Milk Cup: USA vs. Denmark (Live Streaming Video)

The U.S. U-20 men's team plays a second Milk Cup match in Northern Ireland this afternoon at 3:00 p.m. against Denmark. A win would give the U.S. a spot in the tournament's final.

If you want to get a glance at new MLS signing Omar Salgado, New York Red Bull Juan Agudelo, or any of the other U.S. U-20s that Thomas Rongen brought over for the tournament in Europe, be sure to tune in to the stream below, provided by the BBC.

For those watching, please share your thoughts, comments and play-by-play below.

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98 Responses to Milk Cup: USA vs. Denmark (Live Streaming Video)

  1. Fred says:

    Anybody know the US lineup / shirt #s ?

  2. scott says:

    who should i familiarize myself with?

  3. Big Phil says:

    Gale Agbossoumonde, 22.

  4. Brandon says:

    Salgado, and Badr for sure

  5. scott says:

    anyone know of a place where you can get some scouting reports on these guys? you can find out everything you will ever want to know about some 16 year old short stop from the dominican republic but can barely find anything on the next generation of soccer players

  6. Mr. X says:

    #9 Omar Salgado (scored against China)
    #22 Gale Agbossoumonde (currently with Sporting Braga in Portugal)
    #24 Samir Badr (B team for Porto in Portugal)

    are all good to watch.

  7. Kevin_Amold says:

    Wearing the old kits. I like it.

  8. Mr. X says:

    Down side is you have to do some research still at the moment. A lot of these younger guys are spread between club teams, college and making the youth squads of larger clubs in Europe (like Gale and Badr or even like those not called up like Gyau at Hoffenheim – Yanks Abroad has been pretty good about doing the interviews for you as have occasional articles from other sites like soccerinsiders.

  9. Aquaman says:

    Is Badr starting today because I saw that McMath started the last game (I believe)

  10. Big Phil says:

    Badr is starting today…

  11. euroman says:

    Wow, this isn’t good football at all…thought at this age we would be much better.

  12. Big Phil says:

    Badr is not looking good at all…

  13. Mr. X says:

    Horrible positioning by Badr… wow.

  14. Mr. X says:

    Anybody catch the US goal scorer? Looked like a scrum and the ball went in for us.

  15. Aquaman says:

    I believe it was Earnest Nungary. The camera angle isn’t very good but the number looked like a two digit number with either a 6 or an 8 as the last number. I could be completely wrong though because it was hard to see.

  16. anon says:

    Need a midfield creator instead of Nungaray: Molano, maybe?

  17. Jon says:

    Dom Kinnear’s next project (previous see: Stuart Holden, geoff Cameron, Danny Cruz) is number 10 Navas Cobo. Ives has commented on his potential

  18. Aquaman says:

    Man, Agbossoumonde looks like a wall out there. He’s everywhere.

  19. Aden says:

    Gale looks great, and the commentators love him.

  20. Jon says:

    number 10 Navas Cobo too

  21. el Fur says:

    Came in a little late, is Salgado starting?

  22. DC Josh says:

    All I have to say is this halftime show is making Allan Hopkins look like Bob Costas.

  23. Betinho says:

    Thanks SBI for this. Good stuff. I’m really liking Gale as well.

  24. Wolfgang Depner says:

    What is the score? Sorry I am coming in late…

  25. Dinho says:


  26. anon says:

    Yes, he is. He’s had his moments with some decent runs, but ultimately there isn’t that midfield facilitator to make it work out there.

  27. jd says:

    Gale is a rock and expect to see him at the olympics in the next two years

  28. Wolfgang Depner says:

    Thank you.

  29. Aden says:

    The USA team needs someone in the middle.

    Unfortunately, Gil and Jack Mac are not available.

  30. Aden says:

    Molano just WORKED that kid.

  31. Dominghosa says:

    Yeah, not all the guys who would be on the first team u-20 aren’t/weren’t available on this team. A good look at the 6-foot-4 16-year-old Salgado though …

  32. Aden says:

    Did the linesman just make that up?

    A yellow card almost 3 minutes after the play occurred?

  33. GSScasual says:

    Welp, we found commentators more boring than american ones… Its like watching golf.

  34. Dinho says:

    Who is #21? Not listed on the roster.

  35. Smacking says:

    If the ref want’s to give the card fine, but you can’t let the play continue then call it back and give the penalty.

  36. Aden says:


  37. Duck says:

    I like the older kits too. Hints at the flag, but to heavy on the stripes. Also prefer the white-blue-white to all whites.

  38. jonk says:

    Ooh, can i pile on? This BBC Blast production is so horrible. What do these teenagers think they’re doing trying to put on this broadcast? I’m so upset that this game — which i should have no reason to expect to be broadcast — doesn’t have fantastic commentary and half-time production, etc. I mean, sure they know all the kid’s names and they’re offering up half-decent analysis, but if only they weren’t so boring.

  39. Aden says:

    I know. Denmark was allowed to take the ball up, almost score, lose it and get countered.

    Then, minutes later, they get a free kick and a Gale gets a yellow card for the play that happened before all of that.

  40. Rico Clark's Heavy Touch says:

    Who is calling this game? GOLDMEMBER?? I feel like this game is trapped in a bad scene from Austin Powers 3. (if only Beyonce could be there) But hey, at least they sold a lot of tickets for the game! great atmosphere.

  41. Hapgrass says:

    Anyone else notice you can turn up the volume to 11? That might be the one positive of this production.

  42. Aden says:

    It’s getting turned off if they use “fair play” incorrectly again.

  43. Aden says:

    Yeah, they’re crazy.

  44. Aden says:

    Salgado has some real speed.

  45. Dominghosa says:

    Interesting that Salgado looks like he’s on the wing rather than as the top striker.

  46. Robbie Findley's Unfinishing Ability says:

    Could it be said that right now we are…”streaming milk”????? ew.

  47. Big Phil says:

    So the US has one sub left, right?

    Any thoughts of who should come on?

  48. Aden says:

    Or to zero :)

  49. Sleepy says:

    Just realized the BBC media player volume setting goes to 11. Fantastic, made my day.

  50. Aden says:

    I would punch either of these men if they spoke to me.

    They might have the most annoying accents I’ve ever heard.

  51. Jacob A says:

    Fuad Ibrahim in the 78th! 2-1

  52. The Gentleman Masher says:

    What a goal. Who was that!!!???

  53. Aden says:

    Holy Golazo!

  54. Isaac says:

    GOAL!!!! IBRAHIM!!!! Llarson came too far out and Ibrahim did well to control it and fire it on frame.

  55. The Gentleman Masher says:

    A “Fuad Shot”, as Berman used to say when Fuad Reveiz kicked a FG?

  56. Johnathan Bornstein's Poor Clearances says:

    who scored for us just now??? What happened? damnit. got up for two minutes and missed it!!

  57. Dominghosa says:

    great. was on the phone and missed the goal. anyone care to give us a detailed buildup for the goal?

  58. The Gentleman Masher says:

    The thing I like most, when looking at a picture of our starting Starting XI, is that over half of the field players are as tall or taller than Gale – and they aren’t just defenders – Mids, Forwards and Defenders.

    The wide variety of American physique’s is starting to populate our rosters, and I think that bodes well for our future.

    I know height isn’t all – but it helps against teams like Ghana.

  59. Dominghosa says:

    yikes. 2-2.

  60. jonk says:

    Oh noooooes. Perry Kitchen own goal.

  61. The Gentleman Masher says:

    We got a third – too bad it was for them.

  62. Isaac says:

    Oh, SO unlucky.

  63. Mark says:

    well that sucks

  64. Jim Bob says:

    But these go to eleven

  65. Vik says:

    jeez, what a mess

  66. Aden says:

    That goal should not count, the US player was rugby tackled from behind.

  67. Jon says:

    Navas Cobo in! Save us baby. Go Dynamo

  68. Dominghosa says:

    ugly goal. but they’ll take it.

  69. Mark says:

    well thats awesome

  70. Isaac says:

    GOAL!!!! 3-2!!!!! WOOOWW!!!UNBELIEVABLE!!!

  71. Dominghosa says:

    3-2. usa.

  72. jonk says:

    Wow, this game is a rollercoaster of emotion.

  73. Jacob A says:

    Good night this is killing me!

  74. Vik says:

    ibrahim has been the difference this 2nd half.

  75. Isaac says:

    I’m not a possession freak, but now’s the time to KEEP POSSESSION!!!!

  76. Big Phil says:

    Crazy last 10 minutes

  77. Justice from the Big D says:


  78. Big Phil says:

    He has been one of the most impressive players for the US today

  79. Alexx says:

    who scored the 3rd

  80. Vik says:

    wow, Agbossoumonde is unquestioned when he goes up for the ball. What a beast

  81. Aden says:

    Gale is something else.

  82. AME says:

    Who do they play in the final now?

  83. Isaac says:

    Well that’s what I’m talking about! Never say die! Don’t tread on us!

  84. jonk says:

    Adrian Reulas

  85. Dominghosa says:

    USA-Northern Ireland in the Final. N. Ireland just whooped China, 5-0. (US beat China 1-0)

  86. Lost in Space says:

    Was not overly impressed with the US keeper this match. he seemed to always be out of possition.

  87. Big Phil says:

    the girl’s accent is hilarious

  88. Big Phil says:

    Was it me or did the US look like they were playing a 4-6-0 a lot of the time. Agudelo seemed to be on the wing half the time…

  89. The Gentleman Masher says:

    Any way someone can post highlights of the goals?

  90. B1879 says:

    Northern Ireland.

  91. jonk says:

    Looks like highlights might show up here:

    link to

  92. Can we call him Gale abosslasurus?

  93. bryan says:

    nice last minute win!

  94. Jay says:

    anybody have a link to highlights? I missed the game…

  95. baquito alyeska says:

    It’d be Gale Agbossaurus, but yes we can.

  96. Best nick name ever.

  97. anon says:

    Oh, I just think “The Boss” will do.