Netherlands vs. Uruguay: Match Day Commentary


The first place in the 2010 World Cup final will be booked tonight when the Netherlands takes on Uruguay in Cape Town in the first of the two World Cup semifinals.

The Netherlands will be heavily favored against an Uruguay team that will be playing without star striker Luis Suarez and veteran defender Diego Lugano (among others).

I will be providing commentary on today's match from Green Point Stadium in Cape Town so please feel free to follow along here. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Commentary is after the jump):


FINAL– That's all for me. Thanks for following along tonight and be sure to read my post-match coverage on, as well as our coverage here on SBI. Feel free to share your post-match thoughts in the comments section below.

Good night (or good day in the USA). 


FINAL– The crazy part is Uruguay had a chance late to score an equalizer but couldn't get a shot on net. To think this game could have ended up tied if a bounce had gone Uruguay's way. The Dutch deserve it though. They pressed the issue in the second half and found the goals to win.


FINAL– Netherlands 3, Uruguay 2. The Dutch are going to the final for the first time since 1978. Deserved win, and a gutsy performance from Uruguay, who have nothing to be ashamed of.


95th Minute– Any second now.


92nd Minute- GOAL URUGUAY!!! And it's Pereira off a short-taken free kick. Netherlands 3, Uruguay 2. Enough time left?


90th Minute– All but over here. Dutch fans ready to go crazy.


86th Minute– Eljero Elia comes in for Robben, who gets a loud round of applause from the fans today. He had been neutralized before streaking for the insurance header goal.


85th Minute– Great Dutch sequence ends with Robben's weak chip saved easily.


84th Minute-Can't say Forlan wanted to come out. Why take him out? Forlan at 50 percent is better than Cavani, who has been useless today. 


82nd Minute– Sebastian Fernandez comes on for Forlan, sure looks like the white flag from Tabarez.


80th Minute– With this game basically in the bag, you have to think the Dutch will be underdogs against either Spain or Germany. This wasn't the most inspired first 65 minutes against a short-handed Uruguay team.


78th Minute– Abreu in for Alvaro Pereira, Cavani moves to the left. Let's see how this lineup does.


75th Minute– Abreu's coming in. Too little, too late.


73rd Minute– Nice header by Robben who slides into the area unmarked and hits a free header. Caceres can't be blamed on that one.

Netherlands 3, Uruguay 1. The party has begun here in Cape Town.


72nd Minute- GOAL NETHERLANDS!!!! And it's Robben with the finish. Netherlands 3, Uruguay 1. Looking good for the finals now.


70th Minute– On a day when Robben and van Persie have been very quiet, it's Sneijder who steps up yet again. Can somebody say Ballon D'Or?


69th Minute- GOAL NETHERLANDS!!!! And it's Sneijder with a deflected shot for the go-ahead goal. Netherlands 2, Uruguay 1.


68th Minute– SAVE MUSLERA!!! What a one-handed stop, Robben skies the rebound, right-footed shot was always going to be missed by him.


67th Minute– Forlan goes near-post and forces a good save from Stekelenburg.


66th Minute– Dangerous free kick for Uruguay. Well, not normally dangerous, but Forlan can hit it from here.


65th Minute– When will Tabarez make some subs?

Great ball from Forlan. How good is he? He needs to go to a bigger team than Atletico, and after this World Cup you have to like his chances of moving.


60th Minute– Nice battle between former teammates Forlan and Heitinga, who played at Atletico Madrid together.


59th Minute– Uruguay looks good tonight. Leave it to Oscar Tabarez to trot out a team that can perform like this minus so many starters.


57th Minute– The Uruguay defense has played extremely well for a unit missing two starters.

Sneijder with a move to spring Robben on the wing. He earns a corner after finally getting the better of Caceres.


55th Minute– Uruguay corner kick.


53rd Minute– Will Robin van Persie show up today? He just drew a foul, but he's been invisible today.


51st Minute– Dutch corner now. It floats out of bounds. Not Van Der Vaart's best effort.  Even on that play you saw Caceres keep pace with Robben, knocking the ball off Robben's stride.


50th Minute– Boulahrouz with an awful back-pass that nearly leads to an Uruguay chance. Uruguay corner.


48th Minute– Caceres has done a great job on Robben. That's been big for Uruguay, with Robben pushing centrally to find some room to operate at times.


46th minute– We're back and the Dutch have inserted Rafael van der Vaart in for DeZeeuw. If that doesn't spark the attack, I'm not sure what will. 


HALFTIME– Netherlands 1, Uruguay 1. The Dutch scored first, but Uruguay has had the better of the play as they've faced a rather lax Dutch team who couldn't build on a bright start. It's a much more even game than most would have expected and you wonder whether the Dutch can step it up in the second half, or if Forlan has any more magic left. 


45th Minute– There's a fine line between patience and lackadaisical play. The Dutch are riding that line. They need to step it up.


45th Minute– The Dutch pay for sitting back and now we've got a game and a confident Uruguay team. So much for a blowout.


44th Minute– Nope, Forlan with a heat check and kicks it right to STekelenburg.


43rd Minute– Cavani draws a foul, setting up a decent free kick from 35 yards out. Should set up a header chance.


42nd Minute– Forlan was always going to have to do it alone, and he did, with a dream goal. He did have some help from the Jabulani, but a beautiful finish nonetheless.


41st Minute- GOAL URUGUAY!!!! And it's Forlan with the BLAST. You knew he would find a way. WOW. Uruguay 1, Netherlands 1.


39th Minute– Maybe I'm forgetting somebody obvious but can anybody name the last time a goalkeeper wore all white in a game this big? Just doesn't seem right for some reason.


37th Minute– The Dutch content to sit back right now and look for counters.


34th Minute– Better from Uruguay. They aren't going to go away easily tonight. Did I mention I don't like Cavani up top?


31st Minute– The Dutch should be able to break Uruguay down again, but the question is whether Uruguay does something.

The Dutch are yelling at Cavani for diving. WOW, talk about irony. Cavani does need to give it up as a forward. I'd be shocked if he gets a shot on goal this game.


28th Minute– Caceres got a yellow card, as did Sneijder for the handbags afterwards.


27th Minute– Caceres just knocked out De Zeeuw, who was knocked out by an attempted bicycle kick by Caceres. No ill intent, just a bad clash. De Zeeuw is walking off under his own power.


25th Minute– Uruguay corner.


24th Minute– Poor JustFernando Muslera. The last two goals he's surrendered were on two of the best goals of the tournament. (no, not Justo Villar, no idea where that came from. Long month)


23rd Minute– Uruguay with its own slight dive, minus the death rattle.


21st Minute– A yellow card for Max Pereira for a foul on Robben, who was apparently stabbed in the spine by an unseen shank on that play.


19th Minute– That has to be demoralizing for Uruguay. You play pretty solid defense to start and you get beaten by an insane goal. The Dutch can smell it now and are pressing the issue even more.


18th Minute– WOW, talk about a left-footed BLAST from distance. He rocketed that off the inside of the top of the far post. Keeper was helpless. van Brockhorst. WOW.


17th Minute– GOAL NETHERLANDS!!! And it's Giovanni van Brockhorst!!


16th Minute– Forlan's frustrations are showing. He just gestured to Cavani to move. At this rate Uruguay should just drop Cavani into midfield and cease with the charade of having him be a forward.


15th Minute– Poor Forlan. So crafty and creative, but he's got no rapport with Cavani up top and has no support from the central midfield in attack.


13th Minute– Forlan is frisky early. He's going to find some chances today. That's pretty clear early on.


11th Minute– Twice already we've seen Forlan and Cavani not have their timing right. The Dutch defense is showing some cracks, but Uruguay can't capitalize.


10th Minute– Kuyt with a beautiful turn that leads to a decent sequence, but Uruguay's keeper eventually gets hold of the ball. Interesting to see Sneijder float wide and Kuyt move up, even if briefly. That time the shift worked well.


7th Minute– I'll concede that Oscar Tabarez is a great coach but I can't help but wonder if he shouldn't be starting Cavani on the left flank to go at Boulahrouz, who isn't the fastest right back you'll find.


5th Minute– The Dutch are showing patience. No early blitz. They will pick their spots.

Not having Diego Lugano is huge for Uruguay, but not having Jorge Fucile is just as bad because he had been one of the best left backs in the tournament and could have been used to deal with Robben.


4th Minute– Dutch fans are out in force, but Uruguay's fans are starting to make some noise.

Robben with his first good move.

KUYT JUST OVER! Good look in the area but he skies it.


2nd Minute– Lots of England flags here. Clearly England fans thought their team would be here.

I do see at least two USA flags.

Uruguay looking to get forward early. Nice to see.


1st Minute– And we're off.


PRE-GAME– At my seat in the stadium. What a sight. Tons of Orange in the house. Uruguay's anthem was pretty spirited, the Dutch anthem was a bit somber.

Almost kickoff.


PRE-GAME– I'm heading to my seat now. I'll be back shortly.


PRE-GAME– Here are the lineups:




Caceres—–Victorino—-Godin———-M. Perreira



———————Van Persie————————


————-DeZeeuw——van Bommel————

Van Brockhorst–Mathijsen—Heitinga—-Boulahrouz


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134 Responses to Netherlands vs. Uruguay: Match Day Commentary

  1. Gus Keri says:

    Ives and everyone here.. I have to ask you a question. I read your comments about the nickname “Yanks” being not acceptable to some people.

    My question is: why not nickname the US team as “the Bald Eagles”? Many countries use their national symbols as nicknames, like the “Elephants” or the “Lions”

  2. Ricky B. Free says:

    Robben took a dive as soon as the kid held his hand.

  3. Ricky B. Free says:

    The kid was red carded and he will miss the final.

  4. dantheblue says:

    For all you people who are offended or don’t understand the term Yanks and why we should embrace it I will give you a short history lesson. Originally the British used the short rhyme to mock our pre-revoluntionary troops after the 7 years war and going into the Revolution. Then our soldiers and citizenry turned the words around to mock the british and it stuck.

    Go to any search engine and type in Yankee Doodle Dandy and you can get a full explaination. But if you trust me then know that I embrace the term and am PROUD to be a YANK.

    Note that I copied and pasted this from the Q/A thread…

  5. Scoobert says:

    The infamous “Hand of Little Kid” incident.

  6. ajr says:


  7. Scoobert says:

    BALD Eagles?

    Donovan might not like that…


  8. dantheblue says:

    Most nicknames are not self-given if you want them to stick. The good nicknames and the ones that stand the test of time are GIVEN TO YOU…

    Yanks has been branded on us for hundreds of years… Just like Gringo and Gavacho from our Latin neighbors…

    I have a question too… Why doesn’t Uraguay have stars above their crest? They won cups too?

  9. Scoobert says:

    Really should have scored there! Nice start for Holland.

  10. aiden says:

    call the team the stars and stripes and be done with it.

  11. Adriano says:

    Whatever happened to 50/50 offside calls go to the offensive player?

  12. rob says:

    Unstoppable Stars of Awesomeness?

  13. war says:

    Sweet Jesus

  14. Gus Keri says:

    this is like the famous Arie Hann’s goal

  15. Adriano says:

    What in the world was that?

  16. Scoobert says:


  17. JSmiley says:

    Thank you Holland. Five more please.

  18. war says:

    And just like Tommy Pickles, Robben can’t stay on his feet. Just kidding…

  19. Raymon says:

    Holy cow! Van Bronck Who? Goal of the tournament candidate!

  20. Smacking says:


  21. Scoobert says:

    Shut up, Harkes.

  22. Stephen says:

    Did Ives say that Justo Villar was the keeper for Uruguay?

    (SBI-Give me a break, it’s been a long tournament. So what I got the Guay goalkeepers mixed up.)

  23. war says:

    Come on Pickles! Don’t be Jozy. You’re in on goal

  24. jonk says:

    Yes! I think both The Yanks and The Stars and Stripes should be the prominent names.

  25. JSmiley says:

    “The Dutch are yelling at Cavani for diving. WOW, talk about irony.”

    There is no dive in the history of the World Cup that is as cynical and unsportmanlike as Suarez’ hand ball.

  26. war says:

    And Uruguay want a handball call… Henry tried that already. Don’t think they’re cheats, but, still ironic

  27. Stephen says:

    I know. Just messing with you.

    (SBI- I know. For a second I was like, “Who the F is Justo Villar?” Long month. Having fun though.)

  28. Adriano says:

    You’re kidding right?

    Diving IS cheating. A hand ball is not cheating, it’s a professional foul.

  29. Raymon says:

    Have any yellow cards been shown at SA2010 for diving? Tired of it.

  30. FulhamPete says:

    ForLAN!!! Holy smoke!

  31. war says:

    If the top scorer has 5 goals, Landon will be tied for 3rd with 6 others. Would he still get a trophy, Bronze ball or something?

  32. Scoobert says:


  33. JSmiley says:

    Read the post. I did not say cheating at all. I said cynical and unsportmanlike.

  34. A Guest says:

    Forlan is such a stallion.

  35. Adriano says:

    Yeah, 2 or 3 of them.

  36. Adriano says:

    Kuyt was onside by a full yard or more, how do you miss that?

  37. Jorge says:

    What a strike by Forlan!

  38. Ben says:

    I can’t root for any team with Van Bommel and De Jong, despite De Jong not playing today.

  39. Jorge says:

    How about that article talking about how Robben is such a diver?

  40. Pete says:

    Is it possible for Van Bommel to get away with more fouling than anyone else without a single card?

  41. Adriano says:

    Regular Miss Cleo.

  42. Jorge says:

    Is she still around?

  43. Jorge says:

    I guess Forlan’s price might just have gone up after this tournament.

  44. Adriano says:

    And to think that Ferguson ran Forlan out of town.

  45. jonathan says:

    Forlan’s 31… no team in their right mind would be willing to pay top transfer price for him…

  46. Scoobert says:

    Holland keeps servicing one terrible ball after another.

  47. Adriano says:

    How does Van Bommel not have a card?

  48. war says:

    Shouldn’t that be called off for interfering with play? Never mind, he was on when the ball was hit.

  49. Adriano says:

    That is offside.

    Van Persie was clearly both involved in the play and obstructed the goal keeper.

  50. HoboMike says:

    ….And onside when the ball was kicked.

  51. Jorge says:

    That’s exactly what the folks on Univision saying.

  52. jonathan says:

    Ives, you just said that Forlan needs to go to a bigger club after this cup… Please explain how a bigger club would pay a hypothetical 15million pound transfer free for a player who is 31??(approximately what Barca paid for Henry, a much better player, at age 29). Big clubs don’t pay for players over 30… Period

  53. Adriano says:

    Another game ruined by the officials.

    A goal that never should have counted simply deflates a team and they are scored on quickly again.

  54. war says:

    Usually the cameras switch when people in the stands notice…not for the Dutch girls.

  55. Brandon says:

    Yet another example of the Dutch falling on their swords, eh Erik?

    Pedigree shmedigree.

  56. HoboMike says:

    Van Persie was clearly even, thus onside, on Sneijder’s goal.

  57. Jorge says:

    Holland is through now. But as usual, they will fall apart in the final.

  58. Mason says:

    It looked like half of his body was behind the last defender. That counts.

    Does anybody doubt that if that were, say, Jozy Altidore, that would have been flagged?

  59. Adriano says:

    He was not onside, half of his body was offside.

  60. ericJ says:

    Meh, I just hope Holland loses in the Final.

  61. Adriano says:

    Spot on.

    He is straddling the offside line. Half of his body is offside.

  62. Ben says:

    This indigested vomit of the Sea/ Fell to the Dutch by just propriety. Man, I hope this team doesn’t win.

  63. HoboMike says:

    In that case, I always thought it was up to the ref/linesman discretion. I would have called him onside.

  64. The Dude says:

    For both goals, Uruguay should have had a player on the goal line to keep it out with his hands.

  65. Jorge says:

    Do you really believe that Atletico will be able to keep Forlan?

  66. war says:

    As long as it’s to Germany.

  67. Mason says:

    Offside position is black and white. Therefore, “half” offside position is “full” offside position.
    The only discretion that enters into the calling of an offside offense regards interfering with play, opponents, or taking advantage of a offside position.

  68. Adriano says:


    My frustration level is through the roof right now.

  69. Scoobert says:

    WTF Robben.

    Big whiff, as we used to say!

  70. Mason says:

    He wasn’t even. He had half his body behind the defender.

  71. phil says:

    if they spent less time diving and flopping and waving their arms at the ref and more time making runs and concentrating on the game they’d be tenning their opponents. It’s pathetic actually.

    I hope whoever plays them in the final whoops em good.

  72. phil says:

    classy. real classy.

  73. Scoobert says:

    Robben…again, WTF

  74. HoboMike says:

    Van Persie has certainly sucked this tournament. Maybe he shouldn’t tell the press that Kuyt shouldn’t be in the starting lineup? I can’t remember RVP doing one thing of note….except whining when he got subbed off.

  75. phil says:

    can we have a webcam on them for the rest of the tourney please?

  76. The Dude says:

    I love the way that every World Cup, someone says “This is the year when the old order will crumble and we’ll see a developing nation break through” and yet once again the final will be between two traditional soccer powers. There is no new order in soccer. Europe + Brazil dominate.

  77. Scoobert says:

    I don’t get why you would take Forlan out.


  78. phil says:

    gimmie a break.

  79. war says:

    Still no card for Van Bommel.

  80. Adriano says:

    Van Bommel should be gone.

  81. phil says:

    because the game is over, that’s why….

  82. Gus Keri says:

    This result means we will have an all-European final outside Europe for the first time and also there will be a European winner outside Europe for the first time in the history of the World Cup.

  83. The Dude says:

    One more! One more!

  84. phil says:

    wow, maybe I spoke too soon!

  85. war says:

    well when the only guy to beat you for your spot is Huntelaar, who played all of 5 minutes for AC Milan, you can say whatever you like

  86. phil says:

    yep yep

  87. war says:

    what was that?

  88. Scoobert says:

    One flop in the box and it’s Ghana all over again!

  89. RK says:

    For such a winning team, I thought he has been useless.

  90. Jorge says:

    Well, after all, Uruguay was sort of the dark horse. Good fight.

  91. war says:

    And Uruguay want another Handball.

  92. Adriano says:

    That looked like a clear clear handball to stop the volley.

  93. war says:

    The only way Van Bommel can be booked:Dissent

  94. gene_sf says:

    Nice goal by Uruguay! Serves Van Bommel right, too. He should have gotten a yellow for that foul, and then simulated injury just to waste time.

    As a type this, Van Bommel does get the yellow for time-wasting.

  95. Adriano says:

    The worst team in the World Cup finals I’ve ever seen in my life.

    Hacks, flops, and all around scum players.

  96. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Man, this has been a GREAT cup!

  97. war says:

    And this team of “Flops”, if the octopus is correct, will face another team of flops that run halfway up the pitch waving their hands to get other players booked. I hope Germany destroy Spain and we can have a good final. Robben did stay on his feet more than in the Brazil game though

  98. HoboMike says:

    So I’m guessing your not Dutch?

    I agree, by the way. I think the players all hate each other. Sneijder hates Van Persie, Van der Vaart hates, Sneijder, they all hate Kuyt, and Van Bommel hates everyone. This is the lowest-chemistry team I’ve ever seen.

  99. Adriano says:

    Oh yeah? Ruud Gillit doesn’t think it was offside?

    How about asking someone who hasn’t played for the Dutch national team.

  100. Ricky B. Free says:

    I didnt see the Uruguay players crying about it, why are you? Seems like you only watch the games to critize the refs.

  101. unternehmen says:

    Two possible reasons:

    1) To put someone in who hadn’t seen any playing time during the tournament,


    2) Forlan picked up a knock and asked to be subbed.

  102. A Guest says:

    Read that recent piece in the NYT Magazine about Ajax academy? I did, and this mutual disadmiration seems like just the sort of culture you could foster in that way.

    Dunno if that is the case though.

  103. unternehmen says:

    I hope the Germans thrash the Dutch in the final (assuming the Germans get past Spain).

    I’d like to see Uruguay take 3rd place. Hard working side.

  104. Jorge says:

    I’m proud of Uruguay. Last team standing representing the Americas.

  105. Ricky B. Free says:

    Adriano you cry too much. Are you Robbens half-brother?

  106. fischy says:

    I think Van Bommel must be making a large contribution to the FIFA referees’ pension fund. I’ve never seen anything like it. Time after time, he fouls worthy of yellow cars, and gets nothing…even after he’s been warned.

  107. fischy says:

    ….yellow cards, not cars.

  108. Big Chil says:

    Bonehead decision by Tabarez to pull Forlan at 83′, 3-1. 1 goal gives them a shot at forcing a miracle overtime. Put a fresh striker in, sure, but you don’t pull your best scorer.

    Forlan looked pissed after the game, as he should.

    That said, congratulations to the Dutch, and good luck in a well-deserved Final.

  109. fischy says:

    One of the great mysteries of the modern era….

  110. Warren says:

    Well his leg was offside, body onside. What’s a ref to do?

  111. not europe says:

    The announcers on UK TV and Univision sure thought he was in an offside position.

    And check out Gabriele Marcotti’s twitter, too. He has some funny stuff on Van Bommel.

  112. Mason says:

    You didn’t notice them pointing at the “offender” and standing around with their arms in the air? The latter gesture is universally understood as asking, “Where was the call ref?”

  113. Warren says:

    By Dutch national team standards this group is a total lovefest, which is why they have made it so far. The backstabbing and sedition of the French – they learned from past Dutch teams.

    Still, they are playing well together, so doesn’t matter if they don’t love each other, as long as they can play together.

  114. CSD says:

    It could be two teams in the final that have never won it. So a new team would break through.

  115. Mason says:

    If any part of the attacker’s body (with which he may legally play the ball) is behind all parts of the penultimate defender’s body (with which he may play the ball), then the attacker is in offside position.

    To answer your question, Warren, a ref is to judge that player to be in offside position and watch for him to commit an offside offense.

  116. jai_brooklyn says:


  117. gene_sf says:

    Dutch are a good team. And they have their share of misfortune, near-misses, etc. I just don’t get the need to dive, particularly given the level of talent they have.

    Chances are that we might have a repeat of the 1974 finals between Germany and Netherlands. I very much like how this German team plays (as did the 06 version), but it would be hard luck on the Dutch if they were to lose again.

  118. jai_brooklyn says:

    Looks like the punk will walk away with some yellow cars at the end :(

  119. Slyboy says:

    Sounds like a certain team that reached last WC finals.

  120. jai_brooklyn says:

    They will dive first and then fall apart.

  121. jai_brooklyn says:

    They live and dive together.

  122. Ron says:

    I picked the Netherlands to win this whole thing, so I’m sticking with my prediction.

    && whats up with everyone calling them Holland. Last I checked, only 1/4 of the country is actually Holland.

  123. Scoobert says:

    Live and let dive!

  124. HoboMike says:

    Wrong. Arms don’t count.

  125. HoboMike says:

    Actually I did. It was kind of bothersome how Ajax goes about their business of building athletes simply to sell them later.

  126. Mason says:

    I would suggest that you read what I wrote. Pay attention to the the parenthetical statements.

  127. John says:

    Read more carefully. He clearly distinguished its any part of the body that the player may legally play the ball.

  128. Mason says:

    To be fair to him, I probably should have left out the parenthesis and put the qualifying statements in the primary subordinate clause. The qualification of “arms don’t count” is necessary to proper interpretation of the Law, and I shouldn’t have implied that it could been left out. Since I program for a living, I tend to overuse parens. Let me revise my previous statement:

    If any part of the attacker’s body with which he may legally play the ball is behind all parts of the defender’s body with which he may play the ball, then the attacker is in offside position.

    To answer your question, Warren, a ref is to judge that player to be in offside position and watch for him to commit an offside offense.

  129. QuakerOtis says:

    No one knew Ron, because no one outside the Netherlands really cares. Thanks for the lesson though.

  130. QuakerOtis says:

    I’de like to praise the Dutchies, but I just can’t pull for this team. They’re a good team and I like many of their players, but GOD DAMN are they painful to watch.

    Also, Dr. Freud wants to know, can anyone touch der Mannschaft? *rimshot*

    Hoping for Neth v Germ final. Tomorrow will tell!

  131. Warren says:

    Yeah Mason, I know, and was surprised they weren’t called for offside.

    But we’re looking at slomo replays or photos of the critical moment, when in real life it was a momentary blur – and yet another ref screwup.

    But since it was a very close call, I’ll give today’s ref the benefit of the doubt compared to the complete bonehead calls we’ve seen earlier in the Cup…

  132. Warren says:


  133. Warren says:

    I can see the compilation of the best dives of World Cup 2010 set to a slight variation of Paul McCartney’s song.

    Scobert, it was your idea, get to work and let us know when you’ve posted to Youtube!

  134. Mason says:

    Speak for yourself, I called it offside while watching live. I agree that it’s a tough call, but it seems that most of the time it goes the other way. Not just this year either. 2006: USA v ITA.

    Much, much less clear than the Argie offside goal. That was nuts.