Report: Blackpool considering move for Bradley


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Michael Bradley's World Cup performance was always sure to attract interest from several clubs, and that interest could soon land him in the Premiership.

Recently promoted side Blackpool is considering a move for Bradley, according to the Daily Mail. One issue with Blackpool acquiring Bradley from Borussia Moenchengladbach is that the Premiership club may not be able to afford his transfer fee, and may push for a loan. With two years left on his contract with Moenchengladbach, Bradley is a prime candidate to be sold this summer. A loan would be unlikely considering he is a key starter for Moenchengladbach.

Bradley has also been linked with a move to Everton, but manager David Mayes is said to be considering other options.

What do you think of Bradley possibly joining Blackpool? Think he could thrive in the EPL? Would you rather he stay at Moenchengladbach?

Share your thoughts below.

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117 Responses to Report: Blackpool considering move for Bradley

  1. bryan says:

    pass. stay at gladbach until you get an offer for a team competing for CL or Europa.

  2. Matt C in Tampa says:

    World cup hangover permits us to address rumors. What else have we got to do (except pick the final 23 for Brazil).

    A move to Blackpool would clearly present the chance to play. It would be a sink or swim. At his age, not sure that’s a bad thing. If Jr heads to EPL he needs to be in a bottom 12 club to ensure playing time.

  3. Jamie Z. says:

    I saw this on BBC. I see him making a jump to a better club.

    Although the prospect of both Bradleys making a jump to the EPL raises some interesting possibilities: Mikey playing against a Bob Bradley team; Mikey playing for a Bob Bradley team, etc. Should be an interesting summer.

  4. Christopher Davis says:

    Don’t do it Baby Bradley. Hold out for a bigger club, not a relegation club.

  5. 45245245246423 says:

    I think he could be a starter on a better team than Blackpool, but no matter where he goes I want to see him in the PL. GO TO FULHAM MICHAEL!

  6. montana matt says:

    the daily mail is worse than the sun. at any rate, the guardian repeated this rumor, which seems to lend it at least a bit more credibility. the guardian also mentioned that bradley sr. could quite possibly get the fulham gig. we’ll see i suppose.

  7. Shraf says:

    Definite pass. This is a Benny Feilhaber type Derby County situation. People are talknig about Blackpool like they are one of the worst teams in EPL history. It is really an insult to American soccer if he can’t do better and at this point, how do we know the Bundesliga isn’t better than the EPL for growth? Look at the German players in the WC vs. the English players in the WC.

  8. spencer says:

    Bradley is way too good for them. He looked great when he was allowed to be part of the attack, unfortunately his dad makes him play defense. But either way thats a joke. There is no way that a better team won’t come calling.

  9. inkedAG says:

    This would be a complete step down. CL or Europa team or bust!!

  10. phil says:

    Nope, I’d rather him pass on this. Stay at Gladbach until a team that is planning to stay around the Premiership for a bit comes calling. Isn’t that the lesson from Jozy’s time at Hull? Sure, the EPL will develop your game, but it’s better to play on a team with some quality (and a coach who doesn’t fake tan).

  11. Ian says:

    i’m kind of conflicted with this potential move. on the one hand, if he does go to blackpool, you figure he’s bound to get a lot of playing time. but with everton (a better club), you figure he’d be riding the pine…

  12. Ted says:

    I like the idea, and think he could do well. He would have a chance to get some minutes, and he is able to hold up well in a physical game. The experience for him to go up against some of the top players in the EPL on a weekly baisis would be invaluable.

  13. SBI Troll says:

    If playing at Blackpool is his only option to play in the EPL, I say pass.

  14. Aristophanes says:

    Anyone watching Bradley at the World Cup could see that, even at 22 or whatever he is, it’s offensive for him to be linked to a relegation bound EPL team. He was one of the best players in a group that included Lampard, Gerrard, Donovan, & Dempsey. Please…

  15. Tom the Yank says:

    Not a good move for Michael, at all, as Blackpool is virtually guaranteed to be relegated. Fulham would be ideal for him, since he could serve as an understudy to and future replacement for Danny Murphy. It’s hard to see him attracting the interest of any of the top 6 clubs in the PL, at this time.

  16. Chicago Mike says:

    an enitire year of parking the bus, not really sure that’s the best thing for his development.

  17. The Gentleman Masher says:

    A 22-year old, box-to-box, mid with 4 years of major European league experience shouldn’t have to settle for Blackpool.

    He’s about to enter his prime, and he either needs to move up to a bigger BL Club, a Top 10 EPL club, or stay put.

  18. BK says:

    Simple. Hire Klinsmann for the US team post. Then he can use his contacts to get Bradley in at Munich. No brainer.

  19. patrick says:

    F that, moenchengladbach is a better team than blackpool, and once you get the stink of failure on you, its ahrd to let it go. Either stay in germany, or pick a better club. Going to blackpool would be a big mistake. I don’t think it’s going to happen thought, blackpools owner basicaly came out and said “we’re not going to go crazy and buy players and turn into portsmouth. THeyre basically taking the $$ and umping it ito their grounds and academy. Me thinks they wont be able to afford him, and why would braldey go on loan, and why would borussia let him? These things don’t add up

  20. Big Phil says:

    It it’s a loan deal, or even a loan-to-buy deal I don’t have a problem with it, as it ensures that if Blackpool move down Bradley won’t be moving down with them.

  21. Pico says:

    I think from a developmental point of view, he should aspire to move to a higher German team or a mid tier Spanish or Dutch team.

    He is at the point that he needs to polish all aspects of his game and take the next step to fulfilling his potential.


  22. Eric Race says:

    MB is at the perfect age and experience level for a bigger club to buy him – this move would make no sense.

    I’d love to see him go somewhere like Stuttgart, Werder, Roma, Aston Villa, etc.

  23. marty says:

    i say go. if hes good he’ll get offers from cl teams.

  24. ga-gone says:

    agreed. definite pass. why trade Bundesliga relegation-fighting side for a team that is all but D.O.A. in England?

    This would be a lateral move at best. So pass.

  25. dena says:


  26. ga-gone says:

    The lowest tier he should go in the EPL are teams that are more or less guaranteed to survive. Bolton. Blackburn. West Ham.

    Low-tier enough to get playing time, but steady enough that you aren’t seriously worried about avoiding relegation.

  27. KenC says:

    Herenveen was better than Blackpool.

  28. rob says:

    If Schweinsteiger leaves, go to Munich. Wishful thinking…

  29. KenC says:

    Klinsmann has no influence at BM as long as the Kaiser is there.

  30. montana matt says:

    go to St. Pauli Mike.

  31. phil says:

    yeah that went over real well for LD….

  32. Mike F. says:

    Let’s face it,this is a downgrade in footballing terms. Blackpool is probably going right down to the Championship after this season.

    Hopefully he signs with an established EPL team or stays with Gladbach if his other options are limited to just teams like Blackpool.

  33. Prosneef says:

    He should go to Grasshoppers. What a great name.

  34. Taylor Jones says:

    He was already on a mid tier Dutch team. Why would he go back when he is a staple on a Budesliga team? Gladbach is fine if Blackpool is the best option elsewhere. I’m sure he will get better offers though. MB is awesome.

  35. john.q says:

    bradley deserves to goto a mid to upper-mid level EPL club. if nothing like it comes up then it’s better to stay in germany. hasnt hampered his growth so far.

  36. Erik says:

    He needs to stay or wait for a better offer. Why trade a relegation battler for an almost certain relegation drop, even if it is in the EPL. Mid-table team in the UK, Germany, Spain, or Italy would be better.

  37. Raymon says:

    The only positive to going to Blackpool is that it is easier to answer “where do you play?” than having to pronuounce and spell munching-glad-back. I am with the passers on this one.

    If he goes to a “middle of the pack” or “bottom of the top 6″ EPL team, we should be fairly confident he will see lots of playing time. A “super sub” role might not be bad either for the first few weeks, until he wins a permanent starting slot (barring injury, he will).

  38. Raghu says:

    Shraf makes a great point. I’m not necessarily feeling the Blackpool move. At Gladbach he’s a sure starter in a good league on a lower to mid table team. Not sure going to a probable one and done in the EPL helps him any. The goal for MB is to play with quality talent, quality coaching and get playing time.

  39. war says:

    The sun is reporting that Masch’s agent says he wants to follow Benitez. That’s the only news that I’d want to believe from them. With L’pool to play G’bach next month in a friendly, I hope Bradley could impress.

  40. Michael F says:

    Pass. I would rather he stay at Moenchengladbach. He has too much potential for a team that will battle the bottom three all season long. We saw how great that experience was for jozy…

  41. Idaho Brian says:

    Blackpool won’t have the money for a transfer fee, and it makes no sense for gladbach to agree to a loan…this is a weak rumor.

  42. Aristophanes says:

    He destroyed the Dutch league. Didn’t he score 20+ goals one season?

  43. Mike F. says:

    However, a team like Blackpool would be a great place for Jozy Altidore to either sink or swim in the Premiership.

  44. gilby says:

    Why would Moenchengladbach let him go on a loan. It would be one thing if he was not starting for them but he has been a stalwart in their mid field for the last 18 months. It’s one thing to argue that he is going to get sold but a loan deal when he’s playing well with his current club makes little or no sense.

  45. Tony in Quakeland says:

    I’m impressed…I expectesd to see the usual EPL love, with people begging him to go. It’s a crap move and I’m glad that everyone sees that. Hold out for better or stick with your current team

  46. Boston Tim says:

    In other news… Fulham want to offer Bob Bradley the job as manager!

    link to

  47. Al17 says:

    I’m also impressed since I expected the SBI Massive to lose their damn minds over telling us how great a mocve to BlackPool would be for him. It would be a hell of a drop off for him. He’s in a league where he’s getting better and playing against some of the best in the world.

  48. one_2_three_5 says:

    Spain and Italy are in big big economic trouble. I predict mid-table PIGS teams will be missing payrolls regularly, starting next season. Germany/England are MB’s only option, unless a top Spanish or Italy team is interested.

  49. Jeff says:

    Earlier there was talk of Beasley going to Blackpool. That would seem to be a good move for him in his career. Not so sure it would make sense for Bradley.

  50. Villain-from-Texas says:

    If Villa sell Milner, I would love to have Bradley. Milner played the box-to-box role last season, the same role that Bradley plays. He would be an able replacement, I think.

  51. davidaubudavid says:

    aston villa is a great idea. He would be a good replacement for barry. I didn’t even think about that.

  52. wjmooner says:

    No offense to Blackpool, but this would be a step down for Little B – seems to me he shouldn’t even think about a move to a side destined to finish in the relegation battle. I think Bradley’s beyond that by now.

  53. JD says:

    What happened to Milner at the WC? I few years ago I thought he was consistently impressive in the EPL given his age. He’s been looking out of form reecently.

  54. Sean says:

    turn down blackpool. hold out for a more stable team.

  55. Alex G says:

    Please Michael do not go to Blackpool, they will be fighting in and out of relegation zone, besides you are the most promissing talent we have.

    Go to a better team.

  56. EA says:

    I’d love to see Bradley (Bob) sign with Fulham and bring in Bradley (Jr.) and Donovan. Bring Guzan in on loan from Villa, and with Aris returning Eddie Johnson to Fulham today…

    Fulhamerica (again), f&%$ yeaaaahhhhhhh!

    I’d like to see this.

  57. OmarVizquel says:

    Haha, I saw “pool” and got excited. Not sure this ‘pool is right for young Michael.

  58. Sg says:

    He should stay in the Bundesliga. Players like Bradley are far better off in the Bundesliga than any team in EPL. He plays 90 and it’s obvious why he’s gotten so good. He plays in arguable the best league for young development. Borussia Mönch is fine for now. Wouldn’t mind him going to a Werder Bremen or Stuttgart tho.

  59. Aaron in StL says:

    Definitely not worth it at Blackpool. I agree with the development part most, he won’t have much chance to grow in a bunker mentality situation.

    Only way he ends up at Everton is if Rodwell or Fellaini are sold, which I haven’t heard is imminent. Villa would be a good spot (for Jozy as well). Otherwise I imagine we’ll wait to see the dust settle from some other moves before he goes anywhere.

  60. Canchon says:

    So in the span of 2 weeks since the US was eliminated we’ve gone from Bradley going from Arsenal to Blackpool? How has his stock dropped that much since he stopped playing?

  61. Knowles says:

    Blackpool sounds like Blackwater… not a good coincidence

  62. Jaxxy says:

    wow, talk about under-rating performances. Michael Bradley has a chance to be among the best midfielders in the world – perhaps not top-tier but certainly just below that.

    He should be moving to a team fighting for a CL spot or already there. He can handle that and push himself higher.

    He is a competitor who tends to rise to the challenge. Sorry but anything less than a “serious” club is just nonsense.

  63. Shark says:

    Its the sill season people with trasnfer talk. Blackpool can’t afford him. Their record signing is 500,000 pounds. “Gladbach paid 13M Euros for Bradley in 2008 (10M pounds). This is another case of theri lack of respect for American players and figuring the can offer 2M pounds and Michael will go gaga to join them. Trust me he and his agent aren’t stupid and ‘Gladbach is not going to lose money and in fact is smart enough to realize that Michael was oen of the top young players at the World Cup thid year. Bigger clubs will come calling he’s too god to play at Balckpool who will go straight back down. Just go look at the players they have. They will be lucky to get 15 points thsi season in the BPL.

  64. Shark says:

    FWIW David Moyes offered 5M pounds for him in 2008 and Middlesbrough offered 4M, but were out bid by ‘Gladbach (10M)….Moyes would love to have Michael, but he can’t afford the asking price which I would think is going to be in the neighborhood of 15-18M pounds ($22-$25M). Trust me Blackpool can’t afford him and why in hell would he go on loan their? Its a lose-lose for Michael as they will be relegated next May. Trust me bigger clubs will come calling. This kid is a rising star in world football one of the better young central midfielders on the scence.

    Plus the English papers will print any kind of spculation that is out there. I wouldn’t read much if anything into this one….

  65. Shark says:

    I’m not a big fan of Alexi Lalas but he nailed it when he said that the English stereotype and label American players. I read recently where on of them that Donovan was an average player at best and Dempsey nothing special because he played at Fulham. They refuse to acknowledge how good Howard is too.

    Agree with what you wrote 100%. Wenger raved about him (and Donovan) on French TV during the World Cup. So yeah unless you see a big club come in after him I wouldn’t pay to much attention to it.

    FWIW I am hearing the Dempsey to AC Milan talk is picking up speed. I hope he moves as it would be good for him and American football.

  66. Shark says:

    His stock hasn’t dropped. Its silly season in the transfer market and any speculation will be printed in England. Blackpool can’t afford him (he is way out of their league in $$) and there is no way he goes their on a transfer or loan. Bigger clubs will come after him. You can count on it.

  67. Aristophanes says:

    absolutely right on…this is one of the dumbest rumors I’ve heard yet.

  68. jjraines says:

    LMAO Blackpool? BLACKPOOL? WHO? That’s insulting.

    The transfer rumor SHOULD be to the other ‘Pool.

  69. Shark says:

    English teams are in trouble too. Not one turns a profit with the money they spend. The only league major league in Europe who is making money is the Bundasliga.

  70. Eric says:

    They can’t afford him. Gladbach doesnt want to loan him. I dont think we have to worry about anything. If anybody goes to Blackpool it should be Beasley.

  71. Shark says:

    Considering their record transfer fee is 500K pounds. Yes I know they have EPL TV money now, but they have said publically that they are going to live within a budget (very smart with all of the debt EPL teams are carrying) AND teams at the bottom of the EPL rarely spend more than 5-6M pounds on a top signing. Plus, Blackpool will have the smallest stadium in the league and are having to expand it to meet EPL standards. Not a big club who will have the kind of money to buy Michael Bradley’s contract…so yeah hooey at best. I wouldn’t even give this one a second thought.

  72. pux90mex says:

    Where did you get the 13M Euros number? I thought he was sold for around $5M Euros in 2008.

    link to

  73. Sean says:

    i think he could possibly be a replacement for mascherano at liverpool. surely he would benefit from hogsdon.

  74. Shark says:

    He actually might be best off to return to MLS. Convey makes $307,000 at San Jose and at 28 Beasley could command i would think $400,000 and get his career back on line…at Blackpool he would be chasing relegation with a team that plays a game (grind it out physical game) nowhere near what his skills are or he needs.

  75. KOREY says:


  76. CrispyST3 says:

    Caaaalllllmmm down lol. I think it was 16 goals

  77. DC Josh says:

    Blackpool can’t afford him. Even if they could, it would be a disaster move for him. Monchengladbach are a middle-table club who have the slightest possibility of pushing for Europe this year. Go big or stay home.

  78. Shark says:

    FWIW I would think Bob Bradley has a better chance to end up at Fulham then Michael does at Blackpool and Bob’s cahnces are slim at best. Trust me I’m sure bob has spoken to Michael about this potential move IF there is any truth to it at all.

    The only one making out on this is Ives with all of the hits he is getting on this. The folks who place the ads love it….:)

  79. Shark says:

    He had a bad club and a terrible manager. In fairness bottom of the table EPL teams play a grind em out physical game as its the only chance they have to compete and survive in the league. Feilhaber’s creative style of play didn’t and doesn’t fit that. Paul Jewel was the wrong manager to boot. You’ll notice he has not managed since eh left Derby County….who by the way Brain Cluff made into a great team in the early 70’s.

  80. FulhamPete says:


  81. Shark says:

    Its what I recall from the time. I know for a fact Everton offered around 5M pounds and ‘Bourough 4M (which was widely reported in England in legit. papers) which at that time was around $9M with exchange rate.

    Story from 2008:

    Everton need £4.5m for midfielder Michael Bradley


    Everton boss David Moyes will have to come up with £4.5m for midfielder Michael Bradley – after German giants Hamburg moved into the signing race.

    Moyes is keen on the U.S. star from Dutch side Heerenveen. However, Hamburg want the 20-year-old as replacement for Rafael van der Vaart, who they will lose in the summer.

    FWIW I think the link you provided the value is WAY too low. Not sure who makes that up?

    5M Euros..really? There is know way in hell I agree with that. Low balling him big time.

  82. ThaDeuce says:

    you don’t want him playing for a team without chemistry like jozy for hull. well, don’t know anything about blackpool, if they are more like fulham, then go.

  83. Joamiq says:

    No. Way. BM is better in all respects.

  84. roysterer says:

    I’m a bit surprised that Moyes wants him considering the depth Everton has at central midfield. Maybe someone’s leaving. If that’s the case then he would likely have the money for Bradley.

  85. away goals says:

    Maybe the english are guilty of underrating our boys, but we’re probably equally guilty of overrating them.

    Donovan had a good run at everton, but everyone on everton looked good during that stretch. I haven’t heard anybody claiming that pienaar and bilyaletdinov are superstars all of a sudden.

    Same thing with howard. US fans are quick to call him one of the top keepers in the world. But what did he really do to stand out from schwarzer, hart, gomez, hahnemann, or friedel?

    Just because an analyst won’t call our guys superstars doesn’t mean he thinks they’re rubbish.

  86. Aubie4Prez says:

    Disagree…Jozy needs to go to a team that has a proven striker he can feed off of and get good service from the mids.

    The worst move for Jozy is another team where he will not get good service and there is no other forward to help take pressure off him and let him have some 1v1. He doesn’t need Hull all over again.

    If he had scored a goal or 2 I’d think we’d be hearing talks of a top 6 EPL team or serious PT with villareal.

  87. bohawk says:

    No chance at all. This must be a complete joke.

  88. Aubie4Prez says:

    I like MB but I don’t think he will get a top 10 EPL team to bite. Therefore I stay and play another season or 2 (when contract expires) and thus have more power.

    If the pros thought MB was a great as everyone is saying he is than why hasn’t any good team offered? MB is a very solid box to box mid…he is a great hustler, good defensive ability, good offensive ability, ok passer, ok field vision, ok speed, ok positioning…he is not great at anything but just all around good player.

    He is the type of player that every low tier team needs (and really has to have) in order to help get to the middle of the pack but he is not the type of player to help a mid level team get to the top.

  89. Aristophanes says:

    According to Wikipedia, it was 20 in all comps. (I thought it was league goals, though. Close enough)

  90. Shark says:

    We don’t know good teams haven’t offered. Just because the media doesn’t report it doesn’t make it so. So we dont’ need to devalue him by acting like he is not a good player because “someone” has not come after him. Lower Tier team needs? Glad to know you have devalued him already. Funnily enough very few if any of the football experts woudl agree with you.

    James Milner is way over-valued however, because he is English teams are throwing around silly bids for him. I’d take Michale Bradley anyday over Milner

  91. Kevin_Amold says:

    I read that the Gunners turn a profit. Perhaps I heard incorrectly….?

  92. Zach says:

    Sooo they’ll kill opposing teams? Nice. He should go there then.

  93. Kevin_Amold says:

    If I were MB, I wouldn’t join Blackstool even if they paid for a flat and hired Mrs. Featherbottom to tidy up after me.

  94. Aristophanes says:

    give it time. Arsene Wenger was one of the pros praising him and his game.

  95. kfly says:

    No. Hold out for something better; I was thinking more of a mid-table EPL team (like Sunderland, Everton, Fulham, Blackburn etc).

  96. Johnny says:


  97. JMC says:

    It wouldn’t appear that Blackpool could afford Bradley so it is a little odd that their name pops up first. Borussia M’back understand that this is the time to get the most money for MB so its likely that they are trying to put his name out to get the bidding started. I can’t imagine Wenger throwing his name out if there wasn’t at least some interest. Arsenal probably a long shot at best though. Agree that better offers will come.

  98. Joe says:

    How was this missed? This is a much more detailed report than any of the others I have read regarding Bob to Fulham.

    link to

  99. Brooklyn Dave says:

    Can’t let a Mrs. Featherbottom reference go without comment. Props.

  100. Kenny_B says:

    I couldn’t agree more.

  101. Brooklyn Dave says:

    In terms of development, I think Bradley is just as well off in the Bundesliga, all things being equal. If he were to be able to step up to a bigger club in one of the top four leagues AND get playing time, it would be worth it. Otherwise he’s better off at ‘Gladbach. For selfish reasons, I’d like for him to be in the Premiership simply b/c we’d get to see him more, but in terms of developing as a player, he may be better off in the Bundesliga.

  102. Smirking Kitten says:

    I’m not sure a team like Blackpool would be much of an upgrade…but I would love to see Bradley in the Premiership. Hopefully a bigger club like Fulham will make a move.

  103. The Gentleman Masher says:

    The ultimate question regarding EPL vs. BL – would your rather Michael play like Germany’s Mid’s did this World Cup, or England’s?

  104. Warren says:


  105. SwerveZ says:

    I think it’s clear that everyone on here thinks this is a bad move. I’m sure he’s not interested. I, for one, think he will go to Fulham if his dad coaches there…

    I also noticed that liverpool is going to sell Lucas and maybe even Mascherano. Makes some serious room for MB there, and with his heart and playing style, they’d love him…

  106. SP says:

    yes finally the thousands of sbi readers have finally become as smart as you two are. aren’t you so proud of us?

  107. SP says:

    yes finally the thousands of sbi readers have finally become as smart as you two are. aren’t you so proud of us?

  108. MadMaz says:

    definite props haha

  109. Pete says:

    Stay at Gladbach. He is in the perfect situation. He does not need to go to a club that will be in a relegation battle. Continue to get first team action in Germany and wait for a better club to make an offer.

  110. everton1334 says:

    everton will not buy him. We already have to many CM. Only possible way would be if we ended up selling arteta which looks unlikely. Why would he want to go to Everton anyways he is not better than maroune Felliani or arteta so would not start.

  111. Brian says:

    Is Mark Schwarzer on the move?

  112. SEB says:

    I can only hope that Americans stop going to play in the PL one day. For the most part, our boys learn very little over there. They get to play at a higher level than MLS, but they don’t improve their technical or tactical skills as much as they might in La Liga, 1 Bundesliga or Serie A. US players already have desire and fight. They need to learn the finer points of the game to really get themselves and the Nats to the next level.

  113. Brian says:

    Puff. Puff….Pass

  114. Long Line says:

    The truth is somewhere in between. USMNT fans overate players they like ( Donovan, Howard, Holden,Edu, Torres these guys could never do wrong) and underate players they dislike (Dempsey, Bornstein, Clark, Dolo).

    My English friends actually rate Bornstein (they’ve only seen his WC games) and Dolo, think Clark is below average and love Dempsey (US fans all think he is lazy). They like Howard enough but point out he lost the Ghana game for us or at least did not come up with the big game all US fans said he would come up with. What really got me was they all said that Freidel would have been better.

    We all think M Bradley would be nuts to move to Blackpool. Which team will wind up higher on their respective tables? Bradley is a starter at Gladbach, Blackpool is not in the Cl. The only reason to leave might be for money and I’m sure M Bradley doesn’t care about that.

  115. Onyewu says:

    If they don’t have the skills I think you are talking about when they are around 13 , it’s already too late.

    What American players abroad really need is:

    Playing time

    Serious competition at the highest possible level

    Keep an eye on the guy you all love to hate so much, yes, Sacha Kljestan.

    If he can get lots of PT at Anderlecht and get a lot of time in the Champions league it will be fascinating to see how he develops.

  116. Arsene says:

    “If the pros thought MB was a great as everyone is saying he is than why hasn’t any good team offered? ”

    The fact that you haven’t heard anything, does not mean nothing is going on. There is still time left on the transfer window.

    Also given the economic situation,in spite of all the big talk, I suspect you won’t see as many moves as might have been the case after the last World Cup.

    To say of Bradley that ” he is not the type of player to help a mid level team get to the top.” makes little sense, at this point.

    The mid level teams in the EPL would be in order, Liverpool(7th),Everton,Birmingham, Blackburn, Stoke,and Fulham (12th).

    Their final rosters are not yet set. The key word in your quote is “help”. You don’t know who Bradley would partner up with. It’s pretty clear he could play for any of these “mid-level” teams but how much and how well depends on who else is around and who is in charge.

    Very few players of any description, by themselves, will be able to help these teams get to the top of the EPL since the top 3 have been in place for many years.