14. Saulo says:

    YES he is worth DP money, and YES he will make a huge impact. I can’t believe some of the comments… he played for BARCELONA for 7 years, winning 12 titles including 2 champions leagues. After Hugo Sanchez, he is the most accomplished player EVER to come out of CONCACAF. Comments like those above are the reason the world sees Americans as ignorant soccer fans… oh and I’m not Mexican or a Barca fan!!!

  15. Goalscorer24 says:

    If he comes to play he could be ok.

    On a different, but similar note: What is happening with Beckham? Will he play for LA again? Is he still getting paid exuberant amounts of money while he is injured?

  16. FJV_Harrison says:

    Dear Red Bull,

    Please sign Oswaldo Sanchez as well.


  17. SchmidtXC says:

    He did take over the post game buffet though

  18. Hector Rueda says:

    no way hes washed up….. edwin van der sar is older and way better. im not saying to sign edxwin but theres a comparison

  19. RLW2020 says:

    ya he is worth it, still a great player. I don’t think that NY needs much help at CB tho they must be lining him up to play a defensive mid spot. we will wait to see how he impacts the team before saying if they are the favorite to win the cup

  20. Ron says:

    If he keeps up his play from the world cup, this will be a fantastic signing. He brings versatility, creativity and makes excellent long passes. I don’t see how he wouldn’t be worth the third DP spot.

  21. I wonder what Garber and Co. promised Barcelona to give up both Henry and Marquez for free while racking up debt. Maybe MLS Barca in Miami?

  22. Ron says:

    but…. the man is injury prone and has lost a step in pace.

  23. patrick says:

    didn’t garber say recently that teams CAN pay transfer fees? Could it be possible it’s just being kept under wraps? Rafa had been ther for 7 years and had some injury problems. No surprise they let him go, and with Henry, he could have just not accept a transfer anywhere and they’d be stuck paying his bloated salary while the iguain and bojan’s of the team keep playing and scoring

  24. beachbum says:

    and we all know his pedigree, but nothing ignorant about the comments; Marquez earned them

    they actually reveal that US fans know very well who the enemy is, and why

  25. Tim M. says:

    your right. we already have enough second rate retired nats who play the def mid and cb positions in this league.

  26. Tim M. says:

    how the hell could anyone try to assemble a team around bricks like blanco and mcbride.

    their team was always doomed. the fire could only be assembled around one or the other

  27. Tim M. says:

    stammler and robinson gots to go!

  28. Tim M. says:

    i can see them playing with three up top for sure now

  29. Tim M. says:

    boooo rafa for a frustrated foul play tackle. like i haven’t seen incidents equally as bad as the ones he’s pulled in usa/mexico games

  30. Tim M. says:

    i hope we end up selling him to west ham for 2 million and someone breaks his league off in an fa cup match

  31. Tim M. says:

    lol id take pat onstad before either if you wanna compare money and age

  32. Tim M. says:

    onstads been awesome for houston but i’d like to see him with vancouver next year. maybe houston will leave him unprotected in nxt years expansion draft. tally hall is ready to start

  33. Tim M. says:

    barcas in dept. with his injury problems and their depth in the back letting him go for a fraction of his contract is a move with value in its own

  34. Sochaux says:

    You guys used to criticise BB for not being decisive enough with his subs now you criticise for being too decisive.

  35. Eugene says:


  36. beachbum says:

    which cynical foul are you talking about…Marquez provides many to choose from. the one on Cobi? on Tim? etc.

  37. VictorM says:

    Good player. Good signing. Ups the quality of play of the league.

    Hard tackler? Well, that’s even better! We could use one of those.

    If he makes my team better, I don’t care if he strangled his mother, much less if he caused a boo-boo to some Galaxy player many years ago! :-p

  38. Christian says:

    Name them.

    Rafa is considered a class act throughout Europe. He certainly is prone to losing his cool now and then but other than Coby Jones and Tim Howard incidents, can you recall any other?

    This same kind of hype is why Freddy Adu can’t even latch on to a Swiss team now.

  39. Daniel says:

    You guys just love to hate Rafa. Two incidents and he is the dirtiest player. I have seen worst tackles in other players ( including Americans). Rafa is a tiny player that isn’t even physical.

  40. Happy Camper says:


    I hope you break your leg and somebody suits you for all the misery you have. You are scum.


  41. Dr. Truth says:

    Let’s be honest here. Regardless of his ability to perform, help the team win, fill the seats, etc., the majority of NYRB fans don’t want a stadium full of green shirts.

  42. Saulo says:

    Ignorance at it’s best!!! In seven years with Barca, Marquez only got 5 red cards. All over Europe, he is considered a class act. Much to learn this young Padawan needs!!!

  43. Saulo says:

    To clarify, I was responding to Padawan beachbum…

  44. Saulo says:

    I smell a racist. Go back to the confederation ya red neck!!!

  45. jackie says:

    Hahaha he will make 2x more than Landy Cakes.

    $5million a year for 5 years

  46. eltriblows says:

    I totally agree! But now that Marquez is coming I’m an ex-NYBR follower.

    Hopefully someone will ram their head into his fat face…no one can say he doesn’t deserve it!

  47. RIP fond memories of Howard, Jozy, Baby Bradley and Reyna (however short-lived). Red Bull hates America.

  48. GSScasual says:

    LOL… wow.. Yes you are wrong… Marquez and Henry are the 2 best signings in the history of MLS… If you dont know the loyalty of mexican fans, then let me tell you every game will be sold out just because he is the Mexico captain. He is 31 and will be unstoppable .

  49. MLS_Owner says:

    Who is gonna Stop RBNY? Henry and Angel is gonna tear MLS UP. Can’t wait till all the pieces is put together!!

  50. beachbum says:

    that’s nice, good for Europe.

    Marquez is not considered a class act in the USA, because he’s earned that distinction

    who is ignorant?

  51. beachbum says:

    ha ha! who needs to learn? he’ll be playing in the USA, where he is considered to be exactly what he has earned–a wonderfully skilled player who head hunts when things don’t go his way…spoiled little brat

    I make a point of teaching my son that Marquez does it the wrong way…even though he’s as skilled as anybody, ultimately, he’s weak inside, which shows up when adversity confronts him and he acts out…the way a child would

    padawan? ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!

  52. LB says:

    With this signing NYRB> All MLS. I can already see the NYRB haters wetting their panties in fear with their hate filled comments. Keep on whining whiners, cause thats all you’re good at.

  53. jspec says:

    Concerning NYC2. Was really happy that Garber mention Long Island City Queen as a possile stadium site. And I have the perfect location. The corner of Jackson Ave & 21st Street. The Stadium can have Manhattan East Sude skyline, w/ the 59 st Bridge just a few blocks away. You have the E, F, G, 7 & I think the N, R trains near by. It’e the beginning of the L.I.E, the entrance to the MIdtown tunnel., THE B.Q.E IS ALSO CLOSE. Tri-Bridge can bring people from Conn. Bronx, Westchester, Yonkers, Mount Vernon etc, The rest of the boroughs are maybe 20-30 min drive way.

    I can see it now. NY Cosmos FC Park

  54. jspec says:

    PS> there is also the Hunts POint Long Island RailRoad stop, right next to the site. MLS should make this happen. close to Citifield is still to far. THis site is actually the closes open stadium closest to the heart of the city.

  55. Christian says:

    You think a guy who in his prime was one the best players to play his position and has won just about anything he can win in Europe would care what the average American fan thinks about him?

    He’s here for a paycheck and his only loyalties are to RedBull and their fans. If these same fans are unable to make a distinction between national team and club then that’s their problem and those same fans can sulk all they want.

    You support the the badge, not the player.

  56. Tim F. says:

    If Rafa has the same outlook as Thierry in terms of commitment to the team and desire to win a championship with New York, then it is a great signing. He is still a relatively young player playing at the top of his game yet seasoned enough to contribute leadership as well. Rafa can definitely help the Red Bulls. Welcome Rafa!

  57. Ben says:

    Marquez could still play in Europe if he so chose. He still has quite a bit left to give. 8th highest appearances for Barca of any foreign player in its history. Juve still wanted to sign him this summer.

    Great signing if it ends up happening. I think he has 2 more years at a very high level before his play starts dropping off.

  58. inkedAG says:

    I tell you, it’s going to be hard to root for him. I love him as the MEX National Team villan. Now, he’s on RB.