Sounders add Uruguayan Midfielder Fernandez


The list of Designated Players grew by one more in MLS Thursday, as the Seattle Sounders announced the signing of Uruguay World Cup veteran Alvaro Fernandez.

A 24-year-old midfielder, Fernandez joins Seattle after last playing for Universidad de Chile in Chile's Primera Division. He made four appearances for Uruguay at the World Cup in South Africa, starting the quarterfinal against Ghana and coming off the bench in three other matches.

Fernandez's addition further raises questions about the future of Freddie Ljungberg in Seattle. The Uruguayan is listed as a Designated Player, becoming the club's third — unless Ljungberg elects to skip town during the transfer window.

What do you think about Seattle's signing? Exciting to see a young, World Cup veteran join MLS?

Share your thoughts below.

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73 Responses to Sounders add Uruguayan Midfielder Fernandez

  1. jig says:

    damn, thats sick.

  2. kevin says:

    Ljungberg’s career is done in seatle. good sign for the sounders in fernandez too

  3. sread says:

    Sounds like a move in the right direction.

  4. dman says:

    what designates a DP? Money?

    I feel like some of these DPs are worthless.

  5. BetaMale says:

    Wonder what will happen to Ljungberg now… will he go back to Europe?

  6. Ben says:

    Nice signing! Wow.

    Somewhat unrelated, but apparently FC Dallas is announcing 3 players tomorrow. 1 ought to be Ruben Luna – homegrown product. Anyone know if 1 of the 3 may actually be an already established player? Maybe even a DP?

  7. jig says:

    are you passing judgement on this guy already?

  8. CG says:

    Worthless? Based on what?

  9. Kevin_Amold says:

    Yes, yes it is….

    Oh you’re talking about the signing. I was talking about how excited I am to Date Mrs. Robinson…

  10. sread says:

    His new agent said he has a look from England and another from an MLS side (not SSFC..)

  11. Pete says:

    Based on the fact dman knows absolutely nothing about football, or soccer as he might call it.

    This a good signing the sounders.

  12. Josh D says:

    Would be surprised to see him go to another MLS side. Don’t see what more he could ask for than with what he’s gotten at Seattle.

  13. Tony in Quakeland says:

    I really disagree. This is a terrific signing. Ideally, DPs should be productive top class players with something left (Henry) or younger up and comers like Ferndez, or guys with something to prove to get back on track (Castillo). Any signing fail to pan out, but adding a guy from the second most entertaining side in the World Cup (after the US) is a great use of the DP rule

  14. Dan says:

    Ljungberg’s out the door. Seattle doesn’t have enough roster/cap space to do this otherwise.

  15. Josh D says:

    Wasn’t impressed with him at the WC – maybe as a handy bench player. Haven’t seen him play for his club team so my opinion may be off. Is he really a step up from what they have?

  16. Mario in QT says:

    I assume you are not referring to Fernandez as worthless. This is a fantastic signing for Seattle. A 24 year old WC veteran on a final 8 team. While Henry or Becks or Blaco have lots of name recognition it is the young players such as Monteros, Castillos and now Fernandez who raise the level of play in our league.

    GO UNION!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  17. United fury says:

    Apparently Colombian media is reporting that forward Dayro Moreno is headed to MLS(MLS rumors site, take it with a grain of salt). Considering Dallas’s history with Colombians, he might be one of them.

  18. Colin says:

    introducing New England’s newest DP…

  19. vic says:

    Look, sit the guy down and offer him a cold beverage. Tell him to take a couple of weeks off and take his family to Disney land. Then tell him the people of Seattle love him, and that he can return to the way he played last year. Seattle will then rip up CCL play. They are gonna manhandle Monterrey and Saprissa so much, that members of both those other teams will wish they were either back at their practice field dodging bullets from cartel shootouts or putting up with the mumbo jumbo yoga crap coming from American eco tourists practicing yoga on every open field in Costa Rica.

  20. Ben says:

    Thanks. Yeah he’d almost have to be Colombian, wouldn’t he? Don’t know him, but just read up a bit on him. Young player at least. We’ll see.

  21. dman says:

    Good gracious…..this site is getting rediculous with the comments

    I never questioned this signing I was just wondering on the DP system worked.

    Pete get your nose out of the sky you know nothing about me.

    Back to my question…

    what designates a DP? Money?

    some DPs are taking money and doing nothing. Freddy L right now, Ladin was terrible, Becks is making a good chunk of change.

  22. sread says:

    LOL…yeah. I see him going back to Europe where maybe he feels more ‘apreciated’…I seriously don’t know what he’s so bent out of shape over since signing with seattle.

    Sounders pack in more fans than West Ham and the fans have done nothing but praise and support freddie since he’s arrived, even in the tough times. He just hasn’t been able to deal with the challenges of playing on the other side of the pond.

  23. ga-gone says:

    Suck it Ljungberg.

  24. duhhh says:

    final four team you rah-tard

  25. BetaMale says:

    I’d be shocked to see another MLS team make a play on him. Players like this are always trouble, squabbling over playing time and cash…

  26. Aaron in StL says:

    In ‘Merican news… read a German article, looks like MB is vice-captain at ‘Gladbach. My German is pretty minimal, so can’t give that with 100% accuracy.

    We’re getting down to the wire for any moves though with the season rapidly approaching. Interested to see where Jay DeM ends up since he’s a freebie.

  27. phillypride says:

    I think people misread your comment because they presumed knowledge of how the DP works.

    A DP is a player that makes more than $335k. The league pays the salary up to that amount (like it does for all players) and the team pays everything above that amount. The DP rule allows the team to spend its own money to sign an expensive player. Only the $335k counts against the salary cap.

  28. Rodney says:

    It just happens – one day your legs aren’t good enough. It happens quickly and that’s hard to cope with. Freddie is a good man and an Arsenal Legend. It happened with Henry at Barca and will happen again in a couple years at NY. This is the reality of the MLS. We’ll always have to put up with European greats suffering the indignity of growing old (soccer-wise speaking) ungracefully. A few here and there are worth the gamble.

  29. k says:

    Nice to see a DP that is young, up and comming instead of old, down and going.

    Well done Sounders! Hope he has success.

  30. tmack says:

    how about a team with real grass for him to dive on???

  31. JL says:

    I like that DP signings no longer have to be attendance drivers, but can be skill based. The new rules seem to be driving some nice change, even though several teams can’t afford to buy these type of guys, it’s still good for the league overall. Exciting times.

  32. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    He’s bent out of shape—rightly or wrongly—because he wants a contract extension at his current salary and the Sounders don’t feel he’s worth it. Also because he and his coach disagree about whether he should be playing center-right or out on the flank. And because he’s tired of making runs and finding his teammates are incapable of making a decent pass into space. And because he’s come to the conclusion that MLS soccer is closer to rugby than “the beautiful game.”

  33. gstommylee says:

    Guys the reason why seattle announced him now instead of waiting until Ljungberg leaves is that Ljungberg might not be transfering anytime soon.

    + all the talk about europe teams interested in ljungberg is agent talk.

  34. Charles says:

    Sounder’s please don’t.

    Time to move on Ljungberg, you were great in a few games last year. Enjoyed it. Time to move on.

  35. BCC says:

    Over time, this kind of signing should generate some money for the league. If they sign a 21 year-old, pay him DP money, and he turns out to be a great player, the transfer fees could be substantial. The benefit is that fans here get to watch these guys for however long they are in MLS.

    You sign a guy like Ljungberg or Henry, you get short-term benefits alone. Not saying this is bad, but I think you need long-term and short-term investments.

  36. Charles says:

    THAT is very funny.

  37. Charles says:

    I agree with JL, it is nice to see the signings be for talent reasons, rather than big names ( which have flopped many times ( pun ) in the past ).

    BCC, I really doubt the Sounder’s are doing this for transfer money reasons. They are rolling in it. They need to win, to make sure they are rolling in it 2 years from now and beyond.

    The reason they would need to transfer players is because the salary caps if enough of the players are worthy of DP money and there are not enough spots.

  38. Zack Lewis says:

    Nkufo-Montero (Jaqua)
    Zakuani-Alonso-Evans(ETA??)-Hernandez (Nyassi, Seamon, Sturgis)
    Gonzo-Ianni-Parke-Riley (Marshall, Wahl, Scott)
    Keller (Boss)

    See you in the MLS finals!

  39. Advocate says:

    Imagine if Ljungberg stays….




    That might be the best attacking corps in MLS.

  40. Tractor says:

    The Colombian media have an MSL rumors site? Wow, and I thought MY life was empty!

  41. BCC says:

    You’re right — who would ever want more money? What was I thinking? Forgot MLS was a charity.

  42. r.benjamin says:

    good signing wow. a dp that is a legit up and comer potential that can help them win now.

    have to say seattle’s signings as a whole have been more impressive than anyone elses..

    Only NY on the weighted Henry scale come close.

  43. TDTD says:

    You have no room for Montano? I thought he did well last night and can contribute as much as Nyassi, Seamon or Sturgis once he gains a little more confidence.

  44. KPonder says:

    Moreno would be a good signing. Very talented player . . . he was a big reason Once Caldas made a push in Copa Libertadores last year. Still lots of upside as he is only 24. I watched Once Caldas play over the weekend. He was a handful and the main reason they stole 3 points after being down a man.

  45. Luis F says:

    Great signing. Here’s my hope for the future:

    1) Ljungberg leaves soon
    2) Seattle signs another DP that can play centrally, either in midfield or in defense
    3) Seattle makes it into the playoffs

    After the way this season has gone, I’ll consider a playoff birth as a success.

  46. Zack Lewis says:

    You ever hear the story of the two bulls, one old and one young, up on a hill looking down over a field of cows?

    It’s kind of the same thing with Montano.

  47. Tony in Quakeland says:

    That’s not true. Arsenal called and offered very nice seasons tickets if he moves back to London. They will even offer a payment plan so he doesn’t have to cough it all up at once.

  48. gstommylee says:

    Fernandez can play any spot in the midfield. He’ll most likely play in the CAM position with montano as the RW.

  49. gstommylee says:

    Seattle just signed a DP that can play all Midfield spots including defensive mid.

  50. SSFCtillIDie says:

    I think FL10 is a fool if he leaves. The Sounders have the potential to be an excellent team if their talent can figure out how to play together. FL10 might be frustrated with the missed crosses in the first half of the season, but he hasn’t played with N’Kufo or Fernadez and Montero is on fire. If he can figure out how to play for the team and they succeed, then I am sure that the front office will be more than happy to extend his contract at the end of the season.

  51. Ben says:

    Hey, you’re not me.

  52. Ben says:

    I think he is on the “team committee” or something like that. It consists of a group of the leading players backing the “captain”, so the group is made up of de facto “vice-captains.” Still, you would think it somewhat of an honor, especially since he is only 22. I don’t think BorussiaMGladbach wants to sell him. I would almost suspect that they would like to convince him to stay and help them move up the Bundesliga. They have a pretty big fan base, history, and improving finances.

  53. RSL says:

    Great to have young talent come in.

  54. Alex G says:

    It’s a start, If MLS can keep up the good signings well be in real bussines, keep good young talent coming, I believe we can grow by miles every year.

  55. jtd says:

    it IS soccer. stop feeling so insecure about your language.

  56. Fred Garvin says:

    Exactly.. with the addition of Nkufo and Now the man from Uruguay.. the Sounders have serious attacking options and FL has no more excuses. Since we’re paying his salary we’re better keeping him through the season unless someone wants to buy his contract out. no reason getting rid of the guy if we just paid up for a third DP slot.

  57. Luis F says:

    I don’t know whether Fernandez can play centrally. From what I’ve read he’s a wing player. I could be wrong since I know nothing about this guy beyond what I’ve read, but none of these descriptions indicate that he can play centrally.

    Hope I’m wrong.

  58. Charles says:

    Not saying they don’t want more money…Sounders are playing and I am paying for three friendlies, just don’t think that is the reason they are signing a young DP.

    Winning is what they need to keep the people supporting in droves.

    Plus, they have already been burned big time by an older midfield DP.

  59. Charles says:

    You have to agreee that is a BIG IF ?

    He has shown absolutely nothing this year.

  60. Brian says:

    LOL! I’m surprised Freddie never donned knee and elbows guards to help with the rug burn

  61. gstommylee says:

    And that during last off season.

  62. gstommylee says:

    He’s a versatile player he can play DM, CM, AM and RM.

    Even Sigi said he can play in pretty much any midfield spot.

  63. BigWave says:

    Where he will go to is clear. He has family in Vancouver. He will play there next season.

  64. gstommylee says:

    to add he can play box to box and that’s a CM’s job.

  65. Bandeeto says:

    That’s impressive. Will be interesting to see how RSL, a team with no DPs, does against SFC, a team with three.


  66. Franklin says:

    First you get the Montero, then you get the Alvaro, then you get the power. oh, and then you get the women.

  67. Fred Garvin says:

    I want to see RSL’s lineup when the contract renewals come due..

  68. Joe Strummer says:

    Nope. Wrong DP. And Nkufo won’t be going to BC.

  69. Ljungberg says:

    You suck it.

  70. Joe Strummer says:

    +1 Agreed

  71. Charles says:

    This AM in the Times:

    “Bringing in younger players, whether that means for many years or whether a player’s value increases and then we sell the player back out of the league, by doing so we get allocation money and/or additional cash to help fund other parts of our soccer operation,” Hanauer said.

    Well you called it BCC. wow, MLS needs to get where they sign real players for good. Sounders are at a point where they can….and don’t ? doesn’t make sense.

  72. Jacobcda says:

    I imagine the midfield would probably be this:


  73. Joe Strummer says:

    Freddie’s been traded to Chicago! Announcement later today.