Beasley signs with Hannover 96

DaMarcus Beasley (JohnToddISI)

Photo by John Todd/

DaMarcus Beasley has played in the Netherlands, England and Scotland, but now the U.S. national team midfielder will be able to add Germany to that list of destinations after signing a two-year deal to play for Hannover 96.

The 28-year-old midfielder has been searching for a club since being let go by Scottish club Rangers, and had been pondering some offers from the Netherlands and England before Hannover expressed interest following the injury of regular starter Carlitos.

Beasley joins U.S. World Cup teammate and Hannover captain Steve Cherundolo on a Hannover team coming off an impressive 2-1 win against Schalke 04 over the weekend.

Beasley will be looking to rekindle a career marred by injuries in recent years. He showed flashes of his old form last season in Scotland, but struggled for playing time yet again.

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61 Responses to Beasley signs with Hannover 96

  1. Dale Mills says:

    Great move IF he stays healthy and plays

  2. MensreaJim says:

    Great move. I don’t know where his game will be at 32, but if he plays and doesn’t get hurt he’s always a great addition, and we could use him next summer.

    And of course, it should be great for his career.

  3. Nick says:

    The weird thing about this is here was a guy we thought was done. He’s ready to come back to the MLS and then he goes he signs with a Bundesliga club? There’s something that we’re missing. He’s still a legit player and can provide for a decent team.

  4. Hush says:

    Great! Now to get Freddy Adu to the Galaxy. Demerit to a decent team or MLS.

  5. Smacking says:

    Great move for Beasley. I always like when multiple yanks get to team up.

  6. patrick says:

    why would you want demerit on a “good” MLS team? when hes capable of playing in a much better league in europe?

  7. TimN says:

    I’m assuming that guys who are out of contract, like Adu and DeMerit, can sign with somebody after the August window closes…is that correct?

    I’m also assuming at this juncture that Donovan will have to languish until the January transfer window, as I’ve heard absolutely nothing in regard to any potential moves with him. Shame on MLS for stifling this guy’s career by demanding a ridiculous transfer fee, and shame on Donovan’s agent for allowing him to sign a 3 YEAR extension with the Galaxy, as history has shown MLS to be VERY difficult in allowing transfers to happen. Monetarily it may have been a good move for Donovan, but from a player development standpoint, staying in MLS does nothing for him.

  8. Will says:

    Freddy is under contract at Aris through this season…just not part of the team’s plans. Basically he will only be getting practice time until January when maybe he’ll make a move

  9. Oranje Mike says:

    Adu might head back to MLS. If he can’t get playing time at Aris then I have doubts other European clubs will come knocking. MLS would be a good move to gain playing time and rebuild his career. It’s not the end for this kid.

    Great move for DMB!

  10. Fred says:

    I think this can only be a good thing. If he gets injured in the physical bundesliga he will be no worse off than he was at Rangers.

  11. Fred says:

    I think this can only be a good thing. If he gets injured in the physical bundesliga he will be no worse off than he was at Rangers.

  12. Der_Amerikanische_Kaiser says:

    Excellent move and fit for both DMB and Hannover. This could reignite his career.

  13. Shawn says:

    hahahahahaha, you were serious with that comment weren’t you?

    He got cut from a Championship side!

  14. patrick says:

    no, his team let him go because they couldn’t afford him. Get your facts straight

  15. patrick says:

    Glad to see him get out of scotland. Bundesliga is a tough league, but I don’t think he’ll be getting hacked the way he was at Ibrox.

  16. babieca says:

    *We* thought was done?

    Shocking that a bunch of dudes on the internet could be wrong.

  17. Pico says:

    Netherlands, England, Scotland, and now Germany…

    Hmmm, I guess Beasley might not be in Europe for the food.


  18. Eric_the_King says:

    It’d be nice if people had their facts right before posting on here from time to time. I’m sure Watford really jumped at the chance to get rid of their captain. Thanks for clarifying patrick. This was without a doubt a financial decision and not a football decision. Makes you wonder how financially bad things are for these lower division clubs.

  19. CSD says:

    well played

  20. MiamiFCduros says:

    wow. Seriously read up before you post.

  21. Smirking Kitten says:

    Fantastic move for Beasley. If he can stay healthy, which is a big “if”, this could be an ideal situation to get his career back on track.

  22. dude says:

    Beasley making that Moolah in Germany. Wonder how close he is with cherundolo.

  23. dude says:

    Who is the most well traveled Yank footballer?

    Is it Beasley or Reyna or Keller?

  24. sike says:

    Regardless of whatever you say, Beasy did score 4 CL goals in 12 CL matches back in 05. That is LEGENDARY for an American

  25. Wispy says:

    What, the fact that he weighs 130 lbs. was not evidence enough for you?

  26. Shawn says:

    If he was that good they would have kept him and cut someone else…I’m just saying.

  27. AdamFromMich says:

    What’s wrong with German food? Are you too good for brats, pretzels, and beer?

  28. PetedeLA says:

    Ehh…. shame on Donovan (and Ives for that matter for lauding his re-signing).

    He had tons of examples to look at– Mathis, Dempsey, McBride, yet he still ‘signed his life away’.

    Of course, I’m saying that as a Euro fan.

    But Donovan may be getting exactly what he wants. Seems like he wants to get back together with his wife. And he may want to avoid some baby-mama drama if the rumors about him knocking up a Mersey-side bird are true.

    Still I say a soccer player only has a limited time and it’s just ridiculous to go through the motions with a markedly inferior level of play and audience intensity.

    Just my H.O.

  29. PetedeLA says:

    Good move for Beasley, though. We’ll see how his balsa wood frame holds up in the Bundesliga. The ironic thing is that Hannover sign Beasley, who is known for being frequently injured, as a kind of replacement for their other frequently injured offensive talent– Hanke, Fossell, Schlaudraff. What are they smoking? They’re off to a good start, but I would NOT bet on them staying up this year.

  30. NORGE says:

    O/T but any news on Dempsey? Dude seems to be pissed in every Fulham match. Has Hughes demanded he score a goal every match if he wants to start?

    BTW is this the most competitive Fulham side since the days of Saha and Van Der Sar on the team?

  31. amerikaner says:

    Hannover are a pretty much mid table team with players that should be on relegated Bundesliga teams. How they stay up every year or even finish midtable is a suprise. But hope Cherundolo can lead the team to top half finish.

  32. amerikaner says:

    News to some.

    Feilhaber has 2 days to make a move. Supposedly his “La Liga” team is waiting for last min.

    DeMerit may sign in England or Germany.

    Goodson is heading to Denmark in January.

  33. LAST YANK says:

    Poor Adu. 5 years ago he was going to be the American Pele. What happened?

  34. GW says:


    My guess is that most of the internet critics who thought he was done hadn’t seen him play recently.

    That’s probably because he hasn’t played much recently.

    In addition, the SPL is not really a league that best suits a guy like DMB at this point in his career. The Bundesliga is more suited to his game and it certainly didn’t hurt to have Captain Cherundolo for a reference. Good for DMB.

  35. GW says:

    Not true Shawn

    He was good but at 30 years old and making good money for a team like Watford, you have to make room for younger,cheaper guys.

    This sort of thing happens all the time at clubs like Watford.

  36. David Moyes says:

    The Transfer window applies to transfers from club to club.

    Jay D is a free agent w/o a club so he actually can sign with anyone after the window, though obviously the worry is everyone will be out of space. There are injuries to consider however.

    Adu is still under contract to Benfica though Aris apparently are responsible for the last two years of that, which is probably why he is still on Aris’ roster. They couldn’t get anyone to take him so they are keeping him around as a spare part.

    My understanding is that Donovan signed that extension to get the Galaxy to let him do the Everton loan. The MLS were under no obligation to loan him out and they wanted some protection in case Donovan wanted to leave.

    At this point it looks like Donovan is stuck in the MLS.

  37. HoffbrauHaus says:

    “What’s wrong with German food? Are you too good for brats, pretzels, and beer?”

    Sounds like a great training diet.

  38. PetedeLA says:

    The dude has only learned how to play one position. Unfortunately, many teams don’t even play with that position, or they want a proven commodity to play that position.

    I’m sure he has watched hours of Baggio and Zidane. But he never realized that for all of Baggio’s creativity, he was ALWAYS a goal scoring threat more than anything.

    As brilliant as Zidane’s movement is in the final third, he was also a big, feisty work horse with a winner take all attitude– who also happened to be completely two footed.

    A lot of that stuff is lost on Adu, I think. I think he’s just not that sharp and doesn’t have the mentor-ship to fill him in. Lack of humility certainly plays a role there, too.

  39. D. Szetela says:

    Think of him as a replacement for Sal Zizzo.

  40. steveo says:

    Adu just developed faster than other players and then stopped, while others have passed him by (cue the Adu is really 35 yrs old rumors)… he is now a one trick pony in a a game that asks players to be versatile…

    He lacks speed to play the wing- guys like Jesus Navas are tiny, but lightning fast…

    He does not track back on defense to win the ball back… Xavi and Iniesta are small, but they go all out to win the ball back when possession is lost.

    Freddy’s only suitable role is the second striker- kind of like Donovan’s role in the Brazil friendly…

    maybe he should play in Mexico, the game is slower, more touch-oriented…

  41. Brian says:

    The Merseyside baby mama drama is not true. It’s not Landon’s baby

  42. Brian says:

    German food is f*ckin awesome!

  43. Shawn says:

    Exactly my point….why would a team in a “much better league in Europe” pay for a 30 year old who has been an average Championship player over the last couple of years.

  44. PetedeLA says:

    I’d agree with you if it wasn’t for the fact that Mexico (like much of the world) is terribly color racist. Don’t want to elaborate for risk of offending too many people, but there is a reason that the Mexican national team is much “whiter” in appearance than your average collection of 11 Mexicans. … enough of that.

    His best bet for me is Holland. If Bradley can score 18 goals (or whatever it was) I’m sure Adu can find a niche there. He’ll have to take a SIGNIFICANT pay cut, but at this point he needs decide if he wants to develop his game and have a career or be 21 year old ‘has been’reflecting on coulda, shoulda, woulda for the next 70 years.

  45. PetedeLA says:


    Bullet dodged!

  46. Oranje Mike says:

    German food is awesome.

  47. Justice from the Big D says:


  48. primoone says:

    “there is a reason that the Mexican national team is much “whiter” in appearance than your average collection of 11 Mexicans”

    Pete…your an idiot

  49. steveo says:

    a wage cut shouldn’t be a barrier to Adu gettnig playing time anywhere at this point, realistically-speaking. There is no way that Adu can expect to make the same amount or better on his next deal… I don’t understand why people say that he can’t come to MLS because of his wage demands- he’d just be unemplyoed holding out for that much cash this time around. He got paid based on promise at Benfica and he has not lived up to it whatsoever as Benfica, Monaco, Belenses, Aris and Sion will tell ya….

    Qatar, J-League and the Saudis only overpay for aging World Cup stars, not busted phenoms…

    I wish Adu the best of luck, maybe when his current deal runs out he’ll reset his expectations and begin the uphill climb again… too many young prospects in US and worldwide have passed him by and left him in the dust- and they’ll keep on coming…

  50. Gacm32 says:

    +1 it’s getting to be ridiculous on here. It seems like all the knowledgeable soccer fans that used to be on this site for at least a year are getting lost in the influx of people that don’t have a clue of what they’re talking about.

  51. steveo says:

    I think that Mexico would put the best players on the field regardless. Look at how many foreign-born/ second generation-players they have these days: Dos Santos, Franco, Castillo…

  52. Second City says:

    I’m having a hard time getting excited for Beasley or thinking positive about this move but I wish him all the luck.

    Not for the NT, just generally speaking for his career.

  53. Sean says:

    Bullet dodged? This clearly hurts our hopes in the 2030 World Cup in Outer Space

  54. GW says:

    That wasn’t exactly your point.

    Your point was Demerit must not have been that good if Watford got rid of him.

    My point was money and age were the main factors in letting him go, more so than his talent, per se. He can still be useful to a club with better finances.

    Demerit is not super star but he’s good enough to be a regular in the Championship or in many lower level EPL sides.

  55. GW says:

    Maybe but they have the ugliest away kit I’ve ever seen. Where did they get these softball/NASCAR clown outfits?

    No wonder Dempsey looks so mad all the time.

  56. primoone says:

    Seriously though…think about it. Can you imagine the Mexican Soccer team coach saying “you know what, I really need to field the best team so that I am able to succeed and keep my job however, I need to keep this team predominantly “fair-skinned”

    Im not naive to think that Mexico does not have a racism issue. It exists against foreigners as well against their own indigenous people. With that said there are exceptions and isolated incidents however, I highly doubt racism or prejudice views influence any roster selection at the national level.

  57. jimoh8002 says:

    He played in the Confeds Cup and World Cup. Got alot of minutes and was one of the top performers. No one else in the championship achieved that. His value went through the roof

  58. ThaDeuce says:


  59. Lil' Zeke says:

    Run that by me again?

  60. PetedeLA says:

    Glad someone bit.

    You can say I’m off base, you can say you think I’m completely wrong, but you cannot call me an idiot.

    Before you call me an idiot, provide a reasonable counter-argument, or at least a useful anecdote.

    I’ve lived in 3 foreign countries, I’ve spent several weeks in Mexico as a Black person, I’ve lived in LA most of my life. My friend who is Mexican and Creole was told by his fiancee to not get too dark before the wedding. I’ve known Mexicans whose parents tell them to stay out of the sun for fear that they look too Indio.

    Why are the actors on the TV only ‘white’ looking? Have you not noticed this?

    This is NOTHING new in soccer, people just don’t like to talk about it.

    Of course, one can chalk this all off to a cultural peculiarity– no biggie.

    I just think there is a lot of discreet racism that one encounters as a Black person in a foreign country.

  61. PetedeLA says:

    The weeding out process happens way before that. I see you are now making some reasonable arguments, but I have some counter-arguments.