Spain vs. Germany: A Look Ahead


One finalist is known, the other is to be decided in a matter of hours. A rematch of the Euro 2008 final in Vienna touches down in Durban as Spain faces Germany.

Germany has been the most impressive side in the tournament, scoring 13 goals on the road to the semifinals, taking down England and Argentina on the way. They've mixed national team veterans liked Miroslav Klose, Bastian Schweinsteiger, and Philipp Lahm with the youthful exuberance of Thomas Mueller and Mesut Ozil to produce the outstanding results.

Standing in the way of the Germans and an eighth final appearance is Spain, one of the pre-tournament favorites. La Furia Roja have reached this stage without seeming to click on all cylinders, riding a stout defense and the scoring touch of David Villa to its first ever semifinal appearance.

Here's a question for SBI readers: Which team do you see winning today's semifinal? Cast your vote below:

Who did you vote for? What are your predictions? Share your thoughts below.

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58 Responses to Spain vs. Germany: A Look Ahead

  1. John in Florida says:

    Who has spain really faced in this tournament?

    Portugla: Can’t score didn’t bother Spain

    Paraguay: Lucky to get that 1 goal against them to advance

    Switzerland: Loss

    Honduras: barely beat them

    Chile: Ugly win

    I think Germany will/should take this…..

  2. Scoobert says:

    I didn’t watch the Serbia-Germany game. How did Serbia beat them?

  3. Richard says:

    link to

    Sounds like Barca could be in some real financial trouble.

  4. bryan says:

    by a bad red card in the 34′ on Klose.

  5. bryan says:

    not possible. barca doesn’t spend money. remember? only madrid…

  6. DanO says:

    It all depends who scores first. If Germany scores first, they can sit back and counter like they did the last few games. If Spain scores first, they will take the air out of the game and pass the Germans to death. It will be interesting to see who plays up top for Spain today considering Torres and Fabregas are unlikely to play. Spain wins 2-0.

  7. BSU SC says:

    It should be a great game, but these teams are playing for 2nd place. The Orange Army will conquer the World on Sunday.

  8. JayMah says:


    link to

    Podolski missed a PK that would have tied the match. This was also the match that had nine cards on 29 fouls including 2 yellows on Klose that gave Serbia the man advantage after Klose was sent off for a bad call. Germany will win this match but I would want a Spain-Holland Final of countries who has never one the World Cup.

  9. Scoobert says:

    Can you post that without the link? Thanks.

  10. Felix says:

    I think Spain’s possession style will frustrate the Germans, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Germany does win. They have been playing so well, its hard to say emphatically that Spain will win.

  11. Aaron in StL says:

    I think whoever wins this game wins it all (assuming they don’t get beat up/lose men to cards). Netherlands defense won’t be able to cope with attacking of either Spain or Germany.

    With Torres gimpy, I’m going with Germany 2-1. Hoping it’s a more like a 3-2 game, but I’m sure it will be a tight one.

  12. Erik says:

    I totally agree.

    I have this crushing feeling that Spain gets embarrassed today – but then again I picked Brazil to win the WC. : )

  13. Erik says:

    Madrid is paid for by the tax payers… and Spain is about to implode financially.

  14. Erik says:

    Germany, 2-0.

  15. Mark says:

    Germany has to be favored, and I like them to advance. But Spain is no slouch, even though they haven’t played their best soccer during this tournament, so I won’t be suprised if they pull out a victory. I’m not a fan of either team, so I have not routing interest other than watching two talented teams hopefully put on a show. Hoping it will be a very entertaining game.

  16. bryan says:

    just a joke. just pointing out that barca, financially, is not any better than madrid. despite their delusional fans.

  17. phil says:

    I dunno. Spain has shown a lack of flexibility. Any time that an opponent clogs the middle they just look perplexed rather than shift tactics. You can Bet Germany will come out exactly like the Swiss and US did, only with a much more lethal countering game (no offense to the US, who did score 2). Plus, with Torres and Fabregas not at 100 percent it’s a lot for Villa to carry alone.
    Shutting down Schweinstieger and taking away the counter will be key.

    If they come out like this, it will be a long day for Germany:

    ———X. Alonso———

  18. Scoobert says:

    I have a feeling a lot of clubs are in financial trouble, or will be soon.

    And that goes for most professional sports…IMHO.

  19. bryan says:

    i think cards are wiped clean for this round. just have to hope for no reds.

  20. bryan says:

    it blows my mind navas hasn’t seen the pitch more. did he get hurt? i feel like i haven’t seen him since the group stages.

  21. on the road again says:

    Headed to Worcester/Attleboro MA area today, and would like to see the game in a good spot. Any recs? We are leaving by 11 or so ET and won’t have internet access after that. Thanks for any tips!

  22. inkedAG says:

    I’m not a fan of Germany, but they really look unstoppable.

  23. Erik says:

    I don’t see Navas or Arbeola making the starting 11. Ramos is locked in to that role even if he isn’t as great as people seem to think he is.

    He reminds me of Glenn Johnson – forward forward forward, oops – forgot about the defense. “Hey, Puyol! Help me out man!”

    But I agree with your main point that Spain has shown a lack of flexibility. I’ve been saying it for ages – they have ONE and only ONE game plan and if it doesn’t work, they can’t win.

    See Barca against Inter – see Spain against Switzerland/USA.

  24. KEvin_Amold says:

    I’d probably say Germany are slight favorites, but 66%?? That’s way too high. Spain, this group of players, owns the most recent win over Germany. Yes, Germany is a slightly different team now, but the Euro victory should count for something. Spain have lost exactly twice since November 2006.

    The Spanish may lose today, but people are too easily swayed by big scorelines, like the Manschafft have been posting.

  25. Scoobert says:

    It was at 90% when the voting started.

    For whatever reason, Germany just impresses a lot of people. Maybe it IS the scoring.

  26. phil says:

    right. tell me that after de Jong and and van Bommel get red cards by half time.

  27. Josh says:

    I’ll be rooting for Spain, but given both teams’ respective form, Germany looks like the better side. They’re basically Duke basketball: always in the final four, and occasionally a threat to win it.

  28. annoyedfan says:

    am I the only fan still really bummed that one side of the pitch won’t feature david villa and thomas mueller?? All because of FIFA’s pathetic ability to manage a tournament and a terribly bad decision by a ref. I really think not having mueller will tip the balance in spains favor and people will forget how crucial, and how unneccesary his absence is

  29. Aaron in StL says:

    Gotcha. This is all going to catch up with these clubs sooner or later.

  30. bryan says:

    david villa will play…

  31. annoyedfan says:

    yes I’m aware. I am frustrated that the two most dynamic wide players in this tournament wont be on the same side of the field. There would have been so much space for both to operate as they both pushed forward and could have been a classic duel between the attackers

  32. Aaron in StL says:

    I may not be reading this right, but Villa should be playing…

    It’s funny that Spain was (before the WC) praised for their style, but Germany has been the offensive force this tournament so far.

  33. JK says:

    Octopus Paul picked Spain.

  34. BSU SC says:


    If Ricardo Clark and Michael Bradley can make it through 4 games without getting Red Carded then de Jong and Van Bommel should be able to avoid such a fate.

  35. People are too quick to jump on/off bandwagons. Spain wasn’t the pre-tournament favorite for nothing, and they haven’t done anything to make me change my pick. Germany deserve respect, it should be a great game, and the Germans are definitely in form, and have won every game since that hiccup against the Swiss. Winners find a waqy to win even when they don’t play their best. Spain 3-2 Germany in extra time

  36. Jamie Z. says:

    Thanks for your input, Mr. Gullit.

  37. Warren says:

    Case closed then.

  38. Warren says:

    Germany is playing great, but they haven’t faced Spain yet.

    There’s quality across the field for Germany, but Muller broke through to another level in this tourney. His loss may tilt the game to Spain.

  39. AdamFromMich says:

    It wasn’t a bad red card, it was a deserved 2nd yellow on Klose. He got booked twice for tackles from behind. He probably shouldn’t have been given the 1st one, but the 2nd one was just stupid.

    Of course, later on in the game Podolski missed a penalty which would have tied it – so it was a very close game.

  40. Adriano says:

    I keep reading that Spain only scored a single goal against Portugal and Paraguay, and that it is somehow telling of what they will do against Germany.

    Didn’t Portugal have a shutout streak of like 9 or 10 games? And Paraguay had only allowed a single goal for some large streak of games as well.

    Chile and Portugal parked the bus against Spain, and still lost.

    Torres has been disgraceful thus far, and taking him out will actually help Spain. If he doesn’t start, I like Spain to win it.

  41. northzax says:

    you don’t think Barca is? their largest corporate partners are Catalan utilities.

    La Liga has, because of the strange system that funnels huge revenue to Madrid and Barca, kept the ball rolling a bit longer than England. the good times are over for the big leagues, and it’s getting time to pay the bills. Madrid owes a hundred plus million Euros to Santander (which is going under) but all that debt is stuff that’s already on the books. Is Barca really going to be able to shake out 150 million in bridge financing? especially to send much of that money directly to London? if there is a Catalan bank sitting on a spare 150 million right now, shouldn’t that money be invested in say, Catalonia?

    of course, they could raise this money in a heartbeat by selling their jersey sponsor, but then they’d be just like everyone else. So the Catalan government will come to the rescue, as always.

  42. bryan says:

    haha very true

  43. bryan says:


  44. bryan says:

    dang it, hit enter too fast. i just didn’t think he deserved the first yellow card. so i call it bad. it was certainly dumb on klose’s part.

  45. ThaDeuce says:

    where is your prediction?

  46. mixmaster flash says:

    kicker is saying that trochoski (sp?) will be taking muellers place tonight…makes sense i guess, he has been a sub in a few games and has a little more experience than kroos, who is probly more naturally suited to the mueller role. i see a 2-2 game with the germans winning on penalties.

  47. AdamFromMich says:

    You’re right, the 1st card was very harsh. The tackle looked accidental, and there was minimal contact. It didn’t look cynical or dangerous. After that, however, Klose should have been more careful. Especially with the way the ref was handing out cards in that game.

    It’s funny, I wasn’t very impressed with Germany after that game. I didn’t think Mueller looked good, and Podolski missed a bunch of chances. They have played much better since then, however.

  48. Der_Amerikanische_Kaiser says:

    Auf gehts! Need I say more. The Germans are playing possessed and the way the game should be played.

  49. bryan says:

    yeah, i really didn’t understand why he went in for that tackle knowing the ref was handing out cards left and right.

    and i agree, that game seemed to snap them into the form they have had since.

  50. ec says:

    I hope Spain go with the same line up that finished against Paraguay, which was more a 4-3-3:

    For gods sake though, Torres isn’t right, drop him and play Fabregas. If they go with the usual starting line up, I think Germany takes the lead and doesn’t give it back. No matter what the octopus says.

  51. Mason says:

    Yeah. Don’t go to Worcester.

  52. phil says:

    you are clearly clairvoyant.

  53. JW says:

    hmm.. so Just watching the pregame on ESPN and Klinsman is back in LA.

    wonder if he is back to meet with Gulati

  54. chauncey says:

    You make it sound like Germany has been running up scores against junk teams while Spain has been cruising against tough ones.

    The reality is that this German team has been soundly beating strong opponents, while this Spanish team has been struggling against mediocre foes. History is just statistics, the fact that a Spain with a healthy, on-form Torres beat a much slower, less dynamic Germany a couple years ago is meaningless today.

  55. Kevin_Amold says:

    No, I don’t make it sound that way. YOU assume I mean that. I said that people are swayed by big scorelines, which Germany have been putting up.

    Anyone who watched the GER-ARG game knows that 4-0 was quite flattering to the Germans, with two quite late goals as ARG got caught on the counter as they pushed. It was a great victory, but they weren’t THAT much better. They posted a convincing win over AUS, generally accepted to be a junk team like you said.

    Their win over England was fairly comprehensive.

    I’m just tired of the dismissing of Spain. Spain has the same group of players, essentially minus Senna and Torres. This team can win, and has won in the past.

  56. on the road again says:

    Thanks, Mason. Missed your message but we ended up stopping for an extended road lunch in Sturbridge at the Picadilly Pub, which had the game on several screens and was fine.