World Cup Daily Recap: Netherlands tops Uruguay, reaches final


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The Dutch dream lives on. 

The Netherlands reached the World Cup final with a 3-2 victory over Uruguay at Green Point Stadium in Cape Town on Tuesday. 

Captains Giovanni Van Bronckhorst and Diego Forlan scored in the first half with long-range efforts, but the Netherlands netted two goals in a span of three minutes in the second half to book a place in its third World Cup final.

Goals in the 70th and 73rd minutes by Wesley Sneijder and Arjen Robben, respectively, helped pave the way for the Dutch. Sneijder's strike, a curling shot from 15 yards out, was questionable, as Robin Van Persie attempted to make a play on the shot from an offside position.

Uruguay pulled one back in the 90th minute when Maxi Pereira placed one in from the top of the penalty area following a free kick, but the Netherlands managed to hold on to the victory.

Here are the match highlights:

The Netherlands will play the winner of Wednesday's Spain-Germany match on Sunday. The loser of the semifinal fixture will face Uruguay in the third-place match on Saturday.


What do you think of the Netherlands' 3-2 win vs. Uruguay? Think the Dutch can win it all? Did Uruguay impress you with its run?

Share your thoughts below.

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71 Responses to World Cup Daily Recap: Netherlands tops Uruguay, reaches final

  1. RK says:

    Forlan left in the 85th minute and coach Oscar Tabarez revealed after the match that his star played hurt.

    “From minute one he had a problem,” Tabarez said. “I’m not dumb enough to take him out at 3-1 when the match wasn’t lost. He was injured and could not continue.”

  2. jonk says:

    If you post a video that shows Van Persie was in an ON-side position before the ball took 2 deflections, then why write “as Robin Van Persie attempted to make a play on the shot from an offside position”

  3. Josh says:

    That was a VERY entertaining match! Van Bronckhorst’s goal is the best goal of the entire tournament so far. Phenomenal strike! Forlan’s was also good, but the GK made a mistake on the play as well.

    The Dutch still leave too much space in the center of the pitch. The most effective attacks against them have come up the center. We saw it against Brazil, and now Uruguay. That said, they’re a worthy finalist. Can’t wait to see who their opponents will be!

  4. 42542542542534 says:

    I’d like to be happy for the Dutch but I can’t because:

    De Jong (dirty player and no, not because of the Stuart Holden tackle)
    Robben (dives more than anyone in the world cup)

  5. Damien says:

    He wasn’t onside if you think so you need your eyes checked and the slight deflections are irrelevant. Very dodgy goal, the Dutch got lucky

  6. sucram89 says:

    I dont like De Jong either, but it is because of the tackle on Stu Holden.

  7. jayrig5 says:

    Perhaps not the place, but after De Jong broke Holden’s leg, remember how he reacted as if Holden was faking, and reached down and tried to pull Holden’s hand away from his leg? What a complete tool. He should have been banned after that one.

  8. Damien says:

    I’ve watched De Jong at Manchester City too and I’m surprised he doesn’t break someone’s leg every week, same goes for van Bommel

  9. Kevin_Amold says:

    Van Bronckhorst’s goal was like a guided missile. Incredible strike, that.

  10. Goalscorer24 says:

    Uruguay can have no complaints about dodginess considering what they did to Ghana!

  11. Big Chil says:

    Ah. My apologies to Coach Tabarez.

  12. Neruda says:

    I like the Orange well enough but de Jong will never be welcomed in the US. Ives should come out with his brake leg team. Dirty players who do dangerous stuff to others. De Jong and Prince Boetang would be the core of that team.

    Would love to see Spain win but i’ve got my doubts about them taking care of the Germans.

  13. phil says:

    van Bommel was a tool tonight as well.

  14. TomH says:

    VanB’s goal is one of the best of the FIFA WC. Funny how everyone bitches about diving. Dutch are doing what Italy and S.Americans have been doing quite successfuly for years. Brasil and Arg. lovers asre now aghast when the tactic is turned against them, boo hoo.

  15. johnnycougar says:

    I guess 0:59 in the video doesn’t interest you then? Or do you think the offside video technology is wrong?

  16. ciscokid says:

    Of course everybody dives, but if diving is considered an art then the Dutch are fingerpainters.

    Their dives are clusmy and never ending. There’s no sense of time or place or tactics, they just fall down over and over again. And so often when they don’t need to. It’s tiresome, juvenile and lacks respect for the game and for themselves.

    Hope they get blown out in finals.

  17. johnnycougar says:

    I think everyone bitches about diving regardless of who’s doing it. The Dutch have been the worst at simulating and embellishing this World Cup, other countries have been worse historically. It’s all the same, I wish it didn’t have a part in the game. Plus, as a US supporter, I’m not a fan of our increasing tendency to pull the same stunts. I know Dempsey and Altidore do get beat up all game, but they also are “good at selling” the contact, to put it nicely.

  18. John in FL says:

    Yea..they made Ghana miss that penalty at the 120th minute by shooting cootie lasers at the Ghana captain….
    Get a dam gripe, they did nothing wrong there!! Had that happened in the 20th minute nobody would be up at arms over it…geezz

  19. CSD says:

    The announcers claimed Robben “dived” when an Uruguay defender ran right through him. On another play they claimed a Dutch player dived when a Uruguay defender kicked the crap out of him and clearly knocked him down. When you are an announcer that doesn’t have anything to add and is incapable of analyzing the game I guess you can always go back to the soccer players dive bag of quotes.

  20. CSD says:

    If you think the keeper messed up on the second goal of the game why don’t you think the keeper messed up on the first goal of the game? The first shot was farther away and was straight into the corner.

    I don’t think the keepers messed up on either goal I just think they were both just World Class shots.

  21. Paul Thomas says:

    The goalie on the second shot was expecting a two-seam fastball and got a cutter instead (spin-wise, that is)… most baseball players don’t make much contact on that either.

    Not a mistake, just an incredibly well-struck ball. As was the first, though that one didn’t bend weirdly to elude the keeper.

  22. chauncey says:

    Yes, this is a ridiculous trend. I do think diving should be more heavily punished, but anyone who thinks the Dutch are bad divers doesn’t watch much soccer. Their theatrics are nothing compared to Greece or Italy or most Central or South American teams. And nothing they have done is even close to the level of underhandedness that Ivory Coast displayed in getting Kaka sent off.

    My main beef with the Dutch is how rough Van Bommel was playing. He was like an ogre out there and he should have had 2-3 yellows by the time he got his first (utterly meaningless) one.

  23. Oog says:

    Did anybody notice that the Van Bronckhorst goal was almost exactly the same as Juninho’s (L.A. Galaxy) at Seattle on Sunday? Of course Van Bronckhorst’s goal looked like it had a lot more power, but it was taken from almost the exact same spot and placed in the same exact spot in the net. Kind of a funny coincidence.

  24. redskinsux says:

    Back from watching the game…if anyone’s interested to see the reaction in Amsterdam when the game ended, I just uploaded the video…Cheers!
    link to

  25. jonk says:

    Yeah, almost like a clinic on how to score from that spot with either left or right foot: VanB’s was a left footed laser with little to no bend and Juninhos was hit with his right foot and bends away into the side netting.

  26. d says:

    Yea..they blatantly stopped a goal that would have made them lose. geezz

  27. war says:

    From, out of the 21 shots Ronaldo had this tournament, 19 from outside the penalty area, and he couldn’t score on of those. Gio pops one and scores the goal of the tournament. Love it.

  28. CJ in OC says:

    I’ll have to disagree. Stekelenburg misplayed it. From that far out, I think she should have seen the spin (unless he was screened–i don’t think he was) and reacted in plenty of time.

    OK watching the replay again, it looks like he was screened and couldn’t pick up the spin in time to correctly judge the trajectory. I stand corrected.

    As for vB’s goal, one could make the argument that Muslera was a step out of position (i’m not sure that he was, but that would be the argument–i think). Other than that, it was just a well struck ball. Definitely one of the top in this tournament.

  29. TomH says:

    Good point… the artistry of Italian and Brazilian diving will be sorely missed in the final. What a sad state of affairs that the the divers with great finesse are not there.

  30. Lil' Zeke says:

    In Nike’s thank you commercial, American players are urged to never never never dive. I hope that sticks! Still, when “taking a charge” is the play that presents itself, a little extra flourish gets you noticed by that ref way the bleep across the field. Great big canvas – broad brush.

  31. TomH says:

    Real shame the world’s “great” divers did’nt make it.

  32. EA says:

    Robben is a much better / more entertaining player when he stays on his feet, like he did today.

    Holland would be absolutely frightening if they played with Robben on the right and Elia on the left.

  33. HoboMike says:

    Frightening defensively, as well. Kuyt is the unsung, do-everything hero of that team. No way Elia tracks back like he does.

  34. greg louganis says:

    Everyone dives! The problem is that the pro Anglo press have been hammering home for years that only the Latins (S. Americans + Italy/Spain/Portugal) do it and many people believe the propaganda. The Dutch didn’t just start diving, neither did anyone else. In most cases, there is an actual foul that occurs and the player is embellishing it to make sure the foul is called. Something like 30% or more of goals scored are from free kicks. If the ultimate goal is to win games then it makes sense that players would attempt to create those situations and gain an advantage. I would like to see a lot less of the fake injuries and crying once the whistle is blown.

  35. Erik says:

    He was onside – end of story.

  36. Erik says:

    The Forlan goal was slightly deflected – why has nobody mentioned that and how it wrong footed the keeper?

  37. Erik says:

    The Forlan goal was deflected… why can nobody see that?

  38. Erik says:

    The Dutch beat Brazil at their own diving game… it was pure genius.

  39. Manny F says:

    Yeah, because then the all the Uruguayans dressed up as Ghana players for the penalty shoot out too. I think I saw Abreu miss on of the Ghana penalties too.

    You want to complain about killing teams. How about the fact that Paraguay had a legit goal in the first half that was called back and nobody seems to care.

  40. sucram89 says:

    Sadly our very own Rico Clark would make that list.

  41. sucram89 says:

    I will never miss the Italian’s dives.

  42. sucram89 says:

    Everyone dives but Italy takes it to an extreme. They are the worst of them all.

  43. Mason says:

    That video’s resolution and clarity leave something to be desired. The ESPN feed looked rather different.

  44. jjraines says:

    What a pathetic defense: “everyone dives!” Are you really defending this sissy cheating as just “part of the game”? If so I want nothing to do with it, nor should any self-respecting American, or for that matter, human being.

    Apologizing for it is precisely why it persists. Can you imagine something like this being tolerated in American sports? And no, taking a charge from a 250-pound dude sprinting to take your balls off, is not equivalent to flopping around like a fish without being touched.

    If this disgrace was roundly condemned and mocked, it would end. Instead we get enablers like you.

  45. badabing says:

    Finally someone, who understands it. Blatant dives are actually pretty rare, most of the time there is a contact and sometimes this is the only way for attackers to preserve their health …

  46. Ron says:

    “team in which six players defend, three attack, and Dirk Kuyt runs about”. Jonathan Wilson

    Perfect explanation for the dutch…

    Odds on Van Bommel getting a red card?

    I’d say 3-1.

  47. jjraines says:

    Hm, it appears that my inclusion of a naughty word prevented by message from going through.

    Gist of it was: I’ve watched hundreds of matches, and their disgraceful display against Brazil was the WORST I’ve ever seen. They were not nearly as bad today, likely because of the outcry from last game.

    But I don’t get how anyone can overlook or defend that type of diving. There is a difference between drawing a foul, and rolling around the floor like you’re dying, every 2 minutes like Robben did against Brazil. The first is (barely) tolerable, the latter is disgusting and shouldn’t be condoned by anybody who wants soccer to have even a sliver of integrity.

    Nor does the excuse “well he WAS getting fouled” hold up. No, he was not, as replays proved at least half of the time.

  48. jjraines says:

    Jabulani tho /s

    In all seriousness, people won’t let great goals just be great goals this World Cup. The narrative has stuck, and any wonderstrike is due to goalkeeping error and/or whacky movement by the ball. Yes, that mystical lemon known as the Jabulani…oh so magical is behaves, er, like a soccer ball (but don’t tell the media!).

    It’s laughable to see (fill in the blank player or team) do something nice with the ball, met with the sadly predictable “He’s the only one we’ve seen control this ball isn’t he” nonsense from the commentators. At some point you’d think they’d remember the 50,000 times prior when they said something similar about someone else.

  49. DC Josh says:

    Once the Dutch scored, the game really opened up. El Celeste is a better team than I gave them credit for (last in group A…yeah…) and Forlan carried them through the tournament. He has to be on the World XI.

    I’m excited that it isn’t Brazil/Italy or France/Brazil, etc. in the final. I’ve been rooting for Spain the entire tournament and I still believe they have yet to play to their full potential. Tonight’s game is monumental. It would be nice to have two teams fighting for their first star above their crest. Viva Espana.

  50. John in FL says:

    and went a man down and Ghana got a penalty kick….so how is it their fault that Ghana missed THAT penalty kick PLUS 2 more in the shootout???

  51. Erik says:

    They showed the reply on ESPN with the dark line and Van Persie was ONSIDE when the ball was struck. It didn’t deflect off of anyone else by the time it got to him.

    What drives me most nuts about soccer fans, especially on this site, is the lack of knowledge in general about the game. There have been many blown calls this world cup, but this wasn’t one of them.

  52. Erik says:

    DC Josh,

    I predicted Germany would get this far and I thought they would make the final (although I picked Brazil to win it) but your comment on Spain not yet playing to their full potential is worrisome.

    I think Spain have looked awful but tonight everything may just click and they turn it on. I still think Germany is too strong on the counter when Ramos goes forward and they will pick off Spain.

  53. phil says:

    tell em! people b*tch first and think later….

  54. phil says:

    If I hear that this was keeper error one more time I’m gonna start typing in all caps.

    1. The ball had mad spin, you can see he got a hand on the ball but instead of it caroming up it went sideways off his hand into the goal.

    2. Forlan made the keeper jump “wrong footed” by moving far post and then shooting opposite his direction.

    3. The keeper was tracking Forlan with a lot of bodies in front of him, may have not even seen the shot leave his foot and you can bet he didn’t hear the strike.

    4. It may have even gotten a slight deflection.

    Verdict based on those observations? Give full marks to Forlan for making the most of his shot, and IMHO if you give the keeper 5 cracks at that shot it’ll go in 4 times.

    So use you eyes and your own judgement rather than simply repeating the erroneous observations of the TV commentators.

  55. phil says:

    as would LD…. don’t forget he broke Cole’s foot in his Everton debut!

  56. phil says:

    nah, I’ve always hated it. drawing a fold is one thing, milking t to try to draw a card is shameless.

    but speaking of less than sporting trends, how about these herky-jerky run ups to penalties now that are making the rounds in SA? God help us if this one catches on! FIFA better address this right away, something akin to the balk rule n baseball, once you start your approach you must remain at speed or you forfeit your shot.

  57. phil says:

    foul, not fold. sorry

  58. phil says:

    you’re darn right you stand corrected.


  59. phil says:

    as was shown once Elia took the pitch. coincidence that Uruguay got one back? nope.

    I like Elia as well, but he’s got some learnin to do yet…

  60. phil says:

    yes and they worked that advantage all the way to… oh wait.

  61. phil says:

    Um, have you ever watched a minute of NBA?

  62. phil says:

    I dunno. Spain has shown a lack of flexibility. Any time that an opponent clogs the middle they just look perplexed rather than shift tactics. You can Bet Germany will come out exactly like the Swiss and US did, only with a much more lethal countering game (no offense to the US, who did score 2). Plus, with Torres and Fabregas not at 100 percent it’s a lot for Villa to carry alone.
    Shutting down Schweinstieger and taking away the counter will be key.

    If they come out like this, it will be a long day for Germany:

    ———X. Alonso———

  63. EA says:

    Well, they’d also taken one defensive midfielder off at the half, but I get your point.

    Of course to play Robben and Elia at the same time, you’d have to drop RVP, Kuyt or Sneijder from the side.

    I only stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but that doesn’t seem to be the path to success.

  64. Erik V says:

    I’m Dutch and I have to say Forlan’s goal was a great goal by a great player. After the game Stekelenburg admitted that he could not see the ball so he took a step to the right that made him just a fraction too late. So observation #3 is spot on.
    Thought the game was a great one for any foorball fan and Uruguay showed they deserved to be in the semi finals.
    Now I hope Holland can step up their game coming sunday and give us the cup for the first time in history!

  65. Erik V says:

    Its really interesting no one seems to be bothered by the urugayan diving and asking for yellows. It seems that the soccer “experts” on this blog decided Holland is the first team in history that dives. Thought in the Brasil game Robhino stopping his run because he knew DeJong would get a yellow if he did was despicable too. Especially since if he kept running it could have lead to a great opportunity for them. But I guess that is not important to the Holland haters out here.

  66. Erik says:

    I don’t see Navas or Arbeola making the starting 11. Ramos is locked in to that role even if he isn’t as great as people seem to think he is.

    He reminds me of Glenn Johnson – forward forward forward, oops – forgot about the defense. “Hey, Puyol! Help me out man!”

    But I agree with your main point that Spain has shown a lack of flexibility. I’ve been saying it for ages – they have ONE and only ONE game plan and if it doesn’t work, they can’t win.

    See Barca against Inter – see Spain against Switzerland/USA.

  67. greg louganis says:

    jjraines…don’t watch soccer if you don’t like it. And don’t pretend that you are a better American (or person) because you think that your morals are somehow superior. In fact, please continue watching the sport where the 250lb guy sprints and tries to take off your balls. Never seen that one, but it sounds like a great option for you. But if you insist….NBA guys fake fouls all the time. WR in the NFL try to draw fake interference calls. NHL players dive too. Baseball players make feeble attempts to move out of the way of an inside fastball.

    All I’m saying is DON’T pretend that players from INSERT YOUR TEAM HERE don’t dive.

    sucram89…you are the exact type of person I’m talking about…you’ve been listening to too many English TV guys bleating on about Italians and you believe it. I suggest turning down the volume.

    badabing…thank you. Don’t you think FIFA could review all fouls in a game and retroactively punish those found to dive without any contact?

  68. phil says:

    of course since those are the only TWO losses in teh past 4 years maybe they think those are good odds….

  69. TomH says:

    Saw an article about this a few months ago, maybeNYT Goal Blog… will try to find.

  70. Oog says:

    I agree with the comment about Kuyt. He is one of my favorite players. Nothing flashy, just good, hard playing footballer. He does have his moments of brilliance though.

  71. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Are you seriously saying that the ball did not deflect off anyone after the shot? When the ball was struck Van Persie was in an offside position… The ball deflected off the Uruguay defender but still continued on a forward path towards goal… the laws of the game are very clear on this issue… the player gained an advantage by poaching on a deflected but goal bound shot and attempted to make a play on the ball which is precisely whey the GK did not get to the ball…he had to wait to see if Van Persie was going to flick it in another direction…

    there are simply no arguments about this to be heard…

    that all being said…the Dutch belong and are the better teams…

    Also for those that vilify Sauarez… I can tell you that if you are on my team and the ball is going into the back of the net without intervention in the last minute of extra time in the World Cup semifinal…then I certainly don’t want you on my team…