World Cup: Germany vs. Uruguay (Match Day Commentary)

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Uruguay and Germany may have fallen a step short of the World Cup final, but both teams still have something to play for when they square off in the Third Place match (2:30pm, ABC) at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth.

Pride and World Cup medals are at stake as both nations look to end their impressive World Cup runs with a bronze finish. Uruguay has not won a medal at a World Cup since winning the tournament in 1950, while Germany will hope to claim its fourth third-place finish.

This is Franco Panizo and I will be providing commentary throughout the match, so please feel free to follow along here. As always, you can leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match. (Commentary is after the jump.)


FINAL- That's all for me. Please feel free to share your post-game thoughts, opinions and analysis. As always, stay tuned to SBI and for more coverage of the World Cup.


FINAL- There were lots of great individual performances by players on both teams throughout the tournament. Muller, Ozil, Forlan, Suarez and Perez are just some of the standouts. Managers Oscar Tabares and Joachim Lowe also deserve recognition for their work.


FINAL- Germany was the better of the two teams throughout the World Cup, but Uruguay had a great, great showing. Outdoing Brazil and Argentina is nothing to laugh at.


FINAL- A dramatic ending to a very entertaining third place match. Germany claims the bronze medal for second consecutive World Cup. South American teams go home empty handed.

By the way, the octopus was right again.


93rd minute- Forlan's free kick is off the crossbar! WOW. And there's the final whistle. Incredible stuff.


92nd minute- FOUL against Germany! Uruguay will have one last look from close range. WOW!


91st minute- Germany makes a change. Ozil out, Serdar Tasci in. Great tournament for Ozil.


90th minute- Two minutes of stoppage time added.


89th minute- Uruguay sub: Sebastian "El Loco" Abreu is in for Cavani.


88th minute- WOW. Some nice passing for Germany ends with Kiessling rifling a shot over the goal from close range. That should have been a goal.


83rd minute- The Europeans are up 3-2 after the ball bounced around the 18. Khedira got on the end of it and had enough strength on a header to put the ball over Muslera, who could do nothing about that one.




77th minute- Uruguay change: Walter Gargano in for Perez. Great tournament for Perez.


73rd minute- Germany sub: Cacau replaced by Stefan Kiessling.


69th minute- This game has been a wide open affair and very enjoyable. Who thinks tomorrow's final will be anywhere close to this in terms of entertainment?


64th minute- No sign of Klose yet. Wonder how upset he is right now, if at all.


57th minute- Game is tied 2-2 after Jansen heads home a long cross from Boateng. Muslera is at fault for that one too after misreading the cross and failing to swat it away.




52nd minute- Forlan nets his fifth goal of the tournament to put the South Americans up 2-1. Forlan finished well with somewhat of a scissor kick after Arevalo played a great ball to him.




50th minute- Every time Suarez touches the ball, boos rain down from the stands. Fans are trying to throw him off his game for the handball vs. Ghana. Wonder if this will carry over to his club team and in other Uruguay matches.

48th minute- Cavani put through on goal again, but Butt makes a save. Okay, you can start the rectum jokes now if you haven't already.


46th minute- The second half has begun.


HALFTIME- Schweinsteiger involved in both goals so far, and while I'm sure he'll catch some slack for the giveaway that sparked Uruguay's goal, the fact remains that he has had a great tournament.


HALFTIME- I don't suspect any changes will be made at halftime. Maybe inserting Klose is a move Germany manager Joachim Loew is considering, but that would probably be more so because of the goal-scoring record than anything else. Germany has looked good in attack.


HALFTIME- An entertaining first 45 minutes come to a close. Both teams have had their opportunities and the second half should see more of the same.


42nd minute- A great ball is played behind Germany's defense and Suarez hits a shot from a tight angle only to see the ball roll just wide. Good stuff from Uruguay and a nice attempt by Suarez.


35th minute- Rain is coming down heavy now. Let's see how that affects the game, if at all.


29th minute- Schweinsteiger is dispossessed by a nice tackle from Perez and that springs a counter attack that ends with Cavani easily slotting the ball home. Good stuff there from Uruguay.


28th minute- GOAL CAVANI! URUGUAY TIES 1-1!


26th minute- Uruguay doing a better job of applying pressure the last few minutes, but Los Charruas leave themselves exposed at the back on a corner and Germany gets forward in numbers. Uruguay needs to be careful with plays like that if it wants to equalize.


21st minute- How much Was Muller missed in the semis? I'd say a good bit, although I don't think he would have helped Germany top Spain. Maybe he would have helped score a goal, but not win.


20th minute- Schweinsteiger, wearing the captain's armband, shot from distance that Muslera parried away. Unfortunately for Uruguay, Muller followed up the shot unmarked and was there to knock in the rebound.

That goal gives Muller five in six World Cup matches. He's definitely in the hunt for the Golden Boot.


19th minute- GOAL GERMANY! 1-0! Muller hits in a rebound.


15th minute- Uruguay struggling in the first quarter of an hour to penetrate into Germany's final third.


10th minute- FRIEDRICH'S SHOT IS OFF THE CROSSBAR! Friedrich gets on the end of a corner and heads it. but the crossbar denies him. So close there for Germany.


7th minute- Forlan's shot looked nice, but it was never really on frame.


6th minute- Forlan's free kick is swatted away by Cacau, who was in the wall. Cacau gets a yellow card and Uruguay gets a closer attempt at the free kick. Forlan will once again take the shot.


5th minute- Now Uruguay wins a free kick from about 30 yards out. Forlan will step up to this one.


4th minute- Perez is fouled by Aogo, who receives a yellow card for his troubles. Aogo committed an unnecessary lunging slide tackle.


3rd minute- Schweinsteiger is fouled on the left flank and Germany wins a free kick.


1st minute- And we're underway.


PRE-GAME- Uruguay is pretty much fielding its preferred starters, while Germany is going with its younger players. Tough blow for Miroslav Klose, who is two goals away from becoming the World Cup's all-time leading scorer.


PRE-GAME- Here's Uruguay's starting eleven:

Muslera; Fucile, Lugano, Godin, Caceres; M. Pereira, Perez, Arevalo; Forlan, Cavani, Suarez.


PRE-GAME- Here's Uruguay's starting eleven:

Butt; Boateng, Mertesacker, Friedrich, Aogo; Muller, Schweinsteiger, Khedira, Jansen; Cacau, Ozil.

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83 Responses to World Cup: Germany vs. Uruguay (Match Day Commentary)

  1. Dan says:

    I am “watching” this game from an American Airlines jet flying cross country via the airlines’ wi-fi, so I would appreciate fully descriptive commentary of the action!

  2. C says:

    Is there no stream of this game available?

  3. ?? says:

    Uruguay versus Uruguay?

  4. Paul says:

    Biggest game of the tournament so far. No, seriously. This will see a team actually pick up a trophy.

  5. Adriano says:

    That is a straight red card.

    Unbelievable that he wasn’t instantly ejected, he almost snapped his leg in half.

  6. war says:

    More successful refing.

  7. Gus Keri says:

    There could have been a red card and a yellow card for Germany in 6 minutes. As FIFA said; this is the best refereed cup ever

  8. Adriano says:

    No question that Germany should be a man down. He hit studs up, mid shin, over the ball.

  9. Paul says:

    Anyone else wonder what the hell they’re gonna do when the World Cup is over? League soccer seems so worthless in comparison.

  10. Gus Keri says:

    I have different opinion here.

    How do you expect the MLS to improve if we, the fans, don’t support it?

    The more fans attend games and watch them on tv, the more money the league will make and they will be able to by the best players and improve the league.

    We need to support it to make it stronger.

  11. Paul says:

    I’m not American so have no real interest in MLS, although I do hope Americans who supposedly “fell in love” with soccer these past few weeks – like Bill Clinton 😉 – stick with the game. I just feel that, other than say the later rounds of the Champions League, or the very end of the domestic campaign, games rarely get as exciting or passionate as in the World Cup.

  12. rob says:

    Agree with the sentiment, but not realistically. The players that we sign, are mainly 30+ free agents. More than anything, ticket revenue wont increase teams budgets that much. How many people had to take a cut just to get Beckham to LA? We “trade” players instead of signing them in the league. We don’t have the youth system that can keep making great talent, with many players becoming pros in their mid 20’s vs their teens in leagues aroung the world(more than this too but I’m not writing a book). Our league tables w/the play-offs result in some half-a$$ed games until the play-offs start.

    I would love our league to do well, but there is more wrong with it than “signing players” can fix.

  13. Adriano says:

    What a fast break for uruguay.

    An amazing tackle by Perez, great passes, a first touch and a finish.

  14. Gus Keri says:

    I understand these points.

    One reason why the game if not becoming big here, is the propaganda war against it in the American media. The purpose of this negative propaganda is to keep fans away from the game and unfortunately, they are successful so far.

    American fans need to understand that. You can’t build a big league overnight. We need to be patient.

  15. rob says:

    one the same line, if an MLS team could do well in the Champion’s league or other regional competition that could bring in more money and recognition to the league. As it stands, we can’t compete with Mexican sides (let alone USL sides in the open cup)

  16. Adriano says:

    There are incredible players in MLS, but they are not allowed to play.

    Luis Gil, Jack Mac, half of the Red Bulls bench. The stupid American mentality that does not allow younger players time just because they are young.

    If Luis Gil can dominate international teams, and was/still is actively pursued by the best clubs in the world (Barca, Arsenal), he can sure as hell beat MLS opponents. He has been on the team for a year, and seen like 5 minutes of play.

  17. rob says:

    Until Jim Rome really burns soccer wont take off… If only another English speaking network can take over the world cup. No one wants to see Jim Rome badmouth the game on the same channel right before the game starts.

  18. Gus Keri says:

    When you, guys, have time, click on my name and read my post in about this subject. You may like it.

    I hope Ives doesn’t mind this comment. If it bothers him. I will stop.

  19. jonk says:

    Good grief, I’m already sick of Harkes and Darke crying about how unfair it is that the crowd is booing Suarez every time he touches the ball. Audiences love having a villain to jeer. And so what if any other player in that position would have done the same, let the people boo him.

  20. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Harkes and Dark? keep referring to the ‘booing’ of Suarez as troubling…that ‘anyone would have done what he did’, yet there was an Uruguay player right in front of Suarez who kept his hands down…I get its ‘within’ the rules, that doesn’t keep it from being ‘unsporting’…and I boo silently everytime Suarez touches the ball…

    Would like to see Klose get the record…

  21. Adriano says:

    The guy in front of Suarez tried to grab it too.

  22. jonk says:

    Luis Gil has been with RSL for a year? More like 3.5 months. Nevermind that he’s playing for the defending champs who have a solid midfield.

    The baby Bulls got lots of minutes in the Open cup before they went out, and as the season goes on should get more chances with the 1st team.

  23. war says:

    I wish Forlan got that

  24. Adriano says:

    A solid midfield… is that a joke?

    The “baby bulls” sit on the bench in games that matter while NY loses.

  25. Adriano says:

    That was selfish on the break away. 4 v 2 on the breakaway, and instead of passing one player decides to go at the defenders alone.

  26. Adriano says:

    As a Spaniard, I love hearing Van Bronkhourst promise that Netherlands are going to play an open game with Spain.

  27. ericJ says:

    The Ghanaians should be boo’ed for their diving as should every other player who dives. Diving is cheating moreso than what Suarez did. The fans are just bitter that none of their teams were good enough.

  28. war says:

    Suarez is having a nightmare. Score and shush the crowd man!

  29. Joe says:

    Harkes is ridiculous. Cacau had the ball in the middle if the pitch with no support, 1 v at least 6, he said, “Seems like Cacau is running out of ideas, when he gets the ball it doesn’t seem like he knows what to do with it.” He back passed because he had no support Harkes, cmon give the guy a break. It was a smart play.

  30. Adriano says:

    OMG GOLAZO!!!!!!!


  31. war says:

    Holy Crap. If they all end up on 5, even the guys left on 4, would Landon win the Silver boot on 3?

  32. Gus Keri says:

    Forlan is the only player who insists on scoring spectacular goals

  33. JFC says:

    germany lost its spark. what happened to the team that ruined argentina?

  34. Never First says:

    Wicked shot. As a side note, if you’re a goalkeeper, please dive even if you dive 5 seconds too late to stop a shot. You really look stupid just standing there with the ball in the back of the net.

  35. Joe says:

    On the tip, Diego Forskin goal!

  36. Adriano says:

    Diego Forlan = my fantasy team.

  37. JFC says:

    if there is more than one player with the same amount of goals, the tie-breaker goes to the player who has contributed the most assists if there is still more than one player, the tie-breaker goes to the player who has played the least amount of time

    so i dont think landy-cakes will get it

  38. war says:

    Really, couldn’t ESPN have sent JP or Tommy Smith down there. Really,though, Urkel, I mean Harkes? I realize they’ve kept the two pairings, but I really wanted a Darke-Tyler combo for the final.

  39. war says:

    Thanks for the clarification.

  40. war says:

    4 goals for every 3rd place game.

  41. war says:

    could cross by Boateng. Ade will love those

  42. Adriano says:

    God, Uruguay’s keeper just sucks.

    He is completely incompetent.

  43. JFC says:

    ha nevermind there it is

  44. Never First says:

    Somewhere in Germany, an octupus is breathing a sigh of relief.

  45. Adriano says:

    The booing is getting ridiculous.

    The African fans are sore losers.

  46. Barrett says:

    I have to say the thing bothering me the most in the commentary is Ian Darkes condemning the booing of Suarez with comments about him doing what any professional would do. Everyone knows if the team was France and the man being booed was Thierry Henry, he’d be chuckling about it and talking about how it was deserved. You can’t call Henry a cheat and Suarez a professional. They’re the same thing.

  47. Never First says:

    He’ll be a hero in Uruguay and a villain in Africa. I’m sure he’ll take that trade-off.

  48. Luis Suárez says:

    I rather be picked on then ignored.

  49. Adriano says:

    Not even close.

    Suarez made a calculated decision in the open, no deceit, to save his team. He was punished according to the rules. No cheating.

    Henry used deceit to hide an intentional handball that he used to score.

  50. JFC says:

    Did that uruguay fan just have the white hand of saruman on his face?

  51. jjank says:

    I LOVE THE BOOING!!!! Nothing classless or ridiculous about it.

  52. war says:

    professionals who did what anyone in the same situation would do to help their team in important career-defining moments.

  53. Barrett says:

    Completely disagree with you. Both of them have the same reaction time on the ball. Henry made just as calculated a decision to use his hand to play the ball. That the cheating wasn’t noticed in the Henry instance bears no relevance to whether it was cheating. If Suarez hadn’t been noticed, he would have been just as deceitful about it. He was up front about it because he got caught.

  54. Barrett says:

    So what you’re saying, in a nutshell, is that professionals cheat. Fans don’t like it and boo them in response, and the commentators think that it’s the fans who are disgraceful.

    Bah! Call a cheater what they are. They deserve it.

  55. jjank says:

    You’re not even close. I agree with Barrett and I think the players deserved to get booed if they do such things. Like intentional handballs or diving. Plus the fans pay good money and they can show their displeasure if they please.

    The Henry and Suarez handball are the same thing. Suarez got caught and Henry did not. Thats the only difference. They are both cheats.

  56. Adriano says:

    How do you not let Forlan take that?

  57. Never First says:

    Players commit infractions in every match, knowing full well what the penalties are. If FIFA think what Suarez did was especially wrong, then they need to change the laws of the game to reflect that. It’s the same as a “professional” foul in the NBA or intentional pass interference in the NFL. That’s different than deceiving the official, and you can say what Suarez would have done, but you can’t possibly know.

  58. Adriano says:

    It’s too bad that Uruguay’s keeper decided to not show up.

    He is directly responsible for 1, and indirectly responsible of another.

  59. jonk says:

    Seriously. If there’s anything that American fans can relate to it’s some good ol’ fashioned booing of a villain. It reminds me most of hockey games…and when Beckham returned to MLS last year.

  60. Ismitje says:

    Sure looked like Muller was unhappy that Khedira scored, that Boateng shot, and that Keisling shot.

  61. Adriano says:

    Good response.

    Some people just don’t use their head. If what Suarez did was cheating, than every foul, incidental handball, or illegal throw-in must be considered the same.

  62. war says:

    by the laws, any foul is cheating because it’s outside the rules of the game. So, you really cant be a professional without being a cheat.

  63. Gus Keri says:

    Paul the octopus is the winner: 7-0

    Will he be right for the final?

    In the Euro, he was right all the games except in the final.

  64. JFC says:

    when will a team sign the crossbar to a contract? best keeper ever

  65. Starla says:

    Europe prevails again. Only two years to the toughest soccer tournament of them all.

  66. ericJ says:

    Forlan is amazing.

    Also, I just think that we should be booing the divers more than Suarez. Then again, we all seem to like double standards.

  67. ec says:

    Yeah, but Own Goal commands a bigger transfer fee. He had an amazing year, even if he was pretty quite in the WC.

  68. ec says:

    So glad I watched that, almost didn’t since it was just for 3rd. Great farewell to the World Cup, some great attacking, very clean game, and one last keeper howler.

    Hats off to Forlan, class performance.

  69. Jorge says:

    Paul The Octopus’ life has been spared. No octopus cocktail on his horizon.

  70. phil says:

    Bill Clinton was hoping to meet chicks. Instead he met Mick Jagger…

  71. phil says:

    Yeah but in many ways the Champions League and unlimited TV access to EPL, Bubdesliga, La Liga etc. is a major part of the problem a well. Why plunk down the cash for season tix to an MLS game when for the same amount of money you can get a dish system and have access to the best leagues from the comfort of your own couch? When the Premiership was in its infancy it did not have that kind of competition, so considering that alone I’d say MLS is working miracles.

    But to answer your observation The Champions League is a European Club tournamenrt. You don’t even see championchip clubs from argentina, brazil mexico or the like getting an invite, so why would an MLS championship team?

    If that were to ever happen, the only team that could hang right now in an international league is probably LA Galaxy or Columbus Crew, and they’d be a Europe league candidate at that. But inviting a non euro club into europa league would never happen. That’s not a diss, but when our all start squad can’t topple Everton (who didn’t qualify for ANY international comps this year) that’s saying something.

    I credit MLS making a CONCACAF Champions League, but it’s just not sexy enough to average folks right now, especially compared to the “friendlies” that clubs have been arranging (i.e. Union v Celtic) Hopefully that will change. I hope the Lamar Hunt US Cup continues to gain ground, as it would help pave the way for USSF MLS merger and hopefully a relegation promotion system shortly thereafter. That’s when I think you’ll see soccer really penetrate the psyche a little deeper.

    That and the US winning the world cup, but I digress yet again..

  72. SeattleStan says:

    I saw that and yelled Urukai!

  73. DaveW says:

    I haven’t got to watch a game live for years, distance and other factors, but I have to say a game live is 10 times better than TV.

  74. Jason says:

    Crazy to think that over 4 weeks ago, Uruguay played 0-0 to France.

    I am not sure he will win the Golden Ball, by Diego Forlan has been the most enjoyable player to watch this month.

    He runs hard, his first touch is OUTSTANDING, and he seems to never waste a chance.

  75. Jason says:


    At least, Suarez was punished justly (according to the Laws) for his action. I have no problem (at least in sports), with a guy making a decision to do something if he understands the consequences. Notice, Suarez didn’t argue or second guess the Red Card.

    Divers are typically rewarded for their actions, which is contrary to the Laws.

  76. Kaiser says:

    The fact that it was calculated by Suarez made it worse!!! It was uprofessional, with no regard for the spirit of the game. That kind of play shouel carry longer than a 1 game suspension.

    The fact that Suarez didn’t hide the fact that he was cheating makes it better? Seriously? Its still cheating!!! I realize you have probably been drinking non-stop since Spain made it to the final, but you need to sober-up and start using your head.

    Suarez may be a hero in Uruguay, but anyone who knows anything about soccer knows that he deserves every boo!

  77. Kaiser says:

    So it is OK for professionals to defy the fair play ethics of the game?

  78. Walter says:

    This was not like a professional foul which can be considered part of the game. It was blatantly taking a crap on the rules of the game and the ethic of fair play.

    FIFA reserve the right to add extra game suspensions for bad red cards…so it wouldn’t be changing the rules to give a 3 or 4 game FIFA ban.

    No need to change a rule here, just enforce them.

  79. Kaiser says:

    I am still gonna go to Berlin, find that bastard, and have me some sushi!

  80. JFC says:

    yeah he had a nice header in the brazil vs netherlands game.

  81. phil says:

    totally agree.