Paul the Octopus’ final picks

By now you've surely heard that an octopus is the greatest gambling tool in the world.

A day before the third-place match and two days before the World Cup final, Paul the Octopus has made his selections. It's unclear if he can change his mind between now and the first kick. Here are Paul's picks:

For the winner of the third-place match:

Think this octopus craze is a bit much? Going out to buy an octopus of your own? Do you think his picks are correct for both matches?

Share your thoughts below.

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26 Responses to Paul the Octopus’ final picks

  1. A says:

    He picks the flag closest to him both times. No rocket science in that.

  2. SeattleStan says:

    Yeah, and I’m pretty sure that’s how it was with the Spain Germany match as well.

  3. peterjh says:

    Well, assuming randomness, there is a 50% chance he would pick the same flag twice, so I doubt there’s a while lot you can really read into that.

  4. Erik says:

    The Octopus is 10-1 people…

  5. Beandog says:

    That’s a great name for an octopus.

  6. JeffM says:

    Well, my bracket had France going to the semi-final, so the psychic cephalopod system has to be at least as reliable as whatever logic compelled me to make that pick.

  7. JL says:

    I don’t believe he’s got any real predictive power, but that creature is COOL.

  8. mwc says:

    True on these picks, but this has not been the case on all of his picks. For example, he slid past Argentina’s box to pick Germany and switched boxes to pick Spain over Germany. Yes, I do have a gambling problem, thank you.

  9. peterjh says:

    A quick Google and I see the English flag was the closest one…

    Don’t doubt the Octopus!

  10. Detroit! says:

    Next stop for Paul: getting thrown onto the ice when the Red Wings win the Stanley Cup.

  11. steveo says:

    or be in a Spanish paella

  12. WTF Starbucks says:

    Paul should of done an octopus’s equivalent to taking a dive while making this selection to illustrate what it will be like to watch these teams play each other.

  13. BarcaGirl says:

    alright…… let’s kidnap Paul and see how much people will go crazy… who’s with me!!!!! =D

  14. Listen to the voices in the background. They’re German…

    …The URU tank was sealed.

    And I’ve actually got a close friend who’s a reporter for RT. Thanks for giving them air/bandwidth, Avi.

  15. dbag says:

    Octopus is getting as much publicity as the USMNT before Confed Cup

  16. Jamez says:

    I notices this punk pics the Box in the right every times. these Frauds know what they are doing and are getting your attention and alot of money off this crap lol. I’m still going with Holland.

  17. Tony in Quakleand says:

    He’s wrong this time…get the breadcrumbs and tartar sauce ready!

  18. war says:

    Maybe he can pick D.C’s next D.P. Had to say it. I had Holland from the begging and I’m sticking with them

  19. mwc says:

    Well, if the octopus is a fraud, then whoever it is that is placing flags on the right side box needs to quit working at the aquarium and start his/her own gambling website.

  20. Goalscorer24 says:

    What is it he eats muscles? They should put multiple ones in each box so he can determine the score too!

  21. phil says:

    i love it! we should have him vote kings premiers and presidents in as well… make the octopus and Oracle like the god ol days!

    anyone got a witch that needs burning BTW?

  22. Jamez says:

    you are right about that, gamblers are usually good and fraud.

  23. inkedAG says:

    That’s what I was gong to say. This is a Creskin moment.

  24. inkedAG says:

    Octopus is good when it is prepared as tako su and sushi/sashimi.

    I also had an octopus stew at a Turkish restaurant and it was delicious.

  25. r.benjamin says:

    I just spent 3 minutes of my life watching an octopus pick from a box and was geniunely interested to know from which one. Hilarious.