U.S. national team wins Best Moment award at ESPYs

U.S. national team Espys 1 (Getty Images) 


The U.S. national team's 1-0 victory over Algeria was made a little more magical on Wednesday, as it received the award for Best Moment at the ESPYs.

Several U.S. national team players were in attendance at the award ceremony in Los Angeles to witness their World Cup win outdo the New Orleans Saints' Super Bowl victory, Phil Mickelson's win of the Masters and figure skater Joannie Rochette's bronze-medal performance in the Olympics. 

The award marked the second consecutive year that the U.S. team won an ESPY. The U.S. national team won Best Upset last year for its 2-0 defeat over Spain in the Confederations Cup. 

Landon Donovan also claimed two other awards on Wednesday night. Donovan won the Castrol Performance Under Pressure award for his goal against Algeria, while also receiving the Best MLS Player award.

If you missed the U.S. national team winning the Best Moment ESPY, you can see it here:

What do you think of the U.S. national team winning the Best Moment award? Who did you think was best/worst dressed among the players in attendance? 

Share your thoughts below.

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59 Responses to U.S. national team wins Best Moment award at ESPYs

  1. Eric says:

    Does anyone else think it was stupid that ESPN would nominate a racecar driver for male athlete of the year but not one member of the US national team?

  2. Vik says:

    Haha, “athlete” might be a misnomer. But as far as accomplishments go, the only soccer player that deserved being nominated would be Dempsey and maybe Donovan.

    I think outside of the best MLS player award, and key USMNT games, espn doesn’t really address American soccer player careers in foreign leagues.

  3. Joamiq says:

    I’m not sure if any members of the national team deserved it, but I think it’s pretty stupid for a non-athlete to be nominated for athlete of the year.

  4. Pete says:

    Interesting, Landon brought his ex-wife as a date. Holden was rockin’ the Euro slim fit and skinny tie look. He would fit right in a Fellini movie.

  5. I <3 MLS says:

    Eh, Landon/USMNT combined for 3. I think I’m cool with that.

  6. DanO says:

    Somewhere Bob Bradley was in his best track suit…

  7. PC says:

    I think the bigger fact about the awards was in the finer details… how many shots of Landon did they pan to throughout the show?

    In marketing, it’s the little repetitive things that make items/products memorable.

    Maybe ESPN will jump even further on board in trying to make Soccer a staple in this country.

  8. Mike M says:

    The ESPYs are one of the dumbest things on TV. I can’t believe its lasted this long

  9. Ja Ja James says:

    Bocanegra’s comments were spot on. I have grown more cynical of the “World Wide Leader” over the years, but John Skipper and ESPN deserve congrats for the fantastic coverage of the world cup and increasing interest in soccer in general. Looking back, this summer may possibly be hailed as the tipping point for soccer in the U.S.

  10. torporindy says:

    As someone who has competed in go-karts, I have respect for racecar drivers. It does wear you out and it takes quite a bit of skill and stamina. Obviously, it isn’t as taxing as 90 minutes of soccer or 4 quarters of basketball, but those guys are athletes.

  11. BOB says:

    Landon sounds like a little kid.

  12. Wm. says:

    How is putting your foot on an accelerator and making left turns for three hours anywhere near the definition of athletic?

    Same with golf. Walk…swing. Walk…swing. Walk…putt. Get driven around in a golf cart. More putting. Swing.

  13. Tony in Quakeland says:

    LOL. Best laugh of the morning so far.

  14. jmc says:

    Skipper is actually quite pro-soccer. The rest of the ESPN brass doesn’t see the sport being as lucrative as their other interests in the US just yet. If ESPN decides to make the investment and really promote the world game to the US it could be huge. Given their aggressive marketing in other areas snd the WC and Euro ’08 ratings I wonder why they havan’t started their own soccer channel to try and blow FSC out of the water.

  15. Joamiq says:

    No, they’re not. It takes stamina and skill to do a lot of things. It takes stamina and skill to take the SATs. But standardized test taking does not fall under the category of athletics, and neither does driving a car.

  16. Myles B says:

    Ms. Rochette should’ve won. Did Landon’s mom die before the Algeria game?

  17. Hate on it all you want.. but everytime landon came on on the screen my3 year old would yell “landon landon!!!” and then continue to yell “LA!Galaxy!” Its working folks..but the network can only do so much. we have to help by teaching our children that you too can be a superstar and be a hero in your hometown if you play soccer.

  18. Hopper says:

    As dumb as the ESPYs are, it’s still cool to see the USMNT get some recognition by the American sports establishment. It’s way overdue.

  19. David says:

    ESPN are the gatekeepers of the American sports world. If ESPN likes you or your sport you are golden because they will talk about you endlessly. Soccer has yet to capture ESPN fully. I think a great many of their commentators are still not on board and are quite skeptical of the sport for whatever reason. I have become less of a fan of the network over the years. I think they are much more about promoting their brand than the actual sports they cover. Their is a cetain snobbery about them but for soccer to fully capture America it must capture ESPN first.

  20. Tony in Quakeland says:

    By the way, the team should have thanked Ian Darke for one of the best play by play calls in American history. He was worth a lot of votes….

  21. Tim says:

    Agreed. He is so great. I wish he called all the games with someone other than Harkes.

  22. Brian S. says:

    This might be off topic from the soccer aspect but can someone tell me why Shawn White was dressed like RuPaul? It gave me nightmares.

    Anyway, I think it’s great with not only the awards won, but also how many mentions the World Cup and USMNT received. I think that is getting overlooked.

  23. Chris says:

    I agree Ja Ja, now they just need to tone down (or get rid of) the blatant soccer bashers like Jim Rome, Skip Bayless and them 2 clowns (I believe it was Buster Olney and Eric Kuselious sp?) that subbed for Mike and Mike in the Morning who gave the USMNT zero chance at winning the award.

  24. Danny says:

    I still get goose bumps, watery eyes, and tingles when I see that play. I’ll never forget how that felt when LD put that away and we went through. I’ll never forget it.

  25. Pope Eddie says:

    two swings and one putt? maybe mini-golf. more like walk…swing. step…swing. kick ball. walk…swing. fish it out…swing. walk…putt. putt. putt. putt it in the vicinity. next hole.

  26. jayrig5 says:

    Lets take it easy here. NASCAR drivers lose like 10 pounds a race. The amount of focus, coordination, strength, and skill required to compete and, you know, not die violently, is ridiculously high.

    Think of the hours of practice and years of preparation and competition required to run at the highest level. Anyway.

  27. ahm says:

    how dare you! are you trying to tell me that jon daly isn’t an athlete?

  28. cj says:

    Wow, I was very surprised they won over the other nominees. I thought the New Orleans Saints would definitely win. I even thought the Phil Mickelson Masters story might win.

    I guess it was fresh in the minds of Americans when they voted. Good for US Soccer.

  29. Kevin_Amold says:

    On the topic of fashion, I thought our guys looked pretty good. Mo Edu looked sharp.

  30. Chris in NC says:

    happy for the boyz…..but disappointed seeing Stu Holden up there. I was hoping he would be with Bolton for Saturday’s match at the Charleston Battery. Bummer.

  31. sread says:

    Sorry, they’re not. “Athlete” is a title that probably ends with golfers, nothing below–especially not race car drivers.

  32. K-Town says:

    They have been seperated for the last year, never actually divorced. Also, during the last month they seem to have been working things out. Divorce sucks, I wish it on nobody. I hope they can work things out.

  33. BurlingtonChelsea says:

    and why cant he be there on Saturday? He doesnt have to fly around the world to be there….lol.

  34. bryan says:

    hahahaha that was awesome

  35. Mark says:

    Nice moment for the boys to be honored amongst their sporting peers.

    Seeing that clip will never, ever get old…

  36. Kevin_amold says:

    Landon had to get the other guys away from him as he spoke. They might have wrinkled his SIXTY THREE HUNDRED DOLLAR SUIT!! COME ON!!

  37. CTMo85 says:

    well played sir.

  38. Chris in NC says:

    from his Twitter….Had gr8 time at the @espys last night, back 2 HOU to see my family for a couple days and then to Toronto. Excited to get back w Bolton!!

  39. Jags98 says:


  40. war says:

    Congrats team USA. I still have a feeling that if Clint Dempsey moved to a top 4 club, was top scorer in the league, and won the champion’s league also as a top scorer, Landon would still win the ESPY.

  41. Ted in MN says:

    I’d give Olney a break. He can’t even talk am football or basketball; he is their baseball insider. Rome is just full of crap in general about every sport.

  42. +1 – I hate how often Harkes just calls players by different names, and doesn’t even correct himself.

  43. Erik says:

    I’m sorry, but after watching the clip of the Super Bowl win and what not, there is NOTHING in the world that is as dramatic as what the US did in the last second of that game.

    Soccer is an amazing game to watch at times and maybe the US is finally starting to get it.

  44. EB says:

    +1. Class.

  45. Mike Caramba says:

    Good for Landon and good for the team.

    Anyone else think it was funny that he said “Thank you for letting us inspire you?”

  46. Raymon says:

    Yes. With his lead in, I thought he was going to say “thank you for inspiring us to give our best”. You know what, I dont care if the guy cant give a speech. Congratulations to them.

  47. Eric_the_King says:

    solid as a rock!

  48. Eric says:

    I don’t like Nascar, IndyCar, etc, but Jimmie Johnson has won 4 straight titles. Pretty impressive.

  49. ELAC says:


  50. Lu says:

    not to mention how he porked his teammates wife…lol

  51. Big Chil says:


  52. Brian says:

    Landon scored the goal.

  53. Brian says:

    Maybe I’m a little slow but I don’t get it

  54. joe says:

    call me a hater if you like. i’m not. i love the game and am so happy to see the strides the US has made in the last decade, but c’mon folks. we beat algeria in the 90th minute. big whoop. it takes a little more than barely beating one of the weakest teams in the tournament to get me really excited. i wish our supporters could set the bar a little higher.

  55. Hey says:

    You’re not a hater, you just don’t realize how hard it is for anyone to win a game at the World Cup.

    The USMNT are a low to middle of the pack team in terms of talent. Thanks to good managing, they usually punch above their weight.

    In the context of this tournament beating Algeria meant advancement to the next round, no small thing. That was what people were celebrating not beating Algeria per se.

    If you were very observant, you might have thought that Algeria were a little bit more interested in not letting us advance than in actually winning themselves. At this level, if that is all you are really interested in then it your task is much easier.

    If you watched this tournament closely, a tournament where New Zealand, allegedly the worst team in the world, went undefeated and tied the reigning World Cup holders; there were very few, if any easy wins. The vaunted England team couldn’t beat Algeria.

    If that accomplishment is something you’d rather look down your nose at, then I suggest you support a team more worthy of you such as Germany.

  56. Jeffrey Kean says:

    at a certain point (and hopefully we are close), having the bashers is good. any publicity is good publicity at this point. nobody takes jim rome seriously anyway. if he wants to bash soccer, let him.

  57. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Well said, if “Moments” are what are being measured…soccer is full of them, after all “one goal makes all the difference”…

    I was psyched at the airtime the USMNT and LD in particular had.

    By the way, I don’t think there is an award for best ‘soccer player’ the award is for best MLS player…hence no Dempsey or Howard nomination.

  58. Well said, if “Moments” are what are being measured…soccer is full of them, after all “one goal makes all the difference”…
    I was psyched at the airtime the USMNT and LD in particular had.

    By the way, I don’t think there is an award for best ‘soccer player’ the award is for best MLS player…hence no Dempsey or Howard nomination.