Spain beats Netherlands in extra time, captures first World Cup

Spain 4 (Reuters) 


Spain's World Cup may have started off with a nightmare result, but it ended with a dream come true.

Spain captured its first World Cup title with a 1-0 extra time victory over the Netherlands on Sunday at Soccer City in Johannesburg.

Andres Iniesta scored the winner off a pass from substitute Cesc Fabregas in the 116th minute. 

The game was a chippy affair, with English referee Howard Webb handing out 13 cards, including a second yellow on John Heitinga in the 109th minute.

While the Dutch had to settle as runners-up for the third time in their World Cup history, they did have opportunities to win the game despite their defensive and physical gameplan. The most notable chance came in the 62nd minute when Arjen Robben was played through on goal by Wesley Sneijder, but his shot was denied by the foot of Iker Casillas.

Here are the match highlights:


What do you think of Spain winning the World Cup? What could the Netherlands have done differently? Who impressed you today? Think Spain is capable of a repeat in 2014?

Share your thoughts below.

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115 Responses to Spain beats Netherlands in extra time, captures first World Cup

  1. Adriano says:

    I am so ecstatic!

  2. wynalda free kick says:

    If Iniesta had gotten the 2nd yellow he deserved (for his no-touch dive on van der Wiel) he wouldn’t have been on the pitch to finish that lucky pinball break. What a heartbreaking loss for a game dutch side.

  3. Josh says:

    Terrible match, but Spain at least deserved to win. The Dutch said before the match that they’d be attacking, but nobody realized they meant “we’ll be attacking the Spanish players, not their goal.” Van Bommel and de Jong were particularly lucky not to get sent off, and I really wish de Jong had, as his Cantona-esque karate kick was utterly inexcusable.

    Given the orange color, I suspect that MvB and NdJ were actually goons from the Philadelphia Flyers in disguise. Give ’em credit; their game plan worked to perfection. Thank whatever deity you believe in that Spain were too good anyway.

    Congrats to Spain! This was their Golden Generation, and unlike similarly named generations from England and Portugal (to take just two examples), they fulfilled on their promise. Xavi and Puyol may be retired from int’l football in ’14, but the rest of the team should be around. Holland will lose more key players, but they should be a factor in four years as well (although if Germany continue to develop on their potential, then look out!).

  4. alex says:

    Did anyone know that paul the octopus has gotten death threats.

  5. steve says:

    Yeah, and if De Jong would have been sent of for that karate kid the dutch wouldn’t have been able to hold out for 75 with 10 men

  6. jjraines says:

    The lasting memory of SA shouldn’t be BBBZZZZZZ but rather zzzZZZZZZZzzzzzzz

  7. Josh says:

    Over on the match commentary thread, Ives completely called Torres’ injury. He wrote:
    “If Torres pulls something, you’ll know why. He hasn’t really been warming up vigorously.”

    Who needs a psychic octopus when we’ve got Ives? :)

  8. buff111 says:

    We have to get an octopus. congrats to Espana, not a pretty game but a win is a win.

  9. Benny says:

    De Jong should have been red carded for his karate kick. Spain was the best team by far. They were my pick as favorites from the beginning. Holland had their chances but so did Spain during the game. Great win for the Spanish. Will Spain repeat? It’s difficult to repeat … just ask Italy.

  10. bill bucky says:

    Spain deserved to win but it was a boring, boring game.

    Hard to sell the sport to newbies if today’s game was the first they’ve watched. I had a hard time watching it myself.

  11. Thadeuce says:

    La, la, la la la vive espana!

  12. Thadeuce says:

    La, la, la la la vive espana!

  13. wynalda free kick says:

    or say, if Puyol had gotten the red for holding Robben on his breakaway…

  14. Mike says:

    Worst World Cup I’ve ever seen. Disappointing (the refs, the vuvuzelas, free kicks, the ball, the final, the empty seats) to say the least.

    Not to mention the worst final since ’94. It was fitting in a way, I suppose.

  15. wynalda free kick says:

    Word up, Spain’s wussy diving style just rubs me the wrong way. The Dutch physicality was more than matched by Spanish diving, surrounding the ref, etc. Bad sports! They tried every thing they could to win through cheating (diving anytime they got anywhere near the penalty box) but ended up getting a lucky defense-shattering rebound break. Eff Spain!

  16. Larry says:

    Totally agreed this whole World Cup was paid and sold to the highest bidder, and it was Spain.

  17. Adriano says:

    If Van Bommel and De Jong had been ejected as the rules call for, Spain would have been up by 5.

  18. Adriano says:

    Of course not, because Euro Cup was in South Africa with the Jabulani as well.


  19. wynalda free kick says:

    If you want to call it the way the rules actually read, Spain would have been down to Casillas and maybe one other player due to ‘simulation’ yellow card accumulation. I’m just sayin’…

  20. Yogi says:

    If if if…If the Dutch converted their chances, we wouldn’t be listening to these “if” games…

  21. Adriano says:

    I hope Ives bans you. I’m surprised you have enough intelligence to even turn on your computer.

  22. wynalda free kick says:

    Nice response there. You’re good at going around this message board calling people idiots, but don’t seem to have much to say beyond that. Relax bro.

  23. Adriano says:

    You obviously didn’t even watch the game. Spain diving? Ha. Each team embellished some plays, but the diving was done by the Dutch. Along with their cheap shots and hacks.

    You are that guy who watches and says the commentators are wrong, and that everyone else is wrong.

  24. Peretz48 says:

    Ives should have a no whining policy for post game (esp. important matches) comments. Did anyone really expect a Uruguay-Germany contest, with considerably less pressure to perform? Yes, Spain deserved to win, and is the better side, but not by that much. The Netherlands won 25 straight matches before today for a reason. I actually enjoyed the drama, sort of like a low scoring pitchers’ duel in baseball.

  25. wynalda free kick says:

    I’m sure you’ve got some homework to do, and I certainly am not going to gain anything by continuing to discuss this with you, but when you calm down go check out the Iniesta dive. It’s really one of the worst from the ENTIRE world cup. And he got van der Wiel a yellow card with it too.

  26. Adriano says:

    There seems to be a lot of children on here. More so than normal.

    It was a battle with way too many close calls. I was so anxious, and I felt that we would give up a late goal, but we definitely pulled it out.

  27. wynalda free kick says:

    This ‘we’ seems to explain your tone on this message board. I had no idea you were a Spaniard, and now I completely understand you getting hot under the collar when I mentioned Spanish diving. No hard feelings, ok?

    I honestly assumed that the (vast) majority of people reading and commenting on Ives site were Americans (and therefore more or less neutral where a game between two other countries is concerned). My bad.

    Check out the UWFC – Spain are now the champions of that too!

  28. fooofoooo says:

    that was a great match, with drama, some beautiful passing, some ridiculous thuggery by the dutch, some awesome goalkeeping, and two teams fighting tooth and nail until the end.
    great stuff.

  29. Adriano says:

    Hard on the heart if you ask me.

  30. ec says:

    Curious what people think Webb should have done different to control the game. It seemed that the handful of cards early should have calmed players down, but it sure didn’t work. Would it have been better off 10 v 9?

  31. Adriano says:

    After De Jong was not shown a red card, the game was going to be out of control.

  32. Josh says:

    And the Dutch don’t dive? Excuse me, but what team does Arjen Robben play for again??? They dove all over the pitch against Brazil, and continued it against Uruguay, and if they didn’t dive as much against Spain, it’s because they were clearly the aggressor.

  33. boludo says:

    De Jong could have killed Xabi Alonso. No joke, that could have been a lot worse.

  34. Kaiser says:

    Bottom line…it was the worst officiated final in the worst offiated World Cup in history. If Blatter can’t admit that he needs to be removed because either he is too stupid to be president, or is involved in fixing these matches.

    Bad calls went both ways, but Ia gree with wynalda free kick that the Dutch got the worst of it…especially at the end of the game when they should have had both a corner and free kick taken away.

  35. Kaiser says:

    Ironic thing is, Robben should have fell when he got mugged by Puyol on that break away, but still fought for the ball thinking he could get to it. Should have been a free kick and red card for last defender.

  36. GBH says:

    Robben still had control of the ball and couldn’t finish because Pique closed down on him.

    Referee did the right thing letting the play go.

  37. Kaiser says:

    That’s the funny thing, if you hand out too many too early then you have set the tone that everything is a yellow and you have to follow it. Of if you don’t hand them out at all then things get too rough. Bottom line is Webb wasn’t consistant with the what deserved a yellow.

  38. jig says:

    I dunno what some of you people watch. This was an exciting end to an exciting tournament, and the team that played the best stuff throughout ended up winning the whole thing without any crazy controversy.

    People really thought the final was boring? There were lots of chances, and Spain were once again brilliant in possession.

  39. Kaiser says:

    Adriano, enjoy the win and don’t let other peoples comments get you down, cause, its a once in a lifetime thing to watch your team win the World Cup.

    However, I think you get the response you do, because you make some pretty ridicuclous comments (and have been doing so for the past couple days). Its clear you don’t know all that much about the game.

    Still enjoy.

  40. jig says:

    the dutch didnt come to play football. which style do you prefer?

  41. Josh says:

    I don’t know about the red, but I was shocked–SHOCKED–to see Robben not dive. He must’ve been waiting to get into the penalty area, where he did dive over Casillas.

  42. Turgid Jacobian says:

    That would have been Iniesta’s first yellow, no? His only card was for stripping his shirt after his goal. Or are you saying the ref missed two yellows on Iniesta?

  43. SeattleStan says:

    Why I hate Spain:


    The End

    Seriously, I wonder how anyone can enjoy watching Spain when there were so many ridiculous dives. I’m no Netherlands fan either.

  44. jig says:

    in terms of play on the field, which, if you’ve forgotten is really what matters, this was a better tournament than 2006, for me.

  45. Turgid Jacobian says:

    If he’d not actually gotten another touch on it, he’d probably have gotten the pk and Puyol sent off. Oops, seems like Karma exists.

  46. Adriano says:

    Do you have some sort of fascination with me? Quit responding to my comments.

  47. rana says:

    This match was not the most exciting, but clearly better than the 2006 Italy-France final. And yes, it was amazing that Robben didn’t fall when Puyol man-handled him, but he thought he was going to get a goal and redeem himself for his earlier failure to finish

  48. Erik says:

    I wanted to post this as close to the top as possible – I give credit to Spain for winning the World Cup when I thought they had no chance.

    I was wrong. Congrats to a team who half of them even hate the idea of Spain itself…

  49. Erik says:

    Am I the only one that thought they game was well officiated for the most part? Sure Spain dove all over the park, but you can’t call every single one…

  50. Erik says:

    I agree as well – not a very fun world cup. FIFA saying the officiating was great is a joke. If the US didn’t have to goals taken back, they wouldn’t have had to push so much and be gassed for Ghana.

    The noise was absolutely awful and took away from the ENTIRE atmosphere of the World Cup. FIFA were jokers for not banning those horns after EVERYONE complained except the Horn vendors and Chinese manufacturers.

  51. Adriano says:

    The last World Cup felt much closer to home, and more connected.

  52. RK says:

    Wait, I thought Spain couldn’t win it because they had never won before?

  53. JFC says:

    its a bummer. its all over its gonna be a long four years. well back to club football!

  54. Mason says:

    This thread needs some moderation in the worst way.

    About that Puyol-Robben call? Advantage, play on. If he had gone down, it MAY have been a DOGSO by foul, but there was another player plus the GK all close to the ball/play. It wouldn’t have been nearly as clear cut a send off as some are making it out to be.

  55. jig says:

    and then the morality police would have probably said that Webb should give a goal.

  56. Adriano says:

    I agree. It didn’t affect the play much, and Robben shockingly fought through it.

    He got past Puyol with the ball, and he couldn’t do anything with it then.

  57. Kaiser says:

    Is it just me or does Ineista look what would happen if Flea (from the Red Hot Chili Peppers) and the lead singer from Smashing Pumkins had a baby. Think about it.

  58. Nats says:

    Spain to ref: Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

    The referee always gladly helps.

    What a bunch of wusses.

  59. Brian says:

    Ehh we beat these losers

  60. Micah King says:


  61. Pablo Best says:

    Today a great generation of Spanish players earned the right to be among the greatest teams in soccer history. The style of game they had suit them very well. Iniesta Xavi, Xavi Alonso with their tiki tiki proved many that you can play good soccer and win at the same time. Casillas was key and Robben wasn’t. The Spanish coach called the way his team plays as “Propaganda for soccer” and I think many can agree that when a team that plays like that wins the word justice (which in soccer is usually non-existent) comes to mind.

  62. Roy says:


  63. Aaron says:

    Spain are diving specialist. Iniesta, Xavi, and Busquets spend more time yelling at the ref and falling down from sniper fire than anyone in soccer. They might play pretty soccer, but they play as arrogant, whining todlers

  64. Roy says:

    For the grammatically challenged: you’re, a contraction of you and are, is spelled as above. Your indicates possession.

    That’s really third grade stuff.

  65. Roy says:

    Completely wrong.

  66. Adriano says:

    It was beautiful soccer.

    Unfortunate that so many teams parked the bus over the course of the tournament.

    Brazil disappointed.

  67. Adriano says:

    I cannot once in my life remember Xavi or Busquets dive.

  68. Mason says:

    Hehe… Dead on.

  69. Smirking Kitten says:

    De Jong’s tackle was one of the worst I have ever seen. Roy Keene would have been proud.

  70. jb says:

    I am glad Spain won. Both are excellent sides and deserving champs but the dutch team rubs me the wrong way. Did you see how fast Robben ran to catch up and bitch at the ref. It’s scary to think how much better he would be if he didn’t flop at every touch and whine the whole game through. I have only seen this dutch team play in this world cup and against us in the recent friendly, but De Jong makes two or three dirty plays a game, each with the potential to end a career. I hope he gets his. Congrats Spain.

  71. Never First says:

    I thought it was well officiated. You can’t give out cards for every single thing or we’d be 5 on 5 by the end of the match and everyone would be complaining the ref was too strict.

  72. dave says:

    Completely agree with “this thread needs some moderation in the worst way.”

  73. TomH says:

    Propaganda for diving….Contact sport… Iniesta isn’t tough enough for WPS…oooooh I fell down time for a card. The greats didn’t play so shamefully.

  74. TomH says:

    How about Iniesta? His dive got a guy sent off.

  75. ericJ says:

    I love how people are complaining about Spanish Diving when the Dutch were HAMMERING them all game long. Give me a break. Spain tried to play soccer and the Dutch tried to Stop Spain from playing soccer.

  76. Nats says:

    Two words: spanish wusses.

  77. ericJ says:

    Two words: Karate Kick.

  78. K.J. says:

    This is exactly why players dive. Saying there shouldn’t be a foul unless he falls, that just encourages more flopping. Call it regardless.

  79. DC Josh says:

    somebody’s bitter. van bommel and De Jong should have been sent off instead of their yellow cards.

    The facts are that Netherlands had 120 minutes to score. Robben SHOULD have scored twice.

  80. DC Josh says:

    Spain dives too much. This guy should have been sent off. Who cares about the if’s and shoulda woulda coulda’s? What happened, happened. Spain was the better team today. They scored and Holland didn’t. Robben was in on goal twice and he couldn’t convert. All the credit to Casillas. All the credit to La Furia Roja. All the credit to La Oranje. Having spent time in Spain, I know how much they are enjoying this and they deserve it.

  81. ericJ says:

    My thoughts exactly. I am tired of talking about it and am surprised how emotionally charged this whole discussion has become. To claim that either team was morally better than the other is an uphill battle.

  82. Ethan says:

    Also if there was instant replay in soccer, Netherlands should have gotten a corner instead of a spain goal kick which resulted in a goal after the Sneijder free kick that clearly went off of the spanish wall

  83. reverb says:

    The best team won today. Period. Not a memorable game by any stretch. No question Spain are worthy winners of the tournament. Bravo Espana!

  84. SeattleStan says:

    Robben embellishes like crazy, but everytime he goes down at least there is contact. It bugs me super bad, but nothing next to Iniesta. Simulating without contact is the absolute worst. It such a waste to see such talented players spend so much time face down. A newborn giraffe on a wobbly old card table ridden by Peter Crouch is more sure-footed.

  85. SeattleStan says:

    Xavi is one of my favorite players in the world. His play is absolutely amazing, that being said, as long as Iniesta dons a Spanish jersey I’ll never cheer for spain (or Barca for that matter).

  86. E says:

    Iniesta was definitely obstructed. Deserved 2nd yellow.

  87. MiamiAl says:

    Awful game. Two garbage teams. Bunch of cheats on both sides. One of the worst finals. I am sorry that there had to be a winner from this game… United States would have kicked the sh*t out of both of these teams…

  88. HELLO says:

    No he would not have. Roy always went after your knees, more likely to get you out of the game.

    DeJong is a burnt weenie compared to Keane.

  89. Nats says:

    I agree, DeJong should have been sent off and should be given a suspension. Doesn’t change the fact that the spanish team is full of diving wimps.

  90. Rotterdam Randy says:

    Since the only two teams who beat Spain in the last millenium succesfully shut them down, isn’t it logical to assume that is what the Dutch would also try to do? Robben said before the game he had no problem with winning ugly.

    In the interest of fairness you should point out that the US is one of those teams who beat Spain in the last million years and we did lose to Netherlands earlier this year.

    I guess you don’t watch much competitive international football huh? The US in the final would have been more entertaining I grant you that.

    Had it been a US-Spain final it would have been prettier and more wide open because Spain would have been out to slaughter us as payback.

    Had it been a US-Netherlands final, the same thing would have happened. They would have come at us in waves because they think we suck. Mark Van Bommel would have been looking to break Holden’s leg just to show De Jong who’s more psycho. And if Holden were on the bench MVB would have gone over here and called the pretty boy out. The Dutch are very “pragmatic”.

    Welcome to real international football, America. This is not the namby pamby exhibition crap you are all so used to.

    ” Ooh, we played (Spain, Brazil,Argentina, etc.) in Foxboro and tied them! Freddy Adu must be world class did you see how he led those guys a merry dance? Sign that boy up! Got to be a starter in the next World Cup!”.

    One day US fans may actually realize how serious the competition in this sport really is, but I doubt it.

    You all think you can hire some PR savvy, informercial salesman like Klinsmann ( great PR, great player, suspect coach) and he will wave his magic wand and turn our mediocre crew into world beaters. Think again.

  91. Mason says:

    I agree with you. Howard Webb did a fine job. It’s not his fault the players, particularly the Dutch, had no idea what constitutes a fair challenge. My only complaint is that he was too lenient on the kung fu kick and that he missed a CK when a DFK went off the wall in extra time.

  92. Mason says:

    I consider it unlikely that replay would be used to determine possession on a ball that has gone into touch, but yeah, he missed that one.

  93. Rotterdam Randy says:

    Already did A.J.

    Just remember that we failed to get out of the group in 1998, made the Quarterfinals in 2002, failed to get out of the group in 2006 and made the second round this year. So going by that, we will fail to get out of our group in 2014.

    You are right Americans not having any intensity about this sport. And that includes our players. That is why the US may never win a World Cup; because our players, none of whom play regularly at the highest levels, truly understand how tough and competitive things are and how much they will have to sacrifice to get to the top.

    Donovan is only now, at 27, beginning to understand what those Dutch and Spanish players already knew when they were kids, that they would have to commit totally to their sport if they were ever to be champions.

    Until recently, as he has admitted, Donovan, bless his spoiled little heart, was just coasting on his talent. And he is our leader. So what can you expect from the rest of our guys when the leader and best player has been a wussy for so long?

    He’s been more like Lebron James than Diego Forlan, though better late than never I guess.

  94. Mason says:

    Protip: A referee, when seeing a foul may acknowledge it in one of two ways. He may blow the whistle to stop play, or yell “Advantage, Play on!”

    Consider that, and reconsider my previous post.

  95. dude says:

    and who cares if you do or don’t cheer for Spain or any other team?

  96. Soccernst says:

    While I agree Iniesta’s dive was terrible, he and Xavi are absolutely ridiculous in possession. 3 on 1, and they cooly drag back, nutmeg and make an inch perfect pass time and time again. Amazing to watch. Thoroughly enjoyed the game.

  97. Kaiser says:

    Not sure Robben still had the advantage, because Puyol’s mugging slowed him up enough to give Casillas a chance to get out there. I agree with K.J. if you want to cut down on flops you gotta call a foul even if a guy tries to fight through it (not sayiong calling that will be easy). It kills me to say Robben would have been better off to take his usual fall…but it would have been.

  98. Michelle says:

    I was disappointed in the Netherlands football team this Sunday. But I believe that everything happens for a reason. I’m happy for spain…My Hearty CONGRATULATIONS!!! Played brilliantly!!

  99. Derrick says:

    totally disagree. thought it was the best cup i’ve seen. i don’t want a euro cup i want a world cup in africa with horns and everything. so much drama and captured america’s heart. That’s good for the game. But i’m sure the white euros like the english hated africa cause they had to travel and are just bitter.

    I’m glad they didn’t europhy my African World Cup.

  100. Derrick says:

    Lots of whining dutch fans. They disgraced their country with that display.

  101. MadKingGeorge: says:


  102. Erik says:

    The kung fu kick was pretty bad, but do you send off a player in a World Cup final that early in the game? The World Cup is a spectacle for the world and if De Jong would have gotten a red, it would have been pure torture watching the rest of that game.

  103. Erik says:


    I think it’s great that “Africa” got the world cup, even if it was “South Africa.” I have to say that South Africa is nothing like Kenya, Nigeria, Algeria, Ivory Coast, etc. The whole premise of the “African” World Cup is flawed in that they chose a very “safe” country to stage it.

    “White Euros like the English didn’t like it because they had to travel?” Based on that logic, white people must hate Brazilians, South Koreans, Japanese, Germans, Americans and on down the line where they had to travel.

    Run along now…

  104. SOK says:

    Seeing how soccer explains the world, does this mean the Spanish win represents a grass-roots “go local” revolution against the corrupting powers of globalization personified, most cynically, by the Dutch?

  105. huiboki says:

    Ha ha ha I’m Dutch. There were a bunch of heavy fauls but also a lot of acting that aroused the real fouls cause the referee was too fast showing yellow. This guy played a giant role in all cause he really blew his whistle too fast in the beginning and the result was irritation but also helplessness. Puyol should have been sent off for tackling Robben on his second run (Second yellow card is red) and Iniesta for kicking Van Bommel after a tackle. Off course there was Bruce Lee de Jong. It was a strange game. Netherlands had seen the Germans going down and it’s a final so you want to win, even if the opponent is stronger. The moment the Spanish crossed the middle line they were attacked and that made their playing difficult. If Robben had scored the Dutch would have won cause the same thing would have happened as with Brazil. I know everybody hated the Dutch for their playing but why be led to the slaughterhouse as a stupid lamb. I think they did what they had to do and they fought for it. That is what you should do.

  106. jb says:

    I will take your word on the Donovan comments, since I dont know any different. But to call out all of our players as not working hard enough is unfair. If you must blame something then blame the system. Consider: how does top American youth talent develop this understanding and competition you mention? Our kids can’t go the local/regional training systems ala Europe. Really the only choice at the moment is to leave home as a minor and go to Europe. Takes serious balls/determination/money/risk to pull that off. Hopefully in the future we will develop academies here in the States good enough to develop world class talent. Until then, we work with what we have.

  107. B 16 says:

    Dutch did all they could. Their thuggery in the first half disrupted Spain’s
    rythm enough to keep them in the match for 120 minutes. Spain was
    clearly better- it was just a matter of time before they broke through.
    Interesting thought-Arena and Van Mariwik (sp) both decent national
    managers- both had just one cap for their country.

  108. phil says:

    For some it was pure torture watching DeJong get away with a drop kick …

  109. phil says:

    Gay huh? what do you live in a cave or something?

  110. phil says:

    Wow. The amount of needless immature homophobic whining on this thread is simply astounding.

    I dunno know if soccer won or lost anything from this final, but SBI sure lost some points today for the “quality” of these postings.

    You all should get a life.

  111. Rotterdam Randy says:

    Just Google “Landon Donovan”

    I didn’t say our guys do not work hard enough.

    Because there are no Americans who play regularly for top flight teams in the Champions league ( the highest level )it is hard to get national team players who truly understand that competitive environment. By comparison the Dutch and the Spanish face that stuff on a regular basis. Mark Von Bommel is not a brutal psycho by accident. He does that crap because he knows, from experience, that it helps him win.

    Consequently, our guys are at a very bad competitive disadvantage one even the best coach will have a lot of trouble making up for.

    That kind of competitive intensity is not something you turn off and on with a switch; you learn it the hard way and our guys don’t have the opportunity.

    If you always face AAA pitching how do you expect to do when you suddenly have to face the Yankees in the World Series?

  112. Joaquin Behinyu says:

    Every player on both teams dive. It’s just that some are better at it than others. I guess you never watch Barca.

  113. Nats says:

    The language police have arrived! Homophobic this and homophobic that …


  114. tony says:

    Spain the worst team to win the cup. Brazil world cup will be ten times better than this.