Beasley in negotiations with Hannover


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DaMarcus Beasley's career abroad has seen him play for clubs in the Netherlands, England and Scotland, and he may soon add Germany to that list.

According to German outlet Bild, Beasley is in talks with Hannover 96 as the club looks for a replacement for injured winger Carlitos. A free agent this summer, Beasley received interest from Hannover earlier in the transfer window, but Carlitos' ACL injury has forced the club to reestablish those conversations.

Hannover is no stranger to having Americans on its roster, with Clint Mathis and Sal Zizzo having played for the club previously. U.S national team defender Steve Cherundolo, Hannover's longest-serving player, is currently the club's captain.

What do you think of Beasley possibly playing for Hannover? Is the team/league a good fit? Think Cherundolo is putting in some good words?

Share your thoughts below.

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36 Responses to Beasley in negotiations with Hannover

  1. Gacm32 says:

    Perfect, it looks like he can come right in and start getting serious minutes. Ideal situation for sure, and the Bundesliga is less physical (even though only slightly) than the SPL so that would suit him well.

  2. Yusef says:

    I like the move. He is a proven contributor in Europe when healthy.

  3. Katatonia says:

    hannover must be desperate

  4. WK says:

    Agreed. Probably decent money playing w a friend & US MNT teammate in a tough league. Could only hope for the same thing for Benny…

  5. Isaac says:

    It seemed like destiny was begging him to start on the right with Donovan on the left and Clint right behind Jozy when he started tearing it up at Rangers. Either way, he still has a lot to offer and if he gets his touch and passing down he’s a threat moving down the right flank as well as cutting in. Of course, there is Stuart Holden to think about. I’m just glad we have options.

  6. Ben says:

    I wish him well and will remember the good times, like 2005, scoring against Mexico, being our best players, ah heady times. I’ll always wonder what happened to him after that year; he was never the same.

  7. Ben says:

    *best player

  8. Ben says:

    Benny should have never left the Bundesliga in the first place.

  9. Vik says:

    yea, he was getting good minutes at Hamburg. Anyway, hopefully he can get something good going forward.

  10. Vik says:

    hannover can use any help they can get.

  11. jcd says:

    Great work, if you can get it!

  12. Mike says:

    Best of luck to Demarcus….I’ve always enjoyed watching him play.

  13. Mike Vnn says:

    Not really unless you count the games he was playing for the reserves in the lower leagues. Benny made a grand total of 9 appearances in the Bundesliga. There was no way he was breaking through. HSV were pretty loaded at that time, too

  14. seth says:

    good for bease. hope it works out

  15. Vik says:

    really? i was under the impression those few appearances were due to him just starting to break through to the first team from the reserves. It was impressive as he had only been there one year out of college; it seemed like they were bringing him along at the right pace.

  16. Jhg says:

    How many minutes will he log before some gigantic Teuton sends him to the injured list? I would love for this to work, but my expectations are low

  17. strider says:

    Good to see one of our guys in limbo is making some progress. Sure hope Jay D can find a club soon too!

  18. Sean says:

    This is a good move. He will get playing time, and can hopefully stay healthy.

  19. LORD says:

    Go for it Beasley. I think his time with the NT is over but hope he can attach to a good team for the next several years and stay injury-free.

  20. Aden says:

    He’s alive!

  21. Lost in Space says:

    I’m happy for him. Now if they’d only add Benny to their squad as well I’d be a happier person.

  22. BrooklynFC says:

    you must not follow him on twitter the man tweets every 20 mins…. Beas is twitters new ADU

  23. BrooklynFC says:

    Benny to Chivas USA as a DP, DO It chivas

  24. bunkel says:

    I don’t think his USA career is necessarily over. He’s 28, if he gets consistent time and is in good form I bet he could still contribute…though I’ll admit thats a big ‘if.’

  25. adam says:

    His unemployment benefits must be running out….

  26. Dennis says:

    I wish him well.
    The last 4 or 5 years he has been injured way too much. It is what happens to a small fast player who gets fouled by defenders trying to slow him down.
    He either must become stronger and more durable or find a way to avoid the whacks that eventually end in injury.

  27. bryan says:

    great move. i really hope this works out for him.

  28. DC Josh says:

    Good for Beas. Maybe one American will move, even though I don’t think he saw any minutes in the World Cup? I can’t remember. How ironic if so.

  29. Keith G. says:

    I think this is a good move for Beasley. He will have the chance to play against the 2nd best team in Europe last season Bayern Munchen, and clubs like Schlake, and Werder Werder Bremen, who have world class players. This move will deffently keep him at the top of his game. I see him only getting a 1 year deal, and if he impresses and the club stays up then maybe another contract. Other wise I am hoping that he will be coming back to the MLS next season. I would like to see him out on the left wing for the Red Bulls.

  30. Lorenzo says:


  31. biabia1305 says:

    Beas got in at the end of the Algeria game. Just in time for the Donovan goal.

  32. Gacm32 says:


  33. Wilton says:

    He’ll only be a USA factor with a move to MLS…Him and Adu need to come home

  34. Brian says:

    He’ll never play. Just like Zizzo