Bradley to remain USMNT head coach through 2014

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Bob Bradley will remain the US men's national team coach through 2014 after reaching an agreement with U.S. Soccer on Monday.

The sides reached an agreement to extend Bradley's contract as head coach through 2014 after discussions last week. Bradley's contract was due to expire at the end of 2010.

Bradley helped guide the United States to a first-place finish in its group at the 2010 World Cup before the team was eliminated in an overtime defeat against Ghana in the Round of 16.

Bradley had been linked to a handful of club coaching positions in Europe, and was believed to be seriously considering a move to Europe before agreeing to extend his contract with U.S. Soccer.

U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati had reportedly met with Juergen Klinsmann about the possibility of him replacing Bradley, but ultimately chose to stick with Bradley.

My initial thoughts? As I wrote on Fox Soccer last month, Bradley earned the right to come back if he wanted to. He did a good job during his four years with the team, and while many fans will question some of his decisions and player preferences, the fact remains he has led the team to good results. Klinsmann would have been an intriguing option to be sure, but Bradley has done a good enough job to merit another four years.

What do you think of this development? Glad to have Bradley back? Disappointed Klinsmann wasn't hired?

Share your thoughts below.

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437 Responses to Bradley to remain USMNT head coach through 2014

  1. BigBlueAL says:


  2. Connor says:

    i fell sick.

  3. Uncle Sam Axe says:


  4. Blake says:


  5. AK says:


  6. I think the question on everyone’s mind is this: Was wearing sweatpants written into the contract?

  7. Duck says:

    Pulled the ol’ switcheroo on us, eh Mr. Gulati?

  8. Matt says:

    How anticlimactic

  9. Murphy says:


  10. PC says:

    So disappointed with USSF right now. I’m about as gutted about this as I was at our WC exit.

  11. Andy in Chicago says:

    So 4 more years of Kljestan eh? (This is said somewhat in jest.)

  12. Scott says:

    I think this will prove to be a mistake for US soccer

  13. MikeyG says:


  14. BigBlueAL says:

    Maybe our venom shouldnt be directed anymore at Bob Bradley but instead it should squarely be aimed at Sunil Gulati.

  15. RAW AO_NJ says:

    FML….why couldnt we look elsewhere…

  16. Gacm32 says:

    Great…I am so disappointed.

  17. BenH says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO please US Soccer put up a story about the fact your site was hacked. PLEAAAAAAAASE.

  18. Der_Amerikanische_Kaiser says:

    Oooooh Noooooo Mr. Bill (Bob in this case).

  19. Carlo says:

    It’s not that bad, as you people think. Bradley is a good coach, and he has proved that. I’m glad he is staying. Bradley knows how to work with what he got, and he goes far with that. A high profile coach isn’t going to get us into a world cup final. We aren’t going to be there until we learn how to raise high quality players from within our system. We are getting there, and Bradley has a lot to do with that.

  20. Ismitje says:

    Underwhelmed to say the least.

  21. Upset says:

    Lane. Fvcking lame

  22. GW says:

    Klinsman gave an interview to the Examiner in Seattle the other day, while visiting Sigi Schmid.

    He just doesn’t sound like he wants the kind of crap that goes along with BB’s job. Technically I suppose he’s unemployed but I’m sure he’s got a lot of things going on.

    Besides, I think it’s interesting how everyone assumes this guarantees he will lead the US to the 2014 World Cup. It doesn’t. He can still get fired.

  23. Petaluman says:

    It’s time for new blood and new tactics. Mr Bornstein has just locked down another 4 years on the USMNT. I’m sure he’s happy…

  24. Justin says:

    “Bradley knows how to work with what he got, and he goes far with that.”

    That’s the problem. He doesn’t know how to work with what he’s got. He knows how to work with what he had in the Confeds Cup. When his talent changed, however, his tactics didn’t, and we ended up with Findley and Clark.

  25. GW says:

    “Besides, I think it’s interesting how everyone assumes this guarantees BB will lead the US to the 2014 World Cup.”


  26. bla bla says:

    Its Official

    By 2013 USA would be the most hated National team in the world with this man`s tactics

  27. GW says:

    And you would have done what in the face of all those injuries???

  28. Lee says:

    I like Bradley but I’d have made a change.

  29. K.J. says:

    And Ricardo Clark rejoiced.

  30. jimoh8002 says:

    NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Please tell me its August fools or something. Well there goes all hope of 2014.

  31. Chris says:

    Yeah, because the last time we signed a previously successful WC coach to an extension it went great. Oh wait.

  32. Chris says:

    And Findley sang his praises.

  33. k.j. choi says:

    what an awful decision… i bet this works out worse than re hiring area

  34. bla bla says:

    You call playing 7 defenders good coach..

  35. DL of 105 support says:

    4 more years of Robbie Findley in the starting line-up…this is awful!

  36. jimoh8002 says:

    your worried about kljesten? HOw about Rico Clark? We are DOOMED

  37. Kevin Durant says:

    I thought that Coach K got the job?

  38. LNG says:

    damn it Gulati

  39. drewcore says:

    This is a joke right?! Congrats every bogus player that will now play

  40. HoBo says:

    “Terrible” decision I think, Bradley has done well (not really well maybe ok, just being diplomatic) but it’s time to move forward with our National team. We need new ideas and energy, a new way of thinking and we’ll get exactly the same as we have for the past 4 years. For the love of God no more Clark and Borstein Mr. Bradley!

    USSF really screwed the pooch and will anger a lot of people. Mr. Gulati needs to turn in his resignation. We want US soccer to move forward and it’s not with these decisions!

  41. Dale Mills says:

    Nothing against Bobby Blue Eyes but I just don’t see the wisdom in any World Cup coach continuing on for another cycle. Color me disappointed.

  42. Lee says:

    Guys he can only play who is there. The important thing is that the US develops 2 or 3 forwards that can score. Mwanga/McI/Jozy/Davies/whomever. That is the most important issue prior to 2014

  43. 9846758902425 says:

    The only reason he would be fired is if we are knocked out of world cup qualifying

  44. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" wants to 2 step all over Sunil's NUTZ! says:

    Findley’s song of praise:

    Hare, hare, hare Bradley!

  45. i think your missing the point. The US Soccer federation had the oppurtunity to not only add a “high profile” coach but also completely overhaul our style of play, mentality and youth system with klinsmann (if he wanted the job) Hell I would be okay with a 2 year extension. but for us to play the same soccer till the 2014 world cup is just setteling for less.

    In my opinion we have moved past the counter-attacking, long ball style of play. With the midfielders we have (jermaine jones, michael bradley, JFT, Mo Edu) plus the crop of up and coming talent (mix diskuerd) we can really play a 1-3-2-1-2-1 and play good fluid soccer.

    bradley doesnt bring that. Although he is a good coach.. he is slow to adapt, and has questionable player selection. USSF dropped the ball on this one..

  46. Josh says:

    I think Bradley did well enough with the players. He can be loyal to a fault, but then again he did leave Kljestan and Ching off his roster even as he made a huge mistake going with Clark against Ghana.

    But what I’m really curious is the degree to which Gulati, by dragging this process out AND having a meeting with Klinsmann (that the press reported on widely), may have undermined Bradley. Gulati may wind up forcing Bradley to pick ultra-loyal players so that when things don’t go well, none of them question his right to be coaching the team.

    For a smart guy, Gulati’s handling of this has been pretty ham-handed.

  47. roger says:

    is there any way we can get Phil Jackson???????????

  48. Joe from El Paso says:


  49. JC says:


  50. aiden says:

    all you bob haters need to calm down.

    he’s a well respected coach worldwide (outside of the US) and the national team has made great strides under his watch.

    here’s to another 4 years, coach.

  51. 9846758902425 says:


  52. fenel says:

    I love it. Great move by USSF. The US has had success under BB like it or not. The guy knows MLS and American soccer. It would take years for an international coach to come up with the right formula for the US.

  53. Evan says:

    It just sucks to think we really couldn’t upgrade. Bradley did what he was asked to do…namely, to deal with the aftermath of 2006. But to think we couldn’t get anyone else is really depressing. This is NOT a good decision, not matter how you slice it. It’s safe to say we were lucky to get where we did in 2010, and I don’t think it’s smart to count on that string of luck continuing. Best way to describe the USSF: proponents of the status quo.

  54. harry balsac says:

    who cares what the world thinks

  55. El Colo 323 says:

    I just hope we loose the gold cup and not make it to Brazil 2014. Maybe this the only way that idiot that runnin the fed. will learn. 4 more years of mediocracy. Im simply diaspointed ig this true. our hate should directed at the idiots in Chicago that are running this piss poor federation. 4 more years of Kljstan, bornsucks and all the other mediocer players that we are full of. This simply sucks. I love my National team with a passion. But I really hope they really stink it up this time.

  56. DYCSoccer17 says:

    4 more years of Bornstein


  57. aiden says:

    klejstan didn’t make it to SA.

    bornstein played well while he was there, and will only get better in mexico, and he’s only 25.

    calm down.

    “Love him or hate him, Bradley has (for the most part) delivered. He has led the U.S. to a Gold Cup triumph in 2007, an appearance in the final of the 2009 Confederations Cup and the second round of the World Cup.”

  58. harry balsac says:

    upgrade explain that. An international coach who comes with a preset agenda and throws the whole thing back 15 years.

  59. miggy says:

    im pretty confident with bradley. im sure hes going to wipe the slate clean.

    he got screwed last year with onyewu and davies getting hurt. altidore sucking balls. no real left back. etc.

    it’s not bradley’s job to develop players, it’s his job to put the best team together.

  60. The Dude says:

    Not happy.

  61. Ron says:

    i agree…Klinsman would have really helped our country develop. I like Bradley but I think he had his shot…let’s move on.

  62. sucram89 says:

    I would have left Clark on the bench and started Edu. Clark is the sole reason we were knocked out by Ghana and he had no business on the field. I also would have kept the same back 4 ie: Gooch, Boca, Demerit, and Dolo. Instead BB screwed it up by forcing the issue with Bornstein.
    I’m not discounting BB’s accomplishments he’s a good coach, but he’s made some bone headed decisions that are unforgivable.

  63. Billy Bob says:

    sigh. He’s a good coach, but this is a blown opportunity.

  64. chente says:

    oh god no.
    ching not making the team.
    findley and clark starting.
    clark starting again after feilhaber played so well.
    buddle hardly starting.
    torres hardly playing.

    bradley is old school american––valuing athleticism over actual skill. he should have been fired after his WC decisions.

  65. joel says:

    totally sucks!

    we need a new cycle…big mistake

  66. brentonship says:

    Say hello to ‘Mister Angry Eyes’… >:(

  67. slr says:

    Bradley over Klinsmann… again?? I feel sick…

  68. Cahill says:

    Yet another example of the US refusing to follow the European method for Soccer success. 2 cycles? Didn’t we already learn from that mistake? I don’t hate Bradley, he’s a good coach, but I can’t stand Gulati. I mean, really? If Bradley was going to be extended, he should have been extended in early July. This limbo period, plus the meeting w/ Klinsmann, only shows ONCE AGAIN that Bradley was the fall back option. That’s incredibly disrespectful for Bob, but more importantly, it shows that Gulati is in way over his head. Totally mismanaged. He has no temperature of the situation. If this country cared about soccer more, Gulati would have been pushed out long ago. Absolute disgrace.

  69. afrim says:

    the USSF isnt ready for Klinsman yet.Let the player pool grow and MLS academies develop first. We’ll have to watch Bradley squeeze some drops of juice from a dry lemon for the next four years

  70. Juan from L.A. says:

    This is insane just insane! I hope that media and sponsors turn against Gulati for such a horrible decision! I know I will. I will now be a vocal critic of Bradley unless he gets us trhoug the semifinal but that’s impossible looking how lame we looked against a top notch team like Brasil at home!

  71. Brandon says:

    Hopefully they wrote into his contract “no Kljestan, Clark, Findley, or Bornstein allowed on gameday rosters.”

  72. brentonship says:

    Every time I think he’s out, they keep pulling him back in!

  73. Cahill says:

    And Ives, give me a break. Bob Bradley has done enough to warrant being extended? In World Cup soccer, you really only have done enough to get another 4 years if you win the damn tournament.

  74. Diablo says:

    I posted where the hell is it godammit that was some of my best stuff. Anyway i’m convinced there’s a Gulati & Bradley reach around pic somewhere in Bob’s safe!

  75. fenel says:

    Don’t forget Jermaine Jones. Had BB had these guys, it would have been a much different world cup for the US.

  76. Dancy says:

    Day ruined!

  77. NK says:

    Hard to be hated more than Italy, Portugal, or Greece…

  78. Al_OC says:

    Agreed. Nothing against Bradley, but I’m a firm believer in changing a coach after a WC cycle no matter how well he did.

  79. el Chole 323 says:

    Another thing is Bradly must really lack self critisim. He cleary thinks that he is the best man for the job. Does he really think that he can actually impove the national team. I mean the guy doesnt even have a set system of play. This team doesnt have adefinite style of play. He should have doen everyone a favor and resigned after the WC.

  80. RoryD says:

    I know Bradley hadn’t been fired yet, but it would have been nice for Gulati to look into other options. We all know he spoke with Klinsmann last week, but who else has he been in contact with? Count me as one of the disappointed US supporters. There is so much better than Bob.

  81. BCC says:

    I like the decision and I like the stability of the situation.

    I fail to see why Klinsmann would have been a “better” coach. He would have been “new,” and I imagine a lot of the whining here is due to the same psychology that always makes the back-up QB more popular than the starter.

    Klinsmann guided a group of excellent German players to the semifinals at the World Cup then underachieved with a group of highly-paid “superstars” and Bayern Munich. What am I missing?

    Would like to see what Bradley would do with a player pool on the same level as Germany’s.

  82. Angry Ron at 8 wasted years says:

    4 More Years of Bunker Bob???? Ricardo Clark instead of Mo Edu against Ghana? More Jonathan “Burned” Bornstein? Robbie “Finless” as starting striker?

    The problem with US Soccer isn’t Bradley – it’s with that midget who runs USSF – Gulati. Another failed run looms in Brazil 2014…

    FIRE GULATI – he’s an economics professor, not a big-time sports czar that the USSF needs!!!

  83. PC says:

    I don’t care what anyone says, I will not get behind this move in any way shape or form. No more “what’s done is done, support our boys!” crap… this is ridiculous. We should all be holding the USSF, our team, and our coach to higher standards.

  84. thedude says:


    Great move.

  85. fenel says:

    So Uruguay, Holland, Germany, Ghana should fire their coach too, uh? None of them won the tournament.

  86. OptimistPrimer says:

    Coach Bradley,

    You have my support. Miggy’s right, Bradley can only field the best XI available to him. He works tirelessy at his job and as Supporters we should do just that: SUPPORT the manager and players we have. Guys, we are where we are. Just because people are waking up to soccer in America does not mean we have a divine right to Messis and Ronaldos. Hating on Bornstein for not being Ashley Cole is asinine. I think a lot of people on here will be proven wrong for hating on Bradley as well. We are moving forward. Come along for the ride

  87. Gorski says:

    Can we fire both sunil and bob??

  88. Polish Wonder says:

    Gooch was not playing well. But I do agree with Edu for Clark. I would add his choice of Findley.

  89. WeatherManNX01 says:

    Works for me.

  90. thedude says:

    Whatever man, he wins games.

    You try playing Barcelona 4-3-3 with the players on the USA roster and you won’t even qualify for WC2014.

  91. dudinho says:

    or losing the gold cup to a very stacked mexican team which i see happening

  92. word is bond on this. We settle. We settle with our youth development. We settle with our coaches and tactics and we settle with our results. No coach deserves a 4 year extension unless they win the world cup or get to the finals.

  93. bryan says:

    just please, for the love of god, take the team the next step. you’ve done well, now lets continue.

  94. MikeyG says:

    How can a man who sees both Edson Buddle and Robbie Findley play on a consistent basis in MLS decide to go with the obvious lesser of the two every time for the national team?

    It’s like, “I want the guy with no first touch and no height, but a little bit of effort and speed.”

  95. lprevolution says:

    So that’s why he plays Ricardo “blinking” Clark?

  96. Darth Vader says:

    link to

    Once again we take the “safe” option.

  97. NK says:

    I say that Gulati should have read Grant Wahl’s article about coaches that coach once who come back. I would say that I was a supporter before the World Cup, but I just don’t think you keep the same coach for two in a row.

    link to is the article by the way.

  98. Sean says:

    FIFA much?

    seriously, we are not on par with the top ranked teams in the world. klinnsman would do nothing to change that.

  99. Polish Wonder says:

    We don’t need a new coach, we need the world’s best soccer players having babies with American women on a mission to develop an uber-team for America.

  100. thedude says:

    The team has a very clear system under Bob and if you don’t know what it is then you are probably not qualified to be commenting on who should be coaching the USMNT.

  101. lprevolution says:

    Gulati has bad hair and a she-model hand shake. That’s how these passive-aggressive work.

  102. Diablo says:

    We need an attacking team, a team that shoots there load , not a counter attacking team that Bradley’s blue balls prefers. This is not progress, this is not an upgrade, this is us not making the world cup in 2014 mark my words!

  103. thedude says:

    This sounds like a good plan, Doctor Moreau.

  104. harry balsac says:

    where are the players you type of?

  105. brentonship says:


  106. el Cholo 323 says:

    not really but you have take advantage of the oppertunies that you are given. We had a really good draw won the group and we should have beat Ghana. We failed majorly people big time. If we wouldve beat ghana and make it quarters then sure of course lets give Bradly another shoot. These are no major acomplishments winnig concaf qualifing. second place confed cup, winning our group. a major accomplishment wouldve been making it to quarters. And having a decent shot at semis. Any other footballing nation wouldve take andvantages that we were given. Be prepared for major dissapointment people.

  107. BCC says:

    BUT, I would have been VERY pleased if we had been able to lure Raymond Domenech away from France. Four years of pure entertainment.

  108. vivavilla says:

    really like the move. Bradley is great with the players and can get the most out of what we have available. All the foreign coaches (including Klinsman and with the exception of Sir Alex and The Special One) just know about tactics, which isnt enough with our current talent pool.

    Once we have the talent of a team like England (brazil and argentina will never happen because our national personalities are so different) we can hire a well-known coach with great tactics. The new adidas deal and the improvement of our player development system will maybe make that possible by 2018 or 2022.

    In short, until our player pool is deeper and more talented, we need a coach that creates a strong national and unified team identity, that breeds optimism amongst his players, and helps players develop in the little time he has with them. Other than Kinnear, not sure there is anyone else better than Bob.

  109. patrick says:

    you with what you got, and now we’ve got bradley. After the reported meeting between klinsman and gulati I think they couldn’t come to a conclusion and they signed bradley rather than waiting. I have a feeling bob is going to start blooding more players this year, and some guys we don’t know much about. Hes a hard worker and studious, i think he’ll overcome the difficulties he had.

  110. no.. dont play fifa. I never said we were on par with the top ranked teams in the world… but i believe we beat spain in the confeds cup and were up two nil against brazil.

  111. Diablo says:

    I’m really tired of that short armed ,no shoulder having Gulati being in charge of our team, he has clearly run out of idea’s.

  112. harry balsac says:

    rico played horribly v.ghana true. He also won the match (sept 09) v trinidad. don’t forget that

  113. C says:

    All due respect to Bradley, his style of play perpetuates the problems of the American game, which lacks creativity and places too much emphasis on holding play in the midfield. If we are to continue to raise expectations and play to our potential, we need a coach with greater experience in the European game, i.e. Klinsmann

  114. KarloMarx says:


  115. Jason B says:

    Different roundball. Good game today, by the way.

  116. Eric says:

    Alright but Post Brazil 2014 we need better hire Klinnsman.

  117. Jason B says:

    Maybe next June, after the NBA Finals. He should be available then.

  118. Albert says:

    Mr. Gulati, Stop treating the US national like a second tier club. Successful national teams bring change to their players after they cycle. Why are we stuck with BB? Yes he did a good job and was lucky to have players with a lot of heart. Tactically the US was a joke and never good enough to go
    Pass the 1st round!

  119. ryguy says:

    your nicknames suck

  120. Rad says:

    Should fans just boycott. I really dont understand why there is an argument. Klinsman probably said h wont coach right now, and Bob was there. He deserved it.

  121. KarloMarx says:

    Bradley has a Gold Cup Championship and World Cup Bracket 1st place finish to his name. That’s not bad at all.

  122. Bob says:

    Maintain the status quo…why would we want to try and change anything about our system? It got us a whole four minutes of leading in four games at the last WC. (/sarcasm)

    With Bradley as coach the best the US can hope for is to squeak into the knockout stage. Completely uninspiring.

    Looking forward to captain Robbie Findley in 2014!

  123. Ben says:

    I blame no one except Gulati for this. I’m not a Bob basher, and I appreciate the job he has done, but I’m also against keeping a coach, any coach, for two cycles. Gulati and US soccer should have had a replacement before the World Cup; instead they bumbled about and seemed to have no idea what they were doing. How can Gulati come out and express disappointment after the US was eliminated and then keep the coach?! At the very least, it was foolish to express his opinions in a public manner like that. Obviously, to blame Bob is stupid, for who turns down a job? Get Sunil out!

  124. Eric says:

    Sorry was writing two different things. Post 2014 we should hire Klinnsman.

  125. obxfly says:

    It doesn’t look like any top coaches are knocking doors down to coach this team. He did a pretty good job with what he has. Maybe next go-round we’ll get a Capello or Hodgson but for now he’ll do.

  126. el cholo 323 says:

    This is what happens when non soccer people run the show. Gulati show stick to what he Knows best teaching econ at Columbia. Leave the soccer fed to people that know soccer. I cant wait til someone like Tab, Cobi or even Claudio run the fed. only until then will we see improvents.

  127. AdamTheRed says:

    We are f–ked in 2014.

  128. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Pretty tiring when you all get upset with Johnny B when he performed just fine in all the matches he played in at the WC… always looking for a scapegoat eh..

  129. John says:

    I wouldn’t even give him a middle school PE coaching position.

    He’ll make the Gold Cup final maybe even win it and finish top two in qualifying and then crash out of Brazil, but hey he finished top of Concacaf in qualifying and won the Gold Cup he is obviously doing something right. I bet he would have shown up to the villa job interview in a track suit.

  130. Diablo says:

    The guy did his job , but there are common flaws to his coaching, when you you see a team give up a goal 15 min into almost every game than there’s a nasty little coaching trend going on that he just hasn’t even corrected, which tells you about his limitations as a coach.

  131. einar says:

    I wanted a different coach because i believe that in every cycle there should be a coaching change. I loved what BB did in his 4 years but we need a change. and now it will most likely be bruce arena version 2. well at least i got colombia to fall back on and i like the changes the peru is trying to do and hope it works.

  132. BCC says:

    Haha, “finless”? Terrible.

  133. Sean says:

    Our players missed multiple chances. That is not BB fault they couldn’t finish. That is why Ghana beat us, we should have won in regulation.

  134. El Cholo 323 says:

    Oh yeah youre right our style is chase the game for 90 mins and whip out of the box everytime we have the ball in our end its amazing how non of our defenders ever come out playing the ball at their feet.

  135. I’m not thrilled with BB as a coach. Yes, saying he did a good job is about right, but we need better than that. Thing is, who is available, that would be willing to take on the position if we had decided to replace him.

    Frankly, I’d say that any of us could come up with a list of coaches that could potentially do a better job with the USMNT, but not a one of them would want the job. So we have to settle for good, not great… for that we could have stuck with Bruce Arena.

  136. Mark says:

    I like the move. I think he deserves the chance to get the team back to the World Cup as I don’t believe there is a better alternative. I’m sure if renowned coach (pick your fave)wanted the job, USSF would have hired him. As that didn’t happen, I don’t have an issue bringing Bradley back as the other alternatives that would want the job simply aren’t that appealing.

  137. Isaac says:

    The fact that the USA isn’t playing more fluid soccer isn’t a matter of the coach. It’s the players. The large majority of our players play a more direct, counter-attacking form of soccer. Bradley sees the strengths in our players and has a great understanding of them. He’s able to see the strengths in our players and paint a picture of how they would all work together well. Tactically, he’s not amazing, but he knows what kind of system all of his players would fit into and is very into that system. He’s been known to be tactically inflexible yes, but mainly because the USA is in a building phase, which is something people forget. He’s trying to find a style that fits the USA now and help them build on it. We may have guys like Torres and Feilhaber every once in a while, but not enough to build a style around them. Guys like Bradley, Edu, Jones, Davies, Onyewu and DeMerit are much more consistently going to appear, with Davies, Bradley and Jones being the peak examples of players that have gained the right amount of skills.

    That may change over the years as soccer’s extent over the USA builds, but it will be much later than in the next four years. For now, let Bradley utilize a system that he has done a very good job of helping build.

  138. Andy in Atlanta says:

    +1… not to mention our first FIFA final and the group he won was England whom happened to have a “foreign” coach…

  139. Ben says:

    Ives, I agree that he certainly has done enough to deserve to come back, but I just don’t think it is wise. Arena definitely deserved to return after his first World Cup and we know how that finished. I just think two cycles becomes too much for coaches who, as humans, grow attached to certain players, like all of us do. However, one must be willing and able to shed player who can’t cut it at that level anymore. Here to hoping that Bob will show more flexibility in his second term than Arena did.

  140. wilyboy says:


  141. che cazzo says:

    i think i wanna be naturalized as a fan to another country.the players do it why cant we?Boob Bradley has no tactical acumen and cant make an ingame adjustment to save his life.Hes Ur typical American coach.As one Sir Charles Barkley would say,’thats terrible”!

  142. Matt says:


  143. Eugene says:

    Vomit. What a useless nutjob is Sunil Gulati.

  144. Jamie says:

    Don’t worry I got it, and I lolled irl.

  145. PWR says:

    Bob has done a fantastic job. Yes he made a few mistakes but ultimately the players are the ones that need to step up and play on the day. We have 3-4 players that are truly game changers. Klinsman would not make a difference, or any other coach because the player pool would still be the same. We were not going to win the WC with Klinsman nor any other coach. I one concern which has been mentioned is that the program could become stale.

  146. bobhatersbegone says:

    So much unnecessary hate. I can’t understand how I can read through all these complaints and not find a single logical argument as to support all the negative comments. For example all the bashing of player selection. Who else should bob use? Say more specifically in the case of Bornstein, bob gave Pearce a chance he failed to show any strong run of play for the nats. In the WC bob had to choose between an out of form bocanegra (coming of injuries) or take a chance with Bornstein and Bornstein. Bornstien played well and Bob’s decision payed off. I’m not saying he is the best coach around, but he probably was the best for the US. Assume Klinsmann passed on the job, then who else (that the US reasonable could attain) is available for the job? I believe that Bob was the best available choice.

  147. Larry Phelps says:

    Bottom line…the USSF lacked the testicular virility to make a bold move.

  148. hudson says:

    They couldn’t get Maradona? I would’ve preferred his unpredictable nuttiness to the dreary, methodical stewardship of Bradley for the four next years. The team needs an injection of creativity not just on the field but at the coaching level. That especially applies to player selection, which has proven to be one of Bradley’s biggest weaknesses. At least someone else might consider subbing out Michael Bradley on occasion to give the midfield a different look.

    Changing coaches after a World Cup is standard operating procedure and would’ve made sense for the U.S. as it tries to get beyond first knock-out stage. Is there any high-level coach out there that wants to take on this challenge?

  149. Len says:

    Just heard the news and I couldn’t be more disappointed. I’m afraid we’re looking at 4 more years of dull, defensive-minded, double defensive midfielder, come from behind soccer. Disappointed as I could be (I think I already said that).
    I bleed red, white and blue and was very much looking forward to the opportunity to cheer for some vertical attacking soccer with players like Holden , Feilhaber and Torres getting to start and play 90 alongside Dempsey and Donovan instead of languishing on the bench or coming in for a few minutes as a so called “Super Sub” while Route 1 “run through a brick wall” players dominate. Might not have happened but it certainly would have made me more excited for a new cycle.

  150. Isaac says:

    There were plenty of poor performances to go around during the Ghana game sucram. Let’s blame Howard for getting beat at the near post when he should never get beaten. DeMerit was back peddling way too much. Even Bradley could have ran a bit harder to put pressure on Boateng. That’s not the only instance when the USA collectively was weak. Is Bradley to blame in part for the loss? Sure, but we need to start understanding that the players are responsible too. Landon Donovan is one of, if not the greatest American soccer player ever. He has had his fair share of bad games and has taken his fair share of criticism; it shouldn’t be crazy other players underperformed when they are clearly expected not to i.e., Howard, DeMerit, Cherundolo, Bradley.

  151. Ricardo Clark says:

    I’m very excited about this!

  152. Erik says:

    Basically this means that Bradley couldn’t get a job elsewhere and US soccer always takes care of it’s own. You’ll never see anyone but the same faces around the US team.

    What a letdown even though I like the guy.

  153. Vincent says:

    Absolute bullcrap. Bradley cost us the semifinals by starting Rico Clark against Ghana. Get ready for more questionable tactics, ridiculous player selection (Findley at the WC, seriously?), and Jr. getting a starting stop EVERY time whether merited or not.

  154. Bummer says:

    Bradley knows to work with what he’s got, because he has not been changing up the line-up or experimenting with other players as he did when he first became coach. He has not created enough competition in certain positions making players like Jozy Altidore feel comfortable with their lack luster effort to fight for their positions and to make them feel entitled to the starting line-up. It’s evident our pool is depleted when you have players like Bornstein, Findley & Kljestan still in the mix. And as far as “raising high quality players,” that is probably why Klinsman was not hired, because he wanted more control of our youth development programs in this country, because its apparent that Thomas Rongen nor Wilmer Cabrera, have been able to do that. He was a great coach for the first 4 yrs., but I think this was a huge step backwards for the federation…I hope I am wrong, because if not, alot of people will be boycouting the USMNT for the next 4.

  155. Isaac says:

    I love how people are starting to talk about Robbie Findley constantly being in the starting lineup when he didn’t get playing time consistently until 2010 and the intent was quite clear. I wouldn’t have taken him to the World Cup, no, but just because a decision turned out not so well doesn’t mean there’s no logic behind it. I have a pretty good feeling Bradley has had all he can handle of Findley.

  156. Jon says:

    Double agree!!! I hate all the Clark hate…. he has produced for us in the past, some people don’t consider that

  157. Isaac says:

    Forget you. You’re not a real US Soccer fan.

  158. Kevin_Amold says:

    If he plays like he did at the Cup, I’d be okay with that. Okay being the operative word.

  159. airjord27 says:

    what a huge letdown

  160. Al17 says:

    I luv the infinite wisdom on these boards.
    We have one hell of a coach and who did a GREAT job his 1st time around as National Team coach and especially against coaches with better pedigrees. It’s a sad day in US Soccer when our National Team Coach gets more praise and recognition from his peers outside the country than those within it.

    Time to prepare for Brazil!!!!!
    Congrats Bob Bradley and thanks Sunil for not this up despite the idiots calling for Klinsmann.

  161. JB says:


  162. Isaac says:

    Guys. Sir ALEX F***ING FERGUSON backed this guy up. Shut up.

    People want Klinsmann for a change and a more attractive style, admit it. Klinsmann may do things differently, but it won’t be any better. Klinsmann has been places, but certainly isn’t any better of a tactician than Bradley. He’s been said to be a cheerleader more than anything. People want a change, but change isn’t always good.

    Yes, yes, 8 year coach = bad I understand, but did you ever stop to consider WHY those stints failed? Every reason is different.

  163. John in FL says:


  164. J1 says:

    I “luv” how you have no idea what you are talking about.

    Get ready for more questionable call ups. Boring tactics. And Mike Bradley playing 90 mins every single game.

    Thanks for everything Sunil. MLS and Bob Bradley are two shining beacons of the USSF

  165. airjord2222 says:

    what is US soccer thinking? – it took a miracle volley by feilhaber to win the gold cup – it took a miracle 4 goal effort to get out of our group in the confed cup – that after a horrible showing the two previous games – and then we go out to Ghana in what may be our easiest draw at the WC for the next 5-7 cycles – am i missing something ? the guy has shown me nothing tactically that is impressive – it’s just basic coaching to go to a 3 back line when you’re down in must win situations – he chooses poor lineups – basically admitting to the world he messed up in starting Clark v ghana – please someone explain this to me? all this on top of the fact that 2 cycle coaches do have not great success – for real US soccer ? – i don’t care about the deficiencies in our system – Guus Hiddink led australia and south korea to awesome success at the WC – and let’s be real, their youth systems can’t be much better than ours – get a grip USSF this is just a plain silly hire – for my sake – before everyone attacks me – i hope i’m wrong

  166. BetaMale says:

    This easily ruins my day and most likely will my week.

    I knew that for some reason, the worst was going to happen in this situation. That it was going to be dragged out, and Robobob would eventually be rehired.

    Why US Soccer wants to accept mediocrity and not advance the sport is beyond me. I’m sure they like maintaining the status quo, and love their cushy jobs exactly the way they are.

    Such a bummer for this country

  167. DirtyLeeds says:


  168. Fireball says:


    Why does everyone want Klinsmann? Just bc Gulati wanted him in the past? I don’t think he’s proven as a coach or tactician. He can list the problems with USSF on tv (just like everyone else can) but there’s no evidence he’ll be better at leading development changes OR at coaching our players. I’m just fine with Bradley.

  169. Jeff says:

    I love it. I love the continuity. This team had a great world cup cycle. We qualified first in CONCACAF, we made a great run at the Confederations Cup, and we won our group at the World Cup. I agree with the commenters about personnel mistakes at the Cup, but Bob is a great coach and this team respects him.


  170. DCfan says:

    We’re down 1-0 already.

  171. ec says:

    If Bradley shows the same bold decision making he did during the WC (it wasn’t perfect, but it was bold), then I’m happy. My fear is that he’ll be more conservative the next time around. Arena followed the same pattern, bold choices in 2002, over conservative in 2006.

  172. Fireball says:

    Um, Hiddink has a job.

  173. BetaMale says:

    LULZ, comment of the day. Man, USSF sucks

  174. Jamez says:

    American Soccer will never progress. their too much going at the top that says con men and bullshitters. Sorry my American friends ilove this country and live here but damm i feel bad for you soccer programs hommies.

  175. Gil says:

    errrrr….and what else has he done positively? Remember way too many negatives – he’s got a great shot, I’ll give him that; but his first touch is absolutely horrible.

  176. wally says:

    I think its a great decision.. Love him or hate him, Bob consistently got our guys to out-heart and hustle the other team, and to play incredibly unselfish and team oriented soccer. Those who criticize him for being overly defensive, are just wrong–we generally played 2 forwards–one more than most WC teams. And, while he may be a little rigid and predictable, the positive is that under bob the guys always knew their roles on the field and played well as a team. But he also showed the ability to make important tactical changes and subs during the wc-like at half time against algeria.

    I do not believe Klinsman would do as well Bob with the available personnel, and think Bob’s dediction and intelligence are of greater value than Klinsman’s resume.

  177. BCC says:

    I support Bradley, but Ferguson’s statement means little. Several teams in the EPL had a chance to sign him and passed. It’s one thing to say that Europeans respect him, but it is interesting that no team will put up the money and reputation to actually offer him a job.

  178. Cheerio says:

    What resume? he won a MLS Cup in MLS infancy he wouldn’t even last a season he would be like Onalfo in D.C.

  179. bummer says:

    The diffrence is that they are not consistently crappy like Bornstein and Findley

  180. Cahill says:

    There are so many ways to achieve minor victory in international soccer. Thus, you can sit here and tell me that on paper, Bob won the Gold Cup, or Bob won the WC group. I’m not going to sit here and say Bob doesn’t deserve credit for that. But, don’t try and make the Gold Cup out to be something that it isn’t. And, sure, we won the group. But, don’t act like we won the group by dismantling Capello’s team. We only tied England bc of one of the biggest keeper errors in WC history. And we only won the group bc we scored a last second goal against Algeria (not even ranked top 30 in the world). He never had his team play in top form for a full 90 minutes. And that was arguably the best draw the US have ever gotten in WC play. Lets be real here. I’ll give him the Confederations Cup as an awesome performance. But, stop pushing all of this other crap as some kind of high accolade.

  181. SeattleStan says:

    Look on the bright side: 4 more years of Rico Clark in the central midfield!

  182. David says:

    I have nothing against Bradley…apart from the decision to start Clark in the Ghana match, the results show he has done well for us, as disappointing as the 2nd Round exit was. But, I think change would have been better for both parties here. Especially given West Ham’s crap start to the season, Avram Grant will be gone by the end of September, and Bradley could’ve been a candidate for that job…but now we will never know.

  183. bobhatersbegone says:

    Are you just going to bash? Or do you have any evidence for your extremely negative, whining post?

    Are any of these your reasons?

    1. A 38 – 20 – 8 record.
    2. A Gold cup title.
    3. A confederations cup semifinal.
    4. Winning your group at the WC.

    Also is making your first international tournament final accepting the status quo.

  184. SeattleStan says:

    Ha ha! Yeah, and if we’re really lucky and Davies doesn’t come back, hopefully it means we’ll see more of Findley up top as well!

  185. Brando says:

    I look at it this way: For all of his faults ( and there are a few) he did well with what he had. Two starters out due to injury is bad for any team. But, for a team with our depth, losing Gooch(100% gooch) and Davies was tough, especially our particular lack of depth at forward and defense. We won the group, and with better finishing(and better officiating), the guys would have had a pretty fantastic goal differential. I agree Clark was a huge mistake, but Bornstein actually worked out just fine at the cup. Against Ghana, The guys were just gassed and didn’t put away the chances when they had the opportunities. A couple of things go diffrently, That team really overachieves, and we aren’t discussing this right now.

  186. Cahill says:

    hahaha. Okay, so, Uruguay – Semifinals; Holland – Finals; Germany – Semifinals; Ghana – Semifinals.

    I understand your point, none of those teams won the final. But, I don’t think any of those teams underperformed either. In fact, other than Holland, I would say that all of those teams over performed in terms of pre-WC expectations.

  187. Isaac says:

    That’s the way it’s been for most American coaches, Ferguson support or otherwise. It’s still great accolades from a great coach that we shouldn’t ignore.

  188. CrazyMike366 says:

    I’m disappointed its not Klinsmann. But I’m happy because BB is still our next best option.

    And I agree we now need to start putting pressure on Gulati to implement the kind of academy set up we would have wanted Jurgen to implement anyways.

  189. Al17 says:

    Boring tactics or understanding how to play to your strengths? Mike Bradley has earned the right to play 90 min a game along with Donovan, Bocanegra and a few others. Do you know of some great players we have that none of us have seen play? Then again Sir Alex Ferguson, Carlos Alberto Paareira and a few others whom are considered to be the best in the game don’t know what they’re talking about when they praise Bob Bradley as a coach. Yeah, you know what you’re talking about.

  190. Tim M. says:

    Bob Bradley deserves to build on what he’s achieved with us soccer. Because of him MLS soccer has gotten and stronger and players on the nats radar will continue to develop and be looked. besides mls and us soccer isn’t ready for klinsmann’s demands.

    When the league has a single table format, isn’t loosing players to scandanavia, has reserve leagues and academys for all mls teams and starts the season in august like any other notable league, then we’ll be ready to properly put a european coach in place to take the reigns without the likes of sun gulati and don garber holding him back.

  191. agnigrin says:

    +1 BB has done the unthinkable for the USMNT and at this time he is the best fit for the them. His teams have learned to play well against the big boys and they are no longer considered pushovers. His team was able to beat Spain, Egypt, and bring Brazil to the brink after being hammered by them days earlier. During the WC the team played with incredible heart and passion. Some of that has to be thanks to BB. During his tenure the team has learned to score not just on dead ball plays but during the run of play. For those who say his style is rigid and conservative, please take into account that he called up the most players of any US coach in a World Cup cycle and tried a ton of different formations… He does experiment with his line-ups so I don’t know what most of you are talking about. He eats sleeps soccer 24/7 and he studies film like no other coach. Damn even the Swiss coach praised him during the WC for his tactics against Spain.

    Finally please re-read what fenel wrote:

    The guy knows MLS and American soccer. It would take years for an international coach to come up with the right formula for the US.

  192. D says:

    Not happy about this. I think he works hard and could be a great coach with a team in which all he had to decide were tactics…i.e. Inter, Barca, ManU, etc.

    If he’s here for four years, I think he’ll do well and we’ll make the knockouts of 2014. Problem is, Bob Bradley is like the Andy Reid of soccer. The fans turned out for this tourney, just like they do at Lincoln Financial Field, and we’ll be competitive. But our style won’t change, and thus we’ll be left w/ another 8 years of counter-attack. All the while, Gulati gets rich…

    On the other hand, I don’t think Klinsman was the answer. Though, he did change the culture in Germany…

  193. Mitch says:

    BOOOOO! He has no ability to set a line up. He’s the sole reason that the US is always playing from behind!

  194. Matt B. says:

    The main thing I am worried about with this decision is not the tactics or style of play but that some young players that deserve a chance at the national team level will not get the chance under Bradley

  195. YO says:

    This is not good for football in the USA.

  196. BCC says:

    I agree. Maybe European boards are afraid that an American coach would mean an influx of “inferior” American players?

  197. Der Sting says:

    Gulati showing us again that he is a true soccer visionary who is willing to take risks to further the cause of American Soccer on the world stage…maybe we will get lucky in Brazil and not have to face Ghana again as they seem to be able to identify and develop talent better than Gulati’s system can and at a fraction of the cost. We are Boned!

  198. wanker says:

    That is not the USMNT’s style of play El Doucho323!

  199. Patrick says:

    So of you need to realize that Mourinho, Ferguson or Hiddink coaching the Nats in 2014, WILL NOT WIN THE WORLD CUP!

    The players will.

  200. Colin says:

    Yeah, cuz there’s some secret pool of players that only a foreign coach could access…

  201. steve-0 says:

    there have been a lot of idiotic posts on this, but this one really got me.

    why don’t you cut off your nose to spite your face as well. that is the solution, hope we suck, so we can get a coach and a new USSF Prez. Who exactly do all you Bradley Haters want as a coach? US soccer doesn’t need fans like you if you are going to have the attitude you do.

  202. steve-o says:

    we will make the world cup in 2014

  203. Ricky B. Free says:

    He is so respected outside America that he couldnt even get a job interview with Aston Vila hahahaha.

  204. primoone says:

    Think bigger picture Afrim.

    Where did those dry limes come from…and how did those limes become dry?

    It’s not about the rehiring…its about the philosophy and the direction. It’s the fraternity mentality of upholding the status quo by bringing in someone to keep the boat floating as opposed to getting it to sail. It is what’s fundamentally wrong with how the USSF is run.

    Gulati=Economic genious
    Gulati=Inept leader

  205. rlwang says:

    I’m not a Bradley fun, but he can only work with the talent he has. Perhaps his selection could be better. The problem lies with the development of younger players. We also need to retain the dual citizens. This all falls on USSF and Gulati. He’s the man who needs to go. All he has done is fallen back on Bradley twice, lost players to other countries, and hasn’t made the job attractive enough to draw a big name. FIRE GULATI NOW!

  206. bottlcaps says:

    I look upon this as a “glass half full” type of scenario.
    BB will have to prove he can move the USMNT forward or he is just a “placeholder” until a real coach is hired by the USSF.

    What BB must do:

    Win at least twice against FIFA top-ranked (top 10) opponents in he next year and a half, WITH the best team he can choose. AND,

    DO NOT lose against any mid-ranked teams.

    Win the Gold Cup when it’s important like two years before the WC so the US can get a Confed cup spot.

    Bring in players who have not been converted to another position by him and played on his club teams (yes, this means you, Bornstein) and pick players who perform instead of their pedigree.

    Beat Mexico IN MEXICO!

    Qualifying for 2014 IS NOT paramount at this time. Before he can get to WCQ BB must do at least the above.

    I suspect he will not achieve at least two of the above and will be gone before WCQ starts

  207. Neruda says:

    Is there a chance BB falters in qualifying while either playing same players and counter attack philosophy and Gulati axes him and begs someone like Klinsman to rescue the program? My hope now is that Bradley starts looking at new players and adapting the game to his talent.

  208. heron says:

    Ugh….(freaking) idiots on this board tonite……..while Bradley isn’t a ‘sexy’ choice, he’s very well respected and gets his team ready to play….somebody name me a goddam player he should have named to the squad who woulda made a difference….I mean, he took Buddle and Gomez, great moves who werent even on the depth chart….he’s handicapped by the players he had to work with,,,,and now with Rongen checking out literally dozens of European and S.A. american elligible players, I think we’ll be in good shape moving forward……you haters think some new coach with an accent will make our team worldbeaters…naive and unintelligent at best……we need an american coach precisely because he understands the limitations of our player development system and must understand how the system works with Gulati……..Bradley is an excellent coach whom all the players, including Donovan, Boca and um….btw foreign players and coaches whom are very well respected, have voiced their support of his technique and skills… are idiots.

  209. agnigrin says:

    +1 You tell him Al17!

  210. Ricky B. Free says:

    If you Think BOrnsucks has his spot at Tigres locked you got another thing coming. They bought a leftback that was in the mexican national team, he was a bench player at this years world cup and is better than Bornstein.

  211. harry balsac says:


  212. Ricky B. Free says:

    SO a player does one good thing and he can play like crap the rest of the games, no wonder american players are mediocre at best.

  213. harry balsac says:

    and with our propensity to defend well , lose 6-0

  214. agnigrin says:

    Read what I wrote above again:

    Damn even the Swiss coach praised him during the WC for his tactics against Spain.

  215. Len says:

    People ask for specifics. On the positive side BB appears to be a decent loyal man who never throws a player “under the bus”. I suspect that inspires loyalty certainly in those who have the opportunity to play. Organizationally, he appears to be good but that is a backhanded compliment because we would expect that from an American side. We would also expect athleticism and a never say die attitude as part of the American athletic ethos.

    On the negative side, when has anyone ever seen a BB coached USMNT side go for it from the beginning. Even Bruce Arena (I”m not arguing relative merits here) went after Portugal early at the 2002 WC. It’s always bunkering double defensive midfielder soccer (supposedly “box to box” but it always ends up resulting in early possession for the other team in our defensive 1/3).Yes, he went after Slovenia when we were 2 goals down but that’s part of my point.

    How do you expect to get a result against the world’s elite using an average MLS player like Findley (Landon Donovan for example is not an “average” MLS player)? You put your best box player, Dempsey on the wing where people complain about his defensive effort and use Findley (not even Buddle) because he’s supposed to be instant Charlie Davies. I know that crap about Dempsey’s “preferred” position. Really? Elite soccer. Dempsey’s played striker before and is playing there now for Fulham.

    You give Michael the keys to the family car every game for 90 minutes. Correct me if I’m wrong but to my recollection the only time Michael was ever subbed out was the Denmark game since 2007 (other than through cards or games where the European players were not called up). He’s a lovely player, well worth being in the mix but every game, come on now! Players like Feilhaber, Holden and Torres have suffered by not being given sufficient opportunity (IMO) partly because of this. Holden is already 24, I believe which is not so young in soccer terms. Sometimes you might actually want to change the tactics against a given team perhaps a true attacking midfielder etc.

  216. harry balsac says:

    stay classie diablo, stay classie

  217. Ricky B. Free says:

    Plus 10 for Cahill, I am sure some Bradley lover will make a stupid comeback. Like he wears his sweatpants with style.

  218. Ronaldo from NC says:

    Klinsman (sp) demanded a normal paycheck for this type of position and USA said no…they could get Bradley for cheap and now we can have Alexi Lalas whine and the USA will only go so far. Boring…………

  219. harry balsac says:

    really, and you work for whom in human resources

  220. Marvin says:

    Just when I thought my day could not get any worse.

  221. This is good news. I know a lot of you will cry about this. But the fact is, Bradley has done a good job with the team. They have gotten results. They still need some work, but he can certainly improve in the next couple of years.

  222. alex says:


  223. alex says:


  224. Soccerdave says:

    He’s earned it. As much of a student of the game as he is, I expect things will continue to improve. He just needs some more talent.

  225. EA says:

    It’s as if a million internet ruh-tards cried out, and then were silenced.

  226. Ricky B. Free says:

    OOh that is the us national team style of play, they did it against Brazils under 10 team and got whooped. Yeah haters tell me they were all 20 years old and play for great teams. But the truth is Bradley didnt care for that game and now we resign this guy hahaha.

  227. jayrig5 says:

    This may just be my opinion, but it seems like the continued development of Holden and Feilhaber is crucial for the next cycle. Having quality young attack-minded players like those two, (attack-minded meaning they’re still balanced players, and can contribute on defense as well) who are versatile enough to play centrally or on the wing, means so much. Look at Dempsey’s development from the 2006 World Cup to today. If one or both of the players I mentioned can approach that kind of improvement, that’s a huge bonus for the team.

  228. Marvin says:

    This is horrible news I don’t see what Bradley can offer US soccer going forward I really don’t. This is a sad day for US fans who are asking for more.

  229. vespucci says:

    nobody is holding you back, north korea needs some followers

  230. Ricky B. Free says:

    So Clark is better than Edu, and Findley is better than Buddle? yeah sure.

  231. Ricky B. Free says:

    He wants the guy who rides the bench for his team instead of the guy who is leading the MLS in goals.

  232. Peretz48 says:

    Very astute post. Like any other coach, Bradley has his flaws. However, the quality of the players on the team is a much more important factor in determining not only the results, but the style of play the team can hope to follow.

    I’m sure Gulati was sincere when he opined that not advancing to the quaterfinals in the WC was a disappointment. That did not prevent him from judging Bradley on the body of his work, which he obviously felt was positive enough to warrant a renewal of Bradley’s contract.

    I’m glad this issue has been resolved. Let’s play ball!

  233. Ricky B. Free says:

    MLS needs to sign Ronaldhino and Fat Ronaldo so they hook up with american girls. “0 years from now ROnaldo jr. and Ronaldhino Jr. would be our starting strikers.

  234. MensreaJim says:

    +1 And thanks for being more polite than I was going to be.

  235. Nebraskacoog says:

    Bradley did an okay job, but he didn’t deserve to stay on. Even if they had gone with Dom Kinnear or Jason Kreis, it would at least been fresh blood that would have brought fresh players into the pool.

    Arena did the same thing that BB will do, 100% guaranteed. Continue to use the same players over and over when they have no business being on the pitch. It is what happened to Italy and France. It will happen to us in Brazil. This is going to be ugly.

    What’s really messed up is that we will have a great Gold Cup with tons of veteran players and we will qualify for Brazil, because of our early qualifying play, but then all of a sudden in our friendlies leading up to the WC, we will see our players are a little slower even though they are veterans. Then we will get owned in the WC because our average age on the team will be 30.

  236. Ricky B. Free says:

    and before 2014.

  237. JB says:

    Dear idiots who think Ferguson’s comments warrant Bradley’s extension.

    Is the concept of political correctness too difficult for you to understand?

  238. Brian says:

    Hopefully he keeps on not playing for Frankfurt

  239. Aden says:

    A few arguments I’ve read so far that hold no water.

    “He can only work with what he has”

    Well, he has proven that he chooses to not work with the best of what he has, so that argument is moot.

    “He has really been successful”

    Um, Bruce Arena still made it further into the World Cup. Also, we lead a total of, something like 4 minutes, in the entire World Cup. If we lost the last game, we weren’t even in the World Cup any longer.

    We were smashed in the Gold Cup final, I doubt anyone remembers that. The only reason we made it out of the group stage of the Confederations Cup is an act of God (read Italy losing by 3 goals).

    Stuart Holden saw something like 10 minutes of play the entire World Cup. He is probably the best winger we have. He is certainly the best free kick taker on the team. Uh, wtf?

    We have the quality players to maintain possession and execute great build ups, but they never play.

    Holden, Torres, Feilhaber, Edu.

    And a great point about Michael Bradley. The kid has talent, I don’t think anybody is denying that, but he has had some absolutely horrible games. To my recollection, he has never once been subbed out of a game. Not once. Donovan has, Clint has, Jozy has, but not Bradley.

    Face it, even though M. Bradley has good skills, his father is obsessed with him.

  240. Ricky B. Free says:

    The Villa owner didnt want anything to do with track suit Bob and the USSF extends his contract hahaha.

  241. Jags98 says:

    Control & Job security! If a good coach comes in, changes the system, and is successful. During his run, all old school coaches are run off and after the run he becomes president. USSF running Chicago style games.

    Any of the coaching candidates would have had the same outcome with an additional possibility of being more successful. Nothing fantastic that the others would not have done.

    Its been said before. He was so good and respected that no club came calling. They could have gotten him cheap to help their economic situation and they still didn’t do it. USSF is totally to blame for this.

  242. Hincha Tim says:

    An unfortunate regrettable decision. Gulati showed a lack of imagination by renewing BB. BB did fine, but his time has passed. The US needs to take the next step if it is going to get to the next level, and I don’t think BB is the leader to get us there (neither obviously is Gulati). I think JK would have been the perfect choice. Maybe a little risky? Sure but I think its time for US Soccer to take a risk, be forward thinking and not stand pat by trying to bring in a coach, that while understanding the American soccer player, can implement a system and develop players that will take us to the next level.

  243. Andrew says:

    He definitely earned his this extension. Like Ives said, it was bob’s job to decide on. He has a great record. Won the gold cup, nearly won the confederations cup, took first in concacaf in world cup qualifying, and won the group in the world cup. People’s frustration comes from 1 decision I think, starting Ricardo Clark who ended up getting carded. As far as results go, I don’t know if you can argue with bob’s accomplishments. If you expect much more from the us then you’re expectations are too high. Soccer fans are never satisfied. The manager they want is always “someone else”.

  244. Ricky B. Free says:

    YOu can always pick Spain they are great. I am also a National team fan free agent. Im tired of watching boring soccer.

  245. Matt B. says:


  246. Ricky B. Free says:

    hahaha you made my day.

  247. john.q says:

    i thought the meeting with klinnsy was the end of bradley. either way, i wouldnt want a coach who only sees my job offer as a fall-back, and from bradleys end, an employer who would rather not have me. looks like both sides settled for lack of better options. very awkward.
    either way wish him luck (we have no choice haha). the next crop of young players looks promising and bradley is definately open to giving young guys a shot, despite what everyone thinks.
    personally i think bradley tries tooo hard sometimes to force a tactical philosophy on the team: importance of attacking fullback (bornstein disasters) and thunder+lightning forward tandem (findley is not davies by miles). to me that shows that he is keeping up with the game as it evolves and he is more often than not successful. but he is also is sometimes too stubborn about it and it can cost us. hopefully he has learned.

  248. Stephen M says:

    Haha USSF just trolled the fans really hard.

  249. Jags98 says:

    We do have a player pool problem and your right that he had to work with what he had.

    Even more of a reason to keep changing. You hit on 16, at least you took a chance to beat the dealer!

  250. Supsam says:

    Dear Bob Bradley, dont worry about the 91% of the ppl here who hate your guts.I got yo back!

    The man knows how to get results despite the lack of quality players. Seriously ppl, elite countries have benches that are more skilled than our starters. Sad but true yet we were able to accomplish alot under Bob Bradley

  251. Ricky B. Free says:

    yeah there is something called not bad mouthing anotehr coach. If he was that good Villa would have signed him on the spot and Villa has an American owner haha. Friedel probably told the owner to stay away from Bunker Track Suit Bradley

  252. Brent McD. says:


  253. primoone says:

    t’s not about the rehiring…its about the philosophy and the direction. It’s the fraternity mentality of upholding the status quo by bringing in someone to keep the boat floating as opposed to getting it to sail. It is what’s fundamentally wrong with how the USSF is run.

    Gulati=Economics guru
    Gulati=Inept leader

  254. Aden says:

    So, all of the coaching offers that were supposed to come raining down after the World Cup… where did they go?

    Ahhh, so there were none. European reject.

  255. hudson says:

    Having less player talent makes it all the more important to have a top-notch coach to get the most out of the players he has. See Fullham and Hodson, Roy.

  256. Matt B. says:

    The US system is afraid of “inexperience”..there are a number of players who could step up if given the chance

  257. Ricky B. Free says:

    Pep Guardiola said that Ibrahimovic was a great player and look how that turned out. Its one thing to say nice things about another coach or player. It is called politics, Ferguson praised Bradley when Man U was on their American Tour. What a coincidence!!!!!

  258. die Euphorie says:

    I have to say being on the west coast that this pretty much ruined my evening. After hearing of the talks with Klinsmann on Friday, I actually thought the the USSF cared about the direction of soccer in this country. Sure we are taking the right steps wit h our developmental programs which has been in dire need of revamping (previously non-existent) but as far as having someone capable of making competent personnel decisions we’re taking a dramatic step backwards with this choice. I give credit where cerdit is due & Bradley has done a fair job over the last 4 years. What he has failed to deliver is an on field product worthy of our true capabilities. Everyone here has already used the Clark & Findley as opposed to Edu, Torres, Gomez and Buddle reference, it’s also where Arena dropped the ball in not using an inform Twellman in 2006. When are we going to get a manager, a decision maker, that isn’t so far up th e USSF’s backside that they can actually accomplish something. I’m ready for Blogojevich to sell Sunati’s seat!!! Then maybe, maybe we’ll end up with a true soccer man in charge of our federation and not someone who should be in a Microsoft call center watching a cricket match.

  259. war says:

    Shambolic. So I guess we’ll see Clark and Findley starting our next few friendlies then. When it comes to big decisions (even basic ones as to starting XI’s), BB has a tendency to get them wrong. 1st time’s a mistake, 2nd time is a trend. I think this was a decision of no one else realistically could or would take the job. Klinsmann probably costs too much and wants to run the show.

  260. EA says:

    No, they won’t.

    I’m the most ardent US fan you’ll ever meet, but we’re AT LEAST 10-12 years from being a realistic WC contender.

  261. This is very bad news for US Soccer. Bradley did well in his time. It is time for him to pass the baton to someone else to take it to the next level.

  262. Ricky B. Free says:

    Concacaf has only one other respected team and thast Mexico, dont go waving that gold cup tittle like its a world cup title.

  263. Ricky B. Free says:

    I am your fan haha

  264. die Euphorie says:

    and for the person that keeps suggesting on all the boards that A.F. backs Bradley, you do realize that he says backhanded things all day long to opposing mangers “mis-construed by some” as compliments? Wake up & smell the tea!

  265. ben says:

    Actually, Findley IS better than Buddle, yes.

  266. Jesse Ventura says:

    Did they praise him after the Ghana match?

    We barely survived a group that we should have coasted through. We won’t get an easier group in 2014. There will be no round of 16 for the US in 2014.

  267. ThaDeuce says:


  268. Granitza78 says:

    Well done Sunil!

    The fiefdoms that are represented by the voting

    members of US Soccer Federation are safe for another 4 years!

  269. ThaDeuce says:

    you guys are funny

  270. EA says:

    I’m so sick of Bob Bradley and his stupid bunkering two defensive midfielder formations.

    Always parking the bus, always bunkering stupid Bob. He doesn’t know anything about soccer.

    If he knew as much as us keyboard jockeys, he’d be playing the new formation that is being adopted by large numbers of clubs and countries, worldwide, the 4-2-3-1.

    Oh… wait.

  271. ThaDeuce says:

    You know,
    sometimes a new coach will come in mid term and take over at the helm. So all you haters may get some satisfaction……

    I think Bob is a great USMNT Coach.


  272. JB says:

    +1 You tell him Ricky B. Fee!

  273. Ben says:

    First, I think we can safely say Bradley was never really in the running for a European job, all rumors and innuendo. Second, you think Sir Fergie was really going to come here on the goodwill mission and trash a coach?; does that happen in any sport? Third-I think Bradley is a good coach, so I’m not distraught, just wary about the two cycle thing. Finally, the problem is with Gulati. He meet with Jurgen just the other day, so I think we can conclude that he still wants JK. However, just like last time, Gulati is unwilling to cede power to get his man. It is worrying when the top man in USsoccer lets his ego get in the way of hiring the coach he truly wants.

  274. Ben says:

    Haha, like two drunken kids at a party who can’t find someone else. However, I will it is troubling when Gulati doesn’t make a hire because he doesn’t want to give up certain powers.

  275. Ben says:

    *will say

  276. Hank in Jersey says:


  277. Carl says:

    Someday US soccer fans will look back and laugh about a time when our nation’s soccer was run by Sunil Gulati, a man with zero international soccer experience.

    Unfortunately for us we are living in that era.

    This is an awful, awful decision made by a deficient soccer federation.

  278. Lorenzo says:

    you can say no but you can’t say same faces. Bradley brought in a ton of players, most of the WC roster was new players (8 hold overs)

    I mean he capped a ridiculous amount of players.

    Zizzo, Szetela, Cronin, Evans, Cooper, Nguyen, Moor, Davies, Holden, Feilhaber, Bradley, Gomez, Wynne, DeMerit, Gonzalez, Torres, Orozco, Bedoya, Edu, Rogers, J White, C Clark, Cameron, Hill, McCarty, Altidore, Findley, Guzan…

    Brought in Shea, Lichaj, Seitz to train

  279. Mrs. Bradley says:

    i just wanted to appreciate Michael Bradley as a player free and clear of the taint of having his father be the coach. I am not suggesting nepotism has ever been at play, only that there is the appearance…the perception. I was looking forward to having Michael play for a new coach for whom he could shine without ever having to field or worry about questions as to whether he earned his spot. (which i unequivocally think he has).


  280. Ricky B. Free says:

    USSF is a MAFIA Gulati is running the show and Bradley is the hitman.

  281. CSD says:

    I am hoping that they just had him sign a contract extension so that we could get a bigger transfer fee from Aston Villa :)

    I really don’t dislike the guy it just seemed like a great time for a nice mutual break and it would be a great way to get some momentum and freshness in to start the new cycle.

  282. Ricky B. Free says:

    Bradley uses a 6-0-2-2

  283. CILIIblog says:

    It’s cause US Soccer is cheap, they probably is paying bob 1/3 of what they would of have paid for the German guy.

  284. jay says:

    Cannot help but express my disappointment. Klinsmann must have declined.

  285. Ricky B. Free says:

    Bob Bradley was seriously considering a move to Europe. Europe wasnt thinking of Bob. Are there journalist that can actually point out this guys mistakes? or does Sunil have hired guns all over the American soccer scene?

  286. Second City says:

    Lip service by Ferguson , Swiss manager or random European media means absolutely NOTHING, if the man didn’t land a SINGLE interview.

    F**k, you sound like Ives on that point.

    Sometimes respect can be misinterpreted sympathy for a weaker entity that you pity and are just throwing a bone, in the form of a participation trophy for a fat kid with heart.

  287. Mister Gaga says:

    HORRIBLE! Two sides with no real options shrug their respective shoulders and shack up with each other, dreaming of a Hiddink, a special one, etc or a Fulham, Villa, etc. The only people getting f-ed in this loveless relationship are the fans. I can’t blame Bradley for not being a good enough coach to even be seriously considered for a respectable Euro job, but it’s really sad the ussf doesn’t put the work and resources into getting a better coach.

  288. Keith G. says:

    Yes he would be my second choice after Jurgen Klinsmann, and I did want him to coach Aston Villa, but you do have to look at the fact that he did out coach Spain and get the team to its 1st ever FIFA Final. He did coach the team to 1st place in the group even when we were robbed 2 pts. So lets hope he learns from the mistakes (Clark and Findley) and leads the team to the farhtest point the team has ever made it in the World Cup. Im with you Bradley, now lead the team to atleast quarter-final finish in 2014.

  289. Second City says:

    Yes, except Klinsmann completely debunks your theory. The man has studied our system and lives in our country.

  290. RSL 123 says:

    Sometimes I think people want change regardless if it is for the worse or not.

  291. Keith G. says:

    On another note I would like to know why the USSF is against Klinsmanns ideas. I mean the guy guided Germany to a 3rd place finish in the World Cup, so he knows what he is doing. I really do think if the let him do his thing, not only would the National Team be better, but more Americans would be better, and more would be playing with the bigger clubs like AC Milan, Manchester United, Barcelona, and Bayern Munchen. I really do think Klinsmann is the answer to making the USA one of the elite teams in the world. I think Klinsmann would get us to the semis, and if he would have coached our team this year we would have done it this year.

  292. Bohawk says:

    Unless the foreign coach has the power to bring players with him, I’m not sure how much better he would realistically be

  293. Cubillas says:

    This is not right. I think that BB is a good coach and he’s done all he can do for us to get us to this level of play. Unfortunately, he’s not going to get us to the next level from here. It does not mean he’s a bad coach, it means that he’s used all the resources and experience he’s acquired throughout all his years of coaching and used that to put together the best team he could. We need to be realistic; this was a political decision on the part of Mr. Gulati. He’s the problem. The USF wants to be controlling on all aspects of development, execution and delivery of our national team and in that effort is really hurting our chances of real quantifiable improvement. I don’t know the reasons why. Bob Bradley is just trying to do the best he can, like any of us could if given the chance.

    I don’t by that we don’t have a good enough talent pool. We have talent; you can see it from the collegiate level, to the national professional leagues all the way to the yanks playing internationally.

    The USF needs to put very real tangible targets for our national team if it really wants to be taken seriously. For starters, we need to be able to beat Ghana. Twice, let me say it again. Twice, we have been eliminated by them. What do we need to do to beat them? What are they doing differently? You can’t tell me that they have more resources than us, better coaching, perhaps? Better players, doubt it! We need to take an analytical approach and raise our level of play. We should not accept or tolerate defeat in our quest for this higher plateau. It can be achieved but we have to ask the USF, WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR 2014? We should not accept anything less than going beyond the round of 16. Anything less than that will continue to reaffirm my notion that you’re a joke of an organization.

    We have what it takes to make it happen so you are either part of the solution or part of the problem. So far you’ve shown me that you are THE PROBLEM!

  294. bearusky says:

    dude how can we send hate mail to sunil? anyone have his email?

  295. Goalscorer24 says:

    Stupid! The US soccer federation is stupid!

  296. Eff Bob Bradley says:

    I want to take my name off the petition to get the World Cup here. If this is the decisions they are going to make.

  297. EA says:

    Actually it was a Confederations Cup FINAL, and our one and only FIFA trophy….which no one seems to remember.

    Which, of course, we would have won with anyone as a coach, because of the sheer depth and dominance of our players.

    And of course, we wouldn’t have been there if….wait for it…. we hadn’t won the Gold Cup… which everyone discounts.

  298. N-Whit says:

    If he doesn’t learn from his mistakes at the World Cup, then Gulati should be quick to fire Bradley. He put together a team that routinely conceded early. He would then make second half substitutions that brought life into the team. But–for reasons I cannot explain–would go back to the same line-up that conceded early to start the next game, when the obvious choice was to start the second half line-up that fought its way back in the previous game. If he had done this, Rico Clark would have been on the bench, where he belonged, during the Ghana game. In sum, if he keeps playing favorites and making dumb decisions, can him.

    This was a really weak-a$$ decisions by the USSF. Cowards!!

  299. die Euphorie says:

    “Sunati’s”, sorry Gulati, I had to have a couple drinks on the way home…someone let me know after we crash out of our next tournament and get a new manager please…

  300. Goalscorer24 says:

    Gulati’s email:

  301. SD says:

    I am somewhat disappointed….BB was able to get some good results because he maximized the sum being greater than the individuals parts…..but he has made some very questionable decisions at the most inopportune times, playing rico clark against ghana is an obvious and not playing buddle enough is another….all in all, after all the waiting ussf should have just renewed his contract sooner….especially because BB could have taken advantage of this weeks’s international break and had some sort of european-based camp….particularly for the guys that ppl mention on this blog but have never seen play or even some of the young guys that are never released from their clubs, and a lot of them are in season during the usual january camp…would have been a great opportunity to have a look at the future…

  302. SG says:

    Same old Same old…..US youth program and US MNT has taken a step backwards today….the vicious cycle continues…USA will never live up to expectations….

    Getting to the Round of 16 is not worthy of job security. NO other Football Power in the world would do such a thing. I mean Bradley is prob a nice guy but there comes a time when you move on and look for a different type of mentality and ideology….


  303. tommy w says:

    Yup. SAF’s praise is justified.

  304. Martha says:

    + 100000000000000000000000000000000

    Gulati showed he is afraid to make a big decision and again took the easy way out. Klinsman should replace Gulati and Gulati should go work under Garber.

    Bradleys poor player decisions throughout the world cup should be enough. You yay Sayers say how oh we got out of the first round…

    WE WERE SUPPOSED TO!! Algeria and Slovakia or Slovenia still suck! We only got through because luckily England and Cappello sucked more!!!!!

  305. RLW2020 says:

    the come lately fans are upset but i bet the players are okay with this call. Klinnsman needs to actually coach a team before he is qualified in my mind to coach here in the US. I would like to see him on a MLS team before the US job.

  306. Ben says:

    This is why I’m afraid, too. Also, I would point out that the selection of Rico Clark in Bob’s biggest game ever-yes, the World Cup is bigger than ConfedCup-is a worrying sign. No one I know thought Rico should start in that game. Otherwise, Bob has given many players chances and I give him props for that. Also, it isn’t his fault the US does not have a viable left-back. Still, going forward, I hope he continues to cap new guys and looks everywhere for a leftback and rightback. All Spector does these days is get torched.

  307. N-Whit says:

    I agree. Sometimes, thing just make too much sense. Here is a former world class player who coached a soccer power to third place in the 2006 world cup sitting in our own back yard, and we stick with Bradley? The only explanation I can come up with is that hiring Klinsman made too much sense.

  308. J.D. Springer says:

    The problem isn’t Bradley as much as a lack of talent. So many supporters say they want him to go with different players? (OK, I don’t want to see Bornstein again, either.) Who are these players? If any of the alternatives to the players he used in SA were any good, wouldn’t they be playing for top clubs somewhere in the world? After all, aren’t those clubs’ managers smarter than Bradley?

    No, the problem is in the player pool. Until we have better players, nobody is going to do any better with the MNT. That’s why you didn’t see any of the top managers in the world expressing interest in the job — because they couldn’t do any better with this crew and their reputations would take a hit.

    Who else showed any interest whatsoever? Don’t you think the English tabloids or some paper somewhere else would’ve “reported” the rumors if anybody else wanted the job? No one did but Klinsmann.

    And for everybody pining for Klinsy, try to see through the empty facade. If I were German, I could’ve managed Germany to the final in 2006 in Germany. What else has he done? He only wants the job on his terms (he’s still joined at the hip to adidas and won’t back down from that position even though Nike pretty much pays the freight for the MNT).

    If I had a choice between the two, I’d take Bradley, too.

    No, the problem isn’t the manager, it’s the players. Until some of the youngsters that are with European and Mexican clubs now develop with their club sides, getting out of the group stage is a pretty good performance. When we have the players to do better, then the top managers will be coming to us.

  309. Paul K says:

    16 years of arena/bradley. thanks, USA SOCCER!!!!!!

  310. EA says:

    “We were smashed in the Gold Cup final, I doubt anyone remembers that.”

    Well, Jay Heaps, Davy Arnaud and Nick Rimando were beaten in the World Cup final. But, carry on.

    “The only reason we made it out of the group stage of the Confederations Cup is an act of God (read Italy losing by 3 goals).”

    And us beating the African Cup of Nations champs like a friggin’ drum. But, carry on.

    “He is probably the best winger we have.”

    Then why doesn’t he play on the wing with his clubs? Weird. And of course, he’s far more accomplished than Landon Donovan and Clint Dempsey. I mean who are those guys? Ooooooooooh….. the greatest American player ever. Big deal. Oooooooooooh, you’ve played in the Premier League for 5 years, and scored some of the most important goals in that clubs recent history. Can’t hold a candle to Stu Holden. But, carry on.

    “Face it, even though M. Bradley has good skills, his father is obsessed with him.”

    I agree with you 100%. We should immediately start EVERY central midfielder whose played (and started) at least two years in one of the top 4 leagues in the world. Well, there’s Bradley. And then…. well… Scotland is right up there with La Liga, right? What about Mexico? Pretty much the same as the EPL, right? And the Danish second division? Really no difference between that and Serie A, huh? But, carry on.

    Dude, if you’re going to troll, you REALLY need to sharpen up your talking points.

  311. DL of 105 support says:

    But to let the problem go unfixed the way he did. I don’t blame BB for not having another Davies, but I do blame him for his stubborn lack of creativity. It’s his decision-making that worries me with this school of potential talent coming up.

  312. Goalscorer24 says:

    Klinsmann wanted to shake things up, but the good old boys club would not have it. I am now much less excited about US soccer. Wow unbelievably disappointing!

  313. primoone says:

    #1 will be enough get a top notch coach fired

    #2-4 as well as making your debut final was luck thanks to Failhabers contract maker. In addition,we won that group thanks to a last second goal by Donovan and a fluke goal by dempsey. Credit goes to Bradley for the spain game and the final for Losing it. Bradley gets credit for the last game debacle in the world cup.

    Bradley accomplishing these results by the skin of his teeth rather unconvincingly.

    Complacency called. He commends USSF and Sunil on a job well…retained.

  314. Ben says:

    Holden is more of a central mid than winger, and certainly isn’t your classic winger. Also, I don’t think he was really healthy for the World Cup, but going forward, he needs to see way more playing time. Also, good point on Bradley. Just to be clear, I think Mikey is unquestioned as a starter, but never to be subbed?

  315. paul k says:

    He’s not a bad coach. He met expectations. But he had his chance, but he was never anything special in the world of American soccer prior to getting this position, he’s had his 4 years (which is all you should get if you don’t win the world cup) and now it’s time for change. It’s a pity how retarded USA soccer is. The only team that kept their coach from the 2006 world cup to 2010 was France, and look how that turned out…

  316. EA says:

    Ask Nebraska or Miami football fans about change for change’s sake.

    If you’re unhappy about US Soccer now, just think about what it would be like if we had the equivalent of a Larry Coker or Bill Callahan as coach.

    Actually, just ask Mexico about change for change’s sake.

  317. Ben says:

    I’m loving this epic comments sections, though. Not that I agree with everything being said, but I’m loving the passion, both pro and con, from us US fans.

  318. paulk says:

    so it’s the players, not the coach, but a fresh approach might help… so why do we need to keep Bob? Give someone else a chance to coach if it’s no big deal, there are plenty of others in the US who’ve earned a shot at it, and been just as successful as BB was before he was apointed USA manager.

  319. Jake, NJ says:

    Bradley sucks that’s for starters.
    I’d love to know why he let Subotic get away?!
    Also any US European based player, 2nd or 3rd division is better than the MLS. So explain why Marcus Tracy or Mike Grella haven’t set foot even into a friedly?
    and Findley starts a WC game are you kidding me. We have some descent talent in the under 20’s cap them before they leave “US”! And now especially that were working towards the next WC Start Holden and Rodgers. No MLS players should ever start for the US aside from Donovan. I was hoping for change with Klinnsman or any non American coach we just don’t know World soccer.

  320. hockeymot says:


    I would’ve called for Gulati’s head if he hadn’t rehired Bradley. He clearly has moved this football team/program to a level unknown previously. Unfortunately, there are too many new fans (see most of the posts above) who did not know what soccer was before this summer, and like the typical American fan, expect American dominance and immediate gratification. Bradley’s first four year tenure was a successful grind, he played the game the way it is supposed to be played. Luckily for him, he knows how to deal with the dip shits back here at home. As for a (good) foreign coach, I couldn’t imagine why any of them would want to have this job. The American sports media and its fans are overly fickle.

    For those who disagree, go watch baseball and basketball and celebrate your “world champions” as they like to crown themselves.

    Welcome back Coach Bradley.

  321. Rob says:

    In what world?

  322. Timo says:

    Doesn’t Bradley get any of the credit for that?

  323. Rob says:

    It hurts but I will watch and follow but not shell out one cent. I am still American, and it’s not Bob’s fault, it’s the economists Gulati. USSF is dead to me.

  324. ElHierro says:

    Dear USSF I hereby decline any further support of your team. No thank you, I will not be renewing my support.

  325. ElHierro says:

    16 years of Arena/Bradley???!!! Holy F*ck, USSF you are officially ROH-TARDS!!!

  326. Dave says:

    I feel like North-West-South State University. Small time, all the time.

  327. realist about US soccer says:

    Good point but these idiots on this board just want to hear themselves talk. BB did a good job, how much better do you think a 5 Million Dollar coach from Europe would have done?

  328. SD says:

    you are late to the game guy….subotic was rongen’s fault….also, read somewhere that he was called to the national team after the u-20 fiasco and declined….marcus tracy is hurt…was called to camp in jan and couldn’t finish the came because he got hurt…you may be right about grella….

  329. 8ball says:

    I disagree. You can’t put this squarely on player personnel. It’s the coach who is responsible for implementing the tactical system.

    Give talented players more credit. They adapt to the coach and his system. If you look at national teams across the globe, you’ll see players holding down 1 position for their club teams, and another, sometimes completely different position for their national teams.

  330. ElHierro says:

    Sad, sad, day for US soccer. Ten years from now in the build-up to 2022, we’ll look back on this day and only be able to say what-if…

  331. Scott A says:

    I wonder if Klinsmann would be up for some type of player development position

  332. ElHierro says:

    I only feel a deep sense of loss, as if someone close passed away. The sense of disappointment with this decision is outside my ability to adequately put in words right now. All I know for certain is that there is no way I can support the team with the same crap management in place. The same lack of style, lack of identity, lack of strategy. Can’t take it anymore. Won’t take it anymore.
    Brazil, you now have my undivided support. Too bad US, too bad.

  333. gunner04 says:

    i read a good number of the comments, not all of them, because there were a lot, and so it wouldnt surprise if no one got down to this comment, but does Klinsmann want the job? Everyone assumes that Gulati hired Bradley over Klinsmann, but how much of the pro Klinsmann support is entirely media hyped and not actual fact? Im just curious

  334. ElHierro says:

    Now the whole world knows EXACTLY what a Mickey-Mouse operation the USSF is. Well done.

  335. fischy says:

    Clark is not the sole reason we were knocked out. Ghana had a better team. If Ghana doesn’t have a goal due to Clark’s mistake, they play harder throughout the game and find another way to win. Moreover, if the USA isn’t down a goal, they don’t press as much and probably don’t score.

  336. Hush says:

    Well, Sasha,Borns,Finley,EJ,etc.. all have kept their jobs in the USNT!lol

    I think BB has done a good job overall, but not as good like some of us had hope. I think keeping Arena for 8 years really hurt us just a bit. We became pratical. I think change should have come, especially with a lot of players rising every 6 months in the USMNT pool. I think Klinsman would have broughten a more technical type game to the USMNT. Not to the extend of some South American teams, but enough to keep the defense from torture. Oh well, lets hope for the best.

  337. Dougs says:

    Bradley’s results speak for themselves. Those that talk about him just barely getting through the group stage forget about so many things that could have gone the other way for the US that would have made us do even better. The multiple botched calls by the refs. The fact that we lost our only scoring striker of international caliber. The fact that we lost our best central defender so that he was unfit and lacked confidence. Bradley did great with the tools he had. That includes Rico Clark who is still probably a better defensive mid than Edu (although Edu may have better long-term potential). No one can say that Edu would have produced any better results — they can only guess.

    Donovan was entirely absent from the 2006 tournament. If he had suffered the fate you all give to Clark, he would not have played in 2010.

  338. fischy says:

    Or, that the USSF and Klinsmann still couldn’t reach a deal…just like what happened 4 years ago.

  339. ANM says:

    I’m a little surprised–I thought that that the JK negotiation was serious–but I’m not disappointed.

    In the three hundred or so posts above mine, no one has mentioned any realistic coaching alternatives to Bob Bradley save one. There are, off the top of my head, between ten and fifteen really excellent foreign coaches who would be a significant upgrade from Bob Bradley. None of them are currently unemployed and interested in the US job. And Jurgen Klinsmann is not one of them.

    I think it’s highly debatable whether JK is a better coach than BB. Posters here point to his 3rd place performance coaching Germany in 2006. That’s impressive, but I’d hardly call it stunning. Keep in mind that Germany didn’t qualify, so you’re evaluating Klinsmann on six competitive matches. With a home field advantage, they beat Costa Rica, Poland, Ecuador and Sweden. These are all home games that any host nation would be expected to win, and especially Germany. He then drew Argentina and lost to Italy. Those dreaming of Klinsmann are hanging an awful lot on that particular record: 4-0-0 against second tier teams at home, and 0-1-1 against the top nations.

    His subsequent job with Bayern Munich was a disaster. In it, he made the kind of tactical decisions–playing Landon Donovan as a target man for instance–for which Bob Bradley would have been pilloried had he made them.

    I think JK is a promising coach. But can you really point to that record and say that he would definitely be an upgrade from a man who made it to the final of the Confed Cup, won the final qualifying group, and won his World Cup group? One who ran a harmonious camp and who, by all accounts, is liked and respected by his players?

    Those talking about boycotts and being less of a fan and what not need to think carefully about the two men’s comparative records before spouting such nonsense. Be disappointed if you like, but swallow it and move on. This team needs you.

  340. blink says:

    Exactly right. This is just depressing. Gulati needs to be replaced. I am seriously going to have a difficult time watching the games now knowing we aren’t going to improve.

    Someone needs to start up a “Replace Sunil Gulati” website and petition. I’ll sign in a heartbeat.

  341. Goalscorer24 says:

    Bradley was never a real choice for the European jobs, because they know he would suck! I agree US soccer just does not want to cede power even if it would help the US to win. With that policy in place US soccer will not go far.

  342. blink says:

    Anyone up for creating a “Replce Sunil Gulati” web site/petition? I don’t know how to but I sure would join the effort.

  343. jbuffalo says:

    Amazing afternoon and dinner with my 3yr old son, wonderful night with my gIrlfriend, even won some money on a scratch off lottery ticket…then I check, and I see Bradley re-signed for 4 more years…way to ruin my whole day USSF!! Four more years of Bornstein, Clark, Findley, Rogers, Buddle, Goodson, etc…Instead of Lichaj, Diskerud, Grella, Simek Ochoa, or any of the other promising young talent playing abroad! Not to mention the fact that talent like Feilhaber, Torres, and Holden will be ignored and left on the bench for another world cup cycle. I’m tired of hearing the United States doesn’t have the players to play any other style than counter attacking football…thats horse shiite…we don’t have a coach with any tactical acumen! Now I have to wait till 2018 to take my son to a world cup…don’t want to disenfranchise him before he’s ten!!

  344. J.D. Springer says:

    Grella can’t even get on the pitch with Leeds freakin’ United and he’s going to make a difference? Get real.

  345. realist about US soccer says:

    Let’s be honest. The only coach that is going to lift the US Men’s National team to the next level is a coach that can repeal Title IX. This is the only way to get a better pool of young athletes to play soccer (hope of collage scholarship).

    Forget about it. Cry all you want. Blame Bob, any of the players, tactics, the weather, America, etc…

    All other comments are blah, blah, blah,

  346. GeoffieTheKid says:

    Faulty logic. US Soccer sabotages their own team just to “take care” of Bradley? Not likely. Bradley earned his extension.

  347. Horrible decision, national team coaches have a four year shelf life.

  348. blink says:

    I am leaning toward some form of boycott myself. It’s just too frustrating to know that we will have to suffer through another four years of little to no improvement. It’s difficult to support an organization that is committed to “not losing.”

    That’s what this rehire is. A statement of intentions to accept mediocrity.

  349. AC says:

    I’m disagree with the decision, but what’s done is done…Hopefully Bradley will try to build the team even more over the next 4 years, and bring in some more new blood….I’m sure we’ll still see some of his usual favorites, as much as it is such torture watching Findley play and Clark as well….I hope this wasn’t a mistake, but have that bad feeling, aka another 2006 Bruce Arena….I sure hope I’m wrong….

  350. Al17 says:

    When have the likes of Fergie held back his opinion? Find me the video or article. He’s definitely not one to mince his words and if he was being diplomatic he would have said nothing.

    What are you basing this 2 cycle opinion crap on? You could probably come up with a few names and I could counter with a few names. The point is we have an experienced national team coach who’s been successful during his tenure, has capped more players to date than any other coach and yet he’s not good enough. Actually, the coach is fine, we don’t have good enough players at this stage. We’ll get there but we’ve seen the number of players called up and get opportunities and very few of them seized on those opportunities. Edson Buddle and Herculez Gomez are a few that did and although they didn’t have stellar cups, I can assure that under another coach they probably would have not gotten called into the team.

    Funny thing is that when we do have those players, we’ll probably have a domestic coach ready to take them to the next level as well and it could be Bradley.

    not directed at you but those of you clamoring for Klinsmann selectively forget that he was canned by Bayern Munchen and he had all the toys in germany to win everything. Yet a year later with a different coach, albeit a Legend, Louis Van Gaal got that team to the Finals and that was after losing a few core players.

  351. ElHierro says:

    Hey Obama, if you’re really about “doing the right thing” you’ll immediately fire everyone at the USSF for gross negligence, incompetence and brutally dishonoring the sport of soccer in this country. Come on slick, fire ’em now.

  352. Goalscorer24 says:

    It is gonna take a 3 and out at the 2014 World Cup for the US Soccer federation to see the light! Even then they are so entrenched against new ideas, they may still not get it!

  353. Rob says:

    I’m confused, a disaster? Loosing to a barca team in CL, second place in BL, with owner interference? Hysterical…

    And as for the world cup, he had two years to prepair, after Germany bombed out of Euros. Horrible coach, much worse then Bradley.

  354. ElHierro says:

    If you put out a good product, people will buy it. The US has absolutely no intentions of putting out even a mediocre product. 4 years from now, pretty sure no-one will be buying…

  355. Goalscorer24 says:

    The news report was that Klinsmann was interested. So it probably means they just could not agree to terms. In short Klinsmann wanting more control.

  356. Wm. says:

    I’m with Colin and realist…I’ve been going on for months saying if BB had better players HE WOULD USE THEM! BB doesn’t call in Findlay and Bornstein because he likes the way they do their hair. He calls them in because he doesn’t have a ton of options, and he probably hopes they can grow into the positions.

    What about a foreign coach would change the basic skill set of two players like that?

  357. Wm. says:

    We won the group. Over England. We had some crap calls and still won the group. Did you hear that? We won the group.

    PS- except for the heavyweights (and even they have a problem at times *cough* France *cough) there is no “coasting through a group.”

  358. Paul says:


  359. Gacm32 says:

    “The German guy”?? You’re knowledgeable aren’t you.

  360. sandtrout says:

    Look, Bradley stuck with Clark too long, and he had a few other odd choices, especially Findley. But every national team coach makes controversial selections. And you can’t say he didn’t experiment. He used dozens of players and made mostly good selections with a couple of exceptions.

    I think he knows there’s a skeptical public looking for him to prove himself. Let’s hope that means he focuses on his and the team’s problems and works to resolve them.

  361. Wm. says:

    Can IG put a poll up? I’d love to see the voting.

  362. JSmiley says:

    It’s all about you, isn’t it?

  363. usa soccerboy says:

    The fact is Bob Bradley now must improve on the results of the past four years, and because Bradley did so well over the past four years it is going to be very difficult to accomplish. I’m very worried that one bad loss to Mexico and things could get ugly…

  364. ComoPark says:

    Back away from the ledge. Bradley had some successes and, if anything, he seems like a pretty introspective guy. Hopefully he can learn from the mistakes (Rico-la) and build on the successes.
    Still, there are two burning questions in my mind:
    1) What was the USMNT’s universe of potential coaches? Was there any contact from a “big name” coach or is the USMNT considered a second-tier national team job?
    2) How much say does US Soccer have in controlling the coaching staff? Put another way, what are the conditions on Bradley staying? (Or did Bradley put conditions on US Soccer?)

  365. sandtrout says:

    The whole debate should come back to this question: Who was the best coach available? Klinsmann may have demanded impossible terms, others may have declined. We don’t know. Hopefully we will soon though.

  366. Adam M. says:

    Has to be the luckist coach alive. He would have been fired after the Confed Cup absent a unexpected confluence of events that pushed the US through until the elimination rounds. He was given a pass on the Gold Cup in an off year. He still couldn’t coax a win in Mexico. Then, in the World Cup, he needed a last ditch miracle goal to advance from the easiest group in the tourament and, in the same breath, ended up winning a group he twice came within minutes of not leaving, and that doesn’t even include the point he got when the England goalie went Bill Buckner. You’d have thought the disasterous coaching choices in the Ghana game would have done him in considering that game was winnable, but that’s water under the bridge somehow also. Maybe he will fail all the way up to the 2014 Final!

  367. Gacm32 says:

    I definitely wouldn’t say Ghana had a better team. I think their team performed at a much higher level than their talent, while I think we underperformed most of the time.

  368. blink says:

    “USSF: Settling for mediocrity since 2010″

    I am going to head to CafePress and create a shirt.

  369. Gacm32 says:

    He also screwed us on Gerards goal in the england match. Don’t forget that.

  370. zshell says:

    aston villa knew better. wtf! i met the dude twice and both times he had the personality of a rock. number one no fun.

  371. ian says:


  372. HoboMike says:

    Posts like these are ridiculous. Pretty sure Lichaj, Grella, and Ochoa were too young for this WC, and pretty sure Diskerud hadn’t even confirmed his choice of national teams. Buddle played 4 games, and Rogers is completely out of the picture. Feilhaber played a lot, Holden was recovering from a broken ankle, and Torres didn’t exactly light the world on fire when he played.

  373. ANM says:

    From Wikipedia, in re: Klinsmann’s time with Munich:

    “However, Klinsmann struggled to produce the expected results. Following quarter-final eliminations from the DFB Cup and Champions League, Klinsmann came under much criticism from the media. On 27 April 2009, after a 1-0 home defeat by FC Schalke 04, the team’s fifth in the second round, Klinsmann was sacked as the management considered the qualification for the next year’s Champions League endangered.

    Bundesliga record: 16-6-7.”

    For a team of Bayern’s stature, I think that reasonably can be described as disastrous.

  374. joejoe says:

    I can only speculate that the two reasons USSF decided to keep Bradley were money and control. Any coach with any pedigree would want at least five million a year, and total control over the team and its coaches. Not something USSF wants to do. I doubt the USMNT will do as well on the next cycle. Donovan has peaked, and I really don’t see too much in terms of quality from the rest. It’s a bad decision to keep BB.

  375. zshell says:

    no chance of ever seeing a bradley/beckerman/feilhaber diamond now. if clark or ching play for the usmnt against columbia in philly i’m gonna move to canada.

  376. smokedgouda says:

    This is a reapeat of Bruce Arena’s WC tenure. Good run the first time (2002), keep him on and then helplessly watch the team go down the toilet (2006).

  377. rcb23 says:

    Talent Pool…..What is wrong with you?? Our talent pool is fairly loaded, that is including the large number of young American’s plying their trade abroad!! The problem is BB, Gulati, and the other “powers that be” are beholden to MLS and its players, even if it means our USMNT suffers.

    Someone in a post above asked “You try playing Barcelona 4-3-3 with the players on the USA roster and you won’t even qualify for WC2014.” I would respond by saying, I would love to see what SAF, Klinsmann, Mourinho, Hiddink, etc…would do with players like: Holden, Torres, Jones, Bradley, Dempsey, Feilhaber, Donovan, Edu, Altidore, Davies, etc…I, with a little professional playing experience, and lot’s of youth coaching experience can come up with many different lineups with all that talent to fill any formation (not including defenders, which I did not include)!!

    The sad thing is that BB cant even coach or defenders possession soccer…My U8 pre academy girls learned how to knock the ball around the back, overlap, and to stay composed under pressure in less than a season

    Any of the coaches I mentioned above, and many that I didn’t, would have no problem utilizing the depth of talent in the U.S. player pool…capped or uncapped…and would have no fear of looking at the players who shunned the traditional U.S. youth and professional system to play abroad. There in truly lies the problem…the USSF seems to be vindictive at times to those players who pass on the traditional USSF way of advancing your pro career!

  378. HoboMike says:

    I love how everyone says we won the group only because of a last second goal, only to gloss over the fact that we had a perfectly good goal disallowed in the prior game, which would have allowed us to win the group anyway.

  379. HoboMike says:


  380. Stew says:

    Great…in 4 years we can look back on how stupid an idea this was after we crash out of the WC with a bunch of retreads because Bradley didn’t develop anybody.


  381. smokedgouda says:

    Hardly a convincing “winning of the group”, it was more pressing only when we have nothing to lose BS. Get ready for another 4 years of depressing games with late rallys that ultimately end up in failure (Ghana).

  382. HoboMike says:


  383. HoboMike says:

    Lol to the 4-2-3-1 comment, not the ret@rded 6-0-2-2 comment.

  384. John says:

    i completely agree with you mate, do not blame bradley but launch any and all attacks against this flamin clown sunil gulati

  385. smokedgouda says:

    If it’s not Clark its Beasley or someone else. Always, always, always there is a clearly shaken/unproven/above his head player put in and trusted that only leads to the team’s downfall.

  386. HoboMike says:

    how unbelievably riveting. great argument there.

  387. Troy says:

    ouch. correct, but ouch.

  388. HoboMike says:

    It’s not a national team coach’s job to develop players – it’s his job to play with the players that he is given. How can he reasonably expect to develop players when he’s had only 60 games over 4 years to do so? And only a few of those games were the rosters the same.

    Clubs develop. Coaches coach. Bradley is coach. Get over it.

  389. Efa says:

    Edson Buddle will never crack the starting lineup again….waste

  390. Daniel says:

    I think you’re reading too much into a joke reference. It’s just the same as referring to Some French Guy finally scoring in MLS.

  391. SBI Troll says:


  392. The Dude says:

    There are other options at striker and LB, but it means drawing on young, untested players. It worked for Brazil and Germany, though, so maybe the US needs to draw more on the 18-22 year olds out there during the next 4-year cycle. What’s clear is that we can’t have more of the same.

    Most of us will renounce our interest in the USMNT if Bornstein and Findley ever wear the shirt again.

  393. ElHierro says:

    Anyone want to bet that Jermaine Jones never plays for the US now?

  394. Jorge says:

    So USSF extended the contract of Bob Bradley, the Mike Dunleavy of soccer.

  395. SBI Troll says:

    Capello? You are out of your mind. He couldn’t even lead England to win the group.

  396. SBI Troll says:

    Anybody who quotes Charles Barkley is dead to me.

  397. Aden says:

    So if we get smashed in the upcoming friendly, what happens?

  398. Diablo says:

    Hey Balsac stop trolling and stop being ignorant. This guy has taken us as far as he can anything now will only be a regression of the USA program and in 2 years we will have to replace him. Gulati needs to go this is a panic , i have no one else move.

  399. r.benjamin says:

    I would have at least tried in the friendlies leading to the WC a 4 – 2 – 3 – 1

    Holden played v England and he played for Bolton pre WC, so I dont buy he wasnt fit enough to be the middle of the 3. Coyle saw it in March and in August. Bob never picked up on it.

    Also, I would have 100% packed the back for the first 15 of the game. It wasn’t just in the WC the US had a trend of giving the early goal.

    Bob will not discover something new to improve the team. He is good at squeezing blood from a stone, but he is not good at solving the personnel puzzle.

    Who cares if he caps 100 players if he couldnt figure out Davies was better than Ching, Holden can play in the middle, he couldnt finnish a 2-0 lead in a final and couldnt get to PKs v Ghana.

  400. r.benjamin says:

    Rico didnt play well in that game over-all. He had a wonder strike true. But the ball had a nice lucky dip or else it was right at the keeper.

    I also remember a red card in 09.

    The truth is, Bradley doesnt like change. Which is a dangerous trait.

  401. drewcore says:

    So you think Robbie Findley or Ricardo Clark deserved to play in the World Cup? Another coach would’ve put out his best 11 and not go with his “favorites.” Any “idiot on this board” probably couldv’e put out a better starting 11. So come back when you know something

  402. r.benjamin says:

    4-3-3.. no But how about a 4-2-3-1

    Change your tactic and involve more of your strength (ie midfielers). Instead Bob stuck with the formation when he had Charlie.

    My fear is that a Jones / Holden or Torres lineup may be better than Jones/Bradley or Bradley / Holden or Torres.. but it will never be tried.

  403. Tim says:

    Yeah definitely. There are so many obvious choices to coach the team like sigi and dom kinnear and… oh wait… No one knows what happened in that meeting between Klinsmann and Gulati so saying that Klinsmann should have been hired is just posturing. Also one should remember that Gulati is major part in the world cup bid, so if it is won I am not sure how one can gripe against him considering hosting a world cup is much bigger than a world cup cycle.

  404. drewcore says:

    Also, when he tried his little experiments with players like findley and clark, it was proven not to work in the world cup warm up games and group games. So what does he do when it’s all on the line? Tries the same thing all over again, then makes the necessary changes when its way too late, wasting time at the beginning and burning subs.

  405. Tim says:

    I think you’re missing the point. We don’t know how interested Klinsmann was in the job. It is just speculation as of now. The idea of a 1-3-2-1-2-1 is just ludicrous. Maybe you should expand on what exactly that is.

  406. gonzo says:

    Great news. I love an American Coach coaching the American team. He’s seasoned now, he’ll have a great talent pool to choose from. Awesome!

  407. Gabe says:

    This feels like when michael started screaming when Toby came cack to the office.

  408. kfly says:

    Wake me up on June 17th, 2014, when we’re eliminated on the 2nd day of the group stage. Until then, my interest in the Nats has waned considerably.

  409. Spacemonkey says:

    I’m a supporter of the guy and think he’s done a good job for the 2010 cycle. In many ways you could say the man made lemonade (from quite a few lemons)…

    That said, there were some really bizarre personnel decisions that simply didn’t make sense or produce a positive result, and it almost always took him the entire game to figure it out.

    It would be different to me at least had he seen something wrong and made changes at the half, but he stubbornly plodded on with the same lineup, producing lackluster play and waiting until it was simply too late to matter.

    The World Cup isn’t like the MLS season Bob – you gotta play every game like it is your only game. There’s no “best of four” with each opponent!

  410. Grand Ice Funk says:





    Gulati is obviously the problem

  411. mrf says:

    BB is good enough. MLS and the success of our Euro and mexican league players will determine our success at the next world cup, not BB’s tactics. Honestly, the idea of Jurgen coming in and changing the way we do everything sounds a little idealistic… Particularly a coach who took Germany’s best team and turned it into a mid-table club before becoming an announcer.

  412. Oranje Mike says:

    I have no beef with Bradley. He made some bad moves but what coach doesn’t? But I think it was time for a new coach. Our squad has peaked with Bradley. It was time to start fresh. Oh well. It’s done and I will move on. GO USA!

  413. mrf says:


    It was common knowledge that the Bayern locker room was a disaster under Jurgen. Moreover, the club’s offense was completely impotent all season. Anyone who followed Bayern under Klinsy would think twice about making him coach of your national team.

  414. mrf says:

    All you boycotters….get some sort of tattoo on your face so we can easily recognize you when Bradley builds on the huge wave of momentum that he instilled in not just the national team but the entire culture of soccer in this country. LD’s LAST MINUTE goal, that one, the greatest goal in the history of US soccer, that goal that actually gave us authentic soccer glory on the world stage and was the arrival of our great American field player, came from FIGHT.

  415. jmadsen says:

    no, I’m pretty sure BB realized Clark wasn’t gonna cut it at that level. Unfortunately, it was during the Cup itself.

  416. Jason B says:

    I would bet that he plays for the US in October.

  417. notsweet81 says:

    meh…maybe another Gold Cup win, a WC qualification, and an exit in the group stages of 2014.

    Bradley is a good coach, but the constant mistakes in the first 15 minutes of the W.C. seemed to me like poor mental preparation. Those are the goals you give up if you are not focused and ready to play…and it happened to us in almost every game. Sure the team kept bouncing back, but a U.S. team that does not and will not have superior talent can’t let that happen repeatedly.

    I would have liked to seen someone new, but as others have mentioned Bradley will be adequate.

  418. william says:

    I’m stunned. Another four years of my life gone. Why do we reward this tool with four more years when its so obvious he cannot take us one step further then he already has.

    Time to get rid of Sunil

    Bornstein must be happy…

  419. Rob says:

    What did both France and Italy do immediately after the world cup…… Oh yeah the fired their coaches. Crazy how that works.

    This was the US’s easiest draw in the World Cup ever. It also helped that England couldn’t score on anyone asides the US and Solvinia.

  420. Rob says:

    And we should have lost to England ( putting us in second), since we managed one of the easiest and softest goals I have ever seen, you know if we wanna live in “what if’s”.

  421. Rob says:

    Posting from wikipedia great…. 16-6-7 and second place is not disastorous, or is Bradley’s tenure disaterious since most of his games are played in the second worst region in soccer? Common knowledge was that klinsman had less then a year, put together a BM team that did amazing the following year with his players mind you, had intense owner interference with team selection, and you say disastrous?

    It’s a wonder how SAF kept his job after not winning everything every year with that talent pool? You crack me up

    Maybe you and mtf should follow BL, learn that other teams in the league are good before posting such vomit

  422. Marc Silverstein says:

    Sorry Ives, you’ve absoutely lost the plot. Don’t insult me and tell me that BBs love for Richaro and Robbie didn’t kill our chances down in SA…ultimately we should have and could have done better and that comes down to the Coach.

  423. Rob says:

    He means the same type of player…. And btw France and Italy are loaded but their coaches played their guys and flames out of the WC and then were fired….. So I am sure that was what he meant.

  424. Rob says:

    I hate this move but it is just a friendly.

  425. BK says:

    Ridiculous. College is holding American soccer back. If anything, our top players should avoid college ball at all costs. Get a clue.

  426. McQ says:

    I couldn’t agree more. This move shows no vision, acceptance of the status quo. If you accept for the moment the Fifa rankings – we were ranked 13th (?) going into the WC and got to the round of 16 – where we should have gone and only because of a couple of moments of brilliance by Landon?

    We want more from our team and I don’t see how this move will bring it.

  427. Wm. says:

    Irrelevant point about Italy and France. They flamed out…badly. It was clear that they needed to rebuild. That’s not our situation. Again, we topped our group.

    We won it with a couple of horrendous calls that would have given us 7 points instead of 5.

    @smokedgouda–curious…what would have been convincing? Seven points? Nine points?

  428. Hood Rich says:

    I agree that we were suppose to get of the group as expected because this was the most favorable draw of all world cups since ’90.
    I don’t know why people are acting as if BB did anything more than what was already expected.

    It’s obvious fans know the shortcomings of players like Finley and Clark, so who/how they are suppose to gain new knowledge or skills? You expect BB to teach them that when he hasn’t even progressed further than them?

    This is what it means to go to the next level. A coach that can actually add value to the players’ abilities, not just a father figure who pats them on the back and says well done.

  429. Smits says:

    Get ready for more Jonathan Bornstein!

  430. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Amen. There is plenty of blame to go around in the loss to Ghana. Clark made a huge blunder, but then so did Howard giving up the near post and DeMerit AND BOCA who blew it in OT…no reason to hold that debacle to only Clark.

  431. Mike says:

    Bad for Bradley, bad for the USMNT. Being stuck in neutral makes you move backwards in global competition.

  432. ALEX G says:


  433. ben says:

    now that really deserves a nooooooooooooooooo

  434. Nats says:

    4 more years of the same thing. 4 more years of disappointment.